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Thank you, XXXX. Glory to God. The Lord has told me to bless this house.




In The Name of Jesus, I thank you for welcoming the Lord. I rebuke the devourer in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I break the teeth of the enemy, and I command the curse to be removed. (Pastor Vitale praying in tongues)




Thus, saith the Lord, I am indeed He who is risen from the dead, and I have not risen in vain, saith God. But I have risen that I might bring you to where I am, saith the Lord. I have ascended that I have made a place for you, saith God. The hour is at hand that thou pass over, saith the Lord. And I shall destroy the wicked city, even Babylon, saith God. For thou are ready to be released from her and as thou pass over into my life, saith God. I shall burn, I shall kindle a fire, I shall destroy, and there shall be nothing left, saith God, except my life, and you are formed in me, saith God. You Shall rise from the dead and shall abide with me in the Heavenlies for the life of the ages. Thank you, Jesus.


Brethren, we are very close to the hour that we shall pass over from being a natural man to a spiritual man. That part of us which is of Christ from the beginning, our human spirit, is about to be released from its bondage to Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind.


This whole soul life, the living soul that died, when it is released we will flee into the city of refugee which is Christ. He shall receive us and join with us, and the Lord shall burn and destroy everything of this vile, fallen realm that has tormented us for thousands of years.


We are in the book of Nahum, tonight, and this is the message that the Hebrew prophets brought to Israel, but very few understood this message. When people read the prophets...a lot of people do not read the prophets, because they think they are condemning, and they get distressed when they read the prophets.


If you examine each of the prophets, you will find that the percentage of verses the Lord dedicates to declaring His resurrection in our life are very few in relationship to the verses that He talks about the destruction of the living soul that died.


Many men fear the prophets, they get no comfort from the prophets. They are distressed by the prophets, and they stay away from it, but I declare to you, the prophets have brought a message of good news, not only to Israel, but also to the whole world. The message is that this whole world system is about to be destroyed. We shall be rescued from out of the flames and taken into a place of safety, in Christ.


It is a spiritual place. The kingdom of God is within you, and the kingdom of darkness, and it is within you. We are escaping from the chains that bind us to the kingdom of darkness. We are about to be permitted to run into Christ, the Heavenly Jerusalem that is within us, and when we enter in, forever we shall be with the Lord. Glory to God.


I am going to go through the book of Nahum, and I am going to try to give you an understanding of how these very negativesounding Scriptures are very exciting. They are speaking about the destruction of our spiritual enemies. God has not singled out a nation on the earth that He is about to destroy, while He exalts another nation. God is destroying the oppressor. His name is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and he has been oppressing the human race since the fall of man.


Your enemy is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, your enemy is not your brother. Jesus said, "Put away the old ways." Put away the verse that says, "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." Love and forgive your brother and fight the spiritual enemy of all mankind.


The good news, brethren, is that we have a Savior, a mighty one, a strong warrior, who is greater than Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and He is about to bring him down. We will find in the book of Nahum, there is a verse which says.... well, Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is female. She shall never rise again. She shall never do this to the human race a second time. That is a promise of God.


There are a few of you here who have never heard me preach, so tonight I would like to tell you this. If you go into an English dictionary, you will find many definitions of one word. The same thing is true in Hebrew, and when the King James Translators translated from the Hebrew, they did not understand what God was saying. Frequently they picked the wrong word out of the Hebrew dictionary, and it makes the prophets very difficult to understand.


The prophetic word is symbolic, and if the translators have chosen the wrong word, how could you possibly know what God was talking about? In several of these verses, when I read them and they did not make sense to me, I went into the Hebrew, and I looked it up in the Hebrew. I found other translations that make sense.


You are going to hear me say as we go through this teaching, "Well I looked up this word, and it is Strong's number so-and-so." We can also legitimately choose a different translation for that word. That is what you are going to hear me saying. Glory to God.


We are in the book of Nahum. We are going to go through all three chapters, Lord willing. Hope I can do it. Looks like the Lord gave me a long message, but I am going to try, and we are going to go pretty quickly.


Chapter 1. I will read the first five verses. "The burden of Nineveh. The book of the vision of Nahum the Elkoshite. God is jealous, and the Lord revengeth; the Lord revengeth, and is furious; the Lord will take vengeance on His adversaries and He reserveth wrath for His enemies."


Nineveh was the Capitol City of Assyria. This is a heathen nation. Why is God prophesying to the heathen nation in the days of Israel? Because even in the days of Israel, the word of the Lord had already been spoken that this salvation is to go to the ends of the earth. It is to be offered to all of the nations, and we find in the Scripture when the Lord speaks about tyrants of the Bible days, that there is a twofold interpretation of the prophets. The tyrant is a natural man, the king of Assyria, and the tyrant that is in the spiritual realm also. His name is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. He is your enemy.


The Lord God, through Nahum, is prophesying to Nineveh that Capitol City of Assyria, hallelujah, and He says that He is a jealous God and that He takes revenge...that He takes vengeance on His adversaries, and He reserveth wrath for His enemies.


Now remember, the enemies of God are men in whom Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is living out his life. Now this may come as a shock to you, but either Christ is living out His life through you, or Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is living out his life through you. Spiritually, the world is very simple. Christ is a manymembered body. Amen. Does the Scripture not teach that? Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is a manymembered body.


