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“O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good, because His mercy endureth forever. Let Israel now say that His mercy endureth forever. Let the house of Aaron now say that His mercy endureth forever.” And Aaron is [sic] the priests. That is us. “Let them now that fear the Lord say that His mercy endureth forever.

“I called upon the Lord in distress; the Lord answered me and set me in a high place. The Lord is on my side; I will not fear what man can do unto me. The Lord taketh my part with them that help me; therefore, shall I see my desire upon them that hate me.”


“Thou hast so- -- thou hast thrust sore at me that I might fall, but the Lord helped me. The Lord is my strength and my song and has become my salvation.

“The voice of rejoicing and salvation is in the tabernacles of the righteous. The right hand of the Lord doeth valiantly. The right hand of the Lord is exalted. The right hand of the Lord doeth valiantly. I shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord. The Lord has [sic] chastened me sore, but He hath not given me over unto death.

“Open to me the gates of righteousness; I will go into them, and I will praise the Lord, this gate of the Lord into which the righteous shall enter. I will praise Thee, for Thou hast heard me and art become my salvation. The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner. This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes. This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

“Save now, I beseech Thee, O Lord. O Lord, I beseech Thee, send now prosperity. Blessed be He that cometh in the name of the Lord. We have blessed you out of the house of the Lord. God is the Lord which hath showed [sic] us light. Bind the sacrifice with cords, even unto the horns of the altar. Thou art my God, and I will praise Thee. Thou art my God; I will exalt Thee.

“O give thanks unto the Lord, for He is good, for His mercy endureth forever.”

I would just like to make a couple of comments on one or two verses here. I told you that we are the priests because the Bible says in the new covenant we are both kings and priests. Under the old covenant there was a separation of office. Have you heard about the separation of office in our government here in the United States? We have the executive branch, then we have the -- which is the president. Then we have the Senate, and we have the House of Representatives; and they all oppose one another, and hopefully the result will be -- we are not doing too well these days, but hopefully the result will be the righteous thing will come forth out of all these different opinions.

Under the old covenant, the kings had the secular or the civil authority over the nation. The priests were a totally different group, a different tribe. The kings came out of what tribe?


The kings of Israel --


-- Judah -- came out of Judah. The priests came out of what tribes?


Levi. And they were completely separate -- a different tribe, completely separate, different office, different heritage, different birthright; and the priests ministered communication from man unto God. The priests offered the sacrifice and sent up the prayers to God.

Then there were the prophets, and the prophets came out of what tribe? Anybody?


I got you. No tribe. No tribe. The prophets came from anywhere. They were a type of the new covenant believer, OK. We do not have any natural ti- -- natural tribe. Christians come from anywhere, any background, any religious background, any national background. This gift of God, which is the grace of His life, is available to everybody. The prophets were called from any and every tribe, and their job was to minister the word of God to man.

The priest gave the word of man to God, which could only be one thing: forgive me, Father, I have sinned; have mercy on me. It was always the same thing, and, whether you know it or not, that is always the word we have towards God today. It might sound different in each individual’s circumstance, but that is what we are all saying, or we should be saying: forgive me, Father, for I have sinned; have mercy on me because this thing is too big for me, and without You, I am never going to take the victory. It does not matter what its manifestation is in your life, same prayer. This thing is really easy. Same prayer.

The prophets minister the word of the Lord to man. Now, in this hour, in the new covenant, those of us in whom the heart of Christ is being developed have all three offices. We are kings in that we have authority to rule when it is the righteousness of God ruling through us. There is a lot of power in prayer. God hears righteous prayers. I want to tell you, I have seen God answer prayers like that within 30 seconds. When? When it is a prayer that God wanted you to pray. When you are praying His mind -- when you are praying His mind -- He does not waste a second to answer that prayer.

We are priests because we can -- we have the authority to speak to God. Now, under the old covenant the man in the street could not petition God. He had to go to the priest and bring an animal sacrifice, OK.


We -- everyone who is moving in Christ, even those that have the Holy Spirit, which is the seed of Christ, not the person of Christ, they too can talk to God. So we are priests in this covenant.

And in Christ we are all prophets. Now, you have to have the engrafted Word. Christ must be in the process of being formed in you for you to be a prophet. If you have faith in Jesus Christ, it is wonderful, but that does not make you a prophet. If you receive the Holy Ghost, that is good, but it does not make you a prophet. But if Christ is being formed in you, somewhere along the line you will be a prophet.

And I mentioned this at the last meeting. I just touched on it lightly. There is something called -- I guess I should be [?talking into this?] [INAUDIBLE]. There is something called the fivefold ministry. We read about it in the book of Ephesians, and that means that there are five aspects of ministry given by God unto the church, and they are? Somebody? Somebody?



Pastors, teachers.

Pastors, teachers, --


-- apostles. One more.


We have pastors and teachers, apostles, evangelists, prophets. Prophets. Fivefold ministry. For the -- amongst those ministers that have the Holy Ghost, they usually move in one office -- in one of those five offices, but we are told in Hebrews 1:1 that in the days gone by the Lord spoke unto His people by the prophet, but in this new covenant He speaks through the Son. And the name of the Son is?


Christ, and if Christ is in you -- not the Holy Spirit, now. If Christ is being formed in you, as He is formed in you the proof of His presence in you will be that as you mature you will begin to manifest one and eventually all of these offices. Now, do not anyone go getting upset if you are not manifesting these offices. It does not happen all at once, and it does not happen to everybody at the same time. There is no reason to be upset. There is no reason to be envious. Just tell God you want it. That is all. He has enough for everybody. No reason to compete. He has enough for everybody; just that everybody does not get it at the same time. You have to be patient.

And what I mentioned at the last meeting was that when I first started out, I started out as a teacher. God ca- -- you see, we do not have any choice over this. God called me to be a teacher. I only had one office at the beginning. Then I became a pastor. Then I became an apostle. I was always a prophet. Excuse me; I was a prophet before I was a teacher. I was a prophet, and then I was a teacher. Then after several years of teaching He brought -- started manifesting me as a pastor and as an apostle, and it was just two years ago that the evangelist was born in me when He sent me to Nigeria.

So it happens. It is in Christ. All these offices are in Christ. What you need is to get the seed of God engrafted to your heart, turn your face towards the Lord, as much as you can study the word, attend the meetings, listen to the messages, do what you can; and he is going to do the work in you. The Scripture says one plants the seed -- one minister plants the seed. Another minister waters the seed. When you sit at a meeting like this, your seed is getting watered -- watered. Your seed is getting watered, OK? But only who can give the increase? We have fun at these meetings, right?

But I cannot make you increase. I can plant the seed in you. I can do that. Why? Because I have the office of apostle. The spirit in me is mature enough to plant the seed of God in you. I can water you. Why? Because I am a teacher, and I am a preacher. And the Word is the water, so that means I can preach by the Spirit of God, which is water to your seed, but only who can make it sprout?


Only God can make it spout. Now, anybody that knows anything about gardening knows that that it is not at all uncommon for every seed that you plant to not spout. Some seeds do not sprout. So do not panic; just tell God you want the seed to sprout. No reason ever to be upset, fearful, condemned, envious or competitive. Just tell your Father you want it. He hears every word you say. He is never busy. He never has another appointment. He is always there for you, and He is all-powerful, and He has got more than you can handle. He has got enough for everybody that asks. So just ask Him.

So we are the priests of the new covenant, and I told you all that to tell you this, that we are the priests of the new covenant. And I did want to comment on Psalm 118, verse 22.

“The stone which the builders refused is become the head stone of the corner.”

Now, those of us that have been studying the Bible for a while know that that refers to the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the stone that the Pharisees refused. If you look that word stone up in the Hebrew, it is a word that means the foundation of a house, or an original ancestor would be called -- Adam would be called the stone of humanity. He was the original building block upon which all of this humanity has come out of.

Jesus, also known as the second Adam, He is the stone. He is the building block of the new creation because this whole world, this whole community known as humanity, we are all dead, but we are about to be raised from the dead on the foun- -- based on the foundation of Jesus Christ being our new heart, Jesus Christ being a living heart imparted to us will make us no longer a member of the community of the dead Adam, but when we get the heart of Christ, we are going to be transferred into the community or humanity which is raised from the dead.

So Jesus Christ is the chief cornerstone, and He was rejected by the Pharisees, by the group of people who had the Word of God at the time that the old covenant was given. And it says here -- let me read that verse for you again.

“The stone,” Jesus, “which the builders refused” -- which the Hebrew church refused or which Israel refused -- “is become the head stone of the corner.”

Even though the authorities in Israel declared that Jesus Christ of Nazareth was not Messiah, their word and their mind control -- and it was mind control because it denied the truth -- was not strong enough to stop Jehovah from completing His plan in the man Jesus of Nazareth and making Him the foundation stone which is to be imparted unto the hearts of men, and transfer them from the dead humanity into the living humanity.

But what I would like to point out to you tonight is that this scripture is not only speaking about the man Jesus of Nazareth. It is also speaking about every one of the church that is called up into His life. Everything that happened to the man Jesus happened to the first one -- the first member of humanity who was raised from the dead. And if you look it up in the Greek what it says -- He was the first one to be raised up out of the dead ones. He was the first human being that ascended above death out of this whole company of people called humanity, which is dead. He was the first one begotten by the Father out of this realm of death.

So this Scripture is for us, and almost everybody who is called to the high calling in Christ Jesus has experienced severe rejection in the world, and if you have not experienced severe rejection in the church yet, get ready because the church must reject you because Jesus said, “They hated Me, and they are surely going to hate you because you are no better than Me.” Did He not say that? He said, “They hated Me before they ever hated you.” So they do not hate you because there is anything right with you, but they hate you because His life is in you, and they do not even know why they are hating you. Who? The carnal minds of men will hate you. Jesus said, “They hated me before they ever hated you.”

So this verse 22 is for everybody in whom the engrafted Word is growing. You are now grafted into Christ. You are a part of that stone which the builders, or the church world, refused, and you too shall become a part of the stone which is the head of the corner. Does the Scripture not say if you die -- if you suffer with Him, you will be glorified with Him? Is that not a Scripture? If you suffer with Him, you will be glorified with Him. That is what this is saying.

So take heart if you have had a hard life, if terrible things have happened to you, that it is not for naught. You know, there are many pe- -- thousands, millions of people in this world that terrible things have happened to, and they live and they die, and their testimony on their grave is that this person had a terrible life, and they died. But if you have had a terrible life and it is going to be used for the glory of God, well, then rejoice that your life is not for naught, that your life is worthwhile, that you have -- you are going to be used by the Savior to help other people and to do good things in this world.

And I think there was one other verse. Yes, let us try verse 26 -- oh, I have two more verses I want to comment on.

Verse 26: “Blessed be he that cometh in the name of the Lord. We have blessed you out of the house of the Lord.”

Jesus came in the name of the Lord, and He was blessed, and all of His children are blessed. And if you come in the name of the Lord, you are blessed because you are one of His children.

And how do you come in the name of the Lord? To come in the name of the Lord -- it is not a word. You do not say, “I come in the name of the Lord.” Names in the Scripture typifies spirit. If His life is engrafted [?to?into?] your true soul and growing in you, and if you are doing something or if you are talking to someone or if you have gone somewhere because He sent you, you have gone in the name of the Lord.

The definition of apostle is a sent one. If the life of Christ is manifest thing in you to the degree that He sends you and you go because H- -- there is some person over there who is ready to kill themselves, and He has something to say to them, and He puts a thought in your mind to go, and you are submissive enough to go, and you -- and He speaks through your mouth; that is one of the signs of apostleship. It is one of the signs. You can be a partial apostle. That is one of the signs of apostleship, one who is sent.

You know, if you are sitting here and you are thirsty, and you just get up and go get a drink of water, you think, well, what is the big deal? I just got up and got a drink of water. No one told me to do it. But that is not the truth. If you are think- -- if you think you are just thirsty, and you get up and go get a drink of water, your mind recognized that your body was thirsty and told you to go get a drink of water. The problem is your carnal mind has been thinking through you for so long that you think it is normal.

Well, when the mind of Christ starts thinking through you, when He first starts thinking through you, you may not recognize it, and you may not even do what He tells you because He starts in your mind as a grain of mustard seed. He starts very small. And lots of times, when He starts giving His -- pu- -- inputting His thoughts into your mind, we reject those thoughts because we think we have a choice. We think we have a right to say, no. Where did that thought come from? I do not want to do it. But as He increases in us, when He wants us to go to talk to that person three blocks away, we are not going to think we have a choice. When He matures in us enough to start controlling our life, we are just going to rise up and walk, and we will not even know why we are going there.

