115 - 1 Part

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COMMENT 1: You just throw me a little bit when you say, It is a parable. I did not quite understand the whole thing. Whether you meant that there was no Adam and Eve, and it was just a message, we started to look it up, and there had to be an Adam and Eve according to the genealogy so I did not quite get it. I wanted to listen to it again.


PASTOR VITALE: You listened to it one time?




PASTOR VITALE: And you are still up in the air about it? Did you have the same reaction?


COMMENT 2: I feel that I need listen to them a few more times to really understand and pray about getting an understanding.


COMMENT1: These are a little deeper teaching than we are accustomed to.          


PASTOR VITALE: Praise the Lord that you are open to it.


COMMENT 2: I do not know which tape is hardest. I connected with something that you said in one of the tapes that you feel that God anoints people to pray over certain people. I know at times that I have been in prayer, there has been a name that would come into my. . .it would just occur to me, and I would start praying for that person so I connected with that immediately. A few other things that I cannot really think of right now, but I know that there was a connection with a few things that you discussed. I would say, Yes, I can understand that. I felt that too. It was like a unity kind of thing.


PASTOR VITALE: You are getting a witness in your heart that this is the Lord, even though you never heard this before.


COMMENT 2: Yes, I get a peaceful feeling about it.





John Chapter 7

14: Now about the midst of the feast Jesus went up into the temple, and taught.

15: And the Jews marvelled, saying, How knoweth this man letters, having never learned?

16: Jesus answered them, and said, My doctrine is not mine, but His that sent me.

17: If any man will do His will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.

18: He that speaketh of himself seeketh his own glory: but He that seeketh His glory that sent him, the same is true, and no unrighteousness is in Him. 

19: Did  Moses not give you the law, and yet none of you keepeth the law? Why go ye about to kill Me?

20: The people answered and said, Thou hast a devil: who goeth about to kill thee?

21: Jesus answered and said unto them, I have done one work,  and ye all marvel. (KJV)


We see Jesus in the Temple, and He is doing two significant things. He is healing, because they are marveling because He did one work, and they were marveling so He was healing. He was preaching a doctrine that they never heard before. When I first read this I used to think it meant, You never went to Bible school, how could you know how to teach, because it says you never studied letters?


Verse 15, How knoweth this man letters having never learned? (KJV)


The Lord had me check this account in the other gospels. The other gospels do not say letters, they say wisdom. Where did this man get wisdom from, and this understanding from? Until I checked it with the other gospels I was a little bit confused, because I thought every Israelite was put into Hebrew school, if that is what they called it in those days, from a very young age.


I said, You mean He never learned letters, He never learned to read? If you look up the word letters in the Greek it means, He never learnt to read or write or learn the Mosaic law. 


I said, There is something wrong here. When I checked the other gospels the word is wisdom. What the Scripture is talking about is that the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, had a spiritual understanding of the Scriptures that the most learned Scribes and Pharisees never had.


This was demonstrated in the way He taught, and said to them, And you have heard it said, but I say unto you. He was expounding on the letter of the word out of the wisdom of the Almighty God. The reaction of the people to them, was they said, Where did you get this word from?


That is what we hear people saying about the doctrine that is coming forth here. I take no glory unto myself. It is all God. There is no way I could even if I tried to, I could not have sat down, and wrote such fantastic stuff as the Lord has been pouring out here.


He was pouring it into me more than four years ago, but it started coming forth formerly four years ago. I am saying to you that the doctrine you are hearing is not mine.  It is His that sent me. The Book of John goes on to say, If any man will do His will, he shall know of the doctrine whether it be of God or whether I speak of myself.


The word of the Lord says that even though you may not understand this word from the beginning, if you are truly serving God in your heart you are going to get some kind of a witness from Him that this is Him, and that you should stick with it and hear what He has to say. Praise the Lord. Glory to God.


The witness has to come in your own spirit. I will tell you that there are two kinds of reactions that people have to this doctrine. One of them is that they get the witness in their spirit. I know when XXXX first came God was giving her Scriptures.


It depends where you are in Christ or how God speaks to you, but the witness will be in your heart. Those who are seeking after Christ for what ever reasons other than that they truly want to serve God, and that reason is usually that they want to exalt themselves, they are not going to hear this doctrine.


The reason that they cannot hear the doctrine is that if your heart is to exalt yourself, there is no way you can possess this doctrine. If you are listening to this doctrine, because you want to possess it so that you can be some great one and go out and teach it to others, whether you just want to be exalted, whether you want to make money on it, what ever you want to do with it, you will never possess it.


It is a spiritual butterfly, you cannot hold on to it.  It can only be given to you by God. When the Lord first gave it to me, I was very naive about people’s reactions to it. I did not even know what He had given me, to tell you the truth. I saw all kinds of people passing through the meetings, and a lot of them were saying to me, I do not understand it, I understand what you are saying, but I cannot repeat it to anybody. I take it in, but I cannot give it out.


There was one woman who had been into witchcraft. This is an open testimony.  She was practicing with people that came from all over the country to her. She had a lot of authority in witchcraft, to heal, and what ever. People called her for counseling, and she knew a lot of witchcraft doctrine about reincarnation. She was really irritated.  She knew what I was talking about, but she could not give it out to others.


I said to her, You cannot give it out, just sit here and take it in. I did not understand at that time that her motive for hearing the doctrine was not acceptable to God. This doctrine is the true gospel of the Kingdom.  It is the ever lasting gospel that is preached in the Book of Revelation. When it is preached to all the world, the end shall come. The end of what? The end of this world system.


It is not the end of the moon, and the sun, and the stars, and the planets. It is the end of the spiritual government that is ruling in this world in this hour. The Prince of the Power of the Air has a name of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and he rules over many principalities, and there are many demons.


There is a big mystery shrouding the spiritual reality of this world’s system. Who has it been hidden from and why? Because, if the truth be known, men probably could not bear it.


The reason that the truth is bring revealed in this hour is that it is the season for our escape from this world system. You have heard it said that the gates of hell shall not prevail against this church, and you have heard it said that the church is crashing into hell to get dead people out.


I say unto you that, You are in hell now. That the gates of hell are holding you in here, and that those gates shall not prevail against you, that you shall crash out of hell. You shall enter into the spiritual realm of God. In the spiritual realm of God, there is no torment in your soul, in your emotions, and where there is no drug addiction. Where there is no deformity of the soul or of the body, where there is peace with the Lord Jesus Christ, and where there is dominion over every destruction and torment that we see in this soul realm: physical illness, drug addiction, alcoholism, personal disorders that cause divorce, and devastation of all kinds. Emotional disorders have filled up the mental institutions.


Just open your heart and ask the Lord.  This is hell, and you are in it right now. If you read the Scripture, and you read it with an open heart, the Scripture preaches about Heaven and hell.  It does not preach about a third place, it really does not.


I know the Roman Catholic Church talks about limbo.  It is called limbo, is it not? It is not in the Bible.  There is only Heaven and hell.  Purgatory? Right. In the Bible there is only Heaven, and hell.  This is sure not Heaven down here. Sometimes you cannot see the forest for the trees. It is hard to see where you are, because you are in it.


COMMENT: I was just a little confused about what you just said. I always thought that there were only two true destinies. I figured that was after death.


PASTOR VITALE: What do you mean by two true destinies?


COMMENT: We are either going to Heaven or hell. There is no purgatory after you die. I figured it is after you die, there is either Heaven or hell.


PASTOR VITALE: It is understandable that you think that, because that is what is preached in the church world. The problem is this, that men who have studied the Scriptures in the past have not been anointed to understand with the mind of God.


When the mind of God does not function in your mind, it leaves a vacuum, an empty space. If there is no thought from God in your mind your carnal mind enters in and gives you a thought. You can understand that?


This is what has happened throughout the church worlds. For whatever reason, God has not been speaking in depth for a season.  I believe this revelation was available 2000 years ago, and then the Dark Ages came, and it was lost.


The Lord has not made it public, I think He must have had, all along, faithful people that have this revelation, but to the best of my knowledge it is not being publicly preached.  It has not been publicly preached until now.


What has been happening, God has been silent, and we hear in the Book of Revelation that there was a great silence in Heaven. It is not unusual for the Lord to be silent, and when the Lord is silent there is a great vacuum. Then our carnal minds just jump in with the doctrines of men.


One of those doctrines is that hell or Heaven, death and life, is after the death of this body, but if you study the Scriptures in depth that is not true.


We are told by the Apostle Peter that men shall be judged in the flesh so that they can live by the spirit of God. Judgment is in the flesh.  It is not in the spirit world. The Scripture says that it is given unto men once to die, and then the judgment.


The carnal mind says, After your body dies you are going to be judged. I say unto you, We were alive in the realm of the spirit with Jesus Christ, and when we entered into this world system we entered into an existence of death.


This is death, this is the Valley of the Shadow of Death. The Psalms say, The Lord put out a great table in front of Him while he was in the Valley of the Shadow of Death. I remind you that Adam fell from grace, that the creation died, and we have been falling ever since. Adam lived almost a thousand years, we are still falling. A good ripe old age is 100 years now.


If you are well enough to get around at 100 years, it is a blessing. I see my own father who is 86.  He is doing great for 86, but he is getting more and more feeble. This is death, and that is hard for us to comprehend. We can only comprehend it by the mind of Christ, because we look around, and we see that we are living lives, and we are bearing children, and we are having lives.


The Scriptural definition of death is the carnal mind. Paul said, The carnal mind is death. The Scripture also says,


 Romans 8:12-13: If you live after the flesh you are dead in your sins, (KJV)


I Corinthians 15:34: Awake to righteousness, and live after Christ. (KJV)


Existence is in the flesh.


The whole propose of this creation was that God wanted to appear. God is a spirit, He has no form or shape. He created this world system, and He created it to be Heaven, and it was Heaven when God was joined to Adam for that season before the fall.


How was it Heaven? Adam’s every need was met.  He was in the Garden of Eden, He had no problems. Iniquity was found in him one day, he fell from grace, and he was put out of the Garden. What was the Garden? The spiritual realm of God or the mind of God.  He was joined in His mind to God, and he fell down.


COMMENT: What you are saying is that when it says in the Scriptures  that the dead will rise again, they are speaking about us rising again in the spirit?




COMMENT: What about the people who have passed this earth that have died that are under the ground? Are they just asleep? Where are they?


PASTOR VITALE: Their spirit has returned to Christ, their body has returned to the dust of this earth, and their soul has gone back into the lump of clay. The Potter looked at the vessel, we are told in the Book of Jeremiah, and it was not to His liking, and He marred it so He can form it again.


The substance of the soul goes back into the lump of clay to be reformed. We are spirit, our true life is spirit, and that spirit returns to the Father.


COMMENT: Spirit and soul are separate?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. The spirit is that which was with the Lord from the beginning.  We are in His likeness that we are spirit, and God is spirit.  That is how we are in His likeness. The soul is made from the dust of the earth. It is really mud that the Lord has put upon Himself so that He can be revealed. The example we use here, God is not religious, He is the invisible man.


            Do you remember that movie, The Invisible Man? He was scaring everybody.  Nobody could see him, so he put on a jacket and wrapped bandages on his head.  He put on a hat, gloves, and shoes. He looked like a normal man that had bandages around his face. God wants to be seen.


            As I started to say earlier, this world system is called the soul realm. Everybody living here is a soul. Everybody okay with that? God is a spirit, He is in a higher realm. This is a spiritual realm.  It is the realm of the soul. The Bible talks about the Heavens, there is more than one Heaven. There is the spiritual realm of the soul, and the spiritual realm where God is which is higher than the spiritual realm of the soul. Glory to God.


            We are spirit, we are a spirit that has been broken off of the spirit of the Father. The Scripture speaks of the Lord as the rain, that He is raining on people, or that He is sprinkling on people. He has broken Himself in many pieces. The Lord wants to reproduce Himself, He is having a son. He had a son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He has promised to extend Jesus Christ of Nazareth’s days through His seed.


            There is a second generation of Christ that is about to appear, or that is already appearing in this hour.