Is it not true, you were on drugs, that you were on alcohol, that you were in all kinds of sin, and than one day Christ came in and your city, your body, your vessel which was a vessel of dishonor became a vessel of honor? Amen. Hallelujah. It is taking place in the same place. We must forgive our brethren, because they very next day that they do something terrible to you, they may become a city of honor.


There is a changing of the guard coming. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is being cast down, and Christ shall appear in the many members of the human race which now reflect or reveal Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind,. Now do not be deceived, Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, does not only do Voodoo, and child pornography. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is the opposite of God. He is antiChrist, he is in place of God. Somebody can have a very decent life, and love their children, and lead a very decent life but if Christ is not being revealed in them, they are a manifestation of the kingdom of darkness, and their king is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. That is OK, because they were born that way. We have to get rid of this idea of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, having a red tail, being red with a tail and horns. Glory to God. OK. Hallelujah.


"The Lord is slow to anger and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the Lord hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of His feet."


The Lord is slow to anger and will not acquit the wicked. Now a lot of people have a problem reconciling the Old Testament with the New Testament. I thought Jesus said, "Forgive your brothers." Yes, we are to forgive men, but the Lord will not acquit the spiritual life that is killing His people by destroying their minds by putting them on drugs, by making them alcoholics, by making them adulterers, or whatever sin you are involved in. God will not acquit your enemy that has brought you to this place. He will not stop until He has utterly cast him down. Defeated him and destroyed him. Glory to God.


He is slow to anger. Do not be despaired if the Lord has not delivered you in a day, in a week, in a month, or even in a year. Do not say that since the Fathers fell asleep, nothing has changed. God has a plan you see, and a thousand days to man is like one day to God. When you are down here in the earth, and you are in pain, and you are in torment, it is very easy to lose faith in God, but He has not forgotten you. The hour of vengeance is at hand.


Now we must be careful to not enter into a spirit of condemnation and think that God is taking vengeance against natural men. The battle is spiritual. Every human being on the face of the earth that has harmed you has been victimized by the spiritual life that is being revealed through them. Does anybody not understand what I am saying? That is why Jesus said that you must forgive your brother. We are in a spiritual battle within our own minds and within the minds of other men and women.


The day of vengeance is at hand, and your Savior who has said to you, "Turn the other cheek," is here to take vengeance because, "Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord." The vengeance is against Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, who has tortured you, who has made you sick, who has made your life a misery, and who has hated you unto death. The hour of liberation is at hand. Glory to God. Hallelujah.


I am going to skip down to Verse 6. "Who can stand before his indignation? Who can prevail when the Lord reveals His anger. And who can abide in the fierceness of His anger? His fury is poured out like fire and the rocks are thrown down by him."


Why has the Lord let this continue for so long? Because He has time, He has a plan, and there is a season for deliverance. It is hard for us to understand, but that is the way He works, and we have to hold on to the horns of the altar. "And he who calleth upon the name of the Lord shall surely be saved unto the utter most ends of his own earth." He has not failed to hear you. Glory to God.


Verse 8. "But with an overrunning flood, He will make an utter end of the place thereof, and darkness shall pursue His enemies." He shall make an utter end of what place? Of the kingdom of darkness. It is coming to an end, it is coming to an end. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


Verse 9. "What do ye imagine against the Lord? He will make an utter end: affliction shall not rise up the second time." Now I looked up that word "affliction." It is Strong's #6869, and it means...another possible translation means, "a female rival." Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is female. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is female. Surprised to hear that? She is female. Now all you ladies, do not go thinking I am a male chauvinist, because I am not a female chauvinist.


Traditional female qualities are traditional female qualities. I know women's libbers have tried to change this, but we are talking about spiritual things here. I am not against women, I am a woman preacher myself, I believe that we can do all things in Christ, and there is no male or female in Christ Jesus.


Going back to the beginning of time, God set it up that man gives and the woman receives, that the man is strong and the woman is weak. This Bible is based on those principals. I am not against you, and I am not against your female rights, but we are talking about spiritual things right now. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is a female.


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I do not know that I could go into it. Let me see if the Lord gives it to me. I realize that you have not heard me preach before. Lord give it to me in a simple way, please. Hallelujah.


God created a creation, Glory to God, and the Lord entered into the creation, and He preserved it, and then He knew that there was going to be a problem because He said to Adam, "It is not good for you to be alone." How could you be alone if God is with you? He must have known He was going to leave. God is the male. The creation, the living soul that died, is the female. Does anyone have a problem with that?


God is the male, and the living soul that died is His wife. The creation is His wife. Amen. God withdrew from the creation. There was a separation, just as if a married woman's husband went out for a pack of cigarettes one night and never came back. She is still female, but someone has to take on the male role in the family. She is still a woman. She fell into the male role when the Lord separated from the creation.


Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, was present there. Remember the snake in the Garden? It was Adam, Eve, and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and they were all there together, and rose up illegally without God's permission, and took over the creation, the living soul that died. She is female. God never gave her permission to do it. He left Adam in charged, but Adam did not do the job.


I do not think I can get into it anymore. I have a lot of tapes on it if you want to listen to the tapes. Did I satisfy you for tonight? Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is female and the Scripture says...we are in Verse 9, Chapter 1, and the Scripture says, "He will make an utter end of the kingdom of darkness." The female rival will not rise up a second time.


