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Spiritual Sexuality

Mind, Union of Spirit and Soul

Let’s start with a review and see what happens. Can anybody define a mind for us? What is a mind?

COMMENT:  I know that the result of spirit and soul joining is a mind.

PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, the product of the union of spirit and soul is a mind, just like the product of the union of a man and woman is a child. When the Scripture says that the Father breathed the breath of life into the man, He was saying that He breathed spirit into the soul man. Now let me remind you that the living soul did not look like we look now. The living soul was a spiritual creation; it was not in a physical body like we have.

Our physical body is a fallen body, which is the product of Adam’s fall. So, since I do not know what the living soul looked like at that time, just for argument's sake, we will draw the living soul as a circle. God formed a soul and He called it Adam. Let me remind you that “Adam” at the time that this soul was formed was not a man's name. Adam is a Hebrew word that comes from another Hebrew word which means "earth, red earth."

The living soul was asexual, as we humans who live in physical bodies know sexuality, but was sexual with regard to the Father, Who is Spirit. Spiritually speaking, the Father is Spirit, which is male. We will draw the Father as light waves because Spirit is an energy stream. Then, on the other side of the board we have Adam, who is soul, which is female. Now, this confuses a lot of people because they have been taught to think that Adam is a man, as we know men today.

Oscillating Spiritual Sexual Roles

Adam is the creation of God, and he was male to the whole creation. An example of oscillating spiritual sexual roles is an army officer or a captain, for example. A captain is in authority over every officer beneath the rank of captain, but the captain must submit to every officer whose rank is above the rank of captain.

The concept of male and female has nothing to do with the physical body in the spiritual planes. It has to do with degrees of spiritual authority and spiritual strength (male), and submission to that spiritual authority (female). If we are going to equate spiritual authority with spiritual manhood, which is what we are doing, we can then understand that there is no male or female in Christ Jesus means that whoever is in authority is male, and whoever is in submission is female.

To think spiritually, in this world, means that we are talking about the mind. So, we see that our spiritual sex depends on the spiritual rank of the person we are relating to and, therefore, changes from relationship to relationship. If you are a captain and you are relating to a general, you are in submission, and you are, therefore, female in that interaction. If you are a captain and you are relating to a corporal, you are in authority and you are, therefore, male in that relationship. Remember that the spiritual life is higher than the existence that we are experiencing down here in hell.

It is easy to tell who is male and who is female down here in hell. You just have to look at somebody and you know whether they are male or female, but things are changing down here pretty rapidly. It is not always so easy to find out what sex somebody is today. Things are getting all mixed up in our society these days, but generally speaking, putting perversion aside, things are simpler down here in hell than in the higher realms of the Spirit. You just have look at someone and you can see what kind of physical body they have, but spiritual things are not that simple.

Soul Ties, Spirit Ties

Spiritual things change, they flow; spirit flows like a light wave. The Scripture says that spiritual people are blown about like a leaf in the wind. Jesus, after He was raised from the dead, was in a spiritually liquid form. He was no longer physically static, unchangeable. One minute, or one day, He looked like Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified, with holes in His hands, and the next time He was seen, whether it was a minute later or a day later, He looked like a total stranger on the road to Emmaus. Even His own disciples did not recognize Him.

Then, Jesus was seen again, this time on the beach cooking fish and cakes over coals, and no one recognized His visible form except...does anyone know who the one who recognized Jesus was? John. Why was John able to recognize the resurrected Jesus, whose visible form had completely changed? Do you know why John recognized the resurrected Jesus when no one else could recognize Him?

COMMENT:  Because John knew Him.

PASTOR VITALE:  John recognized Jesus’ spirit. John did not recognize the image of Jesus that was cooking fish and cakes after His resurrection. John was the apostle that Jesus loved, which means, does anybody remember? What does that mean?

COMMENT:  John knew Jesus in the spirit; John was the only one that had a close relationship with Jesus.

PASTOR VITALE:  He had a spirit tie; John was the only disciple that had a spirit tie with Jesus, the Christ. This means that there was a formation of the Mind of Christ in John, and that His relationship with Jesus of Nazareth was spirit to spirit. Unregenerate people down here in hell, as well as carnal Christians (even Jesus’ disciples), have what kind of relationships, what kind of ties do soulish people form? Soul ties. They have soul-to-soul relationships.

As the human race evolves towards spiritual manhood, we see some people becoming spiritual, and sometimes we see someone who is living a large part of their life out of their spirit, trying to relate to a person that lives most of their life or all of their life out of their soul, with what result? War drums. Our natural example of this kind of conflict is the traditional male/female role.

Traditionally, men and women have great trouble communicating because they think differently. But, there are women today who have a male mind, and there are men today who have a female mind. The sexual roles of mortal humanity dictate, traditionally speaking, that men are logical, and women are emotional, but today everything is all mixed up. You can no longer tell who or what someone is by his or her physical body.

Spiritual concepts and principles are not static. The fact that we are in an unchangeable physical body is not a good condition to be in. This physical body is a prison house. It is a curse. Does anyone not understand this concept of changing spiritual sexual roles?

Distinguishing Between Two Spiritual Males

Your spiritual sexuality depends upon the role you take in the relationship, whether you are dominant, or whether you are passive. Dominant is male, passive is female. When two very manly men have a relationship, or an interaction, one must be more dominant than the other. It does not mean that there is anything wrong with you in this human life. All that it means, spiritually speaking, is that in every relationship, one person must be dominant and one person must be passive or submissive. For spiritual purposes, just so that we can understand it (although the terms might be offensive to some people), the dominant person is male and the passive or the submissive one is female, for spiritual purposes only.

Spiritual Sexual Roles
And Physical Marriage

We are not talking about marriage now. Marriage is a relationship that exists under the curse. I am sorry if I am upsetting all you Pharisees, but I am telling you the truth. Marriage is an institution established under the curse, so that man can live in some measure of order until God raises him up from under this curse. God said, "because you are all messed up, and your mind is barely functioning on the level of a spiritual canary (compared to God, that is), I am going to tell you who is dominant and who is passive, because you cannot figure it out by yourself.” The one that is the physical male, he is the dominant one in the marriage, and the one who is the physical female, she is supposed to submit to the man. Now that I told this to you, you know what to do and you have no excuse if your marriage is messed up. I am telling you the truth.

Spiritual Authority

Spiritual Masculinity Is Spiritually Discerned

Spiritually speaking, it can become very difficult to determine whether you are male or female. First of all, you know that even while we are in these physical bodies, our spiritual masculinity changes according to the relationship of the people involved. If you are a woman, you are a female to your husband, but you are a male to your children.

Basically speaking, it is easy to distinguish someone’s sex in the natural. In spiritual relationships, however, it is very hard to distinguish a person’s sex because people are carnal, and they get all bent out of shape when you tell them that someone in a physical female body is spiritually male, and someone else in a physical male body is spiritually female. They have no problem seeing a physical male, even men who are sort of on the passive side, as a spiritual male, that is easy. Most people would not have too much of a problem with a passive physical male being a spiritual male, but when a male mind is raised up in a physical woman, let me tell you, that is one battle to fight! If you are a physical woman and God is raising up Christ in you, if God is raising you up to spiritual manhood, you better get ready for war, honey, because nobody wants to believe it. So, you see, spiritual masculinity must be spiritually discerned.

Spiritual things are spiritually discerned, so if you want to go on in Christ, you must become spiritual, because maturity in Christ is much more than reading a book and having an intellectual concept of doctrine. Mature spirituality is having a spiritual nature and a spiritual mind. Paul said, "We no more know anyone after the flesh."

As you mature in Christ, God is expecting you to function with a spiritual mind, which means that you do not even listen to people's words, but respond to what you discern in their heart. Let me tell you something, when you start moving in the spiritual life, and you find yourself barely listening to people's words, but going right to what their heart is saying, you are going to have a communication problem with people, especially the ones that are not in touch with their own feelings and believe Satan’s lying words that are coming out of their own mouth.

To function in the Spirit, to know who is male and who is female, not only must your spiritual mind and your spiritual senses be operating, but you must also know how to use them. A six-month old child has ears that hear, but he may not...well, if he understands language at all, his understanding is minimal. He has eyes that see, but his intellect is not developed enough to process the data coming in through his eyes, and into his mind.

We are going through a very similar experience spiritually. You have to know who you are in Christ, and you have to know whether or not the one you are talking to is in Christ. This is a big problem, because the Church is filled with prideful people that want to be chief, but do not have what it takes to do the job. You must have the goods. God wants everybody to have everything, but you must grow up into every position that the Lord gives you. God is no respecter of persons. He is inviting everyone to be mature in Christ, to be a spiritual person, to spiritually discern the truth and the lie, and to operate in full spiritual manhood. The whole Church is called to full spiritual manhood.

In this world, down here in hell, you are limited to your physical sex. You are born as an infant, either male or female, you grow up to be a child, and then you either become an adult man or an adult woman, a mature expression of the same sex that you were born with. In most natural societies, you are more limited if you are a woman. Even in our liberal society, discrimination against women is still a reality. I would not argue with anyone about it, but women are more limited, by and large, than men in our society, with one or two exceptions.

In the spiritual world, however, this is not true. Everyone, physical males and physical females, are born as spiritual infants in Christ, who then become spiritual children. The infant and the child at their stage of development are spiritually female, but functionally asexual. Then, at spiritual adolescence (when the spiritually female child becomes spiritually sexually functional), the child matures into a spiritual young man, and eventually into a full-grown spiritual man. Everybody, physical males and physical females, are spiritually female in their youth, and then mature into spiritual males.

The question is, will you come to full-term? Will you come to full-term, which is spiritual manhood, or will your spiritual development be arrested at the stage of spiritual female, or spiritual young man? Full-term in Christ is spiritual manhood.

Physical women can mature into spiritual manhood and, if the Lord so wills it, attain in the spirit to everything that is unavailable to them in this world, except, of course, physical manhood. A physical woman who attains to a full expression of spiritual manhood in this world, marries God and becomes sexually non-functional, a physical eunuch, in this world.

So, we see that determining someone's spiritual sex in this physical world can be a big problem, especially if you are not functioning in the realm of the Spirit. You are going to be messing up all the time if you cannot tell who is in authority, if you are looking at somebody's physical body to determine who is in authority. Remember, God chooses the weak things of this world to confound the wise. The Lord is going to mess up every Carnal Mind. I want to tell you, if you are looking for the people who hold the highest offices in Christ, and you think you will find them in a big building with a cross on it, wearing a purple gown, or some other kind of costume, and having thousands of followers, you better look again, because you are missing the whole thing.

The officers of God's kingdom must be spiritually discerned. You will not be able to recognize them in any way except by the Spirit. Remember Naaman, the Syrian officer who came to Israel looking to be healed? He had heard that supernatural healing could be found in Israel, but when he arrived there, the first place that he went to...who did he go to when he came to Israel? He went to the king, and the king's reaction was, "Get out of my palace you crazy person, do you think I am stupid enough to presume to have the power to heal you? I have too much fear of God, get out of here." The king threw him out, and then Naaman was led to Elisha, the prophet that God sent to Israel, who was living in a simple little house up in the hill country somewhere, with one servant, no pomp, no wealth, and no physical sign of power whatsoever. I am telling you the truth, people.

Tribulation &The Development Of
Spiritual Authority In Christ

We are coming into spiritual manhood in this hour. God is raising up a people out of the ranks of the traditional ministry, and a disproportionate number of them are women. Now you heard me say this before, brethren, I do not have the answer for you as to why God is raising up a disproportionate number of women, although we have all speculated about it.

I did, however, receive some information the other day that really excited me. I was watching a TV show, where this person was saying that the stamina of women to deal with stress and persecution far exceed the stamina of men, that women are concentration camp survivors, way beyond the ability of men to survive in a concentration camp.

