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Glory to God, we are starting Chapter 15 tonight, the Seven Last Plagues, and I don't always do this, but I will recap the Alternate Translation for the last message, even though it was under a different category, which I believe we called The Harvest.


Recap - Revelation 14, Verses 16-20. And the Spirit of Jesus Christ sent His many-membered 2nd Generation of Sons, into their own conscious minds, to bring them into submission to their new unconscious mind, even Christ. And their conscious minds were tread under the feet of Christ. And the Father's message came out of that part of the righteous soul of Jesus Christ, that is attached to the Father, the instrument through which God is fiercely judging sin in the living soul. Glory to God.


And the Father's message came out from that part of the righteous soul of Jesus Christ, that is attached to the conscious minds of the 2nd Generation of Sons. And conveyed an authoritative Spiritual communication to the conscious minds of the 2nd Generation of Sons, in whom the fierceness of God is now manifesting saying, Go into your own Adamic souls and collect your corporate life substance, in which the fruit of Christ is appearing. Because Christ is now mature enough in you, to keep you alive, after your life substance is separated from the earth of your Adamic souls.


And the Spirit of Jesus Christ appeared in the conscious minds of the 2nd Generation of Sons in whom the fierceness of God is manifesting and they entered into their own Adamic souls, (that's their conscious minds), and collected the Spiritual life of Satan that is appearing there, also known as the carnal mind.


And Jesus Christ by His mighty power hurled the carnal mind of man into the place where the fruit of God's Spirit is separated from the earth of the Adamic soul. Even the place where the Lord's desire to possess his wife, motivates him to execute such judgments as He deems necessary upon the living soul, to cure her from sin. And the judgments of God were executed upon the adamic souls of men and the life of God was separated from the corporate Adamic souls or the Satanic life in the corporate Adamic souls, in the place where the race was run, even their own minds. And as a result of the judgments, the Spirit of God became the controlling factor of the living soul's life and the law that ruled it. Glory to God.


I have a note for myself here, Explain that Christ has appeared. Well, let me just go over this, because we have someone new here tonight. I'll just go over it briefly. What we are saying here basically, is everyone on the face of the earth today, except Jesus Christ of Nazareth, is a manifestation or a result of the Spiritual life of Satan. He is our unconscious mind and our conscious mind is Adam. We have a personal soul, he is Adam. And the unconscious mind gives instruction to the conscious mind, and if we do not have Christ, we just do as we are told. Glory to God.


And what Jesus Christ is doing in this hour, is that He has entered into our hearts and He is in the process of becoming our new unconscious mind. And He is waging war with the present unconscious mind, known as Satan, and He is swallowing him up. And they are waging war over who will rule in our conscious mind and whoever rules our conscious mind, rules our behavior.


I don't know about you, but when I was in the world, I performed a lot of ungodly behavior and I never stopped to think about why I was doing it. When Jesus entered into my mind, the first thing that He did was to give me a different thought or a different view on the matter. And I realized that what I was doing was wrong. And then I wondered why I was doing it, and then He gave me strength to stop doing it. And as this battle, known as the tribulation wages on, Christ in us is swallowing up the Satanic mind and taking authority over our souls or our conscious minds and ultimately over our behavior. And when this process is completed, we shall rise up in the righteousness of Jesus Christ and cease from dying, because we sin. And we sin because our unconscious mind tells our conscious mind to do it. And our conscious mind or our soul tells our body to do it, and we do it. Glory to God.


And I wanted to explain to those who are following me, that the reason the vine of the earth is thrown into the wine press; I remind you that Christ is appearing in the human Spirit, I remind you that in the natural man, the ruling Spirit is Satan, we are an Atamic soul, (the human soul) and there is that which is of God, that was with us from the beginning, (the human Spirit).


And I remind you that Christ is appearing in our human Spirit, but that human Spirit is still one with Satan and the fallen Adamic soul. So when the command is given to separate the life of Christ from our being that it may be joined to Christ, okay, what God does is, He takes our whole being, Satan, our human Spirit, our human soul, the carnal mind, and the life of Christ and He throws the whole thing into the wine press, which is judgment. And everything gets destroyed except the life of Christ. It's the separation process.


Those of us that are moving on in Christ, we have everything. We have a Satanic unconscious, we have a Christ unconscious, we have a fallen soul, which is Adamic, we have a glorified soul, which is what? Anybody know? What's a soul. I said it wrong. We have a Satanic unconscious and we have a new unconscious, which is really the Spirit of the Father. We have a fallen soul, which is Adam and we have a glorified soul, which is Christ. And they are all in there mixed together. They are joined together and the purpose of the tribulation as the Lord has revealed to us, is that when Christ in us becomes mature enough to sustain our life, He will separate us, from our fallen Adamic soul and our unconscious Satanic mind.


And until Christ is grown up in us to the stature that will enable Him to sustain our life, God will not separate us. Remember the wheat and the tares, they are growing together. Because if you pull up the tares before the wheat is strong enough to survive, we would cease to exist off of this realm of appearance. Hallelujah.


Okay, we are starting tonight in Chapter 15, Verse 1, The Seven Last Plagues. And I saw another angel in heaven, great and marvelous, seven angels having the seven last plagues. For in them is filled up the wrath of God.


Now the words that we have been coming across in this study, for over a year and a half now, I haven't looked up the Greek word for you, but I will remind you that the word, saw, reflects the fact that John is seeing a vision, and he is seeing it to the realm of the Spirit of God. And, of course, we know that we can see visions that come from Satan, but it has been established in the earlier Chapters of this book that John is seeing into the realm of the Spirit of God, which no man can see into, without special dispensation from God. Even if you call yourself a Christian, it is a special gift from God to you, to be able to see into the realm of the Spirit.


The word, another, I remind you it means, merely a different one. And the word, sign is Strong's 4592. This is the same word that is translated, wonder, in Revelation 12:1, describing the Sun Clad Woman. And I remind you that it means, a supernatural sign. The Greek says it means a supernatural sign. The Hebrew equivalent of this word says, that it is a sign in the sense of appearing, a sign that you will see. And it means, a signal, a flag, a beacon or a monument, or more specifically, it means evidence. So this an evidence of what? The Sun Clad Woman was an evidence of what? It was an evidence of the power of Almighty God. Why? Because we were told the Sun Clad Woman is a Spiritual description of the living soul, having been brought into the correct moral order.


The living soul in this hour is in an incorrect moral order and we have likened it in our prior studies to a human baby being born with his heart on his head and his stomach on his feet. I may be exaggerating a little, but those of you that may know, these things do happen. I saw a picture on TV not too long ago, about a baby born with its intestines outside. The baby couldn't survive and the living soul cannot survive. It is in fact, indeed dying, because it is in the incorrect moral order.


Satan is its head instead of being down at the bottom of the feet of Christ. But by the power of Jesus Christ, the living soul is being restored to the correct moral order and this is reflected in the sign in Heaven, known as the Sun Clad Woman, and that sign is a testing tube, the miraculous power of the Lord Jesus Christ, because there is no man alive that could save this living soul. She is going to die without the supernatural intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ. She is finished.


