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The young man that is getting very deep deliverance over the telephone lives about thirty miles here, and he is going to try to get out here today, and he could not get out. He is having violent manifestations, very deep wickedness. He is living in a household where nobody understands what is going on, and they all think he is crazy and that he is getting violent.


By the grace of God Christ is moving in the midst of all this he has been calling me three times a day. I have been praying for him over the telephone, and he is vomiting while I am praying for him on the telephone. He has been vomiting up blood, and once when he vomited up two black worms but he was very distressed because he is manifested, and he is very afraid that they are going to have him locked up manifesting so violently.


My heart is just going out to him, I think he had a tremendous deliverance last night I could feel it in my spirit and I woke up yesterday morning, and there was this incredible heaviness on me. I prayed, and prayed all day I could not break it. I found out when I am carrying someone else’s burden I cannot break it until it breaks on the other person. It is not like a physic prayer or a curse I am literally carrying their burden in my spirit.


He called me late in the day, and we prayed deliverance then, and this is going on for at least a week now. After I prayed deliverance for him I got hit with witchcraft so bad that I had to lay down myself, and I slept for about two hours. I started to pray, and I said Lord you know I really have to repent publically because I was having it in my carnal mind that to do this kind of deliverance you have to have a big church with 50 people there to hold the person down if you needed.


God has given me, I have told you He has given me this kind of ministry its small and it is informal. I said Lord what do you want from me. I cannot get to this man he is thirty miles away right now we are only having one regular meeting a week besides from the spontaneous meetings I do not have a big church with five muscle bound men to hold him down. This guy is a body builder. What do you want from me I cannot even have him come live in my house for a couple of weeks because he is twenty four years old, and I am a single woman. I cannot do that.


Besides from the fact that he may kill me if he manifests. I started telling him about other ministries to go to. I had to repent last night, and I had to repent this morning. The bottom line is that if God has sent him here to get delivered God is going to meet all the needs some how. He said to me he thought he was coming today he says you have better get some big strong men there to hold me down. I said well we are all women.


I do not know what God is going to do. I prayed when you said you wanted to come, and I asked Him to bring in who ever He wanted to bring in, and I just have to believe that God is taking care of it. The way he took care of it is that he got deliverance instantly from over the phone last night. I woke up this morning, and this heaviness is all over me. I have not spoken to him today yet but I just know he got a tremendous deliverance because its all over me that is how I know, it is all over him.


There are two major points that I want to make here for all of us is that God can do anything, anywhere, anytime, any place with any vessel that He wants. We are not to be afraid of peoples physical strength, and we are not to be restricted in our mind because we do not have physical things that a lot of other churches have. I told the Lord that anyone... you know I have been out of deliverance for about four years. I never thought he would call me back to deliverance again.


I guess I have been manifesting myself I told the Lord last night I will take anyone that He sends me if He lets them kill me I will die. He is not going to let them kill me but I have got to stop thinking all these thoughts. What was going through my mind is well I am only having one meeting a week normally my counsel to you would be come, and sit in the services five nights a week get under the anointing.


The Lord said that is all the mind of man I am able to keep him. I am determined to set him free, and you are the one I send him to I can keep him where ever he is. He did not even wind up coming here this morning. As I said he called me at 2 o clock this morning hysterical because God has opened his eyes, and the man is highly demonized but he is looking at him self the man of sin has been revealed in him, and he comes from a family back ground where the men are very violent. He has got very heavy curses on him. He was screaming on the telephone I am a beast I am a beast!


I believe the Lord has shown him that it is true Spiritually he has got a lot of wickedness there. This is really exciting because the Lord has revealed the Man of Sin in his own mind, and Christ is there, and the Man of Sin is being destroyed with the brightness of the coming of Christ in him it is very exciting even doubly so I do not know about you maybe you have a different testimony than me.


I do not see it in the church, I see very little deliverance, and there is one person that has been coming here for three years, and I keep hearing that person scream at me why am I not delivered? As hard as it was for me to tell them after much prayer the word of the Lord to them seemed to be you have not truly confessed your sins. You are not delivered because you have not truly looked upon yourself, and said I am a beast I am vile I am wicked and I want to be Christ like.


That is not to mean we are to condemn ourselves. We are not to condemn ourselves but we cannot cross over until we see ourselves for what we are, and utterly reject every ungodly thing in our heart. The Lord showed me that He is so great that He is reigning on this man this man is in revival this one man is in revival and he is getting deliverance two to three times a day.


The cloud is reigning just on him, and God can do it. I know a lot of what I preach is confess your sins, and repent but a lot of people I do not think they take this seriously. There seams to be a very small group of people willing to make a commitment., You know these meetings are really heavy, and you really have to study. Very few people are willing to do it they want to have a good time they want to have a night out they want something to do but they really are not willing to pay the price.


That is the word to us the exhortation to us this morning is that there is nothing that our God cannot deliver us from. There is absolutely nothing that He cannot deliver us from but He does require a certain degree of commitment form us, and we are never without hope because if we look at our hearts, and we do not have the commitment we ask Him for the commitment. All things are possible in Christ.


I have been saying this for a long time, and I keep on saying it the Sons of God are going to manifest soon, and it is going to be a very small group of people. He is not taking a sin-filled person that is living after their own lusts, and going "poof you are a son of God." He is not doing it. He is going to impart His righteousness, and the power that goes with it to the people that are moaning, and groaning because of the sins in Israel, and the sins within their own heart. He is going to the people that are on their face screaming I am a beast, I am a beast and I do not want to be a beast.


Just one more word on this exhortation. This man was thrown out of his local church the average Christian does not want anything to do with people like this. They say how could a Christian have a demon how could a Christian be cursed, I do not mean to knock them I am just commenting on the condition of the church today they do not know how to deal with it they are afraid of it. They are afraid that maybe it is in them too which it probably is. Although everybody is not equally as wicked this man has a lot of murderers on his family line he has a lot of heavy stuff on his family line. The church is not reflecting the Lord Jesus Christ in this hour because He cast out demons and He cast out demons out of the children of Israel. He set the people free


That is the exhortation for this morning. Did you want to say something XXXXX? Well you never know what God is going to do. Humor me.


COMMENT: The person who was manifesting the man that you were speaking with was this a young minister that you met at your church or something?


PASTOR VITALE: He is not a minister he is only with the Lord three months. He is 24 years old.


COMMENT: oh I see how do you meet these people do they come to you?


PASTOR VITALE: No God sends them to me or God sends me to them or it is supernatural. I have to laugh I am not laughing at you I have to laugh at men. I am not laughing at them its just humorous because we are all carnal. You are not the first person that has said to me how do you meet these people?


COMMENT: Inaudible


PASTOR VITALE: No God brought me to him cause he has no car. Not only did God bring me to him but if you trace it back how many people God had to bring me into fellowship with so that I could get to him you would really be praising God for the miracle. This time last year I did not know anybody in that geographical location.


COMMENT: The Pentecostal churches in Queens they are not moving like that are they?


PASTOR VITALE: Now I only know of one man in Queens who is casting out demons. He does not have any deep doctrine. I do not know where you are in doctrine but we teach deep doctrine here. He is casting out demons. I see a heavy anointing on his church, they say he is crazy, and this little group for which God introduced me to this man they all say stay away from him the man is a nut, and I should not even be repeating it.


They say all these things about him. When I was in this area several months ago the Lord had me bring about three, four or five people into his church, and I knew God was saying I want you to come here on a regular basis this is a local church, and they would not go. There was this one woman in particular that He was calling there she really needs deliverance. I had an encounter with her on the telephone. She was.... After I ministered to her I said do me a favor would you just pray about it I believe the Lord is calling you there. Three or four weeks later she said to me "the average Christian does not believe these things." Now he has got a strange kind of set up there and she was saying all these things to me on the telephone. Just to make the story short, she must have been in enough submition to Christ somewhere in the back of her mind she must have been submitted enough to Christ that she broke through, and the last I hear from her she was going there four or five nights a week.


COMMENT: is there a specific amount of power over this? Drugs, Crime Mafia, is there a particular cloud over that?


PASTOR VITALE: one of the things that we teach here, you see the church world will tell you that there is a strongman of gangsterism over an area so stay away from that area. That is not really true what happens is that it is in the individual, and when all these individuals get together in the same place it rises up like a spiritual cloud over the area. I guess there is a lot of it there. God is... it is very exciting to think that God could penetrate all of that, and He sent XXXX, and I that night.


I woke up that morning, and He told me to ask XXXX to go with me, and I said for what ever reason? Oh no I do no think she would want to. I did not think that was God. Then XXXX called me she said she woke up that morning, and she said God told her she was going to be with me in ministry that night. The Lord did it anyway despite my disobedience. He picked for that... see God is no respecter of persons for that particular mission He picked XXXX, and me. That does not mean there is anything great about XXXX, and me what it means He looked around, and He wanted to do a particular job, and He decided that we were two people that we qualified for that job at this time.


That does not mean that you are not qualified and for if any reason that you were not qualified that does not mean you do not have to stay this way for the rest of your life. Maybe you will be qualified in a year. Or maybe you are qualified but He only sent two that night. Believe me God has enough work for everybody. Believe me if you are interested in ministry He is going to send you. There is no reason that we have to resist carnality. I am not accusing anybody of this I am just suggesting it as a word of caution.


You have to resist carnality in ourselves if we see that God sends somebody or is doing something in there life, and we would have liked to have gone. You can pray two ways you can say Lord I would have liked to have gone is it possible to send me next time? If for any reason you are not qualified or what ever reason you ask can you make me qualified or send me some place else.


There is so much work to do the church they are just not entering in they are just not. At this season He is taking one here, and one there that is what He is doing until the sons of God manifest. That is my opinion that is what it looks like to me. The ones that He is calling now, and the ones that are being called to ministry.


This guy is coming so fast the doctrine that he is receiving the intensity of the deliverance....when I hung up on him last night he said his whole body was in agony. I said well they tear you when they come out when you have this kind of intense deliverance they tear you when they come out. He was crying on the phone he has no support in that household he is afraid they are going to put him in an insane asylum at least when I got my deliverance I was in a church with 100 200 people what was happening was acceptable at least within the church this guy is really on his own.


God is doing what ever He is doing, and I am talking to myself we have to be really be careful not to get it in our head that it has to be a certain way. He sent out.. As I look around me I see the ministry is very scriptural. He sent the apostles out two by two He did not send them out in big churches of 200 He did not do it. He sent them out to cast out demons, and heal the sick two by two.


I did not hear anything in the Bible about needed eight muscle bound men to hold down people or anything like that. For those of you who really do not know me all that well I am not against that but I believe that there are two different levels of deliverance. There is the delivering power that the Lord has imparted to the man that is not converted yet he is still a natural man but he has the Holy spirit he speaks in tongues, and that in his heart he is still a natural man. That is what XXXXX, and I, and XXXX where in for several years for the power was at a minimum we needed men to hold the people down we needed big congregations to support it.


As the Christ arises in us as He becomes our nature the deliverance ministry is going to start to appear like it appeared in the Bible. Were you just go out two by two, and you just say come out, and it will come out. I was just talking to this guy on the phone, and I said come out, and he was vomiting all over the place.


I want to make it very clear I am not against what is called old order deliverance where you wrestle with the demons in the people for an hour or two, I am not against it. If that is the weapon God is giving you. If He is giving you a knife that is not that sharp you have got to cut that much harder. In this hour that the Sons of God are about to manifest our knives are much sharper, and we do not need all that visible trapping.


When you start moving in this power you know people are going to talk about you, and they are going to lie about you, and you are going to have to live with it. There is nothing you can do about it you are not going to change their minds so you just have to live with it.


His girlfriend lives in the house with his mother, he said they say ever since I met you I am going crazy. What is happening ever since he met me he is manifesting. I spoke to his girlfriend on the phone the other day she said yeah we just had this terrible fight, and the last time he talked to you the same thing happened he hung up the phone and he went crazy.


Their carnal minds are seeing me as a evil influence. This is the manifestation of the carnal mind. I knew a woman once who was newly with the Lord, and she had a well known preacher she went to revival, he laid hands on her, and prayed for her. She came home, and she was being attacked of thoughts in her mind of killing her young baby she drew the conclusion that this man was not of God. He was of God the power of God applied to her stirred all this junk up but it was supposed to have been cast out. It was not cast out it just got stirred up, and she drew the conclusion that he was evil.


That is what the carnal mind does as the power of God increases in you people are going to have reactions to you that are going to cause them fear. It is going to make them afraid and cause them to be stressed, and it is never going to occur to them that it is wickedness in them. They are going to be convinced that you are a witch or some kind of evil person. We have to know these things because it is going to happen to us.


COMMENT: can you pray that they come out with out these manifestations by the power of God?


PASTOR VITALE: You can pray it but I believe that there are some circumstances there is no other way. It does not happen to everybody. Everybody does not get these violent manifestations but if a person is in a spiritual condition, God is the judge where He determines it is necessary there is no other way. This is why sometimes you have to vomit because it comes out. Everything that I say is not.... the rules, and always can be broken I am just giving you general observations when I talk to you. People that vomit a lot the curses are on the family line. Demons are spirits they are breaths they have no form or shape but when they dwell in a body for a very long time matter starts clinging the flesh starts clinging to them just like if you take something, and throw it in the ocean, and it is there for years you take it out and there is seaweed all over it, and moss.


When there are demons on the family line that are passed form generation to generation, and we have these depending on our family line situation we are born with it. We can be born with them. The ones that have been on the family line for generations all of this moss, and seaweed is clinging to them, and the only way to get them out is to vomit them up.


That is usually the situation, and he has thrown up blood several times there is heavy witchcraft on his family line, and these curses can go back at least ten generations. We do not know what our ancestors where doing all of us have ancestors from Europe all of us. I do not think anyone here has ten generations in America, and there was always heavy witchcraft where ever you come from.


COMMENT: When you vomit how do you know its not from you not feeling well?


PASTOR VITALE: It could be a virus it could be something you ate.


COMMENT: How do you know?


PASTOR VITALE: You have to ask the Lord but the chance that it is deliverance that it comes after an intense encounter with the Lord reading your Bible praying seeking God asking Him for help. If you start vomiting after that the chances are really good that it was God. This young man said to me on the phone I just ate dinner and when I vomited there was no food in it at all. This is another sign when its demons that come up there is rarely food any food that you have eaten but if you are not sure who cares let us not get hung up on legalism, and there is nothing to be ashamed people get upset but it is a glorious ministry of Jesus Christ that He is cleansing us of this spiritual filth that is tormenting us, and ruining our life.


There is another side to this deliverance not only are these things tormenting us, and ruining our life but when they are out they open us up to the true word, and power of God to be released in us. The two kingdoms are not going to abide in here for ever. While there are two kingdoms only one can be ruling. That kingdom of darkness it must be destroyed, and in direct proportion to the degree that God is destroying it that is the extent that He is increasing in you. In spiritual authority, and in your ability to understand this word.


We have to cross over. We are crossing over from being a natural man to being a spiritual man. This cleansing...Even though some of us are not in a desperate condition as others that carnality has to be ripped up, and rooted up, and if your are hearing this word, and you want to go on to being a spiritual man in Christ you have petition the Lord for your personal deliverance.


If you could sit there, and say well Lord you know I am not crazy I am not screaming at people I have raised my family and I have children, and I am ok what is it where do you want to start cleansing me to get rid of the carnality that does not look so bad but is blocking me from understanding this word what ever it is that is putting me to sleep when I hear this message what ever it is that is making me afraid when I am round somebody with spiritual authority. It has got to go. The one thing that is going to prevent you from entering in is your pride if you are afraid its pride we must confess without condemnation we can sorrow onto repentance as to our weaknesses in Christ and ask that we cross over get rid of them, and be strong in Christ.


COMMENT: I want to ask when a person gets delivered and when the demons are cast out can they come back in if you let them?


PASTOR VITALE: The ones that get cast out die. But if we continue to sin in our mind we can birth new one. Demons are birth from within our spiritual being. If we continue to sin and all sin is in the mind we can birth new ones. It is not too common because the Lord does not usually deliver you unless your heart is right. What is a right heart a right heart is a rejection of that sin, a hatred of that sin.


COMMENT: Matthew 12 when it talks about the demons left, and it searched around in arid places and it said I will enter in. What does that mean if they die?


PASTOR VITALE: That Scripture does not say demons if you look up that Scripture it says the unclean spirit. I have it on a tape somewhere I think I did it word by word I am of the opinion when Jesus talked about that He was not talking about an initial demon and indeed He used the word unclean spirit. I suggest to you that the word unclean spirit is referring to the spirit of this living soul we are unclean, the creation is unclean. We look around us, and we see many individuals but the spiritual reality of our existence is that God created one living soul. He is a spiritual entity that has taken on the flesh, and this flesh is just a garment.


He is a spiritual being Just like Jesus Christ is a spiritual being, and He is indwelling many bodies, and causing them to die because God has cursed Him. If several bodies die because of the curse of God upon them He looks around, and He said I like being in the flesh, and I am going to incarnate again. This is so hard for me to say simply please bare with me this is hours weeks, and months of study to bring forth this revelation Lord please help me.


This spiritual entity that is in our minds looks around, and says I like being in the flesh I like to have a human member to feel with to experience with to experience sin with those vessels died, and I am going to take on the flesh again. In the early tapes we talk about she has the authority to incarnate starting with tape 3 we have several tapes where the Lord showed us Scriptures where He said as far as humanity is concerned some human beings have been incarnated have taken on the flesh because the Lord Jesus Christ has said be born.


Jeremiah for example, and of course Jesus Christ but there are other men, and women walking around the earth leading very normal lives that have taken on the flesh for two other reason one potential reason being that this spiritual entity called the living soul has said I like being in the flesh, and several vessels have died, I am going to have new babies born so I can continue living out of the flesh, and the other reason being that men, and women have sexual intercourse, and sometimes they just get pregnant because these bodies have been programed to reproduce.


That is fortified, and backed up by Jesus’ parable about the soils. I prayed for years Lord what is the difference of the soil from one person to another person. The person that has the good soil is the person whom Jesus Christ has said take on the flesh for I have a work to do through you, The other people our God is a merciful God He knows all this stuff is going on, Have you ever seen a person that goes to church for years and the quickening never takes place? There is something missing in their soil what is missing is that Jesus Christ never said take on the flesh. They can live out there whole life time they could have a very pleasant lifetime but Christ is not going to move through them, They can have an offspring that Christ is moving through.


God uses everything He wastes nothing so if someone has taken on the flesh with out His specific command the Lord can decide to use that person to bring forth a son of God. God has everything under control this is a very hard word but the truth is that every human being that is on the face of the earth was not born because Jesus Christ said I have a spiritual work for you, and my son is going to appear. It is just not true you know that just look around you, Then there is the other side to it, it does not mean that these people are going to roast in hell forever. God knows what s going on He has everything under control, and as we have taught in this ministry never heard of it before we are made of spiritual substance we are not just this body. When a person like that dies when their body dies the spirit substance that they are made of goes back into the lump of clay. God made a lump of clay that He is forming our soul out of. This body is nothing it is just a house it is just dirt. The spiritual life that we are the spirit goes to the Father, and the substance that the soul is made of goes back into the lump of clay, and the Lord will reform the clay. He mars the vessel, and He will reform it into a new vessel. That is in Jeremiah.


COMMENT: You said that our bodies are geared to reproduce but does it not say in Genesis God say to reproduce?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes God knows everything that is going on, and it is His intention in that last day in that last generation to fill every vessel on the face of the earth with His life. Until we get to that time there are many people born that the Lord never said be born. Did that answer your question?


COMMENT: They willed it out of their own sexual pleasures?


