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This message is a commentary on the 1998 video release of the movie MERLIN. We are watching the video and I am commenting on the movie at various intervals as we watch it. If you want to really get the best out of this message, you might want to rent the video. I hope this message blesses you.


MOVIE: This has elements of a fairy tale, but it isn’t. It has elements of a fairy tale, dragons, elves, and magic. In my day magic was much more common place. I shall start at the beginning, the terrible years of darkness. King Constant was the first Christian king of England.


PASTOR VITALE: I am going to comment now on King Constant. It sounds to me like they are talking about Constantine. Please note how the Catholic kings are called the Christian kings. The whole underlying message of this movie is that the Christians are evil, and that Christianity has entered into Great Britain, and is destroying the old witchcraft ways that are harmless, and that the Christians are violent. Of course, that is even what the witches of today that practice Wicca say. They will tell you today that they do not harm anybody, that they worship nature, that they are peace loving, and that it is the Christians who are violent. This is the propaganda that goes around in spiritual circles, and there is some truth to it. Of course, the true Bible believing Christians are not violent, but there are a lot of people who call themselves Christians who are violent. We know that it was the Catholic Church who was responsible for the Inquiration, and it was the Catholic Church who engaged in the bloody Crusades.


MOVIE: What is happening here right now is that there is a wicked king in power. His name is King Constant. What you have just heard is King Constant cursing. Let me say it this way. An invading army is coming in, another Christian army, to unseat King Constant, and put another Christian or Catholic king on the throne. King Constant is cursing the invading army, and he is saying, If I cannot live, let everybody die. That is what he was saying.


PASTOR VITALE: Do you understand where I am coming from? This movie is being told from a vantage point of witchcraft. There are a lot of underlying subtle suggestions here. They are not coming right out and saying Christians are bad, but if you can read between the lines, which we are going to try to do, what they are saying is the same thing that lord Maitreya is saying. Lord Maitreya is saying that these angels, from the fourth dimension, have come to rule over humanity because we cannot rule over ourselves.


Of course, there is a truth to that, because that is what the Lord Jesus is saying. He is coming to help us so that we could have eternal life. This whole idea of a witchcraft hierarchy is that they are the good ones, and humanity needs the guidance of these angels, or these wizards, as Merlin is a wizard, and the Christians are the most ignorant of all the people. That is the suggestion, and sometimes Christians live up to their bad reputation, unfortunately, but Jesus is never late. I personally believe it is impossible to develop into the high moral character, that the witchcraft circles say it is possible to develop into, without Jesus Christ. I think it is just a lie. Anyone who thinks that they have evolved spiritually by witchcraft power, that they are really just repressing their emotions, and their feelings. We have had a lot of teaching here about what happens to repressed emotions, how they go underground and act like a depth charge and damage spiritually sensitive people. This is a terrible witness for Christians.


You will also see Stonehenge. I do not know if you recognized it or not. Stonehenge is the mysterious geographical location in Wiltshire, England. For centuries, people and scientists have been trying to determine what these stone images are. Stonehenge is a place where the ancient Celts worshipped a pagan form of worship. It still is going on. The Celtic religion is alive and well today. They have all of these stone edifices that you could see. I believe the Lord has told me through this movie, or recently anyway, that these stone images are gateways. They are gateways, where entities that have the spiritual power to do it, travel from one dimension to another.


You will see Queen Mab, who I believe typifies Satan, enter into this dimension through one of these stone images. Further on in the movie, you will see her suddenly appear in another stone gateway in spiritual power. In Christ, I do not think you need it, but apparently there are different degrees of spiritual power, and some people need a mechanism, or a point of contact, in which to translate themselves from one dimension to another. Apparently, these gods that the ancient Celts worship, require these stone gateways to enter into this world. I am going to roll this tape back again so that you can see King Constant cursing the world. It is said one tyrant smoothly passes the crown to another, even worse. Then the Saxons came. Churches were destroyed.


Catholic churches were destroyed and defiled. Two things. We know that Satan is water and that the human spirit is dissolved in Satan’s water right now. That is why when she is boiled away, the human spirit will be fully released. I believe this lady of the lake, who is suppose to be, as far as the witchcraft goes, is good and evil. Two sisters, Queen Mab and lady of the lake, good and evil, but I think that the human spirit is in the good part of the carnal mind. It is the human spirit which produces the goodness of the carnal mind. Is everybody okay with that? I believe that Queen Mab typifies Satan.


There are at least two scenes further on where she is clearly typified by water in her non human form, so I believe that she typifies Satan. I am going to roll this tape back. Queen Mab holds out her hand and she draws a crystal out of the lake. The Lady of the Lake does not agree to help Queen Mab, but despite the Lady of the Lake’s refusal, Queen Mab raises her left hand, and draws a dark crystal out of the lake. She takes whatever power she needs from the human spirit, even though the human spirit is not willing. Queen Mab says she is going to create a leader, a powerful wizard who will save Britain, and bring the people back to us and the old ways. The Lady of the Lake says to Queen Mab, It will drain you of the power that you still have.


Do you understand that what she said is that she is going to create a savior? Queen Mab is going to create a savior. We will see in the next scene that she causes a man to be incarnated. She causes a man to be born, and he is a man that does not have a father. I want you to know that I have no problem believing this, that generation or conception by will power, because someone with a mind strong enough to will it is a concept that has been known to the world long before Jesus Christ was ever born. That is the truth. Once again, I have told you this with regard to other studies that everything that Jesus did, and the whole story of his life, is not a new story to spiritual people. But only those of us who understand, that what happened to Jesus Christ, happened as a result of the spirit of Elijah, who was representative of Jehovah. Everything that happened to Jesus Christ has happened many times in this world before, but not through the Spirit of Jehovah or through the hand of Jehovah. Elijah is the hand of Jehovah. Every time something happened that is parallel to Jesus Christ’s experience, it was by the spirit of Satan.


The spiritual peoples of this world are apparently lacking this information, especially the Hindus. They acknowledge Jesus Christ as a prophet. Theosophy acknowledges Jesus Christ as a prophet. Lord Maitreya acknowledges Jesus Christ as a prophet. They do not acknowledge him as their superior because they do not recognize, or they are refusing to recognize it. If they are aware of it, they are refusing to acknowledge that the experience that Jesus Christ had was by a different spirit than all of the other ones who have had the same experience. Jesus Christ is the only one who had his experience by the hand of Jehovah. Every other entity or person, who has shared Jesus’ experience has experienced it by the spirit of Satan. That makes Jesus radically different, and in a category all by himself. We will roll it back a little bit so that you can hear the conversation between the two sisters. Watch Mab’s hand now as she pulls power from the lake. She says if I do not do it, we die. If people stop believing in us, we will not exist. The new religion has already pushed us to the brink. Soon we will be forgotten.


Two things I want to point out to you. First of all Mab said, If the people do not remember us, we will cease to exist. This is a lie that is in the world today, and it is a lie that is in the church. The true part of this statement is that if the people do not remember, whether they do not remember Jesus Christ, whether they do not remember the witchcraft leaders, that means that there are no humans for these spiritual entities to manifest through. If people do not remember Jesus Christ, there are not going to be any vessels in the earth to manifest his power. This is what she is talking about. If the people stop remembering these pagan gods, there will be no human vessels for them to manifest through. Apparently, for a god, whether it is Jesus Christ, the Son of God, or a pagan god to manifest through an individual, it is necessary for that individual’s consciousness to know about them, and to study about them, and to want their presence. It is a partnership. It is a union, but they do not cease to exist. It is a lie that Satan ceases to exist because nobody remembers her. It is also a lie that Jesus Christ would cease to exist if nobody remembers Him.


This is the lie in the church that Satan is a toothless wonder. Nobody is looking at her. Nobody is interested in her. Nobody believes that she has any power, so she does not have any power. I have heard this for years, witchcraft has no power unless you believe it. That is not true. That is a lie. We see in this movie that this movie is rich with spiritual principles. There is a lot of information here that is true, but there is information here that is not true. We have to pick it apart, and be able to understand what is true, and what is a subtle lie. These subtle lies, as we expose them, you will see that they are in the church today. They are in the world today. Let me say it again. If the people forget her, she may be temporarily forgotten, because there are no vessels that have her in mind, but she will not cease to exist. That is similar to the lie that the Serpent told Eve, you shall surely not die. Jehovah never told Adam that he would die if he ate of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He never told Adam that he would cease to exist. He said you will die to your godhood and you will be a mortal man.


It is just a twisting of the words. The people will not remember her. She will not be seen. She will not be manifested, but she will not disappear forever. When she said the words we will cease to exist, that statement does not include the potential for regeneration. We see this regeneration of the old ways right in this country today. So the people forgot her for a few generations, or the majority of the people forgot her through Christianity, but she is rising right up again. I do not know about you, but this movie gives me the impression that they will cease to exist and disappear forever. You see the lady of the lake getting weaker and weaker as the movie goes on. To me, the suggestion is given that they are disappearing forever, but it is not true. Do not rest and do not go to sleep because they are not disappearing forever. We will go on with the movie.


MOVIE: In the next scene, you will see Mab going into her castle. If you look at the coloring of the movie, you will see that the colors are not as bright, and that they are mostly blue and black shadows. I want to suggest to you that her castle is probably in the etheric plane. The difference in the coloring is suggesting that she is in a different plane of consciousness. The etheric plane, largely involves the forests, the trees, and all of the elves, and the nymphs, and the fairies that are the inhabitants of the etheric plane. The etheric plane is really a part of the physical world. It is the invisible part of the physical world. You will see Mab in her castle. If you can see it, there are indications that she has domination over the woods in the forests, that when she talks, you will see her voice reverberating through the whole forest. This is indicating spiritual speech. She says to everybody, This is Merlin. This is Merlin. You hear her voice echoing through the whole forest.


PASTOR VITALE: That is just this movie showing spiritual speech. Lord Maitreya says that is what he is going to do. He says he is going to speak to the whole world in the spirit, and everyone will hear him. We have found scriptures where Jesus Christ spoke into the spirit to a whole crowd in the time when Peter, supposedly, cut the guard’s ear off, which we know did not really happen. Jesus was speaking inaudibly, and there was only one man in the whole group of men, who came to arrest him, who heard his voice; inaudible speech. I am trying not to stop this tape too often, so I am giving you a lot at once. We are going to pick up here with Queen Mab entering into her castle, which is in the etheric plane.


MOVIE: We see generation by willpower. She is demonstrating that she has command of the elves of the forest. They are building a cradle and milking the goat. We hear a baby cry. It is a beautiful boy, she says. I name this child Merlin. Please notice how harsh that Christian woman is sounding. Through the whole movie, she is arrogant, rebellious, and obnoxious. She asks Queen Mab why she did not save the mother. The answer was she served her purpose, and now she is dead. The woman says to Mab, You are so cold. If I were to punch you in the heart, I would break my fist. I am sorry I ever served you. Mab says, You changed, and you became a Christian. The gnome says why do you let her speak to you like that? The woman says, It is because she needs me to take care of this child, you idiot. More than tricks is needed to bring up a child. They need patience, understanding and love. Mab then says, The child stays with you, but remember he is only half yours. He belongs to me. He is my son. I will send for him when the time is right. Ambrosia was like a tiger protecting Merlin. Merlin said she was the kindest person he ever knew. He said he called her Auntie A, but she was really a mother to me. My childhood must have been very very happy because it was over with in a flash.


Now we see giggling women. Nimue apologizes for their rudeness, and asks direction to the castle. They whisper. Merlin tells her his name and she tells him her name. He says, I will never forget you, Nimue. We will meet again. I can see it. Nimue later goes off on her own and needed to be rescued. Merlin comes to her aid. He tells her to stay calm and take hold of the branch. He feels the power in him as he commands the branch to grow. She said how did you do that? He said, I do not know. Merlin falls in love with her. Later he tells Ambrosia that Nimue is the daughter of some lord and that he saved her. He tells her about this extraordinary thing, how he somehow made this branch grow. Ambrosia says, I need to sit down. This is the time I was dreading. It is time for you to leave. She tells him, You were created by Queen Mab. You have no mortal father. Now she wants you to join her. Merlin says, I will not. She says, You have no choice, my dear. You cannot fight it.


