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            I was reading in the science section of the New York Times today on my computer, and I found a very interesting article on quantum mechanics. I am going to try to relate the principles of quantum mechanics to spiritual behavior.


What Is Quantum Mechanics?



            Quantum mechanics is the area of science which deals with small things: molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles. An atom consists of a nucleus, electrons, protons, and neutrons. Electrons, protons, and neutrons are subatomic particles. Quantum mechanics deals with the activity of what the scientists call the microcosmic world.


            There is a microcosmic world and there is a macrocosmic world, micro meaning small and macro meaning large. This world we live in is the macrocosmic world and we are made up of billions and billions of atoms which have a reality in the microcosmic world.


            Atoms have a reality in this world in that we know we are made of atoms, but we do not see atoms, we do not relate to atoms, and we do not deal with atoms. We deal with the whole organic existence. We are an organic existence. The part of us which is an animal is an organic existence. Our spirit is living in an animal body. We are organic organisms.


            This is the macrocosmic world where we deal with the large, and the principles of quantum mechanics, according to this article, have virtually no effect whatsoever on us here in the macrocosmic world. However, the principles or laws of quantum mechanics have a lot of effect on the small things: on the molecules, atoms, and subatomic particles.


            I will give you an idea of some of the practical aspects of the principles of quantum mechanics, but before I do that, let me say this: Albert Einstein discovered the law of relativity and through that law the atom bomb came into being. Einstein’s law of relativity is a physical law which resulted in the splitting of the atom, and it was discovered that when an atom is split a great source of energy is released. Thus, the atomic bomb was discovered.


            We are going to talk a little bit about what atoms can do according to the laws of quantum mechanics. I am suggesting to you that the behavior of these particles, of these small things the laws of quantum mechanics affect lines up exactly with what the Lord has been teaching me for a long time about the operation of spiritual things. He is teaching me about how the mind operates; how the spirit operates. He has taught me there is a telepathy, a mind-to-mind contact in Christ Jesus, and the spiritual experiences I have been having (which are very prevalent in the occult world, but not very prevalent in the Church) are, indeed, from Christ Jesus.


            Elisha heard what the King of Assyria was saying in his bed chamber, so we know supernatural hearing is not only found in the occult.


2 Ki 6:12

 12And one of his servants said, None, my lord, O king: but Elisha, the prophet that is in Israel, telleth the king of Israel the words that thou speakest in thy bedchamber.  KJV


            We are called to spirituality and to be spiritual men in Christ Jesus. If you are spiritual in Satan's power you are a spiritual woman, whether your body is male or female. If you are spiritual in Christ Jesus, you are a spiritual man, whether your body is male or female.





            The Lord is bringing the Church into spirituality. There are very few in this hour moving in this realm, but spiritual and supernatural experiences are in the Bible. Elisha heard what the King of Assyria was saying when it was impossible for him to have heard it.


            There is a lot of information about mind activity available today, but it is all available through the non-Christian community or through the occult community. I have been telling you here for years the Lord has been teaching me, very frequently, through material which comes from non-Christian sources. He lets me hear it. Then He talks to me about it, and gives it to me from the vantage point of His mind.


Star Trek: The Next Generation



            Sometimes I have experiences, and I see them displayed in films from non-Christian sources. I am into Star Trek: The Next Generation right now and I am actually getting some understanding of things I have experienced. For whatever reason, the Lord has not come to me and explained it directly but when I see it on Star Trek, I get the understanding. I believe what I see in Star Trek is what I am experiencing but my experiences are in Christ Jesus.


            Spiritual is spiritual. You have the same experiences in Christ Jesus as you have if you are moving in the spirit of Satan, who is the unconscious mind of mortal man. It is the same type of experience; it is just a question of what spirit it is giving you the experience. That is why so many of the people in the New Age have stumbled over Jesus Christ. They call Him a prophet. They acknowledge He is a prophet. They call Him an ascended master. They just do not see Him as the Son of God because they believe His experience is an experience that is happening to all men.





            It is true all men are called to ascend into the Kingdom of God (not everyone will come, but it is for whosoever will and is available to all men). The question is, By what spirit are you ascending? The people who are in the New Age, the occult and eastern philosophy (I really do not want to label them but I am talking about people we would not call traditional Christians) all acknowledge Jesus as a prophet and an ascended master but they do not understand He is ascended in a different spirit than the Hindu ascended masters.


