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Glory to God, we're going to have our next and I think it's our third message on great literature, but I don't know if anybody would call this great literature. We have two other tapes where I preached that is great literature, one is called "Romantic Love", which I highly recommend, and the other is I believe is called "More About Soul Ties", which is based on a piece of great literature, but tonight I'm going to preach to you about a movie that I saw by the name of Lennie, and I don't think anyone would call this great literature, but it is a story of the life, it's Lennie Bruce, who is no longer alive, and he was a comedian, and he was just up and coming when I was a young woman, when I was a young woman it was very common, we dated a lot in those days, and it wasn't as common as it is to go steady, it was much more acceptable to remain celibate than it is today, and have many dates.


I would go out with one young man on a Friday night and another one on a Saturday, and another one on a Sunday, and you're really not free to do that if you're sexually involved, or if you're going steady, or whatever the kids are doing today, and for those of you who don't know me, I really don't think it's godly, even if you're not involved sexually, to go steady, you should be free and foot loose, and any marriage that you enter into should based on things that have nothing whatsoever to do with sex. Now I can hear the boos out there in the audience already, but I'm telling you, you could believe me or not that I know what I'm talking about, that you get yourself a young man or you get yourself a young lady that you like, that you are friends with, that you can respect, that you admire and you respect them. Why? Because they have moral integrity, and character, and they're hard working and they honor and respect their parents, and they treat you well, and you have good times together.


And you come to a place in your life where you decide that you want to spend your life with this person that you greatly admire and who greatly admires you, and you get married, and you hope for the best for your sex life, and you can boo me all you want young men and women, and old men and women, I'm telling you, I know what I'm talking about, and I'm coming out of the mind of Christ, and you just hope for the best. And I'll tell you no sex life is perfect, no two people are total compatible sexually, somebody's going have to except it when the other person says no. Someone's going to want more than the other. Brethren, if your relationship is based on your needs and sexual fulfillment, you have a problem, and if you yield to this, if you get married on the basis of having your sexual needs met, you are opening the door to grief upon grief upon grief in your life.


And before I start talking to you about Lennie, I want to speak to you about another movie, I've been ill and I've laying on my back, I watched a lot of movies, and I saw another movie which I really can't recommend to you, it was really pretty much of a soap opera, so I won't tell you that name, but it did include a scene or two, a scene of a very happily married in a well adjusted situation, very happy marriage, a very happy well adjusted marriage. The couple had a daughter in their twenties, so they had to be in their late forties or early fifties, the woman had a heart condition, and the husband was absolutely devoted to her. She had to go to bed right after dinner, because she wasn't strong, and he walked her up stairs and they had their private chat for 15 minutes and he came downstairs.


Now you don't need to be a genius with genius IQ to know that they probably didn't have any sex life at all anymore. This man was devoted to this woman. You know people, you never know what's going to happen in life. You can marry the sexiest woman going young men, and she could sexually drop dead after she has a child. I guess I shouldn't have used that word drop dead, but to express it, but know what I'm trying to say. Do you know that things change? Do you know that people change? You can marry the hottest number going, and anything could happen that would change her.


I spoke to a woman once who came to me for counseling and ministry, her husband was going out on her. This woman, I think they were in their late thirties, they had young children, and she told me that she was the hottest thing going when they got married, the hottest thing going, she couldn't get enough, her husband was in all his glory, and then she got sick and she, the doctor ordered a hysterectomy for her, and her sexual desire plummeted to next to nothing. And this man did not have the character, and I'm not knocking him. This is very frequent, I don't even know that you can do it without Christ. He did not have the character to stay faithful, and he didn't make a big secret of his escapades, and his attitude was, "Well, you should understand that if I'm not getting it from you that this is a legitimate reason to cheat." Now this is what the man said, this is not what Jesus Christ said.


And then the movie I saw the other night, the man was utterly devoted to his wife. Now brethren, I'm no fool, I know how strong sexual desire could be, I'm not making light of something that's not light, but I'm telling you that we could do all things in Christ, and I'm telling that my advise to you is to serve God and love him with all your heart and your mind and your soul, to the fullest extent that you're capable of, seek him about who to marry, and just believe that he's going to be with you through no matter what happens, that if he blesses you, if you marry on the basis that I mentioned, someone of good integrity, high character, high quality, high morals, to who treats their parents right, hard worker, that's what you should base your choice on.


And if God said marry that person, you just have to believe God that he's going to give you a sex life that's going to satisfy you, and if for any reason that it doesn't happen, that he gives you that trial, that you have to believe that he's going to get you through, and that you're going to be a better person for it. But I'm telling you brethren, that if you pick your marriage mate because you're sexually attracted to them, because you think they're sexy, or anything along those lines, you have a problem before you start. I guess we'll be talking about two movies tonight, because the movie that I just told you about, I'll give you the name, it's a soap opera, I really don't recommend that you get it, but if you want it is on a video. But there are two aspects of it that the Lord wants me to tell you about.


The married couple that were utterly devoted to one another, well this is interesting, I have three movies to tell you about tonight, all with regard to this same subject, and in that same movie, there existed a young woman who was engaged to a psychiatrist, she was a very wealthy young lady, her parents lived in a mansion, now this is the movie, I don't care if you're as poor as a church mouse, the same principle applies to you, the same spiritual principle applies to you. Her father was an executive of a big corporation, she lived in a mansion, she was educated, she could have had, the man that earned the best salary going, the best in life, and she did in fact have a psychiatrist interested in her, but aside from the fact that the man was a psychiatrist and earning a lot of money, he appeared to be a man of high moral character and integrity. She was a virgin, he honored her, he respected her, he loved her for what she was, he did not try to seduce her to have sex with him when he knew that it was a moral standard to not do it, he did not try to break her down, and he was willing to marry her, love her, honor her and cherish her for the rest of their lives.


And they were engaged and, Paul Newman, Paul Newman had a background with deep hurt in it, and for those of you that don't know, those of us that have been disappointed in life, those of us that have been hurt in our childhood, those of us that come out of divorced parents, we are highly susceptible to being, to receiving an ungodly amount of lust. Now don't panic and don't become afraid, listen and learn, and ask God to help you. Lust is a sexual desire that is not based on how a man treats you, it is not based on a man's moral character, or your admiration or respect for this man, and if it gets out from under you, if it gets out of your control, it can bring great destruction into your life, if you yield to lust.


