186 - Part 4


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I would like to remind you that we are in a series that is called The Christ, I have one issue to clarify, and then I would like to go over the definition of some of the terms that are being used. I know everybody could use that.


First of all, I would like to comment on the personality which is interesting, because you just said something about that, and as we start to look at these Scriptural terms with a magnifying glass, we find that they are not really interchangeable, that each name has a subtle difference from the other name. One thing I would like to clarify is personality, because I have told you that we carry our personality with us through the first two stages of resurrection. We do not lose it until the third stage of the resurrection.


Let me review the three stages of resurrection for you. The first stage is what we call perfection, we also call it full stature. It is the resurrection from the dead of your human spirit. I do not want to get off my topic. We are going to go into that a little later on, I just want to stay with personality right now.


The second stage of resurrection is when your human spirit has been raised from the dead and now called Christ, circumcises Himself by cutting away your carnal mind. In both of those two stages, one of which is characterized by a fully mature Christ, first one, the resurrection of Christ from the dead, your human spirit to be raised from the dead, which is now called Christ, that is the first stage of the resurrection. It is characterized by a fully mature Christ, ruling your whole vessel, from a position underneath the carnal mind.


Remember, the mustard seed was planted in the heart of man, which is the carnal mind and grows within it. The carnal mind becomes a womb.


As Christ is fully raised from the dead to full spiritual manhood, He is still within that carnal mind. If we are looking at human sexuality, a full term baby within the amniotic sac. The second stage of resurrection is Christ cutting through that sac, taking a position of dominance and pushing the carnal mind underneath Him. That is the circumcision of Himself, that is the circumcision of Christ, the circumcision without hands.


In both of those two stages, your human personality stays with you. You will be the same, you will have the same name, you will have the same human relatives, and there will be characteristics that are you, that people who have known you all your life, they will know that is you.


When Paul was raised to full stature, when Christ was raised from the dead, everybody still knew he was Paul, and those who knew him as Saul probably recognized him as Saul. Although they could not believe what they were seeing, they must have recognized him as Saul. It is not until the third stage of the resurrection which is glorification where the personality disappears, because it is absorbed into the glorified spiritual life of Christ. Everybody understand me?


What is personality? Personality can be likened to a faceless form that only reveals what is underneath it. Personality can be likened to basic human qualities through which a mind will be expressed, and either the carnal mind can be expressed through it, or the mind of Christ can be expressed through the same personality.


Included in personality is your physical form, the way you might joke around or whatever, the way you move, the way you express yourself. Also included in it for our purposes would be your tone of voice, and your physical appearance. Your whole physical family that you come from will be reflected through your personality.


Whether the mind of Christ is being reflected through you or whether the carnal mind is being reflected through you, personality is changeable. It is a set of basic characteristics that change or are influenced depending on what mind is shining through. Everybody with me?


Personality, let me say it again, is a set of characteristics both physical and spiritual, because their qualities, the spiritual qualities cannot be seen, cannot be physically seen like your body can that you are born with. When you are an infant you are born with them. They develop as you continue on in life, but they vary. Your personality qualities vary depending on which mind is shining through you. Is it Christ, or is it the carnal mind?


What am I saying is that your personality is a neutral thing that can be good or evil, that can be positive or negative depending on the spirit that is in the mind that is shining through you. Personality is changeable. Let me show it to you another way.


This is what we said about the creation of God, the Living Soul. We said His name was Adam, and that when the mind of Christ was being revealed through the creation of God, He was righteous and His name was? What was His name? His name was Christ, but when the Living Soul fell, and the carnal mind was being revealed through adam, his name is still adam, but he is not righteous anymore. He is not righteous adam, he is fallen adam. He is still Adam, he was righteous and now he is fallen. What has changed was the mind in him. His mind was Christ and now carnal. He is still Adam, good adam, evil adam. The best way that I can explain it to you is if the personality is plastic, and it has a set of given characteristics that are strongly influenced by the mind that is being expressed through them.


It could be negative or positive, good or evil. One more time, we find a concept in the Scripture that to the person who does not have understanding, and I am never putting anyone down, but most of the church does not have understanding. I still do not have understanding about many things.


God is revealing to us that what appears to be or to come in three stages, or three expressions in the Scripture, is almost always really only two. We said the Living Soul, not adam, the carnal mind, and Christ, Adam, either he is the carnal mind or Christ. Then we found that there was a man and in that man adam, there is spirit and there is soul.


The Spirit could be the Father, it could be Satan, but there is only spirit and soul. Not man, spirit, and soul. Spirit and soul is a part of the man. Everybody following me?


We also found that there is heaven and earth, and a lot of Christians think that there is heaven and hell, and there is this place, but there is not heaven and hell and this place. This place is either heaven or hell. You following me?


We have found this, the Lord has shown it to us in several places in the Scripture. There is an exception to this. There have been some instances where we found things coming in threes, but any time I have ever found something in threes, it has been in three parts only because the creation of God is in transition, a perversion.


In other words, those of us who are listening to this tape, or who are in this room, I am going to assume that Christ is being formed in you, or you could never be listening to these tapes.


We are individuals, we have a personality that is expressing two minds, both the carnal mind and Christ, so we are an entity which has three parts to it. We have a personality, we have the mind of Christ, and we have the carnal mind. We are a perversion. We are a multiple personality that is not acceptable to God. One personality must absorb the other.


We are in transition, so we must be a creation that expresses one mind. The creation is the soul, the mind an expression of spirit, but we are not that. We are in three pieces. We are a creation that expresses two minds, one soul and one spirit, but we are a perversion. Do you understand that it is a transitional stage?


Originally, the creation was soul, and there was a spirit being expressed through it. It was the spirit of the Father, and He was expressed in the form of Christ. That Christ fell, but for a season. If you recall the teaching in Daniel 8, while Satan was forming her carnal mind, the creation at the beginning of time was a Living Soul that had the mind of Christ and had the carnal mind.


Remember, there was an imputed Christ which meant it was given the authority and the righteousness of God, but the creation had never experienced good or evil, had never experienced ruling, had never had an encounter with the wickedness that was in Satan, had no experience to back itself up on when the wickedness arose from underneath the depths of the earth and rose up to destroy the Christ.


Therefore, the carnal mind destroyed that immature or that imputed Christ which existed at the beginning of time, because it could be likened to a physical twenty-five year old man who had never had a single experience, and who was being told to go out into the world and survive. He was never taught anything, and the chances are if he was sent out into the world, he would starve to death, he would not even know what he needed to keep him alive, just like babies do not know what they need. Babies do not choose their own food.


This was the creation at the beginning of time. We call him the imputed Christ, and because He had no experiences, or we might even say no foundation, no substance, nothing to lean back on, the carnal mind destroyed Him.


In this hour, we have coming forth an imparted Christ, which means a manifestation of the mind of God through a man who has had and is having experiences. He is being taught how to learn and how to use the power of God, and this imparted Christ will destroy the carnal mind.


For a season, we have three elements to us, our personality, our carnal mind, and the mind of Christ, but that is a perversion. There is just supposed to be two, spirit and soul.


Everybody with me? When you hear personality, you know that what is being spoke about is what can be likened to, more or less, a plastic mask that changes on which mind is being revealed through it. Further to what I just said, there is a difference between the adamic nature, and personality. Nature, character is a manifestation of spirit. If we are speaking about an adamic nature, we are speaking about the spirit which is providing the character of the carnal man. Everybody okay?


The adamic nature, the nature, the character, the morality of the adamic man or the carnal man is what spirit? Satan. Amen. Satan is the nature of the adamic, or the fallen, or the carnal man, and the nature of the man through whom the mind of Christ is being expressed is whom? No, let me just say it again.


The nature of the spirit which is being expressed through the man in whom the mind of Christ is ruling is the Father.


There are two male spirits. We know that Satan has a stolen manhood, but she is in the role of male, and when the Father is being expressed through the mind of man, that is man's mind, and the name of the man is Christ. When Satan is being expressed through a man, which is soul, the mind of that man and that man is called carnal.


There is an adamic nature, or carnal nature, and there is a Christ nature, or a God nature, and either one can be expressed through the creation of God which is the Living Soul. In this hour, we are seeing both natures being expressed through one individual, only one at a time.


If an expression of a mind only lasts for a second, you cannot have two natures manifesting at the same time. What you may have experienced is a flip flop, but no matter how brief that expression, only one nature can manifest at a time. As we move into Christ, and as we move into these last days, the Lord is challenging us to try the spirit. Try the spirit and know who you are talking to.


Of course. if you are dealing with a heathen, you know that Christ is not there. The challenge is with the believers, and the depth of the challenge is with the believers that you know are manifesting Christ a significant amount of the time. They are the ones that are the challenge for you to know when they are in Christ and when they fall out of Christ.


