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EPHESIANS, CHAPTER 5, Verses 18-33


Verse 18. And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit;


This ministry has done several studies on Scriptures pertaining to the symbolism of wine, and we have found that wine typifies spirit. An example can be found in the book of Revelation where the wine associated with the harlot typifies spirit.


If the word, wine is not modified, then we have no way of knowing if it is God or Satan's spirit that is being discussed. In Verse 18, it is obvious that Paul is referring to the spirit of Satan.


A second example can be found in the Scripture referring to Noah becoming drunk with wine. Again the Scripture is not speaking of a natural wine, but instead the seduction by Satan's spirit, which caused him to fall.


The Greek word, excess when translated, means a lifestyle which will deny us salvation. This Verse is a great example for people who believe that you cannot lose your salvation, and everyone will be saved.


Do not yield to the reflexive actions that you have been engaging in all of your life, the automatic things that you do without stopping to think. It is warfare to not yield to Satan's whispers! Do not let Satan influence or motivate you, as he will make you drunk, and lead you into a lifestyle that will cause you to lose your salvation!


Ask the Lord, and He will help you! Fight the fight of faith, lay hold of Christ, and be filled with the Spirit of God! There is power in His Spirit. This is what Paul was referring to, power to change and overcome, so that you may enter into the kingdom and break out of hell.


In my past, I was taught that God was going to wage the warfare for me, and I should stand still to see the salvation of God. I was taught that the battle is the Lord's.


Jesus said, Stand still. I am going to do it by the Spirit. When your battle is spiritual you have to resist by laying hold of the power of God. Scream for God to not let you be overtaken!


Recently, I spoke with a man who believed his battle to get off of drugs was the Lord's. The man had been on drugs for fifteen years! I am sorry brother, but you have to get your Scriptures in context! That battle is not the Lord's, but yours by the power of God!


Brethren, you must get an understanding that every Scripture cannot be applied to every situation in life. Read the whole verse, if not the whole chapter, in order to lay hold of the Scripture, so that it is not taken out of context.


I want to share a testimony. The Lord sent me to a local Pastor. At first, I had no idea why I was sent to this particular Church service. It was not until later that I realized that it was not a service, but instead a prayer meeting. I was sent to bring forth prophesy, word for word, out of the bible, of the Scripture, Resist not evil. The Pastor had no idea that this was going on in his Church, until the Lord revealed it to him through my presence.


There were members of the congregation who were sons of Belial who allow Satan to reveal himself through them by yielding to their carnal mind. The Sons of Belial were stirring up trouble, and giving the Pastor a very hard time; however, the Pastor did not want them to leave the Church, and tried to control their ungodly behaviour by casting out demons before they came to repentance. The Pastor thought this practice would allow him to keep the members of his congregation; however, brethren, this is not a godly principle, as this is considered a practice of witchcraft.


It is only when sinners repent, that they will receive deliverance from the satanic forces that are causing them to stir up strife. They must fall out of agreement with the forces before they are eligible to be physically and spiritually separated from them. They must repent, and disagree with the satanic forces in their mind, or they will get a stroke of the rod! If they are in full agreement with what they are doing, and think they are right and justified, then you cannot control the manifestations, as that is witchcraft.


By God's grace we must receive wisdom of Scriptures, as every Scripture is not for everyone in every moment of life. It could be for you today, and not for you tomorrow. The letter of the word must be mixed with the wisdom of God. Does not the Scripture say that is why the Hebrew children fell in the wilderness? They heard the word of God; however, it was not mixed with faith.


Faith refers to the living Christ inside of them. The word will kill you, if it is not mixed with the wisdom that comes from the faith of the living Christ existing within you. God help us!


Verse19. Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord;


The word, melody means to create spiritual songs, to sing, from your heart, from your spirit, to the Lord. Live out of Christ, and not your carnal mind. Lay hold of the power of God by an exertion of your will, a spiritual labour, so that you may live out of Christ. We cannot do it of our own strength. It must be in the strength of Christ.


When you try to be righteous in your own strength, the works that you do will kill you. There is a righteousness that comes forth out of Christ. Tell the Lord that you cannot do anything from your own works because you are helpless and powerless. It must come forth from deep within your belly, so that you know it is Christ. He is life!


Verse 20. Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;


The Scripture, Giving thanks to God, and the Father, reads as though God and the Father are two different people. I suggest to you that the translation is a support to the doctrine of the trinity, as the Scripture transliterated from the Greek language is not the same. It reads, God even the Father, or God who is the Father.


Give thanks always, brethren, for everything including trials and tribulations. Give thanks unto God who is the Father in the spirit of His name. Do not give thanks out of your carnal mind!


The Church is filled with a religious spirit where it is commanded that you talk in tongues and praise God. We hear the congregation shout, Jesus! Jesus! Praise Jesus! But, anyone who responds to such commands is not responding out of Christ, as Christ does not respond to fallen men's commands from their carnal minds to praise God. Instead, the Spirit of God must move through a group of people and bring forth the praise. Lay down, brethren, as this is not God! I tell you the truth!


