116 - 1 Part

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I have overcome the world, saith the Lord.  And the unbelievers look around and they say, how has He overcome the world?  For all things are still the same since our fathers went to sleep.  I say unto you, that I am returning into the earth, and I am coming to those who have faith, saith the Lord, even faith in my word, saith God.  For I have overcome the world, and I shall overcome the world in you, and you shall be with me, and I shall be in you, and we shall be in the Father.


As I have said in my word, saith God, so it shall be, for I am not a man that I should lie.  But I shall do this thing, saith God, in accordance with my time table, in accordance with my purposes, and as the time is waning, saith the Lord, all of those who have been ordained to not enter in, are losing faith, and falling away, saith the Lord.


But all of those in whom the seed of my life is, they are cleaving unto me in the darkness of this hour, saith God, and I shall appear in them, saith the Lord, and they shall not be ashamed.  There shall be a great crashing, and a great warring, and a great earthquake, saith the Lord.  The whole world runneth to and fro, saith God, and they say, peace, peace, but there is no peace, for there is only peace in my Spirit, saith the Lord.


He who submits to me shall find peace, for I am his peace, saith the Lord.  I am the one who has broken down the walls of separation, and of the twain, I shall make of you one new man, saith God, even my son, Christ Jesus.  He shall be your mind, and He shall be your emotions, and He shall be your thinking processes, saith the Lord, and there shall be no sin found in you, for it shall have been swallowed up, saith God, as my promises come to pass.


The world is filled with unbelievers, speaking blaspheme against my word, and against my anointed.  But I shall recompense, saith God, but my recompense is not as a man recompenses, saith the Lord, for my mercy is great, and my long suffering is incomprehensible to the human mind.  For I am the One who discerns the intents and motives of my people's hearts, saith the Lord, and those who are truly moaning and groaning for the sins in Israel, and those who are truly crying out for me to save them from their sins, those are the ones I shall visit, saith the Lord.


And the Pharisees, they shall remain in their sins, saith God.  For I have come to them, and I have sent my sons to them, and they have refused to see, and they have refused to hear, and they have hardened their hearts, and stiffened their neck, and shot out their lip, saith the Lord, and said, we shall not have this man to rule over us, neither shall we accept the servants that He sends to us.  But we shall come as we please, and we shall go as we please, and we shall yet live.


And I say unto you, that my judgment comes not in the way man's judgment comes.  Sometimes it comes many years later, but I shall recompense, and the righteous shall see my face, and the unrighteous, who turn their back on me, for their own self serving, they shall be moaning, and groaning, and wailing, and gnashing their teeth, saith the Lord.  The hour is at hand, it is very close, that I shall restore my government, in the flesh, to this world system.  And all men shall see me, and their grief shall be great.  But my mercy shall be greater, saith the Lord, and my life shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea, and I shall restore all things in accordance with my mercy and glory. 


My son, fear not the trials.  Fear not the trials that must come upon you to bring you into my will, to bring you into my purposes.  Fear not the trials, for as you go through the fiery trials, you will come forth as gold.


Fear not the rejection.  You will be rejected.  I was rejected.  You will be rejected by many.  You will be rejected by those that are close to you.  Those that are around you, even those that are in the Church, saith the Lord.  You will be rejected.  Those who you desire to be loved by, you will know that rejection, but you will come through.  I will enable you, saith the Lord, and you will overcome, if you put your trust in me, and fear not.


Fear not these trials, for as you come through, yea, you will overcome, and I will be your mind, and you will begin to have my emotions.  You will begin to feel as I feel, and you will begin to love them, even though they are rejecting you, saith the Lord.  Wait upon me, wait upon me, and I will give you the words.  I will give you the words to say, for yea, many need to hear.  Many need to hear, and as I give you the words to speak to them, this will set them free.  Wait upon me.  I will bring them around.  Wait upon me.


The time is very short, saith the Lord, and I will have my anointed that have gone on the wrong path restored unto me, saith God.  I will have them come back, walk back, saith the Lord, to the point where you went off on a wrong road.  Come back to the crossroad, saith God, for I am waiting for you at the crossroad, saith the Lord.  Come back, and I shall receive you, saith God, and I shall point you in the right direction, and I shall help you to humble yourself, and I shall help you to do whatever you have to do.


Come back, saith the Lord.  I am waiting for you, saith God.  The hour is short.  If you do not return now, it could be too late.  Turn back, saith God.  May the ears be opened, and may the minds be opened.


Hear the word of the Lord.  All of you sons, who are in error, hear the word of the Lord.  Come back, saith God, and I shall receive you.  All those of you that have erred, repent, saith the Lord.  Repent!  Humble yourselves, and come back.  I am waiting for you.  I desire to appear in you.  Stop serving other gods, and return unto me, for the hour of my appearing, is indeed, at hand.  Come back that you be not ashamed in that hour.


Glory to God.   I am waiting on the Lord.  I am waiting for Him to move.  I do not have anything to say, so we are just going to sit here until He moves.  I refuse to take control of this meeting, because He is not saying anything.  If you wait on Him, He will give you the word.  If there is anything on your heart, just speak it out.  There is a very heavy anointing here.  We will see what He is going to do.


Lord, am I going to preach tonight or not?  (Laughter)  You know, when you are a preacher, your ego gets all tied up in this.  Everybody is waiting for a message, and you are suppose to do something.  I am just waiting for Him to move.


COMMENT:  The Lord told you that the world would be turned upside down in a year.


PASTOR VITALE:  He said, in less than a year, everything is going to turn.


There is also a spiritual application to the world turning upside down.  We know in the days that the Bible was written, in the Book of Acts, it says that these Apostles turned the world upside down.  The meaning was that they created confusion.


We see a lot of confusion.  We see wars now.  Our American troops are over in Haiti.  We have troops over in Saudi Arabia.  The Philippines are throwing our bases out.  Everything is in confusion.


If you know anything about military things, the one thing that can bring a nation down is to divide their armies.  I believe that was what happened to Germany.  We divided their armies.  They were over in Russia, if I am not mistaken, and they were over in Europe when we divided their armies, or God divided their armies.  That was how we defeated them.  That was how God defeated them.  Excuse me, Lord.


We heard the prophesy that came forth that the world is going to be turned upside down, but the spiritual reality of having your world turned upside down is our personal world.  There are three Greek words that are translated world.  One is the most common one.  It is eon, meaning age, the end of this world or the end of this age.


The word I want to talk about right now is a word that means a world system.  It can refer to the galaxies out there, but it can also refer to an individual human being, because we are an individual system.  We function, and we work.  We are a system within this world system.


When the Lord says He is going to turn the world upside down, what condition is our world in right now?  Satan is being cast into the Lake of Fire, and they are going to abide in the fire for the life of the ages.  It is just like Daniel abode in the fire with Christ.  Daniel's natural body and natural substance was in the fire with Christ.  All it did was burn his bands off.                                           


This fire is going to control Satan, and keep him chained, and keep him in servitude to Christ.  This is the spiritual application of the world turning upside down.


