186 - Part 12


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COMMENT: The lamb was slain and he was cut in pieces, and he was the breath of life right, and he was pure spirit, and he joined the earth?


PASTOR VITALE: He was joined to the dust of the earth. The difference between the dust and the earth is that the dust is that loose layer that lies on top of the earth, the earth can go pretty deep when we look at our natural example, you dig into the earth, we know we can dig down six feet, cause when they bury people they dig down at least six feet, and there is still earth beneath that. So man was not made out of the part of the earth that goes down deep, he was made out of the dust, or if you look it up in the Hebrew it really means ashes that were lying on the surface of the earth.


COMMENT: And that earth was not formed was it? Where did that earth come from?


PASTOR VITALE: That's the fall out from the, well when the father separated the son from himself, he did it by means of an atomic explosion because the father is energy, he is light he is power, he is likened to a sun, and when he separated the son from himself, he did it by means of an atomic explosion, and there was a fall out from that explosion, and that fall out is in the form of ashes, and the building blocks of this creation were formed, the atoms, what we would call the atoms, or the atoms came into, that's a poor choice of words, that they were formed, the atoms came into being, and it was when the Lord gathered them all together that he formed the man out of that.


Christ never was pure spirit, Christ is God in the flesh, you're talking about the lamb which was the spiritual son of God, when the son separated from the father, the son was pure spirit, but Christ is God in the mind of a man, so it wasn't Christ at the time that he separated from the father, he was just the spiritual son of God, the lamb the spiritual son of God. And he was not pure spirit, the lamb was not pure spirit, the lamb was pure spirit, well the spiritual son of God separated from the father and he was pure spirit, he was not Christ until he was formed in the earth. See every time the spirit of God changes form or operates in another function his name changes, he's not Christ until it's the spirit of God appearing as the mind of a man. The lamb at the beginning of time was pure spirit.


COMMENT: And he was changed into Christ then, and the spirit was not pure anymore?


PASTOR VITALE: No, let me try again, we have the spirit of God, each time he goes into a different function his name changes, okay, the son separated from the father, our natural type is a sperm separating from a man. When the son separated from the father he was pure spirit, and you might say to yourself, well how could he be called the lamb when he's pure spirit? Because it's the same thing as saying a man's sperm is a child. He was the potential for the creation, okay. And his name was the father called him the lamb, and he was slain, he was slain when he was joined to the dust of the earth. He wasn't called Christ until the father set the creation upright in the garden. Let me try putting it on the board for you. 1. We have the father and the son, they were one, the son was in the bosom of the father and they were one, okay, the father wanted to reproduce himself, he brought forth a spiritual sperm from within himself, and he called him lamb because that sperm had the potential to bring forth a creation of God which would express the nature of God in the flesh, okay.


So the first manifestation that we see is the separation of the son from the father, he is the son who is also called the lamb because he is likened to a sperm, the sperm of the father, which has the potential to reproduce the nature of the father in the flesh. Okay the next thing that happens is that the sperm or the son of the father joins with the dust. When he joins with the dust what does his name change to?


COMMENT: Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: When the sperm joins with the dust, well it becomes the man also known as the living soul, also known as Adam. I guess the living soul is more accurate than the man, God help me to get these terms straight, because we found out that at the beginning the creation was not, had no sex, it was just a creation, it was called the living soul, and the living soul had a name and it's name was Adam, Adam meaning red and ruddy. Okay, so we have a living soul because the sperm of God's life was joined with the dust or the ashes, and we now have a living soul called Adam, and the dust and the ashes are completely mixed together, there's no separation at all, it's like you would take dust and add water to it and make a ball of clay, you no longer have dust and you no longer have water you have one new product, it's called clay, okay, everybody alright so far.


But the living soul in that condition, there was the mechanism for the father to put his mind in this creation, was not present. Let me make this clear, when God mixed his sperm, which was his son in sperm form, with the ashes, what that did was that it gave life to the ashes, the ashes were mixed together with the spiritual life of God and it gave life, it infused life into the ashes, but there was no mechanism in the living soul or no provision to bring forth the mind of God in the creature. The living soul was a creature.


The book of Romans says the whole creature is standing on tip toe waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God. Now in the King James in the margin it doesn't mean creature, it means the creation, but you look it up in Greek, it means creature. God is making a creature and his has called it a lamb, and when his sperm, when the sperm of the father separated from him, he called that sperm a lamb because that's what he intended it to be when his whole program was finished. But at the moment that the son separated from him it was just a sperm. Then that life of God in the form of a sperm joined to the dust, and the living soul called Adam was formed, and the sperm of God infused the life of God into the dust, but there was no mechanism to bring forth or to birth the mind of God in the creation, is everybody okay?


We had a lump of clay that was breathing but it had no mind in it, so here we are, we're back again to the mind of God being separate from the creation or that mind that's in the creation being separate from the creation, and let me remind you that God is forming a creation. At the end of the procedure, the mind and the creation will be one, but at the beginning of time, they were separate because God was making or forming his creation in parts with the full intention of ultimately joining all the parts permanently. So does anybody remember what God did to provide or to form a mechanism that would permit him to birth his mind in the living soul, does anybody remember.


COMMENT: He created Eve?


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, well he didn't create Eve, he formed Eve, he formed Eve, okay do you remember how he did it? We draw the living soul as a circle.


COMMENT: He imputed righteousness to it?


