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Praise the Lord, brethren. We are finishing up up the whole Book of Zephaniah. I do not expect there will be more than one more message b- -- after this, and what we are into now is review. Our Book on Zephaniah is coming forth. The Lord is doing a very unique thing, and it is just really a great blessing to me to see what he is doing with his book. There is -- much to my surprise, he has actually woven a little teaching on John 20 -- on a few verses in John 21 in there where Jesus is speaking to Peter saying to him, “Feed my sheep,” and I think a lot of Christians have wondered about that passage many times. Peter, will -- if you love me, feed my lambs. Peter, if you love me, feed my sheep. Peter, if you love me, feed my sheep. I know I always wondered about it, and for whatever the Lord’s reason -- God only knows what his reasons are -- he has put a little teaching on that in with Zephaniah. I do not know why. Do not know why. Do not know why the council came forth that came forth this morning. I do not know why. But Jesus, he sees things from the end to the beginning, and his timing is perfect. He knows what is in our hearts when we do not know what is in our hearts, and he loves us enough to give us warning before the storm comes, brethren. There is a storm coming. The sky is black, black with the latter rain. The Sons of God are coming with judgment, and if you are not adequately prepared, you are going to die. Scripture, please. “And Jesus walked into the wedding feast, and there was a man there, and he was not wearing a” -- anybody know? -- “a wedding garment, and Jesus said to him, ‘What are you doing in here at the wedding without a proper garment?’” And Jesus what?




He threw him out. Who is getting married?




Who is getting married? We are getting married. We, the church, is the bride of Christ. We are preparing for the wedding. You cannot get married without a wedding dress. The Lord will not receive you without a proper wedding dress, and the dress that you are wearing is a garment of righteousness. “And he shall give us a garment of righteousness.” Since we are not righteous and we are filled with sin, the most we can hope for in this hour is a covering of his love which says I hear your confession and I see a heart in you that says to me if you have the power to do it, you would give up your sins, and on that basis, I receive you. And on that basis, I will make you righteous. I will give you the power. I will give you your heart’s desire.


You know, we hear a lot in this church about getting everything we ask for, Cadillacs and houses and all the things that the baby Christians think they are going to get, but, brethren, you ask for holiness and righteousness and you are going to get it. You ask for holiness and righteousness and you are going to get it. You ask for any spiritual gift, you are going to get it. You ask for wisdom, you are going to get it. You ask for love, you are going to get it. But, you know, the ability to love, you are going to get it. If you are asking for someone to love you, you might not get it until you learn how to love them first because you -- manifestation, manifestation. That was some manifestation over there. Because what you sow, that is what you are going to reap. And if you ask the Lord for someone to love you, brethren, you are going to find him breaking up your heart and putting it through a meat grinder teaching you how to love. Because before you can get someone to love you, you have to love. That is the truth of the Scripture. Praise the Lord.


There is a storm coming. The Sons of God are at your doors. They are coming with judgment which is a sign of God’s love unto you because without judgment you will surely die in your sins. You will surely die unconverted without having done anything to help your descendants. Judgments, brethren, no matter how painful for the moment, are the mercy of God.


Be not as the rich man. He was an Old Testament Jew. He had the word of God. He was wealthy because the presence of the Spirit of God in his life had brought great blessings into his life. But the Scripture tells us he died unconverted. Died unconverted. Brethren, do not believe the fantasy that if you die in this condition that we are all in that you are going to walk on streets of gold in heaven. If you die in this condition -- what condition? Filled with sin -- you have died unconverted. Unconverted. You do not become converted on the other side of the veil. Judgment is in the flesh. Resurrection is in the flesh. Conversion is in the flesh. Life is in the flesh. Christ is in the flesh. Glory is in the flesh. Eternal life is in the flesh. And if you die, you are dead.


t is hard to hang up Cinderella with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, and who else have we got hanging on the wall over there? Fantasia. Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Cinderella and whatever the fantasy you would like to believe in.


Yeah. Praise the Lord. Huh? That is OK. That is OK. Thank you, Lord. So nice for him to tell me how to do things. I was getting a stiff neck using this the wrong way. This is much better. Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lord. OK.


We are up to our review of Chapter 3 of the Book of Zephaniah. I will take questions as we go. I hope the book, when it comes out, is a blessing to you. At the rate that I am working on it, it should take me about another week. I apprentice your prayers. I come under severe, severe demonic onslaughts when I am working on publications. Why? There is much power in written material to reach people. People who would never have the patience to listen to a 90-minute tape will read something that is written, and the messages are very powerful, but the written material is much more powerful. It is quick and sharp, and it just goes in and cuts your heart. So, I have been under a very, very heavy attack. Please keep me in prayer, and please keep Marie [SP] in prayer because I can take it; she cannot ta- -- well, I guess she can take it, but it really breaks my heart, you know? She is not even really in God. I expect it. I am the one that is killing Satan, so I expect him to go after me. But it really hurts me when he hurts my daughter and my parents who frequently get sick, you know. Really hurts me when they hit Maria. So if you think of her, please pray for her, and I would appreciate your prayers that if the Lord wants her up here for Labor Day, that he gets her up here, because as of now they are not coming, and I think she is very disappointed. OK.


I think I told you we will take questions as I go. If I indicate no to you, I am just saying to you please let me finish my thought and I will get to you as soon as I finish my thought. And as Ceilie said to us, is it not just like the Lord to pick a Book of Zephaniah? It is one of -- he is one of the least known prophets, Zephaniah. He is called one of the minor prophets. We have the major prophets and the minor prophets, and the major prophets are? Somebody. What?


           Isaiah --


Let -- what?


            Isaiah [INAUDIBLE] and Jeremiah.


Jeremiah, amen. And we have a whole slew of minor prophets, some of which some people never heard of, others of which they have heard of it, but they have no idea what is in the book and is not it just like the Lord to pick the most -- one of the most minor prophets and exalt him. The message is profound. It is the whole message of the fall of humanity, and the condition that we are in, and the Lord’s plan of resurrection. The true message of the Scripture, brethren, is a message directly from Jehovah to his beloved soul.