The ideal situation that will stimulate sexual desire in you young ladies and young gentlemen, is a love and admiration and respect for the man or for the lady, but there is something called lust, and you can be attracted by lust to someone who is very destructive for you, someone who, did you ever hear of a husband beating his wife, and then after it's over, they go to bed? That's an ungodly sexual desire brethren. There are prostitutes in this world who are owned by pimps that put them out on the street to have sex with men for money, and these prostitutes are madly in love with these pimps. It's an unnatural sexual desire.


So I'm going to use the word lust because I don't want to get into it any more deeply. So Paul Newman enters on the scene, and this young lady is engaged to this wonderful man, and Paul Newman wants her, and he goes after her and he does what her fiancé has not done. He specifically sets out to arouse her sexually, because she had no desire to leave her psychiatrist fiancé. So the only way Paul Newman could get her was to arouse her sexuality. Now she was a virgin, and her fiancé was honoring her, and he was not deliberately stimulating her sexuality, their love was based on godly things.


And Paul Newman got a hold of her and her aroused lust in her, and she made a mistake, she thought it was love. And that lust was so strong that she broke off her engagement and she married Paul Newman. Now listen to this principle. If I forget, please remind me the two other movies, the three movies I'm talking about here are "From The Terrace", "I Remember Momma", and "Lennie", because Satan has a way of blocking out my mind, thank you for reminding me.


Now listen to this principle, I'm going to state the principle for you before I tell you what happened in the movie. The principle is this, the person that frequently does the seducing, well it could go either way, the person that is seduced is more damaged than the person that does the seducing as a general rule. So you're not doing yourself or anybody any good, when you rise up and you say, "Lord, well he aroused me and I couldn't help it". I'm telling you sisters, I'm telling you brothers, you being strong in Christ have to take the victory over lust. We are living in a seductive society that would eat your flesh if it could.


So this chaste young woman marries Paul Newman, and becomes, turns out to be a very sexual young woman, and she wants sex more than he is willing to give her. He's busy, he's building his career, he's away from home a lot, and let me tell you something young people, all marriage requires a sacrifice, if it's not in one way it's in another area. And he was faithful to her, he turned out, even though he got her through lust, he turned out to have a fair degree of moral character, and he was working hard to provide for her. He was faithful to her, he was separated from her because of his job, but he was faithful to her. But she not having the moral character that one would have thought that she would have had coming out of that family, it turned out that she didn't have it. She could not deal with what happened to them.


Now let me make this clear to you. There is such a thing as unwritten marriage contract. In most people it's in their unconscious minds, but your unconscious mind knows why you got married. Your unconscious mind knows whether you got married because you love an honor this person and you would die for them, which means that if they can't give you sex, you're going to be faithful, or your unconscious mind knows that you really got married because there was a lust tie between you and this man. Now if you got married because there was a lust tie between you and this man, and for some reason this man cannot give you sex, you are going to rebel, there is good chance you're going to become an adulterer, which is what happens to the lady in this movie. She married Paul Newman because he turned her on sexually, and that was the unwritten contract. I'm marrying you, I want sex. And he couldn't give it to her, and she fell into alcohol, I believe she started drinking and adultery.


Do you hear what I'm telling you? The unwritten contract in the older couple was mutual love, honor, respect, and adoration for one another. And when the woman got sick, the man was able to be faithful to her, because he adored her in a godly manner. Do you hear what I'm telling you? Do you hear the difference? You are going to expect from your mate whatever that unwritten contract said. That's what you're going to expect from them, and when you don't get it, you're going to have a problem, okay.


I want to tell you about "I Remember Momma", we'll do "Lennie" last. So let me make that clear, the woman was victimized. She was seduced by a man that got her through sex, not through kindness or love or admiration, he got it from sex, and she fell prey to it, why? Because she rebelled against her parents, and although her parents finally gave their permission, if they had their way, she would have never married him.


And she wound up, he divorced her, she lost everything. She was an adulterous, she was an alcoholic, and she lost her husband, and everything that marriage meant to her, she married the wrong man, because she married for the wrong reason. Anybody have any questions or comments on this movie before I move on? The movie was called "From The Terrace", I don't highly recommend it, it was a real soap opera, and I've just taken a few isolated parts of the plot out of it. Glory to God.


Of course, on the other hand, in the movie, they justify Paul Newman's leaving her because of what she was, but we know that if you, Paul Newman, with the character that you represent, have married this woman, and chosen to use the technique of lust and sexual stimulation to get her away from another man, you too have reaped what you have sown. And even though it turns out that you Paul Newman, had a stronger character than she did, he did not commit adultery until he found out that she did. He was strong, he loved her, he was faithful to her, but when he found out what she was, he let go, and he committed adultery, and he divorced her, and I declare to any man that finds himself in that condition, if you have, or any woman, if you have made an unwritten marriage contract and married a person based on lust, then you have seduced them, and you have gotten them to want you because of lust, and the result of it is that they cannot, they're not strengthened enough by your relationship to resist temptation and they cheat on you, God requires you to love them, to forgive them, to restore them, and to help build the character that they don't have. He does not justify your divorcing that person, because they have proven to have poor character.


And I declare to you that that poor character probably would have never manifested to that degree if she married her psychiatrist, and if it turned out that God gave them an active and healthy sexual relationship, it still might not have manifested, why? Because the marriage was still rooted in mutual love admiration and respect that she didn't have for him. The marriage to the psychiatrist would have withstood a strong sexual appetite, because the ladies marriage to the psychiatrist would have been deeply rooted in love admiration and respect. With regard to the man that she did marry, Paul Newman, she did not marry him because she loved, admired, and respect him, it was all sexual lust. And when he didn't give her that she couldn't sustain her feelings for him. Can you understand that?


