018 Part 5 - A Place Teeming With Life

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Yea, saith the Lord, I have called those whom I have called. Yea, even from before the foundations of the earth I have called you, saith the Lord, and he who is in my hand shall not escape, saith God, yea, he shall not escape the chastisement nor shall he escape the glory, saith the Lord. For I have called thee to this place, and this time, and this moment, and in this hour, and those others that I have called, saith God, they too shall appear in his presence, saith the Lord, and those whom I have called, they shall stand.

Seek me early and seek me late, I shall reveal unto thee, saith the Lord, the great and precious promises that I have called thee to. Bear with the pain, saith the Lord, there is no other way. I apologize to you, saith God, but this is the way it has been set up from before the foundations of the earth. With birth, there shall be great travail and great pain, but in the morning, saith the Lord, when the woman looks upon the manchild that she has.

Yea, I have called thee, saith the Lord, to impart into thee my strength, and my glory and I shall send thee forth into a dying world, saith God, and thou shalt minister my love and my power, and my deliverance, saith the Lord God. Yea, thou indeed shall be visible in the earth, saith the Lord, first unto the Church and then unto the heathen, saith God.

And they shall indeed see God in the flesh, and they shall have one to compare themselves to, saith the Lord, that they might repent, saith God, that they might be convicted, that thou might look upon the righteousness of God and say, Yea indeed, I am a sinner, make me like you Lord God.

For indeed it is hard to see me today, saith the Lord. I appear mostly only in a book. Most people cannot see me in the book, but I shall appear, saith the Lord. Yea my intention from before the foundation of the earth shall be made manifest, I shall appear to the church, and to the world, and by my spirit I shall indeed convict the world of sin. I shall indeed judge the prince of this world, and I shall indeed bring all under the authority of my Son.


We are in the middle of a series of messages that the Lord calls A Place Teeming With Life. We started in Genesis 2:4 and got as far as Verse 19.

Gen 2:19, And out of the ground the Lord God formed every beast of the field and every fowl of the air, and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them. And whatever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof. KJV

Last week, during the last service, the Lord showed us that the word beast in Genesis 2:19 is Strong's #929, which is a singular beast, and that the plural, the herd of beasts, is #930, which Hebrew word is Behemoth.

God gave us a study about Behemoth in Job 40, Verses 15 through Verse 24. I always thought that Behemoth was a mystical character. A lot of Bible scholars call him a hippopotamus, but the Lord has shown us that Behemoth is the herd or the collective beast of the field.

The Lord is trying to show us through this study on Behemoth that there is only one Son of God who was propelled into the earth and gave life unto the earth, but within that one Son of God, there are many members called the sons of God, the children of God, the 42nd generation, the Body of Christ. There are many names for us. There is one Son of God, and only one begotten of the Father, who has many members.

We are attempting to establish through these studies that the beasts of the field are the sons of God that came forth from within the man that was formed from the ground.

I am going to read you the Alternate Translation of Job 40:15-18, that we worked up in the last service, and, then, we will continue on with this study, which, I, myself, find very exciting.

(God speaking to Job, who typifies the Son of God).

Job 40:15-18, Alternate Translation, Look at Behemoth, who I made in the same place with you; he eats up the dwelling places of God's creation, like an ox pulling a plow overturns a field. Look, his strength is in his ability to reproduce, and his first born is already in his sperm. He desires his hand and foot company, that part of him that is in the realm of appearance, to be like the cedar trees, firm, incorruptible and joined in their proper place to form the temple he desires to build to replace the temple of God.

The genetic information of the assembled torn and cursed people of the Serpent is contained in the tube that the sperm of his testicles [passes through], and is woven together, as one unit, around itself.

The beast of burden within him shall be delivered, as the iron ax [was delivered].

We are the temple of the Holy Ghost, but if the Holy Ghost is not in us, we are the temple of fallen adam.

The fallen adamic man is building his own temple of many human beings (vessels or houses) for the spirit of the Living Soul that died to manifest in.

Elisha defies the physical Law of Gravity in 2 Kings 6:1-7 by causing an iron ax to float, symbolizing the promised spiritual ascension of the natural man, and his return to the high realms of the Spirit.

Some ministries found out that the Son of God was made into the natural man, and are saying that they are already manifested sons of God. They do not understand that, for the purposes of creation, the Father divided the First Adam into male and female elements, and that the earthen vessels (the natural man) are the female aspect of the creation. The Son, the male aspect of the creation, is within us is.

They have gone off because they, the earthen vessels, think that they are the Son who is within them. They do not understand that Christ Jesus is the offspring of their own reproductive part.

Anyone who believes that they are a manifested Son of God because the first Adam was, indeed, the son of God made into a man, should consider the truth that is published through this series of messages:


The Son of God became a natural man, the female element of the creation of God. After that, in the fullness of time, God sent forth His male seed to spiritually fertilize the natural man, and bring forth the offspring of the Spirit of God within mortal humanity.

