205 - Part 2

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This is my associate from the United States. Her name is Sister June Eble. She was playing the clarinet for you. Praise God. We are going to start tonight with a few scriptures in John 15. I think we will take the first six verses just as a text.

John 15:1-6I Am the true vine and my Father is the husbandman. Every branch in me that beareth not fruit he taketh away:  and every branch that beareth fruit, he purgeth it, that it may bring forth more fruit. Now ye are clean through the word which I have spoken unto you. Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself, except it abide in the vine; no more can ye, except ye abide in me. I am the vine. Ye are the branches:  He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit:  for without me ye can do nothing. If a man abide not in me, he is cast forth as a branch, and is withered; and men gather them, and cast them into the fire, and they are burned.  KJV

Glory to God. The Father wants you to understand that every one of us has a potential to bring forth the fullness of the fruit of Christ, that we should all appear in the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ, that, that mind which was in Christ Jesus, should be in you, and because that mind will be in you, you shall be raised from the dead, and you shall be the recipient of eternal life, and no man will be able to take your life unless you give it up upon the instruction of the Father. Brethren, this is the promise of the Scripture, that you should receive life, and life more abundantly. But how is this life imparted to us? This is the question.

Brethren, we do not abide eternally in this hour because the mind that is within us is death. Does not the Scripture say, that to be carnally minded is death? It is the way that we think that produces the death of our soul and our body. Therefore, the resurrection of the dead, I suggest to you, is a change of mind. It is not a change of attitude that comes forth from the mind that you were born with, but a literal brand new mind. You have within you the potential to produce this mind, but a seed must fall upon your heart for this mind to be conceived in you, and start to grow in you. Yes, Christ is in you, but he must come forth to the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord is telling us in this hour that the natural example which he has given us to understand what is already happening to many of us, is human reproduction.

Brethren, in relationship to God, the human race is female. We are the female seed. The male seed of the Lord Jesus Christ must fall upon our heart, and join to it, and produce an offspring, because he is the vine, and we are the branches. If there is not a joining, if we do not abide in him, and he does not abide in us, there is no fruit, and the fruit is Christ. Christ is the mind that gives you eternal life. Without the fullness of the mind of Christ in you, there is no resurrection of the dead, and there is no eternal life. All life is in the Son. The Father has put His life in His Son. When His Son abides in you, and you abide in him, that life will be in you. It will quicken your soul, and it will preserve your physical body. We must receive a new mind, and receiving this new mind is a process that can be likened to a woman’s pregnancy. Does it not say in one of the prophets, Jeremiah 30:6, in that day we shall see a man holding his loins in such travail, that it can be likened to a woman bringing forth a child?

This is what the prophet was talking about, the bearing of the fruit of the Christ child of Revelation 12. The manchild is about to be born in you, because the scripture clearly states you shall be saved in childbearing. You must bear the child. You must enter into such an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ that you conceive his child, and then you must bring it to term, and you must bear it. When it is fully born in you, you will have a mind that can be likened to the mind, which was in the man, Jesus the Christ. Our body dies because our mind is already dead. The man, Jesus the Christ, had a mind which was alive. It was alive to the righteousness of the Father, so that when his physical body was crucified unto the death of that body, the Father looked upon him, and saw righteousness for his mind, and raised the whole man from the dead. You cannot kill a man whose mind is righteous.

Now the Lord wants us to understand, in this hour, that we are not talking about a religious work, whereby a natural man says, I will not sin anymore, and I will be righteous. Brethren, take heed, this is a Pharisee spirit, which will steal from you the promises of the kingdom of God. Did not Job say unto the Father, in the midst of his travail, why do you persecute me like this? Why do you not just tell me what I am doing wrong, and I will change. Is anyone familiar with that scripture? Job said that to the Father, and the Father said, Job, you are bound with pride. You do not have the ability to change. Man, in this hour, is fallen. That means we are lacking something. Something must be added to us. What we are lacking is righteousness. Does not the Scripture say that Jesus is our righteousness? He must be added to us. He must get inside of us. He must be abiding within us.