Verse 20 is the perfect example of a Scripture that cannot be applied accurately to every aspect of our lives. Yes, give thanks for the deliverance when the trial is over; however, to give thanks when you are in the middle of the trial, is a religious work which has no value in the kingdom at all.


When you are in pain, and feel as though there has been a knife stabbed into your heart, giving thanks can only come forth from the spirit. Anything that comes out of the carnal mind hinders the move of the spirit. We must ask God to help us to stay in the spirit at all times.


A denial that everything is not wonderful is all over the Church. We have been taught that it is the thing to do. However, a person wanting to comfort you is then hindered. It may be that God has sent that person to you for comfort, and if you deny them, then how will they comfort you? Telling them that you do not have any problem is breaking the communication.


The move of the spirit is very sensitive. If the carnal mind comes up, and you yield to it, He will just go. We have to ask God to help us to live in the Spirit at all times, Amen. There is life in the Spirit. Hallelujah!


Verse 21. Submitting yourselves one to another in the fear of God.


The Scripture is talking about two people who have a relationship beyond the relationship of authority. A human being should submit one to another, and make peace, brethren. Do not fight over anything. Do not let anyone influence you to sin. It is not worth it. The only thing to take a stand against is unrighteousness or abuse. Glory to God!


Verse 21 says to do it in the fear of God, and know that if you do not do it, then the wrath of God is already upon you.


God first gives us the opportunity to be corrected in the flesh. He will send someone to you, a reasonable person, or they may be another believer who will tell you that what you are doing is wrong. He may put you in a situation where you will see how ungodly your attitude is. I know this to be true, as in my past, God has sent unbelievers to me to show me what I have done wrong. If you are unreasonable and will not yield or submit, then you will go forth to spiritual judgement.


There are two judgements: the judgement seat of Christ, and the reaping and sowing judgement which is executed by Satan


In the reaping and sowing judgement there is no spiritual growth. It does not yield the peaceable fruit of righteousness, but instead, merely breaks your back, your pride, and your rebellion. It brings you into submission. It is likened to a public whipping. It brings you into submission, and then God brings you back to whatever spiritual authority He has placed you under, so that you can listen, repent and receive the peaceable fruit of righteousness.


Paul went to the Lord and said, Father, I have done everything I can to minister to this man, and he will not even pray about my counsel. There is nothing I can do for him. Send him out into the world, and let the circumstances of his life break him until he listens to what I have to say, or at least pray about what I have to say.


I am sure that Paul if not in full stature was a high level apostle, as he must have been either if not both to have turned a man over to Satan. In this hour, ministers do not have that authority. We do our job, and then the Holy Spirit takes them on. If the issues get severe, then the discipline is done outside of the fellowship.


Verse 22 Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.


We have a lot of moral corruption in this country today where, husbands are requesting their wives to enter into relationships with other men and women. Yes, you want to submit to your husband; however, if he tells you to commit adultery, to swing, to join a threesome or have a lesbian relationship will you do it? If your husband tells you to sin will you sin?


If your husband is not in submission to Christ, then either he is not a Christian man, or manifesting his carnal mind. If you are a woman of God, a Christian, then you will receive instruction from the Lord. You will know when you have heard from the Lord, if your husband is manifesting the carnal mind, and then you have a choice to obey Christ. Pray through it, and ask God to help you to be as godly as possible in your attitude. If you feel the Lord has told you that your husband is wrong, then you must deny him. Go to him and say, husband I am really sorry, but I must obey God. It can be a very emotionally charged situation to have a conflict with your husband; therefore, strive to tell him in the godliest way possible. If you have failed to do it in a godly spirit, then repent, and ask the Lord to help you.


Do not fight with your husband over carnal things, but rather over something that the Lord has clearly told you to do. If you know that your husband is in the wrong spirit, then pray and ask God to soften his heart. If you have done everything you know how to do, and heart will not soften, then through righteousness, the day will come that you will have to stand against him.


Today, in this country, I see a lot of women in Christ, and the men are not as advanced. This can cause an ungodly conflict. I will share with you a testimony. A woman told me that she was a catholic nun. God called her out of the common from the Catholic Church, and filled her with the Holy Ghost. She was on fire for God. She married a man who never really was quickened. They had a couple of children. She was forbidden to bless the household, and bless the food at their dinner table by saying grace before meals.


The woman prayed, and heard from God. She went to her husband, and said, I am putting you on notice. This family, my children, and I, will praise God at this table. We will bless this food, and bless this house including you. If you do not like it, then you can have a divorce, but you will not put me in this bondage. Her husband agreed to allow the blessing. He is not saved; however, they are living in peace together. He did not want a divorce because he loves his wife. He was simply being unreasonable. Now they pray over the food, Praise God!


I knew another couple once where the woman was called into the kingdom message. She had a very high calling on her life, and was devoted to Christ. Her husband did speak in tongues, but was a very carnal man. He did not want her to go to Church., and called her a jezebel for disobeying him.