We are not a manifested Son of God until Christ Jesus is birthed in our human spirit and grows up to full stature.


Whoever believes that he is already a manifested Son of God who is waiting for the enabling power to appear within himself, should know that the enablement is the Christ emerging in you. The enablement of those who are seeking and looking for it, is Christ in you (see, Note # 3).

Hallelujah, glory to God! Praise the Lord! May these words be quickened unto you. May this series be a blessing unto you, and may the truth of the Living God proceed forth in power to the end that we might all arrive at the place that He has called us to. Hallelujah. Some of us just get off the track a little bit here or there.

We are moving on with our study in Job 40, picking up with Verse 19.


Job 40:19-22, He is the chief of the ways of God, He that made him can make his sword to approach unto him. Surely the mountains bring him forth food, where all the beast of the field play. He lieth under the shady trees in the covert of the reed and fens. The shady trees cover him with their shadow, the willows of the brook compass him about. KJV


The Scriptures say that the truth of the Lord is a mystery which has been hidden from wise men for centuries. The prophets desired to understand many things, but could not, because the book was sealed until the time that the Lord God would open it. So, as we discovered in our study of the four rivers that went out of Eden, a good part of the Bible is a parable.

The Lord uses the names of cities, countries, rivers, and plants to hide spiritual truths, so we have to look in the Word to find the significance of a particular name to understand what God is saying. Glory to God. We will have questions and answers afterwards. Job 40:19 is talking about Behemoth. This verse is so rich in the Hebrew, that we will deal with one phrase at a time, starting with:


Job 40: 19, He is the chief of the ways of God . . . . KJV


The Hebrew word translated ways means a course of life or a mode of action, a journey.

We have already discussed how the Lord Jesus Christ is on a journey, and each one of us, as a part of Him, of the Body of Christ, is on a journey with Him. We start as a natural man, and end up as a spiritual man. That journey began when the Father propelled the Son into the earth, and the end of it is when the whole Son, Head and Body, will appear in full spiritual power in the earth of mortal mankind. Hallelujah.


Proverbs 7:19, For the good man is not at home, he is gone on a long journey. KJV


The word journey is the same Hebrew word translated ways, in He is the chief of the ways of God.

The word journey refers to a collective journey, which consists of many journeys. Remember, Behemoth is the collective herd of cattle, which we, mortal humanity, are, and each one of us, which is a part of the whole, is taking his own journey. Therefore, Behemoth, mortal humanity, has many journeys.

Christ Jesus experiences everything that the Body of Christ experiences, because He lives inside of us, and each of us represents one of Christ Jesus' many journeys through the earth.


Side Study
(Job 26:13-14)

There is more information about the use of the Hebrew word translated ways in Job 26:14, so we are going to diverge from the basic subject of this message to do a brief study in Job 26:13-14.


Job 26:13-14

13, By His spirit He has garnished the heavens, His hand has formed the crooked Serpent.
14, Lo, these are parts of His ways. KJV


We are studying the Hebrew word translated ways, which means journeys.

The word hand refers to the hand of God, the part of God that forms things and does the creative work. This is the Son of God. Hallelujah, Glory to God.


John 1:1-3, In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God, all things were made by Him, and without Him was not anything made that was made. KJV


Job 26:13-14,

13, . . . . His hand has formed the crooked Serpent,
14, Lo these are parts of His ways. KJV


The Hebrew word translated formed in Job 26:13, Strong's #2490, means to wound, dissolve or break. The English word formed in Genesis 2:7, God formed the man out of the dust of the ground, is a translation of Strong's #3335, a different Hebrew word, which means to birth, to writhe, to bear in pain, to be born.


Job 26:13, Alternate Translation, . . . . His hand has wounded and broken [the power] of the crooked Serpent.

The Hebrew word translated crooked in Job 26:13 is the same Hebrew word translated piercing in Isaiah 27:1, where the Lord addresses both the crooked Serpent and the piercing Serpent.

The Hebrew word translated piercing, Strong's #1281, in Isaiah 27:1, means fugitive or fleeing one.

Webster says that fugitive means illusive, likely to evaporate, deteriorate.

Just for the record, the Hebrew word translated crooked in Isaiah 27:1, means twisted.

We have learned that Adam, the Man of the Earth, received color when the Life of God impacted the earth and was joined to it, but the spiritual man who was now separated from God, began to experience death and hell. Adam, the Earth Man, experienced Life, as a result of the Son of God experiencing death and hell.


The Serpent is described as a crooked Serpent and a piercing Serpent. Strong's #1272, the root of Strong's #1281, the Hebrew word translated piercing, means to pass through, or reach across. We have studied the concept of piercing in the context of the natural man piercing into the spiritual realm of God, which describes the birth process. Conversely, the Son of God, who was in the heavenlies, pierced through the spiritual veil that separated Him from the natural realm.