            This is a great mystery. To the best of my knowledge, we are the only ones in the world who has ever preached what I am about to say. Maybe someone somewhere knows about this, but it is not formally preached or available in books and messages. The Lord has shown us when Adam died to immortality he divided into Cain and Abel, and this whole world today is incarnated on the foundation of the spirit of Cain, which is the Serpent.


            Jesus Christ of Nazareth ascended back up into immortality, not by the spirit which is born in mortal man, which is the spirit of Cain, but by the spirit of Abel, and He is the first one to have accomplished this.


Ascended Masters



            There may or may not be other ascended masters. I am not even sure if St. Germaine, or the Hindu ascended masters actually ascended. I am not arguing with anybody about whether or not these men actually ascended. Maybe they did, maybe they did not. But if they did ascend, they did not ascend in Abel; they ascended in Cain.


            The Scripture clearly says there will be two resurrections, the resurrection of the just and the resurrection of the unjust.


Acts 24:15

 15And have hope toward God, which they themselves also allow, that there shall be a resurrection of the dead, both of the just and unjust.  KJV


            Every ascended master to date, with the exception of Jesus of Nazareth, is ascended; is raised back up into spirit form, unto the resurrection of the unjust. Jesus Christ of Nazareth, today the glorified Lord Jesus Christ, is the only one who has ascended back up into immortality in the spirit of righteousness and holiness.





            Talking about my spiritual experiences: For many years now I have been hearing other people's thoughts and I know I hear other people's thoughts. The first time it happened to me, it was very distressing. I was a young disciple and I was very frightened.  As a matter of fact, I have not experienced that again. It has not been duplicated. In that instance, though, I did not hear thoughts, I heard somebody speaking. They were speaking evil about me, and I recognized their voice. It scared me half to death. When I went into Church that night, there was a visiting preacher (Win Worley) who was preaching about Elisha hearing the King of Assyria's conversation in his bedroom. I knew the Lord was telling me I had nothing to fear. He had let me hear this person speaking evil about me. I experienced this two other times that I know of. The person was thinking evil of me right in front of me, and I heard their thoughts as loud as could be. It is my understanding now that is called telepathy, mind-to-mind communication.


            I have had other experiences where I am not in front of the person (in the person's presence), and I know what they are thinking about me or what they are thinking about somebody else. This is not anything I have control over. I know what people are thinking. I do not have it particularly straight yet. All this time I did not know the difference between this experience versus standing in front of somebody—looking at them and actually hearing their thoughts.


            The second time I heard someone’s thoughts when I was in their presence was with my employer. He was sitting at his desk writing, and I heard his voice as clear as a bell, and it was not good. I heard him say he was going to fire me, and I looked and his lips were not moving, his face was down and he was writing on his pad. Sure enough, it came to pass, so I heard his mind. The words were clear and concise. In all my years with the Lord, I have had that experience about three times.


An Echo 


            The experience I have frequently today is I know what people are thinking. I found out recently it is possible to hear an echo of people's thoughts. I do not know if this is correct, but I watched a Star Trek episode last night, and they were talking about all these things. If you are a Christian and you want to tell me I am into the occult, that is your problem, but I am not learning this from Star Trek. I have been experiencing it for years with no real explanation.


            Why has the Lord not given me these details? I do not know. The Lord gives me lots of details about a lot of things, but this He never has, and according to this teaching on Star Trek (and I put it before the Lord to correct me if it is not true but it sounds right), they are saying you can hear an echo of people's thoughts. In other words, this is not a thought that is directly beamed towards me. It is not directly concerned with me, but someone has had that conversation or had that thought and when it comes into my mind, it is an echo. That is what they are calling it, an echo.


            It makes sense. I know it is not the same thing as sitting in front of you, looking at you and hearing your voice as clear as a bell, in fully formed words. I know it is a different experience. I am having a different experience when I know what people are thinking, and they call it an echo. I know what people are thinking even though they did not say it to me, and they did not say it about me; they thought it, and my mind picked it up.


            I have had many spiritual experiences which sound bizarre to people who have never heard of this. It sounds bizarre to me too. However, this description of the behavior of atoms, according to quantum mechanics, completely supports my experience, and the experiences of others. I only know one other person who has these experiences.


