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Father, in the name of Jesus, we just come against all powers and principalities that would interfere with this meeting and with this Word that you are bringing forth. We rebuke every spirit and high dominion of fear. We rebuke all spirits of error, witchcraft, Jezebel, Leviathan, everything that would interfere with the Word of the Lord that is coming forth. All powers and principalities within our minds or without our minds, we command you to leave in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, and we pray, Oh God, that only Your truth comes forth in this meeting; that only what You have to say to these believers comes forth in this meeting. We pray that which is of You should be quickened to them that, that seed should enter into their hearts and their minds, and that it should prosper, and that it should grow, and no ungodly source should destroy it; that the bird should not pluck it away, that the thorns and the thistles should not choke it, and that the stone should not hinder it, but that it should root, and it should grow, and it should prosper, and that you should be glorified and magnified in everyone at this meeting and everyone to whom this tape goes. Alleluia! Glory to God.




I guess this is how I am going to start the message today. We had a lady that listened to our tape #53. I believe that is Spirit, Water and Blood. These are her questions. She says, "Is it true there is no heaven?"


PASTOR VITALE: No, that is not true. There is a heaven, but it is not what we have been taught in our spiritual childhood. Our spiritual childhood tells us that there is a heaven that is out there amongst the planet, a place that is separate and apart from us and from this world. That is not true. There is a heaven and its existence is based on a spiritual principle of God.


I am going to give you a natural example right now. God is starting up a new ministry here. We are small. We are in seed form, and that which He sends me to work with is always unfinished. I was raised up in a ministry where the pastor used to say all the time, "Lord, you give me incompetent people. You give me unfaithful people. How am I suppose to run this ministry?"


When I started this ministry, I saw the same situation here, but God gave me the answer. He said, "I build from the bottom up. I give you help in seed form. If I send you someone who is not faithful, you are supposed to teach them faithfulness. If I send you somebody that does not understand, you are supposed to impart understanding to them. If you need a file clerk, and they do not know how to file, you teach them to file. You take what I have given you, and you use it, and you bless it, and you help them to be everything they can be in Christ."


Everything in God's kingdom starts in seed form. Heaven is in seed form. The Scripture says that the Kingdom of God is within you. Heaven is in seed form, and it is within you. By the grace of God, He is going to prosper it, and it is going to grow, and it is going to grow within you. It shall grow up to be a tree and when it is fully matured, it shall fill all of the earth of your soul, which is your mind. When it fills all of the earth, which is your soul and your mind, it is going to swallow up the hell that is out there.


It is here. This is heaven, but right now you cannot see it because it is in a seed form, and it does not know how to file, and it does not know how to be faithful, and it does not know how to keep a commitment. It does not know how to keep its word.


Do you understand what I am saying? This is it, but you would never believe it when you look at it. It is growing in the earth of our soul. When we learn how to file, when we learn how to become faithful, and when we learn how to hear from God, and when we learn how to be a righteous person, when we learn how to stop being selfish and go to the most needy first, when that seed grows up and fills our earth in enough believers, we are going to see it out there.


We are going to stop dying, and the trees are going to stop dying, and the grass is going to stop dying. Heaven or the Kingdom of God or the Kingdom of Heaven has been imparted to man in seed form, in corruptible form, in vile form, in ugly form.  At the end of the procedure, it is going to be everything that your fantasy childish mind tells you that it is, but it is not on Mars. It is right here.


Alleluia. Does anyone have a question on that?


COMMENT:  What about people who died in Christ, believers who died knowing the Lord? I know this lady who had cancer. She died witnessing to this other person. Where is she right now? Is there a possibility that she could be with the Lord right now in heaven somewhere?


PASTOR VITALE:  I will explain that. This is a very difficult word. Father, I just ask that You help me to impart it in a way that they could understand it.   


Brethren, there is only one truth in this world. Who is the truth? Jesus! There is only one truth. He is light, He is truth, He is eternal, He is everlasting, He is real. Anything outside of Him is a shadow, an illusion, a lie, temporal, not eternal, and this is where we get messed up.


We are not this body. Neither are we this personality. We are Christ in seed form as He matures and is coming forth into His spiritual maturity. You are 23 years old? What happened to your 10 year old body? It grew, and we cannot see it anymore, because now it looks like a 23 year old body. What happened to your 10 year old personality? It grew, and we cannot see it anymore. We see the sum total of your life experience as a beautiful 23 year old woman.


We are all members of Christ. He who was slain at the foundation of the earth, the spiritual life of Jesus Christ was joined to the dust of the earth, to the ashes of the earth and gave life to those ashes. The Life of Christ is typified as water. Water was joined to the ashes. It formed clay, a big ball of clay, brethren. Out of that clay, the Lord Jesus Christ has formed many members.  He was slain so that we could come into existence.


If you look up that word "slain" in the Greek, it means "butchered and made ready for market." It means as if you take a cow, and you make it ready for market, and you chop it into chops and pot roasts. He was cut into many pieces, and what happened to those pieces is us.


This body and this personality is an illusion. It is temporal. It is a coat that the Lord Jesus Christ is wearing as He matures in this realm of appearance. Why? Because the Lord wants a creation to appear in the realm of appearance.  He has to have a soul and a body to live in. It is hard to live in a soul and a body. Why? Because that soul is desperately wicked, and it is fighting with the spiritual man to rule Him, as an ungodly woman fights to take the authority over her husband.


The Lord Jesus Christ entered into this earth at the beginning of time and, because this creation has been cursed, our bodies and our souls die. He just continues to dwell in the new bodies and the new souls of the new babies that are born because He is only one man, a many-membered man.  At the end of His maturity, when He learns how to overcome the wicked soul and He purifies this whole living soul, the personalities in the bodies that are alive in that hour of His many-membered body shall never die.  All of the personalities and bodies before that, they die. The soul that sins, it has to die.


That is the Scripture, but this is not you. People get upset. You are not a mother, but both these ladies here are mothers. Do you remember how selfish your babies were when they were first born?  They cannot think of anything except themselves. They think the whole world centers around them. This is what the human race and the church is going through now. We think it is us, but it is not us. It is Christ. Only because we are immature, and we have trouble understanding this, we worry about what happens to our body and our soul when it ceases to be.


I declare to you, when this body and this soul ceases to be, Christ is still living. He is still living, and He shall always live. When He overcomes His wife, the living soul who is giving Him a hard time right now (She is very wicked, and there is great sin in this earth), but when He rises up in full stature and takes His position as man and ruling authority of this creation, He shall impart life to this creation. All of these bodies and all of these souls are illusions, temporary coats for the life of Christ. He is all there is, but we are Him.


COMMENT:  So this lady who died, her body died, but her spirit went back to Christ?


PASTOR VITALE:  Her spirit is with Christ. She is a part of Him as your 10 year old is a part of you. She is in peace and joy. She is not in torment forever. She is Christ. Everything that your 10 year old, 11, 12 year old child experienced is a part of this beautiful young woman that I see in front of me.


COMMENT:  Is she aware of the beauty and glory of heaven?


PASTOR VITALE:  She is Christ, and she is thinking as Christ. She is in peace. It is positive. It is good, she is not in pain, and she is not in torment, but for us that the Lord is bringing this message to in this hour, it is a very hard word. We have to give up our selfishness because we are nothing. He is everything. We must decrease that He should increase.


Our carnal mind tells us that it is terrible, that we are going to lose our personality, and we are going to lose our existence, but it is a lie. The very best that we can hope to accomplish...as this human individual is nothing compared to what we are going to be in Him. We are going to be everything in Him. The hard part is comprehending that what we truly are, is His life in us. We are what came into being when He was butchered and cut into many pieces for the market.


We are immature, and there is nothing wrong with being immature, but we have  to grow up. We cannot stay 10 years old. He must increase, and we must decrease and we must start giving Him the glory in our lives. He is everything; we are a shadow, we are an illusion. We live for a season just as the leaves on the tree. The tree stands. We have trees that are thousands of years old in California.


The root abides, the trunk abides, the branches abide, but every season the leaves fall off, and we get new leaves. These bodies and these souls are likened to the leaves on a tree. He is the tree. He shall abide forever. When He fully matures in the earth, He shall give life to a generation of leaves, those leaves shall not wither, but they shall be healing to the nations. Did I answer your question?


