521 - Part 1
(John 4:4-30)


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Our teaching is about the very well-known parable, although I do not know that many Christians take it as a parable, of Jesus meeting the woman of Samaria at the well. The Lord has recently revealed here, and I have known for several months now, that the woman at the well was not a physical woman. First of all, any unnamed woman, we have to at least ask the Lord and seek the possibility that the Scripture may be speaking about theFiery Serpent. Where there is no personal name, and not only a woman but in any woman or man, anyone where there is no personal name, we have to at least face the possibility or confront the possibility that this might be a spiritual truth. There is a possibility that the Scripture may be dealing with a spiritual aspect of somebody such as the Fiery Serpent within a man. I have known for a while that the woman at the well was the Fiery Serpent. This is the way the Lord works with me. He gives me revelations; bits and pieces. This may not even be the end of it! The thought came to me this morning concerning how naive I have been in the past, and how naive any of us are to think that we could ever arrive at THE revelation. We will never have the whole revelation. I am hoping that we are going to enter into the New Covenant and not die. That is our hope here in this ministry.

Two thousand years from now we will still not have the whole revelation because we are not capable of containing the whole revelation. I do not believe that we will have it until we are glorified. I think we will have much more when we stand in the brow (6th) energy center. We will be able to contain much more than we can contain and to comprehend much more than we comprehend right now. At this time, I do not think we will ever have THE whole revelation because, what is it the revelation of this book about? It is the revelation of the glorified man. It is the revelation of God to man. How could we possibly? How could our finite mind possibly comprehend the infinite God? It is impossible! We will never have the whole revelation. What is coming forth here today is the revelation for this age. The Lord Jesus is imparting the knowledge to us that we need so that we can have what we need to fulfill our role in what He, the Lord Jesus Christ, is doing in this age. We cannot really do our part and work with Him unless we know what our part is!

Called To Be a Son

The Lord has chosen to call us sons and not servants: thereby, to give us an understanding of His plan, to give us an understanding of what He is doing. We are not just blind slaves doing as we are told. This is the difference between a son and a servant. The servant just does as he is told without understanding: He prophesies, he casts out demons, and he heals the sick with a minimum of understanding. But, the son is privy to all of the knowledge of the Father to the degree that the son can comprehend this knowledge. I believe that once we become a son, which the Lord Jesus desires to give us all knowledge, that He has no desire to withhold anything from us. What we are lacking is what we have not yet been able to comprehend, to deal with, or to hold on to. The lack is ours. It is not the Lord Jesus' desire to hold back from us at all. Also, to say that the servant just does as He is told and does not have any understanding, that does not make Jesus a respecter of persons. All that this means is that the difference between the servant and the son is that the son has Christ growing in him, and the servant has the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is limited, not that the Holy Spirit is limited, but the man that has the Holy Spirit cannot understand what the man who has Christ can understand because the Holy Spirit is not a mind. Christ is a mind that is our equipment to understand. The Holy Spirit does not give understanding. He gives gifts, healing, and many blessings; but not understanding or wisdom. Christ is wisdom and when we have Christ we become a son.

Called To Run the Race

The Lord is holding nothing from us. Everything is up to us. I will tell you again. I do not mean to put any pressure on you. I am just telling you the truth. There are a lot of people in this same race in this world. Right now we just know our few numbers, but we do not know who is in this race. We do not know everybody that the Lord has a relationship with. If He is looking for somebody to do something for Him, and He comes to them, and He lets His will be known, whether we can comprehend it or not, and we turn away, He does not get mad. He just goes to somebody else, and that goes for me too! He does not get mad. He still loves you. He stays with you. He helps you, and in a way, that is a real lack. That is a real deficit for a human being because we would like to know. "Well, if we are not doing all we can do maybe the Lord would be mad at me, and I will get up on the stick, and I will start doing it" But, it does not work like that! He is not mad at you! He just goes someplace else. He asks you once... He asks you twice... He asks you three times! I do not know how many times He asks you, and then He goes to somebody else. I have experienced this with little things. As far as I know, I am still out there running this brutal race of everything that is involved in bringing forth this revelation. But I tell you, the day that I sit down; He will find someone else to do it. I stumbled a few times and He gave me another change. He picked me up, and I went on. So He does stay with you for a season, and then He says, "Well, I guess they really do not want to do it". He just goes someplace else!

The Calling of the Holy Spirit

We are called in this hour to have the privilege of understanding, at least to have some measure of understanding of what is happening in our world today. An understanding of what is happening in our country today, as well as what is happening in the spirit realm today. We are called to have the honor to have some understanding of Jesus Christ's conflict with the powers and principalities of this world: who they are and what they are. We are called to have the understanding concerning the truth about our spiritual condition, the truth about the motives of Satan and her household, the truth about the relationship between Jesus and Satan and her household, and the truth about the relationship between Jesus and us and who we are. That is a great blessing! Knowledge brings pain. It is painful to have this knowledge, but it is a great blessing to have this knowledge, which gives us the opportunity to make some educated choices in our life. Now, there are thousands of people in the world today who are blindly saying, "Jesus, I will follow you anywhere". But if they had any idea what they were committing themselves to, they would be out of there in a second. There would only be, maybe, one person standing there, out of thousands, if they really knew what it meant to follow Jesus. So, not many are willing! Many are called. What is the call? The Holy Spirit on your life is the call. There are many that have the Holy Spirit, but very few of all the people that have the Holy Spirit prefer Jesus Christ.

Chapter 1

The Conflict of Believing and the concept of Eternal Life

Our message is in John, chapters 3 & 4, but we will mostly concentrate on chapter 4. I have gone back into John 3 to see the backup for our translation (Alternate Translation), and my eyes did fall upon a couple of Scriptures that really have nothing to do with this message, but I see the Lord is weaving it in. At the beginning of Chapter 3, Jesus is speaking to Nicodemus. He is a Pharisee who has an open heart towards the Lord, but simply does not understand what He is talking about. In Verse 15 Jesus said, "Whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have eternal life". Well, everybody says, "well, I believe in Jesus". You do? What do you believe? Do you believe that He is the Son of God? Do you know who He is? Do you know anything about Him? Do you believe His Doctrine of Christ? Do you believe in His lifestyle? Do you believe the price that righteousness costs? Well, what do you mean you believe in Him? What does it mean to believe in Him? I never used to be able to understand. It never made sense to me, "whosoever believes shall inherit eternal life." I believe in Jesus. Oh no, I believe He existed. You do not get eternal life because you believe that He existed. You believe that everything about Him is of God; you believe His words are of God, you believe His judgment is of God, you believe His doctrine is of God, you believe His supernatural abilities are of God. Some people do not even believe that Jesus talks to mortal men, and still they say, "I believe in Jesus". Most of the mainline protestant denominations, even the Baptists say, "who do you think you are, God talks to you? But I believe in Jesus". No you do not. No, you do not believe in Jesus. You cannot believe in the one that you do not know. God help us with this inadequate understanding of the Scripture. You cannot believe in someone that you do not know. That Scripture does not mean, "I believe He exists". It does not even mean, "I believe He arose from the dead".

It means thatI believe everything about Him that He is! When you believe every single thing about Him, then you will be like Him, and you will have eternal life because the only one that can believe, everyone that can acknowledge that everything that Jesus Christ is, is a Son of God. I am the first one to tell you. There must be many aspects of Him that I have not even seen yet. That is why I am still mortal. When we see Him as He is, and we believe that everything that we see about Him is God, we will be immortal because the only way we could ever believe that is if Christ is reproduced in us. This is because the carnal mind will never believe. The carnal mind may believe He arose from the dead, but the carnal mind will never believe His doctrine. The carnal mind will never believe His righteousness. The carnal mind will never believe His judgment.

The carnal mind will never believe that they are wrong and God is right. The carnal mind will never believe that He is a supernatural man, and that people who have His life in them experience supernatural things, do supernatural things, and have supernatural knowledge. Is either that or you believe it except when it comes to you. That is why you are all mortal, including me: because we do not believe in Him. We say we want a relationship with Him. He reveals Himself to us, and we say, "that is not you, Jesus, I do not want you", and then we complain we do not have a relationship with Him. Praise the Lord! He that believeth on Him is not condemned. He that believeth the judgment of Jesus Christ is not condemned. If you believe the sin that He has just exposed in you is the truth about you, there is no condemnation. If you believe when He says that there is sin in you, you are not condemned, but if your pride rises up and says, "oh no, that is not Christ speaking to me", you are condemned. Do I condemn you? No. The law condemns you. The truth condemns you. What is this condemnation? That light has come into your life and you preferred to believe the darkness because of your pride.

What hate and love really mean

I used to read Verse 20, "For everyone that doeth evil hateth the light, neither cometh to the light lest his deeds be reproved". For years, I thought that meant people who consciously knew what they were doing. I really thought that was what that meant, but I do not think that way anymore. "Everyone that doeth evil", what is evil? Everyone that prefers their carnal mind and prefers to have pride rise up to defend their deeds, hateth the light. The light is Christ. Does that mean “hate” like man hates? No, it is not hate like man hates. It means that you prefer your carnal mind over Christ Jesus. That is the love and the hate of the Scriptures. The Scripture says that God loved Jacob and hated Esau. He did not hate with a man's hate. Love meansto join withand hate meansto repel. Everything about this creation is positive and negative forces. The whole creation, the physical creation and the spiritual creation, is based upon positive and negative forces, and the forces of attraction and repulsion. These are basis concepts in the science of physics. It is the concept of attraction and repulsion of atoms, the positive and negative forces of the universe. It is not hate and love as man hates and loves. It is not emotional hate and love. It is talking about union or repulsion, and it is this activity of the atoms, both physical atoms and spiritual atoms, that cause the universe to exist. The Scripture says that if we have an attraction, a spiritual attraction, for one another that is love. If the spiritual aspects of our being repel one another, that means we hate each other. It is a very choice of words as far as I am concerned, but that is what the King James Translation says. We are either attracted to one another, or we are repelled by one another, but not as man sees it. Either we have something in common, or we do not have something in common. Either we form a spirit tie, or we do not form a spirit tie.

How many times are you around people when you mention the Doctrine of Christ, and they flee from you? That man was a spiritual atom that has been repelled by Christ in you, and the man may not be thinking that you are repulsive. He may not even know why he did what he did, but he fled from you because there was a spiritual interaction between the spiritual forces in you and the spiritual forces in that man. That interaction caused repulsion. You repelled each other, and that is Scriptural hate. Actually, Christ did not flee from that man. That man fled from you. Christ is stable. What the Scripture in Verse 20 is really saying is that concerning every man who prefers the thoughts of his carnal mind, and Christ will repel who resists hearing the truth of his own sin nature where ever Christ is appearing. Therefore, Jesus says, you shall be rejected and hated of all men because the whole world is in their carnal mind. But he that does truth comes to the light. The one who loves truth, despite his carnal mind, he comes to the light that his deeds may be made manifest, that they are wrought in God. He comes to the light, and the man that is attracted to you when you are in Christ is living, walking proof that he has some measure of Christ in him. Now it could be an imputed Christ. (Whatever that was for).

Chapter 2

Various Concepts

Our message today is The Woman in the Well. To get back to that exhortation, the Lord did reveal to me a while ago that it was the Fiery Serpent. About this past week, He revealed to me that it is not the Fiery Serpent at the well. You see, I thought Jesus met some woman at the well, and He was speaking to the Fiery Serpent in her. Then I thought it was His disciples and He was bypassing their conscious mind and speaking to their Fiery Serpent. Then, I had a spiritual experience, which showed me that the Fiery Serpent is in the well, and the well is talking about human beings. I have been teaching for a long time that this whole world is a black hole, and that we are black holes within black holes, that each one of us is a black hole. Black holes are characterized by very severe gravity which means, at least on some level (I know some people are more positive than other people), but on some level we are all lacking, and every relationship we have and every interaction that we have, there is at least an aspect of us that is trying to draw from the other person. We are not complete. We are incomplete!

About The Word, "Well"

I did do a brief study on the word "well" for this message. Of course, I went into the Old Testament. This lesson I have learned, that when I am doing a spiritual translation in the New Testament, I have to apply the Old Testament esoteric symbols to get the spiritual understanding because the spiritual understanding is not clear in the Greek or in the definitions of the Greek words. Of course, the word "well" in Greek simply means well, something that you draw water out of. But I went into the Old Testament to verify it, to see what I could find, and there were several Hebrew words translated "well." I did not take the time to do an exhaustive study because the word "well," that which you draw water from, I did not know how to distinguish that word from the adjective that says, "I am feeling well". "Are you well today?" Both words are spelled w-e-l-l, and there is no way that I know of to separate the two in a Scriptural search. So, as you can imagine there were just hundreds and hundreds of entries for the adjective "well". It would have taken me a long time to go through every entry to find out which Scripture applied to the noun "well". So I just did a quick scan as the Lord led me and I found two Hebrew words that mean "well." There may be more, but these were the two that I found. One simply means a pit, a pit sometimes with water in it, and sometimes without water in it. And that is the definition of hell. That is the definition of Hades, Sheol, a deep pit. This whole world is a deep pit that Jehovah's children fell into, and each human being is the personalized deep pit that one of Jehovah's children fell into.

Jehovah's Children

Just for those people who do not follow along with the teaching in this ministry, I will review for you who Jehovah's children are. Jehovah's children are the sperm of His spiritual seminal fluid. Elohim is Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid. He went forth to build a civilized man in a spiritual world that would accurately represent the nature of the Lord Jehovah. Adam is the name of thecollective consciousnessof all of the sperm of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid. Each individual spermismale or each individual son is male, because all of Adam's sperm or all of Adam's children are male. They are all male! Each son is called Abel. When Abel is connected to Jehovah, his collective consciousness is called Adam. Adam is the one that is connected to Jehovah through Elohim. When Abel stands by himself he is mortal and weak. In other words, when he is not connected to Jehovah, when the collective consciousness breaks apart, and all of the children are out on their own and do not have the wherewithal to connect with Jehovah, each one of those children, (each one of those sperm), which is called Abel, is mortal. He is weak!

Brethren, every spiritual principle manifests in the flesh. The physical expression of what I am talking to you about is in the Book of Judges. In those daysevery man did what was right in his own sight. Israel got into trouble every time because there was no headship. Every man thought that he had a direct line to Jehovah, and the confusing part of this whole thing is that we all do have a direct line to the Lord Jesus in certain areas. This lines right up with what I said earlier. If the Lord departed from me, well not departed from me, but if the Lord offered me an assignment, and I was failing to accept it because of my ignorance He just goes away. I wish that He would really come to me and just shake my bed in the middle of the night or something, or beat me over the head and say, "Sheila, do you not know what you are doing?" But He does not do that. He just goes away! It is very confusing for us mortals because He goes away in that area, but He stays with us in every other area. He loves us! He talks to us. He answers our prayers. He helps us with our problems, and frequently, it is not until it is too late that we find out we missed this opportunity because of our ignorance. He went to someone else and gave it to someone else. Well, this is another one of these situations. In the Book of Judges, every man believed that he had a relationship with Jehovah through Elohim by himself. The reason they believed that was because they did. In fact, they have a relationship with Jehovah through Elohim.

Today, in fact, the whole church does have a relationship with the Glorified Jesus Christ, either through the Holy Spirit or through Christ that is grafted to you. That is true, but on a higher level, and only Jesus can draw the lines. I cannot even give you the clear lines myself. I do not know what they are, but your personal relationship with Jesus Christ goes so far, and then for the higher things that Jesus wants to impart to you, and only He can give you that definition. I cannot give you that definition, except right now it seems to be in doctrine. Also, for people who cannot see their own sins it is in judgment. Maybe those are the guidelines, who knows? He puts you in groups with a collective consciousness. Adam is the collective consciousness of all of the sperm of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid. Today He puts His believers in groups with a head, with a head that Jesus Christ ministers to directly and anoints to minister to the other people in the group. Now, each of the members of the group has their own consciousness, but they are influenced by Jesus Christ through the collective consciousness, through the head that He set up. That is the way He does it. For whoever does not like it, you have to take your complaint to Him, although I do not think it would do you very much good.

Some people, who do not live here in New York, called me the other day. They told me that they needed some kind of counseling, and that they asked a local preacher if he would counsel them. The local preacher said to them, "well, come to church for six weeks, and if after six weeks the Holy Spirit does not do it in the service, I will counsel you". The person said to me, "I do not want to go to that church. Should I tell the pastor that I do not think he has any right to demand that I should go to church for six weeks?" Brethren, you cannot force the man to counsel you. If you want his counsel, you have to meet his criteria. If you want his counsel, you have to go to church for six weeks; otherwise, you will not get his counsel. You do not go to the man and tell him, "I do not think you are treating me right". This is the authority of God and it is the way the Lord set it up, and this is how He works. (I see I am off on a long introductory exhortation today). I was telling you that Jehovah has children, and that He calls the sperm of His spiritual seminal fluid His children. They are all male and the name of each individual child is Abel.Abel is destined to be a part of a collective consciousness known as Adam.Before time began, and it is still that way today, the Primordial Serpent, who today is appearing to us as Satan,seeks continuously to scatter that collective consciousness through division within the groups that the Lord raises up. It is the job of everyone to stay before the Lord, willing to confess any error on his part, and that the primary goal of everyone should be the cohesiveness of the group as long as you are convinced that the leader is still appointed by Jesus Christ. As soon as everybody starts going off on their own, we run into trouble.

