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Praise the Lord, He's giving me a message for you tonight. The Lord is telling me the name of it is, Life. For those of you that would like to follow along with me, if you have an Open Bible. Does anyone here have an Open Bible? I am going to be taking the sub-headings of this message from the Cyclopedic Index in the Open Bible. I am on Page #185 under the Heading, Life - Spiritual.


If you would like to make some notes, I am not going in the order of the Cyclopedic Index. We will start with, The Source Of Life, which is under the Heading (A). Then we will go to the Heading, (E), which is The Characteristics of Life. Then we will go to Heading (C), which is, The Evidences of Life. Then (D), which is, The Growth of Life. Then (F), The Enemies of Life. Then (B), The Description of Life.


For those of you who do not have an Open Bible, under each of these Headings, there is anywhere from five to ten Scripture References. I doubt very much that we will have time to do all of them. Whether or not the Lord will make the Message in two parts or what, I do not know, but this is the outline He has given me. Would you prefer if I read the Scriptures off for you now, or that I give them to you as I go along? Does anybody want them in advance? I will give them to you as I go along; this maybe two Messages. I know I cannot do the whole thing in one Message. We will see whether the Lord will just let me go as far as I can. There is a good chance it will be finished up on Thursday evening.


I will start off by reminding you that we are not alive. I am going to add my own audit here and we will put in a subheading of, Definition of Life. Life is a knowledge of God. I am not talking about head knowledge. I am talking about what humanity would call, carnal knowledge, when He said, the man knew his wife. It means he joined with her. The Scripture tells us this is a great mystery, but a man and his wife, they are one flesh. When we know God, if we truly know God, what that means is, we are one flesh. Let me restate that. To know God or to be able to legitimately say that we know God, we must be one flesh with Him.


Let me remind you here that the word, flesh in this context is not speaking about your human physical body. When a man and a woman are married, the Scripture says they are one flesh. Now we all know that they have not become siamese twins.


The Scripture is speaking about the soul, when it says, A man and his wife are one flesh. They are one in the soul life, known as the Adamic Soul Life, which is ruled by the spiritual entity known as Satan. To honestly and, legally, and, legitimately, say that we know God, or that we have lain with God or that we have experienced God, we must be able to say that we are one flesh with Him. To be one flesh with God, we must join with His flesh. As we have been teaching here for several years now, the flesh of Christ, which is also known as the body, in the phrase, the body and the blood of Christ, the body of Christ is a separate and distinct soul life. It is different, it is separated, it is apart from the Adamic Soul Life. To those of us in whom Christ is being formed, we have two souls. The Adamic soul life and the soul life of Christ.


James tells us, those of us that are double-minded or double soul, are unstable in all our ways. That means that one day, minute, hour or second, we are being influenced by, and, or responding to our Adamic Soul, and on another day, hour, minute, second, other different circumstances, we are responding to or being influenced by the soul life or the flesh of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is being formed in us.


What we have in this hour is a church comprised of many human beings who say that they know God, but have never experienced God. They have never lain with God. They have never been intimate with God, nor have they conceived His offspring, which is Christ.


We have a goal here, those of us that desire God we have a goal here, to know Him and, did not Paul say, and the power of His resurrection. There are signs, that there will be signs in our life if, we have truly a knowledge of God. If we have truly experienced God there will be signs of it in our life. In our natural example, when a woman is married to a man and, she has lain with him, or she has known him, what is the sign? The sign is the offspring of the marriage, there must be a child.


In America today, a lot of the age old rules of humanity are being broken and, many times in these meetings, we have used in our natural example, society as have existed in the past, because all of the rules are being broken today. What we see in the world today, especially in America, is not humanity or human society as God set it up, so we go back 50 or 100 years, for our natural example.


In those days, a man would divorce his wife if she could not produce a child. Frequently this was the case, even if he did divorce her, or if the society or the religion prevented it, he would take additional wives.


For us to say, that we have experienced God, that we have lain with God, that we have sexual spiritual intercourse with God, for us to say that we know God, there must be a sign. What is the sign of His offspring being formed in us? The sign is power. What kind of power? Is it power to lift weights? Is it power to get wealth? The sign that we have experienced God or what other sign? To have experienced God, is power over the destruction that has obviously afflicted our family and our life, we must doing better than we were doing, before we experienced God.


Many of well meaning people in the church fall short in this area. They will look at a believer who, at the initiation of their relationship with the Lord, had a lot of discipline in their life and, have their life very much in order. This person may have made little or no progress and they will compare this person who was devastated at their on-state of their relationship with the Lord.


This person is no longer on drugs, this person is no longer an alcoholic, this person is no longer an adulterator or a fornicator, however, they still have some problems. Maybe they are not doing too well financially.


Maybe they even backslide and have a drink once in a while, however, they are not on drugs any more, they are not committing adultery any more they are holding a job. Every once in while they will backslide and take a drink, and we will see believers comparing this person, who takes a drink, and I am not for drinking, do not misunderstand me.


They will compare this person who has a weakness in their life, whatever that weakness is, maybe they lie maybe they gossip. Whatever that weakness is, that sin that is present in their life, and they will compare this person to someone who is in a much higher level, when God first encountered them. They will look at the person with their weakness and, they will say, you are not a Christian.


I declare to you, the measure of your relationship with God is not how much sin is in your life, however, where you have come from and, where you have gone to. There are people who have come to the Lord and, they do not grow or they grow very little, however they have a good front, something that is very acceptable in our society, and, is someone who makes a lot of money, maybe they make a lot of money. Maybe they contribute a lot of money to Ministry and they are benevolent. They help all the poor people in the church. That is not a sign that you have lain with God. It is a gift. Do you understand what I am talking about?


We will go on to the sign further on. Let me just say this, I think the Lord just told me to tell you this. The sign that you have known God will be spiritual signs. Money is nice. God does bless us with money. We need money to survive in this world. I do not deny it. God will give us money. He will give us the ability to get wealth. That is not a sign that we have lain with Him. That is a sign that He loves us and, that He has mercy on us.


The signs that we have known Him are spiritual signs and, those spiritual signs include the appearance of His characteristics or the characteristic of His life in us, in our personality, in our thinking, in our relationships with other people. In the way we deal with problems and the way we handle ourselves amongst our fellow human beings, both within the church and without the church.


Are we revealing Adam or Christ? Are we dealing with these problems in an Adamic way and a carnal way or in the way that Christ would deal with it. I want you to know that I frequently come before the Lord when I have a problem. I say, Lord, how would you deal with this problem? I do not know what to do. I do not know what to say to this person. What do you want me to do? It is my hearts desire to be Christ and not be carnal. What do I do?


It never ceases to amaze me with His answer, frequently I would have never had thought of that. To put it simply, the evidence that we have lain with Christ or have a knowledge of God, the Father, is the appearance of His Son in our mind, in our thoughts, in our speech, in our behavior. The signs are spiritual. God will give carnal signs for those who need them. We know that He said, He fed the 5000 and we know that He took money out of the fish=s mouth. At God's will, at His discretion, He will give a carnal sign.


As far as God, He will give carnal signs to many, however, as far as God is concerned, and those who are moving in God, the signs that you have lain with the Father, therefore making you the brother of the person who has Christ being formed in him, because he has lain with the Father, are spiritual signs. Those who have lain with the Father and are now entering into the body of Christ which is the soul life of Christ, the way we will know each other is that His life in you will witness to His life in me, as we experience each other.


As we interact with each other, as we relate to one another, as we solve problems with one another, it will be made manifest who is dwelling in the soul life of Christ or the body of Christ and who is not.


Several people have told me that they are ascended by the expression of the soul life of Christ. They say to me, where is that in the Scripture? I declare to you that the body of Christ is not this physical body. The body of Christ is one body. Does not did Paul say, it is one body? Are all our bodies stuck together? Pray about it. He is not talking about this physical body. The body is a container, and a container contains something.


The container that holds the Spirit of God, the Father is the body or the person or the personality or the soul life of the Son, Christ. That soul life, when it is mature, does not need a vile fallen body like we need to keep it alive. Adam needs this physical body, which is dense, which is dark, which weights us down to this realm of appearance and hinders us from dwelling in the high realms of the spirit. It weights us down, it is like cement blocks.


The glorified, resurrected body of Christ, which is His soul life, does not need this physical body that we have. The word, body can refer to this physical body, which is the container for the Adamic soul life, which is the container for, the spirit which is generated it, whose name is Satan. The body of Christ was a soul life of Christ is a container for the Father and when it is fully mature does not need a vile physical body to sustain it. We found the evidence of this in a word by word study in Daniel 7. If you would like to know the exact Tape, contact me and I will get the exact Tape number for you.


The Lord has shown us that when the life of Christ, when the body of Christ, when the soul of Christ, they are all the same thing, 3 different names, when He is resurrected in you, when He is glorified in you, when He is ascended in you, He will not need your physical body and it will be forced inward to become the physical skeleton, which is the form of the spiritual man. Spirit has no form or shape.


For the Adamic man this physical body is life sustained. The Adamic soul cannot survive without a physical human body. We need it. It has a life sustaining function. It is important. You pierce my heart and my Adamic soul life will no longer exist.


In the resurrection, in the regeneration when our life is in the Son, when we exist because the Son has been resurrected and ascended in us, this body will still have a function however, it will not be a life sustaining function. We will be able to live without it however, the Lord God has made a decision that we will keep it. It will be forced inward and it will be the form of the spiritual man, because God has ordained that he should have a form.


We will have the likeness of a man. We shall be spirit. We shall have the likeness of a man and the Scriptural type of it is Jesus on the Mount of Transfiguration, when that which was inside of Him flowed out. The correct word is vibrated forth, however all you Pharisees out there get nervous when I sound like I am using a coltish term. You could say vibrated out because spirit is likened to light waves and radio waves and it moves by vibration.


I am going to say vibrate because I am not going to let all you Pharisees control my vocabulary.


Spirit moves by vibration. It does not have legs, it moves by vibration and the spiritual life that was alive and resurrected in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, vibrated forth from Him on the Mount of Transfiguration, and He became white and glistening. Your first observation of Him was this glory.


When you look past the glory, deep in the midst of Him, He has the appearance of a man. That is what we are told in Ezekiel 1, about the 4 sided creature which I believe, is the glorified man, the corporate body of Christ in glorification.


To simplify what I just said to you, this body will exist, does exist in the Adamic World. It shall also exist in the Kingdom Age, however its function will change. It will go to having a life sustained function to having a non life sustaining function and it will be there because God has said, He wants us to have the form of a man, however we will not need Him.


PASTOR VITALE: Does anybody have a question at this point?


COMMENT: What is the difference between when one knows God and that it does not necessarily mean that a person had an intimate relationship with the Lord, so it wants to know the Lord, however they do not have the intimate relationship. How do they know God?


