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I want to speak to you about criminal spirit that can exist in our unconscious mind. Sometimes we see them but it is very painful for us to know that they are there. Sometimes we do not see them. What is a criminal spirit? It is some manifestation of our carnal mind that is wicked.


Now brethren in relationship to Christ every one of us is evil because he is perfect and no man is good in relationship to Christ. But in comparison or in relationship to the human race there are some that more evil than others. Can anybody not say amen to that? There are some that are move evil than others.


Some people have evil manifesting in their behaviour usually they wind up in jail but we have what the Lord has shown me a criminal spirit manifesting in people that appear to be solid citizens, frequently in believers. Sometimes the believer does not know about it and sometimes they do and think that the thing to do is to restrain it and hide it and not tell anybody.


And the Lord has shown me this weekend that in some circumstances and in some cases if this condition of having a criminal spirit exist in any human being but right now I am dealing with believers. What it has the power to do if it is in this category is vibrate forth out of your mind and attack another person.


And the Lord has shown me this weekend that it is a spirit of spiritual rape and if you have this condition in your mind you may be recognising this sin and thinking that you have it bound up. You may recognise that it is wicked. You may rebuke it and you may think that nobody else is going to know about your deep dark secret. But if this criminal spirit is in you, it is vibrating out of your mind against your will. Does anybody not understand what I am saying?


I am not accusing anybody, I am not condemning anybody, I am talking about a particular spiritual problem of having a spirit of spiritual rape, of having our carnal mind that is so powerful probably through you start with inherited witchcraft and then whatever has happened in your life time.


I am talking about the carnal mind that is so powerful that you think that you are controlling it but you are not. And the way it is going to be exposed that you are not controlling it is another human being is going to feel the result of its penetrating their mind and or their emotions.


I am saying if your carnal mind is in this condition your carnal mind is a weapon. Everybody's carnal mind is not a weapon. There are all different people in this group of people that we call humanity. Everybody's carnal mind is not a weapon. Some people have a carnal mind that is a weapon and they know it we call them witches. They say incantations. Sometimes they drink blood they do all kinds of and they use all kinds of paraphernalia and they hurt people and they know it and they do not lie about it.


But someone can have it an inherited psychic ability that can propel ungodliness in their own heart despite their attempts to restrain it.


Now two people can have a spirit of envy, two Christians can have a spirit of envy, one person can have a carnal mind that is sharpened to point of being spiritually criminal and it will lay hold of that envy spirit vibrate out from that persons mind and attack somebody, hurt them. If the person is spiritually sensitive they will feel thoughts in their mind or they will feel disruption in their emotions. Another person can have a spirit of envy but not have a criminal carnal mind.


If you have a carnal mind or anybody has a carnal mind that has it is most likely an inherited ability to vibrate out of your own vessel against your will. You do not want to hurt anybody. You are trying to restrain this thing but you have failed to do it. If that is your condition you have a criminal carnal mind that is guilty of spiritual rape.


Now I am certainly not accusing anybody here. Did we not talk about this this morning? This is the lesson of the Lord to me this morning and He has just told me to share it with you. There is never any condemnation in Christ Jesus.


If you ever feel or recognise ungodliness in your heart , rebellion, envy, hatred, pride whatever it is and you think you are restraining it, ask the Lord whether or not you are restraining it because the truth is going to set us free. And we have to know whether or not we are succeeding in restraining our animal. We all have an animal he is our carnal mind. He is supposed to be on a leech and we are supposed to be living out of Christ.


Now we all have to get before the Lord and know whether or not we are succeeding in restraining our animal. Right? Because if we are not restraining our animal and we do not know it, and our carnal mind is damaging other people somewhere along the line we are going to have to answer for it. There are no secrets before the Lord. There are no secrets before God.


COMMENT: I am thinking the music is so anointed but I asked God to expose anything and I am feeling that it must be me that He is referring to because I have a carnal mind. You know I do not want it but I am asking Him to get everything out in the last couple of days so I will have to say it is me.


PASTOR VITALE: Why do you think it is you?


COMMENT: Because earlier I had hurt and big bitterness and all these things and I have just been rebuking it and I do not know where it was coming from. But I was thinking the music was beautiful so it is there it means something is hidden and I want God to expose it, see what happened.


PASTOR VITALE: Why were you hurt, bitter and envious?


COMMENT: I guess maybe because I saw that XXXX was going that is why I strive because I was the one that had wanted to go to Africa. So this is inside of me is this childish, girlish jealousy. And I was rebuking it because I am glad that she is going.


PASTOR VITALE: But there is another side to you.


COMMENT: So there is that side that will be the criminal side within me.


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, praise God.


COMMENT: I do not see how it is coming.


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, XXXX is spiritually sensitive. You see the whole point here is that if this is your condition it attacks people without their agreement okay. And what starts it off is that you are upset in your emotions and you are feeling all these feelings and it gives it is like putting fuel in it and then it just goes and does whatever it wants because apparently you know you do not have control over it. Okay, we are going to pray for you.


The Lord has showed me that this is a spirit of rape and that it is possible for a believer to have a carnal mind that is stronger than our own restraint. And if we have that thank God we have an advocate who is going to help us with it. Glory to God. Does anyone have any questions about what I just brought forth? It is very shocking, you know.


But let me just tell you this, let me encourage you. Let me encourage you, listen to this, let me encourage you that when we have anyone who has a condition like this, any kind of criminal condition when we come to the Lord he takes it as a spoil of war. He cleans us up and in direct proportion to the ungodly spiritual strength that we have when He cleans us up we are going to have godly spiritual strength. If we have this powerful spiritual strength that is a criminal after the Lord gets through with us we are going to be strong in Christ. Does anyone not know what I am talking about? Okay.