            If you are hearing this message, and you are not running out of here you are probably a part of it. He has sprinkled on you. You know that the Lord Jesus Christ rose from the dead. The Father raised Him up form the dead, and He ascended, and He returned to the realm of the spirit, and now He is sprinkling. He is pouring out of His spirit upon all flesh, and He is raining on the entire human race.


            A drop of Him is getting in each of you. That drop, the Scripture likens to a sperm. I hope I am not offending anybody, but that is what this is all able. God is reproducing Himself.


            Every human being in relationship to God is female. We are female in our spirit. It does not mean that you are any less of a man in this world or in relationship to your family or your wife. In relationship to God, you are female and He is sprinkling upon you.  He is fertilizing your spiritual life, and He is bringing forth His son in you. When His Son begins to appear in you, you start to become male.


            In this world, if you are female you stay female, and there is nothing you can do about it. In the realm of the spirit, the Lord wants the whole creation to come into His image.


            All of us, men and women, in relationship to God are female. He is raining on us, and His Life, Lord willing, is growing on us. If you have the good soil, do you know the parable of the soil? If the good soil is in you, the seed is taking root, and Christ is being formed in you.


            Paul talks about Christ being formed in you. When He is formed in you He is going to wage war against your sin-filled soul that had you on drugs, that had you an alcoholic, whatever your problem was.  You were an adulterer, you were a gambler, what ever was destroying your life it was resulting from a weakness in your soulish life.


            According to the Scripture, if we do not have Christ we are all widows, women without a husband. Of course, in this world system, the way our country is today we see women going out and working or doing construction work. They are doing all kinds of work, but for thousands of years that mankind has existed this was unheard of. It is just the Industrial Revolution that has made it possible.


            Women could not do the physical hard work that men could do. They were very dependant on their husband. If they did not have a husband or an adult male, they were as good as dead.


            We see in countries like India, and I hear that they are still do it in India in some places, that when a man dies they put the wife with him on the platform, and they burn them together. They burn the dead man and the live wife. I see movies about American Indians when the husband dies if she has no adult son, she dies from the elements.  They will not even take her into the teepee. All the other Indian families that are around, they will not take her into the teepee. If you do not have a man in your life, you are as good as dead.


            The Scripture is based on this natural type. Have you ever heard it said that the natural things of this world are types so that we can understand spiritual things?  They are types, and shadows. And they are types, and they are shadows so that we can understand spiritual things.


            If you do not have a man you are a widow, and if you do not have an adult son your life is utterly worthless. The Prophets preached this. The human race is widowed.  Why? Because God divorced her. He divorced the human race when He put Adam out of the Garden. Then He went to Abraham, and He made a covenant through Abraham with Israel.  Then He divorced Israel.


            The whole human race, if you do not have Christ being formed in you, you are a widow, and you are subject to this soul realm. You are subject to every devastation that could come upon man, depending on a combination of things that have happened in your own life, and things that have happened on your family line.


            We know that the sins of the father are visited upon the children in the third and fourth generation. We are born with blessings upon our life.  The blessings of God are unto two thousand generations, and the curses of God are only unto four generations, but if that curse is upon you it does not matter. That is a bad place to be if that curse is upon you.


            I know that Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, curses you, and that there are all kinds of bad things in the world, but I declare to you that if God did not curse you Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, could not get you. The reason Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, can get you is that God is not your husband.


            We see the salvation of the human race coming in two stages. The first stage is the message that makes everyone aware that Jesus Christ is our High Priest, and we now have authority over whatever was killing us or bringing destruction into our lives. Everybody has their own story.


            There is a second part to this, and the second part of this message is the true gospel of the Kingdom that says there is more than your deliverance from drug addiction, and your alcoholism, and gambling. You still have a soul life where you are laboring to support your family, where you are laboring to get along with your wife, where you struggling to make this thing work where you are praying every day that your kids do not fall into what you fell into.


            There is even more than that, I mean there is a way out of that. There is more than just you overcoming your drug addiction. There is you overcoming your adamic soul, because when Christ begins to be formed in you He becomes your life. He is our life. He is our righteousness, and He is our everything. We are complete in Him.


            If we do not have Him, we are not complete. That is why you are fallen down. The Scripture says you are lying in a bed, you are sick, you are spiritually sick. I do not care if you lift weights, I do not care if you are a millionaire, you are sick. Spiritually sick.  You have to have something. Something has got to be tormenting you. Did you lose a child at a few years old? Something, because this is hell, and there is torment in hell.


            No matter how close you are to the Lord while you are still in this condition, what condition? You are a soul man, you are still in hell.


            When you get the Son, when He begins to be formed in you, you are on the road to being transformed into a spiritual man. When Christ joins to your spirit you are going to be one spirit with Christ. He who is falling down, lying as a beggar in the streets, is going to stand up in all the Glory of Christ.


            There is a change coming, and it is coming inside of you. You are going to have the same body, the same wife, you are going to have the same parents, the same kids, you may be even living in the same house, but your inside are changing.  Your spiritual being is being converted from a soul man into a spiritual man.


            In reality, Christ who is being formed in you is swallowing up your soul man, and you are becoming a new creature from the inside out. The problem is that it is hard for people to see, because you look the same.


            There are two stages to this salvation. If this message has come to your ear, you are called in this hour to enter into the second stage. Christ is going to be formed in you, and He is going to swallow up every destructive thing in your mind, because every problem you have comes from your mind.


            Curses in your life operate in your mind. A lot of people hear curses, and they get all upset, and scared.  It is just a word. If it is there, it does not matter whether you are scared or not.  If it is there, it is there.


            Curses operate in your mind, and they affect the way you think. Do you know how many people have won the Lottery, they have won a million dollars, and they are paupers today?  In their mind they do not know how to deal with money, they do not know what to do with it. They really do not know. It is one thing to know, and not to do it, and it is something else to really not know.


            The big problem that we have with the people that we take out of the streets, or that we take off of welfare is that they do not know how to hold a job. Some of them do not know even how to use a telephone.


            Some of them are so emotionally disturbed that they cannot submit to an employer, they cannot hold a job. A lot of people come off of drugs in that condition. When the Lord comes to them, gets them off of drugs, gets them off of alcohol, but they cannot hold a job. Why? Because there are curses in their mind. The curse of rebellion that they think they are the boss.  When the boss does not like that they think they are the boss he fires them. It is a curse in your mind. Praise the Lord


            Curses are in your mind. When you agree with the ungodly thought in your mind, that thought produces spiritual fruit. You have heard of the fruits of Christ. When you agree with Christ, you start becoming loving, and long suffering, patient.


            When you agree with the curse in your mind, there is a birth, and it is not a fruit of the spirit.  It is a fruit of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and it is called a demon. That demon gets in your mind, it strengthens the wrong thinking, and it is possible to be so filled up with this ungodly fruit that even though you are not on drugs you are a social drop out.


            What good did it do you to get off of drugs? I met someone like this just a few weeks ago.  We were all praying for them.  He needs a miracle, because right now Jesus is not here in full stature, and this message of the second stage of deliverance is just starting to come forth. He needs the kind of miracle that the Gadarene demoniac had. He needs his mind straightened out.


            The Scripture says that Jesus rebuked the legion in the Gadarene demoniac, and when he was seen again he was sitting. He was lying down, spiritually he was lying down. He was running naked in the tombs, He could not submit to his employer.


            He was lying down spiritually, but when we saw him again he was sitting. He was not standing, because if he was standing he would be likened to Jesus Christ of Nazareth in full spiritual authority. To be sitting in this soul realm is pretty good. He was dressed, because he was running naked in the tombs.


            Maybe he did not have clothes on, I do not know, but I declare to you that he had no spiritual cover. Christ was nowhere near him.  He was a widow, subject to every ungodly spirit that came his way or blew past him.        When we saw him again he was sitting up, he was covered with Christ, and he was in his right mind.


            We see a lot of people getting off of drugs, and they sit up, but they are not covered. I know that they have received Christ in their heart, but that does not mean you are covered. Did you know that? You can speak in tongues and not be covered.


            How can that be? That is a great mystery. When Christ enters into your heart, He enters in a position of weakness, at the size of a mustard seed. He enters into all of the wickedness of your heart.


            I have heard it said that a Christian cannot have a demon, how could the Holy Ghost live in the same place with a demon? Because before the Holy Ghost got there, you were all demons. The miracle is that He went in there, and that He is living in there with those demons.  He went down to hell. The Holy Ghost went down into the hell that is in your mind and, Lord willing, He is going to start kicking those demons out.


            At the very beginning, He is just like a mustard seed. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is in there, and the carnal mind is in there. All these demons are in there, and they are sitting on top of Christ.


            Did you ever hear that Christ can be thread underfoot? We are told about that in the Book of Hebrews. He is down there under all the spiritual junk that is in your mind. Even though you have just got off of drugs, and Christ has entered into your heart, you may even be speaking in tongues, if the wickedness in your mind is so strong, if you are filled with curses that you are totally anti social, that you are running around screaming, and beating up people, and jumping on top of cars. I have heard all kinds of stories. I guess everybody knows somebody like that.


            If your mind is that bad, I do not care if you speak in tongues, you are not covered. If you cannot hold a job, if you cannot control yourself, if you are mad at your wife, and you have to punch her out, you are not covered at that moment anyway. Maybe you calm down, and you say that you are sorry, but do not tell me that Christ punched his wife.


            Some of the things you hear in the church are ridiculous. They are really ridiculous. I want to tell you something else, you can spiritually punch your wife. Under the Old Covenant we were tried on our actions, but under the New Covenant we are tried on our thoughts. Jesus said, If you look after a woman to lust after her, you have committed adultery.  If you punch her in your mind, you have punched her.


            Christ, that mustard seed, has to start growing up. He has to be formed in you, and as He starts to mature He starts to wage war against your adamic soul. In direct proportion that He wages war against your adamic soul, that is the extent your life starts to straighten out. We get dominion over our life, but we are entering into the season of the harvest.


            You have heard the harvest spoken about. I say unto you the harvest is not getting people out there to say, Jesus Christ is my Lord, and Savior. The harvest is the separation of the full mature life of Christ which is formed underneath you adamic soul.


            He is being formed under your adamic soul. Just as you hold a child in your uterus, Christ is in the womb of the earth. If He separated from the earth of your soul and your body too soon, He can die.  This is not a blasphemy.  Christ, the spirit, cannot die. The man, the spirit of God, cannot die, but He is being reproduced.


            There is a second generation of Christ that is growing in you. This offspring is sure to come forth. It is coming forth in many human beings, in many members. He can die in an individual member. He is coming forth. Until He has come forth in you, there is no guarantee He is coming forth in you.


            We are told in one of the Epistles. I cannot remember whether it was one of the Epistles of John or Peter. When we looked up all the words in the Greek, we found out that it said when Christ makes His public appearance, when it is obvious to the whole world whether or not He is standing up in you, whether or not He is shining forth from you, when we enter into the season, and the birth is obvious to the world, obvious as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, when it is that obvious do not be ashamed, because there are going to be many Christians in whom He is not appearing.


            It says in another place, They are going to be banging on the doors saying, Lord, Lord why not me, I cast out demons, and I healed the sick, and I went to the prison houses, and I tithed, I fed the poor. Why am I on the outside? He is going to say, Be gone from me ye workers of iniquity, I never knew you.


            What does that mean? It means the seed of His Life entered into your heart, and Christ was never formed.


            Either the seed dies in accordance with the parable of the soils, or Christ was formed in you and, because you loved your sins more than you loved Christ, He aborted. There is no more sacrifice for sins, only looking to fearful judgment, because your ground is cursed. What ground? The ground of your soul. You have to get the curses broken if your ground is cursed.


            All of this is available to you in Christ, if you are willing to pay the price. We have a whole church world out there dancing today.  They are dancing and singing, and they think that they are okay, because when they die, when their body dies, to get back to your question, it was one of you that asked it, they think that when their body dies they are going to Heaven, and they are going to walk on streets of gold, and they are going to have a mansion. They are going to eat Italian food without gaining weight.


