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On the board, I have given you a definition of spirit, and of demon. For years I asked Jesus what the difference was, and when I looked these words up in all of my reference books I just could not find any indication of why Jesus would say "spirit" on one occasion, and "demon" on another occasion.


Then at one point, after I had been studying for years, the Lord Jesus told me by revelation, that He used the word "spirit" to indicate that He was casting something ungodly out of the man's spirit and of his unconscious mind, you might really say out of the man's spirit.


The spirit which is the power source which has incarnated us, is Cain, and she is appearing in our unconscious mind as Satan, but it is really the serpent. Our spirit is Cain in her form of the serpent. When Jesus said He cast out spirits, He was talking about an ungodly growth in the spirit of man, some accumulation in the spirit of man. I guess I should review what demons and spirits are.


We have all been incarnated by the fallen Cain. She is the spiritual source which has enabled Leviathan to incarnate us. Actually, Leviathan has incarnated us. Cain is the spiritual power by which Leviathan works. Cain in her form or in her identity known as the serpent, is appearing....


We are in the serpent's image. We have done a lot of talking about that, and the serpent is our nature and our spirit. The serpent is our spirit, and she takes the form of Satan as our unconscious mind, and the form of Leviathan as our conscious mind.


We know that the serpent is the evil side of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and Leviathan is a part of the evil side of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but we also know that our condition of good or evil is not static. It does not necessarily have to remain the same as we...


As a matter of fact, our personality does not remain the same as it is when we are born because we are just infants, and a personality is not fully formed yet. We have experiences, and as a result of these experiences from the time of our birth, we either develop on the good side of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil or on the evil side of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.


Everybody is a mixture. Everybody in this world today, everyone who is mortal, is a mixture of good and evil. Even those of us who some day will be immortal, are still a mixture. Adam was the immortal one. Jesus of Nazareth, who was Christ, was the immortal one. Paul ascended to the first stage of resurrection.


Everybody has good and evil. What makes us either immortal or mortal, and if we are mortal what makes us either good or evil is the configuration of our parts, that is, the relationship between the good and the evil. The order that the good and the evil is in, determines the result.


For us to be immortal we must have the good and the evil gathered together under the dominion of Abel, and Abel connected to Jehovah. The good of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, we might say is Abel, and the evil is Cain. When Cain is in subjection to Abel we are good, and when Abel is completely under the dominion of Cain we are evil.


When Cain is brought into subjection by Abel and Abel, because of the sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ, is reconnected to Jehovah, we become righteous and righteousness is immortality. Let me try and put this on the board.


I have just put a diagram on the board for you. We see that man can be immortal or mortal, and we see that what makes us immortal is a righteous mind which is in the order of Jehovah, the Lord Jesus, the second Adam, the emancipated slave, and then Abel and then Cain and then the earth way down at the bottom.


When the parts of us are in this configuration (the one I just read off - Jehovah, the first Adam, the second Adam, and then the earth), we will be immortal. When we are in the correct moral order we will be immortal.


In the case of Jesus of Nazareth, it was Elohim standing in the place of the first Adam. Immortality is a result of correct configuration or right relationship of our parts within us, and then once they are in the right relationship, a correct relationship of our parts to Jehovah through the Lord Jesus Christ.


We know that we can grow. We know that Jesus grew in wisdom and in grace. We know that there is maturity, that there is growth, that our mind grows as we take in information, and as we have experiences our mind increases and grows, just as our body increases and grows when we take in the proper food. There is growth.


We will not stop growing until we completely reach maturity which is a state which is separate from this body. As long as we are in this body we will continue to grow, the body will grow, our mind will grow, and our knowledge will grow. Our knowledge will grow and our mind will grow as a result of everything that happens, with the intake of knowledge and the experiences which accompany it.


How do we grow? I am going to give you an example which most likely is not accurate, but I hope that it helps you to understand. Our mind grows just as the fetus in a woman's womb grows. There is something continuously being added on, cells are being added to form tissue, and the body itself.


In the mind, we will call it spiritual cells. These grow in the mind. The Bible sometimes calls it fruit, the fruit of our thoughts, the fruit of our spiritual activity, and our spiritual activity is in the mind. There is a continuous increase.


I also have on the board for you the configuration of evil and good so let me put that on the tape. The configuration of evil is the earth in the position of domination, then Cain and then Abel. This is the condition of a person who is mortal and evil; the earth rules in their life, then Cain and then Abel.


A person who is mortal but who's life is on the good side has Abel in the position of dominance over the earth and over Cain.


There are people who do not have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ but who have been raised with a moral standard. They have been taught to discipline themselves as children, and walk and exist in this world with Cain and the earth under their feet.


They do not have to be Christians. They can even be an atheist, but they know that certain behavior is destructive to them and they have the strength to not do it. They have Cain and the earth under their feet.


Each one of these three conditions, good, evil (both within mortality) and righteousness (which exists apart from good or evil and is within immortality), comes in the form of a mind, and that mind will continue to increase until it is great enough to exist without the body. Now this will never come to pass for good and evil. How do I know? the Bible tells me so.


Good and evil will never mature to the point that they can exist without this body, but righteousness will. As righteousness continues to mature even in this fallen body, in fallen mortal man right now, he will eventually reach a place where, not only is he without sin but incapable of sin, and can exist without this body. Adam was without sin but he was capable of sin, and because he was capable of it, eventually he sinned.


What we are talking about today is "spirits," and "demons," and "ghosts." That is what we are talking about today. I am trying to give you an understanding of what spirits and demons are.


My general overall definition is that they are thoughts. 'Spirits" and "demons" are thoughts. "Spirits" are thoughts which generate from the spirit of man which, in this hour, is the serpent. "Demons" are thoughts which generate from the conscious heart.


This is a new revelation so let me.... I will be repeating it on a few tapes.


There is only one true mind. Mind is spirit. There is only one true spirit, and that is the Father who is appearing to us in the form of the Lord Jesus Christ. The other one is a lying spirit. There is another spirit in this world called hell, but she is a lying spirit. She is not truly spirit, and she is not male, but she is operating in that role, and she is the serpent.


