580 - Part 2


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Part 2 of 2 Parts 

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COMMENT: If you could help to just, last night when you were reading from the dream, you had shown us the Christ being the cornerstone, and then you had talked, tried to give us some understanding on the male and female aspects of the positioning.  You had to me distinguished Christ being the male and then there was the carnal mind, and the personality, and I had kind of lumped the personality together with the carnal mind, in just most of my thinking generally, but you several times distinguished them as separate, and so if you could just clarify as the personality, it was with the carnal mind and now it is joined with Christ, if you could just give some clarification.

PASTOR VITALE: The soul has five, there are five levels to the soul, everybody is born with the lowest level, the Hebrew word that you find in the Hebrew text of the Scripture that is translated soul is Nephesh, Nephesh, and that is the lowest level of soul.  Everyone born of a woman has a Nephesh.  The mind is a formation, the mind grows out of the soul.  The mind grows out of the soul, that is the best way I could say that right now, the personality is the Cain and Abel that I spoke about earlier, the personality is that residue of Adam who died, and our personality is either formed in the image of Cain or it is formed in the image of Abel.

When Abel ascends above Cain, then his name changes to Christ.  The Scripture always Cain and Abel, because the fallen nature is dominating.  When Abel is resurrected, he is resurrected, his name changes.  When he is dead his name is Abel, and when he is resurrected, his name is Christ, and that is the personality, it is a two sided personality, and we all have two sides to us.

James says we are a double minded man, so it is not just the mind that jumps back and forth, between the carnal mind and the Christ mind, because the mind has to have a garment over it, the mind is expressed through a personality.  It is either expressed through Cain or through Abel.  Now the problem before we have Abel raised from the dead, Abel under Cain.  Do you remember I explained that Cain is attached to Leviathan who is attached to Satan, who is attached to the Dragon, that is that dandelion root.  The dead Abel has been forcibly brought over to that negative, it is Abel who is the harlot that is riding on the beast in the book of Revelation.

Abel is the element in the human being that gives us consciousness.  The dead root or the dead piece of the Adam who fell, but even in his death, he is for lack of a better word, the life force, or I say what gives animation to the dead soul.  He is captured, Abel, if you saw the picture The Matrix, I think it was either the second or the third one, they bring this concept of the key maker into it, and the key maker, and the key maker he is buried down in this dungeon and I do not think the movie really explains why the key maker is so important, but he is buried in the dungeon and all of the forces of evil are after the key maker, but the movie does not explain why he is that important. 

He is a type of Abel who has been captured, that dungeon that he was buried in, was a dungeon in the underworld.  Abel in the person who has not been quickened is a captive, and he has a life force even though he is dead, I know it is not the right word, but I think you know what I am talking about.  He is the source, he is the hidden energy ball that gives animation to the dead soul.

When the Serpent loses him, the whole kingdom of the Serpent is going to collapse.  Abel, when he is quickened by Christ overturns Cain and now you have the personality of Christ.  I am not sure if I answered you completely, but the personality is Cain, it is Cain and Abel.  The personality is the dead root of Adam who died.

COMMENT: You said that the carnal mind comes out of the personality.  Cain is the beast, correct? 

PASTOR VITALE: No, the beast is the dead soul.

COMMENT: The beast is the dead soul, I thought Cain was the substance, and Abel was the spirit, Cain was the formation.

PASTOR VITALE: That is true, the piece of Adam that died has an earthen side and a spiritual side.

COMMENT: Right, and Abel is the spiritual side and Cain is the earthen side, so would not the earthen side then be, the carnal mind is not the container?

PASTOR VITALE: It is a container of the spirit.

COMMENT: It is a container of the spirit, so would not Cain be the carnal mind? Because it is a container, it is the earthen side.

PASTOR VITALE: I could see that the personality is a container for the mind and the mind is the container for the spirit, I could see that.  All that means it is on the outside, like my physical body is the outside, and inside are all my organs and my blood and I am all in pieces inside, organs, muscles, tendons.

COMMENT: So would it not be that the personality is inside, see what I am basically seeing here is Abel is underneath Cain, and everything should be turned, see everything is upside down, right, so, what I see, what I am getting in my mind for some reason is that Cain is basically the carnal mind, and when it begins to reverse, it turns inside out and then it is put in proper order, Abel comes up and Cain is put underfoot, and then of course Abel, Abel then comes into Christ.

PASTOR VITALE: I wish I had a board that I could draw on, I usually draw this with circles, it is easier to understand in circles.  Each level of consciousness is an inner circle, so Abel is at the innermost point, he is covered over by Cain, then the layers of soul start and layers of soul, each layer is another circle like an orbit, another orbit on an atom.