COMMENT: Someone said they had a vision, and they saw Jesus. He brought His Father and He said, "This is my Father." They said, "Lord, I need scriptures to back it up," and Jesus gave the Scripture (either in Mark or Luke) that said, "No one knows the Father but me and whomever I reveal Him to."


PASTOR VITALE: I have some Scriptures on it on tape #78, parts 3 & 4 where I go into this in detail with Scriptures. With regard to this vision of Jesus and the Father, I cannot say for sure, but my feeling is that it is not God, and I will tell you why. Christ is God in the flesh. The whole purpose of this creation is that God, which is a Spirit, wants to appear as a man.  Why would He be coming to this woman in spirit form? If you are looking for Christ, you have to look for Him in a man.


He was first in Jesus Christ of Nazareth (a flesh man like you and me), and now the second generation is appearing. The Father said to Jesus in Isaiah 53, "I will prolong your seed. I will give you many children." We are the second generation of Christ. When His soul life died on the cross, He rose as a glorified man. He was totally self sufficient.


He had no reason to give up His life. He was an eternal being, but what has He done? He said that if a corn of wheat fall into the ground, it shall produce a great harvest. He has given up that soul life that ascended to the Father and again permitted Himself to be slaughtered or slain, broken into many pieces, and He is pouring out of His Spirit, and He is sprinkling on the whole human race.


Everyone in whom a piece of Him drops on, He is going to do the same thing that He did in the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  At the end of the process, He is going to be a many-membered man who will (when He has totally purified us from sin) offer the many members up to the Father. It shall be the Father, pure Spirit, dwelling through these many members, and we shall all think alike.


We are not going to be robots or automatons, but we shall be members of Christ. When He thinks, we will do. Right now our carnal mind thinks, and we do 99 percent of the time.


COMMENT: I had a vision in 1972. It was a time where I had lost my faith and was at a very low point in my life. I saw a vision of Christ, through a cloud, on the cross. He was bleeding and it was in color.  I also saw a rainbow as it started to disappear. It led me more into the Scripture, and I do not think I would have been drawn to the Scriptures if I had not seen the vision. I realized He shed His blood for us and that He loved me. I saw the rainbow as a promise of His New Covenant. I am searching more. We have to first come to Jesus to learn of the Father.


PASTOR VITALE: Let me make it clear that I am not against visions. Some visions are definitely of God. I happen to be of the opinion that the vision that you saw was of God, but we have to be aware that not all visions are of God.


I just want to remind you of what we were talking about earlier. In the prior vision, Jesus was in Spirit form and introducing this woman to His Father in Spirit form. I do not find that Scriptural. In your case, I have no problem understanding or believing that you were in a fairly carnal condition at the time, and I hope I am not offending you.


You needed a sign, God gave you a vision, and I have no problem with that at all. You saw a vision of the cross and a vision of the rainbow. The proof that, that was of God is the fruit of your experience. The fruit of your experience is that it led you to a closer walk with Christ.


I have no problem believing that your vision was of God. He knows what we need, and He knows what it is going to take to meet that need. I just want to make it very clear on this tape, I am not against visions, but any supernatural manifestation must be tested, because there are spirits out there that give us signs and wonders, and visions, and speak in tongues, and prophesy.


We must know, brethren, every spirit is not of God.  Try the spirit. One of the best tests is the fruit that your experience with that spirit has produced.


How long ago was it that, that woman saw that vision and do you have any idea what the fruit of it was? You say it seemed like she got better. I do not know. I am not in any position to try that spirit, because I am not speaking to the woman, and I have no word of knowledge upon me.  I do call to everyone's attention that Christ is God in the flesh. Sometimes ungodly spirits can appear, and you can get well.  You have to test it coming and going.


The final word is God's. If this woman got better, unless God gave me a word of knowledge for her, I would not break her heart and tell her that I did not think it was God, but in my mind, it is suspicious and I told you why.  Our carnal minds want to make us ashamed and condemned. It wants to do everything it can to take us down from the realm of the Spirit.  Brethren, there is no condemnation in Christ if you have been deceived by a vision or get healed through it.


COMMENT: This woman who had the vision and got better, could that be a sign that God was speaking, because it was confirmed through the years? If it was not of God, it would not have been confirmed that way, right?


PASTOR VITALE: It could be a sign, but it is not enough of a sign by itself. I was just speaking to someone on the telephone last night about Edgar Casey. Does anyone here not know who Edgar Casey was?  Edgar Casey was a Bible believing man. I believe he started out as a Christian and he was deceived. Some demon started appearing to him and giving him an ability to diagnose physical illness. It was a true gift.  Many people got healed as a result of it, but the end of Edgar Casey was that he died a horrible physical death and in poverty.


For a season, we had an ungodly spirit bringing forth healing out of this man.  Ungodly spirits heal, they speak in tongues, they prophesy, they teach, they cast out demons, and they do everything that Christ does. I tell you, brethren, if it were possible, the very elect would be deceived.  If you are translating that Scripture to say it is not possible, you are deceived, because you can be deceived, and I could be deceived.


God will never tire of hearing us ask Him for confirmation, for confirmation, for confirmation. I pray continuously on a regular basis, "Lord, deliver me from every thought that is not you. Deliver me from every desire that is not you," and I declare to you that if your heart is utterly turned over to Christ, if you could pray such a prayer and mean it, there is your safety.


If you are harboring deep within your heart a desire so strong that whether God wants you to have it or not you still want it, you are in danger of being deceived, because the Scripture says that if you are deceived, you are deceived by the pride of your own heart. Pride is not only what we think it to be, "Oh, I am proud because I won the medal." Pride is much more, much deeper then that. Pride is very subtle, and those that have not been taught in the Scriptures frequently do not even understand the depth of the manifestations of pride. Pride opposes the will of God.


In the church world today, we are dealing with a powerful spirit of antiChrist which makes people think that either they are good or they are bad. Brethren, either you are in Christ, or you are out of Christ. There is no good and bad.  Everybody is bad if you want to use that word, but there is no condemnation in Christ. He is making us over in His image. Everybody is bad, but we are all forgiven.


I am just saying that to make an example. I do not believe anybody is bad, but I come up against a lot of people that are hung up on this.  "How can this be bad that I want that house? I am married, and I have 3 kids and a dog, and a snake, and 3 cats, and I want a house.  I do not want to live in an apartment. Is that so bad?" It is not bad, but if God does not give it to you, and it becomes an idol in your heart, it is sin.


If you will not let go of it, and if you bring that house to pass as a result of your own mind which is witchcraft and if, when you get into the house, your husband loses his job, and you lose the house, do not tell me that God has not been faithful to you. You have been deceived by the pride of your own mind. Safety is in Christ. Safety is in total submission and obedience to Christ.


If you are going to pray for anything, pray for the ability to turn your whole life over to Him and for the ability to yield to His will in your life, no matter how distressing it might be to you at the moment, because He knows best.


We are at a disadvantage in this society. I preach this a lot. Look at movies or read books of other societies as recently as 50 years ago, certainly 100 years ago. I just saw a very good movie and it was about an Indian nation. This young girl's brother was her head. There was no father. He was the head of the family. She wanted to marry someone, and he set a condition, all she did was lower her eyes and her lip quivered. She did not say a word; he was the boss.


There is such a spirit of rebellion over this nation today. Nobody believes they have a head. They may submit to their employers because they need the money, but no one truly in their heart yields to authority. I should not say "no one," you know what I mean.


For most people there is an overall spirit over the nation. It is true in parents, it is true in employers, it is true in the schools, and it is true in the church. They do not want to submit to authority, they do not want to recognize it, they do not want to respect it, and they do not want to honor it. They want to be the boss.


If we are living under such a mentality, we are at a great disadvantage as we try to get our needs met through Christ, because every need is met through submission and obedience to Christ. You cannot force Him to do what you want. You can tell Him, "Lord, if you do not give it to me, my heart might break," and if He stills says, "No," it is no.


You can spend the next ten years of your life batting your head against a spiritual wall, but I am telling you the concept of God's love in the church today is not accurate. "Forgive my familiarity, Lord, but I am going to say this." It is in my heart, and I am going to say that God does not bend. His motives toward you are righteous. He has good thoughts towards you. He has good plans for you.


All things work for the good for those who love the Lord. He wants the best for you, He wants to be glorified in you, He wants to be magnified in you, but you must give up the idols in your heart.


