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            Yea, I have come to do a work in you that will bring you into my Kingdom, saith God. I have not come with the words of the wisdom of men, saith the Lord, but I have come in the power of the Holy Ghost, and I shall speak forth my Word, and my Kingdom shall root in you, saith God. It shall grow until it consumes everything that is not of God that is within you, saith the Lord. Righteousness shall proceed forth from the earth, saith God, and thou shalt be mine, saith the Lord, and all of the promises shall be thine, saith God, and not one Word that I have spokenshall fall unto the ground, but I shall fulfill all things in you, saith the Lord. Yea, my mercy is great, saith God, for I am the Creator of the universe, and it is within my power to save all men, saith God.  My arm is not short, saith the Lord, that I cannot save. Yea, I shall stretch forth my rod over the earth, saith the Lord, and all men shall indeed be drawn unto me, but the process is slow, saith the Lord. Lose not heart, lose not heart, for I shall do this thing, and I have chosen you, saith God, to be a part of my plan to bring all men unto me, unto the mercy, and the righteousness, and the love of my Kingdom.

            The lowest element in the world today, they know not what they want, saith God, for they are lawless, they are without a knowledge of God, but I shall do this thing, saith God, yea, I shall reveal myself to all of them, saith the Lord, and indeed every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess Jesus Christ is the Lord, not out of fear saith God, but because they shall partake of my mercy, and they shall receive of my love. They shall all cry out, yea, the Lord, He is God. Oh, Hallelujah. Glory. Thank you Lord.


            I want to pray for the country tonight, Lord. Yes, Lord, you tell us to pray for those that have authority over us, oh God, and the Word of God says that all powers are appointed by you, God. Father, we repent on behalf of this country, and the wickedness that is going on in its shores, oh God. We seek you, Father God, to raise up Godly men, and women in office. Hallelujah. We rebuke all ungodliness. We rebuke every law that has been passed, and every law that has been confirmed by the Supreme Court that opposes the law of God. We take authority over you, and we loose destruction upon you. You foul wickedness, that makes it legal to kill babies in this land. We rebuke you, and we say be thou cast down, you foul wickedness that makes it legal for pornography to be spread across this land like filth. We rebuke you, we tell you that you are illegal, that the law of God has authority over you. We repeal you by the power that God has imparted, to us, in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ. You gay-rights spirit, we rebuke you. The law of God says that homosexuality is wickedness. It is illegal, it is punishable by death. The only hope is refuge in Christ Jesus. We rebuke you, and we cast you down. We pray for every person in this land that has been afflicted by this, oh God, that they will receive a saving knowledge of you as Lord Jesus Christ, that they might run to you, and that they might be saved, and that they might be delivered.

            We acknowledge that carnal man's mind deals with problems by taking the guilt away, but we know that you are righteous, oh God, and that you have it within your power to make people righteous. We do not have to say that evil is good. We can say evil is evil, and come unto the Lord Jesus Christ, and be made righteous, and be made whole. We declare your name tonight, oh Lord, and your righteous way, and we speak for this country, oh God.  We rebuke every force operating to tear it down, to turn it over to the heathen, to put our children through the fire, to destroy us, to bring forth idols from the land, and pagan worship, Father God. We ask you, Father, to restore the land, oh God, put Godly people in office, strengthen us, oh God. Restore the Word of God into the hearts of the people. We rebuke pornography, oh God, and child pornography and white slave rings. Oh you foul wickedness that would turn our children over to such evil practices. You who would put your children in the fire, we rebuke you, and we utterly condemn you, and declare this action illegal in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We will not have this practice in the country that belongs to the living God.

            Witchcraft, we rebuke you. You, who have brazenly raised up your head on the shores of this country, how dare you sacrifice to Satan in this land, this land that was founded on the basis of the Living God, and his Word.  We rebuke you, we smite you, and we tear down your altars. We pray for your souls, oh you wicked workers of iniquity, we pray that you should see the Lord Jesus Christ, and be recipients, and partake of His mercy, but your evil works we will not tolerate in this land. We will not tolerate them, for judgment is the mercy of God. Be thou removed from our coasts. Drugs and alcoholism, fornication, and adultery, every opposition of the law of God, we condemn you, and command that you subjugate yourself to the high law of the living God, which law brings life, righteousness, mercy, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost. We speak unto all you lawless ones, and we say repent, and come under the protection of the Lord Jesus Christ, for your sins shall surely bring forth death. Live, live, come unto the living God and live.




The Seduction Of Eve

            The message that God has given us for tonight starts at the beginning, It is called the "Seduction of Eve." We are starting in Hebrews 4:12. I hope this is a blessing to you. Now, most people know that man is in a fallen condition, and the carnal mind justifies our condition by saying, "Well I do good works, and I am a good person, and I help people." If they could only understand that the promise of God is that we should have his righteousness, and when we have his righteousness, we will have his life. That means we will not die anymore.

            The penalty for sin is death, and simply by the fact that men die means that there is sin in our lives, even if we are doing all kinds of good works. The only way we can enter into life is by receiving the life of Jesus Christ, because He is Jesus Christ, the Righteous, and He is the only righteous one, and it is by His Spirit indwelling us, that we receive righteousness and life. Good works just will not cut it. I wish it would, but it will not, and that is a spiritual law.

            There are spiritual laws just like there are natural laws. For example, what goes up must come down, the law of gravity. There are also laws in the spiritual realm. Some men, when they hear this, they do not like what they hear, and they say, "Well I do not believe that." People can say they do not believe it all they want, but what goes up must come down. This is what the Bible says, “the only way that we are going to stop dying is to stop sinning, and sin takes place in our thoughts, before it manifests through our behavior.”

            Sin is in our thoughts, and the only way we are going to take dominion over our thoughts is by having the Son of God dwell in our hearts, and swallow up the wickedness of the natural man, or the carnal mind. We cannot do it ourselves. If we never did anything behaviorally wrong in our lifetime, we still would have sinned in our hearts.

            This message is the "Seduction of Eve," and we are in Hebrews 4:12. "For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul, and spirit, and of the joints, and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts, and intents of the heart." Now, for the first few years I was with the Lord, I used to say, "Why would the Lord want to separate the soul from the spirit?" I really could not understand it, but, now, He is going to explain it tonight.

            The spiritual life in Jesus Christ is the life of righteousness. The soul life is a life of works, and labor, and trying to make our own righteousness, which leads to nothing but death. The condition of the natural man is that Satan, the spirit of the carnal mind of fallen man and his soul (personality) are joined together. The Greek text says that they are literally fused together, they are inseparable. What Jesus Christ wants to do is to separate Satan, the spirit of the carnal mind of fallen man, from the fallen souls (personalities) that he is expressing himself through so that he can join His Spirit to our carnal mind (Eph. 4:23) and personality, and then take dominion over the passions of the soul (personality) which cause us to sin.

            That is the purpose for the separation. The separation of the joints from the marrow, is the separation of the soul (personality) from the animal nature in man. There is an animal element in man. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind of mortal man, is the lawless one.  He is the adversary, and he is the source of the wickedness that arises into the unconscious part of the carnal mind.

            God is separating us. We are all fused together. The unconscious part of our fallen nature is the lawless one, Satan. He has lots of names. We are the soul life (the personality), the life that cannot keep itself alive, and we are also the spirit that rules in the carnal mind of mortal man, and the two are fused together, but Jesus Christ is coming to separate our soul from the spirit that rules through the unconscious part of our carnal mind (Heb. 4:12). Actually, we are twisted together like a braid, and the Spirit of Jesus Christ comes to separate our parts.