The serpent is appearing in this hour in mortal man as Satan, the unconscious mind of man, but the serpent is behind her. The serpent is the progenitor. The serpent is the one that began this whole race of fallen, mortal men.


Jesus said to the Pharisees, you are vipers, because you were generated by the serpent. She is the one that started the family line, but in this hour, in our condition right now, she is in our unconscious mind in a formation called Satan, and she is in our conscious mind in a formation called Leviathan.


We think with our unconscious and conscious mind, and the less enlightened we are, the more divergent these thoughts are. What does that mean? The less enlightened we are, the farther apart are our unconscious thoughts from our conscious thoughts.


It may sound strange to you that we think one way with our conscious mind and another way with our unconscious mind, but that is the way it is. The world knows that is the way it is. The psychiatrists know that is the way it is. All kinds of philosophies know that is the way it is. People say one thing, but they mean something else. They speak with their mouth, but their heart says something different.


I was in the middle of defining Leviathan for you, and I got a little distracted. Leviathan is not a mind. The scripture calls her a heart. If you want to call her a mind you really have to call her the lying mind because there is really only one mind.


It is like saying there is only one king, but sometimes there is another king sitting on the true throne. Does anyone know what the king is called in that condition?


If the true king is out of the country, has been displaced, has been defeated by the rebels, and another man, the rebel leader, sits down on the throne, what is he called? The pretender. He is called the pretender to the throne.


The reigning king is the true king, and then there is the pretender. You might as well call him a lying king, right? He is acting like king, he has all of the power of the king, he has all of the property of the king, but he is not the king so he is the pretender.


Leviathan is the pretender. She is either the pretender mind or is the heart of mortal man, for whom it is very common to be thinking one thought with her unconscious mind and another thought with her conscious mind.


This is not true with the immortal man whose name is Adam. Whatever his spirit (which is the spirit of Jehovah) thinks, so does the mind of the immortal man, Adam, think.


His conscious mind, Christ Jesus, is in complete agreement with his unconscious mind, Jehovah. The conscious mind of the immortal man, Adam, repeats faithfully what Jehovah, his unconscious mind, thinks. Jehovah thinks, Christ Jesus says and does, and there is no shadow of turning.


The two are one. Jesus said, everything my Father says I do and every word He says I say. That is what He was talking about. What you see is what you get with Jesus of Nazareth, who was Christ.


Brethren, one of the signs that a human being is walking closely with Leviathan is that what you see is not what you get, and I say this without condemnation. This situation is the situation which we are here to correct.


We are here to correct it among ourselves and then when we are able, when the Lord Jesus says we are ready, we are sent to correct it in other people, because the world is full of people that are not saying what they really think, and they are in complete denial about what they think and feel.


Why are they in denial? Because something in their conscious mind says, "This is not right, I know it is not right but I do not have the power to make it go away so I will just bury it", and they bury it alive.


Only it does not die, it festers under the earth, and when it festers what happens? It produces disease, it produces broken relationships. It rises up and brings destruction into your life at a later date, with a person who had nothing to do with what happened.


For example, your father abused you when you were growing up, and you are having a problem with your husband that you do not even understand, because it goes back to a wound you received so many years ago, a wound that you have forgotten about. This is the condition of mortal man.


This is why Jesus has come to show us our sins. He is doing this, not because He wants a public execution. It is not because He wants to hate us and humiliate us in front of the world and in front of all the people.


He wants our sins exposed so that we can deal with them, and destroy them forever, our sins that we buried years ago as an automatic reaction, which we did to survive.


We had to survive, and we survived the only way we knew how. We put up a wall, and put all these painful things behind us, and went on. We blinded ourselves to them so long ago, we cannot even remember that we did it.


Maybe we did not even realize we were doing it when we did it. We just had to survive. Everybody in this room knows about survival, everyone of us comes out of a difficult life.


We are mortal, and we are in hell where people kill each other with their minds all the day long, where people brutalize each other and abuse each other but walk around with a mask on their face. They do this because that is what they were taught, and it was a good thing when it was taught.


Without the power of Jesus Christ to give us the ability to deal with things in righteousness, putting a mask on your face and doing the right thing even though you are not feeling and thinking the right thing, is better than everybody going out and killing each other.


There was a time in human history when men just went out and killed each other. There was a time that duelling was legal. You thought someone insulted you, you had the right to shoot them or put a sword through them. There was a time in human history (and it may still exist in other countries), when if you wife committed adultery, you had the right to murder her.


In this country, in the western world today, this kind of behavior is not acceptable, so it has gone underground, but the feelings, the thoughts and the emotions that in the past expressed themselves in duelling and murder and all forms of violence, still exist.


The thoughts, the emotions that produced that behavior still exist, but they are underground because, today, if you catch your wife committing adultery and you shoot her, the government will put you in jail, maybe for the rest of your life. Therefore you control yourself, but the originating emotions have not changed one little bit, not one little bit.


We might say that an immortal mind is a mind which is in agreement with righteousness at its very core, and a mortal mind is a mind which is completely opposite of righteousness. It is wild, criminal, animal, but is covered up by the surface of the mind, the personality called Leviathan, so that we all do not knock each other off in a short couple of years.


What happens to these thoughts that are buried? They grow. Every time we have an experience, every time we learn something new, our mind grows as the cells of a fetus grow within the mother's womb.


The Bible calls this growth, fruit. As an apple tree bears many apples and as the corporate tree of humanity bears many human beings, each with their own mind, so does the individual apple bear much fruit in his or her own mind.


Sometimes that fruit is very evil, and the well meaning person takes a look at it and says, "Oh my God, I just saw the most ugly spirit of envy in my heart and I really hated that person! God forgive me." and their response is to bury it, but it is still there, under the ground.


These thoughts just keep adding to each other and they are in the form of a spiritual cancer. What happens with some people as these thoughts keep accumulating is, they lose control over them, as the "cancer" takes over their whole mind.


All these years they buried these things and on the surface, their life appeared to be a Godly righteous life because of all the good things they were taught by their Godly parents, but in the meantime all these ungodly thoughts have been arising in them and have not been dealt with properly.


They go from being a person who was socialized by Godly parents, who taught them that they cannot be envious, they cannot be beating up their brother, they cannot be stealing their brother's wife, to someone who cannot hold the line on their behavior any more, and instead exhibit these sins openly.