PASTOR VITALE: Please note how magicians and wizards utilize nature. Jesus Christ manifests spiritual power that is pure Spirit. In the movie you will see how he makes the branch grow to save her. Also, note that witchcraft arises out of strong emotions, spiritual power arising out of strong emotion. That is the definition for witchcraft. First of all, remember that the power was latent in him. Merlin had latent witchcraft power, power to work magic. From the moment he used it, his whole life changed. Queen Mab is calling for him. His foster mother knows it. You might have seen this white magical horse appeared to bring him to Queen Mab. The fact that we have any human being who may have the ability to do magic, we should all know that from the moment we start using it, we have bound ourselves to the giver of the gift. Anyone who uses the latent witchcraft power that they are born with, has sold themselves to the giver of the power.


Likewise, if you start using the power of Jesus Christ, you have sold yourself to Jesus Christ. You are no longer your own, and you now have a spiritual master. So few Christians know that. A lot of people in the world know that if they are fooling around with astrology, and tarot cards, thinking it is really cool to be into witchcraft, and be casting little spells, they are selling themselves to Satan. The day will come that she will call in her marker. That is a gambling term. You gamble on credit, you gamble on credit, and you gamble on credit, and the day comes that Satan says, You are mine, and I have a job for you to do, and there is no place to run. The young man found a witchcraft power within him, and he did not know he had a choice. Now look at the witchcraft. I have been teaching a lot lately on one of the definitions of witchcraft, that it denies people a choice. This young man did not know he had a choice. In the moment of crisis, in the moment of high emotion, a thought arose in his mind to say grow to the branch.


It was witchcraft. He did not have a choice. No one came to him and said, Look, Merlin, this is witchcraft. If you use it, you are going to bind yourself to Queen Mab. Do you want it or do you not want it? He did not have a choice. It arose in his mind. He used it and he did not know what he was getting himself into. Now she is sending a horseman, just like that, but this does not happen with Jesus Christ. To get any power with Jesus Christ at all, you have to labor with him for years. If you have the power in less than years, it is just witchcraft power that you brought with you. If you come to Jesus Christ, and you are not spiritually active, it could take years to develop spiritual power in you. By that time you should know the Scripture. You should be instructed, and you should know what the price is. Jesus himself said count the cost. Satan does not say count the cost. She just takes you. Merlin’s initiation has begun. He used that power, and he is being called into the etheric plane. He is being called into another world. He is being taken there by a magical horse to be trained as a wizard.


MOVIE: This is a talking horse talking to Merlin now. He says, I have to go with him. Do you hear that lie, where he is told magic has no power over the human heart by her? Also, this Christian woman says that she follows after her own heart. She calls herself a Christian, but she does not say that she follows after Jesus. She is arrogant, rebellious, and obnoxious. Now look at all the fairies and all the forest creatures following after him. What is happening is like an analogy to Jesus Christ. All of the forest creatures know that the Savior has arrived, and they are all coming to look at Him. Also, please note how rapidly the forest creatures are walking. They are walking at least twice as fast as Merlin and the horse. The reason or indication of what this means is that they are in a different plane of consciousness. Each plane of consciousness that we ascend into, as we rise out of the physical plane, moves at a more rapid pace. You will see these forest creatures moving at least at double-time. That is the way the movie indicates that they are in a different plane of consciousness. Merlin cannot see them.


We are surrounded by these creatures all the time, but we cannot see them. They are moving too fast for us. Also you will see in the next scenes, when Queen Mab gets angry, she moves very rapidly. When I say rapidly, she moves so rapidly that it is not human to move that rapidly. It is an indication, at that moment, she is not manifesting in the physical plane. She is not even manifesting in the etheric plane. She has ascended. Her anger has caused her to ascend, and she is speeded up. Of course, the plane above the etheric plane is the astral plane. The higher we ascend, the more spiritually active we are, the more spiritual power we have. You will see that Queen Mab’s anger can damage human beings, can cause accidents, and can cause death. Brethren, when someone has a powerful enough mind, they can make you sick, and they can kill you. Now it is not popular to say this in Christendom, but it is true. Africans know all about it. I do not know about other nations, but I know that in Africa it is commonplace. It is just known that two people will have a fight, and the next day one of them will have a heart attack.


Those of us who hope to go on in Christ Jesus, and exercise spiritual power in Christ Jesus, we must have our nature changed. We cannot go around being angry at people, and seeing them drop dead at our feet. The power that we have in Christ Jesus will be directly proportionate to the deliverance of our nature. I am not talking about repressing ungodly characteristics. They have to be cut out of us and replaced with the nature of Jesus Christ or we will just be killing people. You will see in this movie, where she gets angry, and in one scene the woman dies. In another scene, the whole household and all of the elements of the household start flying around. This is a phenomenon that is usually attributed to some kind of demon called a poltergeist. I have known for years that events such as that, psychokinetic events, objects flying through the room, are caused by a rapidly vibrating mind. The kind of rapidity, the kind of rapid vibration that occurs in anger. The stronger our mind is, the more we will be held responsible for.


Also, a personality that manifests a lot of anger and retaliation, is a personality that has an ascended spiritual life. They go together. When I say an ascended spiritual life, that means you have witchcraft operating in you. You may not know it. You may not be lighting candles, and actually chanting curses, but we could be born that way. We are the product of our family. If you are spiritually ascended to any degree, you should know that you have an ability to hurt people, and that to repress that anger, and envy, and hostility, is not going to help you. It may make you look socially acceptable if you repress this envy and anger, but your anger and envy is going underground, and it will attack the spiritual person who is closest to you. They will act out whatever you have repressed. Watch Queen Mab in this movie. She is an excellent example of a witch. Everything that she does is on a high level.


We have people in this country, right in the church, who are doing the same things on a much lesser level without an understanding of what they are doing. Their envy is hurting people. It is not enough to repress it. You have got to confess it as sin, and kill it, because a thought is a living thing. When we have a thought, something is actually birth in our mind. Now if we kill it, the sin cannot hurt anybody, but if we just deny it, and repress it, it will go underground like a depth charge of a submarine, and hurt the first person who has an opening for it. Everybody does not have the same degree of opening to these kinds of spiritual bombs. We are responsible for every thought that we birth. Every thought that we give birth to, we are responsible for it. If it is ungodly, and we kill it, sin is not imputed to us. If we repress it, and it goes underground, we shall surely reap what we sow. Do not be deceived. It will come back to you, or your children, or your grandchildren, or your great grandchildren. Look at yourself. Ask God to open your eyes. See, every sinful thought in your mind, and kill it, because if you do not, your family will reap the fruit.


Watch Queen Mab, because she is an excellent example in an exaggerated way, of what all of us are capable of doing. Everyone! I just had an opportunity to minister this message to someone the other day, who was talking to me in terms of good and evil. There are no good people, brethren. Jesus said, Why do you call me good? Only God is good. There are no good people. Everybody is good and evil. Some people are more on the good side. Some people are more on the evil side. Everybody is good and evil. We are responsible for our evil side. We have the potential to do everything that Queen Mab does. Not only do we have the potential, we are doing it on some level. Now watch these forest nymphs. They are all coming out to see the savior. Notice the colorlessness. It is mostly blues and blacks. Everything is muted compared to the colors of the physical world.


MOVIE: Notice the transportation. Notice the translation from the boat to the steps of the castle, even of Queen Mab’s assistant. Even when Marlin got into the boat, we really were not shown how he got into the boat because he was being translated. He was not walking into the boat. There is a lot of high magical power operating here. I believe there are people who can do this, and I believe that the Scripture shows that Jesus did it. They just go from one place to the next, not because their feet move, but because their mind wills them to be in this other place, and they are instantly translated. That is what we are talking about here. Note how Mab’s assistant, who is a gnome, how he changes form. You will see Queen Mab giving a demonstration on that. He has the ability to change his form. He is a shape shifter. Of course, Queen Mab is a shape shifter too. In this physical world we have a form. We may age. We may get a little fatter, or a little thinner, but for our whole life, our whole existence, we have the same form.


PASTOR VITALE: People with high spiritual power are shape shifters, and they have the power to change their appearance with their mind. They change their appearance with their mind. You will see that several times with Frik, this gnome, who is her assistant. We will see Queen Mab changing form at will, instantly, by the power of her mind. Surely, when we get to the place that we could do that, because we know that Jesus did that too. Jesus walked on the road to Emmaus and nobody recognized Him. Surely, there will be no more disease in this body if we have the power to change its form. Surely, we will be able to keep it healthy. We are in a very very low place here. Even those of us with this glorious message coming forth, even me, I cannot keep myself from getting sick. We are in a very low spiritual place. We need to know that. Why do we need to know that? Because if you know where you are, then you can have a realistic goal for ascension, for growth, and for improvement.


MOVIE: Watch the gnome go from the boat to the shore instantly. Did you see Merlin look behind him? That was because the gnome was on the shore in front of him. He could not figure out what had happened to him. He gave no sign that he was even leaving the boat. Yes, Jesus did that too. We see that these kind of spiritual events are universal. Jesus does them. The sons of God will do them, and witches do them. Mature spiritual people engage in the same and similar types of activity. They just do it by the power of a different spirit. When it comes to the manifested sons, it is going to be very difficult to tell who is a son, and who is an angel of light. Everyone is going to be doing the same kind of tricks. You may recall from a teaching that came down here a few months ago, that as far as I can see right now, the only thing that the sons of God will be able to do, that the angels of light will not be able to do, is disseminate the seed which will produce Christ in the individual.

The truth of the matter is that the angels of light and the sons of God will all be spiritually mature people, and they will all have the waters of life in them, but only the sons will have the virile seed. When we are spiritually mature, that is the only difference that I know about them. The sons have the virile seed, but the workers of witchcraft will be doing everything we do, and right now they are stronger than we are. I believe that there are people out there right now that are doing this kind of magic. Benny Hinn, for example, but I do not know that he is being translated and doing things like that. He is doing some of it, but he is definitely moving in that direction. I believe there are people out there that are shape shifters right now. I spoke to a man from Trinidad once, who told me the witch doctors in Trinidad change into animals and trees at will. There are people doing this now. It looks like the Christians are late, but the Bible says He is never late, so we will be there in time.


We have to know what and who we could take on right now. If we come up against someone too strong for us, we are suppose to run behind Jesus. We are not suppose to be arrogant, because I am telling you, we are not that strong. Unless Jesus says, I am in this battle, and you go forth, and I am with you, then we will have this kind of supernatural power temporarily, but we do not have it within ourselves. Watch Merlin look behind Mab now. Please note that she created him. We are all born with our potential, but it is not guaranteed what we will be. It is 50/50. There is no guarantee in Christ or in witchcraft. You are born with the potential. Your spiritual potential is mixed with the animal nature that you are born with, and you have to want it. You have to want it, just like everything else in this world. If you want to really go on with Christ, you have to want it, and you have to be willing to work for it. It does not come easy. Nothing valuable in this world comes easy.


MOVIE: Merlin has the potential to be the greatest, but he does not want it. He is not willing to work for it, so it is not manifesting in his life. We see that Queen Mab goes forth to manipulate him into wanting the power when she meets him, now grown up. You will see that in the next few scenes. She manipulates him into wanting the power by bringing evil into his life. She says, This is Merlin, who comes to save us. He will bring the people back to the old ways. All the spells you will ever need are in these books, Merlin. If I am not mortal, will I die, Merlin asks. Mab says in the fullness of time, but we can change form, but it is an illusion. We can see into the future. This is you, as you will be. Mab is told by the instructor giving Merlin his lessons, that Merlin will never be a great wizard, because in his heart he does not like magic. He wants to go home. Mab goes into a rage.


PASTOR VITALE: Now that is very interesting, because a lot of people, if not most people, are not really willing to give up the things of this world to follow Jesus. No one is really willing to do it, except the people who have been hurt so badly in this life, that they have faith in Him, and they are cleaving to Him, because they know He is the only valuable thing that will never leave them, nor forsake them, or betray them. The average person that is having a decent life is not willing to forsake all and follow Jesus. What turns us to Jesus? Hard times! Painful experiences! They turn us to Jesus, except that Jesus does not orchestrate these hard times and painful experiences. When we turn away from Jesus, the satanic judgment comes into play, and Satan is the one who brings hard times and painful experiences because of our own sins.