Those of us who have started to partake of the tribulation know how stressful it can be. I cannot help wondering if that is why there are a disproportionate number of women being raised up, because they can take the stress, whereas a lot of men cannot. Some men can...I just hear all these people screaming. I am not a women's libber, I am relating a fact. Look around the Church world. It is the women that have the anointing. Even if they are married, the husband is usually their business manager. The husband has some role, but the anointing is on the woman in many, many, many cases. If you are honest, you will admit that it is true, because it is true. Does anyone have a different opinion here? It is true, it is just true, everywhere you look at the visible ministry, it is mostly the women that have the anointing, because this tribulation, which is designed to produce Christ in the individual is so stressful, that surviving it, is nothing less than a miracle, and that is the truth.

Never before has there been a tribulation such as this, a tribulation that destroys the corrupt Carnal Mind for the specific purpose of creating spiritual authority in Christ, and never shall there be again. What does this mean? It means that Adam, the creation, the living soul, will never die again after He is restored through this present distress.

Distinguishing Between Christ And Christ

I have one more comment to add to our discussion about spiritual sexuality. It has been my personal experience that ministers who are moving in some measure of Sonship sometimes find it difficult to discern the spiritual male in a relationship. Take two believers who have visible ministries, for example. They both move under the anointing, in the Spirit, but when it comes to working together, the spiritual female in the relationship (or in that particular interaction) will not submit to the male, and the result is division.

Two spiritual men should start out by submitting to each other. They should both back off and not take any authoritative role until the Spirit witnesses where the authority rests. That is what we are supposed to do, but everybody in the Church, as well as all of humanity, has something that the Scripture calls “the witchcraft power of the saints.” We read about it in Daniel, chapters 9 and 12. The witchcraft power of the Carnal Mind is ruling through most human vessels today, no matter how gifted the man is, and that power of the Carnal Mind must be broken before Christ can arise as the dominant source of spiritual power in that man. One mind must rule over the other. The Carnal Mind is present when the Christ Mind begins to be formed in us, but only one mind can be the dominant and rule over the other. The Carnal Mind is the spiritual authority that is ruling from the throne of our heart when the Christ Mind begins to be formed in us. Why? Because the Carnal Mind is the mind that we are born with, and we may have already existed for 20 or 30 years before the seed of Christ enters into our heart.

Christ being formed in you, the immature Christ being formed in you, not the Father God Almighty, but the Son that is being formed in you, is submissive to the Carnal Mind until, until what? We have one dominant mind and one submissive mind, what is the submissive mind going to do? It has to bring...do you have an answer?

COMMENT:  He has to bow down when Christ rises.

PASTOR VITALE:  Until Christ brings the Carnal Mind down and raises himself up into the dominant position… and the Scriptural name for this is the…? Anybody?

COMMENT:  Is it the rising of the son?

PASTOR VITALE:  No, it is the temptation. That is what happened in the temptation. When Jesus, the Christ, rose to full stature, His Carnal Mind was right there in the realm of the Spirit, saying to the Christ Mind in the man Jesus,"Who do you think you are?" The King James says, "and the spirit drove him into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil."

After that whole mess (the temptation of Jesus) was all over, the Carnal Mind was dethroned, and cut off from its headship of the soul man, Jesus of Nazareth, and Christ was enthroned in his place. The Carnal Mind that Jesus received from Mary was now completely dominated by the Christ Mind within Jesus of Nazareth, to the point that Jesus of Nazareth was incapable of sin.

The Real Jesus

Jesus of Nazareth was a mortal man, born with the Holy Spirit, who, by the power of the indwelling Christ, attained righteousness, overcame the sin nature that He received from Mary, and was restored to immortality after He ascended out of the grave of this world system.

So, you think it is blasphemy to say that, at one point in His life, the Carnal Mind had the headship over the soul man, Jesus of Nazareth, born of the mortal woman, Mary? My response to you, brethren, is a question.

Would you rather believe that Jesus was born perfect and, therefore, overcame nothing, but defeated the powers and principalities that ruled this world system by an unearned power that he was born with, or that Jesus of Nazareth was born a mortal man, made in the likeness of sinful flesh, who overcame hell and death by the Christ who arose and out of the Holy Spirit that was within Jesus from birth?

Would you rather believe that Jesus, the Christ, was so weak and so frightened of the cross, that he sweated blood, and asked his Father to spare Him from the trial, or that Jesus, the Christ, the Son of God, was asking the Father if it was time to pass out of the human vessel (cup) that he had been imprisoned in for 30 years?

And what would you say if I told you that the Greek word translated “agony” means “struggle,” signifying the great struggle that Jesus, the Christ, was engaged in, every moment that he existed in the flesh of Jesus of Nazareth, to keep Satan (who had tested him not so long ago), the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind that Jesus received from Mary, under the feet of the Christ mind within Himself? And, further, the Greek word translated “agony” comes from another Greek word that means “an effort, or anxiety, to hold something in place in a contest.”

Brethren, the agony, or the effort, that Jesus, the Christ, was engaged in, signifies the ongoing struggle that was necessary for Jesus, the Christ, to keep Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind that Jesus received from Mary, under the dominion of the Christ Mind within Himself. Jesus, the Christ, prayed fervently, that he should continue to prevail over Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind that Jesus received from Mary, until the Father gave Him permission to pass out of His physical body, the spiritual cup that His spiritual life was occupying.

Luke 22:42-44

42 Saying, Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me:  nevertheless not my will, but thine, be done.

43 And there appeared an angel unto him from heaven, strengthening him.

44 And being in an agony he prayed more earnestly:  and his sweat was as it were great drops of blood falling down to the ground.  KJV

Well, brethren, you cannot have it both ways. Either Jesus, the Christ, was the Son of God, overcoming sin and death, so that He would be the first of many brethren to do the same, or He was a weak human, asking God to release Him from crucifixion, the very purpose for which He came into the world.

Which do you choose? A God that was born perfect and all-powerful, so that He had nothing to overcome, but who, nevertheless was so mortal that He asked the Father to relieve Him of his assignment to be crucified, or a Jesus who was born as a mortal man, sold under sin and death, who overcame the powers of darkness and was restored to righteousness and immortality by the power and authority of the Christ Mind that was formed within Him?

I don’t know about you, brethren, but I find hope in the belief that Jesus was born as a mortal man, but overcame death and was restored to eternal life, for the specific purpose of showing me how to do the same thing.

Christ Must Dominate The Carnal Mind

We see in the Church today people who are obvious servants of God, but have so much pride, and their Carnal Mind is so strong, that they cannot tell who is dominant and who is submissive in any given situation. The pride has to go, because Christ must rule. Christ must rule over the individual, Christ must rule in relationships, Christ must rule in groups. He must be preeminent, at the top. I do not care how gifted you are, I do not care how anointed you are, if your Carnal Mind is trying to force another minister to submit to you, you are into witchcraft, and this message has to get out.

You know, after I preached this message, a minister heard it and wrote me a letter telling me that I should be under him. I had to write him back, saying, "I am glad the Lord told you that I should be under your authority, but He did not tell me that. I preached the message to you, you fool! I do not have any problem calling you a fool, it is a Scriptural word. You are lifted up in pride and arrogance." The Lord is going to have to deal with His people, and the people are going to have to start functioning as spiritual men. How do you function as a spiritual man, you ask? You go before the Lord and you ask, “Who are they?” What is my relationship to him? Where am I in this relationship, where do I stand? What do you think? How do you see it, Lord? How do you hear it, Lord? Give up your own ideas, give up your own vision, give up your own hearing, and ask the Lord for His, and the glass darkly will dissolve and you will see through the looking glass of truth.


Living Soul, Dead Soul

We are talking about two minds. We see the Father, which is Spirit, and we see that there is a creation, which is soul, made out of clay, and the clay, for your information, is dead. The clay is dead, it is dead earth, but the Spirit is life. We have a dead soul, although it does not say that in Genesis, but we find it in other hidden places. The soul was initially dead. If the Spirit of God breathed the breath of life into the soul, which made it a living soul, by reverse inference, can we not say that the soul must have been dead before the breath of life was breathed into it? Why would the Spirit breathe the breath of life into a soul that was already alive? You see, the Scripture is a parable. It is a very logical parable. We have talked a lot about reverse inference here. One example is Paul speaking about the mortal soul. Well, if you have a mortal soul, then, you must have an immortal soul!

This Bible is not just a book to be read. There is a hidden message in it, you have to think; you have to, by the grace of God, get a vision or a revelation of the logic that is threaded through the whole Scripture. The Bible is a logical book, which has a mathematical basis to it. It is not haphazard.

If the Father breathed the breath of life into Adam, then Adam must have been dead. We see the Spirit of God penetrating the soul man, and once again, I suggest to you that the Spirit flowed through the whole dead soul. As we see in other Scriptures, spirit enters, or penetrates the soul, and I want to suggest to you that you can see this in parable form in Genesis 1. The beginning of Genesis 1 talks about the waters of the creation flowing over, and being separated into the seas, and the earth being separated into the firmament. There was water and there was clay at the beginning of time, and here we see the parable in another form. It is basically the same story. There was a clay creation; there was also a Spirit. Spirit appears as water in the soul realm, “and the spirit flowed over the clay, and the breath of life was breathed into the soul.”

If you look that up in the Hebrew, it says, "it breathed into the nostril of the man." It may not be in the King James, but that is what it says in the Hebrew. The Scripture is not talking about the kind of nostrils that we have. It is talking about a sack, and the Spirit of God breathed the breath of life into the sack. Now, of course, it was not a body like we have, but the soul was a spiritual sack that had pores. God breathed the breath of life into the whole sack, and invigorated it, and the man became a living soul.

Adam’s Rib

We are talking about a mind. We found out that after this, the Scripture in Genesis says that God took Adam's rib. The Scripture is a parable, and we are called to grow up at this time. God took Adam's rib, if you look up the Hebrew word translated "rib”, "rib" is only one of many translations. The Hebrew word really means that God took one of Adam's “sides.” Adam did not look like we look. Adam was not a fallen man; he did not have two legs and two arms, and two eyes, and a nose, and two ears. I do not know what he looked like, he was a spiritual being, but what I do know is that this whole Bible is logical, and that there have been many mathematical functions worked on it with computers, which most of you probably know.

Adam’s Geometric Expression

I do know that every concept in the Bible can be expressed geometrically, and that the geometric expression of man is, anybody? Right triangle, right triangle. A geometric expression of the original formation of the man is a right triangle, well, how do I say that?

The Scripture says that God stood the man upright in the Garden. The man was made out of the earth, the base of the triangle is the line of the earth, but God imputed righteousness to him that he did not deserve. God stood him upright in the Garden to give him contact with the heavenlies, so that he should not be overcome by the pestilence in the earth. Then the Scripture says, God took one of the man's sides. I see three sides to this triangle; God took one of his sides.

An easier way to explain it is this, let us give the sides names. One side of the man was earth, and the other side of the man was spirit. The spirit mixed with the earth. One side was earth and one side was spirit. He had two sides, earth and spirit. At this point the Serpent was not named, but he was there.

The Scripture says that God took one of the man's sides. Does anybody remember which side God laid hold of to form the woman? Which side was the woman formed out of? Earth or spirit, earth or spirit? Which side was the woman formed out of? Spirit, spirit. God took the man's spiritual side, and He formed the woman. The man was earth and spirit, and they were all mixed up together because the Spirit infused the creation, and every cell of the creation was infused with water, as if you would take a sponge and push it down under the water. Not only the external aspect of the creation, but every cell. The water of the Spirit of Life entered into every single cell, in the same manner that we have blood flowing through our veins and through our arteries, yet every single cell of our body has blood in it.

If you prick your skin, even though it is not a major artery, or your heart, you will see that there is blood giving life to every cell of your body, and without that blood, that cell would be dead.

In the same manner, when God breathed the breath of life into the creation, which is spiritual clay, the entire creation received life, not only in the external part, but life was imparted into the very depths of the creation, so that every single cell of that earthen creation received the breath of life. Adam had two sides, spirit and earth, but they were all mixed together.

When the Scripture says, "God took one of the man's sides, and out of it He made a woman," I want to suggest to you that that is how Adam’s geometric expression became a right triangle. God took this condition, He took everything of Adam that was Spirit, and He put it on one side, and then He took everything that was earth, and He made the other side, and that was how the original creation was polarized into a right triangle. God polarized the creation; the Father polarized all of the earth and made it the base of the triangle, and then He polarized all of His Spirit, and He made it the side of the triangle that reaches up into heaven.

