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There's a lot of people that need a lot of teaching in their natural life. For whatever reason they were never taught by their parents, that if you want something you have to be the one to call and get it, and if you want something, you have to make the effort, and you have to press in, and nobody could do that for you. God has to raise up, he raises up ministry, but you've got to fight for what you want, you've got to press in, you've got to go after it, you've got to want it, because if you think it's coming to you, somewhere along the line God's going to make a decision to take it away from you. He'll baby you and he'll baby you and he'll baby you, and the day will come when he'll stop babying you. And this was on my heart before you came in, I know that it's a problem in the church, and God is going to do with it whatever he wants to do with it, but this stuff has got to stop, it's got to stop. And I'll tell you that you don't see this in the Catholic church. You don't see this in the Catholic church. Everybody does what they're suppose to do, they know if they want something, they got to call and make an appointment with the priest, and they know, and they got to go, and they got to respect them, and they got to honor them, why? Because they're in big building with a black suit on. And I'm not knocking the Catholic church, I'm saying that God's people, God's not going to tolerate it much longer.


We're at the crossroads right now. He's been winking at a lot of sin and irresponsibility that's in the church. And we're crossing over the line, and 99 out of 100 of God's people don't know it, and we're going to start seeing things like what happened to Ananias and Saphira, and we're going to start seeing things like what happened to Simon the sorcerer, and nobody believes it. They all think they're special and their king's kids, and they are special and they are king's kids, but what they don't understand is that while you're still a king's kid, who's a child, you're under governors and tutors, and you shall be chastened. And every son that the Lord calls, you shall be scorched. You shall be chastened until you become a responsible individual. How can you be a son of God when you are not a responsible individual in this world system? When you are selfish and you think only about yourself, and you have no manners, and you know it doesn't occur to you how your behavior is affecting other people.


So there's a heavy chastening coming and almost everybody that gets chastened is going to be in shock, many of them will call it Satan, but it's not Satan it's God. And for whatever his reason, I was in prayer all morning until before you came, and I said, "Lord, you know these people, they don't understand, there's no big building, there's no black dress, there's no formality, what are you going to do?" And of course my carnal mind was saying, "Well, are you going to set up the big buildings with the formality?"


And he said, "No, I'm not", he said, "No, I'm not going to set up the big buildings with the formality. I am a spirit and my people are called to be spirit, and they have to come into spirit, and if they can't recognize what I have for them because the trappings aren't there, they are going to receive of my chastening, so that when the chastenings all over, they're going to see it the way I see it, because I'm not converting to man, man convert to spirit. And I have a stubborn stiff neck people, and I've been teaching them for years, and they don't want to hear it, and there pride won't let them believe it, and they want the religion of men, and all the pomp and everything that goes with it, and I'll never do it," saith the Lord, "I will never do it. I will never compromise my ways and come down to the ways of man," saith God, "but thou shall arise to where I am, and I shall plead with you with blood and pestilence, and with any chastening that I see fit to bring upon you," saith the Lord, "but your mind shall change. I declare unto you, my mind shall not change, for I am God, and I am the same yesterday, today and forever. You are dust and you are temporal, and you shall change and you shall come into my image, and I shall exercise and execute whatever judgments I perceive to be necessary upon you, and I will not cease," saith the Lord. "I will not withdraw my hand, and I will not withdraw my judgment, and indeed the judgments and the pestilence shall fall, and I shall not hear your cry", saith the Lord, "for I know that my judgment is saving your life. And you shall think evil of me," saith God, "and you shall say wicked things of my ministers, but I declare to you, I will not withdraw my hand until every last drop of dross has been purged off of you. Yeah, I shall turn my back to you and I shall harden my heart and I shall not hear your prayers, and I shall not hear your screams," saith the Lord, "but I shall judge the evil in your heart. And I declare to you that we are entering into a day where it shall become a reality, the saying, touch not my anointed, and do my prophets no harm, for indeed, the hour of winking has gone past, you shall not destroy my anointed any longer," saith the Lord, "for my fire shall touch you, and every sin shall have it's just recompense. So the hour of grace is at hand, thou must become spiritual men. I shall not wink at this childishness anymore. I shall expect of you what I expect of a spiritual man, and if you cannot perform, my judgments shall fall, and after my judgments fall, you shall perform, and I shall not turn away, and I shall not withhold, and I shall not repent," saith the Lord, "until you come into my image." Hallelujah. God is good, and the hour of his winking is over. This message has been coming forth here for a while, I really don't know how much longer the warning is going to go on, but it's sure to come.


It's sure to come to pass, and I'm telling you when it comes to pass, everybody that's out of the way is not going to see it coming, those who are in submission to Christ, and those who can perceive his spirit, and those who are striving to be obedient to him, they're going to see it coming, and they're going to be okay. So everyone that this judgment is going to be falling upon, it's going to be shock to them. Hallelujah.


We're in the book of Obadiah today. I want to tell you, you know, God, he's a very strict God, and he really is the Lord of Hosts, and he's the Lord of his army. He is the general of the army, and we got a bunch of people in this country today, they just don't believe it, and I want you to know that it's no sin in your heart if you rejoice when his judgments fall. Because the carnal mind will tell, "Well, you have a spirit of condemnation, and you're enjoying seeing that person's hardship." And I want to tell you something, I've been on my face before God, and the answer is, if your heart is right with God, that's a lie. But there is a rejoicing in the execution of the judgments because this world is dying. And if God doesn't start executing these judgments, we're finished, we are going to self destruct, and the condition of the church today will never keep this world alive. We're as filled with sin as the rest of the world. Then there's a remnant within us which are trying to strive for holiness, but we're not holy, but at least we're trying. But the large majority of the church, they're not even looking at their own hearts and repenting.


This is first fruits isn't going to keep this planet alive. If God doesn't do something really soon, we're going to be wiped off the face of the earth, the whole human race. So his judgments are a blessing. And when you start recognizing his judgments, and you rejoice in your heart, don't you let anybody tell you that you have a spirit of condemnation because it's a lie. And the natural man, the carnal mind, he will accuse you, and he will try to make you evil, but if you're a called out one in this hour, and there's a lot of people that think they're called out ones but they're not, and if you're giving hard words to people, and if you're refusing to call because you know the right thing is that they're suppose to be calling you, if you're taking a stand for righteousness, don't let anyone convince you that you're evil. Because that's what they're going to do, they're going to call good evil, and evil good, and it's right in the church, and God's calling the people right now that are going to stand in his strength, and I'm telling you the persecution is coming from the church, it's not coming from the world.


They're going to deny your motives, they're going to call you evil, they're going to deny your behavior, they're going to rebuke the doctrine that you're believing, and when you don't permit them to manipulate you, and when you don't believe their lies, they're going say all kinds of things about you. And God is challenging us to stand in his strength, and be his witness to them. Because once this firstfruits company stands up, and it's already manifesting, but not a hundred percent. Once it stands up, he's not going to be talking to people individually anymore. You're going to have to go to the sons of God, once we're in full stature.


Christ Jesus, the only mediator, between God and man, and they're going to be hating us, and they're going to be stoning us, maybe they'll even kill us, I don't know, not the world, the church! But if they kill us, God will raise us from the dead. But he's challenging us in this hour to stand for righteousness against intense mind control. The mind control will be intense. And they're going to, everything's that's wrong with them, they're going say it's you, everything that they're doing wrong, they're going to accuse you of, and they're going to tear you down, and they're going to deny your authority, cause you're not going to have any black coat, and you're not going to have any big building. Maybe you won't even have microphones anymore, I don't know.


But whatever they're carnal mind is craving, whatever signs of authority their carnal mind is craving, we're not going to have it. We're not going to have it. And we have to stand against their evil, and you know the strongest kind of mind control, is a mind control when people believe what they're saying, you know. If someone doesn't believe what they're saying, well usually if you have any perception you can look through it, and say, "Oh, they're just doing that to manipulate me." But these people that are coming forth now, they believe their own lies. The world calls that a pathological liar, and it's very hard in the worldly sense, for psychiatrists to discern a pathological liar, because they completely believe what they're saying. And if you disagree with them, they get upset and they cry, and they put on all the theatrics and it's genuine.