COMMENT:  Scripture says that when Satan and hell would be cast into the Lake of Fire, would that not be after the thousand years, so what is symbolic about the thousand years if that is not literal?


PASTOR VITALE:  I have not studied that yet.  It has really been on my heart, asking the Lord to let me do that study.  We have been going through the Book of Revelation, and we are up to Revelation 15, Chapter 1.  It is really is on my heart to ask the Lord to let me jump ahead, because so many people have been asking me about that.  I do not like to answer until I have studied it.  I do not know, but I am sure that it is a symbolic number.  Glory to God.


Of course, Satan is our unconscious mind, hell is this world system, death is our human soul, and that is all going into the Lake of Fire.  It is going inside, inside  of Christ, who is the preservative.  He is the salt of our earth, and He is going to keep our earth alive, because that fire is going to burn up sin.  It is going to burn up sin, and keep it powerless.


COMMENT:   It seems to be unfolding the more you are getting into it.  The more you are teaching and preaching on this, it seems to be more unfolding.  What I am hearing tonight, I am hearing you say with a little more revelation or understanding.  I have heard you say this before, but I think I am going to get the tape, and listen to that part, because it seems like, what you are saying, I am understanding it a little better.  You are saying Christ within, inside, Christ within, is going to burn us out, or is it Christ from the outer realm is going to burn into the inner depths of our soul, and change our substance?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, He is coming outside.  That is after we are turned inside out. 


COMMENT:   I see, so the heavens is our mind?


PASTOR VITALE:   The heavens is our mind.  That is Christ in us.


COMMENT: When Christ is fulfilled in our mind, He is taking all this and swallowing it up and putting it within?


PASTOR VITALE:  He is putting it inside of Him.


COMMENT:  He is putting it inside of Him.  This here, this outer realm is all going into the Lake of Fire.


PASTOR VITALE:   Right.  When you look at somebody, what you are going to see is the fire.  Occult people call it an aura, but it is going to be a spiritual fire.  When you first look at somebody, you are going to see the glory.  When you look deep into the depths of them, you are going to see the shape of a man.  Right now, when I look at you or you look at me, you see a human being, and the fire is inside of us.  I know you have Christ, and I know I have Christ, so the fire is inside, but the fire is coming outside, and it is going to encompass our physical being.


COMMENT:   How did this moral order get turned around to the wrong order where the death is on the outside?


PASTOR VITALE:   It happened when Satan seduced Eve.  Because in order to appear in this realm of appearance as a human being, as either a fallen one or a non-fallen one, our spiritual being has to be completed.  It is completed by the offspring of a spiritual marriage.  Eve is the female seed that God produced, and she was to receive the seed of the Father and give birth to Christ.


The three of them joined together make Christ in the personality, but Satan got there first.  Satan joined with Eve, the seed of God, and produced her offspring, the carnal mind.  That is how we got out of the wrong moral order.  We have the wrong child. We have the bastard child.  The Scripture says, cast out the bond woman, and her child.  We produced the wrong child.  That was what happened to us.


When the Scripture talks about us being built, and foundations, I always thought it was just a parable, but we are literally being built in the realm of the Spirit.   If we take our natural example first, I do not know too much about babies in utero, but I do know something.  They start with a basic seed.  I believe that the first organ that is formed is the heart.  Then the body, in utero, is literally built.  It is literally built first.  The heart, the lungs, and the nervous system is built.  I am probably all out of its order.


Each system that we need for survival is built in the nine months that the baby is in utero.  We, spiritually, are built the same way.  Before the baby forms in the womb, we are built spiritually.  There is a foundation that we must be built upon on.  If your foundation is not Christ, it is Satan.  To have a human being appear, they must have a spiritual foundation, which consists of a male spirit, a female spirit, joining in marriage, and producing a child.  The three of them, together, form the heart.


On prior tapes, I called it the three-fold spirit of man, but the Lord has recently revealed to me that this is what the heart is.  It is a heart.  The heart is at the center of our being, and when a human baby is formed, the first organ that is formed is the heart, and everything else is built around it.


We have a spiritual heart, and that is our three-fold spirit.  It has to be either Satan, Eve, and the carnal mind, and the three are one, or the Father, Eve, and Christ.  That is the spiritual heart around which the whole creation is built.


COMMENT:  I heard that when a baby is formed, the mind and the heart are first together, but then it separates, and the spinal cord forms.  Does that mean anything in the Spirit?


PASTOR VITALE:   That might be true.  I do not know if the mind and the heart together mean anything in the Spirit.  I will pray about it, but right now I am going to let it pass unless God says otherwise.  Sometimes when someone asks me a question like that, God gives it to me as I am preaching.


I just got very excited the other day, because I had gone before Him and asked a question.  Actually, I have been asking this question for years.  Some people say the soul is the mind, will, and the emotion.  Then, what is the heart?


Where does the heart come from?  I could not figure it out.  I have my notes from eight or nine years ago.  I did a study on it, and I could not get the answer.  About a year or two ago, the Lord brought forth the understanding here that in order to appear in this realm of appearance, our spiritual makeup must start with a three-fold spirit, as I just described.   The Lord just told me, as a matter of fact, a couple of days ago, when I was still in your house, that this is what the heart is.  This is what the heart is.


This is what is in the heart, in this three-fold spirit.  It is our ability to reason, our ability to learn, our ability to understand, and our emotions.  I said, l Lord, I thought that our soul was filled with lust.  How could you say the emotions are in the heart?  He said, There is a difference between emotions and lust.


In our heart, in our center, is our ability to think.  That is reason.  That is mind.  Our ability to make choices, that is the will.  Our ability to understand.  Our ability to feel human emotion, sadness, sorrow, and joy.  Then there is another part of us called the soul which lusts.  To have a human emotion, it does not have to be lust.  You can desire something, and it does not have to be lust.  Of course, these things are so close.  Am I making myself clear as to what God told me?


COMMENT:   A little bit more when your will is just leaning a little toward the soul, then it changes into lust.  If it goes the other way, then it could be having the desires or the will of the Lord.


PASTOR VITALE:   A little bit more toward the soul, and then it becomes lust.  Leaning toward the other way is not ungodly.  I also said to the Lord, but Satan is ruling this creation, so how could there be good desires there?  The Lord reminded me that this creation is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.


The natural man is not all evil.  There is good in him.  This adamic heart is not always desperately wicked.  Sometimes, especially if the human being is trained under the admonition of the Lord, is brought up in a Godly home, is taught the things of the Lord, there is a good chance that a lot of the emotions and the reasoning coming out of our heart could be Godly.  A lot of it seems to be affected very strongly by our upbringing, and by family line curses, by our family all the way back, and our present family affects what we are, and which way our heart goes.


If you study the Scriptures, you will see that there is an evil heart of unbelief.  The heart can be evil.  I cannot think of an example right now, but if you just look it up in Strong's Concordance, there are many scriptures which talk about the heart doing good things, and feeling good things.  That is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.