            The first thing that happens is that the Spirit of Christ attaches Himself to Satan, the spirit that controls the carnal mind of fallen mankind (Eph. 4:23). The Scripture says that he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit (1 Cor. 6:17). So, at this point, our spirit, the spirit that rules us through the carnal mind of fallen mankind, is swallowed up by the Spirit of Christ, and the individual personality that is having this experience becomes polarized. Our fallen spirit is now joined to the Spirit of Christ, but our soul (personality) is still under the control of the animal life (the flesh) that we are joined to.

            The next thing is that Christ separates the joints from the marrow. "The marrow," is the strength, or the vitality of the body, which is found in the blood that is manufactured in the bone marrow of the physical body, and "the joints" is Leviathan, the pride of fallen man, which is the chariot that Satan rides in. So the Lord is separating our soul (personality) from Satan, the spirit that rules through our carnal mind, which means that our personality will not express Satan’s nature any more; and then the Cain, the animal (flesh) side of the Fiery Serpent, fallen man’s mortal foundation (Job 4:19), the life force in our physical blood (marrow), will be separated from Leviathan, the pride of fallen man.   

            The spirit of Satan will be swallowed up by the Spirit of Christ, and Abel, the spiritual side of the Fiery Serpent, will be joined to Christ Jesus, our incorruptible foundation (1 Cor. 3:11), and fallen Adam will be restored to Adam’s immortal first estate for the life of the ages.

            Jesus said, "I came to separate." He came with a sword (Matt. 10:34). He came to separate, because we cannot experience true life in the spiritual condition that we are in. Jesus tells us that once he separates the spirit of the carnal mind of fallen mankind from the soul (personality), and the soul (personality) from the animal nature (flesh) we will cease from sin in our thoughts and enter into eternal life.

            Now, the Word of God gives us the ability to discern the thoughts that are in our carnal mind. The unsaved man acts out most of the thoughts that come into his mind, without giving them a second look. He does not stop to think about whether or not God would want him to act out those thoughts. He thinks, "Well, it sounds like a good idea, so let us go, and do it," but the man that is subjected to the Mind of Christ says, "Well, this falls in line with the Word of God, this is moral, this is righteous," or “this thought comes from my passions. You cannot go out and rob that bank because you want all that money. You cannot take that woman's husband or that man's wife. It is wrong to envy or hate.“

            Jesus Christ says it is wrong, and by separating the morality, which is the rational mind of God, from the passions, and polarizing the two, we are strengthened in our spirit, and receive the power to take control over our passions.

            This is not just behavior we are talking about. These are thoughts, because Jesus made it very clear that If you are lusting for something, it is not enough to not rob that bank, and it is not enough to not go to bed with that women's husband. If you are lusting and thinking about it in your mind, you are guilty of the sin. Now, no fallen, mortal human being can beat that. We can overcome the sins that begin in the unconscious part of our own carnal mind only in Jesus Christ. There is no other way.  We are going to keep on dying until Christ Jesus takes up residence in us and becomes our righteousness (2 Pet. 1:1).

            Now, we are going to Genesis 1:3. We are going to find out how we got in this condition where our passions have so much power over us that even if we are strong enough to control our behavior, we cannot control our thoughts, and these thoughts are bringing forth death in our life. Genesis 1:26. "And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness, and let them have dominion, over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth. So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him, male and female created he them. And God blessed them, and God said unto them, be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it, and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth."

            You see, the question is, what happened to man that caused the dark side of his nature to have such power over him that he is now subject to the power of death? That is the question.

            I did a word study on the words "likeness" and "image." We are to be made in the likeness and the image of God. Likeness means resemblance, a motto, a similitude, something that is somewhat alike in appearance or external qualities. The image of God, the word "image" means idol, a reproduction in solid form, an exact likeness, an incarnation, something reproduced to represent something else.

            So to be in the likeness of something, this sister and I, we are in the same likeness. We are both human, we are both female, but inside our hearts we are two completely different people. To be in the image of somebody you have to be an exact reproduction of them. And in God's case, to be in the image of God, you have to express His nature, His character, His morality, His strength. I do not know about any of you but I do not express the character, morality, and strength of God 100 percent of the time. In fact, compared to the Lord Jesus, I express the perfect nature of God very infrequently – and then only when Christ Jesus manifests Himself through me. I am not, by nature, in God’s image. I do express God’s image from time to time when Christ Jesus desides to express Himself through me.

            I do not do any of those things. I am striving for God’s life in me, and I am hoping for it, because it is His promise that we will be in His image, but I do not have any of the qualities of His nature in and of myself. You see, man is still being made. He is still being created, he is not finished. We are made, at this point in the creative process, in the likeness of God. Righteous Adam, the original creation, did not have a physical body. Righteous Adam, the original creation, was a spiritual entity, and it was in three parts. Adam, the living soul was in three parts, and we are going to go into that right now.

            First, I would like to establish that the story of Adam of Eve is a parable. Does anybody have a problem with that? We know that Jesus spoke in parables. He said that it was so difficult for the carnal mind of man to understand deep spiritual truth that he spoke in parables, so that people, depending on what spiritual level they are on, can understand the spiritual principles that Jesus Christ is trying to teach us. We continuously read the Bible because as we grow spiritually we understand the spiritual truths of what Jesus is saying in a deeper and deeper way.

            The Word of God says that He is the Word of God, and that when we see Him we will be like him. So obviously, if we are not like Him, we do not have a full understanding of this Bible. We just keep understanding it deeper, and deeper, and deeper. So the story of Adam and Eve is a parable. I personally do not believe that there was a man and a woman lying on a beach, tripping around happily wearing fig leaves. It is a parable that is demonstrating the spiritual reality of who we are. Our original state, before Righteous Adam fell, we were spirit. When we have Christ, we return to spirit, but when we do not have Christ we are a dead soul. We are not this body, this body is a house that our spirit and soul live in.

            We are going to look at this story of Adam and Eve from this viewpoint, perceiving them to be the male and female principles of God. Genesis 2:7,"And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living soul."

            I am going to suggest to you that there are two things that happened here. God formed man from the dust of the ground, and we do not really know how much later, it could have been thousands of years later, that God breathed the breath of life into Adam’s nostrils, and Adam became a living soul. So what we see here are the first two elements of the creation. First, man was formed from the dust of ground. He was formed of earth, which is darkness. There is no light in the earth.

            On the contrary, we are told in Genesis 1 that the earth is filled with creeping, crawling things. Adam was formed, God gave Adam shape. Then, we do not know how much later God breathed the breath of life into this shape, and Adam became a living soul. Adam was in the likeness of God,

            If you read, particular in Genesis, in the early parts of the Old Testament, God is always referring to the people as souls, whereas, on the other hand, we are also told in the book of Hebrews, that God is the Father of spirits. So unsaved people have not yet become spiritual men in the image of God. It is possible to be a spiritual man by the spirit of this world, which is Satan, but the judgment for manifesting Satan’s illegal spirituality is death. When we receive the Spirit of Jesus Christ, the process that will make us into spiritual men begins.

            You do not, contrary to what you hear in the Church today, you do not say, "I receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior" and get it all. I wish it were true. So it is taking thousands of years for God to develop His creation, and today we exist in the soul realm of this fallen world. We do not exist in the spiritual world of God, where Righteous Adam dwelt, but by the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ (Eph. 2:6).

            We have men, and when I say men, I am talking about physical men and physical women, I am talking about human beings. There are men and women who have received the Spirit of God and are in the process of being made into a spiritual man, and there are also people on the face of this earth who exist strictly on the animal level, autistic people, people that are totally insane, all of the rejects of the world. What is wrong with them? Their existence is totally on the animal level.

