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We had a very powerful message Thursday night. We are going to go over it. We will go as slowly as necessary. This has been a difficult message on two levels. It has been technical; plus, the anointing has been putting everybody in a condition of unconsciousness. It has been difficult for me to teach, and it has been difficult, I guess, for us to learn. So we will do it over as many times as necessary, and the Lord honors our efforts. Every time we do it over, it comes out different enough to make the message a unique message.


Today we are going to start with a small word study, comparing the word earth, field, ground, and that is pretty much it: earth, field and ground. Then we will go into the list of terms that we talked about on Thursday night, with just a couple of minor refinements that the Lord has shown me. Then we, Lord willing, if we get to it; we did not get to it Thursday night. We will review the Alternate Translations of Genesis 2:18-25, and we will comment on them in light of this revelation which is coming forth right now.


Let me remind you that; well, maybe we will pray before we start. Let me remind you that the King James translation of Genesis is in parable form, brethren. I will tell you once again. What translators do is they take the words of the foreign language; they usually start with the verbs, and they just line them up, and they look at them. And they look at all the potential translations. Then they take the nouns and the modifying words, the nouns and the adjectives and the adverbs, and they just line them up, and they look at them. And they try to get an idea of what is being said in the foreign language. When the translators do this, when they try to get an idea of what the foreign language is saying, they use their own experience and their own knowledge, mixed in with these Hebrew words, to come forth with a concept of what the Scripture is saying. And they could only bring forth a translation based upon their own experience and knowledge.


What I am saying is there is no way they could get a spiritual interpretation or translation of the Scripture unless the Spirit which wrote the words is functioning in them. And I suggest to you that the Spirit of Christ was not functioning in the King James or any other translators of the Scripture. Why? Because, up until now, the Lord has not been bringing forth the spiritual understanding of the Scripture. The Lord has been content to have his word translated on the surface. Why? Because it was not the hour, and it has not been the hour, for the spiritual man, Christ Jesus, to be appearing in the minds of the people. Why? Because, in order for the spiritual man, Christ Jesus, to be appearing in the people, your sins must be what?


COMMENT: Exposed.


PASTOR VITALE: Exposed and judged and corrected. And the only person who is qualified to do that is the man Christ Jesus.


So up until now, the White Throne Judgment of Christ Jesus has not been functioning to any great degree, if it has been functioning at all, in the Church. Sin has not been exposed in the Church. What we have seen happening in the Church for 2,000 years is; we see natural men who are expressions of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, influenced by the Holy Ghost, men whose lifestyles and whose behavior has had either largely evil or negative expressions or some evil or negative expressions, enough to bring them unhappiness and distress in their life. We see men in this condition being influenced by the Holy Ghost, and we have seen them transferring from being negative or evil expressions, predominantly.


Nobody is 100 percent evil in this day. Everybody is redeemable. Most people, as far as I know; do not get into these details with me, whoever's mind I am talking to. I do not know. But by and large, there is always exceptions that I do not know about, but by and large, the average man today, all men today, with a few possible exceptions, are redeemable. We have not yet been matured into such an evil satanic expression that we are not redeemable in Christ Jesus. So we are the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.


So we see men whose lives are expressing the evil or the negative aspect of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Influenced, we see them moved along the scale from being negative manifestations or negative expressions of humanity in this lifestyle and this world that we live in, and we see them being moved to becoming positive expressions of humanity. We see them going from having a negative lifestyle to having a positive lifestyle. We see their behavior changing from destructive to constructive. We see the way they think changing from negative to positive. We see a life that is always in turmoil and torment turning into a life that has a significant amount of peace, contentment and joy. That is what we have seen happening in the Church world for 2,000 years.


But the hour has come. I am going to sit down until I start using the board. But the hour has come for man to start to have his nature changed, not to go from evil to good manifestations of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil but to go from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil unto the Tree of Life. To go from being a man who dies, whether your lifestyle is good, whether your lifestyle is bad, you are a still a man who dies; to be converted into a man who stops dying.


Now, we have only seen that happen to one man so far, the man Jesus of Nazareth. But this gift of life, this gift of an unending life, is available to all of humanity. And this gift is in the man Christ Jesus. Hallelujah. This gift is not in the Holy Ghost. We have all known many people who dance and sing and prophesy and preach and teach and do all kinds of things, and they still die because this gift of unending life is in the man Christ Jesus, not the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is the seed. The Holy Ghost is the sperm. The man Christ Jesus is the full-grown male warrior. I am sorry, but the sperm does not have the power to keep you from dying. You have to have the full-grown man, fully equipped with his horse and his weapons.


Why does he need to be fully equipped with his horse and his weapons? Because you have an enemy, you see. There is an enemy of your soul who kills you all the day long with his own spiritual weapons. And a sperm has no spiritual weapons, but the full-grown spiritual warrior has weapons, and he has the strength to use them. And when he is full-grown in you, he will use them to slay the beast in the sea, which is killing you, and to keep that beast dead. You see? The beast in the sea, or the sea monster; he has the power to come alive again. He must be contained for the life of the ages. He must be put down in the place that the Lord has ordained for him to be in and restrained there.


This is what the Lord was speaking about when he said to Adam, Keep the garden. The Hebrew word translated keep means to militarily guard the garden. You see, this life that we are, this expression of life or existence that we are, is a two-sided creation. And the two sides are, what?




PASTOR VITALE: Well, speaking of a substance.




PASTOR VITALE: OK. Dust and spirit, or earth and spirit. That is correct. That is what I was looking for. Everything you said was correct, but that was specifically what I was looking for. There are two sides to us: earth and spirit. We are a spirit man dwelling in the earth, and this earth is a jungle, you see. And there is a beast in the earth. In Genesis, we are told he is the whole beast of the field. And his name is?




PASTOR VITALE: Well, Devil is the next generation of Serpent, so that is correct. But we are trying to be technical. You start out with the Serpent. The Devil is the offspring of the Serpent. This earth that God breathed his Son into is a jungle. It is a dangerous place. There is death in it, and that death is in the form of the beast of the field, who is the Serpent.


So we see that, to understand the Spirit of the Word, we need a mind that can understand it. We cannot have a mind which will understand it unless the carnal mind, which is presently possessing us, is wounded and comes under judgment. And this judgment can only be executed by the righteous one, Christ Jesus.


Therefore, until this time, in preparation for a mature understanding and exhortation on the word and teaching on the word, the Lord has not only permitted us the privilege of having his word on a surface level, but he has desired it for us because this exposure to his word on a surface level has prepared the ground of our heart to receive the deep spiritual truth. As I have told you many times, the surface of the word or the letter of the word is a good thing. I do not want anyone twisting my words. It is a good thing, and it prepares us for the spiritual maturity necessary to enter into everlasting life.


Brethren, we do not wake up in an everlasting life one morning. There is no rapture of the body, nor is there a rapture of the soul. We enter into an unending life by a slow, overcoming process which destroys the sin of our carnal mind, little by little. We are in a deep pit. Humanity has fallen into a deep pit. And we are, by brute power; except it is not brute physical power; it is brute spiritual power, the sheer exertion, to the fullest extent of our strength, of the spiritual power of the mind. We are pulling ourselves up out of this pit. And there is a piercing through into a place of righteousness and holiness where there is no death. We enter in slowly. We enter in little by little. We enter in rhythmically.


What does that mean? We enter in, in a manner that is expressed as a natural example for us by the natural birth of a child. A child is birthed by means of contractions, pressure which pushes the child out of the mother's womb, out from inside of the mother's body into the external world. And we see the child, in most circumstances, coming out headfirst. We see the child's head pressing against the channel in the mother's body that he is coming out of. He presses against that channel, and he withdraws. It is just like you are trying to push through.


Did you ever see, in a movie of days when there were castles, when they were using a battering ram to knock the castle gate down? You had a whole bunch of men holding onto this big battering ram, and they go, one, two, three, heave, and they hit the door. And the door moves just a little. And everybody standing on the other side of the door sees the door press. But as soon as they see the door pressing towards them and maybe the crack between the two leaves of the door opening a little. But as soon as the contacting battering ram is withdrawn, the doors fall back into place. And then someone yells again, one, two, three, heave. They hit the door with the battering ram, and the door presses inward a little, and you see that crack appear between the two leaves. But as soon as the battering ram withdraws, the door returns to its correct position.


But you keep putting that pressure; you keep putting that battering ram on the doors, and at one point, the locks or whatever is holding the two leaves together give way. And the door opens in the same manner as the birth of a child. The head of the child keeps hitting that entrance or that exit channel from the mother's body, which is opening wider and wider each time the child's head presses against it. But each time that the child's head presses against the exit channel and does not go through, the child bounces back.


And that is what we are doing as we try to get into the kingdom of heaven. That is what we are doing as we try to enter into the mind of Christ. We enter in. Just a fragment of us enters in. But we are not strong enough to press all the way through, so we bounce back. But each time we hit that channel, that entranceway into the kingdom of God, we go a little further. Those leaves, those doors entering into that defensed city, they get a little weaker. The crack between the two leaves of the doors opens a little wider. And then, one day, we will just go crashing through, and the way will be made open. And we will go through permanently, and we will stay in the kingdom of God, and forever we shall be with the Lord.


But at this moment, we just enter in for spiritual seconds. I do not know how long it lasts. Hopefully, the whole time you are in a meeting like this, your mind is receiving whatever it is receiving of the things of God. So we are pressing into the kingdom. And we press in, and we withdraw, and we press in, and we withdraw. Do not be discouraged if you have a couple of moments or a couple of days where you are not doing as well as you were doing yesterday. You have just slipped back into the womb. But another contraction is coming, and it is going to push you through again.


The whole problem is that the contractions hurt. The contractions hurt. Contractions are pressure. Sometimes the pressure comes from our experiences out there in the world. Sometimes they come from me. But the pressures almost always come from other people or experience or circumstances in your life that are causing this pressure. But circumstances are not circumstances without people.


Listen, brethren, if you cannot pay your rent because you do not have a job, do not tell me your problem is not people. Your problem is that you lost your job. Either you got fired or the business closed down, so you had a problem with that person over there. And you are in danger of being put on the street because your landlord is not agreeing to let you live there for free. So do not tell me that your problems are not people. All your problems are people. Our whole existence down here in hell is people, people, people: people, relationships with people, causing pressure, causing hurt, causing trauma. But let me tell you something. That pain is only in the carnal mind. When your mind is in Christ, there is no pain. There is no pain in Christ, brethren.


PASTOR VITALE: Who here has heard about nirvana? Do you know what nirvana is? Nirvana is what?


COMMENT: Indian.


PASTOR VITALE: The Indian what?


COMMENT: The goddess.


