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-- -ested demons. I believe that they are thoughts which come out of people’s mind which have taken form, and we have had a lot of spiritual teaching on this, that spirit is formless and shapeless, and it is a great mystery. I do not really understand it myself, but we -- our flesh is a ci- -- our f- -- all our flesh bodies are cities for spiritual life, and that w- -- and that the spiritual life that dwells in our flesh is very great, is greater than the world that we see out here, and that that is possible because spirit has no form or shape. And to be honest with you, that blows my mind. I do not understand it completely myself, but I believe that it is true, that this world is outer darkness, that the bodies that we dwell in are -- is the fortified cities that are spoken about in the Scriptures and that angels and demons and Christ and Satan and everybody is dwelling within the cities of this world system. And the reason why aliens look alike, whoever sees them, is because they are all the thoughts coming out of the carnal mind. I further believe -- and they bring their spaceships with them. They bring their spaceship [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- spaceships with them.

Now, look, this is the bottom line: We, humanity in this hour, are dwelling here in outer darkness. There is a whole world inside of us that most of us are not in touch with, and there is a super being, one super being, that goes through all of humanity. His name is Satan, and he has a group mind, which is called the carnal mind, which is appearing in every fallen human being, which is all of humanity except Jesus of Nazareth. And -- oh, I just lost my thought. I just lost my train of thought. I rebuke you. And -- oh, yeah, OK, and that this being, which is inside of the city which we are is hiding himself from us. We may know him as our unconscious mind, as the enemy within, as the inner man, OK, as a -- the world would call him our id or a libido or the wickedness that dwells within men. It is all inside of us, and we are not -- he is not communicating with us. He is trying to control us, but he is not communicating with us, and the hour is coming that there is going to be a joining.

I cannot re-teach the whole thing, but the word that is been coming forth here is  that humanity is in a condition of immaturity at this time, and we are about to go into puberty. Now just like natural children, they are either in female bodies or male bodies, but they are not active sexually. This creation is not active, sexually. When we become active, sexually, spiritually speaking, hum- -- individual human beings are going to be differentiating into either purely evil or purely righteous men because male sexuality, spiritually speaking, is righteousness, and female sexuality, spiritually speaking, is evil. The creation is about to be polarized. We are not going to be neuter anymore. We are coming out of a condition where the males and the females can be together in the same bed and the same bathtub, spiritually speaking.

So either Christ is going to appear in you, or the carnal mind is going to fully appear in you, and for this to happen, there has to be what the Scripture calls a marriage. We know that Christ is marrying the church, and when he marries the church, that group of people, i- -- through whom he will be fully manifested, when he marries them, they are going to have a full knowledge of him, and many people who will have a full knowledge of Christ through marriage do not know him at all right now. In the same manner, there is a carnal mind dwelling in men today, and we really do not even know that he is in there. We think these thoughts are ours, but they are not; they are the carnal mind’s. And he is going to reveal himself to us because he is going to marry us -- oh, not us, please, whoever he is going to marry. There is going to be a joining. The carnal mind is coming to the surface, and he is going to be revealing himself through a company of people who are -- who presently would like to believe that they are not such bad guys. But the truth is that we are just neuter; we are still so young that we have not differentiated yet.

And what is happening is that the carnal mind is sending thoughts out into this world, and the reason he is sending thoughts out into this world is that he knows the time is near that Christ is marrying the church, and in heaven there is no marriage or giving in marriage and that this creation eventually will stop reproducing. But the -- you see, Christ has the power to preserve the body and the soul; the carnal mind does not have the power to preserve the body and the soul. So if you read up on these aliens, they are always doing medical experiments, and they are always interested in reproduction. They are always interested in reproduction, and I maintain they are looking for a way to make bodies, OK, when Christ starts drying up the physical body, and this is the second show that I have watched where one of the victims states that they definitely seem concerned with intermarriage, intermarriage between the aliens, so-called, and human beings. And what they are doing is trying to preserve their existence outside of Christ; that is what they are trying to do, in my opinion.

And we have had a lot of teaching that spirit can be likened unto water vapor, and when it pierces into this world, it becomes hard, and it takes form. And, in fact, this whole world is an image which is formed by a superior spiritual mind, and the name of that mind is the carnal mind; that is why the world is corrupt. But when we move into a world which is formed by the superior, even -- obviously, more superior than the carnal mind, the mind of Christ, the world will be incorruptible. The sign that this world is not fashioned by Christ is that it is corrupt, that it deteriorates, that it wears, that there is much in it which kills. There are plants in it which kills; there are animals in it which kills. The greatest killer is man; man kills; the mind of man kills. This world was not formed by the Lord Jesus Christ; this world is formed by Satan’s carnal mind, and it is name is Hell.