We have fallen down into a deep pit. We have fallen down into a hole. Did you ever hear of some small child falling into a hole? The whole community comes out. People come to pray and to -- and the rescue squad comes out to get the child out of the hole. We have fallen into a hole, brethren, and we are dying -- well, we died. We are not dying. We died down here. And we are waiting to be dug out so that we can be raised from the dead. Well, actually, we are being raised from the dead before we are dug out.


The whole message of this Bible is glorious, it is marvelous, it is fantastic. It is a love letter from Jehovah to humanity telling us that he loves us so much that he is sending his only begotten son down into the hole to get us out. But you see, something happened to us when we fell into the hole. We -- it was such a traumatic shock that we became insane, and everything is backwards in our head. What we thought was good is evil, and what we thought -- and what we think is evil is good. We think our God who loves us is evil and his Son is evil, and his ministers and his prophets are evil. We think his word is evil. We think his word is damning us down into everlasting hell and damnation. We speak evil about God. We speak evil about his word. We demonize his message. We make him a God that punishes people by burning them with fire forever and ever. We are spiritually insane, brethren, and in this hour the truth of his word is coming forth, and that is that he loves us enough to accurately declare our sin. He is not lying about it. He is not whitewashing it. He is telling it like it is. We are filthy. But without condemnation. And he is telling us his plan to raise us from the dead. In the book of Zephaniah, we see the Lord Jehovah commissioning his Son, Jesus Christ, to go into the hole and get us out. Amazing.


He said, “Listen, Jesus. I am talking to them, and talking to them, and talking to them, and they do not hear me. I am talking to them in dreams. I am talking to them through preachers. I am talking to them through prophets. They do not hear me, or they do not believe me, or they do not comprehend what I am saying to them. Their mind is gone. They have become spiritually retarded. I cannot reach them. They are down under the water which is in the pit, and all -- when I speak, all I hear is glub, glub, glub, [UNINTELLIGIBLE]. That is all they hear, bubbles. So I am sending you down into the pit, and I want you to talk to them in a language that they can understand, and I want you to tell them that I love them but that they are guilty, not me. That they are in the trouble that they are in because of sin. That I am righteous, and they are guilty. But nevertheless, I forgive them, and I am coming to get them out, but their deliverance will not be without pain. And I want them to work with me to the fullest extent that they are able.”


The Lord Jesus Christ received the commission, and he came, and he is in the earth today, and he is speaking to us today, and most of us still do not believe him, and we still think evil towards God, and we are spiritually insane. We are all messed up in our heads and in our hearts. Therefore, the Lord has no choice but to bring judgment upon us because we are irrational, we are illogical, we are mad, so he has to deliver us without -- in many instances without our cooperation -- in most instances without our cooperation. He has to knock us unconscious so that he can drag us out of the pit.


In Zephaniah 3, we see the Lord giving his commission to the Lord Jesus Christ -- his instructions to the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe I spoke to you about that on the last message. Well, no, I guess I did not. On the last message, I -- in -- of Chapter 3 of Zephaniah, I spoke to you through verse 5, I guess -- through verse 5, and I told you that it was Jesu- -- it was Jehovah just making a general statement about our condition, and now we see his specific commission to the Lord Jesus Christ, beginning with verse 6.


Now, I am working from the Alternate Translations which are not in the correct order because as you may know -- let me put this on the tape just in case, by some way-out chance, someone picks up this tape without ever having heard one of my tapes before. We have found that when translate these Scriptures from the Hebrew to the English, we frequently find out that when we look at the English translation in view of the revelation that the Lord has given us, that this revelation is not in a logical sequence. What is a logical sequence? This is a logical sequence. The sun rose in the morning. The sun shined in my window. My alarm clock went off. I arose. I bathed. I dressed. I went to work. Logical sequence. Illogical sequence. I went to work. I brushed my teeth. The sun arose. I woke up. I started my job and had my morning coffee. I took my bath. Illogical sequence. For whatever reason, in the translation from one language to another, we come out with an illogical sequence. So it is therefore translator’s license to take all of the words of the foreign -- language which is foreign to us and try by the grace of God to understand the spirit behind the word, what the Lord -- the idea that the Lord is trying to convey to us, and then to put it in English language in a logical sequence in as simple a form as possible so that everybody can understand what the Lord is saying to humanity.


And to date, brethren, until very recently, this has not happened. The message of Jehovah to humanity has come forth in a parable form. It has come forth in a hidden message that very few people could understand. Why is this? I declare to you the reason is this. That there was one man -- there is one man that is commissioned to unlock the mysteries of the parable, the mysteries of the hidden message of God to humanity, and the name of that man is? Jesus Christ.


And Jesus Christ in this hour is appearing in the company of men and in his Sons, in his next generation, because Jesus Christ has been glorified. He is now a glorified Spirit. He is a ball of light. He is appearing in this hour in the company of men, sometimes called the 42nd generation, sometimes called the firstfruits of Christ, sometimes called the Sons of God, sometimes called the two-witness company. We see that the only man -- there is only one man, the man Christ Jesus. He is in the only mediator between God and man, and he is the only man who is qualified to unlock the parables and deliver faultlessly the message of Jehovah to humanity. And we have found Scriptures, particularly in the book of Revelation, where the Scripture clearly states that Jehovah is commissioning Jesus Christ, the only one faithful enough to accurately deliver the message. Why? Because Jehovah speaks to our carnal mind, and our carnal mind messes up the message. Christ Jesus is the only one capable of accurately relaying the message to -- of Jehovah to humanity. And what happens when men try to relate the message from Jehovah to humanity with their carnal mind? It comes out backwards, brethren. It comes out backwards. It is just like holding up this piece of paper into a mirror. You see typewritten print, but it is backwards, and you cannot understand what it is saying because it is backwards. When the carnal mind hears the message of Jehovah, it comes out backwards. Jehovah says, “I love you enough to throw you into the lake of fire where your sins will be burned away,” and the carnal mind of man says, “Jehovah hates you, and he is throwing you into the lake of fire where you will be tormented forever and ever.” You see? They get -- they -- both minds get the lake of fire straight. What they get wrong is the motive of our God.


We see that wherever the carnal mind is appearing, he consistently, consistently misjudges the motives of Christ wherever Christ is appearing. And if you are a human being who was re- -- is relating -- you do not have to be a minister. If you are ministering to or relating to any individual out of Christ in you, and the person is not hearing you with Christ but hearing you with their carnal mind, you can expect them to misunderstand your motives. And when your motives are life unto them, they will think you are trying to destroy them.


