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A lot of people recently have been having dreams about toilet bowl. Our first reaction is that it is not of God. Dreams about toilet bowls or faeces, bowel movements, sitting naked in the middle of the street, having your genitals exposed, and the reaction of the carnal mind is, Oh, I must be reprobate, and some filthy thing is having a dream through me. However, God uses these symbols.


Everything in our world is a natural type of a spiritual reality. God uses a lot to typify spiritual things like sexuality and the functions of our body. God is not hung up on sex. He is not hung up on bowel movements or any such thing. The reality is, we are being married to Him, and we are entering in to a sexual relationship with Him. That is Number 1.  Number 2, our natural man is the waste product of this creation.


If you come here, and you have pride, you are not going to last very long, but this is the truth, I am telling you it is the truth of the word. What God seems to be doing here with you is He is giving you an overview, a crash course. I know I heard one teacher say, First He teaches it, and then He preaches it.  We have been teaching here for four years, and what I am just giving you is preaching, a light way of explaining it, because when we did the teaching it was very deep.


We went into every Greek and Hebrew word - a very scholarly study. Right now I am telling you what we learned. We are the waste product of His creation, and our bodies and our souls are made out of garbage. I am sorry if I am offending you. This is what the Scripture says, if you open your heart to hear it. The only thing that is real, the only thing that is true, the only thing that has any value, is the spirit of Almighty God in His Son Jesus Christ.


What He wanted to do, because He is a spirit and He is visible, He decided, or God the Father decided to have a creation that could be seen.  What did He do? He purposed to put garbage or mud over the form of His Son. That is how He is going to make Himself seen.


The example that we have used through the deep teaching, the example that the Lord has given us is the invisible man. Most of you must have seen that, it is a classic movie, The Invisible Man. If you have not seen it, he was a scientist who took some kind of potion and became invisible. He was frightening his relatives, his wife, and whoever it was that he went to try to communicate with. So he did not want to frighten them, because people are afraid when air speaks to them.


He put a jacket on, and he put gloves on his hands and shoes on his feet, and gauze bandages around his head. Then he put a hat on his head, and if he could not see that there were no eyes or nose or mouth because it was all bandaged. You thought you were talking to a man, and in fact you were talking to a man. He was visible, and he made himself appear by putting elements on him, garments on him that had no life of their own.


Brethren, this is what we are until He swallows us up, and we become His wife. We inherit, through marriage, everything that He is and all the riches of His kingdom. The Scripture says that we are made out of the garbage that appeared on the face of the earth after the Lord brought this creation into existence.


The way He brought it into existence, He was all spirit, He is everything. We have limits; we are the realm of time. Can you see this board without the light? God is infinite, He has no borders, but for the purposes of this teaching, we will say He filled this entire blackboard. God has created a realm of time, and we are drawing it as a circle. This is not only our world, this is our universe, the planets as far out as you can imagine, and we exist within God.


God the Father, is outside and He is inside. He transcends us. He is within you, He is within our individual beings. He is also in some measure in a different form inside unsaved people, because there is nothing outside of Him. He is in the air, He is in the trees, He is in the planets, and He is beyond. He is everything, He is in everyone, and without Him nothing was made.


When I used to hear that Scripture, Jesus, the Word was with God and without Him nothing was made,  I used to think of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the man with a pair of hands like this, forming everything. However, that is not what it means. What it means was He gave up His spiritual life to give existence to the garbage of the earth, because without Him there is nothing, there is nothing.


The reality of the creation is this. The Son dwelt with the Father, and our God is an all consuming fire. He is power, He is authority, He is likened to the sun, He is burning, He is a sun like we see up in the sky, He is a meteorite. I do not know whether you know it or not, I am not a scientist, but God has given us some scientific principles here. I do the best I can with it. If I make a mistake and you know it, please tell me, because I am certainly no scientist, but He is likened to a sun. From the little bit that I know about our planets and our stars, there are constant explosions going on, on the sun, constant explosions.


The Lord wanted to form this realm of appearance so He brought forth from within Himself an explosion that separated a part of His being. It went shooting out like a meteorite. That is what a meteorite is, I believe. It breaks off of the sun, and it goes shooting out, and when this explosion.... it is called atomic fission. He split Himself, He split a piece off of Himself, created tremendous heat, and He likens Himself to an atom.  When He did that, there was atomic fall out. You must have heard of atomic fall out. There was an ash that came forth, and this is how the Lord created matter, substance. Anything with substance is matter.


The Lord is spirit, He is likened unto vapor. I am trying to think of easy words to use, and sometimes I have trouble doing that. He has no substance to Him. Some people would say He is not corporeal.  He is not corporate, you cannot touch Him. If you try to touch Him your hand goes right through Him.


He wanted to make a creation that could be seen, and what He had to create was matter, substance, and the first thing He created.... the world did not come into existence like this. Some Christians believe that God went…. and this whole world came into existence.  God starts things in seed form, and He grows them. He is the husbandmen, and we can look for natural examples everywhere. Things do not.... the natural before the spiritual, things do not appear like that. We build buildings, we build nations, we build families. Everything starts in seed form.


The first thing the Lord did was bring forth the matter, the basic building blocks - the elements, the earth, the spiritual building blocks, and this is where the matter came from. He separated His Son from Himself. I hope nobody here is…. if I offend you, I am sorry, but God is very earthy.


He likened it in our studies to a man having sex with His wife, and the act that brings forth the sperm into the woman. He shot His Son forth from Himself in His first step towards the creation of this world. Everything in our life is a type of the spiritual thing.


God does not have a body like this, but as a sperm separates from a man with great strength and goes rushing into the woman to fertilize her. That is what happened in the realm of the spirit. He separated Himself from His Son because the two are one. Jesus was in the bosom of the Father. When the separation took place it was likened to an atomic explosion, and there was fall out. There was a waste product, garbage, and man was formed from the dust of the earth. These bodies and our souls are garbage.


Jesus is all there is, but because God is so great, we walk around, we talk, we have children, we have a life. It is His purpose to join with His garbage and give it everything that He is - impart to it all of His life, glory, riches, and wisdom, We do not understand it.


The Lord showed me a program on TV once - one of these science programs. It was about procreation, about women, how people reproduce, how the woman gets pregnant.  It said that when sperm enters into a woman's body, the woman's body reacts defensively. It does not want the sperm, it does everything it can to kill the sperm.


Even if you fertilize easily, and you get pregnant the first time you have sex with your husband, there are millions of sperms that come forth in one sex act.  Only one of them can fertilize you. Many women need to have experienced the act several times before they are fertilized.  Some women are barren, and these are all types of the spiritual fertilization of men.


Does anyone know where we are fertilized spiritually? Where is God fertilizing us, where is He bringing forth a son? In our mind. Paul said, Gird up the loins of your mind, do not receive the seed of the Serpent, only receive the seed of Almighty God. .Why? You are going to bear His child. Where? In your mind, in your thought processes.  Either you are going to bear the carnal mind, or you are going to bear the mind of Christ.  We have two minds for a season, but this is only temporary. One mind must rule, one mind must swallow up the other mind. Until Christ comes into your life, your mind is the carnal mind. You have produced the seed of the Serpent.


Do not get upset and do not panic. This is just the truth, you have been living it your entire life, and the Lord is just revealing it to you.  Do not let your imagination run away, you are what you are. The original creation is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. We have the potential for good, and we have the potential for evil, and those of us that have been raised with some influence of the law of God, we are leading decent lives.


Our lives are in order, we are married, or we are leading a single Godly life. We have raised our children, we have educated ourselves or our children, we bless people, we do good works - wonderful. However, there are people out there that truly are the manifestation of evil off of this Tree.


We all know that Jack the Ripper is an extreme.  This is what we are, it is the truth. We cannot be converted into Christ until we accept what we are.  He wants to give us a new mind, He wants to come into our mind, and He wants to join with us. Who? The Father, God, and give us His Son. He wants to form His Son in us as a pregnant woman.


He wants us to bear Christ. Then we are going to have the mind of Christ, we are going to have the carnal mind, and they are going to go to war with one another.  Christ is going to win. He is going to slay the enmity in our flesh, and He is going to join Himself to the adamic man for the life of the ages.


When you saw Jesus nailed to the cross, it was only so that we should believe. It was a natural type of what was happening in the realm of the spirit.  The Scripture really does not say, cross.  It says, tree. That Jesus was nailed to a tree.  There are many Scriptures that I am not teaching today that say that Adam was the tree. The Lord wanted to form this creation, He wanted to form man, so the first thing He did was grow a tree. He cut it down, and He formed Adam out of it.  The natural man is typified by wood in the Scripture, and Adam is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.


The Greek word that says Jesus was crucified on a cross; the word is really, tree.  He was nailed to a tree in the realm of the spirit. The spiritual Son of God, not His body, He was not His body, you are not your body. His spiritual life that was inside the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, nailed Himself to the tree which is the adamic soul.


In the realm of appearance Jesus' body was killed, but in the unseen realm, Satan was killed. Jesus nailed Himself to him, and the two are now one. Of the twain, He made one new man, the creation of God.


Did you ever think about that Scripture of what twain, of Adam and of Christ, they are nailed together? God is building a man, and if you are just a natural man you are missing a very important part of your spiritual being. You are missing your righteousness. He is our righteousness. You are missing your faith. He is our faith. You are missing your life. He is our life. You are missing the truth. He is your truth.


We, as natural men, without realizing what we are doing, some of us to a greater extreme, are resisting the move of the Son of God to penetrate us, fertilize us, and to bring forth His Son in us.  When the mind of Christ fills our mind totally, we shall receive 100% deliverance, our spirit, soul, and body. We shall attain to full spiritual maturity. We shall walk on the water and have dominion over every grief in this soul life, but we have to grow up. Spiritual dominion over the soul is for adult spiritual men.


There is no such thing as an adult spiritual woman. There is no male or female in Christ Jesus, and your natural body has nothing to do with it at all. When you are spiritually weak, you are a woman.  When you are spiritually strong, you are a man. It has nothing to do with your body.  The Lord Jesus Christ is bringing us all to spiritual manhood. He is giving us dominion over the soul realm. He is bringing us to a point where, I could say electricity beyond...and if it was the natural electricity, the whole room would light up with the supernatural.  Obviously, I am not there yet, but that is what He is bringing us to.


What you see here, TV, VCR, fans, all of this, lights, electric lights, stoves, this is all the work of the natural man. Why? So that we could survive, but this is not how the spiritual man survives. The spiritual man speaks, and whatever He needs is there, it appears. The spiritual man has creative ability in His words. Jesus broke the bread and He fed 5,000. It has nothing to do with breaking the bread. The Lord puts that in the Scripture because we are carnal.


He did not even need bread or a fish to start with. All He had to do is say, Let them be fed. This has nothing to do with me; this thing is going to break out all over the world. It seems to be starting in the United States, but maybe it is elsewhere, and I do not know about it, and I am very careful not to emphasize this ministry or me.


It is the new move of God. It is going to come up, it is coming up like a thief in the nigh. Those to whom He is telling about it, and those to whom He is witnessing it to, you are not going to be shocked when you wake up one morning and see the whole earth flooded with the power of God, and you will not have missed it.


He is giving dreams to many people. If you have come to a place where that dream is being made real to you, God bless you because you are called. A lot of preachers are predicting the rapture for 1992, and I even got a word for 1992. It may not be the rapture, but something big is coming, and it really just may be next year. You are getting the word in advance. Glory to God.


That is the only way you are going to remain safe.  I think this was on the last message too. The deceiver is our own heart. The Scripture says if we are deceived, we are deceived by the pride of our own heart.  What that means is, if we are totally open to the will of God in our life, even if it is unpleasant for a season, we are safe, because we are going to be doing what He tells us to do.


If we have something that we are holding in our heart, and we will not let go of it, if we have a doctrine, or a belief, or a fear that we think is...a doctrine or a belief, (like a lot of Christians say that a Christian cannot have a demon, just for an example). It does not matter what it is, but if we are holding something in our heart, and whether it is unconscious or not, if we have to believe that it must be this way, and God comes to us and says, I want you to do it another way,  we are going to have a problem. If we will not yield to the Lord when He comes to us and says, This is the way I want you to do it, we are going to say, That is not God, and we are going to take a fall.


We must yield up every idol in our hearts, everything, no matter how dear it is to us, and in the areas where you are most vulnerable and in your personal life. With unmarried women, the big thing is they are looking for a husband. Some women want a baby, some women want their husbands saved. Maybe God is not saving your husband, you have to go on with God. Leave him to the Lord. You pray your prayer, Father, save my husband, save my family, but you cannot have a dream in your heart that God is going to take your carnal husband and put him in the ministry with you.


Maybe you are called to the ministry and He is not, and if you say, I am not going without him, I have news for you.  You are not going to coerce the Lord to take him, you are going to miss out. You cannot manipulate Almighty God.  I do not care how old your body is. In our minds we have some very young people in their relationship to the Lord, and if you have had an experience in your life where you have been successful in manipulating your father or manipulating your husband (and this is common in a lot of families) you might think you can manipulate God. You cannot manipulate God.


