060 - Part 3
(Revelation 12)

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What is the mini- -- what is the ultimate goal of the ministry of Jesus Christ? It is to bring you and me -- [UNINTELLIGIBLE] I hope you all know me by now. All of us -- I'm not in the category that's different from you. To bring us to repentance. Why? So that we could get delivered. Why? So that we could be restored to the correct moral order and stop dying and live.


OK, so if you are living with a mindset that will voice the confrontation of the issue of your sin, you are in the category of heathen. I don't care if you're in the church or not. Your heart is of stone, and you are in the category of heathen. You are under an imputed anointing. God may have granted gifts to you. You may speak in tongues. You may minister and witness to people. But that anointing is imputed. It's loaned, and it's just for a season.


I don't determine when that door closes. But when it comes time for that door to close, either you repent and start moving under the imputed anointing, or you're out in the world, brethren. And I'm not trying to scare you, I'm telling you the truth. I'm not threatening you. This is the truth.








Yeah. Well, you're probably right. You're probably right.




Yeah. Well, you can't do it without the power of God in it. This has to come by the power of God, because people that operate in witchcraft and mind control and deception and subtlety -- and I'm not condemning anybody. I'm telling you, this is the truth. There are large categories of people within the church and without the church that operate in this, OK. Unless Jesus Christ exposes them, there's nothing you can do because they'll be lying on their back with a dagger in their heart saying, you did it, not me. I'm innocent, and you're guilty. And they'll go to the grave swearing it if God doesn't bring them to repentance.








OK, well, I'm sure God will anoint you to do it.






            Because I think -- even though she doesn't talk to me about this, I just know she doesn't [INAUDIBLE]






Right. So you -- well, I just pray that you go in the admonition of the Lord. And if she -- you know, if you go in the love of God and she won't respond to you, then she's automatically turned over to the love of God, whether this is a believer or whether this is an unbeliever. When you are a believer and you go in the love of God and that person won't receive your word, God takes over, and no one -- who knows? I don't know about you, but from situation to situation, I never know whether God is going to reign down judgment or whether He's going to have mercy and bring the person to repentance. I could never tell myself, you know. But that's all you can do is pray and go in the love of God, and once you do that, if she -- if her response is not godly, she's turned over to God, and there's nothing more you could do.


            [INAUDIBLE] go along with it, because everybody else does, and her husband certainly does.




            Because I've already talked with her about it. She might go along with it verbally [INAUDIBLE]


But, yeah -- but opposing [CROSSTALK]




Well, see, that is a really tough spot. God -- I'm in those spots frequently. And all that I could tell you is that I know, and I'm sure that you're feeling the same thing when you're in a spot like that, the person that's opposing you in their mind, the person that's hating you in their mind, the person that's angry at you in their mind, OK, sometimes they totally overcompensate to try to make up for it. Sometimes they'll start flattering you, you know. And you'll say, well, gee, why is that person paying me compliments? Isn't that nice? And then all of a sudden, you'll realize that it's flattery. Why? Because instead of admitting the sin in their heart and confessing it as sin, they're doing all these things to cover it up and make themselves righteous. But you, as a spiritual woman, are going to feel it.


So if you -- everything you just said to me, there's not a doubt in my mind that you're right, that she's opposing you in her mind, that she doesn't think it's fair. All this is true. God has show you her heart. You know, there's a Scripture that says -- in the New Testament, it says, "Nothing shall be hidden." I don't know that many Christians know what that means, but we're moving into it now.


If you are walking in Christ and you are desiring righteousness and you're becoming a spiritual person, nothing in other people's hearts shall be hidden from you. So they're just wasting their time. If they're hiding behind their facial expressions. If they're hiding behind the fact that they want to pray for you and that they're going to church, if they're hiding behind the fact that they're using witchcraft, they're not -- when you ask them a direct question, the sh- -- they just tiptoe out of the way and answer you with a question. Or if they're hiding behind their mind control which says you're guilty and not them, it doesn't matter. Jesus Christ will utterly expose them. It's a promise of the Scripture, and either they're going to repent, or God's going to deal wi- -- they're going into judgment. And that's just the [?size of it?].


And it doesn't matter whether they're heathens or whether they're Christians under an imputed anointing because if you're living your life like this, there's no way you have an imparted anointing, OK.




Yeah. But you see, people don’t believe it.




Carnal people don't believe it, whether they're in the world or whether they're in the church because they're hard as stone. They can't believe that you really know what they're thinking. And these are people that live in -- the Scripture says in dens, in caves. They live in shadows. They want their true motives and their true hearts to be hidden, OK, because they won't confess their sin. And they can't believe that their defenses are being penetrated by the Spirit of God in you. But Jesus Christ shall reveal everything. The light shall reveal every sin, and either they'll repent, or they'll go into judgment. I don't care whether you call yourself a Christian or you don’t. The same thing goes for your daughter. When Je- -- now, you see, you don't make the judgment. I don't make the judgment. When Jesus Christ says, this is it, confrontation time, either she's going to do what she's supposed to do, or she's going to go under judgment. And I don't know when that time comes for any given person. That's up to Jesus Christ.




I get that feeling.




Because I tell you, when you have a relationship with a believer. When you -- anyone. When I say you, I mean anyone. When you have a relationship with -- God brings you into a relationship with a son of God, and I don't mean to be cruel, but I'm telling you the truth. I don't mean someone dancing around the church yelling hallelujah. I mean a Christian that is desiring righteousness, that is walking in the admonition of the Lord, that is becoming a spiritual man. When God puts you in a relationship with that person, whether you call yourself a Christian or whether you don't call yourself a Christian, like your daughter-in-law, Lilian, God is dealing with you because that is the judgment.


The judgment is on two levels, the great white throne judgment. It's when you as a whole human being come in confrontation with a believer walking in the admonition of the Lord, a son of God, a member of the two witnesses company, however you want to describe them. That's the -- that's one way that you are entering into judgment. That's the be- -- usually the beginning of judgment. God will bring you in a relationship with a son of God, and you are -- the evil in your heart will be surely exposed. And then once you start to repent, confess your sin and repent, and Christ is conceived in you, then that judgment transfers from a person outside of you to the Christ that is conceived in your heart.


And the Scripture says, "Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, and he who seeketh the hope of the Lord Jesus Christ purifieth himself." So the original judgment will come between a conflict or a confrontation between a carnal person and a son of God. And then, when that -- the ministry of the son of God penetrates their heart and Christ is conceived and they're no longer a carnal person, then the judgment proceeds from within their own soul. So there's two stages to the great white throne judgment, and it's happening. You know, the sons of God --


And there's one more thing. The sons of God are in the Earth. We're not in full stature. I'm not saying we're in full stature. But God has a people in the Earth that are desiring righteousness. And when they -- even when they perceive unrighteousness in their own heart, they're jumping all over it with 10 feet and kicking it down and asking God to help them not to sin. And it's people like that that God is going to send out to judge over people, in the Spirit of God, not in our carnal hearts, in the Spirit of God.


And there's one more thing that God wanted me to tell you this morning, and that is this. If there is anybody hearing this message, or anyone here that doesn't understand this for any reason, if there is any believer that desires to be or to experience the ministry of the two witnesses or the sons of God, if you want to be used of God in this ministry, which is very glorious -- it can be painful. It's very difficult, but it -- the results are glorious. If this is your heart's desire, there is one qualification that you must have, that there is no way you will touch on it with your little pinky toe, if you don't fulfill this qualification, and that is a desire to be righteous. You must love righteousness and hate evil, whether it be in someone outside of you, whether it be in another member of the church, whether it be in a heathen or whether it be in your own heart.


You must hate the evil and cleave unto and love the righteousness. And if you're hiding the evil in your own heart, you do not fulfill this qualification. And I will prophesy to you, you shall never enter into the two witnesses company, until your heart changes and you start to hate the evil and love the righteous. And if you could look on your own heart and you fit into this category, if you are hiding your evil -- and don’t double talk me. If you're covering up your evil, you love it.


And we're just -- we just had a message of what happened with Ham and his father, Noah. He loved righteousness so that he exposed it even in his own father. He exposed unrighteousness in his own father. And if you love righteousness and hate evil, you will expose evil wherever it appears, even if it's in your own heart. And if you're hiding over and covering over your evil, you love it, and you hate righteousness.


And if this is you and this is your condition, you always have the option of throwing yourself on the mercy of God and saying, Lord, I've heard this word. And I love evil, and I hate righteousness. I don't know how to change, but I want to change. And I've seen a vision of You, and I've seen Your righteousness, and I want it. And I want to be in the two witnesses company. I want all the things that You have, but my heart's wrong. Have mercy on me.


