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The fountains of the great deep are flowing up and the windows of heaven were opened. When we see the water coming from underneath, rising up, and coming upon us from the outside, what we are seeing today is the outpouring of the glorious move of the Spirit, and his watchful anointing, and all of the gifts, blessings, and teachings. But there is another aspect to what is about to happen to us. We know that something is happening to us. We speak about divine health. Something has happened to you. There is a great deep in us. When the Holy Spirit pours upon you, and the kingdom of God is planted within you, it is the beginning of a war path between the two minds, the mind of Christ and the carnal mind. The result of this warfare will determine your future life, and Christ must prevail over the carnal mind. He shall put every enemy under his feet, even the last enemy, which is death. His message to you today is that he wants you to be working with him. God is not raising up an army of robots, who would be controlled by the Spirit of God. He wants you to say that thought was an unrighteous thought. It must have come from my carnal mind. He wants you to pray that Christ arise in you and destroy my strong enemy who will cause me to sin.

If we resist this behavior in our human strength, we might succeed in not acting out, but Jesus said, if you lust after a woman, you have already sinned in your heart. In this hour, Christ has come to deliver you from the hidden sins of your heart, that keep you carnal, and keep you in death. We must enter into life by entering into the kingdom, which is within. The warfare is the Lord’s, but we must work with him. Scripture. Bring every thought into captivity. Cast down every high imagination. This is not something that is impossible to do. Just as Jesus said, submit to water baptism, and I shall baptize you with the Spirit, and everything you do, I will honor in the Spirit. Do your best. Seek righteousness. Seek the glory of God, and He will do the work in you. I declare to you that we, man, do not have the strength to kill the carnal mind. Does not the Scripture say, the enmity in the flesh must be slain? The enmity in your flesh is mind. How do you kill a mind? We do not have the means to kill mind. Let this mind be in you that was in the mind of Jesus. Let that same mind be in you, and that mind will kill the death which reigns within you.

This mind, that the Lord is saying, let it be in you, starts with a mustard seed. Amen. It starts in your heart as a mustard seed, and we must discover it as one discovers a pearl of great price. We must wake up one day and have a revelation that the Lord has said this pearl is within us. Do you know what a pearl comes from? A pearl grows in an oyster. Do you have oysters here? One grain of sand gets inside the oyster. One grain of seed. That is how small the seed of the kingdom of God is when entering into your heart. Let me remind you of how difficult it is for that grain of sand to get inside of the oyster. That is your heart. The Lord has been working with you in meetings like this. He is exposing you to the move of the Holy Spirit, trying to get that Spirit through your body into you, and He has the authority to do it. When that mustard seed gets inside of you, it is the most insignificant seed known to man, Jesus said. It begins to grow, and as it grows, it will swallow up the death of mind that we were born with.

Jesus grew in wisdom and grace, so we must understand that the mind of God wants to be the mind that thinks through us all the time. God’s ways are not man’s ways. Sometimes, when our minds are carnal, and we come in contact with a man, whose mind is spiritual a lot of the time, it is confusing to us. God says my ways are not your ways. The Scripture says the man who moves, the man who is mature in Christ, is like the wind. The Spirit blows him whatever way he would go. We spend our entire lives making our own decisions, saying I will rise in the morning, and I will do this, and go that way. I will make this purchase. But when the mind of Christ begins to appear in you, he wants to start entering into your decision making process. He wants to be the Lord of your life, not only your Savior, but the Lord of your every thought, and the Lord of your every decision. He wants to lay hold of the sin in your life, which is no condemnation unto you. It is our state of being, brethren.

