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Praise the Lord. We are going to start this message with a deeper understanding of Adam before the fall than I have ever had before. You have heard me preach that Adam was not perfect; he was good. And therefore he had -- and because he was good and not perfect, he had the potential to fall, and you have also heard me say that Adam was good and evil, that Adam was the good part of himself and that the water side was the evil part of himself. Well, the Lord has given it to me even deeper. I have been struggling with this for years, and I am just really excited at this understanding that is coming forth. And, basically, this is it: Adam was righteous but not perfect, and the water part that he was attached to was good and evil. OK.

I am going to say it again. We are going to go very slow, OK. I have told you in the past that Adam was good, OK, and I have just given a lot of teaching here how Adam was the seed and the waters were the other side of the seed, and, together, the seed the waters were the seminal fluid, and that Adam was good and that the waters were evil. Are you all with me? OK. Now the Lord is telling me that Adam was more than good; Adam was righteous, but he was not perfect. And I remind you that righteousness is in the third level of consciousness. Righteousness is the mature -- well, for us here in this world, is the mature mind of Christ, and there is righteousness in him, but we are not perfect until the fourth level of consciousness, when the mind of Christ covers over our sin nature.

So, you see, Adam was righteous because he had within him the seed of Michael’s river of life. And as you can see on this board, Michael’s river of life passed through the seas, passed through the firmament, pierced through the surface of the earth. The King James says Adam is made of the dust or the surface of the earth, OK. Michael planted his seeds, and Adam was born, Adam, the plant, the spiritual plant that grew as a result of Michael’s seed, and Michael is righteous. So, you see, Adam had righteousness but not perfection because he had the potential to fall. It is just like that baby that you stand on their feet, and they could take a few steps, but when they fall, they cannot get up without your help.

So we see that Adam was righteous because he was the fruit of Michael’s seed but that he had another side to him, and that other side was the water part of the seminal fluid, OK. And, actually, I think I really have to even make another change that I did not even realize this afternoon. God, helps us. God, help me. Adam was the plant in the midst of the seas. I struggled with this. I do not think any of you picked it up, but I did struggle with this. Look, the seminal fluid is Michael, the seed, and the woman, the waters. The seminal fluid is not Adam and the waters; the seminal fluid is Michael, the seed, and the waters. Michael planted his seed in the earth and brought forth fruit of himself as a living plant. Adam is the fruit of the seminal fluid, so we see that Adam has within him both Michael’s seed, on the one hand, and the waters of the seminal fluid on the other hand. Adam is the fruit of the seminal fluid and the seed of the seminal fluid being planted in the earth. Are you OK? Can I s- -- are you OK at this point? OK.

So Adam had within him both sides of the seminal fluid. He had the righteousness of Michael, which is the seed that is in his roots, and he also, excuse me, was attached to the woman because Adam’s image was on the surface of the seas, so Adam was attached to Michael because he was the fruit of his seed. Adam was attached to Michael through the roots, and he was attached to the woman because his image was on the surface of the seas. Can you hear that? OK. The woman was good and evil. The woman had the potential to be good or evil. Adam had no potential to be evil. Now I point out to you that the Lord Jesus Christ is really hitting this home because Adam is being blasphemed through the whole kingdom church, being called fallen Adam and wicked Adam. Adam himself was the fruit of Michael’s righteousness. He had no potential to be evil; he did have a potential to die. He had a potential to be alive and righteous or to die. The woman, the seas, was the one that had the potential to be good or evil, to be the woman or the serpent. Are you OK? OK. So we are just going deeper now.

It was the woman who killed Adam by crashing through the firmament, as you can see on this drawing. Elohim himself is the firmament. He is a part of the foundation. Adam’s foundation is part Elohim, the firmament; part Michael, the seed and the roots, and, of course, Michael himself is the seed of the union of Jehovah and Elohim. So we see that the creation is being built a layer at a time. Jehovah, Elohim, Michael, the u- -- is the product of the union of Jehovah and Elohim, and then Adam is the product of the union of Michael and the earth, and Adam has another side to him, righteous Adam.

You know, it is interesting. The Scripture s- -- talks about righteous Abel, but it never talks about -- to my knowledge, never talks about righteous Adam, unless there is a mistranslation. Now could Abel be righteous and not Adam be righteous? Adam was righteous. He was in the third sta- -- third level of consciousness, which means he was not yet perfect. He was not perfectly dominating his other self or the other side of himself, which is the woman. He was righteous but not perfectly dominating his wife, who had the potential not to make him evil, but to kill him and herself become the evil one who has formed this whole creation. Are you OK? OK. Do you understand that we have just gone a little deeper now? Can you see it? OK.

I have struggled with this for years. I think I made it pretty clear on the board. You have seen the way I draw the abyss many times, and ov- -- down here I show Adam at the fifth level of consciousness, the place of union where Michael meets Adam. You see, not only is Adam a plant standing in the earth, but after he is -- after he appears, Michael’s river of life is still flowing through him. And we found in Genesis 2, in the description of the rivers, that this union is the place of pleasure, the place where Adam meets Michael, in the Scripture -- in Gen- -- in the G- -- in the Scripture, it says Jehovah and Elohim, and I will put it in this message also.

Michael seems to be a big secret. He is a part of the mystery of the Scripture. His name only appears a couple of times, and many times, by the context of the verse, I see that it -- the Scripture should be -- is talking about Michael, but the Scripture says Elohim, so he is a big mystery. Even in the New Testament, he appears very mysteriously in Revelation 12. The other mention of Michael is from the Old Testament, so he just appears once in Chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation. We do not know anything about him. What is he doing there? He is a mystery, OK. That means everything -- all the information we have about him is in coded form in the Scripture, and the Lord has revealed that here.

So we see that Michael’s image is on the surface of the seas. Michael’s image i- -- I am sorry. Adam’s image is taking up the whole surface of the seas, and it is Adam’s image that is covering the waters. You know, it is, sort of, like what people -- what we do for soil erosion, that we will just, sort of, back up the soil and put in railroad ties and -- or put in plants. I know in Florida, they told me they plant specific plants which have a root system that is so extensive that it prevents soil erosion. Is that not correct? OK. So Adam was -- his image, Adam’s image, was lying over the woman, and, once again, we see human sexuality as [?our type?]. He is lying over the woman, and he is preventing her from yielding to her potential for evil.

You see, the woman has a potential for evil; the man has a potential to die. Evil, no; death, yes. And the reason Adam could die is that he is a plant which is the fruit of Michael’s river of life. Adam was born, you see. He was born. He was the fruit of Michael’s seed and the earth. Michael was not born. Michael is the seed that is produced from the union of Jehovah and Elohim, but he was not born. Adam was planted in the earth and born. Is everybody OK? We are going to take this very slow. It is very important.

I will say it one more time. The woman, this water, she had the potential to be a wife to Adam, a holy, righteous wife, when Adam is lying over her, or she had a potential to throw Adam off, to kill him by piercing through this firmament in which Adam is rooted, and p- -- and causing all of her waters to fall down upon the barren earth. So she broke up the firmament, and she deprived Adam of the water, and he died. This plant died. Michael did not die, but the plant, the fruit of Michael’s life, died. And the woman, when she is above the firmament, lying underneath the man, she is holy, and when she is underneath the firmament, saturating the earth and making it into clay, she becomes the serpent. Praise the Lord. Everybody OK? OK.

And one more thing, OK. Adam is the mediator for the woman. You see, the woman is not clean. How do I know she is not clean? Because she needs a mediator. Adam makes the atonement for the woman. He is the mediator between the woman and Michael, who is Jehovah and Elohim. I should not s- -- I am sorry. I think I said that wrong. Adam is the [?meteor?] -- -ator between the woman and Jehovah. Adam has access to Jehovah through Michael and Elohim. The woman has no access to Jehovah. The only one who has access to Jehovah is spirit, and the woman is not spirit. She is one of the two byproducts that appeared in the abyss when Elohim separated from Jehovah. There were two byproducts: water that filled the abyss and earth. And we see that type in our -- all through our world. You cut yourself, fluid comes out. You slice a vegetable or a fruit, fluid comes out. There was a separation of Jehovah’s parts, and fluid and earth appeared in the place that opened up due to the rip or the tear in his fabric.

So we see that Adam makes the atonement for the woman. When he covers her and he restrains her from mixing together with the earth, she is atoned for. It should not be any surprise to us that Adam is atoning for the woman when the Scripture tells us that Abel was an atonement for Cain, his wife. So for whatever reason, the Scripture is clearer about Abel and Cain after Adam’s death than about Adam before his death. There is mystery -- these mysteries, they are just woven throughout the Scripture like nuggets of gold planted in the earth.

I am seeing Adam in a new light tonight. I hope that I am conveying to you what I am seeing. He was the high priest whose relationship with God kept the woman in her good mode, on her good side. So when she killed him, we should not be surprised that she flipped over to her evil side. Adam was the restraining force. And, of course, just in case this is the first message that somebody is reading, the reason for this whole setup that I have on the board is that Jehovah wanted a visible creation, and the visible creation is an image. The visible, spiritual creation is an image that appears on the water. You have to have water to have an image.

You see, I do not know about you. Someti- -- I guess, I am pretty much a couple of steps ahead of you. I hope that I can make you see what I see. But I was talking in the last couple of messages about how I really do not understand how spiritual life could be insi- -- how a city of spiritual life could be inside of me, that I do not understand that a city that is not -- that is outside or beyond time and space, but I am starting to understand it, and that is exciting me because I am starting to understand it.

