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Praise the Lord. We have drawing number one on the board, and in case you cannot recognize what it is from my drawings, it is a picture of a man in whom the river of life has been restored. The primary purpose of my drawing this drawing is to demonstrate to you that the river of life is restored in two legs, you see, and that is what these red lines are at the top of the red circle and at the bottom of the red circle. And then I have completed the line with a dashed line that is going right through the man’s head. Now, of course, this circuit is not going from the man’s feet to the man’s head, OK. We are dealing with a spiritual river which is originating in the eternal realm of God, which is deep within us. Maybe I will do this on another drawing. And the river is going from the spiritual realm outward to outer darkness and circuiting between the eternal realm of God and this world here, which is outer darkness. I think I will draw that after we take this off the board.

The river of life is restored in two legs: The first leg is called the first stage of resurrection. I have written on the board that the Mic- -- that Michael joins with our human spirit. Now, brethren, we are still in a deep transition. I am trying to find the correct terms for the activities of God. The Lord showed me a few weeks ago that the Holy Spirit could not be the Spirit of Jesus Christ. I have been preaching that here for eight years, for more than eight years, and the Lord showed me that it is not possible because the Holy -- it was the Holy Spirit that hovered over Mary when he impregnated her with the child, Jesus. So how could the Holy Spirit be the Spirit of Jesus Christ? When I realized this, I started asking the Lord who the Holy Spirit is. Right now, it is appearing to me that it is Michael, OK. Now that is all I c- -- all that I can do for now is to tell you that right now it looks like it is Michael.

I do not know what I am going to be telling you three months from now, but the bottom line is this: God, in some form, entered into the woman Mary, impregnated her, and the babe, Jesus, was born, and the Holy Spirit was present in him. Why does the Scripture say the Holy Spirit and not Michael? I do not know, but what I do know is that, as we get deeper and deeper into the coded -- into the encoded studies in the Old Testament, it is looking like it is Michael, you see. So it may be a mystery s- -- you know, that -- now what is the Holy Spirit? It is the spirit that is holy that comes out of Jehovah. It is the spirit of holiness. Well, could not [sic] the spirit of holiness have a personality? I believe the Scripture says that, yes, the spirit of holiness can have a personality. Jehovah is a spirit, and he has a personality. He is a person. He is almighty God.

So this is where I am; I am going to say it one more time. The King James translation only mentions Michael twice, speaks a lot about the comforter who is the Spirit of truth. You see, the Holy Spirit is not the comforter. We have that in a message somewhere. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth, the Spirit that comforts, OK. So we are -- but we are having some problems, you know, breaking down who is who, but this is the issue: Almighty God has sent a spirit, OK, so please do not get too upset as we try to find out the names of these sp- -- now it is only one spirit, but many administrations thereof.

Each time -- well, maybe that is the answer. The -- each time the Holy Spirit engages in a particular activity, the Scripture gives him a name that identifies that particular activity of the Holy Spirit. Maybe that is the answer, you know. Maybe there is just one Holy Spirit, the Spirit that is holy which comes out from Jehovah, and when it does a particular function, it gets a particular name. And from the encoded messages that are being revealed to us, it appears the Michael is the one who is joining with our human spirit and impregnating us.

I remember when I did the study on “Elijah, The Man,” and I saw that i- -- what was coming up in the encoded message -- it was coming up, and Elijah’s brother or Elijah’s ancestor came down after he was killed by the rage and the wrath of the sons of God. He cried out to his older brother, and his older brother came and regenerated him. And when we did that, I said, Lord, that is -- I said, Lord, that is the Lord Jesus Christ in the Old Testament. But what is his name in the Old Testament? I do not understand this. So the best I could do at the time was to say his name was Elohim because I knew I could not -- there was no Lord Jesus. Jesus was not born for a couple of thousands years after Elijah’s experience. And now, as we pursue these encoded messages -- specifically, we just came out of a study on Elijah. It is looking like it is Mic- -- that Michael is the brother and the older relative.

And this study that we just came out of on Elijah has revealed to me that the two Adams are evident in the Old Testament, and I have known for years that the o- -- that Adam was put in the garden twice by Jehovah, and each time he was put in the garden, a different Hebrew word is translated “put,” but he was put into the garden with a different Hebrew word. And one Hebrew word that put Adam in the garden indicates the imparted anointing, and the other word that puts Adam in the garden indicates the imputed anointing. I could not understand it for years, but now I understand it.

Apparently, the last Adam, whose name looks right now like it is Michael, was put into the garden with an imparted anointing. He was put in permanently, Michael, the last Adam. He is the one that dwells on top of the waves in the spiritual world of God. But Adam, the living soul, the first Adam, he is the one that was literally growing in the garden, and his anointing was only imputed, so it was the first Adam who was tested. It was the first Adam who failed, and it is the last Adam who was given an imparted anointing from the beginning who is penetrating into this world to get his other self or his other side back because it is the union of the first and the last Adam that produces the king of the creation. The first and last Adam together are fully armed and capable of fueling the whole creation. That is what it looks like right now.

If anyone is distressed over these changes of terms, I just encourage you to pray about it. Do not get upset; we are preaching Jesus Christ is the Son of God here. We are preaching that almighty God has sent himself in another form into this black hole to get us all out. Jesus is Lord; Jesus is the first begotten of the dead. You see, Michael was not born out of death. You see, the man, Jesus, who was born of a woman, he is the first one who overcame death because the last Adam came and raised the first Adam from the dead in him, and that was the first stage of the resurrection; we call it full stature. And then after the first Adam is raised from the dead, he marries the last Adam because they are really one, and that marriage of the first and the last Adam is the completion of the circuit of the river of life that connects the human being in whom Adam, the living soul, is dwelling to the eternal realm of God. Michael is immovably in the eternal realm of God.

And I suggest to you that Michael is the personality, is the permanent personality that Elohim took. We know that Elohim was the sperm of Jehovah, and the sp- -- he formed himself into a seed. The name of that seed is Adam, and apparently there are two parts to the seed, and the seed has the personality. You see, the sperm did not ha- -- the sperm was just the sperm of Jehovah, but the seed already is forming into a personality, a whole person, and that whole person is in two parts, one part that is firmly anchored in the eternal realm of God. Michael, apparently he is immovable, firmly anchored in the eternal realm of God, but he has a side to him, the side that is being developed, the side that is being matured, the first Adam, the side that is actually planted in the earth that is not stable at this time and was not stable at the beginning but will be stable after Jehovah’s plan is fully implemented, and that is what it looks like right now. Praise the Lord.

Does anybody have a problem with this? I think everybody is OK here. The --



            Last night, the Lord impressed me with the -- that song of “Michael, Row Your Boat,” and I cannot say that I had much of an understanding of it, but I got a mental image of the boat being an ark, and then I pictured in my mind the ark with the two cherubims beside it.