We see, in this hour, the unlocking of the parables as the Lord raises up Christ Jesus in human beings, and there is no way that Christ Jesus can appear without a wounding and an act of warfare against the carnal mind, and that is why it is taken this long. The carnal mind does not want this message out. He does not want Christ Jesus appearing in the flesh of a man. The warfare is vicious to anybody daring to speak the truth of Christ into this world system.


And we see a natural type of this in any dictatorship. The first thing a dictatorship does is shut down the free press. That is the first thing they do, shut down the free press. The free press has to go underground. You want to speak the truth about the government? You want to speak the truth about the nation? You want to speak the truth about the dictator? You have to go underground because they are going to arrest you and put you in jail and torture you and kill you. Well, I declare to you that spiritually speaking, to do the kind of work that we are doing here, to preach and publish the truth of the word of God in a form that the average man can understand, is resulting in arrest and torture and, to the fullest extent possible, murder and all forms of spiritual punishment against the people who would dare to do it or be involved with the ministry who would dare to do it. If there is persecution in your life today, if you feel that you are being spiritually tortured, shout for joy because you are persecution is for righteousness sake, and the Scripture says that if you give up all things with persecutions, you shall receive 100-fold. If you give up all things for the gospel of Christ, you shall receive 100-fold with persecution. So just make sure that you are being persecuted for righteousness sake, that you are not hating your brother and being persecuted because you are an ungodly person. If you are being persecuted because you are standing for the righteousness of Christ, well, look up, brethren, because your redemption draws nigh. That is the word of God, but it is not pleasant when you are going through it.


As I said, these verses are out of order because I have attempted to put them into a logical order. And we are starting with verse 6. We see Jehovah speaking to the Lord Jesus Christ, explaining to him why it is necessarily for the Lord Jesus Christ to leave his home in heaven and incarnate down here in hell in his Sons in the form of the man Christ Jesus. Jehovah’s speaking to Jesus. “Therefore, the carnal mind” -- which is manifesting through all of humanity -- “is lying in wait to murder Christ Jesus so that Satan can live with my wife.” Jehovah is saying that the devil has stolen his creation. This soul was formed by Jehovah to be his wife. Jehovah made this creation with the full intention of producing a Son, and the Son of God -- the Son of God is who? The Son of God is the offspring of the union between the soul which Jehovah made, and the Spirit which Jehovah is. There is a Spirit in the soul. There is a Spirit in the soul. We might say there is a Spirit in man. The soul is man. There is a Spirit in that soul which has the potential to produce the Son of God, and the Son of God, when he appears in the soul, is the mind of that soul. You see, the Spirit of Jehovah joining with the Spirit which is in the soul. Jehovah male, soul female. Son is born which is the mind, the ruler and the master of the entire soul. He is the husband of God’s wife. The mind is actually Jehovah appearing in another form, in the form of his Son, as the mind which dwells in the midst of his wife.


We see in verse 6 Jehovah saying to the Lord Jesus Christ, “Therefore, the carnal mind lies in wait to murder Christ Jesus so that Satan can live with my wife.” Jehovah is saying that the devil wants to be the ruler and the master of the soul, and that he wants his carnal mind dwelling with this soul as a husband and wife. “Nevertheless,” Jehovah says, “Satan shall be ashamed when her carnal mind is weeded out and she is returned to the correct moral order because of my promise to the nations that I would destroy the carnal mind’s consciousness and dry up Satan’s power to pierce through Christ.” Jehovah’s saying to Jesus it is true. The devil is possessing my wife, and everything is all messed up, and the ruler of the creation is not Christ Jesus, but it is the devil and the carnal mind and Satan is in there. He says despite all that, Satan shall be ashamed when the carnal mind is weeded out of this fallen creation and she is returned -- and Satan is returned to the correct moral order.


And what is the correct moral order for Satan? The correct moral order is that Satan is female. She is not supposed to be the unconscious mind of this creation. She is supposed to be an element of the earth which gives form to the creation. She is not supposed to have any authority at all. Jehovah says, “Despite how bad everything looks at this moment, the devil will be ashamed because the Lord is going to tear down the carnal mind, which is the conscious mind of this creation, and Satan, which is the unconscious mind of this creation -- the carnal mind is being torn to pieces. She is -- the carnal mind is the offspring of the union between the serpent and the human spirit. She is being torn apart. The carnal mind is being torn apart, and the serpent’s connection to the human spirit is being severed. This is called the breaking of the serpentine altar. And we see that the only altar which will remain is that which is formed from the Spirit of Jehovah with the human spirit, and the offspring of that altar is Christ, the Son of the living God.


Jehovah says to Jesus, Things look terrible, but I am going to turn everything around, and we see as the Scripture of principle that the Lord Jesus Christ is never late. Do not ever, ever give up. As long as you still have an existence you do not ever give up. The Lord could come at the last second on your deathbed. He can come at the moment of financial destruction. He can come at the moment that you are ready to sign, put your signature on your divorce papers. Do not ever give up. He is never late. He has got everything under control. And even though you are unfaithful -- and how do I know that you are unfaithful? Because every fallen man is unfaithful potentially. With enough pressure put on you, you are unfaithful. Jesus is faithful. No matter how much pressure is put on him, he is faithful. He never fails. He always comes through. He is the only stability in this hellish existence that we live in. It is more hellish for some people than for other people.


Blessed is the man in whom faith has been built. I was praising God last night for all the faith that he is built in me. I had a revelation last night that there is more faith -- I have more faith than I have ever had at any other time, and there is such peace in faith in Jesus Christ. I remember the times when I just did not have the faith, and I suffered because of it. I suffered from insecurity and fear because I really, really did not truly believe that Jesus could meet my needs, so I was worried. Was worried about my health, was worried about my finances, was worried about my daughter, was worried about my life, was worried about my job, was worried about everything. I have more faith now than I have ever had. I do not have the ultimate faith. I hope I am never tried by going to jail. I hope I am never tried by facing physical torture. I hope I am never tried in those areas. But for where I am now compared to where I was 15 years ago, I have more faith than I have ever had, and there is peace in that faith.