Spirit, it is just breath, but there is such a thing that it is possible that there is -- there are breaths that have consciousness, someone like you or me who thinks and talks. I do not know if they feel. I really do not know. I would think, if they do feel, they do not feel like us, but they think, and they reason, and they have the ability to communicate, and they are just breath. All of a sudden, I understand it. It seems so simple now, but for years I have not been able to understand that, that there are just flashes of light that exist not only with consciousness, but with consciousness far beyond anything that I could image at this time. Praise the Lord.

So Adam is the atonement for the woman. The woman killed Adam by crashing through the firmament, marrying the earth, and this whole world -- the image of this whole world is now not appearing on the surface of the seas, but is a dark shadow that is formed in the ocean bed of the abyss. But my point was that the reason that the waters even exist is that it was Jehovah’s intention and is his intention to have a visible world, and the visible world is an image. So to have the image, you have to have -- there has to be something upon which the image appears, therefore the waters were necessary, and the earth was necessary because there has to be some earth. The seas, you may recall, are the semi- -- the watery part of the seminal fluid mixed with the surface of the earth because there has to be some darkness for Elohim’s river of light to shine through to form the image.

So Jehovah had this vision of a visible world, and he put it together, originally, in a s- -- in a form that had to be matured, and he put it together in a safe place. He put it in a safe place. If the rules were obeyed, the whole creature would have matured into not a righteo- -- not only righteous, but a perfect Son of God, which was -- who was -- would be una- -- would be -- it -- who would be unable to lose his or fall down from his perfection, a permanently formed image on the surface of the seas. But before the creation could be matured unto perfection, Adam was deceived, and his deception, I believe, was that he could not tell the difference between Elohim passing through him and the woman passing through him. He could not tell the difference. I believe he was like a young child who was incapable of sh- -- a young child, in our wildest dreams, cannot imagine incest. Adam, in his wildest dreams, even though he was told about it, could not imagine this happening to him, and the bottom line was that he was tricked.

I believe Adam was tricked, and that famous Scripture that says, “The man was not deceived, but the woman was seduced,” that is a very poor translation; it is not what the Greek says. The Greek says that Adam was tricked. In other words, to be tricked, you have to have an ability to not be tricked, if you could have just understood what was going on. You had the intelligence to not be tricked, but somehow you did not get your facts right, and you were tricked.

But the woman was wholly seduced; that is what the word, “deceived,” means. There was no way that she could have stopped happening to her what happened to her, and for all of these years now, I have thought that, first -- I thought first that the woman was seduced, and then the man was tricked, but I believe today that I have got it backwards, you see. The woman was rebellious, you see. Just think of the ocean has it laps [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- at the power of the ocean as it hits against the boats or anything that is right there on the shoreline. You see, the waters, the woman, she was pressing against this firmament, you see. She was pressing against it. It was her nature to press against it. Adam was supposed to hold the line against her, you see. She was just doing her thing.

It is just like I tell you all the time. If some problem arises between me and one of the brethren here, the buck stops here, so you -- no matter how wrong you were, if I did not stop you, I am the one that is responsible. That does not mean you do not have to repent and you get yourselves straight, but if something goes wrong in this ministry because somebody here did something wrong and it got past me, God is coming after me, you see.

So the woman, she was just doing her thing; she was just pressing on that firmament. There was a pressure on the firmament, but, you see, when Elohim’s river of life passed through, there was a pressure on the firmament too. Now there had to be a way for Adam to tell the difference or God would be unrighteous, you see. But I suspect that the Scripture says that this union between Adam and Elohim’s river of life was a place of pleasure, that somehow Adam got -- I do not know what he was like in those days. He was not anything like we are now, but somehow he was distracted, and he was tricked, and this pressure from the seas pressed on -- you see, his roots were part of the maintenance of the firmament here, you see. It was his job to guard the garden, you see, and somehow he let her through. Somehow he was tricked into letting her through. He was not seduced. Tricked means he was -- it was possible for him to have stopped it, you see, and he did not, so the waters got through, you see.

Now once the waters fell through, there was no way at all possible -- there was nothing that could have stopped the woman from becoming the serpent. Can you hear that? That is why the Scripture says the woman was seduced, you see. She was pressing against her husband, pressing against her husband. And when he let her through, when he was tricked into letting her through, he should have known better; he was equipped to know better, but he did not do what he was supposed to do. When she fell through the firmament, there was nothing that could be done to stop her from becoming the [?serpament?] -- from the serpent. Something was unleashed, you see.

See, Jehovah has set up -- Jehovah and Elohim, they have set up this creation with laws, spiritual and physical laws, and when she fell down onto the earth, I am sure Jehovah could have stopped it if he wanted to, but he was continuing within the laws that he had set up because, if he had stopped it, well, then the whole creation as he planned it would have had to come down. There was no way that the woman could have avoided becoming the serpent any more than if we jump off the Empire State Building we would die, so the woman was seduced, but the man was tricked. There was a way for him to have avoided what happened. I still do not fully understand what it was except that he could not tell the difference between the pressure of the seas and Elohim’s pres- -- and Michael’s pressure. OK.

So if everybody is OK with this, I would like to go on, and I would like to relate some of this to our physical body. I have got some interesting revelation today with regard to our physical body, and I am going to suggest to you upfront that this place of pleasure, which is the fifth level of consciousness between Michael and Adam, is being restored in our brain, and the Garden of Eden in fallen man is the pain and pleasure center in the brain, OK. So if you are OK, I will -- we will take a picture, and I will take this off the board.

Oh, one more comment I would like to make. This is very interesting. My daughter called me from Florida with a dream about a month ago in which she talks about being on the third and the f- -- or the third and the fifth floor of the hotel, and she was not sure where they were. And I -- immediately, it was quickened to me that she was talking about levels of consciousness, but it confused me that her dream was saying the third and the fifth. What about the fourth? And I believe that the Lord has shown me that the third level of consciousness is a place of righteousness, which we can ascend to in Christ Jesus, and that we can also have -- Christ in us can have intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ without us having attained to perfection because our being perfect would indicate that we have passed over Satan and Leviathan and the serpent in us and that we were sinless. But it is possible to have intimacy with the Lord Jesus Christ without being sinless, so we go back and forth between the third and the fifth levels of consciousness, OK.

So here we see that Adam had intimacy with Michael, and he also was at the third level of consciousness, righteous, but not perfect because when you are perfect you cannot die. Adam was righteous, but he had the potential to die. The woman was good, and she had the potential to be evil, and every evil thing in this earth and every evil thing attributed to Adam in the earth today is the woman who became the serpent. And the Lord Jesus Christ wants his name cleared because the Lord Jesus Christ is the resurrected Adam, and he is also Michael. And, of course, Adam is Michael’s offspring, so Michael wants Adam’s name cleared, and Adam wants Adam’s name cleared, and the Lord Jesus Christ, the magnificent man, the savior of mankind, wants Adam’s name cleared.

And I will tell you, brethren, there is opposition coming to this message. I am shocked at the opposition that is coming towards it, but it is the serpent in people and her incarnation, Satan and Leviathan, that do not want this revelation coming out. They do not want it because it is the truth, you see. And I hear that there is a man who is preaching and saying, well, if you are not God, who are you? I do not know. He better not ask me that question because I will tell him. You are that old serpent, the dragon, Satan and the devil. That is who you are, and that is who we are, but Christ is being raised from the dead in us, you see, and he is taking us with him. He is not leaving us behind because we are the waters, you see. He needs the waters to produce the image of a visible world. He is taking us out of this animal body, and there is a big opposition to this message also. He is taking us out of this animal body, but the waters, which is our personality, OK, he is taking us with him, you see.

And at some point, if the -- at some point, it is going to be a forced thing because the people of this world, they are married to Leviathan and Satan, and they are magnetically drawn to the earth. They do not want to leave. They love their captor; they love their pimp, you see. But we belong to another, even those who love their pimp. I do not know about -- I do not think anyone here loves their pimp, but not many people are enlightened, and they love their pimp, but, you see, they belong to another, you see. We were bought with a price, and [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- we will get away with it -- well, I do not want to say we. Mankind will get away with their rebellious adultery only until it is time for the reconciliation of all things.

Does anybody have a question or comment before we go on with this message?

            This morning --


This morning the Lord was talking to me about people who are -- talk about the manifested sons of God, putting them [?downs?], believing that Jesus was going to come back in a physical body. And the thought came to me that the love -- they have no concept that the physical body is [?that?] the serpent. Why would Jesus leave his glory to come back into anything --

Right, ame- -- oh, that is a very good --

            -- of the serpent’s --

-- point.

            -- image.

Oh, no. There is no way he would do it, and it is interesting that you would say that because one of the Scriptures we are going to talk about tonight, I -- you have to pray about it. I do not think anyone here would have a problem with it, but I really believe that it indicates that Jesus was in a serpentine body, that the physical body he was in was serpentine. You see, what happens when I pursue these spirit- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] -- [?studies?] is that the hip bone is connected to the thigh bone, and I am just all over the place.

So I got some very interesting revelation, and one of the revelations is about the stone being rolled away from the cave that Jesus was buried in and also about the disappearance of his body, of his physical body. It is not an obvious translation, but I believe it is of God. I know that I looked over these Scriptures a year ago. It was a good year ago, maybe 10, 11 months ago, and I went through every Greek word, and I could not find any indication of what happened to that physical body. But somewhere along the line, I think it was after that, I g- -- yes, it was definitely about six months after that study. I knew that it was something that had to come by revelation because I could not see it in the Greek when I looked up the Greek words. I got the revelation about the two timelines and that when Jesus was translated back to the eternal timeline, his body just disappeared in accordance with the laws of quantum mechanics.