So we have to know who we are in Christ, because this is the hour of his appearing, it's a very important hour, he's about to appear in the earth, and we know Jesus Christ of Nazareth appeared 2000 years ago, and he withdrew, and he poured out his Holy Spirit, but there hasn't been anyone in full stature in almost 2000 years. And he's going to appear in full stature very soon, and he's not going to withdraw, this is it, the world's going up. We're living in a moment of church history. We're living in a moment of the history of the world. And don't you think the living soul is going to take this lying down, but he's not.


I was watching one of the talk shows, yesterday, and they had women on there, whose children, I can't think of the word that they used, but the children were literally born evil. There was one woman up there talking about her three year old putting pine sol in the baby's formula. He was an eight year old kid, he knew what he was doing, he put pine sol in the baby's formula, and tried to kill the baby. Another woman said also an older child, took the baby, wrapped her in a blanket, stuck a pillow on top of her head, and sat on her. The mother was looking all over the house for the baby. Another woman talked about her eight year old son, or ten year old son, walking through the house, took a metal spoon and put it in the flame of the stove, and got it real hot and went and burnt his sister and his brother.


Now this is not normal childish mischievousness, this is sick, this is really sick. And what am I suggesting to you? I'm suggesting to you that Satan is manifesting. I'm suggesting to you that he's coming forth almost from seed. Now I didn't know any of these people personally, but I can't think anybody would stupid enough to go up on a TV program like that if they know that they've abused their own children, and he's doing what he saw, if some father or boyfriend took a metal spoon and burnt them, you know, these women looked like average women, they were desperate, they didn't know what to do. One woman said that for periods of time she ties her son up, and the people in the audience were horrified! But she's afraid for her other children, and she's afraid for her own life.


In case you don't know it, there's a program in the courts today for children that are uncontrollable. And the parents take their children to the courts, and they literally for all intents and purposes get a reform officer, just like you would get if you had been in jail, and the word before is parole officer, I meant parole officer, and they have to go, and they have to be under the auspices of this parole officer, and if the mother, once this order is granted by the court, that you're a child's in this program, all you have to do is call the police, and say the child threatened my life, and they're in jail, boom, they just pick them up, take them right out and lock them up. This is our own children. And I'm telling you Satan is manifesting, and there's another generation coming, these are eight year old children doing this, five and eight year old children.


And I'm telling you over the next ten, twenty, thirty years, Satan is going to fully manifest. And it's coming from birth. It's coming from out of the realm of the spirit. These kids haven't been abused, you know, that's what the psychiatrists say, "Well, they've been abused so they go out and they abuse others. These kids haven't been abused. And there was some psychiatrist up there saying, do you remember the movie, "The Bad Seed"? Years ago, it was about a child that was a murderer, and apparently she came from a good family, and they say that she was bad seed, she was born that way.


But in this society, you know all of the psychiatrists are saying, "Well, don't label anybody, don't say there's such a thing as a bad seed, it's all your upbringing, your parents didn't love you, you had a tough life, you were abused, so you abuse others. That's what they're saying. Well all of these things are factors. I believe if your parents didn't love you, it's a factor, if you were abused it's a factor, but we are born with spiritual heredity, we're born with curses and we're born with demons, and I'm telling you this country has rejected God, this world is rejecting God, and Satan is manifesting, and he's coming forth from seed. And the only thing that could help any of these people is to throw themselves on the mercy of Christ and get that child delivered, and I want to tell you something else, that should that happen, that in the, with regard to the people that this happens with, if they throw themselves on the mercy of Christ and they start praying for deliverance for that child, that child is not going to get delivered in their sleep.


The strength of that Satanic spirit must be broken, and it's broken through hard experiences, hard experiences, pain. Now, you know, in another society they'd burn me for this, but I'm telling you the truth, when you get a bad seed like that, when you get a child in which Satan is manifesting to that degree at such a young age, that spirit needs to be broken. Now if you are a strong person and you have this revelation in your heart, and God is with you, maybe it could be broken through paddling, maybe. If God is in it also. You can't just beat your kids, you have to be turning this child over to God and begging God and praying God, to save his life. And if that's your heart, the paddling can help the child. But if you don't do it with paddling, they're going to go get beat in the world, because you know, the preacher said, Solomon said, in Eccl. He said, "I saw strange phenomenon in the world, something that doesn't make sense to the carnal mind, and I'm going to, this is not in the book of Eccl.


This is what I'm saying, I saw a strange phenomenon in the world, I looked at a very hurt person, cause only hurt people do these terrible things, I looked at a very hurt person and I found out, that they only thing that was going to help them is to hurt them more. Did you ever hear of the death of death? Death is going to be wiped off of the face of the earth, through death. Our Adamic soul is dying. Well I'm telling you I looked in the world with the mind of God, and I saw a strange thing, all these damaged people and the answer for them is to be damaged in Christ. They've got to have hard experiences, they've got to find out that they don't have all the strength that they think they have. They have to find out that somebody stronger than them, they have to get fear put in their heart, of he who has the power to cast them down to hell and raise them up again.


The answer is not permissiveness, the answer is hurting them with a heart of Christ, not with a vengeful heart, or some parents today are very immature and they're relating to these children on their own level and saying you can't do that to me, take that, whack. That's not going to save their life. This revelation plus the discipline is going to save their life, but look out across the country, we have a society of immature parents.


They're drinking, they're drugging, they're sexually promiscuous, they can't hold a job. You expect someone like that to discipline a child in the love of Christ? We're finished. If God doesn't give us a miracle, we're finished. Open your eyes. You've been around for awhile, you're not twenty years old, you know what it was like when you were young, twenty, thirty years ago, look at these parents! The whole society is finished, if God doesn't turn us around. It's all over. So, looks like we're on a somber note today, but God could bless us with a somber note also, and I thank God that we're hearing the warning here, I thank God.


I pray prayers that I thank God if I'm the only one that's hearing it, I thank God that I'm hearing it, and that I hear it so that I can have the opportunity to say, "Lord, if there's anything wrong in my heart, show it to me and help me to change, because, it's bad, I have enough trouble getting through the judgments where I'm repentant, the corrective judgments that bring, that's bringing forth the love of Christ in my heart, I'm not looking forward to what's going to happen to these people that don't know what's coming. I don't want it.


So I praise God, and I don't care who's saying what, or who's saying you're a religious fanatic or whatever else they're saying out there, judgment is about to fall very heavily on this nation and on this world. And just thank God for the opportunity to be one of the prophets that he's told about, because he says he's not going to do it, if he doesn't tell his prophets. And I remind you as we get into the message, that this judgment is coming on two levels. It's coming in the mind, in the individual, and it's the Christ coming forth in us that's waging war against our adamic mind. And as that comes forth in a group of people, it will be reflected in the world out there, which is just an image.


The world that we look upon, it's a moving picture image of the spiritual reality, which is within us. The kingdom of God is within us. And I suggest to you that if the kingdom of God is within us, the kingdom of darkness is within us. You have to have some consistency here. You can't say the kingdom of light is within and the kingdom of darkness is without. Spiritual kingdoms are within us, and what's out there is just a picture, an image of what's raging in the minds of men. And that's what the book of Obadiah is about.


"The vision of Obadiah, "Thus saith the Lord God concerning Edom, we have heard a rumor from the Lord, an ambassador is sent among the heathen. Arise ye, and let us rise up against her in battle." This is the message that Obadiah gave, or that the Lord gave to Obadiah, and what he's saying is the message is to Edom, and Edom is a type of the flesh. Edom is another word for Esau, the brother of Jacob. And I remind you that usually brings forth at least two offspring, and even if there's more offspring, only one of them is the spiritual seed. Edom is the flesh. Esau was the flesh seed, and Jacob was the spiritual seed. Jacob was the second born, according to the Scripture and to the law, to the Levitical law, all inheritance goes to the firstborn, but we're told in the book of Romans that God, by the right of election can choose the second over the first. God chose Jacob, and Esau became his enemy, Esau typifying the flesh, and Jacob typifying the spiritual man.