If you tell God, I am not going without him, both of you are not going, unless it was God's will from the beginning to take him. You cannot do that with God.  I am trying to get to your dream, but I am also trying to submit to the Lord. I will get to it.


The Lord has only revealed Himself to us is in a very small measure, because we are His children. This is another great misunderstanding in the Church. I have been, or I have heard about meetings where the Lord has spoken to the pastor, and He has spoken it out to the congregation. He has said, The Lord told me, let the children pray, and He assumed the Lord meant the six year olds in the congregation. No, we are the children of the kingdom.


We are His children and, spiritually, we are very young. How do I know we are very young? We are not walking on the water, I cannot make the electricity turn on in my apartment. I can do a few things. Sometimes I pray for people and they get healed, the Lord speaks wisdom through me. He does a lot through me, so I am functioning. I am not an infant in the carriage. I am doing some constructive work for His kingdom, but I know I am not a full grown man.


If anything is going to keep you out of this, it is your pride. We are His children, and you can ask the Lord how old anybody is, and He has told me that if you have come to a place where the two minds are functioning in you. James says, A doubleminded man is unstable in all His ways. If you are a carnalminded person whom we all are, and the Lord enters into your mind and becomes your new mind, the mind of Christ, you now have two minds. You are unstable in all your ways.


One day, one minute, one second, one hour, you are obeying one mind, and one day, one minute, one second, one hour, you are obeying the other mind.  You are bouncing back and forth, and you are not stable. Sometimes you cannot even tell who is who.  The Lord has told me that this is likened to teenage years. Those of you that have had children, is that not what a teenager is like? One minute they are mister grown man, and the next minute they are throwing their underwear in the middle of the floor, and you have to yell at them to pick it up. Is it not true? Clean up after yourself.


He is joining the Marines, and He is going to be a Green Beret.  It is the truth. Or he is out on the football field, and he is a big hero.


That is what we are according to what God has told me. The most mature spiritual man around today is no more than a teenager, but we have got to go on. You have to go on.  We have to resist our carnal mind and cleave unto the mind of Christ, but before we can do that, we must learn to recognize which is which. It is very easy when your carnal mind says, fornicate or steal. That is easy. When your carnal mind says, This is false doctrine, and that is true doctrine, that is hard.


That is a decision for someone that is entering into maturity and. As I said before, the only way you are going to make it, I am telling you right now, you are not going to make it if you do not let go of everything which is of your own desire, because  it is not a question of chance.


If I hold on to this one idol, maybe God will not see it. God is going right after your one idol. If you have yielded to Him in every area of your life, and there is one area that you will not let go, that is where He is coming to you. What am I saying to you? He is going to try you on it. He is going to try you in every area. He is a discerner of the intents of your heart. He is going to find your idol. He is going to find the area that you are not submitted to Him, and you are going to be tried, and if you do not let go, you are going to take a fall. That is not irreversible, but who needs it?


As most of us have grown up in the carnal Church…. I do not mean to be unkind, I just do not know how else to make the separation.  There is a carnal Church. Everybody is doing the best that they can and loving God as best as they can, but there is a carnal Church out there, and we are taught that we must pick up the sword of the spirit and pick up the power of God and do.  There has been great error in the Church, and God is moving to correct this error in this hour. I have heard it from several pastors saying, We have no power.


Brethren, we do not have any power. If I had power, everyone that I prayed for would be healed. My own daughter is not healed. I do not have any power. I pray for people, and sometimes God heals them. If I pray in accordance with the will of the Lord, they get healed. If somebody comes to me and says, I have an infirmity, will you pray for me? I will never say, No. It is very rare for God to tell me not to pray for them. I will never say, No, but if it was His will that they got healed at that moment, He would honor my prayer.  A lot of people I have prayed for have been healed, but not everybody - my own child, number one.


I am receiving over these last five years, if not more than that, eight years, an awareness of my powerlessness, and the only time I have any power is when my mind is the mind of Christ. There is only power in Him. We have nothing of ourselves, and the more we join to Him, the more we must decrease so that He should increase. We must die, and if you are thinking, or if you know anyone that is thinking that they have power to do anything without the mind of Christ, this must die.


It has to die, because we are powerless. When we come to that place (as xxxxxx just said) when we know that we are the horse of the Lord, and Israel is the goodly horse of the Lord….  brethren, I do not mean to hurt anyone's feelings, but we have just got to start facing the truth, that what we are in the kingdom, we are horses. The Lord loves us. Do you not know the Lord loves you?


COMMENT:  Yes, I know the Lord loves me like my friend loves her horse. I have a friend that owns a couple of horses, but that does not mean I am not a horse.


Pastor Vitale: Do you love your two year old? Of course, you love your two year old, but that does not make her a twenty year old. We, as the natural man, are superior to the beast and the animals, the lions, the tigers, the elephants, the horses that we have taken as beasts of burden. Spiritual life is superior to the soul life. We are the soul life, we are the beasts of burden of spiritual life.


If the Lord is your rider, you are blessed. If the Lord is not your rider, who is your rider? Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is your rider, and you are cursed. There is nothing in the middle, you are not your own. You are not your own. Yes, you were purchased with a price, that is what the Scripture says, but if that purchase has not been appropriated in your life yet, I have a flash for you. The Lord sold the living soul unto Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. He sold us unto sin. Now He is buying us back.


He is our kinsmen redeemer, as typified by Boaz in the book of Ruth. If we are not purchased back, we are sold under sin, and God is the one who sold us. That Scripture where Jesus says, Do not fear man but fear the one that has the power to cast you into hell. That is not Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, brethren, God casts us into hell. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is only the servant of Almighty God. God casts us down to hell. He cast the angel down to hell. That is us.


We were superior spiritual beings, we are all descendants of Noah, who lived almost a thousand years. We have fallen. We have been cast down to hell by the authority of Almighty God. Let us not give Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, any more authority than he has. If we find our self cast down, which the whole human race is, Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, has authority over us only because God has given it to him. The Psalmist said, You make a table in the valley of the shadow of death, you present a table to me.


This is the valley of the shadow of death, and the table that we are given is the word of God and the spirit of God. He is with us whether we ascend to heaven, or we descend into the deepest hell as the Psalmist says. He is there with us, He is here with us in hell right now, and He is working to get us out.


That is not something in the future. Fear the one that can cast you into hell. We have been cast down to hell, but the gates of hell shall not prevail against us. Brethren, they are not going to keep us down here, we are coming out.


You may have heard it preached that when you received the promised one, you came out of Egypt, but that is a lie, that is a lie. Jesus was crucified in Sodom and Egypt, and that is talking about the condition of the natural soul that He inherited from His mother. His spiritual man did not die. His adamic soul was crucified.


Check it out in the Greek. This is an easy one to check out. His soul was crucified, His soul life died. It is right there in Strong's Concordance. The soul that He inherited from His mother from the line of Judah, and the nation of Israel, that is what He gave up. The spiritual man did not die, and our soul must die too.


He was not crucified instead of us. We are crucified with Him. Paul said he was crucified to the world. The world being his adamic world, the manifestation of the world system which is His own adamic soul.  The two must be joined. There is a joining coming between Christ in you and Adam in you.


One of Christ's titles is The Nail. He is the nail that pierces through His head. He is the nail that went through Sisera's carnal mind.  Our natural man must die. The natural and the spiritual man must be joined in death, the death of your adamic soul. This pulling in two directions must come to an end. This questioning, Did God tell me that? Did God tell? I still go through it, Did you tell me that, Lord? It has to stop and will stop, and it shall stop in the death of your natural soul or your carnal mind. He must die, the two must become one new man, and then you shall be a part of the creation of God. I hope that you all know and if you do not it is okay, that it does not go to everybody at once. It does not go to everybody at once.


I know when I came to the Lord, I guess I was about 37 years old, and I had been looking for God for years. I did not even know that there was such a thing as a Pentecostal Church. I did not even know it existed.  I did not reject it, I did not know that it existed. I said to the Lord many times, Lord, how did I not know that it existed?  He has shown me that there are hidden things in this world, especially the hidden things of God that you cannot see, unless He brings them to your understanding and knowledge. You cannot see it.  There are people out there in the fundamentalist churches, Presbyterian, Lutheran, there are people out there that love God, the Lord has shown me this. We better start dealing with our pride.


There are people out there that read the Bible, that pray, that love the Lord, but He has not given them a deeper walk. Why? He is a mature man. None of us are babies here today. You know that when your husband or your father runs a family, his thinking is towards the preservation and the welfare of the entire family. If one of the younger children cannot have their way, they are going to have to feel bad and cry, because He is not going to give it them and jeopardize the whole family.


Our Father God has a plan, and that plan is to save this entire creation.  He is not doing it by saving the whole world at once. He is doing it by raising up a small group of people. The Scripture says, Saviors shall come up on Mount Zion. He is working with a small group, and when He perfects them He is going to send them to the multitudes.


If there is somebody in the Lutheran church or if there is somebody in the Pentecostal church or.... I got a flash for you, if there is somebody that believes in Sonship or Reconciliation that loves God and is praying their head off, but for His purposes He has not elected them to this end-time company, they are sleeping. Their eyes are shut and their ears are closed. Why? Lest they should hear.


How many years I said, Lord, what kind of a Scripture is that? That their eyes are closed and their ears are closed, and you want it that way?  If their eyes and ears opened up they would hear and be saved? What kind of a Scripture is that? You know what the carnal mind would do with that? However, it is in the Old Testament, so too many carnal people do not read it. Do you know what your carnal mind would do with that?


The answer to it is, if you are not called in this hour, you are sleeping, and you cannot hear, and you cannot see. He has decided that you are not a vessel that is going to manifest His glory now. You are being sacrificed so that His plan can come to pass so that all can be saved. The all, the creation, not the individual.


Some people say that God is a communist.  Maybe He is, but when man tries to do it, it does not work. Man-made communism does not work. However, God is concerned with the whole, and if He gives you the opportunity, and you want to follow along with Him, you can come. The minute you get selfish, you know you are losing it, because He is not changing. I do not care how beloved you are, I do not care how favorite you are. When you start thinking about yourself, you are out, because He is one mind. He is going to save this creation, and if He has to sacrifice you, you have to go.


I see men out there, I really do not want to name names, but they have very successful ministries, and then God comes in with a new move of God.  Let us say they are in deliverance, and God comes in and reveals to them the next move (which as far as I know is Sonship usually) and they cannot see it. There is one man out there, very faithful to the ministry God gave him. He cannot see anything to do with the kingdom, believes in the rapture. He has been faithful to God for years, suffered all kinds of persecution and illnesses, and God has blessed his ministry. However, he cannot see the kingdom, and if someone that he knows of starts receiving the kingdom he throws them out.


I said to the Lord, This man is so faithful to you, how come he does not see the kingdom? The Lord says, If he sees the kingdom, then he is going to stop preaching deliverance, and I have thousands of people out there that need to know about deliverance. So I have blinded him, and I have shut up his ears, because I have decided that he shall minister in deliverance. The Lord has sacrificed His own faithful servant.


If you are hearing this message, the chances are you are called to be amongst the Saviors on Mount Zion. I pray that everyone that has that calling. I pray that we all make it. I do not know that I am going to make it, I hope I am. My prayers, frequently, are, Lord, get me through, just get me through, just get me through. I very rarely pray for specific things anymore. All I said is, Lord, if I do not survive how are you going to be glorified? That is my prayer.


Even my own daughter who is sick, I pray for her every once in a while. I heard someone say, You have to be praying for your kids every day. I do not pray for her everyday, she is in my heart; I have good thoughts towards her everyday. However, I am not down there on my knees everyday saying, Heal my daughter, heal my daughter. He is going to heal her; He told me He is going to heal her, so He is going to do it when He is ready to do it.


I am going to try to interpret your dream.  So many people are having dreams about toilet bowls and bowel movements, and I had one recently myself about a bowel movement. It sounds obnoxious, but this is what God does.  I got a letter from a woman in Massachusetts who had this bowel movement, and when she had the bowel movement, she looked at it and she loved it. She thought she was losing her mind, she loved this bowel movement. She just knew that it was so beautiful and that she just had to preserve it. She had to keep it and preserve it. That is all that I remember of the dream right now. I am in the process of answering the letter. Well, we are the bowel movement.


Let me try and explain it to you. This is God, everything, this is the realm of the soul, and everything that we see here is the exact opposite of the way it is happening in the realm of the spirit. We are the mirror image. We are the reflection of spiritual life. When you look in a mirror, you see a realistic reflection of yourself. That is because we are down here in corruption.  When the spiritual life looks in the mirror of the living soul, which is likened to water.... did you ever hear of Narcissus? He was a Greek god, and he looked in the water, and he saw his reflection. He loved himself so much He fell in, and He died.


