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Good morning, everybody. We have a message from the Lord that just came down within the past half hour. It is a very serious message, going to anger some people. They are not going to be happy about this at all, but it is a very exciting message for those of us who seek God and who desire the life of God. Brethren, the Lord is going to be standing up very soon now, and the message is about that, OK.

So we are going to start with a few Scriptures in the Old Testament. I am sorry none of our print- -- we ha- -- what do we have, five printers here? None of our printers are working, so just bear with me as I go from Scripture to Scripture.

We will start with Ezekiel 13, chap- -- verse thir- -- I am sorry, 30:18.

            [INAUDIBLE] Ezra or Ezekiel?


            OK [CROSSTALK]

Yeah. We will get to Ezra later. Sorry about that. OK, so Ezekiel 30:18, "At Tehaphnehes also the day shall be darkened, then will I break there the yoke of Egypt: and the pomp of her strength shall cease in her: as for her, a cloud shall cover her, and her daughters shall go into captivity."

Brethren, this is going to come as a great shock to many Christians and Jews today, but [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- Egypt is in the mind of God's people, first in the natural, then in the spiritual. God broke the yoke of natural Israel to deliver what eventually became the Hebrew children. They were not called Hebrews at that time, and now it is happening in the spirit. The -- God's people, Jews and Christians, are in bondage in their mind to the -- to spiritual Egypt, which is manifesting on these -- in the whole Western culture, and wherever it is manifesting outside of the Western culture, primarily the Christian Western culture, has become Egypt.

And the Lord is about the break the yoke of Egypt. And everybody who is married to Egypt in their mind and everyone who is in bondage to Egypt in their mind is going to be experiencing tribulation. So we have heard the church -- the preachers in the church preaching about tribulation, and they all think that the church is going to be delivered from the tribulation. I -- brethren, I was preaching years ago -- when I translated Daniel 7, I told you that the little horn is Christ, and He is coming to break the power of witchcraft in God's people.

So there is great deception in the mind of God's people today, including the ultra-Orthodox Jew, which I am calling the Jew even though I know that they are not mater- -- that they are not genetic descendants of Abraham. That is a whole message on another -- that is a whole other message. I am calling them Jews because that is their identity in the world today, and they are indeed adopted. So the deception is on every side, brethren.

What is happening is that the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the garment that covers Adam Kadmon, God, who is the creator, and H- -- we are His property. Man, humanity, are His property; we are His house; we are His wife. He has the right to inhabit us and to have the use of our members and to live His life through His -- through our minds, to be our mind, actually, and to use our bodies as He would use it. And the truth of the matter is that we are all possessed by the principalities of this world at this time. The principalities of this world are both good and evil, so the very best of us, the heroes, OK, have been incarnated by a fallen mind. And if we are the best of this culture, we are under the influence of the righteous mind of God, but we were incarnated by fal- -- by the woman, by fallen Adam.

And we must either -- e- -- listen, brethren, either we are going to leave Egypt willingly, or we are going to be dragged out, and there is no way that anyone is leaving without the understanding that by the grace of God we are receiving in this ministry. So I just encourage everybody to be brave. I will eventually get to something that is not going to make some people happy. Maybe it will not make anybody happy; I do not know. Something of what -- of the truth of God's morality and what He is requiring us -- of us because we are deceived in our mind as to what we think is right and what we think is wrong, you know.

So, anyway, this is how He told me to start the message, by telling you that the day of the Lord is at hand, and it is now. It is -- when God prophesies it like this and it is a special meeting [CROSSTALK] a special message that -- He changed my whole message this morning. Something is happening very big, and He never does anything without telling His prophets.

Now, brethren, if you are in this ministry, you are called to the priesthood. Either you are a priest of God, or you are called to the priesthood. Now, remember, there are rules that apply to the priests that do not apply to the rest of the people. Well, what makes you a priest? I thought everybody was a priest; we are kings and priests. That is what it says in the Bible. That means that you -- if you are following the Bible, that means you have an opportunity to be a king and a priest. Because you pick up a Bible and read it, it does not mean that you are a king and a priest. If you answer an altar call, it does not mean that you are king -- a king and a priest. If you speak in tongues, it does not mean that you are king and a priest.

King and priest are offices; they are something that happen to you, you see. In the outer world, in the external world if you are a p- -- at least in the past, if you were a priest, you wore a black gar- -- why did they wear the black garments? Because they wanted to be recognized. Why does a king wear a crown and other regalia? Because he wants to be recognized as king. But in the spiritual world, our only recognition is by spiritual discernment, and those that do not recognize us and fail to act accordingly because they do not recognize us suffer the spiritual consequences. And the worst part of that, to my estimation, is no matter what happiness comes upon them, the average person does not relate it to the disrespect of the royalty of God, and therefore there is no deliverance from -- for them, you see.

So this is a day; it is a spiritual day of darkness; it is a spiritual day of judgment; it is a spiritual day of tribulation. And the tribulation that is coming on God -- it is coming to God's people. Nobody is being raptured. The tribulation is coming to God's people to deliver them out of Egypt in their mind, whatever it is going to take. And it is going to be a personal tribulation, and national Israel was delivered as a nation out of Egypt. In this dispensation, everything is a man at a time. It is a man at a time.

Although there could be -- if it turns out -- I am not a preacher of destruction, brethren. If it turns out to be an earthquake or something like that, even though it is happening to a large number of people at the same amount of time, each man will be saved based up- -- from that destruction based upon his personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a man at a time even though the circumstances may cover more than one person, OK.

So [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- brethren, it is a day of rejoicing. The Lord is about to return to His temple, and His temple is Christ in us. He is coming to His temple; the temple is Christ in you. If Christ is not in you, if all you have is the Holy Spirit, and that is not in any way to -- to be in the Holy Spirit, who is great, but He is not the temple, and actually it is a she. The Holy Spirit is a she -- is not the temple. If there is no temple, there is no place for Him to stand His feet on. You see, the Scripture says in that day, He is going to -- His feet are going to land on the Mount of Olives. What about His feet? I asked the Lord about that so many times. Feet typify the carnal mind, so what about His feet? What does that mean? His feet -- the place where His feet can touch ground and stand is His temple, so if He comes to a human and there is no foundation of His temple there, there is no- -- it is like trying to stand on water, if you can hear that.

Everything in the spirit is opposite. We are flesh, but from the spiritual viewpoint, a spiritual man is descending into us, and His feet need to make contact with other spiri- -- with a spiritual foundation, not an earthen foundation. So when His feet, when His lowest point, which is His Malkhut, tries to enter in His temple, if there is no spiritual temple, if there is just the natural man, no matter how much they love God, there is no place for Him to abide, you see.

And the protection and the deliverance, it is not coming from a God out there; all the promises are coming from the God in us, and that is the bottom line. So if you do not have Christ formed in you to the degree and maturity that He can defend you, your next best hope is somebody that you know who is in that condition, if you can recognize the Christ in them and you are not deceived by your carnal mind because you are looking at their mortal weaknesses, you see. So that is what is coming, w- -- deliverance from Egypt, the exodus. It is the spiritual exodus, and it is at hand.

So let us take a look at Joel right now, chapter 2. Probably most of you are familiar with these Scriptures. "Blow the trumpet in Zion, and sound an alarm in My holy mountain: let all the inhabitants of the land tremble." Well, brethren, what land? He is talking about His people. "Let all the inhabitants of the land tremble: for the day of the Lord cometh, for it is night at hand; a day of darkness and of gloominess, a day of clouds and of thick darkness, as the morning spread upon the mountains: a great people and a strong" -- that is the people of God -- "there has not been ever the like, neither shall there be any more after it, even to the years of many generations. A Fire devoureth before them; and behind them a flame burneth: the land is in the Garden of Eden -- the land is as the Garden of Eden before him, and behind them a desolate wilderness." Everything of our old life is being burnt up, brethren. To go back to the Garden of Eden, everything behind us has to be burnt.


"Yeah, and nothing shall escape them." Brethren, the ones -- we are the ones -- OK, how do I say that? The sons of -- this is talking about Christ in the people. When we read nothing shall escape them, it is talking about us; it is talking about the human followers of Jesus being brought into their priesthood. They have everything that Chri- -- everything [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- that is not of Christ is being burnt up and left behind us. The ene- -- the warfare is between Christ in you and your carnality. The Lord will be dealing with the evil nations when the sons of God stand up in full power, and there is no standing up of the sons of God in full power before the tribulation which is between Christ in you and you. Christ in us and all of our carnality that is left in our behind, that is Lot's wife looking back.

"Nothing shall escape them." Brethren, if you are learning this message, you are a -- called to be a priest of God. There is a new order coming in; the kingdom of God is coming in. There will be a mediator between God and the rest of the people, and it is going to be the people that understand what He is teaching us here. We will be standing between God, OK, Jesus Hims- -- and Jesus Himself, who stands in front of God, OK, and the people that know nothing. We -- Jesus will be through us by His Son in us. We are going to be the mediators that are going to be explaining things to people that are going to be very confused and not understanding anything.

But before we can stand up, Christ in us has to burn everything up in us that is not of God. So for anybody to think that we are just going to enter into the office of priest without a purging ourselves, you are naïve, and I will never be guilty. No one will ever be able to tell me that I am guilty of not preparing you for this. There has to be nothing more important to you than God; He has to be number one in your life, and if that is not true, you need to confess it because you cannot make that true with your mind. But that is the qualification of a priest; you are married to God. He is the most important thing in your life, and then it goes on with the appearance of them. That is not our message today.

Amos 5:16 -- I do not know if I made it clear. The Lord will deal with the nations when Israel is in right standing with God, so the tribulation is to get Israel in right standing with God. The Israel of God has to be -- come into right standing, and the Israel of God is in every kind of sin that you can imagine and justifying what they are doing despite what the Scripture says because of some -- because of mind control, including me, as I come out of it. And what I am going to tell you today, I have been deceived myself.

So let us take a look at Amos 5:16, "Therefore the Lord" -- that is Jehovah -- "the God of hosts." Jehovah says, "Thus: [?Waving?] -- wailing shall be in all streets; and they shall say in all the highways, Alas! Alas! And they shall call the husbandman to mourning, as such as are skilful of lamentation and wailing." That is, like, professional mourners. "And all the vineyards shall be wailing: for I will pass through you," says Jehovah.

"Woe unto you that desire the day of the Lord!" Everybody is waiting. The whole church is waiting for the [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- when you say you are waiting for Messiah, you are waiting for the day of the Lord, and Amos says, "Woe unto you that desire the day of the Lord! To what end is it for you?" Are you going to be liberated, or are you going unto judgment? Will you be experiencing the tribulation, or will you be someone that Christ Jesus stands up in? "Woe unto you that desire the day of the Lord!" What does it mean for you? Are you deceived?

"The day of the Lord is darkness, and not light. As if a man did flee from a lion, and a bear met him; or went into the house, and leaned his hand upon the wall, and a serpent bit him." Destruction everywhere. Brethren, I went through that for years; I am doing better now. Dark days of darkness and gloominess. Listen, brethren, OK, the transition from being a human to being a priest of God of the -- after the order of Melchizedek is a day of darkness and gloominess. It is a day of the destruction of life as you know it. It is a day of the destruction of life as you know it. Now it would be much easier for us, in my carnal estimates. I am just -- this is a parable because, of course, it is not true. If the Lord were to say to any one of us, look, you are called to be a priest in My household. Pack your bags, OK, and I am moving you to -- I am g- -- moving you to some temple somewhere, and you are going to be trained up by the priest living in that temple. And say goodbye to your family. That is what Elijah said to Elijah. Say goodbye to your family, OK, and follow me, and you have a whole new life, you see.

That would -- in my carnal estimation, would be easier. I would understand what was happening to me. Just give up everything; go away, cannot fight it, and live in another country, in a whole other environment. But that is not the way God is doing it. He leaves us in this environment. He leaves us in a place where we are thinking that the world is still the same and that the good things that we pursue in this life should continue to be pursued, and He starts to change us from within, without changing our environment, and it becomes a day of dark gloom and pain and suffering and loneliness because we are doing everything that we were born to believe is what is good in life, and we have not been translated to another country where there are other -- lots of people just like us, and we have fellowship over there, and everything is happy. That is not how He is doing it, you see.

His life coming forth in us. The life of Christ is being born in us, and we, the outer shell, the human, OK, the outer garment, we are being changed from an unholy garment to a holy garment. And the only explanation that we have is this kind of preaching, but the darkness and the gloominess, it is in our mind. It is in our emotions. The preaching only helps so much, and we only have the few of us -- ourselves to fellowship with, and we are spread all over the world. There is about 30 of us now I think. Maybe it would be even easier if we had 30 of us right here gathering together every day for the service, fellowshipping after the service, going out to dinner o- -- after the service, 30 of us, fellowshipping, talking, different ages, different people having different degrees of criteria for who you would choose to fellowship with. It would even be easier, but it is not that way. We are spread all over the world. But thank God for the Internet. Things are much better since the Internet, since unlimited telephone calling. It used to cost a fortune to call, and then the connection was so bad, you could not even hear anybody.

So, brethren, we have to make the best of what we have. It is [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- 500 percent better than it was 20 years ago. Well, when I traveled to another location, I left Africa, and the people in Africa did not really have much contact with me for a whole year until maybe they traveled here. I remember Margaret used to call me, and I could not understand what she was saying on the phone. It is a day of darkness; it is a day of gloominess; it is a day of death to everything that we have been taught to believe is good and right and just. And we have to lay hold of this truth and make the very best of our life. We need to cling to each other to overcome [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- the areas in which we have nothing in common whatsoever and cling to each other in Christ and make the best of this.

But the end is very near; the Lord is about to appear, OK. And He ha- -- He is going to appear in who -- the people who are understanding the message first. Then tribulation is going to the church and to the Jews, and I cannot even -- do not even want to think about what it is going to be like, thous- -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- thousands, millions of people in pain, holding their loins as if a woman in travail, not even understanding what is going on in their lives. So we will be amongst those who will teach the many, as according to Daniel. But it is not going to be easy for us either. It is a birth, brethren; it is a birth. There is a change coming, a change of nature, a change of everything that you believe, and we have to find out the truth of this word, even when it does not please us. We have come pretty far in that way.

We have dealt with the doctrine, the false doctrine in the church. Jesus is not God; Jesus is Adam, and He is Adam in His perfected state, so He is a God man, a lesser God. But He is not God, you see. We know about Christmas; we know about Easter. We know about a lot of things, and today you are going to hear something that, to be honest with you, I think I heard it years ago, and I dismissed it and said it was ridiculous.