John the Baptist said, the Father said unto me, the one upon whom the Spirit abides, he is the one. For us, who have a walk, whereby at one moment we are manifesting Christ; where we are preaching; we are teaching; we are singing; we are enjoying the gifts of the Spirit; but the next day we are cheating our brother, or being dishonest, or being angry without a cause. The anointing is not abiding, brethren, so we must ask the Father why is the anointing not abiding upon us? Are we waiting for a rapture that will take us away, and make us perfect? I do not think so. I believe that we are about to be made perfect, while we stand in this flesh, on this earth. The way it is going to be done is through the impartation of a whole new mind to you. That is why James could say, the double-minded man is unstable in all of his ways.

When you were a wicked sinner, unreformed, you had no conviction of sin. You just lived your life. You had no conscience, and nothing bothered you, but now that you have Christ, you have two different thoughts with regard to each problem in your life. You have two minds, brethren, and only one of those minds can prevail. The Father has imparted a brand new mind to you, but He has imparted it to you in seed form. It must grow up. The tree of life must appear in you. It must fill all of your earth, and it must swallow up the mind that you were born with, which is carnal, which is death, which is killing you. How do we do this? The way we do it is by abiding in the vine. Every situation in your life gives you an opportunity to choose whether you will respond out of the dead mind that you were born with, which is sin, which will produce more death in you, or to choose to respond out of the mind of Christ, that is just beginning to grow in you.

Brethren, I declare to you that the mind that you were born with, will not like it, when you choose to respond in righteousness. He will not like it. He will bring distress into your life. He will bring trouble into your life. If you do not have a revelation of this warfare, it is the war of the minds. Do you want to know what Armageddon is? It is the war of the two minds that are inside of your personal head. A man of sin may rise up in the Middle East. He may, he may not. I really do not know. All I can think about is fighting this warfare that the Lord has revealed to me. This warfare, which consistently rejects the carnal mind that is within me, and consistently exercises every ounce of strength that I have to deal with my fellow man, and with everyone else around me, in every situation, out of the righteousness of Christ. We must consistently wage this warfare, even if you fail. You will fail. You will fail.

You will desire to do righteousness, and you will find that your emotions will rise up, and cause you to do unrighteousness. But if you confess your sin, brethren, and if you repent, the Father is faithful to forgive your sins, and to strengthen your arms for the battle. This mind that you were born with, which is killing you, must pass away. For indeed, this mind which is within you, it is the mind of this world, and is not this world passing away? It is not this planet, brethren, and it is not this physical sun in the sky. The world that is passing away is the cosmos, or the formation of the carnal mind, that you were born with, which is killing you. I think I would like to take a few minutes tonight to try to give you an understanding of how this mind got inside of us. Did you ever wonder how we got this mess that is called a mind?

Paul said, that men that think with their carnal mind, oppose themselves. They are alienated from God in their mind. This mind separates us from God, separates us from our loved ones, causes us to make decisions based on ungodly motives that bring wickedness. We sow wickedness, and it brings wickedness reaping back upon us; vengeance, retaliation, envy. The fallen man lives out of these emotions because we cannot do anything else. That is why the Father has not condemned us for our sins because He knows we have fallen down. Now He is giving us the spiritual weapon to wage war against our strong enemy, which is in our own mind.

I am going to try to give you an understanding of how this mind got inside of us. The Scripture says that God formed the creation. He called him Adam. We are also told that Adam was formed out of the dust of the earth. He was made out of clay. He could be likened unto the animals. In the beginning, the creation, the man, was no different than the animals. Then God added a mind to him. Animals have no mind. The animals are soul. Do you all know that we are mammals? We live in an animal body. The scientists know that. We have babies the way the animals have offspring. We eat the way the animals eat. We pass out waste the way the animals pass out waste, but obviously we are superior to them. Why is this? It is because the Father gave us a mind. We are soul that is expressing a mind. The animals are soul, and they do not have a mind.

The animals are programmed. They do everything that they do by instinct. They reproduce themselves. They care for their young. They feed themselves. They do everything necessary to survive by a basic instinct that is programmed into them. But we have a mind in us, brethren, that lets us think creatively, that lets us solve problems. At the beginning of time, the Father added a mind to the creation. When did He do that? The Scripture says God formed the man, and He breathed the breath of life into him. The breath of God was imparted into the man, and when it took up residence in the man, it became his mind. Then the Scripture says God took the man, and stood him upright in the garden. Brethren, the term upright in the Scripture refers to righteousness, a righteousness which gives us dominion over our life.