We see many abuses in marital relationships today. We see a lot of men in the Church laying hold of the Scripture, and saying I am your husband, and you are my slave; however, that is not what the Scripture means.


I encourage every woman that is having this problem to seek God diligently, and to have mercy on her husband because he is not saved, and therefore, does not understand what is happening with his wife. He is threatened and frightened. Make sure that it is on a righteous issue that God has called you to. No man has the right to tell you not to go to Church. I believe that with all of my heart.


Go before God for every crisis. Pray it through. Get your personal word from Him. Do not do anything suddenly, and pray that God will soften his heart. Some people need a rod!


Here again is another example where taking the Scripture out of context, could put the woman in bondage. When a woman is in bondage, then the whole family is in bondage. God will not bless a family where a man is grieving his wife.


Everything we read in this letter must be mixed with the faith of the Son of God. It is described in the Song of Solomon as a blind or latex. This word kills without the love of Christ being woven through it. This word is the Spirit of God. It must shine through; otherwise there is darkness.


Verse 23. For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the Church: and he is the saviour of the body.


Christ is the head of the Church, for He is perfect. Your husband is the head of the wife, and he is not perfect. We have imperfection in our world.


You can have three people with the same problem, and He will have a different solution for each individual. The problem may appear to be the same; however, each person will bring a different set of variables to the situation, as none of us are exactly the same. What is good for you could kill me, and what you could tolerate I may not be able to. We must not lock God out of our decision making process. Everything must pass the Lord for his tailor made solution to your problem.


There is a man that I minister to whom has no home. He has lived in the street for ten months. He is entitled to a government pension because his is not in his right mind. Each time he goes to the government office to collect his pension there is a problem with the computers. I asked him, did you break the curses? He said, Jesus broke the curse of the world on Calvary, so I cannot be cursed. He can quote the word, and whole passages of Scripture. One day I asked him, why are you on the street? You stink because you have not had a bath for only God knows in how long. You have locked the Spirit of God out of your decision making process. You have laid hold of his word, and are using it to make every decision in your life. You have locked God out! Would you pray about what I am telling you? God does not usually send me to people unless He is going to help them, so we will see what He is going to do for you.


I pray for him a lot, as the letter of this word is killing him. I was ministering to him for several months, and finally stopped being nice. I got rough on him, and said, you are filled with pride and stubbornness! You are not teachable!


We usually see the judgement after the hard word. Praise God, as He now has a pension, money, an income, and is still living on the street! Glory to God!


The physical husband is the natural head of the physical wife. Christ is the head of your spiritual life and the head of the Church. If Christ is being formed in you, then you are a member of the Church.


Christ does not transgress into your husband's territory, and tells you submit to your husband and do what he tells you. If the natural husband crosses over the line or transgresses into the authority that Christ has over your life, then this is the point where you resist. The Lord says to stand against him in love and righteousness. The Lord will be behind you, and good will come out of it. All things must work for the good. Perhaps he will bring salvation to your husband.


Paul said, there are celestial bodies, and there are terrestrial bodies. The carnal Church reads this Scripture, and believes that Christ is the saviour of your physical body.


The Greek word bodies translated does not mean your physical body. He is the saviour of your spiritual body. We found that the word bodies means, a container. There is a body or container, called the soul in which the spirit of God abides in. The body and mind of Christ abides in the container which is being formed within the carnal mind.


We have the body of the Spirit of Christ, the soul or the mind of Christ, and then we have the body of Christ which is the mind of Christ.


Then, on the outside we have the physical body. The Greek word translated, physical body is only used two or three times in the Scripture, and almost each time it refers to the carnal mind or the body of Christ. It is the container which contains the mind of Christ, which contains the spirit of Christ.


Christ is the saviour of the body, and of your Adamic soul, which means your fallen soul. When He appears in your mind, and takes authority over your Adamic soul, He is will give it eternal life.


The Spirit that raised Christ from the dead is in you. When the Holy Spirit enters your human spirit, and she bears Christ, He will grow up to full stature, quicken your mortal body, and bring salvation to your fallen soul. He will break down and rearrange your carnal mind.


Wives submit yourself unto your own husbands in household and familiar matters. Submit yourself to Christ in spiritual matters, and know that He is the saviour of your fallen soul.


Verse 24.Therefore as the Church is subject unto Christ, so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything.


The word, everything more than likely means every physical, carnal and familiar matter. If you are a carnal woman, but have a relationship with the Lord and speak in tongues, you are still carnal and timid in Christ. You are subject to your husband because you need protection, as you do not know very much.


If you have a relationship with the Lord, but it is not a reality that Christ is your spiritual husband, or if you are not living a life where Christ has developed in you to the point that you can hear his voice, then your husband is still your head.


The only time you should disobey your husband, and separate from him is when you are mature enough to know that you have heard from God, so that He can direct your steps and protect you.


Look at all of these different qualifications, evaluate yourself, and find out where you are in Christ; otherwise, the Scripture is in vain. If you deceive yourself, then you are just deceived.