So, we see another sign in Heaven, it is another sign besides the fact that the living soul has come into correct moral order, we now see another sign, attesting to what? To the power of Almighty God, to what? To resurrect His creation out, back up out from the realm of death, back into the realm of His Spirit into life. And what is that sign? That sign is the First Fruits Company or the 2nd Generation of Sons, Jesus Christ being the 1st Generation of the Son, being filled up to overflowing with the Spirit of Almighty God. And that Spirit, in the hour that we see in Revelation 15:1, is manifesting as anger, not anger against the living soul, and not anger against the people, we are God's flesh and no man has ever hated his own flesh. God's anger is against the sin that is separating Him from His people. Unfortunately brethren, if that sin is in you, you will partake of the judgments. But God's anger is against the sin. He loves you. And everything that He does, no matter how hard it might seem to carnal minds, His motive is to deliver you from the influence of that sin, that you might be restored unto Him, with forgiveness and mercy and compassion and love. Indeed there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. The only condemnation is in separation from God. If you are separated from God, if you are alienated from God in your mind, you must repent. And from the moment that you repent and the Lord receives you back, there is no condemnation.


So we are dealing with the phrase, And I saw another sign in Heaven, great and marvelous. Heaven, I remind you is the Spiritual realm of God. It can be the Spiritual realm of the soul, but for this verse, it's obviously the Spiritual realm of God. Why? Because we see a sign that attesting to the glory of God. And I declare to you, you shall never see a sign attesting to the glory of God, in any vision given to you by the living soul, which is ruled by Satan. He will pervert that vision and call God evil. Glory to God. Hallelujah.


Great, implies spiritual authority and the word, marvelous is Strong's 2298. It means to wonder, to admire, to marvel. I wasn't satisfied with that, so I went into Webster's Dictionary, which says, the word, marvelous means, astonishing, having the characteristics of a miracle of the highest kind or quality, splendid. So it was a sign that was miraculous, it was of the highest kind or quality, it was of God and it was also astonishing and glorious, splendid.


Alternate Translation - the 1st third of Revelation 15:1. And I perceived a different supernatural evidence of God's ability. Different from what? Different from the Sun Clad Woman. And I perceived a different supernatural evidence of God's ability to reproduce His image in the hearts of men. The power of God was flowing through these men. And the only way the power of God would flow through these men to the uttermost, the only way that it could happen, is if God's image is impressed on the souls of these men. You can have an imputed anointing, the gifts and the calling of God are without repentance. But that anointing that flows through you brethren, would not be likened unto what is described in Revelation 15:1, that these men were filled up with the power of God. Glory to God. Hallelujah.


Let me read you my note. I went over it quickly. I think I told you this, but I will read it again. I've reviewed the same translation with regard to the word, sign, as I did for the word, wonder, in Revelation 12:1. A supernatural evidence of what God's ability to reproduce His image or His life or cause His Spirit to flow through men. I just wanted you to know where I got that translation from. Remember in Revelation 12:1, the sign is, that the living soul has been brought in to the correct moral order. I gave you this already. I'm going to read it to you.


In Revelation 15:1, as we shall soon find out, the sign is that the life and power of God, is now vibrating forth, from the members of the living soul, that He is appearing in, even the First Fruits Company or the 2nd Generation of Sons. Continuing with seven angels having the Seven Last Plagues, that's what the sign was, that's what the vision was. Seven angels having the Seven Last Plagues. I remind you that the word, angel means, messenger and more specifically it means a Spiritual man. It means, a man that is moving under the instruction of Jesus Christ. A man that is obeying Jesus Christ and as we know, and as we've been studying for a long time here, there are many people that speak in tongues and show signs of what they would call salvation, but the reality of their life is, that they are not obedient to Jesus Christ. I'm not saying that they are bad, maybe they can't even hear Him. In many instances, they can't even hear Him. They cannot tell the difference between whose voice is speaking to them. And these people must get a revelation that's it's not enough to have the gifts and the calling, which are without repentance, we must come into obedience to Christ. We must learn to recognize His voice.


The man that recognizes His voice, and does what He tells him, at least in that moment, because we know that we are going through a process, where we are changing. I don't know anyone that obeys Christ all of the time. Some of us do it a little more and others do it a little less, but when the Lord gives us an instruction, and we do it, in that moment we are an angel. If God gives me a word for you, or if God anoints me to minister to you, or if God anoints me to preach to you, in that moment, I am an angel of God. Why? Because I'm delivering His message to you. And what has happened? His Spirit, which is my new unconscious mind, has pressed down Satan and shut his mouth. And my new unconscious mind, even the Spirit of the Father, has spoken to my conscious mind, which is now Christ, and I am speaking the words or doing the behavior that He wants you to hear or receive. And so long as He is manifesting through me, I am an angel. Glory to God.


Seven angels, I suggest to you, the word seven means fullness, Bible numerology, seven angels, I suggest to you, describes the fullness of the 2nd Generation of Sons. That's us. Jesus Christ was the 1st Son of God to appear. I know the Scripture says, He's the only begotten Son of God, but He has children, we are told in Isaiah 53, that a seed shall prolong his days, and we are that seed. So we are the 2nd Generation of Sons. Jesus Christ is now a Spirit and He is living through us. Hallelujah. 2000 years later.


The word, last is Strong's 2078 and it means final or the last of. The word, plagues is 4127 and that means, a stroke, a wound, a public calamity, a stripe, a heavy affliction. It means a death stroke and I remind you that God is killing the living soul. But at the same time that He is killing her, He is resurrecting her in the newness of His life, is a simultaneous procedure. And that death stroke, that final death stroke will not be levied against the living soul until everyone on the face of the earth has been impregnated with the life of Christ, so that they can escape the death penalty. God has not, contrary to a lot of preaching that's going on today, God has not rescinded the death penalty. The soul that sinneth, it shall die, but He has made a way of escape, His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, who has given us a new unconscious mind and a new soul or a new conscious mind. And by the power of His life, that Spiritual substance, that which we really are, we are not this body, neither are we these emotions. But our Spiritual substance, that which we really are, by the power of Almighty God shall be ripped away from our Satanic being and joined to Christ and the Father, and thus shall we live by His life. Hallelujah. And we are going to get a new body too.


Alternate Translation - the 2nd third, Revelation 15:1. Now this is the sign. Even the fullness of the 2nd Generation of Sons, which are possessing the ability to inflict the calamities that the whole world can see, even the death stroke that is slaying the remaining members of the living soul. When God pours out this judgment, it's going to result in our Spiritual substance being separated from our Satanic being and joined to Christ. It's not going to be some silent suffering that we go through. It's going to be something that anybody with eyes to see, will be able to see. It's going to be public.


Continuing with - For in them is filled up the wrath of God. The word, for, can be translated, because and the word, filled up, is Strong's 5055. This is the only time this Greek word is translated, filled up, in Strong's. And it means to reach the point aimed for, to complete or to accomplish. And as you can hear, filled up, is really a distance from these other translations. To complete a work, to achieve what you have been striving for, to accomplish what you set out to accomplish.