So thus saith the Lord concerning the natural man, the man of flesh, the men of the earth, We have heard a rumor from the Lord, who? The flesh man, he heard a rumor from the Lord, and an ambassador is sent among the heathen. There's a rumor and it's raging in the realm of the spirit, and it's not registering in everybody's conscious mind, but it's out there and it's effecting everybody, God has sent an ambassador, and I know in the New Testament, I haven't studied this, I just looked up a couple of words the last minute, but in the New Testament, the word ambassador is another word for apostle. God has sent a representative for the natural man. Someone from the kingdom of heaven has entered into Edom, the flesh man, and he has a message for him. And the next verse says, Arise ye, and let us rise up against her in battle.


Now I'm sure that you know these prophets, understanding these prophets, it's very difficult, and one of the biggest difficulties that I found in prophecy, not even in prophecy, through the whole Scripture, it's that very frequently, the Lord doesn't make it clear who he's talking about. It's not clear, I'm suggesting to you, who said that, Arise ye, and let us rise up against her in battle. We don't know whether Edom said it, or whether the ambassador said it. Now our carnal mind might be likely to say, Well, the ambassador must have said it, because it says, rise up against her in battle, but I'm going to suggest to you that this is not true. I'm going to suggest to you that the ambassador is female, because she's not in full stature yet. I'm going to suggest to you that the ambassador is the remnant of God in the church, not in full stature, that's us, and we're still female, cause you're not a man until you have full dominion over the soul realm. I don't know about you, but I don't have full dominion over the soul realm. So we're still female, and it's the flesh man saying, Let's get the ambassador of God, and let's destroy her before she's stands up in full stature. And I again declare to you that this is coming in two levels, it's coming within our own minds, our own flesh man is saying, Let's get rid of this before we die, before that ambassador stands in full stature and kills us, your adamic soul, and it's also happening in the world, in the church, more so in the church than in the world.


So you have a battle within your own mind, between the Christ, which you are, if Christ is being formed in you, you are Christ, and your adamic soul is your enemy, and it's sin that's in you, it's no longer you, that's your primary battle, and your secondary battle is with your brethren, who are manifesting the flesh man. See, if they're manifesting Christ, they're not going to the come against you. So it's your own adamic soul plus the people in the church, sometimes the people in the world, that are being ruled by their adamic soul.


Okay, Hallelujah, Father we just ask that you bring this word forth, Lord, and that you help everybody hear everything that you want to say, we rebuke the spirit of sleep, Adam, I rebuke you, and I command you to stop trying to shut these people down from hearing this word, you are going to die, I declare your death, Adam, and you will not put their minds to sleep, you are going to die, and I command you to start drying up right now, and I ask you Father, that you come forth be your Spirit, and that you open ears and understanding to the fullest extent that you are willing to do so in this meeting.


So, what is Obadiah saying in verse 1, he's established that there's a flesh man and there's a spiritual man that is within our minds, and that it's within our relationships with other people, and that Edom, the natural man has said in his heart, let us rise up against her in battle. I declare to you that if you're not in a spiritual battle, you are in spiritual kindergarten, you're in spiritual kindergarten, because if there's no battle in your heart, that means Christ isn't manifesting at all. Okay, Hallelujah, verse 2, "Behold, I have made thee small among the heathen, thou are greatly despised." And I suggest to you that's the Lord speaking. The Lord is saying to his chosen, "Behold, I have made your spiritual life small among the heathen, and you are greatly despised by your own adamic soul, and by the church members that are ruled by their adamic soul. I've made you look like you're nothing, I haven't given you a big building, I haven't given you a black coat, I haven't given you lots of money, and people that are ruled by their carnal mind, cannot see who you are. And because they're ruled by their carnal mind, they despise you. You don't have the riches of this world, you don't desire the riches of this world, you're submitting your life to me to the fullest extent that you can, and they hate you for it, whether it's unconscious, or whether it's conscious, they hate you for it, and it being unconscious is no excuse. That's for your brethren, as far as your own heart is concerned, don't be deceived, your heart is desperately wicked, who could know it, and it despises you.


And there's a group of preachers in the church today that are preaching, Be kind to your soul, be nice to your soul, that's what they're preaching, because you are the spiritual man and she is the female, so love her. And I'm telling you that your spiritual soul is going to die, and your kindness to her is manifested in her death. We are not going to make it with a carnal mind, I'm telling you right now. The love of your soul, if you really love your soul, you're going to kill her, because if you let her live through you, you're going to die, your vessel is going to die, your body is going die, and how is that loving her? It's the same principle that says, If you don't chasten your children you hate them." Well, if you don't chasten your wife, you hate her. You've got to bring her into submission and not only for your sake, but for the sake of every member of your family. And if you're a woman and you're married and your husband is not capable of hearing a message like this, you are the high priest of your family.


Now, I know that you don't have this problem, but I just have to put it on the tape, I'm not suggesting rebellion against anyone's husband, we see the same principle in the church, the more mature the believer is, the more likely they are to not have any recognizable office, and God will send them to a pastor, to evangelist, to a preacher, you never challenge their authority. The Scriptural type is Jesus going before Pilate, did he say, Pilate, let go of me before I strike you with fire? He said, "You have no power except that which is given to you", you do whatever God lets you do. If you're a son of God in the making, that's where you stand, in regards to your husband, in regards to anyone that has a natural authority, your employer, or any person that takes a title in the church. You go humbly in the word of the Lord, and whatever God lets them do to you, he lets them do to you, you go and you deliver the word that you have for them. You never stop honoring them and respecting them. However, if God tells you to challenge them, you challenge them. Now getting back to our basic principles, you can't do this is you can't tell whether it's God speaking to you or not.


So your primary weapon as a son of God, is that you must learn how to tell who's talking to you, and if you can't, you pray for it, it's not your burden, it's his burden, you pray for it, and you practice, and every time you get a thought in your mind, you say, Well, I think it was God, or I don't think it was God, and you say, Lord, was I right or was I wrong? You practice. We're called to a high office, this is no joke, I don't care how many financial problems you have, I don't care how many marital problems you have, I don't care what kind of problems are in your family that the world despises you for it, if you're hearing this message, the chances are very great, that you are called to a very high office, and we're challenged to walk in it, although there's nothing about our life that reveals it. No formal education, you're a female, no church has ordained you, what church has ordained you? Who gave you your authority? Didn't they say that to Jesus, who gave you your authority? You know somebody said that to me a couple of weeks ago, right after we cast that demon out, well it didn't come out, but we prayed deliverance. A couple of days later, I got a phone call, "Are you a deliverance church?" To Jesus they said, "By what authority do you do this?" We're in a war, and it's a war of the mind.


Hallelujah, so we go to through verse 1, and we've established that the natural man is at war with the spiritual man in our minds, and within other people. Verse 2, and that God is saying, that he is the one that has made us small against the heathen, and that we are greatly despised, God has done this to us, and why has God done this to us? Verse 3, talking to the sons of God, and I'm not even going to say he's talking to the church, he's talking to the called out ones, those that are truly chosen, the church within the church. Verse 3, "The pride of thine heart has deceived thee, thou that dwellest in the clefts of the rock whose habitation is high, that sayeth in his heart, who shall bring me down to the ground?" And brethren, I declare to you and I include myself in this, we're chosen, and we're called, but we're not perfect, and every single human being alive has pride, and the enemy of the spiritual man. If anything's going to destroy you at all, it is pride. And the Lord says, "I've made you despised amongst the heathen, because I'm using them to break your pride. I'm stripping you of every visible sign of authority, and I'm challenging you to humble yourself before the people I send you to. Jesus said the greatest among you shall not exercise power over the people, but he shall be their minister. And I look around at these churches today, and I'm not knocking the churches, I believe that everything that exists in the name of Jesus Christ is ordained of God or he would take it down, but there are different manifestations in the church, and there are different children of different spiritual ages, and I look at the existing five-fold ministry and I see all of these men, and sometimes women, they exercise authority over the people.


