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And the prayer that is of faith will save him who is sick, and the Lord will restore him. And if he committed sins, he will be forgiven.

Praise God. Do you have any comments on that?

            Prayer of faith will save the sick.

Are you in the amplified, Rita?


OK. Well, let us ask what is the prayer of faith. What is the prayer of faith? As we have been studying here for all these years, the pr- -- one of the principles the Lord has been teaching us is the modification of certain words. What does this mean? We have the word prayer, OK, and we do not know what kind of a prayer it is. There is a silent prayer; there is a spoken prayer; there is an individual prayer; there is a group prayer; there is a warfare prayer; there is an intercessory prayer; there is a prayer of request, OK. But we see, in verse 15 of James, chapter 5 -- I am sorry, verse 14, that the word, prayer, is modified, and we are told by the apostle James that this is a prayer of faith.

So we really have to ask ourself [sic] what is the difference between a prayer of faith and a warfare prayer and an intercessory prayer? What does this mean, a prayer of faith? And I would like to suggest to you that it is what I was speaking about Sunday morning. It is a prayer that comes forth out of your spirit when everything in your soul is screaming otherwise. When your soul is screaming to sin, when lust is pouring out of you, lust for that object, lust for that Jeep, lust for anything, when it is pouring out of you, out of your mind -- because he was lusting for a Jeep, OK.

When that lust is pouring out of your mind or that craving is pouring out of your flesh and any religious spirit that can would lay hold of you and condemn you for what is going through your mind, any religious spirit that could get away with it would lay hold of you and condemn you for what you are feeling in your emotions. And in the midst of all that sin in your mind and in your emotions, Christ arises, hallelujah, as a still small voice in your heart, and you speak it out of your mouth. I reject these circumstances. I reject what I am feeling. I reject what I am thinking. Sometimes I even reject what I just said because that -- what I just said came out of my carnal mind. I reject it, and I renounce it, and I refuse it, and I curse it, and I speak the word that comes out of my Christ mind.

And my Christ mind says, carnal mind, you are a liar. You are false; you are fake; you are an illusion; you are a shadow. And my eyes might believe you, and my ears might believe you, and my wounded heart might believe you, but Christ Jesus in me does not believe you, and I believe this Bible. I believe that my savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, is stronger than any image or illusion that you could show me. I believe the Lord Jesus Christ is stronger than any curse that could be on my family line. I believe that I have the power to cast you down. Why? Because my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ, said, if I believe that I could cast that mountain into the sea, it will be cast in. He did not say it would go in overnight.

This word says the fervent, persistent prayer of a -- do you know the Scripture? The fervent, persistent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. What does that mean? Who is righteous? None is righteous, no, not one. Only Christ is righteous. The fervent, the powerful, persistent, continuous, ongoing prayer that comes out of the Christ mind availeth much. What does that mean? It will come to pass. It will be answered, and it will destroy the lie that I am feeling and that I am thinking and, in an extreme case, that I am doing against my very own will. The prayer of faith, I suggest to you, is the prayer which comes out of Christ and flies in the face of every indication that you are a hopeless, lost sinner without any reason to believe that you will ever be delivered from this problem that is in your emotions and in your thoughts and in your flesh.

So the prayer of faith is the prayer which comes out of Christ, and Christ believes this word, and Christ believes that if you keep praying it, that it is going to come to pass. And Christ believes if you have a compulsive problem, if you are a drug addict and you wake up every day and you curse that addiction and you believe that the Lord Jesus Christ has the power to kill that addiction in your flesh and you curse it every day believing that, in due season, that thing will be defeated in your life, but it does not happen overnight.

You have to be persistent, and you have to be fervent. You have you believe and pray with belief. It does not necessarily have to be with emotion, but with a fervency of the mind that believes that God is able, with a fervency of the mind that says Jesus Christ is able, and no one is going to change my mind. No one, nothing, no lie, no illusion, no carnal mind, no f- -- person who tells me they are my friend but pumps me full of doubt and unbelief and wrong counsel and negative thoughts. The truth, the Lord Jesus Christ, who is praying out of Christ Jesus in you, will pray the prayer of faith, and it will defeat your every enemy.

So we see in verse 15 that it is the prayer of faith that heals the sick. Now, brethren, we know that in the church today, it is not at all uncommon for the most powerful ministers around, everybody they pray for does not get healed. This is just the truth of the condition of the church in this hour. Any responsible preacher will tell you that. Even any -- every responsible preacher will tell you that I can guarantee you nothing. I will pray for you and hope that the Lord heals for you. I cannot guarantee you anything because everybody I pray for does not get healed.

But my Bible says that everybody that Jesus prayed for got healed. Not only that, but my Bible says that Jesus went out to teach, and everybody that came in the crowd to hear him teach got healed. He did not lay hands on them. To the -- it is -- well, it does not say so in the Scripture. I do not believe he laid hands on them. He did not prophesy over them. He did not speak to them personally. He came, and he taught, and the Spirit that was in him, I suggest to you, vibrated out from him and touched or laid hands on every man present. And the Spirit was so powerful -- why would it be powerful? Because it was a Holy Spirit, a Spirit with righteousness in it that everyone who was present in the vicinity of where his Spirit was vibrating forth was healed, every one of them.

Jesus prayed the prayer of faith. When Jesus said to the Centurion, your daughter is healed, he prayed the prayer of faith. What does that mean? Jesus, who was in full stature, prayed out of the Christ mind. The reason preachers today do not have 100 percent success is that, at the very most, they are praying out of Christ some of the time, and a lot of preachers never pray out of Christ. They pray out of their humanity, but the Holy Ghost is present in their life. The Holy Ghost is a real presence in their life, and some people get healed, and some people do not. But for any man to be in a condition where everybody that they pray for gets healed, that man must be praying out of a mature Christ Jesus who is growing out of their own soul.

So the Scripture says go to the elders, in verse 14. “Is there any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the church, and the prayer of faith shall save him.” Now “the elders” does not mean men who are over a certain year of age. “Elders” does not mean men who have been in the church for a certain period of time. “Elders” does not mean the deacons and the ushers or even your pastor because some pastors are not elders. Some pastors in this country are not only not elders, they are spiritual women. You have to be a man to be an elder. So this is a great mystery, brethren, but if you are sick, the commandment in the Scripture is to go to a man in whom Christ Jesus is manifesting in a level of maturity that would qualify him to be an elder. And when he prays for your disease, the word says, you shall be healed.