Spirituality must be built into a human being. It is built in it comes down on the family line. Whether it is used for the Lord or whether it is used for witchcraft. The ability to be spiritual is something that is inherited and then it increased with each generation. To be really spiritual you have to have been born with some measure of spirituality.


And that is why we see in the church today a lot of people from certain ethnic background. I am going to say a lot people with Spanish background, a lot of people with Italian backgrounds, a lot of black people whose ancestors were into a lot of witchcraft, moving into the spiritual things of God much more quickly than a lot of people whose ancestors have been in this country for several generations.


Now to the best of my knowledge there was witchcraft all over Europe but I do not think that it was practised by the people who are here for several generations. Does anybody not know what I am talking about? Okay.


We see a lot of the white people in the church not in every case anyone that is listening to this tape and manifesting I do not know about your personal condition but as I general rule, we see a lot of the Caucasian or white people not as spiritual or not as ready to even believe about the spiritual aspect of Christ as a lot of people that know.


A lot of Spanish people, a lot of Italian people, a lot of black people they know witchcraft is real. And I run up against white people all the time that before I can be spiritual with them I have to convince them that witchcraft is real. And frequently I fail convincing them.


If you are a person that has a carnal mind that has a lot of spiritual authority take heart, be brave and trust your God and He is going to clean you up and use it for His kingdom and you are going to be powerful in His kingdom. Okay?


Okay, we are going to pray for XXXX now.




Halleluiah, on the last message we started part 4 the growth of the spiritual life of God and we did the first entry. Which is that the growth of God, the growth of the spiritual life of God begins with birth, John 3 verses 3-4, we did that on the last part of the series. So we are going to pick up with the growth of the spiritual life of God feeds on milk in infancy.


1 Peter 2:2


As new born babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby.  KJV


Well that sort of leaves us up in the air but what the scripture is saying is that there is such a thing as a new born baby in Christ. And new born babies in Christ desire milk and milk is something that is easily digestible that does not cause distress to ones internal organs. And when one's internal organs experience distress it results in emotional distress and babies that try to eat food that their intestines cannot accommodate are afflicted physically. They are afflicted mentally and brethren they are capable of dying, they could die from being given food that they cannot digest.


Now hear me, if you try to force meat on a babe you can kill them. What am I talking about? You take this word to somebody that is not ready for it and you could cause them to lose whatever faith they have in Christ. If you press hard enough on them you can knock them right out of their relationship with the Lord.


This is a very serious business. Infancy or maturity in Christ has nothing whatsoever to do with how many physical years someone has been in the Lord. Paul said henceforth we know no man by the flesh any longer. We know him by the spirit.


Brethren, you must get your spiritual eyes opened. If they are not opened ask God to open them. You must know who you are talking to. You must know who you are ministering to. You must know whether or not they can tolerate meat or whether it will kill them.


This walk with the Lord is real. It is taking place in the realm of the spirit. What you see of a human being or of their life is just the surface. We can no longer respond to people by what we see on the surface neither can we respond out of our surface.


What is our surface? Anybody what is our surface? Our Adamic soul, our carnal mind and that is what you see. You see our carnal mind, we have got to give it up. It is going to kill us number one or we are already dead. It is going to keep us dead, it is going to kill whatever measure of life in Christ that is growing in us and he is going to kill whoever we try to minister to. Why? Because the carnal mind is death, if you minister out of your carnal mind you will kill, you will not impart life.


How do you discern a spiritual babe in Christ? Someone can be 86 years old and be a spiritual babe in Christ. It has nothing to do with natural age. Someone can be a doctor, a lawyer, a genius, a highly educated person and they can be a babe in Christ. There are many churches that chose their elders based on a man's worldly accomplishments, disaster.


You will drive the spirit of God out of your church if you do not honour His spirit, if you do not honour His choices for ministry, if you do not honour his attempts to minister to you He will leave. You must be able to discern whether He is in your meetings or not. You must be able to discern in whom He is manifesting in at any given moment. And you must be able to discern the age of the child of the kingdom to whom you are relating.


What do you look for? Self control, you look for self control. You know spiritual babies are not very different from natural babies. Are they crying all the time? Or maybe they are spiritual babies. Do they have many problems? That they cannot seem to deal with. Now it is not a question of having problems. Are they crying all the time because they cannot deal with their problems? That might be a sign that they are spiritual babies. Can they walk? Babies cannot walk brethren.


How does one walk in the spirit? One follows after the spirit of God. Those who walk after the spirit of God they are the sons of God. Can this believer walk? Can they discern the spirit? How do you know? Well you ask them. When you are in a meeting together you say was that not an outpouring of the spirit? And if they say to you what spirit? You know that they did not discern the spirit.


You engage in conversation with them. What are they talking about? Are they babbling baby talk? Or are they talking about the weighty matters of our spiritual world? Are they going goo, goo, da da? Or they are talking about the things of God's life? Glory to God.


So we are asking ourselves if they can walk. We are asking ourselves f they can talk and we are asking ourselves when they talk if they can talk what they are talking about. Halleluiah.


And another sign is what they eat. You should not be speaking strong meat to someone about whom you have not made a judgement as to how old they are, and pass that judgement before the Lord asking Him to correct you if you are wrong.


You should not be speaking strong meat to somebody unless the Lord has released you to do so. Should you speak strong meat to somebody because for the moment you are a little impulsive or for whatever reason, if you do it watch their reaction. If they choke or if they vomit the chances are they are babies in Christ.


And what does it look like when a baby in Christ spiritually chokes? They get all red in the face, their eyes dilate, and they usually walk away from you. Sometimes they rebuke you but their reaction is negative. Their spirit has rejected what you have said.


What is spiritual vomit? Spiritual vomit can be several things. The most likely is that they listen to what you say and they chew it up and they swallow it and then they spit it back up and it is nothing at all like what you said. And they go around telling the whole church world that you are preaching something that you never said.