PASTOR VITALE: Well no, okay let me tell you instead of you guessing, okay, we have a circle that's called the living soul, and it's alive because the life of God is infused throughout it, but it has no mind. Now the Scripture says, And God took one of Adam's ribs, and I suggest to you that if you look up that Hebrew word for rib, it means one of his sides, it could be translated rib but it really means a side. So Adam had two sides, what were his two sides, what were his two sides? What was he made out of? Spirit and dust, spirit and ashes, and they were mixed up in here together, and I want to suggest to you that well let me draw it for you, we'll say that spirit was triangles and the dust was circles, and they were all mixed up in there together, can you get the idea from that? And what God did when he took one of Adam's sides, was that he polarized the creation and he put all the spirit in one place and he put all the soul in another place. Now why would God want to do that?


The reason God would want to do that is that his plan for bringing forth the mind of God in the creation was that God who was spirit, should join with the spirit that's in the creation. God wanted to join with that part of the creation which is in his own image which is I'm sorry which is in his likeness, he wants to join to that part of his creation which is the same substance as God is. God is spirit and he is male, and he wanted to join with that part of the creation which is spirit, and which is female because it was in a lowered condition, compared to God, the creation was on a lowered spiritual realm, is everybody okay? So the Scripture says that God took one of Adam's sides and he made out of it a woman, and he brought the woman unto the man. Now I didn't know I was going to be teaching this tonight, and I didn't look it up in the Hebrew, but what's in my heart is the word woman, or wo-man or the womb of man.


God took from the man one of his sides and he made the man's womb, and put it back into the man. Now the reason nobody ever thought of this, is because everybody thinks of Adam as male and they don't think of him as having a womb, but the problem is that the creation at the beginning of time was sexless, it was sexless, he was not a man, he was a creation. I'm calling him he because this gets very confusing, I should really, as I told you on another tape the creation in relationship to God is female. The creation in relationship to God is God's wife. The relationship of the righteous creation to the rest of the creation, of the, I should say the relationship of the man to the rest of creation is male. God said and let them have dominion over the fishes and the animals. So the man to the rest of creation is a god. To the animals in the jungle we are gods, there's no way they can defeat us, we wiped out the jungles all over the world, the animals are in a zoo, we're gods to them.


But in relationship to the father we are female. So God took one of the sides of the creation which was his wife, although it was a man to the rest of the creation, he took one of the sides of his wife, and he made a womb out of it. It's as if to say, that if you would take any woman that we know, that her insides were all just blood and tissue and the father wanted to make a way for mankind to reproduce. So he cut her open, well that's what the surgeons do today, they would have put her out cut her open and he would have taken all the blood and tissue and formed the womb in the woman and make a mechanism for her to have children, that's what happened brethren, God took the creation which was his wife, and polarized the dust in one place and the spirit in another place and that which was spirit, he formed into a womb, so that the creation could bring forth an offspring and that offspring would not be an animal offspring, why? Because the womb was spirit, and the father intended to join with it, it was to bring forth a spiritual offspring within the creation, which was animal life, a creature. God made a creature out of the dust, animal life.


Is everybody okay? Glory to God. When God reproduces brethren, when he reproduces himself in flesh, he brings forth the mind of that flesh, for God to bring forth animal life, he uses dust that has been infused with his life, but when he brings forth reproduction of himself he joins with that which is spirit in the creation and he brings forth a mind, God is rational thought, God is rational thought, God is not animal life. Animal life is made out of the dust.


Okay now I want to suggest to you a mystery, that God infused the dust with his life, and every drop of dust that his life touched became alive. Yet when the father laid hold of that part of the creation that side of the creation which was spirit and polarized it and gathered it all into one place, the dust that he separated it from still retained life. He didn't withdraw the life from the dust. Once that dust was touched by the life of God it became invigorated, and then when the father drew all of the spirit into one place, the dust remained invigorated. And I want to liken this to you brethren to Genesis 1, where it says and God gathered the seas into one place and he said let the dry appear. God gathered the spirit out of the creation into one place and the dry or the soul of the creation appeared.


So let me suggest something else to you now. You may recall from our tape, something symbolic numbers, I don't remember the exact name, we found out that the geometric expression of the man who had not yet received or who had not received or who did not have the righteousness of God. See if the creation doesn't have the righteousness of God then he's a creature. So the geometric expression of the creature is a circle, does everybody remember that?


And we found out that the reason the number of man is 6 is that the geometric expression of man who is not righteous because the mind of God is operating in him, the geometric expression of a flesh man is a circle that is, and all circles are 360 degrees, and that every human being on the face of the earth is an arc along the circumference of the circle of humanity, and the measurement of that arc is 6 degrees, do you remember that teaching? Okay.


So the creation before God imputed righteousness to it was a circle, but we're told that God took all the spirit, and he polarized it and I want to suggest to you that he changed the geometric expression of the creation. Because after he took, well I know in the book of Genesis, it says first that God put the man in the garden and stood him upright in the garden, but I want to suggest to you that the accounts in Genesis, is in a literary style that we have run into many times. First God gives you the overview the broad spectrum of what he did, and then he follows it up with the details of what he did.


So you know you're not forced to believe me, but this is what I'm telling you okay God gave you the very brief overview, and then he went into the details, and what he did after he put the side back, he put the spiritual side of Adam back into him in the form of a womb, it changed the geometric expression of the creation to the geometric expression for a spiritual man, and what is that, does anybody remember? What is the geometric expression of the spiritual man? A right triangle. So when God separated the spirit from the dust this is what he did, he took the dust and he laid it along the line of the earth because the dust is earth right? And then he took that which was spirit, and he put it in direct opposition to the earth, and he put it, the line along the earth was a horizontal line and then he took the spirit, and the spirit went from heaven down to the earth and intersected the earth line, and we see the form of the creation changing and to close the triangle, we have an unseen element which closes the triangle, anybody remember the name of the unseen element? The unseen element in the creation is Satan.