PASTOR VITALE: Either out of their own sexual pleasure or lust or a spiritual entity in their mind said come forth. For Example I want Hitler on the face of the earth. I really doubt that Hitler came forth because a man, and a woman happened to lust for sexual intercourse. That was Satan incarnate I believe he willed himself to come forth.


COMMENT: When people abort their children. How does God feel about that. I know he does not like that but is that forgiven?


PASTOR VITALE: In Christ all things are forgiven, God is the only one that has the right to destroy life. In this hour as the sons of God are preparing as Christ is preparing to manifest in a group of people I personally believe a lot of babies that where being born at the express will of the Father are being aborted. I have heard it likened to Herod killing all of the two year olds. This is the hour we are entering into the Kingdom. What does that mean? This is the hour that Christ who is a spirit is going to fill the many human beings. He is going to fill them with His life and He is up there in Heaven saying ok come forth in this woman and come forth in this woman come forth in this woman, and all.... not all of them but many babies that the Lord God is commanding to come forth because He knows he is going to fill them they are being aborted.


COMMENT: There is a Scripture talking about Rachel crying for her children are those a lot of those the aborted Children?


PASTOR VITALE: I believe so I believe it was fulfilled in the days of Jesus in the natural, and it is being fulfilled in the spiritual now. The babies that are being allowed to live in large part at the babies that are coming forth from lust, and because Satan has willed them to come forth, and Satan is moving in the minds of women to destroy many of the babies where the Father is saying I have put the good soil in you be born and they are being killed.


COMMENT: Can you specify just one thing? If their intent is done through sin how does the God Lord make them turn to God even though they were born out of sin.


PASTOR VITALE: Well He can if He wants to. If He wants to He can do anything.


COMMENT: In other words just because a woman is not married, and is reproducing does not give he the right to abort.


PASTOR VITALE: Absolutely not.


COMMENT: That does not mean I am getting rid of my sins?


PASTOR VITALE: Oh no that is a worse sin. David did that sin he got Bathsheba pregnant, and he compounded the sin by killing her husband, and God took the child. What we see today when people are in fornication, and adultery, and they are compounding it by killing the baby God showed it to me as a very similar sin to the sin of David. Oh no there is no excuse for something like that.


COMMENT: Remember you said when Herod sent out the soldiers to kill the two year olds because Satan knew that the messiah was coming forth. When Satan knows is it possible that Satan knows who the chosen ones are?




COMMENT: When I was in my mothers womb a lot of things happened, and I almost was destroyed in my mothers womb. My mom told me that circumstance happened with my father, I love my dad but sometimes I know he would get into fights with my mom, and he would try to, or wish I would be aborted. He would say this when he was mad. Me, and my father have a good relationship I know he loves me. I mean at times my mom suffered while I was in her womb and at times I almost was destroyed. Could it be like Satan manifested through my father to get me destroyed?


PASTOR VITALE: I believe so. That is anti Christ or Satan or the dragon standing there waiting for the man child to be born trying to devoured.


COMMENT: Not that he wished I was aborted but he did not care wether my mom....


PASTOR VITALE: We understand.


COMMENT: I do not mean to make my father out to be mean but is it possible that during that time Satan might have known that I was to be the chosen one, and was manifesting through my father.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes I believe that we understand. If you do a survey of people that are called where Christ is going to be appearing in them in this lifetime most of us have had very hard lives. Some of us harder than others. Some of us it has effected more destructively than others but most of us you hear testimonies that we almost died. Or that we were not wanted we were almost aborted or we were subjected to very ungodly things in our families or in our lifetime it is very common that Satan has tried to kill us as we have come forth.


COMMENT: Pastor vitale you said before that the children that the Father wanted, they are aborting them does that mean He will never use them.


PASTOR VITALE: He will use who the aborted ones?




PASTOR VITALE: Well when they are aborted the spirit goes back tot he Father and the soul goes back to the lump, and the Father is standing there, and He is saying incarnate... It is like a big battle if your first line of soldiers are killed you bring forth the next line of soldiers. The personality that was in that individual baby devolves the spirit goes back to the Father, and the substance from which they are made goes back to the lump, and a new baby is formed. Nobodies personality survives the death of this body.


COMMENT: Is this error when ministers say that God is maturing them?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not believe that. This is a big crisis in the church today I know of only one minister his name is XXXXX XXXX as far as I know he is on the other side of the country some where. He is the only other minister that preaches that the personality is not resurrected and that it is a pagan doctrine that goes back to iniquity it is not in the Bible even Jesus said when the sages came to him this woman married a man, and he died, she married his brother and he died and in the resurrection which of the seven brothers is she going to be married too? You die for you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God. What was he saying? The personality is not resurrected. That is what Jesus is saying. The man you were married to he is not going to be in Heaven his spiritual substance that is in Christ is going to be in Heaven the personality is not resurrected.


COMMENT: I thought the Scripture was saying we do err because there is no marriage or given in marriage in heaven.


PASTOR VITALE: well that is what is says there is no marriage or given in marriage in Heaven I see what you are saying but the Scripture that the Lord gave me that Jesus was saying is that the personality is not resurrected that was established when He said Elijah was come again, and if you can receive it this man John the Baptist is the spirit of Elijah. He did not come back as Elijah He came in a new body, and a new soul. The part of Elijah that was Christ, the ministry of Christ that was in Elijah was appearing in the man John the Baptist but it did not look anything like Elijah.


COMMENT: well why did not the Lord just say that its finished instead of going on, and saying there is no marriage or giving in marriage?


PASTOR VITALE: Because He spoke in parables, and only those who are called should understand.


COMMENT: I thought that He said that because they were the Sadducees, and they did not believe in the resurrection I thought it was a way of....


PASTOR VITALE: well that is true they were the Sadducees and did not believe in the resurrection but He was... The whole purpose of what He said was to tell them that they did not know what He was talking about.


He still maintains the original resurrection He said there is no marriage or giving in marriage in resurrection so not only do you not know what you are talking about by saying there is no resurrection your questions shows how ignorant you are. The Lord has shown me when ever He is searching out Scripture a very important factor is who said it or if Jesus said it who He was answering. Now when Jesus said that He was answering people that were anti - Christ in their mind their heart was not open to the true Doctrine of God. Why would He give them the deep spiritual truth of saying the personality is not resurrected. That they are probably incapable of understanding if they would have laid hold of it, and made an argument out of it saying when Jesus gave them that answer He purpose was to shut them up.


If you are looking for deep spiritual truth you have to investigate what He said to His disciples.


COMMENT: In other words what He was doing was fulfilling the Scripture do cast pearls at swine.


PASTOR VITALE: Exactly they would have not understood it anyway but He did take the time and energy to say to them in so many words that there is a resurrection but you do not understand what the resurrection is about.


COMMENT: Someone asked me to ask you about some one here.


PASTOR VITALE: well you can ask it.


COMMENT: There is a young lady I know I sponsored her for a while she kept... I did not pay attention to her because it was beyond my understanding, and she talked about... I do not know if she was talking about reincarnation or wether she was talking about something she feels, or maybe she has a mental illness. I know that she has been hospitalized. I know she talks about another life she had with a child she has now two girls, and she talks about a life she had with a son. It is just strange, she is in a Catholic Church now she was in a born again church she said she did not want any part of that for it was much to overwhelming for her. She is in a Catholic church goes to church everyday its just strange about her...


PASTOR VITALE: well that is a demon, because past lives are no remembered, and what is happening in this hour very frequently the truth and the lie are existing side by side if you have spiritual eyes and ears. In this hour I know of two ministries that are preaching in time truth they are preaching the Doctrine. They are also preaching that the people that they know of one woman is the preacher herself that her son her dead son is appearing to many members of the congregation, and preaching the good tiding of Jesus.


I just got a booklet from a preacher, and what they are saying is that if your body dies, and you have the spirit of God it passes on. God is giving me a very hard message to preach but I am telling you we are still dead, and the sign that we are still dead is that we get sick, and our body dies. When we are resurrected from the dead this body will not die. Jesus said no man can take my life. Because the spiritual life within Him was resurrected from the dead the spiritual life that which was of Christ when He was crucified on the cross, and raised from the dead His soul life was raised from the dead. The life of God was within Him. He said I, and the Father are one. Because the life of the Father is within me no man can take my life. When they killed His soul life the Father raised Him from the dead.


Of course we do not know because we have not died but do you know any Christian who got sick, and died, and was raised from the dead? Even, now I have to correct this there have been people that are raised from the dead but the category of Lazarus. They are raised from the dead they live for ten or twenty years and then they die. It is just a mercy of God but we have not been resurrected from the dead yet.


We are in the process of being resurrected from the dead Christ is in us, and He is bringing our sin filled adamic soul into submission so He can purify us from sin, and when He completes that look when it is purified from sin if we should get hit by a car or shot with a gun or crucified the Father would raise us from the dead. If there is any sin in us at all we are not raised from the dead, and we all sin I do not know anybody besides Jesus that does not sin.


Sin is in the mind so this is an error to say that someone that has received the promise as we have, and dies passes on into resurrection. Because of this error as God is brining forth this doctrine there is no resurrection of the personality there are ministries out there that are manifesting the lie. Saying that there are believers that have died that are appearing. We are coming up side by side. It is awesome, some times I feel like I am going to explode when God shows me things. I got this materials from this woman she is on the other side of the country somewhere. She has a lot of revelation and she believes her dead son is appearing all over the place bringing good tidings.


I am going to say this one more time this is really important. Jesus was raised from the dead because He was without sin. If we were to die today we would not be raised from the dead because we have sin. Then of course there is the groups out there that says He who is born of God cannot sin and we are without sin, you have sin. You are justified, we are justified. What does that mean? That God has covered over our sin and permitted us to draw close to Him for what purpose? To cleanse us from sin, because if we are not justified if He has not given us permission to come close to him and we come close to Him we will die. He has giving us the cloak of His sons righteousness, and said draw near, and instead of my presence killing you, my presence shall purify you form sin. When you are purified I shall raise you from the dead, and you shall live for the life of the ages. But when we died without a full, without being 100% purified we are dead. If anyone who is appearing after such is a demon. How dare you put yourself in the category with the Lord Jesus Christ. He who is without reproach.


COMMENT: Is this the same when they say Mary is appearing in places all different places


PASTOR VITALE: I guess what they are saying... there is a doctrine in the Roman Catholic church that she was without sin. I am not Catholic so if I say something wrong please correct me because I was never a Catholic. That is what happening they are saying yes she rose from the dead but of course I remind you that when Jesus rose from the dead He took on the flesh again. This is just a demon appearing in a vison, and there is a false doctrine coming forth form the Roman Catholic church that the only way Jesus could have been born without sin was that His mother was sinless. It is a lie, it’s a lie. You see these false doctrine have come forth from a legitimate questions which the Lord is addressing in this hour. If the Father of Jesus Christ of Nazareth was God, and His mother was Mary He had inherit Mary’s Humanity. He had to inherit her sin He had to inherit what ever family line curses there where.


Well how could the Son of God be sinless that is a legitimate question. The answer is that He was born with sin. He was born with the perfect sinless life of the father. He was born in the condition that we are in now. He had two souls. The sinless unreproachable life of the Father, and that which was inherited from his mother, and the sinless unreproachable life of the Father brought the soul that he had inherited from his mother into submission He ruled over, and He said you shall not sin, and that sin which is within you that I have inherited I shall cast you out, and I shall curse you I shall cleanse you. You shall be clean, and because He succeeded in doing this when He was crucified the Father raised Him from the dead.


I had a Catholic woman come to me just a couple of weeks ago who was listening to these tapes. She was very upset, she said I cannot believe that Jesus had sin. I said well what happened to the soul of his mother? She said well His mother was perfect. I said no no. Now you have heard two possibilities if you reject those, and then give me a third I will listen to it. The Scripture says he was without sin he was a spotless lamb of God that was true but he had two souls.


COMMENT: Is that in the Bible?


PASTOR VITALE: That is in the Bible. His mother was Mary He has to inherit. He inherited a soul, and a body. We have a lot of tapes where I go into it a word at a time but this you know He had a natural mother, and she was with sin. He had a father who was sinless. God gives natural examples for everything that is spiritual. When you have a natural child the mother and father makes up what they are. There had to be something in him that was of sin,


COMMENT: The Scripture says he learned obedience from the things that He suffered.


PASTOR VITALE: Amen. Why did he suffer? What was his suffering. It was not just the cross his suffering was that the Christ in him refused to let that sin live out through his body and His mind I want to tell you something that it is painful and we are going through it now here is the clincher. Sin is in the mind. Jesus said if you look after a woman to lust you have sinned. Even though He never lusted after a woman, and we do not really know. We do not really now that until the time that He utterly subdued that adamic soul we do not really know what happened. I am going to get back to that in a second.


Where the Scripture said the lamb without spot. This was His condition at the moment of the crucifixion in the early years of His life He had a soul with inherited sin weather He lived it out or not weather He lusted or not weather He spoke sin with His mouth or not sin is a state of being we are born with it. At the time of His birth He had sin which He inherited from His mother some where between that birth, and the baptism the Christ in Him matured took authority over that sin, and purged that soul, and killed it. He slew the enmity in the flesh.


COMMENT: the Scripture says be faithful unto death, and I will give you a crown of life. Now is that when He received the crown of life?


PASTOR VITALE: Amen when your adamic soul dies.


COMMENT: Deny yourself?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. When your adamic soul dies Christ takes over your person totally Be faithful unto the death of your soul, and I will give you the crown of Christ moving through you.


COMMENT: How will we know that, when that happens? We are not talking about the resurrection only God can resurrect us. Jesus came back. Is this something you can feel?


PASTOR VITALE: I believe you are going to feel it. I have asked the Lord the same question. To start very simply I will not be blowing my nose any more we are not going to be sick anymore If God has brought you to a place where you recognize sin in your mind your short tempered with somebody, and you know it is ungodly, and you say Father help me. You are not going to be experiencing anything like that there will be no sin in your mind. No ungodly thought ever. Then if you get past that check point you are going to be praying for people, and they will be delivered instantly you are going to have the ability to change peoples lives you will be manifesting through you will be raising the dead you will be doing all of the Bible signs. I do not believe everyone is called to it if it comes to it, and they kill your body you will stand up, and walk away none of us are going to take this test I hope .


COMMENT: We talk about an evangelist that in their ministry that they perform, and they are talking about someone who died. A man he had a heart attack and died the minister left him there the next day he came back, and he said I died last night, and the minister say oh God you are the man who had the heart attack. I thought about you. That is hard to believe.


PASTOR VITALE: yes this is possible but this is in the same category as Lazarus. They are raised to the glory of God. Now when Jesus raised a young man from the dead it was because he was his mothers only son, and in those days if you did not have a man to work for you, you starved to death. God does things for a reason so either He raises you from the dead because He wants to live through you, and give you a spiritual life or because He has mercy your family needs you or He wants to show Himself strong. These people eventually die again. The true resurrection from the dead is the resurrection of our sin-filled soul or the purification of our sin-filled soul resurrected to a condition where we shall never die. Why? Because all sin has been purged out of it When some one dies, and is raised from the dead for another ten or twenty years this is a natural type, God is advertising. He is heralding this is what I am going to do in the spirit He provides food He is saying the day is coming that you will have your every need met He heals your body, and takes you out of the hospital this is just an sample a taste of the miracle of the world to come.


COMMENT: When Jesus died, and was resurrected at His death He graves where opened, and at his resurrection those that where from the old testament they walk the earth for a period of time that was the same resurrection that Lazarus had?


PASTOR VITALE: well XXXX I know that, that is what is preached but I do not preach it that way.


COMMENT: Where does it say it in the word?


PASTOR VITALE: The Lord has showed it to me I think I have it on a tape if you want it I will look for it. The Lord has shown me that the centurion that was announcing this had no way of seeing what was going on it had to be a vision he was right there by the cross, and it says that there was a great earthquake, and the Lord has showed me that when ever there is an earthquake it is something spiritual is piercing through into another realm, and I am convinced that the centurion saw a vision that he could not see the veil being rent.


He could not see them being raised from the dead he could not see it was a vison, and in the vision first of all the graves that they were in where these bodies. Our spirit is buried in the grave of this body. Just to make it short let get ahead of myself. What I am suggesting to you is that is happening today that these graves are being rent and Christ in you is rising from the dead. It is happening 2000 years later, and those that... we are all here we are all Bible students I think we all know that went a prophecy comes forth that sometimes it does not manifest for thousands of years.


In Isaiah 53 with the two comings its one verse after the other. The second verse is coming to pass 2000 years later. We are those who are in the bosom of Abraham. We are rising from the dead, and we are going to walk in the new Jerusalem in this hour. Abrahams bosom is the memory of God . All life is in the memory of God. God is so great that when He thinks of us, we exist. If He takes us out of His mind we die. That is on tape 28 where I go into that in detail. You will be listening to tapes for the rest of your life, but we did it. It is a miracle the information that God has brought forth in four years in this ministry. It is a miracle, and to the fullest extent that you are willing to apply yourself, and that God anoints your mind, because even I burn out sometimes. I could listen to about three tapes in one day and I shut it off and say "oh my head my head I cannot take any more." To the fullest extent that you are willing to make the effort, and that God permits you to do it the information that He brought forth here in four years in incredible and it is all there for you. It is incredible.


COMMENT: Was that a vision where they where taking about beggar, and the man in Abrahams bosom what that a vision?


PASTOR VITALE: That was a parable we did that on tape 28. It was a parable, and what Jesus was really saying to...., He was talking to pharisees. If you remember at the end of the parable the pharisees where filled with rage. What He was saying to them was saying to them was you are going to loose your anointing, and the gentiles, and the heathen out there that are spiritual beggars it is going to them. We did that word by word in the Greek it was very exciting because that is what He was saying, and His word came to pass.


The modern day move of Christ is upon the church we have the healing, we have the deliverance, we have the blessing, and although there are some Jews that are walking in all the light that they have. Most of the Jews today as you watch them the life of God is just drained from them. They are intermarrying they are just disappearing. The anointing has gone to the gentiles, and the pharisees knew what He was telling them that is why at the end of the parable I do not remember the exact word I know they were filled with rage at Him. The same word is being preached today. Large numbers of the church are about to loose their anointing. Either they are going to get purified, and Christ is going to appear in them or they are going to loose their anointing and be lumped together with the whole world for judgment.


COMMENT: For some reason I watched channel 25 there are a lot of Catholic programs on there the more I watch it the more I more angry I get, I mean some of the things they put on there is just so stupid, and it does not make sense. I mean what is God trying to tell me do not watch it anymore or what it and see how foolish these people are, and the things they believe. They had a Catholic, and a Jewish man married a Catholic lady, and a Jewish man married and the priest was asking them how they felt about their religion and does it interfere in their marriage what the man said was that I love my wife, and what she is what I love, she is Catholic, and that is what I love about her.


PASTOR VITALE: This could only occur with people that have no religion. Anybody that opposes not only a walk with God but even if you are close a parent of a religion that Christ in not in the middle of, if you really believe you cannot be tolerant of your wife having another religion because you have become one flesh. If religion is the focal point of your life it is a real decisive force in your marriage.


What has happened in this nation is that religion has been diluted and it is meaningless. It is a route show that makes people feel good. I had somebody tell me once that I go to church every Sunday I feel so clean. This person is not clean of course not of us is clean I am talking about her lifestyle. Her life style is not clean. In the Roman Catholic Church you take confession, and they tell you are clean. It is a lie, and so to it is a lie if you go to church, and sit under the anointing Sunday morning, that does not make you clean. The hatred of your own sin, and the separation of yourself from it in your mind, and you are cleaving unto Christ cleanses you.