PASTOR VITALE: It is heaven. It is the Indian heaven. It is the state of perfection that is promised to those practicing the Hindu religion. Nirvana is a state of perfection. You are neither low nor high. You neither have pain or; well, you do not have pain, but you are supposed to be in a continuous condition of ecstasy.


Now, a lot of Christians would say, wow, that is really pagan, is it not? I am sorry to tell you, it is in the Bible. That promise is in the Bible. There is no promise of going to heaven and living in a mansion in the Bible. There is no promise of a mansion in the Bible for you. There is no promise of a physical place with streets of gold for you. But there is a promise of a spiritual place. It is called the kingdom of God, brethren, where you have continuous satisfaction, spiritual ecstasy, no highs and lows, just high, continuous, consistent, unending satisfaction in every level of your need: spiritual, emotional and -- of course, at that point, there will not be any physical body. But while you are in transition, until you get to that point, your body is not supposed to be in torment. It is in the Bible. What is it called? Anybody? What?




PASTOR VITALE: The condition. What is it called? It is not a place. When you come into that condition, what is it called, to you personally?




PASTOR VITALE: Peace. Well, that is correct. The Hebrew word is translated peace, but we do not say that. What is the common word in the Church that everybody uses?




PASTOR VITALE: No. What is supposed to be happening to you? You are getting what?




PASTOR VITALE: Saved. Salvation, brethren. Salvation. You see, the reason nobody here could answer that question is that what you have been taught that salvation is, is an error. You have not been taught what salvation is. Salvation is satisfaction: complete, total, 100 percent satisfaction. Now, some teachers will tell you that salvation is peace. But that is a problem because peace means different things to different people. So I prefer to say complete, absolute, unequivocal satisfaction: nirvana, if you will.


PASTOR VITALE: Now, look. This is the condition of the unsaved man. Down here, what are the lows called? Anybody?


COMMENT: Valleys.


PASTOR VITALE: Valleys. And what are the highs called?


COMMENT: Mountains.


PASTOR VITALE: Mountains, mountaintops. The mountains can be liked unto spirit. The valleys can be likened unto soul. Another name for soul, especially when you are living down there, is called?




PASTOR VITALE: Hell. And another name for the mountains or the spirit or the life of the spirit is called?


COMMENT: Heaven.


PASTOR VITALE: Heaven. This is the condition of man. He is both soul and spirit. But because he is in a fallen condition, he fluctuates from high to low, from high to low, from high to low.


Now we see, in this world, that everything that we have here is a type of the reality of the spirit. We have highs and lows down here in hell. You have a scale of 1 to 10 as to what your existence can be down here in hell, the worst or the best. And the very best, well-adjusted people in this world have highs and lows. But they are minimized; they are not extreme. Look, sometimes you are happy; sometimes you are sad. Nobody is happy all the time. Anybody here happy all the time? Everybody here happy on the same level all the time? Of course not. Maybe you are doing a chore that you hate, but you have to do it. You are not as happy as you would be if you were doing something that you love to do.


So we see highs and lows within a normal range. Then we have highs and lows within an abnormal range. And that becomes a diagnosable condition. It is called manic-depressive. Either you are all hyper and all head-up and doing all kinds of things, or you are down there in the dumps to the point that you are thinking about suicide.


So we see, down here in hell, we have highs and lows. We have normal things, normal conditions and abnormal conditions. We have right and wrong within the realm of hell. We have blessing and cursing within the realm of hell. We have crime and justice within the realm of hell. And the things that are righteous down here in the hell, the things that are acceptable down here in hell, in such time as we ascend up into heaven, may no longer be acceptable. Can you hear that? OK.


So this is a diagram of the human person, of their spiritual being, highs and lows. But we have the Spirit of God coming in, brethren. He is coming in like a flood. The Scripture says, Get ready for the flood. You see? In Genesis, Noah said it is going to rain. And everybody said, rain? What is that? They had never seen rain.


Well, today, the word of God says it is going to rain. Brethren, get ready for the rain. It is a spiritual rain this time, and it is going to start to pour. And when it comes down, it is going to go down into the lowest valley. Is there not a song like that? Whose song is that? Is that Xxxx song or Xxxx song? You both sing it?




PASTOR VITALE: It is going down into the lowest valley. It is beginning to rain, rain, rain. Yeah. It is going down into the lowest valley, and it is going to abide upon the mountaintops, the rain. And the result is that there will be no more highs and lows, you see, but everything is going to even out. And we are going to be in one continuous condition of satisfaction. You can call it ecstasy if you want to. It does not sound very Christian, but it is true anyhow.


You know, as I have studied other religions, I have found that it is not at all infrequent that other religions, and in particular Hinduism and Buddhism, frequently, in many areas, have a very true understanding of the human nature, of the human condition, of the human failures, of the human lacks. What the religions of the world that have spiritual truth do not agree upon is the solution to the problem. They all seem to agree with the problem. They all seem to agree with it. They know man has highs and lows. They know man is lacking. They know man has empty areas. And they know that there is something called nirvana, and our Bible says salvation. The only difference is that we disagree on how man is going to get into this condition.


I agree with most of what I read in Hinduism, as to their understanding of the problems of human nature. I disagree with their solutions to the problem. I do not even disagree with the solutions to the problem; the word is not solutions. I agree with them as to what the solution is to the problem. I disagree with how we are going to get there, how we are going to accomplish the solution.


The problem, brethren, is that man is negative. We are lacking. We are absent what we need to be productive and to have our every need met without any help from any outside source. We are lacking. I do not know any religion that would disagree with that. That is the problem. The answer to the problem is that we need to be filled up. We need to be completed. The word, filled up, is the same Hebrew and Greek word that means filled up and completed. While we are empty, we need to be filled. While lacking, we need to be completed.


You see, I have something in common with a Hindu. I could sit down today and have a conversation with a Hindu. I agree with you that we need to get to nirvana. Does that word offend you? It does not offend me. You do not have to call it salvation. I will go the extra mile; I will call it nirvana. Let us talk about how we are going to get there. You see? I already have the foundation for a very fascinating discussion with a Hindu. Can you hear what I am saying?


So, trying to get back to the major point of this message today: man, in this hour and for the past 2,000 years, has been in the process of being prepared, by the surface of the word of God, to completely satisfy him, to completely fill him, to complete him. He is missing something; therefore he is constantly looking to take in food from the outside. He is constantly looking to take in clothing from the outside. He is constantly looking to take in love from the outside, understanding from the outside, warmth from the outside, pleasure from the outside, intellectual stimulation from the outside. We are lacking. We are lacking. We are lacking. We are lacking. We need to be filled. We need to be filled. We need to be filled. We need to be filled. Every form of compulsive behavior is an attempt, conscious or unconscious, by that person to fill what they are missing, to fill themselves up with what they are lacking.


The whole problem is most of us do not know what we are lacking. In most of our cases, this lack is registering in our conscious mind as a need for something which will never, ever fill us. So, brethren, look, if the only thing that is going to fill you up is rain, and you keep drinking Pepsi Cola, you will never, ever, ever, ever be filled. But somebody, way back in the antiquity, told you that what you need to fill you up is Pepsi Cola. And mankind has been spending thousands of years drinking the wrong thing, and we are still not filled up. Therefore there is a very definite need for a change of what?




PASTOR VITALE: Heart. Yes. Mind, the way we think. Absolutely. You will never fill up on that stuff. You will never have enough food. You will never be able to stop eating. You will never have enough water. You will never have enough love. You will never have enough intellectual stimulation. You will never have enough. You will never have enough. You will go to your grave unfilled because there is only one thing that will fill you. There is only one thing that will complete you, and it is not a thing; it is a he: your true husband. And his name is Christ Jesus.


The whole Church world and whoever else has been in preparation, for the past 2,000 years, for the wedding between the bridegroom, the man Christ Jesus, and you, his bride. You see, Christ Jesus is a spirit, and your preparation for marriage with him must therefore be what?


COMMENT: In the spirit.


PASTOR VITALE: Spiritual. Spirit is mind. Your mind must be prepared to receive the king. The surface of the word, the letter of the word, is good. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not speaking out of Christ, and they lie unto you. The Devil was a liar from the beginning.


So we study the word in the King James translation or whatever other translation, godly translation. We do not want anyone reading the satanic Bible here now and saying Pastor Sheila said that is good. No, Pastor Sheila did not say the satanic Bible is good. Any legitimate translation of the Scripture is good if that is where you are.


But as that letter of the word gets inside of you and plows your soul and starts kicking out all of the weeds and the stones, and you get ready for the truth as God sends judgment upon your soul and begins to point out your sins, and as you confess them and begin to change your mind, we see a person which is prepared to receive the Spirit of the Word. The Spirit of the Word is the man Christ Jesus Himself.


So getting back to our main point of this message, some books of the Bible, more than others, are written in the form of fairy tale. The more difficult the hidden message of the Scripture is in any particular area, the more likely that that book or that passage or that group of verses will be translated in fairy tale form.


We see, in particular, the account of the formation of the man translated in a fairy tale form, which is a good thing. Why is it good? It makes the translation of the Scripture available to every human being, from the smallest of children. You can read this Bible to your infants. I do not know to what measure they would understand, but very small children can understand the fairy tale of Genesis, of the formation of the man. And God made the earth and all of the giraffes and the elephants and the cows. Even though it is not really true, it sounds good. And the truth is that God formed the earth. That is true. So if what you are capable of believing is that God made the elephants and the tigers, if that is the only earth that you know, that is good. Why? Because you now know that God formed the earth.


And then you read, in Genesis 3, that the Serpent was destined to crawl on his belly. I have heard two preachers preach that the Serpent must have had legs because now he is crawling on his belly. If you need to believe that the Serpent had legs to believe that God's curse said the Serpent will crawl on his belly, then you believe it. I do not believe that. I do not believe the Serpent ever had legs or feet. But the King James translation presents this truth. What truth? That God cursed the Serpent. And God said, 'You shall henceforth crawl on your belly.' That is the truth. The question is, what does that mean? If you think what it means is that the Serpent had his legs amputated, that is OK because that is all that you can believe at the moment. But along with the misconception, along with the childish understanding, you have, growing in your soul, a spiritual truth. What is that? God cursed the Serpent. Amen.


Leave people alone, brethren. Let them learn at their own pace. Do not make yourself their savior. You are not. Leave them alone.


But for those of us who are called to spiritual maturity, now we have somewhat of a problem. I do not think it is that big of a problem, but we will address it. As God moves to teach us the deep Spirit of the Word, we will find a distinct contradiction to the fairy tale of the word. I therefore encourage you to look for the principle of what God is saying and not necessarily the surface detail.


God made a man, and God made a woman. Spiritual truth: At the beginning of time, there was a man formed, and there was a woman formed. You want to believe the man and the woman looked like we look today? Be my guest. I do not believe that. But we agree that, at the beginning of time, God formed a man first, and he formed the woman second. Amen.