But if you have so much pride that you can't pray that prayer, I prophesy to you, you will never enter in. You will never minister in the righteousness of God, in the two witnesses company, because your mode is to glorify your own pride. God -- if that's your motive to witness is to magnify your own pride, God will le- -- send you to some little someone and let you have some little experience in Christ. But we're talking about the two witnesses company here.  You shall never enter in in any measure if your motive is to glorify your own self. And if you think you're going to fool God, you are mistaken. You shall never enter in if you don't repent and start dealing with your sin in the way God prescribes us to deal with His sin.


And how do we do that, anybody? How do you deal with sin and righteousness? When you look on sin in your own heart, how do you deal with it?


            I know [INAUDIBLE] God about it and ask Him to help me [INAUDIBLE]




            [INAUDIBLE] expose it.


You confess it and you ask -- and you repent, and you ask for mer- -- and deliverance, right. Amen. You're confessing and repent. There's no deliverance without confession and repentance. Glory to God.


OK, that is the exhortation for this morning. I have a very long word for you this morning. I just didn't know where to cut it off. If I feel that it's too much for you or if any one of you -- do you -- does anyone have plans? Do you have plans after the meeting this morning?




OK, if I feel that it's too much for you or that you're not absorbing it, or if it's too much for you, just wave at me, and we'll end it. I know it's going to be long. And I just told the Lord -- I was up till 4 o'clock this morning.


Glory to God. We're recapping Genesis 9:1 and verses 19 to 23. "And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said to them, keep the intelligence in the earth, even Cain, under your feet. And bring forth the fruit of Christ in your minds, and multiply into many members. And may each member be filled with the fruit of Christ. These are Noah's three sons, and because of them, the altar of the living soul, even the righteousness of God, was torn down. And Cain appeared, and the earth of the living soul was broken in pieces. And one member was set against the other in their minds. And Noah, who was a natural man, yielded to Satan in his unconscious mind, and Satan pierced through and rooted in Noah's conscious mind, and pride sprang forth in Noah. And he agreed with Satan's whispers in his mind. And Noah lost control over the intelligence in the earth of his mind. And his defensive veil of righteousness was stripped away from him, and Satan took him captive and had intercourse with him within his mind."


Verse 22, "And Ham, the father of Canaan, discerned that his father was being seduced and that their covenant with God was being broken, and Ham boldly manifested the righteousness of God, opposing Noah and revealing what had happened to his brothers who did not support but opposed him. Why? Because Cain was appearing in their minds also.


Verse 23, "And the condition of Shem and Japheth's mind was revealed, and it became obvious that they had turned back from their covenant with God and that Cain was appearing in their minds also. And as one man, they concealed their father's seduction, and Cain was appearing in their personalities. And they did not discern their father's seduction."


And I just remind you, we went over this on last week's message, that first they did discern their father's desuction [sic] -- seduction. They discerned the evil. They could tell the difference between righteousness and evil, and they chose to cover up the evil and call it good. And the result of that was they lost the ability to discern between good and evil. They knew that it was evil, and they called it righteousness. And the curse that fell upon them was in the future, when they saw evil, they really thought it was righteousness.


And we see this all over this country today, brethren. Somewhere along the line, when this country first started to descend, men in position of authority had to know that the things they were calling righteous which were really evil were really evil. When they first discredited the Bible by allowing the teaching of Darwin's theory of evolution and making it equal with the authority of Almighty God. The people in authority, there had to be somebody that knew they were calling evil good. When they first started to make abortion legal, somebody had to know that they were calling evil good.


When they started announcing from the authority of the family and the government that it's legal for unmarried people and children to have sex -- now, I know this has been going on for years, but they never -- the kids that got into trouble before marriage, they never had the sanction of their parents or the government. Now the government and the parents say, it's OK, kids, go and do it. Somebody had to know they were calling evil good, and they said it was OK, and now they can't tell the difference between good and evil. And this country is in a lot of trouble.


Glory to God. We're continuing with verse 24 of chapter 9 of the Book of Revelation. "And Noah awoke from his wine, and knew what his younger son had done to him." Now, we all know how the whole world, not only the church world, anybody the reads the Bible -- a lot of people are -- will call themselves Christians. You have a question?




Did I say Revelation? I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I do make mistakes like that. You have to realize that sometimes when I'm preaching like this, I say a wrong word. We're in the Book of Genesis, chapter 9, verse 24. Every- -- when I review my old messages, I hear it. Sometimes I get the imputed and imparted anointing mixed up. Thank you for using your intelligence and realizing that I made a mistake.


OK, the whole world has some knowledge of the Bible. And one of the most common stories is the story of Noah. I knew that before I was ever a Christian. And everybody thinks that Noah just got drunk, the poor guy. He had a little falling away, and his wonderful sons just covered him up. Wasn't that wonderful? And we found out in last week's message that it wasn't wonderful, that God does not want sin covered, that He wants it revealed in righteousness. He doesn't want you to go down the street condemning people that are sinning. When right- -- when the righteousness of Jesus Christ is manifesting in you, it will not cover up sin. It will expose it in the love of God.


And the result of that exposure should be the judgment of the -- and shall be the judgment of that sin, and the judgment shall result in righteousness. Although, we see that, with regard to the human race, because Noah was the -- Noah and his sons was the one survi- -- were the four survivors of the flood. So they were the people from whom the entire human race, as we now know it, would come forth. That sin appeared, and it was judged. We're going to find out it was judged, and the whole human race fell. And I still declare to you that the result of that result of that judgment is a restoration to righteousness, but it's been taking thousands of years for that restoration to righteousness to come forth.


So if God sends you to somebody and you're sure that it's God and you're moving in the righteous of God and a judgment falls on that person because you've gone to them, and you've said, you are sinning, and you have begged them to repent and they have not repented. And you see them under judgment, and you see them under judgment for years, don't get confused, and don't think that you've made a mistake and you've hurt them. The end -- their end shall be [AUDIO CUTS OUT] --


"And God shall turn Japheth over to Satan, and he shall become a natural man, and those who are drawn to Satan in their minds and become natural man shall dwell without spiritual power, in vial, shameful, fallen human bodies. And Canaan shall be God's servants."


OK, the descendents of Shem, Ham and Japheth are the entire human race, and they are all incarnations of Cain, not [?Seth?]. Now, remember, we're supposed to be descendants of Seth, but Cain rose up in the minds of many and stole this seed. Now, remember what happened. Adam and Eve had offspring, Cain and Abel. Now, I declare to you that they were not two separate men. I declare to you that Adam was the creation of God in its early form, that he had his wife within him, that he was capable of fertilized himself, that he produced an offspring, a seed. The man's name was Cain and Abel because this see had the potential to manifest righteousness or evil. And the evil rose up and overtook the good and slew him. And God now calls the being Cain and cast him out from the presence of God. And that line eventually died out.


The Scripture says, and Eve said, the Lord has blessed me. He's given me another seed, Seth. And righteousness came forth in Seth. He was not knocked out immediately. Seth prevailed in the righteousness of Almighty God. He kept Satan under his feet, and he produced quite a few generations of righteous giants, physical and spiritual mighty men. And we are supposed to be the descendents of Seth. We are the physical descendents of Seth, but I declare to you that Cain has appeared in the minds of the physical descendants of Seth. And in reality, we are Cain. And I'm not including those that are -- in whom the process is being turned around in this hour. The human race is the descendants of Cain. We're the physical descendants of Seth by the spiritual descendants of Cain. That's the spiritual reality of the human race.


Glory to God. Let me just see my notes here. I don't want to miss anything. Glory to God. God is not going to let Seth, who became Cain -- OK, God is not going to let Seth, who became Cain, that's the human race today, die out like He let Abel, who became Cain, die out. This time, Has sent His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to be rebirthed in the minds of Cain. That's us, the fallen Seth. Restoring the creation to righteousness permanently. It's the exact reversal of what happened. Seth was righteous. Cain rose up from the unconscious mind and stole the creation. And now, the human race is unrighteous. We're a manifestation of Cain, and Christ is rising up from the unconscious and taking the physical line of Seth back for the glory of God and for the life of the ages, never to fall again. Hallelujah.