The purpose of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, in the creation is to give the creation form. God is a spirit, He cannot be seen. He is invisible and the whole purpose of the creation is that He wants to be seen. What did He do? He put mud on Himself. Do you remember the invisible man? The picture, The Invisible Man, they had an invisible man that wanted to be seen. What did he do? He put on a jacket, he wrapped bandages on his head, he put on a hat, shoes, and gloves, and he was seen.


The invisible God wants to be seen. He who does not acknowledge that Christ has come in the flesh is an antiChrist. God is appearing in the flesh. Anybody have a problem with that? He wants to be seen, and He has been putting himself inside of men which are made of clay. The clay is made of the dust of the earth and of the water of the spirit of the Son of God.


They mixed together, and they made clay, and in that dust was an intelligence that is not of God. This is how God is revealing Himself. He is light so He created the darkness. He is the light, He created darkness. He is revealing Himself by creating something opposite than Him. He is light, He created darkness. He said, "I formed the light, I created the darkness." That is what the Lord said.


He said, "I am going to wrap myself in a dark cloud so you can see me." In the clay that is wrapped around the Lord is the pestilence, like there are worms, like there are earthworms in your Garden outside. There is a spiritual pestilence, and this spiritual pestilence has risen up and laid hold of God's property. She is female, she is tyrannical, she is without mercy, and the Lord says that this will not happen again. He is going to put her down, and she is going to stay down forever. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


Verse 10. "For while they be folden together as thorns, and while they are drunken as drunkards, they shall be devoured as stubble fully dry." Again, this sounds terrible, but the Lord is saying, "Well, your spiritual enemy of your soul, they are folded together as thorns." As thorns, We have found Scriptures that indicate that our carnal mind is a weapon. Our carnal mind is the enemy of Almighty God. Glory to God. He is going to destroy your enemies.


Verse 11. "There is one come out of thee, that imagineth evil against the Lord, a wicked counselor." There is someone wicked, and he is in your unconscious mind. The battleground is in the mind. Does anybody have a problem with that? You have to put away the old man and put on the New Man. The wicked one is in your mind, and Jesus Christ is giving you the strength to do it. He is giving you the strength to do it. You have a question? Would you put it on the mike for me. I think you have to switch it on.


COMMENT: Pastor Vitale, what does it mean in the Scriptures when Christ said to one of the...I think it was one of His apostles, or I know it says it in the word of God. What does it mean when it says that Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is the father of lies. When it talks about "he" and when it uses the term "he" and when the Bible talks about saying Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, calling it a he and the father of lies and this and that. If Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is a female what does it mean in the word of God when Jesus reversed it and said that he was the father of lies?


PASTOR VITALE: The father of lies, well I do not know.


I will have to check that out and let you know. XXXXXX has some very good questions. I do not know, but as far as the word "he" goes, lots of times in the translation the word is "he," and it should be "she." Sometimes when people ask me questions like that, the Lord gives me the answer as I go along. Right now I do not have an answer, but I will get back to you on it, because I want to know the answer to that myself. Of course, we have to look up the words in the Greek. What is on my heart right now is that if we would look up in the Greek, we would find that the word translated "father" really means "originator." The King James Translators said "father," but that is what is in my heart. I will look it up and let you know. Hallelujah Glory to God.


He is the originator of everything evil in this world. Everything that is the counterfeit of the Lord, he has originated. He is the great counterfeiter, He cannot do what God can do. He cannot give life, he gives death. He cannot give peace, he gives wars. He cannot give unity, he gives division. He cannot give love, he gives hatred. He is the enemy of your fallen adamic soul. Not your brother, not your mother, not your sister, and not even another country.


*Pastor Vitale's Updated Response: The Scripture you are talking about does not say, Satan is the father of lies. It says that the Devil is the father of lies. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind is female, and the Devil, the subconscious part of the carnal mind, is male. Satan appears in the personality as the evil inclination, in general, and as envy, in particular. The Devil appears in the personality as pride.


He destroys nations, we are told in the book of Nahum, further on.


He destroys nations. How? By the way that he thinks. He destroys families. How? By turning them against one another in their emotions and in their thoughts. This is the hour of the great revealing. For when that man of sin is revealed, the Lord shall destroy him with the brightness of His coming. He is being revealed in each of our minds. He is in everybody, but he is hiding. Before you can crossover from the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of Light, you must recognize him in your mind. This is the hour of the great falling away. He is not being hidden anymore.


He is not only in your brother, he is in you. He is in all of us, except Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The Lord said, "The prince of this world cometh, but he has nothing in me." There was nothing of the kingdom of darkness in Christ. If Christ is being formed in you, you have two kingdoms in you. James said, "How could one fountain give forth both sweet and bitter water?" Brethren, this thing should not be, but it is. One minute you are praising God and speaking in tongues, and the next thing is that you are cursing your brother.


How does that happen? The kingdom of darkness and the Kingdom of Light are both within you. The old man and the New Man are both within you. There is no shame in this. Glory to God, he is being revealed. What does that mean? The light is shining on him. What does that mean? We can kill him, that is what it means. You have a weapon, you have several weapons. Jesus Christ is your weapon, all of your spiritual strength is in Him. The enemy is within, the victory is within, and life and death is within.


Jesus said, "Clean up your own act before you point your finger at your brother." He was not speaking just to have something to say. The way this world is being transferred over from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light is that it is starting in the mind of the individual. We have to get cleaned up ourselves, and when we are cleaned up we are sent to strengthen our brethren. The whole world is going to be taken over by Christ from within.