Adam's collective consciousness was scattered, and all of the individual sperm no longer had any leadership becauseAdam is the one that has a relationship with Jehovah through Elohim. Abel alone has no means of communication, no means to connect with Jehovah. After the fall, it was Elohim that came down and joined with Abel to reconnect him to Jehovah, but that union has been breaking ever since. As many times as Elohim in his different forms has sought to rejoin the many "Abels" to Jehovah through a collective consciousness, Elohim has only succeeded for a season. Satan has come in every time and scattered the individual consciousness of the many Abels. In that scattering of that unity, the connection with Jehovah through Elohim is broken.In this hour, Elohim is appearing to us as the Lord Jesus Christ. To relate this to our study today, the Lord has also revealed to us here that the Fiery Serpent is Cain and Abel engraved with the Primordial Serpent's nature. Adam was joined to a spiritual ox. He did not look like an ox of this world, but this ox, whatever it looked like, had ananimal nature. She was given the name ox, because she was formed of the earth, and the nature of the earth is an animal nature. The nature of spirit is man. Anyone made of the earth is really not a man, as God sees it, and that is why our bodies are animal bodies because we have a mind that is an animal mind.

Abel is the individual member of the collective consciousness called Adam. Let me put it to you this way: Adam was joined to a spiritual ox that he formed from the earth, which you might call a spiritual house. This house was made of the earth that was designed to make Elohim's civilized man visible. When the collective consciousness, known as Adam, broke apart, each of the individual Abels found themselves clothed in a measure of an atom of the earth. You see I know that when my carnal mind gets into play, the way that I would think of Adam is that the spiritual entity known as Adam is married to a spiritual ox. I would think of one man clothed in earth, but the truth of the matter is that every single atom of the spiritual being known as Adam was covered in spiritual earth. Here in this world I am dressed this morning. I am wearing a shirt and a pair of pants, and I am clothed on the outside with this shirt and these pants, but, spiritually speaking, to be clothed means that every single atom of your physical and spiritual being is clothed with earth. Adam was clothed with the earth, but not only on his surface. Every single atom of Adam, the collective consciousness of Jehovah's civilized man, every single atom was clothed with the earth.

The Animal Nature

We see that Adam was completely mingled with the earth. It was not just outside of him. He was completely mingled with the earth. His spiritual being was mixed with the dust of the earth, and then each atom of his spiritual being was clothed with the ground. And the nature or the ox or the animal nature was mixed with the nature of Jehovah's civilized man, and the nature of the civilized man ruled over the animal nature, and there was peace. Throughout the whole creation, there was peace. There was peace in the earth; there was peace all over! What does it mean, there was peace in the earth? It means that the animal nature was at peace. Brethren, the animal nature is an aggressive, warlike nature. The animal nature is always hunting, seeking to take from somebody else. Well how do you give the earth peace? You have to satisfy the earth. Now brethren, we, the personality, are of the earth. We are the descendants of that ox, and we are never satisfied. Man has all kinds of appetites that rise up which we fulfill, and then a day or two later, (well, if it is physical food it could be a couple of hours later) we are looking for more food, and depending on who you are, there are all kinds of other needs; sexual needs, need to feel good about yourself, need to spend money on yourself, need to rest. There is a real need to rest. You can only go so far and you have to rest!

The only way that the earth will ever have peace is to be completely mingled with spirit, which satisfies us forever and ever. As long as we stay connected to spirit, we shall be satisfied. These appetites that rise up in us, these longings, these needs will be satisfied. We may not be thinking of them in those terms, but maybe you have never been hungry, brethren. You may not know what it is like to really be hungry if you live in this country. Every time you get a little appetite you go and get some food, and you fill yourself. You may not know how annoying and painful it can be not to be able to get food into your being! The nature of the spiritual man, Jehovah's nature, satisfied the earth, and each atom of Adam's collective consciousness was evening and morning. It was a combination of darkness and light with the light ruling. When Adam fell, all of the individual Abels, all of the sperm of Jehovah's spiritual seminal fluid that had the potential to grow up into a fully functioning civilized man, which would have been a part of Jehovah's collective consciousness (because Jehovah always has a collective consciousness) separated and each abel manifested a single, divided consciousness of his own. Division is of the Serpent's household. Christ is not divided.

No matter how large the church gets, no matter how large your fellowship gets, there is always a collective consciousness. Now, we have a counterfeit in the church today. We have denominations and all kinds of church rulers and all kinds of religions: That is not of God! It must be the Lord Jesus Christ ruling at the top, and to be honest with you, I have no idea. I do not have a clue of what the church is going to look like when thousands of people start coming into this message and walking this walk. I would suspect that it is going to be small groups with a head of each group, and the Glorified Jesus Christ ruling through each head. The connection of the body of Christ will come through the Glorified Jesus Christ. The head of every group will have the same message from the Lord, and the people who have the greater ability to hear from the Lord will be the leaders. Not because they are physical males, and not because they are physical women, not because they have money, not because they have professional jobs or because they are educated, but the person who has the ability to hear from God and resist Satan and Leviathan enough to obey, those are the leaders of God's people! We see that the collective consciousness known as Adam blew apart and fell down from the upper window, they fell down into the lower window, and they fell through the ocean floor into a world that exists underneath the ocean. Each one of those Abels is inside of human beings. The Fiery Serpent is Cain and Abel engraved with the Primordial Serpent's nature. Abel is the seed of Jehovah, which has the potential to regenerate into Adam, and Cain is the female animal that came into existence after the fall. What does that mean? Well brethren, before the fall Cain was not a female animal. She did not have a mind of her own. She was completely subjected to the collective consciousness called Adam. When Adam blew apart, Cain, the earth that was covering each Abel became a female clay animal. All what it means is that she rose up in a consciousness of her own.

That is the whole point of the divided creation. We are supposed to be singular minded, one mind under Christ. It still is a part of the pledge of our country, one nation under God. I do not know how much longer, unless the Lord moves. One nation under God, one body under God! That does not mean that you come under the mind control of another man, but, brethren, in every situation there is one truth, and everybody in every controversy has to be willing to find out what that truth is. And if you are not lined up with that truth, you have to be willing to change. If not, there is division. Every Abel has fallen down into his own black hole, and these very physical bodies and all the other bodies within. We are really more than one physical body. All we see is the physical body. We have an etheric body, a mental body, an astral body, and whatever else we have. Abel forms these bodies out of the clay called Cain that covers him. Just like a spider weaving a web and inhabiting that web. This is the truth of our existence. Do you still believe in Jesus? This is the truth that leads to eternal life. Well, do I have to believe you Sheila? No, but if what I am telling you is the truth, and you do not believe it, you are cutting yourself off from eternal life which means the obligation is now upon you to get before God with an open heart and be willing to receive it, if it is the truth.

Chapter 3

The Woman at the Well

To relate this to our study today of The Woman in the Well, brethren: every human being is a black hole. I have been preaching that for years. Each one of us is a black hole. Well, what is the difference between saying a black hole or a well? It is the same principle. Each one of us is a black hole or a well, and there is a woman that lives in our well, or we are a woven creature. The Scripture talks about weaving. I have been preaching for years that Satan is the warp of the fabric. We are a woven garment or a web and the Fiery Serpent is the spider that inhabits us. This is one of the two definitions of the Hebrew word translated, in other words, this is one of the Hebrew words that is translated "web," that I did focus on. The other word is the Hebrew word "ayin", which is a very common word. It really means "eye", one of your two eyes. If you study the word in the Hebrew the first definition (I do not know about Strong's), I know that in Gesenius and in Brown/Driver/Briggs, the first definition that you find is "landscape": That which the eye sees. Not so much the eye that is in your head, but the word means vision, that which is seen, the vision or that which is seen, or landscape. This word is translated "well." I seem to be going way ahead of my notes, but when I get to it I think I do have one verse for you, that I printed in the notes for you showing where this word "ayin" is translated "well." So what does this mean? It means that we have to interpret the word "well" in the context of the meaning of the whole verse. In the context of this spiritual meaning that is coming forth today, I am inclined to say that the Hebrew word translated "well" which is "ayin," which means the vision that the eye sees, is talking about the spiritual worlds associated with the energy centers of the well. Whichever energy centers the Fiery Serpent is dwelling in there is a world, a spiritual world, associated with that energy center, and so it is true for us. Wherever our consciousness is abiding, we dwell in the world associated with that energy center.

Worlds and Energy Centers

Now, that may be a difficult concept to understand, but if you just open yourself to its possibilities, I am sure, eventually; the Lord will help you to understand. I have done a lot of talking about this also. Right here in this same physical world, with the background of this physical world, are all the other spiritual worlds that arise out of the various energy centers. The drunk or the drug addict lying on the street that is homeless is either in the world of the root (1st) energy center or the impure (2nd) energy center. I am not really sure. He is right here in this same world where we are today. I am in this lovely home that the Lord has given me with air conditioning, couches, other furniture to sit on, electronic equipment, and food. I am never without food. I have everything that I need to sustain me. I live in the same physical world as the man who sleeps in a box and is drunk all of the time. I used to live in an apartment building in Queens that had a lobby (that was a long time ago), but at the time derelicts started coming into the area, and before the landlord started locking the doors to the lobby at night derelicts would come in and sleep on the couches in the lobby. Well, there I was in the same building with the derelicts. I was in my apartment which was well-furnished, never without food, the same situation as here, and here was another man just a couple of floors down, homeless, about to be locked out of the only bed that he had because the landlord eventually locked the doors. Here you have two different spiritual worlds appearing for those who have eyes to see against the background of this physical world.

What are we saying? This physical world is a background, but the spiritual aspects of our life indicate the timeline that we live in or the world of the energy center that we live in. The condition of each country or each part of the world is an expression of an energy center also. The United States is an expression of at least the heart (4th) energy center or the left side of the heart (4th) energy center. I am not sure about these things. This is not my message today! This is all background. Why? Well, look at how we have prospered. God made this country great. Jesus Christ made this country great. So there are enough people in this country living out of an energy center which is probably the left side of the heart (4th) energy center or the heart (4th) energy center anyway. I do not know about the left or the right side. There are enough people in this country living out of that spiritual world to make the whole country an expression of a very positive spiritual world. But you go to other parts of the world where there is continual poverty and disease and death, and people just cannot seem to get on their feet. That country as a whole is existing in the spiritual world of at least the impure (2nd) energy center. The third world countries where people die in the streets every night, and most of the people are desperately poverty stricken and uneducated, and children are prostituting themselves for food, this world, this physical country is an expression of the impure (2nd) energy center. But, you see, within each geographical area, we have people that are living in the spiritual worlds that are expressed by the different energy centers. In those poverty stricken countries of the world, there is always a wealthy class, even if that wealthy class is just the royalty. There is always a wealthy class: The king that is living in a higher energy center or the world that is promoted by a higher energy center.

The Thirsty Woman

We see that the woman in the well is the Fiery Serpent, and the Fiery Serpent is Abel inhabiting a body or a spiritual world that she has woven out of the earth that covers her which is Cain. And Jesus went to talk to the Fiery Serpent in the well or the Fiery Serpent in the black hole. I want to tell you that for the years that I have been aware of this account, I never really addressed the issue, but I always wondered, "well what was it that convinced this woman to follow after Jesus?" What did He say to her that made her say, "Lord give me this water?" All He said was, "I will give you the water, that if you drink this water, you will never thirst anymore". Well, what does that mean? And what did He say to her that made her go into the city and perceive that He was a prophet, and say, Lord give me this water? I never actually faced it, but there are a lot of issues that I never actually face, but something inside of me says, "no, that is not the whole story, that just cannot be the whole story". Well, the Lord has been leading me into this message for weeks now. In a couple of On-Line Meetings, I have spoken to you in a message that I have not recorded about it, and as I felt led to start doing an actual translation on this, yesterday, the Lord just came to me and said, "wake up, Sheila, wake up, wake up". The word thirst, the very word that Jesus uses, the word thirst, is a spiritual principle in Hinduism and Buddhism and Theosophy. Thirst is the word that is used to describe the desire to reincarnate. Thirst is the word, t-h-i-r-s-t. In Hinduism, in Buddhism, in Theosophy, in any of the occult religions, thirst is the word that is used to describe the need to reincarnate. Jesus was saying to the Fiery Serpent, "if you partake of my energy, the Spirit of Elijah within me, you will no longer crave reincarnation".

"But, I thought reincarnation was a good thing, Sheila? I am reading all these books about it, and these books are teaching me how wonderful it is, and how I am getting better with each incarnation. How I am maturing and how I am having wonderful experiences between incarnations, and all of this wonderful talk about how I am going to become some glorious angel someday, work my way up to be some glorious angel someday. What are you talking about, you must be mistaken?" No, brethren, I am not mistaken and you have bought a lie! You have believed the Serpent's lie. Yes, reincarnation is reality, not the way many think of it, and I cannot go into the whole teaching on reincarnation right now. We have an immortal soul and a mortal soul. We, the personality, that we know ourselves to be, do not reincarnate. The Fiery Serpent, that inhabits us, is the one that reincarnates our immortal soul. The worm that Jesus said, "dieth not". It is the Fiery Serpent that has been reincarnating for eons, and will not stop reincarnating until Jesus closes down this world: this criminal world. I do not know what it is like on the other side, but I do not believe one word that the Serpent tells me about it being a wonderful place to be. Those are the basic principles that we are dealing with here. I have told you who the Fiery Serpent is. I have told you who the woman is. I have told you about the well, and I have told you Jesus' purpose or the main thrust of Jesus' conversation with the Fiery Serpent.

Just in case I did not make it clear, I will say it again. The main truth of Jesus approaching this Fiery Serpent was to preach the Doctrine of Christ to her. It was to tell her that in Him, in the Spirit of Christ, (although at the time Jesus was in His flesh, it was the Spirit of Elijah) in the Spirit of Christ is the power to be delivered from everlasting, unending births and deaths, and the painful experiences that we go through in this world: This world of continuous deterioration and loss and pain. The next thing we have to find out is who Jesus was talking to, what person the Fiery Serpent was in? Now, up until last night, I was assuming that He was. It was an educated assumption, but not a researched one, that He was dealing with the Fiery Serpents in His disciples, but it does not look that way. In Chapter 3 of the Book of John, starting with Verse 22, we read: "And after these things", after what things? “These things” means, after Jesus preaches to Nicodemus. In case you did not get it, what Jesus has preached to Nicodemus is that he has to have his sins exposed if he wants to be born again. This is because; it is not really us that are being born again. It is that Fiery Serpent within in us that is being born again back into the upper window of creation. Wherever she goes, we go with her because we are Cain; we are the earth that stuck to her.

The Land Of Judea

Verse 22: "After these things came Jesus and His disciples into the land of Judea, and there He tarried with them and baptized, and John, that is John the Baptist, was also baptizing in Aenon near to Salim because there was much water there". Now, of course, everybody thinks he was baptizing there because there was much physical water to do the baptism with. No, John was baptizing in Salim because there were people there with a great deal of spiritual energy that they had inherited through the covenant that their ancestors made with Jehovah on Mount Sinai, and they came and were baptized. Who? The spiritual people were baptized: the people that had a lot of energy. Look brethren, I have been telling you for a long time, Jesus is out there looking for the people with a lot of spiritual energy. He is looking for the spiritual people. Is Jesus prejudiced? Is He a respecter of persons? No, He is not, but if you have a lot of energy Satan is out looking for you, and Jesus is out looking for you to get there before Satan gets there. Do you know what this reincarnation is all about? It is all about the spiritual principles that are inhabiting man today, not just the Fiery Serpent, but also Satan and Leviathan and the Primordial Serpent. They are all part of one household.

Reincarnation is all about bringing the ox, which is we. The personality is formed from the earth to a point where we can be joined permanently with the Primordial Serpent. Are you shocked? Well, did you not hear that you are supposed to be marrying Jesus? What do you think marriage means? The question is, who is going to get you first? Satan is coming looking for the more spiritual people first. Spirituality defines readiness for marriage. Brethren, unless you are a pervert in this world, you are a man and you are a pervert, you do not want to marry a 10-year-old girl that has a body like a child, and a mind like a child. Satan is looking for the spiritual people. She wants to marry us. That means, make us a permanent part of herself. She wants to mingle her spiritual being with our spiritual being so that no separation can ever take place again. Now, I have struggled for a long time with whether or not someone who is glorified in Satan. That is what I just described, to be so completely co-mingled with Satan that you no longer exist as a separate part. You see, Christ Jesus is in me, but I am not co-mingled with Him. We are separate. He is inside of me, but He is separate. My lungs are inside of me, but they are very separate from me. You could cut them out and hold them in your hand. So, for a long time I have struggled with this issue. Can someone who is glorified in Satan be delivered? And the answer that is in my mind right now, brethren, is that the personality cannot be delivered.

Abel will be delivered because Abel is of God, the seed that has the potential to grow up to be a civilized man in the nature of Christ Jesus. He will be delivered, but the part of us that Satan is intermingling with, the part of us that she is weaving together with, is the earth, Cain, the personality that we are. We are the warps, and she is making herself the woof. She is supposed to be a part of the warp herself woven through by the Spirit of Christ, but she has made herself the woof, and we are the warps. It is her intention to weave herself through us, so completely, that we will never be able to untangle. Abel, at some point, will be freed, but we, the earthen personality, will not survive. Will you burn in hell forever? No. But in the untangling, you will not survive. You will not survive the untangling. The spiritual substance that you are formed from, will survive the untangling and be reformed into another personality in due season. Do you still believe in Jesus? Oh, that is not Jesus, Sheila. You better find out because, if it is Jesus, you do not believe in Him. And if you do not believe in Him, you do not inherit eternal life. Are you punished? No. That is just the rule. If you want eternal life, you have to be willing to believe in everything that He is and stands for and teaches. You have to be willing to say, "that sound horrible to me, Sheila, but if it is the truth I am willing to face it if the Lord will help me", and then face it. Walk around with an attitude that, at least, it may very well be true.