We may disagree as to how he formed that man and that woman. We may disagree as to what that man and woman looked like. We may even disagree as to what man and woman is. But we agree that the word of God says that, at the beginning of time, God formed the man. And we agree that he formed the man out of the what?




PASTOR VITALE: Out of the dust. And we agree that he formed the woman second.


So as we go into this deep study in the Book of Genesis, I encourage you to ask God to help you to not get all hung up on the fairy tale translation. And I pray for you all that the Lord help you separate the principle of what God did from the understanding of that principle because, you see, the principle does not change. God made the heaven and the earth. The principle does not change. God formed the man. The principle does not change. How we did it, what the descriptive words mean, changes as our understanding increases, not that God changes but that God lets us understand the principles on a very childish level, if that is what we need to internalize the principle. What is that principle? God is. There is a God, and He is in heaven. You may think that heaven is something different than I think that it is. But we agree that there is a God and that He is in heaven.


So we will go forward with our study in Genesis today. There was some confusion in the last meeting, with people trying to relate what I was saying to the King James translation. I just pray for you all that the Lord would help you to stay with the principle and not get hung up on the fantasy. I pray that whatever is truly of his Spirit and his Word should penetrate your mind and should root there and should grow up with a deep understanding for you that will produce life in your heart, life in the form of the man Christ Jesus, because in him is all knowledge and all truth and all victory over all of the devices of the Devil, who is your enemy, who hates you and would see you dead. Let every true principle coming forth here today root in you and let the man Christ Jesus arise and slay that Dragon in the sea.


We all would agree there is a Dragon. There is a Dragon out there. The Serpent existed in the garden before this world came into being. The Serpent was in submission; what does in submission mean? The Serpent was in submission to the Father. He was in the place that he was created to be in at the beginning. But at some point, that Serpent disobeyed the Father and came out from under his authority and started thinking with a different thought and started doing a different thing. He left his post, brethren. He left his assignment. He went AWOL, and he became a fugitive from the justice of almighty God.


We find him, in the Old Testament, called that piercing Serpent. The Hebrew word, piercing, also can be translated fugitive. And when the Serpent separated out from under God's authority and became a fugitive from Jehovah's justice, his name changed. And his name changed from Serpent to, anybody?




PASTOR VITALE: You missed one. What is the generation in between those two?


COMMENT: The Dragon.


PASTOR VITALE: The Dragon. He became the Dragon. And the Dragon has a name. Anybody know what the Dragon's name is?


COMMENT: Leviathan.


PASTOR VITALE: Leviathan. Listen. I am a woman, and I have a name. It is Sheila. The Serpent has a name, although not a proper name; it is the beast of the field. The Dragon has a name; it is Leviathan. And the Dragon incarnated as a company of men who must labor to survive. And that third generation, Serpent, Dragon, company of men; what is the name of the company of men? The Devil. We are all Devils. Your dad is a Devil, and so are you. When your father truly becomes God, you too will be God.


So we have a Church world that says you are not a Devil; neither can you be God. Well, what are you? That is what the Church teaches. The Church teaches, you are not the Devil. The Devil is out there somewhere. He is red, and he has got two horns and a tail. The Church says, you are not the Devil. Do not think you are a Devil. And when the Church hears you saying that we are to be gods; they say, no, you cannot be God. Well, what are you? Brethren, the creation is either the Devil or Christ. You are either one or the other. You are either one or the other. You are either one or the other. So we see that we have a lot to learn. Glory to God.


I just pray that God helps you get past the fairy tale in the Book of Genesis. Everybody OK? Ask God to help you see the principle of what I am saying. Let us try this. I am just going to erase this board.


A couple of questions came up at the last meeting, which I hope this word study will clarify: the difference between earth, ground and field. God is not frivolous. If there is a change of word, there is a change. No matter how subtle, there is a change of what God is talking about.


We will start with the word, earth. It is Strong's #776, and it refers to earth as opposed to heaven, that which is opposite of heaven. We are talking about something very, very basic. Heaven is high; earth is low. Heaven is spirit; earth is the opposite of spirit. Now, before the creation came into being, there was just spirit. That is all there was. That is all there was: just spirit. Does anybody remember how the earth came into being? We had a spirit. I cannot draw spirit, so just for argument's sake, I am going to draw it with some dashes. We have the Spirit of the Father. And Jesus Christ was where?


COMMENT: In the Father.


PASTOR VITALE: Where in the Father?




PASTOR VITALE: What is the bosom of the Father? It means he was in there. That is what the Scripture says. It was in His bosom. It means he was so one with the Father that they were inseparable, but yet they were separate.


Now the natural example we have, which is not an ideal example, is the fetus in a mother. The fetus is one with the mother. The fetus cannot survive without his lifeline, called the umbilical cord, to the mother. For all intents and purposes, for medical purposes, the woman is one woman, and the fetus is a part of her. If the day comes that they separate, the fetus is given no legal acknowledgement as a separate human being. She is considered part of the mother.


It is this fact that is arming pro-abortion forces to murder the fetuses because there is no legal acknowledgement, and there is no, in fact, physical separation between fetus and mother. So people who are pro-abortion will say to you, it is my body. If I want to cut off my arm, I could do it. But the truth of the matter is, if you cut off your own arm, they would probably lock you up and give you a couple of years of testing to see if your mind is right. But that is another story.


So on the one hand, it is true that, physically speaking, the fetus and the mother are one person. But they are two souls, or they are two spirits. And we see even that being a type of what is in the Scripture. If you go back to the beginning of time, the teaching here is that the man had a wife, and his wife was within him. The Scripture says eight souls were saved by water, but I only hear four names. Eight souls saved by water; I only hear four names. Anybody else hear eight names? Who were the four names saved by water?




PASTOR VITALE: Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth. And they each had a wife which was in the midst of them, just like a fetus is in the midst of a woman: not named, two souls in one vessel. So we see, every spiritual truth, we have a natural example down here. We have pictures, living pictures to help us understand, visual aids. That is what we have down here.


So we see, at the beginning of time, the Father existed. And Jesus was in His bosom. You really could not separate them. They were inseparable. And the Father said, I want to make a visible creation. Therefore I am going to cause my Son to separate from me, and... To be graphic, another example that we have, brethren, is a seed, the seed within a man's body. And when he is going to produce a child, that seed must leave his body. Well, we see that the Father, the Scripture says, propelled the Son away from Jim with great force. With the force of an atomic explosion, the Father separated the Son from Himself. And there was residue from that explosion. If you use an atomic explosion as an example, the residue of the explosion is called atomic ash.


COMMENT: Fallout.


PASTOR VITALE: Fallout, ash; it is ash. It is fallout, but the fallout is ash. There was a byproduct of the separation. It was a byproduct of the separation. The Father is Spirit. The Son is Spirit. The byproduct of the separation is soul. Soul is the exact opposite of the spirit.


Now, I am not going to redo this whole teaching now, but this byproduct, by the time we got up to here, was formed into the earth. So we see that the earth is the opposite of the spirit. We have a couple of messages on all that. The earth is the opposite of spirit. The formation of the hard part of the creation, the formation of the part of the creation which is not invisible, the formation of the part of the creation which is not spirit came into being as a byproduct of the separation of the Son from the Father. That is where it came from. You never knew that, did you? No. OK. Now you know it. Jesus.


The word, earth, Strong's #776, is the opposite of heaven. Let me remind you that the usage of a word is very important. No matter what the dictionary says, if you want to really understand what a word means, scripturally speaking, you go into the Scripture and look up all the times where this word is used. And you see the usage of the word. You see how the Scripture uses the word. You can therefore get a better idea of how it is being used by the Father.


So when I did a very quick word study on this, and I stayed within the first few chapters of Genesis, the way this word is used in the first few chapters of Genesis, is simply to talk about a location, a geographical area, the earth: China, Japan, the United States, the geographical area or location or region of the earth, this planet, that which we walk on. That is how the word is used.


I have several words to give you an idea of how it is used. We find some Scriptures that say; I think the way it reads in the King James is, Something came forth from the earth. And I did not write down the King James word, but it is Strong's #1876, that which comes forth from the earth, and that means sprouts: the earth which is sprouting. We see this word, Strong's #776: the earth which is bearing, the earth which is bringing forth, the productive earth.


Who knows that sterile earth cannot produce any form of growth? Does anybody know that? You cannot grow anything in sterile earth. You have to mix it with manure or some form of garbage to make it productive. Of course, everything in the spirit is the opposite of everything in the soul. And this earth, I suggest to you, became or came into a condition whereby things or herbs or whatever could sprout from it because it had contact with the Son of God.


We are told, in the beginning, there was something called dry. The King James translators said dry land, but that is not what the Hebrew says. The Hebrew says there was the wet and there was the dry. And the spirit that came into being in this world is typified by water. So there was the spirit that was existing in the form of water because the Lord was building a visible world. And then there was a dry part that was sterile.


You might know, from Genesis 1, that the Lord said, Let there be a firmament, and the waters washed over the dry part. And then the Lord called all the waters back into one place and the dry into another place. And then he said, Let the waters be seas. And let the dry part that the waters had flushed over and pulled back; it would be as if you poured water on this rug and went through it with an extractor that pulls all the water out of the rug. You can get all of the water out of the rug, but there is a residue in that rug. The rug is still wet. You have to wait for it to dry.


So the Lord called all the water back, called the seas, and the dry part was without water, but it still had a residue of the water, which was the life of the Son. And that residue was in the form of minerals which fertilize the earth, which made it capable of producing life. Therefore the name of the dry part changed from dry to earth. Dry is the dry part that is sterile, and earth is the dry part that is capable of producing life. Earth is the hard part of the creation which is capable of producing life.


Another way this word is used; it is not the word in the King James, but it means to expand, as a plant. It is Strong's #3318. Then we see the beast of the earth. If you want to look it up yourself, it is all in Genesis 1, maybe Genesis 2. That word, beast, Strong's 2416; now, this is very interesting, brethren. I do not know about you, but every time I ever heard the word, beast, to me, it always meant a cat or a dog or an elephant. If you look that word up in Gesenius (I do not know about Strong's), but if you look it up in Gesenius, it does not necessarily mean that. The word, beast, the Hebrew word translated beast, means any living thing, animal or plant.


So when you read and when I read about the beast of the field, and we find out that the whole beast of the field is the Serpent, and we get this snake in our brain, I want to tell you that the Hebrew does not support that the Serpent was in any flesh form at that time. All that it says to me, when the Serpent is called the whole beast of the field, all that it says to me, after doing this study, is that he had life. The Serpent had life. We are not really told what form of life it is. We are not told whether he had animal flesh or spiritual life.