So we have soul along the earth, and soul or Adam along the earth, and we have spirit or Eve from heaven down to the earth and we have Satan, who is unnamed closing up the triangle. So the creation has now, the form of the creation has now been changed and this right triangle is expressed with the Scripture that says and the father took the man and stood him upright in the garden. Did I make it clear? I know the account of his taking the man's ribs is further down in the book of Genesis than the Scripture that says, And God took the man and put him in the garden. What I'm suggesting to you is that the literary style of the Bible is that God gave us an overview without detail and then he followed it up with the detail of how he stood him upright in the garden, and this is how he stood him upright in the garden. Is everybody okay?


So we see when the creation come into the form of the right triangle, the name of the sperm of God or the spiritual son of God once again changes, and it is at this point that his name becomes Christ. Because for the Lord to say that he has stood the man upright in the garden, and we see here it is right here, he stood the man upright, which means that the spirit of God is running from heaven to earth. Can you see it that when the creation was a circle that the man was not standing upright but when the father changed his form to the right triangle that the man is now standing upright meaning that he has contact with heaven, can you see it? Okay. At this point, the son of God when he has contact with the father his name changes to Christ.


COMMENT: Was this the age of innocence


PASTOR VITALE: This is the age of innocence, the age of innocence is when the creation had righteousness imputed to it without being proven, without being tested, without growing up, without having the experiences that we learn in childhood.


COMMENT: When was it changed to soul then?


PASTOR VITALE: The living soul is the creation from the beginning, the creation is either righteous, the creation innocent, righteous, or fallen. The creation is the living soul and it could be in any one of several conditions. When it was a circle okay, it didn't have a mind yet okay, when it was stood upright in the garden and its form changed to right triangle, the soul became righteous, and the reason that it was righteous, was that God put a mind in it. When the creation was a circle it had no mind. When the form of creation became right triangle, it became a right triangle because God put a mind in the creation that was a righteous mind and the name of that mind was Christ. And because Christ was in the creation, the Scripture says the father stood the upright in the garden, okay?


The next stage is the fall, let me just do this briefly over here, so we have a right triangle and we see the creation fall, what happens in the fall. We see that this side of the triangle which is standing upright from heaven to the earth fell down, that part of the creation which was standing upright fell down. It fell down where? It fell down to the earth.


COMMENT: What happened to Satan, is that how he got joined to us?


PASTOR VITALE: Is that how he got joined to us? I'm not sure what you mean. Is that how Satan got joined to the creation?


COMMENT: It looks like when it's like this, and if this fell down to here and Satan's over here, he fell down and joined with it, is that when he got joined with it?


PASTOR VITALE: Well Satan was in the creation from the beginning, Satan was part of the dust okay. No, this is what the creation looked like after the fall, we have a straight line which is really an arc because when the creation falls down it becomes a circle again, but the circle is so big that if you take a fraction of it or a measure of it, you can say it's a straight line. When you have a gigantic circle, and you take a 6 degree arc, it's really a straight line, can anybody not see that. Okay Satan stayed upright and he formed the occult triangle that so many people today says typify the church, that is the occult triangle. That is Satan's triangle, that is the triangle of this fallen creation, it's not the triangle of the spiritual man, it's the triangle of the physical man and his only contact in heaven, the only contact to heaven and the fallen man is Satan. Okay did I answer your question?


Okay during the fall or at the fall Satan stayed upright, and how did Satan manage to stay upright? He brought forth his carnal mind, his carnal mind. Satan and the carnal mind was his high priest and man reaches up to Satan. Fallen man, his heaven is Satan and his earth is the carnal mind. So here we see the soul man. The creation still has two sides the soul is reaching up to Satan and the spirit which is Eve is also reaching up to Satan. He is the god, in the fallen creation, Satan is the god of the soul man and he is the god of the spirit which is Eve, and he has produced the carnal mind of the fallen creation. Now what is the name of Christ in the fallen creation, what does Christ name change to in the fallen creation? The human spirit, amen, oh boy we're getting this.


Now we've talked a lot here about the bones of Christ being broken, and I went to the dictionary the other day and I looked up the word to break, and the first definition of the word to break means to separate into pieces. And I want to suggest to you that Christ is a spiritual formation and when he died he broke into many pieces, which are the many human spirits of the many members of the living soul. Each one of us has one of his bones buried in us. So you see when the father raised the man of Jesus of Nazareth from the dead, it was just the beginning, the father fully intends to raise the whole spiritual Christ from the dead. And I've had a vision in my mind for a while now and it's a vision, the way fruit has its seeds in the middle, I cut open an apple the other day, and I saw all the apple seeds in like a safe little enclosure, and the fruit around it, and then I thought of a fruit that I've been eating since I was a little girl, I think it's called a pomegranate, my father always said it was a Chinese apple, and you cut it open and it's got many, many seeds, and each seed is surrounded by a luscious red fruit, that's what we are, the spiritual female seed of the father.


And we are surrounded by flesh. The apple seed is surrounded by the fleshly apple, the pomegranate seed is surrounded by the flesh of that fruit, that's what we are, billions of human beings on the face of the earth, each one of us containing a seed which has the potential to reproduce and each seed surrounded by flesh, it's everywhere. The mysteries of creation, they're everywhere, if you just have eyes to see and ears to hear. So in dead men Christ's name changes to the human spirit. In the creation that's dead, Christ is still in there but he died, and he died and the creation died and his name changed to the human spirit.