MOVIE: In witchcraft, it is not a reaping and sowing. Mab brings evil into Merlin’s life to manipulate him into a desire to lay hold of the power to help the ones that he loves. Do you hear the difference? Did I make it clear? Jesus does not bring hard times into your life. When you move away from Him, you come under the reaping and sowing judgment, and Satan does the work. Did you notice when she said, This is Merlin, This is Merlin, that she was whispering, but the whole of the etheric world heard her? Did you notice that? Now you are going to see her anger. You are going to see her move rapidly, and you are going to see an excellent example of Jezebel. We see this in the world all the time. If you have eyes to see, Jezebel is everywhere. This kind of cold steely anger that has the power to sometimes make the strongest men shake in their boots. A lot of women are like that. Some men are like that, but it is more often women, but there are male Jezebels.


PASTOR VITALE: This steely cold anger and rage has Mab’s poor assistant just shaking in his boots. It is an ungodly fear to be afraid of someone for that reason. Whatever you see here is exaggerated, but it is in people everywhere. If you ask God to show it to you, you will see these qualities of Queen Mab in people all around you. Now, see the tantrums and witchcraft manipulation. Temper tantrums are a manifestation of witchcraft. You may have children, two- or three-year-olds who have temper tantrums. Of course, it is much more socially acceptable at two or three than at twenty or thirty years of age, but we really must seek God as to how to deal with these children. These temper tantrums are designed to control the adults in charge. They are witchcraft. That is what they are. If it is broken in children at a young age, in a godly way, they will grow up with that witchcraft being broken in them. If it is not broken when the child is very young, that child will have problems in their life. Temper tantrums are manifestations of witchcraft. Intense anger and rage are manifestations of witchcraft.


In the movie you could see the gnome is greatly distressed over her anger. It is not just that he is afraid of her anger. When you are spiritually sensitive, you feel this kind of anger. Those of you here in the local group, you know what I have gone through from time to time, when people are just angry, when they are just raging in a fit. It is witchcraft. If you are spiritually sensitive, it just knocks you as hard as if the person has come over and punched you in the face with their fist. If you are not spiritually sensitive, you can listen to me, but you cannot relate to what I am saying. This program here will make you spiritually sensitive. Eventually, you are going to be feeling this. When people are angry, depending on the power of their mind, they literally stir up storms in the spiritual plane that affects you, if you are sensitive to the spiritual planes. That gnome was just not shriveling up like that because of fear of her anger. It was affecting his very nervous system.


We have just seen a major temper tantrum. Brethren, I have been telling you over the years that I have known people to have temper tantrums causing things to break in the house. Of course it is nothing to the extent of this. This is an extreme, but if you have spiritual eyes and ears, you will see what I am talking about. People with a strong mind, when they get angry, can cause accidents. They can cause a container of orange juice to fall off the counter, not supernaturally. You reach out for it and you just happen to knock it over. They can cause you to trip or twist your ankle. This rage is spiritual and it affects the physical world, but there is another factor here in this scene that we just saw. That factor is the sound that she makes when she screams. I have been talking to you for the last six months or so about sound. There is audible sound and there is inaudible sound. The sound that we hear when you are hearing my voice right now, this is just the ultimate product of something that starts deep in the spirit world. Just as this physical body is all that you see, we exist on many planes of consciousness. Parts of us are interpenetrated by many invisible planes of consciousness.


Sound is power. Just as light can be focused into a laser beam and used for surgery, sound is power. It is this concept which is behind the Hindu mantra, the sounding of the OM. You cannot be a powerless person making the sound of the OM and create power, but if you are a person with a powerful mind, by sounding the mantra, you can heal, you can hurt, you can make someone sick. You can kill somebody with a sound coming out of your mouth, but it is not just the sound coming out of your mouth. It is something that starts in the spiritual plane, and the end of its journey is in this physical plane. I have known this for a long time. I recently read an article that I believe came out of the New York Times. There is a scientist somewhere who believes that sound can be used to heal, just as light in a laser beam can be used to heal. The scientific community is pretty much laughing at him these days, but I believe it is true. Of course, you have to focus it, and concentrate it, but there are spiritual people today who can capture, concentrate, and focus sound and use it as a weapon.


I saw a movie about this. I really do not recommend that you see it. This movie we are watching does not have a particularly strong witchcraft spirit on it. I do not see anything damaging in this movie, but this other movie was the development of a young man who ultimately develops this power of sound to kill with sound. It had a heavy spirit of witchcraft on it. When you see this witch, Queen Mab, screaming, and the movie focuses on her mouth and her throat, the significance is that the director of the movie is trying to tell you that this is much more than a verbal audible scream of some human person screaming. This is a person with intense spiritual power, experiencing intense rage, which is manifesting on many spiritual planes. The last one of which is this physical plane where you hear the screaming with your ears. It is not the audible sound that is causing all these objects to fly, but the sound coming from the depths of the spirit that is causing these objects to fly through the air.


MOVIE: You will see the result in a few minutes. Ambrosia is Merlin’s foster mother, and she dies. Ambrosia dies from Queen Mab’s rage for refusing to help her to entice Merlin into wizardry. I am telling you that people get sick. People have accidents. People get divorced. People lose jobs because of another person’s envy and rage. The people who have the power to do this and do not know it, are more dangerous than the people who have the power to hurt you and know it. If you do not know that you can hurt people, the average human being just gives full vent to their rage and to their envy. They think nobody knows. It is in my mind and I am not speaking the words. I am not speaking the words, so nobody knows that I am envious of her. Nobody knows, and in the meantime the unspoken inaudible words, which are thoughts, go forth and can really break up friendships, can break up marriages, can cause accidents, can cause sickness, and can do great damage in people’s lives.


PASTOR VITALE: This whole teaching is indicated in this movie by Queen Mab screaming, and the director showing you her throat. The stronger your mind is, the more damage you are able to do. You need to ask the Lord to show you all this. Whatever of this applies to you, and it applies to everybody to some degree, we all need to get before God and ask Him to show us how we are operating on this plane, because you cannot be a son of God and be damaging someone with your envy or your rage. You cannot be both. To the fullest degree that you are damaging people with your mind, to that degree you are limited as to what you can do for Christ. If you are just willing to look and see what is in there, we are all evil. Everybody has an evil side to them. If you are willing to look at yourself, you will be able to catch these evil thoughts and kill them before they can do any damage. Then the more you do that, the more power in Christ, the Lord will be willing to give you, because you are not going to hurt anyone with it. That is the bottom line.


MOVIE: Also, look at the witchcraft domination and control. Queen Mab wants Merlin to be the way she wants him to be, and she will not give up until she has her way with his life. Check this out. It is typical witchcraft. Queen Mab says, Look at what you made me do! Witchcraft takes no responsibility. Well, that is really a manifestation of pride, which is intimately interwoven with witchcraft. Look at what you made me do! Her rage caused all this damage, and she is blaming another person. In a real twisted way she is saying, You made me do it! Ambrosia would not do what Queen Mab wanted her to do, but we are all required to control ourselves. Here is another strong manifestation of witchcraft. She expects people to do what she wants them to do.


PASTOR VITALE: When they will not do it, she goes into a rage, and has a fit, becomes destructive, and instead of taking responsibility for her own behavior, blames it on the person who would not do what she wanted them to do. We are seeing this behavior all over the country today, as the moral fabric of this nation unravels. It is very ungodly. It is very frightening to try to deal with people who think like that because you are responsible for every bad thing they do. Then they turn around and they scapegoat you. For Queen Mab to say to Ambrosia, you made me do it, she was making a scapegoat of her. We see that to scapegoat is a manifestation of witchcraft. Every man is responsible for every aspect of himself, and every man is ideally to not interfere with other people, except when they have authority over them.

MOVIE: Merlin says to Mab, You have killed her, just like you killed my real mother. He is angry and says, Watch my power grow. Queen Mab knocked him down with her mind and she is using this anger and rage to manipulate him into using his magical powers. Did you hear that witchcraft? She says, Very good, Merlin. I am impressed. I am sorry about your mother, but they were casualties of war. I am fighting to save my people from extinction. Merlin says, I do not care if you die and disappear. I will never help you. Mab says, You will. I will make you. Did you hear that witchcraft? He will do what she wants. She will make him do it. Merlin said, I knew Mab would hurt me. Right from the start she believed she could make me break my oath, after all, part of her was in me. She waited patiently in the shadows for the time when she could strike, and make me see the error of my ways. The world turned and turned again. The rain fell on the just and unjust alike. Men and women were cut down like wheat to be born again; strong. Do you hear the reincarnation here?


Merlin says, The years passed, and then Mab found a way of making me break my oath. War broke out between the kings. The tower needed bolstering. Of course this is relating to the Tower of Babel that Jehovah tore down. It is just an allusion to the Tower of Babel. There is obviously a spiritual reason that this king cannot build his tower. The king asked the architect why the tower will not stand. The architect did not know why, so the king laid hold of the soothsayer, who said, I am a soothsayer, not an architect. The king said, If you are a soothsayer, you should know why every time I try to rebuild the tower, it collapses. The soothsayer, a spiritual man, a prophet, says he is going to throw the stones. He is going to read the stones to see if he could find out the spiritual basis for the tower coming down. You will see in the next scene the soothsayer crying out to his god, and Queen Mab appearing in Stonehenge in the stone doorway. She appears in the stone doorway. She says, You must find a man who has no mortal father, and mix his blood with the mortar, to make it stand. The king says, Where can I find a man like that? Mab says, I will show you. Merlin is sought out. He says that the stream that runs into a great cavern is the problem. They do not see a thing. Merlin is bringing it forth. He is creating it. I see two dragons, one red, one white. The king says, My crest is a white dragon. It is an omen. What else do you see? The red dragon conquered the white.


PASTOR VITALE: The ancient Celts used to worship in Stonehenge. At some point, when Christianity took over, the ancient Celts were forbidden to worship there. The modern Celts, not too long ago, maybe twenty years or so ago, petitioned the Prime Minister of England for permission to start worshiping at Stonehenge again. The Prime Minister was Margaret Thatcher at the time. She refused them. That was about twenty years ago. They recently applied again to the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Tony Blair, and he has given them permission, so the modern Celts are worshiping once again in Stonehenge. I believe that their worship at this sight, with these rocks, which I believe are doorways to another dimension, will ultimately bring forth entities from another dimension into this world. If it is not already happening, it will be happening.


MOVIE: We are about to see a scene which is a takeoff on Queen Esther. You will see, Nimue, Merlin’s love, enters into the king’s chamber without permission, and he tells her that people die for that. Even before that, we see Merlin, who has just prophesied to the king that he will be defeated in battle, thrown into a dungeon. To me, this could be likened to the account of the prophet, Micah, who told King Ahab that he would not return from the battle. King Ahab said to his guards, put Micah in jail, feed him on bread and water, and do not let him out until I return. Micah is never heard from again in the Scripture. I have told you this before. I do not know if I mentioned it in this message or not, but there are a lot of stories in the Bible that line right up with myths of ancient religions. There is an accusation in the world today, against Christianity and Judaism, saying that our Scripture is not valid. They say the Hebrew Scripture and the Greek Scripture, upon which it is based, is not valid because the same myths existed before Judaism ever arose in the world.


PASTOR VITALE: I asked the Lord for the answer to this situation because we really need to know what the answer is. This is what the Lord told me. The Hebrew Scripture is intended to bring a deep spiritual message, the means by which we can escape from this fallen world. The more carnal translations of the Scripture arise out of the carnal mind. They do not arise out of the mind of Christ. If someone tries to translate the Hebrew Scripture with the carnal mind, they have only their carnal mind to draw upon. The carnal translation of the deep spiritual Hebrew Scripture that we see in the modern translations, either arise out of the translators carnal mind, or the translator at the time had heard some of these ancient myths, and worked them into the translation. Brethren, there is no way you can bring forth the true meaning of this Scripture when you have no knowledge, whatsoever, of the spiritual principles upon which it is based.