Now there are two things I would like to point out to you in advance before we watch the movie. There is a psychiatrist in this documentary which claims that he can reproduce the experience that these people have who claim to be abducted, that he can reproduce it in the laboratory by stimulating certain points of the brain. And I find that fascinating because I have been teaching here for a long time: This whole world, it is just an image. And what I am suggesting to you is that the spirit in control manipulates the brain, and you have whatever experience he wants you to have. You look like whatever he wants you to look; you see, you think and you feel whatever he wants you to see, think and feel.

And I have also told you here that I have been advised that there is a drug on the market. I believe it is heroin, but I am not sure, that when you take that drug, you experience orgasm continuously. You do not even need a sex partner. It is all in the brain. What we are doing out here is all a result of stimulation of the brain. We might say of spirit pressing our buttons. If you can hear it, hear it. What we are doing out here is a result of spirit pressing our buttons, and much of what we do out here in this outer realm is destructive and painful and causes us trouble. That is because the carnal mind has a hold of our organic brain, and scientists say I think we are only using about a third of it. When the Lord Jesus Christ possesses us completely in the marriage, after the marriage, in the regeneration, he will use our entire brain, and he will be pressing the buttons of our brain, and our behavior will become constructive, and that which was death will become life. If you can hear it, hear it.

Now all of this you have heard before. Now I have something new for you that really excited me. Since I am not a scientist myself, I have frequently looked at the expression in the prophets where the prophets speak about the isles: And the isles shall praise him, and the isles shall rejoice. And the few times that I have mentioned it, I have told, well, I know we are the islands; I know man must be the islands. We are the cities, and we are the islands, and the only way I could rationalize us being the islands is to say, well, the spirit realm is the opposite of the soul realm, so out here, you know, we have a whole big see and islands in the middle of it. Well, it must be opposite: We must be the islands with the drop of sea in the middle of us. That is -- if you recall, that is what I have told you.

But I -- as I watched this program, I found out something that I did not know, that the whole universe, with all the stars of the universe, it is not just black, empty space between each star. There is all kinds of particles. To tell you the truth, I do not remember exactly how it was described. I want to see it again myself, but there is a connecting force through every heavenly body of all the universes, and the Lord quickened to me a phrase that I had heard that I never understood, the cosmic sea. Brethren, we really are the islands, and the we know that Satan is typified by the sea, OK. There is truly a spiritual sea. I have known. I have been preaching it for a long time. He is your unconscious mind, and everybody’s unconscious mind is one sea, and that is how we have all kinds of occult and psychic phenomena, but I never quite realized. And I know that this whole world is underwater, spiritually speaking, but I never saw it like I saw it today.

We are in a cosmic sea. There is particles. There is energy between us. We are the islands. We cannot see the water or the cosmic sea, but if you want to call it vibrations or spirit, whatever you want to call it, everything in this world is connected, everything, and I want to put it on the board for you, ho- -- the vision that God gave me, anyway.


Why do I not have any [INAUDIBLE] OK. Thanks.

Each circle will typify a human being. If you look at a picture of the -- well, let us take it -- let us take this room, for example. Each circle typifies one of us. The energy of Christ -- we know we talked about the bones of Christ being formed over the meeting, OK. Well, the -- Christ’s Spirit is not just in the individual; it is running through the whole room. We call it a corporate outpouring. His Spirit is everywhere, and there is no break in his Spirit because we are several feet apart. His Spirit is outside of us; his Spirit is inside of us, and there is Spirit all through this room; there is Spirit all through the streets; there is Spirit all through the universe, and that is the cosmic sea. I did not -- I read it in somebody’s book, and I did not understand what it meant when I read it, but we dwell in a cosmic sea. We are all one.

Now we know the Scripture says we are being reconciled; the all is being reconciled into one. And I have heard that anyone that is spiritual knows that we are all one, and I even said to the Lord when I heard that, that you know that everything the Hindus believe is not false. I hope you know that, and everything occultish spiritual people believe is not false. Christian people are very immature, spiritually, and some spiritual religions that have been around for thousands of years, they do have some spiritual truth, and I have read that they say we are all one. And before I can reje- -- I always listen to everything. Then if God tells me it is not true, I reject it, but I could not comprehend in my mind how we could all be one. I could not understand it. Here is Lenny; here is me. There is space between us. How could we be all one? I could not even envision what they were saying, so how could you accept something or reject it if you cannot envision what they are saying?

And the Lord just gave me the revelation, that we are the islands, and these bodies are just clay houses that we are living in. Our true reality is spirit, and the spirit that we are is just flowing through everybody, through the streets, through the houses, through the worlds, through the sky, through the universe. It is a cosmic sea. It is a sea of spirit. It is a sea of energy, and man -- each man is an island in the sea, and the universe is out there. The billions and trillions of stars are merely a reflection of what we are.

You see, I heard one of the scientists say, “Well, I believe there has to be life -- other life out there.” I do not believe there has to be other life out there, and I will tell you why, because the Bible says that God started here and that Adam should fill the earth. And then God promised to Abraham that his sons will be as the stars in the sky; as many as the stars out there we shall be. But this whole world, including the universes, is just a reflection of the spiritual reality. We are spirit. Our reality is spirit. We are mind. We are not this flesh. We think we are thinking beings. What we think is what we are. It is not what we do; it is what our mind is that we are -- what we are. It is not the house that we are living in; it is not the condition of the city or the island which we are.