The Father took this newly formed man that had no experience whatsoever. He was as inexperienced as a newborn infant that had just come into the world, but apparently was far superior to a newborn infant. How do I know that? Well, God spoke to him. He said, Adam, do not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, because if you do, you will surely die. I do not believe that God would have spoken if Adam did not, at least, know that God was talking to him. The problem Adam ran into was that he did not know what death was. He had no idea what death was. We can say that God formed the man as an adult man, as adult as anyone of you, physically mature, physically strong, but mentally and emotionally infantile, totally without experience, and in particular without experience or a knowledge of evil. He did not know what it was. God put him in a garden. He imparted a spiritual condition to him that met his every need. All God said to him was, Adam, guard the garden.

Why do you think a garden that was created at the beginning of time, where there was no evil present, needed to be guarded? In the King James translation it says, Adam, keep the garden. If you look up the word, keep, in Strong’s Concordance, it means militarily guard the garden. We have to ask ourselves, what is this garden that needed to be guarded? I want to suggest to you, brethren, that the whole Scripture is a parable. We are told a little further down in John 15 that Jesus spoke to his disciples in proverbs or in parables. He said that in the day that I reveal myself to you, I will speak to you plainly, no more parables. I will speak to you plainly. Brethren, tonight in the name of Jesus Christ, I speak to you plainly. This was not a garden with a coconut tree in it. The creation did not look anything like it looks now. How do I know that? We are fallen. The creation did not look like we look now, spiritually, nor did the creation look like we look physically. It was a spiritual creation.

These bodies are prison houses. They tie us to the earth. They hinder us from moving spiritually. In some cases, they are instruments of punishment for us. Are they not? Has anyone here never suffered in this flesh? They are instruments of torture, of pain, and of distress. God formed a spiritual creation. It was far superior to anything that we can even imagine. I do not know what it looked like. I just know it was nothing like this. The man had no needs. He did not have to go out and dig in the ground to grow his food. He did not have to spend years in college so that he could get a job that hopefully would feed his family. Every single need was met. He did not need shelter from the rain. He did not need shelter from the mosquitos. He did not need anything. That is what the proverb means, of God put the man in the garden. That is what the plain talk of the parable means. God set him in a spiritual condition whereby his every need was met.

God said, the creation was good, but He did not say it was perfect. There was a potential for evil in this creation, but when God took that man and stood him upright, He said, Adam, I give you dominion over that evil. He is under your feet. He cannot get out unless you let him out. You see, we are not in that condition today. Modern man is overtaken by evil continuously, if not in one way, in another way. If infirmity, if sickness and disease is not overtaking you, maybe a hurricane is overtaking you. Maybe an earthquake is overtaking you. Maybe your emotions are overtaking you, and causing you to assault somebody, and putting you in jail for a season. Something is always overtaking us because that potential for evil is no longer under our feet. Does not the Scripture say that we have not sinned in the similitude of Adam? This is plainly what that proverb means.

Adam was not overcome. Adam did not have the potential to be overcome like we do. We fight every day to stay on top of this life. We fight every day to live a life that will bring blessings into us. If our boss mistreats us, we fight to not come against him in a way that will cause him to fire us. If our husband mistreats us, we fight to respond with respect nevertheless, that our family should remain intact. But Adam did not have this problem. Sin was under his dominion. When Adam sinned, he made a conscious choice to do so. The problem was he really did not understand what he was doing. Yes, he was disobedient. Yes, he was filled with pride. Yes, he was rebellious. Have you heard the controversy over what the original sin was, and what was Adam guilty of?

He was guilty of all these things, but the bottom line is that he was inexperienced. He had a potential for sin, and he was inexperienced. God said, do not do it. If you do it, you will die, and he did not know what death was. You tell your child do not run out in the street because a car will hit you. They will probably run right out in the street because they have no comprehension, whatsoever, of the consequences of being hit by a car. Adam was God’s child. Does anybody here not understand that God is reproducing Himself in the human race? Does anybody not have this understanding? It was God’s intention to appear. God is Spirit. He has no form and He has no shape. For whatever His purposes, the Scripture says He had a dream. He had an imagination. He called that dream the cherub. He said, let us make man. What is that? I do not know. I just imagined it. Let us make a cherub, a man who is a soul, which is expressing the righteous mind of God. That is what God said, when He said, let us make man in our image.