PASTOR VITALE: They have His acquaintance and we can liken it to a young lady being engaged or betroth to a young man. You have His acquaintance and you think you know him, however ask anybody that has ever been married or lived with someone outside of marriage.


You do not know a person until you live with him. Sometimes you live with them for 40 years and you still do not know them. All you married ladies are sitting here giggling, however, it is the truth. I tell you the truth.


I speak the truth to you. You better marry the man that God has picked for you. If God has not picked him, you do not know what you are getting yourself into. If God has picked and you still do not know what you are getting yourself into, however, you at lease have the confidence that God has picked him.


COMMENT: The person, who just knows God without having that intimate relationship, they talk to the Lord and they may have some acquaintance.


PASTOR VITALE: They have a friendship with Him or He has an acquaintance with them.


COMMENT: They talk to God?


PASTOR VITALE: They talk to God, however to really know God you must engage in spiritual sexual intercourse with Him. You must join with Him; become one with Him to know Him and to understand how He thinks and how He feels.


We are defining life and an intimate knowledge of God and I will finish this out by following it up on the comment that I started with. None of us here is alive. We are in the process of being raised from the dead.


We are in the process of entering into intimacy with Christ and life is in the Son. Life is in oneness with the Son, which is Christ.


I remind you of the Scripture. I am sure everybody has heard the Scripture. Life is in the Son. It does not say, life is in the Father. Life is in the Son. The Holy Spirit is the Father. A relationship with the Father does not impart life to you. You must bear His offspring. Christ must be formed in you for you to legitimately to say that you know God.


Even those of us that have entered into an intimacy with Him, I do not know anybody that knows God. I believe when we become one with Him we will be as Him, we will be like Him and we will know Him however there are those of us that are engaging in some intercourse with God in this hour; we are not completely joined, we are not yet one spirit.


How do I know that? We have two spirits. When our spirit is one with God so that he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit, our spirit will be Christ. When Christ is fully born in us, He will swallow up the spirit which rules in the Adamic soul, whose name is, Satan. How do I know that has not happen yet? By some of the thoughts that goes through my mind.


We are not alive. We are dead. We dwell in the valley of the shadow of the death, also known as Hell. We are in the process of being resurrected and we have promises, great and mighty promises from God to encourage us on. He has said that all the powers of Hell will not prevail against my church.


I declare to all you deceived people out there, in your fallen condition you are not crashing into Hell to get the captives out. You are the captive and you are in Hell and you are crashing out and all of the powers and principalities and gates and spiritual authority of Hell will not prevail against you when Jesus Christ says, it is your turn, come out.


Once again we see the carnal mind of men viewing these Scriptures from a position that I will call mirror image. They read this carnal minded man, reads the Scripture and perceives, it in reverse as if he is looking into a mirror. Does not the Scripture say, looking into a glass darkly.


We are looking at spiritual things from the side of the mirror which is fantasy. It is darkness. It is shadow. We are not looking in the things of the spirit from the position of reality and it appears in our carnal mind backwards. We get it backwards.


We get it backwards and God has to straighten this out for us and that is another sign that we are still dead. The more life you have in you, the more likely you will be to you spiritual things accurately. I remind you that either you are dead or you are alive, if you are measuring life on a scale of 1 to 10, I will put it on the board for you.


If this is death over here, and this is life over here, and this is a road that you have to travel to get from death to life, if you are standing over here, you are still dead. You have to move in to life and be raised from the dead.


It is a process. It is a journey. It is happening to us now, and from on the onset of our relationship with the Lord, this is what He is doing. He is raising us from the dead. The resurrection from the dead is not happening in 24 hours; it is not a rapture.


Neither is it happening in three days as it happened to the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a process. Let us try and go on here.


Are there any more questions in this area? We are starting with the category:




Source Of Life


The first Scripture in my Cyclopedic Index says, that God is the source of life, and the Scripture reference is:


Psalms 36:9. For with thee is the fountain of life: in thy light we shall see light. KJV


This is obviously speaking about the Father. I remind you that the expression or the word, fountain, refers to water that flows through a fountain. Water is something that we find in the soul realm. The Father alone is Spirit. He is likened to vapor or steam. Our example is water, which at its higher spiritual level is vapor or steam.


As it descends into the soul realm it becomes liquified. It is not solid however it has substance to it that you can see it. As it reaches outer darkness, it is also known as Hell, it becomes hard and it takes form, and we see our body forming and this is just another witness, I will put this on the tape, that the fire in Hell is God.


The Psalmist said that God when he ascends to heaven that God is with him. When he ascends to Hell, God is with him. Vapor or steam is the condition of God in the high realm of the Spirit. Vapor implies heat. When you boil water you get vapor or steam.


We found out recently that even our scientists know that when a spaceship takes off for outer space, it looks to us like it is going up. They say this is not true. They are going out. That is why it is called outer space, and not called upper space. It is called outer space.


The scientists know that even though it looks like a spaceship is going up, it is really going out. We draw spiritual beings in a circle, and God, in the realm of the Spirit, our inward parts, the deepest part of us, He is vapor. He is invisible. He is unseen; He has no tangible substance whatsoever.


As God descends we call it descending, He goes outward toward the realm of the soul. He is now described as water. Water is unstable. It has no form or shape, however you can see it. When there are large of it, you can also feel it. It exists in the realm that we can relate to.


As the Spirit of God continues on it=s journey to where mankind is dwelling in this hour, He continues on His road to Outer Darkness, and of course, this is Spirit. God baseless Spirit, water, soul, and over here, we have a body, which is hard, and Spirit, soul and body. We know that God is the center. He is the Sun of our spiritual being. He is our Son of righteousness. He is the center of our being that is rooted in Christ. He is Spirit. He is vapor. He is likened to the sun. He is heat. As He goes outward, or descends, He starts to thicken. He becomes water, and the farther away He gets from the sun, the colder it is. When a spiritual life descends to the point of the place where the body dwells, this vapor has taken form. It has become hard. It is liken to an ice cube.


We have vapor, steam, soul, water, ice, the body. This is the condition of any form of spiritual life, Godly spiritual life or ungodly spiritual life.


When you are in the realm of the Spirit, at the depth of our soul, they are vapor, they are unseen; they are close to the sun. The natural man, Adam, which is ruled by Satan, Satan, is the sun of the natural man. He is in vaporous form. At the depths of ones being, Satan also exists on the soul realm.


Satan also becomes hard like an ice cube, when he arrives in the realm of Outer Darkness, also known as Hell. Hell or Outer Darkness is the farthest place from the sun, and the heat is with the sun. If you are as far away from the sun as you could get, I declare to you that Hell is cold.


Spiritually Hell is cold. Any fire that exists in Hell is the fire of God. It is the fire of God burning up sin in Hell. It is the fire of God operating through a servant, and He is burning up Hell through His servant. The name of servant is Satan. Satan is the henchmen of the Lord. He is the executioner. He the axe man, however he does not decide what he is doing to you. He is executing God's judgment upon violators of God's law.


Out here in the realm of appearance, in Hell which is far away from the Son of God, it is cold, and it is dark. The only life that is present in Hell, and the only warmth that is present in Hell, is the fire of God.


I will just remind you here of the two judgments; The Reaping and Sowing judgment, which is present in Hell. You shall surely reap what you have sown. God is not mocked, you sinners. You shall surely reap what you have sown.


If you kill, you shall be killed. If you steal, you shall be stolen from. If you lie, you shall be lied to. If you deceive, you shall be deceived. If you destroy, you shall be destroyed. In every natural man destroyed. Death is already is pronounced upon you.


Your family line shall surely come to an end, if not in your lifetime, in the lifetime of your children, or grandchildren or your great-grandchildren. When Jesus Christ comes into your life, your judgment of your sin is not suspended. God hates sin. He will never tolerate your sin. He is looking away from your sin for a season, because He is giving you a chance to have your spiritual nature change.


The way He is doing that, is that He is taking the judgment of sin away from His faithful servant, Satan, and He has taken residence in your heart, and Jesus Christ has become your judge.


You are transferred from the Sowing and Reaping judgment of this world system, also known as Hell, which is eternal torment, and you have transferred out of eternal torment into the White Throne Judgment, by which the Lord Jesus Christ will judge your soul in righteousness. He will not condemn you.


He will not destroy you. He has the spiritual authority to change your nature, and He will join with you, and He will teach you.


By His spiritual authority, He does not have to destroy you, because He has the authority to convert your heart so that you no longer sin. Satan does not have this authority, and we can liken the difference of spiritual authority between Satan and Jesus. I remind you Satan, does not have the spiritual authority to convert your heart, therefore he must kill you.


God's law must be satisfied. He does not have the authority to change your heart, so he kills you. The Lord Jesus Christ has the spiritual authority to change your heart to make you white as snow, though you are red as crimson. He can make you white as snow, therefore why should He kill you. He changes your heart. He takes your sin, and when He judges your sin, He uses it to convert you into righteousness and therefore you no longer have to die.


All the sin is going to be purged out of you. You are going to be screaming and yelling the whole time for sure, and when He gets finished with you, when you are crimson with sin, you shall be white as snow. When your book is opened, the only thing that is going to be written on it is Christ, because all of your sins shall have been washed away as a spiritual reality.


We can liken these two judgments to the Old Covenant with Israel, and the New Covenant with Jesus Christ as the Mediator. A lot of people have trouble with the Old Testament, that God pronounced death on people. He pronounced stoning on people. A lot of people cannot deal with that. I declare to you, that was a righteous judgment, that He will kill someone in accordance with His law to save the whole nation of Israel, rather than let the nation be polluted, which is happening in this country today.


Frequently the law protects the criminal, and does not protect the victim. Our society is being destroyed. If God does not turn it around, we are finished, because we have become perverse. God pronounced a law in Israel, and He said He listed things. He said that these things will surely destroy this nation.


At the moment I cannot think of a crime that the Lord pronounced stoning upon. If I see this crime in an individual, that individual when convicted in the mouth of two or three witnesses must be destroyed, so that the whole nation should not be polluted.


The ability to rehabilitate, to change the heart of the criminal in natural Israel, was not present. Natural Israel, the Israel that was victorious in battle, the Israel that never lost a man, that never had any injured soldiers, the invincible Israel, the Israel that never had sick people, except for leprosy, which was a sign of sin, which was dealt by the priest, they did not have the spiritual authority to rehabilitate reprobate members of Israel. They killed them in accordance with the law of God.


Under the New Covenant, however, we have Jesus Christ. What did I just say? I just said, the Old Covenant is liken to the Reaping and Sowing judgment that is executed by Satan. How could I say that, because the natural man is Satan, and Israel was a natural man. What do I mean, a natural man? I mean that Christ was not formed in them permanently. He was not abiding in them. They could not pass it on to their children.