So I have one more of these verses, Zechariah 1:14. Let us just take a look at that. Zechariah 1:14, "So the angel" -- do I have the wrong one? Maybe it was Zephaniah. I wrote down Zechariah. I have the wrong Scripture, so we will skip that one. Let me just see if it was not Zephaniah. Yes, it is Zephaniah. Sorry, brethren. Zephaniah 1:14, "A day of the trumpet and alarm against the fenced cities."

Brethren, the fenced cities are the carnal minds of God's people that will not hear the truth. They are defensed against the true inhabitant of the house, and they are believing the doctrine of the carnal mind, which is Satan and Leviathan who are presently occupying all of humanity. The day of the trumpet and alarm against the fenced cities, and against the high towers. I will bring distress upon men." I do not know what that Hebrew word is, but I doubt that it is Adam. It is probably fallen Adam. "They shall walk like blind men, because they have sinned against the Lord: and their blood shall be poured out as dust, and their flesh as dung."

"Neither shall their silver nor their gold be able to deliver them in the day of the Lord's or in the day of Jehovah's wrath; but the whole land shall be devoured by the fire of His jealousy: for He shall make every -- He shall make even a speedy riddance of all them that dwell in the land." So Satan and Leviathan and all of their cohorts have to be cast out of this land, which belongs to Him, which is us, you see.

So, brethren, for those of you that have a desire and a hope of avoiding the painful consequences of Him coming to His house, to His temple and being in sin, here is the latest news that I have to tell you, which is obvious in the Scripture. I am -- we just believe what we want to believe. People just believe what they want to believe.

So let us take a look. It is in Ezra 10. We will start with that. Ezra 10 -- now I do not want to read you the whole Book of Ezra, but just to remind you, the commandment went forth from the emperor to -- that the Jews had permission to leave Babylon. They had been in Babylon, in captivity for 10 -- 70 years, and Cyrus, who the rabbi tells me was the offspring of Esther and the king, which I did not know that -- because we have to wonder why Cyrus had such ben- -- a benevolent attitude towards the Jews in Babylon. It is because he was the son of Esther who saved all of the Jews from destruction and the king of Babylon. So Cyrus then gave the commandment for the Jews to return to Babylon, and that is chapters 1 through 9.

We will pick up with chapter 10, to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple. And the priests were -- there is a clear distinction in the Book of Ezra between the people and the priests, brethren. You need to understand who you are. You are in training to be priests; maybe you are priests already. It depends on your spiritual condition. Only God can say whether you have already entered into the priesthood. What does a priest do? A priest offers sacrifices, OK, from the common people unto God so that they should -- so that God should hear their prayers, that they should be -- that their sins should be covered and God should hear their prayers. Well, Sheila, that is what Jesus does. We all have that. That is what Jesus does, and Jesus is at the right hand of the Father, OK.

The priest is Christ in you. It has to be the blood of Jesus in you. When Christ in you is mature to the point -- well, it starts out with Him purging your sins. Brethren, the blood of Jesus that forgives your sins is not blood that fell out on the ground. It is not the blood that is up in heaven somewhere. The blood of Jesus is the sperm of the Lord Jesus Christ which is grafted to your house, which is on the doorpost of your house, forgives your sins when you recognize them and confess them and sorrow unto repentance. So your house -- the doorpost of your house can be drenched in the spiritual blood of Jesus, which is His sperm, and if you do not know that you are committing a sin, it is not forgiven. Or if you know that you are forgive- -- you are committing a sin and you have not repented, you have not sorrowed unto repentance, maybe you are convicted of it. Hopefully, you are at least convicted of it, but repentance has not come yet. You are not forgiven. You have to sorrow unto repentance. The blood on the doorpost is the ability to recognize your sins so that you can repent. There is no forgiveness without repentance, brethren, you see.

So the priest -- what makes us a priest is that Christ dwells in us and that He is active in us, you see, and that we minister to the people. The offering up of the sacrifice on behalf of the people is that we have the ability to explain to them where sin is in their life, where sin is in their mind. And if they hear the word and they become convicted and they choose to sorrow unto repentance, we have offered up the sacrifice of their carnal mind. We have sacrificed their carnal mind in that area when we have convinced them, not because of fear of Hell and death, but when we have convinced them by a spirit of righteousness that this particular thing is a sin in their life and it is responsible for such-and-such a result in their life. We have offered up the sacrifice of their carnal mind, you see, so that is how we become a priest.

Now you could be a priest not -- you could be doing it within yourself at this time. If Christ is functioning in you to reveal sin to you and that sin is producing a change in your life -- it has to produce a change in your life, not just a change of behavior but a change of your heart, a change of your mind that produces behavioral change. Behavioral change alone is just changing the exterior. If Christ is operating like that in you, then you are a priest. Maybe you have not -- maybe He has not yet matured to give you disciples yet, to sacrifice the carnal mind in another person yet, you see. But if He is -- at least, if it is operating in you, then you have entered into the priesthood, but there are all different degrees of priesthood.

See, the -- one of the higher degrees of priesthood -- and I do not have the full -- I do not have the ability to fully measure them or explain them to you. But when Jesus hung on the cross, He said, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." And what happened? One of the big complaints of the Jews today is, ever since Jesus came around, there is been more bloodshed and more war than there ever was at one time in the whole world.

Well, the whole world went under conviction for sin; we are all destroying ourselves because sin has been exposed. I told that to a rabbi once; he did not receive it. Jesus forgave the world, and their sins -- the sins of the world are manifested to a degree that we have never seen before. We are facing global destruction. The Illuminati has been revealed. The pro- -- powers and principalities at the very top that rule humanity, which are really -- the world calls them aliens; they are foreign to humanity. I can be preaching that whole message again.

The offspring of the snake, the spiritual offspring of the snake, has been revealed to the world, to those who have ears to hear, all of this in 2,000 years, since Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." He was not talking about -- well, He was talking about the Jews. He was also talking about the Romans. He was talking about the whole world, and, you know, for years I did not understand it. Jesus hung on the cross, and He said, "Father, I forgive them, they know not what they do," and He said, "The prince of this world is judged."

So what does that mean? Jesus is being crucified; the prince of this world is being judged. What does that mean? He meant that circumstances and events were about to unfold in the world that would completely reveal the truth of who the prince of this world is, not some little demon called Satan, the prince of this world. Do you remember what I taught you in the recent message on Daniel 11? Prince always refers to spiritual entity. King refers to the man that that spiritual entity is being revealed through, the high principality that incarnated this world, the prince of the power of the air. The woman, the Malchus who rebelled and married the snake will be revealed.

Brethren, the troubles of the world will not go away until the adultery comes to an end. The adultery between the woman and the snake must come to an end, and the transgression must cease. What is the transgression? The adultery is between the woman and the snake. The transgression is her illegal possession of humanity, so for 2,000 years the evil roots of what is going on in this world have been exposed by things getting worse and worse and worse.

When the adultery ends and the transgression ends, life as we now know it will cease to exist. We are the fruit. We are -- humanity are the illegitimate offspring of the adultery between the woman and the snake. So the first step of deliverance is to divest her, throw her off of her thrown, which is the people of humanity. She is the harlot of Revelation. She has to be thrown out of our vessels; that is the end of the transgression. So we have to deal with the end of the transgression when Jesus fills all the vessels, but our form is still in the form of the fruit of the adultery. There is no way we are getting a spiritual body; there is no way we are being divested of this form, which is the proof -- this is the illegitimate child of the woman that committed adultery, according to the test of the Book of Numbers. Her belly swelled up, and she gave birth to a deformed child.

So, first, the transgression has to end, that she is committing incest with her own child. When the Lord Jesus Christ inhabits all of the -- I -- all of the peoples, and I believe it will be o- -- it is going to be one man at a time within a timeframe that allows the transition. The Lord Jesus Christ has to be fully occupying us in this form before the adultery comes to an end which releases this form to be changed into a spiritual body because this body is the proof of the sin of the adultery.

Adultery, the foundational sin that produced the mess that we have today, adultery. Adultery is a very serious offense. We laugh at it in this country today. What is marriage, brethren? Brethren, this is going to come as a shock to some of you, but marriage was not given to make you happy. Marriage was not given to make us happy. Marriage is an institution that is given by God to humanity to help us to keep the society in order, a vehicle by which to raise children, godly, healthy of body and mind children, a vehicle by which to keep insanity, a vehicle by which people can deal with their instincts that are natural in our fallen state without sin. Marriage is given to control sex, brethren.

You see, when you talk about sex at a time when the culture is in order, it sounds like you are just a prude and you are against sex. But when you see the fruit of unbridled sexual pursuit, maybe you will start to understand, when you see what is happening in the world today, when you see people selling their 8-year-old little girls into slavery, into sexual slavery for money, when you see people -- and, brethren, degenerates, they are not happy. They are not happy with a woman, so they -- sometimes they want a man. They are not happy with a mature woman, so they want a little girl. Then they get the little girl, and they get the little boy; they are not happy with that. What do they go to next? Torture and murder associated with the sex act.

You have to understand what it is. Jesus clearly said there is no sex -- there is no marriage or giving in marriage in heaven. Human, physical sexual intercourse is an activity of the body which is the fruit of the adultery between the woman and the snake. And it is the intent- -- I am not even sure how to say this. Is it the intention of the woman, or is the natural playing out of the act of adul- -- of the act of spiritual adultery that produced these bodies, that produces in this realm the act of sexual intercourse and the pressure from behind the scenes to take that act of sexual intercourse and manifest it as acts of adultery in this world. Why are not people happy with sex in their own marriage? Why adultery? Because there is a driving force. The driving force that produced us is adultery, so people have a natural inclination towards spiritual adultery and -- to worship other gods, and physical adultery. We have a driving, built-in, natural inclination towards adultery. Polygamy is adultery; bigamy is adultery.

So marriage, brethren, is God's answer to help us live a godly life while we are still in this flesh. He has given us families, and family life is difficult; marriage is difficult. You have the fight against your own sin to make it a positive experience. Women have to yield. The man should yield too. I am not going to get into a whole message on that again, but, brethren, no matter how wrong that man is -- short of the point of him raising his hands to you; I will never justify that -- the woman has to shut her mouth. Shut your mouth, and go complain to God, and ask the Lord to intercede on your behalf. Shut your mouth. We are in a -- we are a fallen nation, brethren. We are fallen, and that is your role. You were born as a woman, and that is where you right. Shut your mouth. If your boss says something to you, shut your mouth. If your husband says something to you, shut your mouth. If your pastor says something to you, shut your mouth. If they are wrong, go into your prayer closet and talk to God about it, and if He vindicates you, fine, and if He does not vindicate you, shut your mouth. God wants peace. If you are the one that steals the peace, you are wrong, and the discussion goes no further. Shut your mouth, peace. I am telling you the truth.

So human beings have a natural, built-in inclination towards sin. Well, you know that, that we are born sinners [?and heretics?]. You all know that. But what you do not know or what you may not have heard is that the root of the sin nature is sexual in nature. The root of the sin nature is pre-programmed toward sexual sin, and every other sin is used to break down your resistance to sexual sin because there was a time when we raised our children to resist sexual sin. So the acting out was in the form of rebellion, badmouthing your parents. Believe it or not, when I was a teenager, the big sin was smoking a cigarette, believe it or not. My sister was caught smoking. Is that a joke? OK.

But the root of the drive to sin is sexual in nature. To break every other rule, and the ultimate rule is to be completely free sexually, and when you do that, when the root that incarnated you, which is Cain, is completely freed and there is no more holds barred, it will take more and more to satisfy you until you just sink down into the depths of depravity, and you do not even know what happened to you. You wake up in the pig pin one day if it is not too late to get back. Adultery, the root sin that destroyed the creation in the state that God had it and is seeking to destroy all of God's attempts to restore us to the immortality of innocence by bringing humanity and [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- in particular Christian humanity back down to the pits of Hell, and adultery is the bottom line, spiritual adultery and physical adultery. Adultery, brethren, one man, one wife.

As soon as there is a child born of the marriage, there is no divorce. That is your husband. If you -- if the law of the land which now says you can kill babies and that it is OK to have homosexual marriage, if the law of the land says that you can get divorced, God says you cannot get divorced once you have a child, no divorce. And if you get divorced and you marry again, you are an adulteress, and your children are illegitimate.

This is the word to the church. The whole church is called to be priests of God. It is the word to the whole church, but it is, in particular, the word to anyone that is listening to me who is being raised up as a spiritual priest because the Lord is about to appear very soon, and He is not going to appear in anyone that is in adultery. And this is my word to you this morning: He is not going to appear to anyone who is in adultery. There is no divorce, except for death.

And I think I heard this ye- --like, 20 years ago when I was still hoping to get remarried, and I said, well, that is so crazy. That is so crazy that you have to give up the rest of your life because your marriage did not work out. Yes. Why? Because your personal happiness is not the most important thing in the world. That is what is going on in this Western culture today. Your happiness is not the most important thing in this world. The child that you brought into existence, that is the most important thing in the world.

And, Sheila, what if something is really wrong? What if he is a criminal? What if he is incesting your children? Well, then you leave, and you stay alone. There is no remarriage. Your marriage went bad. Your primary concern is towards your children. Hard word, huh? Hard word. Well, the Christian world lived it for a couple of centuries in England and here, and then we just thought we were smarter than God, you see. We said, oh, that cannot be true, so we are going to change it. We will make it OK for people to get married a second time now and a third time, and now we have people married two and three and four times with a child from each of those marriages. Chaos, brethren, chaos. Children, stepchildren all mixed up. The culture is deteriorating into chaos.

I want to say something, and it is not coming out of my mouth. Brethren, you and I, we are not the most important thing in the world. Society is the most im- -- is more important than we are. The preservation of a godly society is more important than personal happiness. You can make your -- God will give you personal happiness but not in the way you desire. If you are insisting that your only personal happiness is with a man and a woman, the chan- -- if you -- it turns out that your marriage d- -- was not good, you will probably be disappointed. But I am telling you the truth of God's word: You do not break up families, and you do not bring your children living in a house under another man or another woman while their mother or father is alive. You do not do it. If you do, you are an adulteress or an adulterer.

I gave you a testimony probably within this past year of a -- it was a true story of a countess who was married -- she was British royalty, so she was married -- her mother married her off to this man who actually had a lover, had a mistress who was not qualified to bear his children. He was aristocracy, so he married this young, delightful girl who thought she was going to be happy for the rest of her life, marrying some duke or prince or whatever he was, and the man did not want anything to do with her. He just wanted to impregnate her, and then he went to live with his mistress.