I thank God for it because in the midst of the most severe trial, I now have faith that the trial is going to break at any moment. There was a time when I would be in torment, and I could not see the light at the end of the storm. But now I know that I go through spiritual storms of demonic torment that comes against me for the work that I am doing here, and I know that if I can just hold on and pray with faith that it will pass. This knowledge makes it tolerable. Makes it tolerable. It is never pleasant. But I thank God for deliverance.


We are saying, “Nevertheless, Satan shall be ashamed when her carnal mind is weeded out and she is returned to the correct moral order because” -- and the reason she is going to be -- the reason the carnal mind will be weeded out and Satan returned to the correct moral order is because Jehovah has promised the nations that he would destroy the carnal mind’s consciousness and dry up Satan’s power to pierce through Christ.


Now, let me remind you that -- this is a recent revelation that has come down here -- that the human spirit -- the Lord considers the human spirit Christ. We have the whole family of Christ which is in heaven just like we have the Smiths and the Joneses. Christ is a whole family, and the name of Mother Christ is Christ alone. Of course, the name of the Father is Jehovah. The name of Mother Christ is Christ. The name of the Son is Christ Jesus. And then we have the first begotten of the dead, the Lord Jesus Christ. We have a whole family of Christ.


Christ alone is speaking about the human spirit. When you read material -- New Age material, when you read about Christ consciousness or Christ alone, you should know that the writer is speaking about the human spirit which is in man. The human spirit alone is dead. She must be joined in union with the Lord Jesus Christ and bear the Christ child -- or the man-child which we read about in Revelation 12; his name is Christ Jesus -- for her to attain to the power which is in the righteousness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ alone is speaking to the human -- about the human spirit. In this hour, the human spirit is dead in sin. She is married to Satan and has brought forth his offspring, the carnal mind. We see that the crucifixion of Christ --


First of all, let me remind you, if you look up in Webster’s dictionary, if you look up the word crucifixion, not only is there an alternate definition to what we would think of as the definition of crucifixion, death by penetration, there is not only another trans- -- another definition of it, but the first definition, at least in the dictionary that I used, was that crucifixion means to penetrate, to pierce through for the purposes of strengthening, to penetrate with sticks or iron rods for the purposes of shoring up and causing that which is falling down to stand up. Have you ever seen a very young tree that does not have the strength to stand, and the gardener will put stakes in the ground around it? Well, we can say that the gardener has crucified the ground. He has penetrated the earth so that the tree could be supported and shored up.


In the same manner, the human spirit of man must be crucified. The crucifixion of Christ -- Paul said, “I am crucified with Christ, but I am not dead. I am alive. But not me. The crucifixion has produced the life of Christ in me.” What does that mean? The Lord Jesus Christ has crucified -- the Lord Jesus Christ in the form of the Holy Spirit has crucified our human spirit, Christ. Christ alone, Mom Christ, the female seed, has been crucified by the Lord Jesus Christ, who has been sent to strengthen her, and when the Lord Jesus Christ crucifies our Christ, our human spirit, there is an offspring, the Son of God, Christ Jesus. And we now have the threefold cord to aid the assistance that God has sent to mankind to make him strong enough to stand and be victoriously -- and to have victorious dominion over this world system.


But in this hour, however, Christ is not crucified by the Lord Jesus Christ in most of us. We see that she is crucified or penetrated or pierced through by Satan. Satan has crucified Christ, the human spirit, and brought forth his offspring, the carnal mind, and therefore, the creation has died because the carnal mind is death.


The promise of Jehovah to humanity, once again, is to shame Satan by weeding her carnal mind out of the soul and returning Satan to the correct moral order, which means he can no longer be Spirit. He has to become soul again. And the reason Jehovah is doing it is because he has promised the nations that he would destroy the carnal mind’s consciousness and dry up Satan’s power to pierce through or to crucify Mom Christ, Christ the human spirit, who is nothing of herself. She only has significance or any form of power or existence when she is crucified or penetrated by a male spirit and has brought forth his offspring. Then she has existence. When the human spirit is penetrated by Satan and bears the carnal mind, she enters into, or bears, or brings forth, this existence called death. And when the human spirit is penetrated by the Lord Jesus Christ, she bears the Son of God, Christ Jesus, and she bears, or brings forth, the existence known as life.


Going on with the next paragraph. “It is, therefore, my decision” -- Jehovah speaking. Because of the condition that fallen man is in, we are dead. “It is, therefore, my decision,” says Jehovah, “to heal their spiritual leprosy.” Whose spiritual leprosy? Humanity’s spiritual leprosy, “And form them” -- who? The many members of humanity -- “into my own image by breathing myself into them.” What does that mean? It means Jehovah is giving his Spirit unto humanity. And I remind you that he has already done that once. He breathed his Son into the creation in Genesis 2. “And the soul which God formed became a living soul.” But that living soul died and became a dead soul. The breath with Jeho- -- which Jehovah breathed into the creation died. So, brethren, he is breathing into us one more time.


And the way he is breathing into us? He is breathing into -- he is breathing himself into us in the form of? Does anybody know? The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is Jehovah’s breath, which is being breathed into humanity for the second time. And is it not interesting, brethren, if you know anything about first aid at all. When somebody is dying, what does the person ministering the first aid do? What does he do? He puts mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. We are getting mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, brethren. His whole creation has died, but those of us who are blessed enough in this hour, who -- which are a minority in the world, to have received the Holy Ghost, are receiving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and the breath of God’s life has gone into us, but we ha- -- our heart has not necessarily begun to beat again. Our lungs have not necessarily began to wo- -- begun to work yet because there is a 1-to-1,000 reconciliation ratio between things that are happening in the Spirit and things that are happening down here in hell.