 Sometimes He does things that you cannot comprehend, because He has something great for you, but you feel pain in your heart. If you rebel against Him, brethren, He is not going to change. You cannot scare Him. Your anger does not scare Him, your yelling does not scare Him, your temper tantrums do not scare Him. You are just batting you head against a spiritual wall, and you are going to do what He wants you to do anyway.


COMMENT:  Pastor Vitale, you are motivating or stimulating me. When I saw that vision, whether it was witchcraft or not, I was in the Episcopal church and we had statues and crosses and all of that. I had to rely on wearing a cross around my neck and looking at things to feel spiritual. It is kind of behind me, but now that I have come out of Egypt or Babylon, so to speak, I realize God is spirit within me.


When I was young, my mother always looked up to people, and she put my father and her family down. She had a critical spirit. I never thought I was smart enough and I looked to people for examples. When my mother took us to the Episcopal church I would look to the priest like he knew it all.


There was always that God within me, but I did not know Him. I did not know His character, and I did not know Jesus personally. I looked at these theologians who were teaching me, and I finally came to the realization that God is Spirit. It took fifteen years of studying Scripture in various denominations before I came to the realization that they were only people and buildings that I was looking to. The point I am getting at is we have a tendency to look to men rather than God.


PASTOR VITALE: This is a big problem in the church right now. I will try to explain it to you. This touches me very personally.


Right now, we have a five-fold ministry that is made up of natural men with a carnal mind, and God has raised them up and given them legitimate authority. They are doing the best they can, but they are not Christ. They are not of the same magnitude or caliber as the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, or Paul, or even the early day apostles.


They are not of the same spiritual magnitude, but they are what God has given us. Their carnal mind is very strong and, very frequently, they are lacking understanding. They have spiritual gifts for the church. I do not want to be misunderstood. They are to be respected, and they are to be honored because of what they have, but they also have two minds.


They have the gift of Christ for you, but they also have their carnal mind and, frequently, they cannot tell the difference. Sometimes they can tell the difference, and they choose to build their own kingdom anyway.  We have men in the earth that have been anointed of God that sometimes are not particularly holy men.


A lot of people are stumbling over this. It is called the imputed anointing. It is the loaned authority of God, and it is given without repentance. It is given to men in this hour without repentance. God looks around at this mess of humanity and He says, "I need a leader to teach my people." In this hour, many times, the important or several of the important qualities for being a preacher is administrative ability.


It is not true here, right now. I hope it is never true here. I do not ever want to have a lot of possessions, or a big building to maintain, or a school. It is my heart's desire to move in the spirit, but there is a need for those kinds of ministries, because the people are carnal, and they want Christian schools to put their children in. They want set meetings to come to where they can get dressed up. I am not knocking any of this, there is a need for it in the church.


God looks around at all these people and He says, "There is a man, and I know that when I give him a church of 500 people, or 1000 people, or 300 people, he is capable of administering those funds. He is capable of paying the bills, of budgeting the money and meeting the needs of the people, and he also reads the Bible, so I pick you. I am going to give you my authority, I am going to increase your desire to read the Bible, I am going to give you some wisdom in the things of God, and I am going to give you a Word for these people, and you are in charge."


They are just as much a carnal man as anyone out there in the street. It does happen, but it is very rare that among this group you find a handful of men that God puts a love in them so great that it overpowers their carnality. There are men out there that fit in this category. They do what God tells them, even though they are carnal men. They do not try to take disciples unto themselves. They do not try to make themselves everything and you nothing. They are doing the best that they can, but they are very, very imperfect.


We have what is called an imputed anointing of God. We have unholy men ministering Christ, and sometimes their unholy side rises up and slays their holiness, their imputed holiness, like Cain rose up and slew Abel. Then they completely stop serving God, and everything they do is for their own gratification, glorification and financial increase.


There is an imparted anointing. There is such a thing as a holy man of God. Jesus Christ of Nazareth was one of them. Paul, I am convinced, was another one. There are various stages in between. I believe the apostles were pretty high up, that God ruled in their mind, not just when they came into church to preach, but every moment of their life. The life of God was ruling, motivating every thought they thought, every word they said, and every deed they did. This is the promise of God to humanity, holiness.


Yes, your sins are forgiven and you are justified before God, but do you not want to be holy? You must be converted, brethren. Your soul must be converted. Do you know that natural Israel had an imputed anointing and the Word of God? They moved in a great supernatural power, but it did not convert their hearts. Their hearts were still carnal. They were still natural men, and when they did not receive Christ spiritually, they died.


To have your soul converted so that your sins do not have to be forgiven anymore is now.  It is here, it is available to you, and it is in Christ. That is what I will try to explain to you today.


The spiritual provision has been made to give you a new heart and for you to have the strength to live out of that new heart, so that you stop sinning, so that you no longer need to be justified, so that you can stop dying because you are without sin.


Do not let what happened to natural Israel happen to you. The church is filled with Pharisees, and they are going to find themselves in the some position as natural Israel, because there is a group of men about to appear on the earth with the imparted anointing with holiness that comes from Christ. If you are a Pharisee, you are not going to be able to recognize it. You are going to stumble at their flesh, and you are going to lose it. That is the word of the hour, brethren. That is the word of the hour.


Someone just asked me what the imputed anointing was. I will tell you again. The imputed anointing is the loaned authority of God. It is authority with God, authority to teach, authority to lead, authority to pray healing and cast out demons, that is given to a man with an unconverted heart, because God needs somebody to minister to His people. That is the imputed anointing.


The imparted anointing is the very Life of Christ living through a man so fully that His authority is their state of being. Holiness is their state of being. This is what the Lord is making available to His people in this hour. This gospel teaching about this provision to have your heart converted, it is the everlasting gospel we are told about in Revelations 13. Sometimes it is called the gospel of perfection we are told about in Hebrews 6. The natural mind of man is warring against this doctrine.


I just want to explain to you so that you are not upset if you are yawning or falling asleep.  Do not be upset if you are yawning; it is a manifestation of deliverance. If you are falling asleep, this is your carnal mind trying to shut you down. It is very common. Satan does not want you to hear this message.


"I just pray on Your behalf that if you want to help this lovely lady to stay awake that you help her, Lord, and if she falls asleep, that is fine." It is still going into her spirit, but it is very common.  People come here and sleep, and they are embarrassed. I do not want you to be embarrassed.  It is common.  Did I answer everybody's question? Praise the Lord.


This is the basis of what I have been trying to tell you so far. There is a gospel of perfection. It is possible for us to stop sinning, and God is offering it to the church and to the world in this hour.  We all have a carnal mind, even if we are born again. If we have had a born again experience, if we are in the church for fifteen or twenty years, you are still a natural man, and you have received the promise, the vehicle, the strength, the power by which the Lord is going to give you the ability to become perfect, to become sinless.


This is not a fantasy story that happens after your body dies, and you fly away to Mars. It is here in the earth, and the way it is going to happen to you is that God is giving you a new heart. I would like to draw it on the board for you, if I could.


COMMENT:  When it is possible for us to stop sinning and to come into perfection, there is a possibility that I will never have to die, that Christ will manifest fully, and I will never have to see death?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, that is a real possibility. I do not have that straight in my mind right now because Paul was in that condition. I believe Paul was without sin, but he said that he was born out of season, and it was time for him to be offered up.  He did not have to die, because Christ was fully living through him. I think I believe this is the season for us to enter into this perfection. Paul was born out of season, but this is the season. If the Lord permits us to enter into His life in the fullness, we shall not die.


COMMENT: People like my girlfriend who died in Christ, have they now received their glorified bodies even though their natural bodies are in the ground?


PASTOR VITALE: It does not work like that. The soul and body that she had has wasted away. She is now one with the Life of Christ, and He is making garments for Him to wear or cities for Him to live in, and He is pulling pieces of that lump of clay that was made from Christ in the dust of the earth. The potter smashed her vessel.  When she died, the potter marred her vessel. In the last hour, the substance out of which it was made is going to be formed into a new vessel, but it is not her; she is Christ.


COMMENT: It is also possible that some will not have to die?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, Christ is going to stand up in full spiritual maturity in those human beings who are in existence at that last day, which I believe is now. If He stands up in you, He is going to give life to your mortal soul and to your human body. I am trying to keep this simple, because this is a beginner's course here. I am trying to keep it simple. Does anybody have anymore questions before I go on?