Our state of being is the way we were born. That is why our ancestors have been dying for thousands of years. Without the intervention of the Lord, we will eventually go the way of all flesh, but for the impartation of the kingdom of God unto us. It is the mind that is in you, which is called death. To be carnally minded produces death. The problem that we have is that without the work of the Lord, which imparts the kingdom of God, as a seed, into our heart, we can do nothing but be carnally minded. Of ourselves, we can do nothing. The Lord says, I know you desire to live. I know you desire righteousness. I know you desire life. But He says, if your righteousness does not exceed the righteousness of the Pharisees, you shall not enter into life. What was the righteousness of the Pharisees? They had the Word of God. We are told they had the Spirit of Christ. They had the prophets. They had the priests. The glory of God was upon them. The cloud appeared in the wilderness. The pillar of fire appeared in the wilderness. The Lord rolled back the waters of the Red Sea, and they passed over on dry ground, we are told. Then the Lord did it again. They crossed over the Jordan on dry ground. So what is this righteousness of the Pharisees?

It is the righteousness, which is imparted by the written law. Before Jesus Christ was crucified, raised from the dead, and ascended, that law was the highest measure of righteousness available to man. That is why many believers get confused when they read in the Book of Job, that Job was perfect in the eyes of God. I would say to this person, Job was guilty of pride. Job was guilty of rebellion, and Job was guilty of fear. Fear is a sin. Everything that is not of faith is sin. I had one sister say to me once, what are you talking about? The Bible says he was perfect. He was perfect in regard to his compliance with the law. That was all that God expected of him in that hour. Why? Because God knew that man, any man, was not capable of any greater measure of perfection than obedience to a written commandment. This is the righteousness of the Pharisees. God blessed it and honored it.

There was not one sick in Israel. They went into battle with not one wounded, not one man lost. They marched around Jericho. They said not one word as they marched around the city. Can you imagine if this building was your city, and you saw this foreign nation just marching around your city for seven days? The Scripture says the hearts of the Jericho people were filled with fear. Why? We are told in the New Testament, the fearlessness of the Israelites made the Jericho people afraid. For seven days they marched around the city. Not only that, but Joshua told the people not to speak. Do you know any people who could not speak for seven days? That was a miracle in itself. Then the command came to blow the trumpet. When they blew the trumpet, the walls of the city came down flat. I am told that they did not fall down like you would expect a wall to fall. It sunk into the ground, a supernatural feat, and the Israelites just entered into the city.

Brethren, in this hour, there is a war between the kingdom of God, which is within you, and the carnal mind, which is within you, and most of the members of the church today are having trouble entering into the kingdom, even though it is within them. They live out of their carnal mind, but I declare to you there is an hour coming where people will be walking around your city, and the Lord is saying, blow the trumpet, and the walls are about to fall down, brethren. There is a high priest company coming. God is no respecter of persons, but He is a God of order. Everyone is not entering in at the same time. We must line up, and come in, every man in his order, as God ordains it. The Lord has ordained for a firstfruits company to cross over the Jordan, which typifies the river of death, to enter into life, and to come back for the rest of the people, all of God’s people, which is the whole creation, because God loves everybody. We will enter into the kingdom in companies, in groups, according to God’s selection. He is no respecter of persons. We just do not understand God’s mind.

He has everything under control. There is a warfare to fight. Our strong union is with God. We have the Book. It tells us what is righteous and what is not righteous. But to perform this, Paul says in the Book of Romans, Chapter 7:18, to perform this, how do I do it? He says, in my mind I observe the law of God, but in my flesh I serve the law of sin and death. So this is why a man, named Jesus, came to deal with the predicament of man, because the mind that we were born with is dead, and eventually, our body dies. Now this is a great mystery, but God’s definition of death is not man’s definition of death. God’s definition of death is separation from God; spiritual separation from God. Back in antiquity, when the creation fell, what happened to cause the fall, was that man separated from God in his thinking. Does not Scripture say we are alienated from God in our mind? Why do we need the union with the Son, whose mind is perfect? Union with the Son brings salvation. The Son is within you. The kingdom of God is within you.