And the movie was [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- the torment and the torture that she went through. It took place in England in the 16th or 17th century, and she went to her mother. She was dy- -- she wanted a divorce. She was begging everyone to agree to her getting a divorce under these terrible circumstances. And the man moved his mistress into the house. They were living in the same -- it was a very big house, but they were living in the same house, and her mother would not agree to a divorce. Apparently, the mother had that kind of power in those days. Now parents have no power at all. She was denied the divorce, and she made the adjustment. Of course, she stopped living with her husband; he was there with his mistress. And she became a great -- I do not know what she -- I think she was g- -- involved in politics or something with the f- -- the good of humanity. She made a whole life for herself on the foundation of that torture [UNINTELLIGIBLE] the torture that she must have experienced. She made a life for herself while she lived with her children in the house; she raised her children.

Now I am just reporting to you what happened in those days, and at the time that I told you about the movie, I said, wow, you know, I do not think that I could have [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- I -- brethren, I just wrote a book, "What About Marriage?" which says that after about 10 years you should be eligible to remarry again, and now I am being corrected. There is no divorce, brethren, and when there are children, you do not break up the household unless your lives are in danger. And if that is the case, you abide alone. That is what Paul said. Was he kidding? Was he fooling?

Well, things are changed because this is a modern world, so our Supreme Court said it is OK. Now you can get a legal divorce, and now you can kill babies, and now you can sell the body parts after you abort them, and now you can have gay marriage. What is coming next? The law of man cannot discount the law of God, and this is the word that I have for you today, brethren, very unpopular because the whole culture is built around a belief that our personal happiness is number one in this life, and our personal happiness is not number one in this life. Service to God is number one in this life.

Do you want to prosper? You want your children to prosper. Do you want to live in a free country? Do you want to live in a free world? Life must be dedicated to God and His righteousness and His holiness and the order that He establishes, and man has no right to change that order. You hope for the best. You pray for your children. You pray that they should be happy in marriage; you pray that you should be happy in marriage. Maybe if you -- if there is really no way out, maybe you will try a little harder and it will work. Maybe it will; maybe it will not. No marriage, chaos. It results in chaos.

Divorce produces adultery which is the outplaying of the spiritual adultery that caused the fall in the first place. Physical adultery in the -- in God's people -- I am not talking about the rest of the world now. The Jews and the Christians, physical adultery is the outplaying of the spiritual adultery that produced a bastard pe- -- a bastard child which is humanity. It is a perversion. It is a perversion to take your children and put them in a house with another parent when their parent is alive. It is a perversion of everything that our life here is supposed to be and that marriage is supposed to be. You get married, and now there is -- a new entity has been born. You produced children; you have a soul there, a [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- a soul, a family soul. Children never recover from divorce. They may think they recover from it, but they do not recover from it.

But today, the message today is that the Lord is about to stand up in His people, and He is not standing up in anybody that is in adultery. He is not standing up in anybody that is in adultery; that is the word for you today. Get your tomatoes and your rotten eggs ready; that is what He told me to tell you. He is not standing up in anybody that is in adultery. Well, Sheila, what are you talking about? What if somebody really serves God and loves God and they are serving Him with all their strength and they were divorced 20 years ago and now they are married and they have children with another person? They are in adultery, and their children are illegitimate.

I heard this about 20 years ago, and I said this teaching is crazy. That was where I was 20 years ago. So what is she -- what are they supposed to do? Break up a mar- -- a 20-year-old marriage? If you want to be a priest, yes. Brethren, when I first came to the Lord, there was a woman in the church that I was in, and she was living with a man. It was no problem preaching. It was preached from the pulpit. You have to get up out of that man's bed and leave his house. If he will not marry you, you have to leave, but I am living with him for 20 years. If he will not marry you, leave. You want to be in right standing with God, either marry him or leave. Well, nobody had a problem with that, either marry him or leave.

Well, if you are in adultery, your marriage is not legal, and you cannot marry him until your first husband or first wife dies, so get up and leave. Radical, huh? This is the word of the Lord to you today, for the priests. How this will affect others that are not called to the priesthood, I do not really know, but in Ezra it had to do with the priests, and let us read about it in the Book of Ezra. And this is also a rebuke for Chabad because at least the rabbi that I was studying with completely denied -- according to Ezra, the men, they had to leave their wives and the children, OK, to be right standing with God. And this rabbi in Chabad told me, no, they just converted them. Well, where do you get that from, that they just converted them? I am going to read you -- where do you get that from, with your political correctness?

Chapter 10, Ezra 10, "Now when Ezra had prayed, and when he had confessed, weeping and casting himself down before the house of God, there assembled unto him out of Israel a very great congregation of men and women and children: for the people were v- -- wept very sore. And Shechaniah the son of [?Jeniel?], one of the sons of Elam, answered and said unto Ezra, We have trespassed against our God, and have taken strange wives of the people of the land: yet now there is hope in Israel concerning this thing."

In other words, we did all of these things because we thought that God -- that we would never be going back to Israel. So the church today, they are in a lot -- all kinds of sin because they think, well, nothing has changed since our fathers went to sleep, so why do we even have to worry about these things?

Verse 3, "Now therefore let us make a covenant with our God to put away all the wives, and such as were born of them, according to the counsel of my lord, and of those that tremble at the commandment of our God; and let it be done according to the law. Arise; for this matter belongeth unto thee: we also will be with you: be of good courage, and do it. Then arose Ezra, and made the chief priests, and Levites, and all of Israel, to swear that they should do according to this word. And they sware."

"Then Ezra rose up from before the house of God, and went into the chamber of Johanan the son of Eliashib: and when he came thither, he did eat no bread, nor drink water: for he mourned because of the transgression of them that had been carried away. And they made proclamation throughout Judah and Jerusalem unto all the children of the captivity, that they should gather themselves together unto Jerusalem; And that whosoever would not come within three days, according to the counsel of the princes and the elders, all his substance should be forfeited, and himself separated from the congregation of those that had been carried away."

"Then all the men of Judah and Benjamin gathered themselves together unto Jerusalem within three days. It was the ninth month, on the twentieth day of the month; and all the people sat in the street of the house of God, trembling because of this matter, and for the great rain. And Ezra the priest stood up, and said unto them, You have transgressed, and have taken strange wives, to increase the trespass of Israel. Now therefore make confession unto the Lord God of your fathers, and do this pleasure: and separate yourselves from the people of the land, and from the strange wives."

"Then all the congregation answered and said with a loud voice, As you have said, so must we do. But the people are many, and it is a time of much rain, and we are not able to stand without or outside, neither is this a work of one day or two: for we are many that have transgressed in this thing. Let now our rulers of all the congregation stand, and let all them which have taken strange wives in our cities come at appointed times, and with them the elders of every city, and the judges thereof, until the fierce wrath of our God for this matter be turned from us."

"Only Jonathan the son of Asahel and Jahaziah the son of Tikvah were employed with -- about the matter: and" -- I cannot pronounce the names [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- "Meshullam and Shabbethai the Levite helped them. And the children of the captivity did so. And Ezra the priest, with certain chief of the fathers, after the house of their fathers, and all of them by their names, were separated, and sat down in the first day of the month to examine the matter. And they made an end with all the men that had taken strange wives by the first day of the month."

And I am not going to read all of these names now. Let me go to -- I cannot read my own writing. I think it was verse 27. Well, verse 44 says, "All these had taken strange wives: and some of them had wives by whom they had children." And there was another chapter, and I guess I did not write it down. But they -- it says that there were some priests that rebelled and would not do it, would not leave their wives, and they were separated from the congregation.

Now, as always, brethren, I am rushing. I wrote down the Scriptures for you where Paul said, talked about adultery, but I did not even write down the Scriptures about Jesus. Jesus was asked about divorce, and His answer to the Jewish men that asked Him about divorce -- well, they said, well, it was legal under Moses. Why are you saying it is illegal? And Jesus said because your hearts were hard. What does that mean? It meant that your hearts were not responsive to God; it means you did not understand what marriage is all about.

It is not about your pleasure, men. Marriage is not all about your pleasure. It is about living an orderly life that is acceptable to God so that you might continue to be His representative. And if you are not happy with the woman or she does not sexually please you, you have to go to God and deal with it. Life is not perfect. Brethren, I can -- I know two people right now, both of them women in this instance, that really -- not that there is anything wrong with it, you just have to do it -- you have to -- brethren, if you have a sexual need, I am -- there is nothing wrong with it. You have to pray to God and find the right match for yourself, but the two women that I know of that went out -- actually, three women went out on their own, OK, to get their sexual need met, you see.

Now I want to tell you, if you get married because you have a sexual need, if that is your reason for getting married, I do not condemn you for it. Deal with it in a godly manner. Hopefully you find someone that you like, but the whole point is that if you get married to fill a sexual need, you need to understand that your wife or your husband is now a wife and a husband, not a prostitute. You have to make a life with them. You have to do the -- you have to treat them properly. You have to respect them and try to make them happy, as accordance within the rules of God. You cannot just throw them aside after you marry them. It has to be a part of the whole package for you to be in right standing with God.

I know three women right now that -- two of them -- one of them got married, and the man became impotent. He turned to pornography and became impotent. So what am I saying? She is stuck with this man; she is not happy with him. I stay stuck because she would leave him -- in her mind, she would leave him if she could, but she cannot afford to live by herself. She needs his money, OK.

And, again, brethren, anybody that thinks you get married just because you are in la-la land and you are in love, you are a fool. People get married; people stay married for many reasons. And as long as you fulfill your obligations to your partner, God does not look down on those reasons, and I do not. if you stay with a man because you cannot afford to support yourself by yourself, as long as you fulfill your obligations to him and do everything you can to make that marriage positive and you stay because you cannot afford to live by yourself, there is no condemnation in that at all as long as you do not mistreat him. As long as you do everything you can to make that marriage work, there is no condemnation in it. If you stay because you are being supported, if you stay because you are getting sex, if you stay because of the children, if you stay for whatever reason, as long as you sow everything that you have into making that marriage the best that it could possibly be for everybody concerned, there is no condemnation, and for whatever reason you get married. You know, sometimes people get married for love, and nothing else works. The love -- as soon as everything else does not work, the love goes out the window. As soon as you have kids and the guy does not go to work, the love is out the window. You cannot get married just for emotional love.

So I know three women that did something -- they got into a relationship primarily for the sex, and the -- all of the three men became impotent. One woman is married; the guy got into pornography very early, and, you know [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- that is one of the dangers of pornography; you only can be satisfied by pornography, and that was the end of their sex life. Another woman, the guy -- she moved in with a guy, a Christian. She actually sought me out to tell me, like [UNINTELLIGIBLE] I guess people [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- a strong Christian in Pentecost. I found the man of my life, and we are living together, and I just looked at her, you know. I said, oh, OK. He had a heart attack and became impotent. And the third person that I know, they did not get married, but the guy became impotent. They are still living together because it is a financial arrangement, and the guy became impotent, no sex.

It is not about making us happy, neither is it about f- -- satisfying our sexual need, although that is allowed if you take the whole package. Brethren, what has happened to us that we just live for ourselves, for our personal happiness? And who cares about the l- -- the greater family, the extended family? Who cares about the culture? Who cares about the country? Just your personal happiness? What has happened to us in this Christian nation? What has happened to us? The price that we have paid for our personal -- for this right to go out and be happy with whoever we find is the destruction of the culture which is the destruction of our children, which is the destruction of the nation because a nation cannot continue the way we are continuing now, if the Lord does not intervene, which He will. We are slated for complete destruction and con- -- and being conquered by another nation, possibly even be swallow- -- being swallowed up as if we never existed, which is what happened to Israel.

So I did not pull out the Scriptures [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- of Jesus talking, but that is what He said to the Jews that came to Him. How come Moses said we can get married and You said we cannot? Well, Sheila, how come in Pentecost it was OK -- not marriage, divorce. How come in Pentecost we were told it is OK to be divorced and you are telling us we cannot? Because your hearts were hard when you were in Pentecost. You had an anointing which was the grace of God, which was the gift of God, which was poured upon you from the outside, but your heart was not converted yet. Christ was not born in you yet. The vehicle by which you could be married to God was not born in you yet, and God had mercy on you because your emotions were in pain, and your mind was filled with chaos.

But once Christ is grafted to you, brethren, and you start coming closer to God through Christ in you, no, your heart is not hard anymore; your heart is supposed to soften because Christ is your new heart. Now you have the vehicle by which God can truly comfort you because the Holy Ghost is a gift. Actually, the Holy Ghost is not the comforter; it was one of the first arguments I had with someone in this ministry, not an argument but I had to show it to them in the Scripture. The Holy Ghost is not the comforter; the Spirit of truth is the comforter. And I co- -- that is in the Scripture. The Spirit of truth is the comforter. Everybody thinks it is the Holy Ghost, but, no, it is -- the Spirit of truth is the comforter.

And, for years, I said, well, why would the Spirit of truth be the comforter? I did not understand it until today. I realized that this word that He has given me that is a part of me, that is my whole life; I live for this word. I eat, think, drink and breathe it; it is my everything. The Spirit of truth that has taught me all of these wonderful things comforts me. The Holy Ghost -- brethren, I am never demeaning the Holy Ghost. In her office, she is great, and she is the female. That is the Shekinah, the [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- that is the lower half of the Shekinah, the daughter, in the earth, Jesus' Malkhut. She is great, you know, but that is just the beginning.

The comfort in the Holy Ghost, brethren, is -- you have to gather together with a group of people. I used to go to church and dance and sing and swing my tambourine. I enjoyed the word; it was wonderful. And then I would go home, and I would go home to all the same problems that I had. But this word goes with me wherever I am, never leaves me. In my moments of great distress, God gives me a study in my mind. With the Holy Ghost, you need to be dancing or singing or being in a group anointing or praying in tongues. There is some comfort when you are alone but not very much because the Holy Ghost is a gift. It is not the real thing; it is the taste of the world to come.

This word is the comforter. This word [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- now there is a transition period; it has to develop in you. It is your everything. That is the point you will get to: It is your everything. You want to marry Jesus; you are waiting for some single event that He is going to come down and join with you. The marriage is a process; it is a process of your development of this word in you. And at some point, the word in you -- it is the word in you that joins with the Lord Jesus, and forever you will be with the Lord. The Spirit of truth, He is not joining with you if you say it is OK to get divorced. There is no divorce; there is no remarriage aside from death.