Now this word, wrath, is Strong's 2382 and it means, fierceness, passion or indignation. And I have a correction to make here. The words, wrath of God, or wrath of the lamb, have appeared so far in Revelation 6:16 and 17, and Revelation 14:8, l0, & 19, or besides Revelation 15:1. Now I've told you in the past, that the same Greek word, generated, the translation, wrath, in all of the above Scriptures, that I just named, but apparently I was wrong. There are two Greek words that are translated, wrath. There is only a small difference between the two Greek words. So I'm not going to spend too much time on it, but I did make an error. Every once in a while, I get lazy and I saw the word, wrath, and I just assumed that it was the same word, wrath, from the earlier Chapters. And every time I do that, I get caught, so I just want to put it on the tape.


In Revelation 6:16, 17, the Greek word, is Strong's 3709. This is the Greek word, orge, just like our English word, orgy, and that's basically what it means, violent passion, anger, punishment, vengeance, wrath, excitement of the mind, excitement of the soul, implying that the passion is so great, that it can literally vibrate forth from you and reach out for something. And when we studied this word before, we called it witchcraft, we also talked about it on our tape entitled, Lust Has Power. And we know that if someone desires somebody, or something with enough intensity, it really is a witchcraft power, that if that person is not in Christ, can yield to it, whether it be a woman or a man in a sexual situation, or whether it could be a desire for a job. If you have enough witchcraft power, which we are born with, those of us that witchcraft power, most of us are born with it, we may or may not know that we have it.


If we lust for a job long enough, we can influence our employee. If we hate someone enough, and we want them fired, they could get fired. And I have been told by a professional witch, that men that are involved in witchcraft know this, that they can literally get any woman that they want sexually, just by exorcizing this form of lust. They wouldn't call it lust, but I'm calling it lust. I really don't know what they call it, but they cause their mind to reach out to this woman and they bombard her with Spiritual power, continually, until one day she wakes up and she is in love with him. And then when it's all over, she says, what did I ever see in that man. You were seduced, sister, by witchcraft power.


And don't think that this can't happen to you, if you have Christ, because you need more that the Holy Spirit, sister. First of all you need Christ, which is not the same thing as the Holy Spirit. Christ is the warrior, but you need more than that. You need knowledge, you need to discern what's happening to you, so that you can go before the Lord, and ask for deliverance. Hallelujah.


And if the Lord anoints you to pray Spiritual warfare against the seduction described by the Greek word, orgy. However when this word was used in relationship to the Lord, in Revelation 6, Verses 16 to 17, obviously we cannot attribute these qualities to the Lord. And I reminded you, when we studied those Scriptures, that it is not at all uncommon in the Scripture, what we would call a negative word, to be attributed to God, but when it's attributed to God, it becomes a positive word. So we drew the conclusion that if this word is attributed to God, we would take the word, Reaching out for something and passion, and we translated it to mean, that the Father, God, is lusting for His bride, as a virginal bride groom, on His wedding night, is lusting for His wife. And because of these circumstances, it is not an ungodly word. However if you study this word in the Greek, I don't have one reference book that sites it as a positive word. But we have no choice but to make it positive when it's attributed to God. How could we attribute evil to God.


So, we found out in Revelation 6, Verses 16 to 17, that this word, when it is attributed to God, describes God's passion, Godly acceptable passion for His wife. And He cannot have us. He cannot consummate the marriage with us until what? Anybody remember? The marriage cannot be consummated, until we have become virgins again. We are utterly polluted by sin. If the Lord were to join with us in this condition, we would be destroyed. So He sent His Son and His Son is purifying our soul. We are being restored to a Spiritual condition of virginity. We shall be the virgins that follow the Lamb withersoever He goeth. And the Lord shall join the Father, through His Christ shall join with us. And He is lusting for us, He is anxious for the wedding night and there is nothing ungodly about it at all.


Trench, one of the reference book that I use, says that the two words - Oh I'm sorry I want to tell you something else first. In Revelation 14:8, 10, & 19, and in Revelation 15:1, the Greek word is Strong's 2372, thoo-mos, and that means, passion, fierceness, indication and wrath. The definitions in Strong's are basically the same, but Trench says. ( I don't know if those Scriptures are right. If anyone is really interested in this, give me a call, because I have a feeling these Scriptures are wrong). In the Scripture, which word is used in which Scripture, or you could look it up yourself.


Trench says, that the two words frequently appear together in the New Testament. He further says, that the difference between the two of them is this: thoo-mos, appears to describe boiling agitation of the feelings of the soul realm, which appear for a short season and then quickly subside and disappear. This word describes more intense emotion, which is also more temporary and transient and disappears more quickly. So the Greek word, thoo-mos, Strong's 2372, describes more intense, boiling agitation and emotion. It is also more temporary and transient and disappears more quickly. And I suggest to you that this is the word used to describe God's passion for His bride, which is resulting or manifesting as the anger, which is judging sin. What am I saying? God is judging sin, He is angry because it is Godly lust for His bride. It is causing Him to be angry at that which is keeping her from Him, and that is the word, thoo-mos.


Orge, on the other hand, Trench says, is more of an abiding and settled habit, which means, to my mind, that orge would describe the passion of a bridegroom for His bride that abides for as long as He loves her in the marriage. And we know that the Lord will love us for the life of the ages. So, the Greek word, orge, which is basically the same word as the English word, orgy, when applied to Almighty God, describes the intensity of God's passion for us, which is a Godly passion. And the word, thoo-mos describes that passion directed through anger, an anger which will result in a judgment, which will result in His being able to marry his bride and consummate the wedding.


Okay, we are going on with, For in them - these are the seven angels with the seven last plagues - For in them is filled up the wrath of God. The word, for, can be translated, because - Oh I told you this already. Okay, I'm reviewing this for you because I put that study on wrath in between. The word, for, can be translated because. The word, filled up, means to be filled to the uttermost, to reach the point in, for to complete, to accomplish, or to be filled to the uttermost. According to my Interlinear, the translation is filled up, is the wrong tense. It should read, was filled up. This is a completed action. And I also suggest to you that the wrath of God is not the plagues that are filled up with the wrath of God. But the wrath of God it is the seven angels that are filled up with the wrath of God. Most people that I have heard preach on this verse, seem to think that the plagues are filled up with the wrath of God. But I declare to you that if you read the Interlinear and if you pray about it, what God has told me is, that it is the seven angels that are filled up with the wrath of God.


The fullness of the 1st Fruit Company that are filled up, as much as they could be, with the life and the Spirit of Almighty God, when that Spirit manifests, it's manifesting as an anger towards the sin, that is keeping God from consummating the marriage, with the rest of the living soul. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


And of course, the word, wrath, here is the wrath that is very intense for a short season. Why is it for a short season? Because once the judgments fall, and the cleansing comes forth, God will no longer have to manifest this kind of wrath towards you. He will be manifesting the word, orgy towards you, a Godly passion towards His wife. So this is only for a short season until you've returned to the Spiritual condition, known as Spiritual virgin. Glory to God.


The word, God is #2316 and that is the Greek word, theos. This word is not any of the names of God, but the Greek, generic word, God, which can be used to describe any god. And I suggest to you that the implication here is that the Lord, having utterly subdued Satan in the 2nd Generation of Sons, is now the only God.