Let us make a soul, which is expressing the righteous mind of God. When this soul is expressing the righteous mind of God, he will be set upright in the garden. Sin will be under his feet. The potential for sin will be under his feet, and the nature of God will appear carved in the clay of the soul of the man. That is what God said. So He started the procedure. It is just like if you are a married couple, and you make a decision to have a child. You know what you have to do. Even if you are not married, if you want a child, you know what you have to do. Hopefully, you are going to get married first. So God started the procedure. One of the biggest problems believers run into is that we really do not have an understanding that God started this creation from seed. He did not make a fully formed mature finished creation. That is why He said, it is good. He did not say it is perfect. It was not perfect. It was not finished. It was immature, but it was safe, and the mind that was being revealed through it, was the righteous mind of God.

We can even liken it to a seamstress making a garment. She cuts out all of the pieces, lays them out, and perhaps base them together with a loose stitch, but she does not stitch them on the sewing machine. Maybe she wants to fit it to the person, and a big wind comes along and rips the whole garment to pieces. That was what happened at the beginning of time. God had it all laid out, but the man was inexperienced. The way God had it laid out was that in order for God, who is invisible, to be seen, He would cover Himself with the ashes of the earth, with a clay formed out of the ashes of the earth. The way God intended, and intends to be seen, is to show Himself against a contrast. Brethren, if you have a blackboard here, and I want to write on this, and I write in a black chalk, you will not be able to read it. So God made a man that was the exact opposite of Him. God is Spirit. Man is soul. The soul is the garment that is draped over the Spirit, and when Spirit is in this form of union with soul, its name becomes mind. A spirit, which is inside of a soul, changes its name, and we call it a mind.

We had a youthful creation that was far superior to anything we could probably even imagine. It was good, but it was not finished. The man had to grow up to the point that he could be a complete expression of the Spirit of God in another form called Adam or man. God in another form. God in the flesh. But we had a tragedy at the beginning of time. The potential for evil was in the man. I forgot to tell you that that potential for evil was and is resident, in the ashes of which the clay was made. Have you ever wondered why does God allow Satan? Why does God permit evil? Why does He not just rip it out of the church, and let us be perfect? The answer to that question is that if He were to rip out Satan, we would just be pure spirit with no form or shape. The plan is that the lion and the lamb, lion typifying spirit, and lamb typifying animal life, should lie down together in one creation, and live in peace. I tell you, brethren, there is only one way the lion and lamb will lie down together and live in peace. That is when the lion brings the lamb into total and complete submission and servitude, because the animal that we live in, is a wild raging beast.

You have heard about the beast in the Book of Revelation. He is in your mind. He is the soul that no longer has a righteous mind. That soul that God made, something went wrong. Something happened, and the mind that is in it now is not righteous. It is fallen. It is desperately wicked. The heart of man is desperately wicked. Who can know it? The name of this mind is the beast. We can call it the beast that we read about in the Book of Revelation. We can call it the carnal mind. It is also called death. This is your strong enemy. This is the strong enemy of the spiritual man. Now if you do not have a mind, you will cease to exist. That is why God said to Job, why are you telling me you will stop from sinning? If I just point out your sins to you, you will stop from sinning. I should not judge you anymore. Do you not know, Job, that if you do not have a mind, you would not exist, and the mind that you have is desperately wicked. How can you stop from sinning?


Because I love you, saith the Lord, I sent my Son in the fullness of time. Because he sacrificed the life that would have gone on for the ages in the man, Jesus the Christ, because he gave it up, and returned into the heavenlies, becoming pure Spirit, and is now sprinkling on you, the provision has been made to give you a righteous mind. Without this righteous mind, you will continue to die. Mankind will continue to die. I declare to you, fallen man will never perfect himself. He will never perfect himself. The salvation of the human race is in the impartation of righteousness because we have all fallen short of the glory of God.

God said to Adam, guard the garden. What is the Lord talking about? Well, what is a garden? A garden is a place where something grows. It is a place where fruit grows. I want to suggest to you that this creation that God made was created to be God’s wife. In relationship to the Father, the creation is female. We have layers of authority in this creation. Adam, in relationship to the Father, is God’s wife. Why? Because the Father is reproducing His Spirit through the man. That makes the man a woman to Him. The offspring of the Spirit of God in a man is the righteous mind of Christ. We are the wife of the Father. Are not we the bride of Christ? Are we not? This is what the parable means, brethren. If you are the bride of Christ, it means you shall not only be joined to the Father, you shall bear His offspring, Lord willing, and when that son is born in you, it shall swallow up the wickedness of your fallen mind, and you shall live for the life of the ages.