And following this study today, I wound up -- I found a word that ta- -- I found a word that is not translated this way, but means “to roll away,” and as soon as I heard it, I knew what it meant. And I went after, and I applied this translation to that Scripture about rolling the stone away, and I think [?it?] -- there is an explanation, or it is in the Scripture that the young man who was there that was talking to the people who were looking for Jesus is saying, look, his body is gone too. But you do not know what I am talking about, so I will try to bring it out. I hope we can do everything that I have for you tonight because it is really exciting, so we will take the picture, OK. Xxxx, please.

We are looking at drawing two, drawing number two. Are we on? We are on, right? We are looking at drawing number two. This -- I do not know how clear I made this, but I am trying to show you the five dimensions as the Lord has shown it to me. When we had our picture of that man -- of that spiritual man on the last message up on the board and the Lord showed me that the everlasting arms are reaching from the Lord Jesus Christ down into this fallen world, the thought did occur to me that I only saw one arm, and I was wondering if it was not two arms. I even had a little trouble. I think I tried to draw two arms going down to mortal man, and it did not seem appropriate. Today we see where the second arm is. We see that the second arm is into the portion of this world underneath the firmament where the immortals are, OK.

So I have the board divided in half. Now I hope I do not confuse you because I have written that identify things that are on the left side -- when you are facing the board, on the left side. I have written the words on the right side. They do not belong on the right side. Every word that is written here on the right side, except for Michael, fifth dimension and eternal timeline -- every other word is referring to the left side of the board, which is this fallen world. Does everybody understand what I am talking about? OK.

So the right side of the board is indicating where the world above the firmament was, and the major thing that I am trying to show you here is that, when the world fell down from above the firmament into the earth beneath the firmament, it did not fall straight down; there was a shift. And it shift -- now I do not know whether it shifted to the left or to the right. These technical, scientific details, I do not have the answer, OK, and, of course, there was no left or right, excuse me, because it -- because the world that was above the firmament was beyond time, OK, so there was no left or right. But when the waters fell down through the firmament, they did not only fall straight down; they shifted. And I think I talked about this a little bit on Sunday, that the fifth dimension, somehow, is off to the side, that those of us who are spiritual, sometimes we see little fleeting shadows through the corner of our eye, and then when we turn around, it is gone because that shadow is nowhere in this three-dimensional or four-dimensional room, OK. The shadow, what we are seeing, is over here in the fifth dimension, so I cannot explain it any better than that. It is a shift in spacetime, OK.

So I show Michael still up there because you may recall that I told you earlier in this message, when the waters fell through the firmament, Adam died; Michael did not die. Adam, the fruit of Michael’s seed, did die. Oh, by the way, the Lord was talking to me while I was waiting for you to draw this drawing, and with regard to what I said earlier about Adam being the fruit of Michael’s seed, the Lord reminded me that plants, I think -- I cannot say all plants, but most plants, maybe all plants and certainly grass have seed within themselves, and the drawing that was up there was a -- I showed you that Adam had Michael’s seed within him, that he was the fruit of Michael’s seed, but Adam also had seed within himself, which seed was the ability to reproduce Michael’s life in others. He was mature grass. OK.

So we are looking at this board. We see Michael up above, and the world has fallen down and shifted over. Now I am limited on this board. What I have done on the left side of the board is I have divided the left side of the board, and the upper portion of the left side I have said is the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is time-space, and another name for it is nonlinear time; immortals dwell here. Now the scientists know about this. I just saw a “Star Trek” episode about what was called nonlinear time, and as soon as I heard it, I knew that they were talking about the world underneath the firmament where the immortals live. I just ha- -- did not know a name for it before, OK. Is everybody with me? OK.

Now in reality, if I had a bigger board, OK, I would have been inclined to draw this whole left side of the board not only to the left of Michael, but way down beneath Michael, so it looks to you like the fourth dimension time-space is across from Michael only because I ran out of room, and the truth is I do not even know. I do not know, but I would think that it would be down, but that is just my carnal mind. Is anybody not following me? Is everybody OK? OK.

So we see the world that was existing as an image on the seas above the firmament died when the waters crashed through the firmament. The waters mixed with the earth, forming a clay animal with the breath of life, with Adam’s breath of life, and shifted over away from Michael, and we see that there are two everlasting arms, Michael. Now I do not know how many arms Michael has. Maybe he has an arm in each and every one of us, but I know that the Hebrew word for arms is plural. Now, of course, the thought occurred to me on Sunday that the scribe copying the Scripture [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- might have thought, well, it would be impossible for someone to have one arm, and made it plural, but somehow I thought there were two arms, but it is really possible that he has an arm in every one of us because Michael is not a man, you see. But we see an arm is his connection to this connection to this visible, physical world, and he has an ar- -- I have drawn it as one arm, into the brain of this one man, and his other arm is going into the nonlinear time, the area of nonlinear time where the immortals are. Is everybody OK?

The four dimensions -- you see, the quantum mechanic -- mecha- -- I do not know what they call them. Quantum mechanics, I do not think that is what they call them. But the scientists of today, they are saying that this world is not three-dimensional, that it is four-dimensional, that we have height, width and depth, and that, also, we -- that wherever we are at any moment, we are on a particular point in time, which is necessary to fully describe who and where we are. That is how they are saying we are a four-dimensional world, OK, because you might say that I am a three-dimensional person. I have height, width and depth, OK, but I am not the same person right now that I was a minute ago, you see. I am in a different place along the timeline. I am on a journey. I am traveling along the circular timeline, and every place that I touch, every place that my foot touches, so to speak, along the timeline, I am a different person, even though my height, width and depth may be exactly the same, because I am in a different place on the timeline, I am a different manifestation of myself. So the scientists are now saying that we are four-dimensional in this world, OK.

So this fourth dimension, which is time-space, does reach down into this world, but this world that we live in is primarily linear. It is flat. It is primarily height, width and depth here, OK, and then time is just something we have just added on. But in this area above this world but still beneath the firmament where the immortals live called nonlinear time, time-space is predominant. And if there is -- I do not know for sure, but I do not think that there is -- well, there may be. If there is any height, width and depth at all, it is -- let me start that sentence again. The fourth dimension, the time-space dimension, predominates over the height, width and depth. Now what does that mean? It means that -- I do not -- I have no idea whether this is accurate or not, that the beings in this world are translucent. They are fluid. We can see through them. They may be able to change their forms. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- we might think of them as ghosts, you see, so their height, width and depth is not as pronounced as ours is, but this time-space dimension is more pronounced. Everybody OK? Praise the Lord.

And at this point, I am believing that there is some truth to reincarnation. I believe that there are some beings in this world who are reincarnated immortals. You see, it is illegal for immortals to incarnate down here. Jesus has said it is illegal, OK. Most of the people down here are people who are born because a man and a woman have sex, and every once in a while, J- -- Elohim or Jehovah -- and so I am not even sure who it is at this point. Well, at this point, it is the Lord Jesus -- incarnates, and he specifically incarnates somebody because he wants to accomplish something specific. And then we have the immortals who are incarnating illegally.

Now if you are a reincarnated immortal, how will -- what are the signs? The signs are that you are spiritual, and you are very interested in the occult, and you are very interested in reincarnation. You are active. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] [?you are?]  spiritual. Your spiritual parts are active. The serpent in your brain is active. That is a sign that you are a reincarnated immortal. I am telling you the truth. But, you see, no matter who you are, if you are incarnated by the Lord Jesus or if you are a reincarnated immortal or if s- -- you are just born because your mom and dad wanted a baby or did not want a baby but had sex, OK, you all have a 50-50 chance because the savior of the world has manifested, you see. And if you hear this message and you believe it and you have a hope that it might be true for you, you have as much of a chance to ascend not up to the four- -- not up to the nonlinear time, you see, but up to the eternal timeline, where Michael is. All men -- it is the will of God that all men should be saved, so everybody has a 50-50 chance, you see. Praise the Lord. OK.

Let us go over this busy area here on the lower, left-hand corner of our board. Believe it or not, this is somebody’s nervous system, OK. And the whole principle here is that this world that we live in is a flat world, OK. That may sound strange to you because we look three-dimensional, and we are three-dimensional, but compared to the world that is eternal, we are considered flat. That is what the Scripture says, cannot tell you that I understand it completely because I do not, OK. But -- well, I think the Lord just said to me we are flat because we are going around the circle of the earth, and we are not reaching up into heaven. That is the best I can do for you right now.

So here is our spinal column, and it is looking more and more like the brain is the reconstructed Garden of Eden, that -- now I have a Scripture that I hope -- well, I believe it. I hope -- but I -- if it is true, I hope you believe it, that the brain is the mercy seat, and I have a couple of interesting Scriptures for you demonstrating this, if you can receive it, so let us just go over what is on the board, OK.

And I found out today that there is something called spinal marrow. Did anybody know that, that there is marrow in the spine? I did not know that. I have been asking the Lord where the Holy Spirit is in this whole thing, OK. We found out that Christ is up here in the cerebellum when he is engrafted, and we found out that Satan is in the bodily fluids and that she is in the spinal column, and she is in the blood, and she is all over the brain. She is everywhere in the body. But I could not understand where the Holy Spirit was in all this, and I found out today that there is something called spinal marrow. Now marrow is fat, the fat of the bones, that -- the oil of the bones that typifies -- that hi- -- that typifies Christ, you see, that typifies Christ.

Now I did go into the Internet trying to find out where this spinal marrow is because I do not know -- this drawing is not accurate. I do not know where it is, and I did leave an email for a doctor who has a webpage with regard to the nervous system, and I am believing that he is going to answer me. For the time being, however, I have just drawn the spinal marrow with these blue lines in here, mixed right in there. So we have the base of the spinal cord -- of the spinal column, which, anatomically, is the coccyx. Spiritually, it is called the foot, and we are preaching here that it is Leviathan, that it is not the serpent that is coiled at the base of our spine, but that Leviathan is the present -- is the tail that it as the base of our spine. Now I am not suggesting that the bone called the coccyx is Leviathan. Leviathan is a spiritual entity that is dwelling, somehow, in an area that is typified by the coccyx. Does anybody not understand that? OK. I am not suggesting that your coccyx is going to start ascending up your spinal column; it is your consciousness that is going to ascend up your spinal column, hopefully.