See, this is the Lord’s personal witness to you that this message is true, OK. And Michael is the power to -- it is the power, you see. Michael is the power in your v- -- image. In your vision, he was rowing the boat. He is the power to make this whole thing work. What whole thing work? The creation of God, God expressing himself through a man. Michael is the power source to make the whole thing work, and then the Lord gave you the im- -- and how is he the power source? He is coming down here. He is joining to our human spirit and raising his other side, Adam, the living soul, from the dead. And then after Adam is raised from the dead, which is the first stage of the resurrection, he is marrying or joining. The two Adams are be- -- are marrying or joining each other. Actually, it is Michael that is marrying the first Adam. This is the second stage of the resurrection, OK, which is a very powerful condition to be in. It is the reestablishment of the river of life, the free-flowing river of life, through the individual. And the vision that you got of the ark with the cherubim now seems to be that the two cherubim may be the two Adams, Michael and Adam, Michael, the last Adam and Adam, the living soul, the first Adam. This is what it is looking like. Praise the Lord.

You see, I have been preaching here for a long time that our connection to the eternal realm was broken. First I had it backwards, and I said that Elohim died, you see, if you recall going all the way back. Then I said, no, it had to be Adam who died, and now I find out that there is two Adams, you see, and I kept saying, well, it was Elohim that is piercing into this world to raise Adam from the dead and get us back, but Elohim is the sperm. And the seed -- there seems to be a creation that is coming forth from seed, so it is the seed, Michael, or the powerful part. Some of the symbols call him the great chief, OK, the great -- the part of the seed that is the great chief that is coming forth to raise his other side, Adam, from the de- -- the -- and the Adam, the living soul, from the dead in the individual, you see. And the way it looks right now is that Adam, the living soul, is the mind, and Michael is the spirit of the mind, you see.

Now in this hour, the Lord Jesus Christ says that he is the first and the last Adam. Who is the Lord Jesus Christ? He is the first man that was glorified. He is the first human being down here in the black hole in whom the -- Adam, the living soul, was raised from the dead, and then that Adam married Michael, second stage of resurrection, and then he went into the third stage of resurrection whereby he boiled Satan, his -- the spiritual urine of the -- of -- that every mortal man has, whatever that means. I do not have a full understanding of it yet, but in the boiling, he separated Cain from the earth and ascended out of the physical body. Jesus of Nazareth is the first man who has done that, and he has been m- -- glorified, and he is the Son of God, and his sacrifice has made this same experience available to all of us, OK.

His sacrifice -- what sacrifice? That he did not stay in the second stage of resurrection. The sacrifice is that he went on to the third stage of resurrection. He gave up what Satan offered him, dominion over all of the kingdoms, and each of us is a kingdom of the world, OK. He gave it up so that he could be glorified and become the first begotten of the dead. And the sacrifice for sins, you see -- his sacrifice has sanctif- -- his refusal to stay in the flesh at the second stage of resurrection but his agreement to go on to the third stage of resurrection and be glorified has covered the sins of the world. Now the individual has the appropriate that forgiveness of sins. Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified and glorified, is the sacrifice for sins. He is the firstfruits that has covered the world and said, well, now if you want this experience, you can have it. You can have it if you are willing to follow the plan and do your part and go through everything you have to do. It is now available to you. Before Jesus’ sacrifice, this privilege of being regenerated was only available to Israel. Jesus is the sacrifice for sins that makes this privilege of having the opportunity of being restored to the spiritual might, which is the privilege of the sons of God, to the world.

And I have been struggling with this. I am saying, Lord, what is the difference between Michael and Jesus? Now Michael was not born with a woman, you see. Jesus is the sacrifice for sins. He is the firstfruits of the dead. He is our high priest. He is one of us, born of a woman, who, because he has now r- -- entered into that eternal resting place, is our priest, abides our priest continuously. And through him, every human being born in the earth has the opportunity to do the same thing, but when you cry out and you say I want this opportunity, the one who comes to you to impregnate you, it looks like it is Michael.

Please, do not be a Pharisee. Whoever is reading this message, if I have it wrong, the Lord will correct it. Jesus is the Son of God. He is the sacrifice for sins. He is the firstfruits of those born from the dead. His sacrifice makes the privilege of entering into the journey which will result in restoration to a life above the firmament possible. Jesus makes it possible, but when the program starts in you, it is Michael who comes to impregnate you. And if it is wrong, let the Lord correct me. Jesus is the Son of God, OK.

Now, listen, Jesus said I am the first and the last Adam. What he was saying is the first and the last Adam are raised from the dead. R- -- Adam is raised from the dead in me. I am an expression of the first and the last Adam. Now we see in an encoded form both Elijah and Elisha claiming the same thing. When Elisha saw Elijah being snapped up -- snatched up and he said the chariot of Israel and the horsemen thereof, in our recent study, we found out that those two expressions are symbols or codes speaking about the first and last Adam. The English word “chariot” can legitimately be -- or the Hebrew word that is translated “chariot” can legitimately be translated “the upper millstone,” judgment, Jehovah’s merciful judgment that crushes sin to Israel. And the horsemen thereof, we did a whole study on that. It is a whole -- we took quite a bit of time on it in our study on Elijah. It is speaking about a splendid bird. The Hebrew word translated “horseman” can be translated “bird;” it means “splendid bird from above the firmament.” It is Michael. So Elisha said I see Elijah. I see the first Adam and the last Adam are connected and fully functioning and married to the personality of Elijah, making Elijah a magnificent man.

And the new just did, in the last part, Part 6, I think it was, of Elijah that we did, we saw that, when Elijah was dying, King Joash went to Elijah and said to him the chariot of Israel and the horsemen therof. King Joash was recognizing that the first and last Adam were fully attached to Elijah’s personality and expressing themselves through him. So when Jesus said I am the first and the last Adam, he might just as well have said I am the chariot of Israel and the horsemen thereof. On Elijah and Elisha’s level, on this level that we are talking about the restoration of the first and the last Adam, Jesus was not the first one to be in this condition.

What did Jesus do that no one else did? Jesus was born of a woman, and he went through the whole process and ascended up to heaven. I have been asking the Lord what is the difference between Elijah and Jesus because Elijah was born of a woman, OK, but Jesus is the Son of God. He is the sacrifice of sins -- for sins. Why not Elijah? OK. And the only answer that I have so far -- I have a feeling it is a p- -- only a partial answer. The answer that I have so far is -- and b- -- let me remind you that we found out in the last message in Elijah that Elijah had a day of calamity. I -- Lord, help me. I have to start making a list of these symbols. They are just really important. If I could just add them in every time they come, I am really going to try and do it. Calamity, in the Scripture, speaking about a son of God or someone who worships Jehovah, your day of calamity, if it happens to you, is the day that you are tested to see if you will continue to restrain your hold on Leviathan or if Leviathan will successfully rip herself away from your authority, rendering you a mortal man again. The day of your calamity is the severe testing which determines whether or not you will remain a son of God.

And as we found out in the last message of Elijah, which is a mystery because the King James translation does not reveal it, Elijah had a day of calamity. The so- -- the minds of the sons of Israel killed him because he was exposing their sins. We further found out that the last Adam swooped down. Who was killed? You see, in a man that is in full stature, OK -- and Elijah was in more than in full stature; Elijah was in the second stage of resurrection. The first Adam was married to the last Adam in him, OK. He was a fully mature expression of the life of God, except that he remained in the flesh, OK.

