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The Next Move Of God

By Mary Jane Sears

Paul told us that there are natural examples in the earth to explain the things of God.  I am going to give you an example of a spiritual principle using a car.  Cars are a natural example of moving from one place to another in our natural journey through life.  We are going to apply it to our spiritual journey.  Letís say that God, for a specified season, used regular gas to energize our cars.  We might liken that to the power of the Holy Spirit.  It served us well, very well, but the timetable for the next move of God came into place.  He chose to use another type of car that only runs on diesel fuel.  If you attempt to run this diesel car on regular gas, it will not operate.  In fact it will ruin the engine and have to be replaced at a very high price.

This spiritual car requires more power and the fuel needed to make it function is much more powerful.  Scripture says that a function of the Holy Spirit is to give you the POWER TO BECOME THE SONS OF GOD. This is done through a shift of Godly energy that Scripture expresses as leaving the old things behind and going on, or growing up in God. Scripture further identifies this increase as the command to come up higher.  It refers to our spiritual growth and change.

THIS CHANGE REQUIRES THE POWER OF THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST. We must go from the power of the Holy Spirit, that has prepared us for this, to the power in the SPIRIT OF CHRIST.  This power has a different function and has to do with maturity which requires going from milk to strong meat.  That is why the DOCTRINE OF CHRIST is needed as stated in verse 9 in the second epistle of John.  Digesting this strong meat takes time and a willingness to adapt to new tastes, new ideas, and instructions. 

Feeding on this strong meat causes us to be cleansed, and purified, and made useful in the Masterís hand.  Exposure of our sin nature, as God sees it, results in this process.  Truth in every aspect of our lives begins to come about as we are enlightened by His revelations.  We are told to lay aside anything that would prevent us from going on to perfection and holiness.  Matthew 5:48 and I Peter I:16 along with many other scriptures tell us to be perfect and holy.  God would not have told us to do that if we could not achieve it in our lifetime.  It is the season for His plan to take place in us.  THE DOCTRINE OF CHRIST is the food that is needed to bring us to that place of change.

Christ, in us, is our hope of glory as Scripture tells us.  Do you want the change that the scriptures invite us to?  We are going to be left in the dust if we do not cooperate with the plan of God.  His timetable is what we have to adhere to, whether we like it or not.  He is in control and I know I do not want to miss out on what He is doing.  We need a discerning spirit and have to learn to listen to Him.  Refusing to hear or even entertain the thought that God is doing something different in the Church, and in us, prevents us from being obedient.  It is also preventing the birthing of the manchild we are instructed to have produced in us.

The point I am attempting to make is that God is in the process of making a new creation.  He says in Isaiah 43:18 and 19; Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old.  Behold, I will do a new thing; Now it shall spring forth; Shall ye not know it? 

That means will we recognize it.  Are you recognizing it?


Mary Jane Sears




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