Any questions or comments at this point? Absolutely, they are based on the most inappropriate reasons. We have gone from the one extreme of having or parents fix our marriages without letting us have anything to say about it at all. You know in some of the cultures where they had fixed marriages, the parents would bring the man and let the young lady get to know him and ask her if she loved him. In other words, the parents would say, "I approve of this man, and I'm giving him permission to court you, and if you love him I'll let you get married, if you don't we'll get you somebody else, but the man must be of our choice." But there are cultures where the woman don't see their husbands until the wedding night. So we've gone from that extreme where the woman don't see the husbands don't see the wives until the wedding night, we've gone from that extreme to the extreme of the youngest of people picking their own mates, purely on lust, and we are becoming a nation of divorcees and disenfranchised children, much too large percentage of which wind up on drugs.


We are in trouble brethren, we are in trouble. May God have mercy on our country, and help us and restore us. And here's another example, "I Remember Momma", I highly recommend this movie, excellent, it will warm your heart, excellent for your children, please take this video out to show your children, it's in the library. And this is a story about a family of Norwegian immigrants that have three children. The mother, the momma of this family convinced her husband to move to San Francisco because the rest of her family was in New York and she believed that families should be together, and she had three sisters, all of her three sisters were here.


Well, two of them were married, and not very nice people, one was a real Jezebel, and the other one was close to her, the momma of the "I Remember Momma" was a wonderful person, not at all Jezebelic, and there was a fourth sister who in those days, they called an old maid, she was forty two years old, and not married, and she was very timid, and she met a man and fell in love with him. And she came to momma to ask her. Now check this out brethren, the woman was forty two years old, and she wanted permission from the head of the family to get married. You're laughing, I hear you laughing in the spirit. I want to tell you this is nothing to laugh about. That's very nice. The parents were dead, the head of the family was an uncle, and she came to momma to ask her intercede, because she was afraid that two other sisters would laugh at her, that everybody would laugh at her.


Apparently, to tell you the truth, I don't understand it, because I don't know whether that was the Norwegian culture, or that was the culture from a hundred yeas ago in this country, but I wouldn't laugh if a forty-two year old woman wanted to get married that was never married. So there's something there that I don't understand, something with the culture that in those days she felt that they were going to laugh at her, and indeed when they found out they laughed at her. So it had something to do with the culture over there. Of course in those days there was no physical contact at all, I doubt that they even kissed each other until they got engaged, they wore skirts down to the floor, and they were very puritanical. And the man was very timid and she was very timid, but they both seem to have a real measure of character, and respect. And everybody laughed at them, but momma interceded for them, and uncle, I think his name was Claus, gave his permission, and they did get married. And I want to tell you there was one scene in this movie, she had a baby, so she had to be forty three, forty four when she had the baby, which is late to have a baby, there was one scene where they were sitting around together looking at the baby, and she looked up into his eyes with such love, and told him how she respected him, and he looked at her, and the only way he knew how to really express himself to her, was to tell her that she wanted to make a birthday party, that he wanted her to have a maid come in and help her.


But it wasn't the money, he loved her and admired her and respected her so, he wanted to make her life easy. And as they looked into each other's eyes, there was such love and mutual respect that I started to weep, and I want to tell you something young people, you have no reason whatsoever to believe that there sex life was a joke. Because I want to tell you what makes the best sex is truly caring for one another. And I know there are people that I know today that would look at this couple, this man was so timid, and they'd make fun of him. They'd say, "Now what could this guy do in bed?" Well brother, he made one beautiful baby, and I want to tell you that he made this woman happy, and I don't care how great his performance was, and I don't care how many orgasms she had, he made her happy. Not only when they were in bed, but when they were out of bed. He gave her a happy life.


So you can take your lover, and you can take your husband that makes you happy in bed, and makes you miserable out of bed, and that and two cents isn't going to get you on the subway. Hear me now. Hear what I'm telling you. Before I came to the Lord I went through a period of my life where I thought if you weren't sexy you weren't even having sex. Then the Lord dealt with me in this area, he showed me people walking down the street, the most unlikely people, he said Sheila, they're having sex, the whole world is having sex, it doesn't matter what they look like, they don't need Jordache jeans, or hundred dollar sneakers, or some kind of make up, he said that's not what is suppose to turn you on. If you need to spend all this money and get fluffed up to turn your husband on, there's something wrong in your marriage.


Brethren, what turns you on is that you love each other, that you work together side by side, hand in hand, and you go to bed in the same bed, because you're married. And that means that a man and woman every night find themselves naked or in a night dress in the same bed, and they love each other and they care for each other, they made not have thought of sex all day, but they're laying there in bed together, they think of sex. That's what's suppose to turn you on, you're not suppose to walk around stimulated all day long. Brethren I know what's going on in Manhattan, I don't know about out here, they check in to the local hotel with their secretaries, and they rent their room and they put it down on their American Express card as lunch, I know what's going on.


Brethren, you're not suppose to, now look, look, I'm no fool, I know we're living in a modern society, but these are my comments on modern society, if you receive them, you have to hear from God as to what he wants you to do, but I'm telling you brethren, the clothing we wear today is inappropriate. You're not suppose to be walking around looking sexy. Your clothes are to cover you. Women walk down the streets with everything hanging out and men make passes at them and they get mad. That's not rational. You're not suppose to be causing sexual stimulation in every where you go. It's suppose to be utterly played down, why? Because if you submit to this, it's going to drag you down to the pits of hell. You want sex, find a man, find a woman that you can love, admire, and respect, make a commitment to them, work as hard as you can to serve them and love them, and when you go to bed at night, Lord willing, you will have a rewarding sexual relationship.


You think, look at the movies from years ago, women worked on the farm. Do you think they didn't have sex? They had ten kids. Of course they had sex. They didn't have perfume, they didn't have sexy clothes, and they weren't seductive in any manner shape or form, but they went to bed at night with their husbands, and the marital blessing was granted. This is a lot of garbage what's going on this country. I'm telling you brethren, if you need your wife acting like a strip tease artist to get you turned on, you have a problem, you better seek God. Don't tell me your marriage is old and stale, don't tell me you need to look at pornography, don't tell me you need your wife wearing a black garter belt, don't tell me you need a new position, there's something wrong with you, and I condemn you not, seek God, get deliverance, because it's not godly. It's not godly.