            So we have three levels of human beings in the earth today, and the only man that we know that is fully a spirit man is Jesus Christ. He who is the beginning of the creation of God, is the only one that is completely formed in the image of God.

            I want to skip down in Chapter 2 to Verse 21. "And the Lord caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept, and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh thereof. And the rib which the Lord God had taken from man made he a woman, and brought her unto the man. And Adam said, this is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh, she shall be called woman because she was taken out of man. Therefore shall a man leave his father, and mother and shall cleave unto his wife, and they shall be one flesh. And they were both naked, the man and his wife, and they were not ashamed."

            Now, the words "man, woman, wife," if you check them out in the Hebrew, they are merely referring to male and female. It is not in the sense of, I am a woman and this brother is a man. If you check it out in the Hebrew that is just not what it is. And at one point, if you check it out in the Hebrew, it is as basic as to say the female is the one that receives, and the male is the one that gives. These words are just basic principles. Do you understand what I am saying?

            They are not referring to man and woman as we know each other today, but they are spiritual principles that God is preparing to join together to form a creation. Everybody with me? And I want to point out that the word "cleave" in Verse 24 where it says, "Therefore, shall a man leave his father, and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife," it does not mean the consummation of a marriage. The Hebrew word that is translated "cleave," merely means “great heat, to fuse together.” I will have questions and answers afterwards because I know that this is way out for a lot of people.

            What I am going to suggest to you tonight is that God purposed to form a creation that would be female in respect to God’s spiritual masculinity. Jesus Christ is marrying the Church. The Church is the bride of Christ. Therefore, there must be something about our spiritual makeup that is female. We are getting married, and there are going to be spiritual offspring (Rev. 12:5). So whether you are a man in the flesh, or a woman in the flesh, has nothing to do with your spiritual makeup. Mortal man, whether you are a physical man or a physical woman, is spiritually female.

            In relationship to God, the living soul is female. So we now have the animal nature of the earth, and we have Jehovah’s breath breathed into the dust of the earth. God desired to polarize the male and female principles of the living soul, so He put Adam to sleep and took one of his ribs. The Hebrew word translated “rib” does not necessarily mean “rib.” It means “side.” God polarized  the earthen and the spirit sides of Adam, the living soul. You see, Adam started out as just dust. Then God breathed His Spirit into the dust, and the dust became flesh. The dust joined with the breath of God to produce a flesh mind. After that God polarized the flesh and the Spirit, so that the Spirit could rule over the lusts of the flesh, which arose out of the animal nature of the ground that the dust came from.

            Adam’s fall (spiritual death) caused righteous Adam’s dust and spirit to be mixed, once again, which reduced righteous Adam to a soul, flesh man, with an animal nature, which condition is common to all men born of a woman today. Wherefore God sent Jesus with the Sword of the Spirit to breathe the breath of life into Adam (fallen humanity) once again. And, after Jesus’ life-giving breath completely mixes with our earthen, animal nature to strengthen our spiritual parts, Jesus will separate our animal nature from the Spirit of God within us, so that the Spirit of God can, once again, fully rule over our earthen, fallen animal nature. God’s Spirit will become our spirit (1 Cor. 6:17).

            When God took one of Adam's ribs to make a woman, He separated the male (spirit) and female (earth) principles which were already a part of the living soul, but mixed together so completely, that the spirit side of Adam could not rule over the lusts of the flesh. God polarized Adam’s two sides for the specific purpose of giving Adam’s spiritual side the rule over Adam’s lusty side. So the spirit, the male principle, and  the lust of the flesh, the female principle, were now completely polarized, and capable of interacting with one another. Wherefore, Verse 27 says, "And he created them male and female.” Now, most people, when they read that Scripture, think that God made physical men, and physical women on the face of the earth, but God’s original creation was a single spiritual man which had both male and female qualities.

            Okay, we all have a spirit and a soul, and our spirit is going to be joined to the Spirit of God and become the male principle within us, which is mind. Our soul (personality) remains the female principle, which must come into, and remain in submission to the Mind of God within man. But the soul is in parts. We have the animal nature in the earth, which is absolutely lawless and incapable of obeying the law (Rom. 8:7), wherefore she must be ruled by the spiritual side of man.  This is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil. Then we have the spiritual earth filled with creeping, crawling things, which is the lust of the flesh, which is selfish, self-absorbed, and cannot keep herself alive. This is the female principle.

            The male principle (spirit) will be joined to the Spirit of God, which union will strengthen the man to rule over the whole creation, the living soul, which is spirit (male), soul (female), and lawlessness (spirit of the earthen soul). Let’s do it again: spirit=Jehovah’s breath of life characterized by righteousness, soul=earthen (animal) personality characterized by lust, and lawlessness=the good and evil spirit (nature) in the earth, which defaults to evil, but can do good when influenced by righteous principles or thoughts. Good and evil abide in the realm of death. Only righteousness can produce eternal life.

            If we examine what has been said above, we see that there really are only two sides to the creation: (1) Jehovah’s righteous breath of life, and (2) the unrighteous earth, which has its own distinct, two-sided nature, characterized by (a) good (as Leviathan, the prideful mind of man, perceives good), and (b) evil (Satan). These two aspects of the earthen side of the living soul, Leviathan (good) and the Satan(evil) are appearing today as Leviathan (the Serpent), Satan and the Devil (Rev. 20:2). The Dragon is the prideful mind of mortal man multiplied many times, which is the evil counterpart of the Body of Christ; Satan, is the evil spirit that continuously seduces fallen man to sin, and then becomes his accuser when he does sin; and the Devil is the personality that is in full agreement with the thoughts of prideful Leviathan, and Satan, the spirit that rules the personalities of mortal man. The soul (personality), characterized by lust (Behemoth), is the spiritual earth that can only express herself when she is attached to a mind.  The mind that is birthed in Adam’s earth is the fruit of spiritual intercourse between Jehovah’s breath of life and either the male Spirit of God (which produces the Mind of Christ), or the pseudo male spirit of the Serpent (which produces the carnal mind of fallen Adam).

            I want to do a brief study on the living soul. I believe that modern day scientists, even though they are usually atheists,  have a lot of truth, and I think there is a lot of error in the Church.  I think that when the real truth comes out we are going to be in one accord. When the Church is straightened out, and when science is straightened out, we are going to find out that all along we have been talking about the same thing, except that science does not want to admit that God did it, but we are talking about the same thing.

            The science of psychology studies what they call the psyche, but we call it the human soul (personality). They say that the psyche is in three parts, and they have a  name for each part, called the Id, the Ego, and the Superego. Well, the Bible says the same thing. We have the lawless one (id), we have the soul (ego), and we have the spirit (superego). However, the human soul has a two-sided nature (good and evil) and a mind which can be righteous or unrighteous, depending upon which male spirit engendered it.

            First, I am going to talk about the lawless one, which is Satan, the evil nature of the earth. He is called the Id in psychology. He is the unconscious part of the carnal mind of fallen man, that produces deep rolling passions, which, if not checked, can bring utter destruction upon mankind, in general, and upon the person, in particular. The Id is capable of murder, incest, and every wickedness ever known to man, and he flows through the spiritual heart of every human being, just like our physical blood flows through our physical heart.

            The difference between people who kill other people and men and women who do not kill, is the combination of family line curses and what the individuals have been taught. All children have to be taught what is right. They do not know that they are not supposed to beat their brother over the head, they do not know that they are not supposed to kill people, they do not know that they are not supposed to steal. Why do we have to be taught? Because in the infantile stage, our deep rolling passions have great power, and we must be taught how to deal with them. Children have to be taught what is right and wrong, because we are not born with the ability to know the difference.