The Serpent Is Our Foundation



            This is the correlation: This whole world is a spiritual world and each of us is an electron. A whole person is an electron that is circulating around the nucleus, the god who has formed this world. This is our situation. The god who formed this world is the sun of this world, and he is in each of us. It is different in the planets out there where there is one sun and all the planets circulate around it. We have the spiritual sun, and the Scripture speaks about this Sun of Righteousness, s-u-n.


Mal 4:2

 2But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall.  KJV


            We have a spiritual sun, and he is the center of every human being who has existed in this world. At this point the world is divided; we are a divided age.


            Spiritually speaking, our sun is in the midst of us. He is the god who incarnated us, and in case you do not know it, even if you have the Holy Ghost and speak in tongues, and are mature in Christ, the Serpent has founded us. He is our foundation. We get sick, age, and if the Lord does not intervene we will die like everyone else who has gone before us. Jesus Christ is not our foundation because Jesus Christ is an incorruptible foundation. When Jesus Christ is our foundation, we shall never die.


            Brethren, some of us have a pretty mature relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. The fact we are aging, our body is not preserved, and we have every reason to believe if He does not intervene we will die, indicates our foundation is death. This is a great mystery. Despite our relationship with Him, no matter how intense it might be, our foundation is death. The Serpent has founded us, and we are both dead and alive at the same time. We are dead, but we have life.



Explaining Spiritual Things
Using Quantum Mechanics






           The article we will be reviewing is Physicists Put Atom In 2 Places At Once.[1] It appeared in the New York Times on May 28, 1996. Malcolm W. Browne is the author of this article. I give him all credit.


            This is one of the paragraphs in the article:


In the quantum "microscale" world, objects can tunnel almost magically through impenetrable barriers. A single object can exist in a multiplicity of forms and places. In principle, two quantum-mechanically "entangled" objects can respond instantly to each other's experiences, even when the two objects are at opposite ends of the universe. Bizarre though such effects seem to non-physicists, they underlie countless practical applications, including the ubiquitous transistor.


            Spiritual things make no sense to the natural mind at all. I see a direct correlation between what these scientists are saying about atoms and electrons when they apply the laws of quantum mechanics to them, and what I am experiencing as a spiritual person. They are showing the same thing I am experiencing as a spiritual person.


            I find that fascinating because it shows this world was built by a superior mind. This world was built by the Serpent with dead Adam's substance, but it was built an atom at a time, a molecule at a time. It was built by a superior mind that literally strung molecules together; there is no doubt in my mind. The scientists think it just happened. It did not just happen. A superior mind strung molecules together and made an organic existence that matured into what we are today.


            This whole world is based on the principles of science and math. The world made by the superior mind, the Serpent, was formed from dead Adam's substance, which is actually Elohim's breath. The superior mind built this world according to mathematical and scientific laws. In this world, each human being can be likened to an electron in an atom.


            I have created a diagram of an atom for you (Diagram 1, Part 1). It has protons in the center core, called the nucleus, which are positive, and it has orbitals circulating around the nucleus just like we have planets circulating around the sun of our universe. There is just one orbital, and in this one orbital surrounding this atom there are two electrons, and the electrons are negative.





Electrons Behave Like Spirit



            I will go through this article a paragraph at a time, and I hope that it excites you as much as it excites me. My point is that it looks to me like the activity of the electrons as revealed when studied in accordance with the laws of quantum mechanics is similar to the activity of spirit. The electrons behave like spirit behaves.


            We know that there are two parts to us: our corporal being, this solid, visible being that we are; and we have a spirit man. Actually, we have not only one, but two spirit men. We have an old man and a new man. There are two parts to us; this solid mass that you see in front of you, and the other part that some people call the celestial body, or the spiritual body; the personality which can take its own form. There are other names for it which are eluding me at the moment, but there are two of us. We have an undergarment and an outer garment. Our undergarment is our spirit man, and our outer garment is the corporal person; this solid, dense, clay, animal that we are dwelling in.


            The article states:


           A photon of light or a single electron can behave both as a particle and as a wave. It can be beamed at a barrier pierced by two slits in such a way that it can pass through either slit with equal probability. When that happens, it passes through both slits; afterward, the particle-wave and its doppelganger can be recombined. That can be done so the twins interfere with each other, producing a pattern of fringes in their combined waves, in which the crests and troughs either reinforce each other or cancel each other -- proof that the particle has been physically divided into separate states.