Now when you put food in your mouth, if it is a solid form when you vomit it up it has been chewed up and swallowed, it comes up out in another form. When it comes out of your mouth it does not look like what it looked like when it went in but they have got your name on it.


When you open your mouth with doctrine and it is not God you are opening yourself up to all kinds of problems. You are opening yourself up to persecution, you are opening yourself up to lies, you are opening yourself up to people who are going to blame you or going to bring problems into your life.


Brethren if Christ has told you to speak then you are persecuted for righteousness sake and you must stand and bear the reproach. If it is not Christ you have brought it upon yourself and there is no one to blame but yourself. You have hurt yourself and you have hurt another person. You could have damaged their walk with the Lord or you could have damaged them in a way that will put off their ability to receive this word for a longer period of time.


You do not talk about certain things in front of your children. We have women here that have raised children. There are certain things you just do not talk about in front of the children. Glory to God. So there are babies in Christ and there are adult in Christ. You want to recognise the adult, you want to look for someone who is comfortable with the things of God.


Another sign of immaturity is pride. The more immature a believer is the more likely there is to be pride present. Great pride, thoughts that they know everything, that they know the bible from cover to cover. That they have all the revelation that there is, it is been all written and they know it.


One of the greatest signs of maturity in a believer is that they know when Christ is manifesting through them and they know when He is not. And when He is not manifesting through them they will tell you He is not speaking through me, you do not want to hear what my carnal mind has to say. I will pray for you, if the Lord speaks to me with an answer for your problem I will let you know. One of the greatest signs of maturity is an ability to admit you do not have every answer to every problem.


Another sign of immaturity is the person thinking that they can cure you of any disease or a person thinks they can cast any demon out of you at the moment that they decided to choose. This is a sign of immaturity; it is not true they cannot. Nobody can heal anybody or cast out any demon unless the Lord is in agreement with them to do it. This humility that comes from a knowledge that we can do nothing unless He is in agreement with what we are trying to do is a sign of maturity.


Ministry, being in the ministry is not a sign that someone is mature. You have a lot of immature Christians in the ministry. Now that is really tough, a lot of Christians have trouble with that one but God has done it. He has placed a lot of immature Christians in the ministry.


And this revelation to us that they are immature is not an authority for us to disrespect them in anyway. The office must always be respected. The office must be respected whether they are doing a good job or whether they are doing a bad job. It is not easy to be in the ministry. The office is to be respected.


David respected Saul until the day God let him die. You do not challenge him unless God sends you. And if you cannot tell whether God sends you or not cease from all of your works. Stop doing, stand still until the Lord imparts an ability to you to understand when you are sent and when you are not. That is a sign of maturity too.


We must give up the works of our flesh. Why? So that Christ can work through us. We must clear the way for His appearance by giving up the works of our flesh by asking Him to be in control of our life and to be the only spirit ruling through us, Halleluiah.


I guess I cover that as new born babes desire the sincere milk of the word that ye may grow thereby. Halleluiah, Glory to God. Going on with the growth of the spiritual life of God must not remain in infancy.


Hebrews 5:10-11


10 Called of God an high priest after the order of Melchisedec


11 Of whom we have many things to say and hard to be uttered, seeing ye are dull of hearing.  KJV


Let me go back to 10, talking about Melchisedec who was called of God a high priest we are talking about Jesus.


Who was called of God a high priest (we are talking about Jesus) after the order of Melchisedec of whom we have many things to say and hard to be uttered seeing ye are dull of hearing. Was that not interesting? Speaking about Jesus of whom we have many things to say that are hard to be uttered because you are dull of hearing.


The scriptures say they are hard to say. Do you know that when you try to minister to someone in the spirit of Christ and there is a full manifestation of their carnal mind that you are speaking to, that it is hard to speak? Has anyone here experienced that? It is like a wall, it is like trying to penetrate a wall.


Here we go again this is a warfare we were talking about this earlier tonight. Brethren, when you are ministering Christ to someone, the mind of Christ is a weapon. It is a weapon. It is the sting of the scorpion that appears in Revelation 9. It is designed to penetrate the carnal minds of men.


The carnal mind is a weapon. We found scriptures describing it as a ... the kind of instrument that the .... carries. There is an instrument of death it has a cutting edge as well as the mind of God. When the mind of God penetrates you, He imparts the life of Christ in seed form. When the carnal mind penetrates you it kills you and everything of Christ in you.


And the apostles said we have much to tell you but it is hard for us to speak because your carnal mind is confronting us with its weapon opposing the Christ in us. It is spiritual warfare.


Now you may have heard it taught that the true spiritual warfare is binding and loosing but I want to tell you brethren that is children's games, binding and loosing in the heavenlies. The true spiritual warfare is mind to mind. A human being in whom the mind of Christ is being revealed against a human being in whom the carnal mind is appearing, and it is a dual. Both minds have sharp weapons.


If Christ has sent you to this battle you will surely prevail, maybe not at the first stroke you may have to go back several times. You may get a good few clips to the jaw but there will be the fruit of His spirit, Glory to God.


But Paul says we are not even telling you, is that not what he says? He said we have many things to tell you about Jesus Christ the high priest after the order of Melchisedec but they are hard to utter and hard to be uttered seeing you are dull of hearing. Your ears are clogged up with your carnal mind.


And I believe what the scripture is saying is that the Lord does not send the word to everybody at every stage of their spiritual growth. He does not try to force down their throats what they are not ready for.


Now Paul here is talking about the high priesthood. Now a lot of Christians out there they cannot bear to hear that there is a high priesthood. They know there are kings and priests but they do not want to believe that there is a high priesthood. Especially mature believers they are dull of hearing when it comes to that. Either they cannot hear from the Lord or when they hear they do not obey and they do not want a man between them and God.