The Lord said that there is going to be a group of believers that are going to hear this message and believe it, and there are going to be many believers that are going to hear this message and not believe. The ones that do not believe, He is going to do it anyway, and He is going to come upon them like a thief in the night.


How does He do it? He brings trials upon our lives. Trials. He says, "Choose this day who you shall serve." Which thought in your mind shall you serve while your emotions are raging because you want to hit your brother over the head with a baseball bat? Christ is there saying, "Love your brother, forgive your brother, have mercy on your brother, have patience" How long ago was it that you did not understand? How long ago was it that you could not do that?


Be gentle, be kind, and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is right there in the middle of your mind screaming his head off saying, "Hate him, hurt him, lie about him, slander him, refuse to forgive him, cut him down to the ground and destroy him." Choose you this day whom you shall serve, and the one that you serve shall be your king. The one that you serve, he shall be your king.


It is nice that you speak in tongues, and it is nice that you dance in the spirit, and it is nice that you carry your Bible with you where ever you go, but when the war is raging in your mind, which king are you serving? The hour is at hand, brethren. There is no time left. Jesus Christ is about to take a group of people out of Egypt and crossover. Oh, you thought you came out of Egypt when you had your first "born again" experience, when you received the promise? You thought you came out of Egypt. Egypt is inside your mind, brethren. Maybe you stopped drinking, maybe you stopped smoking, well praise the Lord that is wonderful. Maybe you stopped drugging, you stopped fornicating, that is wonderful, but Egypt is in your mind.


We have to crossover into the mind of Christ. We have the mind of Christ, but we are not living out of it. Which mind are we obeying? When Jesus says, "Which way are you going?" It is real easy if it is an area in which you have been delivered. If something you want really bad is to the left, and Jesus is saying, "Go to the right," which way are you going? It is painful to follow Jesus when it is not what you want to do. It is painful, and if it has not already begun in your life, the fiery trial is coming upon you, and He is going to say, "Choose you this day whom you will serve."


Then when you decide to serve the living God, Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is not going to say, "Is that not nice," and pat you on the cheek. That roaring lion is going to get mad at you, and when you go the way the Lord tells you, you are going to expect some trouble in your life.


We have a lot to learn, we have to be educated believers. We have to learn how to try the spirit, and I am not putting this burden on you. We have to apply ourselves, but Jesus Christ is the one that is doing it in us. He is the one overcoming in us, but we must submit to Him if we are in rebellion, if we are disobedient, if we are walking in a way He has not told us to go. All of His energy is directed into bringing us in line. Amen.


When He gets us in the right place, then He says, "I will teach you." The most important thing as believers is that we have to do, believe it or not, is not to speak in tongues. The most important thing is to ask God to help us discern Christ and help us to discern Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, in our own minds. This is called sanctification. I have heard a lot of people stand up and give testimonies and say that they are sanctified, but they really do not even know what the word means.


Sanctification is separation. You can lock yourself in a house and never go out, you are not separated from the world. The world is within you. The kingdom of darkness is within you, and the Kingdom of Light is within you. The separation is in your mind. How can you slay the enmity in your flesh if you cannot see him? Is there anyone that does not know that the enmity in our flesh must be slain? Is there anybody here that does not know that?


Jesus is slaying the enmity in our flesh. Well, if you cannot tell the difference between your flesh and Christ, how are you going to shoot the arrow? Now I am not trying to put any burden on you. I am trying to make you aware of this. Jesus does the work. Your job is to hear the message and to say, "Lord I receive it, would you do this for me? I want whatever you have for me. I cannot tell who is talking to me, but I want to be able to tell. Will you help me?" We must become sanctified and after we become sanctified, separated, in our minds, then we are joined with Jesus and wage this war against the enmity in our flesh.


Spiritual warfare is a reality, and the weapon is the mind. The carnal mind is the enmity of God, and the mind of Christ is the righteousness of God. The warfare is on two levels, both within your own mind and sometimes between two people, and the problem is that a lot of people are manifesting the carnal mind, and they do not even know it. I have heard people say all kinds of things to me. They do not even understand the word that they are using.


We are to have love and mercy. We are to put people in prayer before God. We are not to take any type of vengeance of our own. We are to pray for people no matter how bad they have hurt us. We are to pray for their deliverance and for the love of God to be revealed in them. The most important thing that we are doing in this hour is joining with Christ to have Him formed in us.


The Scriptures say we are to be in the likeness and image of God. If you look these words up in the Hebrew, the word "likeness" means "the substance that you are made of." God is a spirit, and we are spirit. We are in His likeness. We are made out of the same substance. This body is not who you are. You are spirit. Is there anybody here that does not know they are spirit? You are spirit, living in a mass of clay so that you can be seen. You were with Christ from the beginning, from the foundation of the earth. You are His seed.


You are His children that were buried in the earth. Why? Because God decided He wanted a creation that could be seen. We are all here learning, believe it or not, because I know other things are preached. We are in this flesh learning to discern or separate the good from the evil. Why? Because in order for God to be revealed, He got Himself locked up in one vessel with the Dragon. Your spirit, you are in one vessel, and you are locked up in there with the Dragon.


You want to know what your biggest disadvantage is? Until very recently, you did not even know he was there, and he would talk to you, and you would think it was God. We are here for training. God loves us. We are here for training. Hallelujah.