Christ was presence in their midst by a powerful imputed anointing that was a gift which was without repentance, without a change of heart. All they had to do was bring an animal for a sacrifice. The sin did not have to be ripped out of them. In that kind of anointing there is no authority to rehabilitate. Natural Israel was a group of natural men. The natural man is ruled by Satan. In fact, we can say he is Satan. How can I say that? I can say that because the Son of God, who is joined to, and ruled by Christ, he is Christ. Is he not Christ?


When you are in full statue, are you not Christ? Is not the man who is in full statue, Christ? Is not the man who is in the full statue of Adam, Satan? Never thought of it that way; I am telling the truth. Come out from behind your curtain of mind control. The Lord is saying, awake to righteousness.


Arise let the light of Christ shine upon your mind. Know who you are that you might reject that person and turn into Christ. When the man of sin is revealed, he shall surely be destroyed by the brightness of Christ=s coming. You must see who you are without condemnation. You must know who you are that you might leave him behind and go on to be joined to Christ.


We were talking about the two judgments: The Reaping and Sowing and the White Throne judgment. We have likened natural Israel to the Reaping and Sowing judgment, and have said, the natural man is not only ruled by Satan, however he is Satan. The man who is joined totally to Christ, he is Christ. You had no problem with that one.


How did I get here; Lord. I know, we were saying, I got on this from the word, fountain and in:


Psalm 36:9 For with thee is the fountain of life. KJV


What I am trying to say to you is that the fountain of life is Christ; that in the fountain is water. The fountain is God in the soul realm, and the name of God in the soul realm is Christ. The name of God in the soul realm in the form of water is Christ. For with thee is the fountain of life. For with thee Father is Christ.


I have not looked up any of these Hebrew words, and those of you that have been studying with us for a while know that the Hebrew is more than the Greek is translated very inadequately frequently. I will continue to tell you what I have been preaching for several years now, that we do have a manifestation of the Father that does not appear with His Christ. His name is the Holy Spirit; the manifestation of the Father without His Christ.


The function of the Holy Spirit is to come to a human being to root in him, to impregnate him, and to bring his offspring, which is Christ. When Christ appears the Spirit of Christ, also which is another name for the Father, is present.


If the Father and the Son are present, you have the Christ, and the Spirit of Christ. When we hear the Holy Spirit alone, it is the Spirit of the Father who has come to form His Christ in you, however, who has not yet done that. Does anybody not know what I am talking about? God can take many forms. We have the Spirit of truth, we have the Spirit of understanding; we have the seven Spirits of God. The Father comes in many forms. He can appear as the Father alone or He can appear with the Son.


When the Son appears, the Father is present. When the Father appears the Son is not necessarily present. We can say this, another way. When you know the Father, you have an acquaintanceship. We just talked about this earlier, our relationship with the Father, our friendship with the Father. The true knowledge of God is in the Son.


I do not care how you are screaming and yelling out there, it is the truth, there is resistance to the doctrine.


There is a step beyond the baptism with the Holy Spirit. There is step between the baptism in the Holy Spirit and Full Statue. There is another step in the middle, and it is the formation of Christ in you, and union with that Christ. Union with the Father produces the Son. The Son must be formed in you, and you must join with the Son to be in Full Statue. Life is in the Son. Life is not in the Father. Life is not in the Holy Spirit.


You can have a relationship or an acquaintance with the Holy Spirit. Life, is a knowledge of the Son. For with thee is the fountain of light, with you Father is Christ. What it probably means is, if l looked it up in the Hebrew, I would probably find out, that what it is saying is that, Father when you come, you bring the Son.


If you have been baptized with the Holy Spirit, God is not playing ring around the rosy with you. He has a process in baptizing you with His Spirit, and His purpose is to bring forth His Son in you. He wants to impregnate you. What this probably would say, if I would do a word by word study, in Psalms 36:9, for you bring with you Father, Christ. When you come to me you bring forth Christ in me.


Did not Jesus say, if you had a fountain of living waters, you would never thirst any more? He must come forth from within you as an underground fountain. The Holy Spirit comes upon you from outside of you. He wants to impregnate you so that a fountain of living waters can flow forth from you that is no longer the Father, it is Christ. The Father dwells with him in another form.


When His form changes His name changes; He is no longer the Holy Spirit however, He is the Spirit of Christ. The Father with the Son together is Christ, and the Spirit of Christ. The Father alone is the Holy Spirit.


For with thee is Christ. You bring forth Christ when you come into someone's life, and in thy light shall we see light. In the light of the Son, in which the Father dwells, we shall see light. When you appear, we shall appear with you. When we see you, we shall be like you. The Father comes, He brings His Son, and the Son gives the light, which is the life of His Spirit. Are there any questions at this point?


Brethren, we are having a baby. God does not want us on the labor table, screaming and yelling in terror because no one has ever told us that spiritual women have babies. I want to tell you this is a reality in life. I have seen it, unfortunately, for example, for a retarded woman was raped.


I saw the woman's sister interviewed on TV. She was raped in an institution, and she was pregnant. She was not capable of understanding what was happening to her. She was very frightened, as she saw her abdomen expand. She was very frightened as she experienced the discomfort of pregnancy. She probably was terrified when the baby was born. God had better things for us, brethren.


When the fiery trial comes upon you, when the labor pains come upon you, He wants you to know that you are in labor. He does not want you jumping up off the labor table, and taking off down the street. He wants you to push when He says, push. If you jump up and take off down the street, you can get hurt, and the baby can get hurt.


The living soul and the whole church world, hates this message. I am telling you, you are going to hear it anyway or if you do not hear it, you are going to wind up strapped down to the labor table, screaming like a lunatic.


Do not shut off the tape, find out the hard way. What can I tell you, all I can do is preach it. I am telling you the truth.


COMMENT: Does the Holy Spirit draw the person to Christ.




COMMENT: The purpose of the Holy Spirit, before the person can be saved, the Holy Spirit has to come to your heart first, to draw you to God?




We are dealing with the Source of Spiritual Life, and the next Scripture is:


John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way,


the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the


Father but by me. KJV


I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father but by me. I will tell you what the Lord just said to me. No man cometh unto the Father but by me. What does it mean, to come unto the Father? I can tell you this from my studies that the Greek word, translated, unto can also be translated, into. No man comes into the Father. No man joins with the Father. No man becomes Spirit. The Father is Spirit. No man turns from a carnal into a spiritual being except by Me.


The way you get from death unto life, the way you go from being a carnal spiritual ice cube, stuck down here in Hell, weighted down to this carnal realm, the way you ascend, the way you return to the realm of the Spirit, the way you become a spiritual man, is that Christ must be conceived in you.


If you have been following along with these tapes, you know that we have found Scriptures, both in the Old Testament, and the New Testament, which had indicated that the day is coming that we will no longer need Christ. That we will be purified to such a degree that we will no longer need an intermediary.


We will be able to relate to the Father face to face, because we will be purified. The New Testament Scripture is that, when all enemies are be put under his feet, even the last enemy, which is death Christ shall offer the creation up to the Father. What does that mean? Total spiritualization of the creation glorification. We did find it in the Old Testament. I believe it was in Isaiah.


We have it we did it word by word. If you want the number of the tape, I will give it to you, or if you want the Scripture. I tell you this you can never know that is what it says by reading the King James translation of that Scripture in Isaiah. When we did the word by word translation, we found out that, that what it was, a second witness to the glorification or the total spiritualization of the entire creation of all of mankind. No man cometh unto the Father. No man turneth into the Father. No man becomes Spirit, unless I am first conceived in Him.


The Lord has set up the road rules. You cannot get there another way. Any man that tries to enter in another way is a thief and a liar.


There is only one door. His name is the Lord Jesus Christ. There is only one way to eternal life in the spiritual realm of God. To try to do otherwise would be like one saying, I am going to become pregnant, and I have decided that my baby in uteral will have its lungs formed before its heart. You cannot do it.


God has set up the procedure. It is established. It is written in Heaven.


There is no other way to return to the spiritual life of God, and be delivered from Hell and death, except we go through Christ. We have people all over this country trying to get into spiritual things, having spiritual experiences, and the result is that their bodies in their soul die. It is an illegal entry into the realm of the Spirit. It is all over this country, all over the world today.


You may not die today, however you will die surely in the future. Let me take this opportunity to share something with you that the Lord just told me the other day. It really blessed me. I was listening to a psychiatrist speak about reincarnation, and he had a woman on this talk show, who he hypnotizes, and she speaks about past lives. I had said to the Lord, What is this, a perversion of? What is the reality associated here?


I was taught many years ago that in situations like this, the psychiatrist is contacting a demon that was making up these stories, or perhaps the demon had been around for many years. The Lord told me, no, that is not exactly accurate. He told me, that they are contacting Satan, the unconscious mind of man.


I am going to remind you that at the beginning of time, the Son of God, which was Spirit, was propelled into the earth, and in the earth there was an intelligence. The name of the intelligence was Satan, and that the two were joined, the water of God's Spirit, and the spiritual earth. It is not the dirt on your front lawn out there. The spiritual earth was joined with the water, and we obtained a lump of clay and out of the clay, God formed a man.


He formed the spiritual man that did not have a body like we have today. He formed the soul of the natural man, which the Scripture likens to a plant. That plant has been growing from the beginning of time, and it has been putting out many leaves. It is a very big plant. Did you ever see a plant that somebody had for twenty years? It is a very big plant, and each one of us is a leaf on this plant also known as a tree, and our root, which is where? Where is our root?


Our root is in our center. The Bible calls it the inward part. Our spiritual root is in our center, our inward part, inside of us. This whole circle is our body. The very depth of us, if it will help you, you can think of your natural heart, that innermost part of us.


The root of the natural man that which is generated us, which can be likened to the roots of a plant that you cannot see, because they are under the ground. The root that generated us is Satan, the intelligence that was in the earth from the beginning of time.


Each of us is liken to a leaf of his plant. When a human being dies, the same root is, existing in every human being alive. Satan has been around from the beginning of time. He is the unconscious mind of man. He is the spiritual authority of every man that is not Christ. He has been the unconscious mind of every man that has ever lived.


When someone hypnotizes somebody, and contacts their unconscious mind, they are contacting a spiritual force that has been around from the beginning of time. This is what God told me. As I observed this interview, I prayed when it first started. I said, Lord if you do not want me to hear this, witness it to me, and I will shut it off; I want every truth you are willing to give me.


The Lord let me sit through the whole first part of it, and as the woman went back to it, supposedly into Atlantis, and then he said, we are going to have a commercial. When we come back we are going to take her into the year 3000, we are going to take her into the future. A trance came over me. I had no understanding of it until it was over. I got up, I walked out of the room, and I went into my office, and I started working.


About an hour later, I realized I had left the television on in the other room, and I had missed that whole part of the show. Why the Lord did not let me see what they had to say about the future, I really do not know, however He did not let me see it. This is what He told me that I want to share with you. The Lord said to me, that most human beings are curious about spiritual things.


