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Praise the Lord! Our text for tonight is Ezekiel 13:17-23.

Ezekiel 13:17-23

17 Likewise, thou son of man, set thy face against the daughters of thy people, which prophesy out of their own heart; and prophesy thou against them,

18 And say, Thus saith the Lord God; Woe to the women that sew pillows to all armholes, and make kerchiefs upon the head of every stature to hunt souls! Will ye hunt the souls of my people, and will ye save the souls alive that come unto you?

19 And will ye pollute me among my people for handfuls of barley and for pieces of bread, to slay the souls that should not die, and to save the souls alive that should not live, by your lying to my people that hear your lies?

20 Wherefore thus saith the Lord God; Behold, I am against your pillows, wherewith ye there hunt the souls to make them fly, and I will tear them from your arms, and will let the souls go, even the souls that ye hunt to make them fly.

21 Your kerchiefs also will I tear, and deliver my people out of your hand, and they shall be no more in your hand to be hunted; and ye shall know that I am the Lord.

22 Because with lies ye have made the heart of the righteous sad, whom I have not made sad; and strengthened the hands of the wicked, that he should not return from his wicked way, by promising him life:

23 Therefore ye shall see no more vanity, nor divine divinations: for I will deliver my people out of your hand: and ye shall know that I am the Lord.

            Hallelujah! These are the verses that the Lord had me do a word-by- word study on today. Bear in mind that the Lord is speaking to the prophets of Israel, and he is saying to them, "Thus saith the Lord, Woe unto the women...." and we all know that man in relation to God is female, so male and female, all human beings, prophets, prophetesses, if they are human, are female in relation to God.

            What God is really saying is, "Woe unto the human beings who sew pillows to all armholes, or who sew coverings to the joints of the hand specifically, the forearm. Woe unto the humans that bind up the spiritual strength of God's people and make kerchiefs upon the head of every stature which cover over like a scab."

            That word kerchief means scab, specifically a scab over the head of everyone who is lifted up in pride. "Woe unto the prophets that weaken my people and hide the fact that Israel is lifted up in pride so that they might hunt her soul and eat it for bread." They tried to steal the souls of God's people for handfuls of barley, for money, or for filthy lucre, so that they can get the souls that are alive to die spiritually and become their slaves.

            When you dwell with God spiritually, you have life and you're no man's slave. When you depart from God spiritually, you come out from under his protection and die spiritually, and you're fair game for any witchcraft worker to make you his spiritual prisoner. Without the protection of the Lord, you become slaves of those working witchcraft against you. In this Scripture, God is rebuking the prophets of Israel for telling them lies that will make them sin. God knows that sin results in separation from him, and that when his people separate from him, they become victims of the ungodly spiritual powers which operate in false prophets.

            God is warning that these false prophets do not care whether or not they cause God's people to die. All they want is to exercise authority over God's people for their own selfish purposes, and they will do anything necessary to bring them into submission, even if it means their spiritual death.

            This is what is going on in the church world today. By and large, the preachers deny deliverance for Christians. They stand up in the pulpits and tell people that they have to overcome by their own will power, which is impossible, that the promises in the Bible have already been accomplished, that they are going to fly away to a place where they will live in a mansion with streets of gold, where everything will be wonderful, and, in the meantime, Christians are falling away everywhere.

            I happen to think that the preacher whose name is all over the newspapers these days is a man of God. I think he is committed to the Lord, but he does not believe in the deliverance. Well, the Scriptures tell us very clearly that if we don't get rid of the heathen or the demon that is within us, he'll be a thorn in our side and briers in our eyes. Something ungodly was on the inside of that man of God, but he refused deliverance. Why? Because he believes a Christian cannot have a demon, and God permitted that demon to manifest so that all, with eyes to see would know that his teachings were not true. He had a demon himself.

            The only answer to overcoming ungodliness in ourselves is that we have to cast it out and replace it with the life of Jesus Christ, because we're saved by his life. Salvation is a simultaneous process which imparts the life of Christ and casts out the ungodliness which is the inherent, spiritual condition of fallen man.

            Tonight, God is going to reveal the true witchcraft. Everybody has heard about witchcraft, and we usually think about witches as wearing black pointed hats and chanting incantations, but God's not really worried about those witches, everybody knows about them. They're out in the open, they're not hidden so they really cannot hurt God's people very much, but the witchcraft in the church, that can hurt God's people. The witchcraft that is dangerous is right in the church.

            Before we go any further, I have a few definitions for you. Divination, enchantment, and astrology, seek to predict the future. Divination uses an external object, drawing lots for example. Enchantment uses psychic power in the enchanters mind, and astrology uses the sun, moon, and stars. One point that the Lord asked me to be sure to make tonight is that spiritual is spiritual. What I am saying is that whether spiritual manifestations come forth from the spirit of witchcraft of the spirit of God, they can appear to be the same.

            When Jesus said, "If it were possible the very elect would be deceived." He meant that witches will be doing healing and deliverance just like the sons of God, and the only difference will be the spirit that is supplying the power. That is why we have to ask Jesus about every spiritual manifestation we see and hear. Witches do not necessarily do evil works. They can do good works. What makes them a witch is the source of their power, and that they want the glory for themselves.

            We are talking tonight about witches that are stealing the glory from God. They are praying deliverance, they are speaking in tongues, they are prophesying, and they are in the churches. We do not really care about the witches covens out there. We can see them for what they are and call upon the Lord to deliver us. It is the witches in the churches that are a danger to us because they are trying to steal the spiritual life of Christ that is coming forth in each and every one of us.

            The life of Jesus Christ is supposed to be appearing in each of us. It is supposed to be manifesting through our souls, but, in many instances, the spirit appearing in our thoughts, words, and deeds is an illegal, ungodly spirit.

            Every spirit is not of God, brethren, so try the spirit. That means the spirit in your own mind, to make sure it is of God. This answers a question that was brought up earlier tonight about whether people practicing other religions can be saved. Brethren, there is no name or spirit by which man can be saved but the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ. Other religions can help its followers to lead moral lives which will reap many benefits in this lifetime, but only the Spirit of Jesus Christ can give us eternal life.