Christ in the dead creation is called the human spirit. When the human spirit is raised from the dead, the name changes once again to Christ. When the seed of the father is male or alive he is called Christ. When the seed of the father is dead because of separation from the father the name is the human spirit.


COMMENT: So what he did was, he died and was broken into many pieces but then he came and in one man was glorified in one man, so that one man all will have life through that one man. And it's himself, he's going back and raising himself from the dead by breaking himself into many glorified pieces right?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, yes exactly. It's incredible, isn't it incredible? So that is why all you people that are listening to this tape that are worried that the sons of God deny Jesus Christ the preeminence, and to all you sons of God people that think you are also begotten sons of God, listen to this, there is only one only begotten son of God, he is the Lord Jesus Christ, he shall always have the preeminence why? Because he is the one seed that has been broken into billions of pieces to pour upon the billions of humanity of human beings and raise Christ from the dead in them, and our Lord Jesus Christ will be the unconscious mind, the new unconscious mind of all these billions of people. And when he becomes their new unconscious mind in the form of the Holy Spirit, he will raise Christ from the dead in them, and the Lord Jesus Christ will have the preeminence, he will be the new unconscious mind of that vessel. However at the end of all things, when the whole creation is glorified and everything's reconciled into one, we'll all be one, we'll all be one at the glorification of the entire creation, but that's not until the end of all things. So long as we're in this flesh, our Lord Jesus Christ will always be greater than us, and will always have the preeminence, why? Because we will be in the same condition that Jesus was in and he said, I don't do or say anything except what my father tells me to do or say, and the spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ will be the father to us, and we shall be the son, amen.


COMMENT: And we're not even at that point yet.


PASTOR VITALE: And we're not even at that point yet, no we're in the, yes we've received the Holy Spirit, and even if Christ has been conceived in us and is beginning to be formed in us, we're in the process of being raised from the dead, but we're not raised from the dead. Okay, so when our human spirit is quickened and raised from the dead, her name will change again to Christ, or let me say this, the human spirit is female, she's the female seed of the father. When the Holy Spirit touches her and quickens her, the Holy Spirit is likened to a male sperm joining with the female ovum, and there will be an offspring, Lord willing there will be an offspring, and the name of that offspring is Christ, he is a male offspring, and when he comes forth the human spirit, and the Holy Spirit disappear, and our natural type is human sexuality whereby the ovum and the sperm disappear, they join so completely that they become one new cell, the first cell of the new creation. And the Holy Spirit and your human spirit will become so joined that they will become one new cell and the name of that new cell is what? Christ, well he's Christ the zygote, that's okay, his name is Christ.


And what was your human spirit is no longer female, we're not looking at her anymore we're looking at her son, and that's all we can see and his name is Christ. Okay now this Christ that is the result of the union of the male and female seed is called an imparted or a mature Christ, the Christ at the beginning of time who is not brought forth from seed, the Christ at the beginning of time was the human spirit that was female, and God said to her, I give you authority, I'm standing you upright in the garden, I'm making you righteous, I have not fertilized you, you are not a three fold cord, you have not come forth from the Holy Spirit and produced, you are a two fold cord, it is a union of the father with the human spirit without a penetration, without an offspring, an imputed or an immature Christ, a two fold cord that is easily broken and was in fact easily broken by the carnal mind, but what's happening in this hour and what happened to the man Jesus is a mature Christ, an imparted Christ that is a three fold cord, that is a Christ which is coming forth from a union of the human spirit and the Holy Spirit and that union occurs as the individual in which it is happening has experiences in God, it is a growing up just like a human child grows up through experiences trials and errors, a learning process, joins the human spirit to the Holy Spirit and produces Christ the three fold cord that shall not be broken, marriage, amen. They shall become one spirit.


He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit. This is a great mystery brethren, but in natural marriage, the man and the wife and the offspring become one flesh, but in spiritual matters, he who is joined to the Lord and who is that, our human spirit becomes one spirit, okay, everybody alright? Did I answer your question? Okay next? These reviews are very important.


COMMENT: In the beginning then he wasn't married, it was like courtship, there was no union, no sexual union, and it was easily broken. But he was planning all along to marry the living soul right?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, a natural example that we have is it takes place in India where they have child marriage, and the man will take a very young child and pay a marriage price and take her out of her parents household and the child lives in the man's house, but he will not join with her until she has matured into a woman, but she lives in his house, and she does all the functions of a wife, she cooks, she cleans, she shops, but I think she has to be fourteen or fifteen years old before he'll sleep with her. So that's a natural example.


COMMENT: So this is another example how that everything that's illegal to man is legal to God, because it was illegal for Adam to have a sexual union with himself, which he tried to do, and she did and created, and the carnal mind came forth right? But with God, he is successfully doing this, he's going to marry himself a many membered, even now what is illegal to man it's called polygamy, God is doing it, he's marrying a many membered wife.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, he is, but he's the only one that could do it, man can't do it.


COMMENT: All along he was planning on reproducing the sons of God in people, in his creation, he's going to do it.


PASTOR VITALE: He's going to be the Lord of this creation. We are him that's the bottom line, we are him. The carnal mind hates it because it's talking about the death of the carnal mind, it doesn't want this truth to come forth. We are getting the actual details of the resurrection of the dead, that's what we're getting here.


COMMENT: That's what we want, that's what the whole church needs, the details on the resurrection.


PASTOR VITALE: That's what they need but that is not what they want because they don't want to die, they, really what they really want is to continue on as they are, and die and go to heaven where they're going to continue on as they are, that's what they really want, they don't want the details of the resurrection of the dead, because it means that they have to die to this existence, and they don't want to give it up. Very few are willing to give it up.