Okay we'll go on to Lennie Bruce, I'll tell you who Lennie Bruce was. He was a stand up comic, I guess of the fifties, the late fifties, or early sixties, probably around there. I remember when he played Greenwich village, he was very in in those days for your dates to take you to Greenwich village, as I was telling you earlier, we had casual dates in those days.


The men were lucky if they got a kiss goodnight, with the large percentage of the ladies, not all of them, but with the large percentage of the ladies. He had a very dirty mouth, he cursed very foul curse words, and I think that some curse words are more foul than others, but he got really raw, and he spoke publicly about things that had never been spoken about publicly before, such as homosexuality, and lesbianism and very obscene graphic names for sexual parts of the body. And in those days you weren't allowed to do that, brethren. As a matter of fact in one scene he was in a quarrel with a policeman, and the policeman said, "You know if you spoke like that in front of my wife and daughter, I'd beat you to a pulp." And now the girls talk like that. Now you hear nine year old girls walking around saying four letter words.


When I was a young lady, I must have been fifteen or sixteen, I grew up in the city, so it was very common for me to take a public bus. It was safe in those days, I don't know about today, and there were two young men sitting behind me and they were really using that "F" word a lot, and this man, he must have been in his late fifties, early sixties, he stood up, he was so enraged, his face was red, and he yelled at those two young men, and said, "How could you talk like that, there's a young lady sitting in the seat right in front of you."


Today the young ladies talk like that, today the young ladies are worse than the young men. This is where we've fallen to brethren, since the early sixties, less than forty years, less than a generation, that's what we've fallen to. So Lennie Bruce, this was his reputation, he was foul mouthed, wicked and it wasn't acceptable in those days, you weren't allowed to say obscene words in public, you could get arrested. Is that a joke, you could get arrested? Today everybody talks like this, you know, outside of the church talks like this.


And as I said, his mouth was foul and he talked about subjects you didn't talk about, you didn't talk about homosexuality in those days, and not only did he speak about homosexuality, but he spoke about female homosexuality, also known as lesbianism, which for whatever reason, I don't know about today, but in those days was much more hush hush than male homosexuality. And he was also a social critic, he would comment on the irrationalities of our country. The Vietnam war was going on in those days, and he was against the war, and he would say things such as, "You say that my words are obscene, but I say that pictures of slaughtered Vietnamese women with their breasts exposed, that's what's obscene." Now there is a truth to that, but he was using very socially unacceptable way to express this, and he was taken to court, and this was right in the beginning of the tearing down of the moral fiber of our society.


The movie was excellent, but definitely don't show it to your kids, definitely not, and I suggest that you really pray before you watch it yourself, because if you're weak in any of these areas, you could be hurt. God has to really tell you to watch it, so that you could see the spiritual side of it. They show you the court scene, and now the people were manifesting, the juries were manifesting, how the judge was manifesting, they had to mention the words to say what he did. And he stood right up there and he challenged the judges and he challenged the courts and he won the case. They told him that it was not obscene and that was the beginning probably of the turning over of the pornography, well I don't know exactly where it fitted into the pattern, but I know that the moral fiber of this nation was severely damaged in the early sixties, and that was a part of it, that he won this case.


So he was permitted to perform in these clubs, and the movie was about his life, and about his personal experience with his wife, and my opinion of this man, he's dead and I don't know where this tape is going, I want it very clear that I am not condemning him, but I am using him as an example to show family line curses and the way that we degenerate morally. We degenerate morally. Let me explain this to you. We have lived through, our human race has lived through years of puritanism. You couldn't even mention the word sex in public, if you were public, you couldn't come out in public until you had the baby. We went from that extreme to the extreme that we're in today.


And what I want to make very clear to you is that the natural man does not have control over his own destiny. He wants to think that he does, but he doesn't. And that if you open yourself to the spiritual forces of sexuality outside of the parameters that God tells you that they're safe, you are opening yourself to the pit, and you can fall in and you can continue to fall down until you are destroyed. And the best way to avoid this destruction is to not experience something. Don't experience things that are not godly. And now, I'm going to say something very blunt to you brethren, I don't know how to say any other way, but there's no condemnation in this, we're all capable of everything. You don't know what you would respond to sexually if you never try it. And there are things that might horrify you now, and the reality of our human nature is, that if you're exposed under the right circumstances, to certain forms of perversion, you might find out that you like it, and we're going to find out that this is what happened to Lennie Bruce's wife. Things that she didn't want to do that he talked her into, she became addicted to and fell down to the pit of destruction. She became a lesbian.


The thought of it disgusted her, but she did it for him, and then she found out she couldn't stop doing it. Do you hear what I'm telling you, don't try it, don't read about it, don't talk about it, don't look at it! Shun it at every turn! Why? Because we are spiritually vulnerable. We are sexually vulnerable, and because you speak in tongues, it doesn't mean that you're not vulnerable, the only time that you're not vulnerable is when Christ is going to stand up in you in full stature. Stay away from it! Stay away from the drugs, stay away from the cigarettes, stay away from the alcohol, if you haven't had a drink yet in your entire life, don't ever take a drink! Because you don't know if you're the one person that won't be able to stop drinking.


Don't try it! Stay clean. You are not strong enough to save yourself from these perversions. Yes Jesus is powerful enough to deliver you, if you fall down into the pits, but do you want to fall down into the pits! What do you want to try it for? Don't even try it, stay away from it. And I'm talking about everything brethren, I know a lot of people are going to have a lot of things to say about me, like moralistic, puritanistic, whatever you want to call me, but I'm telling you, I know what I'm talking about, and I have this on another, I know there's a young girl here tonight, but the Lord is telling me to say this, Lord you have to, maybe she needs to hear it, I don't know. I know I have this on another tape, it came out in the spirit, I preached it at a night that there were no men in the service, and I said, "Men, don't change from what they call the missionary position." It's really in for the woman to be on top today, I'm telling you it's a homosexual act, I'm telling you, if you are a man and you like sex lying on your back with the woman on top, I'm telling you, you have already entertained a homosexual spirit. Men do not take passive roles. Men do not take passive roles! If you are a man and you are trying to engage your wife or your lover in sexual intercourse, that is not vaginal intercourse, you have already birthed a homosexual spirit, and it doesn't matter whether you're doing it with a woman or a man, there's something wrong in your spiritual being, seek God immediately.