            Men cannot be saved through other religions because the spirit ruling in that religion, although it may have the power to impart a surface morality in this lifetime, cannot give men eternal life. It is another spirit. It may look like Jesus Christ, it may act like Jesus Christ, it may even do some of the same works that Jesus does, but if it is not his Spirit, so the good works won't reap eternal life. We are not saved by works but by the grace of God which imparts his Spirit to us. There is no other name or spirit by which man can be saved except that of Jesus Christ.

            When the Scripture talks about sorcerers, diviners, dreamers, spirits of witches, they are basically talking about different manifestations of the same illegal spiritual power. The word translated "enchanter," for example, is a general word which describes different activities of the witches. They might read cards, for example, or they could prophesy to you. Anyone who exercises spiritual power that is not by the Spirit of God is an enchanter.

            We find the Hebrew word to describe witchcraft power in the Book of Exodus, where the witches of Egypt are opposing Moses and imitating everything he does. We know the Egyptians manifested spiritual power as well as Moses, so this is an excellent example that all the spiritual power in the world is not necessarily the power of God.

            Where does this illegal spiritual power come from? It comes, brethren, from the unconscious mind of fallen man. That is you and me. Some men know about it and some men don't.

            This may shock you, brethren, but what I am suggesting to you is that the mind or the soul of fallen man is the witch, and that man's unconscious mind is the Serpent, even Satan himself. There's a controversial Scripture in the book of Isaiah that describes the Lord surrounded by the Seraphim. If you study the word Seraphim in the Hebrew you'll find out that they are flying serpents.

            When I was in this study today, I read in Thayer's Greek Lexicon that it is utterly, now this is Thayer's opinion, that is it is utterly incredible and incongruous to think that the throne of God is surrounded by serpents (Is. 6:2). But we know here tonight, that the ultimate will of God is to live within his people, and to rule from deep within the earth of their souls. He is going to rule from within our hearts, brethren, and when that happens, he will be surrounded by spiritual serpents, even mankind. The serpents are flying because they've been redeemed and elevated to the spiritual realm of God, where they are dwelling with him and serving him for the life of the ages.

            The unconscious part of our own carnal mind is the present day manifestation of the Serpent, brethren, glory to God, and when he gets into our conscious mind, we are full manifestations of him. Glory to God. And for those members of the human race who have nothing to do with Christ, they have no choice. They are manifestations of either the good or evil side of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind of mortal man, at every moment of their life, because the Serpent is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. We see that the best that the natural man, who is fallen Adam, can hope for, is to be “good,” in which spiritual condition, he continues to die. Fallen Adam’s only hope of overcoming death, is to be clothed with the righteous nature of Jesus Christ.

            Also, in Mark 16:16, where the great commission is given to heal the sick, speak in tongues, and cast out demons, the Scripture says, "And you shall take up serpents." The word translated "take up" is the Greek word "ario." The same word described Jesus' ascension in the Book of Acts, and Jesus went up in the sight of all who were watching him. He went up into the heavenlies. The Greek word is "airo." When Jesus said to the apostles, "You shall take up serpents," he meant that they would have the power to reach down into the low spiritual realm where the natural man, the fallen Adam, dwells and raise them up into the heavenlies by imparting the spirit of God to them. We shall be redeemed serpents. That is a pretty rough word, brethren, but it is the truth. It is in the Bible.

            There is yet another Scripture that says, "And dust shall be the Serpent's meat" (Is. 65:25). Our souls are made of dust, and Satan, the unconscious part of our own carnal mind and the spirit that rules the living soul that died, is the present day manifestation of the Serpent within us. We know that when men eat the flesh of cattle, the cattle disappear and what happens to their flesh? It appears on the bones of the men that eat it. Well the spiritual connotation of this, or the spiritual connotation of the Serpent eating the dust which typifies our soul, is that when we sin the Serpent eats or becomes one with our soul, and our soul and our body become the personality and body that reveals the mind of the Serpent.

            Another Scripture that puzzled me for a long time talks about when King Herod was lifted up and cheered and did not give God the glory (Acts 12:21-23). The Scripture says he was eaten of worms. I wondered about that for years, and finally the Lord gave me an explanation, and this is what he told me. He told me that Herod was a spiritual man, who apparently had some measure of Christ, but when he received the praises that belonged to God, the Christ within him was eaten by the Fiery Serpent, the immortal worm (Mk. 9:44-48) within fallen Adam, which is the individual’s potential for spiritual regeneration (Matt. 19:28). Herod was not an Israelite, but he was of the stock of Esau, Abraham’s grandson, and, apparently, had a relationship with Jehovah. Does that surprise you? Remember that Cornelius (Act 10:22-31) was Italian, and Europe is the modern-day descendant of Edom.

            Now remember, the dust shall be the Serpent's meat. The Fiery Serpent, the mortal foundation of all human beings, is the dual being known as Cain and Abel. Abel is the dead Adam’s mortal remains and Cain is the earthen animal nature that Adam was attached to. Cain is called the Fiery Serpent when Abel is buried under Cain’s ground.

            One of the Scriptural symbols for the dead Abel is “the dust.” Cain began to consume the spiritual water of Christ within Herod when Herod sinned against God, and Christ dehydrated into Abel, the dust side of the Fiery Serpent, Herod's mortal soul (foundation), which was regenerated when Christ was formed in Herod, We see that the dead Abel is the dust that Cain, the Fiery Serpent consumes.

            Now the spiritual man is the salt of the earth. When we have Christ, his mind and the thoughts of his mind protect our soul (personality) from being corrupted by the thoughts of the carnal mind. When Herod lost the mind of Christ, he lost his spiritual protection against the demons, which are formed by the corrupting thoughts of the carnal mind. Christ was controlling the thoughts of Herod’s carnal mind, but when Herod agreed with the thoughts of his carnal mind and received the praises that belonged to God, Cain was able to eat up and destroy the spiritual life of Christ within Herod.