We do have an alternative to burying them, and that alternative is you have to admit, even if it is to yourself, that it is there, and confess it. If you just admit that it is there you stand a much better chance of it not accumulating to the point of a spiritual malignancy.


That is what the Catholic church was after. I am not a Catholic, and I do not go along with the Catholic church, but that is what they were trying to accomplish. I am not afraid to tell you that I think there are people in this world that are Catholic that have been helped by that carnal confession, if you can hear what I am saying.


I am not a follower of the Catholic church, but I will tell you the truth when I see it. If all that somebody has is the Catholic church, and they do not have the grace within themselves to cry out to Jesus, and they go to a priest to get it off their chest, and they really believe that doing ten "Hail Marys" gives them a release, if it works for them, good for them.


If you do not have the Lord Jesus doing a deep spiritual work in you, if that is all you have got, and it works for you, well, go tell the priest. Now, someone is going to be running around saying that Pastor Vitale is preaching Catholicism. I am not preaching Catholicism.


I am saying that you are not under the law. I am saying that there is liberty in Christ Jesus, and if that is all you have got, you do it, just like David was starving and he ate the shewbread. You are not supposed to eat the shewbread, but if you are starving to death and that is all there is, you eat it.


If you are sick and the Lord has not healed you of diabetes, do not stop taking your insulin. There are people in the Pentecostal church that are arrogant enough to walk up to someone and tell them to stop taking their insulin.


You do the best you can, and if that is all you have got and it works for you, by all means, tell the priest and do your ten "Hail Marys," until Jesus brings you into a deeper, more spiritual walk. If you do not like what I have said I am sorry.


Do whatever you have to do to survive as long as you are not hurting somebody else. If you do not have a revelation that Jesus Christ forgives sins and your only two choices are burying it unto your own cancerous destruction, or going to a priest to get it out, then tell the priest.


If your heart is truly righteous, in due season the Lord Jesus will reveal Himself to you and show you a better way.


These evil thoughts accumulate and accumulate, and before you know it, you, who are a good person, your nature, your personality, begins to shift. You have so much accumulation of unconfessed buried sin that, you wake up one day and you find that Leviathan is the god of your life.


You wake up one day and you find out that the evil in your person, the evil in your mind is now outweighing the good. What is the manifestation of this, what is the outward expression of this condition? You cannot hold the line on your behavior any more.


You cannot hold the line on your behavior any more. Either you start committing adultery, or you start stealing, or you start being hurtful by saying hurtful things, because of envy. You cannot hold the line on your behavior any more. There is too much pressure coming from all these pent up thoughts that you have never confessed as sin, but just buried.


Maybe you can hold the line on your behavior. You hold the line, and you get sick. Some people have such a strong will and such a strong hope of not doing evil in their life that they will never lose the line on their behavior. These people get sick.


You turn it on yourself. The evil in you builds up to such a point that, either you wind up attacking other people in a variety of ways, or, this accumulated evil attacks your body and makes you sick, and sometimes kills you.


It has to show itself one way or the other. It has to show itself. Any questions on this background for our message today?


COMMENT: I was wondering, in the diagram, the thoughts in the cells, are those the only ones that can affect the cancer?


PASTOR VITALE: No, it is all evil thoughts, envy, murder, adultery, fornication, every evil thought that we are so ashamed of, that we deny. Homosexuality, masturbation, every hidden sin, whatever you would be afraid to mention in public, whatever it is about you that you do not want anybody to know.


Either you confess it as wrong, which most people cannot do without some kind of understanding as we are bringing forth here, or you stuff it down. The human tendency is just to stuff it down, stuff it down, and it builds up and sometimes you can inherit that accumulation. Some children are born with that accumulation.


When I was in college I was taking psychology, and at that time (which was quite a while ago), there was a controversy (well, there always has been a controversy), over "nature" and "nurture."


Which affects the individual more, the nature that you are born with or the nurturing that you experience? My psychology teacher was a big believer in nurture. He said you were born with a clean slate.


I know the Catholic church and the Baptist church teach that you are born with a clean slate, an infant cannot sin. Is that not what these other churches teach? How could an infant sin?


They are saying that you are born with a clean slate; therefore, everything bad that happens to you in your life was the fault of your parents, or what happened to you while you were being raised up. I never believed it.


I do not know about the academic world at large, but I saw one of John Bradshaw's lectures on "Secrets," and what he said was very interesting.


For anybody that does not know me, let me put this on the tape. I think John Bradshaw is a genius at exposing the mechanics of what goes on in a person's emotions and mind, but I do not agree with his ideas for healing which are very New Age.


This is what he had to say. He drew what I think he called a geneogram, you know how you draw a genealogy of all your relatives in different generations. He drew a diagram along that line showing all the problems that were in the prior generations of this person.


He showed how the mother and father did not have a good marriage. He showed how the mother had a problem with her father, and how the father was grieving because of a son that died. What he was showing was all of the conflicts in the mother and the father when the child was born.


He is teaching and has been teaching for a long time, that all of these conflicts in the parents are literally projected upon the child. I have been teaching that here, for years. It sounds shocking to people that never heard it before, but someone's mind can astral-project through another person. This infant is being invaded by the repressed problems of his mother and father.


Those of us who have been in old order deliverance, where we cast out demons (not by Christ Jesus but by the Holy Ghost, that is what old order deliverance is), we know about rejection from the womb. We know about family line curses, but do we know how those family line curses actually get into the person? This is how.


The individual receives an accumulation of the wickedness from their prior relatives, going back three or four generations. I thought this was very interesting.


The scripture says, "...and the sins of the fathers shall be passed on to the children unto the third and fourth generation," and there is John Bradshaw going back three generations and showing how all of these ungodly conflicts in these people are pushing through into the third generation and how that little baby is literally born with an absolute load.


We have a natural example of it, such as babies born with alcoholic syndrome, babies born addicted to crack and heroin. Brethren, it comes right down from the parents.


You are born with a load, and then your life either gets better or worse, depending on the influence of your upbringing. However, once you are born with this load only deliverance can get rid of it. Of course, deliverance comes in many forms. Deliverance does not only come through the Christian religion.