You may have heard some preachers preaching these days, that there is no Satan, or there is no devil. And I suggest to you that the reality of what they are preaching, they are preaching the truth, except that it's not happening now. And the reality of what they are preaching, shall come in the future and it is reflected in Revelation 15:1. When you have been purified from sin, and your Adamic soul, and manifestation of it, has been swallowed up by Christ to the extent that your vessel is utterly overflowing with only the Spirit of God, for you, Satan shall have ceased to exist. But I must disagree with these preachers that are preaching it now, because I believe that the devil is very real for, and in every man, until he attains to the Spiritual condition, described in Revelation 15:1.


We cannot make the devil go away by denying his existence. That's mind control or positive thinking. He will and shall go away when Christ that is living in us in Full Stature, has swallowed him up. And until that has happened in us, we cannot make that statement and to date, the only man that I know that it has happened in, is Jesus Christ of Nazareth. And one of the biggest problems that I see in the church, in particular - well, no, it was everyone that preaching in the churches, they read this Bible and they seem to fail to understand that a lot of what is stated there, has not come to pass yet. And they take it as if it's already come to pass, and they are doing themselves harm.


We must know what has come to pass, what is coming to pass, and what we are looking forward to in the future. To say that there is no devil now, brethren, what a gross error. What a gross error, especially towards the people that are in need in Ministry against demonic influence. And there are many in Kingdom preaching today that deny healing and deliverance. They think that they have arrived. And maybe it's okay for you, but what about the person in the back of the church, that is in desperate need of having hands laid on them, or in desperate need of healing, or in desperate need of deliverance. And you know, deliverance is not always having a demon cast out of you, it can be a curse broken, and sometime it can just be anointed prayer.


I had a woman come here a few months ago. She fled here on a Sunday morning. She has never attended a meeting here, but she knows me. She got here two hours before the meeting on a Sunday morning, and there was chaos going on in her home, in her marriage, and her husband was asking her to leave. And I prayed for her. There was heavy witchcraft coming against them. I have spoken to her several times since then, it must be eight months later. Her whole life is at peace. I cast out no demon, I broke no curse, but I did rebuke under the anointing, the witchcraft that was being projected at her in her marriage. Preachers, how can you sit there, or stand there behind the pulpit and say these people don't need your help.


Maybe the Christ in them is not as mature as the Christ in you. And sometimes, even today, I think Christ is very mature in me. When God anoints me, I have a lot of power and God instructed me to submit myself for prayer this past weekend, because I have been weakened because of the condition of my body. How can you stand behind those pulpits and preach in a manner that makes people embarrassed to ask for prayer. And I heard someone preach this weekend that the reason that they don't have an altar call, is because some people want all their problems prayed away. Well, sister I have to disagree with you. If you have someone coming up to you five or six times, or if you, when you pray for them, you discern such an attitude, you under the anointing should counsel them, or if God tells you, to rebuke them. But when you don't have an altar call, you make people reluctant to come up and ask for prayer.


And there was a woman sitting right next to me, with a two year old, that coughed through the whole service. And at the end of the service I said, Sister have you taken your daughter for prayer? She says to me, no, would you like to pray for her? It never occurred to her to ask one of the two preachers, that were sitting up at the front. Why? Because they are discouraging it. Although I happen to know that both of them believe in it. The two preachers up there believe in healing and deliverance, but because there was no altar call, people are intimidated. People are intimidated to go up, raise their hand, and say, there is something different, I'm the only one in this whole room, that needs help, would you pray for me. Whereas if they probably had an altar call, there would have been a whole line of people.


And you have to believe God, brethren preachers, that under the anointing, if someone is up there with a wrong Spirit, that the Lord is going to speak through you. I was at a meeting once and there was a long prayer line. This man always had prayer lines. He had a long prayer line at the end of the service and this little woman came up to him, and she wanted deliverance from some infirmity, and the Lord spoke clearly to him and said, Don't pray for that woman. And the preacher said, What did you say Lord? The Lord said, Don't pray for that woman, she's not repentant, she's not even a true Christian. She is an unconverted Catholic and she has no part of Me or My Spirit, and she is here strictly for the healing, you counsel her on salvation. So the preacher called his wife over, told the woman the Lord wouldn't let him pray for her and his wife took the woman. She did not want the counseling, she did not want to be converted, she did not want to be born again, she did not want Christ, she was just going where she thought the loaves and the fishes were. And the Lord, in His manifest wisdom, decided not to give her that healing. You know, I've seen God heal people in the same condition. They really weren't converted, but He did it out of mercy.


My mother's not converted. You heard me pray for her at the beginning of the service. She's been healed of Leukemia, because of His mercy. But God looked upon this woman's heart, and He said, No. So, brethren preachers, you have to trust God to deal with the abuses and we must do everything we can to encourage people to come for the prayer, that they not only need, but that they are entitled to, in Christ. We can't do this to the people, brethren. God will not bless you for it. But I do thank God for these two preachers this weekend, that the Lord told me to ask, as far as I know, I was the only one to ask for prayer and they did pray for me. But I'm very bold, the average person would have never been bold enough to go up, and ask for prayer, when there was no altar call.


So, I ask you, if you are listening to this tape, and you are a preacher that believes in no altar calls, I ask you to re-consider and to, at least seek God about the matter.


Okay, Alternate Translation - the 3rd third of Revelation 15:1. Because God's anger against the sin that is separating Him from the living soul has manifested in the 2nd Generation of Sons unto the uttermost. I'll give you the whole verse.


Alternate Translation - Revelation 15:1 And I perceived a different supernatural evidence of God's ability to reproduce His image in the hearts of men, even the fullness of the 2nd Generation of Sons (that's us), which are possessing the ability (that's us in Full Stature, when we get there), which are possessing the ability to inflict the calamities that the whole world can see, even the death stroke that is slaying the remaining members of the living soul, because (why are they ministering the death stroke)? Because God's anger against the sin that is separating Him from her, His wife, His bride, the living soul, has manifested in this 1st Fruits Company to the uttermost.


So, what is this saying? When the anger of God against sin manifests, or stands up in Full Stature, in the 1st Fruits Company, that is when the wrath of God shall surely pour out upon this whole world. A lot of people don't understand about the tribulation. I heard one preacher preach, how could this be the tribulation? Tribulation has been going on for centuries. Nations have been fighting against nations. People have been crucified from before Christ. All kinds of terrible things have happened amongst human beings. Brethren, the tribulation is the crisis that will bring forth Christ. If you have survived one of Hitler's death camps, if you ever have survived any kind of holocaust, of any kind of persecution, of any nation against another nation, and Christ has not appeared in you as a result of it, it is not the tribulation spoken about by Jesus Christ. And Jesus said, Tribulation like this, none has seen before and none shall see in the future. And the carnal mind of man interprets that to mean, intensity. The tribulation is going to be so painful, so terrible, you've never seen it before and you will never see it again.


But I declare to you, that Jesus was speaking about something other than intensity. Jesus was saying, you've never before seen a tribulation that produced Christ, and you shall never see it in the future. This tribulation shall produce Christ and righteousness in your soul, and the resultant resurrection out from among this realm of death, to everyone that it touches. Glory to God. Hallelujah.


Verse 2 - And I saw, as it were, a sea of glass, mingled with fire and them that had gotten the victory over the beast and over his image and over his mark, and over the number of his name. I saw them stand on the sea of glass, having the harps of God.