This happened --


-- go places. I do things. I say things. I do not even know why until it is all over. It was because that mind which is in me of Christ had something to say to somebody, and He took my body there without telling me why.

So it is for us too, and if the Word of God is in you, and if He is manifesting in you and if He is sending you, you are blessed because you go in the name of the Lord. Jesus is in people. He talks through people. He helps through people. He loves through people. He has mercy through h- -- through people. His mind is manifesting in people today.

And verse 27: “God is the Lord, which hath showed [sic] us light.”

We are told in the New Testament, in John 1:1 -- I believe it was John 1:1 -- that the light is come, and it shines in the darkness. It shines in the darkness because Isaiah -- the prophet Isaiah said this whole world is covered with darkness. Paul said the whole world is covered with wickedness, and Isaiah said the darkness it is not just outside of us; it is inside of us. And when the darkness is inside of us, Isaiah calls it gross darkness. And Jesus said if that light in you is darkness -- can anyone finish that verse?


How great is that darkness. If you have Christ in you, and you are not living out of Him, but you are living out of the darkness of your carnal mind, what a tragedy that is.

So Jesus has given us light. What kind of light? We can now begin to discern good from evil. And right after that the verse says, “So bind sacrifice with cords, even to the horns of the altar.” And who is the sacrifice? Is it that -- Bessie the cow down the street?


[?Well,?Where?] you are the sacrifice. You like that, huh? Your carnal mind is the sacrifice.


You thought that was funny, huh? OK.


[?That is OK. It is funny, right??] God is fun. You do not have to be sober all the time.

So now that Jesus has given you light -- this is the sequence. Jesus gives you light. Light is who? Christ? So now that you have Christ, what are you supposed to do? Bind up your sacrifice, bind up that carnal mind, get that thing on a leash, bind it with cords; and the cords are the tentacles that are coming out of Christ to capture your carnal mind. “Bind it with cords, even unto the horns of the altar.” And we f- -- we are told in the New Testament that Jesus Christ is our altar. So that is the sequence.

The light has arisen in you. There is a song like that. Maybe Rita will play it for us tonight, if she can. Arise, shine, for the light has come. The light has risen in you, so use it. Bind up that beast that is killing you. Bind him with Christ. Do not bind him with your own carnal mind now. You see, it says bind him with cords. Do not bind him with your own carnal mind because when you -- sometimes when your carnal mind sees sin in your heart and is horrified by what is it -- what it sees, your own carnal mind tries to bind it up, and that does not work. You usually fall into some form of denial or repression that is destructive to you. It has to be Christ in you binding up your carnal mind. It has to be bound to the horns --

And what are the horns of the altar? The horns are that -- if the altar is something like this tray here, this part that extends above the platform on the altar -- there were just four them, one on each corner -- that is the horns of the altar, and it is talking about that part of the altar that is highest. So that is talking about the human spirit that is joined to Christ, that part which extends.

Bind that thing up, brethren. Fight it with everything you have got. It has got to die because if you do not kill it, it is surely going to what? You better believe it. That thing is not playing. Satan is fighting for his life. The end of what Jesus is doing in the Earth today will end or will result in a death of who? Of the carnal mind. Satan is not fooling with you.


You kill that carnal mind, and he has lost one carnal mind and one body through which he can have his way and do whatever he wants. And he knows that it is just a matter of time until Christ takes over every human being and every human mind on the face of the Earth, and then he is going to have no way to express himself. You see, Satan is not going to die. Satan is going to lose his power to express himself through the minds of people and to express himself through this world. He is not going to die. He is going to be brought into a position of servitude, and his power to express himself through us is going to be stripped from him. And he knows it, and he does not like it.

So he is not playing with you. He would rather see you dead than see Christ appear in you. I tell you the truth. He would rather see your body in the grave than see Christ appear in your body because in every human being that Christ appears -- in your mind and in your bo- -- for every human being that Christ appears in is one more sound of the death knoll to the carnal mind. As Christ charges forward and takes over the minds of men, the carnal mind is dying.

And that guy is not -- he is going to fight to the death. He is not going to concede. He is not going to stand up and say, well, the votes are in, so I give up now. He is going to fight until he is kicked out of the mind at the last man on the face of the Earth, and he will kill you. He will do anything he can to stop you -- or to stop Christ from appearing in you. That is how wicked he is. I do believe he would rather see the whole human race wiped out rather than see Christ appearing in men and him utterly defeated.

Praise the Lord. We have a message tonight that will be dealing with some of the teachings that the Lord has brought forth here, along with some of the teachings of humanism and some of the teachings of psychoanalysis. And -- it -- the -- if -- this should be a very interesting message. It is going to be done along the lines of our message exposing the error of ultimate reconciliation. You may recall that what we did on that message was -- that we gave the basic principles of the message or the doctrine of ultimate reconciliation, and we gave the basic principles of what -- of the other -- or the rest of the church world believes, and then we brought forth the doctrine that the Lord is preaching here, which seems to be a third path -- or should I say it is a first path, but it is coming forth third.

And we are going to do something similar to that tonight. We are going to give some of the teachings, some of the doctrine of what we would call basic religion and some of the doctrines of humanism, and then we are going to compare it to bring forth some of the doctrines that the Lord is bringing forth here, which has aspects -- some aspects of religion and some aspects of humanism.

And the teachings here have come under fire from a lot of churches because they recognize some humanistic teachings in here -- in the doctrine that we are bringing forth here. And the problem is that the truth of God, in the measure that He is bringing it forth today, do -- does have some humanistic teachings in it. And, as I have been telling you as long as I have been preaching here, there is some truth everywhere. To think that any one religion has all the truth and everyone else is absolutely wrong has got to be a mistake because spiritual truth is universal. Spiritual truth exists. It has always existed. It does exist, and it always shall exist. And since every man that I know of on the face of the Earth today is fallen we must believe that no human being has the whole truth, including me and including this ministry here, but that spiritual truth is appearing everywhere in the minds of men across the world.

The problem is that it is joined to false doctrine, and our natural type of this is gold ore. We know that gold is worth a lot of money, but when you first get the gold, it is all fused together with other minerals and rocks that are worthless. Before you can use the gold, you have to smelt it. You have to melt it with high heat to separate the gold from the impurities.

So, in that manner, we have spiritual truth all over the world in the minds of men coming forth attached to false doctrine -- or frequently attached to false doctrine. Now, by the power of God, who is a consuming fire, Lord willing, we shall gather up the truth from wherever it is appearing in the world, in whosever mind it is appearing, in whatever religion it is appearing, in whatever doctrine it is appearing, and let us get this thing together, and let us find out the truth.

But we have in the church world today a great fear, almost a paranoia, of being deceived, and this fear is rooted in the belief that you are either saved and going to heaven, or that you are not saved and going to hell, based on what you believe, based on the doctrine that you believe. And I disagree with this teaching. I believe that you are either saved or not saved, and that you are either in heaven or in hell based upon whose mind is dominating in you. It is in the relationship. Salvation is in union with the Son. And when you are in union with Son, He will lead you into the true doctrine as He grows in you.

So what we find in this ministry is that we have little bits of truth, of spiritual truth, some of which the Jehovah’s Witnesses believe, some of which the -- the c- -- well, I do not really know. I do not want to antagonize anybody by naming groups here, but we have -- we preach things here that you will hear preached in other religions, that the Christian church basically rejects. So we are a potpourri. We have a little bit of something from almost everybody.

When the Lord witnesses to me -- well, you know, the -- what I preach that lines up with other groups, d- -- it does not -- it did not come to me in the manner of God saying, “Do you hear what the Jehovah’s Witnesses preach? That part is true.” God never said any such thing to me. I study in the Scriptures, and as He brings forth doctrine -- as He joins Himself to my mind and brings forth doctrine, I find that a lot of the things that He is showing me are in fact being preached by some of these other groups. So it is not -- I am not taking it from the other groups. I am getting it directly from Him, and I am finding out that other groups do have some truth.

So that -- therefore, a lot of Christians have a problem with us, but I do not really care about that. All I care about is getting the truth because, number one, you have to have the Spirit of God. You have to have Christ, and when Christ is growing in you, then the doctrine becomes important because the true doctrine -- the truth is the food that is going to increase Christ in you.

If you do not have Christ being formed in you, you will probably never recognize the truth because your carnal mind hates the truth. So if Christ is not being formed in you, you will probably be rejecting the truth on every turn; but even if you could hear the truth, it really -- it could not help you. You have got to have the seed engrafted to you. You have got to do first things first. Spiritual truth alone cannot save your soul. Only the Savior can save your soul. His life must be joined to you and growing in you. It is just like saying a baby cannot live without baby food. Well, if you do not have a baby, you cannot do much with the baby food. Does anybody not know what I am talking about? OK.

So we are dealing with a book tonight called “Psychoanalysis and Religion,” and it is written by Erich Fromm. Erich Fromm is a very well known and respected psychoanalyst. He is probably dead. I am really not sure. He may not be. I should not say that. I am really not sure. This man, Erich Fromm, was a survivor of one of Hitler’s death camps, and he has a very great mind. I believe he has a very intellectual, intelligent mind. Unfortunately, he -- his concept of God is very negative.

Now, we have some psychoanalysts that deny God completely, and then we have other psychoanalysts that believe in God. Some of us here have read a book by someone called Peck. Was that his name, Rita? Peck? By Dr. Peck -- Scott Peck, who is a Catholic who believes very much in a higher -- you know, he says he believes in God, and he also believes in evil spirits and the necessity to cast them out of people in some cases. And he has in- -- is incorporating his belief in God and his belief in deliverance with psychoanalysis. So there is [sic] many different camps within psychoanalysis.

Now, what he is doing in this book -- what Erich Fromm his doing in this book is -- first of all, he states that he is the psychoanalysts that believes that religion is not only valid, but that every human being must have a religion. It is just part of our emotional and mental makeup. And he claims that to -- a religion does not have to be a formal religion, what everybody would call religion, but you can idolize your car, you know, or you can idolize some form of object or something about yourself. And he makes a whole case out of how people can be religious without adhering to what we would call religion. He says it is a part of the human make up. And this whole book is based on his comparison of what happens and what good is done in psychoanalysis and that comparison to religion.

And what I found when I read the book was that the deep thinkers of psychoanalytic thought have -- are preaching a lot of what I preach, especially when I preach about the mind. And I see that these deep thinkers, and these men and women who have spent many years studying and many years working with patients, working with the mind of patients, have a revelation of what I am preaching -- of some of what I am preaching about man’s mind that I have gotten through instruction from the Lord. And he is comparing that to -- he is comparing what psychoanalysis can do for the mind of man and the emotional problems of man to what religion can do for the mind and the emotional problems of man.

And he speaks about the difference between humanism -- let me define humanism for you. Humanism is the teaching that is taking over this nation today. It really is a religion, although it does not call itself a religion, and the God of this religion is man himself. So Erich Fromm gets into a comparison of what we will call traditional religion, what he calls authoritarian religion, where there is one boss, so to speak, who has ultimate power. He calls it authoritarian religion, and he believes that it kills, that authoritarian religion kills, as opposed to humanism, which he believes his life.

And on the third view that I am going to give you is that I believe his view of authoritarian religion is inaccurate. So we are going to take some of the positive aspects of authoritarian religion, as explained through my understanding of God and not as he understands God, and we are going to take the aspects of humanism, which the Lord has shown me are in God’s religion, but are not necessarily being practiced in formal religion today.

Now, let me tell you this, the majority of formal religion today is not God’s religion. It is not God’s religion. It is man’s religion, and it is true. In many instances, it is condemning, and it is crushing, and it brings death. But what -- the message that we have to the world today, those of us that have it, is that this is not God’s religion. This is the mind of man that has laid hold of God’s word and u- -- is using it to kill people, and to crush them. So Erich Fromm’s evaluation of religion is -- some of what he says is true, but his understanding of the Scriptures and his understanding of God, in my opinion, is totally inaccurate.