I am not denying the authority of the modern translations. I believe that the Holy Spirit works in them and through them, and that great good has come to this world through the modern translations of the Scripture, but brethren, it is not the real thing. The power of God is so intense that people’s lives are changed based upon a translation which is not really accurate. That is a witness and a testimony to the greatness of God. If anyone ever comes to you and says that story about Moses or that story about Queen Esther and the king, the same thing happened in pagan mythology thousands of years before the Hebrew Scripture, you now have the answer. If you can remember or receive what I have told you, that is the answer, that it is the carnal translation of the Scripture. The Hebrew Scripture is not counterfeiting ancient myths. The truth of the Hebrew Scripture is so deep and so secret, that the carnal mind could never comprehend it.


When the translator is translating in his carnal mind, he draws out of his treasure house. He draws out of his own knowledge, and out of the wisdom of this world a translation of the Scripture. Solomon, himself, said there is nothing new under the sun. In Satan’s world, the same events repeat themselves over, and over, and over again, but Jesus said, I am not of this world. The end of the man, Jesus Christ, was different than the end of any other man born of a woman. Everyone who follows in the footsteps of Jesus Christ will have an end that is different than every other man born of a woman, except Jesus Christ. Do you understand what I just said?


MOVIE: We will go on with the movie. Nimue whispers Merlin’s name. It is you Merlin. He says what are you doing here. She says I am a hostage. They want to make sure my father does not join Prince Uther. It is dangerous for you to be here. What is the matter? Are you ill, Merlin? No, I just need space to breathe. These four walls are suffocating me. Nimue, I have never forgotten you all these years. I have always remembered you too, Merlin. She goes on to intercede for Merlin. The king says, I have killed men for such insolence. What makes you so brave, woman? If you hurt me, my father and his men will join Uther. What do you want? Merlin is sick. There is no cure but his freedom. The king said, I cannot give him that. She said, then he will die. The king says, We all die eventually, even wizards. If he dies you will not know about his vision and the battle. Do you want to win? The king then goes to Merlin and releases him from the dungeon.


PASTOR VITALE: One more point about Nimue in the Queen Esther role. Queen Esther was interceding for Israel. All of Israel was in danger, but in Merlin, Nimue is interceding for the man who is suppose to be the Savior, the man who is suppose to be the hope of the old religion to bring the people back to Queen Mab. Here is Nimue coming into the king’s chamber. There is a little touch of Joseph in the dungeon here too. It is a mixture like when Joseph was called out of the dungeon to interpret Pharaoh’s dream. This is Nimue is now talking about the mythological island of Avalon. What she is saying is that Joseph of Arimathea, the one who claimed Jesus’ body after the crucifixion, had possession of the cup that Jesus used to drink from at the last supper, and he took it to this mysterious island. The possessor of the cup had the power to do miracles, to feed the hungry, and heal the sick. One day a man with a pure heart will find it, and peace, and happiness, will return. He says it is a lovely story. But it is not the Scripture. There is no word of Christ. Once again we see scriptural references without Christ. The cup has the power. Christ does not have the power. There is no talk of the resurrected Christ. There is the talk of the mortal man who claimed the dead carcass of the man Jesus. The mystical powers are imputed to this cup.


People who do not know the Scripture, people who think they know the Scripture, but do not, will be seduced, thinking that this is a pro-Christian movie, but this is an anti-christ movie. This movie speaks for the ancient Celtic religion. Christianity is mentioned, but in inaccurate ways. Christianity is mentioned, but Christ is dead. Christ dies, and Joseph of Arimathea claimed the cup. No mention of the resurrection at all. To me, this kind of a doctrine is worse than a doctrine that does not mention Christ because it is misleading. It is trickery. We just cannot be lukewarm Christians. If you do not know the Scripture, and you are not instructed, you will be swept away with this kind of trickery. You have to be able to judge righteous judgment.


MOVIE: What is coming up now, what just happened, is that Queen Mab wants to form a league with this king. She wants as her price that the king should sacrifice Nimue to the great dragon, which I believe typifies the Fiery Serpent, because she is a fire breathing dragon that comes out of the earth. I draw the conclusion that she typifies the Fiery Serpent and not Leviathan. First of all, why does Queen Mab want Nimue sacrificed? Does anybody have an idea? The main theme here is that Merlin has a potential to be a great wizard, a great worker of magic, and to lead the people to worship Queen Mab, but he does not want to use his power. He is leaning towards the good side of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which is within him, and he does not want to use his power, and he does not want to serve Queen Mab, so Queen Mab is manipulating Merlin to use his power. Her plan is that Merlin will be so upset at the thought of Nimue being sacrificed, that he will use magic to save her.


PASTOR VITALE: Herein brethren, is the greatest argument against white witchcraft. White witchcraft, meaning the use of the spiritual power of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil for what the carnal mind perceives as good. To develop one’s self in spiritual power through the spirit of the carnal mind, no matter how determined you are to not hurt anyone with it, and to use it only for good, no matter how determined you are, if it is your carnal mind, and not Christ, the day will surely come that you will be so concerned over someone in your life, your wife, your husband, your mother, your brother, your sister, that you will use this spiritual power for evil and not for good. Someone damages your family, hurts you, wounds you, and does evil to the thing that you love most in the world, you will use magic. In this movie, Merlin uses the magic for good to save the heroine, Nimue. What they do not tell you in this movie is the potential to use your spiritual power for revenge. Merlin never uses this spiritual power for revenge.


Any mortal human being would surely reach a point where he is pressured enough to use his power in a way that damages other human beings. That is the Achilles heel. That is the weak point of possessing spiritual power outside of the nature of Christ. We touched on that a little this morning. The Lord Jesus will allow us to wield the spiritual power of the kingdom of God only in direct proportion to the degree that His nature is developed in us. That is because once you get this power, if Satan comes along and presses your buttons, you could hurt somebody, or even kill somebody. We will be limited in our ability to manifest Christ Jesus in direct proportion to the measure that His righteous nature is ruling over our carnal mind. Jesus is not withholding anything from us, but we do not change natures very easily, or in any short period of time.


We see that Queen Mab has made an offer to the king, sacrifice Nimue to the dragon, so that Merlin will be manipulated into using magic to save her. Now on the other hand, if your carnal mind is thinking, trouble and hardships just draw people unto Christ, does not Jesus do the same thing? The answer is no. Jesus does not do the same thing. We are fallen mortal men, and Satan has the legal ground to bring tragedy into our life in accordance with the balance of the curses and blessings that are on our life. No, Jesus does not do that. Jesus says I am calling you. If you do not want to come, alright, stay where you are, and be under the reaping and sowing judgment. Jesus does not manipulate you to serve Him by destroying what you love. Jesus is the destroyer of your carnal mind. Satan is the destroyer of everything good in your life. The way all things work for the good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose, that when Satan moves to destroy everything that you love, you have a Savior to run to, the Lord Jesus. We run to Jesus because we are fleeing from Satan.


MOVIE: The reason that we are fleeing from Satan is that she has legal grounds to hurt us. In the case of this movie, Queen Mab is persecuting and is doing evil towards Merlin, not for any evil thing that he has done, but to manipulate him into doing what Queen Mab wants him to do. This is one of the major characteristics of witchcraft. What is happening here is very fast. Queen Mab says to the king, Why will you not do it? Is it ethics? The king says, Bo, it is politics. If I sacrifice Nimue, her father will take his army and side with my enemy. Watch Queen Mab’s face. Watch her eyes. The next thing you are going to see is her servant, who is a gnome. She is going to use witchcraft to change his appearance, and this gnome appearing as a courier, or a messenger to the king, is going to appear and bring news, which is a lie, that Nimue’s father has gone over to the other side. It is a lie at the moment, when the messenger brings it, and then it comes to pass because it is a prophesy, and it comes to pass.


At the moment you can see it. She is conjuring it up in her mind. It has not happened yet. Also, watch the messenger. There is something here that the Lord still has not answered me on. The gnome acts very strange when he comes in as a servant, and he pants like a dog. Queen Mab has to tell him to cut it, so I do not really understand why he is acting like that. If the Lord gives you a word of knowledge, please let me know. Queen Mab has this servant, who is a gnome, and she uses him. She does not go to him and say, I have an assignment for you. I would like you to do this. She reaches out with her mind. She lays hold of him, and manipulates him into doing her will. This too is witchcraft. If you have an employee, if you have a wife, if you have children, you are supposed to treat them as human beings. You are supposed to say, Will you please do this for me?


MOVIE: Now, of course, if you are their boss, they are not supposed to say no. If they say no, you fire them. Everybody knows they have to do it, but it is the way you ask. You go to them, and you say, Will you please do this for me, but Queen Mab does not do that. Her mind reaches out across the distance into another spiritual plane, lays hold of her servant, changes his form, and gives him his instructions telepathically. I know it has happened a couple of times already, that when you look at this gnome, you will see the shock on his face when she changes his form. She gives him no warning at all. Brethren, that is devastating to the personality to be so controlled that you are just driven and controlled to do things. Now if you are a wife, or a child, or an employee, and the one who has authority over you, says to you, Will you please do something for me, it is an established fact. You really cannot say no. You really should do it, especially if it is an employer. If you are a child, or a wife, if it is a reasonable request, you should do it.


PASTOR VITALE: When someone says to you, Would you please do it, it gives you the opportunity to agree. You say, I agree. You are my employer, and I am supposde to do this, and now it is my decision to do it, and we are both in agreement that you are my employer, and I am suppose to do what you say. If you are a wife, and your husband says to you, Will you please do something for me, and it is a reasonable request, you should do it. When he asks you, it gives you the opportunity to agree, and say, You are my husband, and I choose to honor you and do this. But if someone comes to you and says, Here, do this, it deprives you of your individuality. It deprives you of your choice. It deprives you of your self respect. It deprives you of your opportunity to do what is right. When someone says to you, Here, do this, you are deprived and robbed of your opportunity to say, I love you enough to say yes. I will do this for you. And you become a pawn in the hands of that authority. This is not acceptable to God, although many people do it out of ignorance in our world. It is a manifestation of witchcraft. This whole world is covered with wickedness and darkness. Everybody is manifesting witchcraft in some measure. Witchcraft is control of other people. Possession of other people. Everybody is doing it in some measure.


MOVIE: Now watch what Queen Mab does with her mind. Did you see that animal? He did it twice. He did it when her mind first laid hold of him, and his form changed, and he did it now. Actually, to tell you the truth, I did not know what was wrong with this man. I did not even realize that he was acting like an animal. I just knew it was weird until I visited my daughter, and her dog came over to me and was panting. I said, That was what it was. He was panting like an animal, but I still do not know what it means. Does anybody have any idea? Nobody knows. OK. Queen Mab sent this servant, in the form of a messenger, and they are lying to the king, and as soon as the king goes out, and behaves in a manner that breaks the agreement, the prophesy comes to pass, and Nimue’s father goes over to the other side.


See how Merlin’s passion is bringing forth the spiritual power. The power of God does not arise out of emotion, but this emotion and this desperation to save his love is bringing forth supernatural strength. Notice how he is using nature to help him. Witchcraft uses nature. The Spirit of God does not use nature to accomplish its goals. He sees a waterfall. He is going to form mud out of the dry earth so that the dragon sinks into the mud. He is commanding the water to come forth. He is bringing forth vines from the earth, growing at a supernatural rate of speed, to trap the dragon, to bind her up, and bring her down. He threw the fire away from himself, and it went on Nimue. For some reason he could divert it from himself. When it was coming directly at him, he could divert it, but he could not divert it when it was going towards her. Magic manipulates nature. The power of God does not manipulate anything. The power of God is power within Himself.