            Quantum mechanics is based upon a knowledge that electrons can exist in two different states of being. We are solid and we have a spirit man. Quantum mechanics says one electron can and does exist in two different states of being. In the first state (not necessarily in this order) an electron can exist as a particle. I have drawn it as a dot. You can see its dimensions, you can see its circumference—it is definite, it is delineated, and you can see what it is. It is a dot; a particle.


            Electrons can also appear as a wave. An electron appearing as a wave does not have clearly defined borders. This particle has a clearly defined border. You could measure it. You could put a ruler on it and measure it just like this outer body that we are. We can measure our height, we can measure our weight, we can measure all points on this physical body. It is set. Its borders are static; not moving. We might be growing (when we are children, we are growing upward, and outward as adults), but at any given moment you can measure this body. If you come back five minutes later you will get the same measurement. The body is static, not moving.


            When an electron is functioning as a wave, however, its borders are not clearly defined. It might look something like this, which in my mind is a clear definition of the spiritual body. First of all, its borders are not distinct. Second of all, it vibrates out like a wave, and it takes up much more space than the electron in its particle form. I suggest to you this is the condition of man, both the physical body (particle) and the spiritual body (wave).


            As I share this article with you, we are going to talk about some of the activities of electrons. Quantum mechanics says an electron can be in two different places at the same time, and the reason one electron can be in two different places at the same time is this ability of the electron to be both in a condition of particle (form, state), and at the same time can be appearing (functioning, acting) as a wave. This is because the electron starts as a particle, and then it vibrates out.


Two Conditions



            Brethren, are we not in two different conditions? I am standing here in front of you as a solid particle, but I declare to you my spirit man, whose name is Christ Jesus, is vibrating out toward you tonight, and He is penetrating the borders of this body through my mouth. If He is talking through me, my words are life, and my words are spirit, and when I talk, when I say the words I am saying, they are reaching across this whole room, going in through your ears and touching your mind.


            My words are touching your mind. My words are touching your spirit even though I am not touching you physically. My wave is touching you, but my particle is not touching you. Therefore, this electron that I am is in two places at the same time. I am standing right here across the room from you. I cannot touch you, but my spirit, the part of me that is not a particle but a wave, is touching you. I could say something now which would wound your heart, but my finger cannot touch you. We exist on two different dimensions.


A photon of light or a single electron can behave both as a particle and as a wave. It can be beamed at a barrier pierced by two slits in such a way that it can pass through either slit with equal probability. When that happens, it passes through both slits; afterward, the particle-wave and its doppelganger can be recombined. That can be done so the twins interfere with each other, producing a pattern of fringes in their combined waves, in which the crests and troughs either reinforce each other or cancel each other -- proof that the particle has been physically divided into separate states.


            This article explains: There is a wall and there are two slits in the wall. Under laboratory conditions they arranged it so the electrons came right up against that wall, and scientists watched to see whether the electron would pass through this hole here or the hole there. Much to their surprise, the electron passed through both of the slits. When the electron came up against the wall, it divided into particle and wave, and the particle went through the larger opening, and the wave just vibrated through the very narrow opening the particle could never fit through. When they got to the other side, they were divided. We would call it separation of soul from body. If this was a man, we would say separation killed him, but they both went through.


            Let me repeat my point to you again: There is existing in our scientific community, in this hour, a particular discipline called quantum mechanics which deals with the activity of microscopic elements of this world: atoms, molecules, and subatomic particles, which small particles operate as spirit operates. We are in the macrocosmic world, and each one of us is acting like the electrons of quantum mechanics, spiritually speaking. Spiritual behavior is reflected in the activity of electrons or maybe it is the other way around. Maybe our spiritual behavior is the reflection of the electrons.


Soul Ties/Entangled



            Up until now I have had nothing really substantial to tell you when I talk to you about my spiritual experiences. You sit there and listen, but I really have not been able to give you anything substantial to back it up. Now I have something to give you; to show you. I can say this is what I am talking about when I experience this.


            Another thing we will read about in this article is scientists are saying: When two electrons become entangled they can respond instantly to each other's experiences.


In principle, two quantum-mechanically "entangled" objects can respond instantly to each other's experiences, even when the two objects are at opposite ends of the universe.


            They use the word entangled. The word we use in the Church is soul tie; an ungodly soul tie. When our spirits, when our personalities, our emotions become entangled with another human being some people really suffer. I have experienced it; I was suffering for years until I got this soul tie broken. I would be walking down the street, happy as a bug in a rug, and all of a sudden I would be crying or feeling suicidal thoughts, except I know I am not suicidal. The thoughts were in my mind for no reason, out of the blue.