They tell them stand up, sit down, raise your hands, you can't leave unless you're dismissed. I'm not knocking them, this is an observation, this is the truth, they exercise authority over them. But Jesus said, "The great one amongst you", and who is the great one? The one in whom Christ is appearing, not the religion of the carnal mind, which is exercising authority, but the one in whom Christ is appearing, he doesn't exercise authority over them, why? Because he knows that God almighty is the disciplinarian. He ministers to them, he teaches and he preaches, and he counsels and he prays for them. But I want to tell you something, the carnal mind is not going to believe it, but it's the truth. We have two ministries in the earth today, the sons of God are manifesting, but they're unseen, and they're, the whole way that they operate is the exact opposite of the carnal church operates. The Lord sent me to a meeting the other night, and this man, he's sold out to God, he's a blessing, but he's a natural man with an imputed anointing, and he was talking about how you reach God, and how he goes into, how the ministry was formed, how he went into prayer, and how he prayed for days until God raised up the ministry, and his wife got up, very sincere beautiful people and I love them, and his wife got up and she said she prayed for two years before God raised up the women's meetings.


And I sat in the congregation, and I said, "That's really strange, that wasn't my experience." One day God said to me, "Will you do it?" And he sent me, I didn't pray for two years, I didn't ask for this ministry, didn't ask for this message, he sent me. I walked out of the church, and I said, "Lord, what's going here?" And the Lord said to me, "That's the ministry of the natural man, they petition me and I answer, but the ministry of the spiritual man, I will and you do, because I'm already in you." One is the soul realm, the other is the spiritual realm, one is negative, one is positive. I'm not knocking anybody, I've got to get this on the tape, I don't want anyone twisting my words and saying I'm against these people, that's all they could do, but there's a new dispensation coming in, the old must decrease, so that the new can increase, the old must wax away, so that Christ can live through us, and will through us, and do through us, and then we pray without ceasing. And you can't do that so long as our pride is prevailing in us, so he's made as small and despised among the heathen, so that our own brethren can destroy our pride, and so that this very lifestyle can destroy our pride. Hallelujah.


God has done it to you, Satan has not done anything to you that God has not sent him to do. God has done it to you. Verse 3, "The pride of thine heart has deceived thee, thou that dwelt..." We've talked about that, I don't know if we've talked about it here, the only thing that's going to deceive you is a failure to turn your entire life over to God, I think we talked about that. If in your heart you have not yielded up everything, but there's an idol, something that you really want, you will think it's God. So the enemy of the spiritual man is pride. And Jesus says, "It's your own pride that's deceived you, you who dwelleth in the clefts of the rocks..." I think I looked up that word "clefts", the word "clefts" mean refuge. You are hiding under the refuge of Christ. You think you can't sin? Do you know how many believers tell me I can't sin? Do you know how many believers come to me, I've heard it preached from the pulpit, We're in capable of sin, he who is born of God cannot sin. Well brethren, I've got a shock for you, you're not born of God, until he appears in you, you are in utero, you are pregnant, you are in the process of having a baby, and when you have that baby, you're going to be saved in child bearing, and you shall be fully born again.


They're preaching it from the pulpit, we can't sin! And even worse than that, the believers are going to the heathen that they're trying to save, and saying, I can't sin, but you're a sinner, repent, and they know that you're not perfect, and they're going think that you're a fool. Hallelujah. "You that dwelleth in the clefts of the rock, (you're hiding under Jesus), whose habitation is high..." You are dwelling in high places, you're dwelling in heavenly places, and you who saith in your heart, who shall bring me down to the ground, I am spiritual, who shall make me a natural man. And I declare to you your God, is going to bring you down. He's going to bring down your natural man, he's going to bring down your pride, he's going to bring down your soul, why? Because he loves you, because he wants to appear in you, and he will not tolerate this childishness any longer. We are entering into the hour of spiritual manhood, and as the mother eagle throws the baby eagles out of the nest, he's going to start throwing his people out of the nest. And this results always in painful experiences, painful.


Verse 4, "Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest amongst the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the Lord." They're saying they're king's kids. The judgments are not going to fall on us, the judgments are for the heathen, we're getting taken out of the world, and we're going to walk on streets of gold, and have our own mansion, while hail stones and fire are pouring down upon the earth, brethren, you've got one big surprise coming if you believe that, because judgment is coming to the house of the Lord, it's already upon us. Hallelujah. So the church and the sons of God are all lifted up in pride, and they're saying that dwell in heavenly places with the sons of God and no one can bring them down. Well I declare to you, no one can bring you down except your God. Satan cannot bring you down, your brother cannot bring you down, but your God can bring you down, and he fully intends to do so, and he shall do so. Verse 5, "If thieves came to thee, if robbers came by night, how art thou cut off?" How are you cut off when the robber comes at night? He comes in the darkness, and what does being cut off mean? It means that you stop manifesting in Christ, and you revert to being a natural man, you're cut off from whom, you're cut off from heaven, you're cut off from the light, you're cut off from the truth, by robbers, who? The robbers of your adamic soul. So there's a constant warfare going on as to who's manifesting in your thoughts, because what you think that's what you do. What you think, that's what you are. So the robber is your carnal mind ruled by Satan.


So if the thieves come to thee, if robbers come in the darkness of your carnal mind, would they not have stolen until they had enough. If the grape gatherers come to thee, would not they leave some grapes? How are the things of Esau searched out." God is saying here in the natural, that if thieves come, they take everything that need and they run, they don't raise you, they don't leave nothing left with regard to the grapes. There was a law in Israel that if you went and harvested your grapes, you had to leave gleanings for the poor, nobody stripped a field completely. Very rarely a robber, oh the Scripture says a robber doesn't come in and take everything, although in these days sometimes they do, there's always a little left over, and then the Lord said, How are the things of Esau searched out. And I did look that verse up, and that word "searched out" in the Hebrew, it means "concealed, or masked". And what God is saying here, he's saying that your own natural mind is seeking to destroy everything of Christ in you, your own natural mind, and if you're up against another human being that's being moved by their natural mind, they want to utterly destroy you, they want to tear down whatever authority you have in Christ, they are willing to leave nothing of Christ in you. You know this is the truth, they won't leave you a thing, they'll strip you of everything if they could. Every authority, every gift, every kindness, every mercy of God, and they'll condemn you and destroy you, and if they weren't restrained, they would murder you, both your own mind, and other men, usually in the church, who are manifesting the carnal mind.


Oh, he says, how the carnal man is hidden, how are his hidden things sought up. How hidden is the motive of natural man. How hidden is his ways towards you. Verse 7, "All of the men of our confederacy have brought thee even to the border. The men that were at peace with thee have deceived thee, and prevailed against thee, they that eat thy bread have laid a wound under thee, there is none understanding in him." This I think is mostly towards other Christians that are going to come against you, they are going to want to steal everything of God that you have. They're going to tell you that they're your friends, they are going to tell you that they're Christians, that they're brothers in Christ, they're going to eat your bread, they're going to be in your house. Didn't Jesus say, that men of your own household are going to come against you? Jesus said, I come with a sword, there's a big warfare within the church against the true Christ and the carnal Christians, and they're going to tell you they're friends. Did you want to say something?


COMMENT: Is this what the Lord's saying, "Don't let any man take your crown?"


PASTOR VITALE: Absolutely, because they will try. They will try because they can't do anything else. The natural man is programmed. I've had people ask me about birth control, do you think Jesus is going to be your birth control? And my answer to that is no, your body is programmed to reproduce, and Jesus is not interfering with that in this hour. The natural man if programmed to destroy. He's programmed to come against the spiritual man, both in your mind and in other people. He's programmed to try and steal your crown, and do you know there are Christians that this happens to, mostly people in the ministry.


I just heard recently, I was really shocked, I knew that this preacher had had a problem, but I didn't know it was this severe, he tried to kill himself, he tried to kill himself! This man did a great work for God, he started up a ministry from nothing, pullled the people together, faithful to God, the people rose up against him with such strength, that he tried to kill himself, and I want to tell you that I can relate to what he was experiencing. It's like a constant attack upon your mind, they don't honor you, they don't respect you, they don't believe that you're listening to God, you preach until you're black and blue in the face, if you think something's wrong, petition the Lord, petition the Lord, petition the Lord, if you're right, he'll speak to the person he's put in charge of the ministry, they won't do it, they come against you they talk about you, and this is all spiritual warfare, they set their will against you to make you do what they think God is telling you to do. And this man couldn't take it, he went out and tried to kill himself.