It is very powerful and essential that you pray over her, but that you deal with your wife, so we are talking about two different things, your prayers for Xxxx covering her with the blood, breaking the curses on her, putting hedges of thorns, protection around her, spiritual authority, you should be doing what Xxxx suggests, you should be covering her also, and you have the authority to minimize if not completely stop it.  Once you get the vision, I see you do not have the vision.  Once you get the vision that you have the authority to do it, you could do it.

COMMENT: (several people talking at the same times)

PASTOR VITALE: She is called, I am not prophesying it to you but that is really my educated opinion that she is called and that she has these demonic forces in her, I was very demonized when I came to the Lord, I told you I spent five years having demons cast out of me, because the demons were killing me, they were making me sick, but I am convinced that she is going to come, but somebody has to break that witchcraft power coming out of her, and you are the one to do it, you have the authority, the legal spiritual authority to do it.

COMMENT: That is one thing that I mentioned to you before, is that you have a tendency to be, she takes on the headship in the house, and you know, when that takes place, it strengthens her and gives her more illegal ground to continue to war against you, but right, once you get that vision of the head of the household in Christ Jesus, and you make that stand in the spirit you know, it will, it will not, you know it will slow the process down of what she is doing, because she continues to draw that energy from what she is doing.

PASTOR VITALE: Are you suggesting that he stand against her in the natural, I am not suggesting any kind of striving.

COMMENT: No, I am not speaking of fighting or arguing or anything like that, but in the spirit, you continue to just you know fall under that spiritual authority that she is bringing forth and it is making you come under that, and so she is taking that spiritual headship.

PASTOR VITALE: I am not aware of that, is that true, do you agree with what Xxxx is saying? 

COMMENT: I guess I do not, when I go to bed, I rebuke you know the witchcraft, on her and her family line.

PASTOR VITALE: You do it as her husband, you see, you can talk to the principalities to her in the spirit.

COMMENT: Listen for me to love her, I have to get into the spirit, to actually show her love.  It is tough because...

PASTOR VITALE: I am telling you something different, I am telling, I am trying to give you a vision so that you could, if you do not, it has to come from in here, when I tell you about it, if you agree with it, you can ask the Lord, and He can put that will in you to do it.  You can talk to her in the spirit, where she cannot hear you, wherever you would go to be alone, and you say, Listen to me, Xxxx, I am your husband, you are wrong, I do not want you doing this, I do not want you doing that, of course it has to a godly rebuke, you know, and I am the God ordained authority in this house, and you will come into submission to Christ in me, I break your witchcraft power, and, if she is doing something really wrong, you know, you have got to stop cursing this ministry, you have got to stop trying to stop me from going to church, I rebuke you and break your power to do it, I bless you, I forgive your sins, and this is the love of Christ to you.

The husband is commanded to love his wife as Christ loved the church, that means correction, I love you with my behavior, because this witchcraft that you are manifesting will surely come back upon your head, and do damage to you, and to our children, and to this whole household, and I bring you under submission, I bind your spiritual hands, I put a gag, a spiritual gag in your mouth, you will stop speaking these curses and I command this in the spiritual authority giving to me by Christ Jesus, and if you can find it within you to speak like that, and if you do not have it, ask the Lord to give it to you because it is yours, and you do that everyday, you will bring down the powers in her, I cannot tell you how it will take but you will bring the powers in her, because you have the God ordained authority to do it, they must bend their knee to you, if you do not give up, and you have got to believe in your mind, that however long it takes, they will bend their knee to the Christ in you, they have to bend their knee to the Christ in you, however long it takes, and you will save her life, not only put an end to the chaos in your life, you will save your wife, you are the savior of your wife.  That is your role, you are the savior of your wife and your family, that is who you are. 

I was talking to you earlier about us all be the saviors of the world, well you start with your family.  You are starting right now, you are the savior of your family. 

COMMENT: I think I have felt that before, you know, because it just feels like I am going through some of this stuff, the Lord is bringing me through some of this stuff and what keeps popping in my mind is, you got get your house, I got to get my house in order, spiritually.

PASTOR VITALE: Exactly, In any way she is pressuring Xxxx not to come here, Xxxx should be able to decide whether or not she wants to come to this church, and you are the father, the father of that girl and the husband of that woman, and you are say, You leave our daughter alone.

COMMENT: Now this is not in the natural, you are speaking in the spirit.

COMMENT: No, I know.