Now Merlin is taking Nimue to Avalon. Apparently there is a convent of nuns that are going to take care of her there. She is badly burnt. Merlin is very angry, and he is going out looking for Mab. Now he is not looking for her in her human form. You will see this when I run the film. He is looking for her in the spirit. He is out there in the wilderness. He is in a desert. There is nothing there. What this indicates is that he is looking for her in the spirit. That is what it indicates. You will see that she appears to him in the spirit. What does that mean? When she answers him, you will not see her human form. It is very subtle, but what you will see is water flowing in. Watch his feet. He is in a desert when he first calls for her, and as she speaks to him, the water starts flowing in, and I think at the end of their exchange, at the end of their conversation, the water is up to his knees. That is very interesting because there are several Scriptures in Ezekiel which talks about the waters being up to your ankles, and then up to your knees.


I never really thought of it as being a manifestation of Christ Jesus in the form of communication, and I do not know if that is what the Scripture says. I have not studied it, but in this witchcraft movie, the water flowing in up to his knees is a sign that Merlin has communicated with Mab. See the desert. I guess it is not really the desert, but there is very little water there. Watch it flow in as he calls her. Look at the colors. The colors are all muted out. That is a sign he is in the spirit. Merlin says, You have destroyed everyone I loved; my mother, Ambrosia, and now Nimue. Queen Mab says, The end justifies the means. I did it for you. I want you to use the power. This is a very important point here where she says, I did it for you. Witchcraft is done in the name of I did it for you. Every day I wish I had a ten dollar bill for every time I have heard that. But I did not want it. How could you do it for me when I do not want it? You may not know it, but you are lying. You did it for you. You did not do it for me. If you did it for me, you would have asked my opinion, and I may have said no. You did it for yourself.


Mab says to Merlin, I want you to use the power in you. He says, no Mab, I will destroy you for what you have done to me. Merlin, I will always be too strong. He says, I will find a way. She say, Never, not ever. Next we see Merlin by Nimue’s side. He says to her, Do not try to speak. Save your strength. Do not turn your face to the wall, Nimue. She says, I will be scarred. He says, the important thing is that you are alive. I have to go away for a little while. When I come back, it will be forever. You will always be beautiful to me.


Watch the muted colors. Merlin is going to look for the Lady of the Lake to get help. This is another spiritual experience. All the colors fade out. Please note that he is seeking her in the time of the snow, and the snow signifies the sons of God. For what purpose do you want my help? To beat the tyrant king. What she said was, Good king, bad king. You judge too easily Merlin. You will learn. Does anyone have any idea what she is talking about? What she is saying is that there is no such thing as a good king or a bad king. Every mortal man is a mixture of good and evil. The creation is morning and evening, light and darkness. There is no such thing as a good king or a bad king. We are all mixtures, but each one of us is predominately one or the other. The significance of her counsel is that even if you are a bad king today, you could be a good king tomorrow. I do not think she was really signifying that if you are a bad king today, you could be a good king tomorrow. She was saying the good king of today could be a bad king at the snap of a finger.


PASTOR VITALE: One day you are good, and the next day you fall into sin. We see this all the time. Ministries fall all the time. Ministers fall all the time. There is no such thing as a good king. Life is just not that simple, so long as men are mortal, and you have a mortal leader, even me. I tell you this all the time. I pray I never fall, but I am mortal. I am human and I make mistakes. I try not to, but I am human, and I hope it never happens, but I am capable of falling. If I do have a slip, because you could have a slip, and not fall. Hopefully, you are going to pray me through, but you have to lend yourself to prayer, and you listen to what the Lord says. So long as the Lord says stick, you stick with me. The day the Lord says flee from her, you had better go. I hope it never happens, but I am teaching you the truth. I am telling you how to live. You stay with your leader until the Lord says I have given up on her. You stay with her as long as the anointing is there, as long as the Lord says I am still with her.


MOVIE: Merlin is going to find out that his good king turns. He says, I heard the sword’s song and it was beautiful. Now armed with the sword of the just, I was going to face another dragon, a red one. It was Uther’s crest and I was about to make it supreme. Now, the sword signifies supernatural power to be used for good. Notice that it came forth out of the snow; the sons of God. He joined the supernatural power for righteousness to the king that he believed to be the good king, and made him supreme. It is not Christ now. It is a sword. Merlin, with the sword of righteousness, is facing the evil king. That is a mighty sword. It is Excalibur. It can only be used by a good man in a good cause, I understand. I thought I could now spend time with Nimue, and I thought Uther would be a good king, and help to beat Mab, but I was never a good judge of men. I always expected too much of them. This is a takeoff on Korah, on the earth opening up for the people who opposed Moses, and they went down into the earth alive. The evil king is going down under the ice, and it is going to close up over him. Of course, the ice and the water typify Satan.


We now have a takeoff on David and Bathsheba. Did you see Queen Mab appear behind the woman? This is what some people call a love spell. I do not deny that she is a lovely woman, but when witchcraft is at work, anybody could look good to you. Queen Mab was in it. There was something in the king that was willing to look at this woman, another man’s wife, and Queen Mab moved right in. Did you see her patting the women’s hair? That indicated that she was using her witchcraft to make the woman more attractive to the king. Witchcraft at work. Brethren, any kind of illicit romantic, or sexual liaison, has to have witchcraft operating on some level. It could be the witchcraft from within the person. It could be Satan in their own unconscious mind, but this is satanic behavior to seduce another man’s wife and to have no care of him, or it could be a woman to a man. Now this is the good king transferring to evil. This is exactly what I was talking about earlier. King Uther received the Excalibur, the supernatural power for good. He made a covenant. He agreed to receive this supernatural power and to use it for good, but his weakness was revealed, and lust was stirred up in him, and the first thing he is doing is asking the wizard, Merlin, if he can make the woman love him. Merlin is associated with the sword. Merlin’s answer is, No magic can create love, but what Merlin does not say is that magic can create infatuation. I believe magic cannot create true love, but it can create an illusion that makes the other person think they love you. It is called a love spell, a love potion. Those people who are into witchcraft know all about it. The king says, Can you kill her husband? I want her more than anything I have ever wanted, anything in the world. Merlin says, You cannot have her.


We see the good king in transition. He is becoming evil because of his lust for this woman. He is throwing all righteousness to the wind, and he is asking this righteous wizard to do harm. Of course I am just talking about the movie. I know that Jesus Christ is the only righteous one. In accordance with this movie, the king is asking this righteous wizard to kill this woman’s husband because he wants her. We see that this is sort of a takeoff on David and Bathsheba. Now we are going to see how Merlin handles this. Merlin is going to take the righteous sword away from him. King Uther will lose his spiritual power. Please note that Merlin has to trick King Uther to get the sword away from him. He tricks him, he deceives him, and when King Uther calls him on it, Merlin’s response is, Well, I am a wizard. What do you expect? I do tricks.


PASTOR VITALE: Brethren, when the Lord Jesus Christ retrieves his spiritual power, because it is being misused, he does not have to trick someone to get it back. He is all powerful. He just takes it back. I will show you this again. We see that the king wants this woman badly enough to send the whole nation to war. Now that is selfishness. Merlin says, It will mean war, and the king says, So be it. He tells the king, This woman is not mine to give to you. The king says, Then I will take her. You said something about the feathers of his coat. What does that mean to you? I was thinking of an eagle when I see feathers. I was thinking the same thing. I must have heard your thoughts, but I do not know what it means, but I know with the Indian tribes, feathers were a sign of power. I guess it is a sign of power. Praise the Lord.


MOVIE: Now what has happened here is that Merlin has impaled that sword into the rock, which is physically impossible. As the story goes, only a righteous man can remove it from the rock. The way this is done, is that by the use of magic, Merlin speeded up the molecules of the sword to a higher level. Let us say the sword moved into the etheric plane. When we are dealing with objects in the etheric plane, they lose their celerity, and they can therefore pierce solid objects. That is true of humans, and that is true of objects. If the molecules of the person or the object can be speeded up, to the point that they are functioning on the etheric or the astral plane, they will be able to pass through solid objects. That is how Jesus walked through walls, if he walked through walls. I am not sure whether he walked through the wall, or he just traveled in the spirit, and appeared in the middle of that room. But he was definitely capable of walking through walls because the resurrected Jesus Christ had a spiritual body that was manifesting on a higher spiritual plane than this physical plane. Therefore he could pass through any solid object.

Do you have a question?


COMMENT: Is that etheric principle the same thing as when someone breaks something with their hand in karate?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not know, but I believe that it is spiritual power. I honestly do not know, but it must be something like that. I would not say that their hand is piercing through the wood, because that hand breaks the wood, so it is not piercing through it. It must be some kind of spiritual power that strengthens the person to the point that they can pierce through a whole heavy thick block of wood. Sometimes they break stones. It has to be spiritual power. It is super human, so it is the same principle. 

COMMENT: Is it the same when someone is on drugs? They have terrific power that they can take on five police officers at one time, and they cannot contain them.


PASTOR VITALE: It may not be exactly the same thing, but it is basically the same principle because drugs just raise your consciousness in an ungodly way. It stirs up the fiery serpent. It is the same basic principle. We could see that if you do a study of mentally ill people. Mentally ill people have tremendous witchcraft powers. I am told by someone who works in a mental institution that if you go on the ward where the people are so violent, that each one of them is in their own padded cell, as she walked up and down checking through the window, many of them were levitating. That is high spiritual power. I am starting to believe, at this point, that the foundational cause of mental illness is that the fiery serpent ascends in that person, and they are totally ill equipped to deal with it, and they go insane.


If you read any of the Hindu books, that talk about spiritual ascension through Kundalini, which is the Sanskrit name for the Fiery Serpent, they will tell you that it is very dangerous for the Fiery Serpent to rise up spontaneously. Many people become desperately physically ill. Some die and some go insane. When the Hindu priests, the Yogis, as they are called, enter into their rituals which are designed to stir up Kundalini, they guide her through a certain pathway that is suppose to be secret knowledge, where if you do it that way, you do not go crazy, but can get desperately ill. There have been reported cases of Kundalini rousing from sleep spontaneously, unguided, and these people go crazy. I really believe at this time, that is the foundational cause of mental illness, premature rousing of Kundalini, especially in the West, where people do not even know about it or believe it. Their mind breaks under the pressure.


MOVIE: I am not sure who this rock is supposed to be in the movie. A little further on he calls himself the Rock of Ages. There may not be any direct counterpart in the doctrine of Christ for him, but what is obvious a little further on, is that his spiritual power is superior to Queen Mab’s. I believe Queen Mab typifies Satan, simply because she is expressed as the waters, and later on, you will see her really as the ocean. You will see the waves crashing violently, typifying her spirit. If we want to look for a parallel, for this rock, who is now going to guard Excalibur. Maybe I did not make that clear to you. Merlin plunged this sword into the rock, and this Rock of Ages, received responsibility for it. He will not release it to anyone except the good man. See, they do not use the word righteous. It is the good man with the pure heart. The only character of the doctrine of Christ that I can line him up with is the Primordial Serpent, because he says he was around before the dawn of time, and he appears to have authority over Queen Mab, who signifies Satan. It does not line up with the doctrine of Christ because the one who has authority over Satan is the Primordial Serpent, and she is not a rock. We know Jesus is the Rock, so it is just a usurpation of Jesus’ authority here. He is suppose to be a good guy. Merlin asks the rock to hold the Excalibur for him until a good man comes to take it from him. He answers, then I will be holding it forever, if not longer. Laughter.


Agreeing with our evil side weakens us spiritually. The king lost the power to hold the sword. What is happening here? Who was he talking to? He was talking to his magical horse. I did not catch that the first time around. We see that King Uther is waging war against the husband of the woman that he is lusting for. Hundreds of men are getting killed because you have an itch, he is told. The war is going on for three months, and there is this wizard, Merlin, who is suppose to be a type of Christ, a Celtic type of Christ, a savior. His solution to the problem is to yield to King Uther’s lust. He has just agreed to use magic to help King Uther go to bed with the Lady Igraine. Merlin says you will have the Lady Igraine and there will be a child, a boy. Of course, her husband is killed in battle. This is the principle of the end justifies the means. This is witchcraft. We heard Queen Mab say that the end justifies the means, and now we see Merlin doing something because he believes the end of it justifies the means. What is the end of it? It will be the end of the war. He is willing to sacrifice the Lady Igraine, and her husband, and her daughter so that the war would stop. But this kind of compromise does not exist in Christ Jesus. There is no compromise in Christ Jesus. He wars until he defeats evil in righteousness. Later on, Merlin admits that he made a mistake, so he is a very human wizard.