It goes both ways.  Lust, that is your heart or your mind.  The adamic man has the carnal mind, and that is another name for the three-fold spirit of the adamic man, and Christ has the mind of Christ.  The carnal mind and the mind of Christ, also known as the heart, is the center around which everything else is built.  Besides a heart or a mind, we also have a soul, which is lust.  That soul has to be controlled by our mind.


Now this gets a little hairy.  I am going to try and give you this.  If you do not understand it, tell me, and I will repeat it.  As I went before the Lord, I said, Lord, when you had me teach this on Tape #2, you had me teach that Adam, the human soul, was the conscience, and that Eve was very weak and needed to be protected from the wicked unconscious.  Lord, this is a total contradiction.


He said to me, It is a contradiction, but what happened was, Adam failed, the conscience failed to protect Eve from the unconscious mind, which was desperately wicked.  Because Eve married Satan and produced the carnal mind, the roles reversed.  Adam, who was the conscience, became lust, and Eve and Satan, became the heart of the adamic man, which has some measure of conscience, depending on how you are raised.  Can you hear that?  The roles reversed.


We have another tape on changing sexual roles.  Eve was female until she got married and produced the carnal mind.  When she produces Christ, then she is going to be male.  In the realm of the spirit, sexual roles change.  Do you have a question?


COMMENT:  You say Adam became lust.  Adam was lust.  Is that where lust originates from, the adam part of the person, not Eve?


PASTOR VITALE:  I am trying to change my vocabulary so that it is less confusing.  We have an adamic creation, an adamic soul.  Within that adamic creation, there is a human soul, your individual soul.  Sometimes, I call him Adam, and I should really call him human soul, so I do not confuse you.


COMMENT:   Adam, in general, is lust?  That is the original thing, lust?


PASTOR VITALE:  In the condition that we are in right now, that part of us which lusts is our fallen human conscience, which is so far fallen down that it has turned into lust.  We are utterly powerless, and he is typified in the Book of Revelation.  He is the beast upon which the harlot is riding.  He is worthless.


COMMENT:  If it is Satan and Eve in the heart, then the deeper we go inside of our heart, Satan could still be there, deceiving us?


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, we have to get the heart of Christ, because the heart of man is desperately wicked.  He is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  If we are blessed enough to be raised in a Godly home, that spoken word into our mind controls his wickedness to a measure, but in the depths of our heart, man is filthy.


COMMENT:  Eve is going to be redeemed though, right?


PASTOR VITALE:  Eve is going to be redeemed.  She is our true being.  She is spirit, and she is of the Father from the beginning.  She is the female seed of the Father.  Every other part of our being is made out of the mud.  We are Eve.  We are spirit.  She shall be redeemed.  That is interesting that you said that because Eve is being redeemed, and our soul is being saved.  I will give you that again.  Did you want to ask a question?


COMMENT:  Eve was not born yet, when God put Adam to sleep.  Did He really take a rib to make her or was it just a spoken word?


PASTOR VITALE: If you look it up in the Hebrew, that word that is translated rib really means side.  We have an exhibit here.  If you remind me, I will be glad to give it to you before you go home.  It shows where the Lord took a side or a piece of Adam.  Adam was not formed like we are now.  Think of Adam as a lump of clay.  God took half of that clay, and formed it into what would be a woman's ovaries.  He made his female side, and then He put them back together.


When the Scripture says, He brought the woman to the man, that word in the Hebrew is, He brought the woman into the man.  If you study the Hebrew, it means that He literally put them back together again.  He formed Adam's female parts, and put them back together again.  The original creation was both male and female.


COMMENT:  Now you are making me understand that tape that I have listened to over and over again.  It is the tape on Noah and his sons.  I said, Lord, just give me the mind of Christ so I can understand this.  You are making me to understand by saying that the males would birth the children.  I thought, how can you do it without an ovary?  Even female animals have an ovary.


PASTOR VITALE:  They did not look like we look now.  We are a fallen creation.  We have fallen down to the level of the animals, and we are now reproducing like the animals.  The creation, at the beginning of the Fall, was still very glorious.  They did not reproduce like the animals at that time.  Each individual was both male and female.  His wife was within him.


The natural example that we have is that many plants are both male and female.  They fertilize themselves from within, and the lower forms of animals, microscopic animals are both male and female.


In the spiritual, it is opposite.  In this natural realm, the lowest life forms are both male and female.  In the realm of the spirit, the highest life forms are both male and female.  It is backwards.


COMMENT:   I have to just say this.  I worked so hard on the jury yesterday that my husband said, Go to bed early.  I said, Lord, let me listen to one tape.  I put that on again.  I said, Maybe I will understand it this time.  It wore me out so much.  My thoughts were so worn out from the trial.  Because of what is going on, you cannot have feelings, and you want to scream.  Some day I will be able to share with you what is going on.  I kept saying, Lord, my mind needs help.  I have to have all of this taken out of what I learned today in the jury, and make me to understand this.  Finally, I had to put on one of Miller's worship songs, just worshiping God, and I could go off to sleep.


PASTOR VITALE:  That is painful, to be frustrated.  You understand it now?  It is all pulling together for you?


COMMENT:  The way you say the ovum was put into Adam to make them produce, I can understand.


PASTOR VITALE:   Yes, it was from within themselves.  I even have it on one of my tapes.  It was a naive statement.  I said, If they were both male and female, I guess they had to look like a woman because how would they pass the baby out?  I have it on a tape.  Then a few tapes later on, I had to tell the congregation that the Lord told me that they did not reproduce like we reproduce, and that they did look like a man, whatever a man looked like.  They looked male, that they reproduced by some form of cell division, and the offspring was fully mature.


When we have our babies in this realm, they are born so helpless.  Children really need us, at least until they are thirteen years old, if not more.  That is just a physical manifestation of how far down the human race has fallen.  We are that weak, that our young needs thirteen to eighteen years of care before they can go out on their own.


The animals do not.  You see a baby horse born, and he gets up and he walks.  He stays with his mother for less than a year, and he is off on his own.  It is just a physical revelation of how far we have fallen.  In the realm of the spirit, when the creation is mature, and they reproduce, they produce a fully mature being.  We have fallen very far.  Glory to God.


The whole point of those Noah tapes is that we are on our way back up.  I did not answer your question, did I?  Your question was, Is Eve being redeemed?  I said, Yes, Eve is being redeemed, and our soul is being saved.  This is the difference.  Eve was with God from the beginning.  She is our true life.  We are spirit.  She is being purchased back.  She was sold under sin by the Father because she produced an illegitimate child.


We have a tape where we apply the Levitical law of jealousies to Eve and what happened in the garden, and she fulfilled every qualification of the law of jealousies that has pronounced her as an adulteress.  In the realm of the spirit, she fulfilled every qualification of the law that would prove her an adulteress.


She was adulterous with Satan.  God put her out of the garden and sold her unto sin.  She is being purchased back, and the type of this is the kinsman redeemer that we see in the story of Ruth and Boaz.


In the Levitical law, we see that in the 49th year or 50th year that if the kinsman has the purchased  price of the land that has been sold, whoever owns the land must sell it back to him.  It is Eve that is being purchased back because Jesus Christ, the kinsman redeemer, has paid the price with His very own life.  Glory to God.  She is being purchased back, and she is being redeemed.  That is what redeemed means.