So we are going to h- -- le- -- to blaze a third path, taking what he says that I believe is true, going over what he says about God that I believe is an erroneous misunderstanding of God’s motives and God’s nature, and we are going to take the good qualities of humanism -- and believe it or not there are good qualities in humanism. Any Pharisee listening to this message, do not shut it off. It is true. There are some good qualities in humanism, but these good qualities are laid hold of by the criminal mind of man and are used to destroy in a different way than authoritarian religion destroys.

So we are taking the positive out of both psychoanalysis, which is an understanding of man’s mind -- let me make that clear. What we are taking from the psy- -- the study of psychoanalysis is their understanding of the mind of man that they have found out, that they have discovered, and we are taking the good aspects of humanism, and we are taking the true nature of God, and mixing them altogether, and we have got a whole new cake here.


And this is a message that the world needs to hear because God does have a religion, and it is not the religion that has preached for all these -- for 2,000 years. God does not condemn, and God does not kill. God is merciful, and He is a giver of life and a rewarder of those who what?

Diligently seek Him.

Diligently seek Him.

Diligently seek Him.

So let me define psychoanalysis for you. Well, let me tell you first that there is [sic] several disciplines that study the mind. They sound -- their names sound similar. We have psychology. We have psychiatry, and we have psychoanalysis. Those are the three major categories.

Psychology is the science, basically, of man’s behavior, and they do a lot of scientific applications. They -- what does that mean? They apply a lot as -- Lord give me the words. Psychology tries to measure human behavior. They try to put human behavior in the laboratory. They do tests, and they interview people, and they do comparisons.

If you look around you or if you read the local papers, almost all the time there is some ad from Stony Brook University saying, “We are looking” -- well, I just saw one. I just passed one on the street the other day. “We are looking for a mar- -- for married women between 30 and 44 who have recently discovered that they are having a marital problem. Come in. We want to interview you, and we will pay you $30 for it.” What that means is that they are doing studies on people’s behavior problems, and they apply scientific methods to it. It is -- to me, it just takes all of the humanity out of it, but that is what they do. And then they draw conclusions, and when they draw their conclusions, maybe they can help people with this knowledge. I do not know, but that is what psychology does. It deals with behavior. Psychiatry -- and psychologist do not have medical degrees. They are people who usually have many years of study in universities, but they are not medical doctors.

Then we have psychiatrists. Psychiatrists are medical doctors, and they deal with the mind or the soul of man. That is where the word psyche comes from. Psyche means soul. They are psychiatrists, and they deal -- they look into the mind of man, and they look into the diseases of the mind of man.

Psychology measures behavior, psychiatry deals with disease of the soul, and psychoanalysis is a method of healing a diseased soul by discovering the motives -- now, listen to this -- by discovering the motives of the person’s heart. Does that sound familiar to you? Does that sound familiar to anybody here? Psychoanalysis is a method of healing by discovering and exposing the motives and intents of the patient’s heart.

Now, somewhere in my Bible it says that in those last days Jesus is going to expose the motives and intents of men’s hearts, and the reason that He is going to do that is because we need to have our motives exposed so that we can be healed. And if you did not know it, we are all sick. We all have a heart that is sick. We have a mind that is sick, and we do not know why we are sick, and it is necessary for God to expose what is deep, hidden and covered over and strongly defensed in our heart for Him to heal us.

So we, in this ministry anyway, have a lot in common with psychoanalysis. So this should be an interesting message. I just hope that the Lord helps me to bring it forth. I am just going to flip through the pages of this book and try and follow him and comment on what he has to say.

Glory to God. I would just like t- -- I would like to read to you something. Let us see. I found one thing in here that really excited me because we are teaching in here. OK. He -- or let me say this, that Fromm, one of the three most -- I would say the three most well-known men in this field that I know of, but I am no expert, is Erich Fromm, Freud -- that most of you have heard of -- and someone called Jung.

So what Fromm has done in this book is he comments on Freud and Jung’s theories, and then he goes on his own, which is what pretty much what we are doing here. So he is quoting Jung here. Jung defines a religious experience as having been seized by a power outside of ourselves. As having been seized by a power outside of ourselves.

Now, you might be interested to know that Freud thinks that religion is harmful to man, and Jung thinks that religion can be a positive thing. So Jung says that a religious experience is being seized by a power outside of ourselves. Now, listen to his definition here. According to him, “the unconscious cannot be merely a part of the individual mind, but is a power beyond our control intruding upon our mind.”

Now, is this not what I teach here? That Satan is greater than the individual, and that he is the spirit of this world, and that he is flowing through everybody’s unconscious mind; and Satan is stronger than any one individual. He is a spiritual entity. He is a spiritual man, as a matter of fact, and he is flowing through all of us. He is a many-membered man. We are likened to one cell in his body, and here Jung is saying almost the same thing. Listen to this.

He says, “If this voice” -- he believes that voices -- that we hear voices. He believes that we hear voices. Now, the question is, is it the voice of our own mind, or is it the voice of a mind outside of us? And Jung is saying it is the voice of a mind outside of us, OK, and it is from outside of us to the extent that, let us put it this way, we are our consciousness. We are our conscious mind, and this voice, either from Satan or God, it comes from beyond our consciousness, and it is a voice that is greater than ourselves, and Jung recognizes this. “There is only one condition under which you might legitimately call this voice your own, namely, when you assume that your conscious personality is a part of a whole or a smaller circle contained in a big one.” And that is exactly how I draw it on the board, with circles.

So we find here students of the mind. They -- some of them believe in God, but even if they believe in God, you know, they are not where we are. And here they are. They have this truth, but they have it, and they have discovered it, out of the mind of man. And because they have discovered it out of the mind of man, it comes forth perverted, as we will find out later on. So I thought you might like to know that, that we agree with Jung. OK.

And he says here that he has to agree with religion. He agrees with the statement that the religious man is moved by an external power. This famous psychoanalyst says this, that he believes in religion. He believes that the religious man is moved by an external power, “for it is one of the peculiarities of invasion-” -- listen to this -- “invasions from the some -- from the subconscious region to take on objective appearances.”

Now, listen, I have been preaching this here for a couple of years. I have been telling you that all spirit is rooted in the mind, and what these demons do, as well as what the Spirit of God does when He wants to appear to you, is that He vibrates forth, and He appears in front of you. I have been preaching this here for years. This is what Jung is saying. I am in agreement with Jung. Is that amazing? Or I should say Jung is in agreement with God. Is that amazing? He says that it is one of the “peculiarities of invasions from the subconscious region to take on objective appearances and to suggest to the subject,” that is you and me, “an external control.” It says the unconscious mind invades your conscious mind, appears in front of you and tries to make you think that he is outside of you.

Brethren, you want to know where these demons are coming from? I hear they have been having sightings of alien ships right up here in upstate New York on almost a regular basis. I am telling you, they are coming out of the minds of men. And just like steam when it is cooled becomes water and then an ice cube, the minds that are producing these thoughts are invisible and timeless and spaceless in the person’s mind, and when they get into this world system they become hard, just like that vapor became an ice cube.

And the spirit over this nation is rapidly becoming one major demon. As the Spirit of Christ -- or as the bones of Christ over this nation are being broken down, occult forces are taking control of men’s minds. And in that town -- I do not know what is going on in that town. It is right here in upstate New York, and it is also happening in Fl- -- somewhere in Florida. I do not know what is going on in that town, but I would venture to say there is a lot of occult practice going on in that town for these almost daily sightings of spaceships to be appearing. It is coming out of the -- out of a group mind. So I thought you would enjoy that.

OK, now we are going to go on with the subject of this message. OK. He is talking about religion here, and he says that man is the only animal -- he says that human existent [sic] is different from all other organisms. It is in a state of constant and unavoidable upheaval. He says this does not happen to animals, and he says that we were evicted from paradise, and that is why. Now, he sees this as man is the only animal for whom his own existence is a problem, and he says that the reason that this happened is that man was separated from nature.

Now, I have to disagree with him on that. I do not believe man was separated from nature. I think this whole world system is connected on every level. What happened was that man had dominion over nature. Man had dominion over nature. God gave him authority over every aspect of this world, and man fell down, and now nature has dominion over him. Man was not separated from nature. That which was on top has come down to the bottom, and that which was on the bottom has gone up to the top. So the moral order has been reversed. The moral order has been reversed. Man was to have dominion over everything in this world, and now we can get bit a flea and die from a disease. That is a great humiliation, brethren. God did not make us this way.

And he believes that if man tries hard enough, he can overcome this curse which has separated us from nature. So I just told you that I do not believe we are separated from nature. We are under nature’s authority, and the curse can only be broken in Christ. OK. So he is talking about man’s condition here.

Now, this is very important. He is speaking about religion here, and he says that Freud sees religion as a childhood neurosis. What he means by that is he is talking about the fact that there is a lot of fear in most religion. Fear is imparted to you: fear of going to hell, fear of not being accepted by God. Fear is preached all over the place in religion, and along with this fear comes what he calls authoritarianism: one superior being who has total control over your life, the power of life and death. And he says that this is just childishness that comes from a condition of growing up in a home where a father is this authoritarianism figure.

And he says that it is man’s goal to become independent and free. Now, this is very interesting because I happen to agree with this. He says that to become a total [sic] well-adjusted human being you have to be freed from all these kinds of oppression that exist in your life, and he claims that religion keeps you oppressed, keeps you a child, keeps you from thinking things out yourself and from being your own person. And there is a lot of truth in that. That does happen in a lot of religion, but it does not happen in God’s true religion. It happens in man-made religion. You are told that this is the dogma; this is the truth. Either you believe it, or you do not believe it.

I remember one time I asked a question, and a minister said to me, “You know all you need to know,” and the truth is that he did not know the answer, and that is why he said to me “you know all you need to know.” And I said to him, that is not true. I need to know everything. So his answer to me was an example of what we call malignant pride -- malignant pride.

Malignant pride. There is healthy pride, and there is malignant pride. He did not know the answer, and he did not -- he chose not to admit to that he did not know the answer, but instead to sacrifice me and to put me down and to make me feel bad and tell me that I was wrong for asking the question, and I should just be satisfied with what I had. It was a negative attack upon me to make himself appear good. Malignant pride. God hates it. It is the worst sin you could commit. He hates it because in His eyes you have killed your brother. You have killed your brother. You have sacrificed him so that you could look holy. Or [UNINTELLIGIBLE] in his case, maintained his authority or his position of superiority as minister.

Praise God. So Freud says -- has this really negative look of religion -- aspect of religion. He says it keeps us children, and I guess there is a lot of truth to that. It stops you from thinking analytically, and I guess there is a lot of tru- -- but that is not true of God. God has never asked that of us. God has never required that of us. God wants us to be all that we could be. He wants our minds to be developed to their fullest potential. He wants our health to be developed to a -- to our fullest potential. As a matter of fact, He wants to give us eternal life. He wants to give us the mind of Christ in full stature. He wants to make us geniuses.

So we see these very well-esteemed psychoanalysts downing God based on what they have seen of man-made religion, and, I am sorry to say, probably based on their own ungodly feelings towards God. You know, there is a great hatred for God in this world. You know, the carnal mind of man hates God -- hate’s Him -- and portrays Him as evil and wicked and destructive and oppressive, and even His own preachers preach Him that way.

And if you have studied the book of Job or read the book of Job, you will find out that God was very angry at Job’s friends who came to him and gave him this false understanding of what God is and what God’s motives are. God’s motives are good to towards you. Does He not say in the prophets, “I think good thoughts towards you”? Is that not what He says? “I think good to you,” and when God thinks good thoughts towards you, what happens? Good things happen. God thinks life towards you. God thinks peace towards you. God thinks holiness towards you. God wants you to live.

Now, because we are fallen and spiritual children who have gone astray, sometimes it is necessary for Him to correct us. And the correction is never pleasant, but it yields the what? Anybody know? The peaceable fruit of righteousness. It is just like loving parents chastening their children, but we do not understand that.

The Lord says that He is going to call us into the valley of -- He is going to call us into the valley and He is going to plead with us with blood and pestilence. You know, the first time I read that, I could not figure that out for the life of me. How does God plead with you with blood and pestilence? He is pleading with us to repent, and we will not repent. So sometimes pestilence comes upon us, and sometimes blood comes upon us, but always to the end that we should repent and return unto God and partake of His life.