I want to tell you brethren when God speaks and you hear and you obey, then the only one over you is Christ. But if you are not yet developed to that point God will put a man over you whether you accept that authority or not. He is over you. Glory to God.


Hebrew 5:12


For when for the time ye ought to be teachers, ye have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God; and are become such as have need of milk, and not of strong meat.  KJV


For when for the time you ought to be teachers you have need that one teach you again which be the first principle of the oracles of God. He is talking about mature people here, you are supposed to be teaching. God has made a judgement, you have received enough ministry that you should have matured to the point where you should be teaching but you are so immature. Your ears are closed and dull of hearing that you need to hear the first principles again.


Why are your ears closed, brethren? Glory to God, maybe you do not like what the word of God is saying. Do you know that a lot of believers close their ears? When they do not like what the word of God is saying. They make a judgement that it is not God.


I see a strange thing in this nation today. Well here on Long Island anyway I see it people do not try the spirit, they try the word. I cannot find one scripture that says try the word. It says try the spirit brethren to see if it be of God and if the spirit is of God believe this is not in the scripture but this is what is means believe the doctrine. It does not say try the doctrine and reject the person because you do not like what they are preaching. Try the spirit, is it Christ in them or is it Adam in them. Who is talking to you? Christ or Adam?


Discern the spirit. If it is Christ in you speaking something that you have never heard before, if you can acknowledge that it is the Lord God you had better start praying about what He is saying. Anyone can come to you with any kind of a doctrine. Adam can come to you if the gospel of the kingdom.


You do not submit to someone because of what they are preaching. You submit to someone because it is Christ come in the flesh preaching to you because he who confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is an anti Christ.


You are killing yourself if you are trying the word and not the spirit. And this is what the people have been taught. God have mercy on their souls. They are being taught by ministers that are spiritual women and they are being destroyed. But in all fairness to God, if the Lord Jesus Christ was truly their head they will be delivered from this bondage.


If you idolise your pastor you will go down with him. If Jesus Christ is truly your head he will somehow get you out of the destruction that has come upon you because your head is a spiritual woman. If he has put you in the local fellowship you submit to it as long as you believe He has placed you there but know that Jesus Christ is the head of all. Glory to God, Halleluiah.


He is the one who is able to keep you standing. He is the one that is able to keep you from falling, only Jesus Christ, no minister can keep you from falling. All a minister can do if he is doing it is faithfully repeat the words that the Christ that he can hear that you cannot hear is speaking to him.


He can also minister the love that Christ is ministering through him to you, so that you can grow in Christ but do not worship a man and do not idolise your leader. Love and respect and honour him but know that Christ is the God of all. I guess that is hard for a lot of people. Especially babies that come in off the street and they see all these thousands of people going to church and they are all putting all their faith in a man and in a particular ministry in their 'church'.


God have mercy. I just pray for all of these people that are in bondage to a rebellious criminal female ministry that calls himself the church. I pray for them Father that you deliver them. Halleluiah.


For when for the time ye ought to be teachers you have need that one teach you again which be the first principles of the oracles of God. And are become such as in need of milk and not of strong meat.


And the reason for this brethren is that you really if this is you you really do not like the strong meat. You are not willing to pay the price brethren. What am I talking about? You are not willing to pay the price. You want to do what you want to do that is what He is talking about.


Let me take this a step further. Brethren no matter how deep you are in, I want to tell you something in case you do not know it. You cannot hold on to the deep doctrine of God once you get it it is not yours for ever. I want to tell you the Lord can bloat it out of your mind. He can bloat it out of your mind like you never knew it. You cannot have this thing unless the Lord gives it to you.


And what Paul is saying here is that in some ways these people that should have been teachers somewhere along the line they will not pay the price. And in their heart they turned against God and he took everything they had from them and they were babies again. Does anybody not understand what I am saying? This is no game.


The church world in such deception, this is a serious business. The Lord Jesus Christ wants to appear in human beings. He wants to appear in you. And to do it He has to overcome your carnal mind and he expects you to be overcoming it with Him. And if you love your carnal mind and the ways of your carnal mind more than you love Him he is going to leave you and go to somebody else.


Now I am going to say it again because I do not want anybody to tell me that I am preaching condemnation. If you slip, if you have a bad moment, if you have a weakness He is not leaving you. He is going to help you but if you wilfully sin after you have tasted of the good things to come and of the good word of God and of the age to come and of the miracles of that age, if you wilfully choose to sin, you will be like you never knew Him for there is no more sacrifice for sins.


Now what does that mean? There is no more sacrifice for sins. Brethren where is your sacrifice for sins? Is your sacrifice in a human body that hung on a cross two thousand years ago? It is not, it is not. Your sacrifice for sins is in the spiritual glorified resurrected ascended life of the Lord Jesus Christ which has sprinkled upon you and which is living inside of you.


And if you wilfully sin and agree with your carnal mind after having experienced Him in all of His glory you will kill Him in you. You will have crucified the Lord of glory a second time unto your shame. Why will you be ashamed? You will find yourself without a spiritual cover. You have killed the very vehicle of salvation that is growing in your own soul.


Brethren, you know God is good. This false teaching it has got to come down. God is not punishing you vindictively because you wilfully sinned. You are doing this to yourself. You are killing your own life. Does anyone not know what I am talking about?


The life of God is growing inside of you. Lord willing it is going to mature to full stature and give life to your entire earth. When you wilfully choose to sin after you have entered into a degree of maturity in Christ you will kill that life that have been planted there to save all of your earth. It is not an act of vengeance from God, that if you wilfully sin He is going to strike you dead. You are doing it to yourself. Does anyone not know what I am talking about? Halleluiah.