So how do you know where to find a true elder because the church is filled with false elders? And you cannot find an elder by the way he looks. Elders are not always men, e- -- physical men. Sometimes they are women. Elders are not always pastors. Sometimes it is the little old lady sitting in the back of the church. She is an elder because Christ in her is mature. You cannot tell by the way people dress. You cannot tell by the way they look. You cannot tell by the way they walk. You cannot tell a spiritual elder other than to discern the spirit of Christ upon them.

And I want to tell you that when I was chronically ill in this church, I never went up for prayer without saying to the Lord, Father, who do you want to pray for me today? Who are you anointing to help me? In what human being will you be revealing yourself to me? Because I know, Lord, that you manifest through men, and I do not care how good that one looks or how good that one preaches. But which man today are you meeting me in? Because man needs an intercessor, and there is only one intercessor or one mediator between God or man, and that is the spiritual man, Christ Jesus. So if I am looking for the Father to heal me, I have to find the human being in whom the spiritual man, which is invisible, whose name is Christ Jesus, is appearing. God is meeting me h- -- in a man.

We know that God called Moses up to the mountain. He met Moses on the mountain in the Old Covenant. In the New Covenant, brethren, God meets you in a man, and if you cannot find out how to get to the man that God is waiting for you in, you just may have a problem getting healed. You may have a problem getting the counsel he has for you. You may have a problem getting the teaching he has for you because he is waiting for you in sister so-and-so when you are running down to the big church down the corner because you think the sign of God is big numbers in a big, fancy church with a big, marble cross at the top of the pulpit. And I have got news for you. In another place it says many are sick and dying. Why?

            Because they cannot discern the body of Christ.

Because they cannot discern the body of Christ. They do not know who to go to for the help, and God is letting them die. And I tell you that, if --


-- you go before the Lord and you tell him, Father, I heard this message, and I need you to show me who you are sending me to, w- -- the place where you are going to meet me, that meeting place where all my needs are going to be met until I mature, and you meet me in myself. If I ask God to do that, he will direct me. I know, in the last days before I was fully healed from severe illnesses, I was still suffering severe allergies, and it was a terrible allergy season. I was in torment. Nothing worked. All the over-the-counter medication did not work, and I knew if I went to a doctor, he would have given me cortisone, and it would have worked. I refused to go. The allergies were waking me up at 2 o'clock in the morning because they were manifesting in my throat, and I could on- -- I co- -- when I laid down, it was at its worst, so I had to -- it was cease, or it would alleviate when I sat up, and I had to go to work in those days. I was up at 2 o'clock every morning. Nothing worked, no medication that I had in the house.

And I prayed that prayer. I said, Lord, where are you meeting me? And at that time, I had no home church. God had moved me out of the church where I was discipled and where I was trained, and I had no home church. I said, Lord, where should I go for help? And he sent me to a church out east on Long Island, and it was a pretty big church. There were several hundred people there and a whole bunch of elders, the whole nine, and I waited -- I sat through the whole service, and I said, Lord, who should I go to for prayer? They had a whole bunch of people up there ready and willing and able to pray for you, and the Lord sent me to the pastor’s wife, who I think was a pastor also. She was very anointed. Every pastor’s wife is not anointed. This woman was an anointed woman of God.

And there is a problem in the church, you know. Some people -- everybody wants the pastor, OK. One on han- -- on the one hand, this can be idolatry. On the other hand, in most churches, as was the case in this church, it was a reality that there was not much power in the believers who were presenting themselves at the pulpit, who were willing to pray for me. They were well-meaning people; they meant well, but they just did not have the power that the pastor had. Now in the church that I trained up in, that was a school of ministry, and there were quite a few people in that church -- I was one of them, and there were quite a few that had as much power to heal and deliver as the pastor did. And the pastor knew it, and the people who were in this category knew it, and you could come into that church, and it was OK to go to one of these spiritual elders to get healing.

But in the church that God sent me to that Sunday morning, I just looked at all those people, and I could not see any witness to their ability to help me. I was desperate. I was desperate in torment, and the Lord sent me to the pastor’s wife, and she perceived that I was seeking her out, and it put her off. She did not understand that I was not one of the people that were idolizing her, but that God had actually sent me to her. She did not understand that, so she prayed for me, and I was not healed, and this whole week now I am in torment, crying out to God. The next Sunday, he sent me back to the same church. I said, Lord, who do you want to pray for me? He said, go to the pastor’s wife, and she saw me coming, and she did everything she could to avoid me, you see. She was not hearing from God. She thought I was idolizing her, but that is not true. I would have taken -- I would take prayer from a cockroach if God told me that he had anointed that cockroach to help me. I have no problem, but I am an unusual person. I am not typical, so she completely misjudged me and saw me coming and ran away and avoided me.

I was a desperate person in torment, so I said, all right, Lord, I am in your hands, and I went up, and a couple of the believers started praying for me, and there was no power present at all. And because I gave it up in my flesh, I said, Lord, I cannot follow that woman. If I follow her, she is going to rebuke me, so there was not more I could do in my flesh, and I submitted to the rules of that church, and God brought her over. When I submitted to the rules of the church, God brought her over and anointed her to heal me, and she was flabbergasted.

The power came. She got a word of knowledge. The power came down. Everybody started to yell because they discerned the power coming down, and she said, “Oh, my goodness.” She had a word of knowledge as to the root cause of these severe allergies, and the power came down. And she said, “Oh, my goodness. I did not hear that last Sunday. Well, I do not know why I did not hear it last Sunday, but I did not,” so God taught her something too. I did not have an instant healing, but that night I slept through, and I just got better and better and better, and that was my last allergy attack, which was about seven or eight years ago, yeah. So you have to get your prayer from the person that God has decided to be the meeting place for you, and he is not likely to choose a person that is not a spiritual elder to meet you there. Why? Because his own word says go to the elders of the church, you see. Praise God.

And the prayer of faith shall save him, the prayer that comes out of Christ, not the prayer that comes out of a carnal mind and says, in terms name of Jesus, I rebuke this allergy, and I do not -- I am sorry if that came out mocking. The church has to hear the truth. I have ha- -- I had one woman tell me, “I believe every member of the body of Christ is anointed to heal,” and I said, sister, that is just not true. Everybody does not have the same amount of power. That is just pride speaking out of you, just not true.

So the prayer of faith is the prayer that comes out of Christ. It may be an emotional prayer, but it is not likely to be an emotional prayer because Christ is not emotional. We see in Pentecost what we call praying in the Spirit. It is a prayer that comes forth a- -- with a motion in it and with feeling in the words that indicate that the Spirit is moving. Yeah. I just rebuke that carnal mind, and I curse it, and I break its power, da-da, da-da, da-da, da-da.