Our soul was not with God from the beginning.  Our soul is made out of the mud, but our soul which fell when Eve fell is being saved.  Our true life is being purchased back, and our garment, our soul, is being saved.  It was not with God from the beginning.  That is the difference.


COMMENT:  Do you think there is a correlation between what you are talking about and what God is doing in this end time with using women in ministry?


PASTOR VITALE:  Oh yes, I think so.  I think that the natural is here to explain or be an example for the spiritual realm.  What is happening is that in the spirit, she which was female is becoming male.  In the realm of God's spirit, it is legal, it is acceptable, and it is glorious, but everything is this world system is a perversion.


Today, we see many women becoming men, and it is a perversion.  Even if they are not lesbians, that is surely a perversion, but just look across our society here.  Many women probably would not agree with this, but they have become men.  They do not want to do the traditional female roles.  They want to work, and my personal observation,  I do not want anyone laying hold of my words.  There is nothing wrong with working.


Everything is your heart.  Jesus is looking at your heart.  There is nothing wrong with working, even if you are married with children under certain circumstances.  There is nothing wrong with working, but some women, without realizing it, their heart has turned to be male.  There is something wrong with that, because even if you are not a lesbian, you have got a homosexual spirit, but it is not manifesting severely.


I personally have observed women that have gone out into the work force.  Here is one of the testers.  Here is one of the criteria.  What is most important to you, assuming you have a family, when you go to work?  Is your job #1 or are your children and your family #1?  If your children and family are #1 and your family needs the money, or even if they do not need the money, if you feel you have to get away, and you want a little job, the criteria is look at your own heart.  What is most important to you?  Is it your family and your children or is it your career?


What we see around this country today are women who have spent years being educated.  They are doctors, they are lawyers, they are college graduates, and I am going to tell you something, ladies, you have to choose.  If you believe that you can have a family and a husband or even just a family and a full time job, and not choose, you have bought a lie because you must choose.  You can only have one primary factor in your life, only one controlling factor in your life.  You must choose, and if you think you have not, you are lying to yourself.


If your primary concern in life is your job, you have become a man because God has said that is the man's job.  It is not ungodly for a man to have a primary force of a job, because he is responsible to support the family.  That is normal, and the whole family is supposed to work around him.  He comes home, and there is dinner on the table.  He is the one that is bringing in the money.  You honor him for what he is doing, and whatever else you want to do, you work around with your spare time.  He is the bread winner, and you are the one that is raising the kids.


If you can have a job and keep your family and your husband #1, it is okay, but watch out because when you step over that line and your job is #1, you have become a spiritual man.  Your reactions become male, and your children are being raised in a homosexual marriage.  A lot of people do not like it when I say these things, but I am telling you it is the truth.


Your female children will grow up not knowing how to be a woman.  They will have two male parents, and they will grow up never knowing how to be a woman.  I have seen it happen, and I am telling you it is a spiritual  truth.  I just want to say one more thing.  What happens to your kids is that you had a choice, but they do not even have a choice, because when they grow up with a woman, a mother that is a man, and they never learned how to be a woman, they no longer have a choice.  You are crossing over the line into the male role is now passed down on your family line until the end of time or until Jesus comes, and even when Jesus comes, these young women have a hard time having their hearts converted back to being a woman again, but Jesus is capable of doing it.


We have a whole nation filled with more than fifty percent of the women being men.  They think like men, they talk like men, they act like men, and the more they do it, the less they want to be in the home with their kids, and they have become unnatural women.  I do not care whether they have never touched another woman or not.


COMMENT:  Even men, sometimes, make their jobs more important than their wives or the Lord.              


PASTOR VITALE:  I guess it is all a matter of your mind.  In your heart, your family has to be first, but we all know how important it is for the man to work.  Of course, God is first.  I was talking about the family in relationship to the job.  As far as a man goes, again, it is the condition of your heart, because sometimes, unfortunately, the financial needs of the family require that the man works very long hours.


Although, I would like to believe that if that man is in right standing, and I am not criticizing anybody, and I am just saying, Turn to Jesus.  If you are in right standing with Jesus, He would make a way for you to spend time with your family.  I am not criticizing anybody.  God blesses a hard working man, but He will discern the intents of your heart.  If the reason you are working so many long hours is because you really do not want to minister to your family, God knows. 


God knows, but we have to be in our right role, because if we are not, we are killing our kids.


COMMENT:   Pastor, what about girls that are single, and they do not have anything to do with having a family at all.  They are just single.  How do you know your role?  A girl that is single has a job, and our major thing is we do have a job.


PASTOR VITALE: It is very tough on women in this society, because you really have to get yourself educated.  In this society, today, you do not know what is coming your way.  As you are grown up, you really have to get some kind of a career.  Then if you do not marry,  you have to work.


As you get older, if you are not married, you are used to your own apartment and paying your own bills, and you become very independent.  There is really nothing else that you could do.  In this society, you have to do that, but of course, listening to a message like this is hard.


COMMENT:  What I am asking is, if I did that, say I did that, and I just took care of myself and I became kind of independent, that does not necessarily make me masculine, does it?


PASTOR VITALE:  No, it does not.  The problem comes when you get married.  What kind of choices are you going to make when you get married.  When you get married, I believe that you, by the grace of God, will be able to submit to your husband, and take on your female role, but a lot of women in this society get married, and they will not relinquish their independent role.


It is the same example as what I have been preaching here for awhile, that Satan has been in a male role, ruling this world system for thousands of years, but now the sons of God are manifesting in the earth, and the Lord declares her female, and she is female in relationship to God and to the sons of God and, she must submit.  If you are a young woman that is independent because our society requires it, there is nothing else you could do.  The question is what will you do when you marry?  Will you submit to your husband?  Being a woman does not make you any less than a man, but God has given us a natural order in the family.


When He said to your husbands, referring to the woman as the weaker vessel, what the Lord was saying through Paul is, she is weaker than you because the Lord requires her to submit to you, and she is subject to all of your sins.  Whatever you do comes down on her and down on the children.  That is why she is weaker.  It is not that she is mentally weaker, not that she is physically weaker, but the Lord has subjected her to you.


To answer your question, a young woman has to work to live a normal life in this society, or any single woman of any age, the question is, what do you do when you marry?  Do you step into the female role, and submit to your husband, or do you continue in your male role and have a homosexual marriage so that your daughter growing up does not learn to be a woman. 


It is very in today that they do not even call it marriage anymore.  They call it life partner.  They do not even call it marriage anymore.  I have a life partner.  We are doing this together, and nobody is the boss.  The kids are all messed up because it is not God's way.  It is homosexual at its root.  Do you still have that question?