PASTOR VITALE: Please note the male chauvinism here. The Lady Igraine has a word of knowledge. She has a prediction in her heart. She has a premonition of evil, and she is saying to her husband, please do not go. Something is really wrong here. He interprets it to mean that she is afraid. He did not take her word of knowledge seriously. Not only do husbands do that to wives, but we do it to each other. It is very common for members of the congregation to do it to the pastor. Under what circumstances is a member of the congregation likely to do it to the pastor? It is when they do not like the word of knowledge. When they do not want the word of knowledge to be true, they have an inclination to say, she or he must really be off. It is our own carnal mind rising up to serve the purposes of the carnal mind. Merlin is now going to work magic on King Uther, and he is going to change the appearance of the king so that the king looks like Lady Igraine’s husband.


MOVIE: Merlin will tell him, The night is your friend. What does that mean? You see, Merlin really did not change King Uther’s appearance. He just worked a spell on him. He worked magic on him. It is an allusion. Merlin says, The night is your friend. That means you are going to look like this woman’s husband only for this night, so you had better get in there and do your evil deed. You had better seduce her, and lie with her because she thinks you are her husband now, because it is only going to last for the evening. It is very hard to see because King Uther has a helmet on, but if you watch, you will see that his whole appearance changes, and his beard disappears. King Uther has a beard, but the husband does not have a beard. Merlin’s condition was that the husband is not killed, but we will see that King Uther breaks his promise and kills the man. Now it is the father’s blessing who said to the child, look after your mother. That opens her spiritual eyes when King Uther comes in. The child sees the deception. The illusion has no power over her because the father put authority on her.


He is a shape shifter. Any person who has the power to change their form like that is a shape shifter. He is moving that sword at a supernatural rate of speed. That is a dark crystal. It is intended to impart supernatural power to the child. Of course it is dark power. I do not think a gnome is a demon, but it is my understanding that lots of times, if not all the time, to do evil through magic, it requires someone betraying someone else. It was necessary for the half-sister to betray the child and her mother by doing that for the magic to gain power. This is satanic behavior. This was one of Hitler’s methods of operation. He would make children betray their parents. He would make children execute their parents. I am told that the Chinese did this when they raided Tibet also. They made the parents of the children shoot their own parents. This betrayal, this manipulation unto betrayal, is a satanic activity. What is the fruit of it? It brings you under Satan’s control. I will roll this back for you.


Lady Igraine is having the child, and he believes it is going to be a good king. See how he is taking advantage of the little girl. Actually, there is some envy operating there. He is taking advantage of what would be considered a normal envy of a sibling, when a new baby is born, to seduce this child to do evil, to put the stone in the baby’s crib. This is a spiritual experience now. Watch this. He perceived it in the spirit. He was not there, just like the wise men. Look at them on the two mountain peaks. I am going to roll this back and let you see it again. These two mountain peaks signify the two time lines. Look at Satan coming in as the ocean, much more powerful than the last time we saw her coming in as water. Now both of them perceive the birth of the child in the spirit. What is happening with this jolly man trying to pull the sword out of the rock, is what happens in this world every time there is a spiritual occurrence. When the event is over, the carnal world absorbs it.


Remember when Merlin put the sword in the rock it was a total wilderness. There was nobody around. Now there are houses built around, and people, candles burning, in a carnival atmosphere, to see who is strong enough to pull the sword out. This is what happens in our world. Spiritual events take place, and then idolatry sets in, and where the spiritual event took place, it becomes a landmark. That is what is happening here. I will show it to you again. Now, this is Mab trying to kill the righteous king Arthur in his boyhood. Everyone that has Christ growing in them is in this position. Satan will do anything she can to destroy Christ in us, and she would even kill us if that is what is required, and she can do it. These are Griffins. They have the head of a bird, but you will see that they have the body of an animal. I think they are the negative equivalent of the sons of God, typified by the eagles consuming the flesh of the carnal mind, because these are vicious birds, and you will see that they are attacking the young king, and drawing blood. They eat the flesh of a living animal or man.


The reason Queen Mab had the helmet on them is a lot of wild birds and wild animals fight. The trainers keep their eyes covered, and they stay still as long as their eyes are covered, but when the helmet is removed, they attack. That is true of some dogs and wild birds. They are mythological beasts. They do not exist as far as I know. Watch this. He is using magic to defeat the Griffins by manipulating nature. He has called the bees into his defense. This man has the right of way he says. The snail having the right of way is the elevating of the animal world to have equal rights like human beings. Snails are neither mammal or reptile. They are referred to as gastropods that live in a shell. You are not suppose to trample on the snail, but surely he could have gone around the snail. This aspect of the movie is just making the point that animals should have equal rights just as humans. That is the message.


PASTOR VITALE: Merlin is asking the young man, whose name is Arthur, What would you do if you became king? He says, I would do what you taught me. I would build a golden city devoted to peace and charity. We know that the city is spiritual, just like David wanted to build a temple, and he was told by Jehovah, through the prophet Nathan, No. No, you cannot build the temple. What man could build a building that would be big enough to contain me? But your son will build a spiritual temple. Of course, Solomon thought that it was him, but the Son that is building the temple of God is the Lord Jesus Christ. It was David’s spiritual offspring that is building the temple. So we see talk of a golden city, but the city is spiritual. The city is the true body of Christ, and the body of Christ is not made up of many physical human beings. The body of Christ is made up of Christ Jesus in many human beings. The body of Christ is a spiritual body, and it exists within the individual, and then there is a collective body of Christ. Many are sick and die because they cannot discern the body of Christ. They cannot discern Christ Jesus within themselves, and they cannot discern Christ Jesus in another mortal man, who may have the power to heal them. We will go on.


MOVIE: Merlin says, What the world needs is justice and compassion, more than charity. Still, Camelot sounds like a dream worthy of a king. All the knights in Britain have tried to take it, but it is a sword of a true king. It is yours, Arthur. Merlin says to the rock, This man claims Excalibur. He is Arthur, only son of King Uther and rightful king of Britain. Then Mab says, Why give him the sword? He will betray the people just as his father did. Arthur says, I do not know what I will do, or what I will become, only what I am. Please note that King Arthur has not made any promises that he does not know whether or not he can keep. He has not promised anything. He says, all I know is what I am and that I am going to try. We cannot promise the Lord Jesus to do anything. How do we know that we can fulfill that promise? It would be pride to say, Lord, I promise to do such and such a thing. Humility says, Lord, I would really like to, and it is my intention to do it, if you help me.


PASTOR VITALE: I will play this back for you. Did you see how Queen Mab manifested out of the rock? Now, this time she shattered the rock when she appeared. I do not really know what the significance of that is. In previous supernatural appearances, especially at the beginning of the movie, she just manifested out of the rock. I do not know why she shattered the rock this time. The only possibility I could think of is that she is angry. She is angry that she failed to kill King Arthur, and that she must have known with her supernatural power that he would have the strength to extract the sword from the rock when she came in great anger. Also she moved very rapidly, indicating she was not moving in the time of this age. She was moving in a supernatural speed. She was moving in a different line, and she was very angry. You see how she submits to the rock of ages, who apparently she has no power to convince.


MOVIE: Did you see how Mab is praying against him? Watch her eyes. She is praying against Arthur’s ability to extract the sword. The sword is heating up. It is converting into its etheric form. Notice he is sweating blood. Now you see the flame flies upward. I think it is an analogy to that iron axe flowing on the water. That is what Elijah did. It goes against gravity. Now watch how this woman is innocent and sweet. The second she accepts the seduction of the gnome, she turns evil. She is childish and innocent. He tells her he will make her beautiful and uses the words of Scripture to say, Put away childish things. She is becoming beautiful. Watch the evil manifest instantly. Please note he is about to seduce her sexually so that she can serve Mab’s purposes. It is Mab’s intention that this woman will go and seduce the righteous or the good King Arthur. Now, this woman is King Arthur’s half-sister, but they did not grow up together. The gnome’s appearance has been changed as a result of illusion. He has not really changed. He is this handsome swashbuckling hero type, and he is going to seduce her sexually, and send her off on this evil mission. As you will see, she is not resisting him very hard.

Watch how Mab is talking to him through the image on the cup. Sometimes you hear the expression, a fly on the wall. It is my understanding that people that have witchcraft power can do it. We know they can change their form. People with this degree of spiritual power can appear as animals or trees in the forest. The can also appear as a fly if they want to hear what you are talking about. They can appear as a fly on the wall of your house. Apparently, Mab was appearing spiritually and speaking through the image of the cup. The power of Christ does not operate like that. The power of Christ hears in the Spirit. It does not take the form of flies or images on cups. What the Lord wants us to hear, we hear in the spirit, without those necessities. As soon as she became beautiful, the evil nature manifested in her. The first thing she said was, I want the crown. You will see that Mab is going to be sending a message in the melted wax of the candle. Witchcraft can manifest in scrambled eggs, tea leaves, wax, liver, or anywhere.


He has a staff that just reminds me of Moses. This never hit me before. It is Merlin coming to King Arthur, not Moses coming to pharaoh. King Arthur is told that he slept with his half-sister unknowingly. He is told Queen Mab will see to it that a child comes from that union. Merlin says he will be the future and he will destroy us. Mab is now trying to blackmail Nimue into influencing Merlin, and the price is the restoration of her beauty.


PASTOR VITALE: There are a couple of things here now. First of all, we see an example of true love, which is sacrificial, and willing to release the object of your love, so that he can fulfill his destiny and purpose in life. Nimue says she loves him. We do not see much of that today in this generation. We see grasping, possession, selfishness. This is not love. Depending upon how severe it is, it is a manifestation of bondage. We should not be preventing our mates from following the course that God lays out for them. Any attempt by a mate to hinder you from serving God, or not even God, if perhaps you have a creative talent, and you want to pursue it, it should not be hindered.


Unless there is a really valid reason, that you are needed at home, to take care of a sick person, or you have to work, and contribute the money to the family, unless there is a really valid reason, true love would want its mate to be all that they could be, to arrive at their highest degree of creative potential, even if it means being without them for a season. This is true love. Now Queen Mab said that she loved him too, but Nimue corrected her and said, You hate him. What you call love is hate. Queen Mab says she loves him. She is manipulating his life, interfering in his life, arranging his life, bringing pain into his life so that Merlin will be what Queen Mab wants him to be. I have met people who would call that love, but it is not. It is hatred. It is making an object out of the person that you say that you love. You are making an object out of them, that they should be what you want them to be, so that you can be gratified in them. It is a form of hatred. It is total narcissism, total possession, and it dehumanizes the person.


The second thing I want to talk about is Queen Mab saying, Call my name out loud. This could be related to the Hindu concept of Mantra. You might know something about mantras. Mantras are a sound. It is usually a Sanskrit letter. You may be familiar with the sounding of the mantra OM. The sounding of the OM, depending on a measure of spiritual power in the person, this sound can actually manifest deity. What I am talking about is the powers and principalities of this world. In Hinduism, I believe there are 330 million gods, and each god has its own sound. This is people, who know what they are doing, when they sound the mantra. What they are doing is conjuring up their god. They are saying manifest, and the gods manifest in the energy centers of the person that is sounding these mantras.


Brethren, we do the same thing in Christ Jesus. Not knowing what I was doing, I have many times, just cried out from the depth of my being, Jesus. Sometimes it could go on for an hour. Jesus, Jesus. I never knew what I was doing until the Lord gave me this teaching. When it was coming from the depth of my being, that means Christ in me crying out to Jesus. I was calling down the power of God, evoking the Glorified Jesus Christ, encouraging him, petitioning him, to manifest Himself to me. This concept of saying my name out loud means this. We talked about this in a different message earlier today. When you hear audible speech, that is the end of a whole series of stages that speech goes through. The beginning, the seed of speech is thought. A thought is a manifestation of speech. It is inaudible speech. The seed thought that comes forth is the beginning of what finally comes out of your mouth. Then it goes through a whole series of spiritual stages until it comes out of your mouth.