That self love.... right, it will kill you every time. You have to get your eyes off yourself. It will kill you every time.  We are the living soul, and we are water. The whole creation is like 96% water, both in our bodies and in the atmosphere.  When spiritual life looks at us, there is a reflection, we react like a mirror, and that reflection is....I did not mean to get into this, is reflected off....


Let me give you a couple of examples. If you look at me, any scientist would tell you that you are not looking at me. Your cornea takes a picture of me, and you are looking at the reflection. That is an established scientific fact. Have you heard of that?


It is the same thing as the sun is shining in the sky, and you have a bright and sunshiny day, and you say, Oh, is the sun not beautiful?  If you look up at the sun you will get blind. You cannot look directly at the sun. This whole creation is an image.  It is an illusion which is formed when the spiritual life of God reflects on the soul. An image is projected, and that is where this world came from. This is not the real thing. The real thing is within you. The Kingdom of God is within you. This is a picture of it out here. Anybody have a problem with that?


It is hard, but it is the truth. It is an illusion, spiritual life; the reality of it is that it is within your mind. I still have trouble with this because there is no time and space in the realm of the spirit, and what God is saying, There is life within us that is vaster, that is greater than the multitudes of planets.


Everything that you can see, I call it the realm of appearance. It is an illusion that we can look at and have an understanding of what spiritual life is like. That spiritual life is in our minds, in this small little head. I cannot comprehend it, but I know that it is true, so I walk in it. The Kingdom of God is within us.


Your dream, I will try to get back to your dream. Oh yes, I was talking about the bowel movement.  Everything in this realm happens the exact opposite that it happens in the Kingdom of God which is within you. When we eliminate a waste product, it comes out from within us, but God's waste product is surrounding Him. We are His waste product, and it is surrounding Him.


What is happening, He is being born. He is the child who is saving us in childbearing, and He is within, He is within our adamic soul. We touched on this last week. Christ is growing. Our adamic soul is the womb for Christ, and Christ is growing within our womb which is our adamic soul, and this is Adam.


For all intents and purposes, Christ is under all kinds of pressure, because the adamic mind is closest to us. He is within, and sometimes He has trouble getting us to understand what He is trying to say to us. He is waging a warfare against the adamic soul. It is called the spiritual circumcision. He is the sword of the spirit, and He is cutting this away. He is on the inside, but He is cutting His way to the outside. He is cutting His way to the outside. This is what we are going to look like, and He is going to change this whole situation.


I heard a preacher describe this creation once as a glove that God turned inside out. Adam is going to be in the middle, and Christ is going to be out here. The Scripture describes this as being underfoot. You know the Scripture in Hebrews 12 where it says, If you willingly sin, there is no sacrifice for you, because you willingly tread Christ underfoot.  You have put Him down under the authority of adam. Christ is coming out, and He is going to rule adam.


The dark side of Adam is Satan. That is our unconscious mind, He is going to keep him under control, and Christ shall be our mind.


Christ is on the inside, and He is coming to the outside.  In your dream, it is the exact opposite. The waste product comes out into the toilet bowl, so the purpose of the toilet bowl is to catch the waste product. That is what the significance of the toilet bowl is, if you have a dream. It is the place where the waste product is falling, which is us. I would say that your grandson being in the tank, the tank is where the water is., The water typifies the Spirit of Life, Jesus Christ in the soul realm, blue being the color of the heavenlies.  I see your grandson as being covered in the water of life which is present in the toilet bowl which is catching the waste product, which means...What am I saying? He is down here in the soul realm, but He is a part of this process.


The whole creation at this time is not a part of what is happening. He is a part of what is happening. He was covered with the water of life, but he was still in the place of the toilet bowl, which is the place where the waste product drops out. Did I make any sense to you at all?


New life, he was in a fetal position.  That could mean that he has conceived Christ.  The toilet bowl typifies that this is the place where all this is happening. If I did not make it clear, that is what I am trying to tell you. He was not with the waste product. He was in the water of life, in a fetal position. How old is this child? It is possible he has conceived Christ.


For those of you who have not heard it, having the Holy Spirit is not the same thing as conceiving Christ. The Holy Spirit is the spirit of the Father. He comes to us with gifts, but His purpose is to impregnate us with His Son. That is what His purpose is.  There are a lot of people who are pregnant, and they do not know it. If you got the dream, either you are pregnant, or you will be in the near future.


Either they are pregnant, and they do not know it, or they are not pregnant and they think the Holy Spirit is the whole thing. I am telling you, and I am telling you that this is the truth.  When this new move of God hits, you better be pregnant, because if you are not pregnant, you are going to be lumped in with the heathen. Either you are pregnant or you are not.


It is like being a woman that has sex with her husband and being filled with sperm, but she is not impregnated. You are going to be saved in childbearing. You must have the Son. You must have the Son, the Son, your new mind, the mind of Christ, must be within you to nail Himself to your carnal mind. The Holy Spirit is not being nailed to your carnal mind. The Holy Spirit is there to impregnate you. You are being saved in childbearing, you must bear the Son.


The Scripture says, Oh, cry you barren. The unmarried wife shall have many more children than the married wife. You must bear the Son, and when you bear the Son He is going to send you to other people to impregnate them. That is the fulfillment of that Scripture, You shall have more children than the married wife. Hallelujah.


You must bear the Son, you must conceive the Son, and you must bear Him. We are not fully born again until He is born in us. He is the manchild of Revelation 12. We are pregnant with Him. He is in utero, and He is giving us benefits from the minute we receive the Holy Spirit. When He is conceived in us we get more benefits. The benefits increase, but it is a painful process. This pregnancy is a painful pregnancy.


The Scripture likens it to the firsttime sexual intercourse for a young virgin. It is painful. He is penetrating us, penetrating our carnal mind. He is piercing our soul, He is killing everything we have ever known and held dear in life. If it has not started with you yet, it is going to start. I do not mean to scare you, but He wants you to know what is coming. He is taking you for His own. If you are here, He has called you. If He is taking you, He is taking you, and you are in that marriage bed whether you like it or not. It can go easy, or it can go slow, but it is going to go, and it is not the most pleasant process on earth.


Through the whole thing, He is with you, with His life, and His peace, and His mercy, and His word, and you are never alone. You are not going to go through it alone. However, there are going to be hard times, pain, pain, because we must turn away from our carnal way of reacting to things.  We must respond with the mind of Christ. Someone just called me up on the phone recently and asked me about a particular personal situation, and they said, Oh well, that person, you know, and I said, No, you cannot think like that. No matter how reprobate the person is, if Christ is calling them, we must help them.


You cannot say, Oh well, they are reprobate so...., No, that is not the way it is. Christ must come forth in them and swallow up their reprobateness. We do not throw people away because they are evil. The Lord is calling a lot of evil people. He is, it is true. If He has called them, and if they are pregnant with Christ, they are in the same place that you are. When they do terrible things to you, we are required to forgive them and to turn around and help them to overcome their own wicked soul. We must start responding like Christ.


That does not mean that you are a mollycoddle, and anybody can do anything they want to you. As the Lord draws you in, and please do not go ahead of His spirit, you will find that He will be standing in righteousness, in angry righteousness, and rebuking in certain circumstances. You are not telling anybody to do what they want to you. It has to be His mind.


I would like to give this example; this goes back about three years. I was having a meeting here and, in those days, I had a secular job, and I was always rushing. I was teaching in those days, so it was hours of study before the message and I was always late. I finished everything up and I was hungry. I had about a half an hour, and I thought I would run to the pizza place and get something to eat. In the time I got there, I had 20 minutes, and I asked for an Eggplant Parmesan Hero. The guy said, It is going to take however long, and I said, I do not have that much time, and I was going to leave.  He said, Oh, we will do it in, whatever it was, 10 minutes.  I said, Okay.


Ten minutes came, 10 minutes went, 15 minutes. I was not going to have time to eat it, so I got up and I went over to the counter. The guy that had told me that had gone. They had changed shifts, so there was a new man there. I said to him, The other fellow said he would have it in 10 minutes.  This man looked at me, and he said, No one ever told you that.  I said, Yes he did. He said, No one ever told you that, this takes 20 minutes to do, which I did not have.


The 20 minutes is what I did not have.  He was very nasty to me, and he said, It is going to be ready in a few minutes. I wanted to respond out of Christ, and I went and I sat down, and I said, Lord, what do you want me to do?


I sat there and he gave it to me. He passed by, and I honestly do not know whether he was Greek or Italian. He must have been Italian, but I do not speak either language, and he walked by me. He said something to another man, and I knew that he cursed me. God told me that he cursed me. I knew that he cursed me, called me some name, or something was giving him a hard time.


I said, I am not going to respond out of my carnal mind, Lord whatever you want is fine.  I just sat there very quietly and within a few minutes the owner walked by, and Christ just rose up in me.  I had purposed to let it go, and I know it was God. He rose up in me, and I said, Are you the owner? He said, Yes. I said, That man just cursed me. I was going to let it go that I was lied to, and that He was nasty to me, but he cursed me. I said to the owner, That man just cursed me.


The owner went back, and I heard.... I guess he was Italian, talking away, and when I went out to pay, the owner was right there. I bless him. He did the best he could to do what was right. He said something to the man in Italian, and the man folded His hands. I guess that is what they do in Italy. He folded his hands like this, and he said something to me in Italian. I did not know what he was saying. Apparently, it was a true word. The man had cursed me, and he folded his hands and bowed His head, and He said whatever he said. He apologized to me.


God would not let him curse me, and when I came back to the meeting, I prayed for his job. The Lord had me pray for his job. The Lord said to me that the reason God did that was that such cursing would have come on that man for cursing a Son of God when I did not do anything wrong to him, that he was better off that I told his employer. He was better off, it was an act of mercy that God told him.


This must come out of Christ. We must learn how to discern when it is our own self, which is our carnal mind, or whether it is Christ manifesting in us. If you cannot tell that now, He is already starting to teach you.


We must learn to discern which mind is in us, and the best way to start is to start praying regularly, Lord, let my mind be your mind, be my mind, be my mind, do not let my carnal mind manifest, and let me see the difference. He will teach you. He will teach you because while we are in this inbetween stage, we must be able to tell the difference. If we rebuke somebody, or we are sharp with somebody, and it is our carnal mind, it is sin unto us, it is sin unto us.


I just remind you of Peter with, I believe it was Simon the sorcerer, and He said, Let darkness be upon you. He made the man blind. That was not the natural man Peter. That was Christ in Peter executing a judgment. If you are called to spiritual maturity, this is one of the things that you are called to. If you make a mistake, and it is not Christ, you hurt your brother, you have damaged your brother. It could be Christ telling you to say that very thing, and if it is Christ, any judgment that is executed in Christ brings forth life. You are going to save his life. Hardness coming forth from Christ can save a man's life. Maybe he needs to be rebuked.


This is a very important basic tool. We must learn to discern between Christ and Adam. There is never anything to be upset about. We are in school, we are in training, and if you make a mistake you just ask the Lord to make it right and say that you are sorry, and you go on.


This is a very basic thing that we must learn, to discern between the good and the evil. We are told in the Scripture that, He who is mature in Christ. How do we know he is mature?  He can discern between good and evil.  That does not mean that you know that if someone robs a store that it is evil. That is not what it is talking about. That Scripture says that if you are mature in Christ, you can discern whether somebody's motive is good, is of Christ, or whether their motive is evil, is of the evil one, which is Adam, who is ruled by Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind.


We must learn to discern it in our own mind. We must learn to discern it in other people. Jesus is dealing with motives and two men can do the same exact thing. One of them does it out of his carnal mind, and it is sin, and the other man does it because Christ in him is doing it, and it is righteous.


We can no longer look at behavior. We have to ask the Lord to give us the discernment of people's hearts. You must discern the intents of their hearts.  When we start discerning the intents of their hearts, when you find out that they hate you, you have to love them. This is a very hard walk, because the Lord is going to start showing you their motive.


This society largely functions on deception, because man's mind is so wicked that if we have been raised with any kind of an upbringing at all, we know that if we are envious of our sister we better shut our mouths. Do not let her know, right? Do not let your husband know. He will not like it if you are envious of her. Be quiet, shhh, do not tell anybody.


You did not know that she has discernment, and she knows that you are envious of her. It is no longer the answer to be quiet. On your part, it is no longer the answer to be quiet. We must confess it as sin and ask the Lord to kill it.


If it is a demon, the demon must come out. It is not always a demon. What happens is that we, our natural heart, is desperately wicked, and if we yield to that wickedness in any way, sometimes it is from birth, that wickedness can have fruit, could produce fruit. Our spiritual life is very sexually oriented; there is constant fornication going on, and constant children being born.  The extent to which we yield to any evil in our heart, we have produced the fruit of that evil, and that fruit is demons.