You cannot go out, and do your thing all week, and sit under an anointing Sunday, and think that you are clean you have received a lie. The whole world has been playing religion we are playing games including the Christian Church. We are playing games, and the reason we are seeing so much, I think too, the Christian programs are shrinking, and the Catholic programs are increasing because Catholicism is an easy religion. You go to mass what is it 20 minutes, 45 minutes you sit there you do not have to do very much or you cross yourself or you kneel. I do not mean to be unkind I do not know where this tape is going I do not mean to be unkind I am just telling you the truth.


It is a very easy religion, and if you sin you say a hail Mary’s, and you work with your beads, and you think that you are ok, but you are not ok, it’s a lie. To serve God you have to pay a very heavy price to serve God, and people do not want to do it. They do it not only do you have to study to show yourself approved not only do you really have to look upon your sins, and change. You cannot go in there and say well Lord I commented adultery forgive me Father I have sinned, and then go out, and do it again next week. You not only have to stop doing it you have to stop lusting for it in your mind you have to fight against sin it is a spiritual warfare.


People do not want to do that they want to feel that they are clean now. They want to tell you I am a good person. I tithe I give to the office I am good person. I do the best that I can and when I die I am going to Heaven. It is a lie.


COMMENT: Another thing is that the priests... well how do you feel about going to Heaven, and she said well yes I do He said well I am not talking about death, he would not make a commitment about how he felt about going to Heaven which is very smart but it was not him. I felt it was the devil speaking through him.


PASTOR VITALE: Well this country has been destroyed because of the abundance of our luxury. Many of us many powerful people in leadership they believe that they have done it themselves they do not have much respect for God and all of their faith is in mankind in science mainly in science it is the new religion. All faith is in man and pretty soon they are all going to left in shame, because they fell prey to the lie.


The abundance of wealth that God has blessed this nation with it has not been a blessing. One of the prophets I think it is Haggai or maybe its Hosea. He talks about your blessings are cursed, cursed blessing s and the same person that goes to church, and says she feels so clean says I believe in the abundant life I am going to have a lot of money. Let me tell you something if that money is going to destroy your spiritual life you are not going to have it. If you have it, it is not a blessing it is a curse. If God gives it to you, and it is destroying your spiritual life it not a blessing it is a curse, and God does not love you He hates you. I am telling you the truth.


This is the hour where the game playing is all over. The manifestation of His life is about to break forth in human vessels across the earth, and when His life breaks forth in the fullness.... the Lord told me to say something else, and I said yes Lord I will finish my sentence, and He just cut the sentence right off my brain. Ok this is what He wanted me to tell you. He told me to talk about the two wine skins. Jesus said if you pour new wine in an old wine skin it is going to be torn. Well what does that mean? A wine skin in other words is a bottle. The old testament talks about the bottles from Heaven. We are the bottles from Heaven we are the cups or the bottles in which spiritual life dwells. Spiritual life is typified by water Spiritual life in this realm of soul is typified by water.


These bodies are the cups or the bottles in which we live we are not this body we are Christ we are spirit. Jesus said if you pour the new wine in the old wine skin it is going to break. It is not talking about this body it is talking about this soul. The body is the cup that the soul is in, and the soul is the cup that the spirit is in. We have a human spirit, and Christ is being formed in us. As Christ is being formed in us He is coming forth in power. We have two cups here or two bottles we have the Christ sets formed in us in His soul life and the adamic soul life. The Lord is says as He pours out this spirit without measure not if but when it is going to destroy the old bottle.


I did not put up the board today I thought we were going to be preaching a different message today but praise the Lord you may recall that the soul of Christ is within the agamic soul. It is only manifesting partially why because Christ is in utero, and He is growing up just like when you carry a child you carry it from seed to hopefully nine months.


Depending on the maturity of Christ in you He is manifesting in limited power, when God pours out that power, and Jesus Christ matures to full spiritual manhood, and joins totally with you your old wine skin shall be destroyed because it will not be able to contain the power and that is what is happening in this hour there is no more playing church it is already over. The way spiritual things work is that even though God is preaching this word, and it is becoming a spiritual reality form many people the old way could exist for a long time before the Lord scrapes over the whole earth but from the time Jesus does His first thing. From the first moment that He does it the prophetic word that comes forth is that it is done. It could take a thousand years to spread over the whole earth but Jesus Christ prophesied its done. What is done?


He is appearing in the fullness of his life that is going to destroy your old wine skin. He is appearing in your new wine skin that is within the old one, and it is expanding to such a degree of spiritual power that it is destroying your old wine skin, and He is taking over your mind He is going to be your mind. He is going to be your new heart He is going to be your new emotions, and He is doing it so what are you playing church for? Why are you putting that little cracker in your mouth. Now I do not knock anybody I am not criticizing anybody. I am telling you the truth what are you putting that grape juice in your mouth for? He is within you the types, and shadows are passing away they are from another age. They are from your agamic man which you know longer are you are Christ, and He is going to be fully born in you very soon. Christ does not eat little bits of crackers, and grape juice Christ heals the sick and He raises the dead and He preaches the true gospel. And He does good works and those good works include your agamic soul. The carnal man does not see Jesus Christ’s works as good works but the Father sees the works of Christ as good works. The types, and shadows have already past away walk in His life pray in faith believe Him that He is going to honor your prayers.


COMMENT: Are you saying we should not engage in communion the bread, and wine that is served?


PASTOR VITALE: I am not telling you what to do but what I am saying that is when the Lord convicts you if you get convicted from this word that it is fruitless it has no power to help you. As we walk in the truth it increases Christ in us so we cannot the old must past away the old must decrease so as long as we cleave onto a type and shadow it is opposing His coming forth within us do you understand what I am saying?


COMMENT: That was a religion to me, and then as I came into Christianity I am not looking for that as.... Well I went to church and I got communion this morning, and I felt aren’t I great I am wonderful and I feel great God is in me that is not the answer.


PASTOR VITALE: No that is not the answer the answer is that the bread is the word of God which you are hearing today, you are taking communion everybody here today is taking communion today this is the word of God. If you are receiving this in your heart you are talking communion. The wine is the spirit of the Father that is propelling the word towards you, and making it real towards you. If in your spirit you are receiving this word you have received communion today. The reason may fall sick and die it is because they cannot discern the body of Christ which is this word, and this spirit that is going forth they are getting sick, and dying because they are looking towards the cracker, and the juice, and this is the true communion the very life of Chris that brings forth healing and life.


COMMENT: Then the Scripture says it in the parable again as far as the communion is concerns the bread and the wine is that considered a parable?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not believe the way communion is taken is what Jesus commanded. I am working on an article if I ever, Lord you have to help me to get back to it. It is almost done and I will pass it out for you. I believe that if you study it in the Greek Jesus never told any body to eat a little piece of bread and a cup of wine. He was telling them He had already said to them I am the bread that cometh down from Heaven. He had already said this so as often it was a parable right it was a symbology He said as often as you take bread meaning partake of my truth that I am leaving you with as often as you take of this cup the cup of His life do this in remembrance of me until I come in you.


Every time you sit in a meeting like this, and you receive this word, and you receive this spirit do as often as you do it the Scripture says you are bringing forth the appearance of Christ in you. If you read it in the Greek that is what it is saying as often as you do it Christ is increasing in you. Glory to God. There is no condemnation in hearing anything but God wants to give us the fulness of His life, and we must leave behind old dead works they are dead works it is a piece of Matzah what is it going to do for you? It is a dead work.


COMMENT: Some time ago quite a few years ago when the Lord called me out of the church He gave me the Scripture touch not the unclean thing. Now I have considered that at the time was communion. Would that be unclean.


PASTOR VITALE: When He called you out of the Catholic church or when he call you out of....


COMMENT: At that time I was not a Catholic I was just going to the church, and He said come out of.. I forget the Scripture I think it was in Corinthians it says come out from among them be ye separate, and touch not the unclean thing. I could not imagine what the unclean thing was except communion at the time and He also gave that same Scripture when I was going to several other churches. After I was born again.


PASTOR VITALE: Well I think the Lord when He tells us something it can be fulfilled on many levels knowing you today my personal feeling is that He is calling you out, that when He said to you come out, and touch not the unclean thing He meant touch not everything that comes forth from man cause He is intending to appear in you.


Now I believe that was an over all word to you but maybe at that moment in your life the unclean thing was the Eucharist. There are many unclean things in our life everything that generates from our agamic mind to God is abominable filth we think it is not serious but to God it is abominable filth everything that man makes up to justify himself and make himself righteous before God. God hates it.


COMMENT: No mixture.


PASTOR VITALE: No mixture that is truth do not mix your seeds. It has to be 100% Christ mixture is the anti Christ. You see you cannot pick what you like form the word of God, and reject what you do not want. Either you go with Him and you receive everything He gives you no matter how hard it is or you are polluted.


COMMENT: People eating with people who do not pray before they receive their food you pray quietly you know they do not pray, should we not even attempt to go there, and sit with them?


PASTOR VITALE: Oh no Jesus eat with sinners.


COMMENT: You can pray quietly by yourself you do not want to impose yourself or your image upon the people could you say "do you think we could pray" I had said that one time that we only pray on holidays. We have to respect their home.


PASTOR VITALE: You have to respect peoples homes you cannot be forcing yourself on them. You cannot be doing that, you can eat with them there is a Scripture that says you cannot eat. I cannot quote the Scripture. Then there is another one that says do not let them into your house this is spiritual the Bible is a spiritual book. I have ministered to Jehovah’s witnesses I have gone into their meetings this word do not let them into your house it would be true for you if you are not strong enough to with stand their spiritual power.


This is a mature message if God is coming forth in you He has ministry for Jehovah’s witnesses. He has ministry for Mormons. How are you going to minister to them if you cannot eat with them? Or if you cannot let them into your house? The church is a little frightened, I do not even know what word to use. We are supposed to be the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. No spiritual power can stand against us, and you are afraid to let a Jehovah’s witness in your house? You little scardy cat you.


I think it is more than a religious spirit it is this whole deception that is over the church that makes no sense at all It says we are undefeatable now. ok we are immortal now but we are so weak that we can be polluted by letting them in the house it is just a false doctrine its more than a religious spirit it is just an abominable fifthly false doctrine Jesus ate with sinners I eat with sinners God has me in several relationships with unsaved people in deep sin, and I go to their house.


Someone said to me " you go to their house?" Yes I go to their house, and I bless them, and as the Lord moves upon me I drop His words of wisdom here, and there, and what is more Christ is in me, and when I walk in that house the first fruits have entered into their house, and they have become sanctified. You cannot do this if you are still in a condition where you still fight over doctrine. If you still argue over doctrine, and you cannot back down you are not ready for this.


The church is not walking in this. I do not want to come against anybody but I am telling anyone that is going to hear this tape the church is not doing it. They are standing up there in a high spirit of pride tell you if you do not believe their false doctrine you are going to hell, and its true some people are coming to the Lord because for what ever reason they need to come to the Lord, and God is blinding their eyes to the false doctrine because they need God I am telling you there is a whole world of people that are never going to come with this false doctrine, and with this pride that is in the church they are never going to come you cannot be forcing this on people.


Someone just told me the other night my mother does not want to talk to me anymore, Well why does not your mother want to talk to you anymore? Well I keep telling her ever time she calls her Hindu religion is wrong I am trying to save her, and now she does not want to talk to me any more. I am not going to talk to her anymore. That is not what you do, you do not partake of their pagan rituals but you fellowship with them, and you pray before you go in, and you pray the whole time you are there. Lord keep me unpolluted keep it Godly.


I have been with people that the conversation was on such a low spiritual realm I thought I was going to dry up, and die it was killing my heart what they were talking about, and they were all heathens. I prayed one prayer I said Lord do something with this conversation I cannot sit here. He did it He raised it up to what ever they could tolerate but it was tolerable for me. You have to pray your way through as you are with them silently in your mind pray yourself through, and pray them through we are here to save the world but not the way the church is telling you it is going to be done.


We are to mix with everybody in love. Submitting to them as human being for whom Christ died not accepting their false rituals you tell them I cannot do that I cannot agree with that but accepting them as human beings and loving them because Christ died for them too. We are spiritual likened to the life of God we do not disciple the spirit of God disciples if you know that God is bringing a word, and the person does not want to hear it you do not disciple if the conversation has become unproductive if it has become unreconcilable you with draw in peace and you leave it to God to minister to them. Someone wants to leave your church and you are not convinced it is Christ you tell them, and you go into prayer and you do not pray them back with physic prayers. You say Lord if you want them here bring them in, and if you do not God bless them. We do not disciple.


COMMENT: Could you tell me about a psychic prayer? What is that?


PASTOR VITALE: Psychic prayer is a prayer that is not in accordance with the will of God. It is a prayer that is coming forth from someone’s own desires for what ever they want to see done. Lots of times people leave the church, and we see people praying bring her back Lord well maybe God told them to leave. God disciples we teach. We love we minister, and watch your council too. Sometimes we council but do not give them council that is out of your own heart. Give them the council of Christ if they come to you, and they want prayer pray for them. If they have not asked for counseling or if it is not a word that you know it is God coming forth in your heart just pray for them they do not want your counseling Do you know how many Christians will not ask for prayer because the counseling comes with it and they do not want the counseling? Do you know how many times the prayer is of God, and it is powerful and the council is out of your own heart, and you turn the person off. We are ministers of Christ no one is interested in our carnal admission, and they could do more harm than good


COMMENT: Once Christ is fully manifested in us once he is in increased, and fully manifested like for example you were saying once we are glorified, and once we are manifested we kill the agamic part, the carnal part does that mean we are equal to God is God He still has powerful, and all does that mean we are equal to God? I mean I know it means we are equal because we are like God but God is still God, and He is in control.


PASTOR VITALE: Well Jesus always said my Father is greater than I. What He meant when He said that is that God has the ability to appear in two levels of manifestation in two different degrees. He appears as spirit, and He appears as soul. Spiritual life is superior, God in spirit form is superior to God in soul form. The only difference between Jesus Christ, and the Father was that the Father was the God in the realm of the spirit, and Jesus was God in the realm of the soul. Spirit is superior to soul so that is what Jesus said the Father and I are one but the Father is greater than I. Our regenerate mind say what is this man talking about, but its true they were both God but Jesus had certain limitations because He was in the flesh even though He was God that is why He did nothing except what His father told him to say, and do. He know even though he was God he had weaknesses and limitations.


COMMENT: Now that He is risen from the dead like with us I believe once we rise up, and all for example if I would die I would get risen up or something God is still superior.


PASTOR VITALE: Well when Jesus ascended He went back into pure spirit form, and now He is so with the Father that there is no separation. He is for all intents, and purposes the Father because He is ascended back up into the realm of the spirit so there is no longer any separation the difference... what separates the Father from the Son is that the Father is in the realm of the spirit, and the Son is in the realm of the soul but Jesus went back, and became pure spirit.


COMMENT: is that going to happen to us too?


PASTOR VITALE: Eventually but I think it is a long ways off what I think is really happening is Jesus who is now the Father has come down in the form of the Holy Spirit, and He is to us the Father. We are the Son we are Christ in the soul realm, and He is Christ in the realm of the spirit of course we are not in perfection yet, but when He completes us, He is forming Christ in us and when He completes the job even though we will be in full stature we still will say the Father, and I are one but the Father is greater than I.


COMMENT: Once we are in full stature we will say that God is greater.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, and then of course at the end of the whole thing I personally think that its 1500 years away but I will not argue with anybody over that. When Christ is appearing in every human being on the face of the earth we are told in the Scripture when all sin is put down we will offer the creation up to the Father, and at that point I think the whole creation will ascend to pure spirit form. I do not know what it is going to be like then because even Paul said I have not see it or hear what God has in store for us, and we do not really know what is waiting for us except that we see Jesus, and Jesus has returned to pure spirit form so more than that I do not know as long as we are in the flesh God is greater than us. When we are in pure spirit form we are going to be completely one with God but I do not know much about that there is going to be no separation.


COMMENT: inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: At the end we will be. At the end when we are ascended after we have died, and resurrected from the dead, and ascended to pure spirit form. It is not that we will have equal powers to God it is that he is going to be flowing through us so completely that we really will not exist anymore. A lot of people really worry about the sons of God doctrine but that is because they are looking at it with a mans mind. There are a lot of Christians around today that are even saying that they have already ascended and they are natural men and that cannot be we are not so much becoming Gods as God is going to fill us so completely that we are going to be something that we cannot even imagine what we are going to be. But in this condition we are not going to be God. Do you understand what I am saying.


COMMENT: Sheila you were just saying a few minutes ago that you believe in the future we will all go back to the spirit does that mean those that were not used at this particular time they will be the same way as spirit? That are with the Father now in spirit? Past generation all those that have passed away.


PASTOR VITALE: All those who have passed away have dissolve they have dissolved.


COMMENT: But the spirit you said was with God.


PASTOR VITALE: But the spirit is of Christ we are all of one spirit did not Paul say that we have all drunk of one spirit? The spirit is Christ you are Christ in his immaturity you are what could be likened to you as a ten year old child and you are going to grow up and you are going to be... all of the years you have lived are now you and you are a beautiful mature woman. Christ is experiencing life through you as you are now and as all these individuals are at the time that we know them they are going to cease to be as your ten year old has ceased to be. But their consciousness their mind is going to be found in Christ in the mature Christ. It is hard to understand it is Christ in you, you are Christ we will talk about it again ok?


COMMENT: Sometimes I feel I do not know that for those who have gone before me if they did not have the mature Christ they are not with the father?


PASTOR VITALE: Let me just pray for you all Father in the name of Jesus I just pray Lord that you give them an understanding of what you are saying here I rebuke the carnal mind. and I open the closed eyes, and I open the closed ears and I break down every barrier not of God to this doctrine. I ask you Lord that you give them understanding. In the name of Jesus.


I confess this is a very difficult teaching because let me say this you know how little children are they are very involved with themselves all they can think about is themselves. As human beings that is what we are we think that we are so important but it is Christ living through us. We are Christ in His immaturity just as your ten year old would say I am so important that you cannot go on to be 11, and 12. He is living through us having many experiences, and maturing into the creation of God and our spiritual life is going to be sound with Him in the end as a part of Him like when He stood on the mount of transfiguration he saw Elijah and we saw Moses Christ has lived those life times of Elijah, and Moses He has lived them Christ had lived through those personalities, and what ever experiences He gained what ever good that He did abided but the personality dissolves. Some of us are having a problem with this because it is hard for us to see, and we keep thinking that we are going to continue on but the personality is not going to continue on. The personality is temporary just like Jesus said that is was Elijah that had come again in the John the Baptist the personality of Elijah was not resurrected but the spiritual life the spiritual authority the spiritual greatness that was in Elijah was being revealed through another soul and another body.


COMMENT: I guess my problem is I know you have explained it before I keep thinking maybe if we get the books of Revelation all the way through, but I think of Paul where it says the Apostles will be judging the twelve tribes of Israel, and this I cannot get it out of my mind maybe its also spiritual, and symbolic because I have not heard that part of the tapes yet I do not understand it I am no so much thinking about me because I know Paul God really used him He made him one of the apostles I am just wondering is he just now dissolved is he in Christ that is it?


PASTOR VITALE: Well to be in Christ that is it to be in Christ that is glorious.


COMMENT: God said He was going to use him to judge why would He judge the twelve tribes of Israel when that is past tense?


PASTOR VITALE: Well we found out in Chapter 9 I may be mistaken about the chapter number but we found out that the twelve tribes of Israel in the New Covenant is the whole human race. The twelve tribes of Israel is a way that God expresses His people, and His people is now the whole human race. In Christ the whole human race has become Israel but all Israel is not Israel everybody that was born to the natural tribes of Israel was not living for God in their heart. This whole creation is justified. Jesus Died for everybody His salvation is available to the whole human race but every human alive is not living in their heart for Christ.