PASTOR VITALE: You get alone, where nobody can hear you, and you speak like this and it is going to touch her, it is very powerful.  Now I am the father of Xxxx, and I say she can come, now you be quiet, I cut off your ability to speak to her in any ungodly way concerning her choice of going to church, I put a gag in your mouth, stop! 

Eventually you will be amazed, you will wake up one morning and she will be so calm and you will say, What happened to you, it really does work. 

COMMENT: She does come in and out, you know, like that, because even some of the things that you have preached about, she will bring that some of that stuff up, you know.

PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, but you know Xxxx, excuse me for interrupting you, this is as much about you as it is about Xxxx, because you have to rise into the office that the Lord is giving you.  Even if Xxxx were to come around tomorrow, you still have to rise into that authority that the Lord has given you, you are not manifesting it right now but that is okay, but you need to know, you need to have a vision that you have to rise into that authority, because it is not there, it is not in your heart, that is no condemnation of you, because if you know that it is not there, then you can ask the Lord for it, He has to bring it forth in you.

COMMENT: Is it not in my heart, or is it just not knowing how to do it, I mean what is, I do not...  I mean when you say it is not in my heart, it is like I do not want my wife...

PASTOR VITALE: No, no, no, not at all, it is a form of spiritual strength.  I was talking actually with Xxxx about that yesterday, she was saying how she cannot control her children, how they will not go to bed, and I was telling her the same thing, that authority has to rise up in you, you do not have to beat your kids, if that authority is manifesting in you, you say, Now son, you are going to bed, and you have stay there, if that authority is there the child is going to respond to it, if that authority is not there it is a spiritual thing, the child for three hours is in and out of bed.  It is something that is in your heart, there is no condemnation that you are lacking it, but it something that has be developed in your heart, and it is almost in the form of a belief.  I am the head the this household, and you will submit, in every godly way, you will, I will that you will.

COMMENT: Remember yesterday we were talking about when you give the eye, the eye to Xxxx that put Xxx to tears?  You know, well it is in you,

COMMENT: You believe that you have authority over her, it is not that you have special power in that look, it what is inside of you that manifests the power.

COMMENT: You have, I mean you know, you are putting out that energy of saying, I am your dad, and you are going to obey right now.  That is the type of godly authority that Christ wants to have in you over Xxxxx.

COMMENT: You have to word that believe that word belief, believe her witness when Sheila said that, to believe it first.

COMMENT: Well it changes my whole way pray, yeah that is basically what it does, you know because I have taken, I have prayed, and taken the authority of being the spiritual man of the house, and put these spirits down, but I do not speak them out loud, and I get in quiet room or...

PASTOR VITALE: But from what you tell me, it is not over your wife, it is the spirits in the house, the problem is the spirits are in your wife. You keep rebuking the spirits in the house, to just be rebuking the spirits in the house, is like a pulling a flower off that dandelion, you are not dealing with the real problem, the real problem is in your wife.  She needs rescued, she is in trouble.

COMMENT: She is dying, spiritually she is dying, she has had dreams of someone physically dying.

PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, she is in trouble, and you are her savior.

COMMENT: It is like I said yesterday, this has encouraged me a lot Xxxx and this should encourage you, think of the hopefulness for Xxx and Xxxx, it huge, but that dream you had about the lion, it is playing out, it is playing out but you can stop it, it is right there before you.

COMMENT: What comes to me too is just in your prayers, maybe, you have been on the defensive, you know come it that way, just rebuking and protecting, and there is a place for that, but just to receive and believe that authority, then you are on the offensive, and something can done that way.

COMMENT: And you have the most authority in that household, so you are speaking in the spirit to that, it will have the most sway.

COMMENT: You need to first get that authority, to recognize authority to be able to display that authority.

PASTOR VITALE: And that is what I have been trying to say, it has to arise in you, but the way it rises in you is by you believing that it is yours, you really have authority.  No godly Christian man wants to dominate his wife in any way but sometimes you have to rise up when they are out of control, so you are not really coming against your wife, you are coming against the powers and principalities that overtaken her, and it is just like it is the same principle as a child out of control, tough love, but not in the natural, not in the natural, you have to take the spiritual authority.

COMMENT: Well another man is coming after your wife, we can say Leviathan is coming to take your wife away.

PASTOR VITALE: You have to fight for her life.

COMMENT: (people talking at the same time, inaudible)

COMMENT: She is fornicating with Satan and I you know, I pray, but everyday I need to do it. 

PASTOR VITALE: Listen to what you just said, You have to put him down, you have to put her down.

COMMENT: Yeah, her down.