            The article says electrons, which have become entangled, could be on opposite sides of the world and share the same experience. Once they have that entangled experience, if one electron feels pain, the other one instantly feels it on the other side of the world with no logical explanation whatsoever.


            You have heard me talk to you about this for years, and here is the scientific basis for it: Once that soul tie is made, once your emotions are enmeshed, you can go to the other side of the world, and if that one person has a strong enough mind you would feel their emotions. It does not even say here they have to have a strong mind—once you are enmeshed, you would feel their emotions. If you have been joined to a chronically sad person, to a chronically violent person, to a chronically angry person, you may not be any of those things, but all of a sudden you find yourself angry, sad, and depressed all the time for no reason. The person may not even be in your life anymore, but your emotions have not been untangled yet. This is the scientific basis for soul ties; ungodly soul ties.


            I want to suggest to you (and I believe this with all my heart), that in this hour, in this society, people are running at breakneck speed into relationships where their emotions are becoming entangled, and all the walls and all the restrictions are down. We are declaring everybody is equal, and everybody is good. People are getting involved with highly demonized people by befriending them and listening to their problems. Once you get emotionally involved, you are connected.


            You can be kind to people, you can minister to people, you can love people, but you do not form an emotional tie with a highly troubled person because they will bring you down to where they are. You cannot let your emotions be involved, and that is where the whole society is going today. I want to tell you the people who are stronger are not going to succeed in bringing the highly demonized people up, outside of the sons of God manifesting. In this world, which is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, we cannot reach down into a lower spiritual realm and raise these people up to where we are. It does not work. You need the power of Almighty God to do it.


            If you mix with someone who has heavy curses on their life, who has a more negative gene pool operating in them—if you reach down and you touch them and join them in your emotions and in your mind and in your heart, you are going down. It is impossible to bring them up. You are going down. It is happening all over the place, even more so to women, because in this natural world, unless you are raised up by Christ Jesus (as I have been, and brought into spiritual manhood for His purposes and His glory), you are living in a world where men have natural authority over women, except in very rare cases. Men are physically stronger, men are mentally stronger, and men are spiritually stronger. There are exceptions, of course, especially today, when physical males who are spiritual women and physical women who are spiritual males, are not uncommon, But I am talking about the general rule. There is a tendency for women to be victimized by men, much more than men to be victimized by men. These are the statistics.


Particle & Wave



            We will try to go on with this article, from the beginning, a paragraph at a time.


            Many a suspect has escaped the noose by arguing that he could not have been in two places at the same time. But no such grounds for an alibi exist for the tiny inhabitants of the realm of quantum mechanics: a team of physicists has proved that an entire atom can simultaneously exist in two widely separated places.


            This is possible because they are existing in one place as a particle and in another place as a wave.


           The achievement not only sheds light on a famous scientific paradox but could also have important consequences for cryptography, a science that creates codes to safeguard the electronic transfer of money, state secrets and other valuable things.


            This is saying when an entire atom can exist in two different places at the same time, codes that lock out thieves can be broken.


Moving Through Impenetrable Barriers



            The article continues:


            Quantum mechanics is a natural system of stepwise interactions that governs very small things: molecules, atoms and the components of atoms. It does not noticeably affect the "classical" or "macroscale" world, the environment familiar to human beings.


                In the quantum "microscale" world (which is what I have drawn on the diagram for you), objects can tunnel almost magically through impenetrable barriers.


            These particles can go through impenetrable barriers. They can walk through walls. They can go through tables. What I am suggesting to you is when a man reaches a certain degree of spirituality (whatever that degree is), he starts behaving like these microscopic particles. We are macroscopic, we are the big guys, but somehow when we become spiritual we start functioning like the microscopic world.


            Years ago, I read an article about witch doctors in some foreign country. As a matter of fact, I did not know they were witch doctors, but I heard they were healing people of cancerous tumors without surgery by literally putting their hands into the sick person’s body and grabbing the tumors and ripping them out. Their hands were able to penetrate the flesh of the sick person's body.


            When I first heard that, I said, Lord why are we so backwards, without healing in the Church? The Lord answered me, and said, That is not how I heal. That healing is being accomplished by another spirit; the spirit of this world. That is witchcraft healing. I do not anoint my people to put their hands in a person's body and rip the tumors out.