Doctrinal Controversy

Verse 24 says: "For John was not yet cast into prison". Verse 25: "Then there arose a question between some of John's disciples and the Jews about purifying". That is the key word, which is the key verse, Verse 25. Then there arose a question between some of John's disciples and the Jews about purifying. There was a controversy between John's disciples and the Jews. It does not say the Pharisees. It says, the Jews, but the issue probably was the methods of purification, which means we are talking about the methods of the law. Now, John's disciples were supposed to be spiritual. John was a highly spiritual man. He lived in the desert. That means he lived on the left side of the heart (4th) energy center. He had an intimate relationship with the Spirit of Elijah, and his disciples must have been very spiritual, but yet they fell down into a controversy with the Jews. What does that mean? It means the average Jew of the time, not even necessarily the Pharisees, just some average Jews that thought that they were right. Now brethren, controversy is never of God. It is never, ever, ever of God. You state your piece, the other person states their piece, you pray, and you both withdraw until the Lord speaks to you. That is how civilized people act. Anyone who does anything else is in the nature of the carnal mind, which is an animal nature. Verse 26: "And they came unto John and said unto him, Rabbi, he that was with thee beyond Jordan, to whom thou bearest witness, behold the same baptizeth and all men come to Him". Well, I am not sure what John's disciples and the Jews were striving about. See, this could mean a couple of things. I am not really looking at it in the Interlinear Text, but this Verse 26 could mean that the Jews stirred up that issue saying to John's disciples, well, how come Jesus' disciples baptized more than yours, or this could be an account of scape-goating. It could be that John's disciples got caught in a controversy with the Jews, and only your carnal mind could get involved in a controversy. That means their carnal mind was stirred up, and they were upset.

Distress is an energy! The carnal mind will stir up an energy field in you, and energy fields need to discharge their energy. It could be that John's disciples went to John looking to make trouble because they were all stirred up. Satan was all stirred up in them, and they went to discharge their energy by making trouble or trying to make trouble between John and Jesus. Competition is a manifestation of pride, and it is very divisive. You overcome competition, not by denying that it is in you or not by denying that you have had these thoughts, but you overcome competition by being committed to the greater good. You overcome competition by making Jesus' plan the most important aspect of your spiritual life, and then you find out where your place is in His program. You serve faithfully and, if you are under somebody else, you serve that person faithfully until Jesus moves you out. He does not move you out every month, and if you have problems, you work them out. You pray about it, and you work them out. John's disciples came to John. Look at this provocative thing they are saying to him. "Rabbi, he that was with you beyond Jordan, the one that you baptized, and you bore witness to him, you should be the elder, but He is out there baptizing, and all of the men are coming to him, you are the elder, you should go and rebuke him. Does not everybody out there know that you are the elder?" Well, maybe some spiritual people recognize the spirit on Jesus. Does that mean there was a wrong spirit on John? No, but there was a greater spirit on Jesus. But John took the victory, and he said, "a man can receive nothing except it be given to him from heaven. Jesus could not have that power over the people if He did not receive it from heaven. You, yourselves, bear me witness that I said, I am not the Christ; that I am sent before Him, and he that hath the bride is the bridegroom, but the friend of the bridegroom, which standeth and heareth him, rejoices greatly because of the bridegroom's voice. This my joy is, therefore, fulfilled".

John the Baptist said, my joy is fulfilled that the people have recognized the bridegroom. I am satisfied. He must increase, but I must decrease. He that cometh from above is above all, and he that is of the earth is earthly and speaketh of the earth. That means you talk with your carnal mind. Are you condemned? No, but you should know who you are. Are you from above or are you from the earth? But he that cometh from heaven is above all: The carnal man and the spiritual man. What John is saying is that in Judah today there are carnal men and there are spiritual men. John is saying, "I am a spiritual man, but the one who comes from heaven is above all". John is saying, "I have the spirit. I am a spiritual man, but Jesus is an expression of the Christ who is from heaven, and He is above all". What he hath seen and heard of what he testified and no man receiveth his testimony. No man receiveth his testimony. If I had the Interlinear Text here, this is probably the Greek word that means "no carnal man" can receive his testimony. He that hath received his testimony has set to his seal that God is true. But there is someone who receives his testimony, Christ wherever He is appearing. In another Scripture, he is called Malcus, the company of men who have Abel manifesting in them, who have Abel revived in them because of their relationship with the Spirit of Elijah. They recognize Him. Today it is the Lord Jesus Christ. If your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ is intense enough, you will recognize the Christ no matter how inferior the vessel that He is appearing in is, or appears to be.

Spirit without Measure

"For he whom God hath sent speaketh the words of God, for God giveth not the spirit by measure unto him". He does not have a measure of the spirit. What is the measure of the spirit? The measure of the spirit is the Holy Spirit. You get a drop of Jesus' waters, you have the Holy Spirit, but if Christ Jesus is in you, you have the ability to receive all knowledge from the Glorified Jesus Christ. Now Christ Jesus within you is being educated, but in a moment of crisis, if Christ Jesus is in you and connected to the Glorified Jesus Christ, that Glorified Jesus Christ has a vessel to descend into, and whatever wisdom you need will manifest through you if the Lord Jesus is willing to do it for you in that crisis. We are back to that movie "The Matrix" again. Do you remember when they were on the rooftop, and there was a helicopter there and Neo says to Trinity, "Do you know how to fly that thing?" And she says, "Not yet." She dials her operator who is outside the matrix. She said, "I need a program for such and such a helicopter," and in 60 seconds she was fully equipped to fly the helicopter. Someone said to me, "That is just science fiction." Well, it may be science fiction, but science fiction and spiritual reality are frequently the same or very parallel. This is the principle. Brethren, you know in the hospitals recently, I thank God I have not been in one in a long time, but the last time I was in the hospital which was nine years ago, I saw that they were doing something that they had not done the time that I was in the hospital previously. People who needed frequent medication, intravenous medication, had a device, permanently hooked into their vein, that if the nurse had to give you a medication or set up an IV, she just came over and screwed the syringe onto the needle that was permanently in your vein. In an emergency, no one had to go palpating your arm to see if they could find a vein that they could give you medication that would save your life.

That is what Christ Jesus is. You have something in you that is a permanent potential connection for the Glorified Jesus Christ to hook up with on a very short or an instantaneous moment notice and give you whatever you need to accomplish His purposes or save your life at that moment. If Christ Jesus is in you, and your personality is in submission to Him, you are a prepared vessel. Prepared for what? Prepared for the Lord Jesus Christ to descend into your mind at a moment’s notice and accomplish His purposes. Well, you are probably putting first in your mind, "well to save my life." Brethren, we are all so selfish. Yes, He is helping us with our problems. Yes, He wants to save our life. Yes, He wants to deliver us from pain. But His ultimate goal is to use you and me as a vessel to accomplish His purposes in this earth, and the only reason such a large part of our prayer life is concerning our health and our finances and our children and everything else that we talk to Him about, is because we are still not where we are supposed to be. Am I condemning you for talking about those things or praying about those things? No. But Jesus Christ is moving to bring us into a condition where we do not have weights like that weighing us down so that our whole life is given over to His purposes in the earth.

We are the suits of clothing that He is putting on, and He has things to do once He gets dressed. He is come to save that which is lost, and He wants to walk on the earth in us to retrieve Jehovah's lost children. He has to prepare us to receive Him. So, He is healing our bodies, and He is healing our minds, but it is all to His end. Verse 34 says: "For he whom God hath sent speaketh the words of God, for God giveth not the spirit by measure unto him. The Father loveth the Son and hath given all things into his hands". Well, we talked about this earlier. What does that mean, "the Father loveth the Son"? It means that everything is spiritual repulsion and attraction. We are a mathematically based creation. The spirit or the atoms of the Father are not repelled from the spirit of the Son, but they are attracted to one another and joined with one another and fuse together which produces an amount of energy that is greater than the energy of the Father which is the Glorified Jesus Christ, and the energy of the Son which is Christ Jesus in you. The energy that will be released from you, the spiritual power that will be released from you when these two forces fuse in you is greater than the energy of the Son plus the energy of the Father. The energy that is released in you will be the equivalent of the energy of the Son times the energy of the Father. It will be much greater than the two.

So, the Father loves the Son. It means that the situation is such that the spiritual components of the Son are such that the Father can fuse with Him to accomplish His purposes. That is what love means Scripturally, and I will tell you something - that is what love means in this world if you get the true meaning of love. Love is not physical attraction. Love is an ability to live together and work together in peace and harmony through, both parties - husband and wife, knowing what their roles are and what God expects from them. We have all kinds of fights in marriages today because the wife says to the husband, "You are not holding up your end," and the husband says to the wife, "You are not holding up your end." What God expects from us? What God expects from the husband and what God expects from the wife? When both, the husband and the wife, find out what "that" is and do it, there will be peace and harmony in that marriage. And that is love - peace. I do not care what you feel when you are close to each other, all goose bumps or whatever. You have to get out of bed sometime, and you may not like what you see.

Incarnation and the Wrath of God

Verse 36: "He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life, and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abideth on him". What does that mean? Does God hate you because you do not believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? No, brethren, but if you do not believe in the Son, not that He exists, brethren, but that you do not believe His doctrine, if you do not believe His judgment is true, if you do not believe His righteousness, if you do not believe His counsel, if you do not believe His supernatural powers, the wrath of God abides on you. What does that mean? You are under the law that is over this whole criminal, penal, spiritual world. We are a spiritual penal colony. We are in a jail for hurtful spirits. This is a penal colony. The only way the Fiery Serpents can get out, the only way the Fiery Serpents can be delivered from the well that they live in, from the black hole that they live in, is for the physical body to die. The physical body dies, the personality dissolves, the etheric body dissolves, the astral body (that is your emotional body) dissolves, your mental body dissolves, and the Fiery Serpent is free. Maybe there is why there is such a press toward suicide in this country today. I have not really figured it out yet, but I do know that there is an obsession in this country that somehow benefits the hidden powers and principalities. I have not been able to put my finger right on it yet. Well, maybe that is it, right there.

Maybe this thirst to incarnate is something that traps them, just like a person, a man or a woman today, with an overwhelming sexual desire that will go out and pick up a prostitute or pick up somebody at a bar or a homosexual that is resisting homosexuality. I know you all have seen pictures of somebody trying not to drink, and they are resisting and resisting and resisting and they finally yield to it. They go out and they do it, and then they are miserable because of it. Well, maybe that is what reincarnation is. Maybe these Fiery Serpents would never reincarnate if they were not under a compulsion as an alcoholic or a drug addict is under a compulsion or a vampire. (That thought just came into my mind). They are drawn to reincarnation by a thirst, a powerful drive to reincarnate, and when they get here they are trapped, and the only way they can get out is if the person dies. Is not that interesting? Praise the Lord. The wrath of God abides on him. They are under the sowing and reaping judgment. The wrath of God, Jehovah's wrath, is the sowing and reaping judgment, but if you recognize the son, if you believe in the son, if you believe not only that He exists, but you believe His doctrine, you believe His judgment, you believe what He tells you about your own sin nature, if you believe in the son, if you believe in this whole message, whatever degree it is true which I believe it is very accurate, then you come under the White Throne Judgment, and you abide in the White Throne Judgment which is unto life, and the sowing and reaping judgment is unto death. The ox that Adam formed at the beginning of time, which we are the descendants of, the substance that formed Adam's ox is the spiritual substance that formed human beings, as we know them. We die from generation to generation.

The Fiery Serpent is immortal, and the substance that we are formed out of, like clay, will endure, but we - the person that you know me to be or the person that I know you to be, when you die, it dissolves. That is it! If you can imagine it, you have a little stature made up out of clay. You just bang that stature down, and you go back into the raw clay. Is not that what the Scripture says in, I think it is Jeremiah, the potter’s wheel. You are under the hands of the potter, and he just smashes you and molds you again, forms you again. That is what we are, and that is our condition. Our spiritual substance endures, but everything to do with us, and the relationships that we have in this life is completely forgotten as if it never existed. Vanity, all is vanity. Here today, gone tomorrow like the grass of the field.

Pharisees Stir Up Competition

John Chapter 4, Verse 1: "When, therefore, the Lord knew how the Pharisees had heard that Jesus made and baptized more disciples than John..." See, I really had to look into this to try and figure out what is being said here. When, therefore, the Lord Jesus knew how the Pharisees had heard that Jesus made and baptized more disciples than John, means that these Pharisees were there stirring up trouble. So, when I commented on prior Scriptures, I said, well it did not say Pharisees, it just said the Jews came and said to John's disciples, how come Jesus is doing better than John? Well, maybe it was the common man on the street, but the Pharisees were behind it. That is what Verse 1 of Chapter 4 says; "the Pharisees were behind it trying to stir up competition between Jesus and John". When, therefore, Jesus knew that the Pharisees had heard that Jesus made and baptized more disciples than John, though Jesus Himself baptized not, but His disciples, Jesus left Judea and departed again into Galilee. Our translation starts with Verse 3 of John, Chapter 4. Jesus left Judea and departed again into Galilee. We are doing this spiritual translation here, which means that we are interpreting all names and trying to find out the depth of this parable.

Judea means, "to extend the hand to the earth." Judea comes from two Greek words, and the combined meaning of those two words is "to extend the hand to the earth," and the earth is the Fiery Serpent. So to be in Judea means to be involved in an activity or involved in a state of mind that is extending the hand of God to the Fiery Serpents who are buried in the well. They are down in the black holes of humanity. Jesus left that activity. Jesus was out there with His disciples baptizing. Of course, we do not really know what was going on there. Maybe it was just water baptism. Maybe it was more than water baptism. What was Jesus doing? He was just standing there watching His disciples doing the water baptism? Maybe yes, maybe not. Maybe the disciples did the water baptism, and then Jesus was teaching them. Or maybe He was baptizing them in His spirit at the same time.

Deep Into Our Study

Jesus left the activity of extending His hand to the Fiery Serpents, and, of course, who is the hand? Christ Jesus is the hand. The Glorified Jesus Christ or, in the case of Jesus, the Glorified Elijah is the arm. Whose arm? This arm is Elohim's arm. In Jesus' case, the arm is the Spirit of Elijah, and the hand is Adam. In our case today, the arm is the Glorified Jesus Christ, and the hand is Christ Jesus. The finger is Christ. Jesus left this activity of extending Adam or Christ Jesus to the Fiery Serpents or offering to regenerate Adam in the Fiery Serpents of Judea, and He went to Galilee. Galilee means the heathen circle, signifying Leviathan's circular timeline. Jesus left the Fiery Serpents within the disciples that He was giving a hand to and went into Leviathan's timeline again. Jesus left His activity of extending, of offering, to regenerate Adam.(Let us read it again) Jesus left off from His activity of offering to regenerate Adam or extending the spiritual hand, I guess that should be, "to the Jews," and went into Leviathan's timeline again... Jesus left His activity of offering to regenerate Adam in the Jews, and went into Leviathan's timeline again.

John 4:4: "And He must needs go through Samaria". Samaria means, "watch station, to hedge about, or to guard." I see that I did not put my note in here about the watchtower. Does anybody remember? We did a study in the Old Testament a year or so ago where it talks about the watchtower. Does anybody remember who the watchtower is? Adam was Jehovah's watchtower. Watch tower signifying a building that the watch is accomplished through. This also means the vessel that the lookout looks out through. Adam and the vessel that Adam is regenerated in, is Jehovah's watchtower. "’Must needs’ go through Samaria." Samaria is our watch station, our watchtower. It also can be translated "to hedge about or to guard," or it could mean the one that is hedged about or guarded. Now you will see that in these translations, this concept of watch station is used in the negative. Every spiritual principle can be used in the negative and the positive. You must take it in view of the context of the whole verse. I will comment on it as we go along as I can point it out to you. "And crossed over" that is a translation of "go into Leviathan's timeline." This is the watch station where Cain guards. Now, the words in brackets are the words that I have added in, or I have amplified. "Where Cain guards", that watch station and the word "guards" is a translation of Samaria: The place where Cain guards Abel. Now the revelation that the Lord has given me here, my understanding right now is that, as I said earlier, Adam is Jehovah's watchtower, and Abel is Adam's root system. So that means, if Abel is in you, you have the potential to be a place or to be a vessel that Jehovah watches, that Jehovah guards His people through. But we have had also a spiritual principle that Cain guards Abel against Christ Jesus.

Cain's job, if she can do it, is to keep Abel buried under the ground and prevent Abel from connecting with Christ Jesus in another man who is coming to regenerate Adam out of Abel. Abel is Adam's root system, and it is possible to regenerate Adam where Abel can be revived. It is Cain's job to prevent that from happening. So Cain guards Abel who is Jehovah's watch station or at least the mortal remains of Jehovah's watch station. Or the mortal remains of Adam, Jehovah's watch station or Jehovah's watchtower. Where Cain guards Abel and bound; that is a translation of "must needs." I looked that Greek word up. I did an Englishmen's Concordance study on that Greek word translated "bound," and there had to be at least 20, if not 30, entries using this word. This verse on John, Chapter 4: Verse 4, is the only time the word was ever translated "must needs." The first time the word was ever translated "must needs," but every other translation, 20 or 30 of them, every single one was translated "to bind" or "bound." We see that the King James translators took translator's license in this verse in translating this word "must needs." It does not mean that at all, and has never been translated that way in any other place in the King James Translation. Now, I do not fault the King James translators. I believe in translator's license, and I am not imputing any evil motive to them. They just did not know how to translate the word, so they did the best that they could. But we see one more time that, when it comes to spiritual principles, the King James translators were not able to express the Lord's intentions.