A natural man who wants to become a son of God, is piercing through the veil that clothes the spiritual realm, but the Son of God who is already in the spiritual realm, is piercing through the veil that clothes the earth. We ascend into the spiritual real, but the Son of God descends into our world. Here is an Alternate Translation of the phrase, His hand has formed the crooked Serpent.

Job 26:13, Alternate Translation, He caused the heavens to glisten [or come into being] by His Spirit. His Son, [Adam], pierced through the spiritual veil into the realm of appearance, and has given birth to [or was birthed as the offspring of] the Serpent.


We have been taught that God broke off a part of Himself and propelled His son forcibly into the earth. The spiritual earth became conscious when the Life of the Son touched it, and pressed His nature into it, and the spiritual earth became a natural man with two natures:


(1) The righteous nature of the Father (the Son of God), and

(2) The unrighteous nature (mirror image of God's righteousness) that was pressed into the Earth.


The nature of the Son is Light, and the nature of the conscious Earth (the Serpent) is Darkness. These two opposite natures were now resident within one Earth man, so God instructed Adam concerning the warfare that would ensue, to determine which nature would dominate the two-sided Earth man.

The Father was still God in the heavenlies, but the Son was bruised and utterly humiliated when He lost all of His spiritual privilege and authority to became a natural man. The Son of God became Adam, an earthen man who was completely dependent upon His Father to meet all of His needs. In addition, the righteous, spiritual Son of God was now joined to a mirror image, unrighteous (good and evil) earthen nature, which worked tirelessly to dominate the whole earth man.

And, so, righteous Adam fell down into the nature of his earthen side before his higher, spiritual nature multiplied within himself and filled his spiritual earth with the offspring of righteousness. But Jehovah promised fallen adam that He would internalize Christ within mortal mankind, fallen adam's descendants, because Christ is the only spiritual help (see, Note # 3) that can elevate them back up into the glorious spiritual realm of God. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


Job 26:14, Lo these are parts of His ways. KJV

The word parts means extremities, ends of the earth, termination, the sum of the whole. We have established that the Son of God has broken Himself down into parts, and that He is taking a spiritual journey through His many parts, which we are. When we journey, or have life experiences, He journeys with us. We, the Body of Christ, are the Sons of God within Christ Jesus, the Son of God. We are His extremities, the feet, of Christ Jesus that are planted in the earth of this physical world. The Son of God that was made a natural man is experiencing everything that we experience. This is how He is touched by our infirmities, He is in each and every one of us, experiencing everything that we are experiencing.


Isaiah 40:28, Hast thou not known? Hast thou not heard? The everlasting God, the Lord, the creator of the ends of the earth, faintest not, neither is He weary. KJV


The Hebrew word translated the ends of the earth, is the same Hebrew word translated parts.

The Scripture talks about measuring the temple. We are the temple of the Holy Ghost. The Life of God is within our spiritual reproductive parts, which are measured from the inside to the outside, not from head to foot. The measurement is from the middle of the circle, outward to the circumference of the circle. The exterior of the circle is the outer realm, outer darkness, the end of the earth, the realm of appearance.

We can think of our spiritual life as a dot in the middle of a circle. Our spiritual life is that dot right in the center of the circle. When our spiritual life is measured for spiritual growth, we are measured from our spiritual center outward to the end of the circle. Spirituality is measured from within to without, not up and down. Glory to God.

This Hebrew word translated parts means the ends of the earth, which is the realm of appearance. We are the parts of Christ Jesus who exist in the realm of appearance.

Strong's #7098, the Hebrew word translated parts, is the feminine element of this word, another witness to the fact that mortal humanity is the female element of the creation that is made out of the substance of God Himself.

The Lord God has no female counterpart, so when He decided to produce an offspring, He separated out a part of Himself for the purpose of reproduction, and we are it. We are the female part, we are the ovaries of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Jehovah called Israel menstruous rags because Israel did not conceive or give birth to Jehovah's spiritual child (see, Note # 12).

The Hebrew word translated parts is from a root that means to scrape off or to cut off.

The Lord cut off a part of Himself and made it into a female, reproductive organ filled with seed, which can be likened to the ovaries and ovarian eggs of a woman. The only way for a woman's egg to depart from her body, other than for it to be fertilized, developed, and birthed as a child, is for it to be removed surgically.

Adam is called man because he is made in the image of God, but Adam, and all creation, is spiritually female in relation to God.

We, mortal mankind, are Righteous Adam's fallen descendants. We are the vessels that contain and carry Righteous Adam's dead spiritual parts, or eggs, which are destined to produce Christ, Jehovah's offspring in the earth.

Adam is Jehovah's ovary. Mortal mankind, Adam's many-membered earthen part, is likened to a pomegranate in the Scripture, because we are the flesh that surrounds each of Jehovah's spiritual seeds.

Mortal man, fallen adam's descendants, are Righteous Adam's flesh, his earthen aspect; Abel, the human spirit, is Righteous Adam's dead, spiritual aspect (see, Note # 27) and Christ is Righteous Adam's resurrected spiritual seed.