You can have the demon cast out and still have an evil thought.  If it is not a demon, it has to be killed. We must slay the enmity in our flesh by the power of Christ. Neither one is anything to be upset about. This whole thing has got to go, this whole body of sins must be destroyed. Our only body must be the body of Christ, body or soul. This body of sins has got to go whether it is cast out, or swallowed up, or slain, or eaten up, or who cares, it has to go. Christ must be our only soul.


If God starts giving you discernment, okay. First of all, you have to deal with your own heart. No condemnation, there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus, but when you see it, you have to repent and hate it. Ask God to help you not to hurt the other person and to overcome.  When you see it in the other person, when you see that they hate your guts, are jealous of you, and are thinking evil of you and towards you, you have to pray for them.


We are challenged today. The Lord is challenging us.  You are all called to a very high calling, and it is very exciting. This thing is going to come down really fast if He is spreading it out to the big ministries. It is coming really soon.  I do not know about you, but I say to the Lord all the time, I have gone through so much, I have been through so much, I would like to be a part right from the beginning, right from the beginning. I want to see them.


There is a homeless man, he lives on the street.  He has a little grassy area, and he just lays there. He has his cigarette butts that he picks up, and I want to be able to say, Stand up and walk. I want it. Everybody needs help in their own way, but my heart is to the people in the street.  That is where my heart is. People that are so overcome, drug addicts, alcoholics, people that are hated by the Church world which says, Why do you not stand up and get your act together and come to church?  They cannot get to church. They just cannot overcome. That is where my heart is.


Jesus knows whether you have really overcome or not.  I want to tell you that there are a lot of people that come to church, and the power that is available right now is not strong enough to keep them. I know people, I have met them, they come out of drugs, they come out of alcohol. They put their body in a church service three times a week, and it was not strong enough to keep them. They are back, and they are under the most severe condemnation. They either go one way or the other.


Either they are under a severe condemnation that God rejected them, why did  God not keep them? There must be something terribly wrong with them.  They are either under that condemnation, or they turn against God. They either say He is not real or He is a weak God, or whatever lie is in their mind. The truth is that there is a time and a season for everything. Everybody that calls out on His name right now is not getting delivered. It is just the truth, they are not. It is just the truth.


When this First Fruits Company of sons stands up, they are going to be walking in the authority that Jesus Christ of Nazareth walked in. They are going to have all power over everything. You know that Scripture where the...do you mind if I pray for you, are you having trouble staying awake? A lot of people fall asleep, but XXXX had this the last time. Let me tell what is happening, and then I will pray for you.


What is happening, Paul says, Awake to righteousness. God put Adam to sleep, and our carnal mind is still sleeping, and your carnal mind is trying to shut you down. It does not want you to hear this.  




I just rebuke that in the name of Jesus, I rebuke that carnal mind, and I rebuke the power of sleep over anybody and everybody here, and I cancel every plan to shut your ears or close your eyes, because the Lord God has said that your eyes and your ears shall be open, and you shall hear, and you shall see everything that the Lord has for you to hear and see today, in the name of Jesus.


 In any event, do not be upset or embarrassed over it.


That Scripture where the disciples could not cast out the demon, and Jesus said, Oh, ye faithless generation, how long must I suffer you?  Do you know what He really meant by that?  These are the disciples that were rejoicing that they had authority over the demons, and Jesus said, Do not rejoice that you have authority over the demons, rejoice that your name is written in the Lamb's Book of Life.


They were carnal men; they were under the imputed anointing. Jesus gave them authority over disease and authority over demons, but where were their brains? Oh, I am so wonderful, I can cast out demons. Who is going to be the greatest one amongst us? Right?  They could not cast it out, because the only ones that are going to have the authority to cast out those demons are those who are moving out of the soul or the mind of Christ.


The Scripture says, These come out only by prayer and fasting, but brethren, I declare to you, there are hidden things in the Scripture. Prayer is continual communion with God. It is not some carnal work. Even if you are down on your knees, it is communion with Christ in your mind. It is still being able to hear everything that the Father tells you to do. It is a personal relationship with Jesus, not some carnal prayer, and fasting is the affliction of your soul.  I remind you that Jesus said, My disciples do not fast, because the bridegroom is with them, but when He is gone they will fast.


Why did He say this kind comes out only by prayer and fasting if He said My disciples do not fast? He was not talking about food.  If you fast, I am not telling you not to fast. I am not telling anybody not to fast, but I am telling you the true fast is much more than not eating food. The true fast is your whole life, and it is a fasting from your adamic soul and everything of it that gives you gratification.


Natural Israel, under the Old Covenant, was a type of the New Covenant. They fasted from food. We are called to fast from this whole world system. We are called to afflict our soul. 


If you look up the word fasting, it is, the affliction of your soul.  If you deny yourself food, that is afflicting your soul, but God wants the whole thing. We are to fast from our entire adamic life. Why? We are to live by the life of the Son of God. We now have a new life, a new soul, a new mind, and that which is old must wax away. How do we kill it? Deny it, deny it, deny it. These kinds only come out by prayer and fasting. Only through being in continual communion with the Father and denying your adamic soul.


When you are in Christ, when you are one with Christ, at that moment you will cast that thing out. We have to get into Christ. We cannot go any faster than He takes us.  Again, watch out for condemnation. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus ever. What He is asking of us today is to be willing, in our heart, to give up everything and follow Him.


When He tells us to do something…. if He told us not to do something one day and three months later, He tells us to do it, we have to do it, because each day has its own set of circumstances. Each day has its own set of circumstances, and what He told you one day, He is not telling you another day. We must be in continual communion with the Lord, being willing to do whatever He tells us. We must go as the wind where He sends us.


The other day I wound up in Coram, in a very poor section of Coram.  He has been really dealing with me now, because I do a lot study. I have a lot of office work, which every ministry does not have. I have a lot of office work, and sometimes I get all caught up in it.  I want to finish this study, prepare this message, answer this letter, and He will just stop me right in the middle. I am not sure it is Him, and I am fighting to do my work, but I cannot do it.  Then I say, Maybe it is God. I had better go.


I wound up in the middle of a poor section in Coram. I said, What am I doing here? I have all this work to do.  There was a woman getting thrown out of...I wound up in the welfare office. Let me tell you something, they need Christ in there. I walked in there, I said, Oh my God. There was this woman being thrown out of her apartment.  She was in tears.  I went over to her and encouraged her, and the Lord sent me back. I said, Do you know the Lord? She said, I am Catholic. I said, Praise the Lord, would you like me to pray for you?  She said, Yes, the lady at the bus stop prayed for me this morning too.


I know that God gave her a place to live, and I went home. The whole way that I was driving I said, What am I doing here?


Brethren, it is really nice when the Lord manifests in a church service and there is an altar call. That is beautiful. There is a place for it. I am not against anything, God is doing many things, and I am not against anything that He is doing. However, I am telling you there are people out there that, for whatever reason, they cannot get to a church. They cannot get there, they are in such bondage. They cannot get there, and God loves them. He is sending us out, but we have to graduate first.


If you are called to this, you are in training, and we are going out in the streets. I am telling you, it is exciting, it is very exciting.


Let me give you another testimony. A couple of years ago, we were on the radio. I got a letter from someone else that was on the radio, I cannot remember the town, but it was not a good section of Nassau County at all. The Lord told me to go. I went. I drove. All you see are the drug addicts all over the streets, and we went into this church. It was some kind of ceremony, and it was dead. There was no move of the spirit, and a friend went with me. I am sitting there saying, Lord this is terrible, I must have really goofed. I do not say that anymore.


This was about three years ago. I must have really goofed Lord, you could not have told me to come here. This is dead, this is terrible, it is so religious I cannot stand it, can I get up and leave?  Am I going to insult them?  I am praying. I am not even listening to what is going on. Then all of a sudden the word just came on me, and I said, That is it, we are leaving.


We got up and we walked out. At the split second that I walked out of the door of the church, there was a man there. He came right over to me and he said, Would you help me? He said, I am absolutely desperate, my wife left. I have no diapers, I have no food for the babies. I am not lying, I am not on drugs, I have been to every church in this town and nobody will talk to me. I am telling you this is real. I got no food or diapers for the kids.  I looked at him, and I knew it was true. I gave him some money.  I tried to minister to him, but the Lord said to me, Pastor Vitale, he is so desperate for the money he was lying to you.


He was not saved, he was lying to me, Here is the money, and I handed him some money, and he looked, and He was freaking out. He finally connected. None of the churches could hear his urgency, because they are so caught up in religious works. Come back when the door is open.  It has to be according to our religious works.


I ministered to him, and the Lord had a word for him. He told me that His mother had, had him in church every day for years, but nothing ever is going right in his life. His wife left, and he has the kids and the whole thing. This word came forth for him. I said, In three days, you are going to meet your God, get ready, because in three days you are going to meet your God.


He was off in a.... He did not know what I was talking about. The Lord rebuked him. The Lord said... I mean this guy was six foot, I am 5'2,'' and I am looking up at him like this. I said, Did you hear what I told you?  I told him again. He still was not... the Lord had me say it a third time, I said, Do you hear what I told you?  He stopped dead in his tracks, and he looked at me. Three days, get ready.


Never saw the man again, but I am going to tell you that this is one exciting ministry, and God just lets me do it a couple of times a year. I mean this is my food, I am telling you, this is exciting.


Another time when I was working in Manhattan, I got off the bus at Forty Second Street and Third Avenue.  There are a lot of people there at business hours. It is like a sea of people, and this little old lady comes over to me and she says, Would you help me cross the street?  I said, Sure.  I am walking across, it is a big street. I do not know if you have ever been there, it is a very wide street. She says to me, You know, I fell down off of a chair last night and I hurt my back, and I am in terrible pain. The Lord says to me, Pray for her.


I am saying in my head, Lord, I do not even know if she is saved, what are you telling me to do? He was pressing on me so hard, I turned around and I said, Do you believe that the Lord Jesus Christ can heal you? This terror came over her face, absolute terror. I did not know what it was, but she shook her head very slowly. I rebuked it, and I walked away.


I never saw her, but the Lord told me that she lived alone, she was on in years. She hurt herself, she was very desperate, she says, Are you real or are you not real? I think she was in a mainline denomination. I do not think she was in the spirit or anything. Jesus are you there, or are you not there?  When I said to her, Do you believe Jesus Christ can heal you, she freaked out. I scared her half to death.


The Lord told me she was healed. Two years later I am walking along Madison Avenue, two or three years later, very crowded lunch hour. I start thinking about this woman.


This is a lot of what He is taught me. If this ever happens to me now I know what it means. At the time I did not know what it meant, and I said, Lord, why am I thinking about this woman, am I going to meet her again?  I did not understand that He was telling me, I have got another little old lady for you, not the same one, but another one.  As I am praying to Him and saying, What are you telling me, Lord? I turn around, there is this little old lady saying, Would you help me across the street?  I said, Come on.


At least, I knew I had prayer for her, and I helped her across the street. We continued to walk together, and she was almost in tears. She had fractured her right arm. She lived alone, and she said she rang her neighbor's doorbell to ask them to put the key in her lock for her, and they slammed the door in her face.


She lives in Manhattan. There are some really rotten people in Manhattan. They would not open her door for her. She was involved in some kind of a law suit where they were trying to cheat her.  She was going on and on, and I am praying in my head. At least, now I got the idea I know that I am supposed to be doing something, but I do not know what. Right?  I am praying in my head, Lord, what do you want me to do? What do you want me to do?  I do not do anything of my own self, to the best of my ability.


After we had walked four blocks, the Lord says to me, Ask her what she needs?  I said, Oh Lord, this is hard.  I just turned around to her and she is talking away, talking away like a motor mouth, very nervous.  I said to her, What do you need?  She looked at me, and her mouth fell open. She obviously was financially.... you know, she had a nice dress on and everything. I said, What do you need?  She had this amazed look on her face. She told me that she needed her arm to be healed so that she could get her door open, and she wanted justice in this law suit because she needed the money.


She was too old to work, and then we just starting talking. She was a Jewish lady. I never told her I was Jewish. She said to me, we talked a little, I think I mentioned Jesus, I do not remember, but she said to me, I just have one question to ask you, why would He help you and not me?


It was all I could do to not break down into tears.  I knew that He had brought me there, because it was Him standing right there answering her prayer.  She could not see Him.  I just walked away and I cried. I had walked about ten blocks out of my way on my lunch hour, and I cried all the way home - all the way back to the office. The Lord said to me that He had met her needs.


This is what we are called to. He only lets me do it a couple of times a year, but we are going to be doing this every day of our life. This is what it is all about. 


COMMENT: The Lord has been placing in my life a lot of women that are kind of rough and boisterous and strong. One day I had asked the Lord, Lord, what is the difference between your love and my love?  One day, the Lord allowed this woman to keep coming to my house. You know when someone comes to your home, and they come at the wrong time, or they ring the bell at the wrong time or something. She would sit on my toilet seat while I would blow-dry my hair to go to church. It was like always the wrong time, and she used to come every Wednesday. That is church night, so to speak, so one day I tried to do something.