We must abide in the vine, and the vine must abide in us, because we cannot bring forth this fruit of ourselves. Amen. We see that God has formed a wife for Himself, because He had a dream, and the name of that dream was the cherub, the righteous mind of God expressed through a soul. This wife had a reproductive ability. Just like every other woman, she had the potential to produce the son of God, which is another way of saying the righteous mind of Christ. Christ is the Son of God. Sometimes Jesus said, I am the Son of God, and sometimes he said, I am the son of man. Did you think he was getting confused and used these terms because he could not figure out who he was the son of? Well, let me talk plainly to you about this parable. The mind that was in the man Jesus, was the offspring of the Spirit of God, which is male, and the spirit of man, which is female. The Spirit of God joined with the spirit, which is in man, in the man, Jesus of Nazareth, and there was an offspring produced. The Son of God is Christ. Christ is a mind. Jesus of Nazareth was a man with a mind that was Fathered or begotten by God. He therefore was Jesus the Christ, the man who had a mind whose Father was God.

Now I am going to tell you a hard word, brethren, but the truth will set you free. Lies will do nothing for you. Our father is not God. Why? Because our mind is still fallen. We were born with a mind that was fathered by a spirit which was not God. That is why we die. That is why we sin. That is why we have every problem common to man. We must know the truth. If you think that your father is God now, then what have you to strive for? Brethren, the war has begun. I come to you today to tell you that the war has begun. The hour is at hand that our Lord Jesus Christ will receive you into his kingdom by destroying your carnal minds and replacing them with himself. You must know that he is not your mind now. You must know it, but the mind you have now must die, that you may be one of those who are a soul which is spiritually beheaded for the glory of Christ. You have a part in this war. If I ever get to it tonight, we will talk more about that, but I would like to go back to the garden. I will be here tomorrow night also.

In the garden we see a creation, which has a potential to reproduce. It had not reproduced yet. Nevertheless, it had a mind in it. How do I know that? God said, He stood the man upright in the garden. Righteousness had been imputed, or loaned, or attributed to the creation without repentance, without experience, without acknowledgment, without achievement. God said, I make you righteous. The man was not righteous in his nature. He was righteous because God said so. We see in this hour, if Christ is appearing in you, you have been justified because the blood of the firstfruits is in your heart. God looks at you, and He sees righteousness to the extent that He stops killing you, but He is still going to kill your carnal mind. He is not going to kill you. He is going to renew you. The way He is renewing you is by giving you a new mind. He is surely killing your fallen mind. Surely!

Have you ever wondered why the Scripture says, if the Lord does not chasten you, you are a bastard. Have you ever wondered about that? Brethren, the father of this fallen human race is Satan. Satan has committed adultery with God’s creation, and produced an offspring which is a bastard. The Father loves His creation so much that He is adopting us as sons. I declare to you, brethren, this is not as it is in our world, that you take another man’s child, and you sign a paper, and that child still has the genes of the man, and still has the curses on the family line of the other man. It is not so with the Lord. If you want to be His son, you must be purified, you must be purged, you must be made holy, and every manifestation of sin in you must be purged out. Every mark that shows the nature of the beast must be wiped clean, and you must be re-impressed with the nature of Almighty God. So He has said to you in this hour, you are my son, but you cannot stay as you are. Be not deceived. You cannot stay as you are. Sin will not enter into the kingdom of God. The qualities of the carnal minds of men, which are fallen and desperately wicked, will not enter into the kingdom. You shall enter into the kingdom, but you must change. The war has begun. Hallelujah. Glory to God.

We have a strong enemy who would destroy us, and all of our offspring in future generations, if he could. We have waited for such a time as this. Humanity has been waiting on tip toe for the manifestation of the sons of God, but most of us did not know that it meant the death of our carnal mind. But you are able, brethren, because Christ is in you, making you able, but this understanding must come through to you. You must know what God expects of you. Let us get back to the garden.

