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            A lot of people do not understand how God works.  They think that God is going to do it and you just sit there and some preacher lays hands on you and it is all over.  It does work like that for some people.  I have heard testimonies of someone having hands laid on them, and they were out in the Spirit for six hours, and they woke up the next morning off drugs, off alcohol, off cigarettes, and they were off several kinds of sexual perversions overnight.  God does not always do it like that.  Sometimes, what God does is take enough of the edge off of your habit to give you dominion over it if you are willing to fight.  Why He does one thing for one person and another thing for another person depends on what His ultimate goal is in your life.  Based on what I have seen in my experiences, for those believers that are called to stand up in full stature, everything is the hard way.  Everything is the hard way.  Why?  He is strengthening our arms.  It is just like body building.  You have to strengthen your spiritual muscles.  You have to strain yourself, and you have to overcome by the power of Christ, because this standing up in full stature is difficult.  I have never said this before, and I have to laugh everytime I say it, if you think you are going to wake up one morning and be in full stature, you have a rapture mentality.  It is not going to be that way.  It is little by little as the Christ in us overcomes our adamic soul.


            We read in the Book of Revelation, it is to he who overcometh.  What is he overcoming?  He in us, He in you, is overcoming our adamic soul.  When He puts him totally in submission to Him, the Scripture describes it as underfoot.  Paul said, the Lord will bruise Satan under your feet very shortly.  That is the scriptural expression for Christ coming into preeminence in our mind and ruling with adam in submission to Him or underneath Him.  That is what He is striving for in each of us.  It is Christ overcoming in us, but we are Christ.  We are the second generation of Christ.  We have to know who we are.  He gives us the weapons.  He gives us the strength.  He gives us the power and we have to do it.  He gives us the wisdom, and whatever it is that we need, and then we have to fight.  We have to pray our way through.  We know that when it comes to cigarettes, He wants you to give it up.  You know that.  Of course, how and when and where?  A lot of people would condemn someone that is still smoking.  They would say you should have given it up immediately, but I think that it is up to God, and that the battle plan is up to God.  If you are withdrawing little by little, that is good enough for me.  If you tell me that God said to you, I am going to withdraw little by little, who am I to say otherwise, unless God specifically tells me it is not true.  He has not.  So as God shows it to you, that is how you overcome.


            We see a lot of religious people in the Church watching their brethren and not approving of how they overcome.  This is judging before the time.  It is witchcraft.  It is charismatic witchcraft and it is ungodly.  Your Father in heaven shall surely judge you because He is not going to have you doing this.  He may let you do it for a season.  One of the biggest stumbling blocks to the Church is the time that we have to wait between our error and the time that the Lord convicts us of the sin or judges us for the sin.  Sometimes it is a long time.  I see believers all over the place who cannot relate the judgment to the act of their sin.  The Church is at a great disadvantage in this hour and the Lord is moving mightily to deliver His people.  He has a plan.  He is not going to deliver them the way man thinks they are going to be delivered.  He is going to deliver them according to His plan.  His plan is that He is raising up a priesthood.


            You hear a lot about us being kings and priests, but the fact remains that the priesthood has not appeared yet.  The priesthood is Jesus Christ appearing in men.  He is the priesthood.  He is the prophet.  He is the evangelist.  He is the pastor.  He is the teacher.  It is all Jesus Christ, and if He is not appearing in you, you cannot be a pastor, and you cannot be an evangelist, and you cannot be a teacher.  If it is adam in you teaching, you can be an overseer, you can be a bishop, you can be a minister, but to be of the priesthood, it must be Christ in you.  To the best of my knowledge, He is appearing only in part in this hour.  I do not know anybody that is in full stature, but He is appearing in some people more than others.  I stopped praying.  I prayed for two years for the Lord to connect me with anyone else that is involved in this same kind of ministry, and He has not done it.  You can draw your own conclusions or pray about what that means.  I do know other ministries that are preaching a part of it here and a part of it there, but from what I can see, He has not shown me any ministry that is pulling the whole thing together like He is pulling it together here.