So you can call me whatever you want, I'm telling you there was a lot of saving grace to the puritanistic ways, there were a lot of destructive things, but that doesn't make it right to go to the other extreme. These sexual acts are not godly. When I first came to the Lord, someone told me oral sex is ungodly, and I said to them, "Why?" They couldn't tell me why, they didn't know why. I'm going to tell you why, it's a homosexual act, and you are nourishing and causing to grow that homosexual spirit in you. And you may never go with a member of the same sex in your life time, but you may. Did you ever hear of a man that left his wife for another man? I know people that did that. I know a woman that left her husband for another woman. Her daughter was mortified, for years she wouldn't tell me why they got divorced, and then one day she told me, "What my mother did, it was disgusting", now this was what the young girl said to me, she wasn't saved, she was so horrified, finally she got it off her chest, her mother left her father for a woman. Well I don't know that they weren't practicing oral sex all those years, maybe they were, maybe they weren't, but don't feed your potential brethren, don't feed your ungodly potential!


So, let's get on with Lennie Bruce. I'm not condemning this man, this is my evaluation of him. The man had a heavy spirit of sexual perversion upon him, very heavy spirit of sexual perversion, and rebellion. Now remember that the root of all sin is pride and rebellion, and frequently rejection. But pride and rebellion is at the root of all sin, because God has said, don't talk like that. So perceived upon him from watching the movie and watching it as God quickened it to me, a heavy spirit of rebellion, and perversion, and that spirit was present in my opinion in his mother. They didn't show anything about his father in the movie at all, so I don't know whether his parents were divorced, or his mother was widowed, or whether he was illegitimate, I have no idea, his father was not even mentioned to the best of my knowledge, as if he had no influence upon him at all. And there were several scenes with his mother and an aunt, and it was obvious to me that the same spirit of sexual perversion and rebellion was upon his mother, although that it was developed much more so in Lennie Bruce.


And in case you don't know it, when a curse like this is on a family line, it gets worse with each generation. His mother thought he was funny, she laughed at him. In one scene, his puritanical aunt was at the table and he went so far as to put his hand, unzip his fly, put his hands in his pants and stick his finger out through the fly, and walk through the house making obscene gestures to a woman who was really upset by it, and his mother thought it was very funny. She just thought it was a riot, using foul language at the same time.


So I see a curse of rebellion and perversion that was much worse in Lennie Bruce than in his mother. And he became very attracted to a strip tease artist, fell in love with a strip tease artist. Now I want to make it very clear again, I am not against people, God loves people, and I believe that the message of the Scripture is that every human being ever born is valuable to God, but brethren if you are living a lifestyle that is not acceptable to God, I will call it what it is.


So I don't want anyone saying I hate strip tease artist, I don't hate you, I love you, and I pray that you repent and come to the Lord, and I'll welcome as my sister in Christ. But I don't think that earning a living as a strip tease artist is a godly way to earn your living, and this woman apparently she had a very sweet side to her, but to me the reprobateness, and the sexual perversion and the rebellion was all over her, it was very obvious to me as a minister of Christ. And they were monogamous, they were devoted to one another.


But their relationship, now remember what I told you about Paul Newman, was largely rooted in lust, the relationship was largely sexual and she would strip for him, and one day she posed, he walked in the door and she was standing there posed in this lusty position, and she would do all of these things for him to stimulate him sexually, and this is the major, one of the major points of this message brethren, if you need these things to be sexually stimulated, there's something wrong in your heart.


You know years ago, and I'm not saying that this is right, and I have no comments on this, it's a matter of personal choice, in a godly marriage, a man never even saw his wife naked. You know, I'm not saying there's anything wrong with nudity amongst husband and wife, but that was how they believed, and if a man wanted any kind of stimulation at all, he went to a prostitute, his wife wouldn't do any of this stuff. I want to tell you something brethren, there are a lot of married woman out there today doing all this stuff for their husbands, and they think they have to do it. They think that's what a wife is suppose to do, strip for your husbands, wear black garters for your husband, keep them happy otherwise they'll stray.


Brethren, God doesn't require you to do, GOD DOES NOT REQUIRE YOU TO DO THAT FOR YOUR HUSBAND! He requires you to be warm, loving, devoted, responsive, compassionate, sympathetic, he does not require you to act like a whore, and don't think that it's okay because you're married, because it's not okay to act like a whore. Why is it not okay. Because that kind of behavior will stimulate an ungodly spiritual growth in you that will be worse in your children, and if you don't believe it, you better pray about it, cause I'm telling you I know what I'm talking about. I hear the jeers, I hear the people, I see them, they're throwing eggs at me, but I'm telling you I know what I'm talking about.


No matter what behavior we perform, or thoughts that we think, it's producing spiritual life in us, and if you are looking at pornography with your husband, you are producing ungodly spiritual life in your soul, and it will be passed on to your children. If you think it's cute to say dirty words to each other in bed, I'm telling you, you are producing ungodly spiritual life in your soul and it will be passed on to your children, and if that's what you need to be stimulated, you need deliverance.


Heraldo Rivera did a show once along these lines, and the one representative of Christianity was Jerry Falwell, and I'm very sorry to say that Heraldo just made a fool out of Jerry Falwell. And I declare to you that a lot of ministers know in their heart what's right, but when people ask them why, they just don't have the answers. Well God has given me a really rough ministry, he's called upon me to be very blunt, and I'm opening myself to all kinds of criticism, but I'm telling you that there are people out there that need to hear this, and if God wants them to get this tape, they're going to hear it, cause I'm telling you the truth brethren. You need that stuff and it's setting you and your descendants on a downward spiral of disaster.


So, Lennie Bruce married this woman, and I'm not saying they weren't nice people, I'm saying they were two people that had heavy curses of rebellion and perversion upon them. They were both clean, they didn't take drugs, I don't even think they drank. It's just that there was a heavy spirit of immorality upon them. And then Lennie Bruce continued with his career, and he struggled along and became more recognized, and it talks all about the problems that he had with the police, and it shows a lot of his night club acts, and it shows this shocked looked on the people's faces, but they kept coming to see him.