So what we are experiencing here, brethren, these last days anyway, is being -- is having the truth revealed to us of every error in the church in anticipation of the joining between Christ in us to the Lord Jesus above to such a degree that it is described in the Scripture as His feet landing on the Mount of Olives. What is the Mount of Olives? It is Christ in us. The Tree of Life is the olive tree. Guess what, it is not an apple tree; it is an olive tree. Apples you can eat without processing them; olives, you cannot eat raw olives. I do not think you can eat raw olives. Does anybody know that? I do not think you can eat raw olives; they need to be cured.

So to eat the food from the Tree of Life, it has to be processed in you. The marriage is ongoing. Every error that the Lord exposes that we receive the truth of in our heart is that much more of the blending of the Malkhut of the Lord Jesus and the Sefirot that are growing out of Christ in us. It is an ongoing process, but then suddenly we will experience that unity, but the process has been ongoing for years. The comforter is the Spirit of truth; the point of marriage is the Spirit of truth. And every time the Lord reveals something, I think all of us here say, well, what else? What is next? What other truth do we have to face and accept for this union to come to a p- -- a degree of blend that is described as, "And His feet landed on the Mount of Olives," the mountain where the Tree of Life is inside of us. That is the union; that is the marriage or the fulfillment of the marriage because the marriage is in process.

Moses only told you that you could divorce your wives because of the hardness of your heart. You did not -- your are not yet capable of marriage to the world above. You are not yet capable of marriage to the soul of Messiah. Why? Because the bride was not in you; Christ was not in you, nothing for Him to join to. So be comforted in your natural, physical wife. You want to divorce the woman, divorce her.

But now -- not now, now Christ is coming to live in you, and you cannot commit those sins anymore. They would work against the development of Christ in you; it will work against your opportunity to be a spiritual priest for God; it will work against the opportunity for the transgression to be ended in your life, the transgression of the fallen woman who -- of whom produ- -- of whom you were produced by, by incest, that she is [?indwelling you?] by incest. That incest has to come to an end, and it is the fallen woman that wants you to leave your wife and marry another one for a lack of total selfishness and lack of understanding.

But I am unhappy, but I am miserable. I am sorry. Ask God how He would have you to deal with it. I do not mean to sound heartless, but that is not the bottom line, that you are unhappy. That is not the bottom line. Find another way to be happy. Be happy with your children. Educate yourself. Do something good in the world. Help other people. Brethren, I think the divorce rate is beyond 50 percent in this country. Does a second marriage really make you happy? And in the event that it does, it still does not change the spiritual realities and the realities of righteousness that you are in adultery.

So this is what Paul has to say about it. Romans 7:1-4, "Know ye not, brethren, (for I speak to them that know the law,) how that the law hath dominion over a man as long as he lives? For the woman which has a husband is bound by the law to her husband for as long as he lives." You have a soul tie with him as long as he lives, "but if the husband is dead, she is loosed from the law of her husband. So then if [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- if, while her husband lives, she be married to another man, she shall be called an adulteress: but if her husband be dead, she is free from the law; so that she is no adulteress, though she be married to another man." And then he goes on to the spiritual aspect of it.

Now the big question is, is this true for a man also, or is it just true for a woman? And I have to tell you that I am not sure. The Lord just dumped this on me the last minute. I am not really sure, but I do know this, that the requirements to be a godly woman are different than the requirements to be a godly man, and it has something to do with the fact that all -- that the culture circulates around the woman. She is the one who bears the children; she is the one who raises the children; she is the one who maintains the home.

And I think I have mentioned this principle to you earlier: When women get free from their obligations -- brethren, every human being has an obligation to the family that he is born into, to the woman who bears him, to the father who begets him, to the family he is born into, to the culture, on every level, that he is born into. We are not born in a vacuum; we are born with obligations to everybody around us. You are born with obligations to your parents to bore you, that worked for you, that clothed you. You have an obligation. If you hate them, you still have an obligation to them.

So women are different than men, and when women lo- -- when the bands are loosed on the women, the culture falls apart, and I have preached a lot on this. What happens when the women, when women in general -- or when a women or when women in general violate the laws, the scriptural laws that the Lord has set in place for women, the culture falls into adultery and sexual -- f- -- witchcraft and sexual sin, and that is exactly what is happened in the whole Western world. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] from the time the women's lib began, which was around the end of World War II, you know, the whole -- all of Western culture has fallen into witchcraft and sexual sin.

And the truth of the matter is -- and I do not agree with it, but men and husbands have been committing adultery and going to prostitutes for thousands of years, and the culture did not fall apart. Now I do not think God honors it, and I think that if you are a servant of God, you are -- there will be consequences for it, but I am telling you [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- you need to -- you do not need me to tell you this. You just need to open your own eyes. Men have been in adultery; they have been in polygamy; they have had concubines. They have done all kinds of sexual sin, and the culture does not fall apart.

The whole -- brethren, the whole -- all of humanity, we are fallen. Nothi- -- it is not fair; nothing is fair; it is not fair; nothing is fair; it is not fair, but it is the truth. So I guess this message is not going to take the whole day, and what this is growing out, brethren, is -- I have never denied to you that -- well, at least, I used to tell you that I was a divorced woman but that I recognized that the Scripture was honored in that I never remarried, although I wanted to remarry, but the Lord never gave you a husband.

My husband died last week, and this is all what is -- this whole teaching has grown out of that. When I heard that he died, the Lord said to me something very strange, what I perceived to be very strange. He said to me your husband is -- well, let me tell you this. First of all, from the very beginning -- because I left him, you see, and I felt that I had very good reasons at the time to leave him. I guess, if I had to do [?it?] over again, I would not have left him, but maybe the Lord let me leave him by my heart was yet hard. I do not know.

I remember crying out to God, saying, Lord, I am just so miserable here. I just -- I cannot st- -- bear it anymore, and I am between a rock and a hard place because I do not know that I c- -- I was sick. I was [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- I have been sick fo- -- you know, I have been sick for years. I do not know that I can take care of my daughter. And two weeks after that, I just found the courage to leave him, so for whatever hou- -- however God justified that, I always thought it was Him that gave me the strength to do it, but I never remarried. Paul says, if you cannot live with him, then you can leave; you just cannot remarry. So maybe it was God, you see, but I did not understand that. I was looking for a hu- -- another husband; it just never happened.

But He told me, from the early days on -- because I had a boyfriend, and I was praying for the boyfriend, that the man should get saved. And the Lord said you are praying for the wrong person; you should be praying for your daughter's father.  So at that time, I did not know that I did not have a chance of getting married again. But the Lord told me years ago, when I was living in Mount Sinai, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- those of you who knew me then, yeah. I was a disciple in another church. The Lord told me you should be praying for your daughter's father [UNINTELLIGIBLE].

And then, over the years -- because this -- I mean [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- I left him, like, over 30 -- more than 30, 40 years ago. It is been a long time, but the Lord has shown me that I need to be praying for him, that he is my daughter's father, that he is -- he was the one that helped her a lot because here I am in the ministry, and I have not been able to fulfill my duties as a mother. My daughter is divorced and the -- usually the mother goes down and helps the daughter. My daughter was sick and divorced, and I could never go because of my obligations here, so He raised up her father to do what the mother usually does. And the Lord told me I need to be praying for him, that that is the family down there and that the soul tie is there.

So when I would go down to visit her, I would always -- if I -- in those days, I used to cook. I always invited him for dinner when I cooked at her house, doing I have been praying for him ever since. And there is a -- there was a -- there is a soul tie there, no desire to -- on either of our part,  to get together again, just the acknowledgement that we are relatives, you might say. So the soul tie was there, still there. Who knows what -- which tense is right.

So when he died last week, the Lord spoke to me very clearly, and He said, "Your husband is dead, and now you are a widow, and you can marry again." I said what a strange thing to say to me. I cannot believe that I am going to be getting married. I cannot believe that. What is the Lord talking about? And this whole teaching has arisen out of that, that there is no divorce and that I am -- if anyone asks me from here on in, I am a widow, see. And I -- what I should have been saying instead of divorce was separated. The Lord told me He never recognized the divorce; He never acknowledged it or recognized the divorce, that in His eyes I had left for some very understandable reasons.

Another woman would have stayed and lived with it, and maybe he would have gotten better; maybe I could have helped him and he would have changed. I do not know, but I left, and I stayed by myself, and now I am a widow. And I said, Lord, what does this mean? It must mean marriage to God. You know, I really cannot -- I -- there is no way I am -- that He has a husband for me or that I want one, so it must mean marriage to God.

And what is this all about? So this is what it is all about. This message is what it is all about, that there is no divorce, that He never considered me a -- divorced and that now I am a widow, and I am eligible for the marriage to God. I am not in any kind of adultery, not that I was before because I am -- I live alone, you know, but that was what He meant when He said that to me, that I should not be telling anybody in the future that I am divorced, that I should be saying that I am a widow, and now I am spiritually eligible for the full marriage to God, for the full blending of our consciousness. And this message is what has come out of it, and it just dumped on me this morning 15 minutes before I came out here. Yes?

            Definitely a confirmation to your message. Many years ago there was Kathryn            Kuhlman. she had a real wild ministry of miracles and healing, and she married   a divorced man.

Oh, did she?

            And the Lord said to her, "You have to leave him if you want to continue --


            -- having a miracle service." And she did leave him, and He also told her that he          would have used her in mighty ways that she could not have conceived if she            had not been obedient and not married.

Not married in the first place, so He was still considering her an adulteress then, even though she left him, yeah. Wow. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] was talking to me about Kathryn Kuhlman last night, but I thought that she just loved the man. I did not know that she had married a divorced man, that that was the issue, yeah.

            She did love the man, I think, years and years. He always would send roses to her every single year till her death [UNINTELLIGIBLE] to whatever extent she            was able to do so.

So that is the story, brethren. The Lord is [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- I believe, He is coming in our lifetime. I think, it could be very soon. Everything seems to be really coming to a head. I do not see how the destruction of Amer- -- the complete fall of America could glorify Him, although we deserve it here. But we are still a nation that He can move freely through; we can have a meeting like this. It is not over yet. I mean, they are not breaking down my door and arresting me, thank God, for holding a meeting like this. So I do not see how letting us fall completely would glorify Him.

I could be mistaken, but my opinion is that the kingdom of God is going to be built on the ashes of the sins of this nation. That is my opi- -- the kingdom of God is spiritual, so it has to be -- it has to appear in the people, and the people have to have a society. The people have to live in a society, so it has to be somewhere, OK. Unless you choose to believe that we are immediately getting our spiritual bodies and flying away into Mars somewhere, which is what a lot of members of the church believe, or something along that line. I do not believe that.

I think life is practical; our existence is practical. God has placed us on the earth and that the kingdom of God will be manifested as an -- it will be manifested through humanity through a natural -- an -- well, either a nation or with -- maybe it will be a one-world government in God, but not at the beginning. The world has to be reconciled unto Him. Look, it has taken 2,000 years to bring Western culture to this point where Christ is starting to come forth in a corner of the world, and the Lord is calling the people in the church and the Jews -- He is calling them fortified cities; the truth cannot get into their minds. And w- -- it has taken 2,000 years to get to this point. Brethren, I -- there is just -- I mean, I would be one shocked person if we get our spiritual bodies right away; it is just a fantasy, you see.

We have to change inside, and the Lord gave me the most extensive explanation that I have heard to date, that the reason we are going to change inside first -- and then there will be a time period until our exterior changes -- is that first the transgression has to be reversed, the transgression being the fallen woman committing incest by becoming our mind, not only bringing our bodies into existence but getting inside of us and becoming our mind. That is -- the transgression is the incest, the transgression of the law, and that has to be dealt with before the adultery ends.

The adultery is the union of the woman and the snake. When that adultery is broken, this world will cease to exist. Now the plan is to join humanity so fully to the Lord Jesus Christ that at the time that the union of the woman and the snake is broken, that the union with the Lord Jesus Christ sustains us; that is the plan. Does anyone not understand what I just said? That is the plan, so there is no way we are getting spiritual bodies immediately, even if the Lord -- when the Lord appears in power, OK. We are not getting spiritual bodies for quite a while. I think 1,000 years; that is my opinion.

So for 1,000 years the sons of God will be reconciling humanity unto God through Jesus Christ. We will be teaching this message, imparting the seed of the Lord Jesus and preparing as many as we possibly can -- as many members of humanity as we possibly can to birth Christ and marry the Lord Jesus so when that day comes that the Lord severs the tie, OK, between the serpent -- the snake and the woman, everything that exists because of that unity is going to cease to exist. And what will be in its place will be everything that exists because of the union between Christ and the Lord Jesus Christ in millions of people. Does anyone not know what I just said?

We are going to be living in a dual world. Like, right now we have a dual world right now, but you cannot see it. We are living in the kingdom of God right now; brethren, the kingdom of God is here. The kingdom of God is not meat or drink; it is spiritual meat and drink. We are in the kingdom of God right now, but it has not yet affected our external surroundings; it is our mind. The kingdom of [?Jod?] -- of God is in our mind, and in my case it is affecting -- definitely affected my emotions. It has to swallow us up completely before it affects the external world.

That is a good -- probably the primary reason, if not the whole reason, why we do not have larger quarters and a -- brethren, we could hire, like, another 10 or 20 people to do the work that is being done here. There is a lot that is not being done; we just do not have the help. The amount of the material that is being -- that needs to be processed to the point that it could be made available, aside from reading it online, to make it available as books and in the right format, we have, like, literally years of work ahead of us with the staff that we have now. It is [UNINTELLIGIBLE] [?like?], almost impossible because I am producing two new message a week. It is impossible. I do not even know if we could do it with 20 people. I do not know. We would have to take it a step at a time and see how we would -- or how we would divvy up the work, and we would need supervisors and people with understanding; it is a whole big deal.

So that is probably the main reason, if not the whole reason, why we are still in this small area, because the kingdom of God that is growing internally is n- -- has n- -- I do not even think that it is not powerful enough yet. It is -- we have not come to the time appointed yet where He is going to be revealed in the outer world. There is an appointed time which may be synchronizing with His maturity, but there is an appointed time for Him to be revealed to Israel. When that happens, the kingdom of God that is present here right now will be revealed in an external way, including the build that we have to do the work and the ministry building, you see, so that we could relate to the outer world in a manner that they can recognize, you see.