So what happened in the day of his calamity? That word came up in the Alternate Translation, Elijah’s calamity. It was not clear in the King James, but based on what we know about Elijah, I have drawn an educated conclusion that Elijah’s calamity was that the sons of Israel killed him because he showed -- because Elijah showed them their sins. Their minds raged against him, and l- -- and strengthened Leviathan in him, that ripped away from his godly authority or from his godly domination of her. But the last Adam swooped down and raised the first Adam from the dead, so Elijah was restored. His spiritual condition of holiness and righteousness was restored, and then he ascended into the third stage of resul- -- resurrection. He came out of the body, and I know you never heard this before, but I am -- in my opinion, that is what the Scripture says. I disagree with the King James translation, that he remained dead and his physical bones raised a total stranger from the dead. No, his bones, his spiritual substance which was rooted in the last Adam, raised the man, Elijah, from the dead.

Now we are comparing Elijah to the man, Jesus. I do not see any record, at least at this time, in the New Testament of Jesus having a day of calamity. I do not see anywhere that the man, Jesus, lost control -- or lost control or lost his domination of Leviathan in himself and had to cry out to the last Adam to c- -- to Michael to come and save him. Does anybody know of such an instance, that Jesus lost his condition of godhood and had to cry out to be raised back up again? I cannot see it in the Scripture. He stayed steadily on his course. The man, Jesus, he dominated Leviathan in him, even unto the death of the cross. He never lost control of Leviathan, and he went on to be the Savior of all mankind.

You see, it was -- looks right now that it was Michael incarnating in all of these men. It was Michael who incarnated in Moses. That is why the devil says and Moses was contending -- and Michael was contending with the devil for the body of Moses. Michael, in Moses, was contending with the devil in Moses -- and who is the devil? Moses’ mortal personality -- for the spiritual body of Moses. Michael wanted to marry the per­- -- you see, Moses was in full stature. Michael wanted to marry the Adam that was in full stature in Moses, but Moses’ mortal personality did not want to marry Adam and Michael. I do not -- well, yeah, OK. I go- -- I was going to ask my question, and I got my answer.

You see, to be a magnificent man, Michael has to marry Adam in you, and then the two of them, the first and the last Adam, marry your personality, and you become a fully defensed, magnificent man, but, apparently, Moses did not want this experience. I believe the Lord has told me that Moses was having a problem loving the people who were cutting his heart out, and he did not want to go on, so we see that Michael was contend- -- Michael and Moses was contending with the devil in Moses, Moses’ mortal personality, that did not want to go on.

I have been preaching here for quite a while now that your mortal personality has a vote, and if you do not vote to go on with Jesus -- or let us stay in the Old Testament here. If you do not vote to go on to marry Adam and Michael, then you are s- -- you are voting to marry Leviathan and the serpent. Michae- -- Moses did not want to go on, and Michael failed to bring him through to the spiritual world above the firmament because Moses’ personality was not in agreement. You cannot be passive in this journey that we are taking into immortality.

So it was Michael that incarnated in Moses. It was Michael who came down and raised Elijah back up above the firmament, and it was Michael, through Elijah, that came down and raised Elijah up. In the case of Jesus of Nazareth, it was Michael that came down. Michael was born present in that baby. The Scripture says the Holy Spirit hovered over Mary, and I believe Michael was injected into the person -- into the ovum that was to be the person of the man, Jesus. Jesus never lost his dominating control of Leviathan; he went right through, straight as an arrow. He is the Savior of mankind, the sacrifice of sins. He overcame on every level. But to say that Jesus is coming back and impregnating our human spirit, the way I am seeing it right now, it is not accurate because Jesus is a magnificent man. Elijah was a magnificent man.

I am struggling. I do not know the answer yet, but how these personalities can exist in the world above the firmament where there is singularity. This appears to be a contradiction. I believe both statements are correct; I just do not know how to connect them. I have told you many times, when you have a contradiction in the Scripture, either one of your concepts are wrong, or you just cannot see how they connect. I am waiting to hear from the Lord. I will let you know as soon as I hear from him.

Where I am sitting right now, I see Jesus being the third man that ascended above the firmament, and it was Michael that incarnated in all three of those men and brought them above the firmament. And since the Scripture clearly says that the -- Jesus says in the Scripture, OK, that he is sending a comforter, OK, he does not say it is myself. I often wondered about that. Why does not he say I am sending myself in another form? Can you divide this line of truth? Jesus is the Son of God. He is the sacrifice for sins; he is the Savior of mortal humanity in that his intercession, his being one of us, has made us eligible for Michael to come and join to our human spirit. Can you hear that? Michael does not come and join to the human spirit in an unsanctified person, in an unclean person.

So for all intents and purposes, the whole of humanity is Israel. We are all eligible for Michael to come and raise Adam from the dead in us. That is what Jesus did, but Michael is the one who is coming. Does that make any sense? It makes sense to me. Does it make any sense to you? Well, if it is wrong, let the Lord correct me. Well, we are just going on. We are explorers here. We are doing the best we can. OK.

I got into that whole exhortation. Now why did I get into that whole exhortation? We got into this whole study because, on the b- -- on this drawing, I tell you that it is Michael plus the human spirit that equals the first Adam, so this whole exhortation was to explain to you why I am no longer saying that it is the Holy Spirit that joins to your human spirit. It is correct that the Holy Spirit is in the earth. It is correct that the Spirit of truth is in the earth, but these spirits have a personality, and the name of the personality is Michael. The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth, they are all the Spirit of Jehovah, but they have different functions, different administrations.

And the Spirit -- I suggest to you that Michael is in the earth today. He is in humanity today, or the Holy Spirit is in humanity today, or the Spirit of truth is in humanity today in the person of Michael to come and join with your human spirit and raise Adam from the dead, his counterpart, the first and the last Adam. Adam, the living soul, is Michael, the last Adam’s counterpart. And if you do not agree with me, that is OK. If you want to continue to believe it is the Holy Spirit that is impregnating the human spirits, that is OK. Just go on. Do not let anything that I tell you that you do not agree with turn away [sic]. Just go on. You do not have to believe everything. It is OK.

Well, back to this drawing number one. I am trying to convey to you the restoration of the river of life, which flows through a human being that has been restored to the eternal spirit, to the eternal realm where Jehovah is, and it comes -- it -- the experience comes in two legs. The first leg of the experience is that -- I am drawing it on the right side of the board because my inclination is to draw it on the left side of the board, and I think I am probably seeing it backwards. That is why I drew it on the right side of the board. Michael comes, attaches himself to our Holy -- to our human spirit, and first Abel and then Adam is raised from the dead in us. And when Adam, the living soul, is raised from the dead, that is called full stature, the first stage of resurrection.

Then we move on in our spiritual experiences. I believe that we continue to grow after we enter into full stature. I believe that the warfare continues, that Leviathan and Satan try, with a lot of power, to bring us down from our position of full stature. I remember when the revelation first came through here, and it was in response to your prayer. We found out that -- the Lord just told me one day that you are not home free when you ascend to full stature. I was shocked, and I was concerned, and now the witnesses are coming very strongly that you are not home free in full stature. You are not home free until you are out of the body.