            I belonged to a deliverance church. I am sure you know Christians like to eat a lot, they go out to dinner.  We went out to this big banquet, and everyone was kidding, Cast out the calorie demons, cast out the calorie demons. When you eat, you gain weight.


            You cannot cast out the calorie demons. I am making a joke out of it, but it is very sad, because if you do not hear this message, and you really think that you are okay, you are not doing anything. You are not doing anything to what? To help Christ increase in you. He is a baby in you. What do you do with a baby? You have to feed Him.


            Did anybody see Rosemary’s Baby? She was pregnant with the devil’s baby. She was eating raw meat, and snakes, and all kinds of yucky stuff. If you are pregnant with Christ, you have to eat the Word of God. The letter is not going to do it. The letter of the Word is not going to cause Him to mature in you. It is the spirit of the Word that is going to cause Him to mature in you. He must become a Living thing in you, The gifts and the calling of God are without repentance.


            If you think you are great because you prophesy and you dance in the church, you are mistaken. These gifts were not given to you to exalt you. They were given to you to get you pregnant. If you are not pregnant, they have failed.


            We are entering into the season, that if you have not gotten pregnant, or if you have taken the talent that the Lord has given you and buried it under the ground of your adamic soul, that, that talent of the gifts of the spirit shall be taken from you and be given to someone else that studied, and sought the Lord and submitted to ministry, ran after God, and hungered and thirsted for the things of His spirit. It is going to be given to them.


            There is a separation coming. It is coming real soon. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth. The Lord Jesus Christ who is in utero in the many members of the church, not the whole church, but in many members of the people of the church is about to be born.


            When He is fully born, the Scripture says that He is going to stand up in us. He is inside of us, the Kingdom of God is within you. Hell and Heaven is not after this body dies. The Kingdom of Heaven is within you, Christ is within you Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is within you. The Carnal mind is within you, death is within you, and the battle of the ages sometimes called Armageddon is within you.


            It is the Christ being formed in you, killing your carnal mind, whose father is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. Did you not hear that the enmity in your flesh must be slain, it is not this flesh?  Of course, you cannot commit adultery.  We all know that.


            The big problem is your brain. Jesus said that the sin is in your mind. You can have a religious spirit, you can whip yourself, you can chain yourself to the house and never do anything wrong, and you are still a sinner. Your state of being is sin.


            There is a Life inside of you, His name is Christ, and His state of being is Life. Have you heard it said, And death shall be swallowed up by victory? The victory of what? The victory of Jesus Christ overcoming this world. Your world, your adamic soul is within you. I hope I answered your question, I went way off. I am going to try and get back.


            There are many that would say to you that the Scripture says, It is given unto man once to die, and then the judgment, and they think that when this physical body dies that we are judged where ever we go, but that is an error, because when we are one with Christ we were alive, and we broke off from Him.


            Why would we break off from Him? Because He has been determined to have a many-membered body.  He took drops of Himself and enclosed them in clay. The Scripture says in a dark cloud, that is the soul. Glory to God.


            We died when we took on this flesh.  We are alive with Christ in Heaven in the realm of the spirit. When we were born into this world system, which is known as death, it is called death, adam is death, adam has died, and this is his world.


            His god is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. Everybody here is dead. If you look up the meaning of hell, it is a place where the dead live. The Scripture says that the Carnal mind is death. We all have a carnal mind, we are trying to get out of here. The way we are getting out of here is that Christ is being born in us, and He is going to swallow up that death.


            He is going to taste for every man.  That does not mean you have to die. It means that He is going to eat up your death, the death that is in your mind. If you look up that word taste, it means swallow up.


            You are going to look the same, you are going to stop dying, you are going to stop aging, and you are not going to be sick anymore. Every thought that you think shall be righteousness. Everything that you touch, there should be Life coming out of it. If you do not think this is the realm of death, just look around you.


            Everything is dying, the furniture is dying. When you buy it, it is brand new. Five years later, the furniture died. Everything is corrupting.  Look at your car. I have a 1983 car. I remember when I got it, I was so happy.  It was beautiful, it was shiny. Now it is a wreck.  The paint is peeling, and the car is dying. The engine is dying. This is death, everything is dying.


            When you state of being is Christ, when He stands up in you and swallows up the death of your adamic life, everything shall be made alive.


            COMMENT: I forget where it says it, but it says there is a mystery that not all of us will die. Can you explain that a little bit to me?


            PASTOR VITALE: I will try.


            COMMENT: First Corinthians 15, Verse 51: Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,(KJV)


            PASTOR VITALE: That word sleep, you cannot just look a word up in the Greek and get the meaning.  You have to get the usage. We do not know the language. Even Greek people today have what they call an idiom. They just have different expressions than they did at the time of the writing of the Scriptures. You have to look up other Scriptures and see how it was used.


            That word sleep sometimes is meant to describe the death of this body. Sometimes it is used to describe spiritual death. Paul said, Awake to righteousness.  God put adam to sleep, and he is still sleeping. He put him into spiritual death, he is having a bad dream.


            This whole life is a bad dream. He is about to wake us up to the righteousness of the mind of Christ. What is killing us is sin. The reason we have no power or limited power over our own life, our own person, our own mind is that we are in sin.


            When Jesus Christ is born in us, completely born in us, He is just in utero now, He swallows up death, and our state of being becomes righteousness. We will just think it, and we will have it. We will not die. I will go on, and I will expound on it a little more.


            I am not sure whether he meant spiritual death or natural death. Natural death is just a playing out or acting out of our spiritual condition.


            When our inner condition is Life, when the reason we are standing here is that Christ is in us, we will never die.  This body will never die, because this body  reveals what ever our state of being is. If somebody’s physical body dies, you know that they were not the righteousness of Christ. They were the sin of adam, and that is why their body died. Do you understand what I said?


            I just want to make one other point. I tried to make it before and I lost it. We were talking earlier about the fact that God has rapped us around Him so that He could be seen, like the invisible man. We also mentioned that the soul realm is the direct opposite of the spiritual realm.  We are a mirror image of one another.


            If you want to form something in the soul realm, water has no form, if you want to give it a form, you put it in a glass, and it takes the form of the glass. In the realm of the spirit, what is giving the form is the hard part which is on the inside. Christ is inside of us, and He is giving form. When Christ gives us form, we are righteous.  When Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is inside of us and he gives us form, we are unrighteous or sin.


            We are being formed from within. The Kingdom of God is within, the kingdom of darkness is within, and we are what ever kingdom is inside of us. It is being seen through this body that dies, and corrupts, and gets sick. What is inside of us is also seen by what is in our mind, and what is in our mind, eventually, must come out of our mouth.


            There are two ways you can tell what kind of a spirit is supporting the existence of any human being. The condition of their body, and the condition of their mind. Do not be deceived.  If you see a person that is ill and assume that Christ cannot be in them, you must look at the way they were when they first came to the Lord and the way they are now. Are they getting better? Or are they getting worse?


            You have to be careful not to judge anybody, I am giving you general principals here. Sometimes when you are sick, and you come to the Lord, the Lord lets you stay sick for a while, because He is using your illness to prefect you. Be very careful that you do not go around judging people. I am giving you general principals here.


            I Corinthians 15:51: Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,(KJV)


            We may not sleep, this body may not die, neither shall we continue to sleep the death of this existence. We are going to be changed, we talked about that already. The change is coming from within, it starts with the planting of the mustard seed. He has to grow up, He has to be fully born in us, and He has to defeat or slay the enmity in our flesh.


            If you have the seed, and you think you have got it made, you are going to be very disappointed.


            If anything I say distresses you, you all look okay, I just want to tell you all you have to do is ask God for it. If you think that you have the seed, and He is not being formed in you, there is no reason to get distressed, just ask Him for it. He says that you have not because you ask not.


            If you have not heard this message, maybe you never asked that He be formed in you. Maybe you are asking for your mansion and your Italian dinner in the great by and by.


            If that does not exist, you could be asking for the next hundred years, and you are never going to get it. Do not be one who has not because he asks not. If you ask, and you do not get it, bang on His door until He answers you. He says that for your importunity, He will give you what you are asking for. If it is not important to you, the chances of His not giving it to you are very great.


            God wants us seeking after Him, and He wants us panting after Him. He is lusting for us, like a man lusts for his wife. That is what the Scriptures say He wants. If we are looking elsewhere for our gratification, we are an adulterer. If His seed is in you, and you are looking to anything other than Him for your gratification, you are adulterers.


            Do not go getting condemned, you cannot change over night. We still get gratification out of many things but, eventually, it is a process, little by little He expects our heart to be totally turned to Him. He wants to be our everything. When He is our everything, He will fill our earth completely.


            The lady said she did not think she understood what it meant, because it said it was a mystery. There are spiritual mysteries. If you go through the Scripture, there are many mysteries. What is a spiritual mystery? It is something that the carnal mind does not understand. All mysteries are solved in Christ.


            You have heard it said, Well, we have the mind of Christ. The letter of that Scripture has raised up a whole flock of witches in the church. They understand something with their carnal mind, and then they go pray about it with their carnal mind, and they are practicing witchcraft.


            You have the Christ mind to the fullest extent that the Lord will impart it to you at any given moment, under any given circumstance, and of any situation. We must be very careful that we are not praying our will or our solution to somebody’s problem.


            Whatever spiritual power you have in Christ, that is how powerful you are when you pray incorrectly. Did anyone ever tell you that?   I am telling it to you, it is true. If you have been in Christ for a while, and you are a prayer warrior, whatever you have, you all know how much power you have, if you make a wrong judgment in your mind, and you pray a prayer that is not in the will of God, you are as powerful in witchcraft as you are in Christ. That is a hard word but it is going to set you free.


            How could you be responsible if no one ever told you this? Did you want to say something?


            COMMENT: How do you know when you are in that error? You say you can have the power in Christ and the same power if you make an error in prayer. How do you know you were praying in error, and you have that power in witchcraft?  How do you define where you were wrong?


            PASTOR VITALE: You ask God. If you are praying. . .


            COMMENT: Will He tell you before you get into praying for something, and you are praying with that much power in witchcraft as in Christ? Will He let you know before you go too far?


            PASTOR VITALE: No, only if you really want to know. It has been my experience that the way the Lord deals with His sons is that He wants us to have a responsible heart.


            If every time you sit down to pray for somebody your opening prayer is, Lord Jesus, if this prayer is not of you stop me now, if my mind is in error show it to me. Have mercy on me, and do not let me sin. Let me be a vessel of honor. If you believe what you are saying, if that is coming out of your heart, He will tell you.


            Everything is your heart. The Scripture says that if you are deceived, you are deceived by the pride of your own heart. The church is filled with believers lifted up in pride. This is a very important word, we must be aware of pride. It will destroy us, and this is not preached either.


            I just had this experience last month.  I was walking around under such an oppression I wanted to bang my head against the wall. It was like a cinder block was just sitting on me. I knew it was something spiritual, and I prayed but I could not break it. I was afflicted, and I must have prayed for two weeks. It would break and come right back on me.


            Finally, after two weeks of constantly being in prayer asking God what it was, trying to break it, asking Him what He wanted me to do, He directed me to a sister that He anointed for that particular moment, and I found out that it was touching XXXXXX too, she never told me.


            We prayed, and she got discernment.  She said that she saw thousands of arrows and spear coming against me. Heavy witchcraft power. I do not ever send curses back unless God told me, and He told me to send the curses back. I just waited, because I wanted to make sure it was God.


            This other woman just said the Lord said, Send the curses back. We sent them back, and one week to the day He exposed what the problem was. That night it broke on me, and I found out it broke on XXXXXX. By accident, I found out, I did not know she was even involved in this.


            One week later it was revealed that there was a believer who had decided that she knew what was best for me and was praying about my life. It just so happens that what she was praying was not of God.


            What you pray if it is of God would have blessed me. It was not of God, and I am living for God. If I have anything to say about my life, or my mind, or my behavior I do what God tells me to do. I think what God wants me to think, and I did not want to do what she wanted me to do, because if was not of God. It was sitting on me like a cinder block and came to me like a curse.