We must take responsibility, we have a responsibility to God and we have a responsibility to ourselves. We are pregnant with the king, He is growing inside of us. If we kill Him, He has died in us and we have died with Him because He is our life. Halleluiah.


Hebrews 5:13


For every one that uses milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness, for he is a babe.  KJV


Everyone that uses milk is unskilled in righteousness and is a babe. So anyone and everyone that you come up against that believes in carnal doctrine that cannot tolerate what you talk about, you should know that they are a babe in Christ.


Babies are to be loved, babies are to be nourished, babies are to be strengthened and helped, and if you relate to a babe in Christ as your enemy you are giving them strength that they do not have over you, and you are really insulting the Christ in you. When you come up against a babe in Christ you are to manifest the maturity of Christ that is in you to them. Resist your carnal mind. Do not respond out of your carnal mind.


Resist it, cry out to God to help you. Be everything you are in Christ, live up to everything you are at the moment in Christ and you will go higher. If you do not use it you lose it. It is true in the natural too, if you do not use muscles they die. Be skilled in the word of righteousness. What does that mean? Understand it, make it work for you.


This bible is not just a punch of words. It is a spiritual book with principles in it that can impart life to you and deliverance out of troublesome circumstances. If you do not know how to make it work for you ask the Lord to hook you up with someone who knows how to make it work for you. And talk to them and learn from them, not that you want to be solving your problems every time like you be going to a card reader or an astrologer, but someone that is going to instruct you on how to make the word of God work for you, that they are going to work with you. They are going to give you counsel, they are going to show you how they get the answers that they are giving you so that eventually you do not need them anymore. And as soon as you do not need them anymore, there is going to be someone at your doorstep that the Lord send to you to teach.


The word of God needs to be learned. We need to learn how to use it. It is a spiritual weapon as to what? As to how to get our needs met without sinning. How to get our needs met through the righteousness of God. Babes think they know it all and they run around waving their bible and they go into destruction. Halleluiah.


Hebrews 5:14


But strong meat belongeth to them who are of full age, even those who by reason of the use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.  KJV


Scriptural men who are of full age recognise evil and good and they call it what it is. They have their spiritual senses exercised. How do you exercise your spiritual senses? Ask yourself questions, ask God. We must learn to recognise good and evil and call it what it is. That is our job that is the job of spiritual men. And spiritual men who have their senses their spiritual senses exercised to discern both good and evil they are the one to whom strong meat I believe it belongs.


So if you are of full age, you are chewing on deep doctrine and it is not burning you at the stake you are abiding in that fire. And it is just burning away your sin and strengthening you, and your eyes are open to discern good and evil and what do you after you discern it? You say Lord I see it. If He tells you to do something you do it and if He does not tell you to do something you do not do it. You can pray for the person, ask God to have mercy on them. Ask God to help them get out that bondage.


But if God wants to know that you see it and He wants you to ask Him if there is anything that He wants you to do, He wants you to ask Him. Halleluiah. He wants you to look at it, brethren.


Let me just put this on this tape in case anyone is questioning and saying will what about that scripture that says judge not less you be judged. Brethren that scripture is for spiritual women. It is not for someone that is of full age. Judge not less you be judged. When you are not old enough to judge. But when you are old enough, when your senses are exercised to truly discern good from evil and not condemn anybody God wants you to look at it.


But when your spiritual senses are not exercised when you are likely to call evil good and good evil and wind up cursing God's anointed, you better not judge because if you call God's anointed evil it is going to come back on you. You will be judged. What is truly evil in you will be revealed.


Brethren this book everything in this book is not for everybody at every moment of their life. Certain instructions are for mature people, other instructions are for babies in Christ, other instructions are for prophets. Every word in this bible is not for you at every moment.


You cannot lay open the book to any page and say I lay claim to this promise you cannot do it. You have to ask God if this promise is for you at this time of your life. If you just open your heart to logic you will know that it is true but Paul talks about getting married and Jesus talks about Enochs. Well you cannot be both. Can both apply to you?


We have to find out who we are in Christ and even when we find out who we are in Christ we do not always stay that person. We have to find out who we are in Christ now, that does not mean you could be that person in Christ ten years from now.


Someone told me that man he cannot leave Long Island. He is the prophet God called to Long Island. I said he is the prophet God called to Long Island fifteen years ago. You do not say that this person God called him to Long Island and for the next thirty five years or so he is the prophet to Long Island.


Brethren you have got to go with the spirit. If he is still the prophet God sends to Long Island praise God but you have to be open to the possibility that God has replaced him or you are going to get left behind. You have to follow that cloud. You have to discern the spirit of God. You have to be looking for Him and lusting after Him or you are going to wind up worshiping another spirit.


I am convinced that if you are really lusting after God, He will be found of you. If you are convinced there is no anointing in any church that you know off in area, there may be a little basement somewhere with just a few people meet in and the power of God pouring down. And you will never find it unless He sends you there.


And for those of us that are hungering and thirsting and lusting after experiences and relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ you will not be ashamed. You will not be without a revelation and an experience with His spirit.


Do not idolise your church, your fellowship or any human being the only one we worship is the Lord Jesus Christ. Halleluiah.


Going on with the signs of growth of the spiritual life of God and we are told that the spiritual life of God comes to adulthood.


1 John 2:13-14


13 I write unto you fathers because ye have know Him that is from the beginning. I write unto young men because ye have overcome the wicked one. I write to you little children because ye have the father.


14 I have written unto you fathers because ye have known Him that is from the beginning. I have written unto you young men because ye are strong and the word of God abideth in you and ye have overcome the wicked one.  KJV


Glory to God, now in both verses John refers to fathers and in both verses he refers to young men but he only refers to little children in verse 13 let us see what we have here. I write to you fathers because ye have known Him that is from the beginning. Fathers that is verse 13 and 14 is that right? Verse 13 they know Him from the beginning and verse 14 says the same thing.