This is a great mystery; two minds separately within us. James said, the double minded man is unstable in all his ways. With one mind we serve the Lord, and with the other mind is lust, unto the motions of sins in my members as strong powerful foes, to bring down the man of God. Brethren, you do not curtail an action of sin without roots of deep sin. Let this mind which was in Christ Jesus, let it be in you, and let that mind overpower the body of sin that you were born with, because now there is no more condemnation in Christ Jesus. Now that mind of Christ, which is sinless, which is perfect, now that it is in you, there is now no more condemnation for sin because it is the will of God that, that sinless perfect mind shall swallow up your bodies. How would this occur? This will occur through crucifixion, not of your body, but of your true essence, of your true parts. That which is now separate must be joined. They will be nailed together. Paul said of Christ Jesus in Ephesians 2:15; of the twain of the two minds, he made one new man, the beginning of the creation of God.

There must be a joining and he wants you to know about it. He does not want to come upon you as a thief in the night. He does not want to be as a thief climbing up your building and entering into the windows. He wants you to come as a friend. Jesus said, those who obey my commandments, those are my friends, and I tell them everything I do. To those who do not obey me, they are my servants. The servants will also receive, but without understanding. To get this understanding today, we must understand that there is a warfare between the two minds. There is power. The mind of Christ is entering into our world, and into the individual minds of men, as an invading force. We sin because it is our nature to sin. The righteousness that comes from restraining ourselves will not give us eternal life, but the righteousness which is in the mind of Christ, will impart eternal life to us from the inside out.

That Christ, in us, must swallow up, through crucifixion, that carnality that you inherited from our ancestors going all the way back, because in Adam, all died. When Adam died at the beginning of time, every descendant that was not even born yet, died. According to the understanding of spiritual things, every baby born is born dead, because the mind in that child is dead. I am told that we start to age almost from the minute that we are born. The aging process is a sign of that death. Who will deliver us from this body of death? How long will this curse upon humanity continue? Poverty, sickness, whatever befalls us in this world, the end of it all is death. Well, in this hour there is a new mind. It is not the righteousness of the Pharisees, brethren. The righteousness of the Pharisees is a good thing. It can give you a good life for your existence of seventy, eighty, or ninety years. Why? Because the Bible says you will reap what you sow. If you do good works, you will reap what you sow. If you are kind to others, God will be kind to you. Lord willing, you will have good health and healthy children, and be reasonably content. But it is just for this life, brethren, and then the blessings go on to your children. You will have food and shelter, and your needs will be met.

Still it is just for this life, brethren. Prayers of righteousness, in Christ, exceeds the righteousness of the Pharisees. When this righteousness becomes your righteousness, your body will cease from dying. The Bible says in Romans 8:11; if that Spirit, which raised Christ from the dead dwells in you, it will quicken your mortal body. Now the Greek word translated quicken is not the same word as raised from the dead. There is something in your heart that is a remnant of the life that was in the man before he died. When that is raised from the dead, when Christ is raised from the dead in you, it will give life to your soul and to this flesh. Jesus said, no man taketh my life, but I lay it down. He could have lived forever in that body which was born Jesus of Nazareth, an identity of a human man.

The reason he gave up his life, was that when the Father raised him from the dead, he was converted into a spirit, and returned to the Father, and he is now in a condition, where he is no longer confined to a single identity. He is pouring out of his spirit upon all flesh. All flesh, white flesh, black flesh, yellow flesh, Moslem flesh, Catholic flesh, and when he sprinkles on you, it is that mustard seed sprinkling on you, trying to pierce your heart. While he is sprinkling on you, he is blessing you. He is healing you. He is meeting your needs. He is directing your life. His overall purpose is to penetrate your heart, to get that seed inside of you. The Scripture likens it to a pregnant seed. Have you not read that in that day you will see men with their hands on their loins as a woman in travail?

There is a spiritual pregnancy, brethren. It is the mind of Christ. It is the very life of God growing inside of you. I tell you a great mystery. We carry the Son of God within us. He is not coming from out there. He is coming from within you. The fountains of the deep must be broken up. We just read that scripture. What are the fountains of the deep? They are that by which we all live. It must be broken up. Peter says the elements will melt and they will come down with a great crash. I declare to you, brethren, it is not this physical world that is going to crash, but it is that mind that you were born with that will melt. It will bend its knee to the Christ in you, because the Christ in you is fire. It is an all-consuming fire. The Christ in you is a fire. In fact, it is the lake of fire. That carnal mind, which you were born with, will be pierced, and melted, and it will not be able to kill you any longer.