The twelve tribes of Israel in the New Covenant is the whole human race, and the apostles.. You said the 12 apostles is that what the Scripture says? To be an apostle, and apostle is some in whom Christ is fully living through Jesus Christ was an apostle. Spiritual life with God was in full spiritual maturity and the number 12 is the number for Gods government. What that Scripture is saying is that the fullness of the number of men in whom Jesus is standing in full stature are going to judge the whole world does that satisfy you?


COMMENT: I was seeing it in the natural but I can understand now that it is all a spiritual thing, and this is when the Lord is saying there is much you do not understand and when we get into it as you are bringing it forth or others we will start to have a grade of comprehension


PASTOR VITALE: Do not worry about it I ask you that you understand what I am saying because you do not have to believe it if you do not want to but I ask that if you understand it because in order for you to pray intelligently about it, it would help if you could understand it and then you go before the Lord and you say is it true? I thank God that you got this understanding and now the Lord has to make it real to you I understand you have never hear this before but this is the message that when it goes to the world the whole world is going to be saved. It is not the message that they are preaching out there this is the true gospel of the kingdom this is what Paul preached this is the message that is ushering our perfection and God has just started to bring it forth there are ministries out there that have bits of it.


COMMENT: The spirit has the gifts and the personality is just the personality is it anything like that. I mean the spirit of God when we inherit the spirit of God it is a gift of spirit right


PASTOR VITALE: well the gifts are a gift the gifts and the calling of God are given without repentance it has nothing to do with the personality as a matter of fact some of us where very wicked people before this spirit of God was given to us. With the gifts and the Christ that is being revealed through us is totally different than the personality that we were born with and as Christ matures in us those gifts what start out to be the gifts are swallowed up the personality that we were born with it is only temporary.


COMMENT: in the natural families will say that little girl my son in law will say to my little granddaughter oh I will always see you. Sometimes I do not know how to take that fine she is innocent and there are some of her ways that are like me she might look a little like me he may not like some of the things that he sees in her I do not know but I think of personalities that are carried on through generations but you are looking, when you are a spiritual person you are looking for the spirt in the person you are really looking for Jesus in them


PASTOR VITALE: That is it in a nut shell we are looking for Jesus in the person and the natural personality is just there because the way the Lord set it us is that we have to be born of water before we can be born of blood. We are born with a natural personality but when we are born of the blood of Christ that blood is going to cover over the moon of our natural personality and it is going to cover over the sun of our natural personality and it is not going to shine any more you see the blood of Christ is going to cover over this birth that has come from water the blood is going to cover the moon and the sun is going to loose its shining the stars are not going to be seen any more and the only thing that will be seen is the life of Christ that is ever increasing in us. Glory to God.


COMMENT: There will be no individuality then? It will be all Christ?


PASTOR VITALE: I believe there is going to be an individuality because Christ is so great that he has so many aspects of his personalty that he may not be manifesting in you like he is manifesting in me. It will not be our natural individuality it will be the so many facets of Christ that I think nobody will be exactly the same the Scripture says one administration but many manifestations of His spirit one spirit many manifestations of his spirit He is not going to be doing the same thing in everybody but the spirit in everybody will be Christ can you hear that?


COMMENT: Would that be like the fullness of God would be in the many members of no one person having all the fullness of God but the whole body of Christ together as one.


PASTOR VITALE: Right well I think that we are all going to have the fullness of God but he is so great it is beyond our comprehension that he is not going to be doing this... even though we will have the fullness of God he will not be doing the same thing in you as he is doing in me. The type that he gives us is the many cells that is in these bodies some cells are liver cells and some cells are heart cells but we are all going to have the fullness of Christ but he is not going to be doing the same thing whatever he is doing in you he is going to be doing it through the fullness, he is so great that he is not going to be doing the same thing through everybody and the Scripture likeness us to an orchestra. We are all going to be spirit and we are all going to make one sound but we are not all going to be doing the same thing.


COMMENT: inaudible ... I believe what God is saying.. This is the first time I am comprehending so much more than I did before Certain things, but I had to get this thing about the apostles straightened for it was not so much for me but I though that the way I read in the Bible that God was going to really use then and that is carnal.


PASTOR VITALE: You keep asking me cause I did not understand what your problem was so we prayed and God brought forth what was bothering you.


COMMENT: I have to say from all the times you have preached this is the first time that I have such peace and I believe now that I will be able to received God did it today


PASTOR VITALE: Praise Jesus Glory to God. Any other questions?


COMMENT: I was thinking what you were saying about everything this is what my feelings what my carnal mind what thinking when you explained when you are just saying something when you were saying we are all one Christ is coming and Christ is coming within us and we are all going to be one members body I was thinking. I do not know I think it’s the show the twilight zone I think I do not remember everybody was the same every woman had the same hair the same mind the same thought what ever she like it was all the same women all many woman they were the same and they acted the same.




COMMENT: Yes it was like all the same thing. I cannot really explaining but I was thinking about it but when she started to explain about Christ being in many membered bodies that God is not going to do to me what he does in Sheila and with you but its all Christ its different individuals but all Christ. Now that you said it I was like oh ok. It was me


PASTOR VITALE: Do not be afraid to tell me of your fears because we all are being subject to our carnal minds what God is going to do is greater than anything you could have achieved or experienced or hoped to experience as a natural man. Our carnal minds are afraid and our carnal minds have trouble comprehending and think evil of God. The Scripture says our carnal mind think evil of God continuously That he is going to make robots out of us that we are going to be in jail and its going to be terrible that is what our carnal mind is telling us so do not be afraid to speak about it expose him and let Christ shine the light on him.


COMMENT: I am referring to what XXXXX was just referring to and I thought I guess because as an artist I thought of God is colorful and its probably going to be all the different aspect of His color and His nature and that the is going to be so versatile in each individual it will be like a symphony.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes exactly We found that in the book of Revelation I do not know if it is says symphony I think its says orchestra we found out that the finished product of the kingdom of God is going to be a crystal a many faceted Crystal and as the light of God shines through the crystal it will be broken down in to many colors gorgeous colors it is going to be beautiful.


COMMENT: In the church world all we thought it was what it was saying in the book of Revelation there is going to be streets of gold and all this carnality and its is so beautiful what God is really saying is above what we can comprehend.


PASTOR VITALE: it is beyond what we can comprehend its much greater.


COMMENT1: I was thinking oh I want a big mansion what I could do with a big mansion.


COMMENT2: I remember this one pastor telling us in church I do not know about you people but I am going to have some good meal up there and he started to mention Italian meal.


PASTOR VITALE: The carnal mind will bring the message of God down to this realm of carnality and we kill it. The Scripture says the letter killeth and the spirit maketh alive but if we could keep one thing in our mind it will pull us through. That God is good that he is merciful that he loves us and what ever he is going to do no matter what it looks like to us at any moment as long as its him it is going to be great and its going to be wonderful and it is going to be better than anything that we can possibly do for ourselves and this requires a large degree of trust as we enter into places that we have never been in before it requires a large degree of trust that God loves us and the tyrant is Satan.


The message that I had today which I am not going to preach today I do not know if I will ever preach it was God showing in the Scriptures that this whole concept of eternal torment is Satan’s not only Satan’s doctrine but what he had tried to do if God had not cast us out of the garden of Eden eternal torment would have been reality. The life we have now what ever our torment if it is your personal torment drugs alcohol or if you are watching your children.. What ever your torment is now the world would have gone on like this for the life of the ages and that was Satan plan but God said you cannot do that to my people and he cast Adam out of the garden so that the human race would come to an end and not go on indefinitely in that torment.


After he cast Adam out and put him in a condition where he knew the human race would come to an end he made a provision that it would not come to an end and that provision was His son the Lord Jesus Christ eternal torment was Satan’s original plan and our father God foiled that plan and we blaspheme His name no matter how ignorant we are that we do not mean the spiritual reality is that we blaspheme is name by preaching eternal torment that is Satan’s wish for humanity and God has said no you cannot do it to my people. Hallelujah.


COMMENT: A friend was speaking to me the other night on the phone I said that she was in a depression it hurt me so much to hear her say but suppose there is not heaven, suppose all this life of being a Christian is in vein and I said my God do you not see what Satan is trying to do to you? He is trying to really trip you up so you can get discouraged with God and go back in the world and go think you can find what you are missing it was like very heavy.


PASTOR VITALE: Well I think that some people have more of a feel for truth than others and if you are sensitive to the truth and you look around and you look at the Christian church and we are honest about the condition we are in and you are honest about the condition that kids are in you really have to say is this thing real? That is why the doctrine is so important I hear a lot of people say oh so what is doctrine? Doctrine is important because every lie must be cast down and it must be destroyed by the speaking of the truth the speaking of the truth is that even though we are suffering the Lord Jesus Christ has permitted the human race to continue because He knew at the end of the age and the end of this age that he was going to and would appear in us.


He made a provision that His son would appear in us saving the human race and he lets us suffer and he lets these torments go on because the only other alternative would be to wipe us out completely and that is not His intention. And we have to what? Learn from suffering. We learn from suffering there is a Scripture in one of the prophets that says.. Well I guess we are going to get this message that I did not preach anyway not the way I intended. I was going to teach it I guess I am going to preach it. There is a verse in one of the prophets that says what we are doing down here in hell is learning to discern, I am sorry not to discern but is learning to experience evil and the message that I had for you was in the book of Genesis where it says well let me see what God is going to do this I do not think I am going to teach it.


It is in Genesis three 22.23 and 24 And the Lord God said behold the man is become as one of us to know good and evil and now lest he put forth his hand and take also of the tree of life and eat and live forever


In this fallen condition therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden to till the ground from whence he was taken or to serve the ground or to serve his carnal flesh in which Satan rules. From whence he was taken. He drove out the man and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden cherubim and a flaming sword which turned every way to keep the way of the tree of life.


As I studied for this message I found out that God was saying in these verse that when he says and Adam and he has become one of us and he knows good from evil as I studied those words in the Hebrew I found out that it meant that Adam had what we would call a book knowledge when you go to medical school or you go to law school you cannot just walk out and practice medicine or law you have to practice you have to be an intern if you are a law student even though you have a degree and you passed all t he tests if you want to be the best lawyer you could be you submit yourself to an experienced lawyer and you submit yourself to him and you study under him and you do all the menial jobs so that you can watch this man practice and get practical experience.


What God did with Adam was that he gave him the book knowledge he said to him he raised up a blackboard for example he say look Adam this is what good is and this is what evil is so when you get out there you can see it. It is like in medical school they draw you a picture they say this is what a heart looks like and this is what the lungs look like and this is how you preform the operation you make the incision here and you do this and you tie it off and you sow it up well how do you think this guy is going to do the first time he does the operation? No one does and operation the first time after reading about it in a book first you watch a surgeon do it then you do it with the surgeon watching you and usually you do just a little bit of it at a time Adam had all of this book knowledge of this is about my kingdom Adam and this is about the kingdom of darkness that you are locked up together cause the spirit of God was joined to the earth, that had the spiritual pestilence in it and God says look at what he did even though I gave him all the book knowledge he still.. And I said to him if you partake of this tree of good and evil and if you look up the words in Hebrew it says if you take it into yourself this is what is going to happen to you I am sure that God told him everything that has happened to the human race that this is what was going to happen to us and the Scripture says if you read it in Hebrew and God said look at that even though I gave them all that information he did it anyway. If you tell you child do not touch the stove you are going to get burnt what is the first thing he is going to do?


I had someone visiting here and he was playing with this stationary bicycle he was playing with the petals and the woman who was watching him says now do not put your finger in the spokes cause you will get.. Now the kid was not even touching the spokes...as soon as the word was out of her mouth he stuck his fingers in the spokes. This is the nature of the natural man and God said Adam if you take into yourself of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall surely die and God said look at that even though I warned him he did it anyway He said look the Lord God said look at what the man has done He has become one of us and he know knows the book knowledge of good and evil but he still has done it he has taken the evil into himself. Now unless he put forth His hand and if you look that word up hand, in the Hebrew it is the hand of a crocodile.


Either the hand of a crocodile or the hand of a lizard which is amplifying that it was not the hand her was putting out was not the hand of God it was the hand of his natural man. He said now lets put for the hand of his natural man which is ruled by Satan and also take into himself the tree of life. If you look that word up, the tree of life if you look it up it is referring to the flesh life it is referring to life in the flesh. What God is saying, I gave him all this book knowledge Adam is the son of God mixed with the dust of the earth made of clay Satan is in there with him I gave him al the instructions and now that the has reached out the hand of the crocodile he has lived the life of Satan. And now unless you reach out and take the life in the flesh through my spirit I am casting him out of the garden. I will not let him be in that condition for the life of the ages. What are we doing down here? We are down here to experience evil but God stopped short of letting it be for all eternity. We are down here Adam is learning his lesson he put his finger in the spoke of the bicycle and not only him but all of his decedents are finding out what it is like to experience evil. I have a lot of wisdom that I got because I got in to trouble I am sure all of us have this testimony.


COMMENT: I do not mean to sound ignorant but when God said not to eat of the tree. He never said what transpired between Eve and Adam I mean did she really eat the apple?


PASTOR VITALE: In the Bible is does not say an apple it says fruit and the fruit was spiritual fruit and we do have a message that tells you what happened we found out what happened in the song of Solomon and it is our tape number 2 if you would like to take it home with you, you can ask me for it.


Eve was seduced and it was a spiritual sexual union that occurred Paul said gird up the loins of your mind our mind of capable of a sexual activity on a spiritual level and she joined with Satan in the mind she was deceived she thought it was God she was deceived we were told that Adam knew what was going on but the woman was deceived in the transgression that is what we are doing down here we are experiencing evil now we are going to know.. I do not know about you but I know a couple of things that I fell into that I do want to say never because I really do not want to be tired on it but by the grace of God if I am ever tempted again I am going to find it very difficult falling in to that again because I know the fruit of that activity bore in my life.


If some one comes to me and offers me that opportunity Lord willing I am going to look them right in the eye and say get out of here buddy because it may taste sweet when its in my mouth but I do not want the bitterness in my belly. Get out of my life I do not want it. We see what is happening in our society today is that our children are unprotected because the parents do not have the authority that they had years ago and the children are going out and experiencing sin for themselves and it is heartbreaking on every level.


COMMENT: 7 of chapter three it says when Adam and Eve when their eyes were open and they knew that they were naked what does that mean that they knew they were naked? When they sinned they opened their eyes and they knew they were naked after they did what they did but not before what does that mean?


PASTOR VITALE: It means that they were uncovered. When you go through the prophets all of these terms they used in the prophets this is a parable to explain spiritual things to be honest with you I do not remember the details but it is on tape 19 I think I told you that once before. It is on tape 19 and I will tell you this that the word naked that is used in verse 25 of chapter 2 is a different word, a different Hebrew word than the word naked in verse 7. Either we talk about it on the last tape of the 18 series or tape 19 but basically speaking they found out that they did not have the protection of God. The scripture talks a lot about changing our garments and our garments typify the spiritual protection that we have. They opened their eyes and they realized they were not protected by God but the exact details of it I do not recall That tape 19 is a very exciting tape it reveals who the serpent was and how he spoke to Eve. This is all a parable, Parables have ore than one function Jesus said that this word is not for everybody to hear. He said that clearly I have a lot of people coming to me and saying the word is supposed to be simple what are you teaching this complicated message for?


That is a lie, the word simplicity is used somewhere in the new testament but it does not mean that the word is to be simple it means your eye is to be single towards Christ and you are not to be swayed by the false doctrine this message is not simple if it was simple why would we have to study to show ourselves approved? This message is not simple at all it is very deep and complicated the Lord will honor your faith and let you understand it on what ever level you are. If you tell your four year old about Adam and Eve in the garden God is blessing that and it is putting the word of God in their heart it is putting the letter in their heart and when the hour comes wether it is your four year old or it’s a forty year old man you put the letter in your heart and when Jesus says it is your time and He comes to you to give you the spirit of the word you cannot get this spirit of the word if you do not have the letter of the word you cannot have the new birth of blood if you do not have the first birth of water.


We must have the natural before we can reveal the spiritual that is the way God set it up. That is why it is so ungodly to argue over doctrine because there is no way you can ever win an argument on doctrine if you are talking to somebody that Jesus has in the 3rd grade and you are in the 6th grade there is no way you will ever resolve this argument you are not to argue about doctrine if you are doing it is pride and you have ask the Lord to help you with your pride. Glory to God. Any more questions tonight. You want me to go on you want me to do this whole thing? I will do it but I am used to people jumping up and running out of here cause they cannot stand sitting. Glory to God. We are going to start with


Gen 3:22 And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:


The word Lord is Strong’s 3068 and it means Jehovah the self existing one the one who needs nothing outside of himself to survive.


God does not need man, He does not need him for fellowship He does not need them for He is lonely. Did you ever hear that preached God is lonely God is not lonely God is self existent self supporting God is the self existent one. He does not need anything you have He had a desire to appear in the realm of appearance so He formed us and I remind you that in the wilderness when the Hebrew children were filled with sin, He said to Moses I am going to wipe these decedents of Abraham out and I will start a new line with you. He does not need you and he does not need me. He does not need anyone of us. He did not need Cain and Abel he raised up another seed Seth.


If he had to he would have to do the whole thing over from the beginning. He is totally independent he has no needs He needs nothing outside of himself to survive everything that He does he does in accordance with the council of His own will. He does need your council it may come as a shock to you he does not need you to tell him that sister so and so need deliverance. I do not mean to be sarcastic but we are so childish in the church I hear people say if you do not pray for that person they will never et delivered. What a lie. If God wants you to pray for them and you do not He will go send someone else to pray for her. God inishiates the prayer in your mind. It is not that God does not see the person and because you pray God delivers them. God sees the person and moves upon you to pray. We have it all backwards he is number one we are number two. We are not welding him like a witchcraft power he is welding us He is the man we are the woman. Glory To God in relationship to him we are all women male and female human beings.


And the Lord God Said. The word God is Strong’s 430 that is the Hebrew word Elohim. It is a plural word, and it is used of Gods in the ordinary sense but it is specifically of the supreme God that means Jehovah the multi faceted supreme God and I remind you the creation in its fullness is going to be a crystal with many facets each facet corporately comprising the Elohim as we put on the tape earlier we are not going to be as God in the wicked condition we are in. It is like saying God is going to empty out our heart and lungs he is literally going to scrape out our insides and give us a whole new inside we will be Gods because God is going to be dwelling in us. Right now we are sin because sin is dwelling in us. We are death because death is dwelling in us all that is going to be ripped out of us and when life dwells in us we shall be Gods. Hallelujah. There will not be anything of the other guy left.


The Lord God said. Said is the Strong’s word 559 and it means not only to say but it also means to bring to light or to reveal. When God said. He was not saying something that everybody knew He was revealing the truth He says look at the man and he is calling your attention to him and what he is saying you have read this Bible you never saw this in the Scripture before but I am saying to you look at the man and look at what he is doing and by my spirit I am going to show you the truth of what the Scripture says. He says look and behold at what he did.


And the Lord God said behold the man is become as one of us. This word Behold is Strong’s 2005 and for those of you who have not studied with me before I use an addition to Strong’s a Lexicon called Gassiness a respected Lexicon in the Christian world and he says that this word is an affirmation it means look at it. He said look at what the man is doing with an exclamation point and the man is Hebrew word 120 which mean Adam and it is referring to the original creation with the potential for its many members that was built into him. When a baby girl is born all of the ovarian eggs that are potential human life are in her from uteri and Adam was form and all of the potential to unfold in to the many members that we are today was in him. Glory to God.


COMMENT: What is in uteri?


PASTOR VITALE: When a woman is pregnant a baby is being formed in her uterus. To say that someone is in uteri what ever is being formed in the womb. Right now Christ is being formed in the womb of the earth He is in uteri in you and he is in uteri in me do you understand?