            Herod lost the thoughts of Christ, and he received the thoughts of the demons as his own, and his spiritual life with Christ was just eaten up, and he became a natural man, because if your mind is ruled by the thoughts of the demons you are a natural man. That is the condition of the man without Christ.

            The Scripture tells us that God made man in his image. One of the biggest misunderstandings in the Church today is the idea that man is already in God's image. Most of the Church does not understand that man is still being made and that, in this hour, he is a living soul that died, which is in the likeness of God, but not yet in God's image. He is a natural man, a fallen soul man, existing in an animal body. But those of us who have received the Spirit of God are in the process of being finished, even made into a spiritual man, both in the likeness and image of Almighty God. We are in the “likeness” of God because we are made out of His substance (Jn. 1:3). We will be in the “image” of God when we express His nature.

            Before the Spirit of God comes to us, our fallen soul (personality) rules our life without opposition. Our fallen soul is capable of great wickedness, and, depending on family line curses and the experiences that we have growing up, can produce various degrees of perverse behavior. Fallen man is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Sometimes good thoughts and behavior are revealed in him, and sometimes evil thoughts and behavior are revealed in him.

            Even the good ideas and behavior revealed in fallen man fall short of the Agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ. Every time fallen man does good, if you really square root his motives, you will find they are selfish. Whereas, God, who is selfless, pours himself out for man's benefit, without asking for anything in return.

            Man is going his own way and, for many men, things are going pretty well, but when the Spirit of God enters into a man's life, He wants to rule. Jesus has come to be our Savior, but what most men don't understand is that “to be our Savior” means to rule over us. Even though that ruling is in righteousness and mercy, he has still come to rule us. Glory to God. The Scripture says, "He came to his own people and they knew him not" (Jn. 1:11). They would not let him rule them.

            Today Jesus is amongst us in spirit form, entering into the hearts of individuals, and he wants our souls (personalities) to submit to Him. We appear to be one person, but there are two lives within each of us that have received the Spirit of God. There is the soul life of fallen Adam, and the spiritual life of Jesus Christ, and the two are at war, one with the other, over who will rule us. There are two men living inside of our mind and body, fallen Adam and Christ, and they are involved in the greatest power struggle the world has ever seen, or known. Until we are completely perfected, brethren, it is possible for Satan, the unconscious part of our carnal mind to get the upper hand at times, and we need to be wary lest that happen to us.

            We have to throw our will in line with the Spirit of God and join him in his warfare against Satan, the spirit that is ruling in our fallen Adamic soul. Our spirit and soul are being saved, but it is the spirit of the carnal mind (Eph. 4:23) of man that is being rejuvenated. That is, it is the spirit of man that is returning to, and becoming one with, the Spirit of God, from where he originally came. What this means to us is that when the joining is complete, our human spirit will be one with God's Spirit, and our conscious morals and ethics will be the same as Christ’s. Christ will rule the soul man and the soul man shall serve Christ, the spirit man, and the Spirit of God will be revealed through each individual's soul (personality), but we won't all be the same.

            Each of us will have an individual personality that Christ will be shining and manifesting through. We have to throw our will in line with the Spirit of God, brethren, believing that he can bring us to the point where Christ is manifesting in us 100% of the time, because when we flip and fallen Adam gets on top, we become a manifestation of Satan. At that very moment we are Satan, because Satan is the spirit that is rules in the living soul that died. If fallen Adam's thoughts are ruling through us, we know that Satan is behind everything that fallen Adam gives to us.

            Every preacher I have ever known has taught that God is omniscient, that He exists everywhere simultaneously, but that Satan is an individual who can only be in one place at a time, and therefore rules through his demons. But I really have to disagree with this statement about Satan. I believe that just as Christ is a spiritual body with many members, so is fallen Adam a spiritual body with many members. I also believe that Satan is the spirit who rules in the unconscious mind of the fallen Adam, and, therefore, for all intents and purposes, Satan and fallen Adam are one. Fallen Adam is the conscious mind, and Satan is the unconscious mind of God's fallen creation.

            Throughout the Scripture, God changes the names of people when their spiritual state of being changes. He changed Abram's name to Abraham when God caught him up. Sarai became Sarah, and I believe that when the living soul fell because iniquity was found in her, the Serpent, who was an unnamed element of the creation at that time, rose to a position or power.

            God only created one living soul, brethren, and he named him Adam, but when Adam fell and the Spirit of God departed from him, the Serpent rose to power and became the Devil and Satan (Rev. 20:2), the spirit ruling in the unconscious mind of the living soul that died. And because the spiritual condition of the living soul that died changed from innocence to sin, her name changed also. Her name changed from Adam, who was ruled by God, to Lucifer, or fallen Adam. Satan is the name of fallen Adam’s new ruling spirit, and Leviathan, Satan’s projection into the living soul that died, is fallen Adam’s new husband. Glory to God.

            All of mankind is one living soul that died. Just as there is one body of Christ, but many separate human vessels, we are also one living soul that died in many separate vessels. Satan is not an individual with horns, out there, who operates only by his demons. He is in everyone of us. He is in the unconscious part of our mind. He is right inside of us, and he is in a death struggle with Christ over who will rule our personality our body.

            Who is going to rule your vessel, brethren? He who rules the soul (personality) rules the body. Satan is the spirit which rules the living soul that died. Those of us who have the Spirit of God have to rise up and desire to have our will aligned with God. James said that a double-minded man is unstable in all of his ways (James 1:8). Well the double-minded man is the Christian whose behavior flip flops back and forth between Christ and fallen Adam. We are in an ongoing battle wherein Christ is being strengthened and fallen Adam is weakened in us, until the day comes that the life of Christ is so strong in us that He totally swallows up our fallen Adamic mind which is ruled by Satan.

            We are told that victory will swallow up death (1 Co. 15:54). The life of Christ will swallow up fallen Adam's soul life (personality) which is ruled by Satan. That is what it means, that the life of Christ, victory, will swallow up the death of fallen Adam's soul life (personality) which is ruled by Satan. The whole point of this message, brethren, is that God wants us to know who the witch is, and what I am suggesting to you tonight is that the witch is fallen Adam, and that fallen Adam is our own soul (personality), which in it is fallen condition is ruled by Satan. Fallen Adam is also anti-christ.