So I am going to say it again; this is very important. The -- and, you know, years ago -- it is not at all unusual, not so much anymore. Years ago, when I would do these Alternate Translations, I would know the Lord was telling me this is the correct Alternate Translation, but I did not understand it, just like the Scripture says the prophets did not understand what they were prophesying. And somewhere I had an Alternate Translation, at one time -- I do not -- maybe it is still in the book, who knows [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- I am -- brethren, I am -- I have so much material here, I am overwhelmed by my own material. Who knows? What has poured out of me is unbelievable.

I [?said?] it was a translation of the Book of Daniel. Daniel said how long is this going to [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- until we are delivered? And the angel said until the end of the adultery and the end of the transgression. And I remember asking the Lord, what adultery and what transgression? I did not understand it, but it was the Alternate Translation of that Scripture, and I knew that that was the right translation, you see.

So today the Lord makes it clear, and to be honest with you, I did not understand this until I just preached it. I knew about the adultery; I did not really understand the transgression. The transgression is the incest, that she is inside of the illegitimate child that she brought forth. We are doubly cursed, you see; humanity is doubly cursed. But where there is faith in Jesus Christ, there is a positive influence, so things are good considering the venue that we are in, but we still die. We still suffer and still have problems, you see.

So the first thing to be corrected is the transgression; she has to leave our mind, you see. The transgression is the carnal mind, the incest. The transgression is the spiritual incest by which the fallen woman got inside of her own offspring. The fruit of her adultery with the snake produced our exterior with an animal mind, produced these bodies with an animal mind. Then she got inside of us and made us her defens- -- made us a defensed city and gave us her maniacal mind, so that is the first thing that has to go, the fallen mind, you know.

And the adultery -- I believe, the end of the adultery is associated with the circumcision that is coming on the eight day, you see, so there is, like, more than, like, 220 or 30 years for the end of this age where -- this is what longevity is, that our bodies should not die until -- because at the -- let me say it another way. At the onset of the next age, at the onset of seventh 1,000-year day, the opportunity will be to enter into -- or reenter into the immortality of innocence, and there will be a lot of believers entering into in that day. But those of us here, our bodies will not hold up another 230 years, but because we are in -- from the future, because the message that is preached here is from the f- -- is from the seventh day, the Lord is offering us the opportunity to extend the life of these bodies beyond what is normal for this age. Be- -- why? Because our mind is of the seventh day. Do you understand what I just said?


And now I cannot promise it to you; I cannot promise it to myself, but this is my hope for every one of us. And I cannot believe I am preaching a message that God is not going to honor. I never thought of it until He told me about it; it is His message, you see. So we change on the inside first; our mind changes first. And it is that mature mind that is grounded in the doctrine of Christ that is no longer fortified against the Lord Jesus Christ; it is a mind that believes the truth. It is the mind that believes that truth which is our eligibility for longevity, but of course only the Lord Jesus can grant that.

And what is longevity, brethren? How will longevity be accomplished? I believe it will be accomplished by some change that will take place in Christ in the midst of us. It is Christ in the midst of us that will preserve this flesh. He has to increase to the required degree of maturity, and I do not know what that is. Christ in you, Christ in me has to mature to the required degree of maturity that it will affect this flesh, and that is what longevity is. It will -- it -- because Christ in us will not want to die, because Christ in us that is not yet fully blended with the Lord Jesus, He dies when we die. Do you remember that teaching? He dies when we die.

And I have told you all; I am just going to tell you again, and this was a long time ago, maybe 20 years ago. I went through a period where I was just crying to God, please, I need to -- I want to live. Now I was not physically dying at that time; it came from Christ in the midst of me, crying Abba, Father, plea- -- I have got the live. Let me live. And it was not until years later that I realized what that was; it was Christ in me crying out to God saying mature Me to the point that I can sustain the flesh of this body so that I do not die. Christ in me saying I do not want to die, the fetus inside of me, the spiritual fetus inside of me saying if the woman dies, I am going to die with her. There is no way that I know of where the fetus is -- where -- like in the natural world, where if the fetus is 7 or 8 months old, it will survive the death of the mother. I do not know of any such possibility spiritually because the fetus needs a host to dwell in.

So that is what longevity is, Christ in you maturing to a degree where He receives the power to sustain the flesh of the host woman that He is dwelling in until we get to the onset of the 7th millennium whereby the offer to return to the immortality of innocence will be a [?general?] -- an offer given to the church at large, and we will just move over, just slide over into it. Does anyone not know what I just said? So it is because of the Christ mind; it is because of the maturity of Christ in us that we become eligible for longevity.

And I cannot emphasize this enough for you, and I f- -- I tell it to you a lot: God is not a respecter of persons; He does not respect our exterior. Everything He does, every privilege that He grants, it is based upon the reality of our condition. Do you measure up to the degree that the prize is yours? Are you tall enough to grab the ring? If you are tall enough to grab the ring, the ring is yours. If you are not tall enough to grab the ring, I am sorry, the ring is not yours. So do I favor you over me? No. Whoever matures to the point that they can grab the ring, you have got it. Does -- do you not know what I am saying? Does anyone not know what I am saying?

God is not a respecter of persons; He has standards, and whoever reaches the standard, that is what they get. You reach the standard; you get that. It does not matter whether you are male, female, green, orange, yellow, black or purple. It does not matter, anything, whether your eyes are green; it does not matter what you look like, what your body is like, whether you are tall, short, male, female, Greek, Jew; it does not matter. It is all about Christ in you and the degree to which He has matured, and there are certain benefits for every degree that He matures to.

That is the size of it. That is how He is not a respecter of persons because, if you do not understand that, how could you believe the Scripture when it says God is no respecter of persons? Why is that person in poverty and this person not in poverty? Why is that person wealthy and that -- why is this person fat and that person skinny, and why is this person -- who knows, whatever contrast you want to give. Why is that person in their marriage and that person is not happy in their marriage? He is not a respecter of persons; it has to do with His Son. Everything that He does has to do with His Son. It is all about Christ, and it is not about us. It is all about Christ.

So to get back to the basic [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- message here, Christ cannot mature in a chaotic culture where the exterior shell, which is the female of the womb, thinks that she is alive for her own pleasure. Christ cannot survive in that culture. He survives in a culture of responsibility and respect and honor and a clean sexual life, if you have it. He cannot survive in this other atmosphere; it kills Him; He dies. It produces spontaneous abortion, in chaos.

The whole society is about Christ; it is not about us or about our happiness or our pleasure. It is the external man, which is described in the parable of the harlot in the Scripture. Now, unfortunately, there are people in this world, especially men in this world, that read the Scripture, and they say all women are the harlot, you know. That is unfortunate. God does not see us that way, but we have that potential, but He is educating us, you see. Wow, brethren, what a message. We have to be in right standing for Him to join with us, and the joining is the Spirit of truth. He is joining with the Spirit of truth in us, the Spirit of truth which is in Christ, and He is -- it is going to be s- -- it is going to be in our lifetime, I am convinced of it.

And now we have heard the next truth: There is no such thing as a divorce. You think you left your husband or your husband left you and you are living a godly life; well, you are in adultery. And if you are in adultery and you want to be in right standing with God, you have to leave the man. And, again, I do not know about the man. I have told you, with my own eyes, I see that men have been in adultery for generations, and they seem to be OK with it, as unfair as that might seem to our carnal mind. I do not know about a man leaving his wife and going to live with another woman and impregnating. I do not know what to say about that.

It would be nice, Lord, if I could hear that, to g- -- put it into this message right now. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] He cannot be happy with it. The Lord cannot be happy with it. At the very least, the man has abandoned -- you see, the issue for the man -- and I have preached this also -- is that there is no divorce for the man either, you know. He is supposed to make it work with his wife, you see, supposed to make it work. He is the -- the one who is the authority is -- the one that has a direct connection to God has to deal with his wife and his children, so God is saying there is no reason for you to leave your wife. You need to bring your family into order, so I guess I just heard from the Lord. It is never acceptable for -- to God for a man to do that, to abandon his wife and go with another woman. Is he considered an adulterer? I am not really sure, but it is not acceptable to God to do that.

You are supposed to be able -- when you have the authority, whether you are a husband, whether you are a pastor or whether you are an employer, you are supposed to bring your house into order because you have the authority of God to do it. It is the woman that has no recourse against the man, who is given permission to leave if she cannot bear it, and then God deals with the man. So that is what I have heard from the Lord: It is not acceptable to leave your wife and go live with another woman and give her children. It is not acceptable, yet he winks at your adultery. Is that not crazy? He winks at your adultery if you fulfill your obligations to your wife and your children, but I do not think that you are elig- -- I think -- do not think the man would be eligible to be a priest as the kingdom of God appears, but the Lord winks at it.

But He does not like it when you leave; that is your responsibility. He does not like it when a man gives up. To leave your wife and go to another household is denying your manhood. You are supposed to be dying to save that woman's life; I am supposed to be dying to save your lives. I am supposed to be doing whatever I have to do, whatever godly thing I have to do, to save you from destruction. That is the male role. I am supposed to be doing whatever it takes to help you to s- -- give up your rebellion. So to say I will not tolerate that rebellion, that is not Christ. Christ says, I am begging you, stop rebelling; you are going to be destroyed. This is pride: You will not talk to me like that. That is pride. You are destroying yourself; that is Christ.

            [?We have seen?] in the natural where the men of God have gotten involved    [?with?] alcoholism, even drug addiction and adultery and still there were able   to move in the anointing that they had because the anointing is given without             repentance, [?but still?] --

Well, yes and no.

            [?Explain it, please?].

Yes. The -- I do not want to put a name on here, but the preacher that you know I am talking about that ran away -- you see, when you -- the line is that you g- -- either give up, or you do not give up your responsibility. That preacher that ran away with the secretary that used to be in Centereach and moved to Medford, OK, and ran away, had the really exciting -- a really exciting church on Long Island, was a really good preacher, ran away with his secretary, and I hear he took the -- a lot of money with him from the building fund. But aside from that, he will never -- the Lord told me he will never be a pastor again.


He tried to get back, OK. I understand that marriage broke.


I think [?he married her?]. He divorced his wife. He left his wife and his children here on Long Island, abandoned his family, abandoned his church, went down to Florida with this woman, and I heard she lost her mind. I do not -- she had some kind of a breakdown, but he is not married to her anymore. He has got someone else now, and he was up here in New York. He really wanted to come back to New York. He wanted another church. He w- -- I hear he is an assistant pastor down there somewhere, and the Lord told me he will never be a pastor again. He gave up his manhood; he will never be a man again. He has to be under another authority, so maybe he can -- and I even heard him preach, and there was really nothing special there, you know.

So it is not -- that is the whole key. Now it may not make sense to your carnal mind. I could s- -- but it is not up to me to say whether it makes sense or not. This is -- men and women are not the same. When you have authority over a ministry, over a family, and you abandon them, it is the same thing as a homosexual act; you abandon your manhood and you lose your manhood. You -- God will not give you authority again, and he told me that years ago, when he was up here in New York going around from church to church trying to get the preachers around here to give him a pulpit to preach in and to rise up -- and I do not know why he wanted to come back to New York, for -- I do not know for what reason he wanted to come back to New York. The Lord told me he -- He did not tell me he would never come back to New York, but He said He would never give him another church after what he did. What did he do? He walked away from a thriving church, and I hear that he took the building fund with him too. That is what I heard, but, at the very least, we all know that he walked away from a thriving church to marry the church secretary, yeah.

[UNINTELLIGIBLE] giving -- and I have been telling you this for years too: Whatever authority you have, and we have authority on all different levels, you know -- women have children ov- -- have authority over their children. It is supposed to be that she is in submission to her husband and when her husband is not there or even when he is there, she has authority over the children, whether it is -- whether you are at the cash register in a supermarket and somebody wants you to do something and you have to tell them, no, I cannot do that, whether you are working or wherever you are. Somebody wants you -- you have authority over your own life to say, no, I cannot do that; that is not right.

When you give up that authority, you are going to -- you -- the way I put is you try and get it back, but especially if you have authority over a family or over a ministry or over a business or anything that has to do with responsibility, and you lay down that responsibility; you try and get it back. What that means is that someone is already on the way to dominate you. You give up your authority, and someone has already been assigned to dominate you and bring you under their control.

That is part of the curse that is on America today, and I mentioned this a while ago, that it is very, very hard -- I do not know about other countries. It is very hard today to make a living and be prosperous without submitting to the corporate structure, which makes you a spiritual woman. God's setup is that every man, the head of a family, answers to God. Either you are a farmer, or you have a small business, or you do something where you answer to God, and He gives you a way to earn your living.

And I have watched -- I have wa- -- we call them here the mom and pop shops. I have watched the small businesses disappear from this country. Everything used to be a small business, a stationary store here, a hardware store there. We used to have, in the city, newspaper stands, people doing all kinds of things to make a living and believing that God is going to prosper them. And the corporate structure has come in and swallowed up the mom and pop businesses, and now everyone that works for the corporate structure is a slave. I am sorry, but I am telling you the truth. You are a slave, and you have a slave master, and they can fire you, or they can cha- -- reduce your salary, or they could do anything they want to you with regard to your finances, you know. So there are still small businesses around, but they are very far and few between, and -- why? Because the big issue is medical insurance. People are afraid to go out on their own because of medical insurance, you see, so that is the truth.

The whole -- the manhood has been cut off at the knees in the whole Western culture, and, again, it is the same old story, fair or not. If you are a woman and you want to work for the corporate structure, it is OK. If you are a man, you need to know that you have given up your manhood, and now there is an authority over you, and it is the corporate structure which is very ungodly in this country. They are in bed with the government; it is disgusting what they are doing. It is disgusting; they do not have enough money. You see, it is not about money; it is about power.

Here are all these people out of business. I remember the day Staples opened up here, and they put the local stationary store that had been there for three generations out of business. I remember what was going on in that store; they were literally giving their stock away, all upset, family-owned business. So you love Staples. I buy in Staples. Well, there are no private stationary stores anymore.

Home Depot, Lowe's. We have Home Depot; we have Lowe's here. Lowe's went into the lumber business. They put -- the lumber business across the road here, put the lumber business right out of business. It is a graveyard. They have not sold the property up the road yet. So I guess we are going to have a split session today. Are there any questions or comments? Anybody have anything to say about this? Yes?

            What is the hope for the children of the second marriage?

They are illegitimate.