The word, saw, I remind you means, Spiritual sight. The words, as it were, are not in the original Greek. The sea, I remind you, we established months ago, is the symbol for the living soul and more specifically the corporate living soul, the unconscious mind, the spirit of Satan that flows through every human being on the face of the earth. Do you want to know where telepathy comes from, brethren? Do you want to know where deja vu comes from, brethren. There is one unconscious mind. It is the spirit of Satan, and he is in every man on the face of the earth. He is the witch and he is the source of all Spiritual knowledge that comes from outside of the Spiritual realm of God. And he is in every single one of us. Glory to God.


The word, glass, is Strong's #5193, and it merely means glass or transparent light glass. And we studied the phase, sea of glass. I believe it was in Revelation Chapter 4, I'm not sure, I believe it was. If you want, you can review that study on Tape #38 Part 1. Oh, here it is, it was in Revelation 6, we studied that phrase and we've determined in that study, first of all, the phase in Revelation 4:6 is a sea of glass like unto crystal. And we said, the sea was a living soul. The glass typified that it was transparent, indicating that the living soul had been purified, because as we found out in Tape #8, the living soul was under judgment and is locked up in a lead container, which is this body. We cannot see through this body, we cannot see our Spiritual substance, so the fact that the living soul is transparent, indicates her purification and her deliverance from this vile human body. And we also determined that the word, crystal, a crystal is many faceted, referred to a living soul that was in many members. Glory to God. Hallelujah.


I suggest to you that the Scripture does not tell us that this sea is like unto crystal in Revelation 15:15, because at this point, we are dealing with just the 2nd Generation of Sons and not the whole living soul. Now remember, in Revelation Chapter 4, that was a Spiritual prophesy of what would come to pass, that the whole living soul would be purified and that the many members of the living soul would be so purified. Here in Revelation 15:1, it's not a sea like glass like unto crystal, because the word crystal implies the whole living soul being purified. And at this point, the vision, or the prophesy is coming to pass and it is only happened in a 1st Fruits Company. Glory to God. Hallelujah.


Okay, the phase we are dealing with is, And, I saw as if it were a sea of glass mingled with fire. Fire we have established many times, typifies the Spirit of God. And the word, mingled, is Strong's #3396 and it means to mix. Now, this Greek word appears to mean, the combining of two substances, where the substances retain their identity. An example of this use of the word, mix, it would be for example to mix strawberries and cream. The two substances become one delicious desert, but one can readily discern the two separate ingredients in it. Now this word is translated, mingled. There is a Greek word translated, mix, which is used in Hebrews 4:2, where their belief was not mixed with faith. I believe that's the Scripture. And the Greek word translated, mix there, describes the condition where the two substances are so mingled one with the other, that they are not recognizable and that they have formed a new substance. And an example of this, would be when one bakes a cake. If no one told you, you would never know that a cake contains eggs and butter. You might taste the sweetener in it but you would never know there were eggs and butter in it. And, as strange as it may seem, if you look up the English word, mingle and mix, it's the exact opposite.


There are many snares in the Translations of this Bible and I don't believe they were any accident. I believe the carnal mind got into the translators work. Actually the word in Revelation 15:1, should be mix, because the two substances, as we should find out in a minute, have not lost their individual identity, and the word in Hebrews 4:2, should be mingled, because the two substances have lost their identity. So, just to confuse you, the words are backwards in the King James Translation. Glory to God.


Now, the Greek word translated, mingled, as used in Revelation 15:2, I suggest to you, indicates that the Spirit of God and the purified living soul are dwelling together as one, as a man and wife, they are one. But that their separate identities are still recognizable. Please note, however, that the combination or the combining or the mixing has in no way changed Almighty God, but that the living soul has indeed, been changed by her encounter with Almighty God.


Brethren, the living soul in this hour, is impressed with the image of Satan. She is being changed, that image, that seal, is being removed from her, and she is being sealed with the image of God. There is a contact, there is a confrontation coming between the Spirit of God and the living soul. You can liken it to a Cadillac crashing with a Volkswagen. I declare to you, brethren there shall not be a mark on the Spirit of God. Not a damage, not a change, not the slightest alteration, but we shall change, no matter how hard we fight, scream, yell or rebel. When you time comes, brethren you shall give up your Satanic association and come into submission to and obedience to, and be impressed with, and sealed with, the image of Almighty God. And in that hour, you shall be one of the angels that are filled up to the uttermost with His mighty powerful Spirit. And you shall be thinking His thoughts and in your body shall be performing the behavior that He wills you to behave.


I think I'm pretty far along in obeying God, but I still miss Him. I was at a retreat this weekend, and I was sitting across from one of the preachers and the thought came to me to give him another man's testimony about getting a mobile home, and I rejected it. If I would have just prayed, Lord is it you, do you want me to tell him, I failed. I failed, I didn't even pray about it. And I came home and I looked at the man's Newsletter and he said, he was praying about a mobile home. And God had wanted me to give him that testimony. And I didn't obey God. Why? I did not discern the thought as coming from God. But neither did I pray about it, which is negligent, and I had to repent. Glory to God. Hallelujah. So, we are being changed, God is not being changed.


Alternate Translation - The 1st quarter of Revelation 15:2. And I saw in the Spiritual realm of God, a purified, living soul, abiding in the fire of Almighty God, without being consumed.


Now remember, the reason, the Father, God had a manifested Son, Jesus Christ, was that if He tried to join to us, in our sinful condition, we would be destroyed. And the ultimate result of God's work towards us, is that we should dwell with Him in oneness, without being consumed. And, of course, this is the fulfillment of Exodus 3:2. And the angel of the Lord appeared unto Moses in a flame of fire, out of the midst of a bush. A bush would be typifying the living soul. And Moses looked and behold, the bush burned with fire and the bush was not consumed. Glory to God, brethren, we shall dwell with the Father, God, in the highest realms of His Spirit, and we shall not be destroyed. That is the promise, brethren. The promise is not the destruction of this planet, it is not burning in Hell forever, it is not going to Heaven and walking on streets of gold and living in a mansion. The promise is that, we shall be resurrected back up into the resurrection life of the Lord Jesus Christ and dwell with the Father, with impunity, without being destroyed, for the life of the ages. Hallelujah.


Remember now, at this point in time, we are not dealing with the whole living soul, but only with the 1st Fruits Company, also known as the 2nd Generation of Sons.


Continuing with, And them that had gotten the victory over the beast. And I saw, as if it were, a sea of glass mingled with fire and them that had gotten the victory over the beast. This phrase, gotten the victory over, is one Greek word, Strong's #3528. It is the only time this Greek word is translated this way and it means, to subdue, to conquer, to overcome, or prevail. And, in fact, this is the Greek word that is translated, overcome, many times in Revelation 1. To he, that overcometh, to he that overcometh, to he that overcometh, that is the Greek word, translated in Revelation 15:2, them that had gotten the victory. Now, why would they change it to them that had gotten the victory, just to confuse us, about who it is that has to overcome. And I don't think it's clear in the early parts of Revelation 1, who Jesus is asking us to overcome, but we find in Revelation 15:2, we find it very clear, that we are to overcome the beast. And that, these men that are filled up to the uttermost with the Spirit of Almighty God, are those that had overcome the beast. And what does that mean? They have overcome their own souls, which is telling them what? Sin, sin, sin, sin.