COMMENT: And that is why, well they also don't believe that this existence is hell.


PASTOR VITALE: Amen, it's true they don't believe that, but they're willing to be raptured out of here, they have no problem, they're ready to go, ready to be raptured, they're willing to go to a place that's going to be a reproduction of this in heaven, where they're going to meet their family and you know I'm sure if you would put this to Christians they would say that it isn't true, but it's still the truth, that they're preaching a Mormon doctrine, that they're going to go to heaven, and pick up their family life and meet their loved ones in heaven, and it's not true, there is no marriage or giving in marriage, and that means there's no family life in heaven, why? Because if you're not marrying and you're not having children, what do you need a family for? What do you need family life for? So it's really a Mormon doctrine that they're preaching. And the bottom line is that they're not willing to give up this existence, that's the bottom line, and the Lord's going to have to force them. See their problem is they have no concept whatsoever of what heaven is like, so they think that they're going to get a mansion, and they're going to live in that mansion with all their loved ones, isn't that what they think, and they're going to have Italian food, and do all the stuff that they do down here, that's what the Mormons preach.


Now brethren if you can get a revelation that heaven that life in heaven is not like life on the earth, if you can believe that life in heaven is radically different and the exact opposite of everything that it is in the earth, and that you're not going to have a reproduction of all the good things that you experienced here, like houses and family life, if you're not going to have that, what difference does it make whether heaven is a far away place or right here on the earth? See the only reason they're willing to be raptured and go to heaven is that they think it's going to be just like here without the pain. So the bottom line is that the church has not been told the truth. They're believing in Santa Claus, they're like children who believe in Santa Claus. The only problem is that we have children that believe in Santa Claus, the parents are in charge and will slowly wean their children off of that false doctrine, the problem that we have in the church today is that the so called leaders of the church believe in Santa Claus and they're denying that there are any parents that are going to wean them out of this stuff, and for all intents and purposes they're trying to kill the parents that God has sent to tell them it's time to give up this fantasy and come up higher, and they're killing all of those prophets that God is sending saying, No we're going to stay children believing in Santa Claus whether you like it or not.


So now we have to wait and see how the father is going to strip them of their authority so that the ministers preaching the truth can be given credibility because many people as we've experienced here, God brings them in and they don't stay because our preaching is so different than the traditional church that they're really afraid. So the Lord is going to have to do something.


COMMENT: The sons of God are going to be preserved and they won't die, and the other people will just die off.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, but God has to stop that doctrine from coming forth because they've got young preachers coming up everyday, they're turning them out of the Bible colleges. So even if the sons of God are preserved, God's got to stop the procedure that's turning out the preachers that preach the false doctrine, he has to do something to stop it. So we'll see what he's going to do. Praise God, next question, you have another question. Perhaps once the sons of God stand up in full stature, and their spiritual authority is obvious, people will just follow them like they followed the Christians and those, and will be those who stay in the dead churches, I think I preached this once before. Whomsoever will will come unto the sons of God once they're manifested, and those who don't come, those who stay in the churches, they will eventually die off, however, okay.


COMMENT: Jesus had a human spirit?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Jesus had a human spirit.


COMMENT: Now that was also dead at the time that before it was fertilized?


PASTOR VITALE: Jesus was a natural man made after the seed of David, he born of the woman Mary, and he was born a human being just like everybody else, a fallen human being, he had a carnal mind, which was his conscious mind, he had Satan for his unconscious mind, and he fallen vile body. What was different about Jesus was that he something that nobody else had, does anyone know what it was? He was born with the seed of the father, and what was the seed of the father to the man Jesus who was a natural human being born of the woman Mary. The seed of the father was the potential to bring forth Christ, grow him up from seed, and overcome his heritage from his mother, and overcome that carnal mind and that Satanic unconscious mind, and that's why it took Jesus until he was thirty years old to be manifested, because he was Christ who was coming forth from seed. He got his training in the Scriptures, it's my understanding the religious Jews start training their sons at three years old, he was trained in the Scriptures, he was trained by his parents.


He was taught, he had experiences, he made mistakes, he learned, and by the time he was thirty years old, he was ready for his human spirit to be raised from the dead, it took him thirty years of intense training.


COMMENT: So then it was Satan trying to prevent this from happening, that he tried to tempt him, and trying to keep him from following through what he had to do.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh, sure I'm sure he did yeah.


COMMENT: So then the human spirit that we have, that's the Christ is going to fertilize our human Spirit.


PASTOR VITALE: Not Christ, not the son, when you receive the Holy Spirit you receive the spirit of the father, and once you receive the spirit of the father, you have the same potential that the man Jesus was born with. When you receive the Holy Spirit, Lord willing you start going to church, you come under the anointing, you start reading the word of God, you're going through the same procedure that the man Jesus went through, and that seed of the father Lord willing, will raise your human spirit from the dead.


COMMENT: I guess there has to be willingness on our part to realize or accept it?


PASTOR VITALE: Well yes and no, yes and no, I am convinced you're free to disagree with me if you want to, that if God has chosen you for whatever his reason and you're not willing, he will make life so miserable for you that you will be willing. There is not a doubt in my mind. If he's called you to this and you try to run away from it, he'll life so bad for you that you come back. Now why he would pick on and not another I don't know, it's his right of election. God is not a respecter of persons, what's happening is that he has selected a few to be a first fruits, but his ultimate goal is to save the whole creation. If you look around you and you see him giving this deep walk to a few people, it's not that they're special, it's that they were chosen to suffer, to be the first fruits, to be the sacrifice for the whole balance of the creation. The Lord is not a respecter of persons. He just takes everything away from you, so when he's the only you've got you do what he tells you to do.