If you enter into the realm of the Spirit, by Satan's authority, there is nothing required of you up front. There is no price to pay. Just dial your 800 or 900 number and get your friendly astrology's reading. It is all over the country. Pick up the newspaper, read your astrology, there is nothing required of you, except maybe if you really go into it, maybe they will want you to pay for your Reading $5.00 or $10.00.


There is no spiritual sacrifice. There is no spiritual price to pay. Come on everybody, I will give you spiritual spiritist. That is the word of Satan. To have spiritual experiences in Christ, there is a very, very dear price. The price is the knowledge of Christ. The price is drawing close to Christ, and when you draw close to Christ, your sin gets burned away.


The price of spiritual experiences in Christ is everything in you that is Adamic. He wants you to give it up, and turn to Him, and go His way. This is what the Lord said to me; there is no up front Christ with occultism entrance into the realm of the Spirit. There is no up front price, however you pay afterward, after you are in it up to your eyeballs, and it is too late to get out.


It is too late to say that you did not know, and you are sick or you are dying or you are caught up in drugs, or whatever has happened to you, Satan is not honest. Satan is a deceiver. Satan is a liar. He will not tell you that there is price to pay, or what that price is. He does not give you the privilege of making an intelligence choice. Christ charges you up front.


You cannot touch spiritual things, unless you pay your up front price. Each step of the way as you go deeper and deeper into God, the price is up front, and you know what He is requiring of you; More and more rejection of everything soulish. The true new covenant fast, not just from food but from everything that is soulish. The closer you get to Him you deepen your spiritual experiences. Spirituality is through union with a Spirit. You must be either joined with Christ or joined with Satan.


Satan lies about the charge, and takes your life eventually. Christ tells you up front, and requires payment up front. The chances are real good if you are truly not willing to pay the price, He will turn you away. The chances are real good.


I do know people, however that were not willing to pay the price, and He turned them away only temporarily. He gave them what they wanted. I know people in my life right now; He gave them what they were clamoring for. Five or eight years later, they are calling me on the phone, saying, I wish this did not happen to me.


There other people that He does not give them what they are clamoring for, and they scream, and they yell the whole time, and He does not give it to them. They come into spiritual things much more quickly than the ones that He lets have their head.


On what basis He makes this decision, I really cannot tell you. I really do not know, however there is one woman I have in my mind right now, and I remember her telling me seven years ago, I am only 25 years old. There was some anointing on this woman, there was some anointing on this woman, and I remember her saying it. She yelled, I am only 25 years old.


I want a man, I want a family life, I do not want this life of walking in the Spirit. I want to celebrate Christmas. She said it to me, and shortly thereafter, she had a dream, scared the daylights out of her. She called me up on the phone. She had a dream that there was blood everywhere, and she heard herself saying to the Lord, Lord, will I have another chance. The Lord said, you will have another chance.


We found out eventually that she had spiritually aborted. Christ had been conceived in her, and she aborted it. That was the blood, and she received what she wanted. She received the man, she received the family life she received another child. I am not against marriage do you hear what I am saying? She rebelled against what God had for her. Maybe He would have a marriage for her down the line, however she wanted it then. She did not want to pay the price, and He said, alright. He said, alright.


After seven years of carnality, she called me the other day, and said, you know I just took out my Concordance, I had it packed away with moth balls. Her husband has left her. She now raising two children by herself, and she is experiencing some great difficulties. God gave her what she screamed for. It looks like that dream was true. She is getting another chance before this lifetime over.


Some people He gives it to, and lets them experience the fruit of their own rebellion, and other people He just will not let them have it. He just brings them right through, screaming and yelling, kicking all the way. It is the truth.


He has called you to be a vessel for His life. In this hour He is going to have His way with you. If He lets you go, then He has washed His hands of you. What kind of blessing is that? No good can come out of it.


The only good that could come out carnal things in this life, is when the Lord God has determined that this is what He has for you in this life, and He will bless you in it. This is what He has for you in this hour. None of my concern whether God gives a carnal family life or not, I am just telling you the truth.


I do not make a judgment whether He gives it to you or not. He makes the judgment whether He gives it to you or not. I am telling you, that if you try to bring it to pass in your own strength, it will surely be a disaster. That is what I am telling you. From person to person, I have no idea who He is giving it to, and who He is not. We are in:


John 14:6 I am the way, the truth and the life, and no man cometh unto the Father but by me. KJV


No man can be can be glorified or become Spirit unless he has the experience of being Christ first. Jesus said; I am the way. Which way? The way into the realm of the Spirit, I am the truth. What does that mean? It means is that, the truth is reality. Satan, this whole world system, the Adamic man is a lie. Not a lie as a carnal man thinks of a lie, however, a spiritual lie, an illusion, an existence that is Illusory. It is not real.


Jesus Christ is the only reality. He is the only spiritual life that abides forever. He is self sufficient. He is self sustaining. He cannot disappear when someone shines the light on Him. Satan, the ruling spirit of the Adamic soul, and the entire Adamic soul is a shadow that will flee when the light of Christ appears upon the creation. Jesus Christ is the truth. He is the only spiritual reality. Every form of existence, which does not grow out of Christ, must end; it is a shadow, and it is a lie. When the sun rises it shall flee away. It is temporary.


Jesus is the only reality. The Scripture in the King James Bible says; He is the truth. It is not truth as men think of truth and lie. He is the only reality. He is the only thing that cannot be destroyed. He is the only one that abides forever. He is the only one that can impart life to that which that is already dead. He is the only one that can provide. He is the only one that can meet your needs. He is the only one that can heal you. He is the only one that can comfort you. Everything else, every comfort, ever healing, every provision that comes out of another spirit is a lie.


There is a price to pay, and the price is your soul. It is death, it is suffering, it is torment it is bondage to a criminal spirit. Jesus Christ is the truth, and He is the life. This is not life, brethren. What we are experiencing, is called death. It is existence and has a name. It is the former existence that has a name, and that name is death. This is not life. Life is what Jesus Christ of Nazareth experienced after His baptism. Life is total union with the Father.


What we experience is death. Paul clearly stated, That the carnal mind is death.


If you think that the mind of Christ is functioning in you 100% of the time, you are mistaken. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the only man in whom the mind of Christ rules. It abided in Him 100% of the time. We have access to the mind of Christ.


We can say, Father, what saith the mind of Christ. We have access to the oracles of God however we have no control over it. We have access to it. We have been granted permission to access it. We have been granted permission to ask a question. We have been granted permission to ask the Father if we can benefit from it, if we can receive milk from it. All we can do is, ask. We have been given access to it.


In the Book of Esther, the Scripture likens it to; Enter, the Queen; entering into the Kings Chamber without permission. According to the word of the King, she would live or die. If he held out the Scepter to her, she was permitted to enter in. If the King did not hold the Scepter to her, she would have been killed by his guards on the spot.


The Lord God has held out His Scepter to us. He has said, Come into the throne room, sit down, listen see how I hold court. See the wisdom of my judgment.


If you are one of those Christians that assume that every word out of your mouth, and every thought in your mind is the mind of Christ because you speak in tongues, brethren you are deceived.


I am declaring to you that anything that comes up in your mind, in most cases, without you first praying about it, there is one excellent chance; it is the thought of this ruling spirit of the Adamic soul. His name is Satan. He is not outside of you. Neither is he a red freak with a pitch fork and a tail. He is your unconscious mind, and he is generating thoughts, and you, my friend, as well as me, are still fornicating with him.


How do I know? I still get sick. How do I know you are doing it? I hear what is coming out of your mouth. Your fornication with him results in your speaking junk. I do not know anybody that does not speak junk sometimes, except Jesus Christ of Nazareth, He is the only man to date. They are finding out in our study in Isaiah 63, He is the only man; Isaiah describes it that has tread the wine press.


He is the only man that has tread His Adamic soul under foot, and refuse to let it rule Him. Jesus is the way He is the way into the realm of the Spirit of God. He is the truth, He is the only reality. He is life, everything else is death. What you think is life, is death. No man can convert into Spirit or return to the realm of the Spirit unless he experiences a season or an age, known as Christ. Are there any questions in this area?


We are dealing with spiritual life, and the source of it. The third Scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit is the source of spiritual life, and the Scripture is:


Ezekiel 37:14 And shall put my Spirit in you (Father


speaking) and ye shall live, and I shall place you in


your own land. Then shall ye know that I, the Lord


has spoken it, and performed it, saith the Lord. KJV


Let us go back to:


Ezekiel 37:13: And ye shall know that I am the Lord


when I have opened your grave, O my people, and


brought you up out of your graves and shall put my


Spirit in you. KJV


Brethren, this is the Prophet, Ezekiel speaking out. I am going to suggest to you he is not talking about the hole in the natural ground that we bury dead bodies in. He is talking about the hole in the spiritual ground that our fallen soul is buried in. I will show it to you on the board. In case you did not know it, if you are still an Adamic man which we all are, your soul has died when Adam was cast out of the garden.


Our ancestor Adam, he, and all of his offspring died, and our soul, which we draw as a circle, your spiritual life, which was with God from the beginning, which has the potential to be joined to Christ, that you may be one Spirit with Him. The spiritual reproductive organ that is present in the natural man fell when the living soul fell. It was buried in a hole in the ground, known as the Adamic soul. That is not too popular a name for it.


The Scripture calls it Sheol, which if you look it up, means a pit. The New Testament calls it the bottomless pit. In case you did not know it, unless you are in Full Statue, your soul has descended into the pit of your Human Spirit, which is your true spiritual life. The seed of God in you that is capable of joining with the Father, and conceiving Christ, and bringing forth Christ in the totality of your being, your Human Spirit, that which in you, which was with God from the beginning, has been put in a hole in the ground. It is called the bottomless pit in the New Testament.


It is called Sheol, or the pit in the Old Testament, and it is in a spiritual hole in the ground. Your Human Spirit is in a spiritual grave, the spiritual hole in the ground called the bottomless pit or Sheol, or the pit in the Old Testament.


Brethren God is a Spirit. God is a Spirit. His life is in the realm of the Spirit. He, very rarely addresses natural things. He does it sometimes, especially when you are dealing with the prophets, when you are dealing with prophecy, when you are dealing with His promises to mankind, it is very rare that he is talking about this natural world.


He loves us, brethren, and He knows that spiritually that we are dependant women. He knows we need shelter, we need clothing, we need food, that unless He has called us up to a very high place, we need loved ones in our life. He knows that, so He will have mercy on us that can be likened to a band-aid. He will meet our needs temporarily, possibly it is not our time to be glorified. What He says to us can almost always, be taken on many different levels.


If you are carnal, and you need to hear that you should have faith in God to put food on your table for you and your baby; that is true. That is true. He has promised you the manna from heaven. If you are spiritual enough to hear it, He has promised you food, that when you eat it you will never die. As we mature in Christ, He is challenging us to hear His word to us of a deeper spiritual level that He will permit us to attain to.