Now, remember, Elijah had attained to the second stage of resurrection, and his day of calamity came. Elijah had a calamity in his first stage of resurrection that was imputed, that he received the imparted sta- -- first stage of resurrection, and he had a second day of calamity. Leviathan ripped free, and he had to call out to Michael to help him. As long as you are in the flesh, the day of calamity is a potential for you. You are only home free after the third stage of the resurrection, when you are out of the physical body. The warfare goes on; the testing goes on; the trials go on, Leviathan and Satan in your own mind and Leviathan and Satan in the minds of the people who are convinced that you are their enemies because you are exposing their sin nature, whether it is -- whether they understand what they are thinking or not.

After the second stage of resurrection -- and I do not really know what the criteria is to ascend into the second stage of resurrection. I know what we are supposed to be doing down here to ascend to the first stage of resurrection: confessing our sins and repenting and making sure that our personality agrees with the righteous mind of God, that we want to go on. Perhaps ascending to the second stage of resurrection is just a continuation of the same, a confession that, even though you are now sinless, you still have a sin nature that, if you do not control her, can strip you of your sinlessness, so that would be a confession.

In any event, the second stage of the resurrection is that the same Michael who joined with our human spirit to raise Adam from the dead is now joining with that first Adam. The Scripture says they are marrying; they are really one. And that establishes the second leg of the circuit, which now -- which creates a situation where now the river of life is freely flowing from your mind into the eternal realm where Jehovah is. You are no longer in a stagnant pool, but there is a free-flowing river flowing through you, connecting to Jehovah, and this makes you -- and then a -- and then, of course, when the first Adam marries the last Adam, your personality must be involved, or the marriage will not take place. Michael will only marry the first Adam in you if your personality is in agreement. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] I -- you know, I just said that, and I do not even know if it is true. At what point -- I do not know if you could be in the second stage of resurrection without your personality being in agreement. I do not know, all these details. We will have to wait and see what the Lord says.

But on the board I have for you -- I show you that the river is completely reinstituted. It is flowing freely, and we have the last Adam married to the first Adam, married to the man’s personality, making him a magnificent man. So you could -- apparently, the way it looks now is you could be a magnificent man while you are still in the body, but when you come out of the body, you enter into a c- -- you see, it is the flesh th- -- you see, this flesh, brethren, it is the devil. This flesh is given to us by the serpent. It is sinful flesh, you see. The only thing that a righteous personality can do for this flesh is preserve it, stop it from dying, stop it from getting sick, but this flesh will always have the potential within it to seduce us to sin because it is not something that was formed by God; it is the serpent’s house. So the potential to sin is very present in this very flesh.

The third stage of the resurrection is the death of death, the death of Satan, the boiling of your own spiritual urine. I am looking forward to the Lord giving me an explanation of this that I will be able to relate to this human body because I believe that the spiritual urine -- I believe Satan -- I believe the sea, the spiritual sea that we talk about, is in the form of the bodily fluids, blood -- the blood, the a- -- blood is filled with diseases. If you have any problems with me calling our blood, b- -- possibly spiritual urine -- it is dirty. Our blood is dirty, and the other bodily fluids -- we have other bodily fluids. Everything is filled with disease, so somehow there is an event coming, and Jesus is the only man who experienced it, whereby his bodily fluids h- -- experienced something that the Scripture says boiling, OK, and somehow his bodily fluids were boiled, and he ascended out of this body. He went back to the original timeline. We found a symbol for it in Daniel 11; it is called the golden timeline. And his body disappeared; this sin-filled flesh disappeared.

Now I do not know what that means. I do not want anyone going out and trying to set fire to somebody to boil their blood. It is a spiritual event, and I cannot, at this time, see how that spiritual event will manifest in this physical man. I cannot see it yet. I cannot see it until the Lord shows it to me. I do not know how it is going to manifest, but there is not a doubt in my mind that he will tell me, and I will tell you. Is that not exciting? That is the third stage of the resurrection. You are a magnificent man. Michael is married to the first Adam, who is raised from the dead in you. Your personality is in full agreement, and when the three of you get together, you are strong enough to boil your spiritual urine and come out of the body. That is what is happening. OK.

Any questions or comments on this, on anything? I am taking a br- -- whenever I say questions or comments, as long as it is referring to this message, I will take any question.

            Last night, when the Lord was talking to you about those other things, “Michael, Row Your Boat,” [?and that?], you also brought home very strongly to me about, when a doctor is delivering a baby, particularly years ago, he would always say boil the water.

Ah, that is very interesting.

            And I could think of is, you know, when a woman is about to give birth, her water breaks, and she gives birth. [UNINTELLIGIBLE]

It has been a long time, huh?

            Just all I could think of is when the baby is born, just like Satan had -- the water has to be boiled.


            [?We always?] -- Jesus is referred to as a great physician --


            -- and he is boiling the water and making a way for us.

That is very interesting, and, also, the -- along that same train of thought, when a human child is about to be born, the waters come pouring out, and, of course, what happens in this world is the exact opposite of what happens in the spiritual world. So, to me, when I hear the waters come pouring out, to me, that is correlated with the waters coming -- falling down from the firmament, OK. But now the waters, when they are boiled, they are going back up above the firmament. So in a human birth, the waters fall down, but in the spiritual birth, the waters flow up. Is that not interesting? Yes.

            That makes me think what I told you last week about the spouts coming up --


            And now I just got a mental image of the whale, the water coming up.


            You said something about we were whales in the sea.

Did I say that? Yeah. Well --


-- some- -- I -- sometimes you remember things that I preach that I do not even remember. I guess I did say that. That is -- did I say that? We are whales in the sea. Did I really say that? Well, I could see that. I may have said it. You know, I just do not recall it. Praise the Lord. Is that not interesting? The water comes down for a human ver- -- birth, and it flows upward for the spiritual birth. Wow, the full birth. You see, to be in the second stage of resurrection, it is -- it can be likened to a woman who is pregnant with a 9-month-old child; that child is fully formed, just waiting to come through. So we really are a magnificent man in the second stage of resurrection, but a magnificent man that has not been born yet. Hallelujah. Y- -- so you all think you are born again, do you? You are not born again. Jesus is the only one who is born again. Did you want to say something else?

When you were speaking, it brought back to something -- when I was coming over here today, I was listening to one of your messages in the car, and you were talking, something about the firmament, and I just felt the Lord impress me that the flood was the waters that came down.

Amen. Yes, it was.


Yes, it was. It happened -- the flood occurred in the natural, and the flood occurred in the spirit. I am convinced that all of the descendants of Shem, Ham and Noah -- Shem and Ja- -- Shem, Ham, and Japheth, OK, that existed in Noah’s world, that the -- a judgment fell on them. You see, they were -- let me s- -- go back. Hold on, and we will go back to [?the beginning?]. All of the men who existed in Noah’s world on the other side of the flood, they were the descendants of Shem, Ham and Japheth, who were under or experiencing the benefits of Elohim’s covenant that was made with Noah, the covenant of the rainbow. Remember that? And they all had their wa- -- their spiritual waters above the firmament, whatever that means, you see.

Listen, we are all an individual black hole. Every man has a firmament in him; every man has a sea in him. And every one of us is capable, in this present condition, in the form that we are in now, of having the waters, our portion of the waters that are in us abiding, either beneath the firmament or above the firmament, and whether or not the waters are beneath the firmament or above the firmament determines whether or not we are mortal or immortal, determines whether or not we are carnal or whether we are spiritual. Now how the waters get above the firmament in me, I do not know any more than I know how the waters will be boiled in me. I do not know, OK, and I suspect that I am thinking about it with my carnal mind when I try to understand it, you see. But I know when Jesus comes to me in the mind of Christ and gives me understanding, I will understand it, and hopefully I will be able to convey it to you.