And I suggest to you that (I'm reading in my note now, I just told you this). I suggest to you that Jesus' admonitions to overcome in Revelation 1, are directed to us overcoming the beast, which is our own Adamic soul. And that them that had gotten the victory over the beast, are those members of the living soul, even the 1st Fruits Company, also known as the 2nd Generation of Sons, that have done so. Remember, Satan is the spirit that rules the beast. Satan is the unconscious mind that rules your conscious mind, and that, only Jesus can defeat your unconscious mind. We receive power to overcome our soul, or our conscious minds, only after Jesus has entered into our hearts and become an alternate, unconscious mind. And we draw upon His knowledge and His wisdom and His counsel and His strength. I know I had a lot of trouble understanding this, when God first gave me this revelation, so I'm going to spend a minute on it.


Jesus does all the work of battling Satan. He brings us to a place where we are strong enough in Him, Satan, our unconscious mind, where we have to lay hold of his power, and battle the urge that's still in our unconscious mind. That urge has been placed in our unconscious mind, by Satan, to sin. Jesus is fighting our unconscious mind and we, by His power, are fighting our conscious mind. And this is more clear in the Series of tapes, called the Four Horsemen, the first four seals, that comes out very clearly in the new studies.


Alternate Translation - The 2nd quarter of Revelation 15:2. And those who have subdued and conquered their own soul. I just want to give you the whole verse, because these are really fragments. And I saw, as it were, a sea of glass, mingled with fire, and them that had gotten victory over the beast. And those who had subdued and conquered their own souls.


That's what we are involved in now. Those of us that God has permitted to partake of this Ministry, brethren, we are preaching perfection in this Ministry. We are preaching the conquering of our own souls, the process that will bring us up to a place where Christ is in Full Stature in us, where we no longer sin, where we are delivered from death. It is a process and it involves, judging our own soul and taking the victory over it, by the power of Almighty God, and His Son, Jesus Christ.


Continuing with the phrase, And those that took the victory over his image, the beast image, the beast mark and the number of the beast name. We are going to have to take victory over our own soul, over the image of our soul, the mark of the soul and the number of our soul's name. Now, we did this study on another tape.


The phrase, The image of the Beast is mentioned in Revelation 13: Verses 14, 15, and if you want to find out how I got the definitions that I am about to give you, you can review Tape #70, Parts 1 & 2.


And the phrase, The mark of the beast and the number of his name is mentioned in Revelation 13:17 and we worked that up on Tape #70, Part 2. So, I'm not going to do it again, I'm just going to remind you of what that means. And I'm going to incorporate it in our Alternate Translation.


The image of the beast is the carnal mind. And I remind you that the carnal mind is the personality of the natural man that appears in this realm of appearance and it is the product of the spirit of Satan and the human spirit. It has been a fornication, a Spiritual fornication between Satan, the spirit known as Satan, and the human spirit and it has produced the carnal mind, which is the personality of the natural man, that we see when we relate to other people. In the Kingdom, the personality that we shall see in men, shall be Christ and He shall be the result of the Godly legal marital copulation between the Spirit of the Father God, and the human spirit. They shall bring forth offspring, Christ, and He shall appear as the human personality. As we enter into the Kingdom, we fluctuate back and forth, between the carnal mind and Christ. We are constantly bouncing back and forth. Glory to God.


So, the image of the beast is the carnal mind. The mark of the beast is the nature and the character of the spirit that sired him, which is Satan, the nature and character of Satan, which is being engraved upon the person's soul. And what is that nature and character? If Satan has sired you, what do you do? What are you? You are sin and you perform sin and you think sin, and you do sin. If the Father, God has sired you, and your personality is Christ, you think and you speak and you do, righteousness. So, you can know who you are talking to, by discerning the spirit, but remember that in this hour, everybody's in part, so they could be Christ in one conflict, and they could be the carnal mind ruled by Satan in another conflict. We must try the spirit on somebody from moment to moment or from situation to situation.


The number of his name, we found out on Tape #70 Part 2, (Oh, let me go back, I'm sorry). The mark of the beast is the nature and character of Satan, which has been engraved upon your souls and it is also the hidden nature of the unconscious mind. You know, a lot of people are smart enough to never say a wrong thing, they never say a wrong word, you may never hear them sinning, but as you become a Spiritual man, you will discern the sin in your heart. You will discern the wickedness, I feel it right in here, right in here, I don't care what they are saying to me. When God lets me, I know what's in their heart and what is the Satanic unconscious mind that is not manifesting through the soul, because of subtlety. They are Spiritual people, Spiritual men. To be a Spiritual man has nothing whatsoever to do with your body. You are a Spiritual man as Christ appears in you. And if He appears in you, you become a man, whether you have a physical body of a man or a woman.


So, the image of the beast refers to the Satanic unconscious mind, whether it is manifesting in your soul, or whether it's not manifesting in your soul. So, I may have just said that wrong. The image of the beast is the carnal mind. It's the personality in the realm of appearance. The conscious mind, the mark of the beast is the unconscious mind, that sometimes appears in your soul and sometimes doesn't. And the number of his name is the body that is formed when Satan is the ruling spirit. Brethren, this body that we are all in, as we sit here tonight, now, don't get upset, I'm telling you the truth, if you can't receive it, it's fine, but I ask you to pray about it. This body is a Satanic body. This body is not the body of the glorified creation. This body gets sick, this body breaks, this body disintegrates, this body frequently is used for the most ungodly purposes and it is a reflection, (we have established this on many tapes in the past), this flesh is a reflection of the spiritual life that has generated us.


And when the spiritual substance that we are, is ripped away from Satan, and transplanted into Christ, we shall have His unconscious mind, we shall have His conscious mind and we shall get a glorified body, that will not die, that will not be damaged, that will not corrupt, that will not be used for ungodly purposes. This body is a Satanic body. It's the truth and if you are hearing this tape, and you are upset, please give me a call, because it's really nothing to be upset about. And you shouldn't be dwelling on it, you should be dwelling on the promise of glorification. It's not going to do you any good to fight with me, that's it's not true. It's true, whether you believe it or not, it's still true. The sooner you believe it, the sooner you are going to get rid of it. Hallelujah. Don't push against the pricks, brethren, your own worse enemy.


Okay, I have an Alternate Translation for you. The 3rd quarter of Revelation 15:2. And these are all the people that were standing on the sea of glass, the purified living soul. And those who had subdued and conquered the carnal mind, and those who had subdued and conquered the socially, unacceptable aspects of their personalities, that were hidden in their unconscious mind, and those who had subdued and conquered their vile human body. Hallelujah. Now, if that doesn't mean glorification at the very least, it means that Christ is prevailing in you, to such a degree that you are not sick any more. Glory to God.


And we know that Paul was bitten by a snake. It had no harmful affect on him. And church tradition, I don't know how true it is, but church tradition says, John was boiled in oil, and he wouldn't boil. And indeed, Jesus said, That no man could take my life, I lay it down. He would have never died on that cross, if the Spirit man within that body didn't agree to it. So, if this is not talking about a glorified body, it's at least speaking about being brought to Full Stature, in which the Spirit ruling in us, keeps our body alive. Hallelujah. No matter what happens.