            COMMENT: I had the same feeling too when it broke on me whatever attacked. Whatever that person was attacking me with, it broke on me.  Then, all of a sudden, I got a release in the spirit.


            PASTOR VITALE: It is very real, it is as real as someone twisting your physical arm. The more spiritual you get, the more real it becomes. There is nothing to be afraid about, but we are being changed, we just read in the Scripture. We are being changed from a soul man into a spiritual man.


            Maybe, when you are a soul man you were not spiritually sensitive.  Maybe, you had a real strong ego, and you did not care what people thought about you. It did not bother you what people thought.  There are a lot of strong people out there in the world.


            As we move in Christ, we become spiritual, we start feeling all of these things, and you have to know how to deal with it. You have a lot to learn, because if you are here, Christ is probably being formed in you. It is a whole new set of teachings.


            Were you ever in a church where the minister had a gift, where he would say, I have a pain in my left shoulder, who ever is out there with a pain in their left shoulder come up, the Lord is going to pray for you. Did you ever see that? That is pretty common in the church. Oh, I cannot even walk, somebody has a broken left leg, and someone comes up and they want healing. The same thing exists in the realm of the spirit.


            Paul said, all of you.  I cannot quote the Scripture exactly, but I know it is in there. He said, All of you that I have ministered to, you are in my heart. What is he saying? We formed a Godly soul tie. Your soul is all mixed up with my soul.



            If there is someone whose soul you are mixed up with that is suicidal, you are going to feel suicide. If you never heard this word, you might think that you are suicidal. Not only that, if have you had any tendency to suicide at all you might decide to do it. Thinking it is your own idea, you might decide it is a good idea. I do not mean to make light of it, but I am trying not to make this too serious.  I am telling you the truth.


            You are going to start feeling what is in the hearts of other people. God has me in the place right now.  I was feeling suicide the other night. I said, Lord, who is that?  I know it is not me, I am happy. Why in the world would I be thinking of suicide? I have to tell you, there was a time in my life I would have said, Yes, you are right my life stinks, maybe I should do it. I knew it was not me.


            I asked the Lord who it was, and I prayed for them. I rebuked suicide, and I asked the Lord for mercy on them. I said, Lord, if you want them to call me, have them call me. Sometimes they call, sometimes they do not.


            When I was here last week, I had a dream, a very stressful dream. I woke up, and there was witchcraft in the dream. I just prayed against it. I said, Lord, reveal who it is if you want to. When I got home the person called for prayer.


            We have to start moving in this. If you do not start moving in it, it is coming on you anyway. This is what is known as a spiritual labor. You have experienced labor for the flesh.  You clean your house, whatever you do, the men fix their cars.


            You labor in the flesh, but there is a spiritual labor. That spiritual labor is against sin in our own mind. We must come against it no matter what.  We must resist it, and we must kill it. Spiritual warfare is waged with our mouth. If there is a thought of suicide in your mind, you tell it to go away. You tell it to die, you tell it to be cast down.


            If it is not you, you can be helping the person who is suicidal, because you are now one flesh. Their soul is all mixed up in your soul. If you are feeling suicide, and you take the victory over it, you can save them.


            We begin to labor in the spirit and to bring every thought into captivity. What does that mean? Have you ever thought about that Scripture? Why would I want to bring my thoughts into captivity? Because I refuse to be a vessel that any spirit in my mind other than Christ, at His will, can manifest through me. There are spirits in our mind that want our bodies to do what is going to give them pleasure. I want to be a vessel of honor, not a vessel of dishonor.


            I strive to lay hold of every thought and bring it into captivity. What do I do when I capture it? I look at it, and I say, Where did you come from? If you are of Christ let it be, if you are not of Christ, die. It is very serious, it is very exciting. It is no joke, and you cannot go in half way.  You cannot have one foot in and one foot out.


            What is happening to you, the overall message is, you are being changed. The Scripture says, In a twinkling of an eye, in a moment.  Of course, that is not the moment of the twinkling of the eye of our carnal mind. One thousand years to man is one day to the Lord. I suggest to you the twinkling of God’s eye is your whole lifetime.  We have to get out of this carnality, it is going to kill you.


            God, who is great beyond our ability to comprehend Him, has written this Scripture in such a way that it can be taught to a child in Sunday school about Adam and Eve and a serpent.


            What is it doing? It is imparting knowledge of God to the child.  It is building the Word in their heart where it is going to lay and wait  for the time that the Lord wants to make it alive. It can take someone who is called to spiritual maturity and take this same word and impart Life to him. Because there is no Life in the letter, the spirit quickens it.


            We have to start understanding about spiritual things, because we are going to become spirit. Have you ever heard that we are in the likeness and image of God? You are not in the image of God, and neither am I. Look up the words in the concordance. To be in the likeness of someone means that you are made of the same substance. He is spirit, we are spirit, then we are in His likeness. To be in someone’s image means to be an exact replica.


            He is righteous, we are sin. We are in Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind’s image.  That is the truth. We are in Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind’s image. Our soul, which is clay, has been engraved by the spirit of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind.


            You have heard it said, Do not worship idols, thou shalt not worship idols. The idol is in your heart. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, has engraved his image upon your heart. There is no reason to panic.  It was true before I told you this. Nothing has changed except that you now know about it. Do not get scared, because the truth is going to set you free.


            Christ is in the process of erasing that image off of our heart. He is going to erase it and put His image on it. Some people call it the mark of the beast, or the mark of Christ. You worry about getting a mark or a tattoo on your hand, you have already got it. You have the mark of the beast on your soul.


            Now is the time to get it erased, so we can get the mark of Christ before it is too late. The beast is the adamic mind, he is ruled by Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. He will kill you if he could. If he was not tempered by the love of God and the teachings of Christ, you would be a murderer or worse than that, whatever you would be.  He is the beast, and he is inside of you.


            Why? Because we fell.  We are a fallen creation. It is time to pick up your weapons and start fighting this war, and how do you do it? You start praying, Lord, teach me, Lord, show me. I do not want to be the beast. I do not want the mark of the beast, get this thing out of here.  How do you get the mark of the beast off of you? Every time you recognize sin in your mind, you refuse to do it. Do not do it.


            Somebody crucifies you, Jesus told us what to do.  Pray for them and bless those who despitefully use you.  If you cannot, just ask God to help you. I tell you, the more you love people that hurt you, the more hurtful people He is going to send into your life. I am going through it now, and I just pray, Lord, I cannot love him, I want to kill him, because He wants us to overcome. I say, Lord, give me the ability to love them.


            Each time we overcome, that engraving of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is getting erased, and the engraving of Christ is being put on our soul. When we have Christ in us, and we study His Word, we know what is right. Our soul can be raging to hate that person, to get revenge on that person, kill that person, but in Christ, where all things are possible, we have the authority to stand against our own mind. I will not agree with you, I will not take revenge, I will not retaliate, I will not hurt them, I will not hate them.


            God picked me up. I was a mess when He picked me up. Are they really that much worse than when He picked me up? Probably not. He had mercy on me, He will have mercy on them. Just help me to love them, because I cannot do it.


            The biggest enemy of the spiritual man is pride, and he is going to stop you from saying, I want to kill him. If you say, I love them, that is already I forgive you, and they speak the words, but in their heart a horrible sore is growing. There is no deliverance in that.  There is no deliverance for these Pharisees.


            Jesus said, I come to give the blind sight, if you tell me you see, what can I do for you? If you will not confess your sins, what can I do for you? How can I cleanse you? He will not cleanse you if you do not confess your sins.


            If you think that the day you came to Jesus that you say, Jesus I repent and confess my sins. If you think that is it, you have received a lie. Confession and repentance is a continuous on-going process as the Lord reveals our sins.


            I think we would lose our minds if He showed us all of our sins at one time. The heart of man is desperately wicked, who could know it. There is none righteous, no not one.   We all stink. It will do you no good to say, Well, I am not as bad as the other guy. Our role model, our standard is Christ. We are all fallen, if we were not fallen we would not have the problems that we have. We would have total dominion over every problem in out life.


            COMMENT: How would you feel about the Scripture that says, If you just as much as believe you shall be saved, shall believe on the name of Jesus. What about people who just believe, that are not going through this spiritual maturity that you speak about?


            PASTOR VITALE: If you study that in the Greek it says, If you believe into the name of Jesus. Names in the Scripture typify spirits. What the Lord is saying, If you believe to the extent that you reach out and enter into My Life, you shall be saved.


            The end of our faith is the salvation of our soul.  Full salvation, body, soul, and spirit comes when Christ stands up and possesses us. We are a spiritual city, and He possesses the whole city.


            We have to get into Christ. Have you ever read about the Levitical cities of refuge in the Old Testament? For Old Covenant Israel, the Lord set up what He called, cities of refuge that were ruled over by Levitical priest. If someone murdered someone, the law in those days, they did not have policemen, the eldest male member of the family was required to take vengeance and kill the murderer. The Law of Moses says, If you did it by accident, and you did not mean to do it, and the man is coming to kill you, start to run and if you can get into a city of refuge, they cannot touch you.


            Of course, we have to believe that God was ruling over Israel, and that if you did it maliciously they caught you before you go there.  You had better believe they caught you before you got there. God will make a way of escape.


            To answer your question for the people that do not get all the way into, what I was saying, is that we have to get all the way into Christ. What is happening is that we are exchanging souls, we are putting off the old man, and we are putting on the New Man.


            The old man is our adamic soul.  We are spirit. You are not that body, neither are you the personality.  You are spirit, you are Christ. He has to get away from your carnal mind, from your adamic soul and transfer into Christ, and then Christ is going to destroy everything of your adamic nature. When you are safe, He is going to destroy everything.


            For the people that are not being offered this message right now, first let me say this.  The Lord is starting, He wants to save the whole creation each man in his own order, each man one at a time in his own order. We are just about to enter into the season, I believe it is going to be very soon where we are going to see Christ being revealed in believers.


            For those who are not called at this time, because you cannot come if it is not your time to go into full maturity, I believe that they will serve God to the fullest extent that He lets them.  If they are not converted in this lifetime, their spirit goes back to Christ, and their spirit is saved.


            It is little-by-little.  There is no way you can come unless it is your hour.  When it is your hour, you can come, or you cannot come, I believe that. If you are not called, there is no way you can get in.


            We saw that with the Gadarene Demoniac.  Jesus healed him, and he came back, and he wanted to follow Jesus, and Jesus said, No, you cannot follow me, you cannot be a disciple, just go and tell the people what I did.


            He fixed him up, and He made his life tolerable. If you think you are a person like the parable of Lazarus and the rich man, if you are dying by the gate and you are sick, and again the typical problems of this age, if you cannot get off drugs, if you cannot stop drinking, if you are just so sick, and you are getting sicker and sicker, If your marriage is a disaster, and no matter what you do, you just cannot put it back together again, if you have curses in your mind that you cannot keep a job, whatever your problem is, whether it is your time to go on to perfection or not, I believe if you really reach out and bang on Jesus’ door He will have mercy on you, that He will fix you up to the point that you can live out the rest of your life under His mercy.


            He will fix you up that you can get a job, He will heal your body, He will get you off drugs, He will fix your marriage, He will make your life tolerable, He will bless your lifetime now.  Then, your offspring He will call to full stature or full spiritual manhood.


            It is very hard for the carnal mind to understand the way the Lord does a lot of things, because one day to Him is like a thousand years to us. Do you know it is only two years since he rose from the dead. Here we are suffering from the things we are suffering from, and there are wars, what?


            COMMENT: You said two years, it is two days.


            PASTOR VITALE: Did I say two years? It is two days. It is only two days since He rose from the dead. Look at what is going on in the world. All the unbelievers are saying, Oh, that Jesus He was just a phony. It is two thousand years, look at the world it is getting worse everyday. Then you tell them He is going to appear really soon, and they do not want to believe it. We of His household, we believe it although there are many Pharisees in the church that do not believe it.  I do not know what they believe, they believe all kinds of things.