Deliverance does not only come from the Christian religion. Deliverance can come through a psychiatrist, it can come through the Hindus. It can come through Santeria and all forms of witchcraft.


What Jesus Christ offers you, that none of these other sources offer you, is such a permanent change of your root nature that you can pass this deliverance on to your offspring, your physical offspring, and, if He raises you up to do so, you can pass this deliverance on to other human beings, because it comes with spiritual power.


We see that the mind increases. The righteous mind increases unto completion, and the evil mind increases unto completion. The evil mind never arrives at a place where it can exist without a body. The righteous mind arrives at a place where it can exist without a body.


Of course, there can only be one - I am referring to the Highlander. (I am sorry if you do not like my jokes.) There can only be one. Only one what? There can be only one mind at the end of all things.


I read the back of the book, and that mind will be the righteous mind of the Emancipated Slave in you, and the evil mind will be broken in pieces, unravelled, and its liquid parts boiled away. It will be recycled.


Coming back to this message, the name of this message is Spirits, Demons and Ghosts. Why did Jesus sometimes cast out "'spirits" and sometimes cast out "demons?" Jesus is not frivolous. He did not say "spirits" one time because He felt like it and "demons" another time because He felt like it.


Even in the English language, you can look at five or more synonyms (words which mean the same thing), and in every given sentence one of those five or more synonyms will be most appropriate.


It would be most appropriate based on the balance of that sentence, or the context of the sentence, and on the context of the whole paragraph or idea that you are setting forth in words. One of those synonyms will be most appropriate. There are shades of difference in each word. Jesus was not frivolous.


He cast out spirits when He was casting out ungodly thoughts that were in the unconscious mind, buried deep. Witchcraft is spiritual wickedness. When He was casting out spiritual wickedness, He said He cast out spirits, cast out unclean spirits, and many of these spirits could be hidden unto you.


If you are sitting in a service (in old order deliverance, they called it mass deliverance), you would sit there and if Jesus was ordaining the service, the preacher would call out a list of the names of demons and you could cough and choke and gag or vomit (signs of deliverance), but you did not know what was coming out of you.


You just knew it was one of those names called, and it did not even have to be one of those names that was mentioned. Once the anointing was flowing, Jesus could do anything He wanted. He could cast anything out of you.


Even in a service like this, we have people getting deliverance, and I do not know what it is that they are being delivered off. Maybe you know what it is, but it is just a guess.


It is not like the situation that existed in old order deliverance where a worker would go up to somebody, and cast out a specific spirit (of course, the worker would not be doing it without the person's request for deliverance).


The person says, for instance, "I have a spirit of alcoholism that is tormenting me," and then the deliverance worker says, "alcoholism come out," and the person coughs and hacks and chokes, then you have reason to believe alcoholism came out. But in a mass deliverance, or, during a service like this, you do not really know what is coming out.


Demons are thoughts of your conscious mind, ungodly thoughts of your conscious mind, whilst spirits are from your unconscious mind, problems of the spirit.


Demons are thoughts of your conscious mind, ways that you consciously think, such as prejudices. I guess it is possible for everything that I could name, to be present both as spirits and as demons.


There are some things that are hidden deeply that may never touch your conscious mind and those would be spirits, but things such as prejudice and hatred, you may very well be aware of it.


You may have a demon and a spirit of the same thing, but, of course, they are growing on the same branch of your tree. Everything is interconnected.


This is a spontaneous message. I wish I had had time to look up all the scriptures that say "spirits" and all the scriptures that say "demons," but I did not do it, so this is the best I can give you right now. This is what the Lord told me.


You do not have to believe it if you do not want to. Are there any questions or comments?


COMMENT: I would like to find out about ghosts.


PASTOR VITALE: Okay, that is next.


We will move on to ghosts. I did run inside, and I did a real quick study. I am not sure about the Old Testament because I do not even know if I could find a word that means ghosts.


Let us define ghost. What does ghost mean to you? The definition in my Brown Driver and Briggs' Lexicon which is really abbreviated because it has to do with the Greek, says that a ghost is an apparition, a phantasm, or an appearance.


An apparition, I think, would be more appropriate in our society today, an apparition. This is Brown Driver Briggs' and Strong's definition. I think it is just Brown Driver Briggs'.


I use these two Lexicons interchangeably and sometimes I may get it backwards, but it is either Brown Driver Briggs' or Strong's (I do not think it was both of them) that defines the Greek word, Strong's #5326, as an apparition.


This word appears only twice in the New Testament, Matthew 14:26 and Mark 6:49, both verses of which are describing Jesus walking on the water, and how when His disciples saw Him they became frightened because they thought He was an apparition. They thought He was a water spirit, they thought He was a ghost walking on the water.


People used to be superstitious (and maybe it is even true, what do I know?) Sailors used to believe in spirits that dwelled in and over the waters. That is why the old ships used to have mast heads of their own demons trying to scare the other demons away.


I do not think any ship had a mast head of Jesus Christ. They were superstitious, but they had a revelation that spiritual activity was strong over the water.


The disciples saw something that looked like an apparition to them. My understanding of apparition would be a form. One of the definitions is appearance or a form. A form that you can see through, is what an apparition means to me.


It was obvious that it was not a human being walking on the water. It was an apparition. You could see through it, you could see that it was not solid flesh. This is the only time that...


I do not really know about the society which existed at the time that the King James translators translated this Bible. I do not know if ghosts was an appropriate word.


For some reason, the King James translators made a decision that in many instances they would translate the Greek words which mean "Holy Spirit" as "Holy Ghost." Is that a Catholic thing, is that where they got it from? Do the Catholics talk about "Holy Ghost"?


I cannot see any reason why the King James translators would translate those Greek words that mean "Holy Spirit" as "Holy Spirit" sometimes and "Holy Ghost" at other times. From what I can see, it is translated "Holy Ghost" more than "Holy Spirit." Is that true from what you know, that it is translated "Holy Ghost" more of the time?