            Anti-Christ does not mean against Christ, brethren. It means “in place of Christ.” Fallen Adam wants to be God. He wants to sit in the temple of God, which is a natural man and hold himself out as if he is God, and he is, in fact, sitting up there. He is in the Church, he prophesies, he preaches, he sings, he does almost everything that the Spirit of God does, and he steals the life of God from God's people. This is the witchcraft God wants exposed and torn down. God wants his people delivered, and he wants the Gospel of the Kingdom taught so that the life of Christ which is the fruit of God's Spirit can come forth in all of us.

            We are saved by His life, so when His life is reproduced in our personalities we will no longer have any problems. Christ will rule in our soul (personality), and we'll walk on the water, which is figurative of having dominion over the soul realm, or over our own soul (personality). We will have all authority over the soul realm. Praise God!! As far as the demons are concerned, we know that in the Kingdom of God we have the fruit of the Spirit. We have different manifestations in our personality that are expressions of the Spirit of God. There's love, there's peace, there's truth, there's mercy.

            Well I believe that the demons are manifestations of the fallen Adamic personality which is ruled by Satan. That is what they are. Fallen Adam is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. He is capable of producing good, and he is capable of producing evil. Some expressions of his spirit are hatred, anger, envy, etc. I believe that so long as a person is in agreement with an evil thought in his heart, that this thought is not a demon, and that this person in not a candidate for deliverance. It is very common in deliverance circles to say that sister so-and-so did this terrible thing, but it was just her demons. It wasn't sister so-and-so, she's good, her demons are bad.

            Well, I have a flash for you, brethren, it was not just her demons, and sister so-and-so is not innocent. If she's in agreement with what she's thinking and doing, it is her sin and God holds her fully responsible. The day that she lays her ungodly thoughts down before God and says Lord, I just cannot stand sinning anymore, I acknowledge this is evil, I acknowledge this is wickedness, I hate it and I don't want to do it anymore. Paul tells us, in that day, at that moment, it is no longer her but it is sin working in her, and she becomes a candidate for deliverance. Brethren, we must take responsibility for the sins in our heart.

            The Lord gave me an example for you today, and this is the example. When you want to cut a piece of glass, the first thing you do is score the glass, then you mark it where you want to cut it off, then you tap it until it breaks where you scored it. Well, the same principle is operating in the spiritual realm when we fall out of agreement with the wickedness in our soul (personality). You see, the wickedness is all one within us.

            We are all as if we were one piece of glass, but when we fall out of agreement with one element of wickedness in our soul (personality), that part of our soul, which can be learned behavior, it can be an inherited curse which is an inherited way of thinking, or many other things, when we really say in our hearts, "I do not want you anymore," that area of our heart is scored by God and, at that point, the thought or destructive behavior becomes a demon which can be cast out, and we become eligible for deliverance.

            You see, our life is hid in Christ, and we have rejected this wickedness and now it becomes eligible to be cast out. When we are in agreement with wickedness in our heart, brethren, there is no deliverance for us. You have got to hate it, and you have got to utterly separate yourself from it in your mind, even if it is overtaken you to the point that you cannot stop doing it. You have got to be crying out to God saying, "Lord, I am doing it, I am doing it, but I am overtaken, I hate it, please help me to stop."

            One more very important point. The fact that the Scripture teaches that when we receive the Holy Spirit our sins are covered, that does not mean that our ungodly thoughts and behavior are acceptable. You know, people think they can go out and do anything they want and say, "Well, put it under the blood." No you cannot do that. Neither does this mean that our ungodly thoughts and behavior are all demons and that the demons are guilty, and that we are all innocent. Demons are the fruit of our fallen Adamic nature. Yes they need to be cast out, but after they are cast out, we have to deal with the root of the Tree that produced them, which is in our own heart.

            Natural man by his fallen nature is evil (Jerm. 17:9). Our only hope is to exchange our evil soul (personality) for the spiritual life of Christ. When God gives us His Holy Spirit, He is promising to do just that, but it hasn't happened yet. brethren. The Holy Spirit is the earnest of our inheritance (Eph. 1:14), He is the foretaste of the age to come, which is Christ in you the hope of Glory (Col. 1:27). Yes, the fulfillment of the promise is Christ in you covering and swallowing up your evil fallen Adamic soul so that it cannot influence you any longer. Glory to God.

            Man has almost everything backwards, and when you look for the error in the Church it always comes down to the same thing. It is fallen Adam in our mind confusing and deceiving us. Fallen Adam wants to be God, he wants to be God, and he wants the power of God at his disposal to implement his decisions, fallen Adam's decisions, fallen Adam's judgments, instead of submitting himself to God.

            For example, I do not believe it takes a believer’s prayer to call God's attention to a needy person. I believe that God knew about that need all along and raised up a believer to pray for that person. I believe that God has mercy on that person long before any man notices the need, and God lays that need on a person's heart.

            It is very frightening to look at all the men God has given power to in the Church, and I am not even talking about someone with an international ministry, but men with small congregations, and to look at them and see the pride rising up them, it is frightening. How can they survive it. brethren?

            Pride is anti-christ, and those of us who survive the power of anti-christ in our mind will only survive by the mercy and grace of God. I believe that if you have this revelation, you can throw yourself on the mercy of God, and you will make it to the end. What is the end? The end is Christ in you. The Scripture says the end is the salvation of your soul. How does your soul get saved? Christ is formed in you and defeats fallen Adam’s carnal mind.

            Every time I ask God if anyone in the ministry has made it, and by “making it” I mean remaining in submission to God throughout the term of their ministry without being overtaken by ungodly powers in their mind, and every time I ask God if anyone has made it, He reminds me that there are people that have. I believe that at the time that Bill Britton died, and he must have been in the ministry at least twenty-five years, if not more, I believe that he was still serving God.