I was shocked when I heard that. It's like having, being in the ministry is like having a million kids that are running around you singing war cries. Why? Because they are programmed to do it. Why am I telling you this? Because you may not have a ministry right now, but if you're called to be a son of God, he's going to be sending people to you, and that's what they're going to be doing to you, because they're terrible wicked people? No, because they're programed to do it. Just like a two year old has temper tantrums, they're programed to do it, and what's the problem, when we see a two year old having a temper tantrum, we say, Oh well, she's just having a temper tantrum, but our carnal mind has a problem perceiving that mature men and women that are family men, that are responsible in this world, that have decent jobs, and are providing for their families, that they could be a spiritual child. Our carnal mind is stumbling at the flesh. We not only stumble at the flesh that Jesus is in, we stumble at the flesh when we fail to recognize when someone who is very socially acceptable in this world, could have a spiritual problem or be a spiritual child, or be manifesting some kind of wickedness, because the carnal mind says, Oh brother Joe, he's a lawyer, and he tithes, and he helps the poor people, and he runs the tape ministry, what do you mean he's seeking to topple the pastor and take power in the church, judge ye not your brother, lest ye be judged.


Brethren, a true spiritual discernment is not judging your brother. That Scripture judging your brother is directed to people who judge out of their adamic souls. And Paul said, If you judge, if you recognize that sin in somebody else, you recognize it because you do it too, but if you're a spiritual man and you recognize it in Christ, that's a different situation, one set of rules applies to the natural man, and another set of rules applies to the spiritual man, and back to square one, we've got to find out what we are, and at this point, we're both, we've got to be able to tell when we're a natural man and when we're a spiritual man. It's tough, but we can do all things in Christ, and the glory that's waiting for us, is worth anything that we have to go through. Hallelujah. Yes?


COMMENT: So, would you say then, that it's a religious spirit, and a spirit of jealousy that's trying to destroy the rising son?


PASTOR VITALE: It's envy, yes, it's a lot of things, but it is envy, yes. Envy is very strong. As a matter of fact, I believe there's a Scripture where it says, "They offered up Jesus for envy." Yes, it's more than one thing, but envy is very strong, I would have to say yes. See, lots of the times, it's on an unconscious level. They really don't know what's in their hearts, and if you come to them and you tell them, they'll fight with you, they'll fight you to the death. This happens to me a lot, and I have to pray, "Lord, what do you want me to say to this person, I know what I'm saying is true, they don't believe it, and they're making me the evil one." And I just pray until God breaks through into their mind. There's no help for these people, unless they perceive the truth about themselves, and I consider myself one of these people. I pray all the time for truth about myself, and then I pray for deliverance and help. What am I gaining by denying that there's a dynamic trait in me that's not letting me be Christ in a particular area. What am I gaining from it? I talked to someone on the phone the other day, and he said to me, "They told me I had a familiar spirit". He was very wounded, it was another church, they told me I had a familiar spirit, and he wanted me to say that he didn't have a familiar spirit. I said I'll be honest with you, I don't know whether you have a familiar spirit or not, I wasn't there, I didn't see what was happening, but so what! If you have a familiar spirit, you get it cast out, so what! So you have a familiar spirit! It's all pride. It's all pride.


It's like saying, if God forbid someone has cancer, and I'm not going to go to the doctor, because I refuse I believe I have cancer, you've insulted me by saying I have cancer, and I won't get prayer for it, and I won't go to the hospital for it, I won't go to the doctor, how dare you say I have cancer, your sin is going to kill you, if you can't admit that you have it and get treatment, it's going to kill you. And they turn around and they say, "you're accusing me", well maybe it was true. Praise the Lord. So you got a demon, so what! Hallelujah. And the Lord says in the end of verse 7, there's no understanding in them, they don't understand spiritual things. Glory to God.


Verse 8, "Shall I not in that day saith the Lord, even destroy the wise out of Edom, and understanding out of the mount of Esau." God is going to destroy carnal wisdom, and carnal understanding. He's going to tear it down, so there will no longer be any competition against the wisdom and understanding of Christ. Verse 10, "For thy violence against thy brother Jacob, shame shall cover thee, and thou shalt be cut off forever, for thy violence." And we know that the one who's violent is the natural man, he tries to take the kingdom by force, instead of standing still and letting Christ appear in him, he's trying to grab it in his own natural strength. So the natural man, because of your violence against your brother Jacob, and this is talking about the warfare between your carnal mind and the Christ in you, and it's also talking about the warfare if you are moving in Christ a large percentage of the time, you better believe that Christians, that are almost carnal are coming up against you. It's a two-fold warfare. But in this particular verse, it's specifically referring to the warfare within your own mind, because it's says that, "shame shall cover thee, and thou shalt be cut off forever, for thy violence against thy brother Jacob, shame shall cover thee." And this talking, because it's on the board for you, this is talking about what's happening in your own soul.


We said that right now, Christ is within Adam, Christ is in here, and he's covered with the foreskin, which is called Adam, but because of his violence, the judgment, and Adam is continuously attacking Christ and trying to kill him, this is the warfare. But God says because of your violence against your brother, let me just read it in the Scripture, "because of your violence against your brother, shame shall cover thee, and thou shalt be cut off forever." Now I didn't look up that word "shame", but this is what's going to happen. Adam is going to the inside, he's going to be circumcised, and Christ is coming to the outside, and he's going to be covered. Adam, see right now Christ is covered, but Adam is going to be covered by Christ, and I didn't look up this word, but we've done a lot of work in prophecy in the Old Testament, and every time I've ever looked up that word "shame", it's been the Hebrew word that means "pudenda", and that is a word for your sexual parts, it's a word for your sexual parts. And we know that Christ is the penis, and I declare to you that the shame that is coming upon Adam, is that Christ is going to cover him over, that he's going to lose his dominion, he's coming out from under this position, Christ is going to cover him over, and he shall be ashamed.


Now don't get a carnal conception of shame, he's going to be shamed because he's going to come under the dominion of the Christ and he's no longer going to be ruling. That's what it means, this is a spiritual battle. This is a spiritual sexual battle, male against female. Christ's wife has risen up and has taken over rulership of this family of humanity, and he loves her so much that he's beating her into submission. Yes?


COMMENT: This is just came to mind, when the Lord speaks in the book of Revelation about, I think it's the church of Ephesus, that your nakedness not be exposed. In other words, that Jesus would be covering them all, that the Adam part will be there instead Jesus part.


PASTOR VITALE: I'm really not that familiar with the Scripture but...


COMMENT: Remember in Ephesus he's talking to the churches, and he's saying that you not be exposed, that your nakedness not be exposed. In other words, God is using the word to show them that he wants us to have that wall put down, so that our covering would be Jesus, not the adamic nature.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. As you go through prophecy when the Lord talks about "shame and nakedness" and a lot of sexual words, this is what he's talking about, this thing is a sexual battle. Satan is the original woman's libber. It's just the truth and she's out of control, and she's taken over the family and she's killing us. And the reason she took over the family of man, was that the husband went away on a long journey, Jesus said, He went away on a long journey, and when he came back he wanted to take over the headship of the family. And in the parable he talks about people that he had let out the garden to, I'm just giving it in a different application. Jesus is come back, and he says, "I want my manhood back." And his wife says, "Beat it buddy, I like it up here being the head chief honcho." And Jesus has said, "No way, no way, and I'm going to shame you because I'm going to take you down, but your shame, you'll be glorified in your shame, you don't understand it, it's going to be a shame for the adamic man, he's going to be ashamed, but I'm going to be the man in this family again.


And you know I have this on another tape, this is a hard word you know, a lot of people don't like what I preach, but I'm sorry I have no choice, the perfect typical example of this is the Shakespearian play, The Taming of The Shrew. Did you ever see The Taming of The Shrew? This man, in those days, women were suppose to be very submissive to their husbands, they married whoever their father told them to marry, and this man, he had a shrew for a daughter, she wouldn't submit to anybody, even her father. His life was a torment, and through a series of circumstances, this man, no man wanted to marry her, who wants a wife that's going to torment you? The Scripture says the worse thing that can happen to you, no matter how much money you have, is to be in the house with a contentious woman. It's the worse thing that can happen to a man or to a family, to have a woman like that, and she wound up married to this man, and she wouldn't do what he said, and she was continuously demanding, and tearing down his authority, and attacking him, and do know how he broke her, and he did break her. Boy people are going to talk about me for this, but it's the truth, he denied her food, he denied her comfort, and sleeping conditions, he denied her affection, he made her life hard, and she became so needy, because she was very spoiled, you see.