OK, when did men start to appear in male and female bodies? Is everybody OK, everybody OK? It's not too much for you, OK. When did men start to appear in male and female bodies? With the exception of Genesis 4:1, which says, "And Adam knew Eve, his wife," none of the wives taken by the descendants of Seth are named until Genesis 11:29, which says, "The name of Abram's wife was Sarai." The Scripture says they knew their wives. Their wives are not named. And I declare to you, these were all giants that had the ability to reproduce from within themselves. They were all mighty men of old. And the only reason the Scripture names Eve is that that is the establishment of the whole teaching that we've been studying here for 2 years, that Eve was the reproductive parts of Adam. The names of the wives are not named, however --


So what I'm suggesting to you is that starting with Abraham -- in Abraham, Sarah was already separate from him. But all these other mighty men of old, their wives were within them. Now, there is one exception. I found this a couple of months ago, and I asked the Lord about it, and He just gave me the answer now. However, Lamech's wives are named. Lamech is the offspring of Cain, and his wives are named. Well, what does that mean? In Genesis 4:19, it says, "And Lamech took unto him two wives: the name of the one was Adah, and the name of the other was Zillah."


And I'm suggesting that the descent into male and female human bodies, as man dwells in now, occurs only after moral separation from God. And Cain was put out from the presence of Almighty God. And within -- I believe it was two generations. I could be mistaken about that. It was very fast. We see that the descendants of Cain are naming their wives. They're already separated out into male and female bodies in about two generations, after he was separated out from God.


Well, let me just -- well, I don't want to take any more time on this message. I think it's just two generations, if I'm not mistaken. Maybe it's a few more. Let me turn to it. I don't want to leave the message incomplete. We're in chapter 4 of the Book of Genesis, verse 16. "And Cain went out from the presence of the Lord, and dwelt in the land of Nod, on the east of Eden. And Cain knew his wife" -- no name -- "and she conceived, and bare Enoch." That's the second generation. "And he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch. And unto Enoch was born Irad: and Irad begat Mehuajel: and Mehuajel begat Methusael: and Methusael begat Lamech." Five generations, brethren. "And Lamech took unto him two wives: the name of the one was Adah, and the name of the other was Zillah." The fifth generation after this moral separation from God, and the giant had broken down, physically, into male and female bodies, five generations.


Glory to God. And please note that in Genesis 4:20, which says, "And Adah" -- wife of Lamech -- "bare Jabal: he was the father of such as dwell in tents, and of such as have cattle." And I call your attention, if you have a King James Bible, to the fact that some words are in italics. I'm going to read you that verse without the italics, without the words in italics. "And Adah bare Jabal: he was the father of such as dwell in tents and cattle." One more time, "And Adah bare Jabal: he was the father of such as dwell in skins and animal bodies." Tents are the word for skins. They're just skins. And we touched on this in a prior meeting. That word tent, it means tabernacle. Paul clearly states it's our human bodies. I hope no one has a question about that.


So at the fifth generation, Lamech names his wives, and the sixth generation, the offspring of them. "And Adah bare Jabal: he was the father of such as dwell in skins and cattle, animal bodies." We fell down into these vile human bodies, covered with skin, animal bodies covered with skin. In the sixth generation after the separation fro- -- after Cain was separated from God, his descendants were in these vile, animalistic human bodies covered with skin.


Glory to God. That's pretty fast, man. That's pretty fast. Although, of course, we don't know how long they lived in those days. Maybe it wasn't 40 years each, still fast, six generations.


OK, the division of the Earth started with the division of men's souls. Genesis 10:5, "By these were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands; every one after his tongue, after his families, in their nations." These are the descendants of Japheth. And in verse 5, we're told, "By these" -- by the descendants of Japheth -- "were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands; every one after his tongue, after their families, in their nations."


The word isle is Strong's 339, and it means habitable or inhabited land. It means maritime land, whether a sea coast or a continent or an island. And I'm suggesting to you that it's the land that surrounds the water of the unconscious mind, which is Satan. And I'm suggesting to you that an isle typifies the human soul.


And this word divided is Strong's 6504. It means to break through, to spread or separate oneself, to stretch out, to put asunder, to be dispersed. And I suggest to you that in the days of Japheth's descendants -- let's see what generation it is. The sons of Japheth, Gome, and Magog, and Madai, and Javan. And the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz, and the sons of Javan. It's the fourth generation. It's happening even faster over here. In the fourth generation, I'm suggesting to you that the souls of men were broken down into male and female, before they were separated out into male and female bodies.


And I think there's a lot of people in this Earth that study human nature and study about the soul of man that will tell you, there really is such a thing as a male soul and a female soul, and sometimes, in this Earth, we find a man born with a female soul, and he's tortured for his entire life. Sometimes he becomes a homosexual. Sometimes he becomes a transsexual. Something goes wrong in the birth process, and we find a man, in a human, male body, and he has all of the desires and inclinations of a woman.


So what I'm suggesting to you this verse is saying is that there is a female and a male soul, and that this separation started in the soul of the descendants of Japheth before his descendants were broken down into male and female bodies. By these descendants of Japheth were the isles of the Gentiles divided in their lands. This word, in, in their lands, it means in the interior of some [?hole?] within -- and I'm suggesting that it means within the limit. It also means in the interior of some [?hole?] within the limits of -- and I'm suggesting to you that this breakdown happened, that the soul of these men were separated into male and female in their minds before they actually separated out into male and female.


Every one after his tongue, that means speech. This is the breakdown of the human race into different language. Every one after their families. This word family means -- it's Strong's 4940, and it means class or species. And Webster says that species is a class of individuals having common attributes and designated by a common name, a category of biological classification. And I'm suggesting to you this is male and female. OK, by these descendants of Japheth were the souls of the Gentiles -- I didn't put down that word Gentile for you. The souls of the Gentiles div- -- or, Gentiles just means non-Jews. They were people that had been separated from God. Divided in their lands, the earth of -- every one after his -- the way -- he was divided by the way he spoke. He was divided by whether he was male or female, and he was divided according to his nations. And this word nations is Strong's 1471, and it's in the sense of massing. It merely means a foreign nation, a troop of nations. I'm just suggesting to you that was just the getting ready to break man into these many members, OK.


And each -- and there would be categories of the members. This was the plan, that when the -- when man was broken down into these many members, he would be broken down into nations, national groups that have their own way of doing things. We know that there are characteristics that can be attributed to each ethnic group. There's no question about it. This is the result of the curse of dispersion. God set one against the other. He separated us so that we wouldn't get along, so that we would fight against one another and not fight against God.


Alternate Translation, Genesis 10:5, "The genetic material of the living soul was stretched out and separated into different kinds of speech, male and female souls, and different nationalities before the descendants of Japheth were physically separated into male and female bodies."


It happened in the mind first. "The genetic material of the living soul was stretched out and separated into different kinds of speech, male and female souls, and different nationalities before the descendants of Japheth were physically separated into male and female bodies."


Now, remember that Japheth was to be joined to Satan in his mind. This is all part of the angels that sinned being cast down to hell. This is what happened. They were separated from God in their mind. They were joined to Satan in their mind, and they were separated out into male and female, different speeches, different skin colors, different characteristics, different likes, and different dislikes, in the days of the fourth -- I believe, I counted to the fourth generation of Japheth. They fell even fast than the original Cain.


Glory to God. The descendants of Shem, chapter 10 of the Book of Genesis, verse 25. "And unto Eber were born two sons: the name of one was Peleg; for in his days was the earth divided; and his brother's name was Joktan." Let's see what generation that was, "And unto Shem, the father of the children of Eber," and the children of Shem were Elam, and Asshur and Arphaxad. And the children of Aram were Uz, and Arphaxd begat Salah, and Salah -- fourth generation, the descendants of Shem broke out into individual human bodies.


Now, this word divided, it's a different Hebrew word that is translated divided in Genesis 10:25, and it's Strong's 6385. And this word divided means to cleave, to divide, to be divided and to cause to fall out amongst themselves. This is describing the division into many bodies. In the days of the sons of Japheth, man was divided in his mind, and in the days of the descendants of Shem, man was divided in his body.


Now, remember, Japheth and Shem are one. This is just the Bible's way of describing that the descendants of Noah were separated in their mind into male and female, into different languages, and into different national and [?rayshist?] -- and race qualities and characteristics. And after that happened, after all the preparation was made in the realm of the soul, their bodies fell out into male and female, and they were separated, and [UNINTELLIGIBLE] -- and they fell out amongst themselves into male and female and into their national groups and into their language patterns and into their racial groups. And it didn't happen overnight. It happened little by little with each generation.