What does that mean? What takes one day to accomplish in the Spirit of God is taking 1,000 years to accomplish down here in hell. That means what takes one hour to accomplish in the Spirit of God is taking -- excuse me -- 1-24th of 1,000 years, whatever that is, down here in hell. Things move much more slowly down here in hell. So if you are looking at a rescue of someone receiving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, you see the person come back within a couple of minutes or they would be dead. It is taking so far -- well, it has taken a couple of thousand years to just get the person who is able to minister the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to the dying person, and who is ministering the mouth-to-mouth resuscitation? Who is doing it? And now that Jesus Christ is here, and he is breathing into us, he is also pumping our heart and doing whatever else he is doing. We are not going to be resuscitated inside of a couple of minutes. It is taking a whole lifetime, a whole lifetime, to bring us back from the dead. We died. We died. It is taking a whole lifetime to bring us back, brethren. There is a difference between the operation of spiritual things and soulish things.


Jehovah is speaking to the Lord Jesus Christ. “It is, therefore, my decision to heal their spiritual leprosy.” Brethren, we are spiritual lepers. The Lord calls us openly spiritual lepers. We are diseased. We are insane. We are mad. We are morally corrupt. We are dirty. We cannot tell the difference between right and wrong. We are blind. We are deaf. We cannot take care of ourselves. We do not know what is right or what is wrong. We are messed up. We are messed up bad. Our flesh is rotting on our bones. You think that is a way out, brethren? You better ask the Lord for spiritual understanding. Our bones -- what is the bone? The -- a typical -- what do bones typify? Spirit. Our flesh is rotting on our spirit, brethren. The flesh of this body, after a season, rots and dies and falls off of our spirit. The spirit is not rotting and dying. The spirit -- well, he is already dead -- she is already dead because of separation from God, but she is going back to the Father. She is not rotting. Our flesh, this physical flesh, and our soul is rotting off of our spiritual bones. We are lepers, and our members are falling off.


Do you know anything about leprosy? We do not see it too much in this nation, but their fingers fall off. Their nose falls off. Their toes fall off. Brethren, open your spiritual eyes. Open your spiritual eyes. Every time a human being dies, a toe or a finger or a nose is falling off the body of humanity. We are one man. His name is Adam, and he died. He is a dead man that has an existence down here in hell, and his flesh continues to rot and fall off his body. Every time a man dies, he has lost a part of his body.


If you do not get spiritual, you are going to die down here in this black hole. Better come out of your carnality because God is not a carnal man. God is a Spirit. God is a Spirit. He thinks like a Spirit. He acts like a Spirit. He talks like a Spirit. He walks like a Spirit. He does like a Spirit. And if you want to get in line with what he is doing, you better start walking, talking, thinking, acting and living like a Spirit because he is not coming down to your low realm. No way. He is not doing any more than he has already done. He has come down low enough to hook you onto his line, and now if you want to understand what he is saying, you must start to ascend. He has given you his mind. That is all he is going to do. Now you have to reeducated. You have to become as a small child and start to learn everything all over again: how to walk, how to talk, how to think, how to love, how to act, how to relate to people, how to understand God. You have to learn the language of the Spirit. You have to learn how to understand his word. He is not coming down any lower, brethren. He has gone down as low as he is going to go, and he is hooked his lifeline onto you. Now you start climbing.


“It is, therefore, my decision to heal their spiritual leprosy and form them into my own image by breathing myself into them once again. So therefore, I am casting their fallen dead souls into the lake of fire where their carnal mind shall be completely broken apart and destroyed.” Wow. He is going to heal our spiritual leprosy, brethren. That means these bodies will stop dying and these souls will stop dying. Is that not wonderful? Except for all the people whose minds are spiritually insane that are saying, no, I do not want them to stop dying because when these souls and bodies stop dying, it means that we are not going to be reproducing anymore the way we reproduce today. Well, you do not. Why? Because if you keep on reproducing, the people are going to be falling off of the planet. There is no marriage or giving in marriage in heaven, brethren. Why? Because people will stop dying. This may come as a shock to you, but the soul -- a soul -- well, I will not be that radical. The primary purpose of reproduction is to perpetuate the species. The whole purpose of marriage is to have children and create a safe place for them to be raised so that the human race can continue to exist until the what? Until the what?




Un- -- and the -- yes, and what proceeds the resurrection?




Well, that is close. Until the judgment which will result in the resurrection -- until the judgment of sin which will result in the resurrection of the dead Christ mind. When Christ is raised from the dead and becomes the mind of the soul, we shall be righteous again. And when we are righteous again, we will stop dying. And when we stop dying, there will be no more need to perpetuate the species. Therefore, there is no more marriage or giving in marriage in heaven. Grow up.


There is now spiritual marriage. There is now spiritual marriage in heaven between the Lord Jesus Christ and his bride, the church. That is us. Marriage between the Spirit and the soul. Down here, we are all soul, and every time we get married, we are marrying another cell of the soul. Soul marrying soul. Spiritually homosexual, brethren. We shall enter into the true marriage with the Spirit of God, even the Lord Jesus Christ and we shall live forever, and forever we shall be with the Lord. You see, the marriage which exists down here in hell ends in death, but the marriage between the Spirit of God and humanity yields the fruit of everlasting life. Everlasting life.


Marriage down here is temporal. It dies. It ends. These days, many people end it artificially in divorce. But even if you stay married for a lifetime down here, marriage ends. The true marriage between Jesus Christ and his bride, the soul that his -- that he made with his Father, is forever and ever. “And let that which God has put together, let no man put asunder.” A marriage between Spirit and soul shall never end. She will never be separated from him. Forever we shall be with the Lord. And the only reason that marriage down here is put asunder is that God did not put it together. He has allowed it. He has permitted it. It is temporary for so long as we are down here in hell.


That is the truth. If you are upset, I rebuke you. I am telling you the truth. When God gives it to you for a season, you enjoy it, and you be blessed with it, but you need to know it is temporary. The everlasting marriage is between Christ and his church. And if you are married right now and the Lord has called you into spiritual service, brethren, for all spiritual purposes, Christ is your husband. And if there is a conflict between your natural husband and your spiritual husband, in those areas where there is a conflict, if you pray it through and are assured that you are hearing from Christ and not from the devil, it is -- it behooves you -- it is your obligation to serve your spiritual husband, the Lord Jesus Christ. Just make sure that you are not deceiving yourself and using the Lord Jesus Christ to do violence to your natural husband because there will be judgment in that. But tell the Lord that you want his help, and he will give you righteousness in that area. You do -- if you are truly called of the Lord, you do not submit to a man who is trying to kill your relationship with Jesus Christ. And you pray, and you continue to pray, and the Lord will give you victory. Pray with an open heart honestly, confessing your weakness and asking for help, and you will receive help. You will receive all the help that you need. The Lord is faithful.