It is that gross sound that we can hear with the physical ears that conjures up the deity whose name you are calling. Every deity has a name that is associated with a letter of the Sanskrit alphabet. If you are sounding mantras, you need to know what you are doing is attempting to invoke a pagan deity. When that pagan deity manifests, it manifests in you, in your own energy centers, and becomes the god of your person. Just as Christ Jesus dwells within us, and is the God of our personality, there are powers and principalities and lesser gods that will manifest when we invoke them, and call them forth. That is what you are doing when you engage in sounding the mantra. A lot of people in this nation are engaged in all kinds of activity that they are completely blind to. They do not even know what they are doing. Not only do you invoke, you cause to be created within you, deities which are manifestations of the Serpent.


According to my research recently, it is Hatha Yoga which is the form of yoga that seems to be available in this country. I am no expert, but every time I have ever seen yoga advertised, or made available to the American people, it has been Hatha Yoga. There are many kinds of yoga. The only yoga I have seen in this country, advertised or offered, is Hatha Yoga. According to my recent research, that is the worst kind of yoga that you can engage in. No Hindu that knows anything about his religion would engage in Hatha Yoga. It is the most dangerous. It is the most damaging, and it is this yoga that irresponsible yogis have brought to this country, to make a lot of money for themselves. Hatha Yoga is the worst according to the literature that I have been reading.


MOVIE: Of course, this is Merlin, so we will go on. I will roll that back again, so that you can apply what I have just told you. Mab says, If you change your mind, just call my name out loud. Here King Arthur is saying, I am building the city of Camelot. It is a new beginning. King Arthur says, I made a mistake with my half-sister, but I cannot believe that I will be condemned for all of eternity for one mistake. We hope to get married here at Camelot. Of course that was a smear against Christianity. Anyone watching that movie, I do not believe in eternal torment, and I do not believe you are condemned forever for one mistake, but that was a gibe against traditional Christianity.


Of course, there is no such thing as eternal torment, but we do reap what we sow. We shall see that young King Arthur shall surely reap the fruits of incest, because this incest has brought forth the Devil. We know that the Devil is our fallen personality. Just as the sons of God manifest in human flesh, the Devil manifests in human flesh. This son that comes forth, is an evil man, completely sold over to the purposes of the Serpent, and that is who the Devil is. A human being manifesting the nature of the Serpent, and completely given over to her purposes.


PASTOR VITALE: The wind is indicating that Mab was witnessing this marriage. Did you hear what she said? She said, You destroyed me. Brethren, we destroy ourselves. Our reaction to evil in our life determines whether we survive or whether we are destroyed. Merlin did not force this woman to make a pact with the Devil. She betrayed her mother, and her half-brother, out of a wrong spirit. There was some envy there, and whatever else was there, and some manifestation of pride. She sinned, and it was her sin nature that made her what she is. You cannot blame other people for what we are. We are responsible for what we are, and the sins of the fathers. We may not have done anything immediately in this life, or maybe we have done things that we are not aware of, but we carry the burden of the sins of our fathers. Every sin shall have its just recompense. It is not always in the same generation. There are no innocent people. Jesus is the only innocent one, and He is not sick, and suffering, and dying. He is exalted.


If we are sick, and suffering, and dying, it means that we are reaping the fruit of the seeds of sin which were sown, either sown by ourselves, or by our ancestors. That is the truth of our existence, and it is really important that we understand this. This principle is one that is most often stumbled over by the average person. I can teach it, and teach it, and teach it, and people eventually get it, but they just really struggle with it. It is the tendency of people to either blame Jesus or blame Satan. Well, we are Satan. Satan is our unconscious mind. Every evil that happens to us is the fruit of the seed of sin, which was sown either by ourselves or our ancestors. That is the truth of our existence. If we hope to climb out of this pit that we are in, we have to stop throwing the blame on other people, and accept the responsibility, that even if we cannot understand why these events come upon us, that something must have been done by ourselves, or one of our ancestors that has brought this upon us. That attitude enables Christ Jesus to deliver us out of the difficult situation. Blaming someone else will just get us into more trouble.


MOVIE: Now that little boy just threw a real knife at Merlin. Did you notice that Merlin’s reflexes were so fast, that he grabbed the knife that was headed right for his heart? The child is a manifestation of evil, and you will hear later on that he identifies himself as the Devil. Merlin, as a wizard, had reflexes that were so fast that he caught the knife. There is sacrificial love again where she says, I cannot hold you back. It is your last chance for one last adventure. He says, Galahad, protect you mother while I am away.  Sacrificial love again. Please note how Merlin is against the old ways, making you think he is righteous, but it is just good versus evil. It is not Christ. Do you see the suggestion where Mab says, He is very handsome, is he not? It is not that she was resisting so hard, but this was additional pressure upon her weakness. Why can he not protect her in this matter? This is the situation of free will. He cannot protect her. She has the power to restrain herself, if she wants to. She has been counseled in wisdom and righteousness, and he cannot stop her, if she chooses, despite all this to do what is ungodly. That is why he cannot help her in this matter. Everybody has to pass their own test.


She was warned just before it happened. She had her warning. This is a supernatural word of knowledge. Adultery produces death, if not physical death, spiritual death. There is a lot happening here. We will play it back again. First of all, did you see the distress on the gnome’s face, when he heard they were leaving? He has really fallen in love with Morgan le Fey. Notice the satanic behavior of Queen Mab taking Morgan le Fey’s son away without even saying goodbye. I have seen people do this. It is the epitome of extreme selfishness, or selfishness of varying degrees, or signs of satanic activity. When you are selfish to the point that you are hurtful of other people, this kind of behavior arises out of Satan within your own carnal mind. Somewhere back, about a year ago, we talked about behavior that is typical of pride, behavior that is typical of Satan, because Satan is everybody’s unconscious mind. This Queen Mab is the perfect type of witchcraft in the extreme. We see manifestations of her behavior in average every day people all the time, but not to such an extreme.


PASTOR VITALE: Please note how her anger caused Morgan le Fey to fall down steps. Brethren, a lot of people resist this, but I am telling you that it is true. You do not have to be a practicing witch. Rage can cause people to get sick, and to die, depending on how strong your mind is. That is something that we inherit. The strength of our mind has to do with physic heredity. This is commonly known in Africa, that if someone gets angry at you, and they are strong enough, you can die. Two people have a fight, and a week later, or the next day, one of them is dead. It is acknowledged that the person was killed by the other person’s mind. Now I do not think that many people have the power to kill with their mind, but I think there are a lot of people around that have the power to make someone sick, and the power to cause car accidents, slips, falls that break your legs. I am not saying that people do this deliberately. I am not talking about people sitting down and casting a spell.


I am saying that the average human being, or many human beings in their rage, can produce all kinds of mayhem in the life of the person they are angry at, and they do not know what they are doing. This is why it is so important that those of us who are moving on in Christ Jesus, deal with our sin nature. Anger, other than righteous anger, is never acceptable to God. There is no justiciable anger. There may be understandable anger. I can understand that you are angry. For those who do not know better, I can understand that you are angry, but for those of us who are having the nature of Christ Jesus formed in us, we are to war against any anger that is arising in us, because it does damage on some level. It goes forth from our mind like a charged grenade. It goes towards the person that you are angry at, and hovers over them until it finds an opportunity to discharge its energy in that person’s life. It is always a battle, depending upon how defensed that person is and who is praying for them.


Everything is a balance of good and evil. It is possible for that other person to get sick or to have an accident, anywhere from a minor accident, to knocking a container of orange juice off of a counter, or having a car accident, where they are really hurt. We need to know that, brethren. We need to know what our anger can do to people, because that knowledge will be incentive for us to resist it. The Lord is not going to give us power in Christ Jesus when we are raging against other people without even trying to deal with it. Now brethren, it is not enough to just repress it. Some people are rage alcoholics, and it is obvious other people just deny it, and it goes underground. You cannot tell whether or not someone has dealt with their anger by their behavior. It has to be a spiritual discernment. You only know whether the person has dealt with their anger by spiritual discernment. If the person has just denied it, the object of their anger will be hurt more than if they expressed the anger, because denied or repressed anger has many times more power than expressed anger. That I tell you from personal experience.


MOVIE: Back to the movie. This is a real witch, so she had the power to kill her. So they really fell in love, even when they saw each other as they were. Mab is a narcissistic personality, a refusal to admit that she did anything wrong. Everybody is against her. It is always the other person. You made me do it. I have talked about this quite a bit. We see Frik’s anger. Now she has done something that has caused him to be angry. Queen Mab is not responsible for Frik’s anger, but to say that Frik’s anger has manifested, and everybody else is innocent, except him, is not realistic. People are continuously interacting, and it was Mab’s behavior that evoked anger in Frik. I do not even perceive this to be an ungodly anger. He spoke the truth about her. But even if somebody manifests an ungodly anger, we must ask God if we contributed to it. To assume that the person who is in control is innocent, and the person who is raging is guilty, that is the same thing as saying good king, evil king. There is no such thing. It is always people’s minds and emotions interacting with one another. We cannot say we are innocent because we do not raise our voice.

We have to ask the Lord to see the truth in the situation. Did we contribute to this? Did we in any way contribute to someone who has a weakness to be angry or to rage? We are not responsible for their rage, but we are responsible for any contribution that we have made. The Lord will show us that if we ask him. We see that Mab is narcissistic, purely selfish, and thinks only about herself. Now what you are going to see happen here is that she is going to strip Frik of his magic powers, and pronounce a curse upon him, that he will live out the rest of his days as an ugly human without any magic powers. Frik obviously is a creature of the etheric plane. I think the message here is that people who dwell in spiritual power, that when you engage in a romantic relationship with a human, the tendency is that you come down to that human level.


PASTOR VITALE: The reason Mab stripped Frik of his magical power was that he fell in love with Morgan Le Fey, and he was manifesting as a human being. He was upset because his love was killed. In other words he was no longer manifesting on a spiritual level. He was manifesting out of his emotions, and he was acting like a human man, and she said, I cannot use you anymore. I am not taking you with me back into the spiritual plane. I am going to leave you here in the physical plane, but I am going to strip you of your magic powers. You chose to fall in love with this woman rather than to be spiritual. Of course, Mab is an evil spiritual person. That is your choice, stay with what you have got. That is the principle behind it. I will take this opportunity to point out to you the different levels of spiritual strength. You see, the gnome is apparently capable of having a sexual relationship with a human. Merlin, who was suppose to have no natural father, but is born of a woman, is capable of human love, and physical love, but Merlin, typifying the good side, put his love aside. He put duty first. He had a call on his life, and he would not let his love, Nimue, keep him from his duty, so he spent a whole lifetime not spending much time with his love.


Then we have Queen Mab, who is the one with the highest degree of spiritual power. She appears and disappears. She appears in physical form. She appears as water. She has a very high measure of spiritual power. There is no indication anywhere that she has any kind of liaison with a male. She is above. She manifests on a spiritual level where there is no marrying and giving in marriage. If you have any desires or hopes of ascending to that kind of spiritual height, you should know there is no marriage or giving in marriage in heaven. Merlin exercised the power that he exercised because he did not let romantic liaisons interfere with it. Frik, a gnome, who was not born of a woman, let romantic liaisons interfere with his spiritual life, and he lost his spiritual life. Merlin had a romantic relationship, but he did not put it first. His spiritual life was first, and he did not lose his spiritual life.


We see three kinds of people; Queen Mab, who was so high spiritually, that she is above marriage and giving in marriage. Merlin, who was a good wizard, who had a romantic relationship, but did not put it ahead of his spiritual call. Then we see Frik, the gnome, who fell in love, and fell down into his emotions, and put his romantic relationship ahead of his spiritual call, and lost his power. I think that is pretty obvious, what I just said. The same thing is true in the kingdom of God. The same principles are true in the kingdom of God. Jesus was not a homosexual. He did not have an affair with Mary Magdalene. Jesus was a eunuch. He manifested high spiritual power. He disappeared when the Pharisees were trying to kill him. He was a eunuch. One more thing on that issue. This is a spiritual principle, that if we fellowship with those who are in a spiritually lower level, we run a great danger of sinking down to that level. That is true in this world. That is why the Scripture says, Fellowship not with an angry man. If you hang around with people who are spiritually not as mature as you are, unless Christ Jesus has sent you there with the power to accomplish a mission, you will not raise that person up, and you will not stay where you are. You will be brought down. You will come under seduction and you will be seduced by the measure of witchcraft that is operating at their level. We all have some witchcraft operating unless we are so aware in Christ Jesus that we are controlling it all.