Alternate Translation, Genesis 10:25, "And Eber had two sons. One's name was Peleg because men separated out into male and female bodies in those days, and they were separated in their speech also and began to fight amongst themselves. And his brother's name was Joktan." Now, remember that Shem means shame, shameful, vile, bodies. Glory to God.


Genesis, chapter 10 -- this is the last -- there are three Scriptures describing this separation. This is the last one. Genesis 10:32, "These are the families," now speaking about all of the genealogies of the descendants of Noah. "These are the families of the sons of Noah, after their generations, in their nations: and by these were the nations divided in the earth after the flood."


Families, in this case, is being translated tribe or people. Generations means histories. It's Strong's 8435, and it means the history of the descent of these people.


"These are the families of the son of Noah, after their generations, in their nations: and by these were the nations divided." This word by can be translated, by the agency of, because of. And this word divided is a third Hebrew word that means divided. It's different from the other two. It's Strong's 5504, and this word means profit or gain resulting from merchandise. And it's from a root that means to travel around as a beggar. And I want you to know that God sees us in this condition. Well, I'm not talking about those of us that are being raised up. He sees the condition of the human race, in this hour, as beggars.


Do you know for years I used to get dreams of ships sailing on a sea, and there were men sitting on these ships. They were beggars. Their clothes were tattered and torn, and they had this terrible look on their face. And their eyes, which is glassy and empty and staring out, and I didn't know what it meant until years later. This is how God sees humankind. We're beggars. We're lost. I don't care how much money you have. I don't care if you bathe every day. I don't care what kind of clothes you have or if you ride around in a Mercedes. Spiritually, you are a beggar, and you are riding on the sea of the living soul with empty eyes, emptiness in your soul, from lack of Almighty God being joined to you. So this division means to travel about as a beggar, to travel around for the purpose of trade. And it also can be translated to have intercourse with one. And I suggest to you that at this point, human men and women started reproducing through sexual intercourse, the lowest state that man has ever fallen into.


Glory to God. Enjoy it, but know what it is. Don't deceive yourself about what it is. Enjoy it, but don't deceive yourself. It's the lowest state man has ever fallen into, and don't let it influence your decisions for life. Base your life decisions on the righteousness of Almighty God, and sex will follow. If He's giving it to you, He's giving it to you. Don't compromise your principles to get it. Don't lay down your righteousness to get it. Remember Samson. God never told Samson he couldn't have a wife. God never told him that, but he compromised his relationship with God because he wanted a woman that God didn't pick for him. Make sure you've got the woman God's picked for you. And even if she's the woman that God's picked for you, if you put her love above the righteousness of God, you're both going tumbling down. I'm telling you the truth.


Alternate Translation, Genesis 10:32, "These are the histories of the tribes which descended from the sons of Noah according to the groups they were placed into. And through them, those who are separated into male and female are living a spiritually, beggarly life and having sexual intercourse in the earth of their bodies since the flood."


"These are the histories of the tribes which descended from the sons of Noah according to the groups they were placed into. And through them, those who are separated into male and female are living a spiritually, beggarly life and having sexual intercourse in the earth of their bodies since the flood."


Glory to God. What happened to the descendants of Ham? [AUDIO CUTS OUT] of Japheth's descendants, man was separated in his mind. In the days of Shem's descendants, man was separated in his body. What happened to Ham's descendants? I've got about another 15 minutes. Should I go on, or is it too much for you? OK, everybody OK?


Glory to God. I declare to you that if you would read the whole chapter 10 by yourself, you'll find out that there is no statement about a fallen condition resulting in the days of the descendants of Ham. And I suggest to you that the reason for this is that Ham was the one son, the one element of Noah, that would have chosen righteousness if he could have. He was cast down because of witchcraft power. And his descendants continued to reproduce in the form of the mighty men of old much longer than the descendants of Shem and Japheth.


And as we discussed earlier on this message, that is why in the days approximately 900 years B.C., when we have the history of David and Israel, that there were two kinds of men living in the Earth. There were men like we are today, the descendants of Shem and Japheth who fell after the fourth generation, fell out into male and female after four generations, even faster than Cain. And we still had the descendants of Ham who were still mighty men, fallen in their mind, yes, but not yet fallen in their bodies, and still reproducing from within themselves.


And somewhere along the line, in Bible days -- I believe there's a Scripture. I believe I have it in my notes. I'll read it for you if I can find it. And Og was the last of the giants. He was barren. And the Scripture describes how large he was, and he slept in a bed of iron. He was an incredible one, but he was barren. He was the last of his species.


Glory to God. Ham too degenerated into male and female. And now we see mankind across the face of the Earth, and we're all mixed up. And I want to put this on the message. I know I touched on it before. I want to mention it again. Don't think that all of the descendants of Ham are black because they're not. They're black and they're white and they're dark and they're light and they're blue-eyed and they're brown-eyed. What will identify you as a descendant of Ham is your thirst for righteousness, not by the color of your skin or the shape of your nose or the texture of your hair.


Glory to God. But that's OK. God's raising up the whole creation anyway. He's raising up those that desire righteousness if they could have it, and He's also raising up those that would turn away from it if they had the opportunity. He's taking them against his will, so you're all coming whether you choose or whether you refuse. Glory to God.


OK, I just have some comments here. I want to go down the line, and we'll wind this up. The descendants of Ham were great idolaters because of Noah's curse. The descendants of Ham were the tribes of Canaan. They were the worst idolaters. Their religion that they indulged in included child sacrifice, putting their children through fire, and not -- you know, I used to always think that meant babies, but there's a Scripture in one of the history books that says -- I believe -- I don't remember exactly who he was. I don't want to make an error on the message. But he was fighting Israel, and he was losing the battle, and he took his adult son and sacrificed him right on the wall, his own son. They were barbarians. Noah's curse cast the descendants of Ham down so low, that's the kind of authority he had. Look at the spiritual authority that Noah had.


And I just want to remind you, brethren, as you go on with God and you start moving in spiritual power, if you yield to a temptation to use that spiritual power outside of God, you have power to curse. Don't be deceived. You're -- that's why God's not letting you move into full spiritual power until your mind has been resurrected and you have re- -- moral responsibility because I believe that the people sitting here right now, if we were to lose ourselves and curse someone that hurt us, we have great power to harm these people and their descendants. You have to know this, brethren. You have to know this.


So if something in your soul rises up and hates or envies or manifests an ungodly spirit, you better stop trying to cover it up behind your facial expressions and your witchcraft and your mind control and the gifts of the spirit that you have. You've got to deal with it in the procedure that God has ordained. You must confess it. You must repent, and it must be destroyed because your facial expressions, your mind control, your witchcraft and your spiritual gifts covering it up cannot stop the person from being hurt.


Glory to God. The descendants of Ham were great idolaters because of Noah's curse but were amongst the last men upon the Earth to descend into vile human bodies because of Ham's righteousness. What a contradiction, what a contradiction. Noah's curse made them horrible idolaters, but the righteousness of God that prevailed in them made them among the last to break down into male and female.


Cush, the firstborn, was an evil man who originated religion apart from God. That's Ham's firstborn. Not much is said about Mizraim's offspring except that the Philistines came from him. And very little is known about the rest of them. And I remind you that the giants were all Philistines. They were all Philistines. If you check it out in the Scripture, you'll find out they were all Philistines. So of all of Ham's descendants -- Ham had four children. Of his four children, the one child that kept reproducing in a spiritually strong way for the longest time on the Earth were the descendants of Mizraim.


Glory to God. And put his third son -- his offspring is so significant that they're not even mentioned in Genesis 10. And last but not least, Canaan's offspring occupied the land that God promised the Israelites. Now, there's a spiritual truism here. Canaan, the last of Ham's offspring, the return to fact that God chose Israel, to give them the land of Canaan, is the rejoining of the spiritual seed of God, the righteousness of God, to the land of Canaan, to the land of Ham, to the soul of Ham. Ham was cast down from righteousness against his will. And when God took the Israelites out of Egypt, when he restored the altar, when Go- -- the righteousness of God reappeared in the Earth, He joined that righteousness to the descendants of Ham who was cast down from righteousness against his will.


It's just -- it's Scriptural. God sent the Israelis in there. It's not Scriptural. It's symbolic. That's what I meant. God sent the Hebrew children in there and told them to kill all of the occupants of the land. It's just a symbolic truth that the righteousness of God will be restored to Ham. It's a promise.