We are translating the English words "must needs," as "bound." Bound Leviathan and pierced; the English word "through" is a translation of a Greek word that can be translated "pierce," and I amplified the Fiery Serpent. So, Jesus crossed over into one of John's disciples. I used to read about this concept that Jesus crossed over, Jesus crossed over, Jesus crossed over. He crossed over into the etheric plane. He crossed over the sea, and I could never really get it straight what He was doing, but I am now convinced that whenever we see that term, we can interpret thatJesus was crossing over the border into someone else's mind. He was crossing over the border into someone else's mind to help them.

The Dream World

I have seen movies and TV shows about this on the occult side. I think I saw a Star Trek episode where a woman was really suffering from some kind of emotional problems, and there was a man. Of course, the way they did it in Star Trek was that the two of them laid on a table, and they hooked up electrodes to themselves. I am not even sure about that; I saw it so long ago. But they both laid down on a table with other people around and whatever the source of power was. I cannot recall whether it was spiritual power or electrodes hooked up to each of them. I think it was electrodes. The man entered into the woman's mind and both of them had an experience. The man, for all intents and purposes, died to the world where he was lying on the table. When you fall asleep you die to this world. Whatever you experience when you sleep, you are dead to this world. Do you know what is going on in your kitchen, your bedroom, your bathroom, or outside in your yard? Do you know what is going on in your house when you are sleeping? No, you are dead to this world. Some people dream, other people do not dream, but the people who do dream, if they remember their dreams, they do not know what to make out of them. The Lord is teaching us that it is possible to be conscious in the dream world.

What is this dream world? For years, I heard people talking about the dream world, and I could not get what it meant until, finally, the Lord told me, "Sheila, the dream world is the astral plane". We die to this world when we sleep, but very few people wake up in the other world. Either we are dead to this world, and we are dead to the astral plane, or we are dead to this world. We have some very semiconscious experienced on the astral plane that we cannot remember when we wake up or we remember them as dreams, which make no sense at all. But, when we go to sleep, we literally die to this world and have the opportunity to come alive in another world if we have the spiritual power to do it, but we are not supposed to do this outside of Jesus Christ, you see. If we come alive or awake or we become conscious to the dream world when we go to sleep to this world, and it is not Jesus Christ, it is witchcraft, and it is not healthy for us. But there are cultures that experience this all of the time, and this is called "being awake 24 hours a day." You are conscious 24 hours a day but not always in this body. I find that so interesting because years ago I made a commitment to the Lord. I can never seem to be up on the work here. I said, "Lord, personally I am willing to never sleep again or never eat again if you would make a way for me to do it without harming myself. I am willing to do it, but you would have to do some supernatural work in me". At the time that I prayed that prayer, it never even occurred to me that there are people in this world who claim to never sleep. It is just their body that sleeps.

It is our brain that needs the rest, you know. It is not our mind that needs the rest; it is our brain that needs the rest. So when the body sleeps, and the brain rests, there are people in this world who, by witchcraft, have the ability to be conscious and have experiences without their body, which is resting. It is like putting your car in the garage. I did not even realize that was what I was praying for, so it will be very interesting to see if the Lord ever answers that prayer. I know that my motives in saying that were honorable. So, it will be very interesting. Now, I know the occult teachings teach that the people who have the ability to do this are very fruitful when they are awake or conscious in the astral plane. I am not really sure what they do, but the whole reason I got on this subject is this. It is this concept of Jesus crossing over. It may be a reality for us. I read occult books. Everything that I read goes past the Lord; "Lord is this true for us? Is it true? Is it true for us in Christ?" I have found out that a great deal of what is being taught in Theosophy, anyway, and somewhat in Hinduism, that a lot of the experiences that I read about are available through Christ Jesus as we leave this world behind us. You have to have a very consecrated walk with the Lord and you cannot bring it to pass yourself. You have to wait for Him to give you these experiences. I have had some very exciting spiritual experiences, but I have never once initiated one myself. The Lord has always brought me into them without any warning. He does it when He feels like it.

I will tell you that just yesterday I experienced being awake while I slept, and, of course, that principle is in the Song of Solomon. You can read about it in Chapter 5, and Daniel had that experience also. But I did not have any spiritual experience that I was aware of. I just know that my body was completely passed out in a deep sleep, and that I was crying out to God and communicating with God and very awake, but He did not give me a spiritual experience. Once before, that happened and He gave me a spiritual experience, but I was very aware of my consciousness being locked in this body. I guess that as we mature spiritually, there very well may be experiences in another plane, and one of the experiences that I believe are available to us without our body, when we are mind alone, is entering into other people's bodies. Years ago, someone told me a story. Someone that I believe is sold out to God, but they told me that they went to sleep praying for someone who was very ill. They had, what they knew, was not a dream when they were sleeping, that they were actually inside the body of the person they were praying for. The next morning when they woke up, they got a phone call that the person had been healed. For years, I said, "Lord I need to know whether or not that was of you or whether it was of witchcraft. I know the person is sold out to you, but they were in witchcraft at one time". I have never heard of such a thing! The Lord never answered me directly, but now I am coming to this place in my spiritual growth where I am starting to believe that it is true because I have already experienced it myself.

A couple of weeks ago, when you were all present here, when I prayed for somebody and while my eyes were closed, and I was in sincere prayer for that person, I must have entered into their mind in the true timeline which is above the Serpent's timeline, and I actually saw that Fiery Serpent swim up, and it communicated with me telepathically. Now, in this Star Trek episode it was much more Hollywoodized. The man went to sleep, he died to this world and he opened his eyes and he was in a city. Of course, maybe it is not Hollywoodized, maybe I am just not mature enough yet to have experienced something like this. I am just a novice in this subject. He was in a building. I would not say it is a city like you would think of a city with buildings and streets, but maybe it was like the Enterprise. Maybe it was like the ship on Star Trek with all of these halls and decks and room in it. He was just walking through all the halls, the decks and the rooms until he finally found or came in contact with what appeared to be the woman who was having all of the emotional problems, who was also sleeping on a table next to him. What happened to the two of them? Of course, they had an encounter, and the result of the encounter was that this woman was healed. This man did something for her by entering into her mind that nobody could help her with from the outside. At the time that I saw this episode, I guess I thought it was just fantasy. What happened here? The two people are artificially put to sleep. They died to this world. They temporarily died, their consciousness died to this world, and they entered into another plane of consciousness, which I now know to be the astral plane. How did their bodies appear in this place? It was a spiritual place that they were in. Their bodies appeared as an image projected by the mind.

The Power of Prayer

Six months ago if I had heard this story I would have said, "well, I do not know". Except that I have already had one experience along these lines. I did not appear in a building. I appeared in a very small place. I was aware that I was very high up, and that I had no idea what had happened to me. I had no idea that I had crossed over and entered in, and I saw movement. With my eyes closed I saw movement. With my eyes closed in a vision, only it was not a vision. I was seeing in the spirit, and the Fiery Serpent ascended right up from the Serpent's timeline, which was very far below where I was. She was at the bottom of the well, and I believe that person got deliverance. I now know that the other person, who years ago prayed for that sick child and wound up inside the child's body that night, that there is a real good chance that it was of God. It probably was of God because she is a woman of God who had the experience. When you pray, you extend yourself towards that person. When you pray, your spirit goes towards the person that you are praying for, and there can be a union.

Now, brethren, a couple of years ago the Lord sent me into a bookstore, Border's Books, and I was not really sure what I was doing there. I wound up reading a book there because you can read their books. They give you that privilege of reading whatever book you want. I wound up reading this book written by a psychiatrist. The man wrote this book of how he helped his patients. He would sit in his chair and the patient would sit across from him. Whatever technique he used, I really do not remember any more details, but whatever technique he used it was all with words. He was aware that something projected from himself and something projected from the patient. Let us call it their souls or their Fiery Serpents, whatever projected forth from the physical body of each of them, and there was a union of their souls or of their spiritual beings. He was aware of it and the patient was aware of it. This was the way this psychiatrist ministered therapy. People came to him knowing that this was what he did. His soul mixed with another person's soul, and somehow they got healed. This is witchcraft!

What did I tell you? I just gave you three separate instances of the spiritual principle of crossing over. I told you how this psychiatrist did it. In the psychiatrist's method the people did not die to this world. He was still sitting in his office. The patient knew that he was in the psychiatrist's office, but they had a spiritual experience of union without even touching each other. Then, I told you about people who die to this world, temporarily die to this world in sleep and wake up in another world where images of themselves projected by the brain deal with and solve problems that they could not deal with while they were awake to this world. The third experience or the third example of the spiritual principle of crossing over is the experience that I had where I entered into the minds of one of the people here while I was deep in sincere prayer for her. I found myself, probably in her brow (6th) energy center. I was up very high, and a Fiery Serpent came up and communicated with me. I believe that person was helped, actually communicated with Christ in me. Although it is really not a part of this message, I will tell you that the kind of experience that the psychiatrist is promoting is the foundation of cyber-sex. You hear about all of these people having cyber-sex. You know, for years I thought they were just masturbating, that they were typing away on their keyboards and masturbating. But, now I know that is not true. A lot of people that are engaged in cyber-sex and pornography on the Internet are having spiritual experiences that far exceed any form of masturbation, and the same thing with telephone sex also. So, we see that the country is sliding steeply into witchcraft. So far, it seems positive to many, but time will tell.

Why Did Jesus "Cross Over"?

We were on Verse 4, "And crossed over into one of John's disciples". Jesus crossed over into the mind, I guess I should say the mind, and crossed over into the mind of one of John's disciples, which disciple was a watch station or a person where Adam guards Abel. What does that mean? How could Adam guard Abel? I hope I have that right. That is the interpretation I have for right now. It would probably mean that Adam in John the Baptist, it would probably mean the collective consciousness known as Adam of John and his disciples, and maybe John himself is the head of the group, guarded Abel in this individual. "And Jesus entered into the mind of one of John's disciples, a watch station, where the collective Adam (I am going to have to work on that translation), where the collective consciousness of Adam guards Abel in the individual and Jesus bound Leviathan and pierced the Fiery Serpent". I really should have a reference in there. I did not do my usual thorough work-up on these notes here. The reference is that when you enter into a strong man's house you have to bind the strong man before you can spoil his goods.

Jesus entered into a human being, a mortal man, who had committed himself to the life of God, and was an active part of John's group. He was one of John's disciples, but Jesus did for this man what John could not do for him. Jesus bound Leviathan in this man and pierced his Fiery Serpent. See, John was a servant. Jesus was the Son. John had the equivalent of what we would call the Holy Spirit today, but Christ was not in there. The spirit that was upon John's disciples cannot pierce the Fiery Serpent. What is the whole principle of piercing the Fiery Serpent? Why does Jesus pierce the Fiery Serpent? To cover the Fiery Serpent, to marry the Fiery Serpent, to engrave the Fiery Serpent with Jehovah's righteous nature and deliver her from the pernicious nature of the Primordial Serpent, which nature drives us to do all forms of evil?

Why do you think Jesus did this? Brethren, Jesus did this because this was one of John's disciples who were caught up by that Pharisaical trap. This was one of John's disciples. He was a watchtower. He was a vessel that Abel was active in because he was a part of the collective Adam of John's group. This man got caught up in competition and envy had to be present also. He needed deliverance. He was caught up in this competition and envy because even the collective consciousness of Adam that was present in John's group was not strong enough to cover his sin nature: It was not a mind, it was just a spirit. I do not mean to diminish that Holy Spirit, but the anointing on John's group was not in a form that could have protected this man from being seduced into this envy and competition. Did Jesus punish him? Did He take his anointing away? Did He throw him out? Did He whip him? No, Jesus gave the man what he needed so that he would not sin again. Brethren that is our job. You have to give the man what he needs so that he does not sin again. We are not into punishing.

This is another example of Jesus doing good in response to evil. We see that both John and Jesus took the victory. If his disciple had seduced John, Jesus would have had to deal with John first, but John stood his ground and stayed in the Mind of Christ. Jesus went and delivered the disciple. I will point out to you that in Verse five (5) Jesus penetrates the mind of another one of John's disciples who was only near to Adam. In Verse 4, this man was a watch station where Adam guarded Abel. He was in a much stronger position than the man in Verse 5. Jesus came to another one of John's disciples, a watch station that was near to Adam. This man was near to Adam, but Adam was not in their guarding Abel for him, and we will find out that this man had a different experience with Jesus. Jesus did the same thing. He entered into the mind of both of them. Alternate Translation, Verse 5, "Then Jesus came to another one of John's disciples, a watch station that was near to Adam, the one who guards Abel, the energy field of Adam's root system that Jacob gave Joseph..." Well, it really does not tell you what Jesus did there, but it is telling you that this man preached spiritually ascended doctrine. Let me see if I can just finish this out by looking at Verse 6. Actually, it is the Fiery Serpent in this other disciple that was just near to Adam that Jesus has the conversation with the Fiery Serpent in that man, and that is the subject of the rest of our account.

Maybe this first disciple did not fall for the gossip and maybe his reward was that Jesus went in and gave him even more power by covering his Fiery Serpent and piercing her. But, the second man was the one that was only near to Adam. This is the one that Jesus talks to the Fiery Serpent in and talks about the living water that will save this Fiery Serpent from multiple reincarnations. We are up to Verse 5 of John Chapter 4, King James Translation: "Then cometh He to a city of Samaria which is called Sychar near to the parcel of ground that Jacob gave his son, Joseph". Now brethren, we are doing a highly spiritual translation here. I remind you that John's disciples engaged in an ungodly controversy with the Jews, and Jesus crossed over into their carnal minds to deliver them, and we found out that John's disciples were watch stations or watch towers, meaning that they were human vessels that Adam was watching over.

Now when you hear that Adam is watching over a vessel, it could mean that Adam is regenerated in that person, it could mean that Adam or Christ Jesus, in this dispensation, in another man is watching over that person. Over the years, I have told you many times that we have adopted children in this ministry, spiritual children, Christians, who are not a part of the ministry, but who the Lord has joined to this ministry in spirit, and we carry them. We carry them in our hearts, and when the Lord joins someone to you they are there forever, for your lifetime anyway, and every time they are in trouble you will know it. You may not know that you are praying for them or you may know that you are praying for them, but the Glorified Jesus Christ has assigned Christ Jesus in you to watch over this person because this person has Christ in them. That is a spiritual truth.

The Spirit of Envy and Competition

Jesus is ministering to John's disciples who are being victimized by their carnal mind. They were John's disciples who failed to take the victory over the temptation of the Pharisees to resent Jesus and His ministry and the acceleration of His ministry over John the Baptist's ministry: To be competitive with Him and to envy Him and to seek to exalt themselves. Brethren, because if Jesus Christ gives somebody an office that is higher than your office, and it is established that Jesus Christ has given that person the office, and you think you should be there with them or higher than them, this is a manifestation of pride. We just labor on a daily basis in Christ. If the Lord promotes us, the Lord promotes us. We seek to be content where we are. If you are not content, you can tell the Lord, but to exalt yourself over another ministry is a big mistake. It is a spirit of envy and competition. In the last verse, let me read you the two translations here. We started with Verse 3. "So Jesus left off His activity of offering the hand or offering to regenerate Adam in the people that were being baptized, and He went into Leviathan's timeline again. He went to help the disciples of John who were in their carnal mind". Verse 4 says, "And Jesus crossed over into the mind of one of John's disciples who was a watch station". He was a human being, where Adam was present, guarding Abel. We have decided this morning that Abel in this particular disciple of John was probably watched over by the regenerated Adam in John the Baptist. He was a disciple of John the Baptist.

So, the Adam in John the Baptist was guarding Abel in this disciple, and Jesus entered into his mind and bound Leviathan, the strong man, and pierced the Fiery Serpent, which put an end to the ungodly activities on the spiritual plane of the Fiery Serpent. The envy and the competition, which is pride, were arising out of an ascended Fiery Serpent. Jesus covered that Fiery Serpent and pierced it, and put an end to the spiritual pressure on the disciples. Now, you see, when spiritual pressure is removed from you then the choice that you make is clearly your choice. You see, it is not true that we can just choose what we want to do because, (all of mortal men are subject to spiritual pressures) sometimes is obvious pressure and sometimes subtle spiritual pressure. Sometimes we cannot do what we ought to do or what we desire to do. The deliverance of Jesus Christ is the breaking of the compulsion, and then we must choose what we will do. If we do not choose righteousness once the compulsion is broken, then it is very possible for the compulsion to return.

We must take advantage of what Jesus does for us. An example of this is the parable of the talents. If you did not use it, it will be taken from you. Now the King James Translation makes it sound like Jesus will take it back from you if you did not use it. No, no, no, my brethren. Satan will take it from you if you do not use it, you see. Jesus does not punish you. He does not punish us. He has one goal, to deliver us, and if we follow him we will be delivered. If you are blind, all you have to do is confess that you are blind, and He will lead you by the hand. Satan is the thief. Verse 5 says: "Then cometh He to a city of Samaria, which is called Sychar, near to the parcel of ground that Jacob gave to his son Joseph". Sychar, a place in Palestine, comes from a root, Strong's #7042 that means drunken. Now as I have told you many times, brethren, this is an unfolding revelation. As we study, the Lord reveals the spiritual or the esoteric significance of terms in the Scripture. Does anybody remember what drunken means? We had this in a message a while back when Peter stood up and said, "all you men of Jerusalem, these apostles are not drunken, this is what was prophesied by the prophet Joel". What was their condition? They were not physically drunk on wine or alcohol. Neither were they spiritually drunken.