            He is going to appear again, and He is going to appear in men. The rulership of the government of this world is going to be laid hold of by Christ.


            We know that all power and authority was given unto Him in the realm of the spirit, but when you are living down here in hell, Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is still pretty strong.


            You cannot tell me he is a toothless wonder, he stomped on me a couple of times.  He has teeth, sharp teeth. The hour is about here that Christ will appear, God will appear in the flesh again. Christ is God in the flesh.  It has been two thousand years since the ascension, only two days for the Lord.


            He said to the Pharisees, The only sign you are going to have is the sign of Jonah, that I am going to be in the heart of the earth for three days and three nights. That Scripture was fulfilled in the natural.  He rose after three days, and it is about to be fulfilled in the realm of the spirit. After three thousand years, He shall be fully resurrected from the dead.


            The man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, was resurrected from the dead. He is the head. What good is the resurrected head? The body has to be resurrected too. His body is about to be resurrected.  His body is about to begin to be resurrected now. It is going to take that whole third day to get His body out of the grave. What is the grave? The grave is this flesh. This is a grave this is a sepulcher, it is dense it is dark.


            We read in the Prophet Zachariah that the living soul was locked up in a prison house, this prison house because of sin which weighs us down to the earth. God limited our spiritual power at the tower of Babel.  The living soul in their mind was as one man, and they were building a tower to Heaven. God had cast them out of the Garden of Eden so they were trying to get back in illegally, witchcraft power.


            Someone came over to me last week, and said to me, So how do you get all those powers? I said, I do not know, it is just there. How do you make it work?  I said, I do not, it just works. He is the brain I am the body. Man wants power. You cannot steal the power of God. Simon, the sorcerer, tried to buy it. You cannot buy it, and if you get it and start using it for ungodly purposes, you surely will be destroyed.


            We are moving back into the days of what happened to Ananias and Sapphira. God has been winking this whole two thousand years. A lot of Christians are falling away, because they do not see the judgment fall, or the judgment falls so much later after their sin that they cannot relate the judgment to their sin, and they think that there is no God in Heaven.


            Those that are faithful and are moaning and groaning over the sin in Israel, they are saying, Lord, how long are you going to let them kill us?


            As we see in Ezekiel 9, in case you are not familiar with it, talks about a man with a writer’s ink horn. He is going around sealing people and behind him are six men with slaughter weapons. The Lord said to the man with the writer’s ink horn, Go and seal those that are moaning and groaning, because of the sin in Israel, and right after you comes the six men with their slaughter weapons. Six typifying the number of man’s slaughter weapons, spiritual weapon which is capable of destroying sin in the adamic soul.


            The man with the writer’s ink horn is Jesus Christ. For two thousand years He has been sealing those that are moaning and groaning in Israel.  Do not worry about the mark of the beast.  Get the mark of Christ. Right after the sealing of Christ comes the judgment.


            The problem in the church today and the world today is that when judgment does fall, they cannot see it for what it is. The hour is real close when they are going to see it for what it is. When Peter said, What is it that put it in your heart to lie to the Holy Ghost, he dropped dead in front of everybody. Simon the sorcerer said, I perceive you in the Gall of Bitterness, and you are going to be blind for a season, and he was blind. We are going to see this again.


            As the Scripture teaches right now, is anybody afraid here? Are you afraid, are you okay? If you are afraid, I want you to know that it is your adamic soul that is afraid.  Adam is inside of you, and Christ is inside of you.  If you are not trained, you may have trouble telling the difference between Christ’s thoughts and Adam’s thoughts. If fear comes upon you it could be your adamic soul, because when he hears this message he becomes very afraid.


            Because why? Because this message, if Christ is not being formed in you there is a likely chance that He will enter into your heart and begin to be formed, and if He is already in you this message is going to increase Him, and when He increases, He kills adam.


            Adam experiences a genuine fear, I had a lot of people tell me this. This is the beginning of your warfare.  You cleave unto Christ in your mind, pray about everything. If you are afraid, ask Him who is afraid.


            I was laughing, I was not laughing at that. I was in a meeting with XXXX a couple of months ago and, all of a sudden, someone went running out of the meeting. I said, What happened? She left because she wanted to throw a chair at you. She went running out of the meeting.


            COMMENT1: It was a huge dinning room and this chair was high. It was a post, the back of the chair. She wanted to throw it. She ran out of the house rather than to do it.


            COMMENT2: How do we know that Christ is conceived in us?  How do we know that? I was hearing one of your tapes, you were talking about God wants to fertilize His spirit with our human spirit to bring forth His Son. How do we know when He is conceived?


            PASTOR VITALE: It is sort of hard to give you a definite outline. I could give you the signs. Like Jesus said, I cannot tell you the exact day that the son of man is going to return, but I can show you the signs. Only God knows for sure. Of course, you can ask Him.


            One of the signs is that you become more spiritual.  Of course, you always have to be aware that you may have inherited witchcraft powers. Again, this is nothing to be distressed about.  They are there, you just did not know about it before. The living soul has been around for at least six thousand years. I am not going to get into a hassle whether it was longer than that or not but at least six thousand years.


            The living soul, the god of the living soul is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. If you are a member of the living soul, which we all are, you have a heredity of witchcraft power that has been operating in your forefathers for six thousand years. Some people, it is stronger in them than others.


            Most of us here are descendants of families that come from Europe, and there was a lot of witchcraft that went on in Europe. In Ireland there was a lot of witchcraft, in England there was a lot of witchcraft, in the Spanish nations there was a lot of witchcraft. As far as I know, just about everybody, every nation that was inside of Europe and outside of Asia there was just heavy witchcraft.


            Because we do not believe in this witchcraft in this nation, we are so intellectual in this nation today, and we are so sophisticated, that most of us do not believe in these things, it does not mean that you still have not inherited what was on your family line. All you have to do is tell the Lord that if it is there, you would like to renounce it, and you have to repent of it and repent on behalf of your parents.


            Lots of times, when Christ starts to develop in you anything loaded with witchcraft, Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, will just stir it up and make you think that it is Christ.


            When I first came to the Lord I was prophesying by a witchcraft spirit right in church and no one knew it. You have to pray about everything. You have to repent of everything, even if you do not see it in yourself. What have you got to lose? Just say, Lord, if it is there, if it was on my family line, the curses takes ten generations under the Old Covenant to cleanse your soul from family line curses. In Christ, as soon as you repent He is working to remove it from you.


            Of course, if you say, I break the curse or I repent, He hears you, but these things are a spiritual reality in your being. Just as if you had a hand, it is a reality. Although you cannot see them, there are spiritual realities inside of you that must be removed.


            Sometimes, there are other things lying on top of them. There are other things that the Lord wants to do first, so it is a process of cleansing little by little. It is our responsibility to pray, Lord, any sin on my family line I want to confess it, just show it to me, and I will confess it. Any physic heredity, I do not want it, any witchcraft I do not want it. Let any spiritual manifestation in me be of you.


            When I was being trained up it was prophesied to me that I would have discerning of spirits. About six months later I still did not see it. A thought came in to me six months. I did not realize that you can wait ten twenty years. Six months I said, That is really funny I want it, where is it? The next day I was in church, and I looked down and I saw a snake just walking across the floor. It was a spiritual snake, it was not real. I said, Oh wow, there is my discerning of spirits. Something in my heart started to say to me, Why would God show me a snake?


            Everything that is spiritual that happens to us must glorify God. If I can look at you, and I know when your birthday is or how many children you have, how does that glorify God? It does not. It is most likely that it is a spirit of divination.


            I looked at the snake and I said, Something is wrong. I prayed about it, and the Lord took it away. A few months later I found out that the true discerning of spirits is not seeing, I thought I was going to see little green men.


            The true discerning of spirits is an ability to look into a human beings heart and see what is there. To see anger to see rage, to see love; usually, you see what is negative.


            There is a gift to the natural man, I think it is called prudence in the Scripture. Some men are very good at sizing up people. Especially people who are lawyers, policemen, and you have to know who you are dealing with. Some people are just that way, because they got it from the family line.


            In Christ, the difference between being a natural man and looking at someone and seeing what is in their heart, is that when you see with the eyes of Christ, when you have the discernment of Christ, you actually feel in your heart what is in their heart.


            Let me put another way. If you have the discernment of men which is called prudence, you can see anger and deception.  Lying natural man can see a lot of ungodliness in natural man, but spiritual man who has the true discernment of God will actually know what they are feeling and sometimes know what they are thinking.


            The gifts of God go much deeper than the gifts that are given to natural man.


            Gifts are given to natural man.  We have to survive in this world, so God has mercy on man. Some men use discernment or prudence for good and some, if you are a judge and you see innocence in a man’s heart, or if you are a lawyer, and you believe he is really innocent, or if you believe he is guilty you will behave differently. Natural man has a measure of discernment which is called prudence, but the spiritual man knows what you are thinking and feeling in the depth of his being.


            COMMENT: I sometimes speak out in church, and I had a real problem with that because I was new, I was a new Christian, and I really did not understand. I would pray about it, I wanted it to be from the Lord. I would pray about it, and I would just keep hearing in my spirit, speak it speak it with such authority.  Just from faith, I would speak it out. Then there would come forth an interpretation. Then for a while, I was getting real uptight. I had to be in church, because if I was not there they would not get a message that the Lord had for them, and I would really get crazy about it.


Tape 2

            COMMENT: Continued: I do not know what I was going to ask, but I did not quite understand when you said that if we are praying for someone it might be a spirit of witchcraft, that every time we go to pray for someone we are to ask the Lord if it was Him praying for them, interceding for them, rather than another spirit.


            PASTOR VITALE: That cannot hurt.  You do not want to get under any religious bondage here, and God has not given us a spirit of fear.  He is just looking for an honest heart. He is looking for an honest heart. It is not so much the words you say but your heart. If as you feel led that you pray, Lord, I do not want any gift that is not of you. Do not let any other spirit other than You be glorified in me.


            COMMENT: Yes, I have a real battle sometimes.


            PASTOR VITALE: What your problem is now is pride. Pride goes right into the young believer, and he wants to knock you out real early.


            COMMENT: Like bring us doubt?


            PASTOR VITALE: Not only that, but to say that the message would go forth if you were not there.


            COMMENT: Oh, I did not recognize that.


            PASTOR VITALE: You have to lay hold of that thought and slay it. You have to tell it to die.


            COMMENT: I do not have that any more. Yes, it was getting Yes, I have to be there. I know now that if it happens it happens its of the Lord. I had really a lot of fear that it was not, and I did not want it to be other than from the Lord wanted everyone to know.


            PASTOR VITALE: I agree with your minister. If you have faith in God, and you pray, Lord, if it is not of you do not let a word come forth. I used to do that.


            COMMENT: Someone told me you had to check the spirit.


            PASTOR VITALE: You have to know how.


            COMMENT: I was just saying what the word said, Do you believe that Christ died and rose again and He came in the flesh. That is how I thought you checked the spirit. I did not know. Sometimes it is very difficult. I can identify with you when you say there is a battle going on. I will have a word, and it is like a battle, Should I speak it?  Is this of the Lord? Or is this error, or is this not going to be correct? Is someone going to be damaged by this some how?


            PASTOR VITALE: You cannot get into a religious bondage. If it is God, and you refuse to bring it forth it is sin. You pray.


            COMMENT: That is why it is such a battle. I want to be faithful


            PASTOR VITALE: It is not your battle it is Jesus’ battle. You pray with an honest heart, and you open your mouth.


            COMMENT: Is it better to pray in the spirit?


            PASTOR VITALE: I would just say it in my heart. I went through the same thing, I prophesied when I was a young believer. I would say, Lord, not only did I prophesy, but I have a very small voice, and I used to have trouble breaking through, because someone was always talking or praying in tongues, or the pastor was talking, and nobody would hear me.


            If I would just start, people would not have their attention called to me, because my voice was so low. I would have to pray, Lord, if this is not of you I do not want.  If it is of you, you have to project my voice. I went through something very similar like you. That is all, just do not put yourself in bondage.  Just say, Lord, if it is not you please do not let any spirit other than you speak out of me. Let God be glorified in you.