So I never strive for revelation that the Lord is not giving me because I will never, ever understand it. I am just spinning my wheels, and I am trying to understand it with my Christ mind. It is a waste of time, and if anything it will set me backwards, so we will just wait until he shows it to me. But if you can believe it in principle -- I believe it in principle that there is a firmament in me, that the waters of the creation are in me, and right now the waters in me are underneath the firmament, you see. That is why I am in the condition that I am in. What condition am I in? I still get sick, and I age every minute of every day, you see. I am changing. I am not preserved. I am not permanent, you see.

We are looking at drawing number two, the scriptural reference to which is Genesis 9:13-14. “I do set my bow in the cloud.” That Hebrew word translated “bow” can also be translated “circuit” or “circle.” Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. And that circle, I b- -- I suggest to you it is what we have on the board here, and it is speaking about the river of life. I do set my bow in the cloud. Now a cloud means a cover, but it is specifically a vaporous cover, and I want to suggest to you that it is talking about spirit.

I had told the Lord just very recently that I was having trouble reconciling the Scripture talking about water being in the abyss, and what science tells us, that a star is made up of gasses because we have related the abyss and we have related Elohim’s coming into the abyss as the activity of a star in our studies. And I could not reconcile the Scripture saying that there was water in the abyss and science saying that stars are made up of gasses. The Lord’s answer to me was that gases, in particular the gas of water vapor which we know as steam, it is still water. Even though it is in the form of vapor, any scientist would tell you it is still water, and that is how the waters that are -- you see, down here in Hell, water is solid. Now it is not s- -- when I say water is solid, it is not solid like this table is solid, but compared to water vapor, water is in a solid form down here in the earth, and in fact we see water in the form of ice in the Antarctic. We have icebergs all the time, but even in the form of s- -- of water as we know water, it is still solid compared to water vapor, if you can follow me.

And the Lord told me that the way the waters are ascending back up above the firmament is by boiling the waters of this word, converting the water into vapor and then vapor then ascending through the firmament. Now I always assumed that after the water ascended through the firmament, that it condensed back into water again, and the Lord told me, no, that is not true. The waters above the firmament are still water, but they are in the form of water vapor, and they stay in water va- -- they stay in that form as water vapor. And you may recall from our studies in Elijah where it says, “And Elijah ascended above the firmament into the swirling waters above the firmament,” and the impression in the Hebrew is that there was the power of -- well, when I first did the translation, I saw, in my mind’s eye, the power of rapids.

You know, a r- -- we have, in this country -- not here in New York. I have never really seen it here in the New York, but in other parts of the country, we have free-flowing rivers that become rapids. They could be dangerous. You cannot even row a boat in them. That was what I had in my mind, and I was looking over my dream file yesterday, and I saw that I had a dream where I was looking out of the window, and there was a reservoir filled with swirling waters. And they were -- the activity of the waters was to such a momentum that there were waves peaking at the top of the waters. Even though it was in a reservoir, it was an -- a free-flowing river.

So I still do not understand it completely because I do not have an understanding of the activity of gasses. I do not have an understanding of water vapor, but in view of everything that I have told you, I would expect that water vapors -- that water vapor is of s- -- is such a thing that, under certain conditions, water vapor can be whipped up to a swirling activity that would be considered powerful. I would expect that if I pursued this through s- -- the scientific data, I would find that information to be the case. We now know that the waters above the firmament are in a gaseous form, so the Scripture is correct. The abyss was filled with waters, and science is correct, that a star is made of gas. Did I make that clear? OK.

In Genesis now, in this little side study that we are doing here in Genesis 9:13-14, the Hebrew word that is translated “cloud” really means “vapor;” it means something that is not solid; it means vaporous. And I want to suggest to you that it is a code word to signify the spirit. We see that the wor- -- Hebrew word translated “bow” -- and it can also be translated -- actually, to tell you the truth, I did not write down what the translation of the Hebrew word was. I know that I took that word, and I went into my dictionary, and I should put that word in the message.

The Hebrew word translated “bow” is Strong's 7198, and Strong's Brown-Driver-Briggs says that this word can also be translated “iris.” Now when I first saw that, the thought that occurred to me was the iris of the eye, and I know that the w- -- Hebrew word “eye” frequently signifies the image of the world, the image of our body, the image of the whole world. So I went into our dictionary to look up the word, iris, and to my surprise, I found out that the word iris was also a -- well, I know there is a flower called iris; I just did not connect it.

And then as I continued to pursue it, first, I said, oh, iris, this cannot be, but as I consi- -- continued to pursue it, in my dictionary, as clear as a bell, to my shock, it says iris can mean circuit or circle. In a million years, I would have never [?have?] thought. Iris is a flower; iris is the eye. Iris means a circle? I never heard of it, but that is what it said in the dictionary. I, therefore, suggest to you that the coded message -- the encoded message of Genesis 9:13-14, it -- the -- well, at least the subject of the encoded message is the cloud, the vapor of the bow of the river, the spiritual river, cloud, vapor, bow, circuit or river, the spiritual river. Can you hear it? I shall designate my river of vapor, my spiritual river, as a sign of the covenant between me and the earth, and we are the earth. And when the vaporous miracle worker -- is that not interesting?

Strong's 6049, translated “when I bring” in Genesis 9:14, means “sorcerer.” I mean, talk about taking translator’s license. I am not criticizing the King James translators, but anyone that criticizes me should be criticizing the King James translators too. They could not make any sense out of this sentence, so they just changed a word that means “enchanter,” “diviner” or “sorcerer” to “when I bring.” And I suggest to you that this word enchan- -- this Hebrew word that means “enchanter” or “sorcerer” is -- when it is modified by Elohim’s words, when I bring my spiritual river to pass, that in the context of this whole verse, that this word is not talking about a magician, which is the illegal exercise of spiritual power, but that it is speaking about Elohim’s miracle worker, who we know is Jesus Christ. Hallelujah.

I shall designate my river of vapor, my spiritual river, as a sign of the covenant between me and the earth, and when my vaporous miracle worker or when my -- when the miracle worker of my Spirit appears, you see -- now the Scripture has to say the miracle worker of my Spirit because there is many miracle workers that are not of Elohim’s Spirit, you see. And when this vaporous miracle worpe- -- worker appears, when the miracle worker that works miracles by my Spirit appears, it shall come to pass that the river -- now, remember, it is a spiritual river -- that the river shall be seen over the earth in the vapor, in the spirit. You will not see this river with your flesh eyes. You are looking for the river of life; you are looking for the sign of the covenant. You will not see it with your flesh eyes. You will only see it with your spiritual eyes because it is a spiritual river.