Why did all of these people keep filling up the night clubs, brethren? And they look like according to the movie, really straight people. I'm going to tell you why, because natural man has in his soul, a craving for disrespect ability, for evil, for wickedness, for ugliness, it's there in every one of our minds. So what do we do? Fill your mind with Christ brethren, give no place to the devil, don't entertain these thoughts, but these people came to see you, and they made him rich, and Lennie Bruce and his wife got rich, so what do you think they did? Because they had heavy curses of rebellion on their lives, Lennie wanted to try drugs.


Now I just want to remind you of a major point here, when Lennie married this woman, I forget what his wife's name was, according to people that didn't have spiritual understanding, the woman was not good enough for him, she was a strip tease artist, she had been in jail, she had been having sex for all of these years. He didn't have anything like this on his background at all except that in my opinion, I saw a much heavier reprobate spirit on him than on her. Do you hear what I'm telling you? Okay. He wanted to start drugs, she didn't want to try drugs. He talked to her into it. I'll jump ahead and make it short. He kicked the drugs, she became a heroin addict, that was much worse than him. She went down into the pit to the point that he divorced her. He married her knowing what she was, a strip tease artist, obviously not a virgin, not to moral sexually, she didn't want to try drugs, he made her do it, she became a hopeless heroin addict, and he divorced her.


Similar pattern as "From The Terrace". He turned his wife into a sex addict, and when he wasn't there to meet her needs, and she didn't have the character to sustain the lifestyle that he had, he divorced her. He turned her on, his job took him away, and when she did not have the character to stand up to it, he divorced her. Lennie Bruce turned his wife on to drugs and she couldn't deal with it, and he divorced her. Now of course these weren't saved, and I'm telling you brethren, you don't divorce your wife or your husband unless you're being abused, physically abused, unless God releases you from the marriage. And I'll make one brief statement about divorce on this tape, Jesus said you can get divorced for fornication, he did not say you can get divorced for adultery, read the Scripture, it says you can get divorced for fornication. Look it up in your concordance, in the English language fornication means sex that's between a man and woman outside of marriage, and adultery means sex between a man and woman, when one or both of those people are married. It does not mean the same thing in the Greek.


Fornication in the Greek encompasses all forms of sexual perversion. Brethren if your husband is committing incest with your children, that's grounds for divorce. If your husband is forcing you to have ungodly sex acts, that is grounds for divorce. If your husband is beating you, physically or mentally harming you to the point of your destruction, that is grounds for divorce. We're living in a very sick society today brethren. Jesus Christ does not want you dead, if it turns out that you married a monster.


What he does mean is that if you're tired of your wife, or if you've discovered some problems in your husband that you didn't know that he had, that's not grounds to get up and walk out. If you found a weakness in him, that's not grounds to get up and walk out, even if he's committed adultery, if her repents I don't think you should divorce him, you should work on your marriage. Incest is another story. Can you hear what I'm saying? Can you hear the difference? If a man has one translation and he goes with another woman, that doesn't mean he has license to divorce her. He's suppose to forgive her, if he intends on changing his wife. You don't stay with a man that's committing incest with your children.


The church has a lot wrong today brethren. Okay, what am I up to now? Lennie Bruce and his wife. He makes her a drug addict, they become drug addicts together. How many of you know that when you live your life based on thrills, every thrill loses it's thrill, and you're always looking for another thrill. So the drugs weren't thrilling enough anymore, so Lennie Bruce decided that he wanted to get into sex between three people, and he told his wife that he wanted her to be a lesbian. She didn't want to do it, according to the movie she hated the very thought of it, but he forced it on her, and she found out that she loved it. I don't know if loved it is the right word, because in the movie she was crying in agony from the depths of her heart as to what she turned out to be, but she couldn't stop doing it.


Something had risen up in her, a homosexual lesbian spirit was born in her and drove her to repeat the act, and she hated herself for it and she hated it, and she hated herself, and she couldn't stop doing it. And there were several scenes in the movie brethren, we don't have to have a PhD in psychiatry to see the lack of respect that he had for his wife. Their marriage was rooted and grounded in lust brethren. The unwritten marriage contract was sex. They got married because they had good sex together. You think a man that loved his wife can ask his wife to become a drug addict, or to have a sexual act with another woman? No, you'd have to have a sick mind, and certainly can't care anything about the woman.


I'm going to make a radical statement here, I'm telling you something brethren, sex is really overplayed in this society. I've been married, I have a child, it can be a real blessing to you, and it can be a real driving need. I'm no fool, I know what I'm talking about. But I'm telling you something, watch it, don't let it overtake you. Don't let it rule you, don't let the need for it drag you down to the pits of hell. If you're blessed and God gives it to you in a godly parameter, enjoy it for all it's worth, but you go after it out of God's prescription, brethren, you are opening doors that you cannot even imagine. Watch it, it's dangerous! It's dangerous! It needs to be severely controlled and restricted by your conscience. Hallelujah.


So the marriage started to break up, his wife wasn't happy, he didn't have respect for her, so what happened? She went deeper into the drugs. Her heart was broken. What am I telling you? She turned out to be his victim. On the surface, she was the one who was morally reprobate when they first got married, but the truth of the matter is that he utterly corrupted her. She was a sweet kid that was morally weak that was a strip tease artist, but she was a sweet kid, and she really loved him, and he utterly destroyed her, made her a lesbian and drug addict.


He got up on his feet, he kicked the drugs. She wound up in jail, strung out from it. She tried it, and after she tried it, she couldn't deal with it. She took one drink and she couldn't stop drinking. She took one shot of heroin and she couldn't stop taking it. She had one or two lesbian experiences and she couldn't stop doing it. He stopped, she couldn't stop.


So to a religious mind, it would have looked like this strip tease artist was seducing this nice, I'm going to put it on the tape, because he makes it very clear in the movie that he was Jewish, and it was even the butt of his own joke, and I'll put it on the tape, it looked on the surface like this strip tease artist was seducing this nice Jewish boy. But the truth of the matter is from a spiritual point of view, she was his victim. Things are not what they look like brethren. There almost never what they look like. If you look at a situation, and you make a snap decision as to who the victim and who's the victimizer, you're probably wrong.