So we see in humanism a severe distortion of the personality of God. I just want to read you some of his words. He says that “one of the fundamental aims of human existence is independence and the ability to be productive, to love and to think.” And I say God wants all these things for us. It is man-made’s religion that does not want it for us. He says anyone who has failed to achieve maturity and these things -- the ability to think for yourself, to love, to be productive -- develops a neurosis of one kind or another. And what is a neurosis? It is a malfunction in your adjustment to life. It usually involves fear. It is some wrong reaction to life that hurts you. And what he is saying is that religion stops you from developing these qualities. And maybe some religions do, but not God’s religion.

OK. He says that man really does not have a choice of religion or no religion. He only has the choice of better or worse, or higher or lower, or satisfactory or destructive forms of religion and philosophies. And he says that everyone has a mind that is rooted in paganism. If we do not worship the Christian or the Jewish God, we will find ourselves involved in ancestor worship, fetishism, ritualism, the cult of cleanliness and so on. Everybody worships something. Why? Because we are religious at our root.

Now, he calls this ancestor worship. I call it spiritual incest. He is talking about this woman here. Let me just tell you about this. She was a beautiful, highly talented woman, a painter, and she was attached to her father in such a way that she would refuse to have any close contact with men. She spent all her free time with her father, a pleasant but rather dull gentlemen who had been widowed early. Aside from her painting, nothing but her father was of any interest to her. I know someone like that right now. The pictures she gave of him to others was [sic] grotesquely different from reality. She had a fantasy as to what he was. And after he died she committed suicide and left a will stipulating only that she was to be buried by his side. So what he is saying here is that she worshiped her father. Everybody has a religion of one sort or another.

Now, he says this dependency on a father cripples the patient’s judgment, or the person’s judgment, renders him unable to love and makes him feel like a child, constantly insecure and frightened. He is saying this concept of a father God does this to you, that it cripples you, that it makes you weak, and that it makes you think you cannot do anything of your own. And I say unto him that the exact opposite is the truth, that it is the union with the Father, with the true Spirit of God that makes us strong. And the Scripture says we can do all things in Christ, and things that we could never do before, we can now do now, and everything that was overcoming us, we can now overcome.

And we find in humanism this reverse concept of God which sees Him very much as a monster, crippling us and crushing us. And the truth of the matter is that it is the carnal mind who is the god of humanism, and he thinks all the things of the Father because in the union with the Father, he will surely be crushed. Who? Our carnal mind will surely be crushed. His judgment will be taken away from him. He will be unable to love his ungodly kinds of love. He will certainly be made to feel like a child because Christ is his superior. And whether or not he will be constantly insecure and frightened or not, I do not now, but these are all the preachings and the teachings of the carnal mind, and all this is true. It is going to happen to him when Christ takes His place as the head of your life and the head of this world system.

So we see coming out of humanism some real intelligent thinking. Humanism says that the aims of human existence is independence for the individual, the ability to be productive, the ability to love and the ability to think. That is true. I do not really know of any religion that preaches that. Does anyone here know a religion that preaches that? Anybody? I never heard a religion preach that, but it is true. That is what God wants for you. He wants to build you. He does not want to tear you down. He wants you to be all you could be in every aspect of your life. He wants your creativity expressed. He wants your intellect expressed. He wants your spirituality expressed.

Religion today crushes spirituality. People have -- Christians have to go to the occult to experience spiritual things. It is true. It is killing us, but do not anyone misunderstand me. The answer is not to leave religion and join the occult. The answer is not to leave religion and go to humanism. The answer is to stay in a personal relationship with the Lord and pray continuously for the fulfillment of yourself in Him because He is a prayer answering God. He is a God of your personal relationship with Him, and He will take you as far as you are willing to go with Him. Now, there are good things coming out of religion. They do teach the Bible somewhat, even if it is not all truth. Once the Word is inside of your head, God can do something with it. He can do something with it.

OK. He says here that someone who has a problem -- we are all patients -- cannot be cured by simply pointing out the -- his behavior which does not make any sense and the damage that he does to himself. Does anybody here know that -- you should all know it -- that you cannot go to an alcoholic and say, “Now, do you not know that you are destroying your body and your life?” You cannot go to an alcohol- -- to a drug addict and say, “Do you not know you are killing yourself?” You cannot go to a compulsive adulterer and say, “Do you not know you are ruining your marriage?” It does not do any good. Everybody that has ever been in a relationship with anyone exhibiting any kind of compulsive behavior, it does not do any good to say, “What are you gambling for? You are losing all your money, and you are destroying your life.” It does not stop them from doing it. It does not stop them from doing it.

So he says, “The person often knows this intellectually.” He knows it himself, but emotionally he is completely devoted to his religion -- gambling, alcoholism, drug addiction, that which he worships. “Only if a profound change in his total personality occurs, if he becomes free to think, to love, to attain a new focus and devotion, can he be free to from the slavish devotion to that which he worships.” So what he is saying is that we have to go into the unconscious mind, into the psyche, find the roots that are causing this kind of destructive behavior and destroy them. That is what psychoanalysis teaches, and that is what Christ is teaching through the ministry of perfection. The ministry of perfection. That is what is -- that is the latest move of God that is coming into the Earth, and this is one of the places that it is being manifested through.

You see, we see believers going into deliverance churches. I know a lot of people who were drug addicts; they were delivered from drug addiction. I know alcoholics that were delivered from alcoholism, but the alcohol personality remains in them, and it hinders and contaminates their relationships for the rest of their life. They stopped drinking, so there is some improvement in their life. There is an improvement to their health. There is an improvement in their employment. There is an improvement in their family life and their marriage, but they there is still -- they usually switch. If they not are not drinking any more, then they become workaholics. They do -- they have to do something to kill this pain, if somehow the root that are causing it are not exposed.

And this is the ministry that Christ is coming forth with in this hour. It is a form of psychoanalysis. We have been saying this here for a while. It is the exposure of the motives and the intents of your heart. If you really want to stop, you have to get delivered; and to get delivered, the motives and intents of your heart have to be exposed. And it is painful, but the end of it is worth it, in my opinion, anyway.

Jesus. Well, he is talking here about the religion of cleanliness and orderliness. He says, “It is not too different from certain highly ritualistic religious systems. We attempt to get rid of evil by cleansing rituals and to find security in the strict performance of ritualistic orderliness.” So he -- what he is saying is that all of these things can be a religion. Everybody has a religion. It is just a question of what you worship. That which you are devoted to is that which you worship. That is what he is saying. Now, there is nothing wrong with keeping a clean house. There is nothing wrong with doing everything. The question is the intensity with which you perform your ritual. It is a condition of your heart. Only God would know whether it is in idolatry or not.

Now, listen to this. I find this very interesting. He is talking about people in general, and he says that -- he is talking about doctrine. He says, “Once a doctrine, however irrational, has gained power over a society or a church, millions of people will rather believe in it than feel ostracized and isolated.” So we have a whole church world believing a false doctrine or many false doctrines, and the reason that the Lord is having so much power bomb- -- so much trouble bombing them out of it is they are not willing to bear the persecution of not being in the mainstream.

And that is what we are up against now. This is what Jesus is up against now as He is bringing His true doctrine into the church. We are up against a bunch of human animals -- that is what we are. I am not insulting anybody. We are all human animals, and we have the nature of human animals. And human animals are herd animals. We travel in herds. We are not -- no one chooses to be isolated, unless there is something really wrong with you. We all nee- -- we are social animals, and Jesus is up against this need, this self need to be accepted and one of the group. And we find a whole church world that is willing to sacrifice Christ to be accepted in one of the group of fallen Christians. That s- -- does not say much for our integrity.

So here he really takes religion to task. He says, “Religion has been concerned far more with certain doctrines, rather than with the practice of love and humility in everyday life.” And he says that formal religion has failed to stand for righteousness over the centuries, and that is true. How could you argue with these people? It is true that secular religion has failed to stand for righteousness, and, therefore, has utterly failed in its -- in what it is called to do.

So what he is saying is for God to -- what he is saying here -- I am not going to read you his words because it gets [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- what he is saying here is that for God to really function in the church, for the truth of Christ and what He wants to do to really function in the church, He has to do it outside of the religious system, and everybody that comes here has found that out. Christ does not move in the religious system. Christ becomes crushed in the religious system. So it is a continuous coming out, a people coming out, coming out, coming out; and every time a group comes out, it is just a matter of time and a new denomination is started. And as soon as a domination sets in and the rules of man take over, Christ leaves. He calls another group out. Christ wants to be the head of His church. He has no intention of honoring any man-made hierarchy at all.

So I am going to push forward a little here because this is taking too long. I want to deal with his comments on God. Now, I will say this, he quotes Calvin, and he says, “In authoritarian religion, God is a symbol of power and force. He is supreme because He is a supreme power, and man next to Him is utterly powerless.” Well, this is true, you know. Spiritually speaking, we are utterly powerless next to God, but it is not a bad thing; it is a good thing. Why? Because the Scripture says when you are at your weakest what?


He is strong in you. When you are at your absolute weakest, His strength is flowing through you. This is a contradiction. The world calls it a paradox, that God could do more with weak people than with strong people because strong people are determined to be the god of their own life. They are determined to rule their own life.

So when God calls you, He usually causes failure to come upon you. Now, is that -- that sounds strange, but, I tell you the truth, when God says you are the one that He is calling into His kingdom, you start having all kinds of problems in your life. You start having financial problems. You start having health problems. You start having marital problems. You start having emotional problems. All kinds of strange things happen to you because God is trying to convince you of your powerlessness over your own life. Why? So that He can add His strength to you and make you greater than anything you could have ever been in your own strength. Does anyone not know what I am talking about? I am going to laugh every time I say that. Does anyone not know what I am talking about?

Yes, what they are saying about God is true, but they are wrong about His motives. He does not want you to be weak and powerless so that He can lord it over you. He wants you to be weak and powerless so that He can add himself to you and make you great. Abraham was great. Solomon was great. David was great.

He says humanistic religion is centered around -- now, he is talking about humanism -- is centered about around man and man’s strength. Man must develop his power of reason in order to understand himself. Man’s aim in humanistic religion is to achieve the greatest strength and not the greatest powerlessness. And he is talking about some religions who glorify giving up worldly goods and going off, whipping yourself, doing all kinds of things like that, but that is not God. That is man. And he says here that humanism wants man to develop his greatest strength. And I say unto whoever is hearing this message and to everyone here that is God’s will for you, to develop your greatest strength, but not your greatest strength in yourself. Your greatest strength that you are capable of with Christ joined to you, and when Christ is joined to you, the strength you can achieve is unlimited. So all you humanists, if you ever get ahold of this message, the true religion of Christ is better than humanism. It is higher and it greater; it is more powerful to achieve your goals.

So what am I saying here? I am saying that I agree with the goals of humanism. I agree with their goals, but I do not agree with how they say they going to achieve those goals. I do not agree with the goals of authoritarian religion. Their goals are you should be weak. A lot of religions -- of course I am generalizing -- and when you die -- you are going to get it all when you die. I do not agree with that at all. I agree with the goals of humanism, but I do not agree with their concept of God or their description of God or their understanding of His purposes in our life, and I do not agree with humanism’s method of how man will attain his greatest strength.

He says virtue is self-realization -- that is becoming all you can be -- not obedience. Not obedience, and he sees obedience as something that will destroy the thinking process of your mind. And I say that it is true. Obedience to Christ will crush your carnal mind, but then you will start to function out of the mind of Christ. See, he does not see the other half of it. He does not see the other half of it and he sees obedience as something bad.

“Faith is certainly of conviction based on” -- now listen to this. This is everything that I have been experiencing for years, and he thinks it is of humanism and not of religion. “Faith is certainty” -- it is certainty -- “of conviction,” of faith, “based on your own experience of thought and feeling. Faith is not agreeing to what you have read about.” Well, that is true. I have been teaching this here for years. Anything I teach you, any experience I have, it has to become yours. You have to take it into your mind. You have to have the experience that God gives you. After you hear a thought from me, God has to give to your own experience with it. And when you have your own experience with it, it roots down, and it goes in you, and it becomes a part of you. I agree with that completely.

I agree with the principles of humanism, but not how they are going to get it, and I do not agree with their concept of God. Very strange. Do you hear what I am saying here? That if you were to do a survey of religious leaders, they probably would not agree with the goals of humanism. So we are taking the goals of humanism and putting them together with the power of God and the true description of God. Can everybody see what I am doing here? The third way or a first way. The first way coming out third.

He says that “in humanism the prevailing mood is that of joy” -- praise God -- “while the prevailing mood of authoritarian religion is sorrow and guilt.” It is the truth. It is -- I reject sorrow and guilt, but I do receive authoritarian religion with the true God as the authority. And what -- I will talk a little more about that in a little while.