And when -- and let me read it to you again. And when the miracle worker of my Spirit appears -- that is Jesus Christ -- it shall come to pass that the river shall be seen over the earth, in him, you see, in Jesus. That is what we have on the board here. The river was seen over the earth, and it is going to -- it is happening, and it is going to be happening to us, and there is -- the m- -- the river has many streams, you see. I do not really know if that -- those are the correct words, but we see here -- we drew an atom, and, well, we did not draw an atom. What we did -- all I did here was try to draw drawing one in the spirit, and I drew the circle with the spirit, and I drew a circle around it with the human spirit and a circle around it with the personality and another circle with the physical body, and then I tried to show the river of life coming out of eternity, the innermost circle, and encompassing the whole drawing. And, behold, I saw the beginnings of an atom. I had no idea what it -- was happening when I started to draw it, and then I felt the -- led of the Holy Spirit to continue to draw two more rings showing that, coming out of eternity, is Jehovah and the last Adam and the first Adam. They are all flowing out of eternity, and those are the three orbits around the atom which typifies one magnificent man.

I am also told that there are three primary colors: red, yellow and blue. I drew the third orbit in green because yellow would not show up on this whiteboard, and I suggest to you they are the three primary colors. It is not three rivers now; it is just one river. It is one river coming out of eternity here, but it is three orbits. And if you are thinking that that is a positive vote for the trinity, I still disagree with the trinity because the first and last Adam are one. Is that not something else? So we see that the rainbow in the sky is not the sign of Elohim’s covenant with the people of the earth. Is that not something else? Hmm.

            When you mentioned iris, I saw the word [?Isis?], and that is one of the names of one of the pagan goddesses, of which the modern-day Mary comes from, and the pope calls her the star that is going to bring in the new millennium, and she supposedly is appearing much more oftener, and she is bringing these miracle-working [?lines?], signs and wonders on the earth, the great counterfeit, camouflaging the things of God, attempting to.

I just ran into my computer to check out Joseph’s coat of many colors because it seems to fit into this study, and it does not mean that at all. Were you s- -- are you surprised that it does not mean that at all?


Yeah. I really do not have time to do the whole verse. It is getting late here this morning. But the word translated “colors” -- first of all, “a coat” just means “a covering,” which eas­- -- which a- -- is obvious to me, means a spiritual covering, and the word “colors” means “the f- -- sole of the foot” or “the palm of the hand.” I would really have to y- -- look at the whole verse and meditate on it. I may do it between the services and add it to this message.

Of course, also, when Joseph was being seduced by Pharaoh’s wife, if I am not mistaken, the Scripture says, “And as he tried to get away from her, she ripped his coat off of him,” OK. Now I would have to look at that also. I will try to research it while you are gone, but what comes to me is that even though he fled from her, for her to have stripped him of his coat, he must have desired her in his heart. That is what is coming to me right now. If he completely resisted her, how could she have stripped him of his coat? OK. So he had to have desired her in his heart. Unless I find something different when I do the study, that is what it sounds like. Praise the Lord. So I am going to let it go for now. Can you put that on hold for a minute? [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

            There is a song that I sing, and it goes like this. “There is a river that flows from deep within,” and I thought it had a connection with what Pastor Sheila was discussing now.

Yeah. Praise the Lord. The river of life is being resurrected in us, and if the Holy Spirit has touched your human spirit and Adam is rising from the dead in you, the first leg of that river is being raised up in you, and, of course, he has a lot of testing to go through. He has to dominate Leviathan before the first leg is completed, and that is the war that we are in now, and do not forget this Leviathan is a raging beast. She is a witch; she is a diviner; she is a soothsayer; she is a liar. She uses witchcraft power to blind our eyes as to who is talking to us, as to who is commanding us, and if we are blinded, we are blinded by the god of this world. What are we blinded to? We are blinded to the ability to distinguish between good and evil, and, actually, that is not even accurate, you know, because good and evil is both in the serpent. We are blinded to the ability to distinguish between the righteous Spirit or the Holy Spirit and the spirit of the god of this world.

And why is that so important? If we cannot tell the difference, we are going to worship the wrong spirit. And if we worship the wrong spirit, is God going to beat us and burn us in Hell forever? No, but we will reap the fruit of what we have sown. If we worship the wrong spirit, there must be fruit, you see, and the fruit of the wrong spirit is that Leviathan is strengthened in us. That is the fruit of the wrong spirit, you know. And up until now, it -- up until very recently, it has not been very clear why this is so important, that we can tell the difference between the spirits, especially if you think you are going to be raptured and go to heaven. I actually heard a TV preacher say, well, do not worry about it. If there is something wrong with you here, when you get to heaven, it will be straightened out; do not worry about it. And the Lord has recently revealed here that there is great tribulation coming upon the earth, and she is coming in the form of jezebel, and I would like to put this on the board for you.

            I was just thinking that the rainbow that we see in the sky from time to time is another reason that people are convinced that this creation is of Jehovah rather than of the serpent.

Is that not something else? The deception is on every level. OK. I am going to put this other drawing on the board for you. Praise the Lord.

This is drawing three; it is a chart showing us the difference between the words king, kingdom and the full-grown spiritual man. We, basically, are the kingdoms; the earth that we are, are the kingdoms. Spiritually speaking, however, the king is the mind in the spirit. Now every mind has a spirit, so the mind and the spirit -- a mind and a spirit is a king. You could be a king without a kingdom. I think there is something in the Book of Revelation that talks about kings who have not come into their kingdom yet. What would that mean? To me, that would mean the mind of Christ that has not -- is not yet ruling the person because Leviathan -- every expression of Leviathan in the world today, as far as I know, has a kingdom because they are ruling the person that they are dwelling in. It is the mind of Christ that has not yet come into his kingdom. He may be present, but he is not ruling over his kingdom yet. So the king is the mind and the spirit in that mind.

In Elohim’s family, we are talking about Adam and Michael. Michael is the Spirit of Adam’s mind, and the two together are really one Adam. I do not have any other name. I do not know of any other name of the two of them together. I only know of a symbolic name which we found in our study in Elijah. They are called the double portion of honey, OK, but I do not know of any proper name. If it exists, the Lord will have to show it to me. And in the serpent’s kingdom, Leviathan and the spirit of Leviathan is Satan; that is the mind. There are only two minds in the earth: Adam and Michael or Leviathan and Satan. A kingdom is a mind or a -- let me say it this way: A kingdom exists or a kingdom is -- well, a kingdom consists of a mind and a personality that is in agreement with that mind.

You see, this is an important issue that the church utterly rejects. The Catholic Church has condemned this teaching as heresy, but it is the truth. We have a personality that can agree with one of the two minds that are available to mankind today, and the mind that your personality -- and it -- and you have to agree with one or the other because, if you are passive and you do not actively agree with either mind, you default to Leviathan, and you become an expression of the serpent’s kingdom, OK. So the kingdom is a mind i- -- with h- -- which has a spirit in it with a personality that is agreeing with it. In Elohim’s kingdom, it is Adam, Michael and the personality of the individual, and in this event, if Adam or the mind of Christ is being formed in you and your personality is in agreement with him, you are Elohim’s young son and -- Elohim’s young son or Abel. I think I will make that correction on the board before you take the picture, June, Elohim’s young son, also known as Abel, OK.