Well, you are quiet tonight. I hope you can see it. I got very excited when God showed me this. And one other thing I would like to say to you that I never realized before, that the aliens are hairless; they are without hair. And those of you that have studied here for a while know that hair is a type of the --


The spirit. They are without spirit. If they are coming out of the carnal mind, they are purely soul; they are without spirit. And we also know that everything that this body is reflects what we are. We have to eyes side-by-side because we are double-minded. The spiritual man does not have two eyes; he has a single eye. He sees singly with the Spirit of God. We see with the carnal mind, and we see with the mind of Christ. We are double-minded; we waver; we are unstable in all of our ways. But the spiritually mature man, Jesus Christ, his eye was single, and we know that he was born with a carnal mind. He inherited it from his mother, but the condition of his carnal mind was that it was underneath his Christ mind. He did not ha- -- spiritually speaking, he did not have two eyes side-by-side, he had two eyes, one on top of the other, and the type of it is an eyelash -- is an eyelid. And in the man Jesus, his eyelid was rolled back, and the only thing that he saw with was Christ.

For the man down here, we are sleeping, brethren. God put Adam to sleep, and the carnal mind is the eyelid over his Christ mind, which is closed, but yet we see in our sleep. Well, I hope you can hear it. I seem to be the only one that is excited.


God gave me this revelation of how we are attached. I could not figure it out, how we are all attached. Spirit is like light waves; it is like radio waves: They fly through the air, and they are everywhere. It is like we are in a sea. Think of the natural sea, and you have a sandbar here or an island there, but the water runs underneath the sandbar. The water runs, sometimes, over it; it runs sometimes through it, depending on the tides. The sandbar or the island does not hinder the ocean; it just goes wherever it wants to go, meaning that spirit is the primary thing, typified by the sea.

And he may gather up energy or gather himself together an individual person, build up that energy and manifest power through an individual because, when God manifests, he manifests through a man. He does not manifest through a monkey; he does not manifest through an elephant; he does not manifest through a tree. When he wants to do something, he does it through a man, so he builds up energy in a man, and he does whatever he wants to do. He builds up miracle-working power in a man, and he does whatever he wants to do, but he is still everywhere. He is in-between us, you know.

And I remember, years ago, in the church that I trained up in, there was a rumor that there was a man in the church who was a black witch, and I was a very young disciple at the time. And I was praying deliverance for somebody, and this person -- the demon just was not coming out. And I said to the Lord, Lord, why is not this demon coming out? And I looked up, and there was that man all the way across the man, just staring intently at us. And I did not know what I was doing, but I was under the anointing, and I just lifted up my hand. This is what God had me do: I broke his power because, you see, it was a train of spirit that was going from one mind to the other mind, and by moving my hand like this, I broke it.  You cannot see it; we need to know this. We are coming into end-times spiritual warfare; it is going to be awesome. We need to know. The witches all know this; it is just the church that does not know this. We need to know this.

I went into that shop down in Port Jefferson. There is now a third witchcraft shop down in Port Jefferson. I prayed before I went in. I do not recommend that you go in without praying. I felt the Lord was sending me in. When you first walk in, it is all jewelry. It looks harmless, y- -- except for one sign, if you can recognize the sign. There was a little electrically-motivated fountain of flowing water. People that practice witchcraft frequently will have running water in their house. That means that they worship water spirits, and it was there, had water in it, and an electric pump kept flowing it through. So if you know what you are looking for, that is a sign. We walked to the back of the store, and they had all of the anointing oils and all of the books on how to cast a spell and how to read tarot cards and how to do all this stuff. And then all the way, all the way in the back, for sale was this gorgeous, black velvet, satin-lined witchcraft high priest cape.


Right downtown here, right where you live, and that is the third store to open in Port Jefferson, besides the card reader store. If you want to include the card reader astrologer, there is four businesses, four witchcraft businesses right down in this little down of Port Jefferson. And, of course, the word is there is a couple of covens; I have never seen them personally, but that is the word. They have to have business down there.

Well, I started to tell you this because I walked around, and I pronounced poverty on the business. Why? Because that is what the word of God tells you to do for workers of witchcraft, that they should not be able to make money for selling their black arts. I did not pronounce death on anybody; I did not pronounce sickness on anybody. I pronounced poverty on the business because the business is a plague and an abomination unto the Lord.

And I walked out of there, and they must have known. The two clerks must have known something was up. I guess they were witches because, when I walked out of the store, my back was to the store, and I felt the curse. It just came, did not have any power over me, thank God, but I felt it. It came right after me. It was as if someone would have thrown something at me. It hit me right over here. It hit me right in the back of my head, but it was like a ha- -- it would have been as if I threw this at you. It was strong enough for me to feel it, but it could not damage me at all. They through a curse at me. I felt a physical impact from their curse.