I am going to try to give you an idea of what this provision is. I am going to be drawing a diagram of our spiritual being. We know what we look like in the natural. We look like men or women, but we have a spiritual being, and we are going to draw it as a circle. That is the spiritual reality of a man, it is a circle. He has within him Eve, which is the human spirit. He has Adam, which is the human soul.


Remember that dust that the Spirit of God was joined to? It is a very special dust, because it came out of God, so it is higher then anything you could see out there. The ashes of the earth has an intelligence in it, and that intelligence is pure evil. Jesus Christ is bound to him, because together they make the lump of clay, and his name is Satan. He is your unconscious mind. He is in every man.  Do not go getting scared, it is just the truth. It is just the truth.


You were listening to that tape #2 you told me. Even the world knows this. The Scripture says that the children of darkness are way ahead of the children of light. They know that there is something in man; it is called the libido. It is evil, and if it is unrestrained it will destroy a man. Educated people in the world know that. There is not a doubt in their mind about it. It must be restrained, and there is something in the mind of a man called our "conscience." It is also called our "ego," and his job is to restrain the libido, and if you have a weak ego, you have a problem with your libido. It is just the truth. Would you feel better if I call it your libido? It is just a word.


            Satan is not a red freak with a tail and horns, and he is not "out there."  He is inside of your brain, he is trying to kill you, and he has been succeeding for thousands of years. Do you know why he has been succeeding? Because every human being born on the face of the earth has been a female child, and he has overcome every female ever born.


Brethren, I have news for you.  There is a man-child about to be born, and He is being born in you, and His name is Christ. When that man-child is born in you, He is going to slay the enmity in your flesh. Can you hear this? Glory to God.


I am going to draw another circle. This is us over here. It is a circle and we have a personality.  We have tapes on this that go into depth. I am trying to give you a brief overview here. We have a personality, and it is called the "carnal mind." This is the totality of our human personality. All this is inside of here, Eve, Adam, and Satan. When you see a man in the realm of appearance and the realm of the soul, his personality is the carnal mind.


If you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, you have received the Holy Spirit of His Life, and He enters into you as a new mind. He starts waging war against this.  For a season, you have two minds. James says, "The double-minded man is unstable in all his ways." If you have two minds, you are unstable.


Did you ever see on TV where they show you a man with an angel on one shoulder and a devil sitting on the other? The devil was bad, and the angel was good. That is the double-minded man that is unstable in all his ways. It is you and it is me. One minute we are hearing from Christ, and the next minute we are hearing from our carnal mind. Sometimes we think our carnal mind is Christ, we get into trouble, and we are deceived by the pride of our own mind. There is a warfare going on, and the battleground is your mind.


This is the plan that Christ has for you. You have two souls. Eve, she is the female seed of God. We are all women here today. You do not have a baby in your ear. You do not have a baby in your kidney. You have a baby in your womb. There is a part of our spiritual being that produces spiritual life; the natural type of which is our womb and our ovaries and that whole female apparatus. She is Eve. She is likened to an ovum, a female human egg.


The way God is going to save your life is that He is going to enter right in there, He is going to fertilize her, and she is going to produce a child that is going to save you in childbearing. His name is Christ. She has to get pregnant for you to have your life saved. The Holy Spirit comes in, and His job is to impregnate her.  If you have the baptism with the Holy Spirit, you may be impregnated with Christ, but do not assume that you are impregnated because you have the baptism with the Holy Spirit.


The Holy Spirit is to direct us to Christ and where is Christ? He is the child of Eve who, in this hour, has given birth to the carnal mind. She has produced an illegitimate offspring, a bastard child who is killing you. The Holy Spirit is going right in there, and He is going to bring forth Christ right out of Eve's ovum.


When Christ is fully developed in maturity, you have two mature souls. That part of you which is going to be saved is your true self which is Christ. "He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit."


When Eve produces Christ. He is the Lord, right? She is joined to Him. She just gave birth to Him. They become one spirit. Eve becomes one with Christ, but part of her is still locked in here with Satan and the carnal mind.


Christ starts bombing this soul. He starts putting tribulation on you. He starts giving you hard times, this soul starts rocking, this soul starts shaking, this soul starts reeling, and when Christ gets close enough, it starts melting. When that happens, it is going to break up Satan, Eve, and the carnal mind. They are going to separate, and Eve is going to escape. She is going to flea into the city of refuge, which is Christ, and Adam, the carnal mind, and Satan are going to be destroyed. Once Eve is safely in Christ, this is going to be destroyed.


Why are you having tribulation? Why are you having hard times? God is melting your soul. He wants His Life set free from it. He wants it to get out. He wants it to escape. He wants it to flee the city of Sodom and run into Christ where you are going to be safe, and then He is going to destroy everything that is killing you. We have to get out of here, and when God is bombing this spiritual city we are in it, we are feeling the trials, we are feeling the tribulations, we are feeling the heartbreak and the pain, but the end of it is separation. We must separate from everything in our mind that is not of God.


This procedure comes from two points. It comes through the Word of God because the truth is going to set you free. This Word is going to set you free, and it comes through the Spirit of God which is the power that is bombing your soul so that you can run out.  Brethren, if you do not know that you are supposed to run out, even if you are getting bombed, how are you going to get out? You have to know you are supposed to get out.


The Word is very important. It is very important that you hear the gospel of perfection. Do not think you are going to hear it without paying a price. You saw what happened to that woman today. Your carnal mind is going to frighten you. It is going to tell you that it is not true. It is going to tell you that it is a lie. It is going to keep you away, for fear is its biggest weapon. I declare to you, brethren, give your life to Christ, and you shall not be deceived. If you have to go slow, just go slow. Do not be afraid. Do not let fear get you, because fear is never of God.


COMMENT:  Pastor Vitale, when you drew the picture about the bombardment, I got the Scripture where one of the prophets had a vision that says the whole earth turned. Is that where that happens?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, so you got your own personal witness from the Lord. Praise God, Alleluia.


This message is so glorious, brethren. First of all, it is instruction for us as to what is coming because the Lord, in the very near future, is taking a people unto Himself, a First Fruits Company. If you are called to it, He is taking you whether you are ready or not. Do not run away, do not run away. If you have to go slow, go slow, but do not run away because if He has called you, He is taking you whether you are screaming, and kicking, and yelling, or whether you are going willingly.


Why is He doing it that way? Because we would never go if He did not put pressure on us. On a recent tape that we did, we were talking about the judgement, the fire that is going to produce the separation and we found Scriptures in the Book of Revelation that says, first Jesus gets inside of you, then He takes control of you and after He takes control of you, He rushes you into the fire of judgement. Why?


Because the fire of judgement is going to separate His life from your mind. Who is going to go running into the fire? Not me, but when He gets inside of you, He is going to go in your body, and your soul is going with Him. If He is your God, if He is truly your God, you have nothing to say about it. If you can hear this word, you can yield to Him. I am not saying I am God, but I am His messenger. Pray about it and get your own confirmation.


We have a woman here who just got a Scripture from the Lord for herself.  Get it for yourself so you can agree with Him and work with Him. For me, personally, it is much less painful when I know what is happening to me.


We have someone sitting right here saying, "Why did I fall off a six foot cliff?"  Maybe you wound up in this meeting, because you fell off a six foot cliff. All that I know is that all things work for the good for those who love the Lord. I do not want anyone to think that you are going to fall off a six foot cliff. You know that God has promise not to give us more then we could bear. He has promised not to give us more then we could bear. The problem is sometimes He thinks we can bear more then we think we can bear (laughter), but He will never give us more then we can bear.


COMMENT: I know God works with us individually, but it is very hard looking for answers and dealing with the outside world and being constantly pulled. It is a struggle. I guess God uses me on my job and with certain individuals. I want to know what God wants for me in my life. I am more comfortable thinking about the Lord, but I have been thinking about Satan, and it is true he is in our unconscious, and I do not exactly understand what it means to war against Satan.


PASTOR VITALE: Let me try and shed some light. There are two things I want to respond to there. I know you hear in a lot of churches, "Be Christ conscience, do not be Satan conscience."  It is true that we are not to walk in fear, but it is also true that you must know your enemy. It can only benefit you. Why would you not want to know your enemy? We are in a warfare, and the natural type of that warfare is our natural warfare. We have all kinds of reconnaissance units going out and trying to get information about the enemy.