He says God is a symbol of man’s own powers when he tries to realize in his life and not a symbol of force -- well, this is humanism. “God, which is man himself, is a symbol of man’s own powers and not a symbol of force and domination having power over man.” Now, you have to understand that man’s own powers can only lead to destruction. The world knows this. You see, this humanistic religion, it is a fantasy. The world knows that power what? Does anybody know that? Power what? Power corrupts. And absolute power corrupts what? Absolutely. The world knows it. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

So this humanism, it sounds good on paper, but it does not work when it is applied to the mind of man. Why? Because the mind of man is what? It is corrupt and it is fallen. And he says that authoritarian religion is a symbol of force having power over man, but the truth, I declare to you, is the righteous power of God having force over the fallen mind of man for the specific purpose of giving man the righteous mind of Christ. Let us put this in perspective.

So now he talks about -- he says that he sees humanism in Buddhism, in Taoism, and in the teachings of Isaiah, Jesus, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. So he sees humanism in the prophets and in Jesus, but he does not understand what he sees. So let me take a few specific examples, and I will talk about that.

Now, I would like to read you this because I agree with this completely. He says, “What matters in all doctrine is not the thought system” -- it is not what you are saying -- “but it is the human attitude behind the doctrine.” It is the human attitude behind the doctrine. Now, do we not see many people calling themselves Christians taking the words right out of the Bible, making them into condemnation, making them into destruction, casting people down into hell, burning them forever in the lake of fire? It is the thought behind the doctrine.

Then we come along, and others like us. We take the same words out of the same Bible, and this time it is the thought of Christ coming through them, and it is a whole different story. It is the Spirit of the Word.

Now, he talks about Buddhism here. I do not think I will spend too much time on it, but the basic -- well, he talks about early Buddhism, first of all. Buddhism split off after a while, and the early Buddhism was really a -- now, we talked about this on another message. It was a religion that really sought to elevate man, and the ultimate goal of Buddhism is Nirvana, and that is a state of mind which is perfect -- a state of mind, perfect peace, perfect contentment, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] perfect equilibrium, no up-and-down, no highs and lows, a state of mind which is perfection.

And that is pretty much what we are preaching here, only we call it heaven. But the church world says your body has to die to go to heaven, but heaven, brethren, is a state of mind where Christ is completely in control. And when Christ is completely in control, you stand like a rock, and it does not matter what is spinning around outside of you; it does not matter what the circumstances are; it does not matter how many enemies you have; it does not matter what people think about you; it does not matter what kind of curses are flying; when Christ is standing in you, you are undefeatable and indestructible. And you stand, and everything spins around, and it cannot do its damage.

Jesus said, “The prince of this world cometh for me, and he has nothing in me.” There is nothing outside of you that can hurt you. I have been preaching this for years. There is nothing outside of you that can hurt you. Your enemy is your own mind. If a curse is flung at you, if any kind of destruction comes towards you, it can only hurt you if it finds a place in you. It has got to have something to hook onto in you, and that hook that is in you is placed there by God. So you have got to get ahold of God. You got to find out what that hook is. You have to confess your sins; you have to repent; and you have to petition Him to cut off the hook.

Now, you do not stand there like a fool when someone is trying to kill you and destruction of all over you. You deal with it, but you have got to know that if you are hurt, it is only because there was an opening in you. Everything is how you deal with it. The Scriptures are clear as how we deal with problems. You forgive people. You love your enemies. You bless those that hate you. You pray for those who despitefully use you. You go against your human nature. You do everything contrary to human nature, and God will fight for you.

There is a controversial Scripture in one of the Psalms that says -- I cannot quote it to you exactly, but if you bless your enemies -- it is not those words -- God will heap burning coals upon your enemies’ head. And I heard a preacher preach once, oh, it cannot mean that. Now, why would God heap burning coals on your enemies’ heads? What it means is that all men are fallen in their minds. When you do what is right -- and what is right has nothing to do with what they are doing to you -- with whatever they are doing to you, you do not retaliate; you do what is right; God fights for you.

And God is a burning fire. And the coals of fire, in the Scripture, typify the Sons of God, believe it or not. You do what is right, and God will deal with them and bring reconciliation in the entire circumstance. Do not meet wrong with wrong because you are locking God out of your life. If you take matters into your own hands, you are locking the miracle working power of God out of your life, and you are hurting everybody concerned.

So he is -- he shows Buddhism here as dealing rationally with problems, rational thinking. Now, you do not hear much about rational thinking in the church, but I talk to you a lot about it here. I talk to you a lot about rational thinking. I talk to you about analyzing problems, about analyzing the circumstances, about looking at all the possibilities and petitioning God which way to go and which way to think and how to deal with it. Do I not -- does anybody not know that I teach that here? Does anybody not know that? I hope you know that.

And some people get very upset with me because they think I have all the answers, and I do not have all the answers; and when I tell them, well, it could be this, or it could be that, or it could be that, some people get very upset with me. Why? Because children -- and I am not insulting anybody. I am telling you all the truth -- children want an absolute black-and-white answer, and I do not know the answer.

But that is how I pray. I say, well, Lord, it looks this way to me. I noticed that. I see this spiritual principle operating here. Could this be the problem? Could that be the problem? Well, I have thought about it for two hours, now, Lord, and I have made a judgment that this is the problem. Now, if You do not think that is the problem, please correct me because that is the conclusion that I have reached. And now I think this is the problem, and I have three choices of how I am going to deal with it. And I remember that You taught me this two years ago, and I remember that You taught me that one year ago, and this is how I am going to deal with the problem, Lord. Is my reasoning correct? What do You think? If I have reached the wrong conclusion, if I have made the wrong judgment, correct me.

So I see -- I do not know if you see it, but I see in the teaching that is coming forth here a great similarity to humanistic teaching and to Eastern religious teaching. And we have Christians leaving the church in droves going into Eastern religions because they are not satisfied with the childishness of Christianity today. But in this hour, in a few small corners of the world, Christ is coming forth with a mature manifestation of Christianity that incorporates that which is true and of God in Eastern religions, and He is joining it to the true teaching, which is by His Spirit, and of the true teaching of His nature.

And there is a tremendous spiritual opposition to this ministry that is coming forth, and the reason for that spiritual opposition is that it means the death of the carnal mind. See, Satan would much rather not have you as a Christian at all, but if you have to be a Christian, he does not really care much if you are in a dead church. His nose gets out of joint a little bit if you are in a deliverance church, but he is not too concerned with that. So you lose a few demons? But when you start moving in, in the ministry of perfection, which is the death of your carnal mind, he started getting nervous -- starts getting real nervous.

So we see Fromm exalting Eastern religion, and I see some good things in Eastern religion. But I do say -- just in case anyone is listening to this message and getting all upset with me, let me tell you this. My op- -- in my opinion, if you have your choice of all the religions in the world, even Christianity in its immaturity is better than Eastern religion. Why? Does anybody know why? Because when you have the Spirit of God, all things are possible, but if you are in Eastern religion, and you are trapped there because they have rational thought and they have all of these good things, good goals, none of it is any good without the Spirit of God. None of it is any good without the Spirit of God.

So get where the Spirit of God is and just pray without ceasing that God bring you to the highest maturity that He is willing to bring you to; and stay within His guidelines because once you lose the Spirit of God none of it is worth anything.


OK, here he is exalting humanistic religious teaching, and he is -- he says, “There is no trace of authoritarianism in it.” There is no head. There is no authority. And he says, “God could not have created the world different from what He is. Man must see his own limitations and recognize that he is dependent of the forces outside of himself over which he has no control. Yet,” he says, “that the power of love and reason can overcome the wickedness in this world,” which we do not believe here. I certainly do not believe that.

OK, now, here this is -- I want to spend some time on this. He goes into the Old Testament. He says that it is essential to understand the difference between authoritarianism and humanistic religion. I want to tell you I was manifesting as I read these pages. The hatred for God that comes forth in these teachings is awesome, and I almost wanted to put the book down, I was so offended by it. And I did not think I would even be teaching this tonight, but the Lord had me read it. So we know that understanding and information is a very great weapon. You cannot minister to these people who believe this if you do not know what they believe. It is important that you know what they believe. So we are going to answer some of these statements tonight.

He says, “B- -- in the beginning, the Old Testament is written in the spirit of authoritarian religion. The picture of God is that of the absolute ruler of a patriarchal clan” -- that is a clan ruled by a man, and -- who is a father figure -- “who has created man” -- and he is saying this about God -- “He has created man at His pleasure and can destroy him at will. He has forbidden him to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and has threatened him with death if he transgresses this order.”

Do you hear this? He is portraying God as a vengeful ruler who says, “I have given you a command, and if you do not do what I tell you, I am going to kill you.” Now, this is not true. I rebuke this lie. Does anybody know what the truth is? Why did God say, “Do not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, or you will surely die”? Somebody?


Because He knew, not that God would kill us if we did, but that eating of the poisonous tree would kill us.

I cannot help wondering if this man, Erich Fromm -- I mentioned to you that he was in one of Hitler’s death camps, and I cannot help wondering if this hatred for God, that we will see as it comes forth now, existed before he went into the concentration camp, or if it is the result of his feeling on some level that this wicked God let this happen. And I want to tell you I have trouble with it myself. I have an ongoing dialogue with a Hasidic rabbi. He has trouble with it, you know, that God could have let that happen; yet, he acknowledges that God did it, that God is in control. Satan cannot do anything that God does not let him do. But I -- it is really hard on me too, but who am I to judge God? So we just go on with it, just go on with everything we are trying to do here.

OK, lost my -- excuse me a minute. I lost my page. Let me get my page back here. OK, we are in the Old Testament. Now, listen to this. He says, “The serpent was right. God proves the serpent to be right when Adam and E-” -- well, let me go back. “But the serpent, more clever than any animal, tells Eve, ‘You shall surely not die.’“

Now, we did a study on that in the Old Testament, if you remember, and we found out that there were two different Hebrew words working there, that God said to Adam, “If you eat of that tree, you will die to your immorality; you will die to your godhood; and you will become a mortal man.” And when the serpent repeated the sentence back to Adam -- back to Eve, the serpent used a different Hebrew word. Intelligent serpent; he spoke Hebrew. He used a different Hebrew word, and he said, “If you eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, you shall not cease to exist,” and the serpent was right. They did not cease to exist, but God was right also. They became mortal.

So our author here, Erich Fromm, says that the -- God proved the serpent to be right. “‘And the serpent said, “For God doeth know that in the day that ye eat thereof your eyes shall be opened, and you shall be as gods, knowing good from evil.”‘ And God proves the serpent to be right. When Adam and Eve have transgressed, He punishes them by proclaiming enmity between man and nature, between man and s- -- and the soil and the animals, and between men and women. But man is not to die. The serpent was right. Man did not die. God is a liar.” Do you hear this? Do you hear this? OK, now, let us just straighten this out in case there is anyone listening here that does not understand what I am saying here.


So Erich Fromm says that God vindictively punished Adam and Eve by putting enmity between man and nature, et cetera, et cetera. And I declare to you that Adam and Eve experienced the natural result of their behavior. Brethren, you will experience the natural result of your behavior. If you kick a metal chair, you will hurt your toe. God said to Adam, “Do not do it. If you do it, you will lose your immortality and become mortal.” And then after Adam did it, God describes immor- -- describes mortality. He says the result of mortality is that there is going to be enmity between the man and woman, between nature and man. This all is the same thing. Or another way of saying you are going to die to your immortality, and you will become mortal, and the result of becoming mortal are all these conditions, enmity on every side.

This is not a vindictive god punishing his creation. He is a loving God who warned His creation what would happen if he ate something that was poisonous. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil was a poisonous tree, and Adam ate of it, and he became mortal. He died to his immortality, and the entire creation -- well, I should they the moral order of the entire creation fell out of place. It was reversed. That which was on the bottom came to the top; that which was on the top went to the bottom; and everything has been out of order ever since. And the result of the moral order of this universe being out of order is what? Everything is what? Dying. Everything is dying: the people die, the animals die. The world is dying.

Glory to God. I rebuke the spirit behind this. “And, now, lest he put forth his hand and take also of the tree of life and eat and live forever, God expels Adam from the Garden of Eden and puts an angel with a flaming sword to keep them out.” And the Lord has revealed here that this is the mercy of God, to keep us out of the Garden of Eden, lest we should be locked in eternal torment for the life of the ages. This is eternal torment right here.