Glory to God. The man has become as one of us. The word is become is Strong’s 1961 and it means to exist or to become and the concordance version of the old testament which is a reference book that I use says the correct tense is the present tense he becomes or he is becoming. Look at the man he is becoming as one. Let me give you he verse again so I do not loose you


Ge 3:22 And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, or like one of us and the word one is Strong’s 259 it means joined in one, united. Even though we are many different human beings in our soul we are still one it is a mystery we are separate but in our soul we are joined Paul said it is a mystery but when a man and wife they are one flesh he is no suggesting that the man and wife are siamese twins He is saying that when you are married your souls which is also your flesh become one flesh. When you are married to Christ you become? Anyone know? One spirit but when a natural man and woman marry they become one soul. Hallelujah. The man has become one with us. The Scripture is saying God is saying the an is become one with God. Now when did that happen? When God breathed the breath of life into the creation


COMMENT: Was that after he sinned he became one?


PASTOR VITALE: No he became one when God breathed the breath of life in to him this is before the fall. The Scripture says he has become united with God He has become as one man with God and this word of if you look it up it will tell you in Webster that it is a function word indicating origin and it is indicating that source of Adams life is God that even though Adam is in there with the dust of the earth and the pestilence in the earth the scripture is indicating that the source of His life is God. hallelujah. To know good and evil. And the Lord God said behold the man has become one of us to know good and evil. This word to know is Strong’s 3045 and it means to perceive to acquire knowledge to become acquainted with and I looked the word up in Webster for the English meaning. Acquaint means to know perfectly or to be made aware of. What this is indicating that even though Adam was locked in one vessel with evil and he knew about it on the board he really was not aware that it was a part of him. How many believers to you see today that they will quote you the Bible they will tell you all about Satan they will even talk to you about deliverance but you try to tell them that there might be something not of God in them and they refuse to believe it.


Adam became aware that he was locked in there with evil. How did he become aware of it that evil spoke to him and we have been preaching here that it is the hour for the man of sin to be revealed. Why must he be revealed? Because the revelation of the man of sin is the revelation of Christ You may be experiencing that if you have not experienced it yet when God wants to appear in you His appearance brings to life the man of sin in your own mind and sometimes He speaks to you. As you start to move in to this stage of transition you are going to literally be aware that you have two minds in your head. When you get a thought you are going to have to pray it through to find out who it is. I was ministering to someone on the phone and she was just coming into this and He spoke to her and she said He just spoke to me!! She got all excited and I remember the first time I heard Satan speak to me. It was a revelation that He was in me and it scared me half to death to tell you the truth I did not have anyone to teach me like this. Scared me half to death I denied it for a whole day but He was in there and once He started talking He did not stop. I was aware that this thought was in my head talking to me and that it was different than me. I was rejecting it and once you cleave on to Christ you reject the evil it is no longer you but it is sin that dwelleth in you.


COMMENT: When God created Adam you might have answered my questions. When God created Adam and before the fall before he became one with Satan when she..before all this happened where was Satan at the time before the fall before all this.


PASTOR VITALE: Satan was present but he was dormant. Do you know what the word dormant means? He was present but he was not revealing himself. Does any one have an example of dormant for her? I cannot think of it right now.


COMMENT: God created Satan at the same time he created Adam


PASTOR VITALE: yes Satan was there from the beginning but he was dead. Why was he dead? Because Christ was present did not Paul say that? Your old man is dead can anyone quote the Scripture? Your old man is dead Because Christ is present. I know that is not the exact Scripture but that it the intent of the Scripture. Satan was lying like a serpent curled up sleeping in the creation sometimes that word is used in regards to disease they will say you have a potential for a disease. We have an epidemic of AIDS today and there are a lot of people that have the disease it is dormant they are not sick but it is there and it could come alive at any second. The dieses is within them and its dormant.


COMMENT: Even in our physical natural body it is dormant to have cancer or even tonsils when they become infected or even the appendix that is dormant, it lays dormant until a certain time


PASTOR VITALE: The doctors do not even know why in some people this dormant disease comes to life and they get sick and die and some people it never comes to life even the doctors cannot even understand that


COMMENT: You were just saying that Satan will speak to you when people say God is close to me could I tell you in a sense that God spoke to me I did not hear His voice I do not know I could describe to you as I was riding home on the parkway and I was crying very emotionally distraught about my son who I was very close to was leaving to go to Canada he was hurting a lot he had done a lot with this relationship and it was causing a lot of problems and he made the decision to go to Canada and start a business with his partner. He was leaving and I was crying I was saying God why are you taking my son away from me. I love when he sits with me, That was the pride thing he would sit and read the Bible with me and explain things to me. He was set in His life, but I was looking at that part that I was enjoying so much. Also he is a male figure in my life and there is no male figures that mean anything. God said you know I think you should dry your tears and thank God you are not burying him and I thought that was a word from God.


PASTOR VITALE: God speaks in many ways to us I have thought on other tapes to hear an audible voice is not a mature manifestation of Christ a lot of people get lifted up in pride over this I heard an audible voice but we have been taught here that when God speaks to you as a mature son He speaks to you in symbols God does not speak English or french I have hear it stated that God is a black man God is an Indian God is a spirit he does not speak Spanish or English. He speaks to you in Spanish or English because that is what you understand and because He is coming down to where you are. But ultimately we have to get up to where he is and when we start approaching where he is he speaks in His language which is symbols and the symbols are interpreted according to the Bible. God will speak to us in many ways sometimes and audible voice sometimes within your heart sometimes a thought sometimes he speaks to us through other people sometimes we are reading the Bible and the verse jumps out at us and you have to look at the fruit of the word and I think that was a good word. I think that there is a real good chance it was God. How ever God speaks to you it is precious do not compare yourself to other people do not compare yourself to other people it is dangerous for your spiritual life just seek God for everything you need. He is wonderful. We are trying to get on with this.


The Lord God said Behold the man is become one of us to know good and evil. We find that Jehovah the self exist one that needs nobody else has said look at this man he has become one with God he has become one with us and he has all the authority of Christ he has all the blessings of God all the blessings of the garden of Eden and it was not enough for him he became acquainted with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. I warned him I taught him he has everything that we have he is completely one with us. When a man married a woman she receives everything that he has all the good and all the bad. And God is all good Adam had everything and he said look at what he does he wanted to experience good and evil I told him what would happen and he did it anyway I wrote myself a note here let me read it to you to be completely aware of and knowledgeable of but not necessarily experiencing. The world would say I.... here it is he read all the books but he had not hands on experience.


We talked about that I think I explained that to you in the wrong way what this verse is saying is that he is made aware of that God has told him that there is such a thing as evil. He had not tasted of and I think you asked me that question he had not tasted of it yet. God has said I have made him aware of it he has all of the information Good of course is the good and kindness of God. Evil means wickedness and calamity. I want you to know I did this research eight months ago that is why I am faltering.


I have a note here I am going to read it to you. Please note that when the Scripture says that Adam knows or knows about good and evil it is not speaking about the spiritual joining that had already taken place with the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil the Scripture is nearly stating that Adam has a perfect or complete knowledge or understanding of good and evil He knows about the goodness of God and about the evil of Satan. We know about the previous Scriptures that Adam has gone beyond understand of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil further on in verse 22 we shall find out although that Adam is one with or a part of the family of God he has not yet eaten of the tree of life he is apart of the family of God because the breath of Gods life is giving him existence. He has been made aware through all the lectures and teachings of God that evil exists and God goes with it the warning do not do it. Then the verse goes on to say and now lest he put forth His hand and the word Now can be used as a word of enlightenment and I have a scriptural reference for you in Isaiah I will read you that verse and it shows you that God is using that word now to emphasize some things.


Isa 36:5 I say, sayest thou, (but they are but vain words) I have counsel and strength for war: now on whom dost thou trust, that thou rebellest against me?


This is God speaking to Israel and he is mocking them Israel is rebelling against God saying that the word of God is a vain word I am strong I have wisdom and God says to them and Now whom are you going to trust now that you have rebelled against me, now who are you going to trust upon That Is the way God is using this word in genesis three


The word now can also be used to indicate a contradiction in Nehemiah :


Ne 5:1 And there was a great cry of the people and of their wives against their brethren the Jews.


Ne 5:3 Some also there were that said, We have mortgaged our lands, vineyards, and houses, that we might buy corn, because of the dearth.


Ne 5:4 There were also that said, We have borrowed money for the king's tribute, and that upon our lands and vineyards.


They were selling their lands to pay their taxes. They were doing all these things to survive and verse 5 says and despite all that we did and now despite everything we have done to avoid poverty we bring into our bondage our sons and daughters to be servants and some of our daughters are brought on to bondage already neither is it in our power to redeem them for other men have our lands and vineyards.


Ne 5:5 Yet now our flesh is as the flesh of our brethren, our children as their children: and, lo, we bring into bondage our sons and our daughters to be servants, and some of our daughters are brought unto bondage already: neither is it in our power to redeem them; for other men have our lands and vineyards.


So you see the emphasis on that word now it is used to contradict God is saying I am giving him all the instructions I gave him every knowledge he needed to avoid sin I told my daughter not to fornicate I told her she could get pregnant I told her she could get AIDS I told her it is a sin before God I told her she is making herself vulnerable sexually to other young men I told her not to do it but she fell in love with that guy and now look at what she is doing. Hallelujah.


COMMENT: I meant to ask you before when a mother prays, if you do not pray for your children something like that I lost it a little if a mother prays for a child will the child stay out of sin


PASTOR VITALE: the promise of the Bible is that if you train you child up in the way of the Lord when they are old they will come back to him Job could not do it and you cannot do it your responsibility is to train the child in the teachings of God and to pray for them and then there is nothing more you can do hold on to the horns of the alter amen glory to God.


I have an alternate translation for you for the first half of Genesis three twenty two


And the Lord God said behold the man has become as one of us to know good and evil


Alternate translation and the God who appears in many forms and needs nothing outside of himself to survive and prosper says Adam has become a part of the family of God and even though he has a complete informed knowledge of both good and evil now look at him or look at what the man is doing even though I gave him all of the warnings he is eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.


You see Adam had not done it yet but God looked at his heart. God looked at his heart


COMMENT: What does it mean when it says the tree of life


PASTOR VITALE: Well Jesus is the tree of life and he is a spirit and he made a tree of the knowledge of the good and evil and that too is a spiritual tree at this point of the creation man was not in the flesh yet this flesh is a manifestation of the fallen creation.


COMMENT: When God said to Adam you could eat of every tree but do not eat of that one what was so bad about that tree?


PASTOR VITALE: If you look up that word every tree another way it could be translated is the whole of the tree so there was only really the one tree there was not many trees. Jesus was saying you can eat of the whole of any part of the tree of life that you want but do not eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil because sin will be born in you that was what was wrong with that tree that is what happened to the human race Eve ate of that tree. Now eating of it that spiritual sexual intercourse when you eat something when you eat a big fat steak and you get on the scale and see that you gained two pounds everything that you eat became your flesh.


COMMENT: inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: the reason that God said do not eat of the tree was that tree was not a fruit bearing tree. It was made to produce life the tree that was made to produce life was the tree of life and this tree was created for the purpose of giving form to the creation he is the house that God was going to cut down and make boards of it he was what was being wrapped around the spirit of God so that the creation could be seen it was not His function to reproduce in the spirit. The Scripture likens it to homosexuality it was an ungodly form of spiritual sex. It lis likened to home sexuality and incest in the Scripture


COMMENT: But they were married?


PASTOR VITALE: No we are not talking about Adam and Eve you have to get tape two. I just lost my train of thought here.


COMMENT: (many people talking in the background- inaudible)


PASTOR VITALE: no that is ok it is just difficult for me you can ask any question that you want. She is talking about the tree of the knowledge of good and evil why was God saying what is wrong with the tree of the knowledge of good and evil why shouldn’t she eat of it? The reason that she should not eat of it was that it was a poisonous tree now we do not do it too much these days but in some countries they would take their children out and give them a lesson in the woods the fruit of this tree is edible but the fruit of this tree is poisonous if you eat the berries on this tree you are going to die it was a poisonous tree that causes death and we have trees that produce poisonous fruit in the forest and although there function is not to feed mankind we have trees that have poisonous fruit and they have functions in the world and in the forest for one thing they produce good wood. God planted a tree for the wood he was building a house for His spirit but the fruit was not edible the fruit produced death the death of the creation did I answer your question? Glory to God.


Let me read this alternate translation one more time


And the God who appears in many forms and he needs nothing outside himself to survive and prosper says Adam has become a part of the family of God and even though we have given him a complete, and informed knowledge of good and evil would you look at what he did, he went out, and he experienced the evil. He had not done it yet but God saw it God sees into the future.


Tradition taught that Adam obtained the knowledge of evil when he ate of the tree. But Paul says in first Timothy three thirteen that Adam was not deceived but the woman being deceived was in the transgression Adam had a knowledge of evil and he should have known better but he experienced it, There is a difference in having the knowledge of it and experiencing it. Adam had a full knowledge of who and what Satan is and was fully aware of what would happen when he eat the fruit, and eating the fruit means that he enfolded the spiritual strength of that tree into himself


COMMENT: He could distinguish then?




COMMENT: When Eve was giving him the fruit he knew?


PASTOR VITALE: I am glad you asked that question this a problem that we have in the church today we get a lot of people coming in from reprobate lives they cannot distinguish from good, and evil. God has mercy on them He says he who has knowledge you will get many more strikes for your sin than those who do not have knowledge. Some people really do not know what is right, and wrong but when you know what is right and you willfully sin we are back to Hebrews 12 we were talking about it recently the Scripture says you crucify.


Jesus Christ afresh that is very serious sin to sin willingly and knowing ly and the Scripture teaches I believe in Hebrew 12 that if you do that there is something operating in your life that needs to be dealt with through judgment if you read the next few verse you will see the only thing left to you is the fiery judgment and that is not a merciless beating with no purpose God is saying if you know that something is going to hurt you and you do it anyway there is something wrong in your mind either there is a curse on you or you have a demon that needs to cast out but there is something wrong in your mind so you have to go through the fiery judgment to get rid of or correct what ever is wrong with you and I guess that is just about all of us.


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: Well there is disobedience he did not do what God told him to do but the fact of the matter is that the judgment fell you see there is a Scripture that says your own sin will correct you That is what is being taught here that your own sin will correct us. No we find the carnal mind in man wanting to go our and punish people and we talked about this earlier God corrects If somebody does something we want to beat them we want to damn them to hell. We want to excommunicate them this is the carnal mind you want to stop talking to them but my Bible say your own sin shall correct you that if God has told you to do something and you have refused to do it and you have gone in another direction the circumstances of life shall correct you we do not have to be going after people and tormenting them unless it is God specifically yes it was disobedience but His own sin was going to correct him


COMMENT: This issue with Eve and Adam in regards to blame how Adam blamed God for giving him that woman why are you mad at me God you gave me that woman and she cause me to sinned he first blamed God and took the guilt off him and it was used in a co-dependant ...


PASTOR VITALE: I see what you are saying that is true it is a different Scripture. It that a true understanding well I can say amen to that but Adam did blame God this is the human condition the average person they will never take their own blame they are always throwing it on the other person and to the best of my knowledge it is one of the characteristics of co-dependant people, drug addicts and alcoholics. People that are mature enough again I am not knocking anybody but we all have immaturity people are mature enough to say yes I did it and its my mistake and I want help they are the people that get the help the people that are blaming it on somebody else it is very hard to help them cause you can pour hundreds and thousands of dollars to help them you can send them to school you can do all kinds of things to rehabilitate them but the iniquity in the own heart is chastening them and they are not going to get deliverance until they confess the sin. Did I answer your question? It is true Adam did say that and that is the sign of the carnal mind.


COMMENT: I do not know if this will be anything but you know that Scripture that says their own inequity shall correct them that is Jeremiah 2:19 and God has used that mightily in my life.


Jer 2:19 Thine own wickedness shall correct thee, and thy backslidings shall reprove thee: know therefore and see that it is an evil thing and bitter, that thou hast forsaken the Lord thy God, and that my fear is not in thee, saith the Lord God of hosts.


PASTOR VITALE: Praise the Lord I say it is true. It is true in my life. Amen thank you for sharing that God does not have to whip us as we walk out from under His cover into this wicked world there is all kinds of harm out there waiting to befall us when we come out from under His cover.


I know someone right now she walked right out from under His cover she should have really known better and she is in a real problem right now and she cannot understand how this could be happening to a son of God that was her word to me. How could this be happening to a son of God and she wanted the other person punished I had to say to her you want the other person punished? She said yeah I want him punished and I said why should God punish him? She said what do you mean look at what he is doing to me I said sister this man is not even saved he is Gods buzz saw he is Gods destruction you walked out from Gods cover and you walked right into His path and you just got your arms and leg cut off He is just doing what God set him up to do he is a saw and he is spinning he is Gods judgment and you walked right in His path and you want him punished? You have to repent and she did not like that but it is the truth I told her the truth.


COMMENT: What do you do in a case similar to that where you said there has to be something wrong with a son of God or a man who confessed that he knows the Lord and the Scriptures and then gets involved in that kind of a situation and then she wants him punished? It does matter if he is saved or not because he knows the word of God.


PASTOR VITALE: This man not saved. He was a pitiful person highly demonized pitiful man that had no relationship with the Lord.


COMMENT: But why did God let a son fo God get involved in that kind of situation?


PASTOR VITALE: Because he let her own iniquity, he gave her instructions and she did not like the life he gave her so she walked away from what God was telling her to do and she walked into this other life and he was waiting for her there.


COMMENT: It does not matter that God did not make a preference to use an unsaved man. First he was an unsaved man then he because a saved man and she is in a lot of trouble.


PASTOR VITALE: He is not saved?


COMMENT: No I am talking about another situation very similar to what you are talking about with this person first got involved with an unsaved man got off the hook with that very easily but then the second man because a saved man supposedly saved and as a matter of fact knows the Bible very well and got involved in the same situation and I remember you saying that there must be something wrong there must be a demon there or something that allowed him to go into the situation with her and then I to got so out of hand now she wants him punished she wants him in jail I cannot really se it right hat way.


PASTOR VITALE: what cannot you see right what she wants him in jail?


COMMENT: Punished and in jail.


PASTOR VITALE: well we know that is not Christ right? That is easy Jesus said forgive your brother. The reason these things happen is that I keep saying that I am going to stop using the term Saved and I keep falling in to it we are not saved NONE of us are saved we have the promise of salvation and all though some of us are more filled with sin than others we are all filled with sin. Some of us that come to Christ are in very reprobate conditions and if we do not repent we just continue along those lines and God will permit it until it is the hour of our cleansing we know what the law says thou shall not fornicate. We know what the law says so why did you do it? God did not send a lightening bolt down on them they should have known better they broke the law and they got entangled with one another it does not matters whether you have Christ or not.


COMMENT: I do not know if this is going to help but sometimes God uses one against the other to fix the fix.


PASTOR VITALE: Amen but the whole purpose of the whole thing is that the is letting this happen so that they should come to a place where they are going to cry out to God and say Lord there is really something wrong help us.


Then if he grants you repentance he starts to work on you. There are all to of Christians out there that are utterly reprobate. I have met many of them they speak in tongues. Some of them are very gifted and they are utterly reprobate. They are just in reserve until the time of their cleansing comes they are like in a holding place. God knows that they are sinning. I see a lot of christens they say I want him punished and they have all this condemnation God does not condemn God regenerates.


If you have been hurt by somebody the instructions are clear we have to forgive them but if you have been hurt because you have been involved in a sinful relationship you have no reason to cry out to God what where you doing there in the first place? What where you doing there? You are supposed to be repenting for your contribution to this not crying out to God to punish them your heart, if you are doing that your heart is all wrong and you need to repent and get before God because you are living out of your carnal mind. We have a whole church world full of Christians living out of their carnal mind they are not living out of Christ you know the extent of fornication in the church? It is great.