The collective Christ Jesus (through His many spiritual parts, which are within fallen adam's many earthen parts), and fallen adam, are traveling through time together, sharing many experiences (ways).


Job 26:14 (first half), Lo, these are the parts of His ways. KJV


Job 26:14, (first half) Alternate Translation, Look at how [fallen adam's] earthen parts are journeying through [time], experiencing the realm of death [until] God raises [Abel, the human spirit], out from among the dead [adam], and reunites Him with the Father.


Glory to God. Remember that, spiritually speaking, to be female means to be spiritually weak. Death is a realm of spiritual weakness, and is, therefore, spiritually female. The Son of God became spiritually weak so that the Life of the Father could be reproduced in the earth But the spiritual power and authority of the Son will be restored when Jehovah's male offspring is birthed within fallen adam. That is the only way that fallen adam can stand up in spiritual power again.

The Church will not manifest as sons of God until Christ is born in us. Our enablement, our strength, our power, our life, is in the emerging Christ. It is not in the imputed (Holy Spirit) anointing, or in anything else. We must birth the Son. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


Job 40, Verse 19, He is the chief of the ways of God. . . . KJV


Sometimes the King James translators translate Hebrew words into English words that are not found anywhere else in the Scripture.

For example, there are about fifty entries for Strong's #7225, the Hebrew word translated chief, but this same Hebrew word is translated chief only one other time, and it is never translated first. The King James translators translated Strong's #7225, chief in these two instances, because they did not know what else to do with it.

My first reaction to, He is the chief of the ways of God, is to think that He is the beginning, or the first, but that is not an accurate translation.

Strong's #7225, the Hebrew word translated chief, can be translated three different ways:

1. To draw back:

Lamentations 2:3, He has drawn back His right hand from before the enemy. KJV

He has withdrawn His power and His strength.


2. To turn away, pull back or withdraw:

Isaiah 28:6 And God shall be for strength to them, that turn the battle to the gate. KJV

God will be the strength of those who give up the battle.


3. To deny.

I Kings 2:16 And now I ask one petition of thee, deny me not. KJV

The Hebrew word translated deny is the same Hebrew word translated chief.


The King James translators gave the Hebrew word translated chief the positive connotation of chief, the best, the biggest, the first in Job 40:19. But, on the contrary, Strong's #7225 means absence, denial, a taking away, or a leaving.

The Living God, the Father, separated His Son from the heavenly realms, which stripped Him of the spiritual power and ability to defend Himself against the worms and the crawling and creeping things in the spiritual earth. He, who had been spiritual royalty was now spiritually destitute and utterly humiliated. Can you imagine being buried alive so that the earthen creature you were joined to could partake of your Life? Hallelujah, glory to God. Hallelujah.

Strong's #7225, the Hebrew word translated chief in Job 40:19, is also translated chief in Psalms 105:36:


Psalms 105:36, He smote all of the first born in their land, the chief of all their strength. KJV


The Hebrew word translated chief in Psalms 105:36, means separation. In the last meeting we discussed how (the Scripture teaches) that the bulk of our genetic substance is imparted to our firstborn.

Scripturally speaking, we continue to live after physical death through our firstborn, who receives most of our genetic substance.

On the other hand, physical death is the end of our existence if we have no children, or if our children are dead, because there is no one to carry on our genetic substance.

Psalms 105:36 teaches this spiritual principle:

Psalms 105:36, He smote all of the firstborn in their land, the chief of all their strength. KJV


To give your reproductive strength to your first born, means to turn it away from yourself. You no longer have your genetic material after you deposit it with another person.

Once again, the word chief means to turn away. We no longer possess what we have given away. He was the chief of all their strength. God turned His Son over to an existence without the Life of God with the full confidence that He would overcome the moral corruption in the earth by the power that would be imparted to Him. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


Job 40:19, He is the chief of the ways of God . . . . KJV


Job 40:19, Alternate Translation, The genetic material of God's reproductive strength is appearing in many earthen vessels . . . .


What (or Who) will resurrect the Son from spiritual death?


John 6:48, 50

48 I am the bread from heaven.
* * *
50This is the bread that cometh down from heaven, that a man may eat thereof and not die. KJV


The glorified Jesus Christ, the bread from heaven, will resurrect the dead Christ in the many members of mortal humanity.


I Corinthians 11:24 (Jesus speaking), Take, eat: this is my body which is broken for you. KJV


The man, Jesus, was the first part of the fallen First Adam to return to the spiritual Life and authority of His Father, and ascend out of His earthen grave. We too, are all members of the fallen First Adam, the Son that the Father made into a natural man and, therefore, have that same hope (see, Note # 3).

Jesus started to pour out of His Holy Spirit upon the mortal parts of the fallen First Adam after His resurrection and ascension. Each of us is a piece of the humiliated Son who is now receiving that Holy Spirit and bringing forth the Christ within us. Hallelujah, glory to God.