            COMMENT: Is it true that God is in everything? Like when there is an earthquake or another disaster?


            PASTOR VITALE: When the Scripture says, If all things are of God, yes God is in everything.


            COMMENT: Is He behind everything?


            PASTOR VITALE: Let me explain. The answer is yes. God has cursed this creation. This whole creation is under a curse of death, because sin was found in us, and the wrath of God abides upon the whole world. What does that mean that the wrath of God abides upon the whole world? It means that Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is here doing his own thing with God’s permission. The sword of the Lord is the wicked.


            So far as natural eruptions such as earthquakes and floods, this is all because the wrath of God abides on this world system. The Lord will not remove His wrath from this world system as long as there is any sin here for He is a righteous God. Because He loves us so much He has made a way of escape. The way of escape is His son the Lord Jesus Christ.


            While the Lord Jesus Christ is in the process of appearing in us to be our righteousness to give us the ability to stop sinning, the wrath of God still abides on this creation. The Lord is not removing His wrath, but if His son is in you, you have every reason to believe that He will deliver you out of the wrath. Did you understand what I said?


            It is a big contradiction.  People do not understand, Christians do not understand. They say, How did that baby die, how could such a thing happen to somebody?  It is because the wrath of God is on this whole creation, and He will not withdraw His hand. He hates sin, and He hates sin even if it is in somebody that has His spirit. He hates sin, and He will judge it.


            The difference in sin in a believer and sin in an unbeliever is that when the sin in the unbeliever is revealed Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, has permission, and it is his job to judge that sin in that unbeliever, and that judgment is unto death. If the judgment does not fall on the individual it could fall on their children, on their grandchildren, on their great grandchildren. Destruction will abide on that family line until it is wiped out.


            If you are a believer, and you have the first fruits of Christ in you and there is sin, God will still judge it.


            I just read it in my own Bible. It says, Because Christ died for us we do not have to go through the judgment.  What a lie. Every sin will have its just recompense. When you have the first fruits of Christ, it will not destroy you.


            The Judgment will be used for your good, because all things work for the good for those who love the Lord. It will bring you to recompense in that particular area of sin. The Lord will cleanse you, and He will give you His heart in that problem area.


            The judgment for the unbeliever spirals him downwards to his ultimate death, he or his descendants. The judgment upon the believer raises him unto life. But Judged you shall be, all of us, the great white throne judgment. All of the books shall be open.  Who are the books? We are the books.


            As you study the Scripture, you find out that our soul has been written upon. What is a book?  Something that has been written upon. Only we have not  been written upon with the letters of language, we have been written upon with spiritual life.  We shall be judged by everything that is written in our book. If you have Christ, it is going to burn your bands off.


            Remember Daniel in the furnace?  His hands were all tied, and he got thrown into the fiery judgment, or the type of the fiery judgment, and it did not kill him. Why? Because Christ was in there with him.  All it did was burn his bands off.


            If your heart is right towards God, the judgment is going to deliver you from the sins that are in your heart. Sin is a spiritual reality. I know I mentioned this before. It is a real thing.


            To say, I have come to the Lord and I am forgiven. That is wonderful that you are forgiven, but the example that the Lord has given me is of a little boy whose mother dresses him up in a suit with a tie, he is going to a wedding. Polished shoes, and she says, Now, do not get in the dirt Junior, because we are going to the wedding.


            He goes out and jumps into a puddle of mud. He walks in the house, and they are supposed to be leaving for the wedding in five minutes. He says, I am sorry mom, and she says, That is okay, I forgive you son, but she is not going to take him to the wedding like that. He has to go get washed.


            It is wonderful that you are forgiven, but you must be washed.  Your soul is dirty, and your spirit is dirty. Another thing that they tell you in the church is that your spirit cannot have a demon, it is just in your soul.  It is a lie.  You are filthy. Body, soul, and spirit.  You and me too, body, soul, and spirit we are filthy, we are under the earth.


            All of the pestilence in the earth, all of the worms and the aphids, what ever crawls on the ground out here, they are a spiritual counterpart that are all through our spiritual being.  Spiritual pestilence.


            We were in the limb of a high tree at one time, very safe. God cut the tree down. Did you know that the adamic soul life was a tree?  It was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and God cut the tree down.


            We hear about it also in the Book of Daniel in reference to Nebuchadnezzar. God cut the tree down.  Why?  Because sin was found in it, it was a corrupt tree. We were up in a high limb of the tree, and all of the pestilence that is in the dirt could not get up, but the tree fell down.


            Now, we are sitting on the ground. That expression is in the Scripture, Oh, daughter of Babylon you are sitting on the ground. We are down here on the ground, we fell down. The pestilence is crawling all over us. You need to be washed, and you need to be stood up on your feet, so that when you stand up the pestilence is under your feet, not crawling across your nose. This world system is filthy.


            COMMENT: I was wondering, Jews are they not in the tree already?  They were chosen from the beginning. I do not know if they turned to Christ, and they are re-grafted.


            PASTOR VITALE: They were in the tree, but their branches were cut off, they fell down.


            COMMENT: So they have to be done again?


            PASTOR VITALE: They were in the Tree of Life, and the branches were cut off so they have to be re-grafted again. What that means is that they were one with Christ. He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit, they had partaken with the spirit of Christ, but they were cut off. God divorced them, but He says that He can graft them back in.


            This is all within us. In all these things, we are speaking about our spiritual condition. The Tree is within us. The area in which God is defeating Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind’s kingdom or casting down Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind’s kingdom is right here in the flesh.


            Have you ever read about Nebuchadnezzar’s statue in the Book of Daniel?  It is a pretty common Scripture. I was puzzled about that for years. The head was gold, and the medals, the degree of the precious metal decreases, and the feet of the statue were part clay and part iron.


            Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is the god of this soul life. The name of the whole soul life is Adam. It typifies the adamic soul which is ruled by Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. The stone came out of Heaven, the stone was cut out of Heaven without hands, and it smote the statue in its feet.


            There is a spiritual kingdom that we cannot see, and it is a giant statue. It is very strong, it is made of all kinds of different metals. The weakest place is the flesh, the feet the part of the kingdom.  This is a kingdom, it is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind’s kingdom known as the adamic soul, and it is standing on the earth. On the earth, it is part flesh and part iron. It is standing in us. We are the part of this statue that is appearing in the earth, but it is a big statue. Only it does not extend out from us, it extends into us.


            This is a great mystery, I had trouble with it myself. The Scripture says, as vast as the universes are all the plants and the constellations as far out as they go.  I am told that they are infinite, there is that great a space.  It is not a space, but there is that much greatness within us.


            It is very hard, but there is no time or space in the realm of the spirit. As great as the worlds that we see, it is even greater what is within us. God is determined to destroy this statue. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind’s kingdom known as the adamic soul life, he is not attacking it in the realm of the spirit.  He is attacking it in us, where it is the weakest.


            The judgment, to get back to your question, the judgment is in the flesh. The excitement, the action is in the flesh. Paul said, To live is Christ, to die is gain. It is a far better thing to be with the Lord, but the action is in the flesh.


            I tell you, once you get your basic training it is very exciting, but it is a battle.  You do get hit, it is very real. When you see Christ coming forth in you, and you see His authority manifesting through you, it is very exciting. That is what He is calling you to.


            It is a real battle, it more real than the battle in Saudi Arabia.  It is real, and it is inside of you. It is not easy, it is a tough battle, but we can do all things in Christ.


            Do not think it is an easy battle, because you are going to be smitten.  It is not easy. I do not know whether you like to fight or not.  We do not usually have many men at these meetings, but I see three men sitting here tonight. I do not know whether they like to fight or not, but it is really a tough battle. It is all in the mind.


            COMMENT: Inaudible


            PASTOR VITALE: That is true, but do not think that there is nothing for you to do.  You have to fight within His power. I remember when God first showed me that, I spent five years in a deliverance church, and we were taught to bind and loose. For the five years I did it, God honored it, and I had a lot of victory in my life, but I had a problem.


            My daughter was being harassed by the other teenagers.  It was terrible. They were surrounding her and threatening to beat her up. I was binding and loosening and binding and loosening, but I could not break this thing. I was exhausted.  I had the whole church pray with me. I went before the Lord, and I said, Lord, why can I not break this thing over her? He put me in the Psalms, and I started praying the Psalms and it broke.


            He said, That is the difference between doing it in your own power and calling out to Me to help you. That was the beginning of my training to find out that even though we have to fight, we have to fight in His way and with His power. I do not pray warfare outside of His specific instruction. If I see a situation, or if there is a problem in my family I always say, Lord, how do you want me to pray? Always, because He is the victory, and He almost never does anything twice. There is no way to guess on how He is going to do it. There is no way to tell.


            Sometimes if someone is giving you a problem, and they are legitimately giving you a problem, sometimes He has mercy on them.  Sometimes, there is rebuke.  You just never know. I know in my heart I am not at a place where I could tell you how God will deal with anybody that is doing damage to me. Sometimes, He has me go to the people and pray with them.  Sometimes there is a rebuke. I just cannot tell, I am not there yet.


            If there is a problem, you take it before the Lord and what ever He does, He does. The Scripture that says, Take care of your own eye before you look at the beam in your brother’s eye. That really applies. If there is a problem, you have to find out.  You have to look at yourself honestly, and ask the Lord if you are contributing to this at all.


            If He shows you that you are contributing to this at all, what He is requiring of you is to take care of your problem. He will take care of the other guy. He is trying to perfect you, that is what He is concerned with now. Does not matter what the other guy is doing, He wants you cleaned up. He wants your responses to be Christ like.


            Sometimes Christ says, Father, forgive them for they know not what they do, but there were occasions that Christ rebuked. The only way that you are going to know what Christ would do is to ask Him. I found out that He does not tell me unless I ask Him.


            If I do not specifically say in close touch with him, that I am continuously saying, Lord, what would you do in this situation? Are my thoughts your thoughts? Or are they adamic thoughts? The way I am looking at this problem, is this your mind or is this my carnal mind?


            If I am not in continuous prayer like that, He is just quiet, and if He is quiet my carnal mind is operating.


            My carnal mind is on automatic, and it is only when I call out the name of the Lord that He covers over my carnal mind. If I do not say anything, it usually is not Him.  He wants us to reach out to Him, He wants us to want Him. He wants us to desire Him and to be willing to fight with our carnal mind which is ruled by Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, to get to where He is.


            Sometimes, He lets some pretty hard trial come upon you, but He promised that He would not give you more than you can bear. As you are laying on the floor screaming, remember that.


            Anyone else have anything else to say?


            COMMENT: Going back to witchcraft, once people have prayed certain prayers that are not of God, and they will pray prayers outside the will of God, is it not possible that God is still in control.  If that is not His will, He will not allow it to happen. He will not allow that prayer to get through even thought that person is praying so much for this thing to happen or that thing to happen, and if it is not God’s will anyway, it will not happen. No matter how much power the person has, God is all powerful.  He is not going to let it happen.


            PASTOR VITALE: It does not exactly work like that.  What witchcraft is, let us get a definition of witchcraft here. Witchcraft is the spiritual power of the natural man. Every natural man has spiritual power. God’s power is greater, but every natural man has power.  Why? Because we are spirit; our true nature is spirit.


            If we use that spiritual power outside the will of God, that is what witchcraft is.  The problem is that a lot of people do it, and they do not realize they are doing it.


            There are some people out there casting spells and doing things like that, but a lot of people are just ignorant. We are living in this fallen realm, and God is not down here.


            God is not a man.  He is a spirit, and He is not down here interfering in our life like an overbearing mother. He is letting us trip, He is letting us fall, and He is teaching us to fight. He is making our spiritual arms strong to pull back the bow of His weapon. He will let these things come upon us, because we are being trained.


            COMMENT: He will let it happen?


            PASTOR VITALE: He lets it. He is not likely to let you be killed; although, He can do anything, He is God. He takes some people.


            COMMENT: I hear so much that (inaudible). If it really is not of God, how can He allow it? Is not God all powerful that He would not allow it if it was not of Him?