COMMENT: Inaudible... my point is that I believe this young lady does not really want him to go to jail but I think fear of him probably hurting her again is what influences her, and then other people saying this is where he belongs I really believe in her heart that she does not want him in jail.


PASTOR VITALE: Back to another square zero the church Is carnal if she is legitamitley afraid that he is going to hurt her, God is not saying send him to jail so he will not hurt you her carnal mind is solving her own problems and saying put him in jail so he will not hurt me I will be safe but it is sin to live out of our carnal mind.


99% of the church is living out of their carnal mind. First of all she is trying to solve her own problem she is not seeking Christ for the answer to her problem. Second of all she is in fear everything that is God is son, fear is sin we have a whole church world that is speaking in tongues some of them are prophesying and they are dancing in the spirit and they are carnal men and if they do not start crossing over and becoming spiritual men if they do not lay down that cracker and grape juice and start having Christ formed in them in the hour of separation, they are not going to find themselves in the church they are going to find themselves lumped together with the heathen. That is the size of it.


We have got to start living out of Christ and one of the major stumbling blocks to living that hinders us from living out of Christ is that we try to defend ourselves we have got to stop defending ourselves Paul said what do you not suffer the loss. I never used to understand what that meant you suffer the wrong because there is a God in heaven that is your defense. That is what it means. It does not mean let yourself be taken over and give up your life savings. It means you go to God you go to God to be your justification.


Now if God tells you to take the person to court or if God puts the man in jail it is ok but we cannot do it we have been living our own lives for so long we have got to stop ruling we cannot make these decisions that the man belongs in jail. I want you to know I knew a young lady once very young only 17 or 18 and she was involved with this man he was in jail 5 times by the time he was 18 years old I prayed a prayer I said Lord I bless that young man and I pray for his salvation but do not let him hurt this child I do not care what you do with him I know he is a human being too but surely you are not going to let him hurt this child and he went right back to jail.


I did not say Lord put him in jail God has the option. God could have saved him God could have converted his heart but he did not he sent him back to jail The whole point is it was not my choice this is really important. I have a lot of people coming to me I will pray along these lines and something happens that is not to their liking and they accuse me of praying physic prayer I did not pray a physic prayer God did they cannot believe that God did it God does these things God uses people it is up to God we cannot we can say God I am afraid we can Say God I repent We can say God protect me. But we cannot tell God how to protect us because he is not going to listen to us and we are hurting our brethren when we pray that way there is a great lack of education in the church this message is not being preached they are not being helped taught how to handle problems I know she is scared but don’t you have faith in God to help you.


COMMENT: In the background there were other convictions very similar and I do not think that is helping him any and then I look at it and say maybe she became victim to rectify sooner or later it was like a time bomb it was going to either happen or not it was laying dormant and now it was not like that could have happened in any other occasion where if it was a first offender I do not think that the issue would have your know it would have been an issue but because there was other serious offenses in back years I do not think that the judge looked at it.


PASTOR VITALE: The bottom line is that we make things so complicated for ourselves. It is not necessary for it to be so complicated just leave it alone and give it to God you know going back 6 or 7 years ago someone a practicing witch tried to kill me scared me half to death I cried for four hours straight Finally I stood up because I knew he had cursed me and I knew that he was a powerful practicing witch and finally I stood stopped crying and I said well Lord I am not going to cry anymore if you let him kill me I am dead I am not going to cry anymore if you let him kill me so I will die either you are going to protect me. You put me in deliverance either you are going to protect or you are not I cannot live like this I cannot be afraid and I cannot waste four hours crying. Well I did not die and a couple of years later I said to the Lord he laid it on my heart I said Lord what happened to that man. Did you send the curse back? Its he dead? What happened to him and I wound up in an evangelistic meeting in Brooklyn and he was their praising God with His hands in the air and he tried to kill me. You want to know something else I think he had the power to do it if God did not intervene that is my personal opinion. The bottom line is we have to give it over to God I hear a lot of people tell me yes but yes but yes but you pray for the persons salvation your pray for God’s mercy and you ask for your own protection and you let it go. Somebody come to me and they say yes but yes but.. No yes but there is no yes but. We are , we are a very carnal church the Christian church today is a very carnal church.


I will ready you the alternate translation again for the first half.


And the God that appears in many forms and needs nothing outside of himself to survive and prosper says Adam. I have another testimony God wants me to give you. When my daughter was a little girl she was having, she did not like some girl her own age in the church and I made her a birthday party and she insisted that she did not want this little girl at the birthday. Her parents were very kind to me and I felt very bad but I felt it was her birthday party so we made the party and we did not invite this little girl there was something that I needed done and the parents called me up I think something in the house and the little girls father wanted to come over and make this prepare for me at the time of the party. When they called I did not know what to do I was caught off guard so I said alright come because I did not want to lie and I went on my face before God.


I said my heart is not evil towards these people I am just trying to live with this my daughter did not want her at the party they have been so nice to me I am mortified I do not want to hurt them my heart is right do something. He never showed up and they called me that night and he happens to be a man who is really, there is a lot of irresponsible people in the church. He is a very responsible he called me up he was so embarrassed he said it just went right out of my mind I completely forgot that I said I was going to come and I said oh its alright do not be embarrassed and he said oh no I never do anything like that I am so ashamed and I am like thank you Jesus you see he is so faithful but we do not believe how faithful he is you know something we really do not believe how faithful he is we do not believe.


We will believe he is going to give us a mansion over there or there is some abstract way he is going to raise us from the dead we could believe that but do you think that he is faithful enough to do what he did in my life that day? He is! He really is. If we will just give him a chance but the average Christian does not give him a chance. They are still running their own lives and they are making their own decisions and they have a very confused concept of what God is and what Christianity is. Look pretty soon it is going to be known what he is cause he is moving now. He has tolerated this for 2000 years but he is moving now to reveal His true nature and he is revealing it to you glory to God you are blessed Hallelujah.


Soon when he raises His first fruits up to full stature it is going to be there for everybody to see. See carnal men they have a lot of trouble you know we are carnal but he is given enough to understand this teaching but the average Christians they really cannot understand I hope it does not sound like I am condemning them. They really cannot understand this and they are so frightened and so determined to protect themselves that they will not let go. Cause you cannot see God move if you are doing it yourself and they just will not let him move.


I will give you another testimony that is on my heart my daughter was very rebellious I had a lot of trouble with her and I was in a church that taught you that you pray when she is sleeping and she was going to be fine and it was not true. I prayed when she was sleeping and she was not fine. Things came to a head and the Lord said to me I want you to send her to her father I want you to send her out of your house to her father and it broke my heart I was criticized severely from so called Christians cause her father was no a Christian but God told me to do it and I did it. After about a year after I sent her away she because very ill, and she became very ill with a disease that I had as a child. It was horrible for me it was like living through this disease twice and it was an internal disease where you have to get internal examinations and she was a young woman.


I was 11 years old when it happened to me the Lord has showed me that these internal examinations registered on my soul as if I had been raped and it was done over and over and over to me. When I heard that she was sick and she had to get these examinations I was hysterical and I was crying out to God begging him to take this disease from her and I went on for two or three days and he rebuked me. He said stop praying those prayers you gave her to me and she is mine shut up.


That is what he told me so I stopped praying the prayers and two years later I found out that he raised up a doctor that did not insist on the internal examinations. I never heard of it. I have been sick around doctors for years and they all insisted that I submit to it. He found her a doctor that did not insist on it if you have a problem chances are its that you do not trust God I am sorry but if we trusted him completely we would be ok its real hard to trust him completely he lets all these trials come upon us and they are learning to trust him completely but he does all things well he does all things well we have to concentrate on letting go and practice letting go and if we fail so you try again it is really important and as long as we do it in our own strength it is death to us.


They just said they were shocked that I said the meaning of the tree of life is life in the flesh because she thought that the tree of life is Jesus well Jesus is God in the flesh he who confesses not that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is an anti Christ so the tee of life is the life of God in the flesh. We will try this again.


Alternate translation us is the first half of genesis 3:23 and the God who appears in many forms and needs nothing outside himself to survive and [prosper said Adam is become a part of the family of God and even thought he has a compete and informed knowledge of both good and evil now look at him he is eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. And we said that God saw that it was in his heart although he had not done it yet.


Adam had a fully disclosed knowledge of who and what Satan is and was fully aware of what would happen when he ate the fruit which means he unfolded the spiritual strength of that tree within himself romans 5.14 says never the less death reigned from Adam to Moses even over them who had not sinned to the similitudes of Adams transgression


Ro 5:14 Nevertheless death reigned from Adam to Moses, even over them that had not sinned after the similitude of Adam's transgression, who is the figure of him that was to come.


What that means Adam sinned willfully we all have inherited sin and some of us sin unknowingly and some time knowingly. We sin because we are over come. Our sin is not in the same measure as far as God is concerned it is not as serious as Adams sin cause Adam could tell the difference between good and evil and he also had the strength of the father to resist Adam did not resist he just did it. Glory to God it has been preached that Adams sin was much more serious than our sins are today because Adam had the spiritual strength of the father ruling in his mind before the fall but the Lord has shown me that our strength to resist and over come sin comes from two sources the spiritual strength to resist what is in the spirit of the father and the understanding, awareness and the knowledge of what sin is and how it operates which knowledge is in the mind or soul of Christ even the living indwelling word of God.


Adam’s sin was great because he not only had the spiritual strength of the father to resist but he also had the full awareness of the spiritual truth concerning good and evil. Most of the church does not have this message today that Satan is our unconscious mind and that the is whispering to us everything that we are preaching here today. We have it here but the large percentage of the church does to have that knowledge those of us who are in the process of ascending into the soul life of Christ by using the spiritual strength of the father to over come sin in our own sou.


We are eligible to be taught of God about sins true nature and the hidden purposes God has for it. Which purposes go beyond what has been already revealed and what is already been revealed? We know the darkness reveals the light. God created sin because the darkness reveals the light but we are saying that there is a message that God has a purpose for sins that is deeper than the darkness revealing the light.


Matthew 25:28 says and I was afraid and went and hid thy talents in the earth low there thy hath that is thine. The wicked servant put the part of Christ that was imparted to him under the earth of his Agamic soul, His power to purify the Agamic soul. What am I saying if we know that Satan is in us.


A lot of Christians will say Satan is in me and he is there to reveal Christ, we talked about that. There is more than that Satan must be put under the feet of Christ the power of Christ in us is to purify our souls from Satan we talked about that in the beginning. That is what Jesus Christ of Nazareth did we have two souls and Christ must bury our Agamic soul which is ruled buy Satan under His feet. We see the wicked servant the put the talent that God gave him under the earth he buried Christ under his Agamic soul we are told in Hebrews 12 this is called treading Christ under foot.


We were just talking about that 99% of the church world has buried Christ under the earth of their Agamic soul and they have the gifts but they are living out of their Agamic soul which is ruled by Satan. It cannot continue it cannot continue the hour of reckoning is at hand. Glory to God.


We are going to spend a little time on this parable of the talents apparently continuing with and as the Lord answered and said unto him thou wicked and slothful servant thou Knesset that I reap where I sowed not and gathered where I have not strawed thou orders therefore to put away my money to the exchanges and then at my coming I should have received my on with user take therefore thy talent form him and give it unto him which hath ten talons. Now we already have talked about this today this is a tough word the Christians that are taken the talons and take the precious metal of Christ and are burying it under their Agamic soul they are not using it to purify their Agamic soul they are letting their Agamic soul rule is going to be taken from them.


COMMENT: What you are saying them there will be helpless they cannot help themselves?


PASTOR VITALE: Well in Hebrew 12 tells us that when that happens that they go into, it is impossible for them to be renewed but we know with all things are possible with God I really do not want to make a firm judgment on that if you cry out and God grants you repentance anything is possible What I do believe is that if God does give you another chance this kind of a judgment is what we have found out the Scripture calls wormwood judgment and we found out two kinds of judgment in the Scripture.


Right now we are in the age of grace if you wake up in the morning and you realize that you sinned in your mind you say father forgive me and you are forgiven and you go on that is the gentile correction of the Holy Spirit but there is a judgment of God called the wormwood judgment and when the Lord makes a judgment that you have willfully sinned because there is something wrong in your heart He will set a sentence upon you. For example a 70th sentence was set upon Judah that they would go unto Babylon and no matter how Judah groaned and moaned and cried and repented the judgment was set at 70 years and the Lord God said Build your houses and plant your vines and your fig tree because your not coming out before 70 years.


I believe when you sin in that condition sometimes God will bring you back but only after a long period of judgment and I personally know people that have told me that they willfully sinned and they were out in the wilderness for 25 30 years. One woman I have in mind she never thought God would give her another chance but the Lord did give her another chance she is now in her 60's. We were just speaking to that lady that is staying in your house that said she wanted to get back and she could not get back.


Wormwood judgment it is both in the old testament and it is in the book of revelation. There is a lot of uneducated Christians they are in for a lot of shocks because this is the churches infancy if you have a 6 month old and they urinate on your rug do you beat your child? Jesus is winking and His winking and he is winking and winking but what is happening with the church is while Jesus is winking they do not realize that time is going on and the Lord was going to look at them and say you five years old what are you doing urinating on my rug? And the judgment is about to fall because they are in darkness and they are uneducated this is coming as a shock to them but its coming.


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes and he will hear your conscious so you can receive a delusion yes and Paul said in one place I turn somebody over to Satan for judgment in the flesh that a spiritual life should be saved. Hallelujah. Glory to God. The Lord is righteous what every he does he is righteous he knows what he is doing Hallelujah. Why has God given us His power Philippians 2:12


Php 2:12 Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.


God did not give us His talents to dance and sing. I do not mean to sound hard dancing and singing is beautiful when it goes along with the other things it is like saying sex is beautiful when its in marriage when you have made a commitment to one another and you fulfil all of your obligations and vows and vows and what ever is required in a marriage that you do not have another wife. You are willing to go to work and save your money and you are willing to help the other if they get sick. When you put sexual intercourse in that setting it is beautiful but take it out of that setting and it becomes a very spiritually ugly thing. There is a lot of people in this country today fornicating and it is not ugly for them they think that this word is a lot of malarkey but it is not what your children what I tin the next generation and what it in the generation after that because the curses of God are real you cannot break Gods laws Hallelujah.


COMMENT: One of the parking attendants asked her out and was interesting in fornicating with her. I was like What but he attends church I could not believe. I still live in that world where everyone in church are trying to do the right thing.


PASTOR VITALE: Forget it the church is filled with sin they are fornicating the are cheating in business. Someone came to me they were in tears the woman is a widow she took a few thousand dollars out of the bank to have a dormer built on her house from a Christian contractor he cheated her and he did not finish the job he left her with a yard full of debris wood she is an old lady. She had to pay $50 to haul the wood away he is an assistant pastor forget it, forget it the church is filled with sin and even those of us who are trying to live a righteous life we sin against out own will that is why we must forgive one another but there are many people out there that are sinning and do not even think anything of it


COMMENT: I was explaining to one of my girlfriends who just got saved and I was explaining to her why it was wrong to have sex before you get married and this is what I said to her something I remember saying to her during sex you become one and it is meant after you get married because you have to wait until God ordains the marriage until God brings you two together in marriage then it is ok because you are one But before marriage and you fornicate and you are one person you are one with the other and when you are one and you are not married I was explaining to her that before you get married and you fornicated you become one with that person it is designed after you get married because after you get married you become one in Gods eyes then it is ok was that ok for me to say. I was trying to make her understand.


PASTOR VITALE: Why she just received the Lord you say?


COMMENT: Yes this was recently.


PASTOR VITALE: Well the reason you do not, well once you are married it is not called fornication once you are married it is called either copulation or sexual intercourse First of all it is obedience God said do not do it but the practical reasons for it are that number one you can get pregnant and if you are not married that could be a big problem taking care of the child it could ruin your whole life especially if the man abandons you if the man does not abandon you maybe you are not really meant for each other you are bringing. Now this is a practical applications.


COMMENT: There is a soul tie too.


PASTOR VITALE: You get a soul tie and what if the man abandons, you are you are left sexually vulnerable and I could just hear all of the boo’s in the realm of the spirit but I am sorry it is true if you are a young woman and you have never had sexual intercourse and you have an affair and it breaks up and you are not married you are going to find yourself craving sexual intercourse. You have now been introduced to it and you have experienced it and being a normal young person you are going to crave it and you are going to be much more tempted to get involved with men to lower your standards and get involved in men than if you have never done it. If the protection of the Lord is not on you some women just go on a steady spiral downwards and they end up in bars picking up men and it is very sad


COMMENT: I see her every now and then I am supposed to see her tomorrow if she asks me this questions like lets say she is engaged to someone Lets say I am engaged to some one we are both Christians and we are engaged its like a week away before the wedding and God has already designed that I am to be married to this man lets just say God has already has designed for me to marry this man we are engaged the wedding is supposed to take place next week and she were to ask me why is it wrong that even though you are getting married and you are not married yet.


PASTOR VITALE: well the answer is that you are not married and if you have sex outside of marriage its fornication from a spiritual point of view should you get pregnant your child under the spiritual laws are illegitimate the curse of the bastard is on your child even if you marry him all the curses of fornication are upon you. From a practical stand point why would you want to give up the glory of your wedding night why would you want to do that. Another practical example is what if you do it and your boyfriend gets up walks out and gets hit by a car and dies and you are pregnant?


COMMENT: To the best of my knowledge is that the right way to tell her?


PASTOR VITALE: You cannot wait another week?


COMMENT: Would I explain to her in the right way?


PASTOR VITALE: Right. Its in the old testament God curses illegitimate births and it is on the family line for ten generations you see God is the one who has placed all these curses on us for sin.


COMMENT: are you a bastard when you do not know God? You do not have a father


PASTOR VITALE: Well you are spiritual bastard when you do not know God. If The curse of the bastard comes upon you in the natural chances it will be on you in the spiritual It is not a good thing No good thing can come out of it. Do it right No good thing could come out of it. Just in general yielding to your passions.. No good thing can come from yielding to your passions we are supposed to be self disciplined. If we give into something like that we will be giving in on other issues maybe some where down the road you will be tempted to steel we have to take a strong stand for righteousness and stand in Christ.


COMMENT: Some of these girls, I do not remember the case with this one but some of them are going with men who are already married and the marriage has not even been annulled or divorced so they are in trouble right there.


PASTOR VITALE: You see when the sexual revolution started in the early 1960's it seemed to a lot of people that Bible believing people where just a bunch of prudes and there were a lot of people out there having affairs with their lovers and it did not seem that bad even though they were not married they were faithful to each other and everybody was saying oh look at this wonderful thing these people that read the Bible they do not know what they are talking about. Look at this country 40 years later thirteen year old girls having sex having babies 15 partners by the time they are fifteen what am I saying? Man is unstable the law is made to stabilize him.


We cannot sin just a little bit you see we broke God’s law and there were a lot of people having sex at what they would call an exclusive relationship one partner they were faithful to one another. They said well what is so bad about that? But 40 years later we see that even though one person may have maintained their integrity because they were the first generation to break the law as more and more generations of young people come forth we see them falling into utter reprobateness homosexuality everything goes. Everything goes We cannot sin a little bit because the Bible say Hell hath enlarged herself and hell is the condition of bring in the living soul. Hell is spiritual, it is within us it is our spiritual condition and it means there is no end of the depths of depravity that we can fall into when hedged in by God’s law of morality there is no end there is no limit we just keep falling.


COMMENT: supposed what would be the answer to a person like in a situation like that where she fornicated would she give up this man or would she stop?