There was another woman around the corner. I went to go visit her because I was trying to avoid the woman that was coming on a Wednesday.  On Wednesday, I went to the lady around the corner, and do not think that the Lord did not send her that Wednesday. He sent her the very next day on Thursday, and after she left I said, Lord, why did you put her in my life again?


He said, The difference between your love and My love is, I looked beyond her faults and see her need, and you see the fault and do not see the need.  God has been putting a lot of these women.... and He has to work on me first so I can even tolerate it, you know.  God has been doing this, but I can see what God is doing. He is softening them, and He is allowing me to have endurance and patience to be in their company.


I said, God that has to be you, because it is not me.  God is working in them, and I get amazed every time the Lord leaves. I can see that softening happen as time goes on, and there is a love.  I am saying, Wow Lord, this amazes me what you are doing because I know I could not do it. You have proven it to me, that is the difference between my love and Yours.  I just wanted to bring that out, because you were mentioning that.


PASTOR VITALE: This is His mature ministry. Some of us have been involved in casting out demons, and it is very nice.  You go to church and you commit yourself to a couple of hours. People come up on the prayer line, and you show them love, and you pray healing, and deliverance for them, and then you go home.


The Lord has told me that, that was just school. That the reality is in the world, the reality is having relationships with people in your life, that if it was not for Christ you would not even say hello or goodbye to them. Having a relationship with them, and forgiving them, and loving them every time they do something terrible (which is just their state of being, they are terrible) - showing them the love of Christ. There are people out there that are so damaged, that casting out a single demon is not the answer to their problem.


They are too damaged, and people that are that damaged are hurt people. They are very hurt people. They need the love of God. I do not know what it is going to be like when we stand up in full stature, but right now I see God doing this through relationships. They must become a part of our life. We cannot say, I am going to pray for you for two hours, now you go back to your slum, and I am going home to my life.


He wants them in our life. Accepting them and loving them and, through just everyday conversations, ministering to them, and let them see us take them back after they hate us, and abuse us, and mistreat us. This is the working out of the love of God in our life. It is much harder than casting a demon out of somebody that you are never going to see again.


It is not running away from a conflict. It is being developed enough in Christ to admit when we are wrong, to sit down and talk to these people, (whether they have a legitimate complaint or whether they do not have a legitimate complain), to listen to what they have to say and respond in kindness. If they are totally wrong, to respond in kindness and in mercy and then, frequently, to bear their wrath after you tell them what they do not want to hear.


He is teaching us how to deal with that wrath in a Godly manner. It is a real challenge, it is a real challenge. He is going to start right with your own families. He starts with your own family. He is a very orderly God. He enters into a family. He will call one person out, and He will deal with their heart, and then He sends them back. If you are willing, He will send you back to your husband and your children, and when.... first, we have to take the victory in our own heart.


We have to confess our sins and submit to whatever kind of chastening God puts upon us to get deliverance. I feel the Lord wants me to put on this message that it is an error to think that if you confess the sin you do not need to be chastened. You do need to be chastened. The reason you need to be chastened is that is the process by which He changes our heart.


If in an area of our heart we are stony, we do not have the love of Christ. There is a Scripture in Job, I cannot remember it, if you want it I could find it for you. We did find a Scripture in Job where Job says to the Lord, Why did you let this terrible trial come upon me, just tell me what I am doing wrong, and I will stop doing it.  The Lord's answer to him is, You do not have the power to stop doing it, you cannot stop having a hard heart without me. You cannot have a heart of compassion without me.


The procedure that He has decided to use is chastening and fiery trials. It delivers us of the hardness of our adamic heart and develops His mind in us.


I have heard a lot of Christians run around and saying, We have the mind of Christ, is that not wonderful?  Every thought out of their mind is their carnal mind. The mind of Christ must grow in us. It must be developed in us. It matures in us when we reject the adamic thought and cleave unto the mind of Christ in that area.


It is a warfare, it is a battle, it is painful.  However, we cannot have the opportunity to even choose until we are in a difficult situation where our soul wants to react the way we have been reacting all our life and tell the person, Get out and never let me see you again. The mind of Christ says, No, draw them closer to your bosom.


Anyone that could do something that obnoxious, or that hurtful, or that hateful is a very damaged person. Like you said, Look to the need and show them my love and meet that need. That does not mean that you let them abuse you. Lots of times these people need to hear the truth.  They are thinking..., we hear a lot about curses, and some people get very upset at the word.  It is just words, and they just get upset at some of the words that we use. However, a curse is resident in your mind, and the way it manifests is in wrong thinking.


If you know somebody who has been poor all of their life, and when I say poor, I mean, I do not want this to come out the wrong way. I should not have said poor.  If you know somebody who has been mishandling their money all of their life, and as a result of it, have continuous financial disasters, that is a curse in their life. They are mishandling their money, and that is what they think. They do not know how to save money, they do not know how to budget, they do not know how to discipline themselves and say, I will buy this, and I will not buy that.


They think that they are doing the right thing when they go out and spend almost all their money on beer, and the rest of it on chocolate, and they have no money for meat. They think that is right. That is a curse operating in their mind, and it is a curse that is determined to destroy them through wrong thinking.


As we stay in a relationship with these people, we will have the opportunity to impart right thinking to them, just in every day conversation.  I had that problem once, or I know someone who had that problem. Someone said to me once that they did not have enough money to buy meat. I felt very bad, and I went before the Lord and said, Lord do you really..., I am not going to go into all of the details, but I did not think I was suppose to be buying them meat.


I said, Lord, what do you want me to do? If you want me to give them meat, I will give them meat, but I do not think that is the answer, and He said to me, You are right, it is not the answer. He sent me to that person, and I said, You can get a chicken, they have chicken on sale all the time. You can get a chicken for $1.50. I said, You are going out and having two slices of pizza for dinner which is costing you almost $3.00, and you can get a chicken for a $1.50 for two meals for one person.


Sometimes, God wants us to tell people things. They are their own worst enemy because of wrong thinking.  This is the next stage of deliverance.  The church world at large is coming up into the deliverance that we were in.  At least XXXX and XXXX and I were in for a while.  He is bringing us up to a higher level of deliverance by having relationships with these people, and they cannot pollute our lives. God is not sending people to us if we are not yet strong enough to not be polluted by them. They must not change us, we must influence them.


No matter how wicked or evil they are, they are not to change us. We are to change them. God is not sending you into this kind of relationship if you are not ready, because if they are going to tear you down you are not ready. Jesus ate with the sinners. You do not let them take over your life. You do not let them walk away with your husband, or harm your children. You interact with them, and you continuously, on a regular basis, ask the Lord for instruction in every individual circumstance.


If you are single, you are going to find it is much more likely He is going to send people to you. Do you have anyone else at home with you? Do you have children at home? Oh, so you have an adult son?  Praise the Lord, so you have adult children and being a widow as you are, you are probably going to find the Lord send you as you demonstrate that you can deal with it.  He is going to be sending more and more people into your life.


You know that Scripture that says, If you are faithful He will give you charge over a city and then if you are really faithful, charge over ten cities? You got that word the other day, just do me a favor and put this on the message.


COMMENT: The Lord had given me that Scripture that you had mentioned, and this is the training ground He said for me. He was sending this lady as I was talking about, a very strong woman, but she is just like one of them, because He says, I will give you charge of much.  He is just giving me little things right now.  This is a task, the Lord said, because my children are big, and I am free to go where God sends me. I said, Lord, just have your way, whatever you feel to do, I am a willing vessel unto you.


PASTOR VITALE: That is what that Scripture means. Jesus said that we are cities, Jesus had likened us to cities. 


I heard one preacher say that if we are faithful, He is going to give us Los Angeles. No, no. The carnal mind thinks that God is increasing us in wealth. No. When Christ comes forth in us, He is bruising us and sending us as ministers to His desperate people.  If God's going to give you a city, He is going to send you a highly demonized person.


COMMENT: The Lord had shown me that He was going to send me out, but He is putting me through the training ground.


PASTOR VITALE: It sounds like you are really called XXXX. That is a real blessing. Then when He gives you ten cities, you are going to find yourself in relationship with ten highly demonized people at one time. He will not give you more than you could bear. If you have families and other obligations, obviously you are limited as to what you could do, but He has everything under control. Glory to God.


Wow, this is exciting, very exciting to me. He brings people into fellowship with me that are called. When He first started me preaching this message, there was almost nobody, and I had many hours of heartbreak and grief and many hours on my face before the Lord asking Him to confirm it to me that it was Him. That was like four years ago, and now I see more and more people coming in. It is real soon, it is real soon. We are all in training, it is really soon. This is very exciting. Yes, do me a favor and put it on the message.


COMMENT: Some years ago it came to my mind about the city, being a city, and I felt that all those that you spoke to the Lord about was your city - those were people that were going to be in your city.  It could be family, it could be.... or anybody that you helped, that I thought to myself, Lord, you mean I will see them in my city, these people that I have spoken to or said something about the Lord to, that this is part of my city?  When you are saying all of this, it is bringing back to mind all those things that happened a few years ago, or quite a few years ago.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, you see the carnal mind always thinks that they are getting the gift.


That is how this doctrine of the rapture came into being. All these people think they are getting a mansion, and they are going to be rich. When God receives you, He turns you into a minister.  He breaks you, He crucifies you, He crushes you into powder, and He sends you forth to His people. He said, The greatest amongst you shall minister to my people. He is going to save this world. He loves these people out there.


There is such an epidemic of drugs and AIDS and all these unlovable people. God loves them, God loves them. Those of us that are more fortunate, that have decent homes to live in, decent family lives, enough money to live on, and places to shower and be clean - we are the ones that He is calling to be the ministers.  Only a very small percentage is coming, because the average person is just concerned with themselves.


If He wants you, and you are very concerned with yourself, you will find very hard times fall upon your life.  That is how He calls you, through hard times. It is not funny when you see people going through hard times, but sometimes that is what He has to do with us, and then He just...., He has not actually said that word to me, but I feel as you do, I am completely bridled. I have not used the word, bridled.  Paul said, He bears this chain, and that the chain is Jesus Christ.


I was just praying that the other night. I just have nothing at all to say about my life, I just have nothing at all to say about it. I would not want it any other way. I thought that I had a formal message for you, if you were coming Thursday. I thought I had a formal message for you, and then I heard you were coming Tuesday.  I was rushing to get this message done. I was studying for it, and the power went out, and I lost my computer. I said, I guess the Lord did not have a formal message for you this week anyway.


I do not even care anymore. There was a time I would have been really upset about it, but He is just in control of everything. I was having too much trouble getting it out anyway. I was starting to say, Lord do you really want me to bring this message Tuesday? I am having too much trouble getting it ready.  Then my computer went out, and I said, That is it, it is going to be another informal meeting. I could tell that. Hallelujah.


COMMENT: Could you illustrate a little bit more on the Revelation 12? Was it the woman with the 12 stars? Could you say a little more on it?


PASTOR VITALE: That symbol in the sky of the woman with 12 stars on her head, is the symbol of the living soul coming into submission to God.


She is female, the living soul is female. Twelve is God's number of perfect government, and stars typify spiritual men.  The twelve stars are the men standing in full stature, and again I want to put it in the message. That means male or female.  There is no male or female in Christ. The spiritual men who God is bringing forth now who will be the head of the church and the living soul will be in submission to them.


The moon was under her feet, the moon being her emotions.  We are not to live by our emotions.  There are even people in the world that know that, people, men in the army, professional men; they know they cannot live by their emotions.  We must live by our rational mind.  When we are in Christ, He becomes our rational mind (rational, meaning reasoning). We must live by reason. We cannot do what we feel like doing. We must do either, if we are not saved do what is right, and if we do have a close relationship with the Lord, we must do what He tells us, even though it does not make any sense at all.


The living soul in this hour, I will put in on the board for you. I think we touched on this last week. The living soul in this hour is out of order. Her spiritual order has been reversed, and there are natural examples of this. I saw on the TV, not too long ago, about infants that were being.... this particular one was born with its stomach outside of its abdomen, Its stomach was hanging on its abdomen, and how can anybody live like that?  The doctors had this poor thing all hooked up to all kinds of monitors, and I cannot think of the word, all these things sticking on them, and they put the babies in surgery.


It was really terrible. It was a heart break for the parents. I do not want to get off onto another issue, but our Medical Society did not give them any choice.  They give permission for you to abort your baby right into the ninth month, but if you give birth to a deformed baby, they do not give you any choice. If you want to let it die naturally, take normal care of it, and if God takes it, let it die.


The Medical Society in many instances does not give you that choice. They appropriate your child, and they perform surgery on it and all kinds of procedures and the baby dies anyway. For all intents and purposes, they are experimenting on your child. This is a very perverse society.  We are in very bad shape right now.  This is the way God set it up. There are three dispensations – innocence, death, and life. When God created the original creation, He was in charge. God the father and Adam was up here. Adam is the conscience of the natural man.