Of course, I agree we have to be careful that it does not became an idolatry or an obsession, but as the Lord leads us we are to know our enemies, and this is the hour that God is bringing this teaching through. He wants us to understand. I do not believe that He wants us to be foolish Christians, dancing and singing through life saying, "God is going to take care of everything."


Brethren, you are being trained to be sons of God. God wants you in spiritual maturity. When you are an infant in the carriage, daddy takes care of everything, but you are called to spiritual manhood, and daddy is there to teach you, to train you, but if you are hearing this word it is time for you to start moving into manhood. You have to start doing.


Are you going to go out there and fight when you do not even know what this guy looks like? Do you think he is red with a tail and horns? You are looking for Satan in everybody else, and he is right in your own unconscious mind. Do you not have to know this? Of course, you have to know this. You have to be careful for his whisper in your mind because he will do everything he can to keep you away from a word like this.


 He uses fear. That is the root of it, and if he cannot get you out with fear, he uses pride. He says, "Do not tell me Satan is in me, I am under the blood." Your sinful soul is filled with Satan, he uses fear, and he uses pride. We must confess our condition. What is our condition? We are a fallen race, everyone. Do not tell me I am not so bad compared to my brother Joe. Jesus does not want to hear that. If you want to use a standard, use Jesus as your standard and next to Jesus, you are fallen.


How do I know it? I know it, because Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the only one that is been resurrected out from among the dead ones. He is the only one that made it out of hell. Do not let pride choke you and snare you. Do not think you are better then the one down the street that is on drugs, or who cannot get up off the floor because you are not.


Jesus is going to indict you for pride, and you shall surely reap what you have sown if you have no compassion for the other human beings of this human race. I do not care what they are doing, what they have done, what they are into. Do not compare them to you. Compare yourself to Jesus. We all have to get out of here. We are all inmates of hell, and we are all suffering the torments of hell in one way or another. If you cannot help your brother, do not even look at him.


Concentrate on yourself, asking Jesus to get you out. Do not doubt for a second that when He gets you out that He is sending you right back to get your brother out. There are no cowards in Christ. You cannot do this. You cannot be going for ministry and receiving ministry, and then when God sends someone that is not where you are, you say, "I am not putting up with this garbage."  What about the believer that is a little more advanced than you and is putting up with your garbage? You cannot do it.


As far as the churches go, I would like to say this to you: It is true men are just men, but we have to learn to listen for the voice of the Lord through men, because Christ is God in man. If we do not have an ability to discern Christ when He speaks through a man (for those of you that do not know me, I use man as a generic term). I mean humanity, men, women, children, everything that is human. If God speaks through humans, we must acquire an ability to discern Christ when He is speaking through a human.


If we do not have it, we must pray for it. It is very important. It is a spiritual weapon that we must have. Why? Because whether we want to be or not, we are being elevated into the realm of the spirit. We are going into a whole new world, a whole new lifestyle, and we must have the weapons to survive in that lifestyle. These are the eyes and the ears of the Spirit, the mind of God, the understanding, the wisdom of Christ. We are going to be destroyed here in the wilderness.


If you have received the promise, and God is prospering you and moving you into His kingdom, you are in the spiritual wilderness. I never said that it is easy. God never said it is easy, but you have to start praying for the right things. Do not pray to get out of the wilderness. Pray for His eyes and ears, and His mind and His understanding, and the water of His life and the manna of His word. Learn to function in your new environment, do not flee from it.


You cannot go backwards. We must learn to function in this new place.  The Word of the Lord comes to us though people. Hopefully, if the preacher is of God, it is coming through the preacher, but we all know it does not always come through the preacher.


As I was telling you on Monday, I have a big problem. God sends me mature believers. Every mature believer has been burnt, and they are all looking at me through burnt scarred eyes, and whatever has happened with the other preachers. I am not perfect, but I am dealing with all these scarred people. You have to listen for the voice of the Lord, and you have to pray continuously for Him to be your mind. I pray this prayer continuously, "Jesus be my mind, be my thought processes, be my understanding. Do not let me lose anything that is of you and destroy everything that is not of you."


We cannot shut off people because they are not perfect. We have to go the hard way and learn by the mind of the Spirit to separate Christ from Adam.


As far as going from church to church, our carnal mind wants us to nest down and stay for 20 years in a church, but Christ does not do that. We are on a journey, and that journey is from being a carnal man to being a spiritual man.


We are likened to the tents of the Hebrew children in the wilderness, and He lets us camp for a season. I do not think the Lord has you change churches every month. I do not really believe that, it is not likely. If He puts you someplace, I think you are supposed to be there for a season, but do not think you are going to be there for 20 years, because that has not been my experience.


When He tells you to get up and go, you cannot say to Him, "Lord, I like it here because I have been here for 3 years, and I am comfortable" Because if He tells you to get up and go and you do not go, you are going to miss whatever it is that He has for you. You have to go.


If your heart is open, and you have prayed for an ability to follow that cloud and that pillar of fire, He shall surely give it to you. He will give you anything that you ask for that is going to help you to move into the Kingdom. I tell you right now, your prayers are answered before it is out of your mouth.


When it comes to things that are going to gratify your soulish desires, I do not know what He is going to do.  I do know this, anything that is going to move you into His Kingdom, you have it before you asked for it. Amen, Amen.  Do not hesitate to ask for spiritual gifts, covet spiritual gifts. The Lord has shown me there is no limit on our desire for spiritual things.


We can desire them so strongly that if we were desiring carnal things in that manner, it would be called lust.  To desire spiritual things, God honors it, He blesses it, and He wants to see it in you.  If you must lust, lust for spiritual gifts. Alleluia. If no one else has another question I am going to try and answer another question here.


The Lake of Fire is Jesus. Where does it say the Lake of Fire is Jesus?  I have a whole tape on that. It is a difficult teaching. It is also that #78 tape I told you about. Many truths in the bible are not spelled out. Jesus is the Lake of Fire.  It does not say that anywhere, but we have scriptures that say that our God is a consuming fire.


God is fire, He revealed Himself to Moses as the flaming bush. The fire was Jesus, and the bush typified mankind. It is supposed to be consumed, but the end of us is that our humanity shall abide within the fire of God and, we shall not be consumed. That fire shall impart Life to us.


Those are two Scriptures that are coming to me off the top of my head. Jesus is fire, He is Life, He is light, He is heat, He is glory, He is not hidden, He is not darkness, and He is not cold. All of His qualities are Life and are typified by fire and light. He is strength, and He is power. Fire in the scripture typifies spiritual power.


COMMENT:  Pastor Vitale, does that then mean, at the end of the thousand years when Satan is thrown down into the Lake of Fire, that he is thrown into Jesus?


PASTOR VITALE:  Amen, he is thrown into Jesus. Then we found Scriptures to support this in Ezekiel 1. We did a word-by-word study in the Hebrew in Ezekiel 1, where it talks about the glorified man, and it says that the power of God is great when it enters into a man in its fullness.


(Drawing on the board) Let us say this is a man, and this is the man's center. The fire of God is going to burn all the way upwards and outwards and all the way down. Satan is down here in the pit, in hell, and the fire of God is going to burn so brightly that it is going to castrate Satan. The Scriptural expression that we found is castrate. It is going to render him powerless, and it is going to inhibit and destroy his ability to produce sin in our mind, because every thought that comes into our mind that is sin is whispered by this guy, Satan.


That ability of his to cause us to sin when we receive his thought, when we do not recognize that it is Satan, when we think it is God, or for whatever reason, if we agree with it, it is spiritual fornication.  That is way the Scriptures say he is going to be castrated. Satan has taken on a male role, and he is having sexual intercourse with the harlot who is our human spirit. She was to be married to the Father and produce Christ, but she married Satan, and she produced the carnal mind.


She is a harlot and everyday of your life if you are a natural man, your human spirit, the harlot within you, is fornicating with Satan, but he is going to get castrated.  You know the scripture is very earthy. I hope I am not offending anybody, but this is the word God has given me. Human sexuality is the natural type. (At the board) We have the human spirit, this is Eve, we have Satan down here, and he wants to fornicate with her.