Brethren, there is going to be a group of Christians that are going to grow up and be mature because we have got a war on our hands. And if you are waiting to be raptured, you may be in for a surprise because the war is right here, and I think I told you. I said something about this the other night. When I was a young Christian, I used to hear this: Oh, the witches are after the Christians, and I used to say what are the witche- -- oh, what a bunch of paranoia. What do the witches care about the Christians for? All we are doing is singing and dancing and praying healing for each other. We are no threat to them.

But now I know why the C- -- the witches are after the Christians, because all of humanity is about to differentiate into either g- -- all good or all evil. Either you are going to stand up in the righteousness of Christ, or Satan is going to take you over, and you are going to be a full expression of him, and everybody who has a potential to be fully mature in the righteousness of Christ, the witches want to kill them before they are that strong. The witches want to knock you out before you grow up into Christ and have more power than they do because once the human race differentiates, once it polarizes and it is truly all good and all evil -- and are we not the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? You are the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Once that happens, only good or evil can prevail on that is planet. And, of course, we have read the book; we know who is going to prevail, but Christ is not going to prevail without a war. They are not going to sit down and say take the planet and do what you will with us. There is going to be a warfare, and it is going to come to the earth.

Does your Bible not say that in Revelation 12, that Satan was cast down to the earth with a great wrath because his time is short? He is coming on the earth, and you would better be a Christian with power, or you are going to be in trouble. And if you are not a Christian with power, Lord wiling, he will attach you to someone who has power, but I would rather be one with power. He is being cast down to the earth. Let me read that to you. Revelation 12, I believe it is.

Verse 7, “And there was war in heaven.” Right now, the war is in the heaven, brethren. “Michael and his angels” -- Michael is a name for Christ in the individual. Michael and his angels, that is all of us. We “fought against the dragon.” That is Satan, “and the dragon fought with his angels,” the human beings that are already manifesting witchcraft; those are the dragon’s angels. “And the dragon prevailed not; neither was their plow- -- place found any more in heaven. And the great” -- and that means that they are losing their spiritual power. Those witches that tangle with the sons, when the time comes, they are going to lose their power.

“And the dragon -- the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world,” and he deceives them because he is in their mind. “He was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” And I suggest to you that that means two things, that their spiritual power is going to be superseded by the power of Christ, which is going to bring them down lower, and that their warfare is coming to the earth, but they are not going to be powerless in the earth. They are going to be revea- -- you see, right now, they are hidden.

We have -- the Lord has been teaching us here for two years about the witchcraft power of the saints, that we cannot stand up in full stature until our own witchcraft power is broken. Every human being alive that was born with a carnal mind, which is everybody, has the witchcraft power which is resident in the carnal mind, and that has to be broken so that Christ can be the king of our individual person, but Satan is going to be revealing himself through men in the earth. Great evil is coming upon the earth.

You know, I -- as I said, I was not feeling well, so I was watching TV a little more than I usually do these last couple of days, and I turned it on, and I turned it on to a horror movie, an old-fashioned horror movie that I have not seen in a long time about werewolves and vampires, that kind of stuff. That -- these movies usually take place in medieval Europe. And you know what the Lord said to me? He really spoke to me, I guess, in preparation for this message tonight. He said to me, “Do you know why those stories were so prevalent in the dark ages of medieval Europe? Because Christianity was still fairly young when these things happened, and Christ had not put this wickedness down yet.”

Let me say it to you in another way: The reason we have not seen it in this country -- seen what? Werewolves, vampires, zombies they have in Haiti. You know, you go into any of these third-world countries, they all know this stuff is true. You go into Africa, they all know this stuff is true. We are the only country that I know of -- or maybe all of Western Europe, I do not know, that does not believe that this kind of fully-mature manifestation of evil can exist in a man. When we talk about a full, mature manifestation of evil, what form will it take? What will these people be like? Have you thought about that? Maybe they will be a werewolf; maybe they will be a vampire. What are they going to be like, brethren? Have you stopped to think about it?

No. They are going to look like human beings, and what the Lord was telling me today was these myths about vampires and werewolves, they came to pass because there were manifestations of fully evil men before the ascension of Jesus Christ in the onset of Christianity. This wickedness was in the earth, but the ascension of Christianity over Europe had so much power, even with people just going to church once a week, that it more or less blocked out all of these wicked manifestations. But as this country turns away from Christ and as witchcraft arises again, we are going to see full manifestations of evil, and who knows, maybe it will be in the form of werewolves and vampires. I do not know.

I saw on the news not too long ago, and it was a big joke, you know, one of these current affair programs or one of those programs. Four people were bitten within one weekend in the exclusive West Palm Beach area. Four people were bitten, and they were bitten by other human beings. One had his finger bitten off; another had his ear bitten off. Brethren, people are becoming animalistic, and I am telling you, you do not have to believe this if you do not want to, but this is what the Lord told me today, that these stories about vampires and werewolves and ghouls and everything else, they are based on reality that existed before Christianity came in the earth or in the early years of Christianity before the Spirit of Christ was powerful enough to put them down.