Okay, I have a note for you, let me read it. If this Scripture is in the same order that these events will actually be happening on the earth, what the Scripture is saying, that the Sons of God, will be glorified, Oh, I just contradicted myself. Okay, this happens lots of times, I prepare a message, and the Lord corrects me, as I'm preaching. I'm under a heavy anointing, when I preach it, then when I study it, and make up my notes. Glory to God. When I had worked this up, for some reason I thought that it meant, that the 1st Fruits Company, at this point, had glorified bodies, but it just came out of my mouth before I read my note, that, that's not necessarily true. That the Sons of God or the 1st Fruits Company, when they come to the place that they are in Revelation 15:2, they are, at the very least, will be in Full Stature whereby nothing can destroy or harm their body, unless they agree to it. Glory to God. Hallelujah.


Continuing with. This is what all these people were doing. They are standing on the sea of glass, having the harps of God. My Interlinear says, that's a wrong tense. The correct tense is standing, present participle. And the word, (we had this many times), it means to rise from a prostrate condition, which typifies the lying down, prostrate condition, typifies the weakness of the realm of the fallen living soul, (that's who we are now). And some of us have had visions and dreams. And ours, we don't know if it's in the Scripture, I've had many dreams, where I've been sitting up in a bed and the Lord has told me that, that's the condition that some believers are in now. We are not in Full Stature, but we are not completely lying down, because we do have some power in Christ. So, when you are lying down prostrate, you are totally without the Spiritual power of God. When you are sitting up, you have some of the power of God. And when the Scripture says, you are standing, it means that you are standing in the Full Stature of the power of the Lord Jesus Christ.


So these men were standing. They were in full Spiritual authority that was given to them by the Lord Jesus Christ and they were standing on a sea of glass. Now, I remind you that the sea of glass means the purified, corporate living soul, and more specifically it's unconscious mind, formerly known as Satan. And why do I say formerly known as Satan? Because, brethren, when you stand up in the Spiritual power of the Lord Jesus Christ, Satan shall be swallowed up and he shall be there in form, but everything that he has been and was, shall cease to be. He shall be serving the Spiritual man, and his function is to give form to the creation. He shall be praising God. He shall be a castrated bull. He shall have lost his power to fornicate with our human spirit and produce his image on our souls. And all of his wickedness, all of his criminal activities shall cease to exist. So, as far as I know, when that happens to someone in the Scripture, God changes your name. God hasn't told me what his new name is going to be. Yes, God just told me. He's going to be part of Christ. He's going to be part of the creation of God. When you look at me, you don't say, Hello, Sheila, and her heart, and her liver. You don't address that, you just address me. He will be within the creation with no particular entity. Glory to God.


So, the phrase, Standing on the sea of glass, refers to the many members of the corporate Spiritual man who has taken dominion over the unconscious, (I put the word corporate in here). It's not the corporate, living soul, why? Because it's not like unto crystal at this point, it's just the 1st Fruits Company.


Standing on the sea of glass refers to the many members of the Spiritual man who has taken dominion over the unconscious mind of the corporate living soul as a result of their being restored to righteousness, by the power of Jesus Christ. And I remind you, that no matter how large or small this 1st Fruits Company is, when Christ stands up in them in Full Stature, they shall be one man. And the name of that man is Christ. You see, we are a many-membered living soul. We are under the curse of disbursement. We're set one against another, but when we are restored in Christ, we shall be one man. We are a many membered body of Christ right now, because we are still all so carnal, but when this work is completed, it's just going to be one man in the earth, brethren. His name is Christ. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


The word, Having, means possessing, and the word, Harps, we've done this before, Revelation 6, I think, I'm not sure, but it's on Tape #39 Part 2, if you want to review it. And we drew the conclusion that the harp typifies the natural man, or the human soul, also known as the conscious mind. The Harps of God, therefore refer to the individual soul or the human soul, or the conscious mind of the individual member and refers to that conscious mind that is in submission to, and ruled by the Spiritual man, or a member of the body of Christ, who is submission to God. Did I make that clear? The Harps of God, that phase refers to the individual soul, or the conscious mind that is in submission to and ruled by the Spiritual man. What is a Spiritual man? He is a member of the body of Christ in Full Stature. And anyone that is in Full Stature, is in submission to Christ. I know that sounds way out, but if you want to hear how it works, you will have to listen to Tape #39 Part 2, the harps of the natural man that are being played by the Spiritual man. What do you do with a harp? You play it and you make beautiful music with it. Well, it's the Spiritual man that's playing the living soul, engraving the image of Christ upon it, changing it from being evil to being good. Changing it from singing an evil song to singing a beautiful song, praising Almighty God.


Alternate Translation - This is what the men standing on the sea of glass were doing. They were ruling over the unconscious mind of the living soul, formerly known as Satan, by the Spiritual authority of a mature indwelling Christ and they were also ruling over their own individual conscious minds. Well, when we are in Full Stature, brethren we shall all have one unconscious mind. Just like now, our unconscious mind is Satan, the unconscious mind of everybody in Christ, shall be the Spirit of the Father. And everybody shall have an individual soul or conscious mind or personality and that shall be the soul of Christ. Hallelujah.


Alternate Translation - Revelation 15:2. And I saw, in the Spiritual realm of God, a purified living soul abiding in the fire of Almighty God without being consumed. And also saw in the Spiritual realm of God, those who had subdued and conquered their own souls and those who had subdued and conquered the carnal mind and those who had subdued and conquered the socially, unacceptable aspects of their personalities that they hid in their unconscious mind. And those who had subdued and conquered their vile human bodies, ruling over the unconscious mind of the living soul, formerly known as Satan, by the Spiritual authority of a mature, indwelling Christ and they were also ruling over their own individual conscious minds.


Verse 3 - And they sing the Song of Moses, the servant of God, and the Song of the Lamb saying, Great and marvelous are Thy works, Lord God Almighty, just and true are Thy ways, Thou King of Saints.


Now, we studied the concept of singing and songs also on Tape #31 Part 3, and I'll just tell you briefly, that it refers to the harmony, which occurs when the living soul becomes one in Christ. The living soul is totally out of harmony. We are under the curse of disbursement, we are all quarreling with one another, even in the church. Quarreling over doctrine, quarreling over whether we should have a prayer line. And even those more mature in Christ, that refuse to quarrel, there is still a difference in opinion, we are separated.


But when we fully move into Christ there will be no disagreement, brethren. We shall all be thinking with the Mind of Christ. We shall all have the same opinion on every issue. And that is the concept expressed in singing, it means harmony and the song, we are told we are going to sing a new song and that song is the union of our minds in Christ.


Now, the word, Moses, is Strong's #3475. In case you didn't know it, in Greek the word, Moses means, Law giver and in Hebrew, the word, Moses means, Drawing out of the water. And I hope we all know that Moses was drawn out of the water by Pharaoh's sister. Was it her sister that did it? Drew Moses out of the water? You believe it was his sister. So, his name in Hebrew means, Drawing out of the water or To be rescued. Now, the Song of Moses is found in Exodus Chapter 15, Verses 1 to 18, and we are going to go through that song, Verse by Verse, starting with the next message.