COMMENT: The male is the only one that can put her down, her cannot put her down, the male is the only one that can put her down. 

COMMENT: She is the meeting source of these spirits, she feeds these, she is the life source of death, however you want to say it.  That is why you have to look at her and not just the spirits, she is feeding them.

PASTOR VITALE: Are you afraid of her?

COMMENT: Am I afraid of her?

PASTOR VITALE: I am trying to figure out what is it that is making you so reluctant to do this, do you think that it is wrong to talk to your, well you are not really talking to your wife, you are talking to the powers and principalities in her, I am trying to find out what is going on in your mind.

COMMENT: What you have said, I pray against all of that stuff.

PASTOR VITALE: Not taking authority over her.

COMMENT: I do not, what you mean like...

PASTOR VITALE: You are praying, from what you are telling me, you are praying over the spirits in general, but you are not bringing your wife in to order, she is ruling the whole household.

COMMENT: Right, well that I just did not know about.  Like I said, I got to change my prayer.

PASTOR VITALE: What I am saying is in the spirit, okay?

COMMENT: Yes, absolutely, because there are times I do not go to bed until twelve or one, and I am laying right next to her and I am just praying over her in my mind.

PASTOR VITALE: What do you pray over her?

COMMENT: Basically I just put down those spirits that are controlling her, and I pray that, what I will do is address Leviathan, and Satan, that you know you have no authority over my wife, and she is fornicating you know.

PASTOR VITALE: You see the problem is that Xxxx is in complete agreement with the powers and principalities within her, and that why you have to be rebuking her in the spirit.  She is so captured by them, she is in full agreement with them.  To rebuke the powers and principalities but not rebuke her is not working very well, she is given over, she is given over to them.  She has to be rebuked too.

COMMENT: So I have to address her, that is what I was not doing, I was not doing that.

That is what I am saying, I have to start praying that way, I got to start addressing her.

PASTOR VITALE: You have to tell her, You stop this, you stop it, or you are going to be punished in the spirit, put a gag in her mouth, put her hands in the stock.

COMMENT: Use your imagination.

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, use your imagination, but you know, years ago when the country was just being raised up, and I am not saying I approved of this, I am just telling you that this is what they did, in the Christian societies if you had a wife that was so out of control, they dunked her.  Do you know what I am talking about?  They would strap her in a chair, and dunk, it would be like a crane I think you call it, and crank the thing and it would go down into the lake, and pull her back up. That is pretty scary to be dunked like that when you are tied up and you are dependent on someone else to pull you out of the water you know.  All of this kind of discipline, you can give it to her in the spirit.  It is for her own good, she has to be stopped.

COMMENT: Yeah, I mean it is just, I am not, that is the first time I have ever heard that, you know so, it is like I am learning.

PASTOR VITALE: And you should pray over Xxxx every night, especially if she is having these manifestations, and Xxxx honey, you have to break the ungodly soul tie with your mom, you have a godly soul tie with her which you want to preserve, and you have an ungodly soul tie with your mom where she is trying to control you in an ungodly way, so you need to breaking the ungodly soul ties.

COMMENT: How do I do that?

PASTOR VITALE: You just say the words, I break the ungodly soul ties with her, and you too Xxxxx, breaking the ungodly soul ties with your wife, and breaking them between your wife and all of your children, all of the ungodly soul ties, and strengthen the godly soul ties, but break the ungodly soul ties, break the witchcraft, the ungodly domination, the ungodly control, and whatever else, I am not in your house, whatever else is going on.

COMMENT: Yeah, because I have prayed against the Jezebel spirit, but I am like you said, I am addressing all of these spirits, and I am not addressing her.

PASTOR VITALE: And her direct ungodly connection to your children, they are your children, you are the father, and everything you see, just get before God and make sure it is ungodly behavior, and you break her power to manifest that ungodly control domination or behavior over your children, you are the savior of your wife and the savior of your children.

COMMENT: And I can give you an example, and it is like the power that she is trying to have over me, here is the example, is she was gone for four days, came home, seen her in the kitchen, said, Are you glad to be home?  She did not acknowledge me too much, walked by me and gave Xxxx and hug and a kiss, and told her to go downstairs, and come on down we are going to watch a tv show, and so they all went downstairs, and I had no desire to do that, you know, so I am upstairs and I go to bed.  Well, then someone called me, and then she comes to bed, does not talk, which, I should probably do the talking, but I had such a headache, I just got a real bad headache, and so like at 1:00 pm I just grabbed my pillows and go out and sleep on the couch to try to get comfortable or just go to sleep and get some sleep.  She gets, and I was talking to Xxxx about this, gets up, gets a drink of water or something and goes back to bed, and when I get like this is like a headache where I do want to talk, I do not want anybody talking to me, I mean, I just want to be left alone. 