If your actions are not in obedience to Christ, then you are in rebellion against your husband, and the Lord will certainly have you to answer for it. Pray through if necessary. Talk to an elder about it.


Do not be afraid, as fear is never of God. I rebuke all fear! Pray! Pray! Pray! He wants to answer your prayers more than you want to hear from him.


Verse 25. Husbands, love your wives even as Christ also loved the Church, and gave himself for it;


His command to husbands is to love your wives as Christ who died for you. Brethren, here is the test as to whether or not your husband is in Christ. What is the motive of your husband? Is it a carnal motive? Is he manifesting as an antichrist? Are you right with Christ? If this is the case, then you know that this is not something to submit to at that moment.


Husbands are required to die for their wives. This does not mean that they have to slay their bodies, but should be prepared to die selflessly. For example, if you have an opportunity to enter into an unusual experience that may only come several times a year, and he liked your company that night, then he should be willing to die to himself, and give you up for two or three nights. If he does not want to do this, then he is not obeying the commandment of Christ, and in this particular instance has no right to say to you, I am your husband, and I demand. So what should you do? Obey Christ, if you hear from Him; otherwise, you better submit to your husband!


If you are using this teaching to foster a spirit of rebellion in you, no good can come out of it. Seek God! Read your bible so that Christ can mature in you enough to bring you to a safe place. Hopefully your husband's heart will soften.


This Scripture is not easy. This book is not easy. You cannot just read this book, and go out, and put people in bondage. Every variable must be taken into account. The bottom line is what spirit are we dealing with? If you get to the place where you can discern the Spirit of Christ, and you can discern the carnal mind, then all of this becomes very easy. If you can inequitably say, this is Christ, or this is not Christ, then you do not even need to know the details. If it is Christ, then just do it. If it is not Christ, then you should resist.




I pray that you help them all, Lord. Everyone reading this, keep them from rebellion, and quicken this to them that you might be glorified in them, their husbands and in their whole family.


Husbands love your wives as Christ has loved the Church. Die for your wives, husbands. Do any godly thing to make them happy. Any request that they make of you that is not ungodly, and is within your power, to give it to them. Let them be happy under your rule.


Verse 26. That he might sanctify and cleanse it with the washing of water by the word,


Christ loved the Church, and gave Himself for it that He might sanctify it and cleanse it. How are we getting cleansed? Christ loved us so much that He gave himself for the Church.


Brethren, in this hour Christ is pouring out of His Spirit upon all flesh. He is being slaughtered for the second time. He is the Lamb which was slain, so that the earth could be founded.


The Spiritual Son of God joined to the earth, and was broken into many pieces of humanity which we see across the earth today. Then, the man Jesus of Nazareth, the Spiritual Christ, was raised from the dead. He is now being slaughtered again, his Spirit poured out, a drop of him to each of us. We are told very clearly that the purpose of His being in us is to purify us.


He is in us, brethren. He died for us, and gave Himself to us that He might sanctify and cleanse us. Brethren, He did not give Himself to you, so that you can speak in tongues, prophesy from the floor of the Church, and exalt yourself in any way.


Christ is in you, brethren, so that you may be purified. The word, sanctified is solely misunderstood in the Church. Sanctification, brethren, is the separation of the Christ mind from the carnal mind


The Scripture is not talking about separating our physical body from an ungodly circumstance. The ultimate root of this word sanctification is the separation of your spiritual mind, which is in Christ from your carnal mind. In the 78 series, we found in Revelation 14, this typifies the fruit of the grape as joined to the grape skin. There is only one way that the Father is getting his fruit out of the grape skin. The grape skin must be punctured, pierced and utterly crushed so that the wine can flow out.


If you have Christ, and you are not looking at you own heart, but are looking away from yourself, or if your whole thrust is to covert other people, brethren, then you are the unfaithful servant that is taking his talent and burying it under the earth of your carnal mind. You are not using it for the purpose that is was given to you; and therefore, you are fallen. Everyone on the face of the earth today is fallen.


This fantasy in the Church that says you have to get other people saved, and you either get rapture or you go to stand up in full stature. This is false. Instead, you must work on yourself.


If God sends you to somebody, you can minister to them, but if the major thrust of your life is away from yourself and towards other people, then something is wrong. If the major thrust of your ministry to Christ is not to deal with sin in your own mind, and move towards righteousness more and more each day, then something is wrong with your walk.


You cannot be sanctified if you have the Holy Spirit. This alone is not a sign that Christ is being formed in you. We are to be sanctified and cleansed. The cleansing, brethren, is both for the human spirit and the soul. We hear it taught in the Church that the human spirit is perfect and cannot have any corruption in it. This is a lie, brethren! Your human spirit died at the beginning of time, and is still dead!