Remember not to condemn them when they fall out of Christ. You pray for them that God lifts them up. We are not discerning the mind in the person to kill them. We are discerning the mind in the person to help them along this journey which is going to end in full stature, which is the complete overcoming permanently of the carnal mind, so that Christ will be revealed permanently without exception through that individual. Everybody okay?


Let us do some of these terms. The lamb that was slain from the foundation of the earth, or the lamb who was slain so that the earth could be founded is who? Anybody? Anybody remember?


The lamb who was slain so that the earth could be founded. The spiritual son that separated from the Father before the earth was formed. I know this is not an ideal example. All you Pharisees do not get upset with me, but I have to help you to understand. If God was a ball of clay, and a sculptor pulled out a glob of that clay and made a separate ball out of it, that is what happened. The Son separated from the Father. It was a form of cell division, and out of the Son, the Father formed the building blocks of this creation, which we know to be Adam.


He was slain, because all of this spiritual authority which was still in Him after He was separated from the Father was lost, and He died unto all His spiritual authority when we were formed out of His substance. He was rich, and He became poor so that we could become rich. We came into existence. He was the Breath of Life that gave existence to the clay. Without Him, nothing was made, brethren.


There is no form of life anywhere, in anything, in any kind of an animal, where that life did not originate with the Lord Jesus Christ in spirit form.


He was slain. If you look that word up in the Greek, slain, what it means is that He was cut into many pieces like you would take a cow and cut into steaks and chopped meat. That was what happened to Him. He was cut into many pieces, and the many pieces He was cut into became the many members of the living soul that we see in the earth today, and He lost His strength.


He was joined to the clay. There was a pestilence in that clay, and He was, therefore, slain, He died. The Son of God died in His spirit so that the earth could be founded. The Son of God was slain so that He could be cut into many pieces so that this world could be founded, so that the foundation of this world could be laid.


What is the foundation of this world? Remember, this building that Jesus is building, not a house like we live in, but the foundation of this creation is the spiritual Son of God that was in the bosom of the Father before He separated out. There is no foundation laid except that which is already laid, even the Lord Jesus Christ, and upon Him the Holy prophets and apostles.


The spiritual life of the Son died when the earth was founded. Everybody okay? He was slain. I find myself making a lot of the same mistakes that the whole church world is making, so if you hear me making a mistake, please help me. He was slain, He did not die. He was slain. He was cut into many pieces, and He was the breath of life that was imparted to the creation.


COMMENT: Why was He slain, who slew Him? Why did He have to be slain?


PASTOR VITALE: First of all, the Father slew him, and He had to be slain or cut into many pieces, because He was the material out of which the Father formed the creation. He was the material, because any other material would have not been able to give Life, we would have been a dead creation.


Because there was Life in the Son, and He gave His life so that we could be a Living Soul, the Son of God, who was in pure spirit form, died to His existence as a pure spirit. He ceased to be a pure spirit, and He became a. . . What did he become, what was He made into? He was made into a Living Soul, the creation of God, and there was a mind in that creation, which was called Christ. He was called Christ.


The Father made the creation, it was good, and He stood it up in the Garden. The King James says, He put him in the garden. He gave Him right standing, He imputed righteousness to it, and that which was pure spirit in the bosom of the Father died to that life, and began a life in the form of the man, which revealed the mind of Christ.


We no longer have the lamb that was slain. We now have the Christ. The lamb was pure spirit, the Christ is what? Christ is the form of the spirit which is only found within a soul, and the presence of Christ in that soul, makes that soul or the Living Soul righteous. That Christ was killed. The lamb was slain, Christ was killed. The imputed Christ was killed at the beginning of time by the carnal mind, and the creation which is that He is still that Son of God. He is just changing form.


First, He died to pure spirit, and He became righteous soul. Then He died to righteousness and became a fallen soul, still the son of God. He is changing form, just like water goes from steam to water to ice, same Son of God changing form. He was spirit, He became righteous Soul, and then he became fallen soul. Everybody okay?


The Lamb was pure spirit, and He was slain, became righteous Christ, who died. The Son died to His righteousness. He died for the second time. He was slain the first time, He died the second time, and He became the fallen living soul. Does everyone see the difference between the Christ and the Lamb. Have I made that clear, the difference between Christ and the Lamb? Everybody okay?


This gets a little harder. There are two different manifestations of Christ. Anybody remember what they are? What was the Christ at the beginning of time called? The imputed Christ. He had not earned His title, He had not earned His authority.


It is like a seven year old boy becomes king, because His Father died, and he is the heir to the throne. He has done nothing to earn it, and he has had almost no experiences, certainly not at ruling. That is the imputed Christ that was capable of being killed and was, indeed, killed by the carnal mind.


Then we have an imparted Christ which we saw in Jesus of Nazareth, which is an authority. It is the authority of God which is earned. Which is earned through what? How do you earn authority in God? By overcoming. What must be overcome? Our carnal mind. You receive an imparted Christ by laying hold of that power in many experiences and trials, and by that power overcoming our carnal mind.


When we use the power of God to overcome our carnal mind, two things happen. We have an experience that we could fall back on when we are challenged in the future. We can say, I had this before, and this is what happened and this is what God told me to do and maybe I should try this again, or This is how I should handle it. You have a memory to help us through, and the second thing that happens is that in that overcoming through experience, the mind of Christ is fusing to our carnal mind.


In the man, Jesus of Nazareth, this process was completed to the point that the mind of Christ which He received from His Father was so completely interwoven with the carnal mind that He received from His mother, that for all intents and purposes they became one mind with which mind ruling? Christ, Christ, Christ. They became so completely one that the carnal mind was not named.


We have the Lamb who was slain, became the imputed Christ who was killed, became the carnal mind which is death, and now we see the imparted Christ appearing on the horizon of this soul, but just like Adam who was a Living Soul had the same name Adam. He had the same name as Adam. Some people say the Scripture says the first Adam was a Living Soul, and the second Adam was a Quickening Spirit, but if you study it in the Greek it does not say that.


What it says is, at the first or at the beginning, Adam the Living Soul, the creation of God, was a Living Soul, and at the last, at the end at His maturity, after He grew up and became a full grown man through experiences, He became a Quickening Spirit. When you say Adam, or when you hear someone say Adam, you have to say, Father, are you talking about righteous Adam or are you talking about fallen adam.


When we say Christ, or when the Scripture says Christ, we have to say, Father, is the Scripture talking about Christ at the beginning of time who had not earned His authority and, therefore, was capable of losing it, immature Christ, imputed Christ or are you talking about the imparted Christ who earns His authority and, therefore, cannot be defeated by the carnal mind, but who has begun to overcome the carnal mind, and will not cease until He has overcome the carnal mind in every person that is He is appearing in?


When you see the word Christ in the Scripture, you must say, Father which Christ, imputed, imparted, earned, unearned, capable of being killed, not capable of being killed? You must ask this question.


The same thing when you see the name Adam in the Scripture, you must say, Father, Adam as a Living Soul, or Adam as a Quickening Spirit. Who are you talking about? We must ask these questions. We must ask these questions, and as I said on the last part of this message, God is sending us out to people that have a deep spiritual knowledge of these Scriptures. Many of them do not have the spirit of God, but they have got knowledge.


Brethren, you will never convert them by threatening to send them to hell. You have to know these Scriptures, not even as well as they know them, but better than they know them.


You have to be able to go to them and agree with them where they are right and enhance them with your knowledge, and give a deposit to them, give an increase to them. You do not go to them to prove where they are wrong. You get in there, and you agree with them where they are right, and then you give them what they are lacking, because to be in error in the Scripture, brethren, is a lack, an absence of something.


If you are truly ministering the doctrine, in Christ, you are not going in to correct, you are going in to add that which is lacking. Error is absence of truth, and it cannot be correct. It is either error or ignorance.


Put these principles in your heart, and ask God to help you to ask these questions as you read the Scripture. Father, who are you talking about, let me not assume that I know who you are talking about? If the Scripture says he, who are you talking about? Any questions so far?


COMMENT: Why do you call Him the Lamb in the beginning?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not call Him, the Scripture calls Him that, the Scripture calls Him the Lamb, I am not a hundred percent sure, but what comes to my heart is that He sacrificed, He gave up, He did no wrong, He gave up His existence as the spiritual Son of God with all provision and glory, He was one with the Father, so that we could be formed out of Him.


COMMENT: The idea that He was a Lamb, was that the Father's plan so that He could show the people that sacrifice as a whole procedure that they did in the Old Testament was sacrificing the Lamb, was that His intention? To call Him the Lamb at the foundation of the world? Knowing that people would use it as a sacrifice?