God had a wife, and she had the potential to bring forth an offspring whose Father was Spirit and whose mother was soul. God said to the man, there is a pestilence that is in the dust of the earth, that is indignant to this dust. It is a part of the dust. If the pestilence was not there, it would not be dust. If the pestilence was not there, you would not have clay. It is there, and it is going to remain there, and you must learn to live with it. Guard the garden. Guard your fertile parts. I will speak plainly to you. He said to His wife, do not go with another man. You could get pregnant and bring forth an illegitimate child. That is what He said. Do not sleep around. So we see a creation with the potential to reproduce, and we run into a problem. Adam had no experience with evil.

The Lord wants me to tell you this. Do we have any chalk here? The Lord said to the man, you can eat of the tree of the garden, but do not eat of the tree in the midst of the garden. That is how it is phrased, I believe. We looked up every one of those words in the Hebrew, and we found out that the word trees is in the King James. It is really singular, and it is just one tree. When we looked up that phrase, in the midst of, we found that it was a Hebrew word, which does not mean that at all, and one of its possible translations is, that part of it. That part of it; that partial part of it. Then there was another word in the Hebrew that was not translated. The phrase, in the midst of, means the partial tree. I may not have it exactly right. I do have it in a message, but it is not coming to me exactly, at the moment, but it meant the partial tree. That is what it meant.

This is what the Lord showed us. You thought there were two trees in the garden, but there was really just one tree. In the midst of the tree of life, was a partial tree. The tree of life could live without this partial tree in the middle, but the partial tree in the middle could not live without the tree of life. This partial tree, that could not exist by itself, at this time of the creation, had no name. Today we know it as Satan. It was Adam’s lower nature. You see, Satan and Adam, they were really the same. They were part of the same creation. Adam had a potential for evil, just like we do. Brethren, has anyone here taken a psychology course? Did anyone hear the term the id or the libido? The psychiatrists and the heathens know the unconscious mind of man is desperately wicked, and capable of anything. Therefore, when you are born to parents, you must be trained up. We know the Christian Scriptures says train your children up in the way of the Lord, and when they are old, they will not depart from them.

Even if you are not Christian, even if you are an idol worshiper, what do you do? Every child that has ever been born has been trained up. Their parents teach them how to survive in this world, and how to relate to other human beings. Why? Because if they were left to their own devices, they would be without any form of morality at all. Human babies are born with no morality. They must be taught. Why? Because the whole creation is dead. We are not born with righteousness. We must be taught what is right. We must be corrected when we are wrong or we will never know. Adam had a lower nature that was desperately wicked, and it had the potential to rule the creation, because sin is under the judgment of death from God. God said to Adam, do not partake of that partial tree that is in the midst, because you shall surely die.

This partial tree in the midst has a voice. We heard it speaking to the man, Jesus of Nazareth. After the mind of Christ was fully born in him, after his water baptism in the Jordan, the spirit drove him into the wilderness, where he was tried by Satan. Where was this Satan? Where was he? Was he living on the mountain peak? Was he out there floating in the atmosphere? Brethren, this Satan was resident in the carnal mind that Jesus was born with, that he inherited from his mother, Mary. The man Jesus inherited a carnal mind in a physical fallen body from his mother, Mary, and he also inherited the mind of God, which is Christ, from his Father. I have good news for you. The man, Jesus of Nazareth, was in a very similar condition at his early stages, similar to what we are in now. He overcame, and brought his sin filled mind into submission. He stopped it from sinning. He crushed it. He repressed it. The mind of God was fully born in him, and therefore the Father saw fit to raise him from the dead. If Jesus did it, you could do it too.

The man was in the garden. He had no experience whatsoever. God had said to him, if he agreed in his mind with this partial tree, that he would die, but he had no idea what death was. I dare say that God did not explain it to him. Have you ever had an experience with God where He just tells you to do something? Sometimes, you do not do what He tells you, and it turns out to be a disaster, and you say I had no idea it was going to be a disaster. I thought it was a simple little thing. Then sometimes you have an experience with God, where He tells you to do something, and it seems like such an insignificant thing, but you do it, and you see some tremendous blessing come forth out of it, not only for you, but for other people as well. You say, God never told me that this little insignificant thing was so important. No, God is not going to tell you. He is God. He just wants you to do it. If God tells you to do it, He just wants you to do it.