I hope you know we cannot understand spiritual things beyond the point that He will let us. There are many people in the church today that He has called to hear Him, to understand with Him, to join with Him on a level of intimacy that they are not willing to pay the price to experience.


He has told them what the price is up front, and they are not willing to pay the price, so they go in another direction, which is directly opposite of the way from Him. I just ask you to open your heart, and pray to the Lord that He should help you overcome your carnal mind, and understand what He is telling you on a deeper spiritual level that He will permit you to understand.


I am suggesting to you that especially with the prophets, it is highly unlikely that He is talking about a hole in the ground that is outside on the front lawn or in a human cemetery, highly unlikely.


Ezekiel 37:13 And you shall know that I am the Lord


when I have opened your graves, O my people and


brought you up out of your graves. KJV


What do you mean, He is going to open your graves, and brought you up out of your graves. He is going to take us out of his pit. Our spiritual condition is going to change. We are going to come up out of our graves. Our true reality, which is our Human Spirit, that drop of Christ in us; remember Christ is sprinkling on us.


That drop of Christ in us is going to come up out of the grave. What is going to happen to the grave? Nothing gets thrown away in the realm of the Spirit. The grave is going to the inside. The best way that I can describe our condition to you, and the reversal of our condition, I remind you that God uses natural examples to explain it to us.


It is a sexual relationship between a man and a woman. The condition that we are in now is that our Human Spirit which has the potential to produce Christ is being overlaid by an Adamic soul who's ruling spirit is Satan.


Satan is on top of us. He is engaging in sexual intercourse with us at will. Unless we are really moving into Christ and direct warfare with Him, he is having you whatever he wants you. The church is filled with Christians that are in adultery 24 hours a day with Satan. They are not even putting up a fight. They are not affected, they are convincing themselves it is God.


This is going to turn around. What is going to happen? Satan, the ruling spirit of the living soul, is on top of us, our Human Spirit, engaging us in spiritual sexual intercourse at will. The result of that spiritual sexual intercourse is the carnal mind, the development, and the existence of the carnal mind in us, and when the Lord says, I am going to take you up out of your grave; I mean He is going to open our grave.


The carnal mind sees a hole in the ground, and a human skeleton taken out. They preach it, I hear them. What is going to happen, that is going to get you up out of your grave is that despite this condition, the Holy Spirit is going to fertilize you. When we look at our natural example, we will see that when a man intends to fertilize a woman, he does not go to her hand. He does not go to your leg, he does not go to your ear, and he does not go to your arms.


He goes right in to your heart, into the Human Spirit, which is at the center of your heart. The heart is at the center of your being. When He makes contact with you, Lord willing, you shall conceive. The Holy Spirit is the Father. When He contacts you, who have the potential to bear His offspring, Lord willing, He shall impregnate you. Christ is going to come forth right in the middle of this mess. You are going to have Satan, and you are going to have Christ.


James says, that you are double souls, or you are double minded, and you are unstable in all your ways. When Christ comes forth, it is no longer your Human Spirit waging war against Satan, resisting his sexual advances; Let me draw that for you. This is your in-between condition this is your Human Spirit, that has conceived Christ. It is now Christ, waging war against Satan. It was an unfair fight. It was Satan against your Human Spirit, no challenge at all. It is Christ against Satan, Brethren no challenge at all. No challenge at all. It is all over.


You are caught in the middle of the warfare, and it can be painful. After Christ engages Satan in battle, you will eventually come to this condition. The Scripture calls it, coming up and opening your grave. He says, the Lord is going to open your grave, and He is going to be brought out of your grave.


I have not studied this in the Hebrew. I am sure I would find if I studied it, that what it is saying, is that your resurrection is in two stages. First your grave has to be open. We are told when Christ starts to appear in you, that the light of His life is shined on you. If you are buried under the ground; for the light to shine on you, you have to dig some of the dirt up.


I am going to say, the conception of Christ in you, is the opening of your grave. The Lord says, He is going to open your grave, and He is going to bring you up out of your grave. First Christ is going to be formed in you, and after He is formed in you, He is going to reverse this thing.


Your Adamic soul, which is ruled by Satan is going to be inside, and Christ is going to be lying on top in the dominate male condition. He will be engaging in spiritual sexual intercourse with your Adamic soul whenever He pleases. Being in the dominant male position, He will totally rule. That is the coming out of your grave.


Does anybody not understand it? I will say it again. God in this Scripture has promised us resurrection from the dead. He is talking about graves, and He says, it is going to be accomplished in you in two stages. He is going to open your grave. If the light of Christ has started to shine upon your mind, your grave has been opened. He has pierced through the carnality that has encompassed you like a grave. When you come up out of your grave that is, standing up in Full Statue.


That is exciting. You will never hear it, if you cannot get spiritual. I have heard preachers that have a lot of respect for it. They preach that Christ is coming with a shovel, and He is going to dig up the bones out of all the graves. Brethren, I do not mean to insult anybody. Whoever is getting this tape, you have to let go of this carnality. At least pray about what I am saying. You have got to let go if you want your grave opened. Wake up, if you want your grave opened.


If you want to come up out of your grave, you have got to be willing to admit when God witnesses it to you; you have to be will to pray about the possibility that you have received a childish fable. If you cannot admit that, you are rapped in bondage to your pride.


Brethren, this is the hour of His appearing. The door is about to open. Only the five virgins that are ready are going in. I want to tell you that if you believe Jesus is coming with a pick axe, and going to the cemetery, and digging up the graves, you are not ready.


Verse 14 - And I shall put my Spirit in you; that is Christ in the dominant position. Of course His Spirit shall be your Spirit, because you will be joined to Him, and ye shall receive the life of the ages. You shall live, you shall receive the life of the ages, and I shall place you in your own land. Does anybody know what your own land is? The soul of Christ your own land, your own soul, the soul that you rule over. Who are you? He who is joined to the Lord is one Spirit. You are Christ.


You shall place the Spirit of Christ in His own land, which is the soul of Christ or the Mind of Christ. The Lord many times uses several different words to express one spiritual concept. Why? We are so carnal if we cannot get it one way, maybe we will get it another way.


And I shall place you in your own land. You are not going to be subject to the soul which is ruled by Satan anymore. We are clearly told that Moses was a servant of God. Moses was not in his own land. He was a natural man. The Son, you see, the Lord Jesus Christ, He is the ruler over His own house. When you become joined to the Lord, and you are one Spirit with Him, you shall be no longer a servant in an Adamic soul ruled by Satan.


Let me go into that a little more deeply. Moses was a servant of God when he did not dwell in the soul of Christ. He dwelt in an Adamic soul where Satan was very real in his life, however he served God. The Son you see, He was the head over His own house. Satan was not the spiritual ruler of Christ.


I am going to give you a Scripture for what I said. If you have not listened Tape #4 yet, you might want to listen to it if you are questioning what I am saying. We find that in the Book of Jude where we are told that Satan was struggling with Michael over the body of Moses, look up that word, body in the Greek. It is one Greek word for dead body, and another Greek word for live body, and the word translated body in that Scripture is the Greek word for live body. Michael means, he who is like God.


I declare to you it was the Adamic soul in Moses struggling with the imputed Christ soul in Moses who would speak through, who would be the thought pattern of, and who would rule the behavior of the Adamic man, named Moses.


I want to tell you something, that Moses did great things for God, however at the very end, in one split instance Satan got the victory over Michael in Adam's mind. He disobeyed God, and he smote the rock, and the Lord, for whatever His wisdom required that he would reap what he sowed. What did he reap? What was this terrible sin that he did? He yielded in that moment to his carnality. What does that mean? That means that God put the line and plummet to him.


He said to him, Moses, you did great supernatural miracles in my name, however, when I put the line and plummet to you, I found out that you are not Christ, you are an Adamic man. How did I find out that you are not Christ? I found out that you are not Christ, the man who is Christ, the anointing abides that there is no way that he could have slipped back into his Adamic soul.


If you had an imparted anointing, if you were truly converted into Christ, which is not as if you would be God, there would be no shadow of turning in you. There would be no possibility for you to slip back into an Adamic thought pattern. What it means is that your soul was not converted into Christ.


It was a temporary imputed anointing that God granted to you for the purpose of a job that He has for you to do. The test came upon you, and it was proven that your soul was not converted. Therefore you cannot enter into the promise land.


Brethren, I am going to suggest to you, God was not talking about the natural Israel. God said to Moses, you cannot come up to full statue. I cannot take you up to full statue. You have worked miracles in my Spirit however your soul is not converted. It was my loaned authority and you cannot come into the Promised Land.


It is a very hard word. You know a lot of what came upon natural Israel, the Lord permitted to come upon them, so that it would be an example for us. It would help us understand what we are going through now. Church world, your imputed anointing is not going to get you in. You will not get in on your imputed anointing.


I do not care if you have traveled in the Spirit. I do not care if you have prayed for people, and legs have grown out. I do not care if you prayed for people and eyes that were not there appeared. I do not care if you are doing it by the loaned authority of God. If your soul has not been converted if the sin has not been purged out it, if you have not been made white, you will not enter into Christ, when the door opens.


Pharisees in the church, hear the word of the Lord. You will not enter in by the loaned authority of God. Natural Israel did not, the Pharisees did not, and you shall not. Your heart must be converted. Your sin must be purged out. You must be purified. You must abide the chastening. You must go through the fire. He is coming to you like a Refiners fire, and like Fullers soap.


Equip yourselves like men saith the Lord, and stand for the cleansing, and join with me, for the life of the age. Are you absorbing what I am saying? I will go on a little bit longer, as long as you are absorbing what I am saying.


We are still in the first category, the Sources of Spiritual Life. We have already discussed God, the Father, Christ the Son, as the source of spiritualizing. The Open Bible, says the Holy Spirit is another source. Of course, we teach here that the Trinity is a false doctrine.


I am going to suggest to you that God, in Psalms 36:9, was referring as I told you, when we discussed that Scripture, was referring to God, the Father, the Spirit of Christ as He appears in union with His Son.


Christ, John 14:6, is saying that we can only return to the Father, or pure Spirit form when we conceive the Christ.


The Holy Spirit in Ezekiel 37:14 is really talking about both the Father and the Son. I do not believe that the Holy Spirit is a third person in the Trinity or that there is a Trinity. I will just put it on the tape for all the Pharisees that are manifesting out there, please do not shut off the tape. I will explain it to you. Roman Catholic Doctrine, the Trinity of the Roman Catholic Doctrine. The Scripture does not talk about any Trinity. It talks about the Father, and it talks about the Son.