Ephesians 5:30, For we are members of His body, of His flesh, and of His bones. KJV


His body is the many-membered physical body of believers who carry His Spirit, His flesh is the soul man, or His personality, and His bones is the emerging Christ. The resurrected Jesus has three parts: body soul, and spirit.


Job 40:19 (second half), . . . . He that made Him can make His sword to approach unto Him. KJV


We have already studied the Hebrew word translated made, and learned that it means to fashion out of existing material. The Hebrew word translated sword, Strong's #2719, is very interesting because it really does not mean a sword. To me, a sword is something that you take out of a sheath and duel with, but Strong's #2719 does not mean that at all. It merely means a sharp instrument.

Strong's #2719, the Hebrew word that has nothing to do with the kind of sword that you duel with, is found in Exodus 20:25, where it is used to describe a sharp instrument that engraves:


Exodus 20:25 (second half), For if thou lift up thy tool [this is the Hebrew word translated sword] upon it, thou hast polluted [the altar of God]. KJV


Strong's #2719 is also found in Joshua 5:2, where it is translated sharp knives, in the context of circumcision:


Joshua 5:2 (second half), Make thee sharp knives, and circumcise again the children of Israel the second time. KJV


So, we see that Strong's #2719 does not really mean a weapon. It means a tool.

Strong's #2719 comes from a root that means to be dried up, to lay waste.

We did a study on Euphrates being dried up in the last service, which suggests that the unclean spiritual life that produced the ungodly fruit of fallen mankind, will be dried up. The resurrected Son of God will cleanse the natural man by laying waste his spiritual cities, and drying up his spiritual waters, so that he may be occupied by God.

We have also touched on the idea of a graving tool in the last few meetings. The Spirit of God is confronting the human soul to engrave it with the nature of the Father. The Spirit of God will not be dented when He crashes into a natural man. The soul man has to change.

You will not crash into the Spirit of God if you are moving in the same direction that He is moving in. There will be no conflict if you think with the Mind of Christ because your thoughts are in sync with the Mind of God.

The soul man conflicts with the Spirit of God when he thinks one way and Christ Jesus thinks another way. Wham! Someone has to get hurt. The Spirit of God does not change, He is implacable, He is immovable, He is determinate in His righteousness. You will bounce off of Him, and, if He has mercy on you, you will change. You will begin to think like He thinks. It is not easy, brethren, it hurts.


Job 40:19 (second half), . . . . He that made Him can make His sword to approach unto Him. KJV


A sword is approaching Behemoth? What is the Lord talking about? The Lord is using a spiritual tool to engrave, or circumcise, the soul of mortal man to enable him to receive and express the righteous thoughts of Christ Jesus. We will feel like He feels, think like He thinks, and behave like He behaves.

You have had a conflict with the Word of God (which tells us to submit to authority) if you are offended when an authority corrects you. Your thoughts must change if you want to go on with God. Hallelujah.

The Lord God is taking up an engraving tool, and if you are going to be a part of it, you have to think like God. You cannot run your own life anymore. You cannot be ruled by pride, rebellion, and lust anymore because you are about to be operated on. You are going to be changed (see, also, Note # 39). You are going to become like God. Hallelujah.


Job 40:19 (second half), . . . He that made him can make his sword to approach unto him. KJV


The Hebrew word translated approach means to draw near. In the message And Jacob prevailed, this Hebrew word is used to imply lying with a woman. God subdues us before He lies with us.

A man does not have sex with a woman before she is submitted to him. If he does, it is rape, which is ungodly. I do not believe God rapes anybody. First, He humbles you, then He brings you into submission to Himself, and then He joins Himself to you in an act of love. The joining part does not hurt. The preparation for the joining: Being humbled and brought into submission to the Lord, hurts.


Job 40:19 (second half), Alternate Translation, God, who made Behemoth, is well able to subdue the natural man and lie with him. God will engrave the natural man with His nature, and circumcise the prison house of his fixed fallen body off of his new engraved life.


We have discussed previously how our physical bodies are prison houses, and not the houses that God intended for us to live in. We will not need these thick prison house bodies when Christ Jesus, God's tool, engraves the heart of the natural man with the Life of God.


Job 40:20, Surely the mountains bring him forth food, where all the beasts of the field play. KJV


The Hebrew word translated mountains, simply means mountains, and often refers to Zion or the mount of God.

Webster's definition of mountain is something that projects beyond the earth – something very high. We know that a hill is a little higher than the earth, but Webster's definition of hill is the top. Hill signifies the top of the earth, but mountains signify that which projects beyond the earth.

The example that we been using is that we have a natural life and a spiritual life. The natural life, our heart, lungs, and blood, are all inside of us. If we open ourselves up, we will lose our blood, our heart and lungs will fall out and we will die, because the natural life is contained within the physical body.

The spiritual life is rooted in our soul, which is in the center of the circle that we just talked about, but it also projects beyond our body.