            [INAUDIBLE]. They do exist today in witches’ covens. The -- there are forms of them.


            Yeah. I read that one book that the -- where she talked about it, and she met  one. M- -- those that are involved in helping tho- -- n- -- you know, if -- she was involved in helping the witch get out [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- get out of this heavy- duty witches coven, and she said that she herself met one on the s- -- on the road when she was driving and jumped right in front of the car, and it was a werewolf. But she was saying that they would -- you know, the other one that was involved in witchcraft, they show up at the meetings, and they do all -- whatever Satan asks them to do, werewolves, vampires, zombies. She was talking about those three things --


            -- in the book, so they are real.

So as we turn away from Christ in this nation, as the hand of the Lord lifts off of us, human beings, based upon their family line curses, their vulnerability, their activities of this lifetime, are being drawn into this full manifestation of evil that we really have not seen since the medieval times. But I know I have spoken -- I spoke to one man from Trinidad. He says they have witches there that turn into all kinds of animals. T- -- every horror movie you have ever seen, it is real. I did not know that until I went to Africa. I saw a movie once where someone had the power to turn in- -- back and forth between a cat and a human being; that exists in Africa. It is real; it is real; it is real. It has not been on our shores because this nation has been dedicated to Christ.



            I just remembered that she w- -- she got out of the car, and she rebuked it.


            And she fought it with -- by the Spirit, and it turned back into the human that it was.


            It is real. What you say is --


            -- true.

It is real.


Answer it.


OK. So we are going to see severe manifestations very shortly, so, brethren, let us not be afraid, but let us be brave in Christ, and let us ask the Lord what me -- we must do to stand up in Christ so that we can have the strength to rebuke these things and to war against them because we are entering into very serious times, and most of the church is not prepared.

            I was just thinking of Jesus’ word: You are either with me or against me. If you are not with me, you are against --


            -- me.

Yeah. Well, that is true too. That is an un- -- let me make some comments on that. I believe that everybody is not go- -- every human being on the face of the earth is not going to suddenly be either all good or all evil; it is going to start with a few sons standing up in full stature and with a few people appearing publicly as pure evil. But there will be many Christians who will call them Christians and find themselves without power, and the example that I have for you in my mind was, excuse me, another -- a show that the Lord let me watch on aliens where this woman was being abducted repetitiously by aliens. Now anyone that is studying this tells you that, if you have been abducted once, you are susceptible. It is multiple abductions, and not only that, but they are confessing that it is generational. It is the grandfather and the gra- -- and the father and the son. It is a curse, brethren. It is a curse. You want to call it generational; I want to call it curse: It does not make any difference. You better get your land legs in Christ, or you better get your spirit legs in Christ.

Well, the -- on this show, the woman was a nominal Christian. She was experiencing multiple abductions, and she went in and sat down at the dinner table with her husband who was a nominal Christian. He named the name of Jesus. He blessed his family, and he asked the Lord for his protection. The woman ate her dinner, got up, walked inside, and the alien met her in the hall. Brethren, Christ has to be internalized in you. He has to be living in you, abiding in you, dwelling in you he has to be strong in you, and for him to get to that condition in you, you have to start dealing with your sin because the more sin that is manifesting in you, the weaker he is. The stronger he is, the less sin is manifesting in you, and in accordance with what Mary just said, either you are for him or against him. Either you have to go on in righteousness, or he is not going to develop in you to the point where you will be protected.

Now if I am scaring you, rebuke it; I rebuke fear. The truth is going to set you free. We have got to know that this is coming on the earth. So few of us believe it as it is. Most Christians hearing this would say, oh, what are you talking about? We are going to be raptured. Oh, really? So I rebuke fear. There is plenty of time.

If you are reading this message or if you are in this meeting, God is wanting to give you the kind of strength that you need to stand against this wickedness. The Lord is going to have an army in the earth, and we are going to be fighting with the great dragon and his angels down here. The war has already started in the heavenlies in the spirit, in the mind. It is coming down to the earth, and depending on how strong you are, others that are weaker will be assigned to you. But there are going to -- in my opinion, there are g- -- the ones who are truly faithful who have done all they could do but for whatever reason God did not raise them up in spiritual strength, they will be protected. They will be assigned to a son. But there are many who are just playing church, and God knows who they are, and they are going to be subjected to this with the rest of the world. That is a hard word. I am going to see a lot of shocked Christians around, but I am telling you the truth.

So we are going to watch this movie. I hope it blesses you, and, of course, it is interesting to see how these aliens -- how they all look alike. There is very little creativity, if any, amongst these demons, and what they are concerned with is our bodies. They want bodies. That is what they want. OK, so let us watch this show. Can someone grab that VCR controller?