Then an hour later, she gets up and I am just getting ready to fall asleep and she wakes me up and she says, I will go upstairs and sleep, you go in there and sleep, so there is that control dictating what is going on in the situation, and then I just stayed there on the couch and slept because I was comfortable and I finally got some sleep, it is like I am coming under so much attack, then I am coming under her attack, and I guess I do not have enough of Christ in me to rise up.

PASTOR VITALE: You need to understand that the reason you have the headache is that she is giving you a subtle message and you did not get it, you know.  She said to your children, Come on downstairs, let us watch tv, she was sticking a knife in your ribs and she wanted a reaction from you which she did not get, so she was very angry at you, and you got a headache, and then when she realized you fell to sleep, she woke you up because she was mad at you from the minute she walked into the house, I am not sure exactly what she wanted from you, but she was something from you, and you were blind to the whole thing.

COMMENT: Well I was not blind, I knew what she wanted, and I was not blind to it.

PASTOR VITALE: Oh, okay, so you knew she wanted, so then if you do not want to share it here, then you need to get before the Lord, and say, Lord, I recognize this is what she wanted, how should I have dealt with that, at the very least, you should have dealt with it in the spirit, I do not know to what degree you can talk to her, but when that headache came or even if you realized that she was mad, you know, that, that is your opportunity to say you know go before God and say, Jezebel in the name of Jesus, I rebuke you, if what she wanted was ungodly.  Talk to her as if she is there, and she is reasonable, talk to her in the spirit when nobody is there.  If it could possibly could have been dealt with in the natural, that is always preferable, you know.  If she will not, you do not want to do something that is going to be a free for all.  Ignoring her is like the worst thing you could do, so you have to find out from God how to deal with this particular issue.

COMMENT: If she walks by you and gave Xxxx a hug, what did you feel because she would not acknowledge you?  Did you feel rejected?

COMMENT: Well sure.

COMMENT: She fed off of that, she fed off of that, she did that on purpose, she was sucking that energy out of you.

COMMENT: Well that is what Xxxx was talking about earlier, I got, I cannot let that stuff get to me.

PASTOR VITALE: It is not that simple.  Xxxx, she not only ignored you, she put a spiritual knife in you, and that is the equivalent in the natural of a man holding a knife to your throat, and you have a choice, are you going to ignore him and say, Well if he is not there, he will go away, or are you going to grab that knife and take it out of his hand.  What is happening tonight is that you are getting instruction in spiritual warfare.  You have to take that knife out of her hands, you have to do it with spiritual warfare, she literally put a spiritual knife into your spiritual being.

First of all you have to pull that knife out, okay, and then you have to rebuke it, you have to say, I rebuke you for putting a knife in my ribs.  I take it out of your hand and I break your weapon, you will not be able to do that to me again.  You have got a real problem there and you have to start fighting spiritually.  You have to start fighting spiritual warfare. You cannot just ignore that, you cannot just resist it, and here is your perfect example, it stretched out through the whole night, gave you a headache, could not sleep, she wound up going upstairs and probably was carrying on for the next day, so whatever it is that...

COMMENT: She is still carrying on.

PASTOR VITALE: Okay, well you have to break that energy, she has got that anger against you, say, I break that anger, it is like an energy cloud, sometimes even slapping your hands will break it, it is like an energy stream, you know, sometimes that will work you know. It breaks the energy stream, yeah.

COMMENT: There is many aspects of looking at this as well because just like my situation this morning, I had a headache because you know, you are dealing with a spiritual warfare that is taking place, you are addressing Xxxxx in the spirit, you address the spirits in the spirit, and you also address your own sin nature in the spirit, you have got to, you know, you continue to do this you know, on a daily basis looking at every angle through the spiritual warfare of where this is all coming from, and what angle to take down all of these attacks that are coming against you, but also within you.  So, you know, very likely, well absolute likely because of the headache could have very well been because of the rejection or whatever you felt when Xxxxx did not address you that night.

PASTOR VITALE: The headache came from her rage, you know, you have to break that, that rage put a form of torture is to put a cord around someone=s neck and turn it, you know that form of torture, you need to break that band off of your head.

COMMENT: For that to happen to you, though, there has to be something within you to allow it to come in, is that not right? 

PASTOR VITALE: There is something in all of us, we have a sin nature.