It is very possible that the King James translators were thinking, "Well, there is a 'Holy Ghost' and His name is mentioned so many times in the Scripture it could be confusing to the people to say that Jesus looked like a 'ghost,' so let us not translate this word 'ghost,' let us translate it 'spirit.' "


However, true to form for Leviathan, it is completely backwards because the word Strong's #5326 means "ghost" and only appears twice in the New Testament, both times referring to Jesus, and is translated "spirit," and all of the times that the Greek words should be translated "Holy Spirit," they were translated "Holy Ghost." That is an error.


Who does not know that Leviathan get things backwards? One of the things that she is known for is that she gets things backwards. Sometimes Leviathan manifests in me, and I see it backwards. I think backwards. I perceive backwards. I understand backwards, and the Lord has to manifest Himself to me and straighten my thinking out.


This has been translated backwards in the New Testament. There is a "Holy Spirit," not a "Holy Ghost." I do not know why you would call the Holy Spirit a ghost. I do not know what "ghost" meant when the King James translation was done, but the Holy Spirit is not a ghost. If our definition of ghost is an apparition, something that you see, something that has form, something that has appearance, that you can see through, is that true of the Holy Spirit?


Can you see the Holy Spirit? When the Holy Spirit manifests in a service does He take a form, apart from the human being that He is appearing in? He has no form. We are His only form. He does not have His own form. He takes us as His form. He enters into us and takes us as His form. A natural example would be water. Water is poured into a cup and takes the form of the cup, but water in and of itself has no form.


The translation of the Greek words which mean "Holy Spirit" as "Holy Ghost" is totally inappropriate. It is just one more move of Leviathan to deny the Church of the Living God the truth, and then when the Lord raises up a teacher to reveal the truth, Leviathan in the minds of all the people rise up and try to kill him because Leviathan does not want the truth. Leviathan in the mind of the translator does not want the truth out and Leviathan in the mind of the people who are being taught, does not want the truth to get to the people.


We see that a human being can be appearing as a ghost. What does this mean? I cannot give you any scriptures for this, but this is what I believe. As far as Jesus is concerned.... well there is some scriptural basis for what I believe about Jesus, and I even have an article I wrote on it. Of course, at this point I am not even sure that Jesus was actually walking on the water because I have not had time to look up all of the words in the Greek.


Even if it is true that He actually went walking on the water I believe that there is a spiritual application, that something spiritual was happening here, and that Jesus, Jesus the man, was walking above.. . . Can someone please look that up for me in Matthew 14:26 and tell me if it says Jesus Christ or if it just says Jesus alone was walking on the water.


Matthew 14:26. "And when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were troubled saying, It is a spirit; and they cried out of fear."


What does the verse before that say, does it say Jesus came walking on the water?


Matthew 14:25. "And in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea."


Hear this, the Scripture just says "Jesus." That means the Scripture is talking about the human man, Jesus. Jesus came walking on the water, He did something that was not natural for a human man, and this is the way I believe He did it. If it was not exactly the same thing, it was something similar to what happened on the Mount of Transfiguration.


The glory that was inside of the human being Jesus (His mind, Christ Jesus, the resurrected Adam), vibrated out beyond His flesh and became His primary form, and locked his fallen mortal humanity inside of Himself. That is what happened on the Mount of Transfiguration.


That which was inside, His spirit life, came to the outside. It is a very similar thing, if not the same thing, that we have been teaching about what happened to Noah. The ark was within Noah. The ark was within Jesus. The ark is the resurrected Adam. The resurrected Adam arose and locked the man, Jesus, the mortal man Jesus, inside of the ark. That is the walking above the water.


I believe (and this is by revelation, the Lord has not given me time to study it yet), that when Peter saw that, he wanted it. Peter wanted immortality. He was not interested in doing some circus trick of walking on the water.


Peter was a man of emotion. Peter was a man who got himself into trouble on certain occasions because He could not control his mouth. Peter was a brash man who made all kinds of mistakes in his life. Peter was a man who did not have the guts to stand up to the Pharisees and was even denying on several points, that he was Jesus' disciple. Peter was a man with many weaknesses.


I can relate to him, because I am a man with many weaknesses and I know how often I pray, "Lord Jesus, catch me up above the waters of this world, catch me up above the waters that Leviathan rules in, catch me up above the waters of this mind, that I might walk in the power that you walk in," and I believe Peter said to Jesus what I just said, and Jesus said, "Yes."


We cannot arise above the waters of Leviathan's mind (and of course, the waters that Leviathan swims in is called Satan), we cannot rise above Satan without the permission and the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. If we do not get His permission we do not get His power. If He gives permission, along with the permission, He gives power and then we do it.


Jesus said to Peter, "Come," and then Peter walked on the water initially, but sank down into the water, "because he doubted," the King James translation says. I do not know when I am going to look this up, but I must do it soon, as the Lord has had me preaching on this several times now. Peter doubted?


I suggest to you by revelation that what happened to Peter when he sank down under Satan's spiritual waters, was that sin was found in his mortality. Some sinful thought arose out of Leviathan and when sin was revealed, the righteous mind that was imputed to him by Jesus of Nazareth who was Christ, sank back down underneath Leviathan. If you can, hear it. Did I make what I said clear?


If in fact Jesus really did walk on natural water, then the way He did it was by that which was inside of Him coming to the outside and closing His humanity into the Ark of God, which is Christ Jesus, and the Scripture says He did not look human. What happened to him was that He became a spiritual man.


When Christ Jesus came to the outside and locked His humanity inside, for all intents and purposes, Jesus, the man, Jesus, became a spiritual man likened unto the resurrected Jesus who appeared before Thomas and showed him His nail-scarred hands.


He walked through walls, He traveled in the spirit, or however He got into the house. Who knows the difference between Jesus walking on the water and Jesus appearing to Thomas?


The difference is that the man, Jesus of Nazareth, was the first Adam, but became a spiritual man, the second Adam, when He walked on water, and this condition of being a spiritual man was only temporary. After His purpose was fulfilled He had to go back to being the first Adam.


When Jesus looked like a ghost, He was temporarily the second Adam. He ascended to a condition that is identified with the second Adam. We might say, Jesus ascended to a place where He was an imputed second Adam. The second Adam is spirit. He became the second Adam temporarily. That means it was imputed.


He could only do it for a short time, and He reverted to what He truly was, the first Adam. The second Adam had an imparted spirituality or an imparted measure of spirituality whereby His human body, for Him, no longer existed. Jesus appeared as a ghost or Jesus appeared as the second Adam. I believe I have given you some scriptural background on this.