We are dealing with fathers now it says exactly the same thing, you have known Him that is from the beginning. I have written to you fathers because you have known Him from the beginning same thing. Okay same thing.


Okay next we are doing young men. What does verse 13 say?


COMMENT: Says ye have overcome the wicked one.


PASTOR VITALE: Overcome the wicked and verse 14?


COMMENT: Young men because you are strong and the word of God abideth in you and you have overcome the wicked one.


PASTOR VITALE: Strong, word of God abideth in you and overcome, and then we have little children, known the father because you have known the father. The fathers have known Him from the beginning and the children have known the father, young men have overcome the wicked one. They are strong, the word of God abideth in them.


The young men have overcome the wicked one because they are strong and the word of God abideth in them. Let me put it this way. The young men have overcome the wicked one because the word of God abideth in them which makes them strong, which has given them the power to overcome the wicked one.


The wicked one being Satan as he is revealed through the carnal mind, which is the personality of the natural man, if you have overcome your carnal mind, if you are ruling him, if you are riding him like the horse or like the beast that he is, you are a young man in Christ. You must have the word of God abiding in you and you must be strong against all carnality within yourself and within others.


If you are a little child, you have known the father. If the seed of God is abiding in you, if it is implanted in you it is there because you have had spiritual sexual intercourse with the Father. He has planted His seed in you.


The fathers knew Him from the beginning. To be a father there must be a manifestation of Christ in you that goes back to the beginning of the creation. To say you are a father because you have know Him from the beginning, it is a mature manifestation of Christ in you that is bringing forth wisdom and knowledge from a mature Christ from the son of God that was joined to the earth at the beginning.


This is talking about deep spiritual things. You have known Him from the beginning. There is manifesting in your life now the deep measure of spiritual wisdom, knowledge and doctrine. Does that not sit right with anybody?


You have known Him from the beginning. There is a manifestation of Christ in you that is matured to the degree that it is bringing forth the spiritual life of God that was joined to the earth at the beginning. It is appearing in you. Just like Jesus said if you can receive it John the Baptist he is the spirit of Elijah that manifestation of Christ which was appearing in the man John the Baptist it was the same manifestation of Christ that appeared in the man Elijah.


For you to be a father there must be a manifestation of Christ in you that is showing the wisdom of God that was joined to the earth from the beginning. Does anybody have a question on that right now? Does anyone not understand it? Do you have a question?


COMMENT: You mean that the fathers in the earth you said they have the spiritual life of Christ that was first joined to the earth that is the wisdom that is wisdom?


PASTOR VITALE: It is wisdom yes.


COMMENT: So that is part of it, it is wisdom.


PASTOR VITALE: It is wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.


COMMENT: So do they have the wisdom, knowledge and understanding of who they were before time or something?


PASTOR VITALE: He has known them from the beginning. It will have to be a father who will have to be somebody that is really deep into the spiritual things of God.


COMMENT: Okay so a son is somebody who finally know who they are in Christ? Well a son is someone who manifests the actual image of God right?


PASTOR VITALE: A son is someone who lives out of Christ, who is rebuking their carnal mind and living out of Christ. He who follows after the Spirit of God is the son of God.


COMMENT: But someone who lives out of Christ is going to know who they were at the beginning of time. Would they not?


PASTOR VITALE: No not necessarily. The father is a cut deeper everybody that can follow the spirit of Christ they are a son now but they have not yet matured to the point where they have been given deep spiritual knowledge and truth.


COMMENT: So a father is someone who really knows who they are and who they were. Someone who becomes in realms where there is no time anymore then. Is there any fathers in the earth today?


PASTOR VITALE: Well you have to ask the Lord but it is basically somebody that really understands that they are a manifestation of Christ. They were with Him from the beginning.


COMMENT: But did they actually know who they were before the beginning of time? I mean not just know but they have to understand the wisdom and they have all of that knowledge that existed before time?


PASTOR VITALE: Well not necessarily all of it. Jesus Christ of Nazareth was the only one that moved into the totality of it. But I believe without a question of a doubt that Jesus Christ of Nazareth knew who He was. He knew that He was God incarnate. He knew that His personality as Jesus Christ of Nazareth was nothing but a passing thing and that God was living through Him.


COMMENT: Okay and I wanted to ask is this something that they like they are remembering who they were before time and that they know not just because of a revelation they have now but they actually remember. Do you know what I am saying the difference here?


PASTOR VITALE: I know what you are saying. I will not say that they have a remembrance of being joined to the earth. What is being revealed through them is a revelation of that life that was joined to the earth. Not that they remember being propelled into the earth but everything that the Son of God was when He was joined to the earth is starting to manifest through their minds and through their being.


Let me just say it again and the son is someone in whom all the little children is someone in whom the seed of Christ has been planted but they really do not know who we are. There is a lot of people in whom the seed of Christ is being planted and they do not even know that they are a son. They do not even know that they are suppose to be waging warfare against their carnal minds. They are little children they are naive little children are naive. I am not insulting anybody. They have got the seed of God they do not even know what they are supposed to be doing with it.


And many believers who are in this condition of little children they are victimised. They are victimised by the world. They are victimised by people that do not even have Christ. They are victimised by other Christians. It has been my experience that a lot of sons who are called to a high calling in Christ they are not knowing who they are. They find themselves running to carnal Christians for counsel. They are in such turmoil over the trial that they are going through not understanding who they are they are so desperate for help they wind up asking people that are in no way qualified to help them. And the reason they put themselves in this position is that they really do not know who they are and that will be the little children.


The young men are the ones who know who they are and they are waging war against their own carnal mind. They do not see that the devil is some referee that is out there that is going to get them. They know that their enemy is their own carnal mind and they have taken a large degree of dominion over him because the word in God abideth in them they know the truth and that truth has made them strong and also the Spirit of Christ in them has made them strong.