MOVIE: Back to the movie. Frik is saying he is the Devil here. Lancelot betrayed you with the queen. This is an excellent example of speaking the truth in the wrong spirit. He spoke the truth, but the spirit was provocative. It was hurtful. It was divisive and it was designed to bring destruction to the king and his wife and the whole kingdom. We not only have to speak the truth, we have to speak the truth in the Spirit of Truth. That is only when Jesus opens our mouth.


Now we hear the suggestion of treason. No one ever thought of treason. This Mordred is taking authority over the king, and the king is weak because he really was wrong. He left his wife for all those years, and also he is trying to get around the law, so as to not hurt his wife. I am not saying that is wrong. The king is completely being manipulated by Mordred. No one would have even ever thought of charging the queen with treason. It was his suggestion. Mordred is provoking the king and trying to control him. There is a spirit of Jezebel operating there, trying to direct the king’s decisions. The king is weak because of his emotional pain. More than his emotional pain, the spirit of righteousness is just not there. He has been betrayed. He has been wounded, and his wife was not completely wrong when she said, you left me alone for years. Guilt weakens our moral authority.


PASTOR VITALE: We are seeing that in this country today with President Clinton. Sin and guilt, and doing something that is wrong, weakens the moral authority. There is great strength in moral authority. I personally think that a large part of the population today does not even understand what moral authority is. It has nothing to do with President Clinton’s sex scandals. It is a moral authority to recognize righteousness and make decisions based on righteousness. We see that King Arthur is not manifesting righteousness right now. He is weak and the devil is having no mercy on him, and driving him to do something that will be destructive. King David put Absalom out of his sight, saying I never want to see him again, just like the King is putting his son out of Camelot. The son says, Father, I am going to destroy you, and this time your pet wizard will not save you. Absalom also tried to steal the throne from David.


MOVIE: Merlin said, The law must be upheld, but he is going to make a way of escape, which is a counterfeit of Christ. The Scripture says the Lord makes a way of escape. Well, Merlin uses magic to let her escape. The Lord does not use magic. The Lord uses confession and repentance, and the white throne judgment. He uses corrective judgment that works for your good. Again, Merlin uses nature. He calls down the rain to put out the fire. The Devil knew he would do it. Lancelot and Guinevere rode out of my story into legend. What Mordred, who is the Devil, is doing, is that he is using divination, and he is completely exposing King Arthur’s motives in a wrong spirit. He was the first one that named the treason, and he bullied Arthur into doing it. He even put Merlin in a position where he had to say the law would be upheld.


As soon as Merlin and Arthur made a way of escape, now the devil is condemning them on that. The reason the devil could condemn them on this is that it is different than the way of escape that Jesus makes. When Jesus makes a way of escape, you reap what you sow, but it works for your good. In this instance, there was no penalty paid, so they are open to the condemnation of the devil. Mordred is condemning Arthur if he does it and if he does not. There is nothing that Arthur can do. The devil is right there condemning him. Of course, in the Scripture it is Satan who does the condemnation, but Satan works through a man, and the man that he works through is the devil, so I guess that is accurate. You are damned if you do, and you are damned if you do not. He will get you and condemn you on every turn. Jesus Christ does not condemn you.


Now the son is dividing the kingdom. He is making a play for the throne. Satan brings division. In the next scene you are going to see a priest approach Merlin to actually tell him the truth, that Nimue is waiting for him in a magical garden. Merlin has discernment, and he recognizes that the priest or the monk is a liar. It turns out to be Queen Mab, wrapped in an illusion. This is the kind of discernment we have to have in the last days. We cannot go by the way a person looks, or by the words they say. You have to know a man by spiritual discernment if you want to survive this kind of witchcraft. What is also note worthy is that Mab, wrapped in this illusion of the monk, told him the truth, but he knew it was a trick, even though the words that were spoken were true, Mab was deceiving him as to who she was. He recognized that in the spirit. Refusal to believe the lie exposes the truth. It breaks the illusion.


PASTOR VITALE: I really do not know why the king’s soldiers rejected Merlin. Whether it is supposed Christianity rejecting magic or whether they condemn him for using magic to let Guinevere escape could be the reason. This is the war between King Arthur and his army, and Mordred the Devil and his army. Now you will see how when King Arthur is wounded unto death, and when Mordred is wounded unto death, the spiritual mentor of both of them, perceives it in their spirit, even though they are miles away. I have to point out to you that this shock, this alarm that Merlin awoke with, that is what happened to me last week. When Christ Jesus is in you, and you disciple people, even if that disciple is in rebellion, and has departed from you, or if the disciple is not in rebellion, or departed from you, you know it.


What I should have said is, if you are physically separated from the disciple, and something radically wrong happens, you know it. I woke up in the middle of the night, in absolute alarm. Now the Lord seems to have revealed today that the tragedy, whatever it is, because I do not know what it is yet, it seems to be in the life of someone who I have a spirit tie with. The person has never accepted the Lord’s call to this ministry or to disciple here, but nevertheless, the Lord has said that that person is my disciple, although they are in complete rebellion. I woke up in complete alarm at his distress. We will see what will come to pass in the future. This is a spiritual principle, that when you are connected to somebody in the spirit, you know what is happening to them without being present, and you know it across the miles.


MOVIE: Back to the movie. She did not hear anything, but he heard it, the sound of battle between Arthur and Mordred. Now watch this. A moment’s hesitation can cause you your life. The wicked never hesitate. Only the good hesitate. Watch this manipulation and trickery. He says, Arthur is dying, and I must go to him. He said, I will be back very soon. She says, I will be waiting for you. He does not know that he will not be able to come back. That was the terms of Mab’s agreement with her. Back to the two kings again, the devil will use righteousness. You need to know that Satan will use the Scripture against you, and will use guilt against you. He will use the Scripture in an ungodly way to try to get you to not execute righteous judgments, to get you to disobey Jesus Christ. He will or she will use the Scripture against you. She will tell you that you have no love when a rebuke is coming forth. She will tell you that you are not in the Spirit of Christ. She will tell you that is not God. This is what the carnal mind does. That moment’s hesitation on Arthur’s part caused him his life. We have to know who is manifesting in us, and we have to stand steady when we know that it is Christ, and not back down no matter what the accusation. Mordred accused him. A lot of people cannot tell the difference between accusation and truth. That was an accusation. It was not the truth. I mean, it was the truth, that you are going to kill your son, but his son was the devil. His son was obviously ready to kill him. Mordred used a false righteousness against Arthur. I will play this last scene back again for you because I was talking.


Her selfless love would not tell him because then he would not have gone to help Arthur. It is a sacrificial love. The reason she cannot save him is that he was killed with Excalibur. He was killed by goodness. This is the righteous king who made a mistake, but he is still righteous. Yes, his band is off his head because he is retired. You may remember when King Arthur said, My men will not follow you if you are with us. He said he was retiring from his wizardry. He drew a conclusion, and it was the wrong conclusion. The Lady of the Lake said to him, The answer is at this location. There were three people at that location, two males and one woman. He just assumed it was the mature male. He drew a conclusion and it resulted in disaster. I remind you, that is a lie. Satan does not cease to exist when she is forgotten. She ceased to have an opportunity to manifest through human beings, but she will exist until Jesus Christ boils her away. If things look good in your life, and everything is running smoothly, she has not become a toothless wonder in your life. She exists. How does Scripture put it? Satan is like a roaring lion, waiting to pounce on you. She does not cease to exist. She just disappears from view.


PASTOR VITALE: The power of sound, what is called gross sound. What is operating here is the power of sound. We know in the physical world about the power of light, that you can concentrate it, and form a laser beam. Laser beams are powerful enough to do surgery with. I saw an occult movie once that I do not recommend to you. The theme of the movie is that there is a spiritually young champion who has the potential to mature to a place where he can kill with gross sound. When I say gross sound, I mean the sound that comes through your vocal cords, the sound that can be heard by your physical ears. Every champion that is born, has a potential to be great spiritually. Whether you have a potential to be great spiritually in Christ Jesus, or whether you are a witchcraft champion, you are born with the potential, and it is only fifty fifty whether you will manifest as a champion or not. That is true for the sons of God, and it is true for the daughters of Satan, or for the males who ascend in Satan.


This movie was about a young man who had the potential to develop power through the spoken word which could kill. Of course, it was a righteous killing. There were good and evil forces, and the tyrant was in control. This young man does develop that ability, and he makes some sound that is not a word as we would know it, and the enemy start to die. There is great power in sound, depending on your spiritual potential, or the spiritual potential of the person who speaks the sound. That is the significance of the movie zeroing in on Queen Mab’s mouth, and the camera going right down into the back of her throat. It is talking about spiritual power manifested as sound, and that is the power to curse, the power to kill, the power to make sick, the power to move physical objects, and the power to destroy. This kind of wind that is shown here manifests in the astral plane. I have experienced it over many years. I am hit with spiritual storms that nobody could see but me. It is something that I am not even seeing, but it is a spiritual experience. I am not blown about physically, but I sure am blown about spiritually. The power of Satan to do that to me is getting less and less, but it is a reality. The spiritual power comes in and it just wrecks your mind and your emotions.


MOVIE: Mab is getting weaker and Merlin is getting stronger. She is told, Go join your sister in the lake, and be forgotten. You are just not important enough anymore. We forget you, Queen Mab. Now this is the false doctrine in the church, that Satan is a toothless wonder. Just ignore her, and witchcraft cannot hurt you if you do not believe it. It is all a lie to just put you off your guard so that you could be a victim. Now we see that good triumphs over evil, no righteousness, but good triumphs over evil. Nimue says Frik found you. Merlin says I never believed I would ever see you again. So many years were lost. You have grown older. Laughter. You too, Merlin. Merlin says I think I have one last trick. There is no more. That is the end of magic. Laughter. End of movie.


PASTOR VITALE: Please note how the unstated message here is that magic just dried up. People do not believe it anymore. It is a complete denial that the onset of Christianity crushed magic in Great Britain. Just as Moses and Aaron brought down the mystery Egyptian religion in Egypt, Christianity that arose out of Jesus Christ brought down the Celtic witchcraft in Great Britain. It is not true that there is no more magic. This movie has a lot of spiritual truth in it, but there is a lot of seduction in it for people who are ignorant. Witches watching this movie know that it is not true that there is no more magic. Witchcraft is rising again in great power. This very movie, watched by ignorant people that know nothing about spiritual power, have received the seeds that will bring forth magic in them. Yet they tell you the character in the movie says there is no more magic.


We have watched it to demonstrate spiritual principles in Christ Jesus. I do not believe we have received the seeds of magic, which is Satan’s spirit, but I believe the average citizen, the average human being, watching this move has received a desire for the occult of Satan’s spirit. I want to tell you that at the very end where he says, Well, they would have never believed this story if I told them the truth. There was such a spiritual hook in that statement, such a strong suggestion. It grabbed me. I went looking in my encyclopedia for books on King Arthur. I wanted to know what was not told. I saw that there were many books, and that I would have to take them out of the library, and I decided not to follow through. I do not have time to do that, but there was a spiritual manipulation in that, designed to stimulate occult interest in the watchers of this movie. It was very strong. It grabbed me very hard. I had to break its power over me.


This movie is an initiation into the spiritual studies in Satan’s spirit. It is just one more seduction going out in the land today. We have used it as an educational tool. I do not recommend that your children see it. When I went to see the Lion King about three years ago, there was an incredible spirit of witchcraft on the Lion King movie. I was seeing the animated images of the movie in my mind for almost two weeks afterwards. For people that do not know what is up, who have any spiritual potential at all, that watch these movies, their thirst for spirituality outside of Christ Jesus will be stimulated. That is what this is all about. The message is the exact opposite, that there is no more magic. It is a lie. Praise the Lord!


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