So, OK, now we see here the spinal fluid is the water which is the woman, the waters that fell down through the firmament. She is through this whole world, and in us, she is in the fluids of our body, and she is in the spinal column. Now, remember, we have been finding out that there is a whole world -- there is a whole spiritual world in our spinal column. Now it may sound shocking to you at first, but if you stop to think about, it is not li- -- if there is a spiritual world somewhere within us, is it going to be in our arm? Is it going to be in our toe? You know, if you look at a human skeleton, you will see how unlikely that is. You will see that the whole thrust of our flesh is the nervous system; it is the brain and the spinal column and the int- -- and the heart and these internal organs that -- and that is where the -- that is where we are, that are legs and our arms are just appendages.

So I am suggesting that the spinal fluid is where the woman is flowing these days, and, of course, the woman is our personality, and she is mixed. She is completely dissolved into Satan’s sea, you see. You cannot -- it -- this is a principle that does not exist in this world. The Scripture talks about the waters of the sea, talking about that part of the -- now the sea is Satan, OK -- talking about that part of Satan which the Lord sees as the clean waters that will ascend out of Satan when she is boiled. So our personality, which is water, is completely mixed in with Satan. She j- -- only judgment is going to get us free. She has to be cast into the lake of fire where she will be boiled.

Now the spinal cord I am saying, today, is the dragon because the dragon has to be in here, so unless the Lord tells me otherwise, I am saying the spinal cord is the dragon. And the spinal column, the bony spinal column, is simply the physical outer shell of this whole life that we are living in. We have an outer shell. We have a physical, outer shell.

Also, let me point out to you. You may recall the drawing from Sunday with the man sitting down or the man sitting up. I think I would rather say the man sitting up than the man sitting down. This diagram of our spinal column and our brain indicates that this is mortal man who is lying down. There is no angle, you see. There is no angle cut. He is just -- she is just lying down flat, and I have added in the brain step, which I have not been doing up until now, but I really should because, at some point, the spinal column ends and becomes the brain stem. I am not sure at exactly one -- at what point. I hope I asked the doctor on the Internet that question. If not, if he answers me, I might ask him again.

And it is the brain stem that ascends all the way up into the center of the brain by the limbic system, which is the pain-pleasure center. It is this area in the center of the brain called the limbic system, talking anatomically now, where -- well, let me read it to you. I know I have it on another message, but I will give it to you again in case you want to put it down. The forebrain, composed of the limbic system and cerebral cortex, regulates higher functions. The limbic system, including the thalamus, hypothalamus, pituitary, amygdala -- I am probably pronouncing that wrong -- and hippocampus and olfactory cortex is associated -- and that is this whole center in here that I am calling the pain-pleasure center -- are associated with vivid emotions, memory, sexuality and smell. The forebrain’s k- -- cerebral cortex is the uppermost portion of the skull.

So we see that the serpent is up here in the cerebral cortex. The serpent is here, and we see that, through the spinal cord and the brain stem, both the dragon and Satan is up there also. Now, look, with the three of them together, they are only using about 5 percent of the brain, and what they want is to get Leviathan up there also, you see. We are talking about every levels. The level of energy that the serpent, the dragon and Satan have collectively in our brain, apparently, is very limited. We are only using -- what is it 5 or 10 percent of our brain? I do not really know what they could do when they get Leviathan up there too. I do not know what they could do, and I am told that, in the oc- -- on the occasion that people who are attempting to be spiritual outside of Christ go inward and start to ascend spiritually, that they usually go insane. Why would they go insane? Because the serpent is insane, and as our consciousness ascends upward to join the dragon, the serpent and Satan, the nature of the serpent is intensifying, and she is insane, so the whole person goes insane. Anything else? OK.

Just by way of review, Leviathan, our conscious mind, you see, is hoping -- or we are hoping that Leviathan, our conscious mind, in all kinds of people out there -- that there are all kinds of people that are spiritual who are not in Christ, who are waiting for their change to come. The way it is going to happen is that our consciousness must turn inward and start to travel up the spinal column because we have to get to the brain because that is where the whole thing is happening, you see. You have heard about the ingathering. You have heard about this big party, you know, that is happening, this gathering together of the saints. Well, it is happening in the brain, you see, and it is happening in the spinal column. It is happening in the nervous system. That is where it is happening.

So I think -- the Lord told me today that I have mentioned turning inward several times, but I have not really told you how to turn inward. How do you turn inward? Well, you turn inward by turning towards the things of the mind, you see. To turn inward, to become spiritual, is to bec- -- some people would say to live out of your mind. What is your primary desire? Is it the things that are outside? And I tell you this without condemnation. What do you desire? Do you desire physical activities? OK. Do you desire activities that are outside of yourself, or do you prefer activities that are inside yourself? Do you desire activities of the mind? Do you desire to read? Do you desire to study? Do you desire to learn? Spiritual things are of the mind, you see.

So, as Christians, we turn inward by meditating on the word of God, you see. My mind is constantly on the word of God, constantly. I drive the car, and my mind is on the word of God, and the Lord is giving me revelation. It is awesome what is happening to me, and I have a revelation, brethren. I want to share this with you, that it is not all that intense yet, but I hope it gets more intense. I have a revelation that I am so involved with what is going on inside my mind because of the Lord’s talking to me that I am less and less concerned about what is going on outside of me. I am less and less concerned about the weather. I mean, of course, I need my needs met. The Lord knows I have to have my needs met. I am really not concerned too much about taxes or -- I do listen to the news, but not all the much. And when the Lord is talking to me -- this is something new that is happening to me. And the truth is, I pr- -- would prefer to not even particularly fellowship outside of his word, but I have to do it because I have a family, and I have obligations, but my choice is to be with the Lord and to hear what he is telling me, and what he is always talking to me about is this revelation. That is what he talks to me about.

But I have got this whole revelation that the whole world is being locked out, that the weight of my life is within, and this is something that is just happening lately. It does not really bother me what is going on out there, and I do not know how to explain it to you, but I have this revelation that the weight of my life is inside, and there is a song that talks about everything outside growing dim. I do not know who wrote that song or what kind of an experience that they had, but that is what is happening to me, and it is the exact opposite of the condition of most carnal people where their whole life is outside. Their wife, their husband, their children, their mother, their father, their vacation, the car that they have, the clothes that they were, and their mind is out there. And the life that is inside that Jesus is waiting to give them is very dim.

I had a dream once about Jesus sitting in a house lighting a candle, waiting for the people to come in, and nobody was coming in. They were out there. They were evangelizing. They were going on trips. They were looking at everybody else’s sins except their own, OK, looking at everybody else’s life except their own. Look in; look in; look in; look in. Think about yourself; talk about yourself, not with pride. Talk to the Lord about yourself. So the -- my world -- you see, my world is turning upside-down because the average person is more concerned with what is out there than what is in here, but my world is turning upside down. I am more concerned with what is in my head than what is out there, and I believe that I am ascending up my spinal column. I believe that my consciousness is turning inward and that I am ascending upward, and now people who are spiritual outside of Christ, they g- -- turn inward simply by meditating without the word. They just sit there and empty themselves out and wait for some spirit to talk to them, and they are turning inward, you see. They are turning inward, but the spirit that they are talking to is Satan, who is flowing -- who is filling their spinal column, you see.

Now I had a word of knowledge as I was waiting for you to draw this drawing earlier, which really excited me, and the word of knowledge is this, that the spinal marrow that is flowing somewhere in the spinal column -- well, let me say this first. When we talked about this Sunday night, I was not really quite sure how our consciousness would pass through Satan and get to Christ up here safely. I was not quite sure how it happened because, when you turn inward, the first one that you meet is Satan, you see.

Well, I now have a r- -- a bit of a revelation of [?th-?] -- as to how it happens, and, of course, there are Scriptures in the Book of Exodus, [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- not only the Book of Exodus, in the -- throughout the prophets, Scriptures that would say something like this: And we asked if we could pass over, and they would not let us pass over. They would not let us through the land. They would not let us pass over, you see. And I think that Satan and the dragon are in the spinal column, and they do not want the consciousness that is meditating on the word of God to pass over, you see.

And I had this vision of those of us who are turning inward because of the word of God. I had this vision of the Holy Spirit being our guide, you see. The people who are spiritual outside of Christ, they talk a lot about spirit guides, you see. We have a spirit guide, you see, and I see -- I saw the Holy Spirit gathering up the particles of our consciousness because our consciousness is not a single particle. We are a -- made of many particles, just like Michael’s light stream, and I see the Holy Spirit gathering up the particles of our consciousness and joining to them and, literally, guiding us through this tunnel, you see. I got a real witness in my spirit to that. [?I?] -- it is just really exciting me that the Holy Spirit is joining himself to us, forming an imputed Christ and guiding us up to where he will plant us safely in the cerebellum.

And everyone who is entering into the city, everyone’s who tur- -- everyone who is turning inward and entering into their subconscious mind, which we call the spiritual city, OK -- the Book of Revelation calls it the New Jerusalem, and some other Scriptures call it -- well, the New Jerusalem is the new city that we are becoming, but this wicked city right here, that is right here right down at the base of our spine waiting for us, that is filled with the spinal fluid, which is Satan, OK, she is waiting for you, you who turn in without the word of God, you see. All these Christians out there that are believing that this revival is of God, they are in for a terrible surprise because they are engaging in spiritual activities without the word. That means Satan is the source of their spiritual activities. That means they are entering -- within themselves, they are entering into the spiritual city without the true guide because -- remember, let me say it again. I did not -- the Lord tells me I did not make it clear.