I am going to run out of room, let me put it underneath. Adam under God, remember the man is under God, and the woman is under the man. Adam was the conscience of the creation, and Eve was the seed.  She is the female seed that is to bring forth Christ. She is likened to a human ovum. Adam is the human soul. Eve is the human spirit.


Every one of us has one, although, some human beings are spiritually barren. They cannot bring forth Christ, they may have.... everyone has to have a human spirit to appear, but some are barren, and then there was Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. Satan down here at the bottom, God the father in authority, Adam underneath Him, the man, Eve the woman, and Satan who is not named in the New Testament. Satan is the intelligence that is in the earth.


Remember earlier, we said that God created matter, formed the earth, and there are earth worms and all kinds of pestilence in our ground if we dig it up. Satan is the intelligence or the pestilence in the earth that we are made out of, so every man has Satan in him. It is his unconscious mind, but the way God set it up was that Adam would police Satan and keep him down under because…. why do we need him?


We are a creation that is spirit and soul. The soul is made out of the earth and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is in the earth.  He has to be kept under control, and this was Adam's job to keep him under control.  This is called, the state of innocence. This was the original creation. God the father in control, Adam in submission to Him, our conscience, Satan, the unconscious part f the carnal mind, down here, and Eve is likened to a young virgin who does not know which end is up. She is just there waiting for God to marry the creation and join with her and produce Christ.


Let me give you another circle over here. This was the way it was going to be. Adam was told to keep the Garden. If you look that word up, keep, it means, to protect the Garden. When we have a garden (and you ladies here that garden know that you have to take authority over your garden) there are weeds and stones. If you do not work that garden, if you do not get those weeds out, and take authority over your garden, it could destroy your plants.


Adam was told to keep the Garden (the Garden being the Living Soul). It was the Father's intention to join with Eve and produce Christ. The Scripture says, He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit. In the natural, when we have babies, they leave us. In the spirit, they stay within. Eve was going to be fertilized by the Father and give birth to Christ. John 8 tells us that the servant does not abide in the house forever.


Who is the servant? The adamic soul. He does not abide forever, He is mortal, He dies and, therefore, our body dies.


When Christ is born in us, the Son, He abideth forever. We are told in John 8, and He gives eternal life to Eve and to Adam, and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is down here. His function is to give form to the creation. As we have a skeleton in this body. When the creation is finished, He is going to be the skeleton. He is not to talk, He is not to think, He is not to whisper, He is not to control, He is not to influence. He is there to give form to the creation, because God wants to be seen.


Christ was to be born and to fill the whole earth of our soul, controlling Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. That was the plan, but it did not happen that way.


God said to Adam, Go forth and multiply. It was the intention of the Lord to have a manymembered man. He wanted many, many vessels on the face of the earth. He wanted to fill those many vessels.  God never changes. He is the salt of the earth or the preservative of the earth. When this condition existed, Adam could not go forth and multiply, because the preservative of the Lord was keeping everything like it was.


The Lord withdrew, and He said to him, Go forth and multiply, but watch your spirit, do not let anybody fertilize her but me, because if this guy down here who is under my control, if He gets out and He fertilizes her, she is going to have a bastard child, and His name is the carnal mind.


She was supposed to bring forth Christ from God. However, if you remember in Genesis 3, she was seduced by the Serpent. She had sex with him, she married him, and she produced the carnal mind.  The whole creation fell, to make it simple, and that is where we are today.  Adam is the conscience, and His job was to stop this from happening, but He did not stop it from happening, and that is another whole story. I do not feel to get into it right now unless the Lord really tells me to.  Adam failed as the conscience. Today we find him in the Scripture in Revelation 17 where we see the harlot riding on the back of the beast, and they have produced all the names of blasphemy. We have that on Message #2, The Seduction Of Eve.


She thought he was her husband, and it was Adam's failure, because Adam let it happen. Nevertheless, she had sex with and married the Serpent and produced the carnal mind who joined with her. I cannot quote the exact Scripture, but they are one flesh, they are one flesh. When you are married to the Lord, you are one spirit, but when you are married to Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, you are one flesh. You produce the carnal mind, and you become one with your offspring.


Adam failed to protect her, and this is what happened to her, and the whole creation fell.  This is what we look like in this hour. This is what happened to the creation.  Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, took the position of God, He came up out of his place. This is our stomach that is outside. Eve came up here with him, and they have a child. He is called the carnal mind, and the three of them together are our personality, as the human personality as we know it. Adam is down here. He is in utter humiliation, His conscience is almost worthless.


You take a natural man, and unless he is trained up with some moral upbringing, he is a disaster in this world system.  I do not care if he is Christian, Buddhist, or Hindu. If he is not taught to respect his parents, not to steal, not to murder, and not to fornicate, he is going to do all of these things. Babies are born without the knowledge of morality.


If they are not taught, their life is a disaster. This is the condition of the adamic conscience, it is literally worthless. This spiritual condition is called, death. Remember. the carnal mind is death. The personality of everyone on the face of the earth today is the carnal mind. Some of us are in the process of being translated into Christ but, by and large, we are mostly the carnal mind. That is a hard word, but it is the truth, even for me.


We are mostly the carnal mind, and the way you know it is when the fiery trial comes on you and, God has anointed you to hear the thoughts in your mind, you are going to know how strong your carnal mind is.


COMMENT: Pastor Vitale, did you say last week that when Eve, the carnal mind, does her own will, she produces demons?


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes. What is happening here, this goes even a step further. This is one personality now.  The Scripture says it is thinking evil continuously. As this carnal mind thinks evil, in our true reality, we are Eve, we are spirit. Our true life is spirit. You are not this body, and you are not this soul. You are a part of Christ.  When He was slain from the foundation of the earth, we came forth. He died so that we could come into existence, and our true nature is spirit.  She is utterly overcome between her husband and her son, and she fornicates with both of them in spiritual incest. She has continual spiritual, sexual intercourse with both of them. They produce fruit, and that fruit is called demons or the names of blasphemy.


That is the condition of the natural man and of most people that call themselves born again.  When Christ comes forth, it says the Holy Spirit comes in and attaches itself into a little corner of our mind and starts making overtures towards this personality. He starts waging war against the carnal mind. He starts attacking the demons. The demons are the first thing to go. He will start putting His spiritual pressure on the demons.


When you build something, and you go to knock it down, you start at the top, and you start flipping off, but He is doing everything at once. He is casting out the demons, He is waging war against the carnal mind, and He is out to utterly destroy Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind.  Our spiritual condition is still death, this is still us. There is a warfare going on, and the Lord is challenging us to join with Him.


This is us in here, and He is challenging us to join with Him and wage war against Satan and our carnal mind which have us pressed in like this. It is very hard, but all things are possible in Christ. We can do all things in Christ, which strengthens us, every time we are in a difficult situation. You know what the real test is? Self preservation.


When your life is threatened, when your home is threatened, when your physical life is threatened, are you going to do what God tells you, or are you going to try and save what your natural life has produced. Are you going to turn it over to God, and if He saves it, He saves it, and if He takes it, He takes it? That is the test as to how far you are into Christ.  I want to tell you that it is very hard. This is what we are headed for now. This is called, Life, this is the promise of the Scripture.


Christ is going to be born in us. We are going to be saved in childbearing. Our human spirit, the manchild, yes, and Eve is going to be cleansed of all these demons. She is going to be rescued from the influence of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and the carnal mind. I guess I did that wrong.  This is the Father on the top. The Father is on top. Christ is in submission to the Father.  Eve is joined to Him and has become one spirit.


We still have a human soul, but he is under the complete dominion of the Christ personality. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is down here in the bottomless pit, chained up. He is going to be a spiritual skeleton. This is what we're headed for.


To get over here, Eve has to escape. The Holy Spirit is casting out the demons, bombing the carnal mind and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and, as soon He can, He is getting in there. He is impregnating her with Christ, right in the midst of her captivity. Yes?


COMMENT: Excuse me Pastor, when it talks in the book of Revelation 12, and she had the manchild, and she is caught up, and then the rest of the body goes into the wilderness, and then he goes and tries to torment them. What is that symbolic of? At what point?


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, that is symbolic of the fact that there is going to be a first fruits company.


That is the manchild that is going to be caught up to spiritual stature. That is going to leave the rest of the Church vulnerable to Satan's viciousness.  The woman is going to flee into the wilderness. We have this worked up as we did a wordbyword study on it in the Greek. That wilderness, I hope I am remembering this correctly, is the way she is going to be taught and delivered by the sons of God.


Yes, she is going to be taught and delivered by the sons of God. However, Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is going to be raging like a wild beast, because in the remaining members of the Living Soul..., our true nature is spirit, we are spirit, we are Eve, we are the female seed which is to bring forth Christ. Whoever is not in full stature is in this condition.


Until the last minute we are in this condition.  The only thing that changes is that Christ…. I do not know exactly where He is going to be, but Christ starts to appear. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is still there. The carnal mind is still there, and Christ starts getting bigger and bigger, and bigger and bigger. We are still there under the influence of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and the carnal mind. At the very last moment, Peter says that mountains are going to melt.


Some Scriptures say there is going to be a shaking, the moon is not going to be seen, and the sun is going to be cast away.


What this is talking about is an hour of intense pressure that Christ is bombing against this whole personality. He is bombing him, and the mountains are going to melt. The carnal mind is going to fall, there is going to be a big crack here. The carnal mind is going to weaken its hold, Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is going to weaken his hold, and they are going to melt.  There is going to be a separation. They are all fused together. You cannot separate your soul and your spirit, you would die.


COMMENT: This is exciting. Is that the crack where it is from the east to the west?




COMMENT:  Wow, praise Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE:  There is a separation coming. What is getting separated is your true spiritual life, your human spirit, and this whole...God calls this a city, Babylon. God has more than one name for things. This is the city of Babylon, and it is being dismantled. She is coming out. She is going to flee into the soul of Christ that is waiting for her, this type of which is the city of refuge.


We are all murderers, we are fallen adam.  We are murderers, but we are going to flee into the city of refuge which is Christ. We are going to stay there safely, until the high priest over this city dies.  This whole city is coming down. As soon as she gets out, God is going to destroy this whole city. Our adamic soul is going to be completely destroyed, but not before we get out. If God destroys it before we get out, we are going to die. Yes?


COMMENT: We just said that, it is getting out of Babylon, that is the....


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, we have not come out, and because you are not smoking or drinking anymore (or whatever your pet vice was that you are not doing anymore) you are not out of Babylon.


Your spirit must get free of this city, which is called Babylon. We have to get into Jerusalem, which is Christ. Then this city is going to burn up.  As we were saying last week, the reason it is going to burn up is that the soul of Christ is going to utterly overshadow it. God is a consuming fire. I just did it this way so you can understand it. Christ is going to lay on top of adam, Jerusalem is going to lay on top of Babylon. God is a consuming fire, and this is the Lake of Fire that the beast and the false prophets are going to be in for the life of the ages.


God is building a creation.  This is going to be one on top of the other. Actually, let me show it to you this way. I did it this way so you could understand it, but everything is layering, everything is really layering over. You know Ezekiel's wheel within a wheel, it is a soul within a soul.


This is our adamic soul. Christ and the kingdom of God is within.  It is coming up from within. Christ is coming up from within. Eve is over here, she is with Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and the carnal mind, a soul within a soul, a wheel within a wheel, they are lying on top of one another. Christ is going to overshadow, and He is going to increase. He is going to increase, and He is going to increase, and Eve is going to come out. She is going to run into here.


Then Christ is going to expand. He is going to be all the way out here. Everything in the middle is going to burn, but it is not going to happen until she gets in there. It is very exciting, but it happens with much tribulation.


We enter into the Kingdom of God with much tribulation. There is a war going on. The natural type of it is those nations that were under siege during World War II, France and England, and all the nations where the planes came over and bombed.  Even if you were a German citizen, if you were there in England, you were getting bombed. Right?


We are in there, and we are getting bombed, and some people think it is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, after them. It is not Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, after you, it is Christ. We have to throw ourselves in line with Him and help Him to get us out, because if He is determined to get us out, He is getting us out one way or another. It is easier to join with Him. I personally find it much easier when I can see His glory in the trial. It makes it much easier for me.


COMMENT: Pastor, Please explain who is the false prophet and the beast?


PASTOR VITALE: Again, we did a word-by-word study in the Greek on those Scriptures. I do not know what chapter it is right now.


We found out that the beast is the natural man and again, in this hour, God is showing us our many parts. Just like a natural man has a heart and a liver and lungs, He is showing us our basic spiritual makeup. Why? A change must take place. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is on top. He must be cast down into the bottomless pit. He has to come down. He is ruling our life so we are dying.  God is showing us our basic parts.