You know, did you -- did anyone ever tell you that in the days that the Hebrews were captive under the auspices of Babylon in the days of Esther, when those books were written, that they really couldn’t practice their religion freely, so they would abbreviate the name of Jehovah in their writings, J-H-V-H we- -- I'm not sure of the initials. And they would just put it in, just -- and it would look like just letters stuck in there in their writings. And any Hebrew reading it would know that it would be saying, the Lord God Jehovah, He lives. Well, this is just a symbolic statement. The righteousness of God shall be restored to the soul of Ham.


Glory to God. Hallelujah. Now, man's thinking is always the opposite from God. We're always -- we're his mirror image. Ham fell from righteousness against his own will. The descendants of Ham, therefore, have the greatest potential to return to the righteousness of God. And I believe this concept of the law of God being written in men's hearts, that it's they're the descendants of Ham. It's there, that potential for righteousness. It's there, and it manifests. I see it in a lot of people. I see it on Christians. They're not walking with God. They're not reading the Bible. They just seem to know what's right, according to God, not according to our judgment.


So the point that I'm trying to make here, that man's thinking is always the opposite from God, Ham fell from righteousness against his will. The descendants of Ham, therefore, have the greatest potential to return to the righteousness of God. But does God go to them first? Does God to the descendants of Ham first? No, God never goes bu- -- that way. Where does God go first? Does anybody remember? Where does God go first? To the most needy. He goes to the most needy.


And a lot of religious church people say, God going to that bum? He's not clean. He hasn’t taken a bath. He's dirty. Why would God go and help him? Because he needs God, and he loves them. God is not going to the -- specifically to the descendants of Ham to raise them up first. He is going to the neediest, and who are the neediest? The neediest are those who would not choose righteousness if they had the chance. God thinks just the exact opposite than we do. So when God decides to manifest in the Earth, who does He go to? He goes to Abraham, a descendant of Shem, a descendant of the shamed ones, the one who fell in his mind because he loved unrighteousness. That's who God's going to first.


Glory to God. The promise of Canaan to Israel typifies God's rejoining the potential of humankind to choose righteousness, if they have the power to do so, typified in Ham, to that part of humankind who did not have the strength to even desire righteousness. God imputed his righteousness to Israel, the fallen Shem who tried to cover his and his father's sin. When God first imputed His righteousness in the Earth, when God first started to turn this thing around, the first thing He did was went -- was go to Abraham, and He did not go to a descendant of Ham. He went to a descendant of Shem.


Now, a lot of people will tell you that He went to a descendant of Shem because they were of a higher quality than the descendants of Ham who were terribly cursed for doing this terrible thing to their father. But the truth is, God chose a descendant of Shem to start to restore His righteousness to the Earth because the descendants of Shem needed it much more, now, not necessarily in their physical lives. We're talking spiritual. A lot of the descendants of Ham are very oppressed. They're very poor. A lot of them have a lot of problems, but they're a very spiritual people. And God might be going to people that do not have the poverty and the problems of the descendants of Ham, but He has made a judgment as to who needs Him spiritually the most, and He started His process of restoration through Abraham and the descendants of Shem, the people that would not choose righteousness if they had the power to do so because they loved their sin.


Glory to God. OK, I just have a few words for you on the Philistines, establishing that the Philistines are the descendants of Ham and the son of Mizraim. Genesis 10, verses 6 and 13 and 14. "And Mizraim, the son of Ham, begat Ludim, and Aamim, and Lehamhim [SP] and Hephtahim [SP]. And the sons of Ham; Cush and Mizraim, and Phut and Canaan." What did I do here? I'm just -- well, I'm just trying to show you that Philistim came out of Ham, and I messed this up, so I'm just going to keep on going. I see, I put it in the wrong place.


Verse 6, "And the sons of Ham; Cush, and Mizraim, and Phut, and Canaan." So this shows you that Mizraim is the son of Ham. And verse 13 says, "And Mizraim begat Ludim, and Anamim," et cetera, et cetera. "And Casluhim, (out of whom came Philistim)." So the Philistines are descendants of Ham. And the Philistines are the race -- they were wild heathens. Remember, Ham was hurled down to the lowest moral condition by Noah's witchcraft curse. But the giants appeared in the land of Philistia. Physically, they were the last ones to break down into male and female.


Glory to God. Genesis 6:4, "And there were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare to them, the same mighty men, which were of old, men of renown." Now, two messages ago, we did that Scripture, and I told you that the mighty men that they bare of old was that Cain came forth in their mind. And the Lord told me that that's a true word. I'm not taking it back, and I'm not correcting it. It is true what happened, but that the real intent of this Scripture is this. What happened to my notes here?


There were giants in the earth in those days, and also after that. There were giants in the earth in those days, and also after those days. Which days? The days when the sons of God came into the daughters of men and they bare unto them, the days when the spiritual men started fornicating with their mind, there were giants in the earth in those days and also after those days. There were giants before the flood, and there were giants after the flood. "The same might men which were of old, men of renown." The giants that were in the earth after the flood, they were the same mighty men which were of old, men of renown. They were the same giants that were before the flood, the sme mighty men that were before the flood. Ham was still producing them despite the curse.


Anyone having a problem with that? The interpretation that I gave you of that Scripture two messages ago, it's a valid interpretation. The Lord said it's a valid interpretation, but there's something that I missed in it. "There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after those days," saying that there were giants in the earth before the flood, and that there were also giants in the earth after the flood. And whether these giants lived before the flood or whether they lived after the flood, they were the same mighty men of old, men of renown. They were just taking that much longer to die out, but they were the same species, the same mighty men that lived before the flood.


OK, Numbers 13:33, "And there we saw the giants." There are three Hebrew words translated giants. I'm going to touch on those three Hebrew words, and then that's it. Numbers 13:33, "And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight." Now, this name, Anak, they were the sons of Anak, and the word Anak is Strong's 6061, and it's from a root which means to be fully furnished, to have everything that one needs. And I'm suggesting to you that these sons of Anak were the sons of the beings that were fully furnished. They had everything that they needed. They were male and they were female, and they also had Almighty God. They were the offspring of those mighty ones that had everything that they needed.


Now, this word giants, it's Strong's 5303. And this is the Hebrew word used in the two verses above, Numbers 13:33 and Genesis 6:4, and it means nphil. If you've ever heard the word Nephilim, and it's from a root that means to be cast down, to die, to divide by lot. It means fugitive, and we know that Cain was a fugitive in the Earth. It means inferior, to lie down. And what I'm suggesting to you is that this giant is one of the mighty men of old who lived before men were divided into male and female but who was fallen in his mind. Nephilim, he had all of the physical and spiritual qualities of the men, the mighty men of old, except when God separated from him, that spiritual power became witchcraft. But he had not yet degenerated into the human bodies that we live in today. That is the Nephilim, fallen in the mind, but not yet fallen in the body.


And we have two more words translated giant, in Num- -- and that's used also in Numbers 13:33, which says, "And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which came of the giants." Now, the first word, giants, is the word I just discussed. And the second time the word giants is used, it's a different word. It's Strong's 1368, and it means powerful, mighty, warrior, tyrant. And this is the same word used in Genesis 10:9 where it says Nimrod was a mighty hunter before the Lord. And I suggest to you that they were not only physically powerful, that these men had mighty spiritual power and that Nimrod used that spiritual power against God. They were powerful, spiritual and physical men.




Tyrant, yes, tyrant. They had ungodly -- they had spiritual power that they used for ungodly purposes. They turned it against God. And we have a message number 8 where we found out that they set up their own base of spiritual power to wage war against God, to live through this creation without submission to God.


And in Deuteronomy 3:11, it says, "For only Og king of Bashan remained of the remnant of the giants." They were dying out. They used to have 10 offspring. Now they could only have one, and Og was the last, and he was barren. This word giants is Strong's 7497, and this is very interesting, brethren. It means in the sense of invigorating. That means to bring back to life, in the sense of giving life. And it's from a root that means to mend by stitching. And I suggest to you that this typifies man before he was divided. He was all sewn together. He was not in pieces. He was one. And it also means to heal. It means physician.


And this is the same He- -- this Hebrew word that is the root of the word giant, Strong's 7495, it is used in Isaiah 53:5, "But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we are healed." And with his stripes, we are sewn back together again, brethren, because if Christ is prevailing in you, you are a male, and you are a female. And if He is your righteousness, if you are walking in Him, you are a mighty man of old before the moral fall. Can you hear this? And we are healed by his stripes. Because He died, and now His life lives in us. We are sewn back together again to God. So this word that's translated giant, it means that they were me- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] [INAUDIBLE] that had life and that had everything that they needed to survive until they were cursed down to carnality.