Now there is nothing wrong with that. Now listen to me very carefully. There is nothing wrong with that, and God does that a lot for people who are still in training and not yet at a place where they have the faith to say, in an everyday voice, I rebuke your kidney stone. I curse it, and I pronounce you healed, to walk away knowing that Christ has spoken through them and that that person is healed. So we see people praying in the Spirit, praying with emotion, praying in an agitated kind of voice to give the person praying confidence, to give the sick person confidence, to give everybody in the congregation confidence that the Spirit of God is moving there, a second witness beyond the healing that this healing is coming forth, the p- -- the Spirit of God was there.

But as we mature, God says, I want you to be able to just go up and rebuke the brain tumor, believing that Christ in you has arisen and said this brain tumor is rebuked. And, therefore, you are healed, and I could be calm in my emotions because, brethren, when we are emotional in our prayers, it drains our energies. And as your energy is drained, you are limited as to how many people you could pray for. If you could do the job by speaking calmly, you could pray for many, many, many more people. The same principle exists [?when?] -- in teaching. When you see a preacher out there that is jumping up and down and swinging off the chandelier and screaming on the top of his lungs -- and I am not against it. There is a place for that, but a man who preaches like that cannot preach for five hours. I preach for five hours. I would probably kill myself if I was swinging off of the chandelier for five hours, so just by way of example, I preach and teach out of faith. There is no emotional agitation. It is just the spiritual truth coming forth in me, and if you are not mature enough to discern it, you may not be interested in my teaching.

So I suggest to you that the prayer of faith is calm, confident and powerful. One day s- -- one morning, someone came to me and said, Sheila, I would like you to pray for me. It was not in my fellowship. We were in another fellowship, and she called me inside. She said, Sheila, please pray for me. I feel the Lord sent me to you, and something is very wrong with me. I am dizzy, and it was serious. She knew it was serious, and I went inside, and I prayed for her. God showed me a vision of her brain. It was a lesion in her brain, and as I prayed, apparently, God had told her to come to me. How do I know that? He was up in me.

The Spirit of Christ was up in me, ready, willing and able to pronounce the healing, and one of the witnesses to that fact was that he showed me what was wrong with her. It was a r- -- a lesion in her brain, and as I prayed, I saw the angels sealing it up, and I had -- there was no emotion in my voice. I was speaking just like I am speaking now. I said, sister, you have a brain lesion, and the Lord just sent angels to heal it up, and you are healed. And I want to tell you I had a moment of unbelief myself, but her symptoms just went away. She never got dizzy again. She never fell again. It was a prayer of faith that healed the sick, and she heard the Lord when he told her that he was waiting to meet her in me. She got to the right place. She got a healing.

Now remember Naaman, the Syrian general. He came into Israel because he heard there is a prophet that heals in Israel, and he went to the king. He went to the palace with all the wealth and the pomp of Israel, and the king threw him out and said, what are you trying to do? Make me try to heal you, that God should slay me? Because kings had no power to heal. The healing was with the prophet in those days, and today too. And the prophet was not rich, and the prophet was not fancy, and the prophet did not live in a big building. He had to ask directions to find the prophet. When he arrived in Israel, he had no trouble finding the king, but he did have some trouble finding the prophet. Glory to God.

So go to the elders of the church, brethren, who will pray over him and anoint him with the oil of Christ and the Spirit of the Lord, which is the Spirit of Christ, and that prayer of faith shall save the sick from the sin which is making them ill. Every illness, brethren, is a result of sin, and what the Scripture is saying here is that the elders have the power to forgive sins. Jesus said, what difference does it make if I say to the man, be thou healed, or go forward your sins are forgiven you? So if our sins are truly forgiven, our illnesses heal, and if chronic illnesses heal, it means our sins are forgiven. So what does this mean? It means that, even if Christ is in a man, Christ may not pray for that man. Christ may not pray for that man because Christ does not pray for everybody. It is the will of the Father. The Lord knows your heart. We are told in several Scriptures that Peter looked upon that man and perceived that he had the faith to be healed, so your heart has to be in a certain condition before healing can come forth.

Now the Scripture says the faith to be healed. I have never actually studied it, but I know that we have to be to a certain point of confession and repentance before we have the faith to be healed because it says in another place, if you want to receive a healing from God, you must believe in the one who is able to heal you. If you do not believe that the Lord Jesus Christ has the power to heal you, how could you expect to be healed? You cannot expect to be healed. Even if it is Christ Jesus in me, no matter how powerful he is, if you do not believe it, it is not likely God is going to heal you against your will. He may call you against your will. He may bring you to reconciliation against your will, but he brings you and he calls you with judgment. He does not bring you and call you against your will with healing.

Healing and deliverance are the children’s bread. That means that healing and deliverance are for those people who are confessing their sins and confessing their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as savior with the power to help them. So in the hour that you confess your sins and repent and acknowledge the Lord Jesus Christ is Lord and savior, you become eligible for him to heal you. You become, hopefully, one of the children, if he receives you, and you confess your sins and repent and acknowledge Jesus is savior. If he receives you or at the t- -- such time as he receives you -- some people confess their sins and repent for years before he actually receives them. At that point, you become one of the children or one of the sons.

And how do we know that you are a son? God chastens you; he beats you; he corrects you; he brings judgment on you. At that point, you become eligible to be healed. He is not going around healing all the sinners in the street. Why not? Because he is the one that cursed your sins. Why should he heal you if the curse upon your sins has not brought you to repentance? He would be defeating his own purpose.

So the elders will anoint him with the oil of Christ and with the Spirit of Christ in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith, the prayer that comes out, the verbal prayer that comes out, shall save the sick. They are going to -- their sins are going to be forgiven, and they will be healed, and the Lord shall raise him up. Shall raise who up? I suggest to you that when an elder in whom Christ is manifesting prays for someone that has enough faith to seek out the elder, Christ will be raised up in that person.

Let me say that again. This is very important. There are people out there who have faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. Many of them have received the Holy Ghost. They have been in church for 40 years, but Christ has not engrafted to them. I am sorry. The Holy Spirit has not engrafted to them. Christ is not being formed in them. Well, when a person like that comes to an elder confessing their sins, repenting and asking for healing and the elder prays the prayer of faith out of Christ and the Spirit of Christ, Christ Jesus is conceived in that person who had the faith to seek out the elder. And we are told in the King James that the Lord shall raise him up. What does that say in the interlinear, Rita? How do they translate that phrase in the interline- --

            In the amplified you mean?

Oh, in the amplified, yeah.


Verse 15. Would you please use that microphone?

And the prayer to faith will save him who is sick, and the Lord will restore him, and if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.”