What is he doing? He is penetrating her. It is continual, spiritual sexual intercourse. He is reaching out, and he is continuously penetrating her with his what? He is penetrating her with his thoughts. When she does what he thinks into her mind, it is spiritual fornication. The Scriptures say this guy is going to be castrated; he is going to lose his ability to penetrate her.


COMMENT:  The Scriptures say that Satan and the false prophets will be thrown into the Lake of Fire. Who are the false prophets and what does that mean?


PASTOR VITALE:  I am trying to answer you very simply. We have deep studies where we went into the Greek word-by-word on this, and it is all on tape. Eve is the false prophet. Anything in you that is spiritual must come from spirit. Eve is spiritual, she is a drop of that life of God from the beginning. Everybody with me?


COMMENT:  When you looked it up in the Strong's Concordance (the false prophets being Eve) what does it say in the Greek?


PASTOR VITALE:  I could give you the tapes. I really do not remember offhand, to tell you the truth, but I know we have the whole thing worked up. I forget what chapter it is but we went through it word-by-word, and we found out that the beast is the mind of man. We found Satan in there, we found Adam in there, and we found Eve in there. Whenever something spiritual is coming forth from a human being, Eve is involved.


If it is witchcraft, it is Eve joining with Satan to produce witchcraft in this realm of appearance. If it is the Spirit of God, it is Eve joining with Christ to produce a spiritual manifestation in this realm of appearance, but she is always involved in spiritual things.  If she is a false prophet, it is not Christ, it is Eve producing witchcraft.


COMMENT:  Satan and Eve are in the lake of fire at the same time, and you are saying the false prophet is Eve. Is it one person, Satan and Eve?


PASTOR VITALE: No, this is a many-membered man. There is one spiritual man. God made one living soul. He made a lump of clay.


For an example, see this plant with all these leaves. The root of the plant is the creation that God formed (Adam), and that creation has one unconscious mind. Just as we are all the body of Christ, many members, and Christ is your mind. There is a natural man, and Satan is the unconscious mind of every natural man. There is a human spirit in all of us which is a drop of Christ, and we each have a human soul which is a piece of Adam. We are broken into many members.


See these leaves here, they all have the same makeup if you put them under a microscope. They all have the same genetic qualities, but there is really only one plant coming from this root. Did I answer your question?


COMMENT: Yes, I think you said this a long time ago. When scripture says Satan will be tormented for ever and ever, it is not the torment we think because God is not a God of torment. He is a God of peace. What does it say in the Greek?


PASTOR VITALE:  If you look up that word "torment," and follow it back to the root, it means "to be forced down under."  If you look at our diagram drawing, I explained it in a particular way.


The reality is that you can only have one mind manifesting through you at a time. This is what we really look like. This is the Adamic mind with Satan in charge. This is the Christ mind with the Father in charge. Most of the time, believers look like the Adamic mind, and Christ is waging the warfare in every human being in which He is dwelling to reverse this.


It has to get reversed or you are going to die, it has to get reversed.  Christ wants to be up here on top with the Father ruling Him. He wants Satan down here on the bottom in the charge of Adam and Christ.  The glory of which was revealed on the Mount of Transfiguration is going to send out rays of spiritual power once He gets on top. That is going to torment Satan forever. It is going to keep him down there. It is going to force him under the authority of Christ.


The personality that is revealed when you see a man whose spiritual being looks like this will have the mind of Christ when you meet him in the realm of appearance.


(We lost about 45 minutes of teaching due to technical difficulties, and that which will follow is a teaching in 2 Thessalonians, Chapter 2, Verse 3, which is already in progress.)


"Let no man deceive you by any means for that day shall not come." What day shall not come? The day of Christ, the day or the spiritual time period in which you are going to transfer.  You are going to disjoin from your carnal mind, and you are going to join to the Christ mind, and you will never sin again. That is the day.


"That day is not going to come except first there is a falling away, and that man of sin should be revealed, even the son of predation." The Lord says there is no way you are going to get free from you carnal mind and Satan so that you can flee into Christ unless you look at Satan first. You have to look at him; you cannot believe he is out there.  You have to confess he is in your mind if you want this salvation of your soul. Alleluia. Glory to God.


Verse 4: "This son of perdition is the one who opposeth and exalted himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he as God, sitteth in the temple of God showing himself that he is God."


I want to clear up the misunderstanding here by putting this on the board for you. I know Paul said, "Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost?" I am going to give you something to pray about. I researched this in the Scripture, and this is what the Lord showed me. That Greek word that is translated "body," is not referring only to the physical body. It is referring to a container or a receptacle.


We have a physical body here, and it is the container, the receptacle. The Scripture talks about bottles from heaven, water spouts. It is a city. Jesus said that it is a city for spiritual life. It is a container for the Adamic soul. I am going to suggest to you that our Adamic soul is a container for the soul or the mind of Christ.


I am going to further suggest to you that the mind of Christ, or the soul of Christ is a container or a bottle for the Spirit of God.  When Paul said, "Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost," he did not mean this flesh. He meant that the Life of God is dwelling inside your Adamic mind.


I want to do this another way for you. This is one of the latest revelations the Lord has brought forth here, and it is out of Revelation 14, which talks about the harvest and the grapes of the earth. This is what the Lord has taught us.


We have a grape vine. (I am still praying to learn how to draw.) In case you do not know it, that is a grape vine. Up here is the realm of the spirit, it is unseen. Down here is the realm of appearance, it is seen. The root of the grape vine is unseen, it is Satan. This is the earth, the ground out there. We see a vine grows up on the earth, this is the vine.


Jesus said that He is the true vine.  If there is a true vine, there has to be a false vine. This is the Adamic vine.  We do not see the true vine today. We see the false vine. This is the Adamic or the false vine, and it is Adam, that is our human soul. There are grapes growing off of this vine, and in the center of each grape is Christ. Christ is the fruit of the Spirit, and each grape has a grape skin around it.


I cannot get into the details now, but we found out the grape skin is the carnal mind. We have a plant, this whole world system. Human beings, we are a plant. The strongest part of the plant is the root, it is Satan. When the realm of appearance starts to appear, the false vine, our Adamic soul, our carnal mind and in the weakest part of the plant, the fruit.


All the strength is over here. Christ, from this position of weakness, is going to rip up this whole plant and throw it into the crushing judgement of God, which is the fire of His Life. If He comes forth in you, He is going to destroy the whole plant, and a whole new life, a whole new world system is going to come forth from Him. I did that very fast. Did you understand what I said?


COMMENT:  You were saying that Paul was talking about the temple, meaning the mind. I thought maybe it meant the body, because I know the Scripture says, "Do not fornicate, and do you not know your bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost?" I was under the impression that the temple meant the body, as well.


PASTOR VITALE: We have a whole tape on that, and we went into it word-by-word in the Greek. There is plenty of proof on that tape that Paul was talking way beyond physical fornication. He was talking about spiritual fornication. I will give you the number of that tape, if you want.


I am continuing what I was saying before. I do not think I made it clear. Paul is saying that Christ or the Holy Ghost is within the Adamic soul, that is what I am saying. Christ is the fruit of the grape, and He is inside of the Holy Ghost, and He is saying, "Do you not know that even in this condition of your carnal mind, your body, your Adamic soul, your carnal mind, your mortal soul, is the temple in which Christ is growing, or the fruit of the grape is growing?"


It is a big error in the church to think that He is talking about this physical body. The Scripture hardly ever refers to this physical body. That word "body" means "cup or container." Anything that contains something is a body, and the Adamic soul is the container or the body in which the soul of Christ is growing. The soul of Christ is growing within, within. I am trying to be obedient to the Lord, but He has really given you a lot today. Alleluia.


We are in 2 Thessalonians, Chapter 2, Verse 4. "The one who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped so that he is God sitteth in the temple of God showing himself that he is God."  What is this Scripture saying? He is saying that even though Christ is within you (Christ is the fruit that is dwelling within your carnal being), even though Christ is there, Satan is still giving you thoughts and telling you that it is God.


I just want to go a little farther on this. This is what our mind looks like if we have two souls.  It is a soul within a soul. Did you hear about a wheel within a wheel? Everybody is guessing about what Ezekiel's wheel within a wheel is. This is it. We have  two souls. I drew them that way for simplicity's sake.