COMMENT: Based on what I am saying is, is that you have address all of the issues, I mean it is still taking care of the areas in our hearts as well, we are addressing the spiritual warfare...

PASTOR VITALE: But not at the moment that he is being attacked, that is when he is alone with God, he has to deal with his own issues, but he has got a warfare situation in his house, you know.  So right now we have to really give him like an abbreviated lesson, he is not going to absorb all of this, you know, so I think that what Xxxxx needs to know tonight is that everything you can see in the natural, it is really happening in the spirit, it is a form of torture, they put a band around your neck and they stick a piece of wood through it like this and then they turn it, that is how they torture, it is a known form of torture, that band was on your head

When you get a headache like that, you have got to break that band off of your head, as if it is really there, you say, I break that band off my head, I break it in pieces, and I slap your hand, do not put a band on my head like that, however the lord leads you, and pull that knife out of your heart.

When she went past you and took your children and took them downstairs like that, you should have said in the spirit, Jezebel I rebuke you, what do you mean you do not greet your husband, and what do you mean you disrespect your husband in front of your children, that is ungodly behavior, I rebuke you, I rebuke it down its very root wherever it is coming from, and I command it to stop.

You have to deal with it as if she was a responsive wife and you could have said that to her in the natural, if the situation was different, you could say, What is this, do you not greet your husband, what kind of an example is that in front of your children, but you cannot do that with her, so you do it in the spirit, and you speak to the spirits in her.

COMMENT: When you said you take the knife out or you said that we were talking about the knife, what does he do with the rejection if he cannot go to her for her to fix it, to take it back? 

PASTOR VITALE: Maybe that is what Xxxx was getting at, then after you remove all of the, because they are literally spiritual missiles in you, after you remove them all, then you have to deal with your own rejection and rejection is sin, so you have to say, I feel rejected Lord, I confess this as sin, and I apply the balm of Gilead because she wounded you, you need to acknowledge that she wounded you, I apply the balm of Gilead to that wound, and I pray Lord that you give me the Godly response that is going to lend towards the solution of this ongoing problem, you cannot just ignore it. It has to be dealt with.

COMMENT: That is a form of manipulation that she is probably done before, and the reason that she is doing it now is that she has done it before and she had gotten by with it with you and it is something like was said earlier that needs to addressed in the whole situation altogether, that maybe that is why this all happening is that it can get taken care of, it something in your life that needs to put in order.

PASTOR VITALE: Right now the Lord is really dealing with you more than her, he is trying to get you to the place where you are going to understand what you have to do.  When you get that understanding, your whole family is going to come into order.

COMMENT: Praise the Lord, it is just like I saw in Xxxx, when we were working, we just got off the phone with Xxx and we were talking about, and he says, You got to quit thinking in the natural or in your carnal mind.  I said to Xxxx, I do not know when I am in the spirit or in natural, I do not know, you know.

COMMENT: (people laughing), we are not laughing at you, we are laughing with you because we know.

COMMENT: Well that does not bother me, but I am saying, I just honestly, I do not know, I mean, and once I have cried out for the Lord, and I want Him to show me, I mean now I have been coming under attacks, you know like with... He is starting to show me things, this is all good, this is all good, it is all a learning point, and I just got to walk in it.

PASTOR VITALE: Exactly, now the mind of Christ may not be functioning in you yet, you may be all carnal mind at this point.

COMMENT: I feel like I am carnal, you know.

PASTOR VITALE: Right so the Lord has raised up this whole session to assist Him.  He may not be able to think with His Christ mind.

COMMENT: Yeah, we talked about that, in time that you are studying the doctrine of Christ, you know, or you get in to very spiritual conversations, that Christ mind begins to start vibrating within you, it begins to start producing and functioning in some form, and I said, You start to train yourself of understanding how the Christ mind is moving in you, how the Spirit of Christ is moving, and that as time goes on, you begin to get the understanding of when you are in your Christ mind, and when you are in your carnal mind, what situation.  I was telling Xxxx that earlier tonight, I mean you know, in the situation that you are in, start to rationalize in your mind, when you are screaming, when you are doing something, when you are making decisions, step back and rationalize and say, Okay, how is this situation going, how am I operating in my mind, are they carnal thoughts or are they Christ thoughts, because when you begin to go into the doctrine of Christ and study the doctrine of Christ, your mind functions completely different then when you are...

PASTOR VITALE: Xxxxx is just not, he is not up to that yet.  Everything that you are saying is true, but he is just not there you know.