            So there is no hope for -- I mean, no hope for them to [CROSSTALK]

Well, there is always hope in Jesus Christ. One of the first things people should do when they come to Jesus Christ is break the curse of the bastard because nobody knows. You break the curse of the bastard back 10 generations because nobody knows w­ho is illegitimate. Who knows your ancestor from 10 generations ago? And at that -- in those days, anyway, they covered it up. Nobody told you that you were illegitimate. Now they have got all kinds of ways around it.

So it is the first thing you do when you come to the Lord: You tell people you break the curse of the bastard on them. And so everything is corrected in Jesus, but you have to understand you come to the Lord, and you say the words, I break the curse of the bastard, and then depending on the degree or the intensity of the curses on your life -- now my -- the curses on my life was strong enough to be killing me at 11 years old, OK. I had very heavy curses on my life. Then you start to pursue a godly lifestyle, you -- by finding out what He wants for you and making changes in your life. So you say the words, I break the curses, but if you want the consequences of illegitimacy to be erased from your life, the only way to do it is to leave this life behind and start living for Christ. So [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- so it has to become a reality. You say the words, but then t- -- you have to leave -- the way you get rid of the curses is to get rid of that lifestyle and start living for God. So the heavier the curses in your life -- how am I going to say this?

The heavier the curses in your life, the more urgent it is to give up your old life, and of course you -- it has to be as God takes it from you. I am trying to give you a balance message, but you need to understand. Look at me. I -- look at what God made of my life because I have -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] heard my testimony. I have -- not only was I dying, so many things were wrong in my life, and I started reading the Book of Deuteronomy. And I said every one of these co- -- I said, as far as I know, I have not committed any of these sins, but every one of these consequences for sin is in my life. So I said, Lord, I do not know where it came from, but I am very sorry for anything that I did, and I confessed the sins of my ancestors. Please, have mercy on me.

And his mercy in me manifested in burning up my whole life and giving me a whole new life. Like, there is nothing left of my life, just little fragments here, and my whole life was destroyed. And what is interesting, I was telling somebody this the other day [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- my whole family blew apart, and the family of my husband blew apart, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- siblings not talking to each other, I mean, just destruction on every side. He died a man with no -- well, he had my daughter, and he had two children, two other daughters from another marriage. Not one -- he had one brother alive who he did not talk to, and all of the other siblings died, and the whole family was just decimated [UNINTELLIGIBLE] not that he did not talk to them. They do not talk to him. And one -- he had one daughter die prematurely. The whole family was just decimated. Our immediate family and families -- the families on both sides, decimated.

So why did I tell you that? Something to do with you have to leave the life that has produced the curses; you have to give up the life that produced the curse. God does not remove the curse and let you stay in the life that you have, so that is how I wound up where I am. This is my new life. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] that was my whole point, that there is, like, nothing left of my life. I think about it sometimes. My two sisters are dead; my parents are dead; all the relatives are dead. Just -- well, I have some nephews, you know, but there is nothing there. There is no family, you know, no family structure. And this is my new life, and this is where I am, and this is who I am today.

So the family that was -- I do not even know where it came from. I have been praying for years. I do not even know where it came from, that such heavy curses should be on the family. I asked the Lord once, and He said it is the incest and the -- actually, it was a man that came to the church that I was discipling in. He was a gypsy, very interesting man. He was an evangelist, and he said that when his tribe or group of people that he traveled with as gypsies, as European gypsies, that they all got saved together, and they all got the whole nine gifts, you know. And he -- I asked him to pray for me because I was still -- I thought I was still dying in those days, and he said it is incest, so I am not really sure what to say about that, you know, but incest is very deadly. It des- -- really destroys the family. So -- but I know other situations where there is in- -- I mean, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] I do not know, but the family was just blown apart, you know.

So a- -- so that is the bottom line, you know. You s- -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- everything is correctable in Jesus Christ if you are willing to pay the price, OK, and depending on how serious the curses are, the Lord may say -- well, I read Joel to you; everything has to be burnt up behind you, yeah.


Yeah. But there is a wound. Like, if you are thinking about your children, you know, there is a wound there. There is no taking -- there is no getting away from that, that there is a wound there. And to -- I would -- this would be what I would say. This is my opinion, that children of a divorce -- you know, like, I know your two sons, and they are really fine young men. There is a wound in there that -- I mean, short of giving your whole life over the Christ, that wound is not going to go away, but the best that -- I mean, let us say they are not called to that. In my opinion, what they should strive for would be to marry the young women [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- only marry someone that God chooses for them and to raise their children in Christ. And their hope would be -- and this is just my personal perspective; the Lord may disagree with me, and please -- I hope He corrects me if He disagrees with me. That their hope should be that their children should be OK, that the wound should not transfer from them to their children. They may not be fully healed for the rest of their life, depending on the call on their life. Because, in my opinion, that wound -- it is just a scar; it just does not go away unless you get a whole new life --


-- in Christ. So I am saying, if they are not called to that, then what their goal should be is to defend their children by getting a godly wife and serving God, as the best of their ability, and raising them up in Christ. Stop the curse right there, but they are wounded, you see.


Their soul is wounded from that fracture.


            In reference to the Talmud, if they are allowed to have any kind of sexual        contact with a child that is young, say your own daughter or something like   that or niece or what have you, that would [UNINTELLIGIBLE] incest, [?right?]?    Would it not?

Well, with your own child it is incest. I do not know that they -- I do not know. Mary, I do not know. Let me just say what you are talking about because I do not know that anybody is doing it today, but the Talmud says that a man can have sex with a child that is -- with a little girl that is three years and one day. It is that sick, and that that is OK. She -- they just have to pay the father some money for it or something like that. I do not know where that came from, but it is in there, and when I first found it on the Internet, I was so horrified. I went running to the rabbi. I said, do you know? I thought it was anti-Semitism. I said, do you know that? And he said to me, yes, it is in there. And I was really upset. I said why -- I said, can you not remove it? Can you not take it out? And he just turned around and walked away from me.


Yeah. Because they c- -- obviously, no one is going to do that; they are not going to do it. So -- but [UNINTELLIGIBLE] --

            [INAUDIBLE] question.

Yeah, OK, one second, Rita. But what you are referring to does not say with their own daughter. It just says a child, and then pay the father a fee, like you violated his cow or something, OK. Yes, Rita?

            Yeah. I have a question about [INAUDIBLE] if the spouse leaves the other      spouse and divorces but that spouse did not want that to happen, so it is       against their wishes, did the spouse that did not want that to happen -- Paul             said they are not under bondage. What does that mean? Does that mean that           they are free to remarry?

You have to give me the exact Scripture.

            OK. I have got it if you want it [CROSSTALK]

Yes. What is it?

            1 Corinthians 7:15.


            "But if the unbelieving depart, let him depart. A brother or a sister is not under          bondage in such cases: but God has called us to peace."

Oh, what that -- well, I do not have [UNINTELLIGIBLE] but what that means is that she does not have to live with the man if she does not want to. 1 Corinthians what?

            1 Corinthians 7:15.

Yeah. Now, of course, this is not the interlinear text. "But if the unbelieving depart, let him depart. A brother or a sister is not under bondage in such cases." In other words, if they are unbelieving and they really want to leave you, OK, you should not try to do everything you can to make them stay. Bondage means that you would be bound to that person that really does not want to be with you because what I s- --



            [CROSSTALK] another part to this question.

Yeah, just hold on --


Rita, just hold on a second, OK. Because what I said earlier was that if you are a ma- -- if you are in the male role, you should be dying for your wife. You should be, you know -- I mean, in every possible, godly way, humbling yourself to make that marriage work, you know. So what he is saying here is, if the person really does not want to [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- if the reason that they do not want to stay with you is that they are so offended over your service to God, your called to peace; let them go. You can let them go, you know. Is everybody OK with that?

Like, there is a difference between a wife wanting to leave you because she is really unhappy with you. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] I do not know what kind of example to give. There is a difference between a wife wanting to leave for some ungodly reason -- well, I do not [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- everything is ungodly. How do I say this, Lord? There is a difference between a wife wanting to leave you because there is possibly something that you can do to make her happier, OK. Maybe you can be kinder to her, or if she wants something that you think is stupid, OK, but that is what she needs to make her content, well, give it to her; keep the family together. There is a difference between a situation like that and a woman saying I just cannot bear your service to God; I simply cannot bear all of this religious stuff in the house. I cannot take it anymore, and I really have to go. So the Lord says, in that circumstance, you should let them go because you are called to peace.

And that there is n- -- the issue is -- OK, thank you, Lord. The issue is that there is no resolution to the problem. If the -- if your mate wants to leave you, you know, you should do everything you can to try and give them what they need so they can be at peace with you. But if the problem that somebody has -- the problem with you is that you are serving God, then there is no chance that there is any way that you can possibly bring peace into that marriage, other than to give up serving God, and in that instance, you should let them go; there is nothing you can do about it. Did you understand what I just said?


Yeah, OK. What is the next question?

            Yeah. Can I go on?


            OK. Well, my second question then, with that, would be, like, for instance --    there is just so much of it going on. Like, my sister, for example -- and I do not             even know if she would even come to that place where she would qualify to     become a priest in this, but she -- let us say she did -- she remarried. Her -- she            did not want her spouse to leave. She remarried, and now does that disqualif- -           - if she finds out the truth about this, that she is in adultery, can she repent of it? I am just using her for an example. Can she repent about adultery while in        adultery and become eligible, or does this just set it across the board? She will            never be able to become a priest.

Well, Rita, I do not know that that applies to her because she had no children by her husband. As I understand it today, the issue is --

            Well, anybody then, anybody that comes into this knowledge that you   preached today and says, Lord, I was ignorant. I did not know this is adultery. I     thought it was OK, and says can You forgive me of my sin of adultery, and can I       become qualified to become a priest? Or does that set it across the board that      you cannot?

OK. I have to raise another issue before I answer you. It does not apply to your sister because she had no child with her husband, OK.


But if you are talking about somebody who had a child with that man and she left him and is now married to someone else, I said this at the very beginning of the message, if she wants to be a priest, she has to stop being in adultery. So, yes, the Lord forgives her for adultery, but then if she continues on with the adultery, she disqualifies herself again. She is forgiven, but she has to stop the adultery; she has to leave.

            OK. So that would mean -- and we are talking about anybody right now. [?I just        used her?] for example, but any person would then have to -- stop the adultery      would mean to leave that present marriage and dissolve that marriage.


            Or it would be to -- that you would have to divorce in that marriage and then that would make the person eligible to become a priest?

Yes, Rita, that is my understanding.

            OK. And is this also the same for either sex, male or female?

I know it is true for the woman; I am not sure what to say. I know what you are getting at, and I do not want to say the wrong thing to you. I am not 100 percent sure that it is for the man, OK. What I said about the man is that if he is the one that leaves, he has compromised his manhood in God's eyes, OK. But I do not know that -- I d- -- Rita, I do not know. I really have to pray about it. I am not going to give you an answer that might not be true or correct because I know that that is your situation. So --

            Yeah. My -- I would never marry, but my husband [?would?] --


            -- and she left against his will.


            So, you know, that is [CROSSTALK]

Yeah, so I am -- I --

            [CROSSTALK] so I am going to pray about it. I am just questioning it, you know.

Yeah. I would like to hear from the Lord about that, but what we are seeing here is that that person is not eligible to be a priest; that is what we are seeing here, so --


But I hear -- I --


Yeah, but I hear what you are saying. I know it is true for the woman, that the Lord would require them -- to be in right standing with God would require them to leave. I do not know what to say about the man. Please give me a chance to pray about it and see what the Lord would have me to say to you.



            Sure, yeah.

Yeah, OK.

            And I have got one more question.

Yes, OK.

            In the past, you have said Christ is having multiple incarnations and having     experiences in those incarnations. So my question today is, if Christ dies when           that person dies, physically, what -- it seems like I need to reconcile that. The       experiences that He had still exist in the next lifetime?

Hold on, because the Lord is still dealing with me on the other issue, and He is reminding me --

            Oh, OK.


            Yeah, sure.

Yeah. He is reminding me of what I said earlier, that although it is not fair in this world, OK, men have been committing adultery for generations, and it does not destroy the culture. But h- -- what God has against men leaving their wives is that they have given up their responsibility as a man, so God has to deal with them on being a man who did not live up to His responsibility. But I d- -- but the adultery is not in the same category as the woman committing adultery.

The whole issue about the adultery is that a child comes forth, and a b- -- a soul comes forth that is made up of the man, the woman and the child, OK. Men, for whatever reason, when they commit adultery, God winks at it; it does not seem to viol- -- it does not seem to rupture that soul tie. What ruptures that soul tie is when the woman departs from the husband and chooses another husband; that ruptures that soul tie and damages the children for all generations.

For some reason that I do not fully understand -- sometimes I think I understand it, but I do not think I fully understand it, that when the man -- it is the woman because she has the egg, OK, that is fert- -- she has the fetus. She carries the fetus. She is the root of that soul tie. Even though the father is involved, she is the root of that soul tie. If you want to think of it as an egg, she is the nucleus, OK. When she departs from the man and goes to another man, it fractures the whole soul tie.

When the man leaves and commits adultery, it does not fracture the -- it does not break the egg. I -- that is all -- the only way I can express it: It does not break the egg. Although it is a sin, and God does not like it, and He does not -- and He would prefer it, that the man would stay with His wife and bring her into submission in a godly way; that is the Lord's first desire. When he leaves, it does not fracture the egg, OK, and the egg is the woman and the children. It does not fracture that family unit, so it is not the same thing, although I do not know whether he would be eligible to be a priest or not since he abdicated his responsibility. I do not know about that, but I do not see -- my understanding right now is that the Lord would not require him to leave his wife, his present wife, which would be you, because it is not the same thing.

And [?aside?] -- it is not the same thing as when the man -- I wish I could understand that better, Lord. I am seeing it in the spirit as an egg, and there is the woman and the children that are birthed out of that egg, and the male supplied the sperm, but he is not actually a part of the egg; he supplied the sperm. I do not know. That is the best that I could do right now, but I am curious myself.



            That is very interesting --


            -- the way you are putting that. [CROSSTALK]

As long -- yeah, as long as the women and the children stat -- as long as the woman does not do anything that fracture- -- that puts herself in sin, that unity between the mother and the children stays, and the man is the protector of the unit, you know, so he can get away with stuff that the woman cannot get away with. It is a spiritual reality, you know; it is not -- yeah, so I ho- -- that is the best I can explain it right now. Maybe if I hear from the Lord more, I will tell you about it all later.



            Thank you.

You are welcome. And then you had a --

            So can you answer this other question?

Please ask me again.