Do you know that many alcoholics are victims, and that their spouse that stand up there and moans and groans and wrings there hands and cries and says, "I've done everything I can for twenty years to stop them from drinking", that they are the victimizers very frequently tormenting the alcoholics to such a degree that he drinks. It's not always that way, but it can be that way. Do you know about the marriages where the woman is shrewd and scream and yell, and everybody says, "Oh, that poor nice man." And then you find out what he does to her when nobody's looking that makes her scream and yell. Don't believe what you see so easily.


So Lennie divorces his wife, they have a child by now, a beautiful little girl, she loses custody because she is roaring drug addict, and he goes on with his career, more obscene than ever, and his mother has no problem with what he's doing for a living. She rises up and goes to live with him, and raises the child. She's in the night club, she's in the dressing room with him. There was not one indication, not one word, or look at any time in that movie that she disapproved of what he was doing with his behavior or his language, she was all for him.


So look at this, she didn't do it, I never heard her talk like that, she certainly wasn't on stage, he was step beyond her. In her mind it was alright, and her son acted it out. The corruption that was present in her spiritual life was spoken forth in her son, the next generation down. I don't know anything about how the little girl grew up, they didn't say anything about it. And at the end of the movie, he reconciles with his wife again, she gets out of jail, and she gets cleaned up and they go back together, and then the two of them wind up on drugs again.


And he winds up in a court case, another court case, he apparently had several court cases, and this judge wasn't taking any of his junk, and the man was so filled with rebellion he would just not obey the judge. The judge would say, "Be quiet", and he kept on talking, and he insisted on convincing the judge of his answers, he wanted the judge to understand. And it was very obvious in that scene that the man was utterly asocial, he just couldn't function in the normal restrictions of society, he could not obey the rules, and he was out there flaunting himself against everything that society stood for in those days, and it looked like he was going to go to jail.


And he went home and he died. I wasn't sure from the movie whether he committed suicide or not, but he died. He was a young man and he was faced with a long jail sentence, and he couldn't bear the thought of going to jail. They did finally take him off the stage. He lost all of his money, he was broke, he couldn't afford a lawyer, and he was going to jail. I think he killed himself, but I don't, I want you to know that I'm not sure, but he died. He never went to jail, he died. What a tragedy. I wonder what happened to his daughter, how she grew up.


Brethren, you know, you could be utterly sexually reprobate and yet keep it a total secret from your children, and they will wind up with sexual reprobateness in their life. It goes down on the family line, it's in the genes, it's in the blood. It's true, don't be deceived, it's true. You not only pass your physical heritage onto your children, you all know that our children look like us, you also pass the heritage of your soul to them, and your spirit. They partake of everything that you are, everything in God that you've ever been or accomplished will be manifested in future generations, and every evil, unless Jesus wipes that sin off your line before the child is born, will be manifested. Maybe not in the next generation, maybe it will skip a generation, everything that happens in the natural is an example for the spiritual, and as you know anything about genetics at all, you know it, that certain traits can skip generations, and show up two or three generations later.


You give your children your natural blood and you give your children your spiritual blood, and your sins and the consequences for them, are passed on to your children and all of your descendants, your grandchildren, your great grandchildren, indefinitely until Jesus Christ intervenes. There's been severe rebellion on my family line, and in particular rebellion against parents, and my father tells me when he was a young man, in those days, he said there was no phone, and nobody locked their doors, you just went over someone's house and visited because you couldn't get in touch with them, and he went with his father to his aunt's house one day, and the doors weren't locked, but you just knocked and walked in, and there was his cousin beating aunt with a broom stick.


Now that was sixty five or seventy years ago, and I see that rebellion on my family line. I've had a lot of deliverance from rebellion, and I see it in my daughter. It didn't just come up in my daughter's generation. I just didn't wake up with a rebellious spirit one day. It goes all the way back, it goes all the way back, and only Jesus Christ can take off of your family line. So you got to stop playing games, you have to ask the Lord to reveal all of your sins to you, and when he shows them to you, you've got to confess them as sin and repent and pray for the deliverance. It's not good enough to say I'm eleven years, I haven't done anything like that. You have to ask God if there isn't anything that's in your family, that's potentially in you because of ancestry, that you want Jesus to keep you from, and you grow up.


You have to say, "Lord, I know I'm just a little girl, but I know that the sins of the fathers are visited upon the children unto the third and fourth generations, is there any potential for destruction in my life that comes from an ancestor that I never knew, and if there is Lord, please break it now, so that I don't get into trouble, keep me from all danger." This is a very serious hour in the church brethren, God is calling us to holiness, and you're not automatically holy because you have the Holy Spirit, your nature must be changed from one known as sin to one known as holiness. God is very good, he's very merciful, brethren, there's a very serious spirit here right now, but God is very merciful, and his word is very hard, it cuts and it wounds us, and it causes us to bleed, and he requires us to take the victory brethren, he requires us to heal, to listen, and if we've been wounded, to forgive the person that's hurt us, and if we are hurt because that person hit a nerve, to seek him for the deliverance. Don't run from it brethren, because you can't run from it. You'll wind up running from what's good and find that the evil is still with you.


I told people things about themselves that they couldn't bear to hear, and they fled from me. Well they may have fled from me brethren, but they haven't fled from the truth of God. So they've lost whatever good they were getting from me, and they still have the evil, because it's cleaving unto them until Jesus Christ removes it, and he's not removing it when you're running from it, you have to confess it and repent, and even then, it doesn't necessarily come right away.


I suffer severely from infirmity, and for you young people, I want you to know, that Scripture clearly states if you want to lead a long healthy life, you must honor your parents, if you mouth off at your parents, you hate your parents in your heart, if you rebel your parents, a curse of death is upon you, and that's what's upon me, I'm with the Lord twelve years, and he has saved me from dying, but he has not fully delivered me out from under the curse of infirmity. I was very rebellious towards my parents, twelve years in God and I'm still paying the price, and I saw the sin pass on to my daughter. For whatever his purpose is, he did not deliver me immediately.