The beast is the natural man who is ruled by Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. Adam is our conscious mind and our conscience. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is up here. He is unseen, he is our unconscious mind, he is desperately wicked. There is no redeeming grace, and you could look at them like this too.  They are the beast. The false prophet is Eve. The reason she is a false prophet is Eve is spirit. We are spirit.


When the Son of God was joined to the earth, He became poor so that we could become rich. He gave His life to be joined to the dust of the earth to make the clay that we are formed out of and, for a season, He gave up His spiritual authority to do what? So the female seed, which is us, could be brought forth.


Eve is the female seed of Christ. Christ was slain, and He was slain when? When He was joined to the dust of the earth.  The clay was made out of that which we were formed, but Christ is mixed in there with the dust. Everyone of us has a drop of Christ. It is our human spirit. We are the female seed which is to bring forth Christ.


She is spirit. This is dust or clay, Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and Adam, she is spirit.  A prophet prophesies. Prophet, indicates spiritual things.  If anything spiritual comes forth from a human being, Eve is involved. If it is witchcraft, it is Eve. Witchcraft is Eve manifesting with Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, (her husband) and the carnal mind (her son). Spiritual things of God are Eve with Christ.  I did not put it over there. The Father is in there too. This is the true prophet, and this is the false prophet.


Eve is involved in anything spiritual. Spirit is to spirit. Spiritual things come forth from the spirit. Glory to God.  Eve is.... the best example is the way women used to be, really naive and innocent.  Men used to make fun of women - You could tell them anything, they will believe anything you say, but that is what she is like. She is nothing of herself; she reflects whatever her husband is. When she is married to Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and has the offspring, the carnal mind, she is wicked. When she is married to the Father and brings forth Christ, she is righteous.


Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and Christ are fighting over her, because she cannot help herself. There is nothing she could do for herself.  She is going to be made into a virgin again; she is going to get cleansed.  Those men whose human spirits have been cleansed by the cleansing power of Christ, are the virgins that follow the Lamb wherever He goes.


If you are following Christ in any measure, you have had to experience some form of cleansing; otherwise you will never follow Him. Did I answer your question, because you asked that last week, and I knew I did not answer it?




PASTOR VITALE: What it is coming down to, the bottom line is this, we are soul, and the Lord wants to make us spirit. We are married to Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and He wants to free us so that we could marry Him. To exist in this realm of appearance, to have a body, to look like we look now, to have a personality, we must have a child. We would not appear without a child, a spiritual child. If you are appearing, you have a child, and her name is, The Carnal Mind.


The reason that you are in the form that you are in and leading this soul life is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, has married your human spirit and given you a child - the carnal mind. You have appeared in the realm of appearance.


Jesus said, I am the shape of the Father. He said, I am the Son of Man and the Son of God.  Most people do not know what He is talking about. Some people think He is a little doubleminded, but what Jesus was saying is He is not the son of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. He is saying, You see a man standing here, but I do not exist because my soul that I inherited from natural Israel has produced the carnal mind. I stand here and exist, because the Father in heaven has had intercourse with my human spirit, and I am here because I am Christ.


Jesus said He is the Son of man, and He is the Son of the Father. Jesus is the offspring of the Father God, who has had sexual intercourse with Eve. Adam is the son of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, who has had intercourse with Eve. Now you are going to tell me, But Adam is a Son of God. Eve is God in the female seed. She is Christ in the female seed.  The adamic man is the Son of God, but He is the illegitimate son of God.


Jesus said, I am the Son of man, and I am the Son of God. Most people do not understand that. Adam or any adamic man is the son of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and the son of man. Yes?


COMMENT: I am sorry to be asking so many questions, but in the book of Matthew or the book of Luke when they give the ancestors of Jesus, and He said Adam is the Son of God.


PASTOR VITALE:  Adam is the Son of God, yes. Adam is the Son of God. This is for the offspring of today. The Adam of innocence was the Son of God.


Remember, I gave you the diagram of the state of innocence before the fall? The Father was up here, and Adam was over here.  Eve and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind (and as far as God is concerned, Adam is still the Son of God) but the reality is and the reason the Father is saying that, is He is going to restore us to the condition of, Life. The Father is up here, and Christ, and Eve and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, down here. This is the first Adam, and this is the second Adam.


When God wrote that Scripture that Adam is the Son of God, God was saying, When this thing is all over, Adam is the Son of God, but He is going through a stage where He is fallen.


Adam is the Son of God. He was the Son of God at the beginning, at the state of innocence, and He is going to be the Son of God and the spiritual condition known as, Life, at the end, but He is having a bad dream.  Adam went to sleep, and He is having a nightmare, He is having a nightmare. There is a stage in between where there is a fallen creation that, when Christ swallows this whole thing up, it is going to be like a bad dream. Did I answer your question?




PASTOR VITALE: This is just an inbetween stage. The first Adam, the second Adam, at the beginning, the Eternal One was a Living Soul and, at the last He was a Life quickening spirit, but in the middle here He had an accident. He died, and the Father is in the middle of raising him from the dead.  Jesus was saying, I am the only one on this earth that is the Son of Man, and the Son of God, because the first Adam fell. Every other human being on the face of the earth was the son of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind and the son of Eve, but the original creation Adam, was the Son of God. Amen.


Jesus said, I am the shape of the Father, and I am the image of God. Man is not in the image of God. We are in the likeness of God. To be in the image of God we must have His nature, His righteousness, His sinlessness. That is what He is doing now. He is impressing His nature upon our soul, and it is very painful. We have to change. Glory to God.


COMMENT: There is a saying that those who are the counterfeit or those considered witchcraft, those that are not His, will eventually be saved?


PASTOR VITALE:  No, this is the issue. It is time for everybody to grow up. This is a very important issue. Christ is everything, we are nothing. We must decrease, and He should increase.  These personalities that we are in today, the Scripture likens them to us at a younger age. When you were fifteen years old you were a high school student, you were a young mother, you had many different phases of your life, and the body and the personality of your fifteen year old now only exists as a memory, and a part of the mature Jew. All of us.


Christ is a superior being. He is having many childhood experiences all at once. He is in every human being on the face of the earth, having an experience, and that lifetime is going to be nothing more than a memory in His maturity. We as individuals are not going to be resurrected. Individuals are not going to be resurrected. Christ is being resurrected, and that is a hard word, but it is the truth.


What you saw in the Mount of Transfiguration was Christ revealing His spiritual lifetime, and He was revealing it to the three who could not bear it. They fell asleep, because they could not bear it. Their carnal mind put them to sleep. He was saying, I lived as Moses, and I lived as Elijah, and they were lifetimes of my immaturity.


Just like your ten year old and your twelve year old, they are gone. They did not die; they are not in the grave. They were swallowed up by what you are now, and Christ was saying that, I, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, I am the sum total of every lifetime that I lived, and two of those prominent lifetimes were Elijah and Moses, and everything that they accomplished when they were alive, and everything that I learned and experienced through their lives is a part of me today.


As all of the experiences that you had as a young woman or on your job, or whatever happened to you, that is what you are.


We are Christ, and we are Christ in His immaturity. At the end, He is going to be a fully born spiritual man inhabiting every human being that is existing at the time that He appears. It is called, That Last Generation, or That Day.  Some people experience distress because what I am saying is that what you are today is just going to be a memory, but you are not this body.  You are Christ. He is you, He is you in His immaturity. As you remember your ten and fifteen year old child, in Him it is going to be much greater. I do not know what it is going to be like, but all I know is He is good.


I honestly do not know if they will be a memory. All I know is everything is okay, God has everything under control. I do not understand everything, but He understands everything. He is merciful, and He loves us, and everything's okay. The people that are struggling with pride, it could be painful. I know sometimes I think about it, but I push it out of my mind, because I do not really comprehend this point totally.


Let me put it this way. If you are alive today, and if you are called to this kind of message today, I think we have every reason to hope that He will appear in us.  This means we are going to live for the life of the ages in this personality, in this body. If you are worried about your dead loved ones, your husband or your mother, all that I could tell you is that God is merciful. No one is burning in hell forever.  The judgment is in the flesh. All judgments and manifestations of hell are in this earth. Hitler's death camps, all kind of tortures, here in this earth, this is a manifestation of hell.


If someone that you loved has passed on, all that I could tell you is that their body has gone back to the natural dust, and let me put this on the board.  Their soul has gone back to the lump of clay, their spirit is with Christ, and God is a wonderful merciful God, and everything is okay.


Although, I have to tell you that your ten year old child or that relative that you loved is never going to appear again as that ten year old child or as that individual person. However, the true substance of which they are made shall be with Christ for the life of the ages, and I ask you to have peace in that. I really do not know anymore than that.


This is what is happening to their soul. There was the dust of the earth, and we talked about how that came into being. Then we had the Son of God which was spirit, and spirit is likened to water. The Son of God was joined to the clay, was joined to the dust, and what we wound up with was clay, a lump of spiritual clay.


Think of a potter, and every time a baby is born, a piece of this clay is broken off and a baby appears. Somebody has a baby, and when this person grows up and becomes a man, and that man dies, his body goes back to the dust of the earth.  However, his soul, which is made out of this clay, goes back into the lump. The Scripture says the potter has the right to mar the vessel.


We are being formed. This whole creation like a sculpture is forming. A piece of sculpture is still being formed, and if we are not perfect, and none of us is perfect yet except Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the Lord has the authority to mar us, to smash us, to let our body die, and our soul goes back to the spiritual lump of clay.


In the last generation when Jesus Christ appears in every one who is existing on the face of the earth, this entire lump of clay will be made into human beings.  Only those human beings in whom the salt of the earth appears, in whom Jesus Christ appears in full stature, are going to be the finished product. He is making a sculpture, He is forming this lump of clay, and it is not going to be perfect until it is burnt in the oven.


When Christ appears in this whole living soul, I do not know how to draw Him, so I will make it raise. When Christ decides that it is time to appear, the fire of His life is going to come forth in the whole living soul.  It is going to bake in the oven, and we are going to become permanent.  This lump of clay, of which we are a part, shall live for the life of the ages, in Christ. Our spirit is in Christ, and our soul is in this lump of clay.  The individual personalities that were not yet made perfect are not going to rise again, but you will. Yes?


COMMENT: How about Paul and all the other apostles, if they were made by God, are they going to appear, in that Scripture in....


PASTOR VITALE: I do not believe so, because Paul's body was crucified, and I believe he gave up his soul. That part of Paul that is going to survive is Christ.


His reality is Christ. The formation of our soul is really not even important. You are Christ, I am Christ. Jesus said, Look at John the Baptist. If you can receive it, this is Elijah. What does that mean? Christ is having many experiences. Christ was the man, was the spiritual man, Elijah, and He was manifesting through Elijah to do a particular function, to be a prophet, to minister to Israel, that which Elijah was to Israel.


It is not the way he looked, not his name, not the way he appeared, but the life that was in Elijah that was manifested to Israel was a prophet and a judge. He brought judgment on Israel.


That manifestation of Christ appeared in the earth again in a new soul and in a new body, John the Baptist. John the Baptist was a prophet to Israel, and he was a judge of Israel.  The only thing that matters is Christ. Christ wants to appear in the helpless woman. Christ wants to appear as a prophet to Israel. He came forth as Elijah, He came forth as John the Baptist, and He is coming forth as the Sons of God in the very near future. It is Christ. He is everything, and the outer shell is only the clay, and we are Christ.


Do not think that you are nothing. You are Christ, but you are Christ in His immaturity, so it is hard for you to understand this.  You think that you are XXXX, but you are not. You are Christ. Christ is experiencing your whole lifetime and learning whatever the Lord wants him to learn through it, and the memory of the experience of your life is returning to Christ, and will remain with Christ, and Christ, that spiritual life, is going to appear at the end of the age in new coats or new garments, but you are not going to disappear forever. You are Christ. We have to know who we are.


COMMENT: Why did the Holy Spirit speak through the Scriptures and say that the apostles would judge the 12 tribes of Israel?


PASTOR VITALE:  I want to start answering your question by reminding you of the Scripture where Paul said, All that are Israel are not Israel.


I want remind you that when the Lord first started His plan of redemption, He went to one man, Abraham.  Let me put this on the board. He went to Abraham, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the twelve tribes.  The twelve tribes multiplied into multitudes of people. I want to suggest to you that through Jesus Christ, Israel, for all intents and purposes, Abraham was Israel. Right? I want to suggest to you that through Jesus Christ who is the seed, the spiritual seed of Abraham, has made salvation through His blood available to the whole human race.


In this hour, the whole human race is Israel. I also remind you that Paul said, Everyone that is in Israel, is not Israel, and I suggest to you that everyone that is in the whole human race is not Israel.


Natural Israel is the whole human race. Spiritual Israel is a people out of a people. Can you hear that, anybody having a problem with that? This is.... you could put it that way, but everybody is Israel, the whole human race is Israel, but everyone that is in Israel is not Israel. Everybody is not called.  This is a very important point.