And I suggest to you, it was not animal flesh; it was spiritual life. What does that mean? It means the water of the life of the Son flowed over the earth. And out of that earth was formed the beast of the field. The Serpent had life, which he received because the life of the Son is so great; the life of God was so powerful, that when it touched the earth, it even gave life, or a form of life, to the earth. And that form of life was called the Serpent.


If you can hear that, it is as if to say the life of God is so strong that, if it were to manifest itself here today and flow over this table, which, personally (I cannot even comprehend, but this is the principle), it would give a form of life to this table. That is how powerful the life of God is. It gives life to everything that it touches. And the Lord is giving me a witness for you, where we are told in the Scripture that a grave was opened to bury a man, and it happened to be the grave in which Elisha's bones were buried, bones typifying spirit. There was so much life in those bones that, when they threw the dead person on top of them, what happened?




PASTOR VITALE: The corpse came to life after coming in contact with Elisha's bones that had been laying there for years. That is how powerful God's life is. I do not know about you, but I cannot really comprehend it. But I believe it in principle.


We are talking about usages of the word translated earth. Then we are told something went up from the earth. I think, in this Scripture, it is talking about vapors coming up from the earth, in Genesis 2. And that word, translated went up, is Strong's #108. And it is referring to whatever guards or strengthens. And I think Xxxx asked a question about that at the last meeting. When the mist, whatever the word is in the King James, went up from the earth, that which is in the earth, which strengthened it, rose up.


So the earth has two parts to it: the dry part and the residue of the Son that washed over it. So therefore that which is strengthening the earth is the residue of the life of the Son that is mixed with it. So that mist that went up from the earth in the garden was that part of the life of the Son that was joined to it; that it was Spirit that ascended from it at that point. It was not a natural garden with dew coming down in the middle of the night.


So every example that I am giving you, and there is one more, is speaking about the surface of the ground out there. That is what we are talking about. I have one more usage for you: the face of the earth. And the word, face, is Strong's #6440. We see that in Genesis 1:29. And it is referring to seed lying on the surface of the earth, the face of the earth, the surface of the earth. That particular Scripture says there was seed lying on the surface of the earth.


Now I just remind you, just as an aside, that, for seed to grow, it has to get inside of the earth. At the beginning of time, the seed of the Son, Christ, was lying on the surface of the earth. It has to get inside of us to grow. Ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch, ouch. Dig a hole in the earth. Plant a seed. Cover it over. Ouch, ouch, ouch.


Brethren, we are all earth. We are all earth. God wants us to give an increase. The increase of the earth, the man Christ Jesus, he is a spiritual plant that the Lord is attempting to cultivate in the earth of our soul. He wants plant life to proceed forth from us. We are being plowed. We are being weeded. We are being poked and prodded, and it hurts. But the end of it all will be the fruit of his life, which will bring us to a condition of ultimate and continuous, unending ecstasy of the mind.


I do not know about you, but when I hear about everlasting life, it sounds good. But I really do not know what that means. And who would want everlasting life with the torments that we experience here?


We have talked about a TV program here called The Highlander. I have shown you one episode. It is a program; it is a science fiction program that is about immortals in the earth. But they are immortals who are raised up by the Devil. I watched that program yesterday, and if you watch it over a period of time, it is very clear that these immortals are sad. They are immortals that do not have ecstasy. They are immortals which are in eternal torment. They cannot have children. They cannot get married. They cannot have family lives. Well, is that not what the Bible says? Yes, but with ecstasy. In this program, we see immortals living amongst mortals, being denied all of the blessings of this mortal life. And they are sad.


But that is not what my Bible said. The carnal mind got it backwards once again. Immortality in Christ Jesus is ecstasy. Now, ecstasy says something to me. It says a lot more than everlasting life. It says a lot more than peace. It certainly says everything more than salvation. What in God's name is that? But the Hebrew word is translated all of those things that I just named. It can also be translated ecstasy. Well, let us call it what it is. It is not a dirty word. It all depends how you use it. I am talking about ecstasy with Christ Jesus: everlasting, eternal, consistent, unwavering, unending ecstasy of the mind. Oh, they are screaming. I can hear them screaming. OK. Let us go on. Jesus.


The next word in our word study is the Hebrew word translated ground. It is Strong's #127. And this is referring to the earth in its function or the earth as a substance. Earth is a word which describes the hard part in its relationship to heaven, heaven being soft or spirit, earth being hard. Ground is the word referring to the hard part in its function as a substance, which is used as a building material, building or a construction material. We are really talking about the same thing here, earth and ground. We are talking about the same thing, but as the function changes, the name changes. And that is a scriptural principle. We have one spirit. Every time the administration or the function of the spirit changes, the name changes.


So here we have a substance. And as the function of it changes, the name changes. We have something that is called the hard part. It is the opposite of the soft part, which is spirit. So when we are talking about this hard part as contrasted to heaven, it is called earth. When we are talking about this hard part and referring to the substance of it in context of its use as a building material, we call it the ground.


We see this word used, in the King James, in the expression of to till the ground. And the word, to till, is Strong's #5647. We had a question about that at the last meeting. If the earth is the Serpent, how could you till the Serpent? One very, you know, very serious believer asked me. When she was reading the King James translation, she was reading the fairy story, and it did not make any sense to her. But there is another translation of the word, to till, that means to enslave.


Now, when the ground is the Serpent, you sure can enslave the Serpent. So you see, if it is a spiritual ground that you are talking about, you surely want to enslave that Serpent. Why would you want to enslave the Serpent? Well, he got out from his cage, and look at what he did. What did he do? What did he do? He killed us. Brethren, you let that lion out of the cage; you could die. That Serpent killed us. We are dead, and we fell down into hell. And there is some spiritual Devil sticking us with a pitchfork every day. Or maybe you are not stuck every day. There are people that are being stuck every day. But you have to be stuck sometime in your life.


Everybody has got to get stoned. You know that song? Now, it does not mean get high on drugs. It means everybody has to have a couple of rocks thrown at them at some time in their lifetime. Why? Because that is the condition of hell. You do not pass through this world system, whose name is hell, without feeling the pinch of a couple of rocks hitting you during your passage through. Now, some people get stoned a little bit more than others, and some people feel that pitchfork a little bit more than others, but everybody gets theirs. Right? No one escapes. And at the very least, if you have a perfect life, which is impossible, it still comes to an end. That means you die.


Another usage of the word, ground, is the face of the ground, which means the surface. Again, just as we talk about the surface of the earth as being opposed to heaven, the surface of the earth upon which seed is strewn, we also see the surface of the earth, which is a building or a construction material. It can be used either way.


Then we hear about the dust of the earth, Strong's #6083, which is more accurately translated the ashes. The ashes are the loose grains of the solid part that appeared when the Son separated from the Father. The earth became pressed together, but there were some grains lying on the surface, the dust of the ground.


And the word, ground, is also used with the expression, to grow out of the ground, Strong's #6779, speaking about the things which grow out of the ground. Now, with regard to the word, earth, we heard it said, the earth is earth that was in a form which could produce life. But now we are talking about the life which is produced from the earth. Two different words.


The third word in our word study is the Hebrew word translated field; earth, ground, field; Strong's #7704. And this is speaking about the cultivated earth. What does cultivated earth mean? Do you know what it means?


COMMENT: Ground.


COMMENT: Prepared ground.


PASTOR VITALE: Prepared ground? Well, scripturally speaking, it is speaking about the earth as opposed to; just as I said the word, earth, is describing that which is opposite of heaven, this world, field, is speaking about earth as opposed to the mountains, which are spirit, and also as opposed to the sea; I guess you could say soul.


So we see that we are really talking about the same thing here: the hard part of the creation. Earth describes that which is opposite of heaven. Ground describes the substance out of which the world is formed. And the word, field, is speaking about the hard part, as opposed to spirit and soul.


Now, you may recall that the apostle Peter says that the Lord formed the earth. Part of it was standing in the water, and part of the earth was standing up out of the water. So we are talking about conscious and unconscious mind. The unconscious mind is the earth, which is in the water, typified by the ocean bed. And that part of the earth which is standing up out of the water is the conscious mind. It is the conscious mind. So I would say the cultivated field is speaking about the conscious mind.


Those of you who have been studying here for a while might know that the sea typifies Satan, the unconscious mind. The mountains typify spirit. And the field therefore is speaking about the conscious mind. Praise the Lord.


By way of review, the Serpent is that beast which appeared in the garden in Genesis. Well, the first we hear about her called by her name, the Serpent, is in Genesis 3. And the Serpent was in submission to the creation. She typified the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, which was inside or within the Tree of Life.


Let me draw it for you. As long as I am at the board today, you shall partake of my artwork, you blessed people. We have the Tree of Life. And although the King James translation makes it sound like the Tree of Life was in the midst of the garden, I suggest to you that the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was in the midst of the Tree of Life, and the whole tree was the Tree of Life. But there is, in the midst of the Tree of Life, a partial tree called the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.


Just as we see a peach; how is that, all you artists? And in the middle of the peach, if we are looking at a cross-section of the peach, we have a peach pit. That is our natural example. Now, the peach is edible; the flesh of the peach is edible. The peach pit is inedible. You do not eat the peach pit.


So we see that the two trees together; the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil that is within the Tree of Life produces life. But what happened was that the Serpent, whose tree this was, separated out and started an existence on her own base, on her authority. I suggest to you, this separation took place where?




PASTOR VITALE: Yes, but in what part of the person?


COMMENT: The mind.


PASTOR VITALE: In the mind. Brethren, we separate from one another in the mind. If a couple is getting divorced, before they physically separate, they have had an emotional separation. If you do not believe it, you do not know what you are talking about. Two people who are madly in love with one another do not just rise up and separate. The separation begins slowly in the mind. The last of the separation is physical. It begins in the mind.


So we see that the creation was one creation. And God said it was what?




PASTOR VITALE: Good. He did not say it was perfect. He said it was good. And the reason that it was not perfect was that there was a potential, within this creation, to sin. No sin had yet been found in it, but the potential existed. And because the potential for sin existed, we could not call the creation perfect. God cannot call the creation righteous, but he could call it good and not evil.


Because, on a scale of 1 to 10, let us draw a scale. I talk about it a lot. On a scale of 1 to 10, human beings today, most of us, are somewhere in the 4 to 6 range. We are not angels, but neither are we devils. But at the beginning of time, the creation, whose name was Adam, was a 10. Remember that movie? Did anybody see that movie, 10? Yeah, with Bo Derek. She was a 10. She was one good-looking woman. Well, the creation was a 10. And the creation was Adam, and he was a 10. He was good, and there was no evil found in him. But the potential for the evil was there, and that is why he was not perfect.


You see, to be perfect, there could be no scale. There could be no potential for evil, just righteousness with no possible chance of sin. That is the condition that the Lord Jesus Christ is in today. That is the condition that is promised to us as our inheritance. But until such time as the creation is matured unto its ultimate state, we have the potential to be down at the evil end of the scale or the potential to be up at the top of the scale. But most men today are in the middle of the scale.