COMMENT:  I have a question, since you mentioned about Satan being she.  A verse was mentioned on one of the tapes that I listened to, referring to him being the liar and the father of lies.  I do not have a problem with father.  Father does not necessarily mean male.  The first thing I thought of was the word that  you said could mean originator.  I do not know if the Greek says that, but actually, I believe that is what it means.  It means the one that started it, the one that first produced that lie, the first producer of that lie.  Then it says that Satan is a murderer from the beginning.  Everything is from the beginning.  He started it.  He started the lie.  He started the murders.  He started that.  That is what it means, the father of it, the originator of it.  He said he, and that was what throws me.  Did Jesus ever say he, meaning Satan?  


PASTOR VITALE:  Those Greek pronouns, if you look it up, it is usually one Greek word that can be translated either he, she or it.  The translator said he, because the whole world thinks that she is male.


COMMENT:   Really.  That is good to know.  I thought about this, and I thought why is it even an issue because Satan is neither male nor female.


PASTOR VITALE:  No, she is female.  She is female.  It is an issue because God wants it known.


COMMENT:   She is a spirit.  Do you know what I am saying?  God is neither male nor female.  There is neither male nor female in the kingdom, so why would there be that with Satan?  Is not Satan just a spirit?


PASTOR VITALE:   God is both male and female.  There is no male or female with regard to our physical bodies.  God is a spirit, and He is both male and female.  God reproduces from within Himself.  There is no Mrs. God.  When God wants to reproduce, He broke a piece of Himself off and formed it into His female seed.  The beings at the beginning of time were much closer to God's likeness than we are now, or His image, I am not sure what word would be appropriate there.


They had the male and female seed within them.  They were a fruit bearing tree, which had its seed within it.  They reproduced from within itself.  God is both male and female, and one of His names is the breasted one who brings up and raises young.  I cannot remember the Hebrew name, but the English translation is, He is the breasted one, who brings up and raises young.  He is both mother and father.


COMMENT:  New Agers, hearing what we are saying,  would say that you are not different from us.


PASTOR VITALE: We are different, because we believe that Jesus Christ is God.  They believe we are God.  God is both male and female.  Every spirit that is not God is female.  Satan is female.  God is the only male Spirit in the earth.


COMMENT:  Eve is female, too.


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, but she is the female seed that God specifically made from within Himself because it was His intention to reproduce Himself.  He brought forth a female seed.


COMMENT: You mean when He broke off a piece of Himself to begat something, it was female?  The one He begat was a son.  Jesus is male.


PASTOR VITALE:  He made it female.  We are waiting for Him.  He was born two thousand years ago, but He was not male at the beginning.


COMMENT:  He was male when He came in the flesh.


PASTOR VITALE:  He was male then, and He is going to be male when He is born in the sons of God, but the creation is female.


COMMENT:  You mean that Jesus, in the beginning, was female?  He is that begotten one.  He is the one that God broke off of Himself, right?


PASTOR VITALE:  I am going to try to explain this.  Try and let me talk.  God wanted to reproduce Himself.  He needed a female seed, so what He did, was He broke a piece of Himself off.  He called it the son, and He joined Him to the earth.  Remember, Jesus became poor so that we could become rich.


Jesus gave up all of His spiritual authority when He was joined to the earth, and He became the womb of the earth, and the female seed which was going to bring forth the Son of God, even the Christ.  He became poor, so that we could come into being, so that we could be formed.  He is the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world.  When He was joined to the earth, He was slain.  He lost all of His spiritual authority, and what happened to Him?  He became weak.


What is weakness?  Weakness is female.  That is the Scriptural principle.  He became the female seed.  God is building a creation.  First, He made the female seed.  Then in the fullness of time, He brought the male seed through Mary.  He brought the male seed, and she brought forth the Christ.


COMMENT:  What do you mean by the female seed?  He made both male and female in one.  This is the understanding that I had, that they were one.  What do you mean by female seed?  I do not understand why you are using that term, female?


PASTOR VITALE:  I will try and explain it one more time, and then we will just have to pray about it.  I will try one more time.  God decided to reproduce Himself.  He is a fruit bearing tree.  He has His seed within Him.  He manifested the female seed from within His own life substance.  He formed, if it helps you to understand it, an ovarian egg.  The name of the egg is Adam.  Adam is the creation, was the womb that would bring forth the Son of God, the very Christ.


COMMENT:  What you are saying is the whole creation was a womb.  That was what you mean by saying female.  Adam was a womb to bring forth the Son.


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, the whole creation was female.  Adam was the womb to bring forth the Son, which is the Christ, the Manchild.  As the human race, as Adam has reproduced Himself for thousands of years, every human being born has been spiritually female.


There is a glorious event coming to pass in this hour.  You can look at past civilizations where it was so important for a woman to bear a son.  In some societies, if she did not bear a son her husband could divorce her.  Women, especially in China, were nothing.  You had to have a son.  This whole creation has brought forth nothing but females.


There is a Scripture in one of the prophets where it says that Israel brought forth wind.  What it means is she just brought forth the spirit of Satan.  She had the glory.  She had the word.  She had the Spirit, but she did not bring forth the Manchild.  That Manchild, or the head of the Manchild was born two thousand years ago.


His body is being born, and when He is fully born in every individual, He is going to swallow up the female part of Himself, and be one hundred percent male again.  God split Himself into male and female for a season for the purpose of reproducing Himself, to birth us, to birth His son.


COMMENT:  You are saying, it was so we could get here now, so that Adam would make a many-membered company.  Is that what you are saying right now?


PASTOR VITALE:  Right.  God just gave me a witness for you.  Let me give it to you.  At the beginning in Genesis, the Lord said to Adam, Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth.  If you study it up in the Hebrew, what He is saying is, Be fruitful, produce the Christ.


Human beings, the living soul, the adamic creation, I am telling you, your purpose in life is to produce the Christ, multiply into many members, and what was the third one?  I said it three times, and I forgot it.  Be fruitful, multiply, and fill the earth.  If you look up, fill the earth, in the Hebrew, what it means is, replenish the earth.  What it is really saying is, Produce the Christ, multiply into many members, and fill the many members with Christ, thus giving life to the earth.


COMMENT:  As far as Adam, he is programmed to reproduce, right?  So that is why there is such a drive to reproduce.  God made us that way, but it is adamic.  If I reproduced right now, I would not reproduce. If I reproduced in myself, actually, it would be adamic, right?  In creation, it would not be that I could reproduce Christ.


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, we are programmed to reproduce.  Of course, this is our fallen condition.  It is a natural manifestation of our fallen condition.  You are talking about a physical reproduction.  No, He is the only one that can reproduce Himself.


He is coming to all of us with His male seed to join with the female seed which we are, and His maleness is about to be born in us.  When His maleness is born in us, it is going to swallow up all of the weak beggarly elements which are female.  We are going to be His wife, who is within Him, and we are going to rule and reign with Him.


COMMENT:  Is that why He was born a male, actually, literally?  Because He came with a male seed?  That happened two thousand years ago, and before that the male seed of Christ did not exist.


PASTOR VITALE:   It existed in Israel, but it was an imputed anointing.  That was the only other time.


COMMENT:  He came in the flesh.  I am thinking, why did He not come as both male and female?  That is who He is?  Why did He come as a male, spiritually and naturally?  He was naturally a male, right?