PASTOR VITALE: Well God requires you to cease from your son once you are told you are in sin you are to cease from it and you have to repent and then you really should submit yourself to a person of God to have the curses broken on you and any demons that may have been born in your heart to be cast out because you would not want them past on to your children. There is another point to this the country is falling we are involved in a moral fall and there is all kinds of reprobate sex going out there threesomes lesbians homosexuality orgies bestiality everything is going on out there and what is the end of all this? The end of all this is that God destroys the society as He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah that is the end of it


COMMENT: Is it our place to inform these people I mean I have a situation that I know of were the girl had been married and she got divorced now she is living with someone and she has become a Christian just now. I have not said anything about fornication I have not said anything along that line hoping that it will be revealed to her through the Bible. Is it my place to tell her that she is fornicating because she is living with this potential groom?


PASTOR VITALE: That is a good questions it is your place but you have to do it only when the Lord sends you. What you are to do its to put it before the Lord and I perceive that there is no condemnation in your heart your heart is right you say Lord I put this person before you and I am asking you to help her she has got to hear the truth if you want me to tell her make the time and the place and give me a humble heart to tell her. Before you know it you will be just talking to her one dy and it will be just out of your mouth. It will be at a moment when he has opened her heart to receive it and it will come forth in the love and compassion of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Do not assume that she is going to respond to you because God.. I have a ministry to young women God sends me to a lot of young women and I have told several of them they are in fornication and they do not always come out of it you have to get yourself out of it if God sends you, I am sure he will you are sent as a prophet you drop the word and that is it. If they do not respond God disciplines you are not the disciplinarian you continue to love then and be in the relationship as long the Lord lets you. Maybe he will tell you to tell them a second time or a third time. I have relationships right now with young women in fornication and I have been rebuked for going in their house. Don’t you know that spirit of fornication over that household? Yes I rebuke it every time I go in I know its there but God keeps sending me back. You hear from God, get before God and do it in His spirit because if you do it in His spirit what ever he is going to accomplish he is going to accomplish.


COMMENT: The devil is a lair I have to say this when you get older the devil tries to tell you to justify. Well you cannot get pregnant you seem to think when you are young well that is a big scare he takes away the fear but then you think the guy might die or you could be left wit the unprofound memories in your mind that you allowed yourself especially when you are saved.


When you are saved it is possible you can be convicted from the pulpit a pastor can have a heavy session on fornication and you might have just came from a bad experience and came to church that morning and it will hit you just like that so you can pray about that too. It could hit you that way I had a friend we had both been saved we were in the same church and I went to a different church and I met her and she said I had an experience I met and I really like him I allowed myself to fornicate and you know she was concerned how God tells us about it is sin yeah I know its sin and she allowed herself to weaken and then it was over I do not think that God is going to be so hard on people when he knows our hearts are right if we weaken. I know God does not like that but if we really truly go and repent and say Lord I weakened and like a little child I will try not to do that anymore


PASTOR VITALE: Well if that is truly your heart he forgives you every time you repent but you see the whole problem here is Christians do not know who they are and they do not know what is required of them they think that they are going to live out this life and if they weaken well that is too bad and they are going to die and go to heaven but that is a lie.


COMMENT: But that is not deliverance actually what you said before is when you know you have been sinning and you want to stop and you do not go get the deliverance that is probably what is missing.


PASTOR VITALE: Right we have to be convicted of our sin and we have to know to do something like that can produce no good thing in our life. You see we cannot be carnal and Christian at the same time God wants us to grow up in Christ and that is the problem in the church today it is true you confess your sin as a little child but God wants you convicted that it is devastating to you not just that oh well I slipped and I did it, it is destructive to us. God wants us to know that it is destructive to us and to answer your question if you are a mature woman and there is no danger of pregnancy or being left at the alter or anything like that it is still destructive to you because if you did it once you will do it again how many men can you go with? It is destructive to your soul and it its destructive to your body and the breaking up of the relationship tears at you. When you join with a man like that your partake of every curse on his family line you have everything that he has got it cannot go well for you. You may not see it at the moment at the moment you break up you may look like you are ok but your are not ok. It has got to have a destructive effect on you.


COMMENT: Even if you kiss a man that has curses is that... your intentions may just to kiss him because that is your desire but if his desire to kiss you want sot lead into more. When you committed yourself to God you know listen this kiss is just a kiss it is not a kiss that is going into passion I guess it is a conviction in your mind that says I am not going to allow this but is that alright? That is a question that often comes into mind.


PASTOR VITALE: You really have to get your answer from God on this I am not going to make any dogmatic statement but my personal opinion is that I would not do that I believe that I am a single women and any man that I have anything to do with that is on a friendship basis I would not even kiss him until I was engaged . I really wouldn’t even then you have to be very careful after you are engaged you really should wait until you are married I do not believe in necking I would say he could kiss you good night and all that after you are engaged I did not mean heavy necking I do not believe in that, that is fornication. When you get involved in a passionate kissing session your souls are joining that is spiritual fornication I personally, I preach a hard word here a lot of people cannot deal with what I preach but it is my opinion. You should be friends until the moment you decide to get married and the man should be treating you with the respect of a sister and she should be treating you like a brother and it should be nothing more than that at all that is my opinion.


COMMENT: Is it scriptural?


PASTOR VITALE: I think it is scriptural I cannot be telling anybody what to do but that is how I feel about it I see it is very tough for single people of all ages but the answer to your loneliness is Christ. Develop yourself in Christ people do not like that answer either but it is the truth a lot of people rush into marriage you know sex is a big issue in the church and it is a big issue in humanity. A lot of people rush into marriage because they want sexual release and that is a big mistake because there is no guarantee you are going to have sex in your marriage and there is no guarantee if you have sex that it is going to be pleasurable or satisfying in your marriage. If you are living your life or making life decisions because you want this need satisfied, you are making a big mistake because the Scripture teaches take authority over your body.


Paul said I keep my body under we get married if God gives you a husband do not get married because you cannot handle your sex life you are going to be in trouble I am telling you I have seen it happen I have seen it. A woman came to me she said when she was a young woman she was so hot in bed she went to bed with her husband every night and sex was a big part of their marriage and as a very young women in her young 30's she had a hysterectomy and she totally lost her sex drive a young woman and her husband felt he was justified in having a girlfriend. Yet to marry one another because you care for each other as human beings and because you want to make a life together and if God blesses you with a sex life you have it and if he does not you do not I am telling you there is a lot of married people that are not doing it or are not doing it in a matter that is gratifying both of them it is a big lie it’s a big satanic lie. If you have sex before marriage and its great and you think you have it made watch out if that is your motive for getting married you are in a lot of trouble because you are sure to be disappointed.


COMMENT: you are not necessarily saying from am medical point of view about a hysterectomy that there is no sex drive because that is not really true.


PASTOR VITALE: I did not say that I am not talking about that at all. I am saying that is the way God dealt with her lust and him lust is sin the Scripture says the marriage bed is undefiled that does not mean it is ok to lust that means when you do have sexual intercourse with your husband you are not receiving curses of fornication and your children are not cursed as bastard. Lust in marriage it’s the same kind of lust outside of marriage if people marry for lust the chances are one mate will be trying to force himself on the other mate all kinds of problems evolve out of this anger because you were turned down on one occasion it cannot be a motivating force in your life. Sex cannot be a motivating force in your life it is something to be dealt with and to be restricted and to be under you total control and the Lord says you can yield to it in marriage it cannot lead you it would be like a horse riding on your back you cannot let it make your decisions you cannot let it rule your life or cause you to sin because no good thing can come out of it


COMMENT: How about in some marriages where a man he is impotent but he relies on masturbation more than sexual relations. Is that cause early in life it might have been lust.


PASTOR VITALE: Well masturbation is not of God and that I think comes from some kind of emotional problem. To the best of my knowledge when a married man prefers masturbation to sexual intercourse he has an emotional problem relating to his wife. I make these comments they are just general comments ok? A lot of men that do that feel controlled by their wives. See in our society today we have a lot of sexually aggressive women and we have been taught that, that is ok and I guess within certain confines it is ok but as I said earlier man never does anything a little bit he always goes overboard.


We have a lot of women in our society today that are functioning in a male rule and that they are very sexually oriented and they want it frequently and they are making demands on their husbands and mates and they do not realize it but what they are doing is forcing that man into a female role. That is what it is I am sorry you know I am not against women’s rights this is just the truth. God set it up from the beginning the man is the aggressor, the man gives the woman receives and the woman is not the aggressor. God set it up that was it is human nature so if you are a woman and I am not saying you cannot let your husband you want to make love with him of course you can let your husband you desire him but if when you evaluate your relationship.


You look at it honestly and you see that you are the one that is going after your husband and you are the aggressor continually in the marriage weather you admit it or not you have forced him into a female role and the chances are really good that he is having a headache every time you come near him. I am telling you the truth this whole nations is laboring under a strong homosexual spirit and in some instances it is manifesting in out right homosexual activity and in other instances it is manifesting in role reversal. It is in marriages and it is very strong and the counseling what ever you call them the marriage counselors the clinics they are filled with trouble marriages where men do not want sex just turn on Phil Donahue it is all over the tv men do not want to have sex total role reversal.


COMMENT: Is that a Jezebel spirit?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes it is a Jezebel spirit a lot of these spirits cross over actually a Jezebel is a masculine spirit in a woman God did not set it up for women to assert mens authority. You can be a woman you do not have to be a powerless little nothing to be a woman but you can be aggressive within certain boundaries.


A Jezebel spirit forces over to the mans authority and starts competing with him for masculine authority and of course this changes from relationship to relationship in a marriage God has ordained that the man is the head. I am sorry if you do not like it when I preach here I am preaching, I do not know where these tapes are going I am not talking to any body here. I am sorry you do not like it the man is the head I do not care if your are a lawyer a female lawyer, a female doctor, I do not care if you got honors in your PhD in college. God says if you decide to marry your husband is the head and you cannot say that you are a PhD in medical science and you married a bus driver and that makes you the head, the bus driver is your head. If you do not like it, do not marry him, why did you marry him he is good in bed? That is not a reason to get married. Do not marry a man you cannot respect we had a lot of trouble in this nation and the kids are all messed up that spirit of homosexuality it is wide spread.


It is very rare to fine a woman submissive to her husband it is very rare even in Christian marriages it rare outside of a Christian marriage its virtually unheard of. Now that does not mean if your husband is ungodly that you have to be subjected to beatings or anything like that. People hear me preach and the misunderstand me if your husband is mistreating you, you petition the Lord. The Lord is your help but to rise up against him directly is ungodly. The Lord is your help the answer is not to take over the reins of the marriage, you just made your husband a woman. You want to know why he does not want to spend any time with you? You want to know way he does not want to go to bed with you, and you want to know.


Now please I am not saying if this is your situation that you have done it. When you get married the potential for all these things exist. We have family line curses and we have problems when we get married but we can make it better or we can make it worse. If we marry a man and we find out he as a potential to give in and be dominated by a woman you can jump all over him and take his authority away or you can built him up. We are all starting off life with family line curses and what we were born with but we can make it better if we obey or we can make it worse. Cause you know a man is just a human being if you batter at him and you batter at him and you batter at him one day he just going to say alright just do it. Then even though he does knot know the roles are reversed and the marriage is really in trouble and your kids are in great jeopardy.


The whole country is in a state of ignorance they are sending their children to daycare centers they think all the kids need ate food and supervision, the kids need you. They need your morals they need your life experiences, they need your wisdom they need you. I do not want anyone hearing this tape and say I am against women who work, they should be on welfare I am not saying any such ting I am talking in ideals. If you have a problem you have to go before the Lord and say Lord what is the answer for me? If you have a child and you do not have a husband you have to go to work.


Nothing is ideal but you know a lot of women work because they are lusting for the money and they really do not need it a lot of women work because they do not like being women. There are a lot of women out there they do not even need the money their husband makes a lot of money but there has been such program against traditional female role such an onslaught against it that they do not want to be home there is no reason for them to work it is really what they are seeking is a male satisfaction that is what it is. The country is in trouble and if you talk to the women they are telling you boy the American men stink I am going out looking for a foreign man to get married. They had a program like that on Phil Donahue all these women that are marrying foreign men. Because men they are just human beings and if you keep sniping away at their authority and that is what is happening in this country they are going to buckle under especially if they are not Christians.


They do not have this knowledge and one other thing that happens if they are Christian and sometimes they realize things on unconscious levels but they realize that you are bucking away at their authority men become tyrannical. I have seen Christian men very tyrannical over their wives saying I am the husband and you better get into line that is not Godly either gentlemen you are supposed to love your wife as Christ loved the church and if you married a rebellious woman you married her! Who told you to marry her why did you marry her she got a big bust I am sorry that is no reason to marry a woman I am being honest with you why did you marry a Jezabelic woman for you better get on your face before God and find out what he is going to do for you. The answer is not to beat her into submission.


COMMENT: I find many women now a days do not even want the responsibility for the children they do not want it.


PASTOR VITALE: It gets worse every generation it gets worse. We have in this country.


COMMENT: There is also the high percentages of divorces and I know years ago they would not even think of it. Even the unsaved back then it was like totally against is and now today they do not even honor marriage it is like one problem they do not even love the person anymore something goes wrong.


PASTOR VITALE: and they get out and that is the end of it. Our country is in a lot of trouble and the children are being sacrificed. The children are being put through the fire they are being burnt alive there is a heavy judgment coming on our nation because I do not see how anything else is going to turn it around. Its in the Christian church to the people in the church they are trying but you know once you fall its hard to get back the fall is in the mind and once your mind is convinced that being a homemaker has no respectability once the though comes into your mind that your equal because you are both working you are not you are not equal your husband is still... I do not care what is happening in the day to day life of the marriage God said the husband is the priest of the family. Now the Lord Jesus Christ he has an authority he chooses to do I have seen him raise women up and anoint them as priest in Christ but even if God does that in your marriage it is only until God raises up your husband it is temporary do not fight for your authority when God raises up your husband you have to turn it over when God raise him up the country is in a lot of trouble and I do not see any other answers but judgment. It is even in the church... I lost my thought what I was trying to say.. Watch your mind you fall in your mind and this whole society including the people in the church they have fallen in their minds with regard to their view on marriage. It is what they think about marriage they are not in the right condition of their mind and the children are being destroyed. That is the saddest part of the whole thing.


COMMENT1: I know a married couple they have a.. they got married and found out that either or both had AIDS and they are sticking together they are Christians they are pressing on in God.


COMMENT2: I know a couple like that too. I know a couple well not the couple it’s the woman who has the AIDS not the man he might have gotten it because he is married to her and they are still together.


COMMENT1: Its like a movie.


COMMENT2: And they are Christians yes they are born again Christians.


PASTOR VITALE: We are talking about why God has given us His power. He has given us His power to purify our Adamic souls but what is happening in the church today is that the sin filled Adamic soul of the believe is burying over the talents for the life of Christ so that it cannot manifest that is what we see in the church today and people think that when they see the gifts that, that is all they need.


That is not all you need Christ has to be formed in you. Not too long ago there was a woman in their church that had the gift of dancing and it is beautiful to behold you come to church and the music is playing and this woman goes floating up and down the isles and they fellowship with this woman and they had dinner together and the person said to me you know I was so disappointed the whole conversation was carnal I thought that because she danced she was a spiritual person and we were going to have an exciting spiritual conversation. The gifts and calling of God are without repentance. l do not assume if you hear people prophesying or dancing or what ever they are doing that when you meet with them they are going to be discussing the Scripture because you may very likely to be disappointed.


There is a difference between the imputed and the imparted anointing. The imputed anointing does not change your personality it adds gifts to you. You prophecy you dance you have utterance in tongues but it does not change your personality you are still a carnal person. The hour of the crossing over is at hand and who ever comes over is going to get more spiritual and who ever does not come over is going to slide back and be joined with the heathen. Glory to God.


God has given us power to over come our carnal mind which is sin so that we can enter into the soul life of Christ which is the kingdom of God where there is no sin pain or torment and we need to have the true doctrine part of this crossing over involves true doctrine Isaiah 54.13.


Isa 54:13 And all thy children shall be taught of the Lord; and great shall be the peace of thy children.


We are promised the true word of God not the false doctrines of men but there is a false doctrine being circulated right now that says .. Let me read you this. This doctrine teaches that God who is calling many out of the churches in this hour and away from the carnal teachings of the temporary or the imputed five fold ministry is also saying that it is no longer necessary to make a commitment to a localized group of believers and the teacher he has placed there.


I only know one other preacher that is pretty deep in His preaching and he is preaching this and this same doctrine says it is alright to study at home and listen to tapes. Well that is fine if the Lord has not brought you to a new order teacher but the new order teacher God is bringing them forth now all over the earth and it calling al l the people he took out of the churches he is gathering them together and he is saying I have a new order teacher for you and I want you to submit to ministry again and a lot of the believers that came out of the churches do not want to submit to the new order teachers so this is a very important word you cannot get it all.


I even spoke to one of these ladies she was a beautiful believer and I spoke to her on the phone and she said oh God never told me that. Well yes God is not teaching everyone individually God is raising up teachers and he is putting disciples under the teachers. God will teach you individually to a certain point and I believe either he will raise you up as a teacher or he will put you under a teacher because we are all supposed to continue to grow so this person does not go to church anymore and that is ok until God calls you into another group that is another message of the hour God he is rounding up all of the people he took out of the churches and he is forming groups for how ever long he tells you to be there glory to God there is a new order coming in and with the new order he has new teachers. Glory to God of course many stumble because.. Let me read you this 1st john 2:27.


1 John 2:27 But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.


Do not be deceived into thinking that this means that the Lord will teach you all you need to know directly God is manifesting in many members and we must all submit to Christ in each other. Even me if someone where to have if it were the spirit of God every spirit has to be tried if someone were to manifest a word or a correction for me right now I have to submit to Christ in which ever one vessel he is manifesting in.


We have to learn how to discern him and God has done it to me he has sent people to me with words of correction and I have had to receive it yet I hear I have hear several stories of pastors who God sent prophets to and they refused to receive the word he said I am the pastor and there is no one higher than me. Well in a man’s own house only God is. Of course God is the head of the man. God can raise up somebody under a temporary anointing to go to the head of the household God the Father Christ who is the head of the man if he speaks to the man and the man does not hear him he can raise up someone in the congregation just for that word and send that person to the pastor and in that interaction the person who Christ is resting is a higher authority than the pastor. We all have to be aware of this no body is in full stature yet nobody here is in full stature yet. We must submit to the Christ in one to another. I think that you will find that is one is an elder Christ is manifesting in him most the time but you never know. You and including me I have to be aware at all times looking for the manifestation of Christ in another human being because if he sends a word tome and I miss it I missed it and it could be serious.


COMMENT: You are saying the pastor in the church is higher.


PASTOR VITALE: Is higher than who?


COMMENT: The people.


PASTOR VITALE: He is the teacher he is the head that God has raised up for that ministry you cannot have people running up in the pulpit demanding to tell him how to run his church you cannot do that but sometimes he just being a natural man maybe making a mistake and if God speaks to him directly and he does not hear it the next thing God does is send a prophet but a lot of these men they deny that Christ has come in the flesh to them and they say God is only going to speak to me directly and I will not receive a word from Christ in another believer and that is dangerous.


Do you understand what I said? Because Christ spoke through a donkey you see and if you are a minister and you are in the five fold ministry and you have pride there is a real good chance that God is going to do this. It is very hard to be a minister to minster to Gods children to the Children of the kingdom everybody has to be respected an honored and it has to be recognized that Christ is in all of the children too yet you have to rule because there are people that are carnal that will try to tackle you from your authority it is a juggling act but if your heart is right God will get you through it if your heart is right Everybody here is a child of the kingdom but God does have an order he does have an order. What this Scripture is saying 1st john 2:27


1John 2:27 But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.