            At the time I did not understand how the Lord healed, and now I have some understanding of it. It is my opinion if someone had a malignant tumor, and the Lord chose to give him a supernatural healing where he could cause enough positive energy to be applied to the tumor, which is a negative energy, it could wipe out the tumor. The Lord does not heal by anointing someone's hand to penetrate another person's flesh.


            But, here we see human beings acting like an electron, penetrating impenetrable objects, and, of course, Jesus did that. Some people think He approached the house and walked through the wall. I think He just materialized in the room. In any event, He wound up in a house whose door was locked. I am suggesting to you when a man becomes spiritually mature he behaves like these electrons behave.


            This is a very simple article. I am laying a foundation here. We will go over a few other principles. Maybe tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year the Lord will lead me to another article about the activity of electrons as understood by quantum mechanics, and maybe we will get a vision of what we can hope to experience when we become spiritually mature. Right now, I am discussing things I already know about. We know Jesus walked through walls. Electrons can pass through impenetrable surfaces.


            The whole basis of this message is to relate to you the analogy between spiritual activity and the activity of electrons. Maybe somewhere along the line the Lord will show me, with this foundation established, that we can anticipate what certain spiritual activity would be like by studying the activity of the electrons. If the day comes the Lord shows me (and you through me) a particular activity of electrons, which at the moment I cannot relate to any spiritual activity I know of—if I have it in my head that this analogy is strongly established, I might be inclined to believe when we are spiritualized, or glorified; we may be having the same experience this electron is having.


Invaded By Another Person's Mind



            This is very deep. We are creating a foundation for something here; only the Lord knows what.


            A single object can exist in a multiplicity of forms and places.


            A single object has many atoms. Here is the principle: I originally said, an electron or an atom can appear in two places, appearing in one place as a particle and in another place as a wave. Now they are saying, an object can appear in a multiplicity of places, and an object has many atoms in it.


            In principle, two quantum-mechanically "entangled" objects can respond instantly to each other's experiences, even when the two objects are at opposite ends of the universe.


            Brethren, I have been experiencing this all of my life. I remember the first time I began to understand what was happening to me. It was after quite a few years of deliverance. I was a very angry person. I had been delivered from much anger, and now I had peace a good deal of the time. My nephew was getting married, and I was invited to his fiancée’s bridal shower. I liked the young lady, but about a week or so before the shower I started having very negative, ungodly thoughts towards her and I did not want to go to the bridal shower.


            So, I fell on my face before the Lord, and I said, Lord this is terrible I am thinking these thoughts. I do not know why I am thinking them and I really do not want to go to the shower. What is wrong with me? Please help me. Then I said, I am going, I am going, and I am going to like my nephew's wife, and I am going to be a good Christian to her. As I confessed my sins (because I thought it was me) and repented (what I just described to you is true confession and repentance), the thought came into my mind this anger and this desire to not go was not mine, but my mother's.


            My mother had not said one word to me along these lines, but I went to her and I asked her if she was mad at my nephew’s fiancée. She looked at me and said, Yes. I said, Mom, are you thinking you really do not want to go to this shower? She said, Yes. We talked about it, and the whole truth came out.


            This was the beginning of my instruction on how other people's minds had the power to invade me. I perceived it, at the time anyway, as an invasion. I guess it was an invasion. It came through an ungodly soul tie I had with my mother. I was experiencing what she was experiencing.


Overcoming Evil By The Power Of God



            Everybody in this world has soul ties like this, to some degree. Some have it to a greater degree than others. I want to tell you when the day comes you get this revelation; when you decide you will not experience what the other person you are entangled with is experiencing—when you begin resisting it, and pushing it back, and breaking its power over you in Christ Jesus, during the time period before you actually break free of it, you will be punished severely with emotional, spiritual, and sometimes physical pain.


            The person you are meshed, or entangled with, is not doing it deliberately. They are not even aware of it and are not trying to hurt you. This is an aspect of our fallen condition the Lord is revealing to us in this hour, because as we become spiritual, we are going to be experiencing these things. If you do not know about it, or do not believe it, or have not been trained to fight it, you are going to be overcome by it. You cannot be a son of God and be overcome by evil. You cannot stand up in full stature while you are overcome by evil. You have to overcome the evil by the power of God, and if you think it is a snap, you are naive. It is an all-out war.