PASTOR VITALE: If I understand what you just said correctly, you are referring to the teaching that Jesus on the cross replaced the Levitical sacrifice, is that what you are saying? That is not true, that is not true, that is a carnal teaching.


COMMENT: No, I thought being the Lamb before the sacrifice in the Old Testament was an example that God used.


PASTOR VITALE: I do not think the Levitical sacrifice. . . The Levitical sacrifices were an example of our souls. Not correct the way preached. The Lamb without spot has to be our adamic soul, that manifestation of the Living Soul which is in us. First, it has to be purified, and then our soul is being sacrificed. Of course, it is taught that Jesus was sacrificed in place of us, but that is not true.


Jesus is coming to be our new mind, our new soul, so that our fallen soul can be purified and be crucified to Christ and must die. We must be sacrificed. Did I answer your question?


COMMENT: The connection is between the lamb and the soul.


PASTOR VITALE: To be honest with you, the only thing that I am getting about why He was called the Lamb. . . Yes that is true, but going back to the beginning of time, why He was called the Lamb, I have not studied that. I did not know when you started asking me the question, but what I am getting in my heart, is that the Lord, or the Father called Him the Lamb from the moment He separated Jesus from Himself for the purpose of founding this creation. He called Him what He intended Him to be. The Father called Him what He intended to make out of Him.


I remind you that at the back of the book of Revelation, Jesus Christ raised from the dead is the Lamb that is on Mount Zion, and the Lamb that is at the back of the book of Revelation is the Spirit of God being revealed in a human form. I remind you, this may not bless you too much, but God says that we are an animal, and all the scientists know that we are mammals, we are in an animal body. Our only problem is we are fallen, so our animal body is ruling us.


We are supposed to be in an animal body which is being ruled by the spirit. At the back of the book of Revelation, Jesus Christ is a Lamb that is less than one year old. He is the Spirit of God in an animal body with the Spirit ruling.


I believe God gave me this, but the reason that He calls Him the Lamb at the beginning of time was that from the moment He separated from Him, Jesus from the Father, He called Him what He was making Him into, this creation. Did I answer your question?


I would like to go over this frequently confusing point that in the man, Jesus of Nazareth, Christ was raised from the dead before He ever got on the cross. Let me tell you something, let me remind you of something else first. At the beginning of time when we saw an imputed Christ and that imputed Christ was killed by the carnal mind, the Scripture says the carnal mind broke His bones, the carnal mind broke His spiritual formation.


What are bones, bones are a skeleton. They are that which our skin hangs on, our bones give form to what we look like. The bones of Christ were spiritual bones, they were spiritual bones that gave form to the creation, and what form was He in, who was ruling?


No, the Father was ruling in the imputed Christ at the beginning of time, and who was under Him. The imputed Christ, and under Him was the man, and the name of the age was called innocence.


This was His skeleton, this was His structure, these were His bones, and when the carnal mind broke the bones of the imputed Christ who became God, and what was the name of the mind? Underneath the carnal mind, we still have the man, and this is the age of death. In this hour, brethren, the Lord Jesus Christ who is an imparted Christ is in the process of breaking the bones of the carnal mind of the creation called death or the carnal mind.


In this age of death, our Lord Jesus Christ is in the process of breaking the bones of the carnal mind. He is going to break the structure upon which this world system is hanging. He is going to break the foundation upon which this world system is standing, and He has already started to do it. He has done it in the man, Jesus of Nazareth.


Let me say that again. The Christ, which the glorified Lord Jesus Christ, is in the process of breaking the bones of this carnal mind and this age of death. He is now a pure spirit. He has become the unconscious mind of those who are called to be members of the body of Christ, and He is bringing forth His Christ in everyone that He is calling in this hour.


If Christ is in you, He is being raised up by our Lord Jesus Christ to break the bones of the carnal mind in you. Eventually, our Lord Jesus Christ will reproduce Himself in the souls of men, and break the bones of the carnal mind in the multitudes upon the earth. Those in whom this process does not happen will live out their lives and pass on and, eventually, every man, woman, and child on the face of this earth will have a Christ being formed in them that will eventually break the structure of this world system which in their mind, called the cosmos, in our minds and outside of us.


Our glorified Lord Jesus Christ is breaking the bones of this world system called death from the inside out, He is starting with a few men, and He is going to increase throughout the earth. During this time period that He is doing this, there will be human being who have never been touched by the Lord Jesus Christ.


They will live out their lives, and they will pass on. They will not burn in hell forever. Their human spirit will return unto the Father and their souls, because they sinned, will die and go back to the lump of clay. Hallelujah, and whatever existence they have, whatever continued existence they have will be in their offspring, and that is a Scriptural reality, brethren, that we live in our offspring. It is the Scriptural reality.


Our Lord Jesus Christ is living in the next generation. He is living in us, we are His offspring. The man, Jesus of Nazareth, no longer exists. He gave up that life, and He is now living in the next generation. I know that is a hard one, but I tell you the truth, we will just keep going over it. Hallelujah. Any questions on any of this?


We talked about the Lamb that was slain so that the earth could be founded, then we talked about the imputed Christ who died at the hands of the carnal mind, and then we talked about the imparted Christ which was in the man, Jesus of Nazareth, and then I got into this by trying to explain to you that in the man, Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ was raised from the dead, and this is a big issue.


Let me try and present it to you as clearly as I can, by starting with this question. When the imputed Christ was killed at the beginning of time, when the carnal mind broke His bones and He died, what form did the dead imputed Christ take? Where is He today? The dead, imputed Christ, where is He? What is He? The imputed Christ was killed by the carnal mind, where is He buried?


He is the human spirit, and what is left of Him is the human spirit. Where is He buried? Under the carnal minds of men, amen.


We are the walking sepulchers. Jesus said to the Pharisees, You are walking sepulchers. What He meant was that your human spirit has not been raised from the dead, you are still graves. There is nothing alive in you, you have the letter of the law, you have all your rituals, and you are dead. That is what He said to them, and this goes for everyone in the church today, brethren.


You can be speaking in tongues and dancing around the church, and you could still be dead. Your human spirit must be raised from the dead, because when the Christ, and the imputed Christ at the beginning of time died, He became the dead human spirits which are found under the carnal minds of men.


Our natural example is when a person dies, the flesh disappears off the bones, they are buried, the flesh disintegrates, and you have a skeleton left, you have bones left. When the spiritual imputed Christ died, He changed form just like when a human being died. They do not look the same, everyone knows what a skeleton looks like. When the imputed Christ died at the beginning of time, He changed form and changed into the human spirits of men.


When a human being dies, you dig up the coffin, you see a skeleton, and you do not call him a man anymore. Neither do you call him by name. You call him skeleton, right, you call him skeleton. When the imputed Christ died at the beginning of time, His name changed. He became the human spirit, a many‑membered dead Christ in the form of the many human spirits of the Living Soul. Is everybody with me? Glory to God.


The one who is being raised from the dead in this hour, brethren, is Christ. Christ is being raised from the dead. Only He who was alive and died can be raised from the dead. Only He who has descended can ascend.


I would like you to look at Romans 8:11 with me please. But if the spirit of Him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, He that raised up Christ from the dead. . . Remember, Christ died and His name changed to human spirit, but when He is resurrected, His name changes again to what? To Christ. When He is raised from the dead, He is the same guy He was before He died. His name changes to Christ, are you okay?


But if the spirit of Him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, He that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies. That word bodies is a translation of a Greek word that does not mean physical body. It means celestial body. It is talking about your soul that is mortal, talking about your fallen soul that is capable of dying, and I would like to call your attention to the word quicken. Christ is raised from the dead, but your mortal soul is quickened, different word. You have to start asking these questions, Father, why are you using a different word, what is the difference?


Christ was alive and He died, and He is being raised from the dead. Your mortal soul was never alive. Remember, the Son was alive with the Father when the earth was founded. The Living Soul never was the possessor of spiritual life. The Living Soul was the recipient of being made alive, because the spirit of the Son of God was within it. When Life dwells within you, brethren, your soul will be made alive.


It will be given Life. Life will be imparted to it, but it cannot originate life. Soul does not originate Life, soul receives Life. When Life is given to soul, the soul receives the Life. Soul cannot impart Life.


Let me take you back to our natural examples, brethren. Spirit is male, soul is female. Male gives, female receives. Of course, we are not talking about our society today. We are talking about traditional roles, male is aggressive, female is passive, male penetrates, male imparts, female receives the seed.


Christ in you shall be raised from the dead, because He once was alive and then He died, but your soul was never alive. She has no authority to generate Life. That which is alive can generate Life. At the beginning of time, the Living Soul benefitted from the Life of Christ which was flowing through the creation. When Christ died, the Living Soul died. We all fell down together to this terrible place called hell.