Everybody is waiting with baited breath to hear what I have to say about what the world calls ghosts. I have no scripture for you at this time, but my opinion is that Leviathan can counterfeit everything that Christ Jesus does, with one exception, and that is to have an everlasting existence without a body.


It is an intense perversion that the personality of a mortal man should continue to exist after separation from the flesh.


Let me review what I have taught over the years with you.


The physical body dies, and the personality departs from it, separates from it and dissolves. I do not know how long it takes the personality to dissolve. I know if you put a human body in a grave, it could take, depending on the weather of the place where the person is buried, it can take anywhere from a few days to a few years for the flesh or body to deteriorate.


I have no idea how long it takes the personality to completely break down and dissolve, but I do believe the Lord has shown me that, the more there exists an intense emotion to not separate from this world, the longer it takes the personality to dissolve. Also, the more witchcraft power that a person possesses, which witchcraft power is resident in the emotions, the more possessed by this power that the person who dies has been, the more or the greater strength is available to hold this personality together.


In any event, this is the only answer that I have at this time for these accounts of ghosts inhabiting buildings. The person who lived there, who was diametrically opposed to departing from this world, is in defiance of the Living God, and still exists as a disembodied personality, for whatever reason, which seems to be confined to this one household.


I certainly do not have all the answers. They are always evil.... I do not know, I have heard of, and I have seen TV programs, etc. about ghosts that are not evil, but as far as the reality is concerned.... I do not really know all that much about it.


I know you have a question. I think the Lord was saying something else here, I am just not grasping what He is saying to me. We will just leave it in this nut shell that I believe ghosts are disembodied personalities who are extending their time in this world beyond the legally permitted time.


Jehovah still rules in this world. We know that there are powers and principalities and the god of this world, but just as we have a Supreme Court, Jehovah (in this hour the Lord Jesus Christ), is the Supreme Court. He has the final say. He can turn around any judgment that has been made by the god of this world. There are certain rules and regulations that this world is under even though this world has its own god.


Did you ever hear about a satellite nation? This is the example. Every state in our union has its own laws, but the Federal government can come in and over-ride those laws. There are certain rules that Jehovah has placed in effect in this world, and one of those rules is that when your body dies your personality has to dissolve.


Therefore, I say unto you, that the existence of ghosts is a diametrically opposite of, or a rebellious denial of Jehovah's law. A determination to continue to exist after the god of this world has legally taken their existence, is rebellion against the laws of Jesus Christ.


I do not have much information on it, but Leviathan is determined to continue to appear in this body. As I have told you before, I believe these alien experiences, in my opinion, is Leviathan coming up from within the individual. What Leviathan is interested in with these people that have these alien experiences, is the body. There is always a fascination with the body.


These apparitions, these expressions of Leviathan which are expressions of the serpent, want to live in the flesh. That is what they want. They do not want to give up their flesh. I think that is all I have to say right now. Did you have a question on this?


COMMENT: These apparitions of Mary, would they be classified as ghosts? Also, ghosts that are in these houses, do they have to have a human being giving them some kind of support in order to remain?


PASTOR VITALE: As far as the ghosts in these houses are concerned, all I have is my opinion, and I think the answer is no, they do not need to be sustained by a human being.


I think where you are coming from is that I taught you that demons come out of somebody's mind which is sustaining them. That really is the very basic difference between a ghost and a demon.


A demon is an expression of a person who has an existence, but a ghost is a disembodied spirit, and is not attached to any existing human being. That is why their existence is illegal. Their body died, and they are not supposed to be here any more. They are supposed to be dissolving.


COMMENTS: Are the visions of Mary all visions of ghosts? All these rainbows, and all the pictures of everything in the sky, and everybody seeing it at the same time, were they ghosts?


PASTOR VITALE: No, I do not believe that the apparition of Mary is a ghost. That was the second question, and I did not answer it. The apparition of Mary, I believe, is literally conjured up by the minds of the people who worship her.


I spoke to a preacher from some South American country, I think it was Venezuela, and he said the people come out into the streets at certain ordained days. Everybody knows about it; the worshippers of the goddess know about it.


They literally come out into the street, and they praise Mary and they do whatever they do, whatever their religious rituals are, and they cry out for hours.


I do not know that this happens in Venezuela, but the thought in my mind right now is the pagan priests of Baal trying to conjure up Baal during their encounter with Elijah, and in that instance we know they cut themselves. I do not know if this is what happens in Venezuela, but that is the Scripture that the Lord just gave me.


They just reach out to her and cry out to her on the streets until she appears, and she appears in the sky above where her worshippers are calling her name, and anybody walking by could see her. It is not an appearance in the mind of the person. Anybody walking by can see her.


The goddess appears and that is not a ghost. That is an apparition which is literally an expression of the minds of the people worshipping the goddess within them. She appears to them without.


Was there a second part to your question?


COMMENT: I read two books by this man whose name was Mel Teray ? The first book was, "Like a Mighty Wind," and the second book was, "The Gentle Breeze of Jesus." I do not know which book has what I want to discuss. In 1962 I think, there was a revival in Indonesia and it happened in a Baptist church. They never had anybody talk out of line in the church, it was always the pastor, and the man came up and gave a prophecy, the same prophecy that Peter gave back in the New Testament. They were commissioned by the Lord to go out and minister to different people. They went across swamps of water. In one episode, they were supposed to go on the water, and the Lord told them not to fear, to keep their shoes on and walk, and the ones that would not doubt, went across, the others sank. What was that?


PASTOR VITALE: They walked on the water, is that what you are saying?


COMMENT: Yes, but those that doubted, they started and they sunk right down.


PASTOR VITALE: I believe. . . I am going to assume that the Lord Jesus sent them out because I do not know anything about this. Assuming that the Lord Jesus sent them out, He can do anything that He wants to and if this was the understanding. . . .


Let us say it is not true that Jesus walked on the water, I am not sure about that, it may have been true, but I do not think so. Let us say it was not true, but these people of great faith read the Bible and they believed it in a carnal way.