PASTOR VITALE:  He was naturally a male.  He was God.  He had to be both male and female spiritually.


COMMENT:  Why did He come naturally as a male?  Why did He not come as both male and female?


PASTOR VITALE:  The purpose of the creation is to bring forth sons in the whole human race.


COMMENT:  I do not understand the answer to that.


I am sorry, but we had trouble in two places with this tape tonight.  That is the end of the discourse.  Following is where we picked up recording.


COMMENT:  What does it mean, death and hell were cast into the Lake of Fire?  Is this the best explanation of death and hell?  Death is what we are, and hell is our soul?  It is going within, into the Lake of Fire.  Christ, being the lake of fire is coming without.  It says it is going to be cast into the Lake of Fire.  Cast within?


PASTOR VITALE:  That is pretty good, but it is just a little off.  That is pretty close.  Let me just clarify it.  Death is our adamic state of being.  Hell is the condition of the mind, which is ruled by Satan.  Hell is the mind, and death is adam, our spiritual state of being.  The way they are going to be cast into the Lake of Fire is that the Christ in us, which is an all consuming fire, is going to rise up and penetrate them and come to the outside.  They are going to be pushed inside.


The Scripture calls it, cast into the Lake of Fire.  You were here when we preached about the grapes on the grapevine being cast into the wine press.  It is Christ who is the fruit inside of the grape skin, which is hanging on the vine, which is supported by Satan.  Christ, at the weakest position, is going to cast the whole grape vine into the winepress.  That is the way the Scripture expresses it.


COMMENT:  What is your definition of world system?  What do you mean?


PASTOR VITALE:  Everything.  This whole world, everything that you see, including the planets, and the stars.  Everything that can be seen.


COMMENT:  You do not mean world system in the sense of the way man has set it up with their minds?         


PASTOR VITALE:   No, the physical world system.


COMMENT:   You mean the earth, and the planets, and everything in the whole universe, the way it is set up.


PASTOR VITALE:   Of course, this is a manifestation of the satanic mind.  It is a projection.  It is an image of the mind that is in men.  That is why it is hell.  When Christ is ruling in everybody's mind, whatever it is going to look like out there, it is going to be glorious.


COMMENT:   You mean the earth, itself, is in the condition that it is in because of the projection of what is inside of the minds of men?


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, the earth, and the planets, and the trees.  Right.  The whole world is dying.  Our spiritual condition is death, and the whole world is dying, deteriorating, getting old and, eventually, it needs to be replaced.  The whole world is dying.  Everything ages.


COMMENT:  Does the Lake of Fire exist right now?


PASTOR VITALE:   The Lake of Fire exists, but He is Christ, so He is not in full stature.  If Christ is being formed in you, He is burning up our adamic life, little by little.  When He stands up in full stature, He is going to lay hold of it, and just destroy it.  What is taking so long is the maturation or the maturing of Christ in us.  That is what we are waiting for.  We are the second generation of Christ.  Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the first generation of Christ.  God promised Him seed.  He said, I am going to prolong your days in seed.


There is another Scripture that says, And a seed shall serve Him.  Jesus Christ of Nazareth has spiritual offspring, which we are.  When Christ appears in us, we shall be His sons, the second generation of Christ.  We are going to be Christ junior.  I do not particularly like that name, but just to make a point, we are the second generation of Christ.  What is taking the Lord so long to swallow up this whole world system and all of our problems is that He is waiting for the second generation of Christ to be born.


COMMENT:  I also hear that referred to as the 42nd generation.  Where does that come from?


PASTOR VITALE:  I am really not too good with quoting Scriptures, but in the Book of Matthew, there is the genealogy of Jesus life.  It goes all the way back to Adam, where it says that Adam was the son of God.  It is in that genealogy.  If you count how many generations it is suppose to be, the 42nd generation is missing.


The carnal mind would say that the Scripture made a mistake.  He says 42 generations, but we are the 42nd generation.  It is just like you were talking earlier, that you were in the Book of Daniel, and the fourth kingdom is a spiritual kingdom.  Out of the 42 generations, the last generation is a spiritual generation.


This whole creation was formed as a papier-mâché model with the full intention of being converted into spirit at the end of the creation.  We are still being created.  That is the key.  We are in God's likeness in that He is Spirit, and we too are spirit, but we are not in His image, because if you look up that word, image, in Strong's Concordance and in the dictionaries, if you really study it out, it means that to be in someone's image is to be an exact duplicate.


God is righteous, and we are unrighteous.  We are not only not in His image, we are the exact opposite of Him.  We are in Satan's image.  That is the truth.  We are in Satan's image.


COMMENT:  That is because God is a Spirit, and we are not even that yet.


PASTOR VITALE:  No, we are not spirit yet, but we are being made spirit.  He said, My ministers shall be made spirit, and my servants flames of fire.  That is in the Old Testament.  We are being made spirit.


COMMENT:  There is nothing wrong with being in Satan's image, right?


PASTOR VITALE: There is something pretty wrong with it.  We are dying, but we cannot take personal blame for it, because we inherited this sin from our ancestor Adam.


COMMENT:  Is it not the contrast, so Christ can be seen?  Is that not the woof?


Are we not the woof?


PASTOR VITALE:  You are referring to some teachings that came down here about God forming a garment, and weaving the woof and the warp, if you know anything about a garment.  Yes, that is true, but it is our adamic soul that is the woof.  It is Jesus who is being woven the other way.  Jesus is being woven together with Satan.  Jesus is woven together with Satan, but at the beginning of the formation of the creation, it was necessary for Him to die to become poor, so that we could become rich or receive existence.  Without Him, nothing was made.


When I used to read that scripture, where it said, Without Jesus, nothing was made, I used to think He was a man with hands, and if He did not form it, it was not formed.  It does not mean that.  Everything that you see, was formed out of His very life.  If you study it, if you go back into the Hebrew, and you really break it down and study it, that word, slain, it is a beef, I think it says, a lamb or a meat animal, a food animal, being butchered for market.  He was literally cut into many pieces, literally slaughtered, and cut into many pieces, so that we could be formed.


For a season, this is the way God set it up.  He had to lose all of His anointing, and spiritual authority for this to happen, but He did it knowing His Father was going to raise Him back up again in another form.  That form is us.


COMMENT:  In other words, there has to be death for life to come forth.  We all died when we came into this existence, right?  This is what I am saying, this is death, but we had to come into this existence in order to come into the Christ existence, so it was purposed, right?


PASTOR VITALE:  Life is going to be imparted to us.  Death came before life.  Yes, God knew everything that was going to happen.  God knew everything that was going to happen.


COMMENT:  It is like we are that corn of wheat that fell into the ground.  We are in Satan's image right now.


PASTOR VITALE:  Jesus was the corn of wheat that fell into the ground.


COMMENT:  We died, right?  I mean, this is death right now? This is death, right?


PASTOR VITALE:  This is death.  Christ was the one that died.  We are Christ.  Christ died so that we could be formed.  He is the Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world.