The Holy Spirit is not just taking our hand and leading us up this column [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- the spinal column; it is those of us who are turning inward because we are meditating on the word of God, you see. The word of God has to be there. It is the word of God gathering up the particles of our human spirit, forming an imputed Christ, the spiritual marrow, and guiding us safely upward. If we go in without the word, it is not even the Holy Spirit going with us. If we turn in without the word, we are meeting Satan that is in our spinal fluid. If we are meditating on the word, we are meeting Christ. I do not e- -- it ma- -- it is probably not even the Holy Spirit. I have to take that back. It is probably the Spirit of Christ that is coming to get us because we are turning inward, and we are meeting the word of God. It is the word of God that is taking us up this tunnel, you see. I guess that is it. I guess I said the wrong thing at first. It is not the Holy Spirit.

So the people who are turning inwards and they finding what they think is the Holy Spirit, it is really Satan. We are going up with the marrow; we are going up with the oil; we are traveling up with Christ, you see, the word of God. You cannot enter in without the word, and we have talked about this a lot. I have expressed it all different ways in accordance with the level of consciousness or the level of understanding that I have been on when I have been teaching it. When we did “Quantum Mechanics: The Science of Spiritual Activity,” I said the people who are entering in without Christ are entering in through Cain, and we are entering in through Abel. That was how I expressed it at the time, but look at it here. Look at the spinal column. Those who are entering in with the word of God are traveling up through the spiritual marrow, which is directing them to Chr- -- to the cerebellum, where he is engrafting them to their cerebellum. But those that are entering in without the word, they are meeting up with Satan, who is guiding them right to the serpent, who is going to snatch them, you see, so there is the two different -- there is your 50-50. Either you are going to your cerebellum, or you are going to your cerebral cortex, where the serpent is. Praise the Lord.

Is everybody OK on this? Everybody is being overwhelmed by this. You have a question? OK.

When Pastor Sheila was speaking about going upside -- going up the spinal column and entering in, I got a quick image of a baby kangaroo. It is, like, a tiny embryo, and it crawls up the stomach of the mother kangaroo and then gets to the top and goes into the pocket.

Oh, really? I did not even know that. That is interesting, huh. It crawls up the mother from an internal place, the embryo? Really? I did not know that.

            No. It actually crawls up the m- -- ka- -- the mother kangaroo’s fur.


            And it is born a little, tiny -- it looks like a worm.


            And it crawls up. It is a very hard, difficult thing [CROSSTALK]

Really? Is that not interesting?

-- of the mother’s hairs, and it takes a lot of time and strength to do that, and then it goes into the pocket.

Well, now is that not interesting?

And there was something I found very interesting too on the first page. You were describing the definition of a spine --


-- and one of them is something that resembles or suggests a backbone, like the hinged back of a book, and we are the living epistles [CROSSTALK]

Oh, very inter- -- now is that not interesting? That is real- -- it is like saying our backbone can be read. Is that not interesting? OK. Xxxx, will you please take the picture? And I have some real interesting Scriptures [?in?] [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

One more thing I would like to say about this drawing is I would like to introduce the Scripture to it that talks about the separation of the soul from the spirit and the joints from the marrow, OK. When I looked at the picture of our spiritual man that was up on the board Sunday, the joint, of course, was in the knee joint. It -- the joint was between the knee and the thigh, and I could not -- first of all, I could not see where the marrow was, and second of all, I could not understand why that joint would be separated. You know, this was the spiritual man that was redeemed.

Well, brethren, I found out today during my studies that all joints do not bend. Is that not interesting? That there are some joints that are permanently fixed and that these joints are located in the skull. The joints that connect the bones of the skull do not bend, so it is looking to me like the separation of the joints from the marrow might have something to do with the skull, you see. And this whole line of thought led me in to translate that Scripture about Jesus being crucified on the hill at Golgotha. That means the hill of the skull, so I have got some interesting stuff for you here.

Now the marrow, I suggest to you, is in two places. The marrow in the spinal column is the -- our consciousness that is enveloped in Christ, OK. We are ascending, and we are insulated because we are joined to the word of God, you see, and that the marrow -- I suggest to you that the marrow also exists in our cerebellum, where Christ is engrafted, you see. And I believe that the work -- I do- -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] this -- I honestly do not know whether it is the Holy Spirit or the Spirit of Christ at this point, but whatever function it is, whatever administration it is of God that is within us, gathering together the particles of our consciousness and guiding them up through our spinal column and nailing them to the celeb- -- cerebellum so that our consciousness is being gathered, OK.

You hear about the gathering in or the ingathering or the gathering of the saints. Our consciousness is being gathered in from all parts of our body and our mind where it has been scattered, and Christ is gathering it up. I do not -- like I said, at this point, I am not sure who it is, but I know it is someth- -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- administration of the Spirit of God is gathering the particles of our consciousness, escorting us up, escorting these particles up the spinal column and nailing them to our cerebellum so that our cerebellum is expanding, you see. It is growing larger.

Now remember that our cerebral cortex must wither; it has to wither, you see, as Christ expands. Why would that be? Because all of our energy, all of our spiritual energy, all of our human spirit is being gathered into the cerebellum, and that means that our energy is being gathered out of the cerebral cortex also. Remember, the serpent breathed in Adam’s breath of life. Well, Christ is taking it back, you see, and as Christ expands, the serpent is dying. So the separation of the joints and the marrow, I suggest to you, is the separation of the bones of the skull or the separation of the s- -- of -- well, I should not -- I should say it this way: the separation of the cerebellum from the skull.

Now one of the questions that I asked this professor through the Internet is, is the actual brain in -- at any place atta- -- actually attached to the skull? I do not know the answer to that, but this is what I am s- -- in the physical man, but this is what I am seeing in the spirit, that the separation of the joints from the marrow is the separation of Christ from the skull, and I guess I am going to have to put this on the board to show you what I me- -- what I am talking about. Is that picture OK, June? OK, Mary. [AUDIO CUTS OUT]

This is drawing number three. The board is split into three sections, and what I am showing here is the ascension of our consciousness up our spinal column and into -- and where it is nailed to the cerebellum. The first -- I have it marked A, 3A. We see the spinal column, the cerebral cortex, which is the larger part of the brain. The cerebellum is down here underneath the shadow of the cerebral cortex. I am showing you the pain-pleasure center, and I am also indicating -- although I did not draw a separate line for the skull. I guess I really have to do that because we are going to be dealing with the skull here for the rest of this evening. The skull is the network of bones that encloses the brain, and I have indicated the opening in the skull which we find in an infant, and I am told that it takes approximately a year for that opening to close, OK.

Now in drawing number two, we see that the cerebral cortex is shrinking and that the cerebellum has increased, you see. P- -- John was not just saying words: I must decrease, and he must increase. He w- -- John was pro- -- putting forth a parable that the cerebral cortex -- now the s- -- now the man who has the Holy Spirit, OK, the Christian who is not a Christian out of Christ, OK, the Christian who is a Christian because they are a carnal man but the Holy Spirit is influencing their carnality must decrease so that the Christ ca- -- in you can increase. And I believe that this increase of Christ in you will have a physical expression in your body. I have told you that before, and what is interesting is that there are a lot of new agers who are saying the same thing.

We talked about one man, Gopi Krishna, on the “Kundalini” series who claims that the brain is evolving. Now, of course, he is not in Christ, so we are not -- I am not going to really be spending any time tonight talking about the potential organic changes in the brain of someone ascending outside of Christ. But I believe -- I am convinced that as we ascend in consciousness, our cerebral cortex will shrink, and our cerebellum will expa- -- or I should say, first, our cerebellum will expand because that is where -- all the particles of our human spirit that are becoming Christ are being nailed to our cerebellum. And the -- and our energy, our human spirit, is being drained out of the serpent, OK. The serpent stole Adam’s breath of life, and now Christ is taking it back, so the serpent is shrinking because she is losing the breath of life, and Christ is expanding because he is gathering unto himself all of the particles of our human spirit. And so, apparently, it sounds like we are being converted into Christ a particle at a time. What does that mean? I do not know. Just let us get there, OK.

So in drawing number B, I showed -- I guess I should indicate that this is the skull here. The outer circle is the skull, and I really do not know how artistically accurate this is, but I have shown you in drawing B that the cerebellum is expanding and that the cerebral cortex is decreasing. And in the third portion of the board marked C, I show you Christ, who is in the cerebellum, completely overshadowing, completely passing over, completely covering over the cerebral cortex [?in?] -- where the serpent is. And Christ, who is in the cerebellum, produces an opening in the physical skull of the man in whom this is taking place, and as this revelation unfolds, it looks like the Lord is showing us that there is a physical expression of the seal which is binding us to the earth.

Now, spiritually speaking, we found out it was a seven-part seal. Whether or not it is physically a seven-part seal, I do not know. Maybe there are seven bones involved. I do not know. This revelation is just taking my breath away. I really do not know, but this is what the Lord is bringing forth tonight, that when Christ who is nailed to the organic cerebellum overlays the cerebral cortex where the serpent is, that opening -- and I think -- if I am wrong, if anyone disagrees with me, please, tell me. I think, anatomically speaking, that opening in the head of a human being never completely closes, that when you are an infant, it closes up, but, right into your adulthood, there is a weakness in that spot where it was open. Is that not the case? Does anybody know about that? Did you ever hear that?