You shall say, as Paul said, I live, but not I, but Christ who liveth in me. Our life is Christ. That life is within you. It must get inside of you, if it has not already entered in, and it must grow with wisdom and grace. It will be glorious as it approaches the fullness of the stature of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the world will begin to shake. These scriptures are happening within us, although it may also happen out there also. They are happening in us. This message in the Scripture is a personal message for the individual. The world will shake. The stars of this life will cease to shine. The sun of the life you were born with will be covered over in darkness, as with sackcloth, and when it is high noon, it will be black outside. The moon will be covered with blood. Whose blood, brethren? Even the blood of Christ Jesus in you.

You see, the Scripture is a parable, and there are mysteries in it. The natural man reads it as pure destruction, but there is another chapter to the Book. It is in there, but it is not outside of the Book. It is deep in the Book. It is in the Christ. It is in the Word of God that is in your heart. When that sun ceases to shine, brethren, the Son of Christ shall appear. When that moon ceases to give its light, it is because the light of Christ is within you. When the stars give up their shining, it is because the stars of Christ are within you. It is a destruction, but it is a destruction unto your resurrection of the glorified life of the Lord Jesus Christ. Brethren, it is for us to go on to a condition of life and preservation, and divine health, and divine provision, and everything that the Bible has promised. For us to go on, we must leave behind that which now exists. Now we do not give up something until the Lord lifts you up. Some people do not understand spiritual things. They use this word to allow silly doctrine to exist. How could this happen?

The man of sin is behind Satan and destruction, and they obeyed. Why? Because he said to them, this is God, and they said amen, this must be God, but it was not God. In this day, brethren, in this late hour, as we wait for the appearance of our glorious God and Saviour, we must ask God, and include in our prayer petitions to Him, to help us to recognize the two voices in our mind, so that we might reject the one of sin, and cleave unto the voice of righteousness. The mind of righteousness shall kill the enmity in our flesh, and we shall forever be with the Lord. Perfection, brethren, is in Christ. As far as we try, we will never be perfect in our humanity. It is only when we transfer into Christ, join with him, become one with him, agree with him in our members, which are sinful, we should cease to exist, that we shall enter into the righteousness which exceeds the righteousness of the Pharisees, It is the righteousness, which is unto life, just as Jesus did. Glory to God.

Brethren, this is not only the last days. This is the last minutes of the last hour of the last days. Some men wait for this world to blow up. No brethren, there is about to be an appearance of Christ in his people. They will be a company of people that look just like you and me, but they will not think like you and I think. All men will be offended by the way they think. They will attribute ungodly motives to the way that they think because they will be so different. Jesus said, they hated me, and they will hate you. When the mind that was in the man Jesus, is in you, the mind which is carnal, will hate you.

They will not hate you as man hates. They will be in opposition to you, an irritation, a discomfort with you. When the carnal mind is fully manifested, they do not even have understanding. There is something about that person that bothers them. They will ask how do they do this, or know this?

Pray without ceasing. What does that mean? Do you stay on your knees twenty four hours a day? No, prayer is communication with God. Amen. The shorter and the more concise, the more to the point, the better. The Lord wants you to connect with him. Our salvation is in union with the Son.

The way we join with the Son is in the way we think. More often we should say to Him, Father, is this what you want us to do? Why is that person behaving this way? A quick short prayer with no bondage, but make the Lord your partner. There are certain things that you must make a decision on rapidly. You do the best you can, but you follow up with prayer. I did not have time to pray about this fully, but if I did not do your will, please arrange the circumstances so that a change can be made. Take your everyday prayer, and make it a condition of your heart. Father, guide my steps. Let it be recorded that I am thinking of you. Now we know that way is not true right away, but make the contract with the Lord. It is my desire, Father, that you should be the Lord of my life. I desire that every decision that I make should glorify you. If I make a decision that does not glorify you, come to me, speak to me, correct me.