Update To
The Mind of the Spirit

(8 years After This Message Was Preached)

We now know that righteous Adam’s original geometric expression was a cube.

God removed the majority of righteous Adam’s earthen aspect (which was mixed with a small amount of Spirit) to the base of Adam’s cube, and the “walls” of Adam’s house (immortal cube) became primarily Spirit, mixed with a small amount of dust. But, the Serpent (the base of righteous Adam’s household) liberated herself from Adam’s authority and established another, separate spiritual foundation, which divided the creation and further reduced righteous Adam’s immortal geometric expression to a mortal triangle, the linear base of which became the mortal, linear, geometric expression of the Serpent.

When Cain killed Abel, righteous Adam’s mortal remains, the “side” of fallen Adam that represented God in the midst of the now mortal, fallen creation, separated itself from Cain, and fallen Adam’s mortal, but fortified, triangle was reduced even more, to the two remaining sides of righteous Adam’s immortal cube. These two sides are appearing today, one underneath the other, as Cain, the spiritual earth, and the dead Abel, the spiritual substance, which undergirds (gives consciousness to) this fallen creation. So, we see that today, righteous Adam is one-half the man that he was in the day that Jehovah created him.

Spiritual Reproduction

Let me show it to you another way. Listen to this; the human spirit became Eve, the mother of all living. Your human spirit is instrumental in producing the mind that you have. When your mind is carnal, your human spirit is married to Satan. When your mind is Christ, your human spirit is married to Christ. Let me say it another way, when your human spirit marries Christ, their offspring is the Mind of Christ Jesus, the God and Savior in the midst of you, the very Son of God.

When Satan marries your human spirit, she produces a female offspring whose name is the Carnal Mind, and she is the god in the midst of you. In another place in the Scripture the Carnal Mind is called the Man of Sin, who is sitting in the temple of God, calling himself God. Your human spirit, our human spirit, is that breath of life that the Father breathed into the creation, who is now in bondage to Satan, the Primordial Serpent’s expression in the Earth today.

Now brethren, if I donate the blood in my veins, if I give you a transfusion, my blood, once it begins to flow in your veins, it is not my blood anymore. It has become your blood. When the Father breathed the breath of life into Adam, and he became a living soul, the breath that the Father breathed into Adam was no longer the breath of the Father God, per se, but it became a manifestation of the Father within the living soul, and that particular breath that departed from the Father and entered into Adam, received a name of its own. That breath became Adam’s female seed, the spirit within Adam that was capable of receiving the male seed of the Father. It is as if to say, that the spirit in the original creation can be likened to a female ovum in a human women. The spirit that was in the living soul was the female element of the living soul that had the potential to produce the mind of God within the man.

When the Father’s male breath departed from Him and entered into the living soul, that male breath became female. That is not to say that God is female, but His breath that left Him and entered into the living soul, became female. That is, the Father’s breath took on the same sex as the sack that it was breathed into.

If you think that I said that God is female, listen again. I did say that the Father gave some of Himself to Adam, the soul man, so that Adam should have life, and be a wife to God, and have the potential to produce God’s offspring, which is the Mind of Christ.

A male seed came out from God, and that male seed became Adam’s female aspect, for the purpose of reproduction. You see, all of God’s offspring are 100% male, so in order for God to reproduce Himself (which requires a female as well as a male seed), both the female seed and the male seed that will produce the Mind of Christ within the host (Adam is the spiritual womb that conceives, nourishes, and eventually births the male offspring of God), must be male.

What are we saying? We are saying that the human spirit is really a male seed (because spirit is always male) that is functioning as a female seed for the purpose of bringing forth a male offspring in the image of God. God is all male, but, since He is the only one on His level, He has some female functions.

In human sexuality, a male is produced by the union of a male seed and a female seed, so human males are a mixture of male and female attributes, with the male attributes dominating the female attributes. It is this very configuration of the human male (having a female side) that makes him vulnerable to role reversal, and domination by the human female. Does this not sound familiar? Was it not Adam’s female side that tricked him into relinquishing his male authority, which caused the whole creation to die? It should not be surprising that fallen mankind has the same weakness as righteous Adam, our spiritual ancestor, because mankind is the present-day manifestation of that same righteous Adam who died.

God placed a male seed, which was programmed to function as a female seed, within Adam, which was designated to be fertilized by the male seed of God, for the specific purpose of producing a 100% male mind within Adam, who was both male and female. But Adam died (and we all died in him) before Adam’s dominant male aspect (God’s male mind) appeared within the living soul to control Adam’s female potential to overthrow Adam’s imputed (temporary) manhood.

The male breath that God breathed into Adam formed a living soul that was both male and female. Adam, the living soul, would be in God’s image as long as His male aspect dominated His female aspect (because the male aspect of God, unequivocally, rules over His female functions). God’s provision to engrave a permanent male nature upon Adam, the living soul, was to birth within Adam a 100% male mind which would join with Adam’s male aspect to rule over His female side, thus nullifying Adam’s female potential to overthrow Adam’s temporary male nature, which insurrection would result in a female (mortal) creation that died from generation to generation.

So, we see, brethren, that the “help” that God promised Adam is the male Mind of Christ, which will prevent Him (after the regeneration, of course), from being killed by his female side ever again. Humanity, as we see ourselves today, is the present-day manifestation of the one who was the glorious, righteous Son of God. The Father assigned Jesus, the Christ, to make God’s male mind available to the members of fallen Adam, which we are, so that righteous Adam can be regenerated within us and restored to a state of irreversible immortality.

Ladies, if you give birth to a child, you are still a full-grown woman. The Father gave out a piece of Himself, He imparted it to the living soul, and it gave her reproductive ability. What kind of reproductive ability? The ability to reproduce God’s life in a new form, as the mind of a flesh (visible) man.

The Son Of God

The Son of God is the Mind of Christ, and when that glorious Mind defeats the Carnal Mind of the soul man that He is birthed in, and marries that soul man, the whole man is called Christ Jesus, the Son of God.

Spirit Mediates Between God And Soul Man

In the beginning, the creation was all male and female, it was all Spirit and soul, it was all Spirit and earth, and then God took one of the ribs of the man to polarize the Spirit, which had rebelled against Adam’s authority, and Adam took the geometric form of a right triangle. Now look, the side of the triangle that is earthen remains upon the earth, but the side of the triangle, which is spirit, which is the seed of the Father in the living soul, has contact both with the earth and with the Father Who is in heaven.

It is not the earth that has contact with the Father, but it is the Spirit in the man that has contact with the Father. Job said, “There is a spirit in man.” It is the human spirit of man that has contact with the heavens. Glory to God. So, we see that the Father, by imparting the Mind of the Spirit to the soul man, has brought the creation into a form whereby the Father can interact with His creation. The original creation (Spirit and the earth all mixed up together) was not in a form that the Father could interact with, to bring forth the Mind of the Spirit (the Mind of Christ), which is the very Son of God. When the Mind of the Spirit (the Mind of Christ) is birthed in the soul man and rules over his earthen nature, the whole man, Mind and soul (personality) is called “Christ.” God will not communicate directly with the soul man, but will communicate with His Son within that soul man. Wherefore, the man, Christ Jesus, is the only mediator between God and man.

Jesus Christ/Christ

This is a really important point, because the Scripture says that Jesus Christ is the Son of the living God, and He is, but there is another Scripture that says “Christ,” not Jesus Christ, “Christ the Son of the living God.” I want to suggest to you that the Son of God is the offspring of the union between the Spirit of the Father, and the spirit of the man. They join together, there is an offspring, and the name of that offspring is Christ, and that Christ is a mind. When the dominant Christ Mind fully rules over the whole man to the point that the Carnal Mind is completely paralyzed, (or brain dead, as we put it) then the whole man can be called Christ.

In our society when a woman marries a man, she takes his name. His whole family takes his name. If his name is Smith or Jones, his wife becomes Mrs. Smith, and his children become Smith junior. In the same way, when the Mind of God, which is the Son of God, Christ, the Son of the Living God, when He is the dominant mind in a human being, that whole human being takes the name “Christ.” Wherefore, the man Jesus of Nazareth was called, The Christ, because He had a mind, which was the Son of the Living God, which was ruling over and dominating His whole personality, including the Carnal Mind that He inherited from Mary.

Does anybody not understand this? Those of us that are moving into Christ in this hour have a measure of the Mind of Christ. Christ is being formed in us. He started as a mustard seed, and He is growing. He is there, and He is very real, but you cannot call yourself Christ at this point. Some of you may know that I had an encounter not too long ago with a ministry that I visited, where the pastor was asking the congregation to call everybody in that fellowship “Jesus.” He told the people in the service, "Go tell Jesus that you love Him." I had a real encounter with that pastor, because I would not receive that worship. The spiritual reality is that Christ is within me, Christ is within me, He is within me with a lot of power, and a lot of authority, but I am not yet The Christ. Why? Because the dominant mind that I was born with, the Carnal Mind within me, is still sitting on the throne of my soul some of the time, even though Christ, my new, Righteous Mind, sits there some of the time also. I have not been beheaded yet. My Carnal Mind has not been completely cut away, “and I saw the souls of them which have been beheaded for Christ."

I have not been beheaded yet. The mind which is keeping this body alive is my Carnal Mind. Christ is there, He is growing, He is maturing, and He is increasing, but He is not the predominant mind in my vessel. And until the day comes that Christ decapitates my Carnal Mind from my soul (personality) and sets Himself down and becomes my dominant mind, I am a fallen human being with Christ dwelling within me. But at the time of the circumcision, when my Carnal Mind ceases to exist, I shall become “The Christ.”

Update To
The Mind Of The Spirit

(8 years later)

Today I understand that it can be said that someone who is expressing the nature of Christ through wisdom, teaching, counsel or prophecy, can be identified as an expression of “Christ” in the earth, and in particular, to the people that he is sent to minister to. But this is not the same thing as equating oneself to Jesus, whose Carnal Mind (that he inherited from Mary) was completely inoperable, wherefore, He called himself the Son of God and received worship.

Brethren, it looks like we are splitting hairs, but we have to get this straight. If you are going to enter into the Kingdom, you have to get it straight. This is one of the assignments that God has given this ministry. We have to get this straight, because we have people out there saying that they are Christ, and they are not Christ, and then we have people that Christ is being formed in, which do not even understand what is happening to them. It is time for this message to be heard. Why? Because Christ is coming forth in His people, He is coming forth, and He needs to be fed as He comes forth. Because if Christ is not being formed in you, you would not even be reading this message. Either it would be total gibberish to you, or you would have a negative reaction to it. The Carnal Mind cannot bear this message, it cannot comprehend it, it cannot deal with it, and it causes him severe anxiety and torment in his soul. Why? Because this message is pronouncing the death of your Carnal Mind, and how that death will come to pass.

“Precious is the death of his saints in the sight of the Lord”, “to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Alternate Translation, “When we die [to our Carnal Mind] we gain Christ.”

The Whore Of Revelation

We are talking about mind tonight, and we are saying that a mind is the offspring of soul and spirit. Christ is the Mind that is the offspring of the Father, God, and the human spirit of man. Mother Eve, who is the mother of all living, is our human spirit. The Carnal Mind is the offspring of Satan and our human spirit, as she appears in Revelation 17.

The human spirit became subject to the Serpent, who married her when she believed his lies, and used her seed to bring forth a corrupt, mortal creation that dies from generation to generation. The human spirit, the breath that God breathed into the man, is the Whore riding the Beast that fallen Adam has become. Marriage to Serpent has made the human spirit a whore, and her deliverance from this ungodly marriage is to take the form of a new, righteous Mind, which is the male Mind that she was designated to birth when the Father first breathed her into the man. So, for a season, we have two minds, but only one can be the dominant mind.