Christ, your human spirit, is being raised from the dead and when He is raised from the dead in you, He will share His life with your soul. Do you hear the difference? Your soul will have life, but she will not be able to give it to another. She is a beneficiary, she is not the giver of Life. Everybody okay?


I hear this question in the spirit, so let me deal with this. Going back to Romans 8:11, But if the spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you. . . You are saying to me, How could Jesus be raised from the dead if the mortal soul is only quickened? Lord, help me explain this, Jesus, I want to deal with this. Jesus, Jesus Christ, Lord Jesus Christ, anybody know the difference? Jesus, Jesus Christ, Lord Jesus Christ, anybody want to try? Yes and no. Let me give it to you. We really have not gone over this.


Jesus is the man. He is the man before the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension. Jesus is the man that was born out of the womb of Mary, but He had something that every other man on the face of the earth did not have, in that day did not have. He had something additional. What was it? He was born with a fertilized human spirit, but He was a man very much like we are today. He was perfect under the law of Moses, He was trained in the Old Covenant under the rabbis, and He was a man. This whole man, Jesus, the whole man was raised from the dead at what point? I will tell you. At glorification, the whole man was raised from the dead at the point of glorification, but it came in stages.


This man, Jesus, was raised from the dead in three stages, brethren. He went through the same thing that you are going through. The difference is that He was perfect under the law, He was sanctified, He was justified under the law. You are made perfect by what? What makes you perfect, what makes you a saint of God, who knows?


Almost, let me make it clearer. That is true, but let me make it clearer. What makes us perfect or justified before God is that the first fruits are present in us, that Jesus is present in us. What we have here is the Father. The Father has broken humanity into two categories, Jew, and Gentile, and He is dealing with the Jew in one way, and He is dealing with the Gentile in another way, but those of these ways will converge, they will come together.


He is going to bring both and is, in fact, bringing both Jew and Gentile to a place where we are prepared to receive the judgment of our souls, which will wound and ultimately destroy our carnal minds that we might live after the Life of Christ. Before we can come to this judgment, we must have a relationship with the Father which justifies us before Him; otherwise, as we approach the Father, we would be killed, and the way He has done it, I am not going to go through the whole thing now, He has one covenant with the Jew and another covenant with the Gentile.


Brethren, unless your soul is being judged you have not entered into the New Covenant. We have a whole church world that says they have entered into a New Covenant. Not true. They are partaking of the ministry of the Father to the Gentile which is designed to bring us to the same place where natural Israel is but by a different road. Then together, Jew and Gentile, we shall enter into the New Covenant, which is the judgment and ultimate death of our carnal mind that Christ might be raised from the dead and exalted in us.


Everybody okay? I know you have never heard this preached before, but I am telling you the truth. I do not care if nobody ever preached it. I used to care, I do not care anymore. I have nothing more to lose, I am telling you the truth.


The man, Jesus, the entire man was raised from the dead in glorification, which is the third stage of resurrection, and we will go over that in a minute. Jesus Christ, Jesus The Christ is more correct. We can also say, Jesus The En-Christed One. This man, Jesus, specifically when He was in the condition of having the mind of Christ rule in His vessel, and when I say, The mind of Christ rules, I do not mean today and not tomorrow.


I mean that man, Jesus, in the first stage of resurrection, and the second stage of resurrection, whereby His carnal mind was totally overpowered and interwoven with The Christ to the point where there was no chance of the carnal mind getting out, the man Jesus, became Jesus The Christ, or Jesus The En-Christed One, the man Jesus whose mind and total vessel was completely authorized and covered by, and ruled by the Christ mind of the Father. Everybody okay?


Our Lord Jesus Christ, the man, Jesus, who was glorified, and what is glorification? It is a complete and permanent, so complete and so permanent an intermingling of the parts of the natural man, Jesus, so as to produce a new product. I will say it again. Our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorified Lord Jesus Christ, was the product or the result of something that happened to this natural man, Jesus, whereby all of His spiritual parts were so completely intermingled that they became one new product, and they were no longer the carnal mind, the Christ mind, and a flesh body, but they became one New Man, and of the twain, the carnal mind and the Christ mind, He made one New Man, our Lord Jesus Christ.


Before the crucifixion, there are Scriptures where other men refer to Jesus as Lord, they refer to Him as Lord. I want to suggest to you that they referred to Him as Lord, indicating that the man Jesus was the Lord over His entire vessel.


Let me tell you what Lord means. Lord means master, possessor, owner, ruler, and I want to suggest to you at the time that Jesus the En-Christed One walked on the earth in the days of His flesh, He was Lord over the man, Jesus of Nazareth. He completely ruled every emotion, every thought, and every function of His physical body. He completely ruled it without a second's deviation. He was Lord of the man, Jesus of Nazareth, and He was also Lord over the elements. We know He walked on the water, and there was a gold coin that came out of the fish.


He was Lord over the elements, but I want to make a radical statement to you. He was not Lord over men yet. Have you never heard it preached in the carnal church, Well He is your Savior, but He is not your Lord. That has been said to me, did you ever hear that? He is your Savior, but He is not your Lord. He is saving your soul, but He is not ruling in your mind, He is not ruling your life.


I want to suggest to you, brethren, that Jesus of Nazareth was ruling the life of the man, Jesus of Nazareth, and He was ruling the elements. Christ was His mind inside of the vessel and, therefore, He had authority over the elements outside of the vessel, but He was not Lord of the rest of creation. He was not Lord over Israel.


I want to tell you something, He was not even Lord over the disciples. Why would I say that? Because if He was truly Lord over the disciples, He would not have had to rebuke them.


Brethren, to be Lord means total control, and the way Jesus, our Lord Jesus Christ, is going to be Lord of this entire creation, including the population of mankind, is that He fully intends to internalize Himself inside of every man who will be on the face of the earth in that day that He stands up in full stature and spirit rules from within. In the hour of or the days of His flesh, of the flesh of the man, Jesus, He was not in a form that would enable Him to enter into the heart of man and rule from within.


Some men called Him Lord, He was Lord of His own life and of the world as it affected Him, but He was not Lord in men. He had to be glorified and pour out of His spirit upon all flesh. He is in the process of becoming the Lord of the living soul in this hour, and I want to tell you something, the living soul does not want Him to be Lord, and not only does the living soul not want him to be Lord, the church does not want Him to be Lord.


They might think that they do, but they do not. Why? Because it is their nature to not want Him to be Lord. I condemn nobody, we cannot do otherwise, so He must break us and change our minds through painful experiences.


Have I made this clear? Jesus was the natural man born of a woman, Mary. Jesus is the En-Christed One. Jesus, that same natural man, when His mind was 100% of the time Christ, our Lord Jesus Christ, the glorified man who was crucified, raised from the dead and ascended unto the Father, and in this hour is now pure spirit and pouring out of the realm of spirit into the minds of men.


He is our new unconscious mind, He is building a new power base upon which this creation will exist. When that power base is strong enough or complete enough to sustain the flesh of our existence, He will utterly destroy that wicked city which is sustaining us right now, which is called what? Babylon, the fallen soul is called Babylon. Everybody okay?


I just want to spend a few minutes on this natural man, Jesus, and relate Him to the three stages of resurrection. There was a man born to a woman, Mary, His name was Jesus of Nazareth, and as I said earlier, He had something additional to His spiritual apparatus. He had more than every other human being on the face of the earth had.


Let me take this opportunity to remind you that deliverance is a good thing. It will never bring you salvation. It is good, it is necessary, it is important, it is a cleansing, but it can never impart Life to you. You must have something added to you, and that is Life. Is He not our life? He must be added to you. Life cannot come forth within you, we just talked about it.


When we used Romans 8:11, we are soul and we may receive Life, but it cannot be found from within us, nor can we impart it. The Life of the Father is in the Son, amen. The man, Jesus of Nazareth, was born of the woman Mary.


He has a physical body from His mother, and He had a personality. I am really shocked and very surprised to hear the opposition to me saying that Jesus had a carnal mind. All the Pharisees out there are getting their nose out of joint. Brethren, He was made after the seed of David.


He was a man, He was made in the form of sinful flesh, how could He not have a carnal mind or a human personality? Brethren, give up your Phariseeism because it is going to kill you. At least, ask the Lord if it is not true. He had a physical body, brethren, that he got from His mother, Mary. I hear all the voices screaming, Jesus said He did not have any mother, that His relatives are those that do the will of the Father.


Brethren, that was Jesus, the En-Christed One. We are talking about Jesus of Nazareth that was born as a baby to the woman, Mary. Do not tell me that He did not have a mother, He came out of her womb. I will say it again, Jesus of Nazareth, the human being, had a mother, and her name was Mary. Jesus the En-Christed One in whom His human spirit had. . . the man in whom the human spirit had been raised from the dead no longer had a human mother. He was one with the Father. Everybody okay?