We discussed in the message And Jacob Prevailed, how the Spirit of God projected forth from Peter so powerfully, that whoever passed through his shadow was touched and healed by it.

Spiritual life is not inhibited by this natural body. The mountains are the spiritual life within us that project beyond our physical body, which is the top of our spiritual earth. Hallelujah.

The mountains, the Spirit of God, the power of God in us, will bring forth food. What food? The spiritual food of God. We are to be fed by the Spirit of God. Hallelujah.

The Hebrew word translated bring forth means to take up, to lift up, or to raise up.


Genesis 7:17, The waters increased and bore up the ark. KJV


The same Hebrew word is translated bring forth and bore up.


Genesis 29:1, And Jacob lifted up his feet and went. KJV


The Spiritual food of God is a reality, but the meaning of the word food in Job 40:20 appears to be spiritual elevation, rather than spiritual food. The Spirit of God will elevate us to a place of all provision. Hallelujah.

Strong's #944 really means the produce of the earth, or the harvest, which is the Son of God coming forth in us. Job 40:20 is the only place where Strong's #944, is translated food.

The Hebrew word translated surely can also be translated so that.

Job 40:19 (second half), . . . He that made him can make his sword to approach unto him.
20 (first half), Surely the mountains bring him forth food. . . . KJV


Job 40:19 (second half) & 20 (first half), Alternate Translation, God made the natural man and, [therefore], the character and righteousness of God, are strong enough to approach and overwhelm his [fallen] nature, so that the projecting spiritual power of God can bring forth [Christ], the harvest of the earth.


God is strong enough to overwhelm the inherently wicked nature of the natural man and impress and engrave his fallen nature with the character and righteous nature of God, so that the Holy Spirit within us, can bring forth Christ, the harvest of the earth, the only source of true immortality.

We live by the Life of the Son, the internalized Christ, not by the Holy Spirit. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


Job 40:20 (second half) , . . . Where all the beasts of the field play.


Strong's #2416, one of three Hebrew words translated beast, means raw flesh.

The word translated play is Strong's #7832, and, brethren, it does not mean play at all. It means to mock or to scorn, and refers to hostile war games.


Jeremiah 15:17 (first half), I sat not in the assembly of the mockers, nor did I rejoice. . . . KJV


The same Hebrew word is translated mockers and play, meaning to play with somebody in an evil, derisive way.


2 Samuel 2:14, Let the young men now arise and play before us. KJV
16, And they caught everyone his fellow by the head, and thrust his sword into him, into his fellow's side. KJV

The young men were playing war games using real weapons.

The phrase, Where all the beasts of the field play, in Job 40:20 does not mean playing tiddily-winks.


2 Samuel 6:21, And David said unto Michael, it was before the Lord which chose me before thy father that I danced, therefore will I play before the Lord. KJV


Those of us who have experienced deliverance, know that there is deliverance in dancing and singing and praising the Lord. David used a warfare phrase when he said dancing in the Spirit.

Strong's #1702, the Greek word translated play in Matthew 20:19, is a translation of the Hebrew word translated play in Job 40:20 and 2 Samuel 6:21:


Matt 20:19, And shall deliver him to the Gentiles, to mock and to scourge . . . .


The Greek word translated mocked, is a translation of the Hebrew word translated play. We are talking about evil demons playing around in a very vicious way.


Job 40:19 (second half) & 20, Alternate Translation, God made Behemoth and is, [therefore], powerful enough to subdue [Behemoth], join with him, and engrave His righteous nature upon [Behemoth's] bestial nature, so that the Spirit of God can project forth powerfully to bring forth [Christ], the harvest of the earth, within mortal man, the very same place where the demons mock God, and their sword thrusts His creation through on a regular basis.


Many Christian ministries teach that a Christian cannot have a demon, saying, How could the Holy Ghost let a demon in? Brethren, the demons are already there when the Holy Ghost enters in. You are filled with them, if you do not have Christ. I do not care how righteous a life you have lived, you still have at least a few, because demons are part of the natural man.
The Holy Spirit enters into the human spirit that has produced all of this wickedness (whatever your hang-up is), and in that very same place, in that very same man, the Holy Spirit fertilizes the human spirit and brings forth the Christ. Glory to God. Hallelujah.

I remind anyone that is up-tight over what I just said that pride is the sin that God hates the most. You may have never committed a crime, but if you have pride, you have an evil spirit.

As far as I am concerned, there is not a man on the face of the earth that does not have pride. Everybody has pride, most people have at least a touch of rebellion, and just about everybody has lust. Lust is not only sexual. There is also lust for the things of this world, lust for power, lust for prestige, lust for clothes, lust for a husband, lust for children, etc.

Lust, lust, lust. It is all over the place. You have evil spirits. They might be under control in your life, but when your time comes for the Living God to call you, and you meet the Living God face to face, those spirits will be exposed. Glory to God. Hallelujah.