I tell you it's the truth, if he's really called you and he has not made a provision for you to backslide, because you can't backslide without God's permission. I know people that have backslidden, I know people that have aborted, and I also know people that have tried to run away from this ministry and have been brought back every time. We can't backslide without God's permission.


You can't abort without his permission. I know that sounds way out but I tell you the truth. He is going to appear in this creation, he's going to raise it from the dead, and the individuals that he has chosen in this hour to be a part of this, they're coming, if he has to break their legs to bring them they're coming, I know I'm saying something radical, but I'm telling you the truth. If you have been chosen and called to be a part of this first fruits, you're coming no matter how painful your life has to be to drive you to him, and that's why it's a double reason why it's so wrong to try and force people to come in. Even if we know that God has called them. If we know that God has called them and it looks like they're running in the complete opposite direction, it's a very serious crime against God to try to force them in, it's Jezebel.


He's got it all under control, and you better believe that at the exact proper moment everyone that's suppose to be in their seat is going to be in their seat, and everyone that he's going to appear in he's going to appear in. He's going to do it, that's not your job. Our job is to teach and to minister to the people who present themselves to us. If they don't present themselves to us, the ministry goes to the Lord, it's not your job to bring them back in. You minister to the people that want you, that's what your job is. Okay.


COMMENT: When Christ's mind is nailed to the carnal mind, it's not nailed to the flesh also?


PASTOR VITALE: The carnal mind is the flesh, you mean the physical body? No, the carnal mind is nailed to Christ, the crucifixion of Christ is to the carnal mind. The carnal mind is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the carnal mind is the wood stake that Christ is crucified to, and that crucifixion does not kill Christ, it kills the carnal mind, it kills sin, and thus gives life to the creation because sin has died, and that mind in the individual is now righteous.


COMMENT: How come you put it in terms like a crucified Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: I didn't put it that way the King James put it that way. I think the reason that they put it that way is because the King James translators didn't have any idea that there was any difference between the crucifixion of the man Jesus and the crucifixion of Christ, they thought it was the same event. I know I have looked at it in the Greek, but I haven't looked at it to determine if it could be translated any other way, I didn't look at it with that thought in mind, but that's the way the translation is.


COMMENT: Now the timing of that, was that all at the same time as the crucifixion by, when men crucified the flesh, was that the same time...?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, while Jesus hung on the cross, while the man Jesus when his physical body was crucified and when he was on the cross, during that time when he was hanging on the cross, the mind of Christ which was in him, the mind of Christ which was in the man Jesus, which was not affected by the nails in the man's body, crucified the carnal mind of the man Jesus. So we see in that even which is called the crucifixion of the Lord Jesus, we see his physical body crucified by wicked men, putting nails in him, and we see his carnal mind crucified by the mind of Christ which was in him. So that which died was that which came forth from the seed of David, which the man Jesus inherited from his mother. His human spirit had already died to her dead condition, because Christ had come forth in her, and the carnal mind and the physical body died in that crucifixion. But the wicked men did not kill the carnal mind because we found a Scripture where Jesus said, Don't fear the men that can kill your body and can do no more harm to you.


Human beings do not have the authority to kill a mind. So if the carnal mind of Jesus was killed it was not done by wicked men, it was done by the mind of Christ and that did occur on the cross, while Jesus hung on the cross.


COMMENT: What time did the three stages of resurrection take place then?


PASTOR VITALE: Well the first stage of the resurrection, do you remember what the first stage of the resurrection was? What is the first stage of the resurrection?


COMMENT: Christ got on top of the carnal mind?


PASTOR VITALE: No that's the second stage. The first stage of the resurrection is called full stature, that happened when Jesus was baptized in the Jordan. When we did our study in the Jesus in the Jordan, we found out he was baptized under the water, he was baptized with the Holy Spirit and then his human spirit was raised from the dead, all three events happened when Jesus went into the Jordan. The second stage of the resurrection was in the garden, when that mind of Christ that came forth when Jesus' human spirit was raised from the dead, cut away the carnal mind that was lying on top of him, that happened in the garden. And the third stage of the resurrection was the crucifixion of the carnal mind, and that happened on the cross. And the bottom line, is that if Christ, if the mind of Christ was not fully mature in the man Jesus of Nazareth, if Jesus' human spirit had not been raised from the dead, the father never would have raised up the man Jesus from the dead. Because the reason that the father raised up the man Jesus from the dead was that no sin was found in him.


Now if the mind of Christ had not been raised from the dead in the man Jesus there would have been no righteousness in that man, and if that righteous mind of Christ had not slain the carnal mind on the cross, sin would have been found in that man, and the father would not have raised him from the dead. So that's the bottom line, that Christ had to be raised from the dead before the crucifixion of the man Jesus or the father would have never raised the man from the dead.


COMMENT: Do we have to be raised from the dead also the same way?


PASTOR VITALE: You mean our human spirit or our physical body?


COMMENT: Our human spirit.


PASTOR VITALE: Before what? We're all, the resurrection of the dead is the resurrection of our dead, that which is dead is our human spirit. So the resurrection of the dead is the resurrection of our dead human spirit which is full stature, that's what we're praying for and hoping for. See the carnal mind says well the resurrection of the dead is the resurrection of our whole man, that's what the carnal minded Christian thinks, that the resurrection of the dead is of our whole person, but the resurrection of the dead is in three stages and that which died first was the righteous mind of Christ and then the creation died, and we're being raised from the dead first, or Christ is being raised from the dead and then he's going to give life to the whole creation, and that's in three stages, first Christ, the first fruits, and then those that are his at his coming and who is Christ at his coming? When Christ was raised from the dead, he gives life to the soul, and then cometh the end, and then the resurrection if given unto the whole man, including the physical body.