Different truths apply at different stages of people's lives. Judas, brethren, was a disciple of Jesus, the En-Christed One. He was a trusted disciple of God, he held the bag, brethren, he had all the money, brethren. Probably, Jesus knew what was going to happen, but if you went to anyone that was intimately involved in Jesus' ministry, and said, You see that guy, Judas, he is the betrayer of Christ. They would have said, Would you get out of here. You know that is not true, he is trusted enough to be carrying the bag.


Things change, brethren, they do not stay the same forever, except in the eternal realm of God. Down here, especially in hell, they change all the time. We have to get with it, brethren.


Brethren, if you know a man and he is an honest, good husband, father, and loving, and one day he becomes schizophrenic, psychotic, and he murders his wife, do you remove his children from his household, or do you continue to say, He is a loving father, working hard for thirty years, look at what he did, how could you take his children away? Brethren, he became psychotic, and he just killed his wife, let us get it together here. Is anybody not following me?


The man, Jesus of Nazareth, born as a baby out of the womb of the woman, Mary, was a human being that had a physical body and a carnal mind. Or you could say, a human, a fallen human personality.


He had something that no one else had in those days. He had a second mind, He had the mind of Christ. He had Christ, because when the Holy Ghost hovered over Mary, He had begun the process which would raise Christ from the dead in this man, Jesus of Nazareth. I want to give you something else to think about here, because I know how radical this is for a lot of people.


We have been teaching here that Jesus, The Christ, had an imparted anointing. The reason He overcame His carnal mind was that the anointing that God gave Him was imparted with experience, and not only with experience but with overcoming experiences. The man, Jesus of Nazareth, to have an imparted anointing had to grow up from seed.


Brethren, all you religious people out there, all you religious people out there that do not want to believe it, all you Pharisees that want to believe that He was born perfect, I declare unto you there is no way He would have overcome His carnal mind if He received power without overcoming experiences, because that is the definition. Why?


To receive power without overcoming experiences is the definition of the imputed anointing of Christ which died at the beginning of time, because the carnal mind was more powerful.


He had to grow up from seed to defeat His carnal mind. He was born with the power of God, but He had to use it to obtain overcoming experiences, or He would have never ever, ever overcome His carnal mind. Everybody okay?


The man, Jesus of Nazareth, born as an infant to the woman, Mary, had a physical body, a carnal mind, and He had the mind of Christ, and that mind of Christ was trained. Do you know the religious Jews start training their baby boys at three years old? They are indoctrinated in the Scripture. Of course, not to say He was dedicated to the Father and prophesied over by two prophets from birth.


Christ at the beginning of time, no one dedicated Him, no one educated Him. His first experience was with the carnal mind, and she killed him. The man, Jesus of Nazareth, was educated in the things of God. He was raised as a man, He was raised not only as man, but as the first male to open the womb sanctified unto God, the first fruits of that womb. He grew in wisdom, He grew in grace, and He learned how to be a man from His Father.


He learned the things of God from the Holy men of Israel, and exactly at what point He was aware of His relationship with His Father, I do not know, but there is not a doubt in my mind He was taught of God. How do I know that? Because He went way beyond what the Rabbis could teach Him, and we found out in the message, Jesus In The Jordan, that when He went in to be baptized, He knew He was going to be baptized with the Holy Ghost, and He knew He was going to stand up in full stature.


How do we know that? We found out when we looked it up in the Greek that He was praying, asking for the Father to do it. Brethren, if you think that you are going to stand up in full stature just because you have nice pretty hair or blonde curls, you are mistaken. You had better start asking for it.


If you think that you are going to ascend automatically, you may be in for one big surprise. Brethren, you had better start praying for it. Jesus of Nazareth was praying for it, and He had an experience in Jordan. It was a three-fold experience. He was water baptized, which was a fulfillment of the Levitical law in that area, the Levitical law is filled with commandments for washing ones self in water. And you shall wash yourself in water, and you shall be clean until the evening of the next day. Wash yourself with water, and step aside, you are unclean until the next day.


That baptism with water was the final expression of the Levitical law in this man, Jesus' life. He sanctified Himself according to Moses, and then He was baptized with the Holy Spirit, and then He stood up in full stature. All in that short moment when John put Him under the water and brought Him up again, and He died to being the man, Jesus of Nazareth. What did He become? Somebody? He became Jesus, The Christ, Jesus, The Christ.


He was no longer a natural man that had a fantastic anointing. He became Jesus, The Christ, first stage of resurrection. We see that He performed miracles and fit into a certain category, Jesus, The Christ. We know that He healed, we know that He delivered, and we know that He provided food. He was not aggressive, He was beneficial, there was nothing warlike about Him, nothing that He did was warlike.


When His life was threatened, He disappeared from amongst His enemies, and for those of you who are wondering about the significance of His miracle which was what? Who knows what His first miracle was? What did He do?


For those of you who are wondering how that fits in with me saying, He healed, and He delivered, and He was beneficial, I declare to you that the first miracle that He did was a message. It was a statement, and He declared to all who had ears to hear and eyes to see, I will convert the water of this Living Soul into the wine of the Father's life. Hallelujah.


I said that the first miracle that Jesus did was a statement, it was a pronouncement. He said, For all those that have ears to hear and eyes to see, I declare unto you, I shall turn the water of this Living Soul into the wine of the Father's Life. He said, Watch me, here we go.


The signs that followed Jesus, The Christ, were signs that were beneficial to mankind. There was nothing warlike about Him. He demonstrated His authority over the soul realm for the benefit of man, He calmed the storm to save the lives of the men,He came as benefactor, and He came as Savior.


For those of you that have been studying with us, we found hidden in the Scripture, and we looked up every word in the Greek, that Jesus, The Christ, entered into the second stage of resurrection, He was still called Jesus, The Christ. His name did not change, but He entered into the second stage of resurrection.


I would just like to call to your attention that we see this principle throughout the Scriptures. We found that there was a lesser and greater manifestation of just about every gift of God I have ever studied, the greater manifestation of the baptism with the Holy Spirit, the lesser is called the what? The receiving of the Holy Spirit with different signs following. When you receive the Holy Spirit, you speak in new tongues that are not recognizable by other men.


When you are baptized with the Holy Spirit, you speak in other tongues, other human tongues which are recognizable by other men. I suggest to you that the anointing known as Christ upon the man, Jesus of Nazareth, was in a lesser and a greater stage, amen? The greater stage, we find, is the circumcision of the Life of Christ.


Brethren, the Life of Christ is referred to mostly in the Old Testament, I do not know that I have even found it in the New Testament as male.


Christ is male, and He is typified as a male organ. The circumcision of the men of Israel is a natural type as to what must happen to your male organ when it is born in you. It has nothing to do with your body. I am talking about spiritual life. When you receive the Holy Spirit, brethren, you have received spiritual life, but you are female.


Brethren, this is wonderful to be in God. You do not have to be a female for the rest of your life. You can become a man. It is legitimate, and it is godly, but you must get your male organ and when He is born in you, He will come forth with a need to be circumcised. Why? Because your carnal mind is lying over Him, and He will circumcise Himself from the inside out.


This, we found, happened in the garden, when we looked up every word in the Greek, that Jesus was saying to the Father, If possible, can I do it? When the Father said, Yes, the Scriptures says that it was a great agony of the will of Christ in Him. He penetrated and circumcised off of Himself His carnal mind and pushed it underneath.


This is the first time in the Scripture, we find a warlike act of aggression coming from the man, Jesus, and He did not even intend it to be so, but His power had so increased, had gone on to a new level, that all He said was. . . the soldiers were looking for Jesus, and all He said was, I am He, and they fell backwards. He did not even try to hurt them, He just talked.


We see that the man, Jesus, who was En-Christed, evolved from a benefactor to a warrior. His authority had received warheads. Never heard this preached before, huh? We see Jesus, The Christ, in two stages, and the third stage is our Lord Jesus Christ, not just Lord over the man Jesus, or over the environment, but our Lord Jesus Christ who has ascended and returned to the Father, and become pure spirit form again, and fully intends to be this entire creation including the living soul that occupies it, which is a wild ravenous beast, hostile to Christ and our Lord Jesus Christ.


I should say, Hostile to our Lord Jesus Christ and His Christ in you and in me. Our Lord Jesus Christ who is now pure spirit is pouring out of Himself or out of the realm of the spirit upon all flesh, and when He enters into you, He is forming Christ in you and, therefore, to you He is the Father, and you have become the Son.