COMMENT: Will they be of the Melchisedec order?


PASTOR VITALE: The fathers are of the Melchisedec order. Yes, I will say so.


COMMENT: They are without beginning or end.




COMMENT: That is why I thought they had to remember because the growth out of the realm as I understand they really are and they remember that they were actually and that is the revelation.


PASTOR VITALE: What is that?


COMMENT: They just get a revelation right now or just an understanding from the word I thought the fathers .... the order of Melchisedec were going to the order where there is no beginning no end but outside of the realm of time before Christ was joined to the earth, that they will come out from it and they will remember it.


PASTOR VITALE: Well I do not know that may be true. I certainly do not have all the answers that may be true.


Unfortunately we have lost about 35 minutes of our message due to recording difficulties. We are continuing on with the message.


We were talking about the body. The reason God did that I believe is that He wanted to avoid any adultery for the body of Moses or Elijah. We know what happened to the serpent on the pole they worshipped it. Men are just idolaters at its root.


And my personal opinion is that the reason the bodies of these two men disappeared is that God wanted to avoid worship. That they have both moved in very high miraculous realms and God wanted to avoid that that is my opinion.


But the only person that has been glorified, the only person who was fully born again and glorified is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the first of the beginning of the creation of God and He is the only one that has and He is in the process of reproducing Himself in us. He is doing in many human beings what He did in the man Jesus Christ of Nazareth. None of these other men can say that, we cannot say this about them.


COMMENT: It could not be then it is Elijah actually did that and overcame death and had the victory and is now in a glorified realm like Jesus is then he will be a saviour of the world or maybe he was a saviour but he was not the ultimate saviour like Jesus Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: There is only one saviour and every one that is a saviour..


COMMENT:...saviours on mount Zion right?.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes but we are all found in Christ. We are saviours, the many saviours on mount Zion on the many human beings in whom the mind of Christ is ruling.


COMMENT: So it all roots in Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: It all roots in Christ.


COMMENT: It could not have happened particularly in that man, it will have been Elijah.


PASTOR VITALE: No, No we are not going to be a punch of Christ. I know that was preached in the other church that every individual one of us is going to be an individual son and that is not true. There is only son, His name is the Lord Jesus Christ and He is in a second generation where there are many members of Him of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are not individual sons.


Okay we have got way out off of the subject. Did I make that very important point that the whole recreation is the female member of Christ and that there is a manifestation of the manhood of Christ in the earth today and that is not in every human being. Does everybody understand that? And that Christ this glorified Spirit is having many spiritual experiences in many human beings at the same time.


And those in whom He is most mature the scripture calls fathers and the signs of that fatherhood is that they know that their individual existence is nothing. That they know that it is Christ being revealed through them, it is a sign of fatherhood. They knew Him from the beginning. They know who they are even though they are not in full stature. Glory to God.


Lord I am getting tired of losing these tapes. I just ask that you help us Father to overcome whatever this is that is causing these problems. You know the last service too we lost 45 minutes. So I just ask you to help us Father.


Let us just finish this up I think it is time to get going here. One more verse to this category and we will close it up.


The growth of the spiritual life of God arise out of maturity


Ephesians 4:14-16


14 That we henceforth be no more children tossed to and fro, (so if you are a spiritual child you are going to be tossed to and fro) and carried about with every wind of doctrine by the Sleight of men and the cunning craftiness whereby they lie in wait to deceive.  KJV


So we know that we are not children anymore when we are not tossed to and fro. How are you spiritually tossed to and fro? You cannot make up your mind. First you think God is telling one thing, then you think God is telling you something else and you are being tossed back and forth between what? Between what Christ told you and what your carnal mind is telling you. And I just want to take a minute to review what we have on one of the 71 tapes.


When the spirit of God when Christ in you speaks to you, the way He does it now remember He is inside of your carnal mind. He is inside of your carnal mind. He is in here and He wants to talk to your intellect, He vibrates forth He overshadows your carnal mind. And you hear Him speaking to you either through an audible voice or through an impression and it is a powerful outpouring. You know it is the Spirit of God there is not a question in your mind that it is the spirit of God and He plants a seed of instruction in your heart. And after He does that He withdraws and He goes back to His position inside of your carnal mind and you are left with a seed of knowledge but without the manifestation of His Spirit.


Now while there was a spiritual outpouring upon you, you knew that this word was from God but when the spirit is withdrawn and only the word remains now all of a sudden you are not so sure that God spoke to you. You remember what He said but you no longer have the immediate witness in your emotions that it is God. And all of a sudden a voice comes and says 'and what did God say?' God did not say that to you and now you have a battle. Are you going to believe what God told you after the spirit is withdrawn or you are going to yield to the doubt and unbelief of your carnal mind?


And I declare to you that this is the condition that Adam found himself in before the fall. The spirit of God had been upon Him in heavy manifestation and he will find himself in the garden of Eden and the father God said now I am going to em em (I forget the exact scripture) but God spoke to Adam and He told him not to sin. And He said or yes father I will not sin and the Spirit of God withdrew and Adam was left just with the word. And Satan rose up from his unconscious mind and said God hates you. He does not want you to get ahead and Adam could not stand against the seduction with just the word and not the manifestation of the spirit. And we go through this frequently as sons of God.


I go through it all the time I know what God told me. The anointing was so thick you can cut it with a knife and as soon as it is over Satan is bombarding me with doubt and unbelief and it is very difficult. And this is what we all go through and the Lord is expecting us if we are mature to stand and not be tossed to and fro but stand on what God has told us. And carry about with every wind of doctrine with every spirit that preaches a doctrine we should not be carried about every spirit that preaches doctrine should not be able to motivate us to think one way or to think another way or to go to one church or go to another church.