A soft spot in the head. Yeah. That is what I heard. So there is a soft spot in the skull, even in your adulthood. Now as I was waiting for you to copy this drawing, the Lord said to me this is the reality behind the tradition of dedicating your children. He said it is essential that you have a man or a man of God, and if you c- -- if you are anointed, you could do it yourself every day, laying hands on the opening of your children -- on the opening in the head, you know, of your children and of your grandchildren because, when you do that, it -- what is happening is that the Spirit of Christ in you or the Holy Spirit, whatever you have, is channeling into that child. And once that opening closes, you g- -- you do not have as much opportunity to impart a righteous spirit to them as you do during that first year, so it is really important that you get that child dedicated under a collective anointing, if you can do it, but it does not have to be under a collective anointing. If all you have is yourself, God will honor it, but it is that dedication. It is that laying your hand on that soft spot or that opening in the child’s brain and praying that Spirit right into them. They will never be the same. OK. You had a question on this board?


I answered your question, OK. One more time, I answered -- this happens here a lot. I am just reminding you because this takes a lot out of me, preaching like this, that sometimes, if you will just wait, I will just answer your question as a matter of course. Praise the Lord. Does anybody have anything to say about this awesome drawing? If not, we will take a picture. OK, Xxxx.

Yes. What I have written across the top of all three sections is, “Christ rules over the cerebral cortex,” and then over C, I have written, “Open the s- -- opens the sepulcher.” The reason I have done that is that, when I was studying today, the Lord did give me an Alternate Translation on one of the verses talking about the stone being rolled away from Jesus’ sepulcher. So, I guess, we will go right into that one as soon as we take the picture here.

Mark 16:6 says, “And he saith unto them, Be not affrighted: Ye seek Jesus of Nazareth, which was crucified: he is risen; he is not here: behold the place where they laid him.”

First of all, let me point out to you that the angel is speaking about Jesus of Nazareth; he is not speaking about Jesus the Christ, you see. He is speaking about the human man, Jesus of Nazareth. I really did not do any kind of an excellent job on this translation, but the Lord was just pouring out this revelation on me so rapidly. I am just going to give you what I have.

The word -- the Greek word translated “affrighted” can be translated “amazed,” and I think there was more indication that the word would be translated “amazed” than “affrighted,” but, of course, both translations are OK. But in this case, I am suggesting to you that the angel was saying do not be amazed. I do not think they were frightened; I think they were amazed. Jesus you seek of Nazareth, which was crucified, is risen. Now if you will look in the King James translation, which is just above it in your notes, they have a colon after the word, “crucified,” and a semicolon after “risen,” and I suggest to you that that colon should not be there, that it is all one sentence. Do not be afraid -- do not be amazed. Jesus of Nazareth, whom you seek, which was crucified, is risen, you see. And then I took the word, “behold” -- I took that word out of its place. That word, “behold,” means “to look” or “look” or “see.” It is an exclamation, “Look!”

And the word in the phrase, “he is not here,” I took the word, “not,” which is a negative particle, and I am translating it “the serpent.” Now, remember, Jesus’ physical body is an expression of the serpent. It is the image of the serpent. “Look, the serpent who was in the same place.” Now this is a difficult translation. If you do not witness to it, I suggest to you that you pray about it. I am going to read it to you again, and I am going to add in the conjunction, “and.” “Do not be amazed that Jesus -- that the Jesus of Nazareth who you seek was -- that -- which was crucified, is risen, and, behold, the serpent who was in the same place is also risen.” OK. Now that is not there. “That is also risen” is not there, but I remind you that the physical body, OK, is being converted into the seraphim.

Now, remember, the physical body is the serpent. The serpent is the woman mixed with the earth. When Jesus ascended, he took the waters with him. He took the woman with him, and the serpent ceased to exist. Can you hear this? When he -- when Jesus came out of the physical body and he ascended above the firmament, he took the waters with him. Without the waters, there is no serpent. Remember, the waters is either -- excuse me, the waters is good and evil. She is either the w- -- good woman who is in submission to Adam, or she is the evil serpent who is acting like a pseudo male. Well, Jesus took her back above the firmament with him, so the serpent became the woman again. There is no more woman.

It is just like someone who has multiple personalities. Let us say there is someone that has multiple personality, Jane and Jean. Well, when Jane is there, you cannot see Jean, and when Jean is there, you cannot see Jane. It is really only one body. It is only one person, so they could only be one, either Jane or Jean, at a time because there is only one physical body. Well, the woman can only be the woman or the serpent; she cannot be both at the same time. So when Adam rose from the dead in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, he took the woman back above the firmament with him, no more serpent. Can you hear this? Everybody is exhausted here.

I am going to read it again. “Do not be amazed. Jesus of Nazareth, who you seek, which was crucified, is risen, and, behold, the serpent who was in the same place with him is risen also,” or, “the person who was in the same” -- or, “the serpent who was in the same place is risen with him.”

If you can hear it. If you cannot, put it on the shelf, but I am telling you that is what that Scripture is saying. Glory to God. Does anybody have any comment or question on that Scripture? If not, I am going to try to add these few Scriptures to the message because we are all very exhausted.

I have a witness on the skull being the mercy seat. The Lord gave me this by revelation as I was studying. Again, I did not do an excellent translation on this; I did this very quickly, so we will just go over it quickly together. The word -- the skull and the cranium are d- -- two words that can describe the human skull. They mean the same thing, and I am suggesting to you that the mercy seat typifies the skull and that this is the place where the atonement takes place, the atonement being Michael’s union with Adam.

Now, remember, this is the spiritual woman that we are talking about. She is unstable as water. As a matter of fact, I believe there is a Scripture in the King James where Jacob is prophesying over his 12 sons, and he says, Reuben is as unstable as water, you know, which me- -- I never understood that Scripture until right now. He is saying that Reuben can be good or evil. That means he is spiritually female; he can be either good or evil. He is as unstable as water. So the woman always needs an atonement. If she does not have an atonement, then she becomes the serpent, and the mercy seat is the place where the atonement takes place. And as I showed you on the early drawing, that atonement is Adam’s union with Michael, which results in the image being cast on the surface of the waters, which restrains the woman’s evil side.

And our definition of “mercy seat” is Strong's 3727, is a mercy seat, “a place of atonement,” et cetera. On it and part of it were the two golden cherubim facing each other, whose outstretched wings came together above and constituted the throne of God, and the two cherubim are Michael and Adam, I suggest to you. OK. Now this word, 3727, it comes from 3722, which means “to cover,” “to expiate or condone.” It is talking about the atonement for sin, the purging of sin, to make reconciliation.

And we are going to look at Exodus 25:20 down at the bottom of the page. “And the cherubims shall stretch forth their wings on high, covering the mercy seat with their wings, and their faces shall look one to another; toward the mercy seat shall the faces of the cherubim be.” OK.

And the cherubims shall spread apart. Now that English translation in the King James, “And the cherubims shall stretch forth their wings,” brethren, that same word -- it is Strong's 6566 -- that is talking about stretching forth the wings can be translated “to spread apart,” and I want to suggest to you that this Scripture is talking about the opening of the hole in the skull that is closed when we are a very young child. And the cherubims -- now the cherubim is Michael and Adam. Of course, in the New Testament, the cherubim are the Lord Jesus Christ coming down from above, and Christ, who has [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- Christ, now, in which all of our consciousness has ascended to, who has rolled over the serpent, he is the angel of death that has covered over our sin nature because everybody is up there. The serpent is up there; Satan is up there; the dragon is up there, and now Leviathan is up there. And Christ, who is nailed to our cerebellum, has rolled over our cerebral cortex, where our sin nature is nailed.

And the cherubim shall spread apart their skulls. And a skull is a translation -- a legitimate translation for the word translated “wings.” “Overhead” is a translation of “on high.” Oh, I know how I got skulls. I do not know why -- I remembered deleting that when I looked at this message, and I do not know why I did that. The word, “wing” -- a legitimate translation of the word, “wing,” is “edge,” and from that word, “edge,” I translated it “skull” because the skull is the edge of the brain. “On high” we are translating “overhead,” and the covering -- that word, “covering,” we are translating “to weave together,” a legitimate translation. Now we have the word, “wings,” appearing twice. The first time we are translating it “edge” or “skull,” and the second time we are taking a different translation for the same word. This word, “wing,” can be translated “corner,” and I want to suggest to you, if you recall the spiritual man that we had up on the board on Sunday that I showed you, where the right -- where his thigh and the knee joint formed a right angle, where the Lord Jesus or Mic- -- in his function as Michael, came down from heaven and met the brain.

Let me put it on the board for you. OK. I have done a quick sketch of what we had on the board Sunday, and, actually, it is not very clear because it is midnight and we are all very tired, but this is supposedly the torso of the glorified Jesus, and this over here is his spinal column, and this is his brain over here, what looks like the tree on the left-hand side of the board, if you are just reading this message. And you could see that his thigh -- it is the position of his thigh that lets the Scripture say that he is sitting down because his thigh is bent.

Now I remind you of the first drawing I had on the board this evening. Everything was straight up and down, OK. There was no angle, and I told you that that was a drawing of the flat, linear world, and it was an -- a diagram of the woman who was lying down. Here we see the man who is sitting up, and the way the -- what happened to him that sat him up was that Michael came down. I know that Gabriel announced it, but it was Michael with his seed, Michael, the seed of Elohim and Jehovah, that came down and joined to the man, Jesus’, brain and raised Adam from the dead in him and put him through the whole program that we are now going through or we are about to go through.