If you are in serpent’s kingdom and Leviathan and Sa- -- and your personality is in agreement with Leviathan and Satan, you are the serpent’s daughter. I think that is wrong. You are Leviathan’s daughter. Let me change that. Mary, could you put that on hold for a minute? [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

I decided to leave that the serpent’s daughter because, in our recent study on Elijah, we translated one verse where it was clear that Satan and the devil were both Leviathan’s daughter and the serpent’s daughter under the same principle as the Pharisee saying we are Abraham’s son. In other words, they d- -- grandfather really is not acknowledged in the Scripture. Your father, your grandfather, your great-grandfather, your great-great-grandfather, they are all called your father. So under the category of kingdom, under the serpent’s kingdom, I am saying is Leviathan and Satan. That is the mind of the serpent. When a personality is in agreement with that mind, you are the serpent’s daughter; you are also Leviathan’s daughter.

And under Elohim, the kingdom under Elohim’s kingdom is the mind which is Adam. The Spirit of the mind is Michael, and when your personality is in agreement with it, you are Abel, Elohim’s young son. The last category is a full-grown spiritual man or a woman because the serpent cannot produce a manchild, so the f- -- and to be a full-grown spiritual person, you are married to the spirit that generated you. You see, it is legal spiritual incest. You are married to your forefather, OK.

In Elohim’s kingdom, Adam, the first Adam, is married to your human spirit, and the first Adam is married to the last Adam, and the last Adam’s connected to Jehovah, and you are all connected to one another. Your river of life is flowing freely. You are a magnificent man. I have called this person Adam on horseback. I honestly do not know what the name is. As far as I know, the name of this person is Adam. I do not know how to distinguish between the first Adam alone and the two Adams together, other than to say Adam on horseback. And we find Christ Jesus on horseback in Revelation; I think it is Chapter 19. And this is who he is, the two Adams on the back of the horse, which we are, or if you dare to say it, on the back of the ass which we are. But because our rider is magnificent, we too are magnificent because there is no separation. At this point, when we are a full-grown man, there is no separation between our mind, the spirit of our mind, OK, or us. We are all one when that river of life is flowing freely through us. Remember, we can be equal to our master, but we cannot be greater than he, but we can be equal to him. Is that not wonderful? Even though we are an ass, we can be equal to him.

And in the serpent’s kingdom, we see the name of the full-grown, infamous woman is Jezebel. This is who Jezebel is, brethren. The spiritual Jezebel is the serpent’s offspring in full stature. Leviathan, Satan and the personality of the man in full agreement with his serpentine mind is Jezebel, that infamous woman. Praise the Lord. Any questions about this board? OK. If not, we will take a picture, and we will call it quits for today.

            Who exactly is on horseback in Revelation?

The one on horseback is the personality, the human personality, whose mind is Adam, the first Adam, the living soul, and the Spirit of that mind is Michael, the last Adam, and all three are one. So my carnal mind tells me that there should be a name other than Adam; there should be another name to distinguish that it is not the first Adam but that it is the first Adam, the last Adam and the mortal man. But if there is such a name, I do not know what it is, so I -- what I wrote here was Adam on horseback, indicating, in the New Testament -- I know the name in the New Testament; it is Christ Jesus, OK. But I do not know the name in the Old Testament, and since we are doing an Old Testament study here, I would like to stay with the Old Testament names. Praise the Lord. Does that satisfy you? Any other questions? W- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

I would like to make a correct about something that I just said about a minute ago. I said the first Adam tha- -- I said that there should be another name for the first Adam, the last Adam and the personality. Well, we have that name; that is the magnificent man. The one that I do not have a name for is the first and last Adam together. I looked in the interlinear text in the Greek where the Scripture is talking about the first and the last Adam, and what it looks like to me [?is this point?] is that there is no other name. The Scripture seems to be saying that Adam, man, at the beginning, received his life force from something called a living soul, which was like a l- -- which was a living altar that was placed in him. And at the end, he receives his life force from the Spirit that flows freely through him. Now we have recently learned that the Spirit that is flowing through him, the Spirit of Adam’s mind, is Michael, but, apparently, at least from what I can see now, there is no change of name from Adam, who is given life by a living soul, and Adam, who is receiving life from the Spirit of Michael. They both seem to be called Adam, for whatever reason. There does not seem to  be any difference.

And I would like to make some additional comments on Jezebel. I made changes to the chart, and because in old-order deliverance, we know that there is a spirit called Jezebel. Jezebel does exist on two levels, just like the sons of God exist on two levels, Elohim’s young son, Abel -- we are calling him Abel -- and Adam, the living soul, A- -- I am sorry, Adam in full stature, raised from the dead. There is a young expression of Jezebel. I do not see any different name for her in the Scripture, so on the chart I called her Jezebel Junior. Jezebel does exist in people who are not in a full stature of evil. I want to make that clear.

The expression or the manifestation of Jezebel is that she tries to take authority over people who have authority. She tries to take authority over some who has authority over her, so it is more than rebellion. Rebellion -- well, I do not want to get into a whole teaching on this right now. I did not mean -- I am sorry. I did not mean to say rebellion. It is different than witchcraft, which tries to take authority over people. Witchcraft will come in -- a spirit of witchcraft in a person will come to whatever relationship she has, sometimes to strangers, and try to tell them what to do and exercise authority over them. But when that same spirit that likes to tell people what to do and take authority over them does this to someone who has authority over the person behaving this way, then it is a specific kind of witchcraft called jezebel, which tries to tell the one who really has true authority what to do. So there is an expression of young Jezebel in mortal men and in mortal men who are not any more wicked than other wicked people because we are all wicked; we all have a sin nature. But -- and that Jezebel is, sort of, based on Queen Jezebel, the physical Queen Jezebel who really did exist. She was always telling her husband what to do and interfering in his life.

But then we have the Jezebel that is spoken about by the Lord Jesus in the Book of Revelation, and this Jezebel is not -- is n- -- is speaking about a human being who is in full stature of evil, a personality that is in full agreement with Satan and Leviathan, their mind, and who is married to the spirit of that mind and someone who is in a very high spiritual place, teaching doctrine. And I do not believe that this Scripture in Revelation is talking about someone who teaches from someone else’s teachings. This Jezebel that Jesus is talking about in the Book of Revelation is the person who is bringing forth doctrine from their own mind that is the serpent’s doctrine.

And to be bringing forth doctrine, whether it is Jesus’ doctrine or the serpent’s doctrine, you really have to be in a high spiritual place because the average person does not bring forth doctrine, and that is just the truth. It is not -- everybody in the church does not bring forth doctrine. Every minister does not bring forth doctrine, and every teacher does not bring forth doctrine, so you have to be in a high place to be doing that. The Jezebel that Jesus was talking about is this person, someone who is in a very high place, if not in full stature, in a very high spiritual place that they are bringing forth the serpent’s doctrine, and you may notice that they are in the church. Praise the Lord.

So w- -- actually, we see Jezebel appearing on three levels: in the average person, trying to take authority over authority; as a teacher in the church, bringing forth doctrine. I know there are -- when I first came into the church, the church that I was in -- the pastor of the church that I was in was teaching, and I do not even remember the man’s name, but I would not put it in this message anyway. His whole life’s work was writing these books on Revelation where the church was going to be raptured. Do you remember that? Were you in the church at the time? And the whole church was all excited.