            PASTOR VITALE: Sure, He can stop it if He wants to, but He wants you to stop it. We are becoming Christ, we are the children of God, we are the children of the Kingdom, but not in the adamic mind. His child is within us, and He wants us to respond with the mind and the emotions of Christ. We are being trained to withhold our adamic responses in our emotions and our thoughts and to respond with the thoughts and the emotions of Christ.


            It is warfare because adam which is ruled by Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, wants to be revealed through this body and this mind.


            To stop him if we want to respond with the mind of Christ, Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, has been ruling us since birth, and he is right up there ready to talk through our mouth and feel through our emotions. We have to beat him down to respond out of Christ. If we are not willing to do it, we will pay the consequences. He is not a mamby pamby God.


            The example He gave me was a testimony that someone gave me years ago.  He was 14 years old, and some kids on the block we trying to beat him up, and he decided to run. He went running down the street, and his father looked out the window and saw his son running down the street.  Then, he saw this whole pack of guys coming after his son.  By the time the kid got to the doorway, the father was standing in the doorway.


            His father said, You either fight them or you fight me. He fought them. That was the last time he was ever a coward. His father sent him out to five guys to fight five guys, and he was beat, he did not die, but it was the last time he ever ran down the street. Do you understand what I am saying?


            COMMENT: I think you kind of answered my question more or less already. I heard from another Christian, when you do pray in witchcraft you do come into agreement with a spirit that is other than God’s, and that prayer will happen. I kind of thought that is because you come into agreement with a demonic spirit, you give that demonic spirit certain domain.


            PASTOR VITALE: That is true, but even more so and some times even more difficult to accept is that demonic spirit is your own heart. Yes, there are demons, but we cannot deny the wickedness of our own heart. Our heart is desperately wicked.


            The heart of man is desperately wicked, and Christ is the light that is shining on our heart. We may never have seen these things in our heart until Christ is present with us saying, No, no that is not right. Then you start to see your own motives. It is nice to blame it on a demon, but a lot of times it is just you.


            I have heard al kinds of testimonies of Christians behaving in very ungodly ways, and then when they are confronted they say, Oh, it is just the demons. No, it is not the demons.  It is just you.


            COMMENT: The father of this plant is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and until we have the spirit of God in us we are children of the father of this planet.


            PASTOR VITALE: We sure are. We are the children of the devil unless we are walking after the spirit of God. If we are following after the spirit God, we are the sons of God. You cannot walk after Christ without being a solider. It is impossible, you will not make it. We are going to start, I have some relationship with God, but I do not know Him completely. I think most Christians know Him as an infant, knows their Father is giving them everything that they need. When He says, It is your time to start to grow up you might be very surprised how tough God is, and He has been very tough with me on occasion.


            The first time He was tough with me, He scared me half to death. He wanted me to do something, I do not remember what it was, some type of spiritual warfare, I did not want to do it. He spoke to me in a very strong tone and He said, If you do not fight, I am going to leave you for Carrion on the banks of Jordan. I said, Lord, you would not say that to me. He said it again, If you do not fight, I am going to leave you for Carrion on the banks of Jordan. I did it, because I was not going to find out if it was not God.


            God is the Lord of the hosts.  Hosts, the Hebrew word hosts, means army, and we are His army.  No matter how rag tag in the spirit we may be, we are His army, and there is no male or female in Christ Jesus. There is no Jew or Greek.  It does not matter what you look like, does not matter whether you are a man or you are a woman.


            We see someone really gentle like XXXXXX.  He is requiring the same thing of you that He is requiring of a human male, because in your spirit you are becoming a male.


            As we mature in Christ, we see in certain areas it is easier for man (I am just generalizing) usually it is easier for a man to go into some kind of warfare than it is someone like XXXXXX, but then on the other hand in relationship to God, we are all female.


            It is very hard for a man to start to submit. A man who is used to ruling his own life, if he has a family he is used to being the head of the family. It is very hard for a man not to do anything without asking God. The more the Lord brings you into submission the Scripture tells us, as you mature in Christ you are going to be making less and less decisions, and that is very hard on a man.


            What ever sex we are, we are going to be tried on what ever areas we are weak in because of that human sex, but we are all coming to the same place in Christ. It does not matter what you look like or what your sex is, or what your nature is, because He is going to change your nature. We are going to be what He is.


            He is a solider. He is the Lord of Hosts, and we are His sirens. We are waging war against the sin that is ruling in this world system, and this sin is no pussy cat. As I said earlier, he is no toothless wonder, do not believe it. He is  powerful, as Jesus said we must be as wise as a serpent and harmless as doves. We cannot go around hurting people.


            All fear is sin.  Everything which is not of Faith is sin, and we have to learn to ask Him to continuously teach you, because He will teach you.


            When He brings you to a place, and this is between you and God, when He feels that you can hear Him well enough, because we have trouble hearing Him. For all intents and purposes, we are down under the water. He is speaking to us from up there, and we are down under water.


            Sometimes, we cannot even hear Him. Sometimes when we hear Him, we cannot even hear what He is saying. Sometimes, we hear what He is saying, and we think He means something that He did not mean.


            When He communicates with me in symbols and dreams, I frequently say to Him, Lord, I think I know what you meant but is this what you meant? Because what good is Your talking to me if I do not understand what You are saying? I pray continuously about every communication. Is it of you? What did You mean? Did I understand You correctly? 


            When He gets you to a place where He knows you are hearing from Him, at least some of the time, and He has brought you to some measure of obedience, He is going to start giving you assignments that can be very exciting. Very exciting things that you are being called to.


            Frequently, the way He talks to you is that He lays something on your heart. He does not necessarily talk in an audible voice. You may just feel like doing something that you would not normally be doing. Your carnal mind would say, Well, I do not want to do that, and you reject it. You have to ask Him, Lord was that you?


            For example, I was home one night on a Saturday night, and my whole head filled up for a longing for white castle hamburgers. I never eat White Castle Hamburgers.  They are not good for you. I do not usually eat them, they are not good for me anyway.


            It got so strong I said, This is ridiculous. Go get myself some hamburgers. I lived in Suffolk County it was a bout a 20 minute ride to the closest White Castle. I walked in, I bought hamburgers, I sat down, and I ate them. I said, This is ridiculous I do not even want these hamburgers.  All of a sudden I Looked up, and there was this young fellow there.


            COMMENT:  Was it in Massapequa?


            PASTOR VITALE: No, why? What happened in Massapequa?


            COMMENT: There is a white castle there.


            PASTOR VITALE: No, it was in Suffolk County, it was in Centereach. There was this young fellow there, and he was suicidal. The Lord sent me. I hope this pleases you, because this is what you are called to. That time it did not go too well. I did not really fulfill what God sent me to do for lack of understanding.


            Another time, again a strong yearning for a hamburger, and I wound up at the local diner. I walked in, it was a Sunday night, I already had eaten dinner. I walked in, and the diner was packed. There was only one seat empty in the whole diner next to a drunk.


            As soon as I saw this, I knew it was God. I said, Lord, you want me to sit down next to the drunk, right? I went, and I sat down next to the drunk. He had some money in a money clip, several hundred dollars. He kept throwing them on the counter, he was loud, he was drunk. The whole diner was looking at me. They were not understanding why I would sit next to the drunk.


            I had to have a reason to be sitting next to this drunk. Then he is throwing his money in front of me, I knew I could not leave. He said to the waitress, Buy her anything she wants. I could feel everybody’s eye on my back. I said, No thank you, I do not want you to buy me anything.


            He just throwing his money around saying all kinds of things. Finally, there was ministry for him, the Lord had ministry for him. I know the Lord delivered him from something that had tormented him for years. He had killed several children in Vietnam, the Lord brought it all out. From him trying to pick me up, it came to him revealing from within himself that he was in torment for years.


            He had to kill them, because they were carrying bombs, and it was them or his unit. He killed seven children, and he had just been in torment for years.  He was drunk all the time, because he could not stand the pain. The Lord delivered him.


            That is what is waiting for you.  It is very exciting, but the Lord cannot send you out unless you can hear what He says. When you hear what He says, you have to do what He says. Then when you get there, there is a training that will teach you how to minister to people. You can hear what He says, and you can do what He says, but when you get there your carnal mind can speak out of your mouth.


            The only thing that has any value is when you have come to a place where you can restrain your carnal mind. The Scripture says you are going to put a bridle on him. Only let Christ speak through your mind, only the ministry of Christ.


            I have been in situations where all kinds of things were happening and people were rattling on. I just sat there, because I knew the Word of the Lord was coming. I just sat there, let them talk, scream, yell, and rage. Then the Heavens split, and the Word of the Lord came down and deliverance came forth. This is all training, and it is trial and error.


            COMMENT: I am glad you said that, because I was wondering why I am just driven to read the Word constantly, everyday I have three other books I am reading, I am just reading. Absorbing so much, I really feel like I am growing a lot.


            Then I joined in the ministry I joined.  I write back and forth with the Jews for Jesus. I do not know how I got involved with them, and here they were there, because I am happy to hear that they are Jews and coming to Christ. It is just amazing.


            I am reading things about Jews, and now I am surrounded by Jews. My bosses are Jews, I am meeting Jews, they are just around me, and they do not believe in Christ. I have tapes on how to witness to them, but nothing is coming out yet. I just feel like I have this strong feeling inside of me that says, Be patient. I am raising you up but be patient. I just do not know what to do right now and..


            PASTOR VITALE: You can do more damage than good.


            COMMENT: Right. So, I am just being silent when I hear something, and I want to say it. Then I tell the Lord after, How come I could not say anything? I know I cannot just come out and say, Christ. I would just come out and say, Oh yes, my son is in s Christian school.  You know, earthly things. I cannot get into anything deep yet.


            PASTOR VITALE: It is the Lord, because you will find out as you continue in your training that when Jesus speaks from within you, it can only take one word. For example, several years ago I had a secular job and someone on that job said, You see that woman over there? She is being drawn by the Jehovah Witnesses, and that is a group of people they have some doctrine, but the spirit of God is not there. It is not ideal.  She did not know which way she was going.


            This other Christian said, Get over there, get over there, talk to her, tell her not to do it. I do not do things like that. I prayed for her, I gave it to the Lord and said, Lord, if there is anything I can do, I am here.


            A couple of days later we were just walking down the hall together, and it just came out in natural conversation, You know, they do not believe Jesus is God. I looked at her, and her whole face, the look, it was what she needed to hear. It was one short sentence, the Heavens split it, went right in, and it was done.


            COMMENT: I pray to Him, What do you want me to do? You let me know how to say it because I cannot.  I am totally submitted to the fact that I cannot. It is not going to be what I am saying.


            PASTOR VITALE: Sometimes, we could never imagine what the Lord would say to those people. We do not know what their need is. Jesus knows from the depths of their heart what they need to hear. When we are submitted to Him like this, we will find ourselves saying things that we do not know even why we are saying it, or giving testimonies, or speaking about a particular Scripture.


            I know I walked into somebody’s house once.  I wanted them to alter a dress for me, and their daughter came home. All of a sudden, I was talking about something,  I said, What am I talking about this for? I looked at the young woman’s face, and I knew that she was so glad, because her daughter needed to hear this, and I did not know why I was saying it.  Only that which we do for Christ  counts.


            You hear carnal Christians say, Only the time that you spend giving out tracts give you brownie points in Heaven. That is not what it means at all. Only that which we are directed to say and do by the Christ within us has any lasting value in this world system.  Everything else is dung.


            When you minister, when you counsel, we have to have that controlling factor of Christ within us. We have to be in agreement with Him that we do not want to speak unless it is Him. He has really exciting experiences for you when you are ready.


            As far as the Jews go, the doctrine is very important, because they are not going to believe this false doctrine that is coming forth in the church today.


            If you would like, I have some tape lists up there if you would like to start studying the tapes that are coming forth here.