            I will tell you from experience having evil thoughts that have been propelled into your mind, whether they are from your own mind or someone else's mind—evil ungodly thoughts which are pressuring you to accept them as your own thoughts, and resisting this pressure, is pain. You have to learn how to deal with it or you are going to lay down and let these thoughts steamroll over you and become your thoughts, which is sin. The way you get out of hell and the way you have your immortality restored to you, is to resist these thoughts unto the shedding of blood.


Heb 12:4

 4Ye have not yet resisted unto blood, striving against sin.  KJV


            You have to resist the thoughts which are from your fallen nature until that mind, which is propelling them into you, lays down and bleeds to death.


Practical Applications of Quantum Mechanics



            Let us go on:


            Bizarre though such effects seem to non-physicists, they underlie countless practical applications, including the ubiquitous transistor.


            Ubiquitous means found everywhere, and I guess they are talking about the transistor which is used in radios.




            They might eventually lead to a quantum computer...


            In other words, they are saying there is a practical result of these laws. They have led to the discovery of transistors, and they might eventually lead to a quantum computer.


            ...in which a single atom switching between different quantum states...


            Or, between different dimensions, just to give you an idea of what I am talking about.


            ...could simultaneously perform different operations, thereby speeding up computations to the point at which currently unbreakable electronic codes could be readily broken.


            That could have a devastating effect on current banking transfer procedures. Many coding systems used for the electronic transfer of money depend on the fact that it is virtually impossible, using even the fastest of today's computers, to factor very large numbers that are the products of pairs of large prime numbers. A quantum computer, however, might be able to do the factoring...


            That is whatever they do with the numbers to make banking procedures.


            ...in a reasonable period of time, thereby putting a powerful tool in the hands of thieves.


            The quantum computer may be able to do these calculations so quickly the thieves could break in and wind up stealing money.


Two Places At One Time



            In a paper published in the current issue of the journal Science, Dr. Christopher Monroe and his colleagues at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colo., described how they had divided a single beryllium atom into two distinct states of existence and had then separated the two states in space.


            Have you ever heard of a testimony in the Church where a man's body is in one place, and he appears to somebody else on the other side of the world? This is what is happening to him—his wave state has separated from his particle state and gone to the other side of the world.


            To readers of science fiction, the idea of a single atom existing simultaneously in two states or places is reminiscent of the supernatural "doppelganger"; a flesh-and-blood duplicate of one's self encountered while walking along a street.


            That is another story.


Building Bridges



            The real significance of the institute's feat, Dr. Monroe said in an interview, is that the two states of the same atom were not only pulled apart but were separated by a relatively enormous distance; a distance large enough to represent a transition from the domain of quantum mechanics to the everyday world, where things behave in "normal" ways.


            The beryllium atom, as divided by the scientists into two separate manifestations, may therefore have represented a kind of bridge between the microscale and macroscale levels of existence, and it therefore occupies an intermediate "mesoscale" region. The study of such a region could help define the fuzzy boundary between the quantum world and the everyday world.


            That is what is happening today—a bridge is being erected between the microscopic, the spiritual level of existence, and the macroscopic, this physical level of existence. The article talks about an experiment which remains a popular metaphor for the possibility of demonstrating a linkage between the ultra-small realm of quantum mechanics and the classical world of everyday experience. Is Jesus not reaching out to us in spirit form? Are we not praying for people? There is a coming together; a joining, a reunion of the spiritual life to the physical life.


            The New Age people know about this a lot more than the Christians. We saw a movie called The Never Ending Story. It was about a little boy who was reading a book, and he got so into the book, which he thought was a fantasy, that (at the end of the movie) the queen in the book came out and was sitting in his room with him.


            There is a microscopic world inside the mind of men, in our minds, and for centuries it has been operating without our understanding. The microscopic world, the spiritual world, has been operating, but there has been no communication between our physical life and our spiritual life. A bridge is being built in this hour. Actually, there are two bridges being built in this hour. Christ Jesus is building a bridge, and the Serpent is building a bridge, and there will be two resurrections. Resurrection is the union of the microscopic world with the macroscopic world. The Scripture talks about a ladder connecting the two. It does not call it a bridge; it calls it a ladder.


Gen 28:12

 12And he dreamed, and behold a ladder set up on the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God ascending and descending on it.  KJV






[1] Browne, M.W. (1996, May 28). Physicists Put Atom In 2 Places At Once. New York Times.






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