The Scripture is very clear. Jesus said that he comes with a sword. He comes with a sword. And there must be an anti-Christ in your life. There must be somebody opposing your call to the service of Jesus Christ. It is scriptural. It is scriptural. It may be your husband. It does not have to be. It may be a daughter. It does not have to be. It may be your employer. It does not have to be. It may be your mother. It does not have to be. It may be your father. It does not have to be. But there will be some -- at least one human being in your life that you have a strong relationship with who will oppose with all his or her strength your service to the Lord Jesus Christ, and you are required to overcome, and you could do all things in Christ.


My only caution to you is to pray carefully that you are not seduced by your own carnal mind into rebelling and un- -- in an ungodly rebellion against your natural husband. But if it is Christ -- if your natural husband does -- is raised up by Satan to be your anti-Christ, brethren, you have to fight the fight, and you have to serve God, and you have to do whatever you have to do. The Scripture is clear on that issue.


“It is, therefore, my decision to heal their spiritual leprosy and form them into my own image by breathing myself into them. I am casting their fallen dead souls into the lake of fire where their carnal mind shall be completely broken apart and destroyed.” We see that when the Lord Jesus Christ marries us -- because the lake of fire is Christ himself. He is the Christ mind in us. And our carnal mind and our entire fallen personality is coming together in a marital union with the lake of fire, which the Scripture describes as being cast into the lake of fire, and the spiritual burnings of the lake of fire is causing our carnal mind to be broken up, our soul is being separated from our spirit, and Eve is then being separated from Satan. That is the joints from the marrow. And the carnal mind will never rise again.


What is the purpose of breaking up the carnal mind? Does anybody know? What is the purpose of separating the soul from the spirit and Eve from Satan? Does anybody know?




To set the spirit free. What did you say?




Well, both answers are correct. To set the human spirit free from Satan so that the human spirit can join with Christ Jesus, and the result is that Christ Jesus -- the Son of God should be formed as the mind of our soul, and that this is in fact the resurrection of the dead. The renewal of our mind is the resurrection of the dead. When our mind is carnal, we are dead, and when our mind is Christ, we are alive. So the resurrection of the dead is the same thing as the renewal of our mind. Hallelujah.


“And after that, I am sending you, the Lord Jesus Christ, to gather whatever is left of them” -- and what is left of them after this breaking up and this burning? We have already covered this. What is left of them is the human spirit. “And the commission of Jehovah to the Lord Jesus Christ is to gather whatever is left of them into one body” -- one body of Christ -- “with yourself.” This is Jehovah speaking to Jesus. “I want you to gather what is left of them, their human spirit, into one body of Christ through union with their human spirits.” And we have already talked about that. “So that” -- the Lord Jehovah is saying. “Jesus, I want you to combine with their human spirits so that they can increase into Christ Jesus, your only one” -- well, let us stop there. “So that they can increase into Christ Jesus.” We have talked about that too. That when the Lord Jesus Christ joins with the human spirit, the altar of Christ is formed, and there is a birth which results from that union, and that which is birthed is the Son of the living God. His name is Christ Jesus. And when Christ --


All of this is happening, we see -- when Jehovah’s message is accurately delivered to humanity. We hear that the lake of fire judgment that we read about in Revelation 20 is designed to separate the soul from the spirit and Eve from Satan so that the Lord Jesus Christ can join with Satan so that Christ Jesus can be formed in your mind and in my mind. For what purpose? For the purpose of?




Of the whole creation arising from the dead and increasing into Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus being the only one, or the only man, who was able to overcome the satanic government which is presently ruling this world system, and that satanic government, brethren, is in your mind. I am not telling you that it is a figment of your imagination. Some people, when they hear me say it is in your mind, they think that I am saying it is a figment of your imagination. No, it is very real. But it exists in your mind, and every manifestation and every aspect of the satanic world government that we live in, that we can see with our eyes, is merely an image or a reflection of that which actually exists in the mind. Brethren, the kingdom -- Jesus said the kingdom of God is within you. Well, it is not rational to think that the kingdom of God is within you and that the kingdom of darkness is outside of you. Spiritual kingdoms are inside of you, both the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness, and that which we see outside of us, whether it be hell or h- -- or the garden of Eden is an image or a reflection of the kingdom which is ruling in the mind of man -- in the corporate mind of man.


Physically speaking, the world that we see out here is an image which is the reflection of the corporate mind of humanity. Then, as we pull in and look at it on a lesser and lesser level -- just as we look at the world as a world of nations, and each nation as a world of states, and each state as a world of cities, and each city has within it many local areas, we can look at this world system in the same way. The world as a whole, the earth, is formed by the corporate mind of humanity, and we see that it is a world with many different areas. Some areas hot, some areas cold, some areas prospering and some areas much more hellish than others. And those areas which are hellish right now, we see what is going on in Rwanda, as a p- -- as opposed to those areas which are prosperous, which is pretty much the Western nations, are directly determined by the spirit ruling in the majority of the minds of the people of that area. Brethren, the areas of the world that have advanced mostly -- that have mostly advanced, that are prospering to the greatest degree, h- -- are the Christian nations, and I declare to you that it is the influence of the Holy Spirit, the influence of the Spirit of God in the minds of the men who are living in the Western nations, that has resulted in our physical surroundings being more prosperous and more tolerable than those surrounding other nations in this world where the spirit ruling in their mind is not the Spirit which is of -- whether it be the Spirit of Christ or whether it be the Holy Spirit, it is not the Christian spirit.


We see that it is the condition of mind -- not that it is a figment of your imagination, but it is the condition of your mind and the condition of the corporate mind of a group of people which produces in external surroundings. So even though we have one earth, we see in one nation where the majority of the people, if not all of the people, do not have Christ in any form. In their mind, we see land that is not plowed, land that is not producing fruit, land that is not producing food, land that is not producing clean water. We see the condition of the corporate mind of that nation producing hell: not enough food, not enough water, not enough work, not enough clothing, all forms of pestilence and disease. And then we look at a nation that is prospering, and we see that, even though we are all sharing the same earth, the corporate mind of that particular nation is producing a land where the earth is producing food, where the earth is producing water, where the nation is largely self-sufficient. I declare to you that our external physical conditions are a direct result of the Spirit which is dwelling in the corporate mind of a particular geographical area.