There is one spiritual man in the Earth. He exists in many human bodies. One spiritual man, we call him the unconscious mind of all these individuals. His name is Fallen Adam, and he is in eternal torment. He cannot get out of this world system. His spiritual life is continuously born in new babies because of the death of this world system. The bodies that he lives in keeps on dying. He is in eternal torment.

Now, you have heard the counterfeit of this. You have heard the false teaching of this. It is called incarceration: endless rebirths until you get it right. That is what the occult says, but the spiritual truth is there is one spiritual man. His name is Adam. He is a many-membered man. He is fallen, and he is trapped in this realm of death. He got stuck down here, and he is experiencing continuous births and deaths through the many garments that he wears.

Human beings are garments for spiritual life. That is clearly in the Scripture. We are a garment for God when He is living in us. When He is not living in us, we are a garment for the carnal mind. And God has locked us out of the Garden of Eden because it is not God’s will that we should be in eternal torment forever. It is the exact opposite of what the carnal mind says, of what the humanist says.

Now, listen to this. “The text makes very clear what man’s sin is: It is rebellion against God’s command.” Listen to this. “It is disobedience and not any inherent sinfulness in the man. The ma-” -- he is saying that the man did not sin. There was no sin in the act of eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, that man’s sin was that he disobeyed this senseless command. And we know that God’s motive toward us, the love of God, it was that motive that commanded us not to eat -- or commanded Adam and Eve not to eat of the tree, knowing that this torment would fall upon their descendants if they did do it.

Now, I want to point out to you that this train of thought is all through this society today. It is affecting parents with their children. This tearing down of authority is on every level in the nation, and our children are being destroyed because fallen man needs a God-based authority to prosper. Children need loving authority, not abusive authority. They need loving authority to prosper.

“The text also makes it plain what God’s motive is. It is concerned with His own superior role, the jealous fear of man’s claim to become His equal.” I want to tell you, that is what Satan said to Jesus in the temptation: “I am going to” -- well, not the same thing, but a similar thing. “I will give you all the kingdoms of the world.” Satan never owned the kingdoms to give Him. God is afraid that man will become His equal. There is no power on Earth that could -- or in the universe that could make man God’s equal. This is wicked. I am manifesting reading it. This is really wicked.

“A decisive turning point in the relationship between God and man is to be seen in the story of the flood. When God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the Earth, it repented the Lord that He made man in the Earth, and it grieved Him at His heart. And the Lord said ‘I will destroy man, whom I have created, from the face of the Earth.’“

Now, first of all, the Hebrew word translated repented -- well, let me say it this way. There is more than one Hebrew word translated repented, and this Hebrew word translated repented in the account that I just read does not mean that God is sorry that He made man. God was not sorry that He made man. It means that God was grieved at the road which man had taken. That is what it means.

OK, and the reason God wiped man off of Earth -- if you study it in the Hebrew, if you look it up in the Hebrew, OK, you will see that what -- if you study it in the Hebrew -- if you study it in the Hebrew, you will see that what God did was He called the spirits back unto him, and he destroyed the flesh. Brethren, the flesh nothing. This body is nothing. This soul is nothing. We are spirit. Our true reality is spirit, and the spirit -- and the flesh was corrupting the spirit. God put man together: spirit, soul and body, the soul and the body made out of clay; and God said that the spirit must rule because the clay is corrupt. And when God looked upon the Earth and He -- what He saw grieved him, He saw that the spirit with not ruling in man, but that the flash was ruling in man; and to deliver the spirit out of the bondage that it had gotten himself into, He killed the flesh and called the spirit back as an act of mercy. Does anyone not know what I just said? Do you know what I just said? No, she is loo- -- do you know what I just said? I am going to say it again. Let me say it again.

Man is spirit. He is living in a soul, in a body that is made out of clay. It is just clay. It is nothing. And God said, “I am sticking you together because it is My intention that invisible spirit should have an expression in flesh.” It is like saying this was all clay over here, and it was my intention to take my handprint and put my handprint in the clay. It was God’s intention that the clay should express the spirit, and He said, “I am putting the spirit in clay so that you could be seen. Now, spirit engrave that clay.”

But something went wrong, and the clay rose up and engraved its nature on the spirit. Can you hear that? Our spirit is supposed to be engraved with the nature of the Father, and our soul and our body is supposed to be engraved with the nature of Christ. And what happened before the flood was that the nature of Satan rose up and engraved the spirit. So God said, “Let me blow this thing apart. No good is coming out of this.” And He took His Spirit back, and the clay went back into the lump. It was the mercy of God. He marred the clay that was malformed. We are told the [?pot of mar?] is the clay, and He what? He reforms it. That is what God did.

“There is no question here that God had the right to destroy His own creatures. He had created them, and they were His property. The text defines their wickedness as violence, but the decision to destroy not only man but the animals and plants -- oh, what a wicked God! -- as well shows that we are not dealing here with a sentence commensurate with the specific crime, but God’s angry regret over His own action which did not turn out well.” Let me say that for you in English. He is saying that the judgment of the flood was not deserved by humanity, that it was an overreaction, an ungodly, unjust recompense that resulted from God’s anger at His failure.

So, you see, we start out with humanism. Its basic goals sound wonderful, and it attracts a lot of people, but then you get the false teaching, and this is why I tell you stay with the religion where the Spirit of God is. Yes, there is plenty of error where the Spirit of God is, but where there Spirit of God is, once He starts touching you and once He gets inside of you, He will guide you into all truth. He will get you out of it, but if you fall into something like this because you are attracted to the goals of the religion, and you submit to this false teaching and to this very wicked spirit that is here, you could -- you will be corrupted. You know, ma- -- God may deliver you out of it. You may -- He may not. Stay with the Spirit. This is very wicked teaching, and it is what is coming forth in the Earth today. It is evident in our families. It is evident in our schools, and it is an outright hatred for God.

And I am not going to spend much more time on this, but he goes on in further accounts to say that the covenant that God made with Noah after the flood now puts God on an equal basis with man, and it -- and puts a man in a position where he can call God to task and rebuke Him for mistreating His creation.

Now, you may be sitting here -- I do not really know what you are thinking here, but you may be sitting here and saying, “Oh, is that not terrible? It is humanism. It is outside of the church,” but, I want to tell you, this teaching is in the church. I know a preacher who calls himself a Christian preacher. The man was in deliverance, and he stood up in front of a whole congregation and said, “God owes us an apology.”

That is right.

Amen. It is coming right out of this humanistic teaching. God does not owe us any apology, brethren. We sinned; God is righteous. God is righteous, and it is this wicked teaching that is making God un- -- not only unrighteous -- it is bad enough that it is making God unrighteous, but it is tearing down His authority, making Him equal to us and then putting Him beneath us. And, I want to tell you, the only thing that could come out of this is continuance in death because the only thing that will give you life is the acknowledgment of God’s authority, of His superiority and of His ability to save us out of our fallen condition. And when we strike out at God, we strike the hand that is s- -- that is trying to save us. We strike the hand that is feeding us, would be the expression in English. You are cutting off the hand that is feeding you, and your behavior is rooted in the arrogance and pride of man which really believes that he can save his own soul. And it is in the church, and it is in the kingdom church, and it is very wide. It is a cancer that is very deeply engrafted and widespread.

And I want to tell you that even that is a perversion because do you know that one night God apologized to me? He actually apologized to me. He did not have to. I was going through a terrible time, and He spoke to me, and He said, “I am really sorry you have to go through this, but it is the only way.” You see, He did not say to me, “I am sorry that I mistreated you, and I am sorry that I hated you or that I failed”; He said, “I am sorry you have to feel this pain, but there is no other way.” I could not get over that for a long time, that God would say that to me. I was very touched. He is a very great, merciful God, and His name and His character has been blasphemed for 2,000 years.


-- [?find?fine?] signs of humanism in Hasidic literature where they literally take God to task and rebuke Him for being unfair or unjust. It is disgusting. It is a good thing I am not God. I might kill them all. It is terrible. It is terrible what they do to Him, and He never stops loving. He never stops loving. He never stops forgiving. He never stops reaching out. He never stops helping. He never stops giving home, and He never lays off or ceases off from His plan of saving us despite ourselves. It is a miracle that God is saving this creation. When you look at us, when you look at the condition of our minds, when you look at how we oppose Him and how we oppose His purposes in our life, it is a love that I can barely comprehend by which He is coming to save us, against our very own will. And despite our intense hatred for Him and everything that He stands for, it is a manifestation of a love that I know I am not capable of. It is incomprehensible to me, to be hated like this and still determine to save us.

And all of us hate Him at some time. If you think you never hate God, you are mistaken. I know I was at a meeting once, and a man that I had a lot of respect for in Christ came over to me. I asked him to pray for me, and he had a word of knowledge for me. He said, “The Lord says you are bitter towards Him.” I had a lot of respect for this man, so I said, in all honesty, brother, I cannot see it, but if God wants to show it to me, I will repent, but I -- right now I really cannot see it. And I went home, and it was less than 24 hours, God showed it to me, that I was bitter towards Him, and it was causing the problem that I had asked for prayer for.

Brethren, sin is at the root of every problem that we have. Bitterness towards God, arrogance, pride, sin is at the root of every problem we have. Every one of us is fallen. It is not the other guy’s fault.

Someone called me on the phone today. Someone that has been having problems with their husband -- [?their?] marital problems for years, and she is t- -- was telling me how God was blessing their marriage. She said, “For all of these years, I saw his problems,” and she said, “and the problems that I saw him, they were real, but my reaction to those problems made the problems 500 times worse. The way I reacted to his problems made them 500 times worse.” And she said, “I just thank God that after all these years of complaining about him God has finally showed me that I have just messed up. I could have helped him, or I could have hurt him; and I made the matter 1,500 times worse.” And from the moment she started recognizing this, God is just moving like a man-of-war to bring healing into that marriage.

He is a very great God, and there is not anything that He cannot do, but He is a righteous God. He is righteous, and especially when you call on His name, and you ask Him to help you, and He turns around and looks at you, and He sees that the -- what is causing your problem is sin in you, He is going after that sin in you, and it is too late to say, “Forget it, Father. I did not mean it.” I want to say that again. When you cry out to God for help, and He turns around and looks at you because He heard you crying, and He sees that the source of your problem is the way you think, His answer to your problem is to chasten you. And as the rod is falling on your back, you can scream all you want, “I changed my mind! Do not help me!” He is not going to stop. Right? Right?


OK. What else have we here? “If God fails to put an end to the suffering of man, as He has promised, man has the right to challenge Him, in fact, to force Him, to fulfill His promise.” God, forgive these people; forgive these people that teach this wickedness about You, Lord, and I pray that You show them Your true nature, and that Your love convert their thinking.

OK, what else do we have here? Otherwise, we will just finish it out. Well, I do not really want to repeat anymore of this junk. It is really terrible what they say about God. I am just going to go past this. This is really terrible, what he says. I do not want to say anymore.


Well, the question was, how can He help people if they are so bitter towards God? He has to break their hardness. I just pray for everyone that is caught up in this doctrine, Lord, I pray that You break their hardness.

[INAUDIBLE] and my question was how can any psychologist or psychiatrist, whichever he is, help somebody see the motives and the intents of their heart when he has got such bitterness towards God?

Oh. Well, I think that they use methods that have nothing to do with God. They use mostly indirect -- I cannot remember the name that they use, but it is indirect suggestion to make people realize what is in their own heart. And we talked about this on the message, “The Roots of Denial,” and we said that Jesus has been doing this for years in the form of parables. He had been doing it for years in the form of parables. He gives information directly [sic].

See, if you go to somebody and you say, “This is your problem,” then the person’s de- -- automatic denial comes up and says, “Oh, no, not me. What are you t- -- what are you looking at me for?” But if you tell somebody a story, if you tell them about your own experience, if you give a testimony, or if you tell them about an imaginary person, then the Spirit of God lays hold of that information and starts working in the person’s mind and convincing them that this is them.

So psychiatrists and psychoanalysts use this indirect approach, and it can help some people. And, by the way, let me put this in right now. The typical amount of time for psychoanalysis is 10 years -- 10 years. So if you think -- if you are in this kind of a program here, and you think that you are going to be delivered overnight, you are mistaken because the average amount of time for a psychoanalyst [sic] is 10 years. And it -- I do not -- I have seen it happen much faster in God, around five years, depending on how deep your problem is. It could be less, depending on how deep your problem is. You have a question, Mary [SP]?