She had everything her father could give her, she had everything materially. But she had no love. Why did she have no love? Because she was so ruined by her material possessions, that her behavior prevented any man from loving her. No matter how much you love somebody, if they're screaming and yelling and biting at you, how could you show them love? How could you teach your children in the schools if they won't sit still and learn? If they're standing there with knives or running around the school room? We must have discipline before we can show love, and if there's no discipline, the manifestation of love is discipline. And he broke this spoiled child, he broke her though hardship and through denying the needs that every human being has a need for. And when he made her helpless, cause he had authority over her, in those days, men that had that had that kind of authority over their wife, today they'd put you in jail. And I'm not saying this is right, this is an example. He broke her, and the end of the story was that she became a lovely young woman, and she her loved her life and they had a good family life.


You cannot, no matter how much you love somebody, if they're spiritual condition is criminal, you can't have a good marriage. Don't think you're going to marry somebody and they're going to straighten out! If they're wild and rebellious, and filled with pride and unreasonable and uncompromising and unsubmissive and uncaring and selfish, don't think your love is going to change them, it's not! And this is what God's doing to the whole human race. This is the condition we're in, we're wild, we're rebellious, we're proud, we're willful, we're filled with sin, and we refuse to have this man to rule over us. And the breaking is already upon us. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


So in verse 10, we see that our adamic soul shall be cut off forever, forever being for the life of the ages. She shall never manifest for the life of the ages, why? Because Christ shall be appearing in us, and he shall be the only thing that is seen. Satan and the entire adamic soul shall be a submissive wife, ministering to her husband. And we found Scriptures in the book of Revelation, that indicate that Satan shall not be in a position of restraint for the life of the ages, but she shall be brought to a place where she shall be worshiping God, and exalting his virtues, just like the shrew. Hallelujah.


Verse 11, "In the day that thou stoodest on the other side, in the day that the strangers carried away captive, his forces, and foreigners entered into his gates, and cast lots upon Jerusalem, even thou wast as one of them." Now we're talking to the soul, the adamic soul, "In the day that you stood on the other side..", what other side? The side before you fell, "In the day that the strangers carried away captive, all of the members of mankind..." That first verse God is talking about the original condition of the soul before it fell, when you stood on the other side. And then, "In that day, that the strangers carried away the captives, his forces, man fell, and foreigners entered into the gates", that's the spiritual being of the creation, and cast lots upon Jerusalem, even thou wast as one of them." "In the day that the living soul fell, you yourself was one of the robbers." You, yourself, you weren't even faithful to yourself. And you divided up Jerusalem. The soul, before it fell, the spiritual forces have authority over this living soul, and they buy and sell us continuously, unless we're in Christ. And sometimes even when we're in Christ. Verse 12, God is rebuking the natural man there.


Verse 12, "But thou shouldest not have looked on the day of thy brother, in the day that he became a stranger, neither shouldest thou have rejoiced over the children of Judah in the day of their destruction, neither should thou have spoken proudly in the day of distress." These are all things that the adamic man does, when they see an individual being chastened by the Lord. You know there's a very small remnant in the church that's already being chastened, and people hate us, they hate us for it. They say there's something wrong with us, we must be in sin. Do you know how many people said that God shut me down when I wound up in the hospital for three months. They see something evil happen to you, and they say, God shut me down, you must be evil. No God's chastening me, and he's building his life in me.


You see, you can't tell what it means when it's happening, you have to look at the results. You can't say somebody's sick all the time, God's not with them. You have to see whether God raises them up or not. When God doesn't raise them up, well you still have to be careful what you say. The question is, is God going to bring them out of it. All kind of things are coming upon God's people today, all kinds of severe trials, medical trials, financial trials, problems with your children. How many people have said, "Your house has to be in order, or you can't preach", and five years later, their kids were on drugs. You cannot be lifted up in pride like this, because it's going to come upon you. If you have judged, and you have not judged out of Christ, it's going to come upon you. If you look down on your brother, if they've been in the church for ten years, and they're not living the kind of the life you think they should be living, if they haven't made the kind of progress you think they should have made, who are you to make such a judgment? Watch out, because judgment's already has your name on it, it's heading right for you.


So God is dealing with the pride in his own church. And this rebuke, God is rebuking his own church, which is carnal. And he's saying, "You shouldest not have looked on the day of thy brother, in the day that he became a stranger." Somebody backslid, and you hate him, you condemned him. "..neither should thou have rejoiced over the children of Judah, in the day of their destruction." Well, that could mean several things, it could mean that there are elements in the church today, that hate Judah. Do you know there's antisemitism in the church today? There really is anti-Semitism in the church today. And it could also be taken on a natural level, you know, just with regard to your brother. In the day that someone backslid, or in the day that someone was destroyed, you rejoiced over it. "...neither should thou have spoken proudly in the day of distress." God is saying these judgments are falling, and the church had better be careful to have compassion on the weak. Many Christians don't have compassion on the weak. They want them to get out of their life, you know why? Deep in their hearts, they are afraid it could happen to them, because they are moving in this fantasy that God's never going to touch them, and that they're life is going to continue as it is, with all the parties and all the rejoicing and all the good things, and that they could never experience what Job experienced. They're living in this fantasy, you see, and the fantasy is the pride of their own mind, because if you're deceived, it's the pride of your own mind.


So when they see God touch somebody like he touched Job, they condemn them, and it's really, the root of it, if you ever come up against this, the root of it is fear. They're terrified it's going to happen to them, so they condemn the person. I know just before I went into the hospital, when it didn't look like God was healing me, I had somebody rebuke me very strongly, telling me that I should just believe that I'm healed.


And I told him, I said, "I've been sick for so long, and he always brings me out of it, but he never heals me completely. And I knew I was dying, I knew I was dying, and I said, "If he takes me, he takes me, if he raises me up, he raises me up, but I've been sick for years, and he has not healed me completely, and I'm tired, and whatever he does, he does." And I said it with no bitterness, there was no bitterness in my life, I said I can't fight it anymore, if he heals me, he heals me, and if he doesn't, he doesn't, what am I suppose to do? If your kids are on drugs, and you're praying and you're praying and you're praying, and they are still on drugs, what are you suppose to do? Right? And this person got very upset with me, "You have to believe you're healed." Well I'm sorry, he doesn't heal everybody, he doesn't. I know Christians that died too young. He doesn't, and how did I know, maybe he was going to let me die and raise me from the dead, how did I know what he was going to do? For all intents and purposes he raised me from the dead, although my heart never stopped beating. You've got to give it all to God.


So the sons of God here, the children of the kingdom are being severely rebuked by the Lord. Verse 13, "Thou shouldest not have entered into the gate of my people in the day of their calamity. Yeah, thou shouldest not have looked upon their affliction in the day of their calamity, nor have laid on their substance in the day of their calamity." Now if you have a King James, that last phrase says, "Nor have laid hands on their substance, in the day of their calamity", but the word "hands" is in italics, that means it's not in the original Hebrew. So it reads, "Nor should you have laid upon their substance in the day of their calamity." And I declare to you that God is speaking to the adamic soul, and he's saying that Adam had a crisis in the garden, and that adamic soul, Satan more specifically, rose up and laid himself upon the spiritual substance of God. That happened in the garden, and I'm suggesting to you that it can happen, and it has happened to the people of God, that they have been living out of Christ, and a weakness was found in them, and Satan rose up and tread Christ under foot, and the Scripture says if that happens there is no more sacrifice for sins, there's only one thing left unto you, and that's the fiery burning of judgment, why? Because there's a weakness in your soul that you could not overcome, so judgment must fall upon you.