The Mind Of Christ In Two Stages

The Engrafted Word

Now we see modern man...let us take Jesus of Nazareth, we see the Mind of Christ appearing in Him. Does anybody know another name for the Mind of Christ that the Lord has revealed to us here? The engrafted word, that is true, the engrafted word. Let me elaborate on that. The Mind of Christ will come forth in two stages; the immature beginning of it and the mature ending of it. When the seed of the Father engrafts to a man's human spirit, the name of the seed changes and the seed is now called “the engrafted word.” James calls it the engrafted word, the beginning of the imparted anointing, the beginning of the formation of the rooted Christ in you.

Christ must be formed and rooted and grounded in you. It is not enough to have the Holy Spirit, which is a manifestation of the Father to you. The Son, who is designated to be the God in the midst of you, must be formed in your own heart, and the beginning of His formation in you is called “the engrafted word.”

The Mature Christ

As the grafted seed comes to maturity, His name changes again, and called either ”the Mind of Christ” or “the Kingdom of God.” The Mind of Christ, alone, is called the Kingdom of God. A mind is a kingdom, or a nation, and the vessel, or vessels that the mind rules through, is called “the land of the kingdom”, or “the earthen part of the Kingdom”.

Two Minds, Two Kingdoms

Those of us who still have a Carnal Mind sitting on the throne of our soul (personality), and have Christ beginning to be formed in us, have two kingdoms within us, and (you may have done this study or read about it) there are two kingdoms in the Scripture. Does anybody know the names of the two kingdoms that we read about in the Scripture? The Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness, the Kingdom of Babylon and the Kingdom of Israel. There are two kingdoms; there are two of everything in the Bible. If you look for it, you’ll see that there are two of everything. It is not unusual, however, for the name to change, because the Bible is a Book of Symbols that generates a different name for an object or a person, every time their condition or position changes.

The Kingdom of God is a Mind and a Kingdom, and the other kingdom; the Kingdom of Darkness is the Carnal Mind. The Mind of Christ is the Kingdom of God, and the Carnal Mind is the Kingdom of Darkness, or, we could say, the Kingdom of the Beast. We should really say “beast” instead of “darkness.” Are we not told in the Book of Revelation, “and darkness filled the kingdom of the beast?“ Darkness covered over the Kingdom of the Beast.

We have two kingdoms, or two minds, but only one mind can be dominant at any given moment. To use computer language, we can say that the human vessel in this hour defaults to the Carnal Mind. We all have access, those of us who are moving into Christ, we all have access to the Mind of Christ, but we default to the Carnal Mind. Why? The Carnal Mind is the mind that we are born with, it is the mind of this flesh that we are living in, and the Mind of Christ is the invading force.

The Kingdom Of Heaven

We have access to the Mind of Christ. We can pray for it, we can ask for it, and when that anointing comes down on us, what is actually happening is that the Mind of Christ ascends above the Carnal Mind and covers it over. The Mind of Christ covers over the Kingdom, or the Seat of the Beast, and then we have access to the Wisdom of God. Then, when the Lord is finished speaking to us and giving His Wisdom and Knowledge, we revert to the Carnal Mind again.

I want to tell you, brethren, that if you are not actively praying and asking God for His thoughts and His emotions and His reactions, you are in the default mode of your Carnal Mind. If you are not waging warfare against your Carnal Mind, you are in your Carnal Mind. Why? Because your Carnal Mind has not been beheaded yet. He is sitting on the throne of your soul (personality).

The temptation resulted in the Mind of Christ, or the Kingdom of God, unseating Satan and his Carnal Mind within the man, Jesus of Nazareth. The Mind of Christ in Jesus of Nazareth put the Carnal Mind that Jesus received from Mary under the feet of the Christ within the man, Jesus of Nazareth, and bound Satan in the bottomless pit.

Rev 20:1

              1 And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand.

              2, And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,

              3, And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him, that he should deceive the nations no more, till the thousand years should be fulfilled:  and after that he must be loosed a little season.  KJV

The Mind of Christ, or the Kingdom of God, bound up the Carnal Mind, or the Kingdom of the Beast. He bound them together, and made them into one Kingdom. And when the Kingdom of God bound up the Kingdom of the Beast and brought him into total submission, the name of the Kingdom of God changed. It is a Scriptural principle that every time there is a change of position, God changes the name of the person, to clue you in that something is different. When the Kingdom of God totally binds up the Kingdom of the Beast to the point that the Carnal Mind is brain dead, the name of the Kingdom of God changes to what? The Kingdom of Heaven. The Kingdom of God becomes the Kingdom of Heaven. Now, if you look up the word “heaven” in Greek, you will see that the word “heaven” is actually plural. In every instance that I looked up the phrase “Kingdom of Heaven,” it always read, “the Kingdom of [the two] Heavens,” plural.

This is the Kingdom of the Two Heavens. The Kingdom of God binding up and totally immobilizing the Kingdom of the Beast forms a new Kingdom, which is now called the Kingdom of the Two Heavens. The new Kingdom takes the name of God, it takes the name of Christ, because the Carnal Mind, or the Kingdom of the Beast, is immobile, brain dead, bound under the Kingdom of God, not good for anything.

Jesus Received A Carnal Mind
From Mary

A lot of people are very upset at the thought of Jesus having a Carnal Mind, but brethren, Jesus had a Carnal Mind, because He was born of a natural woman. He had a human body, He had a human soul, and we are told that He was made in the form of sinful flesh. Well, then, brethren, is it not reasonable to believe that Jesus had a Carnal Mind also? But the Scripture says that He was tested in all points and yet without sin.

Jesus of Nazareth was tested by Satan in the process that we call “the temptation,” and it was proven that at that time, after the anointing that was within John (as typified by a dove) joined itself to the Holy Spirit that the man, Jesus, was born with, that Jesus, the Christ, passed Satan’s test, and was found to be without sin. The double portion (the Holy Spirit that Jesus was born with, plus the anointing that transferred from John to the man, Jesus) formed a mature Mind of Christ within the man Jesus of Nazareth, that so fully captured and bound the Carnal Mind that Jesus received from Mary, that Jesus could be pronounced “sinless.” The Carnal Mind that Jesus received from Mary was now so completely under the authority of the fortified Mind of Christ within the man, Jesus, that the Carnal Mind that Jesus received from Mary was brain dead, and could not function at all.

Now, brethren, Satan is the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind, so we see that when Jesus was tested by the ruling spirit of the Carnal Mind that He received from Mary, the Spirit of Christ within the man, Jesus, overcame the ruling spirit of the Carnal Mind that Jesus received from Mary, bound him with a chain, and forced him in the bottomless pit.

Satan had one more opportunity to destroy the man, Jesus, and prevent Him from completing His assignment to birth the Mind of the Spirit within the members of fallen Adam, which we are. When, Jesus, the Christ, was crucified, when He hung on that cross, He refused to save himself, but instead gave up His sinless soul life (which would have lived forever) to fulfill His Father’s commandment to regenerate the whole living soul that died.

The mind that was in the man, Jesus of Nazareth, Jesus, who was the Christ, was not the Kingdom of God; it was the Kingdom of the Two Heavens. As far as I know, no one in the earth today has a mind that can be called the Kingdom of the Two Heavens.

Fallen Adam, A Double-Minded Man

Those of us that are moving into Christ are double-minded men. We have a Carnal Mind and we have the Kingdom of God within us. "Behold the Kingdom of God is within you." But the Kingdom of God is at war with the Kingdom of the Beast that is within you, which warfare is called “the tribulation.” If you are not at war, the Kingdom of God within you is surely dying. “If you are not for me you are against me," Jesus said. "If you are not using the talent that I gave you, I am going to take it away from you, and give it to someone else who will use it."

Tribulation And Spiritual Warfare

Mind-To-Mind Conflict

This means that from the minute the Word engrafts to you, you have a war on your hands. Now, if you have been in the Church for years, dancing and singing and getting your Cadillac and having all your fun, and now all of a sudden you have trouble like you never had trouble before, look up, brethren, because the Word of God just may have engrafted to your soul.

Because from the minute that Holy Seed grafts to you, you are in the war, whether you like it or not. I want to tell you, brethren, there is no place to run. You cannot run to China, you cannot run to Africa, you cannot run to another church, you cannot run away any more than Jonah could run away, because the source of your travail is in your own heart and mind. From now on, wherever you go, the Dragon that we read about in Revelation 12 is waiting to devour the man-child that is forming within you, as soon as He is born. That Dragon, which is the subconscious part of the Carnal Mind of mortal man, is going to recognize you, and he is going to rise up in some human being somewhere, to try to devour the Christ child, who is your life.

That Dragon may be rising up from your own Carnal Mind, or he may be rising up in someone else's Carnal Mind, but, no matter how you look at it, brethren, you have trouble. You have travail because you are in spiritual labor, and there is no place to run. You are going to have that baby, so there is just no place to run. Your only source of relief is to bear this Manchild, who will chain Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind, and force him into the bottomless pit, and consume Leviathan, the Dragon that seeks to devour Christ.

Bearing the Christ child is the only source of relief; there is no place to go. As much as you scream, and yell, and complain that you do not want this life, brethren, there is no place to go, because your problem is within you. The Kingdom of God is within you, the Manchild is within you; your torment is within you. It is in your in mind, it is in your emotions, and the worse thing that you can do is try to run away. You have to fight that war, brethren, or Satan will punish you, and you might even be overtaken in the battle. Our fallen nature, the human condition, wants to run, but the truth is, brethren, that now that the seed of Christ is grafted to you, Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind, and Leviathan, the subconscious part of the Carnal Mind, will not turn back from the holy war that they are waging against you, until you destroy them, or they destroy you.

Spiritual Warfare, Your New Life

I was telling someone just the other night that it took me years to walk in this revelation. I would be under some kind of a spiritual attack, and I would know that putting on an anointed tape would break the yoke, but I would do everything except that. I would go out with my friends, I would call someone up on the telephone, I would lay down and watch TV, I would rent a video, I would spend hours trying to make this torment in my mind and in my soul go away, and then finally after six hours, or more, when I was not any better off, I would get the revelation, "Sheila, you know, if you would submit yourself to the anointing, just submit yourself to the anointing, God will break your yoke, why do you not do it?" Because I was filled with rebellion! That is why I would not do it. It was not that I did not know what to do. I knew what to do, but I did not want to do it, so the Lord said, "Okay, lay down and suffer."

Even today, sometimes I am still attacked with this; it is just a sign of how strong your Carnal Mind still is. Just the other day I had a severe trial. I went to visit a friend, and after visiting for ten minutes I said, "I am doing the wrong thing, I am going to go home and listen to a tape." So, I went back to the house, and put on a tape, and within half an hour the stress alleviated. But it took me years to get to this point, where I am disciplined enough, under stress, to do what my Christ Mind says will help me, and not what Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind, draws me to with promises of emotional satisfaction and fleshly pleasure. Never take any condemnation from anything that I say. Just learn from it.

Here is an example for you. Everything that I have learned, and all the information that I have acquired by experiencing much pain, is yours. The Scripture says that you have entered into another man's labor. Everything that I have learned through bitterness and sweating blood, it is all yours. All my knowledge, all my wisdom, all my experience, and all of the power that I have because of everything I have been through, it is yours, but you have to take it, you have to lay hold of it, and you have to use it. I cannot use it for you; I can only do so much for you. I can pin your diaper up, I can stand you on your feet, I can give you shoes and socks, and I can walk to give you the idea of what it means to walk... left, right, left right. But, if you do not start moving your legs, there is nothing more I can do for you.

Spiritual Seduction

Now remember, this is what happened to righteous Adam at the beginning of time. God said to him, "I have given you everything. You have my life, I have given you dominion over the spiritual pestilence in the creation, you have the handicap, the other guy has three hands tied behind his back, and cannot withdraw from your authority unless you let him. Now, I am telling you, that your enemy is going to come to you, and he is going to whisper seducing thoughts into your mind, but you will be safe if you just obey my commandment, Thou shalt not eat of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. I do not care what this guy tells you, I do not care what he says, I do not care what he promises you, just do not do it, even if he convinces your wife to do it, you do not do it, and you will both live." And so, God withdrew from righteous Adam, saying, ”I did everything I could do for you, Adam, now you have got to walk, left, right, left, right, are you going to do it, or are you going to fall on your face?"