If you are hearing this message, the Lord wants you to ask Him for the ability to separate in your mind. He wants you sanctified. The Scripture likens that to washing. He wants all the sin over there, and everything of Christ over there. Then when you are all lined up, you are going to start shooting at each other. Guess who is going to win? Christ is going to win. Hallelujah. You have to get sanctified, have to get washed, you have to get understanding, have to get wisdom, and you have to study to show yourself approved.


It is very nice to play and to dance, but the hour of the crossing over is at hand. The children of Israel danced in the wilderness, and they played in the wilderness, but the day came where they crossed over Jordan. The crossing over is at hand. With much tribulation, we enter into the Kingdom of God. Do not ask me why God set it up this way, I do not know. I ask Him all the time myself. He likens it to natural childbirth. It is painful, but you do not die from it.


Some people die from it, but the living soul that died has gone on for thousands of years. The living soul has not died from childbirth. We get a woman here or there that, for whatever reason, this happens, but the whole of humanity has survived and increased. We have not died from childbirth, and Christ is not intending to die from childbirth. He is going to be fully born, and what are the signs of His full birth? Dominion over this soul realm. Dominion.


He walked on the water. That was just a symbol of His authority over everything in this realm. Whatever your problem is, He has the authority over it. "Well, why has not He helped me," you say? Because in this hour, He is doing a new thing. He says in the other prophets that He is doing a new thing, and that if you tell a man about it he would not believe it. What is this new thing? He said that he saw a man with his hands on his loins like a woman in childbirth. Who would believe it? Mankind is pregnant with Christ. The church is pregnant with Christ and it is painful, and it is more painful for some people that other people. I do not know why, and it does not matter. Keep your eyes on the Lord and get yourself through this birth.


How do you get through? When the Lord says "push," you push. When He says "shut up," you shut up. Obedience, obedience. You are not going to get through this childbirth telling the doctor he does not know what he is doing. You are wasting your time, you are running a rat race. Amen. You are not fooling anyone but yourself. Glory to God.


He wants to appear in you, He wants to stand up in full stature in you, He wants to work in you, He wants to overcome mental illness in you, He wants to overcome physical illness in you, He wants to overcome drugs, alcohol, adultery, depression, smoking, or whatever your problem is. I do not care, and He is doing it a different way in this hour than He did forty or fifty years ago.


You see, a lot of people in the church are confused. Forty, fifty, sixty years ago we had a lot of miracles. People standing up in wheelchairs, people getting healed of all kinds of disease, testimonies about legs growing out, and eyes operating when there was no eye in the socket. Did you ever hear about that one? Well, why are we not seeing it today? We have entered into a new dispensation. In those days, God was showing His power, and He was having mercy on people, which is likened to the raising of Lazarus from the dead.


Remember the woman who was crying over the coffin of her only son that was dead, and He raised the dead. He raised her son because, in those days, women had no way to support themselves. He raised her son so that she should not die of starvation, but there was no change in the people's personalities. There was no crossing over from sin to righteousness. God just had mercy on them, and He delivered them from their torment. This is the hour of the crossing over from sin into righteousness, and when you cross over and righteousness appears in you, every problem that you have will be as if it never was.


You see, He is not doing it the old way. Did He not say to His disciples, "You will do a greater work than me." I have heard so much debate over what the greater works are. This is the greater works. Although the two dispensations are overlapping, God is still raising people out of wheelchairs, He is still raising people from the dead. I am sure He is doing everything, but it is getting less and less and less. Why? Because, unseen to the human eye, He is being formed in utero in your souls.


When He is born, He is going to join with you. He who is joined to God is? One spirit, and there will be no separation between you and Him. You shall have crossed over from death unto life, and you shall have been translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of His dear Son.


No matter what your problem is, it will disappear like it never was.


What am I saying to you? Although the Lord has the power to heal you of whatever your affliction is at any moment, He has chosen not to do so in many cases. He has chosen instead to put His life in you as a mustard seed, and wait for your healing until it grows into a great big tree.


Now if you are in pain, this is a hard word for you. The Lord God, His wisdom is beyond our ability to comprehend it, but Has said that it is so. He says, "Just as with labor and childbirth, when after it is over no matter how painful it is, joy cometh in the morning because a manchild has been born." He says we are going to forget all of this mess, and we shall enter into the life of the kingdom.


Be encouraged. His word to you tonight is, "Do not think He has forgotten you. Do not think that this revival that is coming is going to be like past revivals because it is not." In this revival that is coming, we shall see men and women across the earth having Jesus Christ appear in them standing in full stature, in full spiritual authority that Jesus Christ was in before the crucifixion. The greater works that we are doing, although we will have the authority to heal the sick and to raise the dead, the greater works, if I did not make it clear, is the ability to have Christ start to be formed in you. We are all spiritual wombs for the life of Christ, and our job is to spread His seed across the entire world, and see Him appear in the many members of the human race. That is the greater works. Now while we are doing this, He may have mercy here or there.


I almost died a few months ago. He had mercy on me. My nature has not changed, He raised my body up. I was gone for sure, but my nature has not changed. I am still a natural man. I have Christ. Also, I am in transition, but no matter how much of Christ that you have, you know the process has not been completed if you catch a cold, or if you have one ungodly thought.