The Holy Spirit is the Father, and this is the way it works. Jesus Christ is the only mediator between God and man. In the realm of the Spirit, we have the Father. In the realm of the soul or in the realm of appearance, in this hour we have the Body of Christ. Are we not the Body of Christ? Some people call it the 42nd Generation. The Lord has, in our recent studies, shown us to call it, The 2nd Generation of Christ. The 1st Generation of Christ is the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


He is in the process of having Offspring. In Isaiah 53, the Lord has promised him seed to prolong his days. We are the 42nd Generation or we are the 2nd Generation of Christ. We are the Offspring of the spiritual life that dwells in the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


When the Greeks came to the disciples and asked to see Jesus, Jesus sent word to them. He said; If a corn of wheat fall into the ground, it shall bring forth a great harvest, you refused to see the Greek. He said, if you want to see me, come and see my Offspring. I am the corn of wheat that is falling into the ground, and you will see my harvest. You cannot see me, you will see my harvest.


Those of us in whom Christ is appearing in this hour are the 2nd Generation of Christ. What is the relationship of Jesus Christ to the 2nd Generation of Christ? He is our new mind. He was crucified, He was resurrected. He ascended to the realm of the Spirit where He returned to a place, where He was one with the Father. He returned to pure Spirit form. He is now pouring out of His Spirit upon all flesh. When He sprinkled on you, He becomes your new mind.


He is your new mind. He is God in you. He has become the Father, and you have become the son. Our relationship to Him is the same relationship that the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth had to the Spirit of the Father that was in Him.


What is the difference between the Father and the Son? The Father is true Spirit form, and the Son is Christ, God in the flesh, God in the soul realm. Jesus Christ returned to pure Spirit form. He became the Father. He is in your mind. He is a pure Spirit in your mind. You are the flesh, you are His flesh you are the son. We have Jesus Christ. He is the mediator between God and man.


He can communicate with the Father or He can communicate with the 2nd Generation of Christ. In fact He is the Father, did we not just say, He is the Father? When this glorified life, Christ Jesus, not the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, but the glorified soul life that dwelt in Him, that was resurrected, and ascended, and returned to pure Spirit form, the Scripture calls it Christ Jesus, not Jesus Christ.


When this glorified spiritual life appears as Spirit; Father is Spirit, when this glorified life appears as Spirit, He is the Father. What is the difference between the Father and the Son? One is Spirit and one is soul. When this glorified life, which is the power to be Spirit or soul, manifests as the Father, He is Spirit. When this glorified soul chooses to manifest in the soul realm, He is the Son.


The spiritual understanding of the expression there is only one mediator between God and man. Is that the only truth, the only reality in the universe can take the form of both Spirit, and soul? He is the connection between the Father and the Son. When He is manifesting as the Son, He is the Father in your mind. When He is manifesting as the Father, without in the realm of the Spirit, times He takes the form of the Holy Spirit, the Father without the Son.


When He is appearing in the 2nd Generation of Christ, another name He has found out for Him is the Spirit of Christ, the Father that appears with His Christ. When He appears as pure Spirit, He is called the Holy Spirit. There is no separate Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the Father alone in pure Spirit form.


The Spirit of Christ is the Spirit of the Father in the soul realm appearing with the Son. He is either the Father or the Son. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Father. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Father alone. The Spirit of Christ is the Spirit of the Father that has produced the Son, and brought Him forth, and joined with Him.


The Christ, which includes the Spirit of Christ, is a more powerful manifestation of God than the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit comes with gifts that are given without repentance include healing and deliverance, and general health. The way I have been describing them for a long time, is that the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit are curative. If you get sick, He has the power to heal you. If you sin and develop a demon, He has the power to cast it out.


God is sovereign He can do anything that He wants. He can override His own laws. Generally speaking, the Holy Spirit does not defend you against sickness. He will cure you when you get sick. Do you ever ask yourself, why does He not just stop you from getting sick? Why do you have to get the miracle? Why do you have to go for deliverance? Why does He not just stop you from getting sick? That is not His job.


It is not His job because the Holy Spirit is the manifestation of God that is in your life, which is not strong enough to defend you against illness. If you sin and develop a demon, He has not stopped you from sinning. He will cast the demon out. Over here we have the Spirit of Christ appearing together with His Christ, going by the name of Christ. We do not say the Spirit of Christ in Christ. We just say Christ, and we know that the Spirit of the Father is within Him. Christ is defensive. The Holy Spirit is curative.


Christ is defensive. What am I talking about? Paul got bit by a snake, and he shook it off in the fire, and he was not even sick. Christ was so mature in him, that he did not come down with snake fever, and lie on his back for a week while everybody prayed in tongues, and then stood up and say, praise God, He healed me. He did not get sick. I am not knocking the works of the Holy Spirit. Brethren, if the Lord permits, let us go on to perfection. I am suggesting to you that the Trinity is a Roman Catholic Doctrine.


There are no three parties to the Godhead. There are two parties. There are the Father and the Son. If you want to study this more, we have a couple of tapes on it where we found this in the Old Testament. I think it was in Zechariah, if I am not mistaken.


There is only the Father and the Son, brethren. The Father takes many forms, and the Holy Spirit is one of the forms that the Father takes. Jesus Christ, after He was resurrected from the dead, He walked on the road to Emmanus, and He looked like a normal man. After that He appeared to the disciples, and He said, look at the holes in my hand.


Are we going to say that these were two different men or we going to say that Jesus Christ appeared in two different forms? Is this two different names? No, it is not two different men. It is one man who has the spiritual authority to take many forms. I am declaring to you that the spiritual life of God has the spiritual authority to take many forms. He is the Holy Spirit He is the Spirit of Christ.


He is the Spirit of truth. He is the Spirit of wisdom. He is the seven Spirits of God. Why do we not say He is seven people? If He is the seven Spirits of God, why is He not seven people? Why is He Trinity? Are there any questions on this now?


The Lord just flashed something through my mind. I am not sure that He wants me actually to talk on it right now. Please just bear with me for a second. I guess I will talk about it a little bit. This is what He just flashed through my mind. He flashed through my mind what is the Roman Catholic Trinity? What is the root of the Roman Catholic Trinity? Is it not Nimrod, the mighty hunter, who married Semiramis? She gave birth to Tammuz? That is the root of the Roman Catholic Trinity.


Even the Roman Catholic Doctrine, that says, There is the Father; they will tell you, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. If you examine their Doctrine, they are saying, There is the Father and the wife and The Son. Do you see this thing here?


After they do this, after they give the woman a place in your spiritual life, just in case you do not want to believe in Mary, they try to attribute a third party to the Godhead. Then they tell you, it is not the woman, and it is not Semiramis, we are going to tell you it is the Holy Spirit, a second form of the Father.


I want to tell you something, Brethren the root of this Doctrine is Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz. I want to tell you that when the Book of Esther was written, the Jews were in captivity in Babylon, and they could not practice their religion openly. What they use to do when they wrote their religious writings, they incorporated in their religious writings in certain patterns. They incorporated the letters, JAH. Anyone reading this book or this newspaper, whatever it was, knowing the language intimately, it would pop out of them, and it would mean, Jehovah lives.


It was a secret impartation or the secret acknowledgment of their faith. I want to tell you something brethren, I am not labeling the Jew, I do not know anything about other nationalities. If this could be done by a group of people that were underground with their faith, I am suggesting to you that it is far fetched to say, that the Roman Catholic Trinity is Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz and that they; so you could believe it, have changed the name to, The Father, the Holy Spirit and Tammuz.


Of course, they have taken it a step further, and they have taken Nimrod out of the picture completely, and they are telling you that it is Semiramis, and they have made the Son an, ity, bitty baby, as a seven year girl said to me not too long ago. I said to her, Do you know Jesus? She said, He is an ity, bitty baby. That is what they have done to the Son.


The Father; they have eliminated completely, and the only valid strength; if you read between the lines, is the mother or Semiramis, also known as Mary. I declare to you, the hidden letters in the Doctrine of the Trinity declare and scream to those that have ears to hear, they have merely changed the name of the mother. They are declaring to you, every time you declare the Doctrine of the Trinity you are declaring the validity of the deity of Mary, Queen of Heaven.


The Lord teaches me a lot in the movies. I took a video out of the Library the other day called, The Virgin Spring, by Ingmar Bergen, a Director.


Just to make it very quick, it was the story that took place in the Sixteen Hundred's in England. It was the story of a young sixteen girl who rode on her horse and went off to Mass, very innocent, and a virgin. She was accosted in the woods. She was raped and murdered by two men.


These two men wound up, not aware of it, in her father's house looking for charity. Her father, for the parameter in which he lived, he was a man of God. He was a Roman Catholic. He was religious. He saw the strangers, he invited them in. This was all that he had been called to in his lifetime.


He fed them he offered them a place to sleep. He offered them work. He was kind to them. He offered up his substance to them in a Godly way. When he found out that they had murdered his daughter, and he killed them. When he went to collect the body, and he saw the young virgin lying there dead, he fell down on his knees, and he cried out to God, and he repented of murdering. He cold bloodily murdered the men.


The only thing one can say to him is that the opportunity to murder them in their sleep, and he chose not to. He woke them up and struggled with them, and he succeeded to kill them.


He fell down on his knees, and he said, Lord, I am guilty of murder. You see what happened here. You see the murder of the innocent virgin, and you see my vengeance, and to make it up to you, I am going to build a church here. When they picked the body up to bury her, a spring of water flowed out of the ground.


When I took the movie out I did not realize it had anything to do with Mary. As the Lord spoke to me about that movie, and He told me, at its root they are talking about putting Mary in place of Christ. It was the crucifixion of the innocent blood. When they picked up her body, the fountain of water flowed out of the ground. We just studied the fountain of water; the fountain is Jesus.


She was a virgin however the man cried out, God, You knew about it. Why did this happen?


I want to tell you that it was obvious to me, as a woman of God, in this movie that both the mother and the father idolized this child. They idolized her to the point that she had an ungodly influence over each of them, and was having an ungodly affect on their marriage.


I am not saying that God is going to kill everybody that permits this in their family life. Obviously He does not, because the whole country is rampant with it. For the man to cry out; God why would you let this happen? I say unto you, Sir, you were guilty of idolatry; God is righteous.


The underlying message of the movie was the crucifixion of the innocent virgin, and this female deity had knocked out the Father, made the Son an infant, where it can. Where she cannot, she has changed her name; she is denying that she is female; and we have been getting a lot of teaching here about how Satan is really female, and we found it in Isaiah 63, how she is a spiritual lesbian, and is taking on a male role.


Here we see for those who will not pray to Mary, for those who will not receive the virgin as their Lord and Savior, she has changed her name from a female name to a male name. She has called herself the Holy Spirit or the Holy Ghost, and made herself a part of the Trinity for those who will not willingly give up the Father and the Son.


She has at the very least, made herself equal to them. Where she can she knocks the two of them out, and where she cannot, she makes herself male, and equal to them.