He frequently will not tell you what the results of your obedience will be. God said to Adam, do not eat of the tree that is in the midst. If you eat it, you will surely die, and Adam said, oh is that not nice. I wonder what death is. I wonder if I will like it. Maybe it will be fun. Sin is fun, so the whisper of the Serpent came into the mind of the man, a thought that was separate or different from the thought that God had given him. God had said, guard the garden. Do not join with any spirit other than me. There is going to be a period of waiting until I, the Spirit of the Father, come to you, and join with you in a union that will produce a righteous mind that will be permanently fixed in this creation. I do not have any details on this. There is going to be a period of waiting. There is going to be an engagement. Do not fool around with any other man. Wait for me.

The voice of the Serpent came up to Adam, and said, you do not really need the Father to do this. I looked up all those words in the Hebrew. We found out the meaning of what God said to Adam, when He said you shall surely die. The Hebrew word that is translated die really means you shall become mortal. God never said to Adam, you shall cease to exist. Now most people, when they think about death, to them it means cessation of existence, but God never said that. He said, Adam, you partake of that which is in the midst, and you shall cease to be immortal. You shall become a mortal man.

Did not the Father say unto the Hebrews in the Psalm, ye are gods, but ye shall die like men. What did that mean? It meant that natural Israel had a formation of the mind of Christ in them. They had a measure. I am all over the place tonight. Maybe we will hit that tomorrow, but I am just going to leave you with this. They had a formation of the mind of Christ in them, but they failed to lay hold of that mind of Christ, and use it to take dominion over their carnal mind. They yielded to the wickedness in their carnal mind, and therefore they lost what they had. Instead of bringing forth the manchild of Revelation 12, we are told in one of the prophets, they brought forth wind, meaning the spirit of Satan, which I get out of it. They brought forth the carnal mind. Now just on behalf of the Hebrews, the provision that would have enabled them to take that victory, was not available to them at that time, in all fairness to them. This provision is the spirit of adoption, which is in our glorified Lord Jesus Christ.

 They really did all they could do. The reason God sounds like He is indicting them in the Scripture is that He really is indicting them for their pride, because pride is the greatest enemy of man, especially of the believer. God is saying to them, you see, you thought that you did not need me. You thought that you were doing so well that you did not need my prophet. You did not need my word. I have blessed you. I have given you victory. I gave you the land. There was healing in your midst, and you turned against me with an evil heart of pride because you thought that you did not need to bring forth this permanent mind of Christ. Did I make that clear? That is what He said to Israel, but in this hour, the provision is available for the fullness of the mind of Christ to be born in a people. It is through the wounding of the carnal mind, through the defeat and the downfall of the carnal mind.

Have you ever been without an explanation to questioning people, as to the violence of the warfare, especially in the Old Testament? Have you ever had somebody say to you what kind of a God is this that does this to His enemies, that rips the unborn child out of the womb of the mother, that gives instruction to His prophets to wipe everyone out to a man, even the cattle? What kind of a God is this? I will speak plainly to you, brethren, about this parable. This is a God who fully intends to do every such thing to the carnal mind, which is inhabiting His people. He will do it because it is necessary to raise you from the dead, and without the destruction of the carnal mind, there is no resurrection from the dead. He is a righteous God, and He will fully destroy your strong enemy, which is keeping you in this fallen condition. He will do it without pity, and He will do it without mercy, and He is righteous. God is not the enemy of man.

God’s enemy is spiritual. The enemy of God is the mind, the fallen mind, which is in man. Well, why has He waited all of these years to do this? It is because if He destroys your fallen mind before His mind is appearing in you, in a strength of maturity, or in a strength that is mature enough to sustain the life of your physical body, you will die. In other studies, we found out that when the creation fell, God let us fall down to this place, which has a name. It is hell. Some people cannot see the forest for the trees. You cannot see that this is hell? It is a greater hell for some than for others, but it surely is not heaven. He has let us fall down, and He has permitted the suffering that has come upon mankind for thousands of years, because we are told in another place, we have been reserved unto judgment. Brethren, we are the angels that fell. We are the offspring of the shining one, Adam, that ruled in the heavenlies with God, when his mind was the righteousness of the Father. We are his offspring, and we are down here in hell, reserved unto the judgment, which will destroy our fallen mind, and raise us back up through the impartation of the righteous mind of Christ.