            Next, we will talk about the mind of the earth, The mind is the intellect, and the conscience. In psychology it is called the Ego, and it is the Ego that has a knowledge of the law. Fallen Adam has a knowledge of the Laws of the Earthen plane, which are the Laws of Nature, but he has no knowledge of the Laws of God, other than that which Jehovah instructs him with.  The Ego does not have the power to implement the Laws of Nature, which power is in Satan’s hands, but the Ego knows the difference between right, and that wrong. A human being that does not know it is wrong to murder somebody, for example, has an Ego which most likely was damaged in childhood, or perhaps at birth, as a result of a family line curse, or an early traumatic experience.

            The third part of the creation is the spirit, the breath of Jehovah’s life in the living soul, which is called the Superego. The Superego is partially conscious, and partially unconscious. It is very fragile, easily swayed, easily seduced, and it is this part of our mind, the spirit of our mind (Eph. 4:23) (not Satan, the spirit in the earth, but the spirit of the mind) that perceives the world around us, and is easily damaged. It is the job of the conscience, or the Ego (earthen mind), to protect the Superego (spirit of the earthen mind) because the Superego receives thoughts, and ideas, and produces spiritual fruit. If she sees a movie, and it says it is alright to murder somebody, and somebody rises up, and goes out, and kills somebody, what has happened is that the Superego (spirit of the mind) has received it as, "Wow, what a good idea, why not?" And the Ego (earthen personality), which is her protector, failed to say "Do not do that." He is the conscience.

            The Ego (earthen mind) is Adam, the lawless one (spirit in the earth) is Satan, and the Superego (spirit in the earthen mind), this innocent virginal type element, of the living soul that needs protection, is the spirit of the mind, or Eve. The third part of the living soul, the Superego, who is naive, innocent, and capable of producing fruit, good, evil or righteous, is Eve. It is the spirit of the mind, or, in psychology, the Superego. The spirit of the mind produces spiritual fruit (James 1:15).

            We know that God created man, who is Adam, the living soul, to marry her, and God has every intention of producing spiritual children. When Eve, the spirit of the earthen mind, receives evil thoughts, evil fruit is produced. This evil fruit is demons. It is demons. We watch a movie, and we watch somebody getting killed, and the spirit of our earthen mind receives it, and Adam, the mind of the living soul, who is the protector, who is the conscience, is supposed to rise up and say, "That is wicked, the law of God says, thou shalt not murder, and it is wrong."

            If you do not have a strong conscience (earthen mind), the spirit in the earthen mind of man receives it, and a spirit of murder is produced in the earthen mind. Now, the personality which is controlled by the earthen mind, does not have to go out and kill somebody, but sometimes people have violent tempers, and they fight with people, and they scream, "I am going to kill you. I am going to murder you." Well, maybe they do not do it, but there is something manifesting there. All it takes is the right set of circumstances, and buttons to be pushed, and, boom, they have killed somebody. And they sit down and they say, "I do not know what happened to me. I have been a law-abiding citizen all of my life." Well, somewhere along the line, the fruit of murder was produced in the spirit of the earthen mind of that man, and what happened was that the conscience (earthen mind) failed to protect the virile spirit in the earthen mind.

            This is not the way God set up the creation, so how did this happen? The animal element,  Satan, the lawless one, is more powerful than the conscience (earthen mind) that God gave man. How did that happen? We are going to find out.

            I just have a couple of Scriptures for you, you could write them down if you want, to demonstrate that the living soul was created to reproduce. In the Old Testament we have Jeremiah 25:32, and the word that is used....you know a lot of things in the Bible are hidden, and when you study in the original language you find out the truth. Let us look it up. It was Jeremiah 25:32, "Thus saith the Lord of hosts, behold, evil shall go forth from nation to nation, and a great whirlwind shall be raised up from the coasts of the earth." I am not going to spend any time on it right now, but the whirlwind is the Spirit of God. He comes in a whirlwind.

            I did a word study in the Hebrew on that word "coasts," and what it means is, "the generative parts of the earth, the fertile parts of the earth." So this great whirlwind which is the Spirit of God in man is going to come forth from the fertile parts of the earth. All those of us that have been victimized, that have produced the fruit of spirits of murder, and evil, and envy, and every other thing that is in our hearts, whether we know it is there, or whether we do not know it is there, that same fertile part of the living soul, the spirit in the earthen mind, is going to produce the fruit of the Spirit of God. Hallelujah! Thank you Jesus!

            The other Scripture that I have is Jeremiah 50:41 which is even better. "Behold a people shall come from the north, and a great nation, and many kings shall be raised up from the coast of the earth." Many kings, the sons of God, the offspring of God and man, the living soul. Many kings shall be raised up from the fertile parts of the earth. Hallelujah, thank you Jesus. We will not produce any more Serpents, just the offspring of God. Hallelujah!

            And in the New Testament we have two Scriptures. I do not want to take the time, but in Ephesians 6:14, we are admonished to gird up the loins of our mind, to be strong in the reproductive parts of our mind. Do not fornicate with these thoughts that say, "it is fine to murder, it is okay." Reject it! The Lord says you are evil, the Lord says, "Thou shalt not murder," and reject it before it produces fruit in your soul (personality).

            The second New Testament Scripture is Ephesians 6:14 says, "Girt your loins about with the Spirit of Truth." Now, if it is talking about our physical loins, how could you put truth around your loins? What the apostle is saying is, "protect your spiritual fertile parts with the truth, and the truth is, thou shalt not murder. Do not entertain that thought. Thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not commit adultery." As soon as your earthen mind says it is okay, boom, the spirit of your earthen mind births an evil spirit.

            It may lie dormant, it may never manifest in your life, but it will be passed on to your children. It could manifest in your children's life. It is there, you have birthed it, it is there, and it is on the family line until Jesus Christ comes and removes it. It is there in your children, your grandchildren, your great grandchildren, indefinitely. Only Jesus Christ can deliver us from these things, and it gets worse with each generation.

            Okay, Ephesians 6:14 and I Peter 1:13. We are still trying to figure out how all this happened to us. We have already said we are now a partially formed creation. We are in the likeness of God because the spirit of our earthen mind is made from His substance. Our earthen side includes the evil side of darkness (Satan); the good side of darkness (the pride of Leviathan); and the lust of the flesh (Behemoth). Our spiritual side is Jehovah’s breath, the spirit of our earthen mind. The earthen mind of mortal man is the fruit of God’s spirit that was birthed in Adam when Jehovah breathed the breath of life into Adam, the living soul, and that breath became the spirit of Adam’s earthen mind. The creation of God, Adam, the living soul, is now prepared to be impregnated by the Spirit of God. Yes, the mature Spirit of God is destined to join with the spirit of Adam’s earthen mind (which is the same Spirit in another form), and the union of the two Spirits will produce “the Mind of the Spirit” (Rom. 8:27), or the Mind of Christ (1 Cor. 2:16). But, while Jehovah waited for the proper opportunity to consummate His marriage to the living soul, He provided a spiritual cover to strengthen and protect Adam’s earthen mind and the spirit of that mind, and that spiritual cover is “The Law Of God.” Jehovah told Adam that if he would obey the Law, even when he didn’t understand it, that the Law would protect him from the lawless element within his earthen side.