            God told me that some men do make it. We have to pray constantly that fallen Adam, Satan, anti-christ, whatever you want to call him, that the witch in your carnal mind does not rise up and tread the Christ mind in you under foot. Sometimes we wonder why God does not just knock Satan out. Well, for whatever the Lord's reasons He permits the battle to go on in our mind for long periods of time. We have to overcome by the power of Almighty God.

            Whole ministries have gone down because of the doctrine of....the work has already been done in the spiritual realm, and we've got to implement it, or we've got to walk in it. Yes, the work has already been done in the spiritual realm, but the only person that is it is been completed in is Jesus Christ. Some believers think that man has to appropriate spiritual authority by his own power. We have to walk in it. Well, what if you're spiritually crippled? Do you know that what fallen Adam is doing, is putting the burden of overcoming on natural man? They are saying, walk it out, you do this, you do that.

            Brethren, there is a work to be done in man, but it is the work of Jesus Christ. It is already been done in the spiritual realm, but the only man that I know of that is it is been completed in or appropriated in is Jesus Christ, and he is in the earth of our souls in the form of his Holy Spirit doing that work in us. It is not our work, brethren, it is His. Our work is to believe on the Son of God which means to throw our will in line with His, but it is His work. We cannot do it, He is got to do it. What we have to do is submit ourselves to God and align our will with His will.

            Some people are bound by demons, and others are bound by curses and need deliverance. If you really analyze what these people are saying, brethren, about overcoming these demons and curses, they are putting the burden for overcoming on man, but the burden is not man's. The burden is Jesus Christ's. What do I mean? I mean if you cannot understand this message, it is because God has not yet formed the Mind of Christ within you. Only those with the Mind of Christ will understand this Word, and everyone else will reject it and pay the consequences of rejecting it.

            What is the consequence of rejecting the message that Christ must be formed in you? Christ will not be formed in you, at least at this time. God help us. There is a very fine line here, brethren. We cannot overcome in our own power, but neither are we to be passive. We are to overcome by implementing the power of God in accordance with His will and in accordance with the principles of Godly spiritual warfare. God is making this tremendous revelation available to the Church, but the Church world is filled with people that just don't want to believe it. How can this be? Because Jesus Christ has not yet prepared their hearts to receive it.

            What I am saying to you is that the impartation of revelation and the Word of God is the work of Jesus Christ, and that we cannot even throw ourselves in line with Him unless He empowers us to do it. That is what is being preached today, you do it, you do it, stand up and fly straight, and do this, and intercede, and walk around the block six times, and it is just one step removed from saying pray six hail Marys or confess it three times a day. That is how dangerous the carnal mind is.

            One of things I have heard a lot about is that we should reject the lie, but, brethren, how can we be 100% sure about which thought is the truth and which thought is the lie? Our understanding of the Word can be colored. Colored by what? By the witch in our carnal mind. Our only hope is submitting our will in general, across the board, not in any one particular incident. We have to be generally submitted to the Spirit of God. It is a very fine line, brethren, and I am declaring to you that we have to be very careful to throw our cares upon Jesus. Sometimes we can go around in a circle. you know.

            First we get a revelation, then we do not believe it anymore, then God gives it back to us in a different dimension. I know that a few of us here have had this experience. For example, first we thought that we had all the power necessary to cast out demons. Come over here and sit down and I will cast it out of you, we said. We know now that we cannot do that. We have to seek God, and say Lord are you going to cast the demon of witchcraft out tonight? If the Lord says, "not tonight son," well that is it, because if God does not impart the power, we would not be able to cast it out.

            At this stage of our development, the power to cast out demons does not emanate from our state of being. We still have the imputed anointing, the loaned authority of God, and he requires us to use it only in accordance with His will, because the exercise of spiritual power outside of the wisdom and love of God destroys, and, brethren, we do not have the wisdom and love of God in our carnal mind, although some Pharisees in the Church would like to think so.

            Until we have the wisdom of God and the love of God along with the power of God, which we do not have yet, God requires us to seek Him continuously as to how we use the power that He has loaned to us. It is not our power. Its His power. If we do not do it His way, if we attempt to use the power without seeking His wisdom on the matter, and what we are doing is not His will, well, who just cut the power off?

            The Father controls the imputed anointing. It has not been given to us, unconditionally, at this stage of our development. At first, we thought that we could cast anything out of anybody at any given moment, but we found out that this was not true. Then some believers went to the opposite extreme and said, "Well, the whole burden is on Jesus Christ, I cannot sin because he is responsible for everything and everything I do, including my sin, and all things work for the good for those who love the Lord. I am just going to trip along my merry way doing my thing." I saw a whole congregation go down the tubes because they believed that doctrine.

            The truth is that we can cast out demons only when the Father empowers us to do so. He makes the decision as to who will get delivered, when he will get delivered, and where he'll get delivered. God is the boss. He is God, not man. Man is the servant of Almighty God, and the hour is at hand that the Lord will no longer wink at men using His power to glorify themselves.

            We need to have a clear definition of love. Love is Christ, it is the Spirit of God. We could be manifesting the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil by doing the most admirable good works, but if our efforts come forth from the soul (personality) of Fallen Adam, those good works are witchcraft, brethren! Now, for some people, that is mind boggling, but it is true anyway. Healing and deliverance which come forth from the carnal mind are witchcraft! That is why Jesus said, "I never knew you," to those believers, even though they had cast out demons and worked miracles in His name.

            Our greatest enemy is our fallen Adamic soul (personality) and mind, which are ruled by the spirit of Satan manifesting through the unconscious part of our carnal mind. What does that mean? It means that Satan is the unconscious part of our carnal mind. He puts thoughts in our conscious mind, and we do what he tells us to do, and, at that point, we are a manifestation of Satan. We think it is our own thoughts, but it is not. It is coming from Satan in our own unconscious mind. Even if you prolong somebody's life by using one of the mechanical devices which are becoming so common in our hospitals today, how do you know that God did not want to take that person?

            The Scripture in our opening text says that witchcraft kills those that the Lord wants to live and keeps alive those He is pronounced death upon. Our fallen Adamic mind desires to replace the will of God in our own mind, and the hard cold fact is that from moment-to-moment, unless we get a specific Word from the Lord, we do not know what His will is. Now I know that we have a revelation of the will of God in His law.