Then the Serpent appeared and whispered in Adam’s ear, the Serpent spoke to the female side of righteous Adam, and righteous Adam flopped right on His anointed face. In case you are wondering what I am talking about, because the Scripture says that it was Eve who was seduced, let me review that for you. The creation at the beginning of time did not look like we look. It was a superior spiritual entity, I do not know what it looked like, but I know that it was both male and female. These bodies that we live in are prison houses, a manifestation of the curse that came upon Adam when he fell, which are a source of pain and torment to most of us, unless you are blessed and have never had a problem with your body.

Righteous Adam was a superior spiritual being, and His wife was within him. The Scripture says, "God took Adam's rib, he formed a woman out of it and he brought it back to Adam." If you look at that in the Hebrew, it says, "And He put her back into Adam." Adam’s wife was Adam’s female part. God took one of Adam’s sides, formed in into a female reproductive organ, and joined that female reproductive organ to Adam.

Adam was a superior spiritual being with a female potential to manifest what can be likened to the human passion to have children. So, the Serpent whispered to the man... now, the man had a mind which was Christ, which knew that God said, "Do not do it, do not use your own mind, do not use your own intellect, just do what I told you to do,” So, the Serpent came with his seduction. I do not really know what the serpent said to Adam, but I know that the parable says that the Serpent stirred up the lust of Adam's female, reproductive side. The Serpent stirred up Adam’s desire to reproduce. Adam had a choice. He was standing on his feet, which means that he had the power to refuse the Serpent’s suggestion. Adam was set upright in the Garden, he had dominion over the Serpent, he had the power to say, "No, the Father God said, no, and I am not going to do it, and that is the end of it," or he could yield to his female lust to reproduce.

A Fallen Creation

The Similitude Of Adam

We are told in the Scripture that none of us are righteous, all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, but none of us have sinned after the similitude of Adam. What does that mean? It means that when we sin, it is because we are already overtaken by the Serpent’s nature. Sin has dominion over us. Why? Because our Carnal Mind is giving us existence in this hour. Sin has dominion over us, sin can bring us down and does, in fact, bring us down, at will, every day of our life, but not so with righteous Adam.

Sin did not have dominion over Adam. Adam had dominion over sin; all Adam had to do was say "No." Adam was not seduced, he was not overtaken, but he was deceived. The man was deceived. Adam, who was Christ, was tricked. The Christ Mind was not tricked. Adam, who was Christ because the Mind of the Spirit was ruling over His earthen nature, rejected the counsel of Christ, who cannot sin, and yielded to His earthen nature, which lusted to bear children. Adam made an active choice to yield to his female lust to reproduce before the appropriate time, when Jehovah would father His children. Adam’s female side liked what the Serpent said, it sounded good to her. There is a way that sounds right to man, but the end thereof is destruction. The mistake of Adam’s female side can be likened to a believer starting a ministry before the time set by the Lord.

Adam knew that He was to reproduce, but did not understand that it was possible to reproduce by a spirit other than Jehovah. The Church is in a similar predicament today. The members of God’s household do not understand that it is possible to bear a spiritual child other than the Christ child. The Church does not understand that we are repeating righteous Adam’s test. The Serpent is right in the Church today in the form of a counterfeit Holy Spirit and false prophets, who seek to impregnate the members of the Body of Christ with the Serpent’s spiritual offspring.

With a very few exceptions, God’s children cannot tell the difference between Christ and the Serpent in a mortal man. On the contrary, the body of Christ is more likely to align themselves with the Serpent, than Christ, because mankind, in his fallen state, is engraved with the nature of the Serpent. The truth is that fallen man, even the members of the Body of Christ, feel more comfortable with the Serpent’s nature than with the righteous nature of Christ, because our deeds, the hidden motives of the heart, are evil. This is why we need a Savior, to chain and imprison our fallen nature and become our new, righteous nature, against which Satan has no legal right to execute the death penalty.

Stop thinking with your own mind. The mind of God leads to life, but the intellect of man leads to death. Adam listened with his passions. He listened to his lust, and as soon as Adam listened with his lust, the Mind of Christ within Him fell down under the authority of the Serpent, the one who Adam was now worshiping, because submission is worship. Adam gave place to His female passions (emotions and passions are female), which then, rose up and dominated His Christ Mind. “...And the Serpent said to the woman....” And the rest is history.

What happened? Adam, who was male because His Mind was Christ, became a woman. Let me say it again, Adam was male because his Mind was Christ, and his Christ Mind was ruling over his passions, but as soon as Adam made an active choice to give up his rational Christ Mind, because in his heart of hearts, He wanted to experience having children so badly that He gave up his rational thought, He gave up his ability to say “no” because he wanted to experience spiritual reproduction so badly that he broke Jehovah’s commandment. Adam gave up his masculinity; He gave up his opportunity to produce spiritually male offspring, and became a spiritual woman who would produce spiritually female offspring. The Bible says, "and the Serpent said to the woman..."

Now, the catch here is that Adam did not understand the consequences of his rational decision to disobey Jehovah. Adam thought He could have it both ways. Adam thought that He could disobey Jehovah and produce spiritual children with Jehovah’s nature before the time that Jehovah set for their marriage.

Two Minds A Fallen Creation Make

Look, you have to come up out of this parable, brethren. This is what they give to the kids in Sunday school, that Adam was a human man, and Eve was a human woman, and someone ate an apple somewhere. You have to grow up. No one ate an apple. A spiritual sexual union took place before time began, that birthed a criminal mind into the creation. The man joined with the Serpent instead of with Jehovah. Brethren, if I have an apple, and I eat the apple, the apple joins with my body. Food that I eat becomes flesh on my arms and through my whole body. The woman ate the fruit, or the seed, of the Serpent, and she became one with the Serpent, and the mind of the Serpent was born into mankind, and the name of that mind is called “carnal” flesh. The Mind of the Flesh, the nature of which is the exact opposite of the Mind of the Spirit. The creation now had two minds, Christ, a dominant male mind, which was giving life to the creation, and an invading force called the Carnal Mind, which rose up and eventually killed the Christ Mind in the event that the Scripture calls the what? The Fall. The living soul had life because it was ruled by the Mind of Christ, but the Carnal Mind exalted itself over the Mind of Christ, and sin became the dominant mind of the creation. The living soul died when Christ died, and we have been dead ever since.

Christ Must Be Born Again

Brethren, two thousand years ago, something very exciting happened. A new mind was born into this realm of hell and death. The very Son of God who has everything that He needs to destroy the Carnal Mind that is killing us every day of our life, overcame death and purchased fallen humanity (which Jehovah sold to the Serpent) from Satan; and He fully intends to do the same thing to the Carnal Mind that the Carnal Mind did to Christ at the beginning of time. Christ intends to kill the Carnal Mind dead! There is only one problem. If Christ goes out, and just kills this Carnal Mind, we will die also. The Lord does not have any problem killing this Carnal Mind, His problem is keeping mankind, in our present corruptible condition, alive after He does it. Brethren, we break, these bodies break, this Carnal Mind breaks. We are vulnerable, we are corruptible, we are vile. Do you know that God looks upon these physical bodies which break, as vile? We are in trouble; we are not supposed to have a body like this. We are supposed to have a glorious, immortal body.

The Son of the Living God is in the earth today, and He is birthing Himself into every human being as his or her new, Righteous Mind. But until such time as Christ, your new, Righteous Mind, is strong enough to destroy your Carnal Mind, the Lord says to let the tares grow with the wheat. Tares symbolize the Carnal Mind, wheat symbolizes the Christ Mind.

Do not rip out the Carnal Mind now. The soul (personality) will die if you rip out the Carnal Mind before the Christ Mind is mature enough to sustain the existence of the physical body. Your body will die. I hear all the Pharisees screaming. Brethren, if you do not at least pray about this message, you are a fool. The Church is filled with fools; you do not know what you are talking about. At least pray about this. If you will not at least pray about it and ask God if it is true, you are a fool, you are ignorant. If you think you have the whole message, you are a fool.

Salvation Is In The Flesh

You do not stop learning until you receive glorified life in this flesh, not in some hereafter with streets of gold. Immortality is in the flesh. God has formed a creation, and He intends to appear in His people, and dominate this world system. God said, "Let them have dominion over the earth and everything in it." How do you reconcile that with a rapture that is taking you to streets of gold? You must be able to reconcile every Scripture with every Scripture. Let them have dominion over the fishes and over the fowl, and over the beast, and over the earth, while they are in human form. The only way we are going to fulfill that commandment and have dominion in the earth is to have an exchange of mind. Christ must be formed in you, you must acquire a new mind, and that new mind must kill your Carnal Mind.

Tribulation Kills the Carnal Mind

The only problem is that you are attached to your Carnal Mind and separation will result in the death of both the Carnal Mind and the soul (personality) and the physical body, which is an expression of the personality. The Carnal Mind is a tree that is growing in you. It is a part of you. When the Mind of Christ kills your Carnal Mind, you are going to feel it, and the name of this procedure is called the? Anybody? The Tribulation.

The procedure that results in the death of the Carnal Mind is called “the Tribulation.” The ultimate end of Tribulation, where Christ pierces through the Carnal Mind and actually kills him, is called “the Crucifixion of Christ.” (See “Crucifixion of Christ” below.) Does anybody have any questions about the crucifixion of Christ? Yes, I thought I heard a question in the spirit. Are you the one who asked that question in your mind?

First of all, let me start by explaining to you that we have done a very deep Scriptural study in the Greek Interlinear Text on the Name “Christ,” which resulted in a twelve-part series on the subject. We found out when we did this study that when the definite article "the" appears in the Greek before the word "Christ," when the Greek says "the Christ," it is speaking about the man, Jesus of Nazareth, who was The Christ, but it is almost never translated that way.

There are other Scriptures where there is no article, definite (the) or indefinite (a) before the word “Christ.” We found out that when the Scripture uses the word Christ without an article before it, the text is speaking about the Mind of Christ, which was in the man, Jesus of Nazareth, who was The Christ.

I reviewed this earlier, but I will say it again, the reason that Jesus of Nazareth could legally call himself Jesus, The Christ, was that the Mind of Christ (Christ without the article), was born in the man, Jesus of Nazareth, fully matured in Him, and took dominion over His Carnal Mind, to the point that the only mind ruling in that human vessel (who was born Jesus of Nazareth, of the woman Mary), the only mind functioning in it, was Christ. Therefore the man, Jesus of Nazareth, called Himself Jesus, The Christ. Are you following me?

There is a significant difference between "The Christ" (Jesus of Nazareth, who was The Christ) and Christ, the mind that was in the man, Jesus. Now, the man, Jesus of Nazareth, cannot get inside of other human beings, but that Mind that was in Jesus of Nazareth, the Mind that made Him the Son of God, is capable of being born in all of us, and that is what is happening in this hour.


The Crucifixion Of Jesus Of Nazareth

Now, there were two crucifixions, brethren. There was a crucifixion of Jesus, the man, who was The Christ. We saw Him hanging on the cross. Jesus’ physical body was crucified, nails were driven through it, and that physical body died, but Jesus rose into a glorified (spiritual) body.

I suggest to you that it was Jesus, the soul man, the Son of Man, that died. If you do a word study in the Greek, you will find that there is no Scripture where Jesus says that the Son of God is about to be offered up. Jesus always said that the Son of Man was about to be offered up, the Son of Man is about to be lifted up, the Son of Man is about to be crucified. Jesus’ humanity was crucified, brethren. Jesus’ physical body was crucified, and when the physical body dies, the soul (personality) and the mind of the flesh, the Carnal Mind, die with it. But the Mind that was in the man, Jesus of Nazareth, which is called Christ, the Son of the Living God, the very Mind whose presence in the man, Jesus, gave Him the legal right to call Himself Jesus, The Christ, that glorious mind did not die when Jesus’ physical body was crucified.