            It looks like I missed my message.  What He wanted me to tell you tonight is that Paul had no man that attested to Paul’s doctrine.  No man attested to Jesus’ doctrine.  Now of course, I am not in full stature, so that is why I am emphasizing Paul.  No man witnessed to his doctrine.  The Father says that there are two witnesses to spiritual ministry.  One is the Word and the other is the Spirit.  The way it works is that the spirit in you has to try the spirit in me.  If we go running to a man to ask him, have you ever heard this preached before or what do you think of this person, it is idolatry.  He is calling His sons in this hour, and He is calling them out from under the established five fold ministry.  He is raising up a new ministry to minister in this new age that we are entering into.  It is not the occult New Age.  Jesus Christ is the New Age.  This is what He wanted me to tell you.  I will just finish this point.  He wanted me to put it on the tape that if you go looking for another man to witness to this, even if you find another man to witness to it, it is not the way He wants your heart to be.  He wants you on your face.  I was on my face for years as He was giving it to me.


            Where is this coming from?  He wants you on your face telling you that if there is error to get you out.  Get me out if he is error.  I will pray it with you, but if it is God, do not let anything other than Christ take me out.  May He just keep on giving you witnesses and keep you where He wants you.  That is what He wants you to do.  It is time for the Church to grow up.  You cannot go running to another man and have this other man make a decision for you, whether this is error or not.  It is not glorifying God.  It is time for you to grow up as a spiritual person in Christ.  Pray continuously.  He will not fail you.  He wants a relationship with you.  He does not want you going to your pastor.  Now it is okay to receive teaching, to receive counsel, to receive prayer.  That is fine.  There is nothing wrong with that.  It is in the Scripture, but if you have a man that calls himself your pastor, making every decision for you, especially when that decision is opposing the witnesses of the Spirit of God in your own heart, you are worshiping another God and it is that man.  It is a form of idolatry.  It depends on the man.  You could come to me with any problem you have, any doubt that you have, any question that you have, and I will pray with you about it, but I will never make up your mind for you.


            You go and get all the counsel you want and then get on your face before God and you say, Lord, I heard the counsel.  What is it that you want me to do?  You speak to me and give me witnesses and do not let me fall in doubt.  Do you not think that Jesus Christ can keep you from error?  I hear this everywhere I go.  It is error.  It is error.  The Church is riddled with fear.  Do you not think that Jesus Christ can keep you?  You think you need a king over you?  This was the error of natural Israel.  God was in the heart of every man in natural Israel, but they looked at the nations around them and they wanted a king.  They said, why do we not have a king like everyone else?  Almost every day of my life, I hear this.  Usually it is the women, but sometimes it is the men.  Why do I not have a husband like the rest?  It is because your husband is within you.


            Now if you have a natural husband or a natural wife in this hour, so be it, but if God has not given you one, you have a husband.  Do you realize what you are saying to Christ if this is His plan for your life?  If you are a single woman and He has not given you a husband, but He is developing Himself in you, intensely and greatly, He is your husband, and you are saying you do not want Him because you want a natural person.  You are not misunderstanding me, are you?  If you are married, if God had given you a husband or a wife or a family, He is going to be glorified in it, but Paul said, be happy with whatever you have.  If you pray and God does not give it to you, let it go.  If you pray and He gives it to you, He is going to bless it.  He can do whatever He wants.  Please bear with me as I am having a little trouble finishing this point.  (Laughter)


            This is the point that He wanted me to make tonight.  He showed me today through some strange thing.  I do all these things that I think are strange, and it always turns out that it is God.  I thought I was going to be studying to bring a formal message forth tonight, and I wound up going through all my files.  I spent all day yesterday going through my files, and I said, Lord, is this you?  Why am I going through all my files?  I came across a newsletter and I believe He wants me to read you something out of it.  This is His word to you.  He does not have to give you any witness other than His Spirit and His Word.  He is requiring you to try that spirit and try that word in your relationship with Him.  He does not have to give you anything other than that to satisfy His own law.  That is His word to you, but because He understands what you are going through, He asked me to read you this prophesy.  It is very close to what I said last Sunday night.  Who will hear?  Let me read you this.


            This prophesy was given through Archie Lowe in the fifth month of 1989.  Who will hear?  Who will turn?  Who