            Adam was in complete control, his earthen mind was the conscience, he was ruling, and he was the protector of his reproductive parts. I want to go back to Genesis. Genesis 2:15 says, "God put Adam into the Garden and told him to dress it and keep it." Now, I am going to suggest to you tonight that Adam was not a gardener, and that God did not put Adam in a natural Garden. Tomatoes and cucumbers were not growing in Adam’s Garden.

            A Garden is a place where things grow. Adam’s earthen mind is the spiritual garden, and the spirit of Adam’s earthen mind, is fertile seed in the Garden that Adam is instructed to guard against the thoughts of the Serpent, the lawless one. The Garden that is spoken about in Genesis contains the fertile parts of creation. Adam was appointed as guardian, so that no one should fertilize the spirit of their mind, other than God. Mankind was in God’s likeness, waiting to be fertilized by God, to produce the fruit of God, even the Mind of Christ. This was before the fall. What happened?

            We are going to Song of Solomon 5:2-4. If you can just keep your finger there, I will read it, you do not have to go back with me if you do not want to. The first witness to this is in Genesis, Chapter 1. What happened? "Now the Serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field, which the Lord God had made. And he said unto the woman, yea, hath God said ye shall not eat of every tree of the Garden? And the woman said unto the Serpent, we may eat of the fruit of the trees of the Garden, but the fruit of the tree that is in the midst of the Garden, God hath said, ye shall not eat of it, neither shall touch it lest ye die. And the Serpent said unto the woman, ye shall not surely die."

            Eve was seduced, but this is a parable. Eve was not a human woman in a Garden with a tree like the one outside my window, with a snake crawling up and down it. This is a parable.

            Something spiritual happened, and that is described in the Song of Solomon 5:-2-4. "I sleep but my heart waketh. It is the voice of my beloved that knocketh saying, Open to me my sister, my love, my dove, my undefiled, for my head is filled with dew, and my locks with the drops of the night. I have put off my coat. How shall I put it on? I have washed my feet, how shall I defile them? My beloved put in his hand by the hole of the door, and my bowels were moved for him."

            Well, I did a word-by-word study of these few Scriptures, and this is what we got. I am going to run down quickly with some of these. You see when the King James translators translated the Hebrew, they had no spiritual knowledge at all so they made the only sense that they could make out of it.

            We could only translate things in accordance with the knowledge that we have. That is why you cannot be a translator of a detailed chemical treatise. If you do not know what they are talking about, how can you translate it into another language? So the King James translators, they did the best that they could. Many of these spiritual truths are deeply hidden because they did not have any idea of what God was really saying. I am sure most of you know that if you look up a word in Webster's Dictionary, you may find up to fifteen definitions of one word. So these translators did not have the spiritual truth when they translated the Scripture, so their translation took on the form of a parable. Praise God! The truth is still available to us the Spirit of Revelation. Praise God!

            What I would like to do is to quickly read down some of the alternate definitions of some of these words. Then I am going to reread these two verses to you, as God gave them to me.

            First of all it says, "I sleep but my heart waketh," and that shows the separation right there. We know that God put Adam to sleep. There is no indication anywhere in the Scripture that he has been awakened. We just know in the New Testament that Paul says, "Awake to righteousness." Awake to righteousness, so everyone that has not yet received the righteousness of Jesus Christ in its fullness is still either sleeping or partially sleeping. Until we know the whole truth, we are at least partially asleep.

            See, she says, "I sleep, but my heart awaketh." Well, who is her heart? Some part of her awakened, even though she was still sleeping.

            The word "coat" is a covering which is usually woven linen. We know that linen is the righteousness of the saints. He said, "I have taken off my coat." Something within her took off his righteous covering. He says, "I put off my coat." The words "to put off" means to enlarge oneself, to rush upon, to attack, to strip someone of anything (to strip someone of his righteousness). It can mean to skin somebody. The Serpent rose up out of his place illegally and against the specific expressed will of God, and he approached the fertile spirit of the creation to seduce her.

            Now remember, she is innocent, she is virginal, she is not capable of protecting herself. Her protector is Adam’s earthen mind which has received the instruction of the Law. Where is Adam? He is sleeping. The Serpent says, "I have washed myself," and the indication of that is, "I have declared myself innocent." To wash is to make clean. "I have risen up out of my place. I have stripped off the righteousness of the Law, but I say I am okay, I say I am clean." That is what fallen man who is formed in Satan’s nature  says today. Fallen man says that he is innocent because he does not understand the spiritual truth of his condition, which is only now being revealed to our fallen world. The only message that has gone out to the world is,  "you are a sinner, and you are no good, and repent or you are going to hell." That is not the gospel of Jesus Christ.

            The Serpent says, "I have risen up, I have stripped off the righteousness of the Law, but nevertheless I say I am clean." Jesus said that your own righteousness is as filthy rags. You cannot keep your own soul alive, you cannot do it.

            He talks about the dew of his locks, and that refers to a spiritual covering. We know that the original Garden, which was the earthen mind of the original creation, was covered with the dew of God, the Spirit of God. The Serpent now brings forth his own spirit, he is imitating God on every level, he comes forth in his own spirit.

            The "locks of his hair," when I studied that in the Hebrew, I found out that the locks of his hair referred to harvest, fruit that has been harvested, the Serpent harvested Adam’s Godly fruit, even Adam’s earthen mind, which was righteous because of the Law. That righteous mind was broken off from Adam as the Serpent prepared to join with the spirit of Adam’s righteous mind, and generate the Serpent’s unclean, lawless mind within Adam, the living soul. Now there is a very sexual connotation here. The Serpent has prepared to fertilize the reproductive parts of Adam’s earthen mind, That is what it means. And the Serpent talks about dew drops again, but this is the Serpent’s own lawless spirit. This is no longer God's spirit, and this is from the night.

            In verse 2, it says, "For my head is filled with dew, and my locks with the drops of the night." The spirit of the night is not the spirit of light. God is the Spirit of light. This is the spirit of darkness. There is a Spirit of light, and there is a spirit of darkness. The lawlessness nature of the earth had risen up and taken independent form. The Serpent had been created to be an element of the creation which had the specific function of giving the creation form. The Serpent was never created to rise up as an individual entity and do anything of himself, least of all take on the role of God, as the male spirit that would fertilize the spirit of Adam’s earthen mind to produce the mind of the Serpent’s Spirit, even the carnal mind of fallen Adam’s dead soul. "He has broken his bands asunder," he has risen up, he has taken the place of God, and he is boldly prepared to fertilize the unprotected innocent part of the creation, which was supposed to be waiting, a virgin for God.

            He also says, "I am not dirty, how could I be defiled? He says, I have washed my feet, I have made myself clean. How could I be defiled?" He is just lying to her left and right.

            Then it says....we are up to Verse 4, "My beloved put his hand by the hole of the door. Now this word, "put his hand," well first of all, "of the door," is not in the original Hebrew. The King James translators added that in because they could not make any sense out of this at all. The word "hole" merely means "open place." She was just wide open, waiting to be fertilized. That is all that it means. When it says, "He put his hand in," okay, if any of you want to check this out, I used two lexicons. I used Strong's, and I also used Gesenius, and if any of you want more information try this:

            Gesenius says that "to put the hand," is an idiom of the Hebrew. This expression "to put the hand," in the Hebrew, can be translated in many instances to mean sexual intercourse. He seduced her and he moved in on her. The word "open" here means power, direction, the hand being the seat of power, strength, force. He just took her illegally. And where was Adam?  Sleeping. Something went wrong somewhere.