But, before we close out tonight, as I was looking in my Strong's Concordance, and I read this description of the word, Moses, Drawing out of the water, the Lord quickened to me, that, that is a phrase that is used to describe Leviathan. And those of you that know me, know that I've been preaching for a long time now that Leviathan typifies the living soul in utterly desperate form in reprobate condition of these last days. It is a Spiritual description. You see, we are not these bodies, we are, well, we are spirit, but if we are natural men, we are really what our soul is. Okay, we are really what our soul is. And are filled with utterly deformed, depraved and wicked and ugly. Men has fallen to his utter depths. It's the end of the age.


And I've been preaching for quite a while, that Leviathan is a spiritual symbol of fallen man. And I just want to take a few minutes, I'm not going to spend much time on it, but I would like to just go over some random verses of Job 41, and I'm just going to comment briefly on them and we are going to close out this tape. I don't want to go to a second tape. Glory to God.


Job 41:1 - says, Canst thou draw out Leviathan with a hook. You know, I never knew what that meant. What could God be talking about? I thought, draw Leviathan out of what? Well, draw him out of the water of the living soul. And I looked up that word, Draw, and it's in the Hebrew, Strong's #4100. And it also can be translated, To draw out from a pit. It could be translated, To draw out from water or To draw out from a pit. And I suggest to you that in Job, Chapter 41, God is challenging Job and He is saying, Who do you think you are, do you have the power to resurrect the fallen creation? Can you get Leviathan up out of the pit that he is fallen into? And for those who haven't heard my preaching, I believe the pit is the living soul. We are in a terrible fallen condition. We've fallen into the bottomless pit, there's no end to the depths that we could fall to.


So, Canst Thou draw Leviathan out with a hook. Job, you Job, a natural man, can you resurrect Leviathan out of the depths that he's fallen to, or his tongue with a cord, which thou lettest down? That's the same thing. Can you put a hook in his nose, Verse 2 or bore his jaw through with a thorn. God is saying, Job, you are a natural man, and I'm telling you, that there is no power in the living soul, there is no power that exists in the natural man, that can resurrect himself out of this pit that he is fallen into. Only God, by His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ can pull you out. And for those of you who aren't familiar with this book, Job had lifted his head up in pride against Almighty God, determining that he did not deserve the judgments that were falling upon him. And God is saying to him, Who do you think you are, you are just corruptible flesh, can you resurrect or rescue the living soul, implying that obviously he cannot.


Verse 4 - Will he make a covenant with thee? I never knew what that meant. Will the fallen living soul make a covenant with thee? Well, brethren when Jesus Christ calls us, we make a covenant with him. Who are you Job? You are just a natural man. Can you make a covenant? Can you promise to resurrect the living soul? I can, saith the Lord. I can. I can make a covenant with you. Will you make him a servant forever? God is making a living soul, a servant forever. Glory to God.


Down to Verse 13 - Who can discover the face of his garment. Face meaning the exterior. His garment meaning, his body. Who can reveal, who can strip away and expose what's underneath this body? Who is going to reveal what's in the hearts of men? Who is going to look beyond this body and see the fallen living souls condition?


Verses 14 and 17 - Who can open the doors of his face? His teeth are terrible round about. Now, his face, we know that, that's the part that's seen. We have found out in this Ministry through deep studies, that the teeth typify both the Satanic unconscious mind and this body. Teeth are white, Adam is red, Adam, the living soul is red, he is ruddy, he has blood in his face, he has the life of God in his face. Satan does not have the life of God, he is without the life of God, he is white. And the teeth, root down, out of our sight of vision, their roots are underneath the gum, and they come up on the surface and appear. And I just told you a few minutes ago, that these bodies are the manifestation of this ruling spirit, which is Satan. And I can't go into it any more deeply, but we have gone into it on other tapes. But the teeth typify the spirit of Satan that is out of sight, the roots of the teeth and the teeth that are on the surface, the Satanic body. Glory to God.


Who can open the doors of his face? His teeth are terrible round about. Who can get beyond that part of him, that's seen, only Almighty God. His scales are his pride, shut up together as with a close seal. And one is so near to the other that no air can come between them. And I suggest to you, that in the realm of the spirit, each member of the living soul is that close. That is a description of how close we are in the realm of spirit and this is another explanation for all kinds of physic phenomena and ungodly spiritual knowledge mediums. We are all one living soul, brethren. We are all very close together. Hallelujah. They are drawn to one another, they stick together, they cannot be separated. Brethren, the living soul cannot be separated. What you do effects everybody in the whole world, whether you know it or not.


Verse 19 - Out of his mouth go burning lamps and sparks of fire leap out. And I suggest to you that the most virulent seditious, harmful, weapon of the living soul, is his mouth. I believe the Scripture promotes that teaching. I'm not going to spend any time on it, if you don't understand it or if you don't agree with me, I'll be glad to talk to you about it. Our tongue, it's our weapon, we kill people with it.


Verse 20 - out of his nostril, goes smoke, as out of a seething pot or caldron. And I suggest to you that, that's speaking of the wrath of man. And brethren, let me tell you, the wrath of man is the most vicious spirit, well, it's not really a spirit, I've ever come up against. There are children of pride, there are demons of pride, but the Spiritual nature of man, which is pride, which manifests as wrath, is the most wicked, powerful, force I've ever seen. When someone gets a hate on you, or gets mad at you because you didn't do something they wanted you to do, or they didn't like what you did, brethren, that is pure unadulterated witchcraft power. That depending on the physic inheritance of that person, could make you sick or kill you, or can cause you to have an accident, can cause you to lose your job, or can break up your marriage. There is power in the wrath of man. If you don't have Christ, brethren, you are in trouble. Hallelujah.


Verse 24 - His heart is as firm as a stone. He is hard hearted. We are told in the Scripture that we are hard hearted. God is going to give us a heart of flesh. Yea, as hard as a piece of the nether millstone.


Verse 27 - He esteemeth iron as straw and brass as rotten wood. And I declare to you that, iron typifies spiritual authority and brass, judgment. He has contempt for the judgments of God and he has contempt for the authority of God. He is utterly lifted up in his own pride.


Verse 31 - He maketh the deep to boil like a pot and the sea like a pot of ointment. The deep is the conscious mind and the sea is your unconscious mind. He can make you so upset that you are like a boiling pot, and you can spue out all sorts of dissension. You can get everyone around you upset. The spirit of contention, the spirit of dissension, a spirit of hate. Someone like that could walk in and upset a whole room.


Verse 33 - Upon earth there is none his like, there is not his like who is made without fear. He is not afraid of anything, including God. 34 - He beholdeth all high place, all high things. He is a king over the children of pride. He gives birth to many demon spirits, but pride himself is the nature or the substance of the natural man.


So, I just couldn't resist putting that on the tape. Glory to God. I hope it blessed you. And at the next meeting, Lord willing, if we are all here, and if I'm alive and well, which I fully expect to be, because my God is merciful, we will start studying the Song of Moses. I really don't know how many messages it will take.


Are there any questions on tonight's message? We have questions and answers in this Ministry. Any questions, anybody? Glory to God.


12/30/02 je


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