But in the day of the calamity of the spiritual man, the carnal man in your own mind, will rise up and lay over your spiritual substance. In the day that you're hurt, in the day that you're sick, in the day that you're afflicted, because of something that's happened to your family, all of these things bring down the spiritual man. I know, they bring me down. Somebody comes against you, somebody accuses you falsely, you lose a loved one, that's the day of your calamity, and your carnal mind rises right up and covers over your spiritual substance. It's happened to me. I cry out to God, I say, Lord I lost my anointing, what happened to me? And I know I'm buried under the earth of my carnal mind, and there's nothing I can do about it, except pray and ask God to bring me out. So these Scriptures are applying to several different levels of spirituality, and then of course we have the Christians that come against you when you're down. I'm telling you I was lying in the hospital in intensive care, in the midst of a procedure that was being done on me that if God wasn't with me it could have resulted in a stroke, that was a potential side effect.


And I believe, I know the man loves me, but the church is in ignorance. He walked in, looked over, they had the side rails up on my bed, because if I fell out bed, I could have died, and he looks over the rails and he says to me, "I can't believe you're still in here, and now I come back and you're in intensive care, and all that I could say to you is you better confess your sins." And I said to him, "brother I love you, but if you can't change the subject, I'm going to have to ask you to leave. I said, "I'm all repented out, there's nothing I haven't repented of, and if you want to change the subject, you could stay, otherwise leave, but don't give me that." The man came to visit me, he came to visit me, and then he was shocked when he found me in intensive care. The church is in darkness, they're in ignorance. We're suppose to be imparting life, and we impart death. I'm a strong believer, someone else he could have devastated with that comment.


Do you know there was a Christian in that hospital, he was a young man, do you know what he came and told me? When they took me in I could barely move, I had utterly collapsed, and he says you're here so your parents should get saved, even if you have to die. And he's going on and on and on, and I said to him, I was so weak I could hardly talk, I said, "Brother I really don't want to hear this." And he, the first man that I told you about, he changed the subject, he was a man in late thirties, some maturity to him, and he knew me personally, and he changed the subject, but the second young man, the one I just met in the hospital, he got so offended, that he rose up and walked out of my room and didn't talk to me since. He was a hospital employee, he was so mortified, his job was, one of his jobs was to empty the garbage pails, he passed by my room, they never emptied the garbage pails that night, cause he wouldn't come in and talk to me. I insulted him, after he told me that. The church is laced with ignorance, Job's friends If you ask them they'll tell you they mean well, and they're killing you. They're killing you.


So let's get on with this, I'm talking a lot today. So we as Christians, we cannot destroy people in the day of their calamity, and brethren, that's not only people in the church, that's the people in the streets, the drug addicts, the homeless, you don't go to them and say stand up and fly straight, God wants us to show mercy to them. Okay. So it's from the church to the unsaved, it's from the church, to the people who are already under judgment, and it's our carnal mind within our own mind, has no mercy towards the spiritual man, or the many afflictions that come upon him, and the Lord says, "You shouldn't have done that, you shouldn't have done that to my beloved."


Verse 14, "Neither shouldest thou have stood in the crossway...", and I did look that word up in the Hebrew, "crossway" means fork in the road or crossroads. He says to the natural man, or to your carnal mind, "You should not have stood in the crossroad...", what crossroad? The place where my people are crossing over from being a natural man to being a spiritual man, the place where the battle is taking place, the place where they're wounded, where they're hurt, where they're dying, where they're heart is broken", he says, "You shouldn't have stood there and cut off those of his that did escape." We are trying to get out of Adam and get into Christ, we're trying to get out of the kingdom of darkness, the Scripture says, "You shall be translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of his dear son." And the carnal mind, and your own mind is standing right there stopping you from piercing through, and the carnal minded Christian is standing right there stopping you from going through, joining to your carnal mind and strengthening it, and there are people that call themselves Christians that are Pharisees that are out in the world and they won't enter into heaven, and they won't let the others enter in either. And the Lord says, "You shouldn't have done that. You shouldn't have cut off those of his that did escape, neither shouldest thou have delivered up those of his that did remain in the day of distress." So the Lord says in this day of distress, this day where there is a great calamity, and some people are coming to Christ and others aren't, some people are connecting with Christ, and some people are not connecting with Christ, and the carnal mind in your own mind and in other men, is attacking both categories.


The ones that are connected with Christ, you're going to, this carnal mind, he's going to be sniffing at them, and dragging them down until the last second that Christ stands up in them. And those that didn't make it, those that are captive out there in the world, they can't hear Christ, they're still keeping them down. The Lord says, You shouldn't have done that. You shouldn't have done that to my people.


Verse 15, "For the day of the Lord is near upon all the heathen, as thou hast done, it shall be done unto thee. Thy reward shall return upon thine own head. This is talking to your carnal mind, and it's talking to carnal Christians, and false Christians. You shouldn't have done it, saith the Lord, you shouldn't have hurt my people, because the day of the Lord is near upon all the heathen." Who is the heathen? The heathen is Satan, the whole of Satan. Satan is not a man, he's a spirit, and he's in everybody's mind, just like Christ is in the mind of the church, and the whole of Satan, the day of the Lord is already upon him. "And he has done to my people, saith the Lord, it shall be done unto him." As you hindered Satan, I shall hinder you. As you held back, I shall hold back you. As you killed, I shall kill you, an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. You don't understand, you can't reconcile the Old Testament to the New Testament? Jesus said, "No more an eye for eye, a tooth for a tooth, but you shall forgive your brother." But I declare to you, that is the rule amongst men. Jesus, the same, yesterday, today and forever, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth against spiritual enemies. Satan has killed and he shall be killed. Satan has drunk the blood of the saints, and his blood shall be drunk, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. But it's not man's war, it's God's war. Hallelujah.


Thy reward shall return upon thine own head, he's going to reap what he sowed. Verse 16, "For as ye hath drunk upon my holy mountain, so shall all the heathen drink continually, yea, they shall drink and they shall swallow down and they shall be as though they had not been." And there are some Scriptures in the book of Revelation, where it talks about the harlot drinking the blood of the saints. And I can't go into the whole teaching now, but basically, what God is saying is that Satan, and his adamic soul has drank of the life substance of the spiritual man, and swallowed him down, but Christ has entered into the spiritual man, and he's saving them from within. And we found those Scriptures where it says the harlot, she was drunk in the blood of the saints, we found out, that when you drink the blood of the saints, you don't kill the saints, you get saved. You get saved, you get a blood transfusion, and we found out in those Scriptures in the book of Revelation, that the harlot was drinking the blood of the saints, and the saints were not dying, but she was getting saved, the living soul was being converted.


And then the natural type of that, John Lake, was in Africa, and he was in the middle of a typhoid epidemic, and he never got sick, and the local doctors formed committee and came to him, and they said, "we'd like to take your blood and put it under the microscope, we want to see why you didn't catch it." And they took a blood sample and they put it under the microscope, and they injected some typhus vaccine directly to it, and the typhus virus died. The typhus died. When the harlot drinks the blood of the saints, she's going to die. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


So, the Lord says, "It's the time of reckoning. You've destroyed my people, and you've done all of these things to my people, and as ye have drunk upon my holy mountain, as you have drank the life blood of my people, so shall all these, and so shall the whole of Satan, the corporate Satan, in everybody's mind, so shall he drink continually, yea, they shall drink all of the many members of the living soul, shall Satan in their mind, drink, and they shall swallow down, and they shall be as though they had not been. Let me give this to you again, it's very exciting. The Lord's saying that the whole of Satan, and Satan in the mind of every man, the unconscious mind, he has drunk of the spiritual life of God's people and he has prevailed over them. But as you have done this saith the Lord, now that I have entered into their hearts, you shall drink and you shall die from what you are drinking, because my life shall kill you. And you shall be as though, you have never been.


The unconscious mind of man, the Satanic unconscious mind of man is going to be as though it has never been. Why? Because we are getting a new unconscious mind, his name is Christ, and he's righteous. And because our unconscious mind is righteous, our conscious mind shall be righteous, and we shall live and not die, and we shall be delivered out of the bond of iniquity. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Hallelujah.