            I would like to read those two verses to you in accordance with these two translations. "I sleep but the dark side of my nature, my passions, have risen up." She was deceived, she thought it was God saying “open to me, my sister my dove." Now there is the dead give-away. If it was God, he would have never called her his sister. But the dark side of the nature of the earth is a brother to Adam’s earthen mind which was birthed from the union of the dust of the earth and Jehovah’s breath of life, They spirit of Adam’s earthen mind and the lawlessness in the earth are truly are sister and brother. They are both a part of the same living soul, they are part of the creation.

            You see, he said to her, "Open to me my sister my love, my dove, my undefiled." She is still a virgin. "For my head is filled with dew," and that word "head" means his strength. In the Old Testament, a prophecy from Jacob towards Reuben is, "You were the firs born of my reproductive strength." That is the meaning here, although it is not the same word, because the Scripture just quoted is talking about the physical reproduction of physical human beings.

            Here we are talking about spiritual reproduction. So it is a different word, but it is the same word that is used to describe the river coming out of Eden that breaks into four different rivers. This is the Serpent’s spiritual strength, the first time that he is getting ready to reproduce, so the Serpent is coming at the spirit of Adam’s earthen mind with everything that he has. The Serpent wants to fertilize the spirit of Adam’s earthen mind, the Serpent wants to take the Garden of God, Adam’s earthen mind, and raise a people in the Serpent’s own likeness and in the Serpent’s own image. The Serpent is literally trying to steal the creation of God. "And my head is filled with dew." That is the Serpent’s ungodly spiritual power. "And my locks with the drops of the night." He is prepared to fertilize the spirit of Adam’s earthen mind with the spirit of darkness. "I have put off my coat, I have put off the righteousness of God."

            Only Jesus Christ can make us righteous again. Once we have lost it, there is no way back up to our first estate, but by the Spirit of God. "I have washed my feet, how shall I be dirty? How can I dirty them? I am okay. My beloved made love to her and my bowels were moved for him." The spirit of Adam’s earthen mind responded. So she was not raped, she was seduced. She responded. She, therefore, received of the Serpent’s guilt. The virginal spirit of Adam’s earthen mind married the Serpent instead of God.

            We are told in Genesis 5:3 that Adam begat in his own likeness, and in his own image. Every human being on the face of the earth today is in the likeness and in the image of fallen Adam, and, therefore, we are guilty of his sin. We are told in the New Testament that we have not sinned in the similitude of Adam, in that Adam had the power to prevent all the human suffering that we see in the human race today, but he fell down on the job. So we have not sinned in the same way that Adam did, because we are already fallen, but we sin in a similar way to the sin of  fallen Adam, in that we continue to sin simply because we do not have the power to stop doing it. Righteous Adam had a choice. Fallen Adam and his descendants, which we are, do not have a choice.

            And we are told in I Corinthians 15, that "By one man death came into the world." Okay, through sin we all died. The judgment for sin is death, and we are all dying because Adam failed to protect the creation of God from spiritual incest, as he was told to do. Two parts of the earthen creation fornicated, that is spiritual incest.

            Everybody on the face of the earth is under a curse of incest. Some people get all up tight when I talk about curses, but I try to stay positive. The Scripture says that we are under the curse of the law. All of these curses are on us, but in Christ Jesus we have deliverance. Do not look at the curse, and do not look at the demons, okay? No one is saying that you are evil, or that you are terrible, or that you are this, or that you are that. We were born into this condition. We are victims. Jesus Christ has come to deliver us from all of these things.

            Let us get it straight in our head. There is no need to defend ourselves against the truth of our spiritual condition. "I do not have a demon, I do not have a curse." Yes, you do, but that does not mean that you are terrible. We were born with it. We were shapen in iniquity and born in sin (Ps. 51:5). We are victims, and Jesus Christ has come to save us. You know, for years I would hear, "Jesus Christ saves." Well, what is he saving us from? This is what he is saving us from. If you think you are okay now, it gets worse with every generation. Think about your children, think about your grandchildren. Jesus Christ has come to save us from this mess.

            Getting back to Hebrew.4:12, which was our opening text. For those of us who are in Christ Jesus, we are all joined together here. We are stuck together with the sin, with the incest, with the curses, with everything. How is Jesus going to get us out of this? He is going to separate all these aspects of ourselves. He is going to separate the spirit and put it over here, and he is going to separate the mind of the soul and put it over here, and he is going to separate the animal life, and put it over here.

            The way it is right now is, this is the order of the animal life ruled by Satan. He is the prince of this world, he is the prince of darkness, all power is given to him except for those who are in Christ Jesus. He has power over everyone on the face of this earth. He is The evil of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. He produces evil. There are people that do good works, but, for their own purposes. This is Leviathan, the good side of the Tree. Satan permits them to do good works, but he rules this world except for those who are in Christ Jesus. So this is the order of the unsaved man: The two sides of darkness (good [pride of leviathan] and evil [Satan]), which is fallen Adam’s carnal mind that was birthed from the union of the spirit of Adam’s righteous earthen mind and the Spirit of the Serpent, and Behemoth, the lust of the earthen soul/personality (flesh),  The spirit is down here at the bottom. She is victimized. She is the harlot that rides the beast in Revelation. Who is the beast? The beast is the bestial soul that came into existence when the living soul died. The beast is fallen humanity. The harlot, the spirit of fallen Adam’s mind is filled with all of the filthiness of the world. She has produced the evil fruit of the carnal mind.

            God has created one living soul that died. We are all cells of the body of Adam, the creation of God. So nobody can say, "I am okay, I am not like that one over there", because if you have one cancerous cell in your body, honey you have cancer! That is who Eve is. She is the harlot of Revelation riding on the beast who is fallen Adam, who is completely devastated. Satan is now the ruling spirit. Now, all the parts of the creation are all joined together, they are fused together, they cleave together in the wrong moral order. When Jesus Christ comes, He comes with his sword and He cuts the parts asunder, and He is going to rearrange them, and the Mind of God’s Spirit is going to be on top.

            That is what Jesus Christ is doing today. He is chopping everything apart, and he is putting everything back together in the right moral order, and when Jesus Christ rules, righteousness will come forth from the earthen part of the creation.

            We will have power over our thoughts, we will stop sinning in our mind, and we will stop dying. This is the gospel of the kingdom. Glory to God! Hallelujah! Nobody is burning in hell forever. Jesus has come to save us. We are in hell now, and he is coming to get us out. So let us stop fighting Him, and stop saying, "I do not have this, and I do not have that," and let Him do the work and clean us up. Glory to God! We will have the fruits of the Spirit, peace, joy, and righteousness in the Holy Ghost. The kingdom of God will be established in us, and we will no longer be victims of sin. Hallelujah! Any questions? I know this is a radical teaching.

            COMMENT: I do believe that we have demons, and I do believe, to a certain extent, everything is not a demon, that a lot of it is our flesh. There is a time to cast out, and there is a time to die to the flesh. Paul gives a certain commandment, things to do. I am a bit confused at the way the Church handles it today because there seems like there is just so much casting out, casting out, casting out, and it just leaves the person with no responsibility whatsoever. I think that a lot of darkness comes into that area because if you think that everything is a demon, then you are totally evading a whole issue, a whole issue of life that you need to walk in.

            PASTOR VITALE: You are right, I do not believe that everything is a demon. I believe that the heart of man is desperately wicked (Jerm. 17:9), and sometimes a particular form of wickedness is produced in excess within us to the point that we lose control over it. In that case, the demon has to be cast out. It has been my personal experience that a lot of deliverance does not take the impulse to sin out of my mind, but it has given me power over those impulses.  You see, the thought of sin comes from our sin nature, but the impulse, the drive to sin, can be a demon.