Sin is in the mind, and you know it has not happened to you yet, but the ultimate sign is your resurrection from the dead. Someone said to me a few weeks ago, "Oh, I know a lot of holy people. This is happening already." Brethren, if you take that holy person, and you run them down with a car and they die, they are not holy. As speaking in tongues is a sign of the baptism with the Holy Spirit, the resurrection from the dead is the sign of perfection. Nothing can kill you.


Why? Because the Father will raise you from the dead. If they crucify you, if they hit you with a car, if your arm gets cut off, you will grow out another arm. Now we see all these things, in part, in the church today because they are gifts. The Father came with gifts as a sign of the age to come, and when Christ stands up in you, you have entered into the new age. There is a legitimate new age, there is a counterfeit new age, and there is a true new age.


Jesus Christ is the new age, and we enter into His new age by entering into His spirit. He is the New Man. We must put off the old man, that which is truly us, which has nothing to do with what we look like, which has nothing to do with this personality. Our true life which is spirit, which was with Christ from the foundation of the earth, must separate from this fallen adamic soul life that we have been living, or from Babylon and enter into the new Jerusalem or enter into the life of Christ.


At that point, we shall be indestructible, and the lion shall lie down with the lamb. Because as soon as we enter into Christ, He is going to kill Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, which is the lion. They are going to dwell in peace. Why? Because Christ is going to kill him. Hallelujah.


The Lord is calling you all in this hour to seek Him and petition Him as to what He wants you to do so that He can appear in you, because the hour is at hand. It is hard to believe, but it is real soon. I believe that as soon as people receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit one at a time, people are going to be standing up in full stature one at a time, and there shall be a first fruits company.


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: Could you just say that for the tape?


COMMENT: What do you mean by the first fruits company?


PASTOR VITALE: The Lord describes spiritual life as a plant. The life of His spirit is growing in the earth of our souls like a tomato plant grows in the ground. Does anyone have a problem with that? You are all living out here in the country, have you ever seen tomatoes on a tomato plant? You watch the flowers, and then all of a sudden you come out one morning, and there is a tomato on your plant, the first fruits.


Then you come out the second morning, and there are three tomatoes, still the first fruits. You come out a week later, and the whole plant is filled with tomatoes, but they all did not come up at the same morning.


The first people in whom Christ appears in full stature is likened to the first tomatoes on that plant. It is going to be happening throughout the world, some from the church, some who are not in the church. We were talking about that earlier. There will be some men it will happen in ahead of other men. When I say men, for those of you who do not know me, I mean human beings, men, women.


COMMENT: Do you mean in a physical form or a spiritual form?


PASTOR VITALE: Physical. God is Christ in the flesh. He who does not confess that Christ has come in the flesh is an anti Christ. This is not a spirit, this is not a spiritual happening. Well, it is spiritual, but it is happening in the flesh, in the flesh. God is appearing in the flesh. He desires to appear in men, and we may not understand everything, but we see Jesus, we saw what He did with Jesus. That is what we are looking forward to.


He said, "If a corn of wheat fall in the earth, and it shall bring forth a great harvest." Jesus Christ is reproducing Himself. He is bringing forth children, we are told in Isaiah, Chapter 53. The Lord has promised Him many children so that His seed can be prolonged. There is a second generation of Christ coming, Jesus Christ of Nazareth being the first generation, and we being the second generation.


To us, He has become the Father. The Father and the Son. He is appearing in the flesh. Amen. Hallelujah. Anybody else have a question? This is a glorious word, it is now, it is coming real soon. It is now. It is hard to believe because you suffer, and you suffer, and you suffer, and you suffer, and it is hard to believe, but it has to happen sooner or later. Jesus Christ appeared, and God said He would not do anything without telling His prophets first.


It is now. It is real soon, and if the message is coming to your ears, the chances are real good that you are called to this experience in Christ.


This does not make you better than anybody that is not called to it right now. It is just that our Lord has the right of election, and He is doing what He is doing, and He is the only one that determines who is going to sit at the right hand of the Father. He who is greatest among you shall be a minister. Only the man of this world exercises power and authority over people.


He who is a true servant of Christ ministers to the people. What makes you a Christian is the spirit that is living His life through you. You are not your own, you know that Scripture, you are not your own? You were bought with a price. Right. Well, if you are not born again, you are not your own either. You are Satan's, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. It is a hard word, but it is the truth.


No man is his own. We are the property of the spirit that lives through us. This is a hard word, but this is the truth. The gifts and calling of God are without repentance. The fact that you speak in tongues, go to church, and read the Bible does not make you a Christian. What makes you a Christian is that Christ is living through you.


Examine your thoughts, examine your relationship with the Lord, examine your relationship with other people. Are you exercising ungodly power over people? Now there is authority. Jesus has authority in the church that we exercise in meekness and kindness. Sometimes a rebuke is necessary, but if it is Christ, it is OK.


There are people exercising ungodly authority that is not Christ, that is not Christ. Christ ministers to everybody, Christ died for everybody. "Submit ye one to another." All strife and competition is not of God. Serve your employers in meekness and humility. Employers be kind to your employees, as you fear your Father in Heaven.


"Submit yourself one to another for the hour of His appearing surely is at hand, and every sin shall have its just recompense. Be not deceived, God is not mocked. Ye shall surely reap what you have sown." Hallelujah. Be pitiful and kind to the broken hearted and seek God on how you can serve Him, and resist pride at all costs. Resist pride. It is the enemy of the spiritual man. Your pride shall surely destroy you. Seek no glory, seek not fame, but seek to be obedient to Christ. Seek to have a humble and submissive spirit and to be moving in His spirit. We are moving into a supernatural age were He wants to think His thoughts in our mind, and we will go without even thinking about it.