I was just thinking of this man who obviously believes in God, how tormented he must be with his belief.

I really feel that this happened to him as a result of his being in the concentration camp, and it was not just him being in the concentration camp. I do not know how many of his relatives he lost or just the whole concept of what happened to the Jews in Germany, that God could let that happen. It is a very difficult thing to deal with, very difficult thing to deal with.

So he actually feels God abandoned him?

Well, I cannot speak for him, but it -- I -- it sounds something like that, you know?

I have got a question. Before, you said when you were reading some of the things in the book that you were manifesting. Did you mean you were manifesting the Spirit of Christ or that you were manifesting anger at what he was saying?

Well, to tell you the truth, sometimes I have trouble telling the difference. Did you know that God gets angry? Yeah. So sometimes I have trouble telling the difference. All I know is that I was getting very upset reading this, and, at this point, I honestly do not know whether it was me getting upset or it was God’s -- I do not even know that I -- I guess I was angry -- or whether it was God. I really do not know. All that I could tell you is that I did not retaliate. What I did was pray for them, so it may very well have been God, but I am not sure. All I know is it was causing me distress hearing these things about God, and it -- the distress that it was causing me was not a prideful kind of distress, like, how could you say that about my God? It was not that. It is that it is not true. It was a righteous di- -- maybe it was the Spirit of God. It was a righteous distress. And saying these things is death unto the person, so it very well may have been the Lord, but I am not sure. But God gets mad. God gets angry. God gets hurt.

What do you mean when you say God gets hurt?

God gets hurt. He feel- -- there are Scriptures in the Old Testament. I cannot quote you them, but He has feelings. God has feelings. It says -- we just read it in the account of the flood, that it repented Him that He had made man. He felt bad that -- what had happened to His creation, just like you would feel if you see your child going in the wrong direction. Once your child is an adult, there is nothing you could do about it except pray, and you see them going off. It is very painful to a parent.

But these emotions and reactions are not on the level of human?

I do not know what level they are on. I just know that He has feelings. I know that He feels bad when His -- when He sees His children going in the wrong direction. I know He gets angry.

I am just thinking of that Scripture, Jesus [?whipped?].

He had compassion. The difference between God having these feelings and man having these feelings is that God’s motive is always a righteous motive. Usually or most of the time, man’s motives are selfish, so the difference is the motive.

Why does God get angry? He gets angry at sin. God gets angry at sin. God hates. What does God hate? God hates sin. God feels sad when He sees His children sinning because He desires good things for them. Man gets angry because his property is threatened. Man gets angry because his pride has been hurt. Man feels sad because he loses his VCR. Selfishness.

Well, anybody else? I do not think there is an- -- very much more that I want to address here. Let me read you this because I agree with this. “The unfolding and full emergence of reason in an individual is dependent on the attainment of full freedom and independence to think and be who you are. Until this is accomplished” -- and he is saying for so long as man is under this -- these rules of religion -- he says being under the rules of religion crushed this development -- “man will tend to accept for truth that which the majority of his group wants to be true.” Now, we have this in the church right now. “His judgment is determined by need for contact with the herd and by fear of being isolated from it. A few individuals can stand this isolation and say the truth in spite of the danger of losing touch. They are the true heroes of the human race, but for whom we should still be living in caves.” And I want to tell you that God has shown me this. God has shown me this. He has shown me that wherever truth manifests -- it does not have to be a Christian -- wherever truth or righteousness manifests, the majority of people are rising up to try and kill it.

And you can have a spirit of righteousness on someone that is not a Christian. I was talking to someone about Gandhi. I think it was Rita [SP]. Talking to Rita [SP] about Gandhi. The man was a Hindu. I believe he was a Hindu. Hindu or Muslim, I am not sure. I think he was a Hindu. Was he Hindu?


Yeah. There was a spirit of righteousness on that man.


You see, you could have a spirit of righteousness and not be a Christian.


OK? Well, there are Muslims in India too. That was the religious war in India, Hindu against Muslim.


I think he was a Hindu. Was he Hindu?


Yeah. There was a spirit of righteousness on that man.


You see, you could have a spirit of righteous and not be a Christian.


OK? Well, there are Muslims in India too. That was the religious war in India, Hindu against Muslim. You can have a spirit of righteousness. The potential for good is in everybody. The difference between a spirit of righteousness on a Hindu and a spirit of righteousness that comes from Christ is that the life of the ages exists in Christ. You can only -- you are limited. If you are just moving in a spirit of righteousness as a Hindu, you can only go so far. You cannot attain eternal life from it. The man was a righteous -- well, he was not a righteous man like Jesus was righteous. He did great good for his country. He did great good. He taught a lot of the teachings of Christ, but all that he did could not get him into eternal life.

They were murdering each other in the streets, a religious war -- Hindu against the Muslims. And one man came to him, a Hindu came to him and said, “How can I” -- I do not remember the exact question, but “how could I do good?” And he said to him, “You want to do good? You want to put an end to this war? You are a Hindu? Take one of the Muslim children that have been orphaned and raise him in your own home and let him be a Muslim. Raise him as a Muslim in your Hindu home.” And the guy freaked out.

You see, it is way beyond religion. The true religion of Christ is way beyond man’s religion. It is not whether you are a Muslim or a Hindu; it is not whether you are a Pentecostal or a Catholic or a Baptist or a Lutheran, it is how people treat each other. It is relationships. God wants us to treat each other with godliness, fairness, decency and righteousness; and it has nothing to do with whether you light a candle or you speak in tongues. The true love of God is manifested in relationships. Did Jesus not say there are two golden rules? Which are what? Somebody?



[CROSSTALK] the Lord your God with all your heart and love each other as you love yourself.

As you love yourself. Those are the two rules. Everything hinges on that. And when you are abusing another human being, you are not loving God, and you are not loving him as you love yourself. So if you are a damaged person and you hate yourself, and you go around abusing everybody, that is still no excuse because you are breaking the other commandment. You are not loving God when you are abusing His children in any manner, shape or form.

It is in relationship, and this is why this big lie that is in the kingdom church today, that you do not need to be in a fellowship, that you could stay home in a corner and listen to messages, and you are going to ascend into full stature -- it is a lie because you are not ascending into full stature by listening to messages. You are ascending into full stature by engaging in relationships where Satan in your mind is rubbing against Satan in their mind, and you are having conflict continuously. And when you ascend in Christ and overcome the ungodliness in your mind and the ungodliness in their mind, you are going to ascend into full stature.

The stones rubbing against one another to sharpen?

Well, that is true. It is in relationships. Christ ascends as you overcome ungodliness in your own mind, and it is way beyond any religion that you could name or the practice of any stu- -- such religion. It is in relationship with the person of God, and when you have an intense relationship with Christ, His love will change you; and as you are changed, your relationships with other men and women will change. And if He puts you in a relationship with someone that is having trouble loving you, and you love them no matter what happens, as He has loved you no matter what happens, you will build love in them.

I read in this book -- I do not know where it is. I think I am really through with what I have to say, but he says -- in this book, Erich Fromm says that love -- love -- to love -- to be loved, one must love. We have many people in this world today leading very shallow lives, saying nobody loves me. Cannot find anyone to love me. Cannot find anyone to love me. Brethren, if you want to be loved, you must love. There is no law that says if you love, you must be loved back, or that if you love and you are not loved back that you are going to think bad of the other person or down them in some way. If you want to be loved, you must love.

And if you are in a condition in your life where there is no love in your life, you may have to do a lot of loving without receiving a loving response before you begin to reap what you have sown. You may have to love many unlovable people -- loving them, forgiving them, helping them -- no matter what they are doing or what their response is to you, for you to start reaping that love. It could take years. It depends on how severe your inability to love was in the first place. That is a curse that comes down on the family line, inability to give or receive love.

And I am telling you that this whole human race hates Jesus Christ, and when you come into a right relationship with Jesus Christ and He changes your heart, you start experiencing what He experiences -- that is clearly stated in the Scripture -- and He will send people into your life who you will love and who will hate you in return, who you will pour your life out for and who will hate you and despise you for every good thing you have done for them. And His commitment to you is to love them. It has nothing to do with what they are doing to you. It has nothing to do with whether they love you back or not, and when you keep on loving, eventually, one day, the signs of love will appear in the heart of the one who was incapable of love.

Loving the unlovable builds an ability in them to love. You built it into them, just as if you would take a vulnerable person -- if you are man and you marry a young woman that has not been around very much, or if you are a parent and you have a child, and you abuse them and you break their heart, you build into them an ability to hate. You build into them unforgiveness. You build into them every evil work if they do not have Christ. In the same way, you can take a damaged person and love them without condition, no matter what their response; and if you do it long enough and hard enough, one day love -- an ability to love will appear in their heart. And this is what we are called to. It has nothing to do with religion. You do not have to go to churches and engage in religious rituals that you do not believe in; but Christ is in relationships.

And if you expect to ascend into full stature and have a nature that is in the image of Christ, you can expect the same things to be happening to you that have happened to Him: to be misunderstood, to be despised, to be hated, to be spiritually crucified. We are not being physically crucified in these days, but to have your carnal mind crucified. And you can expect to be glorified with Him. And you can expect to have a profound effect on other people’s lives to the fullest extent that He enables you to give up your own self-preservation so that someone else could be helped, to the fullest extent that He has built that in you, you can expect to see people’s lives change. You can expect to see people raised from the dead and raised up out of all forms of destruction. And this is what we are called to, those of us who are of the body of Christ.

I am sorry, but you are not called to get a Cadillac, and you are not called to get anything for yourself. He will give you things as you go because He knows that you are human. He will heal you because He has much work for you to do. He will heal your mind because He has much work for you to do. He will give you the things that you need to live and have a decent existence. He will bless you. He will give you great things, but only when you are doing His will.

He has great plans for this humanity, and He has got very few people willing to sacrifice their own souls so that Christ can appear in them, so that this healing power can go forth to humanity. He has great plans. His problem is us. It has taken 2,000 years so far. How come His problem is us? We are screaming and yelling and kicking all the way. We do not want to go. We want our piece of pie.

Well, praise the Lord, He is going to have His way. He is going to have a people. However He gets us, He is going to have a people that are going to yield to His mind and that are going to do His works, and sooner or later this whole world is going to be converted. I do not know how long it is going to take, but it has to happen. It has to happen. It has to happen because He said that it is going to happen. That is why it has to happen. Praise the Lord. Any questions? Anybody?

Now, let me just say this. There is a big misunderstanding about dying for your brother and giving up your selfishness so that you could help your brother. God will rebuke unrighteousness. Please do not anybody misunderstand me. When you have laid down your selfishness and your self-preservation for your brother, sometimes it means you have to rebuke people. Sometimes it means you have to tell them the truth that they do not want to hear. Sometimes they get mad at you when you tell them the truth. Sometimes they lash out at you. Sometimes nothing comes out of their mouth, and their carnal mind punches you in the spirit. Please do not anybody misunderstand me. This is not all sweetness and light.

I failed to give you a testimony. This -- I spoke to this married couple once. The man was retired. They were not -- he was in his 60s, and God sends him and his wife to live with this couple. I -- they never really told me the details. They had known them from a church, but they were backslidden and in desperate condition, and he and his wife went to live with them for a whole year.

And he told me that they were very abused in that household, but the Lord told them to stay. The woman really took advantage of them. They shopped; they cooked; they cleaned. She had a baby. He was taking care of the baby, and he was -- this man was a very -- you know, some men, if you do not mind it is fine, but he was a macho man, and it was very distressful for him to be washing people’s clothing and taking care of the baby. It was very distressful to him, but he did it because he believed that it was God.

And after -- and he cried for almost the whole year. He cried out to God, “What are you doing to me? This is terrible.” He says, “I am a man. What are you putting me in this position for?” And God said stay, and they stayed for a year.

And after one year this couple came around. They had been severely backslidden, living in very reprobate conditions, and they just came around. They came back to the Lord. They repented. They revived, and he and his wife moved out. And the Lord gave this young couple a Bible study, and they were just prospering in Christ after he and his wife gave up a whole year of their life.