So we see that it is generational, which the Bible calls a curse, and we see that it goes down on the family line, and we see that it is happening to spiritually vulnerable people. Brethren, you need a vital, life-saving, life-changing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ in this hour. You have to have his Spirit in your life. I told you about that couple where the man tried to protect his wife. He must have been a mainline Christian, you know. He said the prayer; he said Jesus Christ. But there was no protection for her, so it has to be more than lip service. His Spirit has to be in you to protect you. There is great darkness coming upon this country.

            [INAUDIBLE]. I guess that is what the Lord calls gross darkness coming upon the earth.

Be- -- yeah. The gross darkness is within the people, so it would --


-- be a manifestation of Satan within the people.


Amen. And --

            So Christ formed in us is the only hope?

Yes, because what is happening to the creation is that we are spiritual children, the whole creation, and we are about to grow up, and we have to grow up in one direction or the other. We are the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but while we were immature, we are both; we are good and evil. M- -- the average person is not a bad guy; he is just working, trying to survive in this world. You know, get married, have his life, raise his kids; that is the average person in the world. So we are spiritual children; we are not -- we are good and evil, just trying to survive because everybody has evil in their heart. We know the Scripture says no one is good, not one. Only the Lord Jesus Christ is good, and we all have sin in our heart, the hidden sins of the heart. But as long as we go to church and we lead a decent life, you know, we figure we are all OK, but we need this knowledge that the human race is a child which is about to grow up, and we are either going to become fully male or fully female.

And if you are not for Christ, you know, like, you said earlier, you are against him. If you are not working, doing everything you can do to grow in the direction of righteousness, you will grow in the direction of evil because the natural course of events will be to grow in the direction of evil because we are down here in Hell, so it is a battle to grow in the direction of good. If you -- excuse me, if you do not do anything, you will automatically turn in the direction of evil, so you have to do something. You have to go towards Jesus. You have to fight to be in his Spirit, whereas you do not have to fight to develop as an evil person. It just happens naturally.

Left to -- man left to his own devices, children left to their own devices without any training in righteousness or the goodness or the love of God, they become evil. They do not have orphanages anymore, but they used to do studies on children raised in orphanages. They grew up hard as nails, unable to love because they were physically taken care of, but nobody loved them or taught them goodness. Man needs -- babies, children, they need to be taught to love, to be kind, to be generous, to be sacrificial, to be righteous. All that has to be taught. None of that -- we are not born with any of that stuff; we are born with the exact opposite: selfishness, hate, murder. We are born with all the evil; that comes naturally.

That is why children need to be corrected and paddled, and that is why we have so many people in our society today that are in -- it is a tragedy. It breaks my heart to see young adults who are in trouble because they were never taught to discipline themselves as a child, and now they are adults out of control. And we are supposed to be taught to control ourselves by loving parents. And when that does not happen, some d- -- young adults out of control never survive, but the -- if you do -- if Christ does get a hold of you and choose to deliver you, if you are an adult out of control and the mercy of Christ is upon you to deliver you, it is painful, and it is a process of long duration, which is a painful mental and emotional and spiritual breaking because you have developed in a wrong form.

You have developed into an adult that is out of control, that is self-destructive, and even for -- the Lord Jesus Christ sets his own laws. Of course, you get better and better, little by little, but it does not happen overnight. With the measure of power that is in the church today, everybody is hoping that at any moment an increased spiritual power is about to be poured into the church, and maybe the elders will have the power that Jesus had to heal the Gadarene demoniac, and you will be healed in a -- however long it took. We do not really know, a couple of days, a couple of weeks.

But for the time being, I believe that that healing is available for adults out of control, compulsive adults, addictive adults. The power in Christ is available, but it is a process of long duration which takes a great sacrifice on the part of the minister that is ministering with you. And the person that needs the healing has to have the endurance to go through and to labor with the minister. It is no easy thing; that is why so few are being delivered from compulsive disorders in this hour. We have drug addicts that do not drug anymore; we have alcoholics that do not drink anymore. But they still have the personality problems that led them to drugging and drinking, and there is only a minimal change of nature because that is in the -- the change of your nature is the ministry that comes from the sons, and there just is not much of it available right now.

Some people get it as a gift, but there is not that much of avail- -- of it available right now, and it can be likened to deep, intense psychotherapy. Jesus goes right down into your roots and changes you from the inside out, and when he does that to you, the change is permanent, and it go- -- and it affects the other members of your family, not only your children but your parents, your sisters, your brothers, your nieces, your nephews. Why? Because you are all one flesh, and it goes on the family line, and you do not hear much about it today.

Well, we will just hope that that additional power is about to be poured into the church. Jesus just rebuked the demon, and the Gadarene demoniac was made -- he was made into a functioning individual. He was not functioning. He was living in the cemetery. He was naked, suicidal, cutting his wrists like a wild man. And as Mary said earlier, there are so many people arriving in our society, arriving on the scene or arising with animalistic behavior that they are arming the police with almost -- with stun guns. Is that what they call them?