To the best of my knowledge, no one is in full stature yet. We are struggling with it, we are striving to attain to the first stage of resurrection. Those of us who have truly entered into the warfare. . . Brethren, you cannot enter into the warfare until you are a man. Men fight, women do not fight. I do not care what is going on in this nation, and I do not care what these women's libbers are doing, in the spiritual realm of God, women do not fight. Brethren, they stay home and take care of the babies, and if that is where you are in the Lord that is fine.


Call yourself what you are. If you are not in the warfare, brethren, not likely that you are a man. If you are a man, and you are not fighting, the Lord's running after you, because you are a shame unto Him. There are not going to be any women or babies in heaven, brethren.


To become a fully mature spiritual man, which is heaven, to be in that state of mind, which is heaven, you must evolve from being a spiritual baby, which you are when the Lord first comes to you, to being a spiritual woman.


Let me define the differences. Spiritual babies do not do much of anything. When the Lord first calls you, spiritual babies cry a lot, they need a lot of help, they want ministry, they need, they are taking. I am not knocking anybody, I am telling the truth. What do human infants do? They cry and they sleep, and you feed them, and you take care of them, you protect them, and you bathe them.


Spiritual babies are the same. They need to be fed, because they do not know anything, and they are incapable of taking care of themselves. They need prayer all the time, not that there is anything wrong with that. I get prayer all the time, do not anyone misquote me.


When you evaluate someone, you have to evaluate the whole picture. They need prayer all the time, they need food all the time, they cannot do anything for themselves spiritually, and then they start to grow up, and they become women, and they do what women do. They get involved in ministries in the church which feed the poor and give out tracts, and they go on rallies. There is nothing wrong with it but, brethren, if you are a man you are in the war, and if you are not in the war, you are not a man.


Know who you are, and know that there is such a thing, and know that you are not going to stand up in full stature unless you go through the whole procedure. You have to be a man, full stature is mature spiritual manhood.


There are no women in full stature, no spiritual women in full stature. We are talking about spiritual things here, this has nothing whatsoever to do with your body. It has to do with your spiritual maturation, your spiritual development.


In this world system we go from baby to child, to either mature adult male or mature adult woman, but in the realm of the spirit it is different. We go from baby, to woman, to man. Not only do you have an opportunity to become a man in the spiritual realm of God, but the Lord is calling everyone to spiritual manhood. To stay at a level of spiritual womanhood when the Lord gives you the okay to go forward, is arrested growth, and not a glory unto God at all.


Everyone is coming in their own order, so please do not anyone take this teaching and use it to wound someone who is involved in a ministry that feeds the poor. If God is calling you up, and you are not coming, it is a shame, but the end of the mystery of God, brethren, when this whole thing is over, there is going to be a creation of spiritual men, and there will be no spiritual women or children. How can I say that?


I can say that, brethren, because all that there is, is the Lord Jesus Christ, and next to Him there is none other. At the end of the mystery of God, He will be all there is in this earth. (End of Tape 1)


Tape 2


There is no family life in heaven. It is a lie. This world is fallen, and I will say to you what the Lord said through Jeremiah to Israel, You are going to be there for a season, plant your fig trees , marry your people, have your children, but know not forever. If God gives it to you, you take it and you enjoy it, but this is not the be all end all. It is temporary.


Have you not heard that this world is temporal? Find out what the Lord has for you in this world, and then do not push against the pricks. Hallelujah. There is one more point I would like to make. Does everybody have this?


The three stages of Jesus. I would just like to clarify that in the man, Jesus. Before the crucifixion, He was in spiritual parts. There was Christ who was raised from the dead, and there was His mortal soul, which received Life or salvation. Christ was raised from the dead, He was resurrected. Christ was resurrected, Jesus' mortal soul was saved. The end of your faith is the salvation of your soul.


Jesus, the man, had a body, Christ, and a carnal mind, and all three of them were fused together and, in that fusion and complete intermingling, the whole man Jesus was raised from the dead at the point of glorification, at which point our Lord Jesus redeemed or purchased back the entire creation.


He did the work that, in the fullness of time, would raise the whole creation from the dead. He purchased us back, He paid the price. What was the price that He paid, brethren? The price that He paid was that He gave up His life as the man, Jesus of Nazareth. With a resurrected Christ, an immortal soul that had received the Life of that Christ, He could have lived forever in heaven, not knowing the hell that we know.


Brethren, just think about the hell that you are going through, think about the painful experiences of your life. The man, Jesus Christ, was not raised from the dead in the man Jesus without painful experience. Do not believe it, He paid the price, He overcame His carnal mind, and it was all over for Him.


He could have lived forever without pain, with total dominion over this world, and He not only gave it up, but He is going through it billions of times over in each and every one of us, so that the whole creation could be raised from the dead. That is how we are redeemed, He paid the price.


Let me go over a couple of other terms. Does everybody understand that the creation was purchased by our Lord Jesus Christ who overcame His carnal mind and this soul realm? I see what the Lord just reminded me, what I did not make clear in the glorification.


What happened, let me back up, in the second after the second stage of resurrection, the Christ in Jesus was completely woven together with His carnal mind, but the carnal mind was not dead, just totally caged in like a wild animal. In the glorification the carnal mind was slain. Jesus slew the enmity that was in His flesh.


Do not tell me He did not have any enmity in His flesh that He inherited from His mother. He was made in the form of sinful flesh, after the seed of David. Get rid of your religious spirits.


He killed it in that intermingling of Christ, the carnal mind, and that man, Jesus, in that such a complete intermingling that a whole new creation was born, the creation of God. The intermingling was so complete that the three parts no longer existed in that the carnal mind died. In that intermingling, the carnal mind, and the physical body as we knew it, or as we know the physical body today, ceased to exist.


All that existed was our Lord Jesus Christ glorified, the beginning or the first cell of the creation of God, and our natural example is human sexuality where the sperm joins with the egg, two cells, sperm and egg, so completely that they become one cell. Biology calls it a zygote, the first cell of the new baby.


First, we see the carnal mind overpowered, and then we see it caged up, and then we see it slain in the man who was Jesus of Nazareth, who became the En-Christed One of God, and who was glorified, returned to pure spirit, so that we too can be raised out of hell.


There are a couple of more things I would like to go over here. Jesus, the En-Christed One, His body, the body of the man, Jesus of Nazareth, was crucified by whom? The body, the physical body of the man, Jesus, was crucified by wicked men. The adamic nature, the personality, the human soul, you can call it any of these things, all different aspects of the carnal mind.


I am going to say that the carnal mind of the man, Jesus, was also crucified by who? Who crucified Jesus' carnal mind? The Christ within Him.


We have Scriptures that say, Christ crucified, all I know is Christ crucified. I know that it sounds like Christ was killed through crucifixion, but I declare to you, brethren, that Christ was not killed through crucifixion. Christ was killed at the beginning of time. When the carnal mind broke His bones, Christ was crucified.


What is crucifixion? Crucifixion is the joining together of two things through nailing, the nailing of one object to another object. Amen? The mind of Christ was joined to the carnal mind, nailed together, permanently joined. Christ was crucified all right. He was crucified to the carnal mind, and in the Scripture the living soul is typified by a tree. He is wood, He is perishable. Christ was crucified to His cross.


Remember that Scripture that says, Pick up your cross and follow me? Brethren, it means to pick up your carnal mind, pick up your carnal mind and follow Jesus. Pick up your carnal mind and live out of Christ. Christ was crucified all right. He was the nail that penetrated that carnal mind which is made out of spiritual wood. Brethren, you cannot kill the imparted Christ.


I read in a recent newsletter by another preacher, and it said, You cannot join Christ and the carnal mind, because Christ would be polluted. Brethren, you cannot kill the imparted Christ. Everything that touches Him receives Life.


When sin touches the imparted Christ, Life is imparted to the death of the sin. When the carnal mind is permanently joined to Christ, brethren, one of them has to die. One is pure evil and one pure good. One must prevail.


I declare to you, brethren, it is Christ that shall prevail. I further declare to you that only the carnal mind of the man could say such a thing, that a carnal man would pollute Christ. Why? Because his memory of what happened in the beginning of time is still ruling in his life, and he does not understand that, that glorious Christ that was killed at the beginning of time has changed, just like that good family man who killed his wife, so that they had to remove his children.


That Christ that had a weakness at the beginning of time has been made strong, and it will not happen again. For it is the hour for the death of the carnal mind. Christ was killed but not at the same time that the physical body of the man, Jesus, was crucified. He was killed at the beginning of time, but He was crucified, and in that crucifixion He killed the carnal mind.


The body of that man, Jesus of Nazareth, was killed through crucifixion on the cross. We have Scriptures that say Christ died, and we have Scriptures that say Christ was crucified.