COMMENT:  So we are that corn of wheat that fell into the ground?


PASTOR VITALE:  No, Jesus is that corn of wheat.  Jesus referred to Himself as the corn of wheat, as the male seed that fell into the ground.  The corn of wheat that fell into the ground is the spiritual sperm that is forming the Christ in you.  We are the female seed until Christ begins to be formed in us.  The corn of wheat is the male seed.  Christ is the male seed.  We are the female seed.


COMMENT:  We also died, right?  We are living in a realm of death, right now.


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, what we are, when you stick us all together, we were the son of God that was slain.  That is what we are.  The son of God that was slain, He died at the foundation of the earth.  He was cut into many pieces, and you are one of those pieces.  He wrapped you in a dirt cloak, in a mud cloak.


COMMENT:  So He purposed all this, sin, curses, everything, so that He could appear?


PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, He purposed it.  He wants to appear.


COMMENT:  That is hard to understand.  That is really hard to understand.


PASTOR VITALE:  You are doing great.  He decided to appear in a many-membered creation, and this is how He did it.  That is why they call it. . . .


COMMENT:  That was exactly what I thought today.  I was at work, and I was looking out at the beautiful day we had this afternoon.  I was sitting and thinking, now why did Christ need Adam to appear?  Why does He need anybody to appear?


Why does He need a body, a death body that is not perfect,  to appear in the realm of appearance, with sin, curses, and in the image of Satan?  Why does He need Adam?  I thought if this is so, that He wanted this many-membered Adam, this must be part of what they call the great mystery.  I said, it must be why Jesus died on the cross.


PASTOR VITALE:   He died on the cross.  He was the first man that was resurrected out of death.  His death on the cross was to save this female creation that, eventually, would have self-destructed if He did not do what He did.  He said, No man has ever hated his own flesh.


We are His wife, no matter what kind of sin we are in, and He died to save us, because we are made out of His substance.  It was as if someone cut your arm off, and cut it into little pieces, and made a whole bunch of children for you.  That is why He is dying for us, because we are Him.


As I did some deep studies in Chapter 14 of the Book of Revelation, I found out that He calls us Him.  He does not even say, You are my son.  We are Him.  His life in us is Him.


COMMENT:  From all the teachings that we have had, even my early religion and whatever faith I was in, and after coming to the Lord, and you taught that Jesus was coming back literally.  Now, when you see it this way, you are thinking how much more humble than we ever imagined that He really is, to not really literally come back to let His body be the body of Christ, to be represented that way.  I think that is just so amazing. 


PASTOR VITALE:  He could have lived for the life of the ages in His resurrected form.


COMMENT:  He could have lived in His resurrected reign as a king.  We always thought He was coming back to be like David and all the others, and it is not that at all.  He is going to let it be in His people.  That is awesome.


PASTOR VITALE:  Right.  He is going to reign inside of His people.  He is not going to be a man sitting on a throne.  No, that is man's carnal mind.   We do not hear too much of this today, but I watched a good movie, Desire Under The Elms.  I think that was the name of the movie.


It was an excellent movie, and it took place, maybe, fifty or so years ago.  It was a very wicked man who owned a piece of property.  He had children by different wives.  He set them one against the other, because they all wanted the property, and they were fighting for the property.  He was an egocentric man.  He read the Bible continuously.  He was the kind of Christian that people hate because he was a horrible person, and he was a self-righteous bigot, but he read the Bible continuously.  In that movie, he wanted his natural son to inherit the land.  When I listened to him talk, he said things like, my seed, my seed, my seed, my real seed.  That is me.  You do not understand.  You are not me.  I have got to have my seed.


I listened to this movie, and I said, You know, we are at a disadvantage living in this society, because for centuries, people read the Bible, and they thought like the Bible teaches.


When I met with the Rabbi, we were talking about my nephew getting married.  According to the Jewish law, if your mother is Jewish, you are Jewish.  My sister had three sons, and all three of the sons have married non-Jewish women.  When I told the Rabbi that my nephew was getting married, he said, Is she Jewish?   I said, No.  He said, There is nothing left of your sister.  She has no seed.  That is what the Bible teaches.


Before you panic, I want to tell you something, and I do not want you to get upset, because you do not have any natural child.  I know how you think a little bit.  I want to put this on the tape for people that do not have natural children.  It is Galatians 4:27 and Isaiah 54:1.  The Scriptures clearly states, Oh cry, ye barren.  Cry no more, because you shall have more children than the married wife, and your children are going to be spiritual children.  That is the promise.  Your children are going to be spiritual children.  Glory to God.   


If Christ is in you, your children are spiritual children.  If Christ is not in you, and you do not have natural seed, according to the Scripture, you die.  That is the Scripture.  You have to have a seed.  It is just in this country today that it is not important anymore, but years ago you had to have children.  Now Christ is available to us.  That is what is happening.  Are you okay?  Did I upset you with what I said?


COMMENT:  The only thing that I thought about with that is that Christ needs Adam to appear.  Well, how could he appear without that natural body?  You do that by reproducing, and having natural children.  If Christ needs that natural child to appear, that is where that thought came from.  Do you know what I am saying?


PASTOR VITALE:  I think so, but I am not sure.  Tell me again.


COMMENT:  That is where that thought originates from.  If Christ is going to appear and He needs that natural body to appear, He needs that adamic company.


PASTOR VITALE:  Oh, you mean in the society.  Yes, it was very important to reproduce the human race, and to continue to reproduce it until the year or the hour that Christ is going to fill the human race.


COMMENT:  If this is the hour, that is the whole thing.


PASTOR VITALE:  The whole purpose of humanity continuing for all of these thousands of years was to keep us alive.  We have this on the Noah series that you are listening to now.  I do not know if you got up to it yet or not.  The whole purpose of God keeping this creation alive was that He intended to save it by having Christ, His Son, formed in it.  For all of the people out there, either listening to this tape or people that talk to you, that say, What kind of a God is this, that lets this creation exist with wars and torment, and child abuse, and Hitler's Germany, and everything that is happening out  there?  Why did He not just kill us?


The answer to your question is that He has kept us going despite all the wickedness in the earth, because He knew that we would enter into the season where He would form His Son in us and save the entire creation.  God purposed to appear in the flesh, so if He killed us, He would have to start all over again.  That is the answer to the questions of people that do not understand.  He has permitted all of this suffering, and He has permitted it to His Son, because we are His son, because He fully intends to save the entire creation.


COMMENT:  Imagine, He was willing to do that with Moses.  Remember He said, I will destroy everyone of them, and I will start all over with you.


PASTOR VITALE:  Moses, who typified Christ said, No, do not do it.  Glory to God.


On that series of tapes that you have right now, we say that when the creation fell, they were cast out and chained to darkness, which is Satan, and they appeared as this fallen creation.  As we studied those scriptures, I believe in one of the Epistles of Peter, it says that they were reserved in darkness for the judgment.  The judgment is in the flesh.