Now, one last point, an identifying character of these giants, they had six toes, and they had six fingers. The Scripture is very cellar that they had six toes and they had six fingers. I just want to make some comments on the significance of that, and we're done. Five minutes, I know I've kept you very long today. Webster says that a finger is a part of a glove into which a finger is inserted. It means to extend, to penetrate, to point out, to identify. I declare to you, the male element penetrates. The female element receives. And this concept of it pointing out or identifying, science has established that it's the male sperm that determines the sex of the child. So it points out, and it identifies, male, female. It penetrates. I suggest to you, they had six fingers. They had the male ability to reproduce, six being the number of man, finger typifying the male element necessary to reproduce humanity. These giants, they had the ability to reproduce human beings from a male point of view.


They also had six toes. The word toes is Strong's 931. It means to be thick, which is a word that is associated with the womb throughout the Scriptures. And it's from an unused root, meaning to shut or to cover. And I suggest to you that a baby, in utero, I shut in and covered by the mother's womb. And I'm suggesting to you that the six toes that the giants had typified the fact that they had the ability to reproduce humankind from the female end. They had the male element, and they had the female element. They had everything that was needed to reproduce human beings in the face of the Earth. And their wife was within them.


Glory to God. Human beings today are still born with both male and female organs, and sometimes -- I had a friend that had six fingers and six toes. Our society calls these people freaks. And I suggest to you that they are throwbacks. They are perversions because when these people are born with male and female organs, it's my understanding that they are born with the male and female organs of the human bodies as we know them today. Now, obviously, if you are born with a male and a female organ, you are not capable of fertilized yourself.


There had to be something different about these giants. They did not have the male and female organs as we have them today. They may have had female organs as we have them today. There had to be a uterus to -- so that the baby could pass out. But in what form their male organ took, I don't know. And all that I know is that they had the ability to fertilized themselves.


So when we see people today born with a male and female organ, it is a perversion because that female organ is not capable of fertilizing. The f- -- the male organ that they're born with is not capable of being used to fertilized the female organ. It's just a throwback, a symbol of a time when men were mighty men of old, that they were so great in physical stature and in spiritual power, and they were of a body that was so far superior to this one that we live in that they have the ability to fertilize themselves. And this is a perversion of that coming forth in some poor soul being born with both male and female organs, how terrible for them. But it's just a sign, you know, that there is truth to this. Glory to God. But we know it by the spirit. We don't need these signs. I just thought to mention it.  And as far as being born with the six fingers and the six toes, I had a gi- -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT]


OK, I have one more Scripture for you, and that's it, just establishing that the giants were themselves Philistines. I Samuel 17:23, "And as he talked with them, behold, there came up the champion, the Philistine of Gath, even Goliath by name, out of the armies of the Philistines, and spoke according to the same words: and David heard them." So we see that Goliath, one of the giants, was a Philistine. Glory to God, very exciting word. Does anybody have any questions on this? OK, let me get over there so we could share it with the people that hear the message. Hold it, could you start again?


            I just want to know a Scripture that goes with the one that's giants in the sense of invigorating.


Oh, OK, I'll give it to you. I have it right here in my notes. Glory to God. Thank you, Jesus. In the sense of invigorating, Numbers 13:33, the second time the word giants is used.




No, you wanted the word that's translated in -- oh, I'm sorry. I gave you the wrong one. You're right. That's Deuteronomy 3:11, and if you'll look in your concordance, you'll see that the majority of times that the words giants is translated, it's from this verb, 7497. That's the majority of the times.


The following message was preached at a subsequent meeting at Living Epistles Ministries but has been added to this message because of the related subject matter.


 The Lord just gave me some additional information about giants that I wanted to share with you. He sent somebody to me with the name of a book about Atlantis. And I -- I couldn't get the name of the book out of my mind. So finally I said, well, let me go to the library and see if I could get it out. Maybe the Lord wants me to look at the book. And I guess you all know me by now. I really have a problem with names. I was on so many hormones and steroids when I was younger, I really think that it's affected my memory. It's just not -- my memory is just not normal. It's not normal for it to be that bad. So I have to write things down immediately, or I forget them.


And I didn't write down the name, so I had his name. It's not that I forgot it. I had the name just completely wrong in my mind. And I went to look it up, and I couldn't find it. And the thought came to me, well, go look under the subject matter, Atlantis, so it must have been the Lord. And there it was, and I recognized that I had the name wrong, so I -- the book wasn't there. I had to have it reserved by the librarian.


And when I pulled the book out, when I started looking at the book, I just couldn’t imagine why God would want me to read this book. It's written by -- in case you're interested, the name of the author is Muck. Oh g- -- I think -- I hope I have it right this time. Muck, M-U-C-K, and it's called "The Secrets of Atlantis." He is a geologist. This Muck is a geologist, and it was -- the whole book, basically, was to scientifically establish that the continent of Atlantis really did exist. And I think most Bible scholars would feel that Atlantis was the world before the flood. I always -- I read it somewhere, and it just quickened to my spirit, and I always went along with that. At least, God never told me otherwise.


So he came up with a lot of geo- -- what they call geophysical proof that Atlantis existed. The one thing that's in my mind right now, that he really pressed home, was that every ocean on the map -- and we have a map of the world here. Every ocean, there is a continent named after the ocean. The Pacific Ocean, we have the Pacific Islands. The Indian Ocean, we have the continent of India. And he said for the Atlantic Ocean, there is no continent that has a name that's associated with the Atlantic Ocean, so how strange that this continent that supposedly disappeared would be named Atlantis. And he claims that there is geophysical proof that there was a flood.


Now, I know that we all believe all this stuff by faith. But it can't -- if God brings it to our attention, it can't hurt to hear it. And he claims that the way the flood came to pass -- now, this I think is important because we could believe things by faith. But where a lot of people get messed up and where a lot of believers get messed up is they have trouble connecting the things that they believe to the physical reality of how God did it. And let me say what I'm saying, and you'll see what I mean. He claims that these geophysical signs prove that an asteroid came from outer space and hit the Earth in such a manner that the Earth reeled on its axis to such a degree that the result was the deluge, which is another word for the flood.


And what I'm trying to say is that I personally think that it's very important that we can connect what we believe by faith to the reality of how God did because what I'm trying to say -- I'm having a little trouble getting this out -- is that I believe that God moves through natural phenomenon. In other words, if -- well, that was -- I was going to give you an example. That was a bad example. If God prophesies that He's going to, for example -- OK, I'll take a Scriptural example. He prophesied the downfall of Babylon. If you recall, in the Book of Daniel, there was a King Nebuchadnezzar that acknowledged the living God [AUDIO CUTS OUT] Belshazzar. He's the one that saw the hand writing on the wall that says, your days are numbered. OK, you didn't do right by God, and your days are numbered. And I'm told that at the moment, this evil king was in his palace, that he saw the hand writing the prophecy on the wall, the invading army, whichever it was that invaded him -- I believe it was Assyria. I'm not too sharp tonight, but I think it was the Kingdom of Assyria was at the gates.


Now, Babylon -- ancient Babylon was a walled city as most of the ancient cities were. They were walled cities, and I'm told that there were two gigantic gates -- doors in the gate that went around the whole city. They were called leave gates, and they swung open. And at the moment that that hand was writing this prophecy in the king's palace, the armies -- it must have been the armies of Assyria -- were at the gates of Babylon, forcing the gates and invading the city.


So what I'm trying to suggest to you is that I want us to have an ability to see the supernatural power of God manifesting in the Earth and to have a realistic idea of how God does things. And in my opinion, if God possibly can, He works through natural means. And a lot of people that don't have much knowledge about God, they're looking for all kinds of fiery signs and wonders and supernatural miracles and lightning bolts from heaven. And when judgment falls, they cannot see the hand of God in it. And we could be at a great disadvantage if we cannot see the hand of God in the natural, everyday things that are happening to us. That's what I'm trying to tell you.


So God pronounced judgment on this evil king, and an invading army invaded Babylon, and that was the fall of the kingdom of Babylon. The kingdom of Babylon was swallowed up by the kingdom of Assyria. It became a second-rate nation. So God moves through natural means, and this geophysicist, Much, he says that -- and he believes in the Bible. I don't know how religious he is, but he does quote the Bible. And he claims that God said, I'm going to send a flood upon the Earth, and this asteroid just appeared and headed right for the Earth, crashed with the Earth, caused such a collision that it caused the Earth to reel and go off of its axis, bringing in the flood, which is also called the deluge, and the ice age and causing Atlantis, the land upon which the men that lived before the flood inhabited, down to the b- -- to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean.