He -- no. It was not Lindsay, but I do not want to mention his name in this message. This whole man spent his whole lifetime writing these books, and the whole -- his whole lifetime was a false doctrine, OK, and he was not in a full stature of evil. So we see Jezebel on three levels: the average person bossing people around, a teacher in the church bringing forth false doctrine and then a high spiritual being, a very high spiritual being that knows what they are doing and is bringing forth false doctrine or is bri- -- they know that they are bringing forth the doctrine of the serpent. They probably would not call it false doctrine, but they know that they are bringing forth the doctrine of the serpent. Praise the Lord.

I also did a very brief study on Joseph while we were out to dinner. I am not going to do an Alternate Translation on it, but I would like to put some comments about it in this message. The reference to Joseph’s many-colored coat, I -- it is my opinion. I only did a brief study, but it is my opinion that the King James translators just added in those words, “many-colored.” The root of the word seems to indicate something that is invisible, and I suggest to you it was Joseph’s invisible covering. It was Joseph’s spiritual covering. He had a covering from Jehovah, you know. He had a relationship. I do not know whether it was Jehovah or it was Michael. At this point, I do not un- -- I am -- at this point, I am not sure, but he had a spiritual covering that his brothers did not have. And when his brothers attacked him, the Scripture says that they stripped him of his covering.

So I said to the Lord, well, if it was a spiritual covering, how did they strip him of his covering? And the Lord reminded me of our studies in Elijah and Elisha. How were Elijah and Elisha stripped of their spiritual covering? By the rage of the minds of the sons of Israel. Both Elijah and Elisha were knocked out of their full stature by the rage of the minds, of the carnal minds, of the sons of Israel. I am not telling you that Joseph was in full stature, but, apparently, he had a righteous cover, some kind of imputed righteousness that was stripped from him by the rage of his brothers. Their rage and their envy stripped him of his spiritual cover.

And the interlinear also seemed to indicate that -- well, first of all, the Hebrew word translated “pit” is the same word that is translated “well,” “a well that gives water,” in the Scripture. The Hebrew -- and the interlinear text seems to indicate that they stripped the well from him, that they stripped the waters of the well, that the w- -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- they stripped from him his condition where he was existing above the firmament; that is the indication of the Scripture. So whether or not Joseph was in full stature or not, I do not really know. I did not even do a deep study on the Scripture, but he had a special anointing from God, and the indication of the Hebrew was that they stripped this well from him, this well of clean water from him.

And then, when the Scripture says -- and, well, I am -- I did not mean to do this in detail, so I do not even have any notes in front of me, but the words are repeated again. The word, “pit,” is repeated twice, and the second time that it is repeated, there is really no subject for the verbs, and it is translated in the King James as if the brothers -- well, I guess I should look up the Scripture because I am stumbling all over the place here. Mary, could you put that on hold, please? Do you know which -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

OK. Now, remember, I am doing this just very briefly just to get the concept into this message. I am in Genesis 37:24, “And they took him, and cast him into a pit: and the pit was empty, there was no water in it.” As you could see in verse 24, there is no subject there; there are only pronouns, “they.” Now when -- and this is so typical in the Scripture, when [?the?] -- when you see the pronoun, they, you -- all of us, we automatically assume that the subject is the last subject spoken about, but it is very common in the Scripture that the last subject spoken about is not the subject of the verb. And the only way you could tell this is by looking at the whole series of -- at least the whole verse in the interlinear text and by having a revelation of the doctrine of Christ.

So when I looked at this in the Hebrew, you can see the word “pit” is -- appears twice, and it looked to me, in the interlinear, that his brothers took him, and they -- that word, “cast him into,” it can also be translated “to cast out.” They case him out of the -- that word, “pit,” it can be translated “well,” the place where the waters were pure. He was above the firmament, spiritually. They cast him out of it, and then, “And the pit was empty, there was no water in it.” When I looked at that in the interlinear, there is one negative particle, as you could see where it says “no water,” and I believe it was the Hebrew word translated “empty.” Also, the way it appeared in the Hebrew text, it said his brothers cast him out of the well with the good water, and they, Satan and Leviathan, the negative particle, “no,” and the Hebrew word translated “empty” -- Satan and Leviathan took him into their world, if you can hear what I am saying. Do you hear what I am saying? OK. Because I am not doing it word by word. I do not even have any notes.

So we see that -- and now, of course, I know, further on, the Scripture says they -- the -- his brothers took his coat and dipped it in blood. I have no idea what that says. If it did happen that way, then perhaps there was a physical coat and a spiritual coat. I did not look into the Scriptures where it says they dipped his coat in blood and gave it to the Father. And if I had thought of it, I would have looked into those Scriptures too, but I did not.

I did go on to Joseph’s encounter with Pharaoh’s wife, and that is a different covering. It is not speaking about his covering of many colors, although it is speaking about his spiritual covering. And earlier in this message, I mentioned that I believed that, if -- even if Joseph did not sleep with Potiphar’s wife, that he d- -- he had sinned, and he had yielded to her in his mind. As I looked at the interlinear text, my opinion is that he did do it. He did do the deed, that she was seducing him and tempting him, and then, finally, on this occasion, the Hebrew indicates that she manipulated him and used treachery upon him. And in my opinion, the Hebrew text indicates that he did sleep with her.

And after the deed was op- -- was over, he was so horrified at what he had done that he rose up, and he fled, leaving his outer coat behind. I do not know about you, but I always had the thought in my mind that she was grabbing him, trying to kiss him, and when she fled away, she grabbed hold of his coat and ripped it off of him, but the Hebrew does not indicate that at all. The Hebrew indicates that he yielded to her and that he slept with her and that his coat was an outer coat or an outer cloak that he had taken off. And after it th- -- after the act was over and the passion was out of his mind, he realized what he had done, and he fled from her. And she had no intention of having a one-ni- -- time affair with him. She wanted him as her lover, and she was therefore so enraged that she told her husband that he had attacked her.

I did not do an exhaustive study, but I looked to the best of my ability. I could find no Scripture that indicated Joseph ever maintaining his innocence. I cannot find anywhere that he said I did not do this. I have been punished unjustly. I can find no such Scripture. I suggest to you that the years that he spent in the dungeon were years of reaping what he had sown, not that -- I am not saying that it is impossible that the Lord will let you go to jail if you did not commit the crime, but I do not believe that is what happened in this case.

Joseph was pursued by a Jezebel-like woman who used manipulation and treachery. Brethren, manipulation and treachery is witchcraft. She used ungodly powers on him, and one day, she got him in his -- I am not justifying what he did because it cannot be justified; he sinned, you see. But there is a difference between willful sinning and being overcome, and the difference is the stripes that you receive. Jesus clearly said that. You see, the man committed sin. We cannot say, well, [?I?] -- you know, well, I can understand him being seduced and all that, you know. The man sinned. We must say that he sinned, but there is a difference between having a lackadaisical, uncaring attitude, saying, well, I am just going to fornicate with this woman. Why not? And his being overtaken by her manipulation and her treachery. There is a difference, and God recognizes the difference. However, we will pay a recompenses for every sin that we commit. We must reap what we sow because that is the spiritual law of God, therefore he was in jail, never, ever once proclaimed his innocence because I do not believe he was innocent. Praise the Lord. That is my opinion.

Transcribed by Verbal Fusion 03/31/16

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