The term drunken means that they were manifesting ascended spiritual power. Sometimes, people who are manifesting ascended spiritual power appear very strange to people who are steadily stable in their carnal mind. Sometimes, spiritual people do things that seem very strange. I find that when I tell people, well I know this because I had a dream or I saw a symbol or I saw a sign, I scare people half to death. They flee from me. But in the particular case of the apostles in the Book of Acts, the reason the Scripture says that they appeared drunken is that these apostles were manifesting powerful spiritual signs. Their thought forms were penetrating the men of many other nations that were gathered in Jerusalem that heard the message of the apostles in their own language, and the visiting men from many countries that were in Jerusalem thought that the apostles were sorcerers. Peter stood up and said, "No, these men are not drunken. They are not sorcerers. This is the Spirit of Christ, that which was prophesied by the prophet Joel".

Brethren, Jesus Christ and the apostles and their followers were powerful spiritual men. I recently read on the Internet that Jewish authorities in the days of Jesus' flesh called Him a sorcerer. Assuming that the documents that I saw on the Internet were valid, they actually, this web page quoted a portion of a document written by the heads of the Sanhedrin saying that Jesus was so anathema to the Jews in those days that they would not even name Him in their documents. They called him "so-and-so." And I saw on the Internet a document talking about "so-and-so," that sorcerer, and as I read the rest of the page, I said, well, if it is true that they are talking about Jesus then it looks like that is what they were saying. Brethren, we are going to be magicians. See, Moses was a magician, and magic and spiritual power frighten people because it is something they have no control over. There is this young lady that I am sent to. I keep thinking of her as a little girl, I do not know why. She is a young woman in her 20's. I guess, spiritually speaking, I keep thinking of her as a little girl, and the Lord is calling her very strongly. When I saw her last, I felt to give her my testimony. I said to her, do you believe you can perceive other people's thoughts? I gave her my testimony about the time that I perceived a thought of suicide. It was just a flash, a moment's flash that went through my mind. If I was not trained like I am trained I would thought it was me except that I have a lot of problems, but I am not suicidal. It just flashed through my mind and I immediately prayed.

I said, "Lord, where ever that thought of suicide was coming from, I bless the person, I forgive their sins, I curse the suicide, and I pray that you help them". It was not even five minutes later that my phone rang, and it was a young lady that I minister to from time to time. She called me and she said, "Sheila, I had to call you. I was really desperate in my house thinking of slitting my wrists, and all of a sudden you came to mind, and I put on one of your messages, and I was completely delivered". So I gave this testimony to this little girl, this spiritual little girl, and I must have scared her half to death because she tried every hard to act cool, but the fact is that she literally jumped up and fled from me and went to talk to somebody else. I was so upset that she fled from me that when I passed by her after that, she came over and gave me another kiss, probably because she could not understand why she was so rude. But I know why she was so rude. Brethren, people are afraid of spiritual power. The apostles were magicians. I think the word sorcerer implies the use of spiritual power for evil purposes, but magician is a term that does not necessarily imply evil except in the church. The church today would not understand that, but in a spiritual world a magician is just somebody that wields spiritual power. Praise the Lord.

So, we see that the place or the city of Samaria that Jesus went to is a place where there were high manifestations of spiritual power, and the place that Jesus went to was the mind of one of John's disciples. So what does this mean? It means the man whose mind that Jesus passed into was a man of great spiritual power. Listen, John the Baptist was a magician. He had great spiritual power. Probably, this man that was seduced by the Jews that came to stir up trouble, this disciple of John who was seduced into envy and competition, to stir up envy and competition or to try to stir up envy and competition between Jesus and John, this man, his Fiery Serpent, was probably ascended into the crown (7th) energy center. Envy is very high. Envy is a manifestation of an ascended Fiery Serpent and high spiritual power. Look brethren, we need to know this without condemnation. You need to know this, that when you see envy in yourself, you must burn it immediately. You must pray for the person that they should be blessed, that God should continue to bless them, and that they should have all things. I pray that whatever I have in this area should be taken from me, rather than I should be guilty of this sin. It is powerful. Envy is powerful. Envy can do a lot of damage in a spiritually ascended person, and you need to know that whether you can see it or not, if you are pursuing this course of study here, you have spiritual power. Whether you see it or not, or whether you use it or not, I am telling you that you have spiritual power. That means when sin manifests in you, and you do not restrain it, that sin goes forth with the power to hurt. I tell you the truth.

So, we see that the disciples of John that were caught up in this seduction had to already have pride, competition, and envy manifesting in them. It had to be there already for them to be seduced by the Jews who just came, the Jews of that day, and made the suggestion. It was probably either in their conscious or their subconscious mind already. John's disciples, who took great pride as being a part of John's company, had to deal with the fact that there was now a company that transcended them. John, the leader, was doing fine, but the disciples were not doing fine. The Jews were just a point of contact to reveal the envy and the competition in John's disciples. John was not shocked. He probably knew it all along, and Jesus was not shocked. Only the disciples were shocked and said, "Oh, my goodness, I did not know I was doing anything wrong".


Jesus went forth to do what John could not do. We covered that this morning. John had the Spirit of Elijah but Jesus had the Christ risen in Him. It is only Christ that can cover the Fiery Serpent and pierce it. The spirit alone cannot do that. It takes a mind to cover and pierce a mind, and the principle behind piercing the mind is that the two minds become one single mind. There is a Scripture in the King James that says something about simplicity that you should be in simplicity. Well, that word really means "single." You should be single minded. That means your carnal mind should be subject to your Christ mind, and the two of you should think as one. I pray for anybody reading this book, if your carnal mind is exalting itself against or above Christ Jesus in anyone and anywhere under any circumstances, I rebuke that carnal mind and command it to go under Christ. Think the thoughts of Christ Jesus and live.

Black Holes, Fields and Spiritual Energy

Sychar is a place in Palestine, from a root #7042 that means drunken. The spiritual understanding of drunken is to be manifesting ascended spiritual power. "Parcel of ground" is a translation of Strong's #5564, and that Greek word can also be translated "field" or "possession". I found out after many years of thinking that the word "field" simply meant a meadow, a physical meadow. I now know that the word "field" is much more likely to mean "energy field." Our whole world is a series of energy fields. Each individual human being is an energy field. That is just another way of saying "black hole." There is energy present in us. We are a field or a location that contains energy, and energy flows through us; spiritual energy. Every time we think, energy is manifested. Every time our emotions move, energy is manifested. That is why Paul talks about the motions of sin. Sin is a vibration. Satan in the unconscious mind is a vibration of spiritual speech that, if it can, will work its way out through our mouth and our behavior.

Satan must be silenced! She is like a rattlesnake. She must be restrained so that she cannot rattle her tail. Praise the Lord. May Christ Jesus be the only vibration emitting from us! We see that the Greek word translated "parcel of ground" is talking an energy field or a possession. Then Jesus came to one of John's disciples who was a watch station that was near to Adam. Now this watch station, this disciple, was not guarded by Adam but was near to Adam. What is the difference? To be guarded by Adam means that the disciple was completely in submission to John the Baptist, completely under his cover, and, therefore, the regenerated Adam in John the Baptist was guarding Abel. But the second disciple was just near to Adam. That means he had a relationship with John the Baptist, but he had not yet come under.

So you see, in discipleship, in Christian and in other discipleships, the relationship between the teacher and the disciple determines the measure of protection that is afforded to the disciple. Of course, you cannot force yourself. What you need to do is submit yourself to Jesus Christ and ask Him to make your relationship with a teacher what He would have it to be and seek to humble yourself, and it just takes time. It takes time and instruction as to how to submit in a godly manner. Jesus Christ is not in the business of building cults. He does not come in and tell you how to decorate your house or how to spend your money or how to live with your family or relate to your children or your husband or your wife. It is spiritual issues, and it has to do with your thinking. The more submitted you are in a godly manner to the head that Jesus has put you under, the more you can say that you are guarded by Christ Jesus, but if you are not yet guarded by Christ Jesus in the teacher, you are near to the teacher. You have a relationship with the teacher, but you are not quite under yet. Then Jesus came to one of John's disciples, a watch station that was near to Adam who guarded. That is a translation of Samaria, "the one who guards". Is a translation of Samaria - the one who guards the energy field that Jacob gave Joseph! Here I have amplified. Now, this is the energy field that Jacob gave Joseph where Abel, Joseph's bones are buried. In this energy field that Jacob gave Joseph, what that means, and I am going to go into that in a minute, it is the human being where Abel, Joseph's bones, are buried, and this man who was this watch center, he was preaching spiritually ascended doctrine.

Joseph's Bones

I spent quite a bit of time researching this issue on Jacob and Joseph and the energy fields, but before we get to that we will talk about Joseph's bones. That is another revelation. I am seeing beautiful colors; as a matter of fact I am seeing the colors of a rainbow except that it is not in an arc. It is in a straight line. I am wondering if it is not supposed to be Joseph's coat of many colors. Why would it pop up in my eyes right now? It is a beautiful sight! The knowledge of what it means, what Joseph's bones are, is a question that I asked the Lord for a long time before He revealed to me that Joseph was not talking about his physical bones. That is ghoulish to say to your offspring… “Now when you leave Egypt and go to the Promised Land, carry my carcass with you, carry my coffin with you.” I wondered about it for years. Brethren, if ever anything does not make sense to you in the Scripture, look for a spiritual understanding. Joseph was saying, carry my spiritual bones with you. Jesus said to the Pharisees, you are just dead men's bones. Who is the dead man? Adam is the dead man, and the bones of Adam are the many Abels that are scattered in many human beings, as I explained earlier on this message.

So, what Joseph was really telling his brothers, the sons of Jacob (Israel) when he said, “take my bones with you”, he meant, “take your spiritual heritage, take your potential to have Adam regenerated in you, and do not forget that it is there, and do everything that you have to do to raise up Adam”. When you go into the Promised Land, do not forget that you have Abel, Adam's root system, and that the Lord wants you to regenerate or to be open to having Adam regenerated in you. That is what that is all about. Joshua 24:32 says, "And the bones of Joseph which the children brought up out of Egypt". Well, how did they bring it up out of Egypt? It was in them, you see. The Hebrew children, the children of Israel, were Jacob's descendants. They carried Jacob's bones by having those bones within themselves. They did not carry any casket or any human skeleton. They took Adam's bones because Adam was fully regenerated in Jacob. Jacob was not talking about his physical bones. He was talking about his spiritual bones.

"And the bones of Joseph, which the children of Israel brought up out of Egypt, buried they in Shechem in a parcel of ground, which Jacob bought of the sons of Hamor, the father of Shechem for a hundred pieces of silver". It became the inheritance of the children of Joseph. I did not take the time to look into that as far as an Alternate Translation goes. Well, it looks like I repeated this verse for some reason. Genesis 50:25: "And Joseph took an oath of the children of Israel saying, God will surely visit you, and you shall carry up my bones from hence". Exodus 13:19: "And Moses took the bones of Joseph with him for he had straightly sworn the children of Israel saying, God will surely visit you, and ye shall carry up my bones away hence with you". I did not look at the Interlinear Text, but what this says to me is, God will surely visit you, and not you will carry up my bones, but when God visits you, He will touch Adam's bones in you, Abel, Adam's bones in you, and carry you up or carry him up, raise him up. God will visit you and rise up Adam in you. Carry my bones with you, it means "do not forget who you are." How does Adam get regenerated in you? You have to seek the God of Israel. You have to read the Bible. You have to pray. This is what Jacob was telling Joseph. Do not forget who you are when you get to Israel. Do not forget you carry Adam's bones in you. Those bones that Ezekiel talks about, will these bones live again? And all the bones stood up. That is the resurrection of the two witnesses in the Book of Revelation, and they became a fierce army.

So you see, brethren, no matter how hopeless it looks, Adam's bones will rise in the church. It will take a supernatural miracle to accomplish it, but Adam's bones will rise, and there will be a supernatural army that will defeat the forces of evil in this world and restore Abel to his rightful place in the world above the firmament. John 4:5, "Then Jesus came to another one of John's disciples, a watch station or a human being, that was near to Adam, the one who guards Abel, the energy field of Adam's root system that Jacob gave Joseph which man preached spiritually ascended doctrine".

Ascended Spiritual Doctrine

Brethren, to preach spiritually ascended doctrine you have to be spiritually ascended. I do not care what you look like, what you think you are, what your idiosyncrasies and insecurities are, you must be spiritually ascended to listen to this stuff week after week after week. I must be very spiritually ascended to preach it. Even if that power is not manifesting in a manner that is obvious to you, and maybe it is not manifesting. Maybe you are just a reservoir that Jesus can come and tap when it suits His purposes. That is what we are today in this ministry. We have been studying for years and years and years. There are very few signs and wonders here. They are far and few between. We are all reservoirs. The Lord Jesus could tap into us any time He wants, but right now His purpose for us is to continue bringing forth this doctrine. His purpose for us is to cause us to ascend much higher than we are now. The doctrine is our point of contact. Working up this doctrine is building us up spiritually, and when He gets us to the place that He wants us to be, which I expect is the brow (6th) energy center, we will go forth in signs and wonders. But apparently, He is not sending us forth in signs and wonders from the left side of the heart (4th) energy center or from the throat (5th) energy center. He is not doing it. The Lord told me a year ago that everything I need to do spiritual signs and wonders, healings and deliverances and miracles, that the power is resident within me right now, and the only reason that I am not manifesting that kind of a ministry is, the Lord said to me, the only reason is that I, Christ Jesus, in me am not doing that right now, and without Me you cannot do anything. Right now, I am researching, teaching and disciplining the sons of God. That is what He is doing through me, and I cannot do anything that He is not doing, but that does not mean that the power is not here to do it. Praise the Lord!

See, that is hard for the Pharisaical mind to believe because the Pharisaical mind just looks at today, all the people that are sick, all the people that need healing, all the people that need deliverance, all the problems that all the people have, that is what the religious mind sees. The religious mind just looks in the moment. The spiritual mind looks into the far future. The spiritual mind plans for the future of God's people. The Lord Jesus has made a decision to withhold whatever spiritual power is resident here, to not give it out, but to retain it here until we are ascended to a place where, when we give out that power, it will not be diminished. Power that is given out must be replenished, but once we are fully joined to the Glorified Jesus Christ we will have an unending source of power, which will not strain us physically or mentally. This is what the Lord Jesus is doing. He told me these years ago "Save your energy. Do not get into spiritual battles that I have not sent you up to. Save your energy. Focus your energy so that your consciousness might ascend into the heights of my timeline". The Lord Jesus Christ is waiting for you in the brow (6th) energy center, and once you lock in with Him it will be impossible for you to be drained of your power. Then Jesus came to another one of John's disciples, a watch station that was near to Adam, the one who guards Abel, the energy field of Adam's root system that Jacob gave Joseph, and this man preached spiritually ascended doctrine.

John 4:6 says, "Now Jacob's well was there". Let me just point out to you that this man, this watch station who is near to Adam, he was not in submission to John, you see. He had a relationship with John, but he was not in submission to John, and this is the man that was seduced to competition and envy, to be involved in competition and envy between the two ministries. So that means if he was preaching spiritual doctrine, his envy and his competition was doing damage. Jesus went forth to deliver these men because they were doing damage. John 4:6 says, "Now Jacob's well was there, Jesus, therefore, being wearied with His journey sat thus on the well, and it was about the sixth hour". Now, regarding Jacob's spiritual well, I have already given you this exhortation. There is more than one Hebrew word translated "well". One word is Strong's #5869, which means, "eye," or the landscape that the eye sees. The spiritual significance is the spiritual world associated with an energy center. The spiritual significance of this word "well," that really is ayin. Eye in the Hebrew is ayin. The spiritual significance of this word is the spiritual world associated with an energy center. Now Jacob's spiritual world, that is a translation of well, was in John's disciple who was dwelling in the brow (6th) energy center. From where did I get that? That is a translation of the word "hour." The brow (6th) energy center is a translation of the word "hour." Jesus is the day, and one hour is a portion of the day; therefore, the hour is the man that Christ is manifesting through, a portion of Jesus' spiritual day. As I prayed about it, that is the translation that I got. This “hour” was a portion of the spiritual day.

Journey to Perfection

Jacob's spiritual world was in John's disciple who was dwelling in the brow (6th) energy center, a portion of the day of Jacob's spiritual world, and that is a translation of "well." He was tired from his spiritual journey, so Jesus married him. Now, I want to tell you that this has always bothered me that Jesus could be weary, and it bothered me last night as I was studying for this message. I said, "Lord you have just got to explain this to me, I just do not understand how you, a supernatural man, incapable of death unless you gave up your life could get tired". The Lord told me that He was not the one who was tired, that is the King James Translation. The carnal mind gets it backwards all the time. The disciple of John that Jesus was ministering to is the one who was tired. He was tired from his spiritual journey. I can really relate to that, brethren, because I have been saying that to the Lord myself. I have been in this war for 21-22 years. Before that, Satan was wiping me out. I have been confessing to the Lord lately that I am just tired of the war and asking Him to strengthen me and help me. There are Scriptures that say that the journey to perfection is a long journey, and it is a long warfare. It is a war of long duration, and it goes on for years.