            COMMENT: Power over the unclean spirit?

            PASTOR VITALE: It is not over the unclean spirit because the thought of sin is in the heart of man. You see we are still the natural man. We are not Christ yet. There are two men in here. When Christ Jesus comes to live within us, we now become two men. There is a war going on in here. The natural man is evil, he has evil thoughts, but if I reject those evil thoughts there is no spiritual fornication, and there is no demon. Now, because Christ Jesus is joined to my spirit, my soul (personality) is now strengthened in Christ. The soul (personality) is the element of the creation that is being saved. It is the spirit of the carnal mind that is now rising up, and saying to the lawless aspect of the earthen soul that has victimized her for centuries, "You are not going to rape me anymore."

            We will not be completely righteous until the Spirit of God in us brings the creation, as it exists in the earth, into perfect order, Spirit of God, Mind of the Spirit, soul (personality), Mind of the Soul (carnal mind), Satan. When Jesus brings the creation into order, the Scriptures tells us that victory will swallow up death. Satan is going to be consumed by the Spirit of God, and when that happens, there will be no more evil thoughts. We are up against a monstrous foe, but in Christ Jesus we can do it. Satan has been ruling men and destroying them for centuries. He is very powerful.

            COMMENT: So there is nothing that we should fear?

            PASTOR VITALE:Absolutely not, because God is more powerful than Satan is. So this is the process. Jesus Christ comes in, and he is separating our soul (personality) and the spirit of our mind from Satan. He is strengthening our spirit and casting down the wicked fruit of the carnal mind that has been produced from the incestuous relationship of the spirit of our mind and the Serpent, and then he is going to swallow up Satan so that he cannot even impulse evil thoughts into us anymore.

            I do not know exactly where it is going to happen, but we know that when Jesus Christ was tempted for forty days, that is what he was going through. He was water baptized, and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind that He received from His mother rose up and said to him, "I will give you all the kingdoms of the world, if you will worship me," that is, if you will carry out my thoughts and ignore the thoughts of the Mind of Christ, but Jesus said, "I do not want them. I want the kingdom of God, get thee behind me Satan." Jesus did not fornicate with Satan.

            COMMENT:All that God has commanded us to do in the New Testament, he has given us power to do. He has not commanded us to do anything that we are not able or capable of doing. When we do those things, what we do is we line ourselves up with the will of God, and then that is how he brings about the victory over the enemy?

            PASTOR VITALE:Right, and if there are demons that have to come out, they have to come out.

            COMMENT: I am thinking about David, he separated Goliath's head from his body.

            PASTOR VITALE: Amen, and also it says in, I think the book of Ezra, when the Hebrew children were in captivity in Babylon, the Hebrew men married the Babylonian women, and when God raised up Ezra to take them out of Babylon, and go back to Jerusalem, and rebuild the temple (now, remember everything that happened in the natural is now happening in the spiritual), if they wanted to go on with God, if these men wanted to go on with God, the priests told them that they had to leave their pagan wives behind, and they had to leave their children that were born of their pagan wives, and the men did it.

            They left their wives, and they left their children, and they returned to God. The children in this account represent the demons, the illegal offspring of our mind, and the wife that we are leaving is the carnal mind, which Jesus is cleansing because he is going to marry the spirit of our carnal mind. Yes?

            COMMENT: Is sin the same as the evil fruit?

            PASTOR VITALE: No I do not believe so. The Bible talks about sin, and the Bible talks about iniquity. Sin is the act which breaks God's law. Iniquity is the fruit or the offspring that is produced as a result of that act. If I get a thought in my mind, "Oh, it sounds wonderful to murder somebody, that really does not sound bad at all,"  I produce a spirit of murder. Okay, entertaining the thought, receiving the thought is the sin, and the evil spirit is the fruit or the iniquity that is birthed as a result of it.

            When Paul says, "Gird up the loins of your mind," he is not saying that these thoughts are going to stop coming. That is not going to happen until death is swallowed up. What he is saying is, "Do not receive it," and if you cannot resist it, if you are weak in this area, we always have the possibility to cry out to Jesus. "Lord I am being tempted, and I cannot resist, have mercy on me." He will not fail you.

            What is supposed to be happening to us at this point once we have received Christ, is that we are supposed to be in the process of having the curses that go back generations, broken on us. We are supposed to be having the evil fruit that has been birthed in us, and that has been passed on to us through previous generations, cast out, and we are supposed to be guarding our spiritual fertile parts, so that we do not produce anymore evil fruit.

            However, if we do not make it, and if we do entertain a thought and we do sin, and evil fruit is produced. Jesus is right there with deliverance to cast it out. You know He is faithful. If we just confess, "Well Lord, I did not make it." You have to get deliverance.

            COMMENT:I had another question. When you were speaking about the Garden and that Adam was made to keep it, were you saying that he was the keeper of our souls or the keeper of our spirit?

            PASTOR VITALE: He was the keeper of the spirit of the mind, the fertile parts of the creation. He was the conscience of the creation, the living soul. The Law of God was imparted to him, but he did not have his own power. He had the letter of the Law. We know the letter killeth, right? But the Spirit of God maketh alive.

            COMMENT: One more question, would you say that we actually in our lifetime live this Bible from Old to New to the very end?

            PASTOR VITALE: I am not sure what you mean.

            COMMENT:: Before we come to a knowledge of Christ, do we live in the Old Testament and live under the law? I mean, we live under the law. What I am saying is that sometimes, spiritually, things that are happening to me now, I can relate back to the Old Testament, even though it is like a type and a shadow. I was reading about Jonah when he was in the belly of the whale for three days and three nights, and I was also reading somewhere in Revelation about the three prophets that laid on the earth, I mean the two prophets. It is almost like the Lord was trying to connect something to me with the Old and the New.

            PASTOR VITALE: Yes, well God had given this other sister a revelation a while ago that this Bible is constantly being played out. That, you know, the principles, that what God has to say to us, the message of God to man is so simple, but it is like saying to a child in kindergarten, "You know, physics is so simple." You know, when you are up there you have learned the whole thing. It takes us so long to understand the whole thing because we are spiritual children. Once we get to a place in God where we can really understand what He is saying to us, it is so simple sister. It is like ABC.

            These things are being constantly played out in everybody's lifetime over and over, and this basic spiritual principle of what happened, the fall of man, the illegal fertilization of the spirit, it is constantly being played out. The seduction of the innocent, it is constantly being played out in the Scriptures and in our lives.

            COMMENT: Do you really believe we can break these curses, these family line curses on ourselves?

            PASTOR VITALE: No, we cannot do anything of ourselves. I believe that it is the work of Jesus Christ to deliver us from the curse of the law, and from the sin of death, and to bring us into the image of the Son . If we throw ourselves on His mercy and say, "Lord, I want it," He is going to do it. But it is in His time, and that is why I believe when it comes to deliverance that there is so much failure. A lot of people get disillusioned.

            Well, I went to a deliverance church for five years. I got a lot of deliverance. It saved my life. But when someone says, "Alright come up and we are going to deliver you from witchcraft." And they rebuke it and nothing happens, the people lose confidence. They get upset and they say, "Well, something is wrong." You know, because we cannot do it ourselves. What we have to do is say to the Lord, "Well Lord, you have revealed to me that I have witchcraft. You have revealed to me that I have this problem, and I hate it, I want deliverance from it," and you seek God for deliverance from it. Then in his time, he will anoint somebody to break the curse, to cast out the spirit, to do the healing.