And I started leafing through the book, and I said, this is very interesting, but it was very technical. I wasn't enjoying it at all. A lot of it I didn't even understand, and a lot of it I thought wasn't important. But I was so sure that God wanted me to look at this book that I just started leafing through it very quickly, not reading every word, and just pray. As a matter of fact, I didn't take it home with me. I sat down in the library to look through it, and I prayed.


And I said, Lord, just -- it must be just one little thing that you want me to see in this book. Please, show it to me. And I came across one chapter where he quotes the Bible saying, there were giants in the land in those days. And he quotes Homer as not only a novelist but an historian. And I think a lot of historians do give credibility to Homer as not just a novelist but that all of the works that he wrote were based on fact. And he wrote -- writes about the Trojan wars, and there have been ruins dug up in Greece that would establish a lot of the things that Homer has written about, and Homer wrote about Atlantis. He has a whole treatise on Atlantis, and he talks about it a lot. And Homer seems to say there were giants present there also in Atlantis, and he --


And Muck quotes Homer, one of the passages of Homer, where the priests are talking. And there -- now, this is ancient Egypt he's talking about in this account, and he says that there were coffins there of men that were so great -- the size of the coffin was so great that he calls it colossal. And I looked -- took a hold of my Webster's, and I looked up the word colossal, and it means very, very large, super-humanly large. So we're not talking about men that just happened to be growing to 7'. We're talking about super-humanly large men. And in this account, in Homer's book, the priests were asked, these men in the coffins, these colossal sized coffins, were these men gods? And the answer, in Homer's account, was, no, they were not gods. They were simply men, but they were priests. But they were just men, but before these men lived, there were gods.


And what the Lord quickened to me was if you're willing to receive a heathen witness to this knowledge about giants that God is filtering into this ministry, what God told me was what the priest described as gods were the descendants of Seth that had not fallen in their mind. And we know that the Scripture called Israel gods. The Scripture said to Israel, ye are gods, but ye shall die like men. Why did they die like men? Because they were not living out of Christ. They had the ability, by an imputed anointing, to live out of Christ and be gods, and they didn't, so they died like men. That's what that Scripture means. And we are called to godship, and a lot of people in the church get very upset when we talk about becoming gods or the sons of God. But we shall be gods when we are living 100 percent out of the mind of Christ, but it hasn't even been completely imparted to us yet.


And a lot of the fear in the church about Christians saying they're gods is really -- it's really unfounded because there's no way that we're going to have that power until all sin is put under feet of the Christ in us. But in that ca- -- in that event, we shall be gods because this is what a god is. A god is somebody that has supernatural power and authority over the soul realm. Demons are gods. Now, don’t shut off the message. You know, there are -- Jesu- -- Jehovah said, He is the God of gods. He never denied that there were other gods. He said, He was the God of gods, that He is the greatest of all the gods.


And I'm declaring to you that what this means -- we've got to get a working ex- -- understanding of what this means. And what this means is that spiritual life is greater than soul life. And any form of spiritual life, in relationship to soul life, is a god. Does anyone not understand that? Just like you would compare soul men to the animals in the jungle. Man compared to the lions and the tigers are gods. We defeat them. We have guns. We have gunpowder. They're no match for us. We're gods to them. And spiritual life, in relationship to soul life, are made -- is made up of gods, and there are evil gods, and then there is Jehovah God and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. And there shall be the Christ Jesus, the 42nd generation, gods dwelling through the flesh of men.


When the process that Jehovah and His Son, Jesus Christ, is involved in is completed in us, yes, we shall be gods, but not with our wicked minds, not with our wicked minds, brethren. We shall be gods when the righteousness of Jesus Christ is flowing through us unabated. And then we shall not -- Israel died like men, but we shall not die when that happens.


So this is a witness that the Lord just wanted me to share with you, that the descendants of Seth that were living out of Christ were considered gods. And when they fell in their minds, which would include Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth and we don't know how many generations after that, they were no longer gods. They were just men, but they were still colossal, very, very large, very powerful. I personally believe very brilliant. And I've read books about the mathematics that was present in ancient Egypt.


No one -- oh, and here's something else that the Lord told me. Questions have been asked about how these ancient Egyptians built the pyramids. They say that even with all the slave power that they had, it would have been impossible for humankind, for man, to get those blocks up that high. Well, brethren, if there were giants in the Earth in that day, those blocks might have been pebbles to them. The giants must have built the pyramids because there's no human -- they're so heavy, there's just no way that man could have gotten them up there.


And the mathematical knowledge that was known to ancient Egypt, I personally believe, was a manifestation of the mind of the fallen sons of Seth that had -- were still on the other side of the flood. Now, we found out that there was some giants on this side of the flood. So whether the pyramids were built before the flood and survived or whether they were built after the flood, I don't know.


We have two possibilities here. They were built by the genius brain of a god that had become a natural man. Why? Because he started yielding to his carnal mind, but was descending down to the Earth slowly and still was the recipient or the beneficiary of this great mind that had been imparted to him. When he -- his mind was joined to Christ, he still had all this knowledge and all this wisdom and all this scientific and mathematic knowledge that, even in this hour, in the year 1989, our scientists have not come to the point where they have a knowledge of science and mathematics that they find evidence of in ancient Egypt.


So what has happened? God had placed on the Earth god men, the descendants of Seth. And the god men -- check this out. The god men are descending. They descended, and they are descending. And as they descended, they lost their knowledge of God. They lost their knowledge of mathematics. They lost their knowledge of science, and they're becoming more and more carnal. And at some point, man started to seek after knowledge by his own power. So the god man is descending, but the natural man is ascending. And they have not yet come to the place -- the natural man -- the knowledge of the natural man has not yet come to the place where it is equal to the mathematical and scientific knowledge of the descending god that had become a natural man. Does anybody not understand what I'm talking about?


The giants that built the pyramids, that set up the scientific knowledge of ancient Egypt, they were no longer gods. They were already fallen in their mind, but their minds had been so great and so mighty that a lot of the knowledge that they received when their mind was joined to God was still with them. And it's -- it took generations of them producing descendants for them to lose that knowledge. And somewhere along the line, natural man started seeking the knowledge of natural man, which is not yet equal to the knowledge of the fallen sons of God.


We know it's a scientific fact that -- what percentage of our brain do we use? It's not even a third. Do you know? I believe it's not eve- -- very small. I don't even think it's a third of our brain that we use. The scientists cannot figure out what -- why we have such brain capacity and we're not using it. And I suggest to you that when our mind is joined to the mind of Almighty God that that brain is fully implemented, that it was fully implemented in the days of Seth and that it shall be fully implemented when the Lord is joined to our brain again. It's going to be fully functioning.


We're going to be geniuses, every last one of us. The retarded person, when this process is completed in them, will be a mathematical and scientific genius. See, there's nothing wrong with knowledge except that when man seeks after that knowledge, the tendency is to deny all glory to God. We were talking about that earlier. It's not on the message. There's nothing wrong with having knowledge, but we cannot deny that God gives us this knowledge. It's very dangerous because that's how man worship starts.


But this is what the Lord wanted me to share with you, that there is some evidence that giants existed and that they were great. They weren't just 7' or 8' tall men. They were just colossal because what I had said to you -- I don't know if it's on any message or not, but what I had suggested to you was that -- if I'm not mistaken, in the Scripture, the size of the giant is described, and I think they're 8' or 9' tall. And I had suggested the possibility to you that the Son of God, before the descent, and those fallen men, right after the descent, might have been three times the size of the giant that was living in David's day. Because the giant that was living in David's day, that was already the last generation or the next to the last generation of giants.


And they had been shrinking. Look at the size of modern man. I don't believe that the giants shrunk down to what we see as modern man in one generation. It was a process. He lost his intelligence. That was why Israel had to have the law or ordinances added to them, because they had lost the knowledge of the law of God that was in the mind of the mighty men of old. There was no written law that they made sacrifices. They knew what was right. They knew what God required of them. What -- we're told that Enoch walked with God. He had to have an intense knowledge of God. Where was that knowledge? It was channeling through his mind because his mind was joined to God. And since the fall of Shem, Ham and Japheth, man has been steadily descending, but those men back in the days of Seth -- and I believe Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth fit into this category. They were huge.