You cannot kill a Righteous Mind by crucifying the physical body that it is attached to, brethren. How do you kill a Righteous Mind? How do you kill a Righteous Mind? Just stop a minute and think. You cannot kill a Righteous Mind by crucifying the physical body that it is attached to. The wicked men that crucified the physical body of the man, Jesus, who was The Christ, only had the power to crucify His flesh. Now, when Jesus’ human body died, Jesus’ soul (personality) that He was born with, and the Carnal Mind that He received from Mary, should have died also.

Brethren, if you put a knife in my heart, my soul (personality) and my flesh mind will die along with my body, but that righteous Mind that was in the man Jesus, the Mind that was the Son of the Living God, did not die because the physical body that it was attached to died. Is anybody not following me?

That righteous Mind named Christ, which was in the man, Jesus of Nazareth, that justified (made righteous) the soul (personality) of the man, Jesus, survived the death of Jesus’ physical body (that He was attached to); and when the Living Christ separated from Jesus’ dead physical body, the soul (personality) of the man, Jesus of Nazareth, which was joined to Christ (the righteous Mind that is the Son of God) through spiritual marriage, arose out of Jesus’ dead, physical body with Him. Christ, who could not be killed by wicked men “preserved” the soul (personality) of the man, Jesus, His wife. And, so, Jesus’ soul (personality) survived the separation from the physical body that had sustained His existence from the time He was born as a mortal babe, with the Holy Spirit within Him. Are you okay? That is the crucifixion of the man, Jesus.

The Crucifixion Of Christ

Now, we have a second crucifixion in the Scripture, it is the crucifixion of Christ. Paul said, "I am crucified to the world, yet I live, I did not die, I was crucified but I did not die." He said, "I am crucified to the world, but I did not die." The crucifixion of Christ, not “The Christ,” but “Christ,” that Righteous Mind that could not be killed when the flesh of the man, Jesus, was crucified, is the joining of that glorious mind, the Son of the Living God, to the Carnal Mind that Jesus received from Mary. The Christ Mind within the man, Jesus, penetrated the Carnal Mind that Jesus received from Mary, so completely, that the Carnal Mind that Jesus received from Mary, died. It is a great mystery, but the Scripture calls this death of the Carnal Mind, “the Crucifixion of [the Carnal Mind by] Christ.”

"I am crucified to the world," Paul said. "I am Christ and the Christ within me was crucified to the spiritual world within me, which is the Carnal Mind." First of all, Christ is sometimes typified in the Scripture as a sword, in other instances as a needle, and in yet other instances, as a nail. The male Mind of Christ penetrated and crucified the female Carnal Mind that Jesus inherited from Mary, after the seed of Israel, the seed of David.

The whole spiritual man, Christ, the Righteous male Mind, and the soul (personality) of the man, Jesus, arose out of the dead physical body of Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus was no longer in parts, no longer the Righteous Mind of Christ, a physical body, a soul (personality), and a Carnal Mind. The soul (personality) and the residue of the Carnal Mind that Jesus received from Mary, now under the dominion of the Mind of Christ, were completely blended together as a new, homogeneous spiritual substance which formed a spiritual body for the Mind of Christ, and the Mind of Christ, together with His spiritual body (which includes the soul (personality) of Jesus) is called “the spiritual man, Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man.”

For example, I could take two kinds of marbles and put them in a glass and shake them up, and you still have marbles, but when you make a cake for example, you take butter, sugar, flour, and milk and you blend them together, and you mingle them so completely that you can no longer recognize the butter, or the flour, or the sugar, because you have a new substance, you have a cake batter. The word in the book of Revelation is “mingle”. That is the Scriptural word.

The soul man, Jesus of Nazareth, born of Mary, no longer exists. The soul (personality) of the man Jesus of Nazareth separated from the Carnal Mind that He received from Mary, and from His physical body, and is now a glorified spiritual man, which can enter into and attach itself to the many members of fallen Adam.

The man, Jesus of Nazareth, was limited to His fallen physical body, but because Jesus gave up His soul life, He gave up His personality and died to His existence as Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Mary and Joseph, and to His existence as Jesus, The Christ, He was birthed into a new, spiritual form, whereby He can now enter into the many members of fallen Adam, so that the spiritual man, Christ Jesus, can be formed in them also, and be the God in the midst of them, their personal Savior. Brethren, Christ Jesus, the Savior in the midst of me, is not saving you. Christ Jesus has to be growing out of your own soul, He has to be in your heart, He has to be your mind, He has to be controlling your life, He has to be waging war against your own Carnal Mind and Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind, the enemy of your soul, who exists in your own mind.

Christ Jesus has to get inside of you. I can only do so much for you, you have to walk, you have to start walking, or you will surely die to whatever degree of the life of the Lord Jesus is in you. In this hour, Jesus is pushing baby Christians (typified by eagles) out of the nest. I hear their screams in my spiritual mind, they are going, “squawk, squawk, squawk, squawk, squawk”, but they are starting to fly. The days of having the worms fed directly into their mouths are over. If you do not start to fly, brethren, you are going to die to the spiritual life, which is your potential to be restored to immortality. There are going to be a lot of spiritually dead Christians lying around.

Christ In You

It is the Lord’s intention to appear in the fullness of His life in this human race, so He is going to many people in this hour, saying, "I would like to appear in you," and everybody is saying "No." Everybody is saying "No." Why? Because the process that results in His appearing hurts.

Well, they say "Yes" initially. I said "Yes" initially. You all heard my testimony. There was an altar call for “Tabernacles” In the church that I was raised up in, so I went running up to the front of the church saying, "Lord take me, take me, please do not leave me behind!" If I had any idea of what I would have had to go through, I probably would have never answered the altar call, but the Lord listened to me and He took me. You, see, this is what is happening to everybody in this hour, in the moment of their travail, in their deepest darkest moment, they are crying out, "Jesus just get me out of this trouble and I will serve you for the rest of my life," and then, when they get out of trouble, they think they are going to default on their promise, but they cannot.

The Jonah Syndrome

Running From God

There used to be a movie around called “Daniel Webster and the Devil.” “Daniel Webster and the Devil” is a story about a man who made a pact with the Devil. Did you see the movie? He made a pact with the Devil, and thought that he could cheat him, but the Devil came to collect on his bet. The Devil wanted Daniel Webster’s soul.

We are a bunch of foolish human beings running around, all of us, all of us, we are spiritual children, and we are spiritual fools. Do you really think you can fool Jesus? Do you really think that you can take His delivering power and then walk out on Him? You cannot do it. One of two things is happening to people that He has called in this hour. He is going to the whole Church (the message is to the whole world in this hour, but specifically to the Church) saying, "It is time to go on, it has been fun dancing and singing, but I want to appear in you, it is time for the marriage. I have given you flowers and I have brought you candy, and I have taken you out, and you have had a ball, but now it is time for the wedding."

And everybody is saying, "What? What did you say? Me? Not me, no, I am not leaving my mother's house, she cooks for me, she cleans for me, and I do not have any responsibilities in my mother’s house at all. I only work part time, and my father buys me gifts all the time, do you really think I am going to marry you and start cooking, and cleaning, and shopping, and having children? Not me. You want me to do your laundry? Not me." The Church is running from Jesus, and one of two things is happening to each individual.

Many Called, Few Pursued By God

There is a group of people that Jesus is letting go, and there is a group of people that Jesus is speaking to, saying, "I have called you, and I have chosen you, and you do not have a choice. Either you will come to the wedding, or I will change your mind. I will change your mind; I will make you want to come. I will stand by while Satan makes your life so miserable, that you will not only come, you will be running to me. I am not going to let you walk away from me."

Did you ever see what they used to call “horsey reins” that they put on the kids? The child can run only so far, and the mother, who is holding the reins, starts yanking the child back. The child thinks he is free, but can go only so far before he is reined in.

Read the book of Jonah, You can run only so far before some big fish swallows you up, and you die, and Jesus has to raise you from the dead. Why? Because He has a purpose for your life. He has a purpose for your life, and He will be glorified in it. If you are having all kinds of trials and tribulations in your life, and you have prayed, and you have prayed, and you have prayed, and you have broken the curses, and you have done everything that you know how to do, and things are not much better, maybe you are in rebellion against God.

The Corrective Judgments Of God

Maybe it is time to stop blaming Satan, and get before the Lord and find out what you are doing that you are not supposed to be doing, or what you are supposed to be doing that you are not doing! Your life should be getting better, you should be able to look back to last year or even six months ago and say that things are better. If things are worse, personally, I would be alarmed. Now, let me clarify that a little bit. When I came to the Lord, I had heavy, heavy curses on my life, and the heavier the curses on your life, the more severe the judgments will be, because the judgments of God are corrective.

The more problems you have, the more severe the judgments must be in order to break up the wrong thinking that is in your mind. My human life became very bad after I came to the Lord, but my spiritual life was clearly charging forward. Listen to what I am saying, and be careful. Physically, in my human life, I was descending, but my spiritual life was ascending. There will be a period of time that this will be happening. Eventually, my human life hit bottom, turned around, and started to come up also. But examine yourself very carefully; be sure that you pray carefully. If you are a young Christian, go to a spiritual elder for counsel; do not draw any conclusion by yourself that you are going away from God. You should definitely get counsel from other people. Look at your life. If you are not spiritually ahead of where you were six months, or a year ago, you are not growing, and something is wrong. Did I answer your question? Any questions on this area? Do you have a question?

Signs Of Spiritual Growth

COMMENT:  What does it mean that you are ascending spiritually? Like you are growing in the Lord? I guess I am trying to ask what you were talking about, let us say you might still have problems in the natural realm, like your fallen man is still alive with lust or whatever, but your spirit man is ascending, whereas you are wanting more of Christ, and you are grasping more of His knowledge. You know what I mean?

PASTOR VITALE:  The signs of spiritual growth are that you understand the Scripture more, that you are getting more relief that you are learning, that you are following Christ more, however the Lord is manifesting in your life. What you said is exactly true. You have to see some signs of growth. There has to be some change in your life, where you were sinning. We cannot stop sinning all at once, but there has to be some change.

I was sinning here in this area, but I am not sinning anymore. There has to be an exposure of sin, and the turning away from it. That is very important, the turning away from sin. Well, you are talking about...lust is something that never goes away. You must take dominion over it. If I was dealing with lust, I would look to see how I was dealing with it. Maybe, when someone who is dealing with lust comes to the Lord, they were yielding to that lust, maybe they were in fornication, and now it is five years later. They may still be battling with lust, but they should not be physically fornicating anymore. That is a big improvement.

It is the same thing with anger. Did you act the anger out? Are you acting out anger in the same measure that you were acting it out five years ago? Has God given you any restraint, have you received any understanding as to why you become so angry? The evidence of spiritual growth is understanding, and change.

The Last Days

Spiritual Egypt

COMMENT:  In the past five minutes, I have been hearing in the Spirit, "I am calling my sons out of Egypt." He is calling us out of the Carnal Mind.

PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, the true spiritual Egypt is the Carnal Mind. You see, different things are valid for sons of different ages. If you are all in the world, if you are into drugs, and you are deep into sin when God calls you out of that life, and you start leading a behaviorally Godly life, you go to church, you change your friends, etc., and you want to say that you have come out of Egypt, well, you have come up out of Egypt in a measure, but behavioral change is not the "be all, end all." Egypt is in your mind. You can bring your body out of spiritual Egypt, and that is good. I do not want anyone to think that I am saying that you should not cease from behavioral sin. If you are fornicating, you should stop fornicating. If you are a homosexual, you should stop practicing homosexuality, if you are a thief you should stop stealing.

All of that is good. You start going to church, that is good, too, but it is not the end, it is not the end. It is the tendency of fallen man to rise to the level of the church that we are drawn to in the hour that we are called, and then think that there is nothing higher in God than what is being taught at that church. This is where this doctrine of the rapture comes in. It is a carnal mentality that says, "I do not see God doing anything new today, so, all of the promises that I read about in this Bible must be available after death. What I have experienced in the church must be all that is available to us in the flesh." You see, the Carnal Mind of fallen man cannot comprehend that the plan and purposes of God span thousands of years.