Some people, whose lives have taken a negative turn, they abide in the 3 to 4 range. Their life is not good, brethren. They are not nice people. They are not nice people. They do evil. They hurt people who love them. Their relationships are a disaster, and their lives are not positive in many different ways. Their overall life is negative. But even so, they are not monsters. To be down here, to be a number 1, you would have to be a monster, totally given over to evil, a masochist, someone who tortures people and kills them, a very sick person. In my opinion, to be a number 1, you would really have to be totally given over to Satan, to be a 1. And the only one that I know of who is a 10 is the Lord Jesus Christ.


So most of us abide here in the middle. But we have some people in this world that are 6s or 7s. Predominantly, their life is positive. They are kind. They are generous. They are thoughtful. Their relationships are positive. The people that they are close to love them and appreciate them. But nobody is down at the opposite ends today. But this is what is happening in this hour. The creation is beginning to differentiate individual human beings.


The first ones to mature are either going all the way down to 1, or they go on all the way up to 10. And the men that are going to be going up the scale, the men who are going to be spiritual 10s, they are called the Sons of God. Amen. And the men who are going to be 1s, sons of the Devil. That is what they are going to be. They are going to be devils. They are going to be devils. And those of us who head toward Christ, we are going to be God. We are either going to be the Devil, or we are going to be God.


This creation now is beginning to mature, an individual at a time. If you do not realize it, that is why this mad push is on for the workers of witchcraft to recruit people into New Age. Whatever other techniques they are using to gather people into the Devil's kingdom, it is because they have got to get you now. They have got to get you before Christ gets you. There is a mad scramble on for which spiritual being, either the man or the woman, either Christ Jesus or the Devil, is going to fully possess you.


So we see the creation is coming to maturity, not everybody all at once. Just as tomatoes ripen on a plant, one here and one there, at any moment, we are about to see men and women begin to stand up in full spiritual maturity, either as gods or as devils. It is happening right now. You see, it is not a rapture. It is not going to happen overnight. You are not going to wake up in the morning and find yourself either as a god or a devil. It is a process. It is a process.


Now, if you want to be a god, you have to go into training, and you have to work for it. And that work includes confessing your sins, et cetera, et cetera. We talk about it all the time. If you do not do anything, you will default. You will just go with the flow and everybody who is not doing anything. Jesus said, If you are not for me, you are against me. Everybody who is not actively working to develop themselves towards the positive side of the scale will just go with the flow. And they will wake up one morning, and they will be devils.


I am telling you the truth. Maybe it will not happen in your lifetime. If it does not happen in your lifetime, you will just live out your life as a natural man and pass on. But it will happen in your offspring's lifetime because it is beginning now. The race is on. If you want to be a god, you have to prepare for it. If you do not prepare for it, you are headed into the Devil's camp. You think I am trying to frighten you? I am not trying to frighten you. Jesus said, The truth will set you free.


Has anybody seen my eraser? Oh, here it is. OK. Praise the Lord. I am going to try and go into the next phase of this message.


We are going to review the list of names that we did, Thursday night, that we have taken out of Genesis 2. I will give you the whole rundown before we start. We will be giving spiritual definitions of these words: the dust of the ground, breath of life, living soul, Serpent, beast of the field, bird of the heavens and cattle. We will be defining these spiritual terms, if I can get this message out, and you will see that they are a progression. They are a progression, a series of words describing the formation of the creation, whose name is Adam.


Just as a fetus in a woman's womb begins with the heart, and as the days and weeks of pregnancy goes by, the fetus's body is literally built, the spinal column is built in. The brain is built in. The lungs are built in. Every day, new organs are being built in. In that same manner, God built the spiritual creation.


We see this series of words that I just read off are the spiritual parts of the creation of God, the end of which is, who? Who is the beginning of the completed creation of God? The Lord Jesus Christ said, I am the beginning of the creation of God. The creation of God is still being built.


Brethren, it says in another place, We do not know what we will be. We do not know what we will look like, but we see -- anybody?




PASTOR VITALE: Jesus. He is a glorified man, a ball of light, indestructible, untouchable, an energy source, a sun, a spiritual man who can take any form he chooses. He is not trapped in a vile body like we are. So there is much we do not understand, but we see the end of what is happening to us because we see Jesus, our elder brother, our Father, the founder of the glorified creation. He is the foundation of the creation of God.


God, help me. I am having trouble preaching tonight.


So we are starting in Genesis 2, and I do not have the exact verse for you. But we see the phrase, the dust of the ground. And I call to your attention that the animals are made out of the ground, but that Adam was made out of the dust of the ground. And there are Scriptures, in the Prophets and in the Psalms, which just talk about the dust, implying intelligence to the dust. Brethren, if ever you read about the dust in any form of prophecy or symbolic aspect of the Bible, it is speaking about Adam.


Now, remember, Adam, despite what the King James translation tells you, was not a man. Adam was simply the creation of God. He was asexual. There were no men on the earth at the time. It is like saying a fetus is being formed, and all we have is the heart. We do not know what that baby is going to be. We do not know what the sex of that baby is going to be. Adam simply is the name of the creation, and he was named after the substance that he was formed out of, the earth.


And we see that, after the man was formed, what did God do next? God breathed the breath of life, and that breath of God's life is Christ. So the dust is Adam, and the breath that was breathed into him is Christ. And the Scripture says the dust plus the breath is called the living soul. The dust plus the breath is called a living soul. Adam, with Christ breathed into him, is the living soul.


I suggest that this living soul is the beginning of the mind of the creation. It is a mind which is incomplete. It is an incomplete mind. It is a one-thread mind. We know that a threefold cord is not easily broken. A strong mind, a mature mind, a mind that is difficult to tear down and overcome, is made from three threads. Does anybody know which the three threads are? Let me just give you a quick diagram here.


A mind is a woven garment for God's Spirit. And when you weave a garment, you have threads going in one direction, from heaven to earth. These threads are called the woof. And then we have threads going across, and they are interwoven in between. And these threads are called what?




PASTOR VITALE: Warp. So we have the woof over here, and we have the warp over there. And inside of this garment, and this is a completed mind I am drawing for you, is the Spirit, hopefully, of Christ, and the mind of Christ. We have the Spirit of Christ, and the whole thing is called the mind of Christ. And here we have the beginning of a man, whose name is Christ Jesus, a whole man.


So we see, according to the Scripture, that the threads running from top to bottom, the vertical threads, the threads which are the woof, they are really two strands running together. What strand is that? Strand of dust and breath. That is the woof.


Now, if you take a hair from your head and you put it under a microscope, you will see that that hair is really thick, and it has all kinds of layers in it. I do not really remember. I have seen hair under the microscope, but I really do not remember. But I know, what looks like nothing, a single hair, when you put it under the microscope, it looks thick, and it has layers. So this is very acceptable to say that a strand or a thread of a woven garment, a spiritual garment, is both dust and breath and is a two-fold strand, which is the woof of God's garment.


And the warp of God's garment, the third strand, which goes in the other direction, does anybody know what that is? It is the Serpent. It is the Serpent, which is the beast or the living part of the earth.


So we see that the woof of God's garment is spirit, and the warp of God's garment is ground because the Serpent was formed out of the ground. And when the woof and the warp are interwoven adequately, we have the three-fold cord that is not easily broken. Another way to express it is that we have a completed mind or a mature mind.


PASTOR VITALE: Everybody OK? I am not OK. Praise God.


So we have the dust, which is Adam, the breath of life, which is Christ, and we see the dust plus the breath equals the living soul. Now, remember, this is the formation of the creation. The hip bone is connected to the leg bone, and the leg bone is connected to the ankle bone. That is what we are doing here. So, next in line is the living soul.


We are reading in Genesis, Chapter 2, verse 19. And the next thing we see in Genesis 2 is that, out of the ground, the Lord God formed every beast of the field. And that Hebrew word, translated every, can mean the whole. And I suggest that it means the whole beast of the field. And of course, the many people read this Scripture, and they read every beast of the field, and they think that it means the lions and the tigers and the giraffes. And some people even think it means the rats and the mice and all that. And I want to suggest that there is only one beast that I read about in this early part of Genesis. I only see one beast, and his name is the Serpent. His name is the Serpent, the beast of the field. The whole beast of the field is the Serpent.


So we see the dust is connected to the breath, and it forms the living soul. And then, out of the ground, the Lord formed the Serpent, the whole Serpent. And then He put all that together. He added the dust to the breath, which made the living soul. And then He added the Serpent to it. And the next thing that we see here is, And out of the ground, the Lord God formed the whole beast of the field. That is the Serpent. And He also formed the whole fowl of the air. Now, fowl means bird, and birds are always referring to the spirit because they fly in the heavenlies.


Now, I am not going to go into the detail that I went into on the last message. But that Hebrew word, translated beast, I do not know about you, but when I hear the word, beast, I think of an animal. I think of a cat or a dog or a tiger. But if you look that word up in the Hebrew, it does not have to mean a flesh beast. It merely means something that is living. It means something that is living. It can mean a living animal; it can mean a living plant. The Hebrew word, translated beast, is speaking about something that has life.


So we see, when the Scripture says, the beast of the field, the intention of the original Hebrew is that which is alive, which is in the field. So let us find out what the field is, and the Lord just showed that to me through our word study this morning. I was wondering why we were doing a word study this morning.


So we have here the whole beast of the field. And in another place, I think it is Genesis 1, the Scripture speaks about the herb of the field. So we have a living thing that is in the field and a plant that is in the field. And what the Lord showed me is this. I will show it to you, if I can show it to you.


First of all, somebody asked me a question that I said the whole bird of the field was the completed mind. I did. Please note that verse 19 speaks about the bird of the field, and verse 20 speaks about the whole bird of the field. This is getting very technical.


PASTOR VITALE: Did you have a question? I will take questions as we go tonight because this is very technical.




PASTOR VITALE: Of the air? OK. Thank you. I said, of the field, and the Scripture says, of the air or of the field?


COMMENT: Fowl of the air.


PASTOR VITALE: Fowl of the air. The Scripture says, and every fowl of the air. OK. Thank you. That is correct.


So we see that what the Lord is forming here is almost spiritual DNA, spiritual genetic material. And we found, in a prior message, that this living soul is speaking about a single strand. If you can see it, it may sound like it is even talking about genetic material. Those of you who have had some exposure to the scientific studies of genetic materials, they look like strands: the DNA, the genetic material that you pass on to your children when you father a child. That is what they look like. I do not know. Does anybody know whether it is two or three strands in there with the DNA? I am not sure. It is at least two, and that is what it looks like.