This is the age of the supernatural. It is wonderful to go to church, but church is a schoolroom. The hour is at hand where He is moving us into the streets, and if we cannot hear Him when He tells us to get up and go, we cannot really help the people. We do not have any power of ourselves. All power is in Christ. Amen.


The only time He is going to release His power through us is when we are ministering to the person He wants to minister too. Amen. We have to get to the people He wants us to minister too. This revival is upon us, it is upon us. If you want a part in...I mean this is exciting, and if you cannot get out, He will bring people to your house.


You have to be open to speak the words that He wants them to hear. He will not waste a soul. If you are willing to serve Him, He will not waste a soul. Do you know I have heard of people dialing a wrong number and getting a Christian on the telephone, and they are ready to commit suicide, and the Christian prays for them. God will use you right where you are.


I was half dead in the hospital, and we were having revival. I just stopped to think about it, and I would start to laugh. Everybody that walked into my room, I was ministering to. I could not even get out of bed.


If your heart is willing, He will not waste an opportunity. He is gracious, He is glorious, He is mighty, He is your God and your Savior, and He loves you, and He wants to marry you. He is going to marry your soul, but before He marries your soul, He has to be fully born in manhood into you. He has to be formed in you before He could be fully born into manhood. Hallelujah.


If you do not think that He is in the process of being formed in you, you can ask Him for that, you can ask Him for that, because the gifts and calling of God are without repentance. They are just for a season, and they are passing away. Like prophesy and tongues, the gifts and calling of God are passing away. There is a season of Him pouring Himself out upon the church, and we have to get pregnant. If at the moment He withdraws, and you are not pregnant, and all your gifts and your calling are passing away, do not panic. Tell Him you want to be pregnant. Yes?


COMMENT: I know some Baptists do not believe that the speaking in tongues and the gift of the Holy Spirit and all that is for today, because there is a Scripture that says all of that will cease. I know it says in the Bible all this will cease away, they believe that it has ceased away, and I know that is not true. When will it really cease?


PASTOR VITALE: It will cease when Christ swallows it up. See, this is a very common mistake of the natural man. They read something in the Bible, and they try to bring it to pass in their own power. When the Bible says it is passing away, what that means is that it is passing away because something greater is coming.


When you were ten years old, your ten year old life passed away when you became eleven. Your eleven year old life passed away when you became twelve. Well, this tongues and prophesy and everything, that is a gift. The gifts and calling of God are without repentance. That is passing away. When Christ is formed in you and stands up in His maturity, because the gifts and the calling of God are His immaturity, that is Christ's immaturity in you, and as He matures in you, that will pass away. We cannot do that in our own power.


COMMENT: Yes, it is a common mistake.


PASTOR VITALE: It is a big error, but it is not to just those in the Baptist Church. Throughout the Scriptures, there are many promises and many statements that many readers of the Bible, they either appropriate it in their mind before they have it, and they do not have it, or they get rid of it too soon. The letter killer, and the spirit gives life. We must understand this Bible by the spirit; otherwise, we are going to be dead. That is what the Scripture says. The letter will kill you. Reading this Bible in the letter will kill you.


We must understand the spirit of the word, and every word in this Bible is not for everybody at the same time in their life. We have to find out where we are in out spiritual growth and what Scriptures apply to us where we are in our spiritual growth. Maybe there is a man around today that the gifts have passed away in. Well, they passed away in Jesus Christ. They were swallowed up into His full spiritual mature life.


It has not passed away for you, and some people have not even received it yet. Jesus has children of many ages. It is a big mistake in the church, we get a revelation and we want everybody else to do what we are doing. It is like saying, "I made it to the sixth grade, now let us get rid of first, second, third, fourth, and fifth grade." What about the people just starting out?


We are not all the same. We are not all in the same place, but one thing is clear. The Lord said, "If you are more mature, you must minister to the younger." Your job is to bring them up to where you are. Whoever God brings into your life, if they are not where you are, they are not to be discarded. Watch your pride. Your job is to bring them up to where you are.


When God brings you into a relationship with somebody, you have to find out weather you are to bring them up to were you are, or they are to bring you up to where they are. Or maybe in one area, it is one way, and in another area, it is another way. If pride is ruling in your mind, you are not going to be able to hear from God accurately, and the one purpose of God in our lives is to produce Christ in us.


If pride is ruling in your mind, you are opposing the will of God. What is His will? To mature you into a duplicate or a replica of Himself. He wants to bring you into righteousness and complete spiritual wholeness, and when you reach complete spiritual wholeness, your body and your emotions will follow.


He is doing it from the inside out. You see, in the old order He was healing bodies. We were talking about that a minute ago. He was healing bodies, raised the dead, got people up out of wheelchairs, healed them of the palsy. In this hour, He is doing it from the inside out.


It is hard to see, it is hard to see, and people that have not heard this message sometimes get very discouraged, and the Lord wants this word out. He has not forsaken you, He is doing a new thing. Hallelujah. He is doing a new thing. Glory to God. Any more questions? You have a question XXXX? It looked like you had a question. Praise the Lord. Anybody have any thing else to say? Glory to God. Hallelujah.