They believed it with all of their heart, just like they believed that the Red Sea was opened and that the bottom of the sea was dry. The same thing with the Jordan, that Elisha walked over dry shod. Let us say they believed it, they really believed it because of their faith in Jesus Christ, He could have done that for them. I have no problem believing that He did it for them if in fact He did it for them.


I am in no way trying to down play their miracle, but I am here to tell you how I see it. I am telling you that the people that have the greatest faith in the world with an imputed anointing, still have witchcraft. I have witchcraft. We all have witchcraft. Everybody has witchcraft until we ascend into immortality, until our sin nature is so completely bound up that she cannot express herself in any way.


The question in a situation like that is, did they cross over by their faith in Jesus Christ or were they so psyched up in what they were doing that their own witchcraft kicked in?


Let me ask you a question. What happened when they sunk? Did they drown or did they get....where were they going again? Tell me where they were going again.


COMMENT: They were going to minister on the other side of this river. The others never went, they stayed back.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh, they did not get across the river?


COMMENT: No. The ones that did get across, went over and they fulfilled the mission. The whole thing was missions that God had them do.


PASTOR VITALE: What kind of missions, what was accomplished?


COMMENT: The whole objective was to bring others to Christ, to preach the Word.


PASTOR VITALE: I was not there, I do not know.... From what you tell me, there was fruit. If Jesus really sent them out, then that was how He separated the cattle from the cattle, but I have to tell you that my spirit is not witnessing to that.


I guess what it is saying is that the ones that did not have enough faith, did not make it over there. I could be wrong, but my spirit is not going with it. What is coming to my mind is the angel that stirred the waters in the pool of Siloam saying, "Whoever gets in the water first is the one that is going to get healed."


I do not see how Jesus would be glorified in that. I cannot see it. I want to tell you that when you first mentioned it, my initial reaction (it is on the tape if anyone wants to play it back), my initial reaction was, Jesus could do anything. As I gave Him that glory, I believe He has manifested in my heart and told me it was not Him.


If anyone knows the writer of that book, I am sorry, but I think there are a lot of miracles today that we think it is Christ Jesus in us and it is not Him. We have to be very careful.


I remember years ago when I was a disciple, some information was given out about traveling in the spirit in Christ Jesus. I know that there are men of God who have done this, John Lake for one. It has happened to Christian men. They have traveled in the spirit and every time they have done it, it has been to glorify Jesus, in the form of helping somebody.


At the time, there were three women in the church that were spiritual, I was one of them. Within a week both (the other two women) had an experience of traveling in the spirit, and and I felt bad. I do not believe it was envy. I just wanted it too, and I went before the Lord and I asked Him, "Lord, can I have it too?"


I have a revelation that there is no reason to be envious of anybody. If you see something, a spiritual thing, that somebody has, and you ask for it, the Lord will honor you. I cannot tell you He will give you a Cadillac, but if you ask for a spiritual gift, He will give you.


If somebody you know has a spiritual gift and you think you want it, ask. There is no reason to be envious in God. If you are willing to pay the price He will give you all things. That is what He said.


Therefore, I went before Him and I said, "Lord, I really would like this experience too," and I prayed and prayed and prayed until He spoke to me, and He said, "Not now." He said that I would have that experience, but not now. That was 12-13 years ago. I have not had that experience yet.


Subsequent to that time, however, He told me that those two women did not travel in His spirit. He did not tell me at that time, but told me a few years later. As I look back on it, the two women did come from an ethnic background that was strong in witchcraft. It was no secret that they came to the Lord with heavy witchcraft which they inherited from their ethnic background.


The Lord said to me that they got so excited at the thought of it, that, Leviathan rose up and gave them the experience. The Lord did not give them the experience.


What am I trying to tell you? That we have to be very careful when it comes to miracles. The true test of a move of the spirit is the fruit of that move of the spirit. Of course, you say that people were witnessed to there, but I find it very hard to believe that Jesus....


When the Scripture says that He separated the cattle from the cattle, He separated them on the basis of sin. What that book says is that the ones that did not have faith could not make it. When He separated the cattle from the cattle He separated them on the basis of sin, not on the measure of faith, because nobody has enough faith to do those kind of miracles.


This goes back to the teaching that I have taught here a couple of times. I have got it on tapes. We cannot get anywhere on our own faith. It has to be the faith of Jesus Christ.


All of the miracles, all of the knowledge, all of the ascension, all of the glory that we get, is coming from the faith of Jesus Christ in us, in the form of Christ Jesus.


Those who do not have faith cannot please Him. Is that a scripture? Those who do not have the faith of Christ Jesus cannot please Him.


It is the same principle as saying, "I am believing God to do this, therefore He has to do it." No, He only has to keep the promises of this Bible to you if Christ Jesus in you promises it to you or, if Jesus Christ promises it to you. It has to be made real to you.


There is this whole lying teaching in the church that says that if you have enough faith you are going to save the world! We just went through this at that convention. If you agree and I agree, so and so must be saved. That is a lie. The whole world can agree and it may not come to pass, but if Jesus agrees with the Father it will come to pass.


It is a lying doctrine in the church that puts burdens on the people that they cannot bear. The doctrine that says, "We have to evangelize the whole world and after we evangelize the whole world, then Jesus is going to come," is a lie.


We saw a beautiful man of God in the pulpit this weekend crying real tears because he believes that his generation failed to fulfill the commission. It is a wicked spirit in the church!


It is the spirit of man, it glorifies man, and it is a lying spirit. Those that did not have the faith to go, the ones that sank, went back to their homes and cried and agonized and hated themselves because they did not have the faith to go. It is wicked. Can you see what I am talking about. Wicked, wicked.


I read in the Book of Acts that the Holy Spirit spoke and He said, "Separate out for me Paul and Barnabas, and send them." When you are sent, the Holy Spirit speaks to your elders or, if you are a man, to you directly, and He sends you. He does not let you get to the waters' edge and have you sink in utter humiliation in front of everybody watching. Witchcraft!


I believe that was the Lord. It is up to you to believe it or not. Jesus help us. Wicked bondages placed upon men. Jesus!


This work that will save this dying world is the work of Jesus Christ, and He will do it through the men that He raises up, and there is no failure when He has sent you. If you are not in perfection, and you fall down, that is not a failure, you are overcome. The only failure is when your own spirit sends you.