And ye need not that any man teach you. What is really means is that you do not let just any man teach you. You do not have to take teachi9ng from just any man but you should be taking the teaching from the holy ghost where ever he is manifesting do not let a natural man teach you. You do not need the teachings of a natural man but get eh teachings of Christ where ever he is teaching you usually he is teaching you on two levels through a teacher and you should be getting a confirmation in your own heart. Praise the Lord Hallelujah.


The Lord asked me to remind you that the life of Christ is literally being built into us and we can only get so far with reading materials we may even get a little further with tapes because you can have an anointing with tapes. Actually you can have it on reading materials too but to become everything that we are to become in Christ we need to submit ourselves tot he spoken word because we are saved by the foolishness of preaching as His word comes forth under the anointing it is doing something for you that the written word cannot do for you.


That is not to say you should not read the written word but what he is saying here that it is important to gather in groups and permit the Lord to minister what ever he wants to minister to you and just in case you do not realize it you have very good questions as a group and it is Christ in you bringing forth the questions he is manifesting the whole group and he is directing the group and teaching what he wants you to hear and to who ever he is sending this tape to He is manifesting through you to I know that as a natural person the thought was even going through my mind well maybe I should stop these questions and finish the message but God has taught me.


I am not saying I am 100% but he has taught me to yield to His spirit and I feel that he is in these questions and my carnal mind is talking to me was saying what kind of tape is this going to be? You are teaching for ten minutes and all these questions what are you going to do with this tape? And my carnal mind really wanted me to stop this meeting from the way its going but I know its God. I remember the first time he taught me this lesson there was a very heavy out pouring on Sunday morning it was so thick you could cut it I had studied seven hours for the message and we had.. In those days people where not willing to sit for five hours they wanted to go home after two three hours I let.. I permitted the outpouring to pour out and I said Lord I am not going to have time to finish this message and I just started teaching and the Lord rebuked me. I was really was a shamed when he showed me what I had done it was like a humiliating feeling and I hope I have not done it since.


I am here so that Christ can minister to you through me and if we cannot go through this message completely well to tell you the truth I did not have a message for today and fifteen minutes before you came I was saying Lord I do not have a message for today and he showed me this which I prepared months ago and never taught and then as soon as we sat down and start talking I realized that it was another basic principles but he did not tell me Sheila we have another basic principles class. My carnal mind fights with me as I am sitting up here but God made it into another question and answer session and this is his show, it is not my show we have to flow with the spirit. Glory to God. It is the spirit that quickeneth the flesh profiteth nothing we have to be under this anointing as he brings it forth Romans 10:17


Ro 10:17 So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.


And I just quoted you John 6:63


John 6:63 It is the spirit that quickeneth; the flesh profiteth nothing: the words that I speak unto you, they are spirit, and they are life.


Even though you can get it on a tape it is much more intense here I will tell you this when God raised up their first group that we worked up all of these teaching that we have about two hundred and sixteen tapes now and the people were here for about four years they grew much more quickly and much more intensely than the people that were just listening to the tapes. Sitting under this anointing made a big difference and they understood better and they just prospered more it is important that we gather in groups.


I wrote down the alternate translation for the 1st half of genesis Chapter 2:22 I am not going to read it to you I read it four times already. We are continuing with the second half of the verse Genesis 3:22 which says lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:


Ge 3:22 And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:


God does not want him to do it. Now the Hebrew word translated therefore it appears in the beginning of verse 23 in the King James Translation but I have moved it to the middle of verse 22 Therefore lest he put forth his hand and we have talked about this before when you look at an interlinear you will see that the words are in an order that makes no sense in English and who ever the translator is that is translating the Scripture they make sense out of it according to their understanding of the word. I do move a word around from time to time but I am not perverting the Word of God. I am just doing what the other translators do as the Lord shows it to me so we can understand it a little better.


The word therefore is Strong’s 3651 and it can be translated so then. In the sense of continuation and the word lest therefore so then unless he put forth his hand. The word lest is Strong’s 6435 and this is a word of prohibiting or hindering and in this instance it implies the concern of God. God is saying so then I do not want him to live forever in this condition so that he does not put forth his hand and the word put forth is Strong’s 7971 it means to send forth or to send out because we know that Adam at this point was not a natural man he did not have a body like we do.


The original creation was the mind of man this body is a prison house that we have a fallen into as a result of the judgment of God. The Scripture says lest he put forth his hand spirit reach out by vibrating forth and the word hand is Strong’s 3027 and Gassiness says that it can be translated and in fact it is translated in one part of the Bible and I did not write it down were as the seat of a lizard and what it is saying what the Scripture is saying lest he put out his hand the natural man was under the cover of God and the two of them were functioning like one the Scripture is indicating lest he should reach out and be separate form God put out the lizards hand put out the negative quality aside form God and lay hold of the creation. You see they were one the negative and the positive in the creation were one and God was saying now he is experiencing evil and I know what he is going to want to do, he is going to want to life a life apart form God. He is going to stretch his hand out form under my cover and live separately that is what this Scripture is saying in parable form. I do have a witness here for you that this word is the hand is used in a very negative sense in Proverbs 30:28


Pr 30:28 The spider taketh hold with her hands, and is in kings' palaces.


Now we know a spider does not have a hand. The spider taketh hold with her hand, and is in king’s palaces. The word spider is Strong’s 8079, and it is used in the sense of poisoning and a lizard it can also be translated lizard form the superstition of its poisonousness. God is saying Adam had a negative side we all know that the serpent within the original creation and he was poisonous and God was saying unless that poisonous part of the creation reaches out and establish and existence apart from the existence with God let us cast him out of here.


We can say lest Adam think a thought now we are not only talking about grabbing things we are talking about thoughts now the creation is spiritual and spiritual things are in the mind. Lest Adam think a thought apart from God or lest Adam come out form the cover of God or lest Adam reject the aid and assistance of God which is the power and strength and righteousness of God to do what? What was Gods original purpose in this creations? Which at this point was still spiritual God intended to appear in the realm of appearance God wanted to take on the flesh that is what this is all about What is he saying? Unless Adam take o the flesh apart from God and live forever let us cast him out it was Satan’s intention to take on the flesh apart form God and live forever eternal torment of Hell and God said you cannot do it I am casting you out of the garden Thank God.


COMMENT: He cast him our of Heaven or the garden?


PASTOR VITALE: The Heaven and the Garden are the same.


COMMENT: Really?


PASTOR VITALE: The Garden of Eden is heaven.


COMMENT: I was thinking how he wanted to be the most you know higher than God He was cast out that is different.


PASTOR VITALE: it is a different Scripture but prophecy is a parable and we find the little bits of truth all over the whole Bible the garden of Eden is heaven What is the garden it is the total provision of God Heaven is to be in a place where God meets your every need where you speak and it is done. The garments of sin are not there all righteousness. Glory to God.


COMMENT: Putting out the hand from under the cover would that be likened in the church today where you have the counterfeit and the real? The counterfeit is the hand.




COMMENT: Then God will knock it down.


PASTOR VITALE: God is going to tear it down and there is going to be waling Christians Glory to God. What is the benefit of taking on the flesh why does Satan want it so badly? Because this flesh is a vehicle to act out his lusts This is the torment. He wanted to totally manifest and this is the torment the Bible speaks about that Satan should be in the flesh but that Christ should be preventing him from acting out his lusts through our members. We talked about Satan being in the bottomless pit and being tormented. The tormenting is Satan being forced into Christ’s image Satan is in the flesh he is giving us our form but Christ is in the flesh controlling him and ruling him and saying you are in there because I want this creation to have a form but you cannot act your lusts out through their members. You cannot sin through their members that is the torment its Satan glory to God.


Satan wants to posses a body that can experience the pleasure of having her lusts acted out. If you want to hear more about that you might want to review tape 60 part 8 where we talk about the help that God has given Adam. We are down here in this condition we have fallen into hell we have been cast out of the garden and God has said to Satan you cannot make this eternal torment you cannot make it an eternal place for my people I am going to get them out of there and the way I am going to get them out is by giving them an aid or help I am going to put my son in them and he is going to grow up and he will be their righteousness. You are going to loose all of your legal ground for putting this torment on them because my people are going to stop sinning because my son is going to be their righteousness. Glory to God


This is the Scripture that we are dealing with


Ge 3:22 And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:


God is not going to let him do it the word take is Strong’s 3947 and it can be translated to take for ones self or to enfold into oneself God is saying that Adam cannot have within his being at the same time the wickedness of Satan and the righteousness of Christ. Now I do not know if you are ahead of me or not but my mind is saying to me it not that the condition that we are in right now? We have two souls we have the wickedness of Satan and the righteousness of Christ did not God just contradict himself? Or maybe he made a mistake? No God can do it Satan cannot do it. Satan was enfolded into the creation and God said I am removing my spirit from you, you cannot have both.


Now at the end of the age when the Lord is determined to deliver us now you can have both it is my will it is my time it is my pleasure it is my purposes and now I am going to my spirit in there with Satan to swallow up Satan We see the same situation and I do not know about you but I see this so frequently God does something that he says man cannot do because when man is doing it his motives is wicked. Satan wanted to capture the whole creation for his own wicked purposes which would have resulted in eternal torment for us. God said I will do the same thing but when I do it will is going to deliver you out of hell. We see this in the Scripture time after time where the Scripture clearly states we cannot lie, but we are told that God put a lying spirit in the prophets hearts where are told we cannot commit incest or adultery and I declare to you when the Lord Jesus Christ invaded your mind he entered right into the place where Eve is dwelling with Satan and to the carnal mind that is adultery she has two men in there with her now but God can do it because His motive is to deliver her from an ungodly husband. You cannot say as a human being I am going to deliver that woman from an ungodly husband I am going to take her away and run away with her Jesus said that is adultery God can do it we cannot to it we are a lower life from when we do it, it produces destruction and death and when God does it, it produces deliverance and life. We are just going to have to accept the fact that he can do things that we cannot do and that is what we tell our children you cannot do it because when you do it, it is going to be destructive.


This word also and take also of the tree of life. This word Also is Strong’s 1571 and it can also be translated both. The implication here is that Satan is taking of both the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil not Satan, Adam. I am sorry he is taking of both what God is saying is that Adam was infolding both of them into him both of the trees. Glory to God.


This word life for the tree of life I think I told you this already it is Strong’s 2416 and its used of raw flesh this is the tree of raw flesh it is the tree that is producing raw flesh. The purpose of this whole creation is Chris tin the flesh God in the flesh is Christ Satan try to lay hold of this creation and use it to make us do all kinds of wickedness that we see happening in the world today. Glory to God


It is God’s intention for Adam to appear in the realm of appearance as the Lords glorified flesh it is no accident or defeat of God however that Adam in this hour is appearing in the realm of appearance as Satan’s flesh. Do you realize that this body is Satan’s flesh? This body is not Gods flesh it is vile. This is Satan’s flesh Satan has appeared him the realm of appearance and it is a hard word but this is his flesh and it has to go. No body is stoning me you are a great crew I like teaching you guys I tell you that! This flesh is the result of Gods curse upon the serpent in Genesis 2:14 let me read it to you Its Genesis 3:14, sorry.


Ge 3:14 And the Lord God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go, and dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life:


And the Lord God said unto the serpent, Because thou hast done this, thou art cursed above all cattle, and above every beast of the field; upon thy belly shalt thou go,, and we did a study on that in the Hebrew and we found out what it really means is that he is going to be in the outer realm God cast Satan into the outer realm which is this realm of a appearance it is also outer darkness true spiritual life is with in the kingdom of God is in the deeper depths of our being and the most outer part of our being is this body and this is outer darkness. We have a choice now that we are in Christ we can dwell in these outer realms which is what? Joining all of these things in this world even things that are not sin.


Where is your pleasure? Where is your pleasure? Is your pleasure in parties? And socializing in movies in Televison I am not saying anything is wrong with this stuff but were are you dwelling? Or are you dwelling inside with the father? Is your pleasure is your joy is your satisfaction in the word of God in the spiritual things of God I declare to you if your joy is within if you are going within for satisfaction the day is going to come you are going to take your body inside with you. Can you hear this? We are all out here in outer darkness and if we stop looking outwards for our satisfaction and pursue the inward things of God when we enter into the season for it which is very soon the Lord is going to permit our body in with us and we are going to become a spiritual being that is what happened to Jesus Yes that is what happened to him Glory to God.


This is not a good place to be outer darkness out here it is not a good place to be. I do not know about you but more and more nothing satisfies me I just look at these vain things that carnal people do and there is nothing wrong with it if that is what you are it so vain you know I look I saw a couple of things on tv people having parties trying to have a good time and I feel.. Oh I know what I saw I had to take my father to the hospital yesterday I was sitting in the hospital lobby looking at all these people. People of all ages women with children and senior citizens and everyone walking in and all the hospital personal very proud with their uniforms you can see it they are proud of their jobs and I was sitting there looking at them and I said Lord boy I am really leaving this word Lord I am sitting here looking at this like I am not of this world. Look at them I feel like I am a visitor from outer space. As we move into Christ that is what we are Jesus was not from this world He was not He came to the people of this world and He looked on all of their problems and all of their weakness and He worked miracles. That is what we are going to be doing but to get to that place we have to give up this world we cannot be a citizen of both worlds. Except for a season as you are going over your are transferring. Hallelujah. We are almost finished here the word Eat is strong’s 398 and it can be translated to devour anyone’s flesh and it is used as cruel and fierce enemies who thirst for ones blood. Psalms 27:2 says:


Ps 27:2 When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell.


I suggest to you that when Adam when God said look at Adam look at what he is doing he also wants to take of the tree of life and God looked into his heart partaking of the knowledge of good and evil God said he also wanted to take of the tree of life what the significance of the word eat is that Adam wanted to devour the life of Christ as typified in the parable of Cain and Abel. Cain swallowed up the spiritual life of Abel and that was what Adam wanted to do when he wanted to eat of the tree of life also. He wanted to destroy Gods flesh in this world and indeed He has done it for a season but God has permitted it. I have news for you Christ is coming forth and he is about to devour Satan’s flesh. We are all going to be Christ within we are going to be all Christ without.


COMMENT: I just wanted you to repeat what you said in Chapter 3 verse 14 the serpent was a curse.


PASTOR VITALE: The serpent was going on his belly when we pulled that apart I think we did it in the 18 series if I am not mistaken that you have. When we looked up all the words in the Hebrew we found out that, that word belly means the outer realms. The outer realms and what God did was He pulled the creation inside out the creation is spiritual and the form of the creation was within it was like you take glove or a pillow case He pulled it inside out and now the spiritual things are within and the carnal things are without but that is going to be reversed we just talked about a minute ago if you keep going in you are going to take the whole body in with you.


COMMENT: inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: No that is what swallowed up means. Glory to God I just want to remind you that the natural food that we eat after it is processed through out body it becomes out flesh or our human body and like wise the spiritual food that we eat after it is processed through our mind or our soul it becomes our personality If you eat satanic food you are going to have a satanic mind and I saw a talk show on tv the other day they were debating over weather or not watching all of these horror movies is making monsters out of our children and there where two psychiatrists and they were debating with one another one said yes and the other said no but you are what you eat. Your human flesh is what you eat and the spiritual flesh is what you eat. Glory to God. When we partake of the tree of the knowledge or Good and evil which is Adam which is ruled by Satan our personality appears in the realm of appearance as the sin filled carnal mind which is at war with God. The Lord is telling me to repeat this that Satan is Adam’s unconscious mind is somebody not understanding that?


Satan is Adam’s unconscious mind that is who he is, the two are one Satan and Adam are one. When Adam is ruling his own vessel God calls him Adam and when Satan rose up and took dominion the creations name was changed to Satan the name of this creation is Satan you do not hear it preached very much because people panic because they do not understand what Satan is. Adam died when Satan rose up and took authority over him and we are told. I really have to look it us I never know wether is Isaiah or Asexual. When Lucifer was cast out of heaven is it Isaiah 14 that he became Satan is that what the Scripture says?


Isa 14:12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!


Isa 14:13 For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:


Isa 14:14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High.


Isa 14:15 Yet thou shalt be brought down to hell, to the sides of the pit.


Isa 14:16 They that see thee shall narrowly look upon thee, and consider thee, saying, Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms;


He was cast down to hell and his name was changed and the Scripture clearly states he is just a man God changes your name when your spiritual condition changes.


COMMENT: inaudible


PASTOR VITALE: No yeah he fell down and he was no longer the son of heaven and he became the son of Hell, Satan, but they are the same person when he was walking in the heavenlies with God he was Adam and when he yielded to the evil in his heart and fell down to hell.


COMMENT: Was that pride because of pride he fell? Because it goes on to say For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation.


PASTOR VITALE: there it is it is witnessing to what we are teaching here. God saw it in his heart. God saw it in his heart before he did it and that is what we are teaching here. When he was walking in righteousness with God his name was Adam and when he yielded to the darkness of Satan in his mind for all intents and purposes he was Satan we are walking in accordance of the ways of this world and for all intents and purposes we were Satan and now as we yield our members to Christ our name is Christ our spiritual change is converted when our spirit our name is converted our name was Satan and we are Christ if you are not walking in accordance with the lusts of this world if you are serving Christ which I think everyone here is, you name is now Christ.


If you are a Christian out there and you are waling in accordance to the lists of this word I have a flash for you your name is not Christ are we not told in the book of revelation we are going to get a new name and we are going to get a stone a new stones. Stones in the Scripture typify spirit we are going to get a new spirit but if you get a new spirit and you bury it under the earth of your Agamic soul for all intents and purposes you never received your new spirit Glory to God Going on with the word live. And he shall live forever it is Strong’s 2425 is the word live and it refers to simple vitality or breathing this word refers to human life as man knows it not to the endless life of God which results from righteousness which is implied in Gods name Jehovah it says he wants to live for the life of the ages but not the glorious life of Christ he wants to live that fallen life that was Satan’s plan eternal torment in hell is that something that was his plan and God would not let him do it and God’s own people are out there preaching that this is what God is going to do. Do you know what they are saying?


They are out there preaching that this is what God is going to do they are saying Satan is God that is what they are preaching do you hear this? If they are saying that my God is going to burn you in hell and torment forever who does that? Does the Lord Jesus Christ do that? No Satan wants to do that for all intents and purposes they are saying that God is Satan. That is what they are saying and the word forever is Strong’s 5769 and it means forever always continuously or the life of the ages world without end we have an alternate translation second half of genesis 3:22 so then to make sure that Adam does not enfold both his own spirit and the spirit of God into his being at the same time which would enable Satan to appear in a flesh body in the realm of appearance and continue in an endless existence because the life of God is within him. We go on to verse 23 it says God sent him forth form the garden


Ge 3:23 Therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken.


For this message we stopped at the end of verse 22 and just want to remind you that Adam rebelled against God and the existence described above would be without righteousness it would indeed be the eternal torment that the carnal mind preaches about but God because of His love and mercy towards us did not let this happen instead he sent Adam out of the garden which is in heaven down into hell which is the world we live in now and he did this only for a season now it has been thousands of years but to God it is only for a season. Hallelujah!


And in the fullness of time He sent His son who is our righteousness to redeem us from the curse that God himself pronounced on us so that we can live in the realm of appearance in righteousness and true life for ever and ever. This is not life this is existence and I would like to ready you the recap of Genesis 2:22 that is all I have today for the teach and the God who appears in many forms and needs nothing outside of himself to survive and prosper says Adam has become a part of the family of God and even though he has a complete informed knowledge of good and evil now look at him or look at what the man is doing he is eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He is taking it into himself so then to make sure Adam does not enfold both his own spirit and the spirit of God into his being at the same time which would enable him to appear in a flesh body in the realm of appearance and continue in an endless existence because the life of God is within him rather than let that happen God cast him out of the garden of Eden. Hallelujah



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