Most Christians believe that He died through crucifixion, but I am suggesting to you that Christ did not die because of crucifixion. The imputed Christ died at the beginning of time when the carnal mind broke His bones. Christ's crucifixion killed the carnal mind that He was crucified to. Christ crucifixion was the joining through penetration of the Christ mind and the carnal mind. Are you okay?


In that joining, one element was evil, and one element was good, and no longer will a mixture be tolerated in that joining. Only good or evil could prevail, and in the crucifixion of Christ, good, the righteousness of God prevailed, and in order for the righteousness of God to prevail that means the carnal mind has to die.


When Christ was crucified, He did not die, but He killed that which He was crucified to. Because that carnal mind received death so that righteousness could prevail, Life was imparted from the Father. Can you hear that?


I will say it again. There was a man, His name was Jesus, He had a physical body, He had a carnal mind, and He had a Christ mind that was in full stature. His physical body was crucified by wicked men that killed His body, wicked men killed His body. In the realm of the spirit, the Christ mind was crucified to the carnal mind joined permanently through penetration, but the Christ mind was stronger than the carnal mind. So through that crucifixion the carnal mind.


Everybody thinks Christ died through the crucifixion, the carnal mind died, and the Father raised the whole vessel from the dead. Why? Because it was the death of death. When Christ killed the carnal mind, He killed the sin or the enmity that was in the flesh, and because there was no more sin, the whole vessel was raised from the dead. Can you hear that?


I am going to say it again, the whole church thinks Christ died in the crucifixion. Christ did not die in the crucifixion, and I rebuke the lies of this carnal mind of this soul realm. You are a liar, and I hear this lie coming forth in several areas, that if Christ mixes with the evil, the evil will pollute Christ. The evil will not pollute Christ.


In this hour, an imparted Christ is coming forth, and that which happened at the beginning of time will never happen again, and I rebuke the lies of the soul realm.


We have found this concept in several Scriptures where the Lord has shown us, Do not be afraid of sin. We found it, I think it was in Colossians. If you truly have Christ in you, and God sends you to minister to somebody, do not be afraid of sin. They cannot destroy you. If God sends you, and Christ is in you, do not be afraid of the sin in other people. It will only result in the burning off of your bands. If you are sent to minister to others, and it stirs up sin and their sin stirs up sin in you, if the Lord has truly sent you, it will only result in your deliverance as well as theirs. Do not be afraid of the spiritual weapons, remember me preaching that? We also found it in the book of Revelation, where it talks about the mixing of the righteousness of God with the evil of the soul realm. The example that God gave us was oil mixed with water.


Brethren, if you have a cup of water and you pour oil into it, in this fallen realm what happens to the oil? It beads up, the water breaks up the oil. The water, typifying the soul realm, breaks up the oil typifying the spirit of God, but that is because this world is fallen.


In the realm of the spirit, brethren, when you mix oil and water, the water that breaks up, the water bends the knee to the spirit of Christ. This soul realm will bend the knee to Christ. They did it in the man, Jesus of Nazareth, and if you do not cease from doing the work that God has called you to, the soul realm in your mind will bend it's knee to the Christ in your mind. She must bend her knee. If you war, you must be victorious.


I cannot tell you that you will not be wounded, and I cannot tell you that you will not be cast down, but I declare to you and to the whole soul realm, you will not be destroyed, but your carnal mind will be destroyed.


Do not weary of well doing, brethren, for you shall reap righteousness in due season, if you do not faint. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Jesus.


Let me talk about the Lord of glory a little bit. We also have an expression in the Scripture that Jesus was the Lord of glory. Lord, once again, meaning ruler, having dominion over glory, the spirit of God expressed in this soul realm. Glory, the spirit of God, expressed through the soul. Jesus was the ruler, because the spirit of God was being expressed through His soul.


He was Lord because the glory of God was ruling in His mind. He was ruler over this whole world system, because the glory of God was His mind. Jesus Christ is Lord every place where the spirit of God is ruling. Where the spirit of God is not ruling, He is not Lord, but that does not mean He will not be Lord after He gets there to take the hill.


All power and authority in heaven and earth has been given up to Him, but He has to take the land. Canaan land was given to the Hebrews, and Jehovah said, Go and fight for it. He said, I am giving it to you.


Could you imagine how these heathens. . .I do not know whether they heard it or not, but can you imagine hearing a message that the Father God has given this nation to the Russians? Can you imagine hearing such a thing, knowing that people are invading your shores, because God has said, It is yours. God has said that the living soul is Christ's, and He said, Take the land.


There is a difference between what happened with natural Israel and what is happening here. I have all these controversial statements that I make. The anointing on natural Israel as they came out of Egypt, and as they entered into Canaan was much greater than that which we have. Why would I say that? Not one man was hurt, there were no losses whatsoever, they just went in and killed everybody.


We are trying to take our own souls, we are getting beat, we are getting hurt, we are getting wounded, and many are falling away. I declare to you they had a much stronger anointing than we have, and I am going to tell you why.


Further to what I said earlier, the Lord has split the world of all humanity into two categories, Jew and Gentile. He is dealing one way with the Jew, and He is dealing another way with the Gentile to accomplish the one purpose, one same purpose of the two groups. That is to bring everyone of us to a place where we are spiritually qualified or eligible to enter into the judgment of our carnal mind, for the destruction of our carnal minds, so that Christ can be raised from the dead in us.


They had a covenant that was functioning in the wilderness. God gave them a functioning covenant, He gave them a priesthood, He gave them a law of sacrifice, He gave them a law that was being followed to the T and, therefore, He poured out an increased anointing. The law was being fulfilled.


Brethren, the Law is not being fulfilled in the church today. Not. The church is a mess. You stop any heathen on the street and ask them to name what they consider to be the most overriding factor of Christianity, they would probably tell you Christmas, the pagan holiday.


We have a different covenant than the Jews had, but to get the power and the protection that Israel had as they took Canaan land, the covenant that God made with that group of people had to be fulfilled, and I declare to you it was being fulfilled to the T, and that was why they went in without casualties.


The covenant that God has made with the Gentiles so that we could become justified and cleansed to the point that we are eligible for the procedure or the judgment of our souls that will result in full stature, is not being implemented to the T. It is not. It is not. It is barely being implemented at all, and I do not blame anybody. I do not condemn anybody.


I go into churches, and I see the spirit of God moving there, and they are talking about their Christmas program. If the spirit of God is still moving there, that means the Lord is still winking at it. What does that mean? What it means to me is that He knows that ability to keep the law to the T of the Gentile camp has not yet been imparted.


What is the ability to keep the law to a T in the Gentile camp? Brethren, let me suggest to you that natural Israel had a priesthood, they had a priesthood, they were making sacrifices for the people, and they were protected.


There is no priesthood in the church, brethren, and we are being smitten before the moths, but God has called a priesthood, and He is raising up, and He is training a priesthood. What is the name of the priesthood? Christ Jesus. Yes, we have a high priest, His name is the Lord Jesus Christ, but we are not obeying him.


I declare to you, when the Sons of God manifest, when Christ Jesus appears to judge the church, people will come, and. . . First of all, the sacrifice will be made for them, and what is the sacrifice? It is our own souls, the sacrifice is our carnal minds. They must be sacrificed so that Christ can appear in us, and when Christ Jesus starts to judge the land, the judgment that will wound the carnal minds of men and cause Christ Jesus to stand up in the individual will begin.


This is a big confusion in the church. Yes, Jesus Christ is our High Priest, but He is now one with the Father. All judgment is given unto the Son, to the Son, to the Son, correction from the Son.


Yes, Jesus is our High Priest, and His work in this hour is to manifest the Son who will bring forth the judgment of your carnal minds that are killing you.


The Scripture, brethren, which says, Christ, our Passover, is sacrificed for us, is speaking about the fact that The Christ when He existed in the man, within the man known as Jesus of Nazareth, when Jesus of Nazareth was the En-Christed One, Jesus of Nazareth could have lived forever, because He was the manifestation of the Christ in the earth, but the Christ gave up that soul, that personality, that human body that He saved. He had saved the soul of the man, Jesus, and He had preserved the body of the man, Jesus, and the Christ gave up that existence.


He sacrificed it so that the man, Jesus of Nazareth, who was En-Christed could be crucified, raised from the dead, and ascend into pure spirit form, from which position our Lord Jesus Christ is pouring out of His spirit upon all flesh in this hour. When He touches the flesh of a man, He becomes the blood on the doorposts of the vessel.


When He touches the vessel of that man completely, or so completely that He brings forth His offspring, when He touches that person's vessel so completely that His nature is reproduced in that person in the form of Christ Jesus, that is when He becomes the blood or the spiritual Life of The Christ which is preserving that particular vessel, that man in the hour that the Father who goes across or moves across all of humanity, smiting the carnal minds of men.