COMMENT: When we overcome in the experiences that we have, we're given the power to overcome is that true?




COMMENT: We're given the power to overcome through these trials?


PASTOR VITALE: And what's the power to overcome? Christ is the power to overcome.


COMMENT: How does this power come about? How does that effect us. If we're going through a trial what takes place as far as the power, is it the decisions come from God when we overcome something or is it?


PASTOR VITALE: No it has to be our decision, but that's the whole major thrust of the teaching here, that we have to learn to distinguish between good and evil, we have to be able to look at the situation, and God is teaching us to evaluate it, to discern the motives of other people's heart, to discern the motives of our heart, and to make a judgment as to what is righteous. Now you can't do that with your carnal mind. You have to be thinking with the mind of Christ to make a judgment about what is right in this particular situation, and when you make that judgment, your carnal mind is going to want you to do what's wrong, and Christ is going to want you to do what's right, and you're going to have to cry out to God to do what's right, by the overcoming power that is in Christ because what are you overcoming? You're overcoming your carnal mind. So before you can overcome you have to be able to make a decision as to what is right in a given situation, and that's what you're being taught here, to judge righteous judgment.


COMMENT: So then what is the power that, is it just the point that you're making the right decision?


PASTOR VITALE: No the power is that if you didn't have Christ, you would be forced to do what your carnal mind wanted you to do, the power is to disobey your carnal mind, that's the power. To disobey, to rebel against your carnal mind, legal rebellion against your carnal mind. The people out there are the least of your problems, your real problem is your carnal mind.


COMMENT: You have to deny the thoughts then of the carnal mind.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, you have to cast down every high imagination, but you can't do that until you can tell the difference between the thoughts of your carnal mind and the thoughts of Christ, because if you're deceived then you'll think that the carnal mind is Christ, and you'll just go do it.


COMMENT: Does that happen a lot of times, I know it has with me.


PASTOR VITALE: You have to really start praying about everything, you see Jesus is faithful if you'll pray, if you pray all the time. Now don't get into any religious bondage but your job is to really let the Lord know that you want to be released from bondage to your carnal mind, and that you want him to be your mind, but that he has to show it to you, there's only so much you can do without his help. And part of what's happening is me coming to you and showing you things and you've got a lot of denial. One thing that we've talked about Tuesday, I had come to you twice and told you and you just you looked right at me and you just ignored me, you didn't want to talk about it, and then when the Lord sent me to you a third time, I said you weren't even aware of what you did. So you've got strong powers of denial operating in you, so the Lord has sent me to attack them. I'm helping you but eventually you've got to start doing it yourself. I'm there to start, I'm there with a big battery ram to start knocking those walls down, and knocking that denial down, but somewhere along the line you're going to have to start doing it for yourself.


COMMENT: It's a real war. I can't see it, it's really I'm blind to it.


PASTOR VITALE: Well I'll keep showing you.


COMMENT: Well do that if I need it.


PASTOR VITALE: So the next time I tell you something and it looks like you're ignoring me, I'm going to nail you right on the spot and I'm going to say are you ignoring me or did you not hear what I'm saying, so I'll be even more bold with you then.


COMMENT: You said that humanity is broken down to two categories the Jew and the Gentile, and you said that they have to be spiritually eligible to answer to judgment, what does that consist of?


PASTOR VITALE: The eligibility to enter into judgment is the conception of Christ in you because if God brings you under judgment and Christ is not being formed in you, and that judgment destroys you, what is the judgment going to destroy, what does the judgment destroy. If the judgment destroys the carnal mind and you don't have the mind of Christ you'll be without a mind, and when you're without a mind you die. So God will not bring down the judgment which is designed to bring you into full stature, until Christ is conceived in you. Now there is another judgment in this world it's called the reaping and sowing judgment and it is unto the destruction of your mind and your body, and Satan executes that judgment through sin. But to enter into judgment that will bring forth full stature and salvation in the spirit soul and body, you must conceive Christ and you must be manifesting, he must be being formed in you, he has to be the mind that's going to click in when your carnal mind is destroyed.


COMMENT: Will that be also to the Jew in his walk, because there are, you said that there are two categories, and they will have their own walk and the Gentiles will have their own walk and they'll come to a place of judgment. Will they also have to have the conception of Christ, or will it be something different?


PASTOR VITALE: No, both groups have to have to conceived Christ to enter into the white throne judgment of Jesus Christ, which will produce full stature which is the salvation of that person, and the Lord is dealing with the Jew one way and he's dealing with the Gentile in another way but both, all of the dealings of God with both groups is designed to bring them to a place where Christ is being formed in them. So that God can judge their souls, and raise them from the dead. He's dealing with the Jew through the old covenant and he's dealing with the Gentile with what I call the covenant of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said I'll send forth my Holy Spirit of promise, he'll send the comforter to you, and whoever says amen, that's a covenant. If I say I'm going to give you something and you say I'll take it, that's an agreement, is it not? Well you don't hear much about it in the church, but that's a covenant, what Jesus said, I must leave you but I will send a comforter unto you, that is the covenant between God and the Gentile, and I call it the covenant of the Holy Spirit, and it's God's ministry to the Gentile to bring them to a place where they're ready for the judgment. But ministry to the Jew, everybody knows about that, it's the ten commandments and the law of Moses.


COMMENT: After the judgment is full stature?