COMMENT: If there is any motivation that he might need to take any kind of authority, that manipulation I was talking about, that manipulation is a curse that will go to your three daughters, so if it gives you some motivation, think about your three daughters, and them going into a relationship manipulating their mates and husbands, that is a motivation for you.

COMMENT: So the situation that he is in then, basically what you have to do with anyone=s situation where he is at where the Christ mind is functioning at that time, is that we go to the elders to get understanding, just like what is happening right now.

PASTOR VITALE: And when he does it, I believe the Lord will honor his efforts, it will help him.  Actually you should be breaking the ungodly, I do not know if I told you this or not, breaking the ungodly soul ties between Xxxx and all of your daughters, we do not want them getting the same thing.

COMMENT: That is a huge key, it really is, it actually, Xxxx is incapable of giving you what you need, so as soon as you can realize that she cannot give you what you need, you break that soul tie of things she cannot give you, you are expecting her to be a loving wife to you, and she is not, and she cannot give that to you, so as soon as you can realize that she cannot give that to you, you can break that.

PASTOR VITALE: Because that is a hold that she has, I was not aware of that, that was...

COMMENT: Well if he was feeling rejection, she cannot come home and greet him, she is so angry at him, she cannot give him what he wants.

PASTOR VITALE: Not only can she not give it to him, it sounds to me like it was a deliberate thing, it was like Xxxx said, it was a manipulation because she is angry that he is not giving him what she wants.

COMMENT: She is angry because I am here and I am involved.

COMMENT: She is not getting her way, she wants to control you, wants you to do what she wants you to do.

COMMENT: I mentioned that, I said that to her once, in the flesh, I said, you know, you are done trying to control me.  That scared her.

COMMENT: That is great, you know, when you said that Xxx, that breaks something in the spirit, it really does, see you will not control me, that is...

COMMENT: Well that is why she woke me up and she said, No you go upstairs, no you go in our room and I will go upstairs, because she wanted to control the situation.  I had left the room, she did not have any reason why I left the room, she did not know.

COMMENT: She did not like that.

COMMENT: She did not ask, she did not even say, Well what is going on? 

PASTOR VITALE: But she did not like it.

COMMENT: She might have felt rejected when you did that.

COMMENT: She thought you were retaliating.

PASTOR VITALE: In her deepest, deepest core, she is screaming for you to put her in order.

COMMENT: Yes, that is absolutely true.

COMMENT: Not with the hand.

COMMENT: (people laughing).

COMMENT: No, spiritually, and then that is like I said, I just need pray differently like she said.

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, as the Lord shows you to rise into your authority, because that is what it is going to take, and the more that authority begins to appear in you, the less you have to do you know, binding, loosing, rebuking the spirits, the Scripture says the sharper the knife is, the less power you have to put in to cut it.  When that authority is appearing in you, you only have to say a few words, you know, just like with your kids or with your employees, I do not know if you have employees, I think Xxx works with you, you know, you just have to exercise the authority, you say one word and you do it, you say to your kids and they do it, you do not have to beat up your kids.  It is that authority and that respect for you that you say it once and they do it, and when that authority arises in you in this area, you see, you are man that has authority, you have to have some authority because you run your own business and besides I see it on you, you know, you are someone that manifests authority, but you have not been manifesting it in this area, so you just have to, you just need to lay hold of what you have done in other areas of your life and direct it in this direction, which it seems to me that you did not realize that you even have the right to do that.

COMMENT: Yeah, no I do not because like I coached basketball since Xxxx has been in third grade, and I had a feeling that the kids respect me, you know, they respect my authority, I do not abuse it, you know, but the only one I do not have that is lacking is Xxxx. 

PASTOR VITALE: It is just some lack of understanding in you that you really, that was okay for you to manifest this kind of authority towards her, so hopefully we strengthened you and helped you that it is okay to do it in the spirit, yeah.

COMMENT: I am going to start tonight.

COMMENT: She is waiting for you to take the authority, so start tonight.

COMMENT: I think it would be good to pray for, to bind that fear over Xxxxx because this is her family, she has watching her mother, her father, she probably knows more than most children should probably know about, maybe issues and problems, and sometimes that fear can creep in too that what is going to happen to my family, you know, so you need to rebuke that fear.

PASTOR VITALE: Yes, and trust the Lord.

COMMENT: Yeah, I think it is going to get the victory in all of this, this is going to teach me some lessons.

COMMENT: It is all to glorify God.

PASTOR VITALE: Was she very spoiled as a child?

COMMENT: No, no, she, no, her dad was an atheist, and very selfish, and he would buy booze and she would be running around with holes in her socks.  I mean our families have known each other for a long time you know, and no she was not...