If Christ is being formed in you, it is in the process of being quickened, or the process of being raised from the dead. Either you are raised from the dead, or you are not. If we were raised from the dead, then we would be alive. Brethren, if our spirit was truly alive, and someone kills this body, then the Father will raise it from the dead just as he did for Jesus of Nazareth. If we were alive, then nothing could kill us, and we would not have the problems that we have today. We are currently in the process of being raised from the dead. We must know what condition we are in. Denial and fantasy will do nothing but destroy us. We must accurately discern our spiritual condition. Both our spirit and our soul must be cleansed of spiritual filth.


The spiritual filth in our soul is demons, the fruit of the incestuous adultery between Eve and the carnal mind. The spiritual filth in our human spirit is Satan and the carnal mind. She is joined to Satan. He penetrated her, and is utterly possessing her and the carnal mind. She is one with the carnal mind, and with Satan.


In Verse 26, Paul is not speaking about the spirit, but rather the soul. He says; cleanse yourself with the washing of water by the word.


I remind you of the Levitical law which says, vessels made of wood will be washed, and vessels made with metals will be burnt in the fire for purification.


The human spirit is typified by gold, and is purified by burning. How will she be burnt when Christ joins with her? He is a consuming fire!


I suggest to you, brethren, that the teaching in the Church claiming that we can be delivered from demons by reading this letter of the word is a gross misunderstanding of the Scripture.


You are not washed with a carnal mind by reading the Scripture, but instead, when the logos of God's dwelling within you reaches out. Brethren, you are washed by the spiritual word, the very logos of God. When you hear this doctrine preached by Christ, it is washing your soul. We are talking about the two fold of ministry of Christ, which is the ministry of the word and Spirit.


As Christ penetrates us we are being purified in our human spirit. The Spirit burns, and purifies your human spirit.


If a carnal mind is preaching the message, then you are still dead in your sins. However, if the word is coming forth from a preacher who is manifesting Christ it will bring deliverance and make permanent radical changes to your soul.


We have had nights here where deliverance has just broken out. Our congregation has seen it happen. If Christ in me is preaching, then He is touching your soul, and you will never be the same after reading this.


Examine your life. There should be spiritual growth, fruit, and an increase in Christ. Problems in your natural life should be moving towards solution. If you are in a ministry, and there is no growth, then you should leave. Ask the Lord where you should go, as Church should not be just a pastime.


Church is not something that you do to fill your hours, nor is it something that you do to make yourself feel holy. Church should be a spiritual experience, and raise you out of the hell of this world system which will result in the appearance of Christ in you.


Verse 27. That he might present it to himself a glorious Church, not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.


The word glorious is referring to the Spirit of God in the soul realm. The Church is subject unto Christ, so that He may cleanse it, and present it to himself as a glorious Church. I suggest to you that this is another scriptural witness that Christ and the Father are one.


Today, we have a Church at a large number of the time are expressing the nature of Satan, and do not even know it. They think they are righteous because they go to Church, eat a piece of cracker, drink grape juice, or do carnal work.


Brethren, salvation and the life of God are only in the Son. You must bear the man child of Revelation 12, or you shall surely die. There is no work that you could do that will save your life. The birth of the Son in you is the only way to save your life.


Spot in Strong's 4695, means to defile by spotting something. In verse 27, he starts talking about the spirit.


I will remind you that the leopard of Daniel 7, and Revelation 13, were spotted with sin. We found that the word, spot refers to sin of the soul. When He said, He is going to present a glorious Church not having spot He is talking about a Church whose soul is without sin.


Webster and Webster defines the word, wrinkle as a rich, furrow on a smooth surface which is caused by shrinking. Verse 27, is referring to a human spirit that shrunk and rippled because Christ is not filling it. This Scripture is talking about corruption of the spirit. Paul is saying that we should be a Church without sin in our soul, without a ridge or without a bridge in our spirit.


We are told in the book of Proverbs, of a bridge of the spirit, who could bear it. Brethren, the Scripture is not speaking about a bridge of your spirit, but a separation of your spirit from the Spirit of God. When your spirit is joined to the Spirit of God you are one Spirit. When the creation separated from God there was a bridge of one spirit that has now become two spirits, who could bear it. We cannot bear it alone. It is horrible without God, and the creation is dying from it.


The Church should be holy. Holiness refers to the Spirit. The Spirit is holy, and the soul is unblemished or unspotted. Brethren, we are to be perfect as our Father in heaven is perfect. I do not see anywhere in the Scripture that says you will be made perfect when you stand up in full stature during the spiritual rapture. Brethren, we must be made perfect in soul and spirit, and overcoming in time. Every trial that we overcome we attain more and more to perfection, and one day we shall be perfect.


Paul says, put on everything you can to stand. Put on all the armour of God. Do everything that you can to stand, and then stand! Overcome, and stand up in full stature! This is a process that cannot be accomplished in a twinkling of an eye, or at the snap of your fingers. One day to the Lord, is a thousand years to us. A twinkling of an eye can be a whole lifetime. This bible is a spiritual book, brethren, and as long as you try to understand it with your carnal mind it will continue to kill you.