PASTOR VITALE: The end result of the judgment is full stature yes, it's happening simultaneously. Christ is arising in you and judging your carnal mind, and the end of that judgment is the overpowering of the carnal mind and Christ arising into full stature fully rising from the dead.


COMMENT: The term Lord Jesus Christ is when he's glorified right?




COMMENT: And he's coming back to his sons, he's pouring himself out.


PASTOR VITALE: He's pouring out of his spirit upon all flesh and when he lands in the heart of a human being, his intention is to raise his son from the dead in that human being.


COMMENT: You had mentioned about at that time, he's sprinkling his blood, could you give me a run down on what that whole sequence of events are as you had mentioned about him, when he's glorified, he sprinkles his blood, on us?


PASTOR VITALE: He's pouring out of his spirit upon all flesh and his spirit is sprinkling on us, his blood is when he conceives, his blood is his life and he's bringing forth his life in us. His blood is when he conceives Christ in us. That can be likened to the putting of the blood of the lamb on the door posts so that the angel of death would pass over, is that what you're talking about? Okay he's pouring out of his spirit and sprinkling on us and when he gets inside of us he is touching our human spirit and Christ is conceived and the conception of Christ is the blood or his life in us, now it's not from the outside, but its growing in us, and when his life is growing in us, it's likened to the blood of the lamb being put on the door posts of our house, this human body is our house, and when the angel of death passes over, we will be spared. Now the angel of death is about to come across this entire creation. And what does that mean, it means God is about to destroy sin in this creation, the angel of death is killing the first born.


Now who is the first born of this creation? The carnal mind was Eve's first child and she's bastard, and the angel of death is about to go over this creation killing everybody's first born. Now even if you have the blood on your door posts, your first born is still going to be killed, but if you have the blood of Christ, you will not die, because as Paul said, I live, but yet not I, Christ liveth in me. So your carnal mind is getting killed also, but you will live because of the life of the son of God, that is on your door posts, it's in your flesh.


COMMENT: Could you go over again about the priesthood? The sacrifice of the carnal mind and the priesthood and those situations you know?


PASTOR VITALE: Okay the priesthood which is the priesthood of the new covenant is Christ Jesus, and the reason there's so much trouble in the church today is that there is no sacrifice being made for us. The church is preaching that our sacrifice is the Lord Jesus Christ, and that is an error. The Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed his perfect life as the man Jesus the Christ, he sacrificed it meaning he gave it up so that he could be raised from the dead, glorified, and poured out of his spirit upon all of us and reproduced Christ in us, so that we too could be raised from the dead, that was the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ, that he gave up his perfect life as Jesus the Christ, so that we could have the same experience that he had, and what was his experience? Christ was raised from the dead in him and he killed his carnal mind. So our carnal mind too must be killed, after Christ is raised from the dead in us.


The sacrifice brethren of the high priest, well first let me ask you who is our high priest? Christ Jesus is our high priest.


When Christ is raised from the dead in you, he is your personal high priest and he will make the sacrifice that will purge you from sin and brethren that sacrifice is your own carnal mind because when he kills it there won't be any more sin in your vessel. The reason the church is in trouble today is that the sacrifice is not being made. Look all you Pharisees out there you have got to admit there's something really wrong in the church today. If the sacrifice of Jesus the Christ was the sacrifice that's going to deliver us, why isn't it working? Why are there so many sick that are not getting healed, why are there so many people in the church dying, why are there so many back sliding, something's wrong, you've got to admit something's wrong. The church is in sin brethren, and the sacrifice is not being made.


The body of Christ is not being discerned, that's why so many are sick and dying, and what is the body of Christ? Was Paul talking about the many-membered body of Christ? No, he was talking about the body of Christ in the individual. If the body of Christ in you is not being discerned, if you are not recognizing that Christ is being formed in you, that means that you are not making any attempt whatsoever to kill your carnal mind, and live out of Christ. Brethren the healing is in living out of Christ, the healing is in rejecting the thoughts of your carnal mind, and living with the mind by thinking the mind of Christ and doing the behavior that comes forth from him. Now if you can't discern Christ in your own mind, that means you're living out of your carnal mind and that's why you're sick and dying. I tell you the truth, I can hear them screaming in the spirit, I tell you the truth. The father comes to bring forth his son in you, his son is the high priest and that high priest when he's formed in you will offer up your carnal mind as a sin offering to the father.


And then you shall be delivered, did I answer your question? Okay. Oh, the church loves me, I'm telling you they hate this teaching. They don't hate me they hate Jesus, I'm just giving you the word of truth. They hate this teaching. They want to believe that they had a salvation experience and their sins are covered man, it's a lie. When you have your salvation experience you receive the vehicle which will purge you from sin and raise you from the dead, but you got to use what you've received or you're going lose it. If you bury your talent under the earth of your carnal mind, you're going to lose that, you're going to lose the Holy Spirit.


If Christ has been conceived in you, you'll abort, you've got to use it, you've got to work with it. You've got to discern the body of Christ and live out of it, and sacrifice your carnal mind unto the father, what does that mean? It means you ignore your carnal mind, and choose only the thoughts of Christ, that is the sacrifice of the carnal mind. Did anybody not understand what the sacrifice of the carnal mind is? You sacrifice him by not using him. But he's not going to like you not using him, so you have to wage war against him, you have to hurt him, you have to wound him, you have kill him, why? He wants to think through your mind.


He's not going to just let you do it? Do what? He's not just going to let you ignore him, and think only with Christ. He's going to tell you that he's Christ, he's going to lie to you, he's going to deceive you, he's going to manifest in your emotions. It's a warfare, but there's no warfare if you can't discern the body of Christ. Anybody any questions?


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