            I think one of the biggest problems in deliverance as it was taught to us, is that man wants the glory. I was there, I did the same thing. I said, "Oh, come on sit down, and I am going to cast it out of you." But you cannot, if God does not give you the power.

            If God says, and my greatest example, I love this example, is when I came to the Lord when I was dying. I was literally physically about to die. I had phlebitis, my feet were swollen up like this, I had all kinds of things wrong with me, and I went up on the prayer line, I was very bold, I was desperate. They had a prayer line for something, and I remember this minister was there, and he comes over to me and says, "You want the Holy Ghost?" Or something like that, and I said, "No, I am dying I need prayer," and he prayed for me. He broke the curse right then and there.

            I was up there for the completely wrong thing you know. what I am trying to say is that when God started to work on me, the first thing that he healed me of was allergies. I said, "Lord, you have got to be kidding, I am dying, this is wrong with me, that is wrong with me, I am ready to drop dead tomorrow, and you are healing me from allergies?" But that is how he did it. Every time I went up on that prayer line, every time there was deliverance I went up there, and God told me, "Tonight, you are getting deliverance from this, tonight you are getting deliverance from that." And every time I went up there, I got deliverance.

            I never went up there that I did not get deliverance, because I said everyday, "Lord, what do you want me delivered from tonight? I have to get out of this trouble that I am in. What is the next thing to go?" I never went up on that prayer line that I failed to get deliverance, because God is faithful, you see.

            " We had some people come into the church. The woman had a severe case of multiple sclerosis. She came in with her husband, and they had decided that it was a strongman of multiple sclerosis. She could not walk. Her husband had to support her into the church, and they decided that it was a strongman of multiple sclerosis.

            Several of the more mature believers of the church started to gather around to try to cast it out, and God spoke to every one of them that tried to cast it out. "This multiple sclerosis is not going until this goes first, and that goes first, and that goes first." She was bitter, and she hated her husband, and she was using her illness to torment him. There were all kinds of horrible stuff going on in their personality.

            We tried to tell them, and every time God would try to manifest in one of the workers, the husband would rise up and say, "I am the priest of this family, she is my wife. I want you to pray against the strongman of multiple sclerosis." Now, I know at one point I stood up and said, "Brother, I cannot help you." Then, every one else eventually did the same thing, and they left the church and were not delivered.

            The sin, the death that reigns in our body, it is a direct result of the sin that reigns in our mind. When someone is so far gone that they are really dying, the only hope for them is God.... God is sovereign, He can do anything, you know. He can heal you, and you can live another thirty years. His Word to me, in this hour, is that he is requiring our soul (personality) to be cleansed. Twenty, thirty, forty years ago when all the great evangelists were around, it was very common to see people jumping up out of wheelchairs, retarded people healed, blind people healed, deaf people healed, and a lot of people in the church today are saying, "Well, why are these miracles not happening anymore?" Because when God did that, He did it as a demonstration of His power because we do not understand spiritual things, so He has to show us in the natural.

            He says, "Look, I have the power to do this, but not now. If you want to get up out of the wheelchair, and if you want to beat death, and if you want to beat multiple sclerosis, I am sorry you have to stop hating your husband, and if you cannot do it, you have to get delivered. You have to stop punishing him with your disease, and if you cannot repent, I will do it for you, but I am not going to heal you while your mind is filled with hate that you have not repented of." Well, now Jesus still does it, He still does it because there are spiritual children of all ages, and there are people....I mean, who am I to say that God will not take pity on this person in the wheelchair? I cannot say that, but God is doing something different today.

            The move of God today is hidden. A lot of people are depressed that have been saved for years because, in their mind, they do not see any power in the Church. People are still sick. Well the reason why people are still sick is that the preachers are not preaching deliverance. You have to get your heart right with God, and the only way you can get your heart right with God is to get deliverance. You must get deliverance.

              Just recently, I came home and told this sister I was praying for deliverance from an overweight problem, my constant eating all the things I should not eat, and it has developed into physical problems. I have to pray about this right? I said, "Well Lord, you have to do something with the food, because I cannot stop eating the things I am not supposed to eat. I have a real problem with this." He said, "I will, but I have other things that I have to fix before I can stop that." I heard it like clear as a bell. I said, "Well, no wonder, I am beating my head up against a wall here with guilt, and condemnation because I cannot stop doing something that I am trying to stop doing, and all the while there is something else. I cannot wait til he reveals what it is." He has not revealed it to me, and until I find out what it is so I can say, "God I want to come before you, and I want to repent of this, so you can deliver me." I know that when I do that, when he reveals it to me, and when I do that, it is going to be a completed fact that all the other things....well again, his word says, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God...." so I am seeking first what he wants from me, what he is going to fix, and all these other things will be added unto me. So all the things that I have in my brain that are saying, "This is wrong and that is wrong," he is going to fix all that, but first I have to seek him about what he thinks is wrong.

            PASTOR VITALE:Yes, what does he want to do first?

            COMMENT: What about the witches covens and things like that, do you think we can break them?

            PASTOR VITALE: Well, I look at it this way sister. You know I do not have all the answers, God only knows. You do the best you can. What I have been doing, what God has shown me to do, well when it comes to something like that, I would just break it. If it breaks, it breaks. If it does not, it does not, you know.

            Basically, what God has shown me to do, is to come before Him. We are going to pray if anyone wants prayer, and I just put the person before God, and I ask him to anoint me to pray because I believe if I pray out of my own heart I really have no power to do anything. What I do is, I intercede and I say, "Lord you know witches covens have been praying curses on these people," or whatever the problem is, and most of the time the anointing comes down on me, and it is broken under the power of God.

            You see, that is how I pray 99% of the time. I petition the Lord. If He anoints me, fine, if he does not, I do the best I can, and I do not know why. Most of the time he anoints me, and you know that when you break these curses, or when you pray under the anointing, it is done. There is no question about it, there is no failure in God.

            COMMENT: Do you feel it is fruitless to break curses coming at churches and things like that?

            PASTOR VITALE: No, you know, do it. I do not have all the answers, sister. If you feel in your heart to do it, you do it, you know. If you believe in accordance with God's Word, it comes to pass. I mean I wish I could believe for a Cadillac, but I do not see it outside the door. No, you have to pray according to God's will, and then it comes to pass.

            You know the big problem is, how do we know what His will is? That is the problem. It is important today, I believe, that each individual should seek His Will personally.

            COMMENT::Yes, you see somebody on the street, and they are in a terrible condition, how do you know what God's will is for that person, I mean, really?

            PASTOR VITALE:There are certain things that I know what His will is. I will pray for mercy for anybody, but the problem is how do I know how the mercy of God is going to manifest in that person's life? Now, we know that the love of God is a two-edged sword, and if you are out there and you are doing something that is going to destroy you, the mercy of God is to chasten you. He will chasten you, and sometimes when the Lord chastens you, he chastens you severely.

            You can say, I pray for the mercy of God, and that person can wind up in the hospital. You say, "What did I do? That is the mercy of God. He stopped him from committing suicide, he is in the hospital being taken care of. See, a lot of people get all upset when they hear that they have demons. They get all upset because they translate it to mean that they are bad, or that they are evil, or there is something terrible on their family line, which is true, but this is true of everybody.

            You see, demons are a part of the natural man. They do not understand when they say, "How can the Holy Ghost live in the same house with a demon?" They do not understand that when the Holy Ghost entered into their heart the demons were already there, because the natural man has many demons, which are the product of their carnal mind. The question is, how can the Holy Ghost stand all those demons? If the Holy Ghost is there, how can a demon come in? The demons are there first. The Holy Ghost comes in and he starts kicking them out.

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