Job 40:19 (second half), & 20, Alternate Translation, God made Behemoth and is, [therefore], powerful enough to subdue [Behemoth], join with him, and engrave His righteous nature upon [Behemoth's] bestial nature, so that the Spirit of God can project forth powerfully to bring forth [Christ], the harvest of the earth, within mortal man, the very same place where the demons mock God, and their sword thrusts His creation through on a regular basis.

. . . . at will, unhindered, unrestrained . . . .


There is no defense against the Satanic realm, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, other than Christ Jesus. There is no defense against it, brethren. Glory to God, glory to God.

You need all three elements of the creation: The spiritually female natural man, the Holy Spirit, and the Son. Indeed, we live by the Life of the Son who inhabits our house, abides forever and gives us eternal life. Hallelujah. Glory to God, glory to God.


Job 40:21, He lieth under the shady trees in the covert of the reed, and fens. KJV


There is nothing special about the Hebrew word translated lieth. It means to lie down or to be prostrated. But to be lying down in the Scripture, denotes spiritual weakness. Behemoth, the corporate natural man, who we are in this realm, is buried in the earth in a condition of spiritual weakness.

The Hebrew word translated under simply means that which is below. It means to be lowered, below, or beneath, and comes from a root word which means humbled. Remember that the Son was humbled when He was lowered into the spiritual earth, and we, His flesh, were humbled with Him.

According to Job 38, we all had life in the high realm of the Spirit, where we sang in the heavenlies with the Lord. But God wants us to appear in the realm of appearance, so we are going the same route as the Son of God. We have to be humbled. We have to lose the spiritual power of the natural man, and wait for God, by His Spirit, to raise us up out of this natural realm. If ths were not true, there would be no hope.

God's provision to deliver us from this realm of death is for us to repent, receive the Holy Spirit, and to birth the Son. That is it, brethren. You are mistaken if you think there is another way, because His way is the only way, and you cannot get it if you do not believe it. Glory to God. Hallelujah.

The Hebrew word translated shady tree, means just that: A shady tree, like a lotus. We are into deep spiritual truth here, brethren, so we must find out what the shady tree symbolizes.

First of all, shade in the Scripture symbolizes a blocking of the Light of God, who is pure bright light. The Scripture says that in that day, the night (the soul realm) will shine like noonday (when the Son is directly overhead).

The Hebrew word translated shady tree is from a root that means to reject or to condemn.

Condemnation means separation from God. It does not mean you will burn in hell forever, or that you are evil or wicked. Mortal man, the descendant of fallen adam, is condemned because he is separated from God. Everyone in this realm of outer darkness is, indeed, condemned, until God raises us up back to the high realms of His Spirit. Hallelujah.

The Hebrew word translated covert means hidden or covered. The Hebrew word translated reed means erect, or the one standing erect, because a reed stands up straight in the swamp. To stand erect means spiritual power. To lie down means a lack of spiritual power.

The Hebrew word translated reed (to be erect) is from a root which means to purchase, to be acquired, or to be bought. Our spiritual substance is bought and sold in the spiritual realms every day. Jesus is purchasing us (and therefore protecting us) right now, but, if He were not, the demons would be buying and selling us every day of our lives. Hallelujah.

The Hebrew word translated fens means a swamp, which means mud or mire, and is from a root that means to be different, to be exchanged, to be without, to lose something, or an exchange which results in loss.

Let us say that I have a twenty-carat diamond and you have a one-carat diamond, and we exchange diamonds. Now I have the one-carat diamond and you have the twenty-carat diamond. We have exchanged diamonds, and I have lost something as a result of the exchange.

The Son gave up His power and authority to impart spiritual Life to the First Adam, but the First Adam died, and now the Son is buried in the earth of fallen mankind. The name of the Son of God buried within fallen mankind is Abel, the dead root the First Adam. His only hope is that the substitutionary work of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is still in the high realms of the heavenlies, will raise him from the dead.


Job 40:21, He lieth under the shady tree, in the covert of the reeds and the fens. KJV


This is Behemoth, the natural man. He is lying down in the darkness of the lower regions where he has been humbled. He is spiritually weak and covered over by the spiritual power of the one who purchased the First Adam. Who purchased the First Adam? The Serpent purchased the First Adam, and now we, His descendants, belong to Satan.

The Son exchanged His spiritual riches for a spiritual, earthen body, and was made into the First Adam. But the First Adam sinned, so God turned Him away and the Serpent purchased Him.

What did the Serpent get paid? What are his wages? What was exchanged? The Serpent acquired the Life of the Son, which manifested as a visible world, and a form of existence called death, and the First Adam obtained good and evil experiences. Satan got us, brethren, the fallen descendants of the First Adam, and we are still being paid with good and evil experiences down here in hell.

The Serpent bought us and we exchanged the glory of the spiritual realm for the miry clay of the physical bodies that we are living in. Satan has full authority over the natural realm. He is the prince of the power of the air (see, Note # 28) and the ruler of this dark realm who will own us until Jesus Christ takes us back.