This hour that we are living in has a name. Does anyone know the name of this time that we are living in? The last days, or the end of the ages, yes. We are already seeing it. Right now, you need spiritual eyes to see it, but it is going to come out into the open where anyone can recognize that we are in the last days. Tremendous glorious, spiritual things are going to be happening in our lifetime. People who do not have spiritual eyes, who may have been in the church for twenty or thirty years (they could even die without hearing this message) do not understand that every generation is not inheriting the promises, but everything is happening for the generation that exists in the last days, right?

Deliverance From Death

We are told in the Book of Hebrews that the people named in the Hall of Faith could not be perfected without us -- they could not go on to perfection without this generation in which Adam is being regenerated. We are in the last days.

You need spiritual eyes to understand that it is possible to live out your whole life, eighty, ninety years, doing everything you can for Christ, and then die, because you did not survive long enough to see the spiritual season when the promises will be fulfilled. The Carnal Mind of man says, "I cannot cope with that," and, indeed, it is a hard thing to cope with. The Carnal Mind of man says, "I cannot cope with that, so I choose to believe that we receive the promises after death. It must be that these promises are fulfilled after death." This is the mindset of the Church because they do not have an accurate revelation of how the Lord will deliver humanity from hell and death.

The Spiritual Lifetime

I cannot re-teach the revelation that has been coming forth here now, that this living soul is maturing from the soul realm (its immaturity), into a quickening spirit (its maturity), and that this process is spanning generations. All of the lives that have been lived, from the onset of humanity up to these last days, are Christ's collective immaturity, and can be likened to our tenth year, twelfth year, thirteenth year, etc., until we become an adult at eighteen or twenty years old. What happened to the human being who existed at ten years old, what happened to his body, what happened to his mind, what happened to his personality, what happened to it? It matured into the twenty year old.

You do not have twenty bodies, brethren; you have only one body, which is the same body that you received as an infant, except that it has matured. You only have one personality, which today, is the sum total of all of your experiences in life. It is the same personality that you were born with, but it has expanded and matured. Likewise, this living soul, which is a many-membered living soul, which we are, is about to be swallowed up into its maturity, but you have to be spiritual to understand this. Well-meaning people who did not have this understanding came up with an invention that says, "I do not see it happening in my short lifetime, therefore it must happen after death." But the Scripture does not support that conclusion. You do not have to believe it you do not want to, but that is what I preach here, that the Carnal Mind of mortal man has drawn the conclusion, which is not supported in the Scripture, that we attain to the promises after physical death.

Christ Jesus, Your Personal Savior

At the beginning of the Book of Revelation I see the Lord Jesus Christ saying, "I am the alpha and the omega, I am the beginning and I am the end, I am the first of the creation of God," but at the back of the book of Revelation, I see Christ Jesus, not the Lord Jesus Christ. How can I say that? The man on the horse is wearing many crowns, representing Christ Jesus manifesting through many human members. Christ Jesus is the Son of the glorified Jesus Christ in the earth of humanity. Christ Jesus has many crowns because He is appearing in thousands and thousands of the Lord’s saints.

The Lord Jesus Christ has increased into a many-membered army, which is coming forth in this hour, two thousand years after His crucifixion and resurrection from the dead. You have to get spiritual. You will never ever understand the message of this Bible with your Carnal Mind. You can understand some parts of it, you can understand that Jesus was crucified, that the Father raised Him from the dead, you can understand a lot of things, but you will never understand God's purposes for the end times and for the ultimate end of mankind with your Carnal Mind.

We found Scriptures that say that this information is hidden in the Mind of Christ. The Carnal Mind cannot comprehend it. It is a secret, and you have to get into the Mind of Christ to understand this secret.

We have to be spiritual in this hour, because we are at the beginning of the next move of God. The whole Church world knows it, but people have different opinions as to what the next move of God is. Anybody's opinion is valid, you can believe whatever you want, but when it happens, we are going to find out whether our opinion was valid or our opinion was not valid. It is not a question of being right or wrong. The issue is this, if what you are believing is not the truth, you are going to miss your opportunity to partake of the promises.

I encourage everybody to pray with all the strength that you have, that the Lord points you in the direction of the true message, because if you do not move in the direction of the true message, you may not partake of its promises. God is not going to kill you, you are not going to burn in hell forever, He is not going to whip you, He is not going to stick nails in you, but you could be one of those people who are locked out, and wailing and gnashing their teeth, as you see others enter into the Lord’s Kingdom.

I am telling you the Scriptural truth, there is going to be a people that will be wailing and gnashing their teeth. Why would you not want to pray about what I have told you, ask the Lord if it is true, and then open your mind to whatever He truly says to you? You know, it is true that a lot of people pray, but then when God talks to them, they do not listen. You really need to pray with all your heart that you want the truth of God, and that He should protect you from all deception. Just pray, do not be nervous, do not be afraid, say, "Jesus I put my life in your hands, remove all error from my mind and let all truth enter in." What have you got to lose? Do you have a question?

Saved By God’s Love

COMMENT:  I want you to define the people who will be wailing and gnashing their teeth. Are they the people who realize that the Sons of God have come forth, and they did not enter in?

PASTOR VITALE:  Yes. There are many different categories in the Church. You see, you have to be very careful with this; you have to understand that God is interested in the motives of the heart, and that He has people who love Him to the fullest degree that they are capable of loving Him, but have nothing to do with doctrine. In this last day, the Lord Jesus is going across the whole world, and He is choosing people that love Him and are willing to serve Him to the fullest extent that He has enabled them at this time, and He is going to make a way to get them into the Kingdom.

You are not going into the Kingdom because you know the doctrine. That is not the way it works. You are going in by faith in God; you are coming into the Kingdom through a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Do you understand what I am saying? We have a lot of people lifted up in pride in the Church in this hour, because they have a knowledge of this deep doctrine. They think that they are getting into the Kingdom based on their knowledge of this deep doctrine, but they will find out that they are not getting into the Kingdom based on their knowledge of this deep doctrine. The guy down the street whose doctrine is totally backwards and upside down is going to be in the Kingdom, and those with all their deep doctrine are going to be blocked out. Why? Because that guy who had everything backwards loved God to the fullest measure that he was able, and God got him in, but the other guy was a Pharisee who thought his righteousness was in a knowledge of doctrine. So God looked at him and said, "Your righteousness is as filthy rags unto me." That is the one that is going to be wailing and gnashing his teeth.

I went to a funeral a couple of years ago, all high-minded people in God with very high doctrine. When I say high, I mean mature. That is what I mean when I say high, mature doctrine, and the woman that drove me to the funeral said, "I cannot believe this woman died, a young woman, left three children, a husband and three little kids." She said, "I cannot believe that this woman died. She had this whole message." I said, "Sister, you are not saved by this message, you are saved through union with Christ. He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit, and the way you get joined to the Lord is that your heart loves God so much that it reaches out, and it reaches out, and it reaches out, and it lays hold of Him. Those are the people that are entering into the Kingdom." There is a whole Church world full of people in this hour, teaching and preaching and studying doctrine, deep intellectual doctrine. Some of it is true, and some of it is not true, but their heart is wicked, and their heart is cold, and their heart is turned against God. They are lifted up in pride, and they hate their fellow man, and when Christ Jesus makes His public appearance, they will be revealed as the counterfeit church.

Right now we could look at each other and I could say, "I see Christ in you, I see a measure of Christ in you," but there is going to be a public appearance of Christ wherein He is going to be so obvious, that the most carnal human in the world will not be able to deny that they are looking at the Son of God. In that hour, we will find out who is an expression of the real Christ, and who is an expression of the false Christ. The end of the story is not a rapturous flying away to heaven. It is the appearance of the Son of God in the earth to impart His righteous Law to all of humanity. The Muslims want to put the whole world under their carnal law, which is a manifestation of hell, but the Lord Jesus is coming to put the whole world under His spiritual Law, which is a manifestation of Heaven.

Right now, I can see all you people sitting here, and you could all have your own opinion, "I think that is Christ in Sheila, or, I do not think that is Christ in Sheila." You are entitled to your opinion, you can think anything you want about me, but please do not pray against me. You are welcome to think what you want about me. You might say, yea, you might say nay, you have your own opinion. But, the hour is coming that this flesh is going to be stripped away, and you going to know without a question of a doubt whether it is Christ speaking through me, or whether it is not, and if it turns out that it is Christ in me, and that it was not Christ in the big mouth that was criticizing me, the Scripture says that that person is going to be ashamed. You better be careful who you are judging if you are not sure.

Different Kinds Of Love

You have to be careful and be on the lookout when it comes to love, because love can look good, even though it is coming from the heart of man. Now, all forms of love have their validity, and are worthy, but the agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ has certain consequences that come with it. One of the consequences of agape love manifesting in you, is the ultimate salvation of your soul. Let me review the three kinds of love here. There are three Greek words translated love.

Eros love, which is sexual love that exists between a man and his wife; phileo love, which is brotherly love, the human sacrificial love, the highest form of human love that one man can show another; and the third kind of love is the agape love that can only come out of Christ. The agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ has the ability to convert the soul and the heart of man. Phileo love can do good things, it can take care of you when you are sick, it can help you financially.

Phileo love can be rewarding, it can even bring a measure of healing. But, if you think that you are manifesting agape love, and are going to enter into the Kingdom because of it, but you are only manifesting phileo love, then you have deceived yourself. If you are resting in ease, if you are at peace in your heart thinking, " I am manifesting the agape love, and therefore, I can rest, I am going to enter into the Kingdom, I have it made,” but it is not really the agape love, it is not really Christ in you, it is the phileo love of man, you have deceived yourself. Wherefore, in the hour of the public appearance of Christ, you might find yourself without Christ, and fulfill the Scripture, which says, "In that hour, if you do not have Christ you will be bankrupt."

What does that mean? It means that in the hour that Christ begins to visibly appear in men (actually it has already started, but no one can really see it yet. It is like a wave just starting to come in) and to take over the many human vessels of humanity and literally possess them (that is what we are waiting for, to be permanently possessed of Christ, one hundred percent of the time), there will be a category of people, in that hour, who will die and pass out of this world (because of their fallen human condition) before the Christ Mind appears in them and matures enough to preserve their life.

If you think that you have the agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ, and you are relying on Him to preserve your soul and your physical body, but it is not Christ, it is not the agape love, it is just phileo love, you are the loser.

The Enemy Of
The Spiritual Man

There is only one condition of mind that could cause you to be deceived to that measure. Does anybody know what that condition of mind is? Pride, the answer is pride. The greatest enemy of the spiritual man is pride. Why? Because pride stops you from seeing your sins, stops you from confessing your sins, it stops you from repenting, it separates you from God, it blinds you to Him. That is why God hates pride. A lot of people that come to the Lord are shocked to find out that murder is not the most serious sin, but it is not. David was a murderer, and he was forgiven. Pride is the most serious sin, because pride interferes with our relationship with God. Murder is a sin against another man.

We are told that Leviathan is the king over all of the children of pride. There are so many subtle manifestations of pride that, if we were not taught about them, we would never recognize them as pride. Just about every human being is manifesting pride on some level, and they do not even know it, because the average person says, "Pride is the way you feel when you get an A on an exam, you feel proud." That is the least dangerous manifestation of pride that you can have. The most dangerous, does anybody know what the most wicked manifestation of pride is, anybody know?

COMMENT:  Putting our will before the will of God.

PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, what were you going to say?

COMMENT:  It is your Carnal Mind coming against the man of Christ, the spiritual man of Christ, and you are putting down that person, and it is your pride, which is really self- idolatry that God hates.

Spiritual Sacrifices

PASTOR VITALE:  That is it. Let me make it a little clearer. Now ask God to give you spiritual ears, because this is a spiritual concept. We are told in the Scripture that there is continuous sacrifice going on. In the days of natural Israel there was a continual fire, it never went out, and what we see in natural Israel is a type of what is happening in the spiritual realm. Now, brethren, for this creation to exist, there must be a continuous spiritual sacrifice going on everyday, and that sacrifice is Leviathan, the subconscious part of your Carnal Mind, sacrificing your soul up to Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind.