The significance here that this man was tired is that he was falling down. He may not have been watching as carefully as he used to watch. He may not have been fighting as hard as he used to fight. He was weary from the journey, weary from the battle, fighting off Satan day and night, fighting off Satan in himself, fighting off Satan in other people's minds. You get very weary, and especially in a ministry like this where there are no signs and wonders. It is just hard work, hard work, and hard work. I have been crying out to God to help me to have a right attitude, and here I see it in the Scripture. It helps me to know that it is not so unusual to get weary of the battle. We see that this man caved. A suggestion was made that there should be competition and envy between the two ministries, and he caved. He said, amen, and the sin entered into his mind. So Jesus joined Himself to this man. He married him. The Hebrew word translated "sit" is in the Lexicon, that it is a euphemism for marriage. It is not in the Greek Lexicon, but we do carry the esoteric meaning of the Hebrew over into the Greek. The man was tired so Jesus joined Himself to him. What that means is that Jesus lay across his heart (4th) energy center and strengthened Abel in this man. He probably set Abel up in the left side of the heart (4th) energy center, and gave the man the power to go on. Is not that what happened to Elijah? I do not really remember the esoteric translation of that account, but I remember the King James Translation that Jezebel chased Elijah, if that is what happened, and Elijah was weary. What does that mean? His energy was drained.

You may recall that Elijah revealed the sins of the Hebrew men that they were not really Jews any more. They were prophets of Baal. What that means is the carnal mind rose up and completely overshadowed their priestly mind. Elijah exposed them and turned their mind upside down. He brought the Christ mind to the surface again, and the prophets of Baal died, but it was only temporary. The men of Israel could not hold on to their deliverance, and when the carnal mind put the Christ mind under, once again, the collective carnal mind of all of Israel, Elijah went to all of Israel. He was a very powerful prophet. The collective carnal mind of all of Israel went after Elijah and strengthened the carnal mind in Elijah, which rose up and put his Christ mind under. The reason that this could happen to Elijah is that Elijah's Christ mind was not anchored in the brow (6th) energy center. He had no anchor, you see. Elohim had come, regenerated Adam in the man Elijah, Adam ascended into the brow (6th) energy center and served the Lord Jehovah, but when Elijah come under an attack there was no anchor. There was nothing to hold him, to secure him, in that brow (6th) energy center, and he went down. That is why we need a Savior, which is why we need a mediator.

The Glorified Jesus Christ is in the crown (7th) energy center of the believer, and when Christ Jesus within us ascends into the brow (6th) energy center, the 6th one, He links up with the Glorified Jesus Christ who can die no more. The Glorified Jesus Christ can die no more so when Christ Jesus in you and Christ Jesus in me is completely linked up with the Glorified Jesus Christ, no matter what goes on in our life, we are not going to fail. If the Glorified Jesus Christ is hanging on to Christ Jesus in you, and Christ Jesus in you is hanging on to your personality, and you are in agreement with everything that is going on, that Jesus is the only one that can get you through, and you are crying out to God for help, there is nothing that can destroy you. There is no mistake that you could make that cannot be rectified if you are truly preferring Jesus Christ and doing all that you can. I used to go down a lot. I used to go down before I even understood what was happening to me, and it really does not happen anymore. I can get distracted, under the most major attack that I have been under this week I was distracted, and I did not put in my full days work, but I cannot tell you that I went down because I know what it is like to go down. It used to happen to me all the time so I must have made some kind of contact with my anchor up there. I look forward to the day that I get up there all the way and have more victory even now than I am having, although I am having a lot of victory in my life. Some vicious battles, man! Verse 4 says, The man that was guarded by Adam, the disciple that was in complete submission to John, for him Jesus bound the strong man in him and pierced the Fiery Serpent which we might say to simplify it for this message, imparted the next measure of spiritual power to the man, gave him more dominion, weakened his Fiery Serpent's lust for Leviathan or for the evil mind and gave the man more power. For the man that was near to Adam, the disciple that was in relationship with, but not in submission to John the Baptist, he did something else. He married the man. He sat down next to him. He joined with him. He joined Christ to him. He gave him Christ, but He did not bind Leviathan, and He did not pierce the Fiery Serpent.

Christ Is Our Weapon

He gave him the weapon. Christ is our weapon. Jesus married him. That means that they had spiritual sexual intercourse. What is the result of spiritual sexual intercourse? When it is spiritual, you get pregnant. Every time Jesus Christ has spiritual sexual intercourse with someone, you become pregnant with His son. See, the man that was protected by Adam must have had Christ. Christ was already there, but the man that was near to Adam, the Lord Jesus gave him Christ because only Christ in you can submit to Christ Jesus in a teacher. Your carnal mind will never submit to Christ in a teacher, never, ever. So the second disciple was not submitted because he did not have Christ, and his carnal mind was not submitting. It was a miracle that he was even near to John. So Jesus gave him what he needed to submit so that at some time in the future, Leviathan could be bound and the Fiery Serpent penetrated. Praise the Lord! Now I have a witness for you. Genesis 24:30, "And it came to pass when he saw the erring and brackets upon his sister's hands and when he heard the words of Rebecca, his sister, saying, thus spake the man to me that he came unto the man, and, behold, he stood by the camels at the well". I must have had a reason for putting that in, and my note is that the esoteric meaning of Genesis 24:30 is that the man was standing in the left side of the heart (4th) energy center. That is a translation of "well," which was beyond Satan's grasp. Now Jacob's well was there; therefore, being wearied from his journey sat thus on the well. (I do not know why I put this in).

Our Alternate Translation of Verse 6 is: "Now Jacob's spiritual world was present in John's disciple, and John's disciple was dwelling..." I just remembered why I put that in. This witness of Genesis 24:30; that is the Scripture where the word "well" is the Hebrew word, ayin, which means spiritual world or the world associated with an energy center. So we translated the last phrase of that Verse 24:30, the man was standing in the left side of the heart (4th) energy center. That is a translation of "well," which is the Hebrew word, ayin. The man was in the spiritual world associated with the left side of the energy center, which was beyond Satan's grasp, and that is a translation. You see, the word "well" indicates that the man was in a spiritual world associated with an energy center. I determined that he was in the left side of his heart (4th) energy center because the word "camel" is present. He stood by the camels at the well, and we know that the camel is the symbol of the believer who abides on the left side of the heart (4th) energy center, which is beyond Satan's grasp. It is a desert. Satan's sea covers the right side of the heart (4th) energy center, but the left side of the heart (4th) energy center is a desert.

Alternate Translation, Verse 6: "Now Jacob's spiritual world was present in John's disciple, and John's disciple was dwelling in the brow (6th) energy center of Jacob's spiritual world, but he was tired from his spiritual journey so Jesus married him". He was slipping, brethren. He had been fighting this war against his carnal mind for years, he was ascended into his brow (6th) energy center, but he had not yet been cut away from Leviathan, and the thoughts of his carnal mind were slipping in. So Jesus married him. Jesus gave him Christ Jesus; gave him the root of the tree. You see, for this man to be ascended into the brow (6th) energy center he had the branch of the Tree of Life. He had the power of God, but he did not have the character of God. He did not have the character to stand against the suggestion of envy and competition. He did not have the character, so Jesus married him and impregnated him with the son, which is the very nature, at this time, of the glorified Elijah, which is the nature of Elohim, which is the nature of Jehovah.

God, a Respecter of Persons?

Verse 7 says, "There cometh a woman of Samaria to draw water. Jesus said unto her, give me to drink". I had to pray about this one for a long time also, brethren. "And the Fiery Serpent within John's disciple who was Adam's watch station appeared to draw..." Now see, this is very significant that he was Adam's watch station. Jesus is only ministering to the people of God. Does this make Jesus a respecter of persons? No, but if you want ministry, if you want help, if you want deliverance from Jesus Christ, you have to be a vessel that has a relationship with God. You have to cry out to God. See brethren, we as sons of God, we are not sent to everybody. We are not sent to everybody that is sick, we are not sent to everybody that is in trouble. If somebody comes before your eyes, of course, if you want to say a prayer there is nothing wrong with that, but it is up to the Lord as to whether or not He will move. I am telling you; deliverance is the children's bread. Jesus is ministering to the people that have a relationship with Him or a member of His household, or you must have, at least, a relationship with the Holy Spirit, if not the Spirit of Christ. Jesus is not a respecter of persons, but He is helping the people who are prepared to be helped. You have got to do something, brethren. Somebody looked me in the eyes once, and said to me, "yea, let Him show me His power". You will never see His power with an attitude like that. Deliverance is the children's bread, but you could be a child of the Kingdom if you want to. But those of you who think, "no, I do not want to be a child of the Kingdom, I want to live my own way, by my own rules, doing what I think is right in my own eyes, and I want God to heal me". You are not eligible for deliverance. Your mind must change. Your attitude must change, if you want help from God. Is this punishment? No. It is the same thing as saying, "I have the power to heal you, but you are doing something that is making you sick. You are exposing yourself to deadly fumes. I have the power to heal you, but I know that as soon as you leave me, you are going out and exposing yourself to those deadly fumes again. What is the point of my giving the medication to you? I will give it to someone who is going to work with me to recover".

That is what it means, "deliverance is the children's bread". Let everyone become a child of the Kingdom, if you so will. Let whosoever will come, but there is something that you must do if you want help from God, and then once you humble yourself, you must be prepared to receive deliverance. "Well, Sheila, I heard about people getting miracles the first time they ever walked into a church". Well, that is possible that the Holy Spirit hit them that they walked into a powerful anointed meeting, and the Holy Spirit hit them and they were healed. That is possible, but what happened to the rest of their life? If they went out with their mind in the same condition that they came in, if it was an irreverent mind, the deliverance would not hold, or if it does hold they would get another disease. You must be a prepared vessel, brethren. You know, there are a lot of people that were sick in the church that I went to when I was dying. One woman had lupus. She died. Another woman had cancer. She died. And a lot of other people had a lot of problems that they were not delivered from in that church. I sat under the same anointing that they sat under, and I was delivered and getting healthier every day. Is God a respecter of persons? No, He is not. Somehow, by the grace of God, I did my part, and I lived to preach His gospel today. Does He love me more than He loved the others? No. You have to chase after the Lord. You have to chase after God. He is not chasing after you. You need Him. He does not need you. Oh, you thought God wanted to fellowship with you? No. God does not need you. He will help whoever comes to Him, but He does not need you. You need God!

Water Signifies Spiritual Energy

The Fiery Serpent within John's disciple, who was Adam's watch station, appeared to draw water (now, water is spiritual energy) for Satan from John's disciple. I do not really think it is for Satan. I thought I took that out. Let us take that "for Satan" out. And the Fiery Serpent within John's disciples, who was Adam's watch station, appeared to draw water or spiritual energy from John's disciple. Jesus said to her, "Take my energy. Do not take energy from this man. Do not take this man's spiritual blood, take mine". That Greek word translated "give" can also mean to receive, but I chose to translate it as, "I will give you my energy." Now brethren, if you can recall the movie The Matrix, it is amazing how accurate that movie is, spiritually speaking. As you remember, Neo, when his consciousness, when he awoke to an awareness of his true condition, he was in a power plant. He was hooked up with wires to a power plant, and a machine came over to him to extract energy from him, grabbed him in the throat (5th) energy center, and extracted energy from him. Brethren, the Fiery Serpent in you and the Fiery Serpent in me comes to feed off of our energy. The Fiery Serpent is a spiritual fetus that we carry in our etheric body. She lives off of us just like a human fetus lives off of the mother.

The Human Fetus Is a Parasite

For all intents and practical reasoning, a human fetus is a parasite. Now, we do not want to think about our beautiful babies as parasites. But, if you go strictly by the definition of parasite, you will see that a parasite is a living organism that feeds off of, lives off of, another organism. That is what a fetus is. Then, even after our babies are born, they are still parasites. If they are breast-feeding, they are still parasites. I do not mean to offend anybody, but it is a spiritual truth. It is a truth, not just spiritual. It is a physical truth. The Fiery Serpent is our spiritual fetus. Well, I guess she is not a fetus yet. She is still an ovum. I will not take the time to deal with that right now. But she is our potential to spiritually reproduce so let us just say she is a spiritual fetus because she is feeding off of us. The ovum, the eggs of our ovaries, I do not believe they feed off of us; they are just lying there dormant. So we will have to call the Fiery Serpent a spiritual fetus because she is conscious. She may be sleeping in some people, but she is conscious, and she feeds off of our etheric body and off of our spiritual blood just as a human fetus feeds off of the mother. The human fetus feeds off of the nutrients in the mother's body. The mother's kidneys purify the fluid of the amniotic sac. The fetus is completely dependent on the human body of the mother. Praise the Lord. So, the Fiery Serpent within John's disciple, who was Adam's watch station, appeared to draw energy from John's disciple. She got hungry. She came for a drink at the fountain that she was dwelling in, and Jesus said, "Do not do that. Do not take this man's energy. Take mine". Now, it sounds very simple to say that the Fiery Serpent appeared to draw energy from this man, but we must ask ourselves how this comes to pass. How does the Fiery Serpent draw energy from a man, from you or from me?

The Fiery Serpent Feeds On Human Energy

In The Matrix, the machine had to come and grab the man by his throat (5th) energy center. Our spiritual condition requires us to give up our energy to the Fiery Serpent, and we give up our energy every time we agree with Satan's thoughts. Every time we get angry, every time we get upset, because Christ Jesus in you does not get upset. Every time we get angry, every time we get upset, every time we yield to envy whether we acknowledge that we are yielding to envy or not, consciously or not, every time we yield to envy, every time we yield to competition, we open the door for the Fiery Serpent to drink from us. Brethren, did you ever wonder why Satan tempts us? Why does Satan tempt us to sin? Well, I guess I always thought it was just because she is evil, and that is what she does, she temps us to sin. But brethren, every agenda has a method to its madness. Or every method to its madness has an agenda. There is a reason behind everything. Satan tempts us to sin so that the Fiery Serpent, her daughter, can drain our energy. Did you ever get very upset and get sick afterwards?

Brethren, I used to be upset all the time. I come from a dysfunctional family. When I was a young woman and a child, I used to get upset all the time. There were big power plays going on in my family. I became ill at about 12 years old, and by the time I was in my 20's and working and taking myself to the doctor, I distinctly remember one day I felt this: I would get very strong viruses that would turn into broad spectrum infections. I called up the doctor and asked if I could come over after work because I knew I was getting sick. I needed an antibiotic. I still have this memory in my mind today of realizing that every time I was involved in a big power struggle in my family within the next couple of days, probably the very next day, I was sick. When we sin, in our minds that opens the door. See, Satan tempts us to sin. Satan is the tempter. She is the one who makes the suggestion that we should agree with the evil thought, and when we agree with the evil thought it opens the door for the Fiery Serpent to go in and drain our energy. Then, the Fiery Serpent digests our energy and urinates, and Satan is replenished. We have a lot of messages on that. Satan is the spiritual urine.

For Verse 7 to say, "And the Fiery Serpent within John's disciple, who was Adam's watch tower, appeared to draw water or energy from John's disciple and Jesus saying to the Fiery Serpent, I will give you my energy", it would be a good guess to say that this man had some kind of sin in his mind, and Jesus was saying, "do not do that". I could just guess what the man was doing. Maybe the man was saying, "I do not want you here, Jesus. I am John the Baptist's disciple, and he will pray for me. I do not need you. As a matter of fact, Jesus, John the Baptist was here before you, and John the Baptist baptized you, and who do you think you are anyway?" Jesus said to him, "no, do not think those thoughts, recognize me that I am the son of God and receive my energy because those thoughts that you have in your mind right now, that competition and that envy, is opening the door for the Fiery Serpent to drain your spiritual blood. Do not do that. See that I am the Son of God and receive from me". I bet you that is what this verse means. "And the Fiery Serpent within John's disciple, who was Adam watch tower, appeared to draw energy from John's disciple, and Jesus said to the Fiery Serpent, I will give you my energy". Or maybe that is not even correct, but we could say that the Fiery Serpent appeared to take energy from John's disciple, and Jesus said to the disciple, do not do that, receive my energy.

John 4:8 King James, "For His disciples were gone away into the city to buy meat". Because Cain had forced Abel within John's disciple into the earth, and Abel was behind, that is a translation of gone away. Cain who guards Abel, and that word "guards" is a translation of city, the word "city" can be translated to mean "defensed city." I translated that word "defensed city" as "guards." I just want to take a look at that when I go over it: "Because Cain had forced Abel within John's disciple into the earth". Cain had forced Abel under her again, and Abel was gone behind, that is a translation of "gone away," was behind Cain, the one who guards or defends, the one who defends Abel. Cain is the one who defends Abel against connecting with the regenerated Adam or Christ Jesus so that Adam can be regenerated where Abel is appearing. "Cain, who guards Abel, is the root of Adam's spiritual city, so that she could purchase the energy of John's disciple for food. Because Cain had forced Abel, the root system of Adam's spiritual city within John's disciple into the belly (3rd) energy center, and Abel, and that is under the ground because Abel is supposed to be at least in the left side of the heart (4th) energy center, but Cain had forced Abel back down into the belly (3rd) energy center, and Abel was behind Cain. Cain the one who defends Abel against Adam or Christ Jesus, and the reason that Cain did this was so that the Fiery Serpent could purchase the energy of John's disciple for food". That word "purchase" is a Scriptural term, and the fact that Satan has purchased us, Jehovah sold us, Satan has purchased us, we receive wages, spiritual wages, and in the Book of Revelation it says that no man will be able to buy or sell. That is not talking about physical buying and selling, although it may manifest in the natural also. This verse is a little complicated, and I have a lot of amplification here.