            The Word of God says, for example, that if we do not provide for our own we are worse than a heathen. We know we are supposed to feed our children. But insofar as casting a demon out, or healing somebody, or performing any kind of spiritual ministry, we just do not know what the will of God is at any particular moment for any particular person.

            It is not enough to say, "well I know that God wants his people delivered." We simply don't know in what order, or in what timing he wants that deliverance to come forth. And another point, brethren, is that the hard cold fact is, as hard as it is, it is a hard cold fact, God does not heal everybody, and he does not deliver everybody. In this hour, He is not doing it, and that is the hard cold fact. I am sorry but it is the truth.

            As we were saying, a lot of believers have been on a round-robin. First thinking they have the power to cast any demon out at will, and then giving the whole thing over to God believing that all things work for the good for those who love the Lord, so even if they sin they cannot fail. But now, after coming around full circle, the Word of the Lord to me at this time is yes, we are called to exercise the power of God, but only when God imparts it to us for His specific purposes. We have to get a revelation, and I am talking about a personal revelation of what God is doing at any given moment in the life of the person we are praying for.

            We all know the great promises of the Bible, but what are you doing in my life now Lord? Are you asking me to give up cigarettes or are you asking me to do something else? Well, if you zero in on giving up the cigarettes now when God wants you to do something else, what is happening is that the witch in your mind, your carnal mind, Satan manifesting from the unconscious part of your mind into the conscious part of your mind, is blocking out what God has determined to accomplish in your life at this very moment, and he is doing it by directing all of your energies and resources towards giving up cigarettes.

            God could be saying, I want you to be getting deliverance from something else, from rejection, for example, right now, it is not time for deliverance from cigarettes, but you cannot hear him. Why? Because you are are too busy concentrating on giving up cigarettes. Your choice over God's choice.

            When the Lord called me I was dying. My life was in danger and the first thing that God delivered me from was allergies. I said, Lord you have got to be kidding, I am on the verge of death and you deliver me from allergies? But even though I was about to drop dead, God in His wisdom had determined that the first problem that he would deliver me from was allergies. That is why when we pray for someone in this ministry we seek God as to what He wants to do for that particular person at the very moment we are laying hands on him.

            Someone could have a pressing need, sure someone could have a pressing need, and in that case we will intercede for them asking the Lord to anoint us to pray the appropriate prayer at that moment, but even then we cannot guarantee what the Lord will do. We can offer the most help by simply offering ourselves as vessels for the Lord to move through. If God heals them or delivers them, fine, but if he does not, that is God's decision, not ours.

            Let us say for example you are having a severe manifestation. Maybe you are a drug addict that is on and off drugs continuously. You're up and down flip-flopping back and forth, but tonight you're off drugs so you go into a deliverance meeting and say to the deliverance worker, I want deliverance from the demon of drug addiction, but that is not coming out until you get deliverance from unforgiveness for your father. If you had your way, the workers would pray against drug addiction all night and still might not be able to deliver you. We just cannot tell God what to do or how to do it.

            We prayed for a woman who was suffering from cerebral palsy a few years back. She was so crippled she could hardly walk. Her husband had to half carry her everywhere she went. Several strong believers prayed for her that night, and everybody got the same discernment, that the demon of cerebral palsy was not coming out until both the husband and wife were delivered from the deep-rooted emotional problems operating in their personalities.

            The woman, for example, hated her husband and was using her illness to punish him, and both of them had all sorts of severe personality disorders which were feeding an ungodly soul tie. Every time a worker would respond to the Holy Spirit and try to bring deliverance from one of the personality disorders, the woman's husband, who was also highly demonized, would rise up and say no, I want you to pray against the strong man of cerebral palsy, I am the priest of the house, I am the head of the household, I am her authority, and I want that strong man of cerebral palsy to come out, and one by one the workers just got up and walked away.

            There was nothing we could do for her. Her husband had set his will against the will of the Lord with regard to his wife's deliverance and, as far as I know, she never did get delivered. We found out later on that they had sought deliverance from the demon of cerebral palsy at several other churches all to no avail.

            You see, they did not understand that is it is not a question of the right church, the right preacher, or the right deliverance worker. The problem is between you and God. When you connect with God in your heart, He will bring forth the deliverance, and if a preacher or deliverance worker with a particular anointing is necessary, God will get you together with that person. Glory to God.

            The truth of Jesus Christ does not condemn you. It brings forth deliverance, but, all to frequently, when the Lord is exposing the root cause of a problem, Satan in our own carnal mind rises up and says, don't you judge that man. Well, Satan's a liar. If I tell you the truth in the Spirit of God and you receive it and repent, God will bring forth the deliverance. There's no condemnation when you're speaking the truth that comes from the Spirit of God. If someone speaks the truth, and you're condemned, either your own soul (personality) is condemning you or the person bringing it forth is in the wrong spirit.

            Satan in our own mind can block our deliverance by making us think the worker is condemning us. He can actually convince us to deny the truth that the Lord sent to bring forth the deliverance. This is the Word of the Lord for us tonight, that the real witch is in each and every one of us and, unfortunately, he is strongest today in many of the men that are in the pulpit. Fallen Adam is ruling in the temple of God. That is, in the mind of God's people, and, thus, he is ruling in many of the pulpits across this nation.

            The ministers who are revealing their fallen Adamic nature to God's people and telling them it is God, are cutting them off from the true Word of the Lord and denying them deliverance. Look, I am not here to knock the preachers tonight but sometimes I just cannot believe what I hear! One preacher actually stood up in front of a congregation of 200 or more people, and said,"you're supposed to strengthen the weak and not condemn them," and I said, "Praise God," and this is the preacher continuing now, "because weak people, if they are fearful they are fearful, and they will probably be fearful for the rest of their lives."

            Did you hear what I just said? He condemned these people to fear for the rest of their lives. He denied any possibility of deliverance in Jesus Christ for them. And this same preacher who condemned believers suffering from fear, to be subject to it for the rest of their lives, also denies deliverance ministry.