But, things are changing. Christ Jesus is coming into your life, and He is beginning to sacrifice your fallen soul up to the Father. When Leviathan, the subconscious part of your Carnal Mind, sacrifices your soul, you die, but when Christ Jesus sacrifices your soul, your soul lives. This is a big mystery. In this fallen world, which is a spiritual jungle, sometimes we see Leviathan, the subconscious part of the Carnal Mind, or Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind in one man sacrificing the soul of another man. Every time one man uses or abuses another man, the first man sacrifices the soul of the second, because using and abusing someone steals one’s spiritual and physical energy, and makes that man’s life a little bit shorter. One person will sacrifice someone else's soul to survive in this fallen world.

In a parallel universe called Christ Jesus, however, Christ Jesus in one man can sacrifice the fallen soul of another man through righteous corrective judgment and discipline (where legitimate authority for discipline exists, such as with dependent children, spiritual disciples, prison inmates, employees, or military personnel), to maintain their righteousness before God. It is not commonly understood; brethren, but all men must sacrifice their soul either to Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind, or to God, on a regular basis. Every time we make a decision, consciously, subconsciously, or unconsciously, we sacrifice to one God or another.

When our decisions arise out of ungodly motives, Leviathan, the subconscious part of the Carnal Mind, sacrifices our new, righteous soul, which is being formed in the image of Christ, to Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind; but when our decisions arise out of godly motives, Christ Jesus sacrifices our fallen soul, which would have us to do evil or wrong, to the Father. When Christ Jesus comes into your life, He starts sacrificing your sin-filled soul up to the Father, and the result is that you begin to receive life. Some men that are ruled by their Carnal Mind sacrifice the soul of other people to receive strength and power in this fallen world, which, of course, is sin.

I will give you a natural example of what it means to sacrifice your soul, so that you know what I am talking about. We all sin because all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. The carnally-minded man, whose basic root substance is pride, wants to appear righteous, wants to appear clean in his own eyes. Every time we sin in our thoughts, as well as behaviorally, we have the opportunity to confess that sin by going to our brother and saying, "I made a mistake, I wronged you, I hated you, I was jealous of you, etc., I am sorry, please forgive me, is there any way I can make restitution?" But, very few people will do that.

Malignant Pride Sacrifices Christ

Without even stopping to think about it, the man under the control of his Carnal Mind will turn the truth around and say, "I have done nothing wrong, and you are the guilty party." In such an event, the guilty party has sacrificed Christ within himself and within the person that he is victimizing, if he can get away with it. That is, if the second person either fails to recognize the lie, or accepts the lie by failing to adequately discharge the negative energy carried by the lie, by resisting the lie and openly declaring the truth, if appropriate, or silently, in one’s own mind, if the lying party is an authority, or if a confrontation is inappropriate in that time or at that place.

Scripture describes the above scenario as, “that wicked person has sacrificed (or shed the blood of) someone weaker than himself.” Maybe the victim will lose his job, or maybe the victim will be disciplined, if you are siblings in the same family, or if the incident took place at work, or if you are in the military. If you put the blame on somebody else, maybe they will be disciplined, maybe they will lose pay, maybe they will lose their job, maybe they will lose their husband, maybe they will lose their wife, but you remain silent, and appear to be righteous as destruction falls upon your victim. You have sacrificed that person so that you could look clean in your own eyes, and in the eyes of everybody else.

That is the wicked manifestation of pride that I am aware of. God absolutely hates it. You are sowing destruction if you are moving in that lifestyle (not if you do it one time, but if that is your lifestyle). If you are a Christian, and that is how you live your life, you have real trouble, because God is going judge you for it. It is wicked, it is really wicked.

Perfection Swallows Up Sin

This lifestyle is prevalent throughout the Church, it is everywhere in the church, people thinking they are righteous, but none are righteous, no not one. Brethren, so long as you are dying, so long as you are aging, so long as you are getting sick sometimes, it means that sin is reigning in your mind and in your flesh, so do not tell me you are righteous.

I had a pastor say to me once, "You mean that you believe that you could sin?" Yes, brother, we sin every second of every minute of every day of our life, because Satan, the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind in every man, never ceases from devising evil, and we are all guilty, whether or not those unconscious thoughts actually play themselves out in our mind or in our behavior.

Imputed Righteousness Is Amnesty

Righteousness is imputed unto us in Christ Jesus. That means that when we sin, God forgives us. Why? Because we are supposed to be working on it, confessing our sins, repenting, and changing. God has lifted the judgment of destruction off of us - for a season. God is giving us amnesty, brethren; do you know what amnesty is? They just had a period of amnesty in New York City. "Turn in your guns now, during this period of amnesty, and we will not prosecute, pay your traffic tickets, we will not charge you the interest." This is amnesty. Amnesty is imputed righteousness. "Confess your sins, and I will not kill you, I will change your heart instead." We have thousands, if not millions of people in the Church that believe (you cannot blame the people, because that is what they are being taught) that they cannot sin. God blames the elders that are teaching the people that they cannot sin. Yes, He who is born of God cannot sin, but, brethren, you are not born of God. Christ is born of God, and if Christ was fully functioning as your mind, He would be dominating your sin nature, and you would not be sick, and aging, or dying.

Projection Vs. Malignant Pride

God hates the malignant pride that makes oneself righteous at the expense of another human being. Now, there is a difference between malignant pride and projection. Projection is pretty serious also, but the difference is subtle. I believe that anyone who practices the malignant pride that I just described is aware on some level of what they are doing. They have to be aware that, on some level, they are sacrificing the other person so that they can look good. But projection implies something beyond your control, that sin in your mind has convinced you of, and you really believe that the other person is doing what, in reality, you, yourself, are doing. This is very common, that someone really believes that the witchcraft is not in them, that it is the other person that the witchcraft of the first party is killing. That is called “projection.” Malignant pride sacrifices an innocent person, so that the one who is offering the sacrifice can appear good. I think that anyone who does that on some level, knows they are doing it. But, not so with projection. Projection is involuntary.

Dealing With Sin In Thought & Attitude

Anybody else? I know xxxx and I have had some discussions recently. We have been to a few AA meetings, and we are very impressed with a lot of the people there. There is a humble spirit there, the people stand up, they are genuinely confessing their sins, and some of their testimonies are awesome. I am getting a tremendous education concerning alcoholism by attending these AA meetings. God is speaking to me about what I hear and teaching me about the alcoholic personality. It is rare to find someone in the church who is confessing their sins.

I went to one AA meeting a couple of weeks ago and there was a Christian there who was so obnoxious that the person leading the meeting said to her, "If you are not happy, there is the door." I have been going to AA meetings for a couple of months now, and that was the only time I ever heard anyone asked to leave, and the man was in a right spirit, what he said to her was appropriate, she deserved it. It was a godly rebuke. He said to her, "If you want help we are here to help you, but otherwise there is the door." She was a Christian, and she sat there as arrogant as could be, saying, "I am a Christian, I do not know why I have to come here, I do not know what I am doing here, I am a Christian, I should not be here." What she was saying, I may not be repeating it too well, but what she was saying was, "Well I am better than all you low-class people, what am I doing here?"

She was there, apparently, because she was not getting the help that she needed in the Church. Alcoholism is a very specific kind of problem that needs a very specific kind of ministry, which going to a couple of services a week where the Holy Spirit is flowing in song does not provide, so it is not likely to bring help to an alcoholic. The Holy Spirit might deliver you from drinking, but you will still have the alcoholic personality, and all of the problems associated with an alcoholic personality. To get delivered from an alcoholic personality, you have to be either in counseling or in a ministry like this, where sin is revealed in the disciples. You have to be somewhere where your sins are pointed out, where someone can say to you, "What you just said, what just came out of your mouth, what just came out of your mind, that was a manifestation of pride.” This procedure is not to condemn you, but to show you your sins so that you can overcome them. Once you are told, ”Look, that was rebellion, that is sin in your mind,” you now have the opportunity to go before God and say, “Father, I just saw, I just got a vision of sin in my mind, help me,” because there is no deliverance until you see the sin in your own mind.

Recognizing Sin In Thought & Attitude

We had a man that came here from out of state, who was desperate for deliverance. I said, "Brother do you confess the sin of witchcraft?" He confessed the sin of witchcraft, confessed the sin of pride, confessed the sin of Jezebel, confessed everything. But then, when he said something that was way out of order, and I responded saying, "Brother, what you just said, that is witchcraft,” he answered saying, "Witchcraft? Not me!", and he left here with no deliverance. A prophecy had come forth that was specifically for him, do you remember that? I think there were a couple of hundred people present. I had just rebuked him, because his behavior and attitudes were absolutely terrible, but when a prophecy came forth, he would not receive that correction for himself, either. Yes, yes, amen.

In this hour the Lord is pointing out specific sin in the mind of His people, and again and again, I indict the ministers that are in the pulpit because they are not teaching the people the right thing. They are not teaching it to them. All they teach is a general repentance. Some ministers are saying, "You repent when you come to Christ and you never have to repent again." Repentance is a daily thing; it is a second-by-second, minute-by-minute thing.

The people are being taught wrong, and they think they are righteous. "It is under the blood, it is under the blood," they say, but they are filthy. The drunkards and the prostitutes are going to enter in before the Pharisees, and it is already happening in this hour. The Lord is challenging us to recognize the operation of sin in our mind, to recognize that man of sin sitting in the temple of God (our mind) calling himself God, because right after he is exposed, Christ Jesus is going to appear (our new mind) and destroy him with the fire of His resurrected life. He must be exposed, sin in your mind, sin in your mouth, sin in your emotions, he must be exposed, but the average person cannot see him.

You need someone to point him out to you, so God is raising up people to point out sin in the mind and emotions without condemnation. The average believer has trouble receiving it, they think they are being accused, they think they are being condemned, and they resist, but God is going to convince all of His people of their sins anyway because Christ is not going to appear in you without the dismantling of your Carnal Mind. Your Carnal Mind must be dismantled. Your Carnal Mind is coming down a thought at a time. Cast down every imagination, lay hold of every imagination and cast it down, bring every thought into captivity, every thought must be laid hold of to determine which mind generated it, and if the thought is not of Christ, it must be killed.

God’s Answer To Armageddon

This is the battle called Armageddon. There may be a battle in the Middle East, maybe there will be, maybe there will not be, I have been preaching this here for years. It does make much of a difference to me (except that I would not choose to see people killed, of course). The only thing that matters to me is that my Carnal Mind gets dismantled, and that Christ Jesus stands up in me, because whether there is atomic bomb in the Middle East, or whether there is a dictator in South America, no matter what happens, if Christ is standing up in me, then I am going to be able to help myself, help my family, and help others. What will we be able to do if the antichrist stands up in the Middle East and I am in the spiritual condition of weakness that we all are in right now?

The hope of the Church in this hour is the rapture, because everybody knows that there is nothing that we can do. But my Bible says that the hope of the Church is Christ appearing in me, and in the Body of Christ. I do not see in the Scripture, where the rapture, which is running away from the problem, is the hope of the church.

Anybody else? I am telling you this is a frantic race, a frantic race for Christ to appear in whomever He is going to appear in. My counsel to anybody that would ask me is to turn all of your enemies over to God to deal with. Ask God what you, personally, must do, not for anyone out there, but for yourself, to get Christ to appear in you. We are about to, and are already, entering into the most intense spiritual warfare I have ever even imagined in my wildest dreams. You cannot enter into this spiritual warfare without a weapon, and your weapon is the Mind of Christ. He has to be developed in you, He has to be formed in you, and that takes time. If you wake up one day, and you get a vision of this spiritual warfare and you realize that you do not have a weapon, and you cry out to God, He might answer you, but He will answer you with the seed of Christ, and it takes time for that tree to grow up in you.

My Bible says that those virgins that did not have any oil, they went out to get their own oil, but by the time they got back, the door to spiritual ascension was closed. Did you have a question xxxx? I just answered your question? Yes, anybody else?

COMMENT:  This is not a question, I just want to say, you have explained all of these things you did on the blackboard many times, but today I think it was very much explanatory.

PASTOR VITALE:  Thank you.

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