But we should find out what God has said to us and we should stand on it. No matter how hard the winds are blowing that is pretty tough if you are not sure what God has said to you. So what do you do you keep asking God for witnesses. He will give you many witnesses but the sign of maturity is that you know what God has told you and you do it or you wait for it to come to pass.


And it says here all these winds of doctrine, all these spirits that speak doctrine some of them may they come from the Sleight of men, from the craftiness of men and cunning and craftiness or tricks or manipulation all of the wickedness of the carnal mind whereby they lie in wait to deceive.


The carnal minds of men whether it is in their conscious or unconscious it does not matter if you yield to it it will slay you. You will be slain by their carnal mind. We must in our maturity lay hold of what God has told us and cleave unto it no matter what we are feeling in our emotions.


The carnal mind whether it is your own or somebody else's will attack you in your emotions. You will not feel like doing it. You will not feel like going. You must do what God has told you no matter what you are feeling. If you are depressed, if you are happy, if you are sad, do not listen to your emotions obey God. Glory to God.


Hebrews 4:15


15 but speaking the truth in love, may grow up unto him in all things, which is the head, even Christ.  KJV


But we must speak the truth in love. We have touched on this many times the truth must be spoken by Christ in us. Adam has a lot of truth. Adam knows a lot of doctrine. It cannot do you any good if you are speaking doctrine out of your Adamic soul.


If you are listening to this doctrine because it is your desire to go and teach others, there is a good chance that you are preaching it out of Adam and no good can come out of it. It is taking the name of the Lord thy God in vain to do that. For your own pride for your own purposes you want to give this word out. God has not told you to teach this person. God has not called you to teach this word at this time but you want to show how smart and spiritual and how enlightened you are that is taking the word of the Lord God in vain.


We have to speak the truth in love. We have to speak it out of Christ in us and Christ is obedient to the Father. Christ will not speak this truth to anybody that his Father has not instructed him to speak it to.


Check yourself out brethren, check yourself out, you want to make it through that door when it opens check yourself out. What is your motive for preaching this word? Do you want to make yourself some great one? Or do you want to be faithful to the Father and impart the life of his Son to the people He sends you to. And when you speak this word, this truth out of Christ in you, you are working towards growing up into him in all things which is the head, even Christ.


A faithful administration of this word will result in your growing up into full stature. We must faithfully administer this word only to those who God sends us to and only out of His Spirit. If you do it out of your Adamic soul it will not work towards your growing up into full stature and it could work against you. And if you are not sure be quiet and do not preach it until God ministers to your heart that it is him in you. If you will just give up the works of your flesh, He will teach you to recognise His life in you. Just sit still for a little bit he will do it, give him a chance.


Hebrews 4:16


16 From whom the whole body fitly joined together and compacted by that which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part, maketh increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.  KJV


And it says out of Christ that whole body comes forth and we have just talked about that. The body of Christ is the Adamic soul in the man that is being ruled by Christ. For you to be part of the body of Christ he has to be ruling in your mind and it is not this physical body it is your Adamic soul.


From whom the whole body fitly joined together in Christ. Union is only in Christ. There can be no union through Adamic joinings and through Christ we are joined together, we are compacted by that which every part supplies Christ coming out of each individual is joining itself, and He is doing so according to the effectual working, according to the move and the power of the spirit of Christ in the individual in the measure of every part. Each part doing its job, Christ in each part doing its part is bringing together a whole.


There is only one man in the earth. There is only one Son his name is Christ Jesus and Jesus Christ is his mind. Jesus Christ the Father, there is only one son in many members Halleluiah, glory to God, making increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.


The body of Christ will increase. Christ will appear in the many members of the living soul in an increasing measure until every human being on the face of the earth either has been apprehended by him or died off. Eventually those members of the human race who are not being apprehended by Christ will lose their ability to reproduce just like the giants lost their ability to reproduce. They will become barren.


They will become barren. This form of animal reproduction that the human race is involved in now is going to come to an end in approximately fifteen hundred years after the sons of God manifest (approximately). We will become barren as the giants became barren. Why? Because there will be a new race of men on the earth.


Why do the giants become barren? Because there was a new race of men on the earth, they were a fallen race of men but the human race had changed its form. And ogre the last of the giants he was barren and as the sons of God appeared, as Christ appears in a many membered body those in whom he is not appearing will find themselves barren. Glory to God. Any questions about this message? It was a good night.


I keep going back and forward, I cannot find the scripture that made me say fifteen hundred years. It will be at least a thousand years maybe fifteen hundred.


COMMENT: What is going to happen after the whole earth has glorified Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: What was your question?


COMMENT: My question was what do you feel is going to happen? Or is there any scriptures that will tell us what is in store when there are just glorified Christ walking around. What is the job to do? What is going to be to do?


PASTOR VITALE: Paul said eye has not seen and ears have not heard what God has in store for us. He said we cannot see what is waiting for us but we see Jesus.


COMMENT: But we use to use that scripture when we did not know what we know now. And now we know what we know now is just incredible I wonder, I wonder what is going to happen?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not know.


COMMENT: What is it going to be? What are we going to do? Are we going to be shooting rays of light into something else and creating something just like in the beginning?


PASTOR VITALE: I doubt it because the scripture says there will never be another tribulation like this. So there is never going to be a condition to me that means there will never be a condition of the Spirit of God inside animal bodies trying to overcome their animal bodies.


COMMENT: And the earth is going to change? Everything is going to be beautiful? It is going to look like heaven?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not know what the earth is going to look like but I know that spiritually all tears will be gone. The curse will be broken but I do not know what the earth is going to look like. It is going to be peace, exactly what is going to look like.


COMMENT: It is going to be beautiful.


PASTOR VITALE: It is going to beautiful. Yes.




DA 12/06/10


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