And it is this genetic material that you pass onto your children. Something just like that will determine whether or not your skin is black or white, your child's skin is black or white. It will determine whether or not your child has yellow or red hair. It will determine whether you are short, or you are tall. And all of this genetic material; this is what it looks like under a microscope. All of this genetic material is found in the male and the female seed. It is all there. It is submicroscopic. But when you put it under a microscope, that is what it looks like.


And we have found several Scriptures; well, at least when we did our study on Behemoth, we found Scriptures that are talking about strands. And all I could think about was the DNA. It is spiritual DNA. So we see that the living soul, and in Part 2 or Part 1 of the prior parts of this message, says that the living soul is a strand. We see the actual formation of spiritual DNA coming forth in the Book of Genesis.


And we have one strand. The first strand is what is called the living soul: the dust plus the breath. We see that the Lord has a field here. He has a field. It is the earth in which all of this is going on, in which all of this is coming together. And this is how it is coming together. We see the dust and the breath coming together over here, one strand. And then we see the other part that is coming to meet the dust and the breath is the Serpent. And I want to suggest to you that the bird from heaven; what did I say that was? Not the whole bird from heaven now, but the bird from heaven is the living soul. The dust plus the breath plus the Serpent is the bird from heaven.


Now, how do I get that? I will tell you how I got it. The dust and the breath is spirit. And when it is put together with the Serpent, which is the ground, we now see spirit flying; it is being formed by the ground. The ground is solid. It is dark. Light cannot penetrate it. And we see spirit inside of the ground, just like spirit is inside of man. The spirit in us is being formed by this flesh. It is dark. Light cannot penetrate through it.


The example that we have given is the invisible man. The Spirit of God was invisible. The invisible man was invisible. He wanted to be seen. He put a jacket on, pants, shoes. He put bandages on his head and a hat. And he who was invisible appeared because he wrapped himself in something that could be seen. So we see the dust and the breath wrapped in the Serpent, which is formed from the ground. And all of a sudden, you have a bird which you can see.


The Scripture calls it a bird because it is spirit, and it has access to the heavenlies. But it is no longer just a living soul, which was invisible. It has now become a bird because it is joined to the Serpent, which is made out of the ground. It is therefore earth which can fly. It is earth which can fly because of the presence of the breath of life, which is Christ. And we see the creation being built, a thread at a time, a strand at a time.


So we see, when the Scripture calls the Serpent the beast of the field, what that means is that he is a living thing which is coming forth from the earth, the part of the earth which is neither the mountains or the sea. He is a beast that is coming forth. The creation is coming forth. It is growing, like a spiritual plant, out of the earth. That is what we are dealing with here. Hallelujah.


The next thing we are going to do is the whole bird of heaven. That is in verse 20. And first, let me; I did not make this point. This is the beginning of the mind. This is the beginning of the mind. I showed it to you before: the contrasting threads. We have the living soul, the dust and the breath, and the Serpent. To complete the mind; what do we need to complete the mind? There are only two strands here. There are only two strands: the dust and the breath, and the Serpent. We need the increase to complete the mind. We need the child born of this union.


And there is another factor; for the child to be born of this union, we need a catalyst. We need the fire of God coming down, Jehovah joining Himself to this field. And when Jehovah strikes the field, the field becomes an altar upon which is formed the man Christ Jesus. It starts out as a field, the beast of the field, the Serpent, joining to the dust and the breath. When the fire comes down and attacks it, the field becomes an altar, and the eternal sacrifice appears on the altar, the bloodless sacrifice in the form of Christ Jesus. And we now have the completed mind, the three-fold cord.


This mind of the creation can be completed either on the negative side or on the positive side. It can be completed down at the one end of the scale, and it will be called a Devil. Another name for the Devil is the Woman. This mind could be completed as a female mind. It can be completed as a negative mind. It can be completed as a woman. All three of those things are the same thing, just being identified from a different aspect.


This mind can be completed as a male mind. It can be completed as a positive mind. It can be completed (what was the third thing that I said?) as a 10, depending on the spirit which comes down and produces the child. If the spirit is Jehovah, it comes down; it connects with the breath that is combined with the dust. Now, the Serpent is just there for form. The Serpent is there for form. The fire of the spirit comes down and connects with the breath.


What happened in the fall is that Adam did not wait for the fire of Jehovah to come down and connect with the breath. The Serpent, who was right there in the field, who was female, decided she wanted to act like a man. And she rose up, and she was the fire that connected with the breath. Spiritual incest. The Serpent, the negative spiritual power in the creation; because the creation was positive and negative, just like electricity is positive and negative. The Serpent, who was supposed to be in submission to Christ, the breath, rose up and acted like a man. It is what lesbians do, brethren. And she joined what the other part of the creation that had authority over her and produced an offspring.


In the natural, lesbians cannot produce an offspring. But in the spirit, they can. And the offspring that they produced was the Devil, also known as the daughter. Christ is the Son of God. The Devil is the daughter of Babylon. And as we said earlier today, Babylon means confusion. You see, the breath over here; the name of the breath is Christ. She was confused, all right. Could not tell the difference between the Serpent and the Spirit of Jehovah. Could not tell it was a woman and not a man. And the product of the union is confusion, the Devil.


And this whole world is covered with confusion. Confusion is not of God, brethren. If you are confused, and you cannot think straight, it is because you have been blinded by the god of this world.


PASTOR VITALE: I am dying of the heat. Is no one else hot in here?




PASTOR VITALE: It is just me, huh? I think the Lake of Fire is manifesting in me.




PASTOR VITALE: Hallelujah.


So we see, as God built this creation, brethren, he built it with the potential to develop on the negative side or on the positive side. And he gave this creation a free will. He said to Adam, I am forming all of your parts, but you will decide in the last. You will have the say as to whether you will complete your mind on the positive side or on the negative side. I am giving you all the information you need; I am building you to a certain point. And it will be your choice as to whether or not the Devil completes your mind or Christ Jesus completes your mind. And the King James says, And God brought all the animals to Adam to see what he would name them. And God brought the creation and all the truth of the creation to Adam and said, What nature will you give this creation? Will he be a god? Or will she be a lesbian formed in confusion, a Devil?


And Adam got confused, and he mated with the Serpent. And he brought forth the Devil. And we are the children of the Devil, and we are all confused. And we are repeating all of the errors that were made at the beginning of time, over and over and over again until such time as we are delivered by the Lord Jesus Christ through the renewing of her mind. So we now see the whole bird of heaven, the completed mind.




PASTOR VITALE: OK. I have to watch out for that, Xxxx. She catches me on every mistake that I make.




PASTOR VITALE: That is OK, Xxxx. You catch me. I am glad to see that your mind is working. I am not looking for any rubber stamps here. I want you to think.


So we see here that we have the whole bird of heaven, the completed mind, whether it be the mind of Christ or whether it be the carnal mind, because the Devil's mind is the carnal mind. The completed mind is called the whole bird of heaven, and the bird of heaven is the incomplete mind. The bird of heaven is the dust and the breath joined to the Serpent before the fertilization and the increase comes.


The next word or the next phrase that we have is the whole living soul, which is the dust plus the breath plus the Serpent plus the whole altar plus either Christ or the Devil. The whole thing put together in the right order; what does that mean? The whole thing put together with the Serpent in submission to the completed mind.


Single-mindedness. Do you remember reading about that in the Scripture? Let your mind be single. Let your mind be single. You see Christ in here, the breath. Even when she is taken captive, she is that which is our conscience. She is still Christ. She is still the breath of God's life.


PASTOR VITALE: Let me draw this for you. Let me erase this.




PASTOR VITALE: OK. Now, the Serpent is the ground, which gives form to the spiritual aspect of the creation. But the Serpent has a spiritual power. It is a negative spiritual power, typified by a minus sign. And the Lord has ordained that the two spiritual powers, the positive one and the negative one, will exist in a piggyback condition in the mind of the creation and that they shall be as one mind. And the condition is called single. Be ye single, says the Lord. Do not be double-minded. Double-mindedness is confusion.


So we see that the whole living soul; now, remember, the living soul is the dust plus the breath. But the whole living soul is the dust plus the breath plus the Serpent plus the altar plus everything together in a single, piggyback condition, with Christ Jesus in control.


Now, we did a whole message on The Kingdom of the Two Heavens. This is the condition known as the kingdom of the two heavens. In this hour, the creation is double-minded. We have a positive mind over here. Its name is Christ Jesus. And we have a negative mind not underneath it, not piggybacked underneath it, but next to it, and that is the Devil. So we have two minds in this hour. That is what the temptation is all about. The Devil is not underneath Christ; she is nose-to-nose with him. She is challenging him outright. She is side by side, and she is telling him, I will not submit to your authority. And she is still trying to bring him under her.


Now, before Christ began to be formed in you, in this fallen creation, we had a living soul. We had a completed kingdom of the two heavens in the reverse moral order, with the negative on top and the positive on the bottom. That is how come we died. The living soul incarnated into a visible world with a single mind, with the negative spiritual power and authority over the positive spiritual power, the negative spiritual power being the Devil and the positive spiritual power being Christ. And we died because we cannot live in that condition with Christ being in submission to the Devil. That is why we are down in hell.


So now we are in transition. The Lord is bringing forth the mind of Christ. But the Christ Jesus has not brought the Devil back into a position where she is underneath him. She still thinks she is a man, you see? And she is confronting Christ Jesus, nose-to-nose, for the position of the man in this creation.


But we see this condition of mind with the two spiritual poles lined up, whether it be lined up in the right moral order or in the wrong moral order, is called the whole living soul or the whole living creature. You could see either name: either the whole living creature or the whole living soul. That is the single creation, either negative or positive. In this hour, those of us who have Christ, we are double-minded. We are a real perversion. We have two minds, and the Scripture says we are unstable in all our ways.


Now, there is one more word that is used in Genesis 2, and that word is cattle. The first time I see the word, cattle, in the Scripture, if you look that word up in the Hebrew, it is the plural of the word translated Behemoth in the Book of Job. And I suggest to you, and we went into this also on the last message, that the cattle is God's name for the whole living soul with a completed mind in which all of the potential for that living soul to expand into a many-membered creature is present. We can liken it to a woman with functioning ovaries. She has the potential to bring many children into the world. So we see cattle is the completed living soul with a completed mind, which mind has been divided up into many spiritual ova, which have the potential to reproduce the life of the living soul.


Adam gave names to all the cattle. We see that he imparted the spirit or the completed mind, in genetic, microscopic form, to the yet undeveloped ovum. Do you know, brethren, that every egg in a woman's ovary has all of the genetic material necessary to produce that child? Well, that is what cattle is. It is the living soul with the completed mind. It is the dust plus the breath plus the Serpent with the completed mind, with that mind broken down into parts that have all of the spiritual genetic material necessary to reproduce this life form that God has made.