There is an hour coming, brethren, when the Father will be moving across this world system, smiting the carnal minds of men, and only those who have the blood on their door, only those who have the Life of Christ, or the blood of Christ reproduced in them in the form of Christ Jesus will not die. The reason they will not die is that Christ will be the source of their Life.


Their carnal minds will be killed also. The carnal minds of the men in whom Christ Jesus will die also, but the person will not die, their personality will not die, their body will not die, because Christ Jesus in them, will be giving Life to their soul, which is their personality, and preservation to their body.


That is Christ who is our Passover, who is sacrificed for us. This is not the sacrifice that the High Priest offers up. I know that you have heard it preached in the church that Jesus Christ was sacrificed for us and, therefore, we are justified before God or however they preach it, I am not exactly sure, but brethren, the living sacrifice that we are admonished by Paul to give unto the Lord is our own soul.


The sacrifice that our High Priest, Christ Jesus, Christ Jesus in you, after our Lord Jesus Christ has poured out upon you, and reproduced His nature in you, His Son in you, Christ Jesus will be offering up your carnal mind as a sacrifice up to God. The sacrifice of your carnal mind by Christ Jesus, in you, is the judgment of your soul.


When the Christ Jesus Company, when the Sons of God company manifest and goes towards the church, and begins the judgment of their carnal minds, which will result in the nature of Christ being imparted to them, this is the High Priest Company called Christ Jesus offering up the sacrifice to the Father that will make us acceptable to the Father.


The sacrifice that will make us acceptable to the Father is not the lives of the High Priests. The sacrifice that will make us acceptable to the Father is the sacrifice of our own carnal minds, and I suggest to you, brethren, that we are not capable of judging our soul. The Scripture says, Judge your own soul lest you be judged, but I suggest to you we are not capable of judging our own souls, and that is why we need a High Priesthood Company, who is going to come and do the work.


Moses came down with the commandment in the wilderness and built the ark, and they made the garments for the priest, and they did it in a few weeks, a few months. The Scripture says that God gave them wisdom to know how to do it, but for the church, in this hour, God's covenant with the Gentiles has taken already 2,000 years to raise up the priesthood. I want to declare to you that the church is floundering.


As the Jews floundered in Egypt, many of us are in bondage to the flesh pots of this world system, and even those who have begun to come out, they are not circumcising their young, and who are their young? Their young are the children who will save them in child bearing.


Their young is the Christ Jesus in them, and they are not circumcising Him, they are not cutting their carnal mind away from Him, and they are not waging the warfare. They are not obeying the laws, and there will be a generation that will die in the wilderness.


The priesthood is being raised up and when raised up, judgment will be ministered to the individual believer, and either they will come around, either they will wound their carnal minds, and Christ will stand up in them, or they will not enter in. They will die in the wilderness, and only God has the last word on that.


We are commissioned, and ordered, and commanded to die for everyone that God sends us to. What does that mean? It does not means that you slit your wrist, brethren. Please do not let anybody shoot you. It means that when God sends somebody to you, you put their welfare first in your life.


That does not mean that you let them walk all over you, and walk out of your house with your belongings, and tread you under their feet. That is not what that means.


It means you do what is best for them, not what they think is best for them, but what God thinks is best for them. If it is to give them something that belongs to you, you do it. If they need discipline, you do it, you discipline them. If they need to be rebuked, you rebuke them. If they need to hear a truth that is painful for both of you, you tell them the truth. No matter how much it hurts you, you do what is good for them.


I want to declare that giving away your material belongings is the easiest thing God could ask you to do. You try disciplining a rebellious believer, you try telling someone the truth that does not want to hear it, and your staying in a relationship that is killing your soul.


The judgment of the church has begun with just a few people, but once that first fruits stands up in full stature, it is going to go very fast. The judgment of the church has begun, and the sign of your office if you are moving in the office of Sonship, if you are not in full stature, you are one of the Two-Witness Company. If you are in full stature, you are a Son of God, the imperfect Son of God. The immature Son of God is called a member of the Two-Witness Company.


I do not know anyone that is really a Son of God in this hour. There are members of the Two- Witness Company, the spirit and the word of God is manifesting in us with some strength. We are sealed, the seal of our Sonship as immature though it may be is the reproduction of Christ in the people you are ministering to, victory, change, growth.


Do not think that you will see it in five days, because you will not, and if you are in, you are in it for the duration. You do not back out because you do not see the growth, you do not back out because you do not see the fruit. If you are in it, you are in it because the Lord has put you in it, and you do all that you could do, but He is the only one that can give the increase. If you die a million times over, and if God does not give the increase, there is no increase.


That is why the reproduction of Christ in other men is the seal of your apostleship. Paul said, The seal of my apostleship is that I should have fruit amongst you, because there would be no fruit, if it was not truly Christ in you. There is nothing that you could do for another human being, you could do everything I just stated, and if it is not Christ in you doing it, there will no appearance of Christ in them.


You could do all that with your carnal mind. You are called a martyr, but only when coming forth from the Christ in you will you see them raised from the dead.


You do it whether you see the fruit or not, because your service is unto the Father. I did not preach the message I said I was going to preach, but we got a whole different message. I think I have covered everything. Are there any questions on any of these variations of the terms of God?


If you read in this Scripture or you hear me preaching about Christ, you know that I am speaking about Christ in a man who still has a human body and a carnal mind.


We talk about Christ today. We are not talking any longer about the man, Jesus the Christ, or the man, Jesus of Nazareth. Today He is our Lord Jesus Christ, Christ today is in the body, He is not in full stature yet. Everybody okay? Any questions?


Let me remind you that if you are called to be a Son, the chances are like 99 out of a 100 that you are coming from some form of abuse in your background. Why would that be? Because, brethren, the world will abuse you, they hated Christ, and they will hate you, they abused Christ, and surely they will abuse you.


If you are called to be a Son, the chances are excellent that you have come up out of some measure of abuse in your life, and you have survived it. You are an abused survivor.


Certain psychologists did studies on the people who survived Hitler's concentration camps, they drew conclusions, and one of those conclusions was that the people who survived were people that were undefeatable. There was nothing you could do to them, you could not torture them, you could not threaten them, and you could not starve them. They survived, they survived physically, and they survived mentally, and we see many of them.


There were survivors from concentration camps that have experienced all kinds of horrible torments, and they are out there living their lives. They got out, they got to America, they went to college, they are doctors, and they are lawyers. Doctor Ruth is one of them. It is true, she was one of them. She has become a sex therapists and all that, but she is a survivor. People lose their whole families.


Doctor Ruth is on TV and radio, and she gives all kinds of humanistic counsel on their sexuality but do not be too hard on her. God has not called her. She is a concentration camp survivor. Praise God for that, and she came out of that mess, lost large numbers of her family and went on and got an education, and if you look at her she sure seems happy with her life.


They are survivors, and the people that God calls to this end-time move must be survivors. They have to be people who have been hurt very badly, and it has not destroyed them. Why? Because the world will surely try to destroy you, and the sons that you are sent to judge will surely try to destroy you.


For many years, I said, Lord, all these strong believers, why do we all come out of these horrible backgrounds? Now, I know the answer. We are survivors.


COMMENT: You were speaking about survivors. Could it be that one of the survivors, maybe not that generation, maybe the next generation, there may be someone that God is going to draw if He does not draw them?


PASTOR VITALE: Oh yes, definitely. That could be their purpose, sure, definitely. They produced a child that is going to be a child of the Kingdom, definitely. I believe that God uses everyone. For whatever reason they are incarnated, God is in control, and He is working everything together, and that is absolutely true. They could be the forefather of a Son of God, definitely.


This whole creation will be raised from the dead, but the individual that we know and love because this is where we are, we are just temporal, we are not permanent. These personalities are not permanent, we are expressions of this spiritual being known as the living soul. There is hope for the living soul. I do not know what you meant by that when you said, There is hope. There is hope.


The living soul is being raised from the dead, but the people that we know as individuals are just passing expressions of that life form. The life form is being raised from the dead, and this life form is appearing over the centuries in many different expressions, but the spiritual roots of the life form is being raised from the dead, not the individual.


To raise the individual from the dead would be to say that your first, second, third, fourth, fifth year person is all going to be raised from the dead. However, you are at one year old, at two years old, at three years old, four years, they are all going to be raised from the dead. That is what that is saying, saying the individual will be raised from the dead.


The spiritual roots that are behind the generation, or the incarnation of the individuals will be raised from the dead. That is a hard word, but God is going to have to quicken it to the people, because it is the truth, praise God. It would be like your ten year old reaching a decision that he is so important that he will not yield his tenth year so that the eleventh year can come forth.


That is what we are saying, brethren. The living in soul is in a condition of spiritual childhood.




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