            Now, brethren, that is not the Mind of Christ. You better believe that is the fallen Adamic soul, ruled by Satan, speaking through God's minister. I've been asked what a believer should do when a minister asks them to pray for someone, but he is not sure that God wants him to. Well, God has shown me that when a situation calls for mercy, we are to be merciful. We don't need to have a personal word from the Lord to be merciful.

            If we are in church and there is a prayer line, it is not really appropriate to say, I am not going to help out on that prayer line because God's hasn't told me to pray for anyone. What the Lord has shown me to do in such a situation is to go up to someone on the prayer line ask them what their need is and intercede. I pray right in front of the person, "Oh God, I put the needs of this person before you, have mercy on them, and if it be your will anoint me with the necessary knowledge and power to help them."

            On most occasions, the Lord will anoint me to pray deliverance, but there have also been occasions where He is given me nothing, and I've had to tell the person seeking help, "I am sorry but God has given me nothing for you tonight," in which event, I pray a prayer of general blessing for them. You know, mercy is the universal law, brethren. It is the highest law.

            How could you walk away from people that are in need, you know, because God has not spoken to you in an audible voice? We have to realize that we cannot do anything in our own power. All that we can do is pray and say to the Lord, "Lord, I recognize this condition and pray for deliverance from it in her life." We have no way of knowing how and when God is going to bring the deliverance forth. He might anoint you to pray for that person right then and there, or He might speak to her directly, or deliver her in her sleep.

            A lot of believers are not aware of the struggle that goes on in their mind. God gave me a dream the other day. I was in my house with a man, I think it was my husband, and there was someone banging on the door trying in every way he could to get in. First he said he was a pizza man, then he said he was someone else. He was making up all these lies to get into my house. I was very fearful and sort of clinging to the wall, when all of a sudden my husband walked up to the door. I knew he was going to let the man in, so I said, "What are doing? Do not let him in!"

            My husband opened the door anyway and the man came in. Then the two men started fighting in a way that wasn't even human. They rolled on the floor flipping back and forth violently. First one was on the top, and then the other was on the top. There was also a sconce on the wall with a brightly burning torch in it, and as they were flipping back and forth, I just walked up to the wall, took the torch down, hugged it to my breast and very quietly and humbly walked away.

            It was not until a year later that the Lord gave me the interpretation of the dream. This is the interpretation: That this is how vicious the battle is between Christ and fallen Adam. I knew that it was not a human battle that I had seen, and the light that I sneaked away with was my redeemed spirit. While Christ fought fallen Adam off, I escaped with the salvation of my soul. Glory to God!

            If the battle is really violent, we have to analyze our motives in every situation, brethren, to find out whether it is fallen Adam or Christ putting thoughts into our mind. If we cannot discern what our own motives are, we always have the option of praying, "Lord, what's my motive?"

            Let us say, just for argument's sake, that you want deliverance from feeding the ducks. Feeding the ducks is a terrible habit that you indulge in every day, and you desperately want deliverance from feeding the ducks. The first thing to do is to seek God as to your motivation. Maybe at this time in your life, the Lord wants to deliver you from rejection or destruction, and you're using your desire to stop feeding the ducks to block the true deliverance that the Lord has for you in this hour, the deliverance that you really need but that you don't want to face up to.

            If we faithfully seek God about everything, he'll bring us to the point where we can discern what's really manifesting in us. Why would we want to make decisions on our own when God is there to help us? Even if we get to the point where we can make wise decisions based on our experiences in God, we should still put everything before him.

            For example, an opportunity will come my way and I will say, "I think I should do it Lord, but I am putting it before you for correction, just in case I am wrong," and there have been occasions that he has told me not to do what I had planned, much to my surprise! We are so blessed to have the option of seeking God's counsel. He is infallible, he is God, and he is given us the privilege of putting every choice and every decision in our life before him to find our whether or not we are deceived, or whether or not we are using it to block His will in our life.

            God has shown me that thinking every problem that we have is a demon is a misunderstanding of our spiritual condition. Man's basic problem is that in his fallen condition, pride, lust etc., is his state of being, and those urges to sin are not going away until our fallen Adamic soul is totally absorbed into Christ. Severe manifestations of sin are seen in some men where the human spirit has produced the fruit of Satan's spirit, which is demons, and the more demons she produces in any particular area, the stronger that negative aspect of our personality becomes.

            For example, pride can manifest in us as a control spirit. It can try to rule everybody around us, but we simply have no power over it. We know what we are doing is wrong, but it overtakes us time and time again, and we just cannot seem to change our behavior. If this is your condition, brethren, you are a candidate for deliverance. When? After you confess pride and control as sin and repent, God will mark out and knock off some or all of those demons, weakening the family of pride in your spiritual being and giving you power to put the root of pride, which is not a demon but a basic part of your fallen Adamic nature, under the feet of the Christ which has been birthed in your mind.

            Pride, the basic characteristic of the living soul that died, can be weakened but not completely cast out, and will continue to tempt us to sin until he is swallowed up by the life of Jesus Christ. In the meantime, we must cast out the demons and put the root of pride under the feet of Christ, within us, by resisting his thoughts and crying out to God for deliverance from the overwhelming urge to sin that torments us. We will put him under foot because the word of God says that we will.

            This is our goal, that the demon shall be cast out of our conscious mind, and that Satan, the unconscious part of our carnal mind shall be chained in the bottomless pit (Rev. 20:3) until the hour that he is swallowed up by Christ. We are told in the Book of Revelation that Satan is bound in the bottomless pit for 1,000 years (Rev. 20:3) . Paul said that Christ Jesus was his chain (Col. 1:27, Acts 28:20). So is it so unreasonable to say that the chain binding Satan in the bottomless pit is Christ Jesus ? Satan, the unconscious part of our carnal mind, shall be bound when Christ Jesus appears as our new, righteous mind.