Before we leave the subject, let me remind you that the Lord has brought forth here the spiritual truth that Satan is female. I had been hit with very hard opposition to this revelation, and I have even said to the Lord, Why would there be such opposition to this revelation that Satan is truly a female who has taken on a male role? We said earlier, she is a lesbian, she was female, and that she is a part of the living soul which is spiritually female, and a part of that living soul has risen up and taken on a male role, and has had sexual intercourse within the spiritual being of the living soul.


She is a spiritual female that has committed incest within the living soul, and because of the high spiritual authority, which is a spiritual authority that is higher than man she does have the authority to produce offspring.


We know that two natural women have sexual relations, there is no way they can produce a child. In the realm of the spirit, with regard to the spiritual arm of sexuality, the lesbian that is in the male role has a spiritual authority to bring forth an offspring which is a perverted offspring. It is called the carnal mind.


It is because this perverted offspring has appeared in humanity that we are dying, and that we are corrupt and perverse in every area of our being. Nevertheless, she does have the authority. She is Satan, the spiritual lesbian who has taken on a male role does have the spiritual authority to bring forth offspring.


When the Lord first had me preaching this, I said, Lord I know it is a shock to some people, there is something here that I do not understand. There is too much opposition here. I do not understand it. The Lord has explained it to me now. Listen to this. Satan is truly female, a female deity within the true representation of Satan. To date she has taken a male role, and seating her true nature. If she is so bold in this hour that she has dared to reveal to those who would receive it, her true nature female.


What am I saying? I am saying, brethren, that a female deity is the full revelation of Satan, as a female. Therefore the worship of that female deity is, in fact the worship of Satan. I am going to say this again. There is a female deity in the world. Her name is Satan.


She would like you to believe that she is male. She would also like you to worship her. She knows that the average human being will not worship her. She has made herself male, as she has changed her name, and depending on whom she is relating to, and depending on what group or category of people, she is trying to influence to worship her. She will make whatever changes are necessary.


If she can relate to a group of people, that have no objection to worship in the female deity, she shall appear to them as a female deity. When she relates to a group of people, that are willing to worship her as Satan, she will receive worship as Satan. I want to tell you that even the Satan worshipers believe that she is a male. We have a group of people willing to worship Satan thinking that she is a male.


We have a group of people that are willing to worship a female deity, not knowing that she is Satan. I want to tell you that Satan is the god of this world, and one of her goals is to bring humanity or that every group of humanity that she could influence to worship her in her true condition, which is Satan as a female.


Do you hear what I am saying? The worship of a female deity is the worship Satan. It is a mystery. It has been hidden for a long time. There are many people that would worship a female deity with no problem. However, if you tell them it is Satan, they will not worship that female deity. The worship of female deity is the worship of Satan. She can pull this off because she has convinced the whole world that she is male.


We have two categories of people in the world that are worshiping Satan that are both deceived. The lesser deception is upon the group of people who would never willingly worship Satan that do not understand that Satan is female, and they so willingly worship a female deity without understanding that they are, in fact worshiping Satan.


The second group, are devil worshipers who know that they are worshiping Satan, or I wonder what their reaction would be when they found out that their god was a woman. The greatest sin is upon the group of people that would worship a female deity. They are openly deceived believing they are worshiping a mother of Christ.


I declare to you no female deity is the mother of Christ. The Father begot the Son, and He begot Him from His own female seed that He brought forth from within Himself. Satan is the intelligence that dwells in the earth which the Lord brought forth for the specific purpose of giving form to the creation.


Satan shall serve the spiritual man. She is not God. She shall never be God.


As the Lord proceeds forth with His program for the deliverance of the human race, from her dominance, He shall continue to expose her in every area where she has changed her name, and or, changed her form, and or, changed her sex for the specific purpose of seducing human beings to worship her.


I would like to take one more look at this Trinity, Nimrod, Semiramis, and Tammuz. We have just found out that Semiramis is, in fact Satan, and that Satan is now become one with Eve, which is the spiritual seed of God, and they have produced an offspring called the carnal mind. The carnal mind is female. The false religion tells you that the offspring of this unholy alliance is male. They call her the son. The carnal mind is female as well as Satan being female.


Who does Nimrod represent? If he does not represent the Father God, who does he represent? I would like to suggest to you, that if you are familiar with our earlier studies about the living soul, you may remember that, when the Father God removed Himself from the creation, He placed Adam in charge. He said, Adam, You are the imputed male. I have given you the authority to enter into the male role. Occupy until I come. Adam was overtaken by Satan. The Father God said to Adam, Do not let your spiritual fertile parts, which are Eve be fertilized by the intelligence in the earth. She is to remain a virgin until the Father comes to bring forth His Christ in the creation.


Adam was seduced and overcome by Satan into giving up his authority. He listened to the whisper in his mind, and I know that you speaking well, was it not Eve that listened to the whisper in her mind. Brethren, Adam and Eve were one. Adam and Eve were one. The Scripture says, She ate and her husband with her. Adam was the one that was responsible to protect Eve who was innocent, and unaware of everything that was going on.


The responsibility was upon Adam. Adam, the conscience of God in man before the fall, was seduced by the unconscious mind by the intelligence in the earth by the wickedness that was crawling in the earth that which Adam was assigned to keep under foot. He was seduced by him. He was influenced by him, and in the fallen creation the role of Adam is the beast upon which the harlot is riding.


He has been utterly trodden under foot, humiliated, and ashamed. In fact, has been literally wiped out of the picture just as the Father has been wiped out of the picture when we look at the virgin, and the Son, which in reality is Satan, and the carnal mind.


I hope you understand what I just said. There is an unholy Trinity that has been presented to men, as Godly religion, and it is rooted in Adam, Satan, and Eve. For those people who will not receive the mother and her offspring, its unholy spiritual alliance has taken another fall.


They have called themselves, the Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, and I am declaring to you on this tape, that the Trinity, and the parties thereof are false. They are not out of the Spirit of God though they may call themselves by the names of God.


God, the Father of creation is known as the Father or the Son, or the Father within His Christ. The Trinity has arisen out the perversion that Satan has brought forth into this world system.


I was telling you that we were under the category, Source of Spiritual Life, and the Open Bible, that says, Christ and the Holy Spirit obviously implying the Trinity, and I had to put that in, because I do not believe that there is any Trinity in Christ.


There is one more topic under this heading, God's Word Begets Spiritual Life.


James 1:18 Of His own will begat He us with the


Word of Truth, that we should be a kind of


first-fruits of His creatures. KJV


He is our source of spiritual life, Of His own will begat He us with the word of truth that we should be a kind of first-fruits of His creatures. It was the will of the Lord that we should be born, and He begat us with the word of truth. That is referring to the second birth. The first birth is of this body, and of this Adamic soul. We are told here that we were begat.


A woman gives birth. A man begets. That is referring to the impartation of the male seed. The word beget is the impartation of the male seed, and the Father, begat us, the Father of lights, we are told in Verse 17. That is another name of the Father. The Father of lights, the Father of Spirit, He has many names.


Of the Father's own will, He begat us. He brought forth a child in us, and He did it by the word of truth, and the word we know is Christ.


We are not begotten if Christ is not formed in us. Again I am telling you, brethren, you are not begotten, you are not born of God when you are baptized with the Holy Spirit. This is a shocking word to the church world. I have told you this before and I will say it again. The Christian, who is experiencing God, is only that he has been baptized with the Holy Spirit.


If he has not conceived Christ, you are likened to the Jews that existed at the hour at the appearing of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. They had the Spirit of Christ. They had a stronger anointing than the baptism in the Holy Spirit. I am trying to simplify this. Let me put it this way. They had an imputed anointing. They had a relationship with God through an imputed anointing. Jesus said, The least in the Kingdom of God. That means, a Christian who has just conceived Christ.


That seed may not even be manifesting yet, however, if Christ has been conceived in the Adamic womb of his soul, he is greater than the greatest of the Old Testament saints or prophets. Why? He that conceives Christ has within him the potential to be cleansed and purged of sin, and rehabilitated, so that we do not have to die for our sins. We have within us in seed form, the very White Throne Judgment, which has the spiritual authority to convert us, to translate us out from the life of sin and death into a life of righteousness, and glory in the Spirit.


That person, no matter how reprobate they are, because the potential for change is within them is greater than the man who is not nearly as reprobate but does not have the seed. What does that mean? It means that, eventually you must die. His anointing is imputed. If the very sin of his soul is not being ripped out, and uprooted and destroyed, even though that imputed anointing keeps him from sin for his whole lifetime, he still must die. Why? At the core of his being, when the Lord looks at the intents of his heart, at the core of his being, he is a sin filled, fallen, Adamic man, and the soul that sins must die.


When he of whom Christ has been conceived he has the potential to be purified, and enter into an age of life without end. The word to you, church world, is that if you have been baptized with the Holy Spirit, you can be likened to natural Israel of an imputed anointing. If you do not receive the seed, if Christ has not began to be formed in you, you shall surely die. If you think that when your body dies you are flying away to heaven, you are deceived.


We are told in James 1:18, that when the Father begets us, when Christ is conceived in us, by the word of truth, we are safe by the foolishness of preaching, that we should be a kind of first-fruits of His creatures. I am really not going to deal with the first-fruits of His creatures tonight.


I am going to stay with, that of the Lord's own will, He has brought forth the life of His Son in us, with the word of truth, with the preaching of the true gospel of the Kingdom. There is a false gospel of the Kingdom being preached today. I want to tell you that all, that gospel can give to you is an intellectual knowledge of Christ. It cannot cause your soul to conceive Christ. It cannot bring forth the life of the ages within you. The church world, if you cannot hear the gospel of the Kingdom when it comes to your ears, you are in the same condition that the Pharisees were in.


Jesus said, I came to heal the blind, if you see there is nothing I can do for you. I am telling you that you have received Satan's doctrine you are not flying away to a place where you have a mansion and streets of gold. If your body dies, the resurrection is in the flesh. It is the resurrection of your dead Adamic soul, and the resurrection of your dead human spirit that has been joined to Satan, and produced the carnal mind. You have heard the resurrection of the quick and the dead, quickening a lie.


The resurrection of the quick is the resurrection of your human spirit that was once alive with Christ. The resurrection of the dead is the resurrection of your Adamic soul which was dead from the beginning. The resurrection of the quick is the resurrection of the many-membered life of God that was buried in the earth from the beginning of it.


The resurrection of the dead is the resurrection of the many-membered Adamic men which never lived. I should not say that, I am sorry. He lived briefly under an imputed anointing before sin sprang forth in him. It was never under his own righteousness, he always had the potential with him.


Of God's own will, He conceived His Son in us. You must conceive Christ. What happens when you conceive Christ? He judges your wicked Adamic soul. If you have not conceived Christ, if you have not come under the judgment, the


Scripture says you are a bastard. What does that mean you are a bastard? Ask yourself, what does it mean?