And the cerebral cortex of Jesus’ brain, where the serpent was, was bent upward, you see. It was no longer lying flat; it was bent upward. And it -- and we are told in Daniel that the thigh -- this is the thigh, the part that is bent upward, that it is brazen; it is brass. It is the redeemed serpent. As Michael drew the man Jesus back up to heaven -- now, remember, the serpent is the flipside of the woman, and as we look at this picture, the first -- the male -- the pseudo male serpent was turned towards the fifth dimension, if you remember from the earlier drawings. He was turned back. It -- do you remember I told you that when the creation fell down, it jumped to the side? OK. Well, with the turning -- with the [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- Lord, help me to finish this message. With the serpent being -- I do not know what the right word is, redeemed or -- I know that he b- -- that she becomes a seraphim. She is turned upward. She is turned back towards the fifth dimension, and there are two stages of the serp- -- of the water’s return above the firmament, you see. I think what we have here -- let us just draw a line here indicating the firmament, you see.

Now, remember, the serpent and the woman are flipsides of the same thing; they are the waters of the creation, which have been provided to produce an image of a world. And when the waters are underneath the firmament, they are called the serpent because, underneath the firmament, she is mixed with the earth.  And when she is above the firmament, she only has a spattering of earth, and she is a woman. So we see, as we come out of our brain, OK -- because we are the woman. As we spiritually ascend out of our brain, we are still going to be a pseudo male or a lesbian, whatever you want to -- a spiritual lesbian. Even though we have been through the tribulation and we have been purified, that is what the seraphim are. For so long as we are still under the firmament, OK, that part of us that is the serpent is still the serpent, even though they are shining and been made clean. But when Jesus takes that part of us which is the woman back up above the firmament and leaves the earth behind, we become the woman again. Even though the serpent is redeemed and polished up and made clean, she is still the serpent so long as she is underneath the firmament.

And how do we get above the firmament? Satan must be -- the whole -- Satan and the whole mess of our powers and principalities are going to be thrown into the lake of fire. Satan is going to be boiled, and that part of the serpent which is the earth cannot ascend above the firmament because only that which came down from heaven can go back up into heaven. And it was the waters who came down from heaven; the earth never was up there, and there is no way they are getting up there. So we see that our deliverance from this physical body is a journey; it is a process. And we will be the serp- -- we will go from being the criminal serpent to being the redeemed serpent so long as we are still in that physical body, you see. And we do not come -- and it is the last two stages of resurrection that bring us up above the firmament, when we become the woman again. Praise the Lord.

Any question on this issue? OK, Xxxx, would you take a picture please? I will help you with the lights.

And the whole purpose of this drawing is to demonstrate the significance of the word, corner, OK, the corner where the cherubim will meet, and that is Michael or Jesus in the role of Michael coming down from above, through the woman. He is passing through the thigh, OK, and, I guess, I am sorry. It would not be Jesus. In this -- in the case of Jesus of Nazareth resurrection, it was Michael coming down, and then he -- when he started taking Jesus out, he met Jesus right here where Chr- -- where Adam was raised from the dead, and this is the pathway by which he took him out. He bent his thigh. He bent his serpent. He purified his serpent, bent him up towards heaven and raised him above the firmament.

And now that Jesus is above the firmament, we do not have to go the same way. Jesus is reaching down with his everlasting arms. we have a shortcut. We are bypa- -- the -- I do not even know what this means to have to go through this process of having the serpent bent back towards the fifth dimension and then turns upward above the firmament. I do not know what Jesus went through that we are not going through. I honestly, at this point, do not understand what it is, but we are taking a shortcut. We are going straight from Christ being raised from the dead in us directly up to Jesus, who is above. He is a- -- Jesus, in his role as Michael, who is above the firmament. Is everybody OK? OK. Let us finish this out, Lord willing, Jesus.

“And the cherubim shall spread apart their skulls.” That is a translation of the word, “wings,” “edge.” “Overhead;” that is a translation of “on high.” “And they shall weave together;” that is a translation of “covering.” “Their corners;” that is a translation of the word, “wings.” “On account of;” now that word is in the Hebrew, but it is not translated, “on account of the atonement,” and the atonement is a translation for “mercy seat.” And, of course, our atonement -- Michael did it for Jesus, but our atonement is Jesus coming in Michael’s role.

And then we have the word, “faces,” which we get a lot; we translate that “personalities.” And then we have the words in the King James, “shall look;” that is not in the Hebrew at all. And then we have the English word in the King James, “one;” it does not mean “one.” It is the word “ish”; it is the word that means “mortal man,” which it is translated most of the time.

And then we have the word -- let me take a look at that. Relative? What did I do there? Toward the mercy seat shall the faces of the cherubim be. Mortal man relative. Oh, OK. The faces of the cherubim -- hmm, I am sorry. There was a word in there that, apparently, I have translated it “relative,” and I recall -- I do not know what the English word was, but I recall it -- that it was -- when I looked it up, it meant “brother” or “relative,” and I do not know what it is a translation of. Oh, yes. “And their faces shall look one to another.” The word, “one,” is “ish,” “mortal man,” and the word, “another,” we are translating it “relative.” One to [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- it does not mean that at all. In the King James it says “another,” in the phrase, “one to another.” That word that we are translating “relative,” it says “another,” and it is talking about relative or brother or some close relative.

And the word, “toward,” we are translating “near to you.” And I am saying that that close relative is Jesus Christ. And the word, “toward,” we are translating “near to you.” And the “mercy seat,” we are translating “skull.” The word, “faces,” we are translating “personalities,” the personalities of the cherubim, talking about the personalities of Jesus Christ because the cherubim are Michael, who is above, joined to Adam. But in this generation, the one who is above for us is Jesus, who is joining to the Christ who is raised from the dead in us, and they are a spiritual man who have m- -- who have -- they are one spiritual man which has many personalities, your personality and my personality. They are one spiritual man with many faces, and this is the -- a very informal translation that I have for you. Let me just get the Scripture name -- number into the message.

Exodus 25:20, “And the cherubim that is overhead shall spread apart their skulls and weave himself together with them at a right angle.” That means they are being bent back to the eternal timeline, which is the fifth dimension, and this is going to happen because of Jesus Christ. “And the personalities that are near to their skull shall be the personalities of the cherubim.”

Brethren, those of us that make it up our spinal column into our brain, OK, and not only into our brain but our cerebellum ha- -- for us to get near to our skull, the cele- -- cerebellum has to overlay the cerebral cortex, so those of us who make it through all those steps will be cherubim. We are going to be the personalities of the cherubim, and our -- and the cherubim are the one spiritual man, the Lord Jesus Christ above who is joined to Christ in us. He is going to have a personality in a man, so if you -- if this experience happens to you, you will be one of the personalities of the cherubim.

And the witness that I have to that is our Alternate Translation of Revelation 21:17 that I did years ago, before I ever had this thought in my mind about the physical body, which says, “And Christ Jesus measured the mind of the glorified creature, and it was the mind of a man who was an angel.”

You see, I have been teaching you for a long time that the angels are the spiritual men within us, Christ or Satan -- or the spiritual woman, Satan and Leviathan. But what is happening is that the spiritual man in us is coming to the surface, and he is going to possess our being. See, right now, our personalities reflect the serpent and her incarnation of Satan and Leviathan, but Christ is coming to the surface. He is joining with the Lord Jesus from above, and we shall be the personalities of the cherubim. In another place, it says your sins were red as scarlet, but you shall be white as snow. You see, we are going to be completely reversed. We were evil -- we were either good or evil, which even the good is not good enough to get us out of here, and we are going to be holy, the new, holy Jerusalem.

And I thought -- I just want to you read you one Scripture. I am not going to do anything on it. I just want to read it to you. Exodus 25:17, “And thou shalt make a mercy seat of pure gold.”

I want to suggest to you that that is the 10th level of consciousness overlaying the glorified man. Now, remember, I said that the mercy seat is the atonement. That is where the Lord Jesus Christ joins with Christ, but this union is overlaid. You may recall that the ninth level of consciousness is our personality marrying the Lord Jesus, who is already married to Adam. And the 10th level of consciousness is the Lord Jesus Christ overlaying the threefold cord, which is the Lord Jesus, A- -- Christ, the resurrected Christ, and our personality. You see, the Lord Jesus, he is taking all these different roles. Then after our personality is twisted together with the resurrected Christ and the Lord Jesus, then the Lord Jesus is coming from another place and overlaying us on top of that. That is the 10th level of consciousness, and that is Exodus 25:17, “And thou shalt make a mercy seat of pure gold.” Praise the Lord.

Well, I really cannot do this to you. I cannot -- we will just have to do this other -- John 19:17, we will have to do it on Sunday, but I do have a witness here to the rolling away of the stone. Well, we did that already. Did we not do that first? Oh, I see. I have one more witness here to Golgotha Hill being -- meaning the hill of the skull, which never made any sense to me at all until now, but I think we will put this in this same message on Sunday. We will just do this last verse on this same message, and that is John 19:17.

“And he bearing his cross went forth into a place called the place of the skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha.”

The place of the skull, that never made any sense to me at all. Would you shut that off for a minute?

I was just thinking about Solomon’s temple and even the Ark, how there were specific directions how everything was supposed to be done in Solomon’s temple, different things to be overlaid.


            [?And then?] Jesus refers to himself as the temple.


And everything before was so laborious, but it is, like, the step-by-step process that he is telling us we have to go through the spiritual --


            -- building up and the cornerstone --


            -- and everything coming together, the whole building [CROSSTALK]

Exactly. Yes. That is a good witness. Thank you. OK.

Everybody, we are all gluttons for punishment in this ministry, so it is now 20 after 12. We have been in service since 7:30, and everybody is willing to finish out this night with this last Scripture in John 19:17. “And he bearing his cross went forth into a place called the place of the skull, which is called in the Hebrew Golgotha.”