His disciples were gone away into the city to buy meat. This is just a parable, brethren. What do we care that His disciples went away to buy meat. There is a deep spiritual meaning here. Let us read the two verses together. The Fiery Serpent within John's disciple, who was Adam's watch station, appeared to draw energy from John's disciple, and Jesus said to the Fiery Serpent, you do not have to do that; I will give you my energy. And the reason Jesus said that was because, in John's disciple, Cain had forced Abel, the root system of Adam's spiritual city within John's disciple, into the belly (3rd) energy center, and Abel was behind Cain, the one who defends Abel against Adam in another man coming to raise Christ Jesus up, and the reason the Fiery Serpent was doing this, and the reason Cain was doing this, was so that the Fiery Serpent could purchase the energy of John's disciple for food. Cain had buried Abel for the specific purpose of getting rid of Abel who would resist the Fiery Serpent drawing energy from John's disciple. How would Abel resist the Fiery Serpent from drawing energy from John's disciple? Abel is righteous. In a recent message, I gave you several Scriptures showing that Abel is righteous. Abel would say to Cain, no, that envy is wrong. No, that competition is wrong, that is sin. Abel would resist Cain, and if Abel would succeed in calming down Cain, his female side, and stop her from manifesting this sin, the door that opens when the sin is agreed with that allows the Fiery Serpent to come in and drain the energy, that door would not open.

Brethren, Satan tempts us to sin, and Cain in us does everything she can to help us to agree with that sin so that the Fiery Serpent within us feed off of our energy. And that is why we get sick and die, because there is a spiritual parasite living in every man born of a woman. And when the day comes that she drains all of the energy from all of our tissues, and there is nothing left, we die. Then she passes into the other world and waits to reincarnate again. That is pretty horrible, is not it? We were talking about believing in Jesus! The man who believes in Jesus will inherit eternal life. Well, maybe what I just told you is true. Do you believe in Jesus? Do you believe His doctrine? Do you believe His spiritual truth or are you yelling, "oh no, get that woman out of here, where does she get this stuff from, it is ghoulish?" If you believe in Jesus you will have eternal life: If you believe His doctrine. What good believing His doctrine is going to do you? Well, brethren, if you believe His doctrine you are going to do everything that you can to implement it in your life. Are you a sick person? Do you have many physical disorders or mental disorders? Well, maybe Cain has buried Abel in you. Maybe Cain has buried your conscience. Maybe you cannot even recognize witchcraft in yourself when you see it. Maybe you cannot recognize envy and competition in yourself when you see it. Maybe Cain has blinded you to the truth of your own sin nature, and the Fiery Serpent comes on a regular basis and drains your energy, and you are sick, and you are dying.

You want to get healed? Cry out to Jesus Christ to help you to put Cain under Abel in you or in this dispensation it is Christ. Is Christ grafted to you? You are not sure? Ask the Lord Jesus to have Christ grafted to you, to put Cain under and to help you to have a righteous mind and not be dominating towards people and trying to control people and criticize people and think evil of people. Maybe you are doing it, and you do not even know it. Ask Jesus to expose you. Ask Jesus to show you every thought mechanism that you have that is allowing the Fiery Serpent to drain your energy, and you will recover. This is Verse 8: "Because Cain forced Abel, the root system of Adam's spiritual city within John's disciple, into the belly (3rd) energy center, and Abel was behind Cain who defends Abel against Adam or Christ Jesus so that the Fiery Serpent could purchase the energy of John's disciple for food". John 4, Verse 9, King James, "Then sayeth the woman of Samaria unto Him, how is it that you being a Jew asketh drink of me which am a woman of Samaria, for the Jews have no dealing with the Samaritans? This is another simple verse. I had to pray about it for a long time. The Fiery Serpent, the woman that guards Samaria. "Guards" is a translation of Samaria. The woman that guards Cain against Abel said to Jesus, how come you, a Jew, are asking me, the woman who guards Cain against Abel to drink your energy since the citizens of Adam's watch station, those are the people that are devoted to Jehovah, since the citizens of Adam's watch station which I guard. Guard is a translation of Samaritans "Do" is a translation of am. I will have to check that out. Do not have intercourse with. That is a translation of, "have dealings." They do not have intercourse with the Jews.

Listen to what the Fiery Serpent is saying here. Then the Fiery Serpent, the woman that guards Cain against Abel, said to Jesus, "how come you a Jew are asking me, the woman who guards Cain against Abel". Now we see the Fiery Serpent is guarding Cain against Abel turning her over. Cain guards Abel, stands in between Abel and Christ Jesus in another man who wants to rise up Adam out of Abel, and, in this dispensation, Abel is Christ Jesus. Cain guards Abel, but Cain is not alone. You may recall from other studies that Cain is the foliage of the ground. Cain is completely entangled in the ground, which is the Fiery Serpent. They are completely woven together, and they are one. Cain guards Abel to make sure he does not connect with Christ Jesus in another man who is going to strengthen him, and the Fiery Serpent guards Cain against Abel overturning him. Brethren, this is why Abel cannot stand up. The Fiery Serpent, Satan, and Leviathan strengthen Cain. Abel is just a seed of Jehovah's life. He cannot stand up. Jehovah sent Jesus Christ to graft Christ to that man and to be strengthened by Christ Jesus in other men because Christ cannot stand up. Abel cannot stand and Christ cannot stand without being strengthened by a more Christ Jesus in another man. You may know what you are doing. You may not know what is happening within you. If Christ Jesus is within you, Jesus Christ is assigning Him to other men that have Christ grafted who cannot stand and, while you sleep, Christ Jesus is working strengthening Christ in other people and while you are awake too.

Christ Jesus ministers beyond your conscious mind if He chooses to do so, and at a certain point of maturity, which I cannot describe to you. Sometimes Christ Jesus ministers through your mind, through your mouth, and sometimes He bypasses your conscious mind. Christ Jesus does not sleep, and his work is to strengthen Christ wherever Christ is grafted in another man, in another watch station. The Fiery Serpent, the woman that guards Cain against Abel, said to Jesus, "how come you a Jew are asking me, the woman who guards Cain against Abel, to drink your energy since I guard the citizens of Adam's watch station against having spiritual intercourse with the Jews?" Now, what the Fiery Serpent is saying is that the Jews are the ones where Adam is regenerated. Now, this was in Jesus' say, now it is happening in the church. The Jews are the ones where Adam is regenerated. So the Fiery Serpent is saying, "I am the one that blocks Abel from having a healthy, holy contact with men where Adam is regenerated".

How does she do that? She stirs up trouble. She brings division. That is how she guards Cain against Abel. That is how she stops Abel from coming under mature Jews that have Adam regenerated in them. Here we see this whole account has to do with the potential or the attempted division between John the Baptist and Jesus the Christ. The Fiery Serpent says to Jesus, "why would you give me your energy. I am going to use your energy to strengthen Cain to stop Abel from having any godly relationship with God's people. Why would you give me energy to do that? Why would you give me bullets to shoot you? Why would you give me a gun to shoot you? Why would you give me bullets for my gun to shoot you? Why would you do such a thing?" This is Jesus' answer in Verse 10, King James: "Jesus answered and said to her, if you knew the gift of God and who it is that says to thee, give me a drink, thou would have asked Him, and He would have given thee living water? All of these words we have either defined them before or they are self-explanatory, so I just have the Alternate Translation for you. Alternate Translation: And Jesus answered the Fiery Serpent saying, If you understood that the Spirit of Christ, now that is what Jesus' energy is, the Spirit of Christ, well, I guess it is really the Spirit of Elijah at this point, the Spirit of Elijah is Jehovah's gift to you. Now remember, Jesus is talking to the Fiery Serpent in one of John's disciples. This man is a Jew. The Spirit of Elijah is the gift to the Jew; the Spirit of Christ is the gift to the church. And Jesus answered the Fiery Serpent saying, if you understood that the Spirit of Elijah is Jehovah's gift to you, and that it is the Spirit of Elijah saying that he will give you his energy to drink, you would ask the Spirit of Elijah yourself for his life-giving energy.

Now, I have done an interspersion on these verses. I have not looked at them and seen if they are in a logical order. I do not know whether this will require putting another verse first or not at this time, but at this point what Jesus is saying does not really make any sense to the Fiery Serpent. The Fiery Serpent is saying to Him, I am the one who strengthens Cain to stop Abel in this man from having intercourse with the Jews, meaning having spiritual intercourse; Intercourse of the mind, with Jews like you, Jesus, with the power to regenerate Adam in him, why would you give me the energy to accomplish my ungodly purpose? Now, this is a man saying this to Him, brethren. Whether it is the man's conscious or subconscious mind. Whether Jesus went directly to the subconscious mind or was speaking to the Fiery Serpent through the man, the man was aware of it. Well, if it is true, if this conversation was bypassing the man's conscious mind, then it makes sense that it is the Fiery Serpent saying, "I am the one that blocks Abel in this man from having intercourse with you, with you the Jew, the Messiah of the Jews." But, if this conversation was passing through the man's conscious mind, then the man would have had to been saying something else. The man would have had to be refusing Jesus saying, "No, I want this competition and I want this envy. Who do you think you are? I am not going to reconcile with you. I am not going to submit to you."

Probably both were happening. Probably there was some conversation on one level, and this deep spiritual conversation on another level. So we see in Verse 10 that Jesus really does not answer the Fiery Serpent's question. She says, "Why would you be giving me a weapon to use against this man?" Verse 10 shows us Jesus just saying to the Fiery Serpent, "If you only understood the Doctrine of Christ, if you only understood that my energy is the Spirit of Elijah, Jehovah's gift to you, and that it is the Spirit of Elijah within me". Jesus is saying to you that He will give you His energy to drink. If you understood the Doctrine of Christ you would ask the Spirit of Elijah yourself for His life-giving water. But that still does not answer the Fiery Serpent's question. Verse 11, King James: "The woman said unto Him, sir, thou has nothing to draw with, and the well is deep, from whence has thou then this living water". So we see that Jesus is reasoning with this Fiery Serpent. We see that this Fiery Serpent is an intelligence, it is the subconscious mind of the individual which definitely could be contacted and communicated with if one has the spiritual ability to do so. We see an intelligent question coming forth from John's disciples’ subconscious mind.

Now, as I just told you a few minutes ago. When Jesus is having this deep conversation like in Verse 9, where the Fiery Serpent is admitting that she is the one that is interfering with Abel in this man having intercourse with the mature Jews like Jesus, which would raise Adam from the dead in that person, that may be a verse where Jesus was speaking directly to the Fiery Serpent. But, I believe that in Verse 11 where the woman asks Jesus, "Where do you get this water from?" I believe that was an interaction between the conscious mind of John's disciple and Jesus. I believe that these verses could be a weaving together of the spiritual and physical events of Jesus' confrontation with this man who was trying to bring division between John the Baptist and Jesus the Christ. The woman sayeth unto Him, "Sir, thou has nothing to draw with, and the well is deep, from whence then has thou that living water?" The Fiery Serpent, that is the translation of "the woman", said to Jesus, "Sir, Satan, that is a translation of "nothing," is the one that possesses, that is a translation of "has," the spiritual world, that is a translation of "well," within John's disciple". Satan is a translation of "nothing." The Fiery Serpent said to Jesus, "Sir, Satan is the one that possesses the spiritual world within John's disciple, and she, Satan, draws from this disciple's deepest or highest energy centers". That means Satan is drawing from this disciple's brow (6th) energy center. That means that the man is ascended in Satan's power.

"What is the source of," that is a translation of "from whence." "What is the source of this living water that you have?" Satan takes from this man's highest energy centers. Satan is in all of his energy centers. He is all used up. Satan is touching him in every energy center. What in the world are you talking about? Of course, the meeting here is that the energy that flows through the energy centers is really connected to the energy of the energy centers of every other human being. We are dealing with the issue of separation here. The occult teaching consistently declares that man is all one, and there is a truth to that. Hinduism, Buddhism, all of the off shoots of Hinduism, Theosophy, New Age, and Darwinism; they all teach that all mortal men are one at their spiritual root. We are one woven fabric and this is true. I read in an occult book recently, it sounds really good unless you realize what the man is talking about, saying that humanity is all one and that every once in a while someone arises in the earth who tries to separate. This separation is a very wicked thing to do. It never works out for them. He is talking about Christians.

Jesus is not entangled with this world. Christ Jesus is not woven into Satan's fabric. Christ Jesus is separate. He is a different time line, different fabric, different sprit, and different window of creation. He is not bound by this world. Jesus Christ has been liberated from this world, and from the powers and principalities that rule over it. This Fiery Serpent is saying to Jesus, "Well, I do not get this Jesus; here I am drawing energy from the lower energy centers". Satan is drawing energy in this man from the higher energy centers, and we know, I can tell, that He is woven into all of mortal humanity because Satan has got him in every energy center. Where is this energy coming from, and what is the answer? Does anybody know the answer? The answer is another timeline. Another set of energy centers. Satan was tapping into every one of the energy centers of this man, which are a part of Leviathan's timeline in this man, but Jesus had another set of energy centers in Him. Adam's timeline had been regenerated in the man Jesus, and the spiritual worlds associated with the energy centers of the righteous timeline in Jesus were woven together with Jehovah's eternal realm, an unending source of supply. That is the answer to the question. I do not see that answer in the King James account of the Scripture here, but that is the answer. I guess Jesus does answer her, but not with that response. Jesus does not go into the details. In Verse 13, Jesus says to her, "Whoever drinks of Satan's water will reincarnate again, and if you drink of my water you will not have the need to reincarnate again". But, I am sure that when this happened, if it did happen, it may just be a parable describing it happening many times in many different ways. Jesus must have preached the Doctrine of Christ to this man and taught him about another timeline, about the righteous timeline. For whatever reason, that does not appear in the King James account or in the Interlinear Text.

Satan's Worlds Are Within Jehovah

Alternate Translation, Verse 11: "And the Fiery Serpent said to Jesus, sir, or Lord, Satan is the one that possesses the spiritual worlds, meaning energy centers, within John's disciple. And she draws from his deepest, highest energy center". Deep is correct because, spiritually speaking, we go in. The energy centers do not go up, they go in, but because we are so carnal, we draw them one on top of the other. And the Fiery Serpent said to Jesus, "Sir, Satan is the one that possesses the spiritual worlds within John's disciple, and she draws, Satan draws, from his deepest or his highest energy centers, so what is the source of this living water that you have? You do not know that we are all one, and that there is nothing beyond Satan?" Brethren, this is the whole occult message. Hinduism, Buddhism, the whole thing, that Satan's world is all that there is. Not just this planet, but Satan's world is all that there is. There is a complete denial of the world beyond Satan's world. There is a world beyond outer space. All of outer space is a reflection of inner space. Outer space is immeasurable, but there is something beyond it. Satan's worlds exist within Jehovah. Well, I just heard a real awful mocking response to that. I will say it again. All of outer space, which is really just a reflection of inner space, exists within Jehovah. He is the God, the greatest God of all the gods. He is greater! He is more powerful than any other god or all of you lesser gods combined together. He will come into His kingdom. He is coming into His kingdom, and He is raising up His people. He is delivering the primordial ox. This whole creation will be re-engraved with His nature and come into submission to His glorious thought form, which is Christ Jesus.

This is very interesting! It looks like I am looking at a leprechaun, almost, some kind of entity. We have no idea who is sitting in on these meetings when I preach. It looks like a leprechaun to me. That means you too, major spirits, the Lord Jesus has not come to destroy you, but He has come to rule over your plane of consciousness, and to engrave it with His righteousness. So you will not cease to exist, but you will die to all ungodly activities and mindsets and be influenced or engraved with His nature. Is not that interesting? Verse 12 says, "Art thou greater than our father, Jacob, which gave us the well and drank thereof himself and his children and his cattle?" There is an untranslated word in this verse, brethren. It is Strong's #3361. Right there at the beginning of the Interlinear Text, King James translators did not know what to do with it, just forgot about it. It means "not," a negative particle, which we shall translate, Satan. Now, this is the Fiery Serpent speaking to Jesus.

Greater Than Satan, Our Father?

"Are you greater than Satan, our father?" Well, that word Satan should not be in brackets then because it is a translation of "not." Are you greater than Satan, our father, who gave us the spiritual world, (that is a translation of "well"), that Jehovah's male children, (that Greek word translated "children" signifies male children). Are you greater than Satan, our father, and Satan is the father of mortal humanity, and Leviathan is the mother, and the Fiery Serpent is the daughter. "Are you greater than Satan, our father, who gave us this spiritual world that Jehovah's male children and Cain, the cattle that they are joined to, drink of". Of course, Jehovah's male children are Abel. I put it in the other translation: "Abel, Jehovah's male children". Are you greater than Satan, our father, who gave us this spiritual world that Abel, Jehovah's male children and Cain, the cattle that they are joined to, drink out of? Jesus, are you greater than Satan, our father, who gave us the spiritual worlds that Abel, Jehovah's male children and Cain, the cattle, that cattle includes our human bodies. "Are you greater than Satan, our father, who gave us the spiritual worlds that Abel, Jehovah's male children, and Cain, the cattle they are joined to, drink out of?" I have to look at that translation, I think there may be something wrong there, but you have the general idea.

Now, is that the epitome of arrogance? I would say that in the natural this disciple might very well have been telling Jesus, "Who do you think you are? I do not really believe you are the son of God. Yes, I heard John the Baptist preaches it. I heard John the Baptist say, I just decrease so that you should increase, but I do not believe it. Who do you think you are? The Son of God?" Well, I believe in the Holy Ghost, but I do not believe in discipleship. This whole conversation is on two levels, and it is woven together. Part of it is with the disciple's conscious mind, and part of it was his subconscious mind. The man was probably in and out of consciousness as to what was being said here. Verse 13, Jesus answered and said to her, whosoever drinketh of this water shall thirst again. Now, brethren, the spiritual meaning of the word "thirst" is reincarnation. This is a major principle in Hinduism and Buddhism and all of the "isms" that are outgrowths of Hinduism which includes Theosophy and the New Age movement. The Hindu word for thirst is trishna, the thirst to reincarnate. These other disciples teach that the thirst to reincarnate is a thirst to have experiences so that the Fiery Serpent, of course, they do not call it the Fiery Serpent, that is the Scriptural name, so that the Fiery Serpent can have experiences and mature and learn to be good and not evil and ascend in consciousness. But that is not what Jesus Christ is telling us, brethren.