COMMENT: So she comes from an alcoholic family.

COMMENT: And then I just feel that there is a lot of witchcraft on her mom=s side, her grandma use to witch water, I mean they just did, now that I know what I know today, I just watch them, and I can see it.

PASTOR VITALE: Well this is on my mind, and I am reluctant to say this but I guess I am going to say it because the Lord is pressing me to say it.  She is behaving like a spoiled child, so you can spank her in the spirit, you know, in the spirit, turn her over your knee, not whack her like an abusive husband, turn her over your knee and spank her, she is a spoiled child, in the spirit. 

COMMENT: I said they would do that in Iraq.

COMMENT: She said the same thing earlier, she said in Iraq they would spank her.

PASTOR VITALE: Yeah, she needs to be spanked.

COMMENT: Well we have seen that in her, spoiled, immature, very immature.  Her family comes over and she leaves.

PASTOR VITALE: Spank her, in the spirit, when you get alone with the Lord and you are talking to her in the spirit, put her over your knee and just give her a whack, you know, and say, You do not behave like that socially, that is totally unacceptable behavior.  

COMMENT: It is wicked.

PASTOR VITALE: Now remember, and Xxxx I want you to be sure you hear this too, all of this is to help your mother, it is not just to protect you from her, or the girls from her, it is to help her, okay, she is out of control, so she has, she is out of control and she is under the control of ungodly powers, so we are trying to help your dad understand how to deal with her because she is in agreement with the ungodly powers, and that is what spanking children is all about, you know. 

You feel that pain, not an abusive kind of pain like a man would beat his wife, that is not what we are talking about, you know, when you discipline your child they feel that pain and they know that it is better to not do it then to feel the pain, that is the provision that the Lord gave us for teaching children, children that do not understand, to teach people that do not understand. 

The first thing the Lord tries to do is to reason with you, and whoever you are that is having this problem, the Lord will try and reason with you and say, Look, this is unacceptable behavior.  Just for an example, your husband=s family is here and you do not come up to say hello or goodbye, that is unreasonable.  If I had a child that was doing that, I would say, You have to come up, and I am just going to whack you on your behind, you just got to get up there and do it.  It is totally unacceptable asocial behavior.  It is to your mother=s benefit to deal with this in the spirit, because she is behaving in a manner that is hurting herself, and the whole family.

This is all for her benefit, it is the for the benefit of the whole family.

COMMENT: It stops those generational curses from going on.

PASTOR VITALE: Exactly, and Xxxx made a very important point, you have three marriageable daughters, and you do not want them winding up in a similar situation in their marriages, you want to break it now.  That is the whole key, if you cannot reason with the person, there has to be some kind of discipline, and in Christ you have the spiritual authority to do it this way. 

This was a very Scriptural meeting, we had preaching, we had fellowship, we had questions and answers, and we had ministry.  May you be strengthened, and may the Lord go with you and help you.  May your whole family come into order and be very blessed in Jesus name.

COMMENT: I believe you will realize that authority when you speak it, it will get stronger in you, the more speak it the stronger it gets, the stronger it gets, the more ability you have got.

COMMENT: I have no doubt on that, it is just knowing what to do, I mean it is like sending a kid out to play third base, and they do not even know what third base is, it is all teaching, it is very valuable information you got there, I did not know that.

COMMENT: I think we are all learning something you know by the situation, to deal with it by Christ, and the instruction, family instruction.

COMMENT: You know the enemy would want you to forget this. We have seen counseling, wisdom from people and then you get home and you cannot remember what all was said, and say, Well what was I supposed to say?

COMMENT: She (Satan) takes it away from you.

COMMENT: Well then I am also fighting you know the spirit of noseniness if I can say that on my emails, and you know, so I get this cd and Xxxxx gets a hold of it, do not let fall behind the lines, figuratively, just cover it, watch where you put it, do not leave it out, because she cleans everywhere.  When I left that thing in the garage for you.

COMMENT: Maybe it would be good for her to find it.



COMMENT: Well at the right time.

PASTOR VITALE: Could you keep it in your truck, do you have a cd player in your truck?


PASTOR VITALE: Does she clean in your truck?


PASTOR VITALE: Does she have the keys to your truck?


COMMENT: Put it in the seat or your tool box.

COMMENT: Put it under the hood (people laughing).

COMMENT: It was so good that you could come and I am glad to meet you.

COMMENT: I was so glad I could come and meet everyone, I heard about everybody, but I wanted to see you.

COMMENT: There is a peace here.


COMMENT: Thanks for coming.


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