Verse 28. So ought men to love their wives as their own bodies. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.


The word, love is speaking about Agape love. The Father is instructing your husband's to love your wife with Agape love. Agape love is the self sacrificial love that puts your wife ahead of you. He is not talking about physical sex, or about buying your wives things that might please their soul. That is a physical satisfaction. He is going even further by expecting you to love your wife with the agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ. Be willing to die for her, and you will have a woman that will do anything for you. Love her with a love that does not ask for anything back.


Men are to love their wives as they love their own souls, not as they love their physical bodies. The soul is where the emotions are. Men do things that satisfy their soul, make them happy, peaceful, and give them gratification. Seek to gratify and satisfy your wife in the same way that you would gratify your own soul. Put yourself in her shoes. Are you meeting her needs? Are you doing everything you can to make her happy, at peace and satisfied? If you are not, then you are breaking the commandment of Christ.


The man and wife are one flesh. They have one soul, but two different bodies. They are divided in the physical, but not in the soul realm. He says, if you do not love your wife, and do not do everything that you can do to make her satisfied, content, and at peace, it is a sign that you hate yourself. If you are going to your wife and saying, I am the head of the family, well you really are not because you are out of order. You are the head of the family, but you are a poor head of the family.


How can you demand what is coming to you as the head of the family when you are not treating your wife as the Lord has instructed you to treat her, brethren? If you are breaking her heart, the Lord is not pleased with you. He that loveth his wife loveth himself.


Men, why would you be grieving your wife, and bringing all kinds of strife and contention into your marriage, your household, and your family? You must surely hate yourself. Brethren, you do not have to graduate at Harvard, to know that if you are making your wife miserable it is going to be hard for your marriage to be happy, and that the best thing that you could do to make yourself happy in your marriage is to make your wife happy. You do not need a PHD to know that.


Ladies, if you have a husband that is behaving in a manner that is causing you grief to your soul, you should know that your husband hates himself. He really needs your prayers, as he has a problem. Pray for your husband's ladies. They are suffering from poor self esteem and self hatred if they are doing this.


I have been counselling young people here for a long time now. If you want the best marriage that you can possibly have, then give up all of yourself desire, and work towards producing the best marriage that you can have. Give up your pettiness, and choose to do what will benefit the marriage. A divided house cannot stand. You must both fight for a great marriage.


Husbands love your wife with the Agape love of the Lord Jesus Christ. Be willing to die for her. Let there be nothing that you will not give up for her outside of unrighteousness. You are not supposed to be unrighteous. If you do anything to make her happy, then you are creating a family life that will bless you, and nourish you. If you are not doing that, then you hate yourself, and have emotional problems. You should come to the Lord.


Verse 29. For no man ever yet hated his own flesh; but nourisheth and cherishes it, even as the Lord the Church:


Paul is switching back and forth between the physical body and the soul. Paul is saying that you should love your wife as you love your own soul. You have a natural husband, and a spiritual husband.


No man has ever hated his own physical body, but instead, feeds it and cares for it as the Lord feeds the Church with spiritual food. This means that if you are a member of the Church, you should be fed with spiritual food. If you are not being fed with spiritual food, then ask the Lord where He wants you to go. He will not put you in a place where you are not being fed. It may be that you have not heard his instruction, or maybe you have been disobedient.


We have a whole Church world that chooses what Church they go to based on whether or not they like the music, or whether or not there are single women there, or whether or not it is close to their home because they do not want to travel. Very few people say ask the Lord, what Church do you want me in?


When you hear from God, and you go to the Church that he wants you in, expect a warfare as Satan does not like it when you obey God.


Verse 30. For we are members of his body, of his flesh, and of his bones.


His body is our fallen Adamic soul. We are also members of his flesh, his physical body, his soul, and bones of his Spirit. We are joined in the fallen Adamic soul, joined in Christ, and joined in the Spirit of Christ.


Verse 31. For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh.


We shall be joined with his physical body, his fallen soul, and with his spirit, and for this reason shall a man leave his father and mother.


If you are in the process of being joined to Christ, then who is your father and mother? Satan is your father, and the corrupted Eve, the harlot is your mother. Paul is saying, come out of that carnal mind where you are bound to Satan, and the carnal mind and Eve who is a harlot are stained.


There is no way you are going to join Christ's spirit, soul, and body if you do not separate from Satan and the carnal mind. You have got to come out of that, is what he is saying. This is the reason that you should leave, and go to your new husband.


Christ is coming forth in our soul. He is leaving his Father who was the Holy Spirit. Christ is being formed in us, and the Holy Spirit is entering into our human spirit and conceiving Christ. The Father is the Holy Spirit, the mother is Eve, and the man is Christ.


This man is separating from the Holy Spirit and Eve, and Christ is what we will have left. Christ is the product of the Holy Spirit, and Eve the human spirit. They are going to be swallowed up when Christ, the child is born. He will marry the fallen soul. We have a fallen Adamic soul which is the human spirit. The Holy Spirit is entering in the Father. They are going to have an offspring all in the spirit of Christ.