It means that it is not Christ that is given you existence. You are a bastard, you are a lie, you are a shadow you are an illusion. You shall not abide forever. You are not real. You are a phony. I am going to stop here. Does anyone have any questions on anything that we preached on.


COMMENT: Do we have an imputed anointing before you get any part of an anointing.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. An imputed anointing is that which is given without repentance. It is imparted without a change of character. You make a general repentance, and we enter into a relationship, a friendship, or a relationship with the Lord, and if He has planted it to us. I have seen people that are submitted to prayer for years, and they cannot seem to acquire the baptism with the Holy Spirit. They seem to be available to most people that want it. The gifts and the calling of God are given without specific repentance. Have you ever stopped to think about that Scripture? Everybody that I know of that has the baptism of the Holy Spirit, has said, I repent, and receive you Jesus as my Lord and Savior.


I have never seen anyone get the baptism with the Holy Spirit without saying that. Have you ever questioned how the Scripture can say the gifts of the calling of God are without repentance? The answer to that question is the general overall repentance can only go so far. As a rule we have to look that word up in the Greek, I have it. The repentance that the Lord was speaking about is the repentance of specific areas of sin in our life that the Lord wants to lift us, and route it out.


The general repentance that we make when we come to the Lord, is a repentance that says, I confess that I am a sinner, and I am under the blood, and now I am going to dance and sing for the next fifteen years, and buy a dust pan, and that is alright if that is where the Lord has you for a season.


When the Lord comes to you, and He says, it is time to move on, and now I am required repentance of specific areas of sin, and when you confess and repented, I intend to rip it out of you. That is the beginning of your judgment of your soul, and the beginning of your impartation of the imparted anointing, which is the very life of Christ. An imparted anointing is the conception of Christ.


Before you conceive Christ when you are having a relationship with the Holy Spirit, which is the Father, you have an imputed anointing. When He succeeds in conceiving His Son in you, you have entered into the imparted anointing at the very beginning stages. We can say, the imputed anointing is a relationship with the Father in the form of the Holy Spirit. The imparted anointing is the conception of Christ, and the beginning of His formation in you.


There is more spiritual authority, and there is more power in one who has conceived Christ, in one who has the relationship with the Father in the form of the Holy Spirit. We went into that before. There is more authority for your own spiritual development, and there is more authority in your prayers. There is more authority to help others.


It is a whole new realm, and as Jesus said, He who is the least, who is the youngest, he who has the smallest or the newest conception of Christ is greater in potential than the man with the greatest imputed anointing that you have ever seen.


You can do all kinds of miracles however the spiritual reality is the reprobate man that in whom Christ has been conceived is greater. Why? Not for anything that he has done. He has become a vessel in which the life of God is growing. You better believe that God is going to watch over that person, and chasten that person, and bring that person forward. Why? His Son is in him, not that any good thing that he has done. Do you have a question?


COMMENT: I think I have more understanding tonight. You are talking about the Holy Spirit, and the Father in that, and Jesus. I think in my own denomination I had received a wrong interpretation of this, when I always read it.


PASTOR VITALE: You mean, the Trinity?


COMMENT: Yes. I knew that it was not that. I mean, I think it was printed in my mind. What I received tonight, it says, that the blaspheme against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven of men, and whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven them, but whosoever speaketh against the Holy Ghost it shall not forgiven them.


I received the understanding, I think, tonight. The reason why I felt Jesus was saying that, it was not just the Holy Spirit, it was the Spirit of the Father as the Holy Spirit, would not be forgiven. I never saw it before I thought it was a different identity. That is why it was more offensive to the Father, than to the Son.


PASTOR VITALE: May I comment on that? This is what the Lord is telling me, that he who blasphemes the Son shall be forgiven. That is correct, right? He who blasphemes the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven. I have not looked it up in the Greek however this is what God has given me on my heart.


If the Son is conceived in you, you will be forgiven, as I just said, because the life of the Son is in you, and the Father is going to do everything He can to bring that life to full term.


If the life of the Son is not in you, for you to blaspheme the Son, it would have to be the Son in another person. Any believer, in whom the Son is manifesting, is in some measure, a member of the two witness company. Why would you blaspheme the Son?


I am going to try and make this clearer. God is just giving this to me, than bringing forth. The carnal mind reads that Scripture and they think that it is saying, a general blaspheming of the name of Jesus Christ. That is not what that Scripture means.


He, who confesses not that Jesus has come in the flesh, is Anti-Christ. Where is Christ today? Where is the Son today? He is in you. You are the Son. We are the Son. He who blasphemed you for righteousness sake, because there is righteousness in you, he shall be forgiven. What does that mean?


If you listen to our studies on the Two Witness Company, you will know that when someone who is reprobate, or I believe when he gets in a conflict with the Son of God, the result is that the sting comes forth them, which is Christ, and impregnates them with Christ.


When you tangle with the Son of God, the result is you become impregnated with Christ. He, who blasphemes the Son not some spiritual, abstract. He who blasphemes a man in whom Christ is appearing you shall be forgiven. Why? Christ will be imparted to you, and He will judge your soul, and He will bring you to repentance, and you will be forgiven.


He who blasphemes the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit in a man does not have the authority to impregnate you. If a reprobate person tangles with the believer, who only has a relationship with the Father, in whom Christ is not formed, there is no weapon. The weapon is in Christ. What is the weapon of God do? The weapon of God destroys the death of the man, and brings forth the life of Christ. If the reprobate tangles with the Son, the result is he conceives Christ.


Christ has the weapon. If the reprobate tangles with a believer that only has the Holy Ghost, there is no weapon in the Holy Ghost. He is not defensive, he is curative. If a reprobate tangles with a believer that has only the Holy Ghost, he will not be forgiven, because that believer does not have the spiritual authority to impart the life of Christ.


I do not think you understand what I am saying. Lord, I do ask you that you help me to make this a little clearer. It is very exciting, I do not know if you are aware of it or not, because the Lord has given us some incredible message tonight. It does not happen every time I preach that He gives me revelation as I am preaching. When it happens it is a glorious experience for me and hopefully for you. It does not happen every time I preach. This is the first I have heard of this, and He is giving it to me at the same time that He is giving it to you. Father, help me to put it simple.


Jesus said to His disciples, He whose sins you forgive, they are forgiven. He whose sins you do not remit, they are not remitted. God gave that to us recently too, and we talked about the fact, when Jesus said that, He was not saying to the disciples arbitrarily, that well, who you feel like forgiving, they are forgiven, who you do not feel like forgiving.


That is not what Jesus is saying. He was saying that you have spiritual authority to forgive sin. I will try it again simply, and if you do not understand it, we will go over it at the next meeting. I am going to give it to you simply, and whether you think you understand or not, we will go over it at the next meeting.


The Son is not some abstract spiritual entity. In this hour, if Christ is conceived in you, you are the Son. If someone blasphemes you, because of the righteousness that is in you, now if you have sinned against someone that blasphemed you, there is no glory in it. If you have manifested Christ, and the result is that you are blasphemed, the weapons that are present in the spiritual life of the Son, will rise up. The Scripture describes it as the sting of the scorpion, and it will kill that man. There is only one problem. The man that would attack Christ is already dead.


You cannot kill someone who is already dead. When Christ kills you who are already dead, He is killing death. This is the death of deaths. This is the second death. When Christ kills a dead person, they rise from the dead.


You tangle with the Son of God, and that Son of God maintains His integrity, and manifests Christ toward you in this conflict, you are sure to receive the sting of the scorpion. If you have in fact, truly received the sting of the scorpion, in due season you shall reap life. You have sowed death, you tried to kill the Son of God, however you have reaped life because you have not tangled with a man, but you have tangled the God of the Universe in that man. He has killed you, you who He has caused you to die to this realm of death, to the realm of death that has caused you to attack the Son of God.


This is the Two-Witness Ministry. We have a whole series on it. This is the ministry of the Two Witnesses. When you blaspheme the Son that is some spiritual vapor up there, when you blaspheme a man, that is manifesting Christ to you your sins shall be forgiven. After you receive the sting of death, and you go through the pain that is liken to the scorpion, we are told, as the sin is routed out of you, and you are raised from the dead, your sins are forgiven you.


If you tangle with a man, in whom Christ has not been conceived, if you tangle in a man that has just been baptized with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit of the Father does not have the authority to raise the dead. The Son raises the dead. When you tangle with a man that is moving with an imputed anointing, in which Christ is not conceived, a man that has no spiritual weapons, a man that is not equipped to kill death, your sins will not be forgiven you because this man has no authority to kill the death in you. This man has no authority to impart life to you. This man has no authority to forgive your sin. The Son has the authority to forgive your sins.


On a recent tape in the Harvest Series, we spent considerable time on the Scriptures that spoke about forgiving your brother, and as the Lord showed us how misunderstood that is, that it is very, very serious the pushing of forgiveness.


It is very, very serious because if you have Christ in you, and you yield to un-forgiveness toward your brother, you have refused to remit his sin. You are binding him to this realm of death. You are locking him in. You are building a cement tomb about him, by your refusal to forgive his sin.


That is what Jesus is saying, if Christ is in you, and you are willing to live out of Christ, you have the spiritual authority to raise that person up out of this horrible condition, out of which they have attacked you. If you come down to their level, and you manifest carnality when Christ is in you, you see when Christ is in you, you have a choice, and if you choose to manifest out of that carnality, and not forgive him, you have killed him.


You have killed your brother. I just want to say one more thing about this I am not saying that it is easy. When I say, you have a choice when Christ is being formed in you, what I mean is, that when you are totally overcome with hate and un-forgiveness, your choice is to cry out to God, and say, Jesus I cannot do it, however I understand this principle, and you told me that I have a choice, and I am asking you to implement, to activate, to bring forth the Christ in me, and let me forgive. I desire to do it, and I cannot do it. That is the choice.


Do not think you cannot do it. You cannot. When He hears a prayer like that, He will activate His life in you, and you will do it. Do not give up, because you look in your soul, you look at yourself, and you say, I hate that person. I want to kill that man. Forgive him? If I had the nerve, I will slit his throat.


When you look in your heart and that is what you see, do not be discouraged, and do not give up. If Christ is in you, it is the same principle as accessing the mind of Christ, which is the wisdom of God. Ask for it. He is faithful to impart it to you. What am I saying to you? Do not, not ask for it, because you have seen the wickedness in your own soul.


COMMENT: To conceive you have to lay with God to get the seed of God, right?


PASTOR VITALE: You can know that He is conceived in you because His characteristics are appearing in you.


COMMENT: That is the sign that you have lain with God, is that you hear His voice?


PASTOR VITALE: That is one of His signs. The primary sign is, His nature appearing in you. The way we know whether or not His nature is appearing in us, is the way we respond in crisis. Not the way we respond when everything is going good in our life. When the fiery trial comes upon us, the Lord is there watching to see whether or not His response is, His mind, His heart is going to flicker in our soul.






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