            If we are looking for total deliverance we cannot stop with casting out demons. We become candidates for a greater measure of deliverance when we submit ourselves to Christ Jesus and stop struggling to rule our own lives. Then the demons will come out, and the power necessary to put Satan under foot will be imparted to us by the Lord. If your thoughts or wrong ideas are bringing destruction into your life, there is a good chance that curses and evil spirits are operating in your mind in addition to the prideful or lustful urges of your inherited fallen spiritual nature.

            If this is your condition, you need deliverance from the evil spirits and the power of Christ Jesus to tread Satan's ungodly thoughts under foot until he is swallowed by Christ. I don't believe that our basic, fallen urges will completely go away. I get all kinds of urges, but God has brought me to the place where I can say to these urges, "go away," and the promptings of my fallen Adamic soul go under the feet of the Christ mind.

            There was a time in my life that I would act on the thoughts that came into my mind without even stopping to think about it. Satan, strengthened by the demons he had birthed in me, would impulse a spiritual command into my mind, and after I acted that command out, I would say to myself, "why did I do that when I did not even want to?" As we get more and more deliverance, we start to realize that it is Satan in our own carnal mind manifesting the ultimate mind control. He gives a command and we act it out. God's answer to the problem is that the demons in our mind that strengthen Satan must be cast out, and Satan, the witch that is the unconscious part of our carnal mind, must be put underneath the feet or tread underneath the feet of the Christ mind which is appearing alongside the carnal mind in our very same personality.

            Some believers, though, have so many demons that these demons are preventing Christ from appearing as their new, righteous mind. Such a desperate condition calls for frequent, ongoing deliverance until Christ is conceived as their new, righteous mind and grows up to be strong enough to hinder the birth of the demons that are being produced by the carnal mind. Glory to God.

            We know that there are a lot of preachers out there that say they believe in deliverance, but they believe that they should only pray for you once, and if you come up again they think that you are faking it. Well, I speak to those preachers right now, "Brethren, I am sorry but you do not have the full information, there are people out there that can be so demonized that they are actually preventing Christ from being conceived as their new, righteous mind, and they need deliverance at every service until Christ Jesus comes forth and gives them the victory, and that could take anywhere from five months to five years."

            Two criticisms wielded mightily by deliverance critics are that many believers receive deliverance but the demons come back, while other believers seek deliverance diligently and never receive it. My answers to these problems are this. Despite popular belief, demonic infestation originates from within, not from without, the mind of the afflicted person, when that person fornicates with the evil thoughts produced by his carnal mind -- and his carnal mind is the fallen Adamic mind that is ruled by Satan.

            If we are not really repentant when the demon is cast out, we probably would not resist Satan when he impulses the very same or a similar thought into our conscious mind the next day. On the contrary, we are very likely to fornicate with that thought again. What does fornicate mean? It means to agree with that ungodly thought, which will birth the same demon all over again. The demons do not come back because we catch them from somebody else. They come back because we were either unrepentant at the time of our deliverance, or, we could have been repentant at the time of the deliverance, but when the temptation came again, even though we resisted, because of our ignorance of how demons get inside us, we fell prey once again to the seduction of our own fallen Adamic soul (personality) and agreed with the ungodly thought.

            A lot of people think that once the demon is cast out that there's no more resistance involved. That is not true, brethren. That is not true. When a demon is cast out, by and large, what happens is that God gives you the power in that area of your life to say, no. Hallelujah. Yes, it is true that demons can be passed along from generation to generation, I am not denying that, but it is also true that we birth new ones when we repeat the family line sin that originally produced the demon.

            There are several reasons why some people seek deliverance and do not get it. One possibility is that they are not seeking God for their deliverance, but are victims of the idolatrous belief that a particular man has the power to cast out their demons. Believers that fall into this category go from man to man hoping to find a man with enough power to "do it."

            Sorry brethren, but I have got a flash for you. God can anoint the youngest, most inexperienced believer around to deliver you if he wants to. I have even got a real flash for you. Do you know that God does not even need a man to bring forth deliverance in your life? He can do it by his Spirit if he wants to. You have to seek God for your deliverance.

            If God sends you to a particular preacher because of the anointing on that preacher, well then you'll get your deliverance from that ministry. If God has not sent you, there will be no deliverance for you, brethren, no matter what this man's reputation is, because I do not know one deliverance preacher on the earth today that has 100% success.

            Brethren, we are still in an in-part realm. What does that mean, brethren? It means that the deliverance ministry that is available to the Church today is a gift. Any power that a man has to cast out demons is not coming forth from righteousness. These men and women do not have power to cast out demons because they are without sin! When the ministry of Christ Jesus appears on the earth, when the sons of God manifest, and there are preachers who have power to heal and deliver because they are without sin, there will be no failure (Matt. 17:15-17).

            The deliverance ministry in the earth today, brethren, is a gift. It is the loaned authority of God to men that are filled with sin themselves, and it is not guaranteed that if you approach these men that you will be delivered. You must seek God for your deliverance. If he sends you to a deliverance minister you will get delivered. If you travel 300 miles to get to preacher so-and-so's deliverance seminar that he has three times a year, and God has not sent you, you are wasting your time, your vacation, and your money. If God sends you, you will get delivered.

            Another possibility why some believers do not get delivered is that the timing is wrong. God may have your deliverance planned for a later time, and he might require you to resist the sin that is tormenting you a while longer, or he might want to deliver you of another problem, another demon first. Glory to God, the day is coming when there will be no more Satan, no more fallen Adam, no more demons, because they will have been swallowed up by Christ Jesus and become a part of God's New Creation Man.

            We are told that God forms the light brethren (Is. 45:7). A word study on that Scripture in the Hebrew reveals that the light, typifying Spirit, has no shape or form in this realm of appearance, so God wrapped something around His Spirit or around the light to reveal its form to men. God is wrapping the darkness of the living soul that died around the light of his Spirit so that men can see Him. The Scripture says that God will speak to us out of a thick cloud (Ex. 19:9) and that dark cloud is the living soul that died, which is ruled by Satan.

            If Christ is within you in this hour, brethren, what is happening to you is that your soul (personality) is being wrapped around the Spirit of God within you and He is shining forth through your soul (personality) from the deepest recesses of your being, revealing himself to the world. Glory to God! Hallelujah!

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