            I have an ongoing relationship with a Hasidic Rabbi. I meet with him from time to time, and we have some very interesting conversations.  The Lord has ministered to him, but very little as they are very closed. They will never be converted by the doctrine that is being preached today. The only Jews that are being converted by this doctrine are Jews who are not raised in their religion. They are really Samaritans.  They are heathen for all intents and purposes. The Jews that are raised in Judaism will never receive this.


            To give you another example, I live all the way out in Port Jefferson. The Lord sent me into Manhattan one day and, very frequently, you will think that you are going for one reason, but you find out that God has a work for you. The reason that you think you are going is not valid.


            I wound up on the corner of 33rd street and 7th avenue by Penn station. There was an evangelist who was ministering there.  He had his loud speaker set up. This Jewish man stopped to speak to them, and he was mad. His eyes were like a coal in his head. He was telling them that they cannot be doing this. Now this was a Jewish Christian ministry.


            I had bought a bagel.  I was sitting there eating a bagel, leaning up against the wall just watching the ministry, because I love the things of God.  Anything of God, I love it. All of a sudden, my mouth was filled with egg salad and bagel. I jumped up, I went running over. First of all, my mouth was filled with egg salad and bagel, and second of all that is bad manners, someone ministering on the street and you just go crashing in there.


            I do not do things like that.  I am very low key. I go running over trying to get the food down my throat. I started talking to the guy, and what God put in my heart was exactly what he needed to hear. The other minister backed away. He listened for a few minutes.


            When I left the house that morning I picked up two tapes, we have over 200 tapes if you want to see the tape list. I just grabbed two tapes.  I do not know why I took them. I said to him, I am ministering to this Jewish man. I am ministering in a way that this other minister could not minister to him. Then I mentioned about tapes, and that is another no no.  You do not crash in on someone else’s ministry and start giving out your tapes.


            Finally, the Lord reached him through me, and he started to calm down. He received what I had to say, at least to the point where he was considerate. He said to me, Well, if you have that tape I will take it.


            I reached into my pocket book.  I had taken two, I did not know which ones they were or which one I picked.  There were two. I just handed it to him. When I got on the train I said, I do not even know what tape I gave him. I figured it out some how which tape it was, and I went home, and I listed to the tape. I was exactly what I had told him.


            I put it in my pocketbook supernaturally, I handed it to him supernaturally. I crashed in on the other guys ministry, and I gave him a tape from another ministry.


            COMMENT: How do you  know when you get a spontaneous thing like to go crashing on someone’s ministry, or to walk over to someone and lay hands on them, or to pray with them, or try to talk to them. How do you know when you get that spontaneous thing if it is of God or of yourself?  Would it be the end result? Maybe you just have to find out if it is successful, or if it fails it is not of God?


            PASTOR VITALE: There are certain rules you normally follow. Of course, the account that I just described to you, all I can say is that the Lord has been training me for a long time, and I just knew it was of God. You have to run the risk of making mistakes. You have to be honest enough with yourself and God that if you goof, to admit that you goofed.


            I went over to apologize to that other minister after I finished ministering, even though there was no doubt in my mind that it was God.  I went over to him and said that I was sorry and hoped that he would talk to me. He was mad at me, but he said to me, I know it was God. I hurt his feelings. He knew it was of God, but he left me alone.


            The rules that I go by, to the best of my ability, I will practice good manners and sensitivity to my fellow man.  I will try to obey the rules as I understand them in the Scripture. If God crosses over that, and I feel it is God and I have to do it, I will apologize even if they reject me. I will apologize and I pray, Lord, if that was not you please tell me, because I have to repent.


            Then, if it turns out that you goof, because a lot of it is trial and error, you just have to look at yourself and you may even have to go to the other minister or the other believer and say, I goofed. Not only sorry that I stepped on your toes, but I found out it was not God, so please forgive me.


            That was one situation, let me give you another example. That situation, I really had no time to stop and think. Another situation, I was in a church, and the Lord told me to pray for another man in the congregation and to anoint him for ministry. I did not want to do it.


            I said, Lord, I cannot believe it is you. I mean, I never heard of anyone sitting in a church and jumping up and going over to someone else and saying, I want to anoint you for ministry. It is bad manners, I am in another church. I will do it if it is you, but you are really going to have to witness to me that it is you, because it is breaking all the rules.


            I know Jesus breaks His own rules. I say, I want one strong witness that, if not, two strong witnesses that it is you or I am not budging off this seat. Within sixty seconds after I prayed that prayer, the pastor stood up in the pulpit and said, Well, you know this is not just my church you have ministry too. If you come in here with ministry, you can do your ministry, just stand up, raise your hand, and I will acknowledge you.


            By the time he was done with his last word, I was standing on my feet. I thought he was going to fall off the pulpit.


            He did not ask me what I wanted to do. If he had asked me what I wanted to do, he would have never said, yes. He did not ask me what I wanted to do.  He just nodded at me. I turned around, and I prayed for the other guy, and he was mad. If he would have given me an opportunity, I would have apologized to him.


            COMMENT: Do they all get mad?


            PASTOR VITALE: The question is, do they all get mad?


            COMMENT: Like you said, you were in the city and the preacher was preaching, and you butted in there and took away someone that he was talking to. You gave him two tapes.  Now, you are in someone else’s church, it is God’s church, and you said you would not budge unless you got a second call from God to get out there and minister to this person. Do they all get offended by that or did you have some that they did not get upset like that? Is it because they have pride?


            PASTOR VITALE: It is pride, and it is the adamic mind of the minister saying, This is my church.  It is not his church.  It is Christ’s church, and He can manifest through anyone that He wants anywhere, anytime, anyplace, anyhow, and He expects the person that He has placed in charge of the ministry to recognize the Spirit of Christ. Many of them do not.


            The reason I would think that I have never done it, is where the person has not gotten mad. The reason for that is that the only place God sends who ever He is using like this, it is going to be you too, He only sends you to a stumbling block that He knows is going to get mad. He does not send you to people.  See, He does not send you to people.


            COMMENT: That is why I was wondering, do they ever not get mad?


            PASTOR VITALE: I am sure there are ones out there that would be okay, but He does not send me to them. Oh, He did send me to one. I had two experiences where the person in charge of the meeting was not mad. Generally speaking, this ministry that you are called to, this ministry that you are hearing about, you are sent as a stumbling block to the Pharisees. He sends you to people to expose sin in them.


            The Scripture says in some areas, It was sweet in his mouth, but it was bitter in his belly. It is glorious to be used in Christ like this, but when they throw you out of the church, and they accuse you falsely, it is bitter.  It is not pleasant.


            COMMENT: Pastor Vitale, what happens when the Lord sends you with a prophesy to a church?  Do you have to ask if you can give it, or do you just go by the Lord, saying it.


            PASTOR VITALE: My understanding of the Scripture is you do not have to ask permission.  However, there are churches that are requiring you to ask permission. I know that you have to go up to the, who ever is assigned the Deacon and give them the prophesy.  Then, if it is okay, you can give it. It does not come forth under the anointing, and I do not believe that is of God at all.


            To answer your question, you see this is a very hard ministry, because there are no absolutes. The only absolute is if it is God, you do it.  If it is not God, you do not do it. I cannot tell you now five months before you are going to have this experience whether it is God or not.


            You have to develop your relationship with the Lord and know Him well, and very important, as I have said before, if you goof you have to admit it, and you have to do it whatever it is to make it right.


            Even if you go to the man, and he does not accept your apology, if you go in there with a humble heart, and he lashes you with his tongue, you have to just  hang your head and not say anything. Did I answer your question?


            You said, if you just stand up and do it if it is not acceptable in the church, and God tells you to do it, do it, but expect to be thrown out of the church. Do not be naive.  Expect to be kicked out of the church, but make sure it is God. If it is not God, you are going to reap what you sowed.


            If it is not God, it is pride and rebellion, and you will reap the judgment for pride and rebellion. You cannot go in fear.  If your heart is right with God, and you make a mistake, you make a mistake. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus.


            Check yourself. Look at your own motives, and if your own motive is to glorify your own self, it is likely that it is not God. It is a very fine line. The same behavior in two different men, it is God in one man, and it is not God in another. In the same exact behavior, if it is not God you will be chastened by the Lord. Who wants to be doing that if it is not God?


            When you do it according to the Scripture they will not recognized it of God, because the church today is the modern day Pharisees. Christ, as the Father, rubbed Christ in the face of the modern day Pharisees  Those sons that He is bringing to maturity in this hour, He is rubbing in the face of the Pharisee.  XXXX has been thrown out of a couple of churches. Just make sure that it is God.


            Never stop respecting the people. This is a sign that you are in God’s will. No matter who He sends you to stumble over, you check out your heart. Are you loving the people? Are you having mercy on the people? Are you praying for their deliverance? Are you praying that God have mercy, and they see the truth and repent? If you are in there lifting yourself in pride making it a power play, you are in trouble.  Check yourself out.  Got to check yourself out.


            This is the ministry you are called to. It is called, well it is called many things. It is called the Melchizedek priesthood, it is called the Sons of God, it is called the Two-Witness Company.                     


            The church is under judgment. Our God is a legal God. He does not execute judgment unless you have been proven guilty in the mouth of two witnesses. Who are the two witnesses? The Father and the Son. You are the Son.


            When you go in there, and they hate you because you manifest Christ to them, you are a witness against them and the Father in you is a witness against them. Then you go, and God deals with them.  You have to let it go. If there is vengeance in your heart, and you cannot forgive them, check it out, you need to repent. Make sure whether it was God or not.


            COMMENT: Pastor Vitale what is the Levitical priesthood?


            PASTOR VITALE: You mean the Melchizedek priesthood?


            COMMENT: Yes


            PASTOR VITALE: There was a government God set up over Israel, and that Government included kings and priests. There were prophets also. Kings were the natural rulers. The Priest ministers to man.  He was the intermediator between man and God, and the Prophets were the intermediator between God and man. That covenant with Kings, Priests, and Prophets that ruled or existed has been disannulled. We now have a New Covenant.


            The priesthood under the Old Covenant descended from the tribe of Levi. In particulate, the Levite named Aaron who was Moses’ brother. Aaron’s descendants ministered in the temple. Now we have a New Covenant, and we have a priesthood that does not descend from the tribe of Levi. Are you with me?


            This new priesthood descends from Jesus Christ. It sprang out of the Tribe of Judah, we are told. There is a Psalm in the Old Testament that says his priesthood shall be after the order of Melchizedek, who was the high priest of peace in Salem who approached Abraham, and he paid tithes to him. He is a type of the New Covenant priesthood which is a spiritual priesthood.


            Your High Priest is inside of you.  His name is Jesus Christ.  He is in your own heart. You sacrifice your own soul, it has to die.


            Before it dies it has to be purified, because the Father will not receive a sacrifice that is filled with sin. Did you know that we are all offering up our own souls? It is not true that He died instead of us, we are crucified with Him. Jesus Christ of Nazareth crucified His own adamic soul. Christ in Him had killed the adamic soul whose god is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind.  He slew him.


            On the cross you saw the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, penetrated with nails in the realm of the spirit, who is a nail, or a sword, a number of His titles penetrated Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, and slew the enmity in His flesh. He killed His own adamic soul. The Christ of God took full possession of the mind of that man, and His father raised Him from the dead.


            We too who are being formed in the image of Christ must slay our own soul, and offer him up as a sacrifice to the Father. Before we slay him, he has to be purified for the Father will not receive an impure sacrifice.


            That is what is happening to all of us now. Jesus Christ of Nazareth was justified under the Mosaic covenant between God and Israel.  His sins were justified. By the spirit of Holiness that dwelt in Him, He purified His own soul. Brought it into submission, we are told in Romans 1:4, I believe it is. Brought it into submission, refused to let it sin. He purified it.


            Because He purified it, the Father raised Him from the dead. That is what is happening to us. When we succeed, when we are justified, not under the Mosaic covenant, but we are justified by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Does anyone not understand me? Have you had enough? I will go on all night. Is it enough, are you saturated?


            COMMENT: I do not want to leave, I will stay here all night. Take a little sleep, and then start again.


            PASTOR VITALE: Everyone started to move, I think you have had enough.




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