Job 40:21, Alternate Translation, Behemoth, the corporate natural man, is lying down in a position of spiritual weakness, in the darkness of the lower regions where one is humbled. He is covered over by the one with spiritual power who has purchased him, and the miry clay which he was given in exchange for the spiritual riches he gave up when he became a man.


There are two basic parts to the soul realm, which is made out of the miry clay: 1) Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind (the spiritual power of the living soul that died, and the spiritual covering of mortal man), and 2) the human soul and the human spirit (which we will consider one entity for the purposes of this study).

Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind, is the spiritual cover of every mortal man who is not covered by the Spirit of Christ.


Job 40:21, Alternate Translation, The corporate natural man is lying down in the darkness of the lower regions where he has been humbled. He is spiritually weak and covered over by the spiritual power of the Serpent and the miry clay which he received in exchange for the spiritual riches of the Son.


The Son gave up everything in the spiritual realm so that we could experience Life, and now Abel, the residue of Him that is in fallen mankind, is subject to the spirit of Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind, and to the soul realm which is made out of the miry clay.


Job 40:22 (first half),The shady trees cover him with their shadow, KJV


The Hebrew word translated cover, has a much deeper meaning than a surface covering. It means to entwine as a screen, to fence in, to weed, to hedge, to shut up, to literally interweave, to become one with. The Hebrew word translated shadow means just that, a shadow, but the corresponding word in the Greek, Strong's #1982, as it is used in Luke1:35, means to overshadow.


Luke 1:35, And the angel answered and said unto Mary, the Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the highest shall overshadow thee, therefore, also that Holy Thing which shall be born of thee, shall be called the Son of God. KJV


We are talking about spiritual reproduction, brethren. The word overshadow is used in the New Testament to describe the impregnation of Mary's human spirit to produce the Christ.

The natural man is born with the spirit of Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind, overshadowing him and fornicating with his thought life. That is why we are all capable of fornication with Satan, the spirit that rules over the natural realm (see, Note # 28). We are his, brethren. We get stronger and stronger, and fornicate less and less, until the Christ Mind rises in us, but we can be born again for a long time before we stop fornicating with Satan in our thoughts, even some of the time. We are vulnerable every day of our lives, right up to the last minute, but there is always deliverance. Glory to God.


Job 40:22, And the shady trees cover him with their shadow. KJV


The Hebrew word translated shadow merely means to hover over and shade.


Song of Solomon 2:17, Until the day breaks and the shadows flee away. KJV


The Day[light] is Christ, and the shadows are the realm of darkness, or demonic entities.
Demons flee when [the Mind of] Christ arises in us.


Jeremiah 6:4 (second half), Woe unto us, for the day goeth away, for the shadows of the evening are stretched out. KJV


The Carnal Mind, the realm of darkness within the natural man, overshadows the Son of God and treads Him underfoot whenever it can, but the Holy Spirit points us to Christ, who puts the Carnal Mind underfoot. Hallelujah. This is the warfare that we wage daily.


Job 40:22, The shady trees cover him with their shadow, the willows of the brook compass him about. KJV


We are talking about the corporate natural man. Help us to understand Lord.


Job 40:22, Alternate Translation, Satan, [the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind], hovers over the natural man, fornicates with him at will, and impregnates him with [Satan's thoughts], which tread [the thoughts of the Son buried in the earth] underfoot.


The First Adam died to His spiritual manhood and became a spiritual woman who now waits for Christ to deliver her. We, the descendants of the First Adam, are formed from the substance of the Son that is buried in the earth, but have been married to Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind, who fornicates with us at will, since we died. Christ is the only power that the natural man has to resist Satan.

The natural man is a temple for spiritual life. We are the temple of God when the Holy Ghost inhabits us, but, in His absence, we are the temple of Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind.

Christ Jesus is the living Tree of Life, and the Carnal Mind is the dead Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil. We become live trees when Christ lives in us, but, in His absence, we are dead trees, and our skins are the spiritual bark of those dead trees.

The shady tree, the tree that blocks light, is the realm of darkness, the Carnal Mind of the natural man.

We are talking about the First Adam, the Living Soul, that died. We are not talking about individuals. God made one Living Soul that broke down into many parts when it died, but it is still only one Living Soul, just like there is only one Body of Christ with many members.

Satan is the spirit that flows through all of the members of the dead Living soul (the First Adam), just like the Spirit of God flows through the Body of Christ. At this time, until we change (see, also, Note # 21), we are members of both the Living soul and the Body of Christ.

Satan, the spirit that rules through the one Living Soul that died, is the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind that flows through every natural man. The Carnal Mind is one spiritual entity, the shady tree that is covering over the natural man, blocking out the Light of Christ, and Satan is the spirit of the Living Soul that fornicates with us at will – unless the Mind of Christ interferes.

The Spirit of Christ, the Spirit that flows through all of the members of the Body of Christ, is the unconscious part of the Mind of Christ. Hallelujah.





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