Brethren, take Africa. Africa is incredibly fertile. I have been told that the soil is so fertile there. I guess this was told in a bit of a joke, but there is truth in it. A man eats a piece of fruit and throws the pit over his shoulder, comes back a year later, and there is a tree going there. That is how fertile the soil is. How come the people are starving? If you cannot perceive that there are spiritual factors here, you need to pray, because there is something wrong with your thinking.


And within a particular nation, we have certain areas with certain groups of people living in that area. And again, our physical surroundings, our physical surroundings can change from area to area within a nation that is blessed of God. One area can be clean and well-scrubbed, with flowers and plants, and another area in an adjacent town can be dirty and filthy with garbage in the streets. How come? How come? How come? It is the Spirit in your mind. It is the Spirit in the corporate mind of the group of people in that area.


Brethren, our government is putting millions of dollars into cleaning up ghetto areas. Brethren, these people that live in areas that are torn-down and filthy are over-layered with witchcraft in their minds. It is a spiritual problem that no amount of money can heal. No amount of money can heal it. Christ must come in and break these curses on these people’s lives, and their external surroundings will change. If you do not think I know what I am talking about, you can think whatever you want, but you are wrong, because I know what I am talking about. No amount of money is going to make these changes. It is a spiritual problem.


Right now, we are talking about physical surroundings. This is true of spiritual surroundings. You could have someone coming up right out of that ghetto, living in a slum, in an area with garbage in the streets and buildings falling down and all sorts of crime. And I saw it on “The 700 Club.” One man rises up. He becomes not only a doctor but a famous doctor, a famous pediatrician out of Cornell Medical Center. How did it happen? He had a praying mother, brethren. He had a praying mother that dedicated her children to Christ and never ceased to labor in prayer and personal ministry to her children. And in the midst of that cursed area -- and I am not insulting anybody. I am telling you the truth. The answer to these cursed areas is to get the curse broken in Christ. I am not saying you are cursed forever. I am saying, arise and serve God and get the curse broken. That is what I am saying, in case anybody is misunderstanding me. Do not give them money. They need Christ. Got to break the curses that are in the mind.


Out of the midst of this ghetto and every spiritual filth and physical filth that was there, we find a beautiful man arising as a famous doctor in Cornell University, doing great work, helping people, saving lives. It is the condition of your mind, brethren, and it comes on every level. And there is not any bondage you cannot escape if you commit your life to the Lord Jesus Christ. But it is not going to fall on you like a package from heaven. He gives you power, brethren. He gives you power to overcome, and you have got to fight the war if you want the victory. You can do all things in Christ, which strengtheneth you.


One of the biggest problem, if not the biggest problems in the church today, as I see it, is that this understanding is just not being preached. And I see people with broken hearts all over the place, saying, why did Jesus not do it for me? Because what they have heard is you come in, and someone slaps you on the forehead, and you put $100 in the offering, and you wake up the next day, and you are all healed. And it is a lie. But I declare unto you, to anybody who is blessed enough to hear this truth preached: Under a true anointing of Christ, and who is received by the Lord Jesus for the ministry which will correct the cursed thinking in their minds, when the smoke clears, they are going to be out from under this curse.


But it is not going to happen in a day or in a week or in a month. It is a war, and you have to change. You have to go from life -- from death unto life, and you have to go from the carnal mind into the Christ mind, and the carnal mind is not just turning around and walking away. She is going to be opposing you every step of the way. But you need the ministry of Christ Jesus, brethren, who is going to be breaking the curses in your mind, not by putting on a show and saying, I break you in the name of Jesus, but by working with you day in and day out, showing you your sins, showing you your wrong thinking, encouraging you, exhorting you, rebuking you, chastising you, and working with you in the power of God until your mind changes. And when your mind transfers over from death unto life, your life circumstances will change from death unto life. And when your life circumstances change, your external circumstances will change. And no matter where you are in this world, there will be prosperity around you and over you and through you and in you.


Jesus said, “You will hear the truth, and the truth will set you free.” I am sorry, but you are not hearing the truth in a lot of churches today. So if what you are hearing has helped you, praise God, because there are a lot of churches out there that are doing good on the level that they are functioning on. And what does that mean? If your problems are mild enough to be helped by the anointing in that church, then that is all you need. I am so glad to hear that your life has turned around. But if you are going to a church with a particular anointing, and your life has not turned around, it does not mean that God is a phony. It does not mean that he is a fake. It does not mean that he is not real. What it means is that Christ is not in the earth in full stature in this hour. He is here in limited degrees of power.

And if the curses in your life are so heavy that you need a stronger dose, and you are not getting what you need, if your life is not changing, if you are not finding the power you need in this local church, you better get down on your face, because I am telling you that God has faithful people in this ear- -- well, in this country anyway. He has got power in this country, but the deeper the power, the more hidden the ministry. And if you get down on your face and you really seek him and your heart is honest, and he knows -- I do not know. He knows. He is going to bring you to a place where you are going to get help. But do not be surprised. It could take five or 10 or 15 years from the time you start praying until he hooks you up with the people who can help you. As a matter of fact, it is not even unheard of that God does not even begin to raise up the person that is going to be assigned to help you until the day you start praying. And then the reason it takes five, 10, 15 years for you to get to the person that is going to help you is because Jesus just started to raise them up when he heard your prayer. And the day that he heard your prayer, they may not even have been reconciled unto God. Christ Jesus, he is the only one who is able to overcome the satanic government of this world system, which originates in your mind.


“And I, Jehovah, said to the Lord Jesus Christ, ‘Surely when I bring this merciful judgment upon their carnal minds, emotions and physical bodies’” -- what does that mean? The judgments of God, which are merciful, will be felt in our mind.


Correction, although painful and embarrassing -- and our emotions, painful and embarrassing -- no one likes to be corrected. No one likes to find out they are wrong. No one likes to find out that they really thought they knew all the answers and they do not know any of the answers, because many of us walk around in an illusion, thinking that we are on top of everything, and then when we finally get a chance to sit down and try to do something, we find out, well, we thought we were so capable because we never tried it, and now that we tried it, it is not all that easy. Not that we are not capable, but that we find out -- many people find out that you have to actually be trained.