COMMENTS:  inaudible


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, it does, definitely.  We have been studying Scripture for four years, wordbyword in the Greek and in the Hebrew, and now God has sent.... and this is the way He works. He has sent you in here with what is in you to receive, and with what He has worked into me through these studies for four years.  You are getting a crash course. I only know this, because we found this by going through the Book of Revelation wordbyword. That is how I learned this, and now you are getting it like a crash course.


The whole human race is Israel, but all of Israel is not Israel, and I am going to declare to you that the Church is not Israel. Everyone that is in the Church is not called. There is a people that are coming out of the Church. There is a people that are coming out of Buddhism, they are going to have to accept Christ, of course. Do not misunderstand me. There is a people that are coming out of Hinduism and every other nation of the world, and they are going to receive Christ. He is going to be born in their hearts, and we are going to have the Israel that is the true Israel.


I suggest to you, there are going to be people in the Church that are wailing and gnashing their teeth, because they are going to be locked out.


COMMENT: Do you believe that was the tares, most of the church, then?


PASTOR VITALE:  I do not know. I think it is coming on two levels. The tare is our adamic soul that is getting washed away, but there are people, I do not like to get into this because I do not like to label people, or strip people of any kind of hope, because God is a merciful God. There are human beings that are not.... that are barren. They cannot bring forth the Christ, they are spiritually barren. Jesus clearly said that.


We have the natural example in humanity. There are barren woman, and there are women who cannot produce children. There are people who are barren because they have not married, but they are women who do not produce children. There are human vessels that are not going to produce Christ.


COMMENT: You know what the Lord showed me about that? He showed me the line of Isaac and the line of Ishmael. He was saying the line of Isaac is under the promise, and it is by His grace that we are going to have the fruits of God. The Ishmael line, even in the Church, they are saying they are of Christ, but in there is the Ishmael line, where they are born of the flesh, and there is no change in their nature, and that is what the Lord was kind of showing me.


PASTOR VITALE:  So what are we saying? To repeat what you said, the Church, everyone of the Church is not of Israel.  People who are the most reprobate sinners who are in false religion, who are on the other side of the world, they do not even know which end is up, and they have never heard of Christ. When this big move of God comes, and His spirit goes out, and they get fertilized, they are going to come forth, and they are going to hear of Christ. The people in the back woods that cannot understand people that never heard of Christ, this is going to be a spiritual thing.


When I was in deliverance, I heard people stand up and spend twenty minutes calling off a list of demons, and I heard them say, This is what Jesus did, how could He have ministered to 5,000 people any other way.  I have a flash for you, He did not stand there and call out demons. His spirit vibrated forth from His very being and covered the whole crowd and touched every man individually.


I am telling you when there are enough people standing in full stature, His spirit is going to vibrate forth and cover every corner of this globe.  People that do not even know what is going on, the human spirit is going to get fertilized, and when the fruit of His spirit starts coming forth they are going to understand. They are going to receive Christ, and Christ is going to grow up in them like the mustard seed.


He is going to fill their entire earth, swallow up their carnal mind, and they are going to be Sons of God in full stature.


People that were never in church in their life, people that never read the Bible, they are going to have the Living Word of God, the logos, in them. Maybe they will read the Bible. When they get started, there is going to be a lot of shocked people coming around here.


COMMENT: Is this what He means when He said, The last shall be first?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, yes, yes.


COMMENT: Before we go on, when you are speaking of the Church, is that what it talks about in the Book of Revelation, the Laodiceans, so that is the group, they do not even realize they do not have it?


PASTOR VITALE: They think they have it, but they do not. Someone came into my acquaintance recently, and I do not put anybody down, but if there is a lesson to be learned, I have to say it.  If they ever hear this message, let them learn from it, praise the Lord.  They thought that they were the most spiritual person in the world, because they had the gift of dancing. When the music gets hot they start to dance in the spirit, and that is nice. I used to dance. Do you remember me dancing in the spirit? I used to dance, I do not do it anymore. I used to dance in the spirit, I used to do all that stuff.


When I was a child, I acted like a child, and now that I am grown up, I act like a grown up.  There is nothing wrong with being a child if you are a child, but because you dance in the spirit, or because you prophesy on the floor of the church that is not where it is at. Neither does that make you a spiritual person.


I had somebody say to me, I thought she was a spiritual person because she danced in the spirit, and I just spent an afternoon with her, and she did not say one thing about the Word of God. I expected this big spiritual conversation, and I said, Dancing in the spirit has nothing to do with being spiritual.


The gifts and the calling of God are without repentance. What makes you spiritual is Christ appearing in your mind. The Word of God manifesting in your mind makes you spiritual. Anybody could dance, but it is a gift. I am not knocking it, it is a gift, but you cannot stop there. How is dancing in the spirit going to get you out of Babylon into Jerusalem? Your mind has to change, you have to get a new mind, and you have to start living out of that mind.


True spirituality is in Christ. The gifts are passing away, prophesy, discernment, speaking in tongues, dancing, charisma if you are a preacher, it is all passing away. Why? These gifts are found in adam and adam must die.  If Christ is fully born in you, you shall experience all these things in reality, because Christ is all these things, and you shall no longer prophesy.


We will rarely prophesy a prophetic utterance from the floor of the church, but you shall speak the oracles of God every time you open your mouth. You shall no longer interpret tongues, but you shall speak in other languages for people that do not speak English. All of these gifts are in Christ, and that which is of the natural man, or that which is a gift of God that is given to the natural man, shall cease to be when the natural man ceases to be.


If you covet them, and you cleave to them, and get lifted up in pride over them, and make them an idol, they shall become cement blocks that will weight you down in this soul realm and prevent you from ascending into the mind or the soul of Christ. You have to grow up, the Church has to grow up, and there is a big resistance against growing up.


I cannot tell how blessed I was with Morris Cerillo. That man yielded to God, and I do not believe he got this revelation without a big battle. He almost lost. There is a battle coming, we are getting out of Egypt. This is the reality of the Passover.


Have you ever heard it preached, if you have the 30 fold, Passover (Jesus is our Passover) when you receive Christ you have the 30 fold? That is not true. The Holy Spirit in you is not the reality of Passover. The Life of Christ that is reproduced in you is the reality of the Passover.


The Church is just entering into the Passover now. God is sending forth a Moses company that is saying, Slay your lamb, and put the blood thereof on the doorpost. It has to be a lamb without spot, and I am going to declare to you that, that lamb is your soul. We are told in Romans, it is either Romans 1:4, or 4:1, I think it is 1:4, that Jesus brought His soul into submission to the Spirit of Holiness within Him.


Jesus Christ was a natural man that was born with a fertilized human spirit. He had an adamic soul which He inherited from His mother. He is of the line of Israel, He was a natural man, He was born with two souls. We get our second soul after the Holy Spirit is imparted to us, and we get fertilized. He was born in that condition. Christ matured in and waxed strong, took authority over His adamic soul and refused to let it sin. He, therefore, purified His adamic soul, because He succeeded at this. His Father raised Him from the dead.  I declare to you, He is doing the same thing in us.


We started a little differently. We were not born with a fertilized human spirit. We got it later in life, but He is doing the same thing in you and in me.


He is in the process of laying hold of our adamic soul and refusing to let it sin. In Genesis it is called, keeping the Garden.  When He purifies our adamic soul, and the deliverance ministry that we knew was just the beginning, that was the school room. When He takes authority over our adamic soul and purifies it, it shall be a lamb without spot, and we are going to slay it. The Christ in us is supposed to kill our own soul.


First, we bring it into submission, purify it, and refuse to let it sin which we are in the process of that now. Then the Lord is requiring us to kill it. We must slay the enmity in our flesh, and of the twain, we shall be one New Man, even the creation of God, and that is the Passover. We are going to slay our own soul, and this is our spiritual being. Christ is going to slay the carnal mind and put the blood on the doorpost.


I have a flash for you. When the angel of death is passing over your vessel, He is going to skip you by, but if you do not do it, (I have met people that God has sent here, who refuse to do it) the angel of death is coming over. Brethren and I do not care whether you are in the Church or whether you are out of the Church. I do not care whether you cast out demons, whether you heal the sick, I do not care if you tithe 50% for your whole life. I do not care if you went to the prison ministries, or out in the streets, if Christ has not purified your adamic soul, the angel of death is coming over and he is going to slay you.


What does that mean? You are going to live out the rest of your life, and you are going to die a natural man. In the last hours of your life, as you see the Sons of God appearing on mount Zion, you are going to say, Lord why did not you take me? That is a hard word, but it is the truth. For everything there is a time and a season. This is the time and the season for full stature, and we shall enter in by slaying the enmity in our flesh by the power of Christ that must first appear in us.


There is going to be people dying a natural death, saying, Why did you not take me?  The Lord is going to say, Remember twenty years ago, I sent you to that little ministry and you heard this word, and you walked out of there lifted up in pride and arrogance and said Jesus did everything when He was crucified on Calvary? That is why you did not enter in.


It is a hard word, it is what He gave me, and it is the truth.  Everything is backwards in the realm of appearance.  We are in the wilderness now. The Hebrew children, slew the lamb, went out into the wilderness, and then they entered into the Promised Land. We have the Promised Land coming forth in us, which brings us out into the wilderness, which brings us to the place where we have to slay our soul.


It is backwards. We are just approaching Passover now. Before you could slay your lamb, you have to have Christ. It is exciting.


COMMENT: When is this Feasts of Weeks, what is that symbolic of?


PASTOR VITALE: It is full stature. We are coming into full stature before we slay our lamb.


First we must conceive Christ. He brings us into the wilderness. A lot of us are in there now, it is a spiritual wilderness. When He stands up in full stature which is Tabernacles.... In the natural, Passover comes first, but in the spiritual, Tabernacles is coming first. We are going to stand up in full stature. We are going to have authority over demons and all forms of illness and everything in this soul realm, sixty fold, thirty fold. We are going to kill the lamb. It is backwards.


COMMENT: Is that symbolic of it happening in the spiritual realm on the feasts days that it happened in the Old Testament? Or did that have anything at all?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not really know. I have no word from the Lord on it, but I do not really think so. The reason I do not think so is that is it is going to be happening in each individual at a different time.


That is why Jesus said, Even I do not know when the.... what did He say, When the Son of man comes. It is not going to be happening to everybody all at once, it is an individual thing. We all have our individual walk with the Lord. We all were baptized with the Holy Spirit in a different time, in a different way. It is happening in each individual, but there is a season for it. He says, I cannot tell you when it is going to happen, but recognize the season, and that is what He is saying to us today.


This is the season. Hear the word of the Lord. You are in the season. If you want it, pray for it. Pray that He gets you through. Hallelujah. Yes?


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PASTOR VITALE:  When He sees Christ, the soul of Christ, your new soul, your new mind, your new life, when He sees it He is going to pass over you. Thank you for that witness Lord.


This is so exciting. Sometimes, I just do not know what to do with myself. Sometimes, I feel like my body is just going to blow apart. I get so excited at the things that He tells me.


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PASTOR VITALE:  I am telling you, this is the joy of the Lord. I am not against anything. We are all growing at our own pace, and when we are carnal, we need carnal things, but I am telling you this is the joy of the Lord.


The joy of the Lord is not what you see when you come into a church, and they play exciting music, and you run around the church. That is your soul, the music has touched your soul. This is the joy of the Lord. It is coming forth from His spirit, or His mind that is in you, and there is nothing wrong, I love to dance in the spirit, I love it.


COMMENT: I was talking to XXXX. I was telling her saying, You know what I feel, there is something more that my soul needs, than just the body of Christ at church. I am not condemning them, because that is their capacity at this time. I am not condemning that, you know. I am not boasting in any way, but God has manifested so much more in my spirit that I need more than what the body of Christ can give me at this point. You know, it is something God has to do.


PASTOR VITALE: It is a new order. There IS a new order coming forth in you. That is the gift that God has given to the adamic man. Christ is appearing in you, and it is the same comparison as John the Baptist to Jesus.  A carnal Christian would say, Well, how could you say that, I have the Holy Spirit, and the least in the kingdom of God is greater than the natural man, but if you have the Holy Spirit that does not make you in the Kingdom of God. What puts you in the Kingdom of God is the conception of Christ in you.  We have all of these natural men that have the Holy Ghost that are really in the John the Baptist company. They are not in the Kingdom.


The least in the Kingdom, if you were just conceived, is greater than the greatest natural man that just has the Holy Ghost.  They will never hear that. I mean they would get very upset at that, but I just want to put on this message that when we are in their house, we have to respect them, and we have to honor their authority. Even if God sends us to them with a word, we are to do it with all the respect we can muster, but of course God rules.


God has the last word, but I do not think God would have us not respect them. We are to be merciful to them and loving to them, because it is a very hard job being a minister, and they are doing the best they can. They may be very carnal, and they may be making a lot of mistakes. I am telling you it is really hard, because God's people are rebellious, stiffnecked people. They give ministers a very hard time, and their hearts get broken over and over, so we are to be merciful to them. 


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