The placing of our two souls is like this, Christ is a soul that is within the Adamic soul. It is a wheel within a wheel.  Here, Christ talks to us, and here in the Adamic soul, Satan talks to us. We are a man down here, and every thought that comes into our brain either comes from Christ, or it comes from Satan.


That Scripture is saying that Christ talks to us all the time, but He has a still small voice. Satan makes a lot of noise. He is a big loud mouth.


That scripture is saying that both of these voices are talking to us, and he has the nerve to say, "This is your God speaking." We are down here, and it almost like we are underwater. Did you ever try to hear what someone was saying to you when you are underwater?  The word is not coming through clearly, and we have to decide who gave us this thought.


The Scripture says that this guy who was without shame, who was without fear, who was without mercy is continuously giving you ungodly thoughts and telling you this is from your God, obey. Through continual prayer and even more important than continual prayer (as I mention several times on this tape), brethren, the only way you are really safe is to give your whole life to God and tell Him you want only His will, no matter what. It is your only protection.


Then after you do that, you pray and say, "Lord, that voice that I heard, is it you?" Because if you have not given everything over to Him, you will surely be deceived. Why? Because you want what Satan is saying. You want it so bad that you really want to believe that it is God in the depths of your unconscious mind. Back here, you want that idol so bad that when He says, "This is God speaking," now hear this, you are going to say, "Yes, that is God."


Second Thessalonians, Chapter 2, Verse 5. "Remember ye not that when I was yet with you, I told you all these things?" This is not a new doctrine. Paul was preaching this two thousand years ago. "Now ye know that what withholdeth, that he might be revealed in his time." What are we looking for to be revealed? We are looking for Satan to be revealed, and the church does not want to hear it. They do not want to talk about the devil.


We do not want him to be an idol, but we want him to be revealed. Why? Verse 7; "For the mystery of inequity doth already work and only he who now letteth will let until he be taken out of the way." I am not going to get into that now because I do not remember. I think I have this on another tape. If I am not mistaken, it is Christ that is withholding. None of this can come to pass before the proper time. We have to enter into the season for the revelation of Satan.


I want to suggest to you that the revelation of Jesus Christ is also the revelation of Satan. Why is that? Because in order for Jesus Christ to be revealed, we must see Him contrasted. His righteousness contrasted against the evil of Satan.  You cannot see Jesus without seeing Satan. The way the Lord has set it up is that first we see Satan, and when we learn to recognize him, then we recognize Jesus. That is the way the Lord set it up. It is black and white, dark and light.


I believe that when I researched this, we found out that it was the Lord that was withholding, because it was not the season.  When the Lord stops withholding (in Verse 8) then shall that wicked be revealed whom the Lord shall consume with the Spirit of His mouth. If you look up that word "consume" in the Greek, it is referring to "fire and burning and shall destroy with the brightness, or the lightness, or the whiteness, or the fire of His coming."


As Christ appears in you, the fire of His Life shall (also known as the Lake of Fire) burn up and consume everything in your mind, Satan and Adam and the carnal mind, that is not of God. This is the being thrown into the Lake of Fire. It is the appearance of Christ, the fire of His Life. Everything that is made of hay, wood, and stubble of the natural man is going to be thrown in and burnt up. Glory to God, thank you Jesus.


Verse 9: "Even he who is coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders." I am suggesting to you, that is the carnal mind. It says it is after the working of Satan, which means that the spirit generating him is Satan. What we see in this realm of appearance is a man's personality, the carnal mind, and the very elect can be deceived. This is going to be a spiritual manifestation that is going to look so much like Christ, that only those who have really truly given their whole life over to Christ are going to be able to know that it is not Him.


It is going to look like Christ, it is going to sound like Christ, but it is not going to be Christ. Glory to God. He is going to have signs and lying wonders, healing, deliverance, prophesying. He is going to do the whole thing, and he is going to be a preacher. He is going to look like a man of God, but it is going to be another spirit.


Verse 10: "And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish because they receive not the love of the truth that they might be saved." I am going to suggest to you that, that love of the truth is what we have been talking about. You have to want the truth no matter what it costs you. If it costs you the dream of your lifetime, you have to want God and His truth so bad that you will give it up. When your heart is in that condition, you shall not be deceived.


Verse 11: "And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie." Only God knows whatever the idol in your heart is, in the secret recesses of your mind. We have talked about this three or four times tonight. I do not know, but if you will not let go of that dream, you shall receive a delusion.


You shall believe that God has given it to you, and I am going to tell you that I know there are a lot of young women that want to get married, and God is not rushing to give them husbands. That is just a fact of life. I am telling you young women, middle age women, mature women, everybody is out there looking for a husband.


I am telling you right now, it is fine if He has someone for you. If He does not, and you do not turn this over to God and be willing to remain celibate and serve Him, watch out. If that is not in your heart, watch out, because that man is headed right for you, and he is right out of the pit of hell.


Amen, Jesus Christ is our husband.  He may give you a natural husband. My personal opinion is that young women that have never had children, He is very, very likely to give them a husband. You have every reason to hope, but you must be willing to forgo it, if that is His will in your life. In my opinion, the very best that can happen to you if you get a husband for the wrong reason is that you can lead a decent life for the rest of your life but lose your spiritual walk. That is no small thing.


I know someone right now that had an idol in her heart, and she was not going to accept "No" from God. This woman was married three times with a child. She was not a young woman, and she wanted that man and was not taking "No" for an answer. She walked away from God, and right now she is involved in a destructive relationship with this man and she cannot get out.


She called me up and said, "Pastor Vitale, break the soul tie." God said to me, "Sheila, you better not break that soul tie." She is in a painful relationship, and she cannot get out. I told her it is the chastisement of the Lord, and I have not heard from her since, but it is the chastisement of the Lord.


COMMENT:  If it is the Lord's will for you to have a husband, he has to be equally yoked, on the same spiritual level as you, right?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, amen, and it has to be God, it has to be God. In this woman's case, God could not have made it any clearer. She could not even find a saved man.  She had to go back in the world to get this man.


I am going to put this on the tape ladies. I am a single woman, too. She was lusting for sex. She got this guy and, became so involved emotionally that she could not get out and guess what?  He is impotent.  She does not have her goodies anyway, and she is being tormented in her emotions.


I do not know that God judges everybody that severely, but we receive stripes in direct proportion to God's judgement of how much we should have known better. I want to tell you that to be in this kind of trouble, God must have thought that she should have known better. She cannot get out, and this is going on for months. She is running from deliverance church to deliverance church, "Break my soul tie."


Nobody can break her soul tie, and I prophesied to her, "No one is going to break it until God says it is time to break it." I do not believe God is going to say, "Break it," until she repents. May God have mercy on her soul. I do not mean to sound judgmental. If I sounded judgmental, I am sorry, but I got this revelation so strong in my heart that it is a living thing inside of me.


I have learned some hard lessons, myself. Do not push against the pricks because you cannot win. When God makes a judgement that you should have known better, He is unwavering. The church world does not know Him. If you think He is a softy, you do not know your God.


COMMENT: He is a God of love as well as a God of wrath, right?


PASTOR VITALE: That is true, but that wrath is also a manifestation of His love. His motives for you are one hundred percent righteous, pure, and Godly.  If He is depriving anyone of a husband, or of sexual activity, or whatever your secret idol is, it is because He has something better for you, not because He is cruel and not because He wants to torture you without a sex life.


God does not do things like that.  That is your carnal interpretation of what He is doing in your life. The truth is that He wants to call you up higher, that is the truth. That is the truth, alleluia.


I could never forget this natural example God gave me of a friend of mine who was trying to put a snowsuit on her 2 year old. It was cold out and snowing, and he did not want to put his snowsuit on. She was insisting that he put his snowsuit on, and he screamed, and he yelled, and he cried. If you were here from Mars, and you did not understand that he could die out there without his snowsuit, you would think she was a terrible mother.


If God has taken something away from you, there is a reason for it and a good, Godly reason for it. He has something better, He has something better.


2 Thessalonians, Chapter 2, Verse 12: "That they all might be damned who believe not the truth, but have pleasure in unrighteousness."  Let us not get religious. Damnation is life outside of Christ. It is life without Christ. Let us make this real to us. What he is saying is, if you had pleasure in unrighteousness rather than the truth, or if you preferred to believe that God was going to give you your idol, and you wanted to believe that more than you wanted to believe the truth of God, the result is separation in your mind from Christ.