OK. And the Lord will restore him. I do not have the Greek in front of me, but I suggest -- there is not a doubt in my mind that the Greek there is “raise up,” or, “And Christ Jesus in that one who has shown faith will be raised from the dead.” Praise God. Or begin to be raised from the dead. And if he had committed sins, they shall be forgiven him as Christ is raised from the dead in that man. The spiritual reality of the sin, if you would like -- if you need to, you can liken it to a cancer cell or an actual leprosy. The spiritual reality of the sin will be ripped up and cast out and Christ is raised from the dead in that man. Why? Because Christ will not dwell in the same house with sin, and from the minute that Christ begins to rise from the dead in any man, from the second he is conceived, he is waging war against sin in your mind and your heart, and he is waging that war by executing judgment upon you.

You have trouble in your life. You have pain in your life. You better believe that Christ in you is pressuring you to the fullest degree that you can bear it because there is sin in your heart which he fully intends to rip out, and the pressure that you are feeling is the pressure that Christ is placing upon your sin. You want to do it; you cannot do it. If you do it, you will pay the consequences, which will be even stronger restrictions or restraints than you are already under. And this, brethren, is the Lord of the Father towards a son, to restrain you and break the power of sin in your life. Hallelujah.

Verse 16.

            “So then, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, so that you will be healed. The prayer of a good person has a powerful effect.”

We were talking about that Scripture earlier. In the King James it says, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” Do you have anything you wanted to say about that verse?


Anything you wanted to say about that verse, Rita?

I am just reading it in the amplified. There is a lot here. Confess to one another, therefore, your faults, your slips, your fault steps, your offenses, your sins, and pray also for one another that you may be healed and restored to a spiritual tone of mind and heart. The earnest, heartfelt, continued prayer of a righteous man makes tremendous power available, dyman- -- dynamic in its working.

I do not really see it here in the King James, but I would say, from that amplified translation, the word, dunam- -- the Greek word, dunamis, must be present somewhere in the Greek, dunamis. The English -- one of the English derivations of that is dynamo. It is speaking about a very strong miracle-working power. That word in the King James that says “availeth much,” it is speaking about miracle-working power.


The persistent --

            [CROSSTALK] does not --

It does not cut it, huh?


No. It does not cut it. The persistent, spiritually powerful prayer of a righteou- -- of the man who is in Christ pr- -- is coming out of or ca- -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- can produce dynamite-type power.




Miracle-working power. In this verse?

            Yeah, 17.

In verse 17?


Yeah, OK. Can we finish verse 16 first?


It looks like verse 17 is an example of the righteous man, but let us just talk about verse 16 first. You see, the Scripture is talking about a righteous man. Well, people that do not know better would say, well, who is righteous? They must be my father or my uncle or my brother who goes to mass every day for the last 20 years. Is he a righteous man? No. he is not a righteous man, so the Lord gives us an example of a righteous man as Elijah, but we will get to him in a few minutes.

Let us talk a little about verse 16. So the Scripture says, if you have done all this, if you have called for the elders of the church, if you have let them pray over you, if they have in fact prayed over you with Christ and the Spirit of Christ, the prayer which comes out of Christ shall heal your sickness because Christ will be raised up in you, and your sins will be f- -- committed -- the -- any sins you committed will be forgiven you. And, also, it is necessary for you to -- and, therefore, the result of Christ arising in you is that you will begin to confess your faults, one to another, and you will begin to pray for one another, that you might be healed.

What does this mean? It means that as Christ is raised up in you, your nature will begin to change. We are told in another place the true sign that Christ is appearing in you is that the love of God will appear in you for your brother, that you will stop denying your sins and start confessing them, knowing that it is a good thing to confess your sins to God and to people of God who God has raised up to help you, that it heals your own heart because holding sin in and being in denial is a wound deep in your own heart that separates you from God. One of the natural results of Christ Jesus beginning to be formed in you is that you will begin to confess your sins, and you will begin to pray for other people. You will begin to care about other people. You will begin to ascend out of your selfishness. You will start to give, whereas in the past you were only interested in taking care of numero uno.

And the result of all that, we are told, you shall be healed, but it does not happen overnight, brethren, depending on the degree of your sins. It takes time. What we just said in a couple of minutes can take years, but, of course, you change along the way. You are healed a little bit every day. You start to love one another a little more every day. You start to pray for one another a little more every day. Christ increases in you a little more every day. Your sins are forgiven a little more every day. Things get better and better and better and better, but the end of the whole thing is a total transformation of your personality from a selfish, self-centered cynic -- because that is what everybody in the world is, out for himself, looking out for himself, thinking about himself, hustling for himself, stealing for himself, lying for himself, grabbing for himself.

And all of a sudden, you realize there are other people in the world that have feelings, that have needs and that miracles are miracles. You find within yourself compassion, or you begin to find within yourself compassion and mercy for these people. You find a kind word within yourself for these people. You find that, lo and behold, you actually comforted that person, and it is really not you, brethren, but it t- -- it -- this is a sign that Christ is beginning to stir up in you.

And the end of this whole process is that you shall be healed not only of your physical disease but of your emotional wounds and your emotional scars and of your spiritual problem because full healing of every disease you have and every potential disease that you have is in the full manifestation or the full appearance of the spiritual man, Christ Jesus, in you, and that is what we are all waiting for, brethren, the appearance of Christ Jesus. That is what we are waiting for; we are waiting for him to appear publicly. He is appearing right now a little bit here and a little bit there. He is appearing in part in many imperfect people, but ber- -- very soon, he will be appearing without restraint. We are told in another place without measure. The Spirit of Christ will flow for hi- -- through him without any restriction, and it will be obvious to the most carnal person in the world that this man is the son of God in the flesh. That is what we are waiting for.

So, brethren, confess your faults to one another. Yield to the direction of Christ within you. Yield to his implu- -- -pulses. Rebuke your own carnal mind, and resist your own ungodly evil intentions and thoughts and desires, which hears the voice of the Christ saying go be kind to that person, OK, but casts down Christ and treads him underfoot. Stop living out of your carnal mind; resist your carnal mind. Submit yourself to God. Do what Christ tells you to do. Resist your carnal mind, and he shall surely flee from you and die. It is a warfare. You must choose your side. Do you choose Christ, or do you choose your carnal mind? And Jesus clearly stated who has not chosen me -- he who has not chosen me is --

            [?Against me?].

-- against me. There is no walking the line. There is no passivity acceptable to God. If you do not make your choice, if you do not choose Christ -- and the way you choose -- what is the sign that you have chosen Christ? It is that you pe- -- pick up your weapon, which is Christ, and begin to kill your own carnal mind. If you are not doing this, you have chosen Sa- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] and you have chosen him in your passivity. This is a very important issue. There are people in this world -- there are people -- did you just take my volume off?


No, you did not?


OK. There are people in this world, outside of the situation I am speaking about now, who passively refuse to do things, and in their mind, they do not have to take responsibility for it. In other words, if someone asks them to do something for them, they will not -- they have poor communication skills, and they are unable, or they will not, or they are not willing to go to the person and say, look, I really would rather not do it, so they just never mention it again, and, therefore, they do not have to take any responsibility for hurting that person’s feelings or whatever else is going through their mind.

But the truth of the matter is, brethren, by your not communing w- -- communicating with that person, you have said no. You have chosen to not do what they asked you to do, and many people who operate in this way will s- -- when you confront them, will say, oh, I forgot all about it. No, you did not, sister. No, you did not. You said no without saying no, OK, and that is not godly. The Scripture says let your yea be yea, and let your nay be nay, OK. If the answer is yes, say yes. If the answer is no, say no. Be upfront, and let yourself be seen. Let yourself be counted. There is no reason to not be able to express yourself. There is no godly reason. It does not glorify God.

So confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. The righteous man is the man in whom Christ is being formed. The righteous man is the elder of the church who is praying the prayer of faith, which is out of Christ Jesus and the Spirit of Christ. So James tells us, when you find such a man, a righteous man who not only has the mind of Christ being formed in him but who is living out of that Christ, who is casting down high imaginations, who is wounding his carnal mind and cursing his carnal mind and doing everything he can to be righteous; when that man prays for you, he prays with dunamis, miracle-working power that is able to heal your sickness and save your soul and do all kinds of good and wonderful things in your life.

Verse 17 now gives us an example of such a man. His name was Elijah. Elijah was a man subject to like passions as we are. What that means is that Elijah was a natural man. He -- now some people -- I have heard some people say that Elijah was a preincarnate Christ, that he was not -- that he was deity. Elijah was a man just like we are. He was subject to the same passions as we are. What does that mean? When someone hurt him, he was tempted to hate them, OK. He was subject to every passion and every stumbling block of our emotions that modern man is subject to. But, nevertheless -- now this is exactly what I told you at the beginning of this message. Nevertheless, despite his passions, despite his emotions, despite the wicked thoughts of his carnal mind, despite every negative thing that was operating in his life, we are told he prayed passionately or he prayed earnestly out of the Christ mind in him that it might not rain. “And it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months.”

Brethren, when Christ prays out of a man, that prayer is accomplished; it comes to pass. Why? Because Jesus said, I do not say anything that my Father has not told me to say, and whatever the Father says comes to pass. Why? The Father speaks a creative word. Now some people get all knocked out of joint when they get a prophecy that they are going to be in the ministry or they are going to be a preacher or whatever the word of the Lord is to them. They look at themselves at the time they receive the prophecy. They say, this is impossible. Well, with man it is impossible, very possibly so, but with Christ all things are possible.

And if the Lord looks at you and says you are going to be a preacher, you are going to be a teacher, you are going to evangelize, you are going to go around the world, whatever the word is, that means that your responsibility is to believe, and the responsibility of the Lord is to make you into what he has just pronounced you to be. And at that point he starts cleaning you up, whack, whack, whack, whack. And he will beat you until you are blue.

But the end of the whole thing is that you shall be every whit, every jot and every tittle what he has declared you to be when you were lost in your sins and utterly reprobate and corrupt and in full agreement with the lusts and the sins of this world. You who are red with the scarlet of sin shall be white as snow when the Lord finishes with you. If he has indeed declared that he has conscripted you into his army and into his ministry, you will be everything that he has intended for you to be whether you are in agreement or whether you are not in agreement. And the harder you fight, the harder you will get whacked because you will come into obedience to your master. Why? Because he owns you.

You are not your own. You were bought with a price, and you have a spiritual master. He is the potter; you are the clay. He will make out of you what he will make out of you, and because he is a master craftsman, you will function in the role that he has written that you will function in his book before you were even born. This one is going to be a teacher. This one is going to be a minister. This one is going to be an evangelist before you were ever born.

Do not be deceived because he let you run wild for the first 20 or 30 years. You were just out in the pasture, some wild stallion nibbling on the grass. But when the time comes for you to come into the cavalry, he is out there throwing a rope over your neck, and he is sitting on your back, and you will accept his leadership. And he will train you up, and you will be the finest example of a horse which is skilled in dressage that anyone could imagine. Dressage is the horse who responds to the slightest pressure from the rider’s knee. There is no bit in their mouth. There is no reign pulling them from the left or the right. There is no spurs in the horse’s side. There is no crop in the horse’s side, but this horse is so trained that, at the slightest knee pressure, he knows whether to go to the left, to the right, whether to trot, whether to gallop, whether to stand still. Therefore, you see, there is no longer any reason for the rider to hurt him.

Brethren, when you are a horse and your rider hits you with a crop, it hurts. When you are a horse and your rider spurs you, it hurts. When you are a horse and there is a bit in your mouth, just the fact that the bit is there is uncomfortable, and when it is yanked to the right, it cuts your gums; it hurts. And the horse whose owner is not skilled enough to train you in dressage is a horse that is hurt for all of the days of his existence because the trainer or the rider was not skilled enough to teach him how to obey without pain.

            So then how am I being taught in my daily walk with God as fa- --

You are being beaten.


 You are being beaten.

Yeah. But you just said something. How am I being -- how do I know I am not going to run wild again?

Because he is going to break your back. And the Father is the only Spirit who has the skills to train humanity, which is the goodly horse of the Lord. Israel is the goodly horse of the Lord. He is the only rider that has the skills to teach us dressage, that we might be obedient without physical punishment or damage to our flesh. So he will teach us to obey with the least, slightest little bit of c- -- of direction so that it is not necessary for him to damage us because he loves us, and he does not want to damage us, and he does not want to hurt us. You see, he will train us up to a high point of skill so that hurting us will no longer be necessary.

So, “Elijah was a man subject to like passions as we are, and he prayed earnestly that it might not rain: and it rained not on the earth by the space of three years and six months. And he prayed again” -- well, three years and six months. Verse 18, “And he prayed a second time, and the heaven gave rain, and the earth brought forth her fruit.”

So we see that Elijah had the power to stop the rain, and he also had the power to turn the rain on again, and, of course, he did not do that. He did not turn the rain on again until the Father told him to do it, and what happened in Elijah’s day was in the natural. We see the same thing happening today in the Spirit. Elijah is typifying the sons of God, and the sons of God have the power at the word of the Father to cut -- the rain is what? It is the Spirit of God off from the church. Now what does that mean? I want to suggest to you that, as the sons of God rise up and the existing ministry continues to fail to  recognize the new move of God, the outpouring of the Spirit, which we see in the church today, is going to dry up. It is already happening. Churches in which the Spirit was flowing mightily five years ago, you go in there now, and it is dead as a doornail. The rain has stopped, brethren.

[INAUDIBLE] where will most of these church believers go, like go out on their own, or will they -- ones who have a good spiritual insight of seeing what is going on in a church without using their carnal minds to this notion of a spirit being dead in the church, where might some of them go? Who knows?

Oh, I do not know, just backslide into the world. A lot of them stay into the church in a religious spirit, and a very few, very, very few cry out to God and ask him to direct them and say, Lord, what does this mean, and what do you require of me, and where do you want me to go? And that very small remnant are directed by the Lord in the time of famine to a safe place. He will bring them into the new move, OK.

So what we see as a type in Elijah is the sons of God coming forth, and it is not that the sons of God are standing there pronouncing s- -- upon the church, do not let the Spirit dry up. It is happening naturally, that as the sons of God appear, Christ is manifesting in his sons, and the Spirit is drying up in Pentecost. And we are told Elijah prayed again, and the heavens opened. This is a type of the great outpouring of miracle-working power which we are expecting at any moment to pour out of the sons.

There is going to be a tremendous outpouring of miracle-working power, hopefully very soon, but it is not going to be in the same place that it was in Pentecost. It is not going to be in the Pentecostal churches; it is going to be in the sonship ch- -- in the churches where the sons of God are. And we see this being controlled by the Christ who is coming forth in the preachers of the new move of God. I do not believe the preachers are doing it of their own accord. It is the Christ in them that is commanding that other anointing to dry up. And we are told in verse 18, “He prayed again, and the heaven gave rain.” That is the sons of God in full stature, and after that, “the earth brought forth her fruit,” and the fruit of the earth is, anybody? The fruit of the earth is --


-- Christ. The earth is our soul, and the seed of the Father is planted in the earth of our soul, and the fruit is Christ coming forth. So we see that after the sons of God or after the latter rain or the anointing of Christ which comes through the sons of God pours out upon the church and the world, that Christ is going to be publicly revealed to the entire creation in due season.

Verse 19. I think it is your turn, Rita.

“My brethren, if anyone among you strays from the truth and falls into error and another person brings them back to God” --

“Brethren, if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him” -- well, let us take verse 20 with it because it, sort of, stops in the middle of a sentence.

“Let the latter one be sure that whoever turns a sinner from his evil course will save that one’s soul from death and will cover a multitude of sins, procure the pardon of the many sins committed by the convert.”

OK. These verses 19 and 20 are speaking about the ministry of the sons of God. In another place, it is called the ministry of reconciliation. It is a ministry or an assignment to a group of men that bring sinners back to God. Now there is much more involved in reconciling sinners to God than to giving them a tract or giving them a Bible. There is much more to it than that. There is much more to reconciling sinners unto God than singing songs and dancing in the Spirit, and even the deepest doctrinal teaching is not enough. What is the -- what is lacking in what I just said? What is absolutely necessary in the reconciliation of sinners back unto God?




Well, how do you get to be obedient?

            Submitting [CROSSTALK]

Well, what if you cannot submit? What is God doing to you?


He is beating you.


You are choking on the word. He is beating you. He is beating you until you are blue, OK.


Mm-hmm, amen.


There is no other way you can be reconciled unto God. He loves you with an everlasting love, and he wants you, and he is fully prepared to receive you, but he will not take your sin along with you. That means you must be separated from your sin, and the way you get separated from your sin is through --


Mm-hmm, boiling.


Boiling and burning, spiritual boiling and spiritual burning, trials, tribulations, spiritual fire, trouble, pressure.


The word of God. Well, how does the word of G- -- well, yes, that is true, but the word of God alone I do not believe does it. I believe, when you are under the judgment seat of Christ and you are engaged in an ongoing correction and all your sin is shaken up and loosened up in you and you sit under an anointed, preaching word, deliverance comes forth. The word of God delivers you, but the sin in you has to be shaken and separated so that it can come out in pieces as the word of God is preached, and it is the rod across you back that prepares the sin in you, that shakes it loose, that breaks it forth from that one big ball of wax that it is, that sets it up so that when it comes under the word of God, it can come out in pieces. Does that --



            I was just thinking of the Scripture, that the word of God is --

Yes. That is a true word.

            -- quick and powerful and sharper than a two-edged --


            -- sword.


Separating the soul from the spirit, and the soul is what is filled with sin, and if it is separated off from the spirit, then I thought it was --


            -- you know, that is what it meant, that it is sharp --

It does mean that.

            -- enough to separate you from sin.

It does mean that, but it is just really important that we get this straight. The question is how does it separate it, and it separates it -- because the word of God is Christ. Christ is the word of God, and our tendency is to say, well, the word of God is the preaching of the doctrine, but Jesus is the logos. Christ Jesus is the incarnate word of God who, along with the doctrine, is executing judgment, if you can hear it, OK. Amen. You have got to get beat, brethren; there is no other way. You have got to get beat; you have got to get boiled, and you have got to get shaken. And your soul shall separate from your spirit, and your joints shall separate from your marrow, and you who were filthy sinners shall be righteous men of God, praying the fervent prayer of faith, which will availeth much or which will result in the manifestation of miracle-working power, which the Lord will direct to save this whole creation from Hell and from death. And if you have been reading this message up to this point, you are probably called to that high calling. It is glorious.

So, “Brethren, if any of you do err from the truth, and one convert him” -- now listen, brethren. No one can convert a sinner if it is not Christ in you doing it because the true conversion is not someone picking up a tract or picking up a Bible and starting to attend church. That may be a beginning, but the true conversion is a turning around of your heart. It is a turning of your world upside down. Whereas in the past you lusted for the corruptible things of this world, now you lust for Christ.

It is an utterly turning and reversal of your heart, and for that to happen, it has to but Christ in a believer touching you in such a way that Christ begins to be formed in you because such an earth-changing change in your lifestyle cannot occur in your life because I have prayed for you. It only occurs when my prayer results in Christ being formed in you. When Christ begins to grow out of your soul, he is going to turn the earth of your soul upside down, and that is the conversion. Whereas the carnal mind was in charge of your life, your earth is turned upside down, and now Christ is in charge of your life. That is what the word, conversion, means. It has nothing to do with how many times you go to church or whether or not you can quite Scripture. It has nothing to do with how holy you may look. It has to do with the condition of your heart. Conversion is of your heart.

Now if you are truly converted, you will go to church. If you are truly converted, you will tithe. If you are truly converted, you will do good works, but it is possible to do all of these things and be a phony. It is possible to go to church, to read your Bible, to tithe, to do all kinds of good works and still have a stony heart of unbelief. And Jesus knows the condition of your heart, so if you are doing all of these good works, if you are in church all the time, if you are donating to charity, if you are tithing 60 percent, if you are driving people to the doctor, if you are doing all of these things, the Bible says, but you have not -- do you know the Scripture? Love. If you have not love -- not the love of man but the love of God, which is Christ. If you have not love, everything else that you do is virtually worthless.


That is what Paul said, and it is true. So, “Brethren, if any of you do err from the truth,” someone who is a sinner out there going in a wrong direction, headed for destruction, and God sends a son of God to you and they succeed in engrafting the Holy Spirit to you and their ministry results in Christ beginning to be formed in you and the result of that formation is that you are converted, that Christ comes to the surface and your carnal mind goes down, “let him know that the person or the believer who succeeds in converting the sinner from the error of his way shall save that soul from death, and shall hid a multitude of sins.”

We have a pamphlet called “A Multitude of Sins.” There is a lot of misunderstanding about this Scripture in the church today, and some very well-meaning people think that what it means is that, when a person sins, the church is supposed to not talk about that sin; hide it. Brethren, the carnal mind denies the sins of men, and that is the sin of pride. It is not anything whatsoever what Christ is talking about. Christ exposes sin. The carnal mind hides it, denies it, but Christ shines the light on it and will expose you in front of a whole room of people if he feels like it.

So what does this Scripture mean? What does it mean? It means that if you succeed in converting the person’s heart, if your ministry results in the Holy Spirit engrafting to them or the Spirit of adoption, we could say, engrafting to the person’s heart and Christ begins to be formed in them and rises up and converts them, turns their world upside down, and Christ is on the top, and the carnal mind is on the bottom, not you in your pride, but Christ in that person’s heart is covering over the carnal mind, the multitude of sins, and preventing it from acting itself out through your mind, through your words or through your behavior. It is talking about full stature, that Christ rising up, treading the carnal mind underfoot and paralyzing it, covering it over so completely that the carnal mind cannot act out its wickedness through you, and so that you cease from sin. And when you cease from sin, brethren, the love which is in Christ, which is now a spiritual reality in your heart, will cover over and prevent from acting out the sins which you were born with and which you have acted out all of your life.

So converting a man to be in the ministry of reconciliation, which results in the conversion of a man’s heart, involves judgment, and only the son has the right to judge man. So you have to be a son of God with a mature manifestation of the life of Christ in you to do this good work. You cannot do it out of your carnal mind because if you judge sins out of your carnal mind, what happens to you? You get judged. Judgment will fall on you too. You cannot judge sin out of your carnal mind; it will prove destructive.

But when you judge sin out of the love of Christ without condemnation, the person lives and grows and prospers, and when you judge sin out of your carnal mind, which is condemnation, your judgment or your exposure of their sin kills. So, brethren, do not judge before the time. Do not judge before it is Christ in you judging because your judgment of that person’s sin will kill them and kill your relationship. But when Christ in you is functioning and prospering and he is judging out of the love of God, that judgment upon that person, no matter how painful at the moment, will produce life and peace and joy and every good thing which is in God. Amen. Any questions or comments? [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

            What does heaven typify [UNINTELLIGIBLE]



Heaven is --

            Christ went up to heaven.

Christ went up to heaven. He went into the realm of the spirit. He went in sp- -- the kingdom of God is within you. He completely went into the pure spiritual realm where the Father is.

            But people in the world think it is someplace up there.

They think it is out there, but it is not. Jesus said, I show you a mystery, behold.


The kingdom of God is within you. The church --

            They preach this today, that it is within you?

Well, they will tell you the --

            Full gospel and --

-- kingdom of God is within you, but they will tell you that heaven is out there, you know. They tell you the kingdom of God is different from heaven. As far as I know, that is what they will tell you.

            But the Bible says that he went up to heaven.

Well, spiritual -- that is a good que- -- that is an excellent question. Spiritually speaking --


I do not know. It is still a good question whether I have or not. Now in the same manner, we are -- we hear about outer space, OK, but when we look on the TV at a spaceship going up -- out, it looks like the spaceship is going up, but the reason space is called outer space is even though it looks like the spaceship is going up, it is not going up. Any scientist would tell you it is going out into outer space. Well, the Scripture says Jesus went up because the Scripture is written on a level the most youngest child could be blessed by it, so it is not going to say, and Jesus went into heaven, and --

            So what does up, to you, mean in the Hebrew? What does it say?

In the Greek, what d- --


Up? I do not know. I have not looked it up, but it probably is the same word that can be translated into, but I am not sure, but Jesus went into the whatever -- it looked -- you see, it looked to the apostles like he was going up, just like it looks like a spaceship is going up. That is what it looked like to them, but the reality is that he went in.


Well, he had already risen from the dead at that point.


This is when he went up -- the event known as going up is the ascension.

            [?The ascension?].

The ascension, yeah. He was already raised from the dead. And what is interesting is that the world has this revelation that the spirit world is within. I have seen occult movies where they will show you how a spirit disappears, and it just goes in, and it just disappears like that. Well, it does not go up. It c- -- you can see, however they do it with the movie, that it just goes into itself until it disappears. It goes into another realm which is invisible in this realm. It goes into another dimension which is invisible to this dimension. It is present with us. Some science fiction buffs would call it a parallel universe. It exists in the same -- it is right here. It is right within this room; we just cannot see it. It is invisible unto us. Why is it invisible unto us? Because it is operating at a higher vibration.

Everything in this room is vibrating. This is something known to many people who are educated in this area; they will tell you. If you have studied philosophy at school, the ancient philosophers knew about it. The scientists know about it. Everything in this room is vibrating; even this, what seems to be dead wood, is vibrating. Everything in this universe has movement. The more solid and dead that the object is, the lower the rate of vibration, and the more active -- obviously, man, for example, is vibrating at a higher vibration than this dead wood, but there are atoms in everything that you see. Everything you see is made up of atoms, and the atoms are vibrating, so there is another dimension present with us that we cannot see, and, to be honest with you, I do not remember whether they are vibrating at a faster vibration or at a slower vibration. I am not sure, but because the -- their rate of vibration is so different than ours, they are invisible unto us. It has to do with vibration.

And the natural example is a moving picture. If you know how moving pictures are made, there is a -- if you look at a piece of film, it -- each frame is just a hair split -- like, if you are making a picture and the picture is going to appear on the screen, that the hand moves like this, every frame, the hand is moved a little more, and then it is flipped very quickly, and it looks like the hand is moving. Well, that is what is going on in this world right now, but there is another dimension right next to us that is moving at either a slower e- -- or a faster vibration because I am not sure which one it is, and because that film is flipping at a different rate of speed than our film, we cannot see them.

And there is a word for it in this world. It is called subliminal cuts, where they flip the film so fast that there are certain things in the film that you cannot see with your natural eye, but yet the information goes into your mind. They do it on some music tapes. They are doing that, subliminal cuts, hiding things in the -- words in the music that people cannot hear, and it is going into their mind, and they do the same thing visually. They will flip something through a TV commercial or through a movie that is just a flip second. They will flip it through the screen. Your natural eye will not even catch it, but your unconscious mind catches it, so there is a whole world out there that our eyes are not focused to see, and our ears are not focused to hear, OK.

When Christ begins to be formed in us or when we receive the Holy Spirit, a mechanism begins to develop in us which is focused to hear in this other dimension. It is like setting up a disk inside your head. And the more developed this mechanism becomes, as it increases from being the Holy Ghost to being Christ and maturing in Christ, we can hear and see more and more clearly into this parallel universe, which is called the kingdom of God. And, eventually, as we continue to mature spiritually, as this mechanism in us continues to mature, we will be able to actually visit this other world and go back and forth. That is the promise of the Scripture, that we shall go back and forth between heaven and earth without any destruction to our flesh.

The only thing that we know is that we have to change our garments when we go from one dimension than the other. We have to change our garments. In this world, we take on a flesh body. In the other world, we -- I do not know exactly what it is going to be, but the Scripture says you have to change your garments. There is one form that you take in one dimension and another form that you take in another dimension. Right now angels that exist in the kingdom of heaven exist -- angels and demons exist without bodies. When they come into this world to appear to men, they take the form of men. Praise God. Anybody else? That was a good question.

            You said demons cannot exist without bodies; they die.

I said that demons cannot exist when their roots are severed from a man’s mind, which is in a body, but these cases of aliens that we are seeing, what they are, are demons whose spiritual roots are in somebody’s mind, and they vibrate out of that person’s mind, and they become hard, and they take form, but they have spiritual roots in somebody’s mind. If that root is severed, they do die, and there have been reported cases of these so-called aliens, which I believe to be demons, who are trapped here in this world. How do they get trapped here? I suggest to you that somehow their roots get severed, and they cannot get back, and they die. Amen. Would someone please hit that button while these great minds are thinking here? [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

So then why is that some people who have experienced these manifestations of being led into a ship, being unclothed and having instruments stuck through them out of some [?crasmatic?]  way where they are seeping blood from them and doing tests. And then you hear another person repeating the same story many miles away, from another country. So we can assume that all these people, if we b- -- truly believe that there are people out here who have seen these things, who are in fact -- have been in ships and have taken off to another galaxy and have come back in the natural, that could this be the form of a demon trying, maybe, to use the human spirit to get out of this universe, trying at any means by taking up a human spirit and trying to use its flesh to -- in some way to go back to where it came from?

No. I do not think so. I think what is --

            Becau- --

-- happening is that the demons are trying to find a way to manufacture human bodies. They are trying to divorce themselves from their dependency upon human reproduction, and that is why they are doing all these medical experiments. And some of the reports indicate that the medical experiments involved removing the reproductive forces from the men and the women and joining them with their own reproductive forces in some way. In other words, they are crossbreeding so that they can obtain control over what they need to exist out here.

            So then they are half human and half demon?

Oh, I do not know. They are -- the -- some of the reports say that. Whether the ones that are half human and half demon are manifesting in this realm, I do not know.

            Yeah. But they -- that is true that they are half human, half demon babies.


            The --

According to what I have heard on the TV, they have already accomplished this, yes.



            I wonder what they look like.

I do not know.

            Obviously, they are missing something.


They are not complete, but neither are we, but they are even less complete than us.


I do not have -- I have not really thought about it, you know, less complete, less -- further away from God. I do not know. The Lord has not spoken to me about it.

It would have to be less complete because when two humans make a body, you have got the spirit, soul and body, while this is one human with the spirit soul and body and one devil.


            And that devil, when you take a look --

Has no spirit.

            -- at those aliens, it is empty.

They are just soul; they have no spirit. But how that would affect the child, I do not know. If the child has one parent with spirit, the other parent does not have spirit, and I do not know how it would affect the child. I have no information.


It cannot be good. Yeah. It cannot be good.

            Well, how do we know they feel pain?



I just -- it makes me think that all along Satan has wanted to rule with the soul, right?


            He has wanted a soul.


            And he is soul, but he has --


-- played spirit, but he is -- but he wants more expression of soul, and he has now got a baby that is more soul than spirit.

As you were speaking, the thought that came to me is that he knows. Satan knows that Christ is withdrawing the human spirit from his union with her.

            Check that out.


            That is true.

And the ex- --

            They should have that information.

Right. And that what Satan is lo- -- what these demons are looking for, and Satan through the dimension, is how to continue to exist without the human spirit because, as we have been teaching here, Satan has no authority to br- -- to continue to cause this world to exist without Eve, and Christ is taking Eve back.

            [CROSSTALK] another dimension.

Yeah, without Eve, yeah.

            [?So he wants to?] [CROSSTALK]

Yeah, without Eve.


Yes, exactly.

[INAUDIBLE] that is why this is happening [INAUDIBLE] [?just expect it?]. More and more people are having spiritual experiences.


Because there is a movie that is out called “Odyssey” 1990-something, and it shows some people who have seriously went through, and [?they?] -- Hollywood has gone to the extremes as to believing this story. And I was going to take the video out, but I thought I would -- I do not know. I thought I would watch it here with you guys, you know, and -- “Odyssey,” it is coming on Showtime also. But if they truly do exist, they are -- and it is true that these things can just, like, appear and then zap off, and you do not see this light anymore. Their minds have to be far more superior than us.

They are.

            I mean, really.

Really, they are.

            You have heard people say that?

We are sheep.

            Compared to what they --

We are sheep. We are dumb and -- spiritually speaking, Jesus said we are the dumbest of animals. Sheep are very dumb animals. They are --

            So then how do we rep- --

Various animals have different measure of intelligence. Sheep are very dumb.

Transcribed by Verbal Fusion 05/17/16

1st Edit 05/18/16 rh

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