Reincarnation, a Source Of Energy

Jesus Christ is telling us that there really is an existence for these Fiery Serpents outside of the body. That the reason that there are many, many Fiery Serpents lined up in the spiritual planes ready to incarnate is not to have experiences. It is to refuel their energy. They are waiting to reincarnate to refuel their energy. They want to get into the power plant and refuel their energy. That is the truth of it. I think I gave you a whole exhortation on this, this morning so I will not waste much time on it. Jesus is telling the Fiery Serpent that He has come to deliver her from the endless cycle of births and deaths of the Primordial Serpent's creation. Occult philosophy does not deny that the incarnating entity or the reincarnating entity has painful experiences in this world. Brethren, all the pain that you have experienced in your life, whether it has been physical or mental illness or pain from your marriage or pain from your children, or pain from your family circumstances or financial pain or physical hunger, whatever pain you have experienced, the Fiery Serpent within you experiences it also. In the same manner that the Scripture says, when Christ Jesus is in the midst of you, He is experiencing all of your pain.

Occult philosophy does not deny that the reincarnating entity experiences pain. Occult philosophy just justifies reincarnation by saying, all of this pain is worthwhile because the reincarnating entity is growing and maturing and will, eventually, not have to go through this anymore, but this is a lie. The reincarnating entity endures the pain because of an insatiable desire to refuel themselves through union with a human vessel. I do not doubt that they want to have experiences, but the word on me today is that the primary reason for reincarnation, the thirst for reincarnation is the compulsion to refuel. I remember, this is not something that I am very proud of, but the Lord wants me to give this example. There was a time that sometimes I have so many things on my mind that I have in the past, and I guess I am still capable of doing foolish things. I had a parakeet at the time, and for some reason, there is just no excuse for it, I did not realize that he did not have any food. His food bin was filled up with the shells of the seed, and, for some reason, I looked at his food bin, and I thought it was full, but it was just empty shells. The bird was frantic, running up and down his perch, absolutely frantic, to the point that it was upsetting me. I said, Lord what is wrong with this bird? The Lord told me, He is starving! I went over and I looked, and it was all shells in his food bin. I felt terrible. It was very embarrassing, but it is the truth and the Lord is asking me to tell it to you.

Brethren, these entities, these Fiery Serpents that are not incarnated, they are frantic to incarnate because they have a need to incarnate that can be likened to the need for food. They need our energy. I do not know what happens to them if they do not get it because these Fiery Serpents are immortal. They cannot die! I do not know what happens to them if they cannot incarnate, but I know that they are frantic to incarnate. Verse 13, "And Jesus answered and said to the Fiery Serpent, whoever drinks of Satan's water or Satan's energy will reincarnate again and again and again". Verse 14, "But, whosoever drinks the water that I shall give him, shall never thirst, but the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water, springing up into everlasting life". Now the English word, "whosoever" appears once in the King James Translation, but it appears twice in the Interlinear Text. Each of the two times, it is a translation of a different Greek word. Strong's #3739 can be translated "what" which is the hidden symbol for Elohim, and the second time the word appears it is Strong's #302 which we will translate "whosoever." "But, whosoever drinks down Elohim, the waters that I Am gave". See the King James says, the water that I shall give, but it did not look that way in the Interlinear Text.

The word "never" appears twice in this verse. In the first instance, "never" is a translation of Strong's #3364, it is a single word which Strong's tells us is a double negative which we will translate the "Primordial Serpent," meaning Satan and Leviathan. The Primordial Serpent is Satan and Leviathan; that is the double negative. In the second instance, "never" is a translation of three Greek words grouped together translated one word, never. The first Greek word is Strong's #1529, and it means "into". The second word is Strong's #3588, which means "the", and the third word is Strong's #165, which means; "age - this age or the age to come". Indeed is a translation of "but". The "Primordial Serpent" is a translation of "never." Indeed, the Primordial Serpent thirsted. Now, here we have the Doctrine of Christ. Jesus is preaching the Doctrine of Christ to this man now. Indeed, the Primordial Serpent thirsted for Elohim's waters that I Am gave Adam, and we, Adam's mortal remains, "entered into," that is a translation of #1519, and we entered into "this," that is a translation of #3588, "divided age," that is a translation of #165. But, I Am the one that gives the water of the age that will never end. That is a translation of everlasting. You shall enter into true life when this water springs up within your spiritual world. That is a translation of "well". Indeed, the Primordial Serpent thirsted for Elohim's waters that I Am gave Adam. We, Adam's mortal remains, entered into this divided age, but I Am, the one that gives the water of the age that will never end and you, shall enter into true life when this water springs up within your spiritual world. Water/energy, I do not know why I did not put it in here.

More about Ascended Doctrine

We see in Verses 13 and 14; Jesus is preaching the Doctrine of Christ to this man. What is in my mind right now is John 3, when I started this message. I gave you some background from John 3. Before we started reading about John the Baptist, (we talked a little bit about Nicodemus), the Lord is reminding me that in that Chapter 3 of the Book of John, Jesus had said you must be born again, and Nicodemus said, "How could this be? And Jesus said, what, you a master of Israel, and you do not know the answer to that?" Jesus was saying to Nicodemus, "you are the cream of the crop of the authority of the Jewish law. You are a Pharisee, you are a teacher of the people, and you do not know that you cannot enter into the Kingdom of God unless you are born again?" Here by Jesus preaching this Doctrine of Christ to John's disciple... now remember back several verses we were told that this disciple of John is a man that preached ascended doctrine. This is a man that preached spiritual doctrine, and Jesus came to him and is teaching him the Doctrine of Christ. So, apparently, whatever spiritual doctrine this man was preaching, it was a false word. It was Satan's lie.

Brethren, there are people in the church today, there are men in the church today, they are mostly men, there used to be a woman named Kay Fairchild, I do not if she is still around, I have not heard very much about her. She may still be around, but, by and large, it is mostly men preaching this false doctrine. This false ascended spiritual doctrine in the church and it sounds real good. For people that have a spiritual thirst, it sound real good, but it is a lie, and the end of it is death. This man, John's disciple, was preaching false doctrine. How interesting that he had a relationship with John. I do not really have enough information here to understand what that relationship was. Maybe he was not one of John's disciples. Maybe he was just part of the crowd that followed him. It could be likened to the people who read our material off of the Web. There are a lot of people who read our material that disagree with a lot of what I say; specifically, about confessing your sins and repenting, etc, etc. They do not want any part of that. They take what they want out of it. We had one woman here a couple of years ago where she started writing to me how blessed she was by the message, and finally it was revealed that she had completely misinterpreted my message. When she found out my position on fornication and adultery and sexuality, in general, she cut herself off, and we have not heard from her since. She had heard a couple of my messages and drew some conclusions that were the complete opposite of what I preached. I do not really know what she was in to in her life, but there was some problem with her sexuality, with her lifestyle, and she thought I was justifying whatever she thought I was justifying.

This man was John's disciple. He was preaching ascended doctrine. Maybe he was near to Adam, he was near to John the Baptist, but he was not in submission to John the Baptist. He may have been on the outskirts of the crowd, taking what he wanted from John and believing the rest from his spirit guide or whatever. A lot of the preachers today have spirit guides feeding them all of this nonsense. Sheila, are not you intolerant? No, I am not intolerant. This is a matter of life and death. They are preaching a lie. You can disagree with me. You can say that I do not believe that this woman at the well is the Fiery Serpent that is OK. But, when you tell people that they are going to ascend without even looking at their sin nature, when you tell them that there is no Satan, yea; that is a lot of junk. I will tell anybody that asks me, that you are preaching a lie that is producing death. If you are telling people that they are going to enter into the kingdom without warring against and overcoming their sin nature, yes, I will tell you that that message is a lie and it is death. Indeed, the Primordial Serpent thirsted for Elohim's waters that I Am gave Adam. We, Adam's mortal remains entered into this divided age. But, I Am, the one that gives the water or the energy of the age that will never end and you shall enter into true life. When this energy or water springs up within your spiritual world, you will enter into eternal life. Verse 15, "And the woman saith to Him, sir, give me this water that I thirst not, neither come hither to draw". On the subconscious level, the Fiery Serpent is saying to Jesus, "I have heard your doctrine. I realize that my doctrine is in error and I want your spirit". But, in the natural Jesus is speaking to the man. I believe that the man, John's disciple, said to Jesus, "I recognize the truth of your doctrine. I repent of competition and envy concerning your ministry, and I will submit to you, Jesus, a spiritual elder, and receive everything that you have to give me".

The Fiery Serpent, that is the translation of "woman" said, "Lord,( that is a translation of "sir"), give me this water or energy that I should not desire to incarnate, (that is a translation of "thirst"), or cross over, that is a translation of "come," into this physical plane to drink up, that is a translation of "draw," the water or the energy that is within, that is a translation of "hither", it, that is within this plane". The Scripture of Job 40:23 came to my mind when I saw this word "to draw," and that it can be translated to "drink up". The King James Version of Job 40:23 says, "Behold, he drinks up a river, and hasten not, he trusts that he can draw of Jordan into his mouth". Draw up Jordan into his mouth. Leviathan drinks up the River of Life and trusts that Satan's speech, that a translation of "mouth", speech is a translation of mouth, "can chase away", that is a translation of "hasten," "death", that is a translation of "Jordan", when she breaks forth. The proud man, Leviathan, drinks up the River of Life, which means he agrees with sin. He uses up the River of Life, and trusts that Satan's speech or Satan's false doctrine can chase away death when she breaks forth. The false message produces death, death to the personality. Salvation is for the personality. The Fiery Serpents are being redeemed. They are being bought back, but the personality is delivered from death. Leviathan drinks up the River of Life and trusts that Satan's speech can chase away death when she breaks forth.

Verse 15, "And the Fiery Serpent said, 'Lord, give me this later or energy so that I do not desire to cross over into and incarnate in this physical plane to drink up the water or the energy that is within it". We see revealed today the true motive for the trishna, the thirst to reincarnate. It is a seeking of food. It is not a seeking of experience, but it is a seeking of food. Now, I do not deny that the incarnating entities might enjoy the experiences of the flesh, but the drive to reincarnate is the drive for food. I am telling you, Satan did not want this message to come out. This has been some week that I have been through, but it is out anyway. We preached it, and, Lord willing, we will get it transcribed and get it up on the Web, but it has been preached, and the messages are available anyway.

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Update from Pastor Vitale

The Fiery Serpent is the collective name for Cain and Abel, when Cain is dominating Abel. This single name, Fiery Serpent, indicates that Abel, fallen adam's root system, is completely overtaken by the Serpent's nature. As soon as Christ grafts to Abel, for all intents and purposes, the Fiery Serpent ceases to exist, and the symbiotic duo become Abel, the male/dominant twin, and Cain the female/ subordinate twin. The two names, Cain and Abel, rather than the single name, Fiery Serpent, indicate that Abel is risen from the dead, and the war to engrave the nature of Christ on the host personality has begun. If I were teaching this message today, I would say that Cain, rather than the Fiery Serpent, was the Woman in the Well. The difference is subtle and, since it is my practice to leave the revelation as it was when I first preached it, I have not changed the text of the message. Further, and even more exciting, is the thought that Jesus was talking to John, the Baptist, himself, and not one of John's disciples.

Everyone who has matured into a knowledge of the Doctrine of Christ is challenged to understand that every holy man spoken about in the Scripture had two sides, his carnal nature (old man) and his God nature (new man). So why are we shocked when that Old Man is revealed in someone who has done a great work for the Lord? The answer is pride, brethren. Rebuke your pride and receive a knowledge of the truth so that you might live and not die. John, the Baptist, was jealous of Jesus, and his jealousy, if not dealt with, would have eventually separated him from God and from all that God had ordained for him to receive from Jesus. So Jesus revealed John's sins, and John repented and subjected his ministry to the ministry of Jesus, because eternal life was more important to John than his pride. But, you say, John died shortly after this event, Pastor Vitale. Yes, John died, but Jesus raised him from the dead, and the resurrected John, the Baptist, became John, the disciple that Jesus loved. Pray about it, brethren, and wait patiently for the Lord to confirm this truth to you. Rebuke your pride, and wait patiently for the Lord's witness.

Do you think that it was John's physical head that lay so often on Jesus' breast? No brethren, this is a secret way of saying that Jesus and John had a spirit tie (not a soul tie). Their relationship was Christ-to-Christ, that is, the resurrected Christ within John had a relationship with the resurrected Christ within Jesus. The relationship that Jesus had with the other disciples was the resurrected Christ in Jesus to the fallen soul (personality) in the disciple. What was different about John? John had accepted the truth about his sin nature so completely that Abel within John ascended above Cain and put Cain under his feet. John's sin nature was now under the dominion of Abel, who was strengthened by Christ. All envy, prideful competition and resentment were now out of the way, so the two men could love each other, in Christ, with no carnal hindrances – just like Elijah and Elisha loved each other. John's close relationship with Jesus, his teacher, made John a highly spiritual man. John was the only disciple that knew Jesus by the Spirit, so John was the only disciple who recognized Jesus after His resurrection, when He appeared in another form. The other disciples knew Jesus by the flesh, so they did not recognize Him when He appeared to them in another form.

Can you recognize the Spirit of Christ when He appears to you in the form of a mortal man? Anyone who does not believe that Christ can appear in the flesh of a mortal man has a spirit of antichrist. Cast down that wicked thing, and live! I do not expose sin in people that God did not send to me. That means that I am victorious every time, and I am going to stay that way because I do not correct or pronounce judgment on people that God has not sent to me for that purpose, and none that God sends to me to expose their sin nature will ever defeat me. 1 John 4:3 “And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.” KJV 2 John 7 “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.” KJV


John Chapter 4, Verses 3-15:

Christ Jesus Marries the Fiery Serpent within John

4.03 [So Jesus] left off regenerating Adam [within His disciples] and went into Leviathan's timeline again,

4.04 And crossed over [into the mind of John, Jehovah's] watch station, [where Cain] guards [Abel against spiritual intercourse with Christ Jesus], and [the Christ within Jesus] bound [Leviathan within John, and] pierced [into the fiery serpent within John],

Jesus Exposes Sin in John

4.05 Then [Jesus] came near [to John, Jehovah's] watch station, [where Cain] was guarding [Abel, the energy] field that Jacob gave to Joseph, because John] was filled up with [envy, which is generated by Satan's] spiritual power,

The Conditions That Weakened John

4.6a Now, Jacob's spiritual world was present in [John, but John] was tired from his [spiritual] journey,

4.08 And [the Fiery Serpent within John, Jesus'] disciple, had spread deeply into John's [spiritual] city, to acquire nourishment,

4.6b [And the Fiery Serpent within John] was dwelling in the brow (6th) energy center of [Satan's] spiritual world [within John], so Jesus [purposed] to deliver [John by] marrying [the Fiery Serpent within John],

4.07 So [when Cain, the spiritual] woman within [John, Jehovah's] watch station, appeared to draw water/energy from [John], Jesus said to [Cain within John, do not deplete John's energy], I will give [you] my [water/energy],

Cain Guards Abel against Spiritual Intercourse with Christ Jesus

4.09 And [Cain, the spiritual] woman [within John], who guards [Abel against spiritual intercourse with Christ Jesus], said to [Jesus], how come you, a Jew, are asking me, [Cain, the spiritual] woman who guards [Abel against spiritual intercourse with Christ Jesus], to drink [your water/energy], since I guard the Jews, the citizens of [Jehovah's] watch station, against [spiritual] intercourse with [Christ Jesus]?

4.10 And Jesus answered [Cain, the spiritual woman within John], saying, if you understood [that the Holy Spirit] is [Jehovah's] gift to you, and [that it is I Am] saying that He will give you [his water/energy] to drink, you would ask for [the Holy Spirit, Jehovah's] life-giving water/energy, [yourself]

Cain Challenges Jesus

4.11 And [Cain, the spiritual] woman [within John], said to [Jesus], sir, Satan possesses the spiritual worlds [within John], and she [permits us] to draw from [John's] deepest [energy centers], so what is the source of this living water that you have?

4.12 Are you greater than Satan, our father, who gave us the spiritual world that [Abel, Jehovah's male] children, and [Cain], the cattle [that they are joined to], drink out of?

Jesus Declares the End of Reincarnation

4.13 And Jesus answered [Cain, the spiritual woman within John], saying, whoever drinks of [Satan's] water/energy, will reincarnate [over and over] again,

Jesus Preaches the Doctrine of Christ

4.14 Indeed, the Primordial Serpent thirsted for Elohim's waters that I [Am] gave [to Adam, and Adam died [to his immortality and became the spiritual clay that the Serpent formed into her own image], and Cain and Abel, Adam's mortal remains], entered into this [divided] age, but, [do not be distressed, because I Am the one] that provides the water/energy of the age that will never end; [nevertheless], you shall enter into [true] life, [but only when] the water/energy of my spiritual world springs up within you,

Cain Desires To Stop Reincarnating

4.15 And [Cain, the spiritual] woman [within John], said, Lord give me this water/energy, which will quench my thirst to cross over [into, and] incarnate [in this physical plane, and] to drink up [the water/energy of the mortal men] within it, Are there any questions or comments on this glorious message? Praise the Lord!

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