Do you know there are people in this world whose ego is so high? I knew a man like that once in my life. He mocked every accomplishment that anybody ever made. He says, Oh, I could do that. Oh, I could run that business. Oh, I could make money doing that. I could run that shop. I could do that job. And he never did anything. If you are one of those people, and you think that everyone else’s accomplishment is nothing very much, I really do not want to hear what you have to say. Put up or shut up. Let us see you sit down and do something. You thought it was so easy? You try it. Let us see you do it. Talk is cheap.


Accomplish something in your life, brethren. I do not care how small it is, if what you do is make the coffee for the local meeting, if you clean up, if you sweep the floor, if you clean the latrines. I do not care what you do. You do it to the very best of your ability, and you will grow, and God will give you an opportunity eventually to fulfill the fullest potential for your own creativity. But you do not start at the top. You start -- do not even start in the middle. You start at the bottom, and promotion comes from the Lord. He moves you as fast as he moves you, and you cannot promote yourself. If a ministry is truly run by the Lord, everybody has an assignment from God. And you find out what that assignment is, and you labor faithfully in it. If your assignment is taking out the garbage, you do it well, and you will grow. You receive spiritual growth and spiritual blessings, and you will watch your life change and prosper before your very eyes.


And on the other hand, let not the person whose ministry for whatever reason requires more skill in any way despise the person who is doing the housework. We are a functioning body here. Every job is essential. None is better than the other, as human beings or in labor. There is however a hierarchy of eldership, which position requires honor. But as human beings, we are all equal as human beings. We should be respected. We should be honored. We should receive honest communication and decency and fairness and justice. We are all entitled to justice before the Lord. That is the Lord’s justice, not man’s justice, brethren. And the Lord says, “I shall have mercy on whom I shall have mercy.” It is different than man’s justice, but everything that comes from God is perfect.


“And I, Jehovah, said to the Lord Jesus Christ, ‘Surely when I bring this merciful judgment upon their carnal minds, emotions and physical bodies, they will confess their’” -- and of course I did not speak about physical bodies. Sometimes the Lord lets us get sick. The Lord does not make us sick. Sickness is the result of sin, but sometimes the Lord does not heal us as quickly as we would like to be healed. Why? Because he is using the sin in our life to break our carnal minds.


I had trouble with it for a long time. I could not -- my whole life was given over to God. I could not understand why all these people were getting instant healings except me, because the Lord used my infirmity to develop his nature in me. It was one of the tools that he used. My illness was because of sin. The Lord chose not to heal me immediately, so that he could build his character in me.


“And I, Jehovah, said to the Lord Jesus Christ, ‘Surely when I bring this merciful judgment upon their carnal minds, emotions and physical bodies’” -- excuse me -- “‘they will confess their sins and repent, so that their spirits can separate from their carnal mind.’” Jehovah said, surely, after all this pain and torture, they will confess their sins and repent. That is what sane people would do. They would say, what could I possibly have done that all this evil should come upon me? Show me my sins, Lord, that I might confess them and repent. But I remind you that this soul is spiritually insane, brethren.


And in the next verse, we see: “But despite these great and precious promises from Jehovah, they earnestly continue to act out the wicked deeds of fallen Adam.” Fallen man, in most instances, chooses to blame God for all his problems. Somebody was just telling me the other day about their mother, who contracted epilepsy in her forties and cut herself off from God from that day forward, saying, “I will not serve a God that could let this happen to me.” Spiritually insane, brethren. You condemn the one person that has the power to heal you. You condemn the one person that has the power to deliver you.


It is like being down in a deep pit and there is a man standing up there with a lifeline, and you can see him. And he says to you, “Just say please, and I will get you out.” And you stand there and say, “You dirty so-and-so! Who do you think you are to demand that I say please?” And he says OK, and he walks away, and you are down in the pit. That makes you a fool, brethren. That is the scriptural definition of fool, to condemn the one person who can get you out of the pit and save your life and restore you.


And any man would look at you and, as I just said, walk away and say it is all right with me if you rot down there. But we have a God, brethren, who is not a man. And he has said, “I have seen your rage against me. I have seen your hatred and your bitterness against me. I have heard your wrath and your rantings and your blasphemy and your evil, and I have made a judgment that I will deliver you despite yourself.” Jesus. Is that amazing? Never heard anything like that in my life.


So, brethren, the hour of your deliverance is very near. The appearance of Christ is very close. I encourage you all to confess your sins and repent, for your redemption draweth nigh. Hard times are upon us. Hard times are coming. There is nothing we cannot go through when Jesus is with us. There is nothing we cannot survive. There is nothing we cannot overcome. I encourage you to ask him to help you to stop complaining. I encourage you to pray without ceasing. I encourage you to seek him in the morning and to seek him at night. I encourage you to abide continuously in his word and in his law. I encourage you to forgive your brother and hold no ought against any man, that the wicked one should have no occasion or legal ground to torment you.


I conde- -- I encourage you to reconcile to your fullest ability with everyone that you are separated from and to -- I also encourage you to not be entangled in the things of this fallen world. I encourage you to flee from spiritual fornication, of course physical fornication, but spiritual fornication. I encourage you to avoid pride as if it were the filthiest thing you could lay your eyes on, because that is what it is. Resist your pride; it will kill you every time. I encourage you to be at peace with all men, and you will never be at peace if you are yielding to your pride.


I encourage you to lay down your rebellion and your spiritual arms and to serve the living God, because something very big is already falling on us. Very, very big. There are going to be people dying by the thousands. The medical community is about to collapse. We are headed for very serious times, brethren. Get yourself right with God that you survive. There is going to be thousands of people dying and being bankrupted on the streets without home -- with -- homes, without jobs, without food. We are going to be seeing terrible times. You better anchor into Jesus right now, and you cannot anchor into him with your sin. He will not take your sin. It has to at least be confessed.




-- world, which is an open wound where people are dying, where he is multiplying into many members --


Transcribed by VerbalFusion 03/20/18

03/20/18, 1st Edit rh


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