When Christ comes forth, the Holy Spirit, and the human spirit disappears. They are swallowed up into the mature manifestation of Christ. When this man stands up in full spiritual manhood he shall be joined unto his wife. Christ will be joined to this fallen Adamic soul.


The first stage of resurrection is Christ coming forth in full spiritual manhood, and He is underneath the fallen soul. He is ruling it from a perceive position. He can be likened to a wrestler lying on the mat fully on his back with a big bruiser lying on top of him, yet from his position underneath he is fully controlling the big bruiser that is lying on top of him.


The second stage of the resurrection is that Christ starts moving outward, and keeps moving. He is a sharp sword on every edge of His circle, and pierces through the fallen soul and comes outside of it. What we have is the fallen soul that has been forced inwards to the center.


Christ is on the outside, and is ruling from a position of dominance. He is lying on top of the fallen soul. We have found Scriptures that indicate that when He pierces through this is the circumcision without hands. When He comes to the outside, and lies on top of the fallen soul, then he has more spiritual authority which manifests as aggressive authority. We see that when He comes to the outside, and forces the fallen soul to the inside, that He has intensively increased spiritual authority.


I do not know one Scripture that says that Jesus did anything warlike. Instead, He healed, delivered, and rebuked. That was a physical authority. He did not have any spiritual aggressive authority when they tried to kill Him, but instead disappeared from their midst.


In the garden after this experience happened, He spoke the words, I am, and the guards fell backwards. He did not attack. I am of the opinion that at that time He had the authority to kill with His word if He wanted to. I am not convinced that He had the authority to do any sort of physical damage in the first stage of resurrection. God can correct me if I am wrong.


The third stage of the resurrection is that which Christ who is now on the outside will penetrate, pierce, and completely slay the fallen soul or the enmity in His flesh. It is that which He inherited from his mother who was a fallen human being. Then the Father raised Him from the dead. This is going to happen in you. Your physical body does not have to die, but when this happens, this is glorification.


1 Cor 15:24: Then cometh the end, when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God, even the Father; when he shall have put down all rule and all authority and power.


1 Cor 15:25: For he must reign, till he hath put all enemies under his feet.


1 Cor 15:26: The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.  KJV


We will be in full stature for approximately fifteen hundred years before we have the opportunity to be a part of these Scriptures which express Jesus putting every sin under his feet, including the last sin which is death, and then offering up the creation to the Father that is the glorification.


Romans 8:11: But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.  KJV


Right now we are at the beginning headed for the first stage of resurrection. The fallen soul shall be joined to Christ, and they shall be one flesh. This is the resurrection of the fallen Adamic soul. First Christ in you is raised from the dead.


Verse 32. This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.


There is one Christ. He is in a body which contains many members. It is a great mystery because in the flesh we are separated. We have our own bodies, and our own families, but in the spirit there is only one Christ. Christ is not divided, as he is in many members. At this time, our souls are divided; however, when the soul is raised from the dead we will be undivided.


Verse 33. Nevertheless let every one of you in particular so love his wife even as himself; and the wife see that she reverence her husband.


In this Scripture Paul goes back to the natural relationship. Ladies no matter what kind of a problem you are having with your husband you are commanded to reverence him, and respect him. If he is abusing you, and you feel that in Christ, then God has authorised you to resist him. You are still required to do it with respect, and if you are having trouble doing it with respect then do not condemn yourself just tell the Lord.


Marital problems are very painful things. Remember that the Lord requires you to respect your husband. If he is oppressing you in his carnal mind, then you can stand against him in Christ. It is possible to resist tyranny in a respectful spirit. Ask the Lord to help you, and He will. If you feel you cannot do it, then tell Him. He will show you how. If you fail today, tomorrow you may succeed. Just keep on going.


I want to suggest to you that in this instance God is saying to Adam, I want you to separate in the soul realm.


God took Adam, and stood him upright in the garden. He gave him an inputted anointing, and made him full grown. He said to him, leave your father and your mother, bring forth Christ, and cleave unto the soul realm.


Adam did not grow up from a seed as a result of experiences, so when Satan whispered to him he fell down. He did not have the experiences that gave him what he needed to stand against the temptation. Adam failed because he was seduced by the whisper of the serpent which was in the earth.


In Ephesians 5, we see the reversal of his fall. God gave this command to Adam at the beginning of time, produce Christ, and cleave unto the soul that I formed, and be my creation.


Remember Satan is the mind of the natural man. The earth man travels horizontal as Christ is coming down from heaven. Each one of these lines is an individual. He is weaving a garment that is going to cover over the Spirit of God, so that the Spirit of God can be seen in the realm of appearance. This weaving together is being done one stitch at a time in each individual. The circle typifies the soul. When the Holy Spirit enters, then the needle going into the fabric will bring forth Christ.


Christ penetrates and encapsulates the living soul, and then He goes back and kills him. That is the stitch in out, and the weaving together. The Lord is weaving his mind together with us.