COMMENT: "I would rather have Jesus than silver or gold. I would rather have Jesus than any treasures untold."




COMMENT: If I had to make a choice, I would rather have Jesus.


PASTOR VITALE: I believe we cannot have both, we have to make a choice. Glory to God. It looks like the Lord is not looking at us, but He is burying His seeds. He is sowing His seeds in this hour. There is a big unveiling coming of His life. The glory that comes with it, it is greater then when Jesus walked the earth, and He healed bodies. This is total healing, total 100% wholeness.


COMMENT: Pastor Vitale, are there healings taking place today, like miraculous healings, people who could not walk, walking?


PASTOR VITALE: I am sure there are. I am sure that there are but very few. I am sure that there are, but this is a very hard word. God could do anything that He wants.


COMMENT: Why do we not see it?


PASTOR VITALE: Because it is very rare, and I am personally of the opinion that He is doing it mostly for people, for whatever His reason, there is no righteousness in anybody, it is all the election of God. For whatever reason, He has called them to ministry. I know I believe that is the only reason He raised me up.


C0MMENT: I was healed twice from diabetes.




COMMENT: When I was twelve, I had it, and when I first got saved, some one prayed over me.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, there is a group of people that were called from the foundation of the earth. Again this is a very hard word, because I know the word says that God is no respecter of persons, but sometimes we cannot understand God's ways. There are a people that are called to stand up in full stature in this hour. In this hour, it is not everybody. It is going to take a long time to purge the whole earth and purify the whole earth. It is going to be small numbers at the beginning, and there is a group that the Lord, God has elected that are going to appear in the very near future, and if you are one of these people, there is nothing that can kill you. Can you wait one second, I want to finish my thought.


There is nothing that can kill you. He will not let you die. If you are called to this glory in this hour, and I repeat, it is nothing that you have done to deserve it. I have a very deartomyheart, 89 year old man that has been ministering since 1905, I think. He was just very ill, God bless you, and he was very ill and I called him. He lived in Arizona, and his sister answered the phone, and she said, "Do me a favor and pray for God's will." I said, "It is not his time," and he came around, and it would not surprise me if God is going to appear in this man.


If you are called for this glory, in this hour, because God has elected you, there is nothing that could kill you.


COMMENT: I believe the true healing, the healing that is coming forth from the church now is the healing from the person within. That is what the Lord is looking at, the hurts within the person, that is separating the person from Him. That it is not so much towards the physical healing as much as it is going towards the emotional healing.


PASTOR VITALE: Amen. Exactly, and frequently He does not heal our physical plights because it draws us closer to Him, and the healing is the inner healing. That is the conversion. He is converting our hearts from darkness to righteousness, and it is painful. He will let us have all kinds of afflictions in our body and in our mind. He lets us go through a lot, He lets us go through a lot.


There are a lot of Christians in the church that are not particularly afflicted, and they will look at their brothers and sisters who are going through a lot, and, unfortunately, it is not uncommon that they condemn then and they say, "You must be in sin, or you must be doing something wrong." It is just not true. I think I told you that last year when I was in the intensive care unit at the hospital, half dead, and someone came to visit me and told me there must be something I did not repent of. He leaned over my bed, he meant well, he came to visit me and he said, "There must be something you did not repent of, Pastor Vitale." I said, "Do me a favor, talk about something else or leave." That is what I said.


COMMENT: Did he get upset?


PASTOR VITALE: That I told him that? Yes.


COMMENT: Is it true? Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: No, it was not true. Glory to God. He meant well. Most people mean well, but I want to tell you, there is a law that says ignorance of the law, I cannot quote it exactly, but if your friend says, "I want you to take a ride with me," and he leaves you in the car while he robs a drug store, you are guilty. Ignorance is no excuse for the law.


Brethren, we are living in a very exciting hour, and the Lord is challenging us to work with Him to slay the enmity in our flesh, and ignorance is no excuse for the breaking of the law.


You have to study to show yourself approved. You ask the Lord where He wants you to study, what He wants you to study, where He wants you to go, what He wants you to do, but you have to be seeking God in however He directs you.


You cannot be out partying in the world because this thing is going to pass you by, this thing is going to pass you by. I am going to tell you one more time, the one thing that is going to destroy you is pride, because pride in your mind opposes God. I cannot even tell you what He is going to tell you. Whatever God wants you to do, the carnal mind is going to tell you to do the opposite.


COMMENT: Pride will hit but the most important thing is to recognize it, and stand still and let the Lord lift it out of you.


PASTOR VITALE: Amen. You have to war against it. You have to war against it. It will destroy you, and if you are hearing this message, you are called. This is an exciting word. Prepare yourself, the hour is at hand. Hallelujah. Anybody else?


COMMENT: I thought we were going to do the whole book of Nahum?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, the Lord changed it. We will do it another time. I think the reason He changed it was the people that never heard me preach before. I do not think it was right for them tonight. He wanted them to hear this basic message, maybe another time.


COMMENT: The Lord did it.


PASTOR VITALE: Glory to God.


COMMENT: God alters it?


PASTOR VITALE: Because He is here to minister to the people. I could have preached a whole message, and if it did not help you what good is it? He has come to add something to you, to help you to change your life.


COMMENT: Blessed by the Holy Spirit.


PASTOR VITALE: Praise the Lord.






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