COMMENT: Am I right, the other day, that cattle, the whole beast, is submission to Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: That it is the whole beast in submission? I may have changed that.


COMMENT: OK, because I want to take this off [INAUDIBLE].


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. Well, it is in submission to Christ. But that is true also of the living soul. What identifies cattle is that it is the living soul in submission to Christ, which has the potential to reproduce. What you are saying is correct, except there is something missing. He is the living soul with the Serpent in submission to Christ, with the full potential to germinate out into many members. And we see that Adam has a part of the nature of the completed mind to each of these spiritual ovum.


COMMENT: And, is that side one or side two? Side one?


PASTOR VITALE: As we found out in the last message, when we did the Alternate Translations of the next verses in Genesis, we found out that God did everything He could do. He put all the parts of the creation together, and he brought them to Adam to see whether Adam would complete his mind on the negative side or on the positive side. And as we all know, Adam committed adultery with the Serpent, and the child that was born of the union was a Devil, was a child of confusion, a female spiritual being who was now the god of this world, who is tyrannizing and tormenting her subjects, which are actually her children, to the fullest degree that she can do it or to the fullest degree to which she is permitted.


The next segment of this teaching, brethren, is to review the Alternate Translations of Genesis 2:18-25. And I am not going to do that tonight because I cannot stand up. I will answer any questions or comments, if you have them, or at least I will try to. Does anybody have anything? Any questions?


COMMENT: What would be the proper name for the god of this world?


PASTOR VITALE: The Devil. I always thought Satan was the god of this world until a couple of weeks ago, when the Lord started to prepare me to teach this message. For whatever led me into the study, I do not know. But I was looking for a Scripture that said that Satan was the god of this world; it does not exist. The Scripture merely says, the god of this world, and it also says, the prince of the power of the air. It speaks about the spirit that works in the children of disobedience. But nowhere does it name the god of this world. See, it is a mystery. It is a mystery that the god of this world is the Devil.


Yet in Revelation 20, at the beginning of Chapter 20, we see the Scripture talking about that ancient Serpent, the Dragon, who is Satan and the Devil. We see all four names in one Scripture. That means they cannot all mean exactly the same thing. And here we are so honored that the Lord would come to us with this teaching to actually show us this subtlety of the Scripture.


But do you realize, brethren, for this kind of a revelation to come down, it takes an intense outpouring of the Spirit of Christ? The Devil does not want us to know this. She wants her identity to be a secret. She does not want us to know this truth. Why? Because this truth is coming out of Christ Jesus and out of his mind of Christ. This truth is exercising our spiritual muscles. To hear this, to be able to sit in this room while I am preaching this, is killing the carnal mind and strengthening the mind of Christ. It is taking a great power to suppress the Devil's carnal mind, to even get this message preached.


That is why there is such a tremendous outpouring of power that we are all getting slain in the spirit here. The Devil does not want this preached. It is requiring this intense power of Christ to suppress the Devil and her mind, the carnal mind, for me to even get this out of my mouth, which I have been having a lot of trouble doing. That is the reason for the outpouring of the Lord's power. It is a warfare that is wounding our carnal minds; otherwise, we could never even listen to this or even consider believing it for a second.


We found this principle both in the Book of Daniel and in the Book of Revelation, where the angel had to wound the mind of the prophet. The angel had to wound the carnal mind of the prophet for the Christ mind to be formed, for Daniel to receive information and understanding. That is what is happening to us right now, and there is so much power being poured out that at least half of the members of this group are asleep with their mouth open. That means; to me, you know what that means, when you are sleeping with your mouth open? That you are really out. That is what it means to me when you are laying there with your mouth open.


PASTOR VITALE: Did you have a question? You did not have a question?


That is what is going on here tonight. This is the amount of power necessary to wound the carnal mind, to even get the message out. The Devil is fighting with all of her strength to stop it from going forth. It is the truth of our reality. It is the truth of our existence that is necessary for us to know so that our condition can be reversed. Apparently, the Lord wants us delivered with knowledge. He is not going to steal us like a thief in the night, at least not the firstfruits company. He wants us to know; He wants us to understand.


But even more than that, He wants this information prepared. He wants these messages out. He wants these books out. However he is going to use it for the common man, I do not know. Well, I know how He is going to use it for the common man. They are probably not going to have to go through this initially. They will probably just hear one second of one message, and the seed will go right into their heart and pierce their heart. And two years later, there is going to be a big Tree of Life growing there. And when that tree is growing, he will want this spiritual food. I believe the Lord is taking the creation largely as a thief in the night.


We had an example of it this evening. I was just looking for a particular message. I played a particular message. I just had to hear one word to know it was not the message I was looking for. But that one word that came off touched somebody else in the room and started his mind thinking. He asked a question. Someone answered his question. A whole, big thing came out of it. This is how the word of God is going to work when the Spirit is behind it.


People could be walking down the street. I believe people could be walking underneath this window here and hear one word, and it will go right into their heart. And if it be the will of the Lord, it will root. And in due season, the mind of Christ will be in the process of being formed there. And when Christ begins to be formed in the person, they will be out seeking for this doctrine, as much of it as they can tolerate. And in time, the messages and the books will be available.


Once the tree is planted in their minds, the Lord will bring the increase, and he will do the rest. We are disseminating the seed. We are sowing the seed. That is what this is all about. Now, we are all sharing and paying the price to get these messages and these books out. The Alternate Translation Bible is so powerful; my teeth start to chatter when I read it. Someone else has already told me they get deliverance almost every time they read it. It is very powerful.


So I am still seeking the Lord for more information about how I am supposed to teach when I am getting slain in the spirit myself. This is the most intense experience I have ever had of being slain, myself, as I teach. I do not understand it. But maybe, one evening, I will be here teaching, and I will pass out completely, and Christ will arise in me because, although this is Christ Jesus teaching you tonight, he is still teaching in the presence of my carnal mind. But perhaps, one night, He will put me to sleep completely and rise up in complete possession of my body. He is not in complete possession of my body right now.


We were talking about it on the message earlier this morning. He is manifesting, and He is present, but the Devil is present also. And there is a war going on in me, right at this moment. I did not even want to preach tonight. The war is raging. But I would imagine that, when Christ Jesus defeats the Devil and completely takes over the manipulation of my body, I would not expect that I would be sleeping like this. I do not know for sure, but I would not think so because what is making me want to go to sleep is that Christ Jesus is wounding my carnal mind. That is what is putting me out like this. The reason I am uncomfortable and in distress is that both minds are manifesting. So I look forward to the day that I awake to the righteousness of Christ and I teach you completely out of the new man. Praise God.


Let me clarify that. I am teaching you out of the new man, but I am being hindered. I am being attacked as I teach. What I find really exciting is the way Christ Jesus in me responds to the questions in people's minds that are not formed. Lots of times, I am preaching, and I know I am answering somebody's question. But today, I said, whose mind am I answering? And somebody answered and said it was my mind. And that really excited me. Although I have had the revelation for a while that, when I answer questions in the middle of my preaching, that it is the question is in somebody's mind, this is the first time I ever did that. I said, whose mind am I responding to? And someone raised their hand. There really is mind-to-mind contact in Christ. He answers right to your mind.


And sometimes Christ recognizes the intents of your heart. You may not even be aware of what you are thinking. It is all in the spirit. It is all in the spirit, mind-to-mind communication. Ultimately, there will be no need for speech. There will be no need for speech amongst the people who are functioning in Christ. There will be a need for speech when you come to minister to someone who is not where you are in Christ. But two people in a high place in Christ will not need speech when this aspect of the life of Christ is developed into perfection. That is how the Scripture can say, Nothing will be hidden in that day. You see, it does not matter what words you say. What matters is the intents of your heart. That is the reality that Christ is going after.


Now, if you are in a condition of denial where you believe your words, but you are not aware of the intents of your own heart, there is going to be a break in the communication between a Son of God who is responding not to your words but to your heart. If you do not believe your heart, but you believe your words, you are not going to have any communication, any more than one of you speaking English and the other one speaking Greek.


And as Christ Jesus enters into perfection, we will see more and more judgment administered towards the intents of your heart, even if you are not aware of it. You see, if you are deceiving yourself, and your words are not expressing the intents of your heart, realistically, if it has not started already, judgment will be falling on the intents of your heart, to which end? To the end of the pulling down of the walls of denial because Jesus loves you, and he is not out to get you, and he is not out to torture you. He is out to bring forth his Son, Christ Jesus, in you.


And if He has to cause you pain to do it, He will do it. If you need an operation, He will give it to you. If you need your pride crushed, get ready. Your pride is being crushed. If your conscious mind is out of touch with your true motives and the true intents of your heart, He is going to do whatever He has to do to expose you because you cannot enter into the kingdom in that condition, and He wants you to enter into the kingdom.


So He is going to arrange for circumstances with other people that will expose the true intents of your heart. It will be painful, but the end of it will be a tearing down of the barriers that cause you to live in denial and the beginning of an open communication between your conscious mind and your own motives, so that you can begin to cast down imaginations, so that you might enter into the kingdom and be forever with the Lord. The way He does it is with pressure, brethren, great pressure.

So despise not the chastening of the Lord because no one enjoys chastening while they are going through it. But if you do not faint, brethren, you will receive the peaceable fruit of righteousness. Do not faint, brethren. Cry out to Jesus. Do not faint. Just keep on going. You only have to get through this minute right now, and you only have to get through today, today. Just take it a step at a time. Throw yourself on Jesus, His mercy. And he will get you through.


PASTOR VITALE: Anybody have anything to say?


COMMENT: I never knew that the Devil had fire; I mean, that the Serpent had fire. I just thought it was the fire of God that came down.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. Fire typifies spirit. Do you recognize that fire typifies spirit? We talked about this a lot in our study on Daniel 8, except that, in Daniel 8, the Scripture does not say that the Serpent had fire. But it says that the creation was a two-horned creation, horns referring to spiritual power. So we found out that there was a negative spiritual power and a positive spiritual power, that the creation had two sources of power: negative and positive. Christ is positive, and the Serpent in the garden, is negative.


So in one instance, we see that power described as fire. And in another instance, we see it described as a horn. Why would the Scripture do that? Offhand, I cannot tell you in which instances the Scripture describes spiritual power as fire and in which instances the Scripture describes spiritual power as horns. But I do know that it is very common in the Scripture that the same subject is described differently because the Scripture is looking at it or portraying it from a different point of view.


And our excellent example is the judgment of God, which is described as the wine press in Revelation 14 and described as the Lake of Fire in Revelation 20, the wine press indicating the tribulation and the crushing of our humanity, which permits the spiritual life of the Father to flow freely, whereas the Lake of Fire is speaking about the containment, the neutralization and containment of the negative aspects of the personality of man.