Rebellion will bring death, if you're strong and healthy and rebellious, it's going to hit your kids or it's going to hit your grandchildren, repent, I beg you in the name of Jesus. It's horrible being sick all the time. Repent and ask your parents for forgiveness and honor them in every way that you can, and if you can't repent immediately after you sin against them in your heart, and if you mouth off to them, you have to go to them and tell them you're sorry.


Somebody said to me the other day, she said, "Well, there must be something in the Bible that says you have to treat me right." I said, "Well there is, Paul does say, I can't remember the exact words, but don't bring your children to frustration that they become bitter against you." And she said, "There, I knew it." I said, "But there's no curse of death upon a parent that fails to do it." It's the wisdom of God, and you shouldn't grieve your children, and you shouldn't make them bitter, but there's no death upon parents that do that, the curse of death is upon children that rebel against their parents.


You don't like it argue with God about it. You're beating your head against a stone wall of course if you argue with God, that's the way it is brethren. That's the way it is. I'm going to end it here, it's ending in a very somber note. I just want to tell you that God loves you, but he's a righteous God, and love is not what a lot of us think it is, it's not all hugs and kisses, and icky sticky gooey. Love is, you know love is not an emotion, love is doing for you what's going to cause you to prosper. Even if you can't believe it, if I do something for you that hurts you, but it's what's good for you, you may not believe it at the time, but if I'm doing what's best for you even though you're mad at me, that is true love, that is the godly love of a parent. Even if I must make you cry, or your parent must make you cry, if in reality, what they're doing for you is what's best for you, that is true love.


Love is not a feeling, love is honor, responsibility, respect, dignity, it is not a feeling, and adulthood requires strength. Another movie I saw recently, I'll make it very brief, was about a family that lived in the woods of the Florida swamps, and the little girl had a pet deer, and her father who was very knowledgeable about living in the wild, said you can't have pets. And she wanted that pet so bad, and her father said, "You can't make pets of wild things." And the father was weak, and the little girl pricked his heart, and everybody would say, "Oh isn't that love." No brethren, that wasn't love, because he hurt the little girl more, and I'll make it fast, he hurt he more by letting her have that deer in the first place instead of doing what was right, because what happened the deer grew up see, and her father knew that you cannot pin up a wild animal. He kept breaking down the fences. And when he broke down the fences, he ripped all the crops that her father had planted. That was their food for the whole next year. And the first time he did it, he rebuilt the fence, why? Because she cried.


And the deer got bigger and he broke down the fence and he destroyed all the crops. And at that point the father had to make a choice, he had to shoot the deer, because the deer could no longer survive in the wild, he had been pinned up instead all of his life. So he either had to shoot the deer, or let the family starve to death. And he had four other kids and a wife, so he shot the deer. The girl was thirteen years old, she went crazy. She pounded him with her fist, told him that she hated him, cried hysterically, and ran away from home. And his wife said to him, "she'll be back", and he said to his wife, "It will never be the same between us." If he had done what was right when she was a little girl, she would have cried, but she never would have run away, she never would have said she hated him, and it never would have been as severe as it was, because he put off what he had to do, because of a weakness, because of an emotional love for this child.


Brethren, love is doing what's right, and sometimes doing what's right, lots of times doing what's right, hurts people, it causes them pain, and hopefully we don't already have it in Christ, you are developing enough character that when someone hurts us, we can survive it, if they hurt us because of a godly thing, well then certainly Lord willing we're going to survive it, if they hurt us because they made a mistake, well hopefully we're still going to be developing enough character in Christ to truly forgive them, and go on. You know a lot of people say I forgive you, but they really don't forgive you and it's just a matter of time and the relationship is ended. A true forgiveness has to come forth. But you want to continue in the relationship. We must forgive brethren, and if the person is guilty or innocent, whether what they did was godly or ungodly, we must forgive them, and I believe that God requires us to go on in the relationship.


I keep trying to stop and I can't. Well, this has been a very heavy message tonight, it was an unusual night. I've been ill again, I didn't even think I was going to preach, and we had a real visitation from the Lord earlier, ministry to a lovely young lady, and think to all of us, I think to all of us, we were all crying, and a very heavy message, but I pray that the Lord our God and savior quickens to the very depths of our spirit and our souls, that we should understand it, not only on an intellectual, but deep in our hearts, and that we should be ministered to by this message, and receive wisdom and the ability, you see, wisdom isn't enough, we have to receive in Christ the ability to live this thing, we have to do it. We have to do it.


It has to become, and we, it's not enough to do it in the natural, it has to become a spiritual reality. We have to live it in our hearts, not in our actions, it has to become a reality in our motives. We must forgive one another. We must love one another, and I don't believe you could love somebody if you can't forgive them, I'm sorry. If you're having a problem forgiving somebody, you're having a problem loving, and I condemn you not. Tell the Lord you need help. God only knows, if I condemn you, what hope is there for me. I couldn't condemn you without condemning myself. I condemn no man. If you can't do it confess it as sin, and ask the Lord to help you, and go back, go back, go back, don't give up, go back, don't throw people out of your life. Okay, I just bless you in the name of Jesus, do you have any comments or questions on this tape?


COMMENT: Getting back to what you're talking about before about sexual immorality, when I forget who's talking, I think it's in Corinthians, but what is meant by the marriage bed undefiled? I really, could you clarify that for me, because I really don't even know what that means.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that simply means that sex in marriage is perfectly legal, there's no curses associated to it, there is no spiritual ungodliness that's going to be birthed in your soul as a result of it, and that it's not to be avoided. You know, some people go through the wrong extreme, and they say, "Well, sex is only good if you're making a baby." Jesus never said that, that you can only have sex if you're making a baby. If you're married and sexual desire is motivated by mutual honor and respect for one another, you can indulge as frequently as you want, as long as your sex acts don't take on a perverted tone. That's what it means, it means undefiled, there are no curses or perverse spiritual life being formed in you as a result of your activities. Did I make that clear, okay. Anybody else have a question. Okay. Praise the Lord.


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