And we have a series on Noah, where we found out, that the reversal of the fall is happening right now. God made a creation, and we have a group of people, same body, take people that are saved today, same body, same husband, same wife, same children, same house, same mother, same father, one day they're a murderer, and the next day they're a Christian. But way back at the beginning we had the same thing, same external appearance, they were righteous, in the days of Enoch, they were still righteous right, but by the time the flood came, Noah was the only righteous one, they were all righteous, but something happened in their mind, and they became unrighteous, and now God is reversing it. Same family, same person, same name, a change of mind. A change of heart. So Satan did it once, and now the judgment upon him is what you have sowed, so shall you reap. You drank up the spiritual life of my people, and now I'm going to drink up your spiritual life, and you shall be as if you never were. And this is a hard word, because we're all feeling pain, but I'm telling you, this whole life is a dream. Adam went to sleep, and he's having a nightmare, and he's about to wake up, and it's going to be as if it never was.


Verse 17, "But upon Mount Zion shall be deliverance, and there shall be holiness in the house of Jacob shall possess their possession." Mount Zion, that's the spiritual place of the safe man, that is our human spirit joined to God. He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit, and that is Mount Zion, and there shall be deliverance. Deliverance first of our human spirit, then of our soul, and then even unto the uttermost ends of our earth.


And there shall be holiness, because Christ is our mind, there shall be no more sin or death, but there shall be holiness and righteousness in the house of the Jacob, that's the spiritual man, that's the Christ who we are, shall possess their possession, and what is our possession? It's our soul. It's our soul, because God is renewing our spirit, he's renewing our mind in righteousness, we shall bring our sin filled soul into submission of holiness. That's what Jesus did, we're told that in the book of Romans.


"And the house of Jacob shall be a fire, and the house of Joseph a flame, and the house of Esau for stubble, and they shall kindle in them and devour them, and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau, for the Lord hath spoken it." Now for these next few verses, I haven't really gone into the Hebrew, so I'm not really sure what it's saying, but it's basically referring to Jacob, the spiritual man, he's going to be in the spirit with Christ, and the house of Joseph, referring to the soul of Christ, the soul is going to be in the spirit with Christ, we're going to have a spiritualized soul dwelling with Christ, and the house of Esau, which is the soul of the natural man, he's going to be for stubble, he's only to be burnt, and to be destroyed.


His place in the kingdom of God is to give form to the creation, he's a spiritual skeleton. "And they shall kindle in them, and devour them, and there shall not be any remaining of the house of Esau, for the Lord has spoken it." The soul man is going to go down, and never rise again, why? Because the Lord has spoken it, only that which is Christ shall prevail. Brethren, open up your eyes, your personality is passing away. Everything of this world, everything of the flesh, everything of the clay, it's passing away, only Christ, and the work done of his Spirit shall abide for the life of the ages. Only that which is in you that is of Christ is surviving, why? Because the Lord is spoken.


Verse 19, "And they of the south shall possess the mount of Esau..." The south is the warm place associated with summer and spring time, the north is the dark place associated with Satan. So those that are in Christ, they're going to possess the mount of Esau, they're going to possess their adamic souls, and they of the plain the Philistines..." This is the King James translation, it doesn't say that in the original Hebrew. In the Hebrew it says, "And they of the south shall possess the mount of Esau and the plain of the Philistines." Those who are in Christ, they're going to possess their adamic soul, and the plain of the Philistines, and the Philistines were those warmongering inhabitants of Canaan land, and I suggest to you that it typifies the spirit in the adamic soul, which is Satanic. "And they shall possess the fields of Ephraim, and the fields of Samaria, and Benjamin shall possess Gilead." I haven't studied that, so I'm going to pass over it, but basically what this is saying is that the adamic soul is finished, she's going down, she's never going to rise again, and that only those who have been translated into Christ are going to survive, and they will possess their adamic soul.


Verse 20, "And the captivity of this host of the children of Israel shall possess that of the Canaanites, even unto Zarephath, and the captivity of Jerusalem, which is in Sepharad, shall possess the cities of the south." Again I haven't studied it, but the word of the Lord is, the natural man is finished, and the Christ in you, which is your human spirit, that has born the Christ, and joined with him, he who is joined to the Lord is one spirit, your new life in Christ, through your new life in Christ, you shall possess every thing, that belonged to the natural man. Everything in your vessel, everything in the world outside of you, the whole creation shall belong to the spiritual man, which is Christ. You are Christ brethren, you must know who you are.


Verse 21, "And saviors shall come up on Mount Zion, to judge the mount of Esau, and the kingdom shall be the Lord's." Brethren, when the spiritual man prevails in you, and possesses everything of the natural man that's within you, you will have been resurrected from the dead, and you shall be standing in the full stature of the Lord Jesus Christ, and this is the coming up on Mount Zion, the coming up or the appearing on Mount Zion. Mount Zion is the high place that's close to God. It's the human spirit which has born Christ, and when this happens to you, you shall be one of the saviors that come up on Mount Zion, and you shall judge mount Esau.  


And that manifestation of the sons of God where you judge the mount of Esau, it is called the two witness company. God has many names for the same group of people, and he changes their name, every time they perform a different kind of a function. Brethren, I declare to you that there is one mediator between God and man, and that is the man Christ Jesus. And the church is under a misapprehension today. They think they're living in the days of the judges, where because they speak in tongues, and sometimes they hear from the Lord, that they go and do anything that they want. But I declare to you, we are involved at this hour, in a transmission of power, there's a changing of the guard. The old five-fold ministry is being taken down, and the new five-fold ministry is being raised up. So it looks like you have no head, but I declare to you brethren, that the Lord is raising up the high priesthood order or Melchizedek, and all sons of God will have to submit to them, in accordance with the order of the Lord.


Now somebody heard my preach this and they got all upset, they thought I was preaching one man having authority over the whole world. It's a Melchizedek priesthood company, it has many members, and it is not a priesthood company that remains a priesthood company while the rest of the world stays down under their authority. Their job is to raise you up until you become a member of their company. Their job is to mature you in Christ, until you stand up in full stature. How do I know this, the Scripture says, Jesus shall purify the entire world, and he shall offer up the creation to the Father, and the Father shall be all in all. I am not preaching a new order papacy, but the Scripture clearly declares that there is a company of saviors arising on Mount Zion to whom you will have to go to seek the Lord, until such time as you are added to that company. And you sons of God out there, who are going every which way, and not submitting to any authority, because almost every authority that you see is old order, and you know that you're of a different order than they are.


Jesus said the least in the kingdom of God is greater than the greatest of natural men. And I declare to you a man that speaks in tongues, but in whom Christ is not yet formed, is of the old order priesthood. And if you are sitting in this congregation and Christ is being formed in you, no matter how immature you are, you are greater than they are. That's what the Scripture says, and it's happening today, but most people don't understand what's going on, but don't think there's no priesthood for you to submit to, because God's raising them up, and he's raising them up very rapidly, and he's going to reveal them to the church and he's going to reveal them to the world. And will have, yes, you are a king and priest, but there's a high priesthood company, and they're not there to put you down, and they're not there to take away your inheritance, they are there to teach you and to train you, and to help you to rise up and be everything you're called to be in Christ, at which time the Lord shall add you to the high priest company.


No man can add you to the high priest company, but there is only one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus, and he is shortly about to be revealed to the church and to the world. And you are going to have to submit to Christ in the flesh, because he who does not admit that Christ is come in the flesh is an anti-christ. And I've got a flash for you, your flesh is not the only flesh that he is come in. He's coming in many fleshes, in many souls, in many bodies, and you must submit to him in which ever soul and body he's manifesting in. And if there is a manifestation of Christ in a man that is more mature than the manifestation of Christ which is in you, the Lord requires you to submit to that manifestation of Christ. You cannot do whatever you want. The children of the kingdom while they are children are subject to tutors and governors, and they are the same as a servant, until they grow up. Glory to God, Hallelujah. And saviors shall come up on Mount Zion to judge the mount of Esau within their own minds, and within the church, and within the world. And the kingdom shall be the Lord's, the kingdom shall be the Lord's. I declare to you, the entire kingdom of darkness shall become the Lord's. Hallelujah.


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