The prevention; the whole concept of eternal torment is speaking about the containment of the negative power of the Serpent and the keeping of it under the authority of Christ, which will channel that power of the Serpent under the authority of Christ, to work for the good of the whole creation. That is the whole concept of the Lake of Fire. And we could see our natural example as a dam, which controls a great waterfall and directs it and contains it and controls it so that it produces electricity for the use of man. So Satan's spiritual power, when under the authority of Christ, will work for the good of the whole creation.


The reason the creation is dying now is that the Serpent separated out from under Christ's authority, and her name changed to the Dragon. She is now a fugitive, and her spiritual power is killing the creation, once again like a nuclear plant, like a nuclear energy plant which, when functioning properly, provides benefits to the community but, when not functioning properly, can go into a meltdown which will contaminate the air and the atmosphere for thousands of miles, killing and making sick and tormenting millions of people. This is our natural example of the Serpent. She is a spiritual power which, when under the control of Christ, works for the good of man but, when off by herself, destroys mankind. Jesus, thank you.


COMMENT: How did you come to get the Dragon in that revelation there?


PASTOR VITALE: OK. We see the Dragon in Chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation. And the Dragon in the Old Testament has a name, Leviathan. It is like saying I have a snake, and his name is Charlie. The Dragon in the Old Testament has a name. He is called Leviathan. Why he has a name in the Old Testament and in the new Testament, he is just the Dragon, I do not know. All I could tell you is the whole story is a parable, and it is not given for everybody to know.


But we are told, in Chapter 12 of the Book of Revelation, that the Dragon that is waiting to devour the man-child as soon as he is born is that old Serpent. And that word, old, means ancient. So we are told that the Dragon is the modern manifestation of that ancient Serpent, meaning the one who was in the garden, even the Devil and Satan. So we see three generations of the Serpent there: The Serpent which is ancient; then the next form that he took or that she took was the Dragon, appearing in the Old Testament as Leviathan; and then the next form that the Dragon took when he incarnated and this creation appeared, or when he completed Adam's mind, the third generation. He took the form of the Devil, whose unconscious mind is Satan.


COMMENT: So I have never touched on this with you, but after reading one of the books, a question came to me. And he said something that brought it back up to my attention. When you say carnal mind, I believe you can say; and if I am wrong, you can correct me. You can also use a term, if you want, like fallen Adam. He has done it again.


PASTOR VITALE: Fallen Adam, the same thing as the carnal mind?


COMMENT: Well, when we use our carnal minds, then we really go down. Like, I had a problem with what I did. And I said, well, I guess Adam is in me.


PASTOR VITALE: You could say that. Yes.


COMMENT: Right? But you use the expression, carnal mind, a lot. It is the same? OK.


PASTOR VITALE: What is happening right now is that the Lord is showing us that each specific name means something very technical. But, like, going back to even when I wrote that book or to the earlier messages, you will hear me using them interchangeably. And that is fine, if that is where you are. As we are progressing though, and that will be the message today, if I get to it, is that the Lord is just giving us specific names for specific aspects. But for seven years, I have been interchanging them. So you cannot just change overnight.


And the reason God is giving us specific names for specific aspects of the creation, I believe, is a foundation to understand even more complicated truths. But wherever you are is fine with God.








PASTOR VITALE: My answer to you is that, depending on where you are, you can use it. OK. As you get up go on for your Ph.D., it might pose a problem for you. But for the average person; and I have many messages where I have interchanged them. OK. Why? You think you cannot go for a Ph.D.?




PASTOR VITALE: Listen. Jesus, He is the restorer of the breach. You know, He is the restorer of the breach. If there is anybody here, or if there is anybody who is reading this message, that in any way feels bad because they did not have a college education or they did not complete a college education, if your pride does not have you hung up on the piece of paper, if you stick with it, when you get through here, you are going to have the equivalent of a college education.


I know I did not complete my college education. But God told me, clearly, I completed it in Gospel Revivals. I went to that Church for five years, four to seven nights a week. Plus, I did all kinds of studying here. I do not have the piece of paper. But what I have is more real than what a lot of people get when they graduate college because they just go through, and they take their exams, and they forget everything that they learned.


I got the education of my life in that Church. I did the work. I put in the time. I took the lectures. I did the homework. I was on the floor an hour to two hours every service, casting out demons and healing the sick and doing whatever else I was doing in that Church. As far as I am concerned, I have a graduate degree. And if someone needs a piece of paper, that is your problem. It is not mine. And it is the same thing for everybody here.


And I remember I met a woman, a long time ago, before Xxxx was born. So that was 23 years ago. She was a woman who was a self-educated woman. For whatever her reason, she chose not to go to college. But she educated herself. She got a hold of course curriculums. In other words, if you were to go to a four-year college, this is what you would have to learn, and these are the textbooks that they would use. And she just got all the books, and she read the books, and she studied. She was a very educated, sophisticated woman. She had a very interesting life. And I had never heard of anything like that before until I heard that the same thing is true of Rush Limbaugh. He never graduated a formal college; he completely educated himself.


And this is a sign of bondage in our society. Our society was not always like this. Like what? That you really need a degree to get anywhere in this country. It did not used to be like this. It used to be you would go out and get a job, and if you demonstrated to the boss that you had something going for you, any kind of talent at all, he was not interested in the piece of paper. He was interested in you, the man. And he would train you on the job. And if you could do it, you could go as high as you could go.


But this country is coming into bondage on every level, in this hour, in that they will not even talk to you. They will not give you a chance. They do not care what kind of raw material you have. If you do not have this degree, they do not want you. And that, to me, is mental sickness. That is how I feel about it. It is mental sickness. So the country, in certain areas, is going into deep bondage.


But, you know, it all depends. If you want a job where they will not hire you without that piece of paper, then you need it. Apparently, Rush Limbaugh made it without it because he was his own boss. And apparently, I made it without it because my boss is God. So it depends on what you want to do with your life. But we are not bound. We are not supposed to be bound to these things, but neither are we supposed to be in rebellion. You have to seek God. Maybe the Lord wants you to go to college for four years. Maybe he has a job for you where you need that, but maybe he does not.


So when you hear me say things like this, I will not want anyone to stumble over me and say, well, Pastor Sheila says it is OK to go into rebellion, and I do not need to go to college, and I am going to go out there and make it anyway. Do not stumble over me. I have worked very hard. I have put five years into that Church. I am telling you, four to seven nights a week, I sat in lecture. I prayed for the sick. I cast out demons. I prophesied. I worked in the Church. I gave volunteer work. I came home. I spent hours in the books studying. And I have been working very long hours ever since. You do not get any kind of an accomplishment in this world without long hours of hard work.


So please do not anyone stumble over my words and think that it is all right to be in rebellion. You have to get your life's plan from the Lord. And everybody does not have to go to college. Just check it out, and make sure it is not rebellion. That is my only concern about people misunderstanding me and using the truth that I am telling you to foster rebellion and pride in you that will destroy your life.


PASTOR VITALE: Did you want to say something?


COMMENT: I am thinking a Pharisee said that to Jesus, Where did you get all this learning from?




COMMENT: You know? But there is a Scripture that supports that. It says that a man's gift will make a way for him.


PASTOR VITALE: Also add, Promotion is of the Lord, right? Yes. So as long as God is in it, you do not have to be in the bondage to this world system. Just check yourself out for pride and rebellion because that will destroy you.


If anybody is reading this message, and you are thinking that me saying you do not have to go to school means that you do not have to work for what you have got, you have got me wrong. My whole point is, I am going to say it again. I did not graduate any formal school, but I paid my dues. I put in the work. I put in the time. I put in the labor. So anyone reading this message, if you think you are going to excel at anything without putting in the effort, the time and the labor, which initially is without pay, if you think you are going to get up there without putting in what you have to put in, you are mistaken.


And please do not walk away from this message thinking that I told you that you are going to get something for nothing because you do not get anything for nothing; you get nothing for nothing. So do not use me to deceive yourself. And whoever this is for, if the shoe fits, whoever is reading the message, whatever you are, do not stumble because of what I said because I will not take any responsibility for your wanting something for nothing. Whoever you are; I am not talking to anybody. I am talking to the air.


PASTOR VITALE: Anybody else?


COMMENT: I am just thinking of something else, where it says, Let God be true and every man a liar, that when some of these young men go to these different schools, they come away with [UNINTELLIGIBLE] that really contradicted the word of God.


PASTOR VITALE: Right. So that is an interesting point because I know of some cases where men have; and when I say men, I use it generically: human beings, men and women. God is not sending them to a Bible school or to a college. He wants to teach them; this is a Bible school. Yeah, I have had people stumble over this being a Bible school. Where I was trained up was a Bible school at the time; it is not anymore. Some people stumble over it, and they would give that up or give this up to go to a formal Bible school and lose everything that God has for them. So the bottom line is you really have to hear what God wants you to do. You really have to hear it.


Sometimes, God does not want you going to a Bible college. They will just load it with false doctrine. I know, when Xxxx was young, I prayed my heart out and wanted her to go to a Christian school. And the Lord never let her go. I am not sure why, whether it was an issue of false doctrine or not, but he never let her go. She went to public school right through. He never made a way for that.


COMMENT: With man, it is impossible. But with God, all things are possible. Another Scripture.


PASTOR VITALE: Amen, amen, amen.


COMMENT: I am just thinking, in the world, when you get one of these degrees, they term it getting the sheepskin or something. It is almost like a counterfeit covering.


PASTOR VITALE: That is interesting.


COMMENT: There are those who have suffered in the flesh. There is a Scripture that says, Those who suffer in the flesh have ceased from sin. What is the spiritual meaning behind that?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. The spiritual significance of that is that those who have suffered because of their resisting and destroying their carnal mind enter into sinlessness. There is no way that you can cease from sin because your physical body has suffered from infirmity. That is not going to make you sinless. There is only one thing that will make you sinless, and it is a two-pronged event. Christ Jesus must be formed in you, and then Christ Jesus must cause your carnal mind to suffer unto the death of your carnal mind. And when your carnal mind dies, you shall have ceased from sin.


But to believe (I believe a lot of people make this mistake) that your physical infirmity makes you a martyr, because it will result in sinlessness, is a severe error. It is a serious error in the Church. And it is an error that will lead some people to -- I had one man once tell me he was praying to be sick. Sickness is not of God. Sickness is never of God. Health is of God. Sickness is of the Devil.


So the only suffering that will make you righteous is the suffering which results in the destruction of your carnal mind. And we are talking about resistance of sin. And you cannot resist sinning if you cannot see your sins. So you have to have confession of sin. You have to have repentance of sin. Then you have to have resistance of sin. And then you have to kill your sin. And then you become sinless. And I wish it was as easy as it sounds, but it is not.


Transcribed by VerbalFusion, 03/14/19

1st Edit, 03/15/19, rh

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