            Well, you are saying that Christ in the individual, the per- -- physical body dies,          of the one that is -- has the fetus of Christ, that that fetus Christ dies. And then     [?it has also been said that?] Christ is having multiple -- is having experiences   through multiple incarnations. And so my question would be, evidently, if He is having these experiences through multiple incarnations, these experiences are             alive and go on from each incarnation. Is that right?


            So Christ -- what part is [?done?dying?]? His experiences are still alive and going to the next incarnation.



Yes. The per- --


Try and look at it this -- although, the Lord is still dealing with me with the other issue, that technically your husband is in adultery, but the Lord is winking at it. He is in adultery, but the Lord is winking at it, but not requiring him to give up the woman, yeah. So --

            And requiring him to what?

Not requiring him to leave you, you know.


But as far as God is concerned, he is in adultery, yeah. So -- OK, so the other question is you have to ask yourself who is having these multiple incarnations. The person having the multiple incarnations is the Lord Jesus Christ, and then you have to ask yourself how is He having these -- all of these experiences. He is having all of these experiences by sending forth His spiritual sperm into different human vessels, which are acting as female wombs. And every time that His sperm does not come to -- is not born -- is not fully born, which has not happened yet -- except for Himself, Christ has not yet been fully born yet in anyone. For every time that that happens, the Lord Jesus Christ, He -- the experience of Christ in the individual is channeled to the Lord Jesus Christ because it is really Himself, OK.

Just bear with me. I am getting -- this is [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- these questions are a big drain on me, on my energy. Hold on, I just need some -- a minute to answer you, to explain this properly.

The Lord Jesus Christ is attached to His seed in the individual, so every experience that Christ is having through a human person, the Lord Jesus Christ is having also. It is the -- He is the same person, so the Lord Jesus is the same person as Christ in you because sometimes I have even said, well, Lord, who do I pray to? Do I pray to Christ in me? Do I pray to the Lord Jesus up there? Who do I -- how do I pray? And His answer to me is that there is no separation; Christ is not divided. He is a spiritual entity; He is not a single point; He is not a single man. The Lord Jesus Christ, He is a spiritual entity, and He is omniscient; He is everywhere at once.

So the experience that Christ is having in you, the whole Lord Jesus is having, not just His sperm. The whole Lord Jesus is having that experience, so then when the seed does not come to full maturity because the person dies, the Lord Jesus still had those experiences, even though His seed died. Does that make any sense to you?


So I think I answered the question. Did I answer your question?

            Yeah. It did.



You are welcome.

            That was a question in my heart too because I understood that everything --    [?that a?] price remains, so why would it just [INAUDIBLE] person        [UNINTELLIGIBLE] Paul's experiences that I think he went through, Christ in     him, how of course it just --

It does not. Did you understand the answer?

            Yeah, that it goes to the whole body.



Yeah. It is like, God forbid, you lose a finger, or you lose a hand. The whole body is still present.

            That makes sense.



Yeah. Anybody else?


            I did have a question.

OK, Rita. Rita, actually, Susan raised her hand first, so let -- just hold onto that, OK?

            OK. Well, this is Sandra. [CROSSTALK]

Oh, Sandra, OK. Go ahead.

            There is a question on -- with Margaret, but I have to let you know I have been           having conversations. The Ustream has been very staticky, so it was hard for   them to hear the message, and everybody was praying. So there is really   nothing on my end, and everybody rebooted and stuff.


            So Margaret says, if a woman marries a divorcee, is she in adultery?

That is a very good question because, again, it applies to Rita, you know. I guess, technically, the answer is yes, but I do not -- I really would like to hear from the Lord on that, especially since we have somebody here in that position. I do not -- I want to really -- I really want to hold off to answer that until I hear from the Lord. Hopefully, He will come around before this meeting ends. If not, I will get back to you. OK, Sandra, your question?

            Well, it is sort of [?along?] the same lines because we have somebody else in     the ministry too who [UNINTELLIGIBLE] would be a candidate for priesthood           possibly, you know, and they are both divorced and remarried, but both of the        original spouses have passed away.

So then they are widows.


            So they would have not been eligible --

For priesthood.

            -- a couple of years ago, but now that -- the present time, they would be            eligible, OK.

            Did you shake your head yes to that? [CROSSTALK]



            So you are saying there is a different standard for the [UNINTELLIGIBLE], so to    speak, and the priesthood?

Yes, that is my un- -- well, according to the Book of Ezra, that is the case, and according to Jesus and Paul, they were both talking to the church. So I wish I had all the answers for you. According to the Book of Ezra, it is just for the priests. Jesus was talking -- I do not know who He was talking to, and Paul was talking to the church in general. I think what Jesus and Paul were saying is that if you are operating in the New Testament, which would be the Jew or Christian, if you are the Israel of God, you are called to the priesthood. So he talked -- they talked to everybody as if they were called -- as if they were priests.

The Scripture says we are all kings and priests, so both Jesus and Paul were talking to the body as if they were priests, but that does not mean that everyone that they -- that everyone in the body of Christ will actually [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- acquire to being a priest. But Paul and Jesus were talking to everybody as if they were because everybody has the potential to become a priest.

            But you said there were different levels of priesthood?

Well, there is the high priest, you know. There is the high priest, and then there are the priests. And I think they -- I do not know any more about it than that. That is not my ex- -- my area, Lord. Please help me. That is not my areas of expertise, the priesthood. I know there were the priests; there was the high priests. Then there were the priests, and then there were the Levites, but the Levites were not priests. The Levites were from the Tribe of Levi, and the priests are the descendants of Aaron. And I do not know an- -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] able to explain the structure of the priesthood to you beyond the high priest and the other priests, but I think that there were different orders of the priesthood, but I do not have the ability to explain it to you any more than that.

So what I was saying is that both Jesus and Paul spoke to the whole Israel of God because the whole Israel of God is eligible for priesthood. Under the Old Testament, only the descendants of Aaron were eligible for priesthood. Under the New Testament, everyone of the Israel of God is eligible for priesthood, so Jesus and Paul spoke to the whole body of Christ, but that does not mean that everybody in the body of Christ atten- -- attaints to priesthood, but these rules are for the priests. That is my understanding. These rules are for the priests.

            I keep hearing the phrase, be holy. Be perfect as I am, so [UNINTELLIGIBLE] you know, how much you are willing to receive of Him.

Yeah. So the question now is to -- what to say to Rita. I do not know what to say to Rita. Well, I know what is in my mind. I just -- that is a go- -- OK, here is the answer to the question. God is so faithful, OK. Here is the answer to the question. So the man has two wives, OK. I know it is Old Testament, but this was the thought that came to me, that Jacob married two women, and he married the servants of the two women, and the women were legitimate wives. The children that they bore were legitimate, in the Old Testament, so the man was polygamous, and the wives were legitimate, you know.

So the issue, as I understand it from the Book of Ezra, is who is the man married to. Is he married to a Christian woman or a pagan woman? But the -- and the Lord says that the godly wife sanctifies her husband, so I think -- I believe what the Lord is telling me is that, if the man is divorced but the woman was never married, that does not make the woman le- -- does not make the woman an adulteress because a man -- God winks at it when a man has more than one wife, not that He -- it is acceptable to Him, but He winks at it. And, secondarily, the New Testament says that the woman sanctifies the sins of her husband. So if they are living together in a godly union, that there is no need for a separation. That is what I believe the Lord has just said.

            Ezra specifically spoke about strange wives too.

Strange meaning foreign, meaning not of Israel, meaning not Israelites. Yes?

            If the man -- what you just said, the man marries another woman who has       been married, a virgin, and then she has a child, would that child be         illegitimate?

That is very sticky. I d- -- I really would like to hear from the Lord on that. I do not know.

            If it was a woman doing all this, it would definitely be illegitimate.


            If the [CROSSTALK]




            Actually, are we not all illegitimate because we are the offspring of the serpent?

Well, on a spiritual level.


But the Lord is talking about curses on the blood, you know, curses on bloodlines, curses on behavior. He is talking about curses on behavior. So the truth is that God winks at the adultery of a man; He winks at it. He does not like it, but He winks at it, you know. And that the godliness of the woman sanctifies the husband. That is what I have.

            So if I would have left Dave and married, there [?would been?] a more            powerful curse on my family line almost? And because you were talking about       the egg and the -- and also the relationship of my children, could have been         [CROSSTALK]

Much worse than it is, yeah.

            Or, yeah, their developmental or --


            -- [CROSSTALK] OK.

Yeah. Everything is in steps, so Dave left, you know, and married someone else. But you kept the family together, you know. I am doing -- Lord, I am doing my best to answer their questions. Please, just help me to have the truth for them. These -- this has turned into a very interesting meeting.

            It has.

And it has really touched human lives, and we all need to know the truth, Lord, so please have me have -- let me have the truth for them, Father, in Jesus' name. Yeah, it is a mystery. Just like Paul says, it is a mystery that a man and the wife become one flesh. It is a mystery that the woman and the children cannot be fractured, that it is not ideal for the man to frac- -- to [?part?], but he will not fracture it. He may damage it, you know, like, shake it up a little bit.


But there is that new soul tie that is been born; it is primarily the woman and the children.


And the man can shake it up, but he cannot fracture it, but the woman fractures it when she goes to another man. Is that not interesting?



            I do not know if this -- if it plays out on a subconscious level because     [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- we see that children of the divorce, if the father does        something, it is OK, but if the mother [CROSSTALK]


            -- does something that the children are just like, that is not right, and     [CROSSTALK] double standard [CROSSTALK], and there is no [CROSSTALK]

No rational [?reason?] [CROSSTALK]

            [CROSSTALK] no rational answer saying why dad can go do whatever.

No rational explanation for it, yeah.

            Yes, very interesting. And does this all come back to the woman -- if the           woman is not in a proper place in society, how society goes out of control.


            It is all [CROSSTALK]

It is all part of the same thing.

            -- same subject [CROSSTALK]


            Wow, very interesting.


            Does this have any bearing on the Kabbalah statement that the woman shall    compass the man? Is that any kind of a [CROSSTALK]

I do not think it is an -- that is -- I think that is a different meaning, yeah. But it does have to do -- I thought you were going to ask a different question. It does have to do with the Orthodox Jews having the women cover their heads, you know, and I did a whole message on that saying -- and I think at the time that I preached that message, my attitude was, well, is that not really ridiculous that they put all of this evil -- the Zohar puts all of this evil on the woman, that if they do not cover their heads, their children will be cursed. And I had asked the [?rabbis why?], but she would not tell me. She just said it is tradition, but then the Lord showed me the answer in the Zohar, that the Zohar teaches that the woman that does not cover her head is a -- her children are cursed.

So the Lord showed me that is the reason these ultra Orthodox -- because the question is, years ago, the women used to shave their head. They would be bald, and they would wear a wig, OK, and they would tell you it is because you are not supposed to be attractive to any man except your husband. But, today, every Orth- -- ultra Orthodox woman that I have ever seen wears -- they buy these really expensive wigs, and they are beautiful. So -- well, they do not shave there anymore. They just cut their hair short, and they wear wigs. But they buy, beautiful, expensive wigs, so what is the point of wearing a wig?

And I have been ask- -- a lot of women have been asking that question for a long time, and the women -- if they -- the rabbis [UNINTELLIGIBLE] I think she knows the truth, but she did not want to tell me. She would not tell -- I am considered an unbeliever. I do not believe what they believe in, that the Zohar says if you do not cover your heard, your cur- -- your children are cursed, you know. But I do not think that the Zohar is talking about a wig, you know. I do not think it means a wig.

I think it is the same principle as Paul talking about, saying if a woman is not covered, OK -- that if the woman should be covered, and then some churches want to put doilies on your head. That is not what Paul is talking about. He is saying that the woman that is not under -- and, again, this is very controversial too. When this gets out, they are all going to hate me. There is nothing I can do about it. If a physical female is not under authority, her children are cursed. That is what -- that is what the Zohar is saying, that great evil -- let me explain that word, curse, for you. Great evil is waiting to take advantage of the children whose mother is not in a godly submission to authority.

That is what the Scripture is teaching, that men and women are not -- physical men and women are not equal. The creation is cursed, and physical men and physical women are not equal. And women -- we just have established the whole society falls apart into witchcraft and sexual sin when women go out and do whatever they want. Women need to be in submission to a g- -- hopefully, a godly soc- -- against. Hopefully you are not un- -- you know, you are not being abused by your husband or your father or anything like that.

But the spiritual -- this is the spiritual principle: If you do not want to be married or if your hu- -- your father turns out to be a cruel man, you can submit to God. My authority is God; I do not have a physical man over me. I am directly under God, you see. So that seems to be the spiritual state of the fallen condition, of the fallen creation. This is a reality of the fallen creation, that women can do anything they want. You want to be a doctor; you want to be a lawyer; you want to be an Indian chief; you want to be a head of state; you want to be anything. You should go and pursue your dream, but the -- you have to have an authority in your life.

Now what is really interesting, what is coming to my mind right now, is this teaching in the church, which I think is a false teaching, that every pastor has to be in submission to another pastor. That -- actually, well I do not really meet people anymore. But at the beginning, people would say who is your pastor? You know, who is the pastor over your church? And I would say, well, God ordained me, and they did not really accept that, except, in my case, God really ordained me. So it is become a religious structure in the church that you have to be ordained by another minister or you are not legitimate. But, of course, God can raise up whoever He wants.


But I am not your typical pastor. I am an apostle, you see, and I am bringing forth doctrine directly from God. But that is where this principle is coming from that -- I do not know that I want to say anything about the churches. If -- look, if God raises you up, God raises you up, and you do not need a pastor over you. The c- -- your cover is God directly, but maybe God does want a pastor over your church. I do not know. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] it depends on the spiritual maturity of the pastor because these pastors today, brethren, they are not really pastors. To be a pastor means that the pastor dwells in you, which makes you a shepherd of the people. It means that you are hearing directly from God, that you are connected directly to God.

So if God raises you up and tells you that you are directly under Him, then you do not need anyone over you. But on the other hand, to say that I need someone or I am a pastor but I need someone over me and to pick someone to be over you that himself was not under God, what are you proving? If you pick another man who has ordained himself or if you pick another man that was ordained by another man that was ordained by another man that was ordained by another man, what does that do for you? That does do anything for you at all, you know.