It will never work for you if it is given to you as a gift. It has to be growing in you. It has to be putting down deep roots into the soil of your soul. It has to become your possession. It has to become your inheritance. Christ Jesus, in you, the hope of glory. Your savior living in your heart. The only good of Christ in me, can do for you, is to give you some teaching. I am here to give you seed in your soul. He has got to grow in you. If he is already conceived in you, this seed will increase him. Your savior must be joined to you. He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit. It will not do you any good to be one spirit with me. The spirit, which you are, must be one spirit with the Lord. Christ must arise in you, fully anchored, and rooted, and secured. When this is accomplished in you, he will rule your carnal mind, and you shall be spiritually beheaded. You shall be a soul which is beheaded for the glory of Christ. You are going to lose your head, brethren. Praise God.

Let me talk a little more about this. Adam had a lower nature. This lower nature was capable of thinking thoughts that were different from the thoughts of God. It was not only different, but the exact opposite. Why? God is righteous, and Satan is evil. God said, that this condition is fine so long as you are ruling the roost. Do not do what he tells you. Do not even consider it. Automatically destroy every thought that comes up from him. Do you remember Elijah sitting on top of the mountain, and the soldiers coming to him, and saying, come down, and lightning came down from heaven? Christ destroyed the soldiers, which typified the carnal mind. Do not go down. Start your ascent in Christ. Strive for righteousness. Hate sin. Resist it on every turn, and do not turn back because the end is the resurrection from the dead.

Adam heard this thought, and he thought in his mind, maybe I really do not need God. Maybe I could do it myself. The second he considered it, the righteous mind of God, which was his mind, had an enemy. We find this explained in parable form in the Book of Daniel, Chapter 8. There was a ram. There was a two horned ram. There was only one animal. Horns mean spiritual authority. This animal had two horns. It had the spiritual authority of the Father, and there was another lesser spirit, but you could not see it. You did not even know it was there. It was a part of the ram. Then all of a sudden, there was a goat. Where did the goat come from? I want to tell you, brethren, this tree that was in the midst, it separated out, and when it appeared next to the tree of life, in parable form, we had a goat and a ram. If you have any familiarity with Daniel 8 at all, you will know that the goat looked up at the ram, and he was filled with hate, and envy, and rage.

Did you ever wonder why he was enraged at the ram? It was because the ram was an expression of the righteousness of God, and this was Satan, who had come out from the midst. He ran toward the ram, with fury, we are told in Daniel 8, and he broke his horns. As you continue down in the chapter, there is no more ram. There is just a goat. Do you hear what I am saying? Let me say it in another way. There was a righteous mind of Christ in the creation. When Adam agreed with the thought of Satan, another mind was born, that is called the carnal mind. For a season the creation had two minds, and the carnal mind killed the righteous mind of Christ, and the creation fell down to hell. Now that righteous mind of Christ was a temporary mind of Christ. Let me remind you, Adam had not earned it. He did not have any experience. He did not know how to use it. He was immature, and his only protection was obedience.

The Scripture describes it as a twofold cord. Have you heard that a threefold cord will not be easily broken? This mind was only a twofold cord. What does that mean? It means that the mind was formed because of a relationship between the Father and the spirit that was in the creation. There was no penetration. There was no permanent union, and there was no offspring. There was a twofold cord, which was a relationship which could be destroyed, and was destroyed. In this hour, we see Jesus, a threefold cord. There was a union between the spirit of his humanity, and the Spirit of the Father, and the Christ, the Son of God became his mind. This is our inheritance in this hour, because when Christ, in you, is raised from the dead, he will die no more. Christ, raised from the dead, dieth no more. It will never happen again. This is the hour of the great war. As the eyes of the world look into the Middle East, and look here, and look there, I say unto you, the war is within your own mind.

The Father desires that you shall prevail. If you are willing to wage this warfare, He will give you the victory every time. I declare to you it is a war, and it is on, and it starts in your own mind. As soon as you begin to take the victory over your own mind, then it is other people’s minds coming against you. We are entering into a spiritual warfare, the likes of which the church has no concept of. Most of the spiritual warfare in the church today is against powers, and principalities, and demons. I am not against that in any way. That is where we are today. That is why, but I am announcing to you that there is a spiritual warfare coming, the likes of which you have not experienced in Christ, to date. It is a spiritual warfare when you are nose to nose with another human being who is smiling at you, and saying soft words to you, and their mind is trying to kill you. It is very exciting, because if you fight, the victory is assured. You may lose a few battles while the Lord is instructing you. I am here to announce this to you. You may have never heard this before. He will pick up the war with each individual one of you, and give you the victory.



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