The judgement comes in the flesh when Christ is formed in you, He judges your soul.  Jesus said, Because I come, the prince of this world is judged, and he is not being judged from the outside.  He is being judged from the inside of each individual member of this living soul.  Satan, the prince of this world is being judged in the flesh when Christ is formed in an individual.  Glory to God.


If Christ does not become formed in the individual, the individual lives out their life, and they pass from this earth system.  When I say that He is going to save this whole creation, it means He is going to save the whole creation, but there may be some individuals in whom He will not be formed.  They will be likened to ovarian eggs that never get fertilized, and they will just pass from this world system, but the creation as a whole, is being saved, the whole creation.  God is saving the All.


COMMENT:  What does it mean when He says there will be a new heaven and a new earth?  What does it mean by the heavenlies?


PASTOR VITALE:  A new heaven is a new spirit, and a new earth is a new soul in Christ.   It is going to happen out there in the heavenlies, too.  Whatever is in our mind will be reflected in the outside world.  Whatever that means, a new heaven and a new earth on the outside, all I know is it is going to be a heaven and an earth that is not going to be corruptible, but exactly what it is going to look like, I do not know.  It will be the image of a creation whose mind is Christ.  Glory to God.


It turned out good.  The Lord tested me tonight.  I was starting to look through the Bible saying, Maybe I should preach from this, and maybe I should preach from that.  I said, No Lord, if you do not talk, I am just going to sit here. (Laughter) It has to be Him.  Glory to God.  Are you okay?  Do you understand everything?  Praise God.  I mean do you understand this for tonight?  (Laughter)


COMMENT:  I did not realize I was going to be asking questions like this.




My Son is in you, saith the Lord.  You are not so deep.  You shall be formed, and the seed shall prosper, and shall come to fruition, and you shall be found safe in God.




Any reference of the distress that was upon her mind, any demons in there that still need to come out, in the name of Jesus, we command you to come out.  But I see mostly a healing process coming together.  Restoration of memories.  Thank you, Jesus.


Tongues.  I break all curses and mental deficiency.  In the name of Jesus she shall be whole in Christ.  A sound mind, saith the Lord, total restoration.  Thank you Jesus.  Thank you, Lord.


Tongues.  I have called you from the foundation of the earth, saith the Lord, and you have run from me, and you have fled from me, but I have never let go of you, saith the Lord.  Neither shall I ever let go of you, saith the Lord, for you are mine because my Son is in you.  Fear not my correction, saith the Lord, and fear not my judgment, for I shall do what I must do to bring you into the image of my Son.


Thank you Jesus.


Rebellion is rebuked in the name of Jesus.  Pride and anti-Christ, be cast down in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Christ is being increased in you right now.  He is going to start bringing that ungodliness into submission to Him.  Thou shalt be my obedient servant, saith God.  All curses are broken.  Walls are coming down.  Your city is in derision.  Curses of spiritual death are broken.  I blind the third eye.  Curses of witchcraft be destroyed.  This mind belongs to Christ.  You shall bend your knee to Him.  I see it getting thrown into the lake of fire.




Faithful servants, I watched you for many a season, saith the Lord, and I have heard your prayers, and I have heard your supplications, and I have discerned the intents of thy heart, saith God.  I have found you faithful.  Enter into my marriage supper.  Let my Son be formed in you.  Let all carnality be swallowed up, that I might be glorified.      


Songs and prophesies at beginning and end of tape.





Q & A

Sent: Tuesday, October 03, 2006 3:15 PM


Pastor Vitale,


In your message on "confusion" you stated that  "The residue of the Christ, Adam before he fell, Adam is the Christ of God.  Christ means anointed.  So Adam fell, he died to his immortality, and his remains are found  in mortal man today in the form of Abel, Adam’s root system."


Then in your message entitled "Basic Principles # 8"  You said that  "Eve is the female seed that God produced, and she was to receive the seed of the Father and give birth to Christ".


So my question is this.  If Adam is the Christ of God.  Why does Eve need to give birth to the Christ when Adam is the Christ?




Pastor Vitale's response:


As I have told you previously, the Doctrine of Christ as it is taught at LEM is an unfolding revelation. At the time Basic Principles  8 was preached, I still believed that there was an Eve.


Unfortunately we do not have enough help to adequately reference every revelation brought forth at LEM. if you are interested in the message(s) where we prove that there is no Eve, you can either search for “Eve” with our on-line search engine (but the message may not be transcribed), or search in the LEM on-line subject index.


1. Primordial Adam is commanded to multiply.


2. The glorified Jesus Christ is the regenerated Adam (the last Adam)


3. The glorified Jesus Christ in both of His states (first Adam and last Adam) has a male and a female side


4. The glorified Jesus Christ has a reproductive seed that has a male and a female aspect


5. The reproductive seed of the Lord Jesus Christ is destined to be implanted in the individual members of mortal humanity


6. The female side of the reproductive seed of the Lord Jesus Christ that is planted in mortal humanity is destined to give birth to the offspring/children/sons of the Lord Jesus


7. The offspring/son of the Lord Jesus will not depart from its mortal host, but will join with Abel, Adam’s “dead root” within mortal man.


8. The living offspring of the Lord Jesus in a mortal man is called “Christ.”


9. The Doctrine of Christ distinguishes between the “dead” Christ that all mortal men are born with and the “living” Christ that the glorified Jesus Christ is imparting to mortal men today by calling the dead Christ, “Abel” and the living Christ,“Christ.”


10.  Both Abel and Christ are “seeds.”


11. The living Christ seed appears in mortal men in two stages:


       a) imputed (unattached)


       b) imparted (attached/grafted)


12. The grafted Christ seed has the potential to fully reproduce the Life of God that Jesus of Nazareth experienced in the days of His flesh.


13. The Christ seed joined to the personality of the mortal man is “the New Man,” which is in the image of the heavenly.


14. Our New Man will war against our Old Man until Christ, the seed of the Woman, dominates (Leviathan, the pride of man), the seed of the Serpent


Gen 3:15


15 And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. KJV


Gen 3:15 – Work Up


15 And I will put hostility (enmity) between thee and the woman, and between [Leviathan], thy seed and [Christ], her seed; [and] Christ, the seed of the woman (it) shall overwhelm and swallow up (bruise) your (thou) head, and overwhelm and swallow up (bruise) the serpent’s (his) armies (heel) [within mortal man].KJV


Gen 3:15 – Alternate Translation


15 And I will put hostility between thee and the woman, and between [Leviathan], thy seed and [Christ], her seed; [and] Christ, the seed of the woman, shall overwhelm and swallow up your head,* and overwhelm and swallow up the serpent’s armies [within mortal man].** (Alternate Translation Bible)


*  “The head” signifies the prominent part, the part that is seen. The “head of the Serpent” signifies the visible incarnation of the Serpent’s consciousness, i.e., the visible, physical body and world, which are spiritual prison houses.


** Satan, the unconscious part of the collective Carnal Mind, is the Serpent’s military power within mortal humanity, and the unconscious part of the Carnal Mind of the many members of humanity are the Serpent’s armies.


God bless you,

Sheila R. Vitale,

Pastor, Teacher & Founder

Living Epistles Ministries

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