God is going to let you believe your lie, because if you are deceived, you are deceived by the pride of your own heart. He lets you believe your lie when you want your idol more than you want what He wants for you. Glory to God.


Verse 13: "But we are bound to give thanks always to God for you, brethren, beloved of the Lord, because God hath from the beginning chosen you to salvation through sanctification of the Spirit and belief of the truth."


Sanctification of the spirit, the purification of your spirit, not your soul. It is the sanctification of your spirit and how is your spirit purified? That human spirit that is married to Satan and has produced the carnal mind, it is purified and sanctified through divorce from Satan, I suggest to you.


We have the diagram up there. Through many shakings and tribulations, she is going to be broken free from Satan and the carnal mind. She shall produce Christ, and he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit. Her sanctification and your sanctification, through your human spirit, is through separation from Satan and the carnal mind, and producing, or giving birth to the Christ and joining with Him.


You must separate from Satan. You cannot love your sin. If you love your sin, ask the Lord to convict you of it. You must separate from him, and the way you separate from him is by rejecting every thought that he enters into your mind.


I am going to be quite frank with you. I have had Satanic thoughts that I loved. I have gone before the Lord and said Lord, "I love to gossip." This was all the way back when I first came to the Lord. "How can I even repent when I love it and do not want to give it up? But I know that it is wrong, so please help me." He took it away from me, and I repented, and I do not have that problem anymore.


I want to tell you, brethren, if He has not given you a mate, and you are suffering through sexual desire, He will take it away from you. He will either give you a mate or take it away from you. Celibacy is not torment. I am celibate for twelve years now. I am not in torment, and you are not supposed to be in torment.  Before He delivers you in your body, He is challenging you to give it to Him in your mind. If you cannot say it, you have to ask Him for it. If you can really say, "Lord, if this is it for the rest of my life, I will do it. I am still a young woman, but if this is your will for me, you have got it." He is going to make it very tolerable for you.


COMMENT:  Paul was saying, "I would rather you be single, but if a man cannot be single because of desire, then it is better for him to marry." Not that he sinned because he married the virgin, but the single man is better off than the married man, because Paul was saying that he wants to spare us from trouble in marriage or something like that?  If you are having problems with the flesh, it is better for you to marry.


PASTOR VITALE: This is a hard word, and people do not like to hear this, but Paul was saying that if you are in service to Christ, if your heart is to serve God, marriage is a burden to you and a hindrance to your serving God. That is the truth. I am sorry if you do not like it, but it is the truth. He is saying, "If you are so passionate that you are going to be tempted to fornication, then marry, but the single man is better off."


COMMENT:  I remember reading that if you marry, you have to please the man you marry, but if you are not married, all you have to do is please God. It is a lot easier to focus on the Lord.


COMMENT: Does that mean God did not design marriage?


PASTOR VITALE: This is the problem that we are running into. Marriage is God's law for a fallen creation, but in this hour the time is at hand, the creation is going back up. We are coming out from under the curse, and marriage and sexual intercourse between men and woman is something that a fallen creation does. There is no marriage or giving in marriage in the Kingdom of God.


This is a very hard word, but it is the truth. We have a whole tape on it, and it is called Spirit of Christ v. Holy Spirit & End-Time celibacy. It is the truth.  Not many people are going to give up sexual activity willingly. It is just like I said earlier, "Who is going to go running into the fire?" When Jesus throws you in, you go. I do not know many people that are going to willingly give up sexual activity. I did not give it up willingly, and I did not give it up easily, but He took it from me and I gave it up.


COMMENT:  When God designed marriage for the fallen creature, could God use sexual intercourse to bring forth fruits, the sons of God in us?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. His intention was to have many members of this living soul, so men and woman have to mate. That is part of it, but also man is fallen in his mind, and he is fighting with other people all the time. There had to be an order of authority, and marriage is for that purpose.


Also, so that we should have order in the creation, but if you are a human being who has received Christ as his spiritual head and you are truly under His authority, do you know that it is idolatry to put your husband ahead of Christ? That could be a great problem in a marriage if your husband cannot understand this. A lot of men understand this intellectually and cannot bear it emotionally, they cannot bear it.


In marriage, you are mixing the life of the spirit with the life of the fallen man, because in this hour we are in between two dispensations, and we are being called to go back up to heaven.


If God has taken a marriage from you, or if He has taken a sexual life from you, I would like to encourage you. I rebuke all carnal minds, I want you to hear this word. I would like to encourage you. That is a sign that God is calling you up, because this is a word that man is going to fight to the dead on.  I am telling you, there is no marriage or giving in marriage in the kingdom of heaven, and sex has to go.


The lady just said that sex is the manifestation of the soul life, and we are becoming spirit. I have had people come to me and say, "What if you are married and your mate does not agree?"  Brethren, if it is not God, if God has not ordained that this is your time to give up sexuality, and you are trying to do it, it is just a religious work. You are wasting your time and torturing yourself for nothing.


If you are married, and God is calling you up higher, and one of His requirements is a forsaking of sexually, He will bring it to pass in your marriage. He will do it.  Do not go getting involved in any religious works, and I do not want anyone telling me that married people should stop having sex as a religious work.  If Christ is calling you up, you have to serve Christ, and if He is putting an end to sex in your marriage, He is going to do it however He is going to do it.


Paul clearly said, "If you are not married, if you are single, stay single." It is a very hard word, but I want to leave you with this thought. You are not in an ungodly condition; you are not in a forsaken condition, but you are in a Scriptural condition.


The Lord is giving you a crash course, and I guess we are on Verse 14: "Whereunto He called you by our gospel to the obtaining of the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ." If you are hearing this gospel, you are called to obtain the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are talking about full spiritual maturity, and manhood, and this doctrine.  This gospel of perfection is necessary for you to enter in.


You cannot enter into spiritual perfection believing in a rapture.  Do not get condemned. I condemn you not. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus, but if you believe in the rapture, get before God and tell Him that you really want to know whether or not it is true, and tell Him that you really want His truth. Do not be condemned by misunderstanding me. I condemn you not.


I exalt you together with Paul, "Therefore, brethren, stand fast, hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word or whether by this epistle. Stand fast in the word of God and now our Lord Jesus Christ Himself and God even our father which have loved us and have given us everlasting consolation and good hope through grace may He comfort your hearts and establish you in every good word and work." Alleluia.


I would like to close it out, but I just want to ask if there are anymore questions before we close it out?


COMMENT: I still cannot find that scripture in Galatians about our body is the temple of the Holy Ghost. I was under the impression that the temple meant our bodies.


PASTOR VITALE: We looked up that Scripture on the temple being the body of the Holy Ghost in 1 Corinthians, Chapter 6, Verse 19. Just in case anyone misunderstood me, you are not allowed to fornicate physically.


Paul says in the verse prior to that, "that he who is joined to a harlot is one body, one flesh."  We know that when you have sex with a prostitute, your bodies do not become joined like Siamese twins. He who is joined to a harlot is one body, meaning the body of your flesh or your soul becomes joined.


Paul is saying that we are not to have physical sexual intercourse outside of marriage, because if we do, what happens is that our soul is joined to the soul of the harlot.  It is twofold, it is fornication in the realm of the soul, but I did not by any means mean that you can have physical fornication. No, you cannot. What you do with your body affects your soul. Did I make that clear? You cannot fornicate!


COMMENT: When there is fornication taking place between people, and they are joined into one, do they get their spirits and family line curses?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes.  We know it is true in the natural that you can get venereal diseases. Most people know that, but they do not know that it is true in the spiritual realm. You can pick up anything; family line curses or whatever. You should not fornicate with your body, and you should not fornicate with your soul, with your mind. Amen.


I did not finish her questions. This has just been such a long day. Let me just look at this last question that she had here, if you can just bear with me. I do not know if she would even listen to this tape.


 COMMENT:  Does the soul of Christ mean the mind of Christ and, if so, where does it say so in the Bible?


PASTOR VITALE: The soul is the mind, will, and emotions. To be honest with you, I do not know where it says it in the Bible, but if you look up that word "soul" in the Greek in Strong's Concordance, that word "soul" is referring to the mind, the will, and the emotions. Is that going to answer her question?


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