Oh, they want to. It has not been approved yet [?because?] animalistic behavior out there. And those four people that were bitten in one weekend in West Palm Beach, it was not a slum. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] these spiritual problems are crossing financial lines. West Palm Beach is exclusive. The spiritual problems are crossing societal lines. It does not matter whether you are rich or whether you are poor; it is just ris- -- these spiritual problems, they are just arising across the board.

            Was it all by the same person?

Please use the microphone.

            Were they all bitten by the same person?

No. There was no connection. There was no obvious connection --


-- between the four cases.

            -- human beings?

Human beings. Sh- --

            Just acting beastly or --

Yeah, acting beastly, yeah. One woman had her finger cut off; a man had his ear cut off. It got bitten off, and I do not remember what the other two cases were, yeah.






OK. Please, put that on pause.

The point that I would like to emphasize is that this is -- this phenomenon, whether it be aliens or whatever it is, it comes out of the mind, that the ruling spirit in your mind can cause any kind of phenomenon out here. This world out here, Paul called it a stage. He called it a stage, and I know in my dreams, lots of times, God will portray people as actors and actresses. [?What is?] -- we are  -- those are -- we are acting out. This is the realm in which we are acting out the lusts of the spirit that is in our mind, and if the spirit is the carnal mind, it is lust that is destructive, and if the spirit in our mind is Christ, we are acting out the desires of Christ. And Christ is Spirit, and his activities are spiritual. The carnal mind is flesh, and his activities are flesh.

            Does the Scripture not say the eye has not seen, ear has not heard the things that God has prepared for those who love him?


            And reverse inference, those who hate him, the -- [?awesome?or some?] terror and --

Well, those that hate him --


-- are turned over to -- you see, this world is Hell. Everything in it that is decent and honorable and high and righteous is the influence of Christ down here in Hell. He has not left us alone. David clearly said that Christ goes down to Hell. You know, he said, when my soul is in Hell, you are down here with me. He said that the Lord has prepared a table in the valley of the shadow of death. We found a Scripture in Amos. I cannot [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- I cannot remember whether it is Amos 6 or 9, but the Lord said he is down here in Hell looking for us. Everything that is good and decent and honorable down here is of Christ, and when he lifts his hand off of us or when he withdraws, we are turned over to the wickedness of this world system, which is severe.

And if you want to see extreme examples, go into the me- -- into the severe wards of the mental institutions. I know someone told me -- someone who worked in a mental institution told me that it is not at all uncommon to see people levitating, that they have -- actually have padded cells in the mental institutions where they cannot do anything with the people and that there was one man. He would scream all night, and they would look through the little window, and he would just be levitating, screaming and yelling and kicking his feet. Like, they just locked him in there.

You do not have to go to another physical place to be in Hell. Hell is a -- is the activity of an utterly reprobate mind playing itself out through your flesh and your life circumstances. You do not have to go to another physical place to be tormented. The torment comes from within, just like the exercise the piece that passeth all understanding cometh from within.  Life cometh from within; the Holy Spirit is within; Christ is within; goodness and righteousness and grace is within. Well, all evil is within. Spiritual powers are within, and your physical body and your life is a reflection of the spirit that is ruling your life.

            Where would we be without the continuing mercy of God?

We would be bestial, you know. You look at the way the world was before Christ, it was brutal; it was bestial. There was slavery everywhere, gladiators, men killing each other for sport, all kinds of cruelty. And in humanity, from man to man, it was horrendous, human sacrifice.

            We are not too far from that right now.

Well, we are sliding backwards. The -- you know, we have a lot of witchcraft operating in this country. It is coming in like a flood, and the problem is that our government has legalized it; that is the big problem. God is very legalistic, and when the government legalizes it, that is when the nation -- you s- -- the nation is really in trouble. If there is witchcraft present and it is an illegal act, you know, it is still restrained by the power of God, but the fact that our own government has turned us over to it is very serious, and we -- you know, we really have to have faith in Christ because we do not even know what is coming upon this nation the next two years.

I mean, Clinton is really in trouble, as far as I could see. He was elected on a platform that condemned Bush for spending as much time as he spent on foreign affairs and not enough time on the economy, and now we have got a president in the White House who dodged the draft for be- -- Vietnam and now is talking about sending our young men into Bosnia. Well, it -- what is the difference between Bosnian and Vietnam? And he would not go; he ran. And I do not think he is qualified, and we are talking about we have some troops left in Somalia. He is talking about Bosnia. Now there is trouble in North Korea. We have got trouble everywhere, and at the same time, he is cutting back our military facilities. I do not think the man knows what he is doing, and his whole -- you know, his whole presidency seems to be falling apart.

I do not know if anybody saw the debate on TV the other night. There were several newspaper men, and Rush Limbaugh was on, and somebody was there defending Clinton. He has just lost all his credibility, and at one point -- well, what they were trying to say is all of this talk about Whitewater, it is enough, and Rush Limbaugh made the point that it is not a question of it being a small thing or not. The whole point behind this is that the president and Mrs. Clinton have proven themselves to be liars, not 13 years ago, but now. They say one thing one day; it goes on videotape. They say something else the next day; it goes on videotape. They have completely lose their credibility, and this is the point: If you cannot believe what they say because they change their mind from day to day, how can you trust these people to give you a medical plan? How could you believe what they are saying, if they are lying about everything else?