I desire your correction. Let this perfection, which is in Christ, be mine. Let my righteousness exceed the righteousness of the Pharisees. Let me enter into life through union with you. If you have made a mistake, it has been my experience that if you do not ask, the Lord probably will not tell you. Why? He wants you to feel the necessity to join with him in your mind. So if you do something in your life, and it appears to you that perhaps you took a step in the wrong direction, you may say, Father, why did you not warn me? He said, you knew that from the Scripture. I walk out of the house, and I say, Father, did I forget anything? Father, order my steps for the day. Send me where you would have me to go. Bring people into my life that you would have me to speak to. Let my words be your words.

This behavior results in the joining of your mind with the Christ, which is inside of you. When you were alienated from God in your mind, and when you were separated from him in your mind, you shall now be joined to him in your mind, and when that joining is so complete that the Scripture likens it to crucifixion, the joining of the two minds, the carnal mind and the Christ mind, this joining will not damage Christ. This joining will slay the enmity, which is in your carnal mind, and you shall enter into the Christ mind, and you will not have to labor to be perfect. You will not have to labor to overcome sin. Let me remind you that labor is under the curse. We labor with our hands to make the fields grow. We labor to wash the clothing. We labor for everything. We must use this body, but there is no labor in Christ. There is also a spiritual labor. I did not make that clear. There is a spiritual labor that we are all laboring in, whether we labor to resist sin or something else. Everybody knows the obvious things that we do that brings destruction into our lives. Non-Christians know this. We labor continuously to keep that thing down under our feet.

The Scripture likens it to the weeds in a garden. We labor to get the roots of the trees out, that cease not, to get dominion over us. This is the labor that we will cease from in Christ. It is the spiritual labor, and when the enmity is slain, there shall be no more labor. Our nature shall be righteous. Every thought that we think shall be righteous. Every word that we say shall be righteous. Every deed that we do shall be righteous, without labor. Then eventually, this will touch our body and our world. The physical labor will cease too. Everything that we see in this world, in our life, it is an expression of the mind, and the condition of our carnal mind, which is in agreement. Union with Christ is the joining with you in your mind that will change everything. Does anybody have any questions?

This is what will happen to you. It starts with knowing the Word. It starts with reading it, with praying, with hearing it preached, for that seed that has to come into you. It has to get inside of your heart before it can start to grow. It has to grow in you. You need to be mature enough to swallow up the seed, so that you can be raised from the dead. The resurrection of the dead is not from the dead bodies in the grave back here. The resurrection is from your dead mind, which is in you. God wants to raise your mind from the dead. The seed must get inside of you. It must be conceived. Either you are pregnant, or you are not pregnant. You can want a child more than anything in the world. Even if you are married, there is no guarantee that you will bear a child. Anyone can be barren. The Scripture speaks about spiritual barrenness, but the Lord says to us, that He will give you more children than the married wife.

You barren, you who are spiritually barren, who have not had Christ in your members, He has promised you more children than the married wife. Who are your children? Christ, the manchild of Revelation 12:13, must be born in you, because we shall be saved in childbearing. Salvation is child bearing and then union with that child. Salvation is bearing the child. We must believe the doctrine. We must believe it, but besides believing the doctrine, we need the truth. Does not the Holy Spirit point us to truth? Truth is the spiritual child. His name is Christ, who will lead you into the unknown. There is no child without receiving the seed, and there is no receiving the seed without the union. If you have received the Holy Spirit, you have the union. If you have submitted yourself to ministry like this, the seed is falling upon you. Ask the Father for what you need to grow. If it has not happened to you yet, ask the Father. It must happen to you. You need to experience it. Salvation is an experience. Father, let them desire righteousness. Thank you Jesus. Prayer for congregation now.

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