In the book of Revelation, He talks about gaining the crown. Crown translated from the Greek it is not talking about a European crown made out of gold and jewels, but a Greek crown which is made of branches interwoven.


The Lord is interweaving and wrapping his mind with our mind. He is interweaving by simply weaving in and out of our mind, so that there will be no separation from it. The way He is doing it can be compared to sewing, and the threading of a needle with the thread of Jesus. The thread going through the eye of the needle is Christ.


He is weaving the horizontal, carnal mind of men that lines the circle of the earth. Each one of the lines typifies the mind of one man and Christ who is the needle. He penetrates, and pierces, as He weaves himself in and out of men's minds. When He finishes the garment, it will be solid and cover the Father. The circle typifies the individual mind. The Holy Spirit represents the needle that is carrying the thread which pierces the garment and completes the stitch. When He gets inside Christ, and comes forth, then Christ has pierced through to the other side. That is one complete stitch all the way through. This is the first stage of the resurrection up to this point.


The second stage of the resurrection Christ will pierce to the outside, and layer over the fallen soul while taking deep authority over it. When he does that, then He is going to pierce in again bringing forth the third stage of resurrection. When He kills, after He pierces through, Christ comes to the outside.


On the inside, we have Satan, Eve and the carnal mind. Eve is being rescued, and is joining with Christ. The carnal mind is being dissolved. He is going to be melted and broken up, so that only Satan will be left. Christ from his exterior position will pierce through, and kill Satan. The needle came through, went out again and came back through. It will be the slaying of the enmity in the flesh.


The Lord He is weaving in, and going out right through our mind. As He comes in He is bringing life. He is bringing Christ. When he comes out, then goes back the second time, he is killing the enmity in our flesh. The two souls are woven together and cannot come apart. This is the stitch.


Satan will be in total submission to Christ. He will be present as a poisonous element that will be bound in a positive molecule such as salt, or He is going to pierce through. In some Scriptures, we are told he is going to be castrated, and lose his ability to impregnate Eve, and bring forth the carnal mind.


Let me remind you that Paul called Jesus his chain. Paul said, I am bound with his chain, and it is Christ. We are involved in warfare to control Satan in our own mind. Now that Christ is being formed in us we are engaged in warfare with Satan in our own mind. For him to be bound in the bottomless pit he must be under Christ's control.


We have discovered that the bottomless pit is the living soul. We have studied several Scriptures indicating that the bottomless pit is the soul realm. Without Christ we descend into poverty.


Satan is bound by the chain which is underneath the authority of Christ in the believer such as you and me who is battling with him to take his dominion away from us.


The number, one thousand is defined in bible numerology. I do not believe it is referring to a literal thousand years as we know it; however, typifies full stature of the human spirit. In the Greek translation, it is not referred to as a literal thousand years either. It is says, when a human spirit produces Christ, and stands up that Christ is going to be a chain to Satan. He is going to bind him up and thread him underfoot .


Paul said, soon the Father will bruise Satan under your feet. He will go down under the authority of Christ in us after Christ chains him. Christ will not chain him until He is born in our mind of full spiritual strength. Then, the Scripture said, he is going to get out for a season. There will be a group of people, in the first fruit company that are going to have him bound. They will have authority over him, not only in their own minds, but in the minds of other people too. At one point the Lord is going to let him get out. He says, he came out and he came up on the breath of the earth.


Satan is manifested in the unconscious mind. The earth typifies the conscious mind. Satan got out from under the chains that the sons of God had him under, and he came into their conscious mind. This is the temptation of Christ. We are going to have dominion over Satan.


The test to prove that we are truly in full stature is going to let Satan get out just enough to tempt us. We are going to hear his whisper like he did, but this time we will not be deceived. This time we are going to take the power of Christ which is fire, and throw down lightning on him, and kill him. That will be the temptation in each of our lives. We will prove to the Father, that we truly have dominion over Satan. He not only cannot hurt us anymore, but neither can he seduce us. That is going to be the end of him in individuals' lives.


I believe that this experience that we call full stature, or the first stage of the resurrection will be happening to an individual at a time for a period of approximately fifteen hundred years, during which time every one that is called to full stature will have this experience and stand up. Those who are not called to it, will just live out their lives, and pass on with a natural death.


We will come to a place where every man on the earth is in full stature. At that point, the creation will be offered up to the Father. The glorification will be a cooperate experience, everybody at once, but full stature will be an individual at a time similar to the receiving of the Holy Ghost.


It is a lot to learn. We have been at this for years. You have to do your time. The witness that the ministry is validly happening in your life is that everything that is preached you are experiencing. If you go to the ministry that is preaching the Holy Ghost you should be receiving the Holy Ghost. If you go to a ministry that preaches faith, then faith should be built in you. If the ministry preaches healing, then you should be healed. What we are preaching here is perfection, so we should be experiencing many trials of which we are all overcoming.


Transcribed:12/04/09 da

Edited: 06/17/10 mp

Revised: 06/19/10 srv


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