I looked up the size of the ark. It was in three tiers, and it was 75' tall. So they could have been really huge, and not just tall but broad. And I think I told you, recently, that I don't believe that they reproduced the way human females reproduce today. I think I have that on one past message, but the Lord corrected me. They reproduce by some form of cell division, and they produced a fully born adult when they reproduced. There was no mothering. They just produced another one like themselves.


So there are two major points that the Lord wanted me to convey to you tonight, that there is reason to believe that these sons of God and the fallen sons of God, they were tremendous, just tremendous beings, very large, intelligent beyond the intelligence that we know now. And I just lost my train of thought. What was -- and the second point that we made tonight was that when God moves and executes judgment that He is -- if He possibly can, will do it through a natural means. And it's very important that we have eyes to see and ears to hear when God is moving because we could miss the whole thing.


A knowledge of God is no longer inherent in the mind of man. We're too fallen. I believe in the days of Seth when man was a god, and he was joined to God. I believe that when they reproduced that the new being that came into being had a full knowledge of God. And we've preached messages in this ministry that the day is coming that when two believers that know -- have a knowledge of God produce a child, that that child will be born with a knowledge of God or with the Spirit of God. Those days are coming.


I personally don't know anyone that it's happened to. I know people where salvation has been on the family line for several generations. Children as young as 5 years old are baptized with the Holy Spirit, so we could see that it's going to be happening. If they can be baptized with Holy Spirit at 5, they surely can be born with the Holy Spirit, when God says we enter into that timeframe and it starts happening. So that's wha- -- so we see that this knowledge of God, you know, in man's current state, is not passed on through birth -- [AUDIO CUTS OUT] [INAUDIBLE].


And I just want to make one more point about the size of the giants, one more possible witness to the fact that they were huge. There's a big question in the history of mankind as to what happened to the dinosaurs. What happened to the dinosaurs? How could they have just disappeared off of the face of the Earth, these colossal gigantic animals? What happened to them? And what I'm suggesting to you is that when the mind of man was disjoined from God, when man fell in his mind, the result or one of the results of that disjoining was that he physically shrunk down to the size that man is today.


And I'm suggesting to you that the whole creation shrunk down in physical size with him and that the dinosaurs that existed were not only wiped out in the flood -- We're told, or a lot of people think that they were wiped out in the flood. But aren't we told that all of the animals were taken on ark? Isn't that what the Scripture says? Didn't God tell Noah to take all of the animals that were evident in the Earth onto the ark? Well, then, what happened to the dinosaurs. And I'm say- -- and I'm told that modern science teaches that our modern-day birds are the descendants of this tremendous, gigantic animals. And what I'm suggesting to you is that when man shrunk physically, the whole creation shrunk with him and that the dinosaurs were not wiped out in the flood because their species had to be taken on the ark. And that what happened to the dinosaurs -- what wiped the dinosaurs out was that they reproduced into smaller and smaller and smaller animals until, as I just said, modern science says their descendants of the birds which are just a fraction of the size of man.


Now, assuming that the size of man in relation to the birds that we see flying is -- man is so much greater than the birds. Are we to assume that before the entire creation fell that man was so great that he was as -- greater -- as great in proportion to the dinosaurs as we are to the birds today? Is that how great the giants were? And I just leave you with that thought. I think we have a question over here.


            [INAUDIBLE] it was book and it was on TV, something of the gods.




            "Chariot of the Gods." They talked about some of the things you said, about the pyramids, but they -- and they also talked about the pyramids in South America, that they believe these same people made. And I think there are       pictures of them. I don't know on caves or what the people had drawn.




And they talked about the al- -- what was it you said? The numbers or the alphabet. I can't remember what it was. [UNINTELLIGIBLE] you said?


            The numbers, right?


Mathematics, yeah.


            It talked about that too.


Yeah. And in that book they had a proof of a -- they had a skull of a man that lived years ago, and he had a ca- -- a filling in his tooth. They had dentistry then. And what they're saying is that it's men from outer space. But what God has dropped in my heart was that -- is that it was this race of Seth that had all of this technology. And they say that they had -- that there were airfields there. And they're trying to say that these airfields were built by visitors from space and that they're waiting for them to come back. But, I mean, God just dropped this in my heart. It was descending line of Seth. They were just geniuses, and they continued to descend. And we are their descendants, and our minds have been so darkened that we don't even know that they're our descen- -- that they're our ancestors.


And these people are trying to say that they came from outer space. No, they didn't come from outer space, and there probably were airfields. They probably did have planes, and they mu- -- probably had inventions that we can't even imagine because their brains were so superior to us. And they built the temples, and they built the pyramids, and they did all of these things. And then, with each generation, their mind was deteriorating, and we are their descendants.


You see, the reason that heathen man wants to believe that we're the descendants of space travelers is because they cannot comprehend that we are the descendants of this great race of god men because they believe in Darwin's theory of evolution. They believe that man started out as an ape and is ascending. Now, I know earlier on in this message, I said something about man ascending. But I was specifically referring to his scientific and his mathematical knowledge, that man is ascending in his scientific and  mathematical knowledge. I [INAUDIBLE] [AUDIO CUTS OUT]


So heathen humanistic man believes that man is ascending. But the truth of the matter is that we are descending. Even though we are ascending in the knowledge of the man, in scientific, mathematical and geophysical knowledge that is being determined by the mind of man, we are ascending in that respect, but we are descending in our relationship away from God, except for those, of course, in this hour, that have been quickened and are in the process of being restored. Natural man is travelling at the -- probably at the speed of light away from God. So heathen man, in his wildest imagination, who has completely absorbed and assumed and accepted Darwin's theory of evolution, cannot imagine, in his wildest dreams, that God's creation in its original form was so great and so mighty as the signs on the Earth indicate they were.


So what does the mind of man do? It makes up a lie. Is that not the nature and the quality and the character of the mind of man? It makes up a lie. We are the children of space travelers. No, brethren, we are not the children of space travelers. We are the children of Almighty God, and our ancestors fell a moral fall. They fell in their mind. Their minds were separated from God, and the glorious physical creation that existed in the days of Seth has degenerated and deteriorated to what we see in natural man today. We are not descendants of space travelers, brethren. We are the descendants of the god men that originally populated this Earth. Hallelujah.


I think the Lord was giving me a confirmation in my own heart the other day that -- I -- a couple of people asked me what color Noah, Shem, Ham and Japheth were in my opinion. And I think I would have to say, at this point, that they were dark. I don't know whether they were black or whether they were red, but we know that the name Adam comes from the word ruddy, red, and he was supposed to be made of the earth, the color of the earth.


And what the Lord told me, it's going to shock a lot of people. But we know that the color white in the Scripture is an absence of color. It's an absence of the life of God. And what's really interesting, if you want to apply this possibility, Ham, the one son that was righteous but that was cast down because of witchcraft, not because he failed to be righteous, his descendants are the ones that have the color in their face. And the name Adam is blood in the face, OK. And the white races are the descendants of Shem and Japheth, the ones that fell because they sinned in their mind, the ones whom God separated Himself from because they sinned in their minds. Their descendants are white. So isn't that interesting? I find that very interesting.


            [INAUDIBLE] they ha- -- felt that the original people -- and this is what they    said. I'm not saying this. They sai -- they felt that the original people were dark       and had more like my type of hair, you know?


Well, I don't have any word from the Lord about the hair, but He did witness to me that before Babel, before the curse of dispersion at Babel, that man was all one color. Now, whether that color was black -- I've seen people from Africa that are black, you know, like your shirt. You're brown, and I've seen some red Indians. I don't know what they were. I think they were all the same, and it wasn't until the curse of dispersion at Babel that even the black races came up with variations in the color. But I believe that man was dark. He was the color of the earth, and that the white races, they're just a manifestation of the fact that Shem and Japheth was separated from God. But you see, all this doesn't matter. We're all going to be restored in glorified bodies in this hour.


            [INAUDIBLE] Ham did have some descendants that were white too. Weren't you just [INAUDIBLE]


He did, but Ham -- even though he was cast down by witchcraft, Ham did fall. But out of all of the nations that came out of Ham, there was just one nation that was white. So his descendants kept the color and the skin. I just find that very interesting. The whole Earth, everything about it, is a message from God to man about who we are and what we are and who God is and what happened. If we just have eyes to see, it's just everywhere around us. But we need is to get our minds enlightened because our minds are so darkened that we -- if God would put it right in front of our face, we couldn't understand it. And I'm sure we all know that if this teaching about Noah - the whole church world would go crazy if they heard these messages.


            I have a --


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