Now I believe that there are ministries, over the years -- this ministry is 27 years old. I believe that God has gone to other ministries and told them come under -- I know for a fact that God has told them to come under this ministry, and -- this apostolic ministry, but we are not recognized as an apostolic ministry because we are not recognized as an apostolic ministry, but that is what we are. So there were several ministries that were told to submit and come under this ministry, and the only one that ever did it was Jesse. He was the only one that ever responded to God and gave up his own headship and came under this ministry, but there were several that refused to come under, you know.

 So getting back to the woman, OK, the -- listen, brethren, the church is female. And -- I mean, this is a whole big ball of wax that is coming out right now about the church. Look, what do you want me to say about it? The -- that when God reveals an apostle, you know, all of the churches are supposed to come under the apostle and learn what God is teaching the apostle. So what does that mean about all of the churches that have refused this message, you know? The Lord is coming to wage war against their fortified minds of their carnal mind.

So if you want to liken the church to the woman, to get back to the woman for the moment, we have already established that when women come out of the godly paradigm, you know, the description of how godly women should behave, the culture goes into witchcraft and sexual sin, and included in the witchcraft is the sacrifice of the babies. Right here we have all this abortion, you see. And the c- -- and the judgment of God falls down, and the whole culture goes into destruction.

So the Zohar says -- it was very strong when I did that message on here, that if you do not cover your hair, your children are cursed; your life is cursed; your family is cursed. So they walk around wearing wigs, you know, but that is not the answer. The answer is that physical women need to be under authority, you see, or destruction follows them and their families. So everybody is going to hate me as soon as this message gets out, but there is -- it is the truth. But you have to understand, you know, that you can still be anything you want to be, you know. You just need to be in a marriage where the man agrees that you can -- if you want to be a professional or if you want to work, you have to be in a marriage where the man agrees to it, and you make your life together, you know, or you have to serve God, if He permits you.

I do not -- my cover is God He has called me to be an apostle, but He may not approve of someone else, any woman out there that says, well, I do not like my father, and I do not like my husband, and I do not want to get married, and I want to be a head of my own ministry. Well, God has to receive you. He has to say, OK, I am going to relate to you as the head of a ministry. If He does not call you to do it, then you have to be under. If you do not want to be in that, if you do not want that life, if you do not want to submit to a man, then you need to join the ministry which is ordained of God, which is a male ministry because it is ordained of God, and submit to the pastor, you see.

Everybody has to submit to somebody. Brethren, I -- you all probably have more freedom than I do. My freedom is greatly limited as to what I can do, so that is the bottom line. Women and men are not equal. But I will tell [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- well, so the -- and the church is female, so that would make the whole church in rebellion and out of order and uncovered. The whole church is uncovered, so the church was under the Holy Spirit, which is actually -- is the Shekinah, which is female.

The modern church, at least over the last, you know, 20 years ago, when we had that big revival, it came down under the authority of the Shekinah, OK, but now the Shekinah is gone, and the church is uncovered. They are uncovered in their bed, so they are all praying for another revival of the Holy Spirit, and they do not understand that the man is here, and they do not understand, and they do not recognize it, and they are not submitting to it, and they are about to find themselves at war with the Lord. And I do not know what more to do than what I have been doing.

So the church is uncovered, so it is not just that the Holy Spirit has left, it is even more serious than I realized. The Holy Spirit left, but they are uncovered, and the church is being seduced. Although there are still some churches where they are teaching the right thing, but there is no power. The country is being overrun. Yes, Jill?

            So you are saying that the -- they have not submitted to Jesus in the church?

Well, they have submitted to Him as they understand Him.

            OK. But the -- if they [INAUDIBLE] and they are just left out in the cold.

I am not sure what your question is. I think I understand your question. Well, I am talking about the churches in general. Everybody, if they have a personal experience with the Lord, they have their personal experience with the Lord. But the issue is there is no power because the church is like an exten- -- is like a family. We do not live unto ourselves; that was the whole message. We do not live unto ourselves. We have responsibility to the institutions or the families that we are apart of, and the churches, they do not -- even the churches around here, none of them -- as far as I know none of them talk to -- they do not mix at all because they are afraid [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- at least when I was in a church, they were afraid that they would lose their disciples and they would go to another church, you know, so they all stayed by themselves. None of the pastors -- as far as I know, they really do not fellowship. They are all their own fellowships, and they keep it separate, so they are not under a male cover. I mean, do you think that is godly that the churches do not fellowship, that the pastors are not -- you know, something is wrong, you know, that everyone is an island unto itself. There is no connection there, but I do not know that I am answering your question.

It is the church at large that is uncovered, but the individual -- even though you have a relationship with Jesus, are people getting healed? Are people getting delivered? Are people being taught the Word of God? Are being prepared to be priests? No, they are not because the church is uncovered. So it is the same thing as in a family. Someone could be a child in a family or a young adult in a family and be very serious with God. If the father is a drunkard and an alcoholic, they are not providing for the family, there is -- they are going to feel the brunt of it. If the family is not in right order, they are going to feel the brunt of it. So you do the best that you can to stay in right standing with God, but we all su- -- look, we are all suffering because of the president that we have, right. Even the people that did not vote for him are suffering, so I think that is the answer to your question. Does that satisfy you? Yeah.

We see -- what I am hearing from your question is that, well, can one person be OK because of their personal relationship with Jesus when the whole church is out of order? And the answer is no. Do you understand what I am saying?

            So you have to be associated with the --

You need a cover; everybody needs a cover. The church needs a cover; the individuals need a cover. You need to be a part of a male -- a ministry with a male cover. For what? For the full protection of the Lord to come down. We are waiting for the power to come down; that is what we are waiting for here.


We are waiting for the power. There is no power in the church because there is no cover; the church is out of order. So it is not possible for one individual to have the benefits of being in right standing -- the benefits of being the body of Christ when there is no cover for the whole body of Christ. All of the children pay the price of the mother or father that is gone amiss. Do you understand? Because I am not getting much of a reaction out of you. Are you -- is this upsetting you? What is your reaction?

            I guess, how do they get the cover?

They have to come under a male ministry.

            And what is the male ministry to them then? What would be expected as a       male cover?

The male cover is the apostolic cover --

            OK, [CROSSTALK]

-- teaching the truth.


And teaching the truth about sin and teaching -- and now we have -- see, when nobody was preaching the doctrine of Christ, there was an imputed male cover for the ministries that were preaching the truth about sin. But now that there is an apostolic ministry around, even that is not good enough. When someone higher than you comes in, you have to yield. Do you not understand what I am saying?


Yeah. It was not that long ago that I watched a DVD on the Jewish people in exile in Spain in the time of the [?Moranas?]. I cannot remember their names, something like Moranas, something like that. And there were no men, so the women took over, and they were holding the services and wearing the tallis and doing all of the rituals according to the Jewish law, and then something changed. And, excuse me, a rabbi came in from somewhere and gathered the men together, and this is how I remember it. I am sure I am leaving a lot of it out. And they got the men to come back to God, and they trained them how to run the services. And the women who had been running the Jewish community for years had to sit down because now the men were trained to do it.

And I have to tell you I have been a big rebel myself because at the time that I read that, I thought it was terrible, you know. So the Lord is changing my opinion. I am praying for truth every day, and He is changing my opinion radically. I said, well, look at that. Now the men are here, so the women have to sit down, so that was my own carnal mind in rebellion because now I understand that that is -- there is a difference between men and women. And the fact that women can do the job does not mean that they -- that if a man is present, that they should take the job away from the man; it does not mean that because women can do anything. I mean, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] except maybe where it comes to upper-body strength, you know, I think the average woman is not as strong as the average man, but aside from that, mentally, women can do anything a man could do, so why do the men have the preeminence over us? Because we are fallen, and that is God's order in the fallen creation, and that is the way it is.

            What about when it says a woman will compass a man?

That is --


Mary just asked that, so why are you asking the same question?

            [CROSSTALK] same question, OK. [INAUDIBLE]

We are talking about the natural order.


So you are manifesting, June. Do you realize you are manifesting?


Do you realize you are manifesting?


Do you have any idea what is bothering you? Well, I am waiting for somebody to manifest, so it looks like it is you, all right.

            OK. I do not know why I am manifesting.

Yeah. It is just -- it is rebellion, you know.


It is rebellion. We are all terrified of being dominated by ungodly men, you know, and you opened the door, so I am going to tell you what just came to me when I said that, is that you spent, what, 40 years being dominated by your husband, and it was very hard for you, that he -- you conceded he was a good man. He was good in that he worked; he supported the family; he ministered to the children; he stood by you. But he was very controlling, and it was very painful for you, and that is why you are manifesting right now.

            I receive that.

Yeah. That is what the Lord just told me, so marriage -- this is right back to the basic premise of this message. We all want happiness in our life, but that is not the main reason for marriage. The main reason for marriage is that we should live an orderly, godly life that God can bless in this world, and then you hope that you will be happy also, and you hope that your children will be healthy also. But you start out by making a decision that will give you a life that will glorify God for your years on the earth, and you do your best -- the best that you can to find a partner that can -- that you can share that godly life with. And that means the guy -- that means that, for all you men, all you women that are acting like jezebel out there are not qualified to be your wife. And all of you women, all of these sexy, gorgeous guys that make you go woo-woo-woo are not qualified to be your husband, OK.

Now for years, brethren -- now I grew up in a society [UNINTELLIGIBLE] which was pretty stable, OK. You younger people, you never even saw it before, but I remember there was a day, you know, when I was a -- in my 20s where men would go out and have sex with women. They would have sex with them; they would have affairs with them. They would be crazy in love with them, but they would never marry them because that is not the woman that is qualified to be their wife. I saw that happen to friends of mine. One of my best friends, this man she was crazy about, his friend told her he will never marry you. And she said, why? [UNINTELLIGIBLE] he said, he will never marry you; you are not wife material. And he never married her, you see.

But today, everybody is just out following after their emotions like their -- they are, like, hypnotized just following after their emotions. And the culture is falling apart, and when the culture falls apart, God comes in [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- the sowing and reaping judgment comes in and rips you up and destroys you because we are descending into chaos. God brought an ordered culture here. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] was telling me last night how her view of America -- she is visiting from Nigeria. Her view of America, how ordered everything is, how everything is in its right place, and I see the same thing in England also, you know, where there used to be signs, "Do not walk on the grass." People would not walk on the grass; everything was so orderly. That is the light -- that is an ordered mind manifesting in an ordered culture, you see, a culture where witchcraft and sexual deviance is limited. And everything that is considered normally today is most likely deviant, and that is just the truth. And the Lord told me to preach this today.

So order is -- oh, look at the time. Oh, my God. I did not think this would be a whole message. Order is pri- -- is a primary goal for God. He cannot -- Christ cannot exist in disorder; Christ dies in chaos. So, I guess, I have to end the message; it is 2:30 here. Last call for questions or comments or --


-- group therapy, if you are manifesting here, OK. Go ahead.

I was just thinking. In churches, there are so many male pastors who are so afraid to receive anything from a woman pastor or even acknowledge that she could be a minister or a pastor. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] first in the natural; then in the spirit. There is women now who are even qualified to be Navy Seals, which of course is the exception, a lot of them. And then the fire department and police departments and all of that. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] I believe that it is going to come. It is going to change.

What is going to change?

            That they will accept that a woman can have the anointing --


            -- as well as a male [CROSSTALK]

Oh, yes, absolutely.

            [CROSSTALK] I [UNINTELLIGIBLE] really shocked by some of the ministries that           do not accept women. I -- you would think at this day and age it would be over     and done with because it is obvious [UNINTELLIGIBLE], but there is --

They do not understand, yeah, so there is a lot of ignorance in the church. And the Lord has to come and set it right, or we are all -- or we are going to die, OK. The church is going to die, which is really impossible, and humanity is going to be wiped out if the Lord does not move, so He has to move. And that is what this is all about. Believe it or not, you know, we are candidates to be the people that He is going to appear in, which will be the beginning of His return to the earth to bring first the church, first the Israel of God, and then the rest of the world into order, or we are going to cease to exist, so He has to come, you know.

            [INAUDIBLE] even the Jewish community, the fact that anything coming from a       woman is something that is [INAUDIBLE]


            Even more so than maybe in the Christian [?area?].

Well, in the J- -- the ultra-Orthodox, you know. That is not all Jews, you know. But, of course,

[CROSSTALK] come out of Jerusalem [UNINTELLIGIBLE] that that is how they think.



But, I mean, of course, the truth is, for years, men have abused their wives, you know. I mean, that is just -- not all of them, but many men have abused their wives.

            They do not see it as abuse.

And they do not see it as abuse, yeah. So, listen, the world is not perfect, brethren. The world is not perfect, but society is preserved when women are under authority, and the best we can hope for until the Lord makes everything equal -- the best that we can hope for is to -- is that the men should come under the teaching of God and understand how to treat their wives. But it is no easy thing, you know, because -- I am just getting into trouble here. It is just no easy thing. Women, if you want your husband to treat you with respect, you have to make sure that you are in right or- -- it is no easy thing, you know.

Do you know there are cultures that give classes to their young people, even before they get married? The cul- -- I mean, we are a new culture here in America, cultures 1,000 years old where they instruct the -- I think the [INAUDIBLE] Catholic church makes you go for classes. I do not know what they teach you, but people that are not Catholic --

            I think most churches do.

Most church --

            [INAUDIBLE] mainline Christian denominations [CROSSTALK]

Oh, yeah?

            A lot of pastors, it is their rule that you cannot --

Cannot get --

            [INAUDIBLE] premarital counseling and classes like that.

Yeah, well, that is very important, and now -- that is very important. I think that is going to be my rule, OK. It may -- it is not definite yet, but someone is talking to me about marrying them, and I do not think that I am going to be willing to do it without some kind of classes. After this message, I cannot marry anybody without having them meet with me several times. I will have to talk to the Lord about it, so absolutely not, no. And maybe that is the whole reason for this message, so if anybody is listening, I cannot marry anybody without them meeting with me several times for counseling, and I would have to ask to the Lord -- the Lord to what degree.

OK, so that was the last thing that came out before we close the message, very important. OK, God bless you all. Let me just say a prayer for everybody. Oh, boy. Father, in the name of Jesus, I just bless everybody here. If there -- wherever there are manifestations coming forth, I pray peace -- that peace should rest upon that person and that the -- and I remind you that the answer to every problem is faith in God. It is very hard to be a woman. Have faith in God, and be the best wife that you can be and hope that your husband is a godly man and will respond to your attempts to be a godly wife. Let us all be under disciple and be in order, that the Lord should be pleased with us. And may His feet land on the Mount of Olives in each of us in our lifetime. That is my prayer for us all, in Jesus' name, amen.

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