Now, you do not go doing things like that if God does not put you in that position. If God does not put you in that position, it is no good for the people you are doing it for, and you are just being humiliated for no reason. So that is not very smart. God has to send you. It has to be a sacrifice of obedience to Christ so that that person can rise from the dead. For all intents and purposes, they rose from the dead.

So there can be all kinds of experiences in dying for your brother, including sharp rebuke and confrontation and some very, sometimes, unpleasant conflicts, if it is led by Christ. You have to know that Christ does that. He does not come in dancing and skipping in and saying, “Well, I am here to die for you.” It does not work like that because the person that you are dying for does not want you to die for them, neither do they want to rise from the dead. Well, they might think they want to rise from the dead, but they really do not want the realities of it or the nitty-gritty of it.

Any questions from anybody? Nobody? Any questions on anything? Going -- would you put that on pause, please? I do not really think we are quite finished.


“Yea,” saith the Lord, “I shall defeat you. I shall make your -- well, I shall make your hate -- I shall take your hate, and I shall turn it into love. I shall actually crush your carnal mind,” saith the Lord, “and I shall exalt Myself in you; and you shall serve Me, and many shall receive My love for you. And I will do this thing for My own name’s sake,” saith God, “for I have determined to be glorified in you, and I have called you from before the foundation of the Earth. And, yea, I shall defeat your rebellion, and I shall put down your carnal mind; and all shall be well, and there shall be peace in all of My holy mountains,” saith the Lord, “for I have redeemed it, and I shall bring it to pass.”

You have something to say?

Would I be oversimplifying it if I said the unforgivable sin -- the unpardonable sin is attributing to Satan the things that God has done, like this psychiatrist -- psychoanalyst has done?

No, no. The unforgivable -- there is no unforgivable sin. It is a lie that -- it is -- that comes out of a misinterpreta- -- a mistranslation and a misinterpretation of the Bible. There is no unforgivable sin. All sin shall be forgiven -- all manner of sin and trespass shall be forgiven unto men. Satan and the carnal mind, however, shall not be forgiven. And what that means is -- it is not a vengeful statement of God. What it means is this, that there are several words translated evil in the Greek and in the Hebrew, and God considers man evil because we were good, and we fell down, and we became evil. But the fact that we were good and fell down means that we are redeemable. We can become good again by the power of God.

But Satan and his carnal mind was never good and never can be good. He is inherently evil. His nature is evil. He is unredeemable, and, therefore, he is unforgivable because the forgiveness of sins of men is the return to goodness. The forgiveness of sin is to convert us into a condition where we stop sinning. It is the --

Let me say it again. The for- -- the true forgiveness of sin, when God forgives you, He fixes your heart so that you stop sinning. God’s forgiveness of man’s sin is to fix his nature so that he stops sinning; and man is of such a nature that this can be done. He was good; he w- -- became evil; and God is going to fix him, and he is going to become good again. Satan was never good. He is inherently evil; he can be nothing but evil; and, therefore, he is unforgivable because God made him that way. So what has to happen to Satan is that he has to come under authority. He has to be controlled because the -- if -- he can do nothing but be evil.

So that evil has to be directed. It is an ener- -- that evil is an energy force that can be harnessed and used for the good of mankind. The scriptural example is a bull, a wild, raging bull. When they geld a bull, he becomes an ox, and he pulls the plow, and he serves mankind. So Satan has to be restrained and redirected, but man is going to be forgiven and restored to righteousness. Anybody else? Did I answer your question?


Well, it will be on the message. There is no unforgivable sin. That is not in the Bible. Those words are not in the Bible, and what the Bible says about anyone who blasphemes the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven in this age or the next, but it is an incorrect translation. Jesus never said that. Every sin is forgivable. There is nothing that you have done, that you have thought or that has been done to you that Jesus cannot fix.

When I first came to the Lord and I used to hear the expression Jesus is never late, I could never understand that because people die; people get sick; people experience all kinds of terrible things in their life. How could you say Jesus is never late? Well, what that means is when He gets to you -- when He finally gets to you, anything that has happened to you can be corrected. It can be -- if you have been scarred, He can heal you. If it has left you with a demon, He can cast the demon out. If it has hurt your mind, He can fix that up and use what happened to you to train you to help other people that have had the same experience. Everything will work for your good, and that is how He is never late. He is in full control of this world, and He is in full control of your life, and there is nothing that He cannot cope with.


Anybody else?

And if you die?

And if you die, well, He can raise you from the dead. Or if He does not raise you from the dead, He can fulfill His purposes or His promises to you in either your offspring or in other members of your family. Remember, you are just spirit. These bodies are just temporary. You have an immortal spirit. I know the Scripture says “immortal soul,” but it is talking about your spirit. You have a morta- -- if you have an immortal soul, you must have a what?


[?A mortal soul.?]

You must have a mortal soul. Your mortal soul is your soul made out of the clay, and your immortal soul -- I really have not looked that word up in the Greek, but it probably means spirit. Your immortal soul is that part of you which cannot die, and that is spirit. That soul that sins dies, so it is not talking about your soul. The part of you that does not die is spirit. Everything else goes the way of all flesh -- dust, dust, dust. You are spirit.

You see, if you have lived in an age or at a time when it was not an option for you to have Christ come forth and be glorified in you and give you the life of the ages, if you did not have that option, well, then you live your life, hopefully, to the fullest extent to the glory of God that you can, and you pass on. But if you live in an age where you really have an option for Christ to be glorified in you, and you turn away from it, or you turn it down, or ha- -- for whatever happens, you resist him so hard that He turns away from you -- which He does sometimes, but not al- -- I do not know how He de- -- makes these decisions. I do not know. Then it is not a glory unto you; it is not a glory unto your family or anyone else if you had the option and you turned away from Him. It is not a blessing on your family line.


Do I know what I am going to call this message? No. Do you have a question? Can someone pass Michelle [SP] the microphone, please?

You were explaining earlier that if -- I asked the question if you die, you were saying then the promises will be fulfilled in your offspring or somebody in your family, but what if you die and you never had children? Where would the promises be fulfilled?

Well, the promises are fulfilled in two levels. If you -- some people have spiritual children and what -- how do you know when you have a spiritual child? If you have ministered to somebody and you see the life of Christ coming forth in them, the Scripture says you have fathered children in Christ. So the blessings go there. And if you do not natural children, it goes on your family line. You have fathers, sisters, nieces, nephews. It goes on the family line.

See, it is a great mystery, but the Scripture clearly states that you live in your offspring. It is a Bible principle. You see, the perversion of that is reincarnation. Reincarnation says that you -- your soul comes back and is born in another body, but that is not true. The soul that sins dies, but it is a scriptural principle that your soul goes on -- or at least part of your soul goes on in your offspring.

We have the nature of our parents, and some of us do not like the nature of our parents, and we are determined to not be like our parents. And then one day we wake up and guess what? We are just like our parents. I was looking for a coffee mug, one of these [UNINTELLIGIBLE] coffee mugs, not too long ago, and I found one that said -- it was a woman who had -- her arms were spread out, and she says, “Guess what? I became my mother today.” The world is filled with people that reject their family and turn up just like them.

And on- -- it is only in Christ what you -- you know, what you despise, maybe it is something that is really ungodly in your parents. It takes Christ to defeat it and to root it out of you because it is in the family line. And if you think that you are different from all the qualities that you hate in your family, you are probably married to someone that is just like your family. You do not beat this thing that easily. When you grow up in a dysfunctional family or an ungodly family, either you are just like them or you are married to someone that is just like them. Or if you are not married, you keep getting into relationships that are very similar to the sickness in your family. You do not beat this thing by walking away from it. There is no place you can run. There is no place you can take your body that is going to get you away from it. It is spirit. It is spiritual. It is in the spirit, and it takes the power of Christ to deliver you out of it.

A lot of people reject their religious background; they reject their ethnic background. They will marry someone of a different nationality trying to get away from what they were raised with. And guess what? They find the one person of that other nationality that is just like their people. It is spiritual. You cannot run from that. It takes the power of Christ to break it. Anybody else? There is no place you can run. Dig yourself a foxhole and jump in. No place to go. Right? Right? Right. No place to run.

[INAUDIBLE] a couple of years ago, I felt the Lord had said to me that I was supposed to use Satan as a servant, the Lord was speaking, just the way He uses Satan as a servant. And that just came back to me when you were talking about the ox being castrated and then being used -- the bull -- the raging bull being castrated and then used as an ox, beast of burden, a servant

Well, I think God wants all of us to use Satan as a servant. The question is getting him to agree. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] he is not going to agree. You have to beat him down. You have to kick him. He is never going to agree to it. He is a wild, raging beast, and he needs to be tread under the feet of Christ in you.

When the mind of Christ is manifested in the Sons of God, Satan will not be there to contend with. He will be completely swallowed up. Am I right?

No, no, not at the manifestation of the Sons of God. He will be tread underfoot. He will not be swallowed up until the crucifixion. He is down there. Well, you see, the whole problem now is that we have fallen down -- let me show you this on the board. The whole problem is that we have fallen down under Satan’s authority. You see, Satan has not moved. In the creation -- in the moral order of the creation, Satan was at this level, let us say, and Adam was in the heavenlies. He was up here. The Scripture says he was a great tree, and he had dominion over everything underneath. Look at the natural example of the tree in the forest. Down on the ground is all the pestilence and the worms and the bugs, but the tree stands, OK? Now, what happened was -- what happened to my eraser? It just fell? Oh, thanks, Jesse [SP]. OK.

So Adam was up there. He had dominion over -- Satan was under his feet, OK, but Adam fell down. He came down here, and Satan is on top of him. Satan ha- -- does not move. So all the problems that we have are that we are down here. We have to get back up there again.

Let me draw it for you this way. God describes Adam as a tree, so here was the tree. Adam was the great tree. Satan was under his feet. Just like [?saying?Satan,?] a man walks through the jungle with high boots and none of the snakes can get at him. None of the snakes could get at him. He was too tall, but he fell down. The tree fell down, and now the tree is lying this way. I guess I should do it this way. The tree is lying this way, yeah, and Satan is on top of the tree. We are a dead tree.

He never changed. Satan is the same. We changed. We are the ones that changed. Satan does not change. Satan is either controlled, or he is not controlled. He is an energy source. He is a wild, raging, negative energy force that needs to be directed, contained and controlled. And we are told that in that last day he is going to be controlled by the fire of God.

Now, if you take a man -- maybe God will supernaturally let me draw one of these days. I cannot draw. Three eyes -- I gave him three eyes. OK. Take a man, fallen man; the energy source known as Satan operates basically on his spine. It goes all through his body, but operates basically on his spine, right up into his brain. It goes right up into his brain. And pre- -- he is pretty much doing what he wants these days, but we are told that in the last days, when Christ is formed man, Christ, which is a consuming fire and a positive energy force, is going to be in the mind, and the mind is going to go down the nervous system, and we are going to have fire -- we are told in Ezekiel 1 that there is going to be fire all through the lines of the man, OK, and this fire of God, which is Christ, is going to overlay Satan and utterly control him. Fire is going to start from the seat over here. It is going to go all the way up into heaven, the Scripture says; it is going to go all the way down into hell, and it is going to utterly control and contain the negative energy source. Anybody else?

The mystics -- the Hindu mystics call this the Kundalini. They know that there is an energy source that flows up and down man’s spinal column into his brainstem and into his brain. It needs to be contained. It needs to be overlaid with the power of God. See, at the beginning of time, these two energy sources -- the positive and the negative energy source -- existed in man, and it was under the rule of righteous Adam. It was overlaid. The negative energy source was overlaid by the imputed Christ, and there was a separation.

Remember that -- were you here -- you were not here for the teaching in Daniel 8, were you? There was a separation. The way God describes that is as a ram that had two horns, two power sources, but they were functioning as one power source. Why? Because there was a leader and there was a follower; and the follower submitted to the leader, and they operated as one power source. But Satan separated out from under Righteous Adam’s authority, and that is when the whole creation went haywire and Adam lost it. Righteous Adam lost control.

Brethren, I want to tell you that you have got to get ahold and control of Satan in your own mind, and you have got to hang on no matter what because when you lose control of that thing, he is going to do a lot of damage. Whatever measure of control God has given you over him, hold on with everything that you have got when he roars you because when he gets out from under you, he is going to contaminate your life, and he is going to contaminate everybody that touches your life, and he is going to rob and steal and destroy everything that God has put into your life to the fullest extent that God allows him to do it at that encounter. Anybody else?

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