The mortal mind of man cannot explain why the world is not saved two thousand years after Jesus' resurrection, so they make up all these stories which glorify man. You say, "How am I glorifying man, when I am saying that man has failed?" You are glorifying man by saying that it is within his power to do it.


It is a mystery. Jesus told us about the mystery, when the Greeks came and said, "We would see Jesus," and Jesus said, "If a corn of wheat fall into the ground it will bring forth a great harvest."


The corn of wheat fell into the ground, and this harvest is taking two thousand years to mature. The carnal mind of man cannot understand it, so they have glorified themselves in a negative way.


It is the same principle as little children whose parents get divorced and feel they are to blame. Did you know that children whose parents get divorced blame themselves? It is very common that they blame themselves.


We have this whole church world, many of whom love Jesus to the best of their ability, who cannot comprehend why He has not kept His word, so they say, "Surely it must be our fault."


However, very shortly the world will know that He has not put a burden on us that we cannot bear. He has not given us a commission that we cannot fulfill. They will know that He will keep His every word, and He will fulfill the commission that Jehovah gave Him, unto the uttermost, in us, and through us, when He does it.


We are the servant of the Living God, and when (to bring this back to the message), our mortal conscious mind comes into agreement with our new unconscious mind, Christ Jesus, we will save the world, because of His mind. Can you hear that? We will never save it with Leviathan as our mind, because our unconscious mind is not in agreement with our conscious mind.


We have a bunch of well-meaning, mortal people, trying to save the world when the mind or the heart that they are trying to save it with is in complete disagreement with them and sabotaging their every effort, and a major weapon is to tell them that they have the power to do it.


When our true Savior comes and is born in us, and when Christ Jesus becomes our mind, and brings our conscious mind into agreement with Him, we shall not be greater than our master, but we shall be equal to Him.


What is another way to put this, to tie it into the whole trend of the teaching here?


When Cain, (brethren we are Cain), is brought into agreement with, or is gathered unto Abel, who is connected to the Lord Jesus, who is connected to Jehovah, then we can save the world. When that part of us that exists out here in outer darkness comes into agreement with the righteous mind of the Lord Jesus Christ, we shall go forth and save the world.


We shall never save the world when our conscious mind is a copy of righteous Abel, and is not him. It is a copy. It is a mask. It is a phony. It is Pharisitism. We have got that Pharisee personality up front, which is in complete disagreement with our true mind, which is Leviathan. We are just lying to ourselves thinking we are going to save this world.


Do you see the lie? Can you see how deceived we are? That is why when Christ Jesus comes in, He begins to battle with Leviathan, because He wants to change this vision in our conscious mind, this mask, this lie that is here, as to how we are going to save the world.


There is something in us that wants to save the world. When Christ Jesus comes, He has to knock Leviathan out of the way because Leviathan is trying to save the world through us, through the host, and Leviathan would not let Him in, and I have got a flash for you, in most cases, the host would not let Him in either because the price that we have to pay to be equal to our master and be human vessels which are sent forth to truly save the world, is the crushing of our existing mind.


The price we have to pay is that Leviathan, our existing mind, and our existing life, must be crushed in the lake of fire and cease to exist, and this is how the cattle will be separated from the cattle.


Those who are willing to leave everything behind them and go and follow the true Christ Jesus, not the phony, not the lying Christ Jesus that is largely visible in the church today, will receive all things. The one that is willing to give up everything in this world will receive all things, one hundred fold, but not without persecution and hardship. We will see how many follow Him, very few.


Even the ones that are willing to give up the comforts of this country, that are willing to give up the comforts of a wife and family, mighty men of God that are willing to go into the jungle and face death at the hands of cannibals, when you start putting your finger on their Leviathan, they are going to turn on you and try to kill you.


Do we not know that is true? We just saw that, this weekend. "Take anything I have, take any of my material possessions or my worldly goods, but do not touch my personality. Do not try to give your righteous mind to me because I like what I have got. Do not touch my doctrine. I will go and I will face the cannibals but do not tell me there is no rapture and do not tell me there is no hell."


Why would such a mighty man of God be so determined that there is a hell? Let me give you something to chew on, brethren. Perhaps this person (and I am not talking about anyone in particular, I am talking about the mind of mortal man, if the shoe fits, wear it), this great man of God, who appears to be so forgiving is only forgiving because in the back of his mind he really believes that God is going to get you. He is not going to get you but God is going to get you and burn you in hell forever.


I want to suggest to you that the true test of forgiveness can only be administered to one who truly believes there is no hell.


COMMENT: Demons from the conscious mind can be cast out, but can evil spirits from the unconscious mind be cast out?


PASTOR VITALE: Evil spirits from the unconscious mind are unformed thoughts, and they can be cast out when that unformed thought is forced to the surface with the exposure of sin, confessed and repented of.


COMMENT: What is the difference between the manifestation of a demon coming out and an evil spirit coming out?


PASTOR VITALE: To the best of my knowledge, there is no difference because when an evil spirit which is an unformed thought from the unconscious mind is forced to the surface and confessed of and repented of, it becomes a demon.


COMMENT: What is the difference between casting out a spirit and a demon?


PASTOR VITALE: I just talked about that from the viewpoint of the believer.


COMMENT: Jesus gave His disciples power over devils, the Scripture says.


PASTOR VITALE: The word really means demons.


Jesus Christ alone, and I believe anyone who ascends to full stature, has the power to cast out spirits. When Jesus wants a spirit cast out of you because of His mercy, He forces it into your conscious mind and the deliverance workers who have faith in Jesus Christ, cast out the demon, but Jesus has the power to cast out a spirit before it became a demon.


That means Jesus Christ has the power to cast a spirit out of you without your confession. Jesus Christ has the power to cast something out of your unconscious mind without you even recognizing that it is there.


Why? Because He is a perfect man. Jesus can catch fish, which is a type of thoughts in your unconscious mind, which is Satan's sea, and cast them out.


COMMENT: What is the difference between the manifestations of spirit and devil.


PASTOR VITALE: The only thing that I know of is that the deaf spirit caused the boy to roll in the fire and roll around. 




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