And the bottom line seems to be that the president and his wife and some of the senators and h- -- representatives in the House seem to be determined to change the very structure of this nation, which is a representative republic where we elect our representatives into a welfare state, a socialist state. And there were all kinds of indications that Clinton was leaning towards communism during the campaign. Nobody wanted to hear it. He was seen with communist leaders. He was in Russia. There were all kinds of indications, and they are trying to change the very nature of our government.

And they -- I heard on the Rush Limbaugh show today; he quoted governor -- this is frightening, not governor, s- -- I think he is a senator, Rockefeller. He is either a senator or a reprehe- -- representative; I am not sure. He quoted him as saying, “We are going to give this nation a national health care plan whether the people want it or not.” I do not know about you, but that frightens me because they are taking away our personal liberties, and I will point out something else to you.

This is the way it works: See, this country is being systematically destroyed from within, and it is being done by people who know what they are doing, you see. They do not enforce the laws, so we begin to have chaos in the streets. It is -- begins to be unsafe to be in the streets, and then somebody stands up and says, well, it is unsafe in the streets, so let us suspend the Constitution, and it is already beginning to happening. In Chicago, the crime is so bad that they are suspending the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, which says you cannot search somebody’s house without a search warrant, and they are going through houses and buildings and homes and searching without search warrants on the guise of protecting the people. But when they arrest them, they let them go the next day. They do not punish them; they do not send them to jail. They are out on the streets. So what are you taking people’s right to privacy away for?

It is an outright onslaught on our Constitution  and our country and on our form of government, and if the Lord does not intervene, however many years it is going to take, we are going to be taken over by some dictator, but I am believing God is going to intervene. But this is what is going on: You do not enforce the law. You let the law and order break down; you let it break down; you let it break down until there is chaos in the street, and then you send the army in. And if you look at any of the republics in South America, for example, wherever a dictator comes in because there is chaos in the streets, the first thing they do is suspend the constitution, military rule, curfew, suspend the constitution. So, praise God. So we have to believe that the Lord is going to keep us --


-- and turn this around. Good night. God bless you. [?OK?]. There is a big move to counteract it. Politically speaking, God has raised up two heroes. I believe Pat Robinson and Rush Limbaugh are both heroes of the hour. I pray for their safety all the time, and this country is fighting for its soul.

            Is that why when you say that we are spiritually sensitive and we feel other people’s feelings because we are all one like you were s- -- drawing up on the board [CROSSTALK]

Mm-hmm, yeah. We are all one, but everybody is not open to everybody. Otherwise, I do not think we could bear it, having the whole world on our shoulders, but we tend to be open to people that we have soul ties with.

            Sheila, were all those -- they remind me of ET, all those aliens. Were they the man’s own carnal mind, the six of them or eight of them standing by the bed?      

I do not know.


I do not know. For that to happen to someone, they have to have one big open door.


Yeah. So I really do not know what the answer is. My feeling would be no, that it would be part of the group carnal mind manifesting through him, but I do not know.


The group carnal mind. There is one corporate carnal mind that is in everybody, and then you have your individual conscious mind.



            [INAUDIBLE] the werewolves in medieval times they really existed.

I believe they existed, perhaps not as they appear in the movies. They are probably exaggerated in the movies, but I believe that there were animalistic beings that killed and possibly, you know, drank people’s blood. I know I saw on the TV about a year ago modern-day vampires.

            I did too [CROSSTALK]

They do not kill; they just withdraw a little --


-- blood. Well, things get worse, you know.

            Right. I saw that, and my grandmother was watching this --


            -- strange program about this lady who was a vampire. She sleeps during the day, and she lives by other people’s blood [?and?] --


            -- animals, so --


            -- I just remembered that, yeah.

So I do not know if it existed the way they show it in the movies, but maybe there were people who killed and drained, you know, the blood --


-- out of people’s bodies. It is possible.

            Yeah. This lady was also a Satan worshipper, you know.


            So --

Wow, it is amazing --


-- how it is rolling.


Yeah. It is rolling in, and they have the protection of our constitution. It is incredible. Yeah?

            We used to [INAUDIBLE] Christian [UNINTELLIGIBLE] doctor from Germany, and he said there is many cases of [?that?], witchcraft and the werewolves and all this was very prevalent over there.

In Europe, in Germany, huh? At -- in what year?

            I think he was, kind of, modern.

Really? Recently, huh?

            [INAUDIBLE] reading those books as we came out of the -- you know, the other church.

Wow, that is amazing. I guess they just hush it up, you know. They do not want to panic the people. Dear God, help us.

            And I think what God’s trying to show is it is going to escalate to such a terrible degree that he has given us all these warnings [CROSSTALK]


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