The word, “Golgotha,” is Strong's 1538, and it says, “By reduplication from Strong's 1556.” It means “a skull,” “as something that is round,” by implication, “a head.” It is from Strong's 1556, which means “to roll,” literally or figuratively. It means “to commit,” “to remove,” “to roll away,” “to roll down,” “to roll together,” and Gesenius says the genuine power of this root is very widely extended, imitating the noise of a globe or other round body rolled forward quickly. Let me read that to you again. This word, “Golgotha,” the genuine power of this root is talking about imitating the noise of a globe or other round body rolled forward quickly, and the Lord quickened to me that Christ in the cerebellum was going to roll over onto the cerebral cortex. So we saw that on the board tonight, and I went into John 19:17 and did this Alternate Translation in view of this revelation.

And the word, “he carried away,” we are translating -- the words, “and he bearing his cross,” we are translating “and he carried them up” or “he carried them away.” Now there is an untranslated word in there. It is Strong's 1438, and it means “himself.” Why was it not translated? Because the word, 846, which is the next word in the interlinear text also means “himself,” so the word, “himself,” appeared twice in this verse, John 19:17. So the King James translators did not know what to do with it, so they trashed it. They did not transla- -- I am not trashing the King James translators. They did not know what to do with it, so they took it out, but I am telling you the man, Jesus, had two selves, you see. There was two of him. He was Christ, and he was the carnal man that was born to the woman, Mary, you see.

And the word, “cross,” I looked it up, you know, and it merely means “a pointed, upright stake.” It does not even have to be wood, and we are translating it “a pointed, upright stake,” and I will draw you one more diagram on the board suggesting to you that that pointed, upright stake is the spinal column that I showed you with the coccyx at the end of the spinal column pointed upward with the [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- signifying the consciousness of the man ascending to the top of the spinal column, [?there boy?] -- thereby signifying an upright, pointed stake, and I will show you that on the board as soon as we get through with this verse.

And he went forth into the one. He went forth into a place, and that word means “into the one.” I see, there is a word that is not translated right in there, 3588, and the word here in the King James, “And he went forth into a place,” we are translating it, “And he went forth into the one.” That word is not translated at all, “into the one place.” And the word, “called,” can legitimately be translated “the one who teaches doctrine. You look it up; it is there; it is in the directory. It is either -- it is Strong's or Brown-Driver-Briggs. It is one or the other. It is in my computerized lexicon. “The one who teaches doctrine;” believe it or not, “called” can be translated that. And then we have “the place of the skull.” We are translating “the skull,” “the cranium” or “the brain case” or “the brain.” And the word, “place,” that is in the King James, we are translating “a place marked off.”

And this is what we have got, John 19:17, “And the pointed stake that was now standing upright” -- you see, it was not standing upright. The point of the stake, the coccyx, was all the way down. He was born a mortal man. “And the pointed stake that was standing upright carried Leviathan, his other self, away into Christ.”

Now is that not what we have been talking about? Our consciousness, which is now in Leviathan, we are hoping it is ascending up our spinal column and that that energy, the human spirit, which is part of Leviathan, is being stripped from her and nailed to the -- to Christ in the cerebellum. That is exactly what I am saying here. “And the pointed stake that was standing upright” -- that is the c- -- that is the res- -- that is the consciousness of Jesus that ascended -- “carried Leviathan, his other self, away into Christ, the one who teaches doctrine in the brain, the place marked off by the skull.”

Now I added the word, “brain.” We have in our translation “the place marked off by the skull.” I called it “the brain,” which is rolling. “And the pointed stake that was standing upright carried his other self away into the one who teaches doctrine in the place marked off by the skull, which is rolling. That is what we have, and then I amplified it. And I said, “And the pointed stake that was standing upright carried Leviathan, his other self, away into Christ” or, “carried the spirit of Leviathan, his other self, away into Christ, his new self, the one who teaches doctrine in the brain, the place marked off by the skull.”

Is not -- look, if Christ is nailed to our cerebellum, right, then he is teaching you tonight from my cerebellum. “And he saith unto them” -- oh, I am sorry. “And he” -- “and the pointed stake that was standing upright carried Leviathan, his other self, away into Christ, the one who teaches doctrine in the brain, the place marked off by the skull, which is the rolli- -- which is rolling,” and I amplified it, added in, “over the serpent, who is in the cerebral cortex.”

Now, brethren, if there is someone who teaches doctrine in the brain, by reverse inference, there has to be someone teaching doctrine from someplace else. Who is the one teaching doctrine from someplace else? OK. Leviathan is teaching doctrine. And where is Leviathan before she ascends? She is in the feet. She is the feet, so, you see, we have the woman teaching doctrine from the foot, the carnal mind, and we have Christ teaching doctrine from that ascended place, the brain.

Now what this says to me is that anybody teaching out of the mind of Christ has to have a significant amount of their consciousness ascended into their cerebellum because is not teaching down in your feet. That is why the church is all full of false doctrine because the church in the fivefold ministry today are mortal, fallen men under the influence of the Holy Ghost. So they can have [?it?], and they can give you spiritual experiences, but they cannot teach the doctrine of Christ because even -- from what I am understanding here, even on an imputed basis, there is no way that Christ is teaching from your feet. Christ teaches from your brain, and what just came into my mind is that, when Christ teaches from your brain, it is not purely a spiritual experience.

I study for hours and hours and hours. I am not sitting down and contemplating my navel and getting a revelation, and I not only study in the Scriptures, I am educated in all areas of life, as you saw tonight, had some knowledge that there was a hole -- an opening in the skull. I have all kinds of knowledge that the Lord has brought into me from everywhere. I am not just sitting down like an -- and emptying myself out and getting some message channeled through me. Christ is speaking -- is preaching from my brain, but the spiritual preaching that you hear out of Leviathan is uneducated preaching. It does not come out of their brain. Some spirit is dictating through them. Some spirit is using their mouth to speak through. That is not true of the Son of God. The Son of God preaches from the brain. It is an intellectual exercise, and for y- -- those of you sitting here, it is an intellectual exercise, being preached to from the brain, but Leviathan preaches from your feet. Praise the Lord.

Well, we made it through this whole message. Oh, I did want to put this last drawing on the board. Did you have a question?

I was just saying there is hoof and s- -- hoof and mouth disease. The cattle, they are teaching from your feet, and it is coming out of your mouth.

Oh. Is that what it means?


Oh, yeah, that -- oh, that is very interesting. Your hoof contaminates your mouth, definitely.

And there was something too in Gesenius’s Lexicon where he says the genuine power of this root is very widely extended, imitating the noise of a globe or other round body rolled forward quickly. Well, I got an image of a guillotine where the head was just chopped off, and there is a saying in the world, “Heads are going to roll.” It made me think this [?message?]. Heads are going to roll.

OK. They sure are. OK.


This is drawing number five, and it shows the ascended consciousness, which, if you recall, the descended, kind of, the fallen consciousness was portrayed by the coccyx, the tailbone at the bottom of the spinal column. But now we see this pointed coccyx which has ascended. Of course, it is a spiritual manifestation of the coccyx, has ascended up the spinal column into the -- into Christ, and Christ is not overlaying the cerebral cortex and the pleasure center. So we see Jesus, who is above, Christ, a- -- who was raised from the dead in the cerebellum, and the pleasure center all have converged and has become a place of pleasure where there is no longer any pain, and that is the mercy seat that is typified. That is the reality of the shadow that we see in the Book of Exodus.

And I also have up here for you the Scripture, the anointed cherub that covereth, and I have added in the woman, you see. And, of course, that Scripture is used in a negative sense in Ezekiel 28:14, and a lot of people think that it is Adam who went bad, but that is not a good translation of the Scripture. One of these days, if I ever get to it, I have some material on it. I will do that Alternate Translation for you, and what it really is saying in the Hebrew is that -- well, first of all, the L- -- Jehovah is speaking to the woman who has become the serpent, and Jehovah is saying, you were covered. The an- -- my anointed Adam covered you, and it was not enough for you. You had to break away and become this evil one, you see. So that is a poor translation because the anointed cherub that covereth is, in the Old Testament, Michael and Adam, and, in the New Testament, the Lord Jesus and the resurrected Christ in us.

So I would like to read this translation one more time. Then somebody has a question, and we are going to call it quits. And what am I doing? I am slaphappy here. OK.

John 19:17, “And the pointed stake that was standing upright” -- that is Jesus standing in full stature -- “carried Leviathan, his other self, away into Christ, the one who teaches doctrine in the brain, the place marked off by the skull which is rolling over the serpent who is in the cerebral cortex.”

Now I have not really prayed this through because I did this very quickly, but probably his other self is us. In this instance it is probably talking about -- the pointed stake standing upright is carrying us away into Christ. That is probably what it means. You had a question, Mary?


Oh, who is getting his wife back, Jehovah or Elohim? That was what you asked me. That is a good question. I -- ev- -- I keep going back and forth on that. I think it must be Jehovah because this whole creation has to be for Jehovah, but it -- this is one of those questions that I really do not have it quite clear in my head yet, but I think that the answer has to be Jehovah, but we will find out. OK. Praise the Lord. God bless you, and goodnight, everybody.


Was it not in the Old Testament when Jehovah divorced all his people, and now he is going to get his wife back?

Mm-hmm. Jehovah divorced Israel, which is an indication that it must have been Jehovah that divorced us at the beginning too, so the answer is we are Jehovah’s wife. Amen.

Transcribed by Verbal Fusion 04/16/16

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Pastor Vitale's Bio

Sheila R. Vitale is the founding teacher and pastor of Living Epistles Ministries and Christ-Centered Kabbalah. In that capacity, she expounds upon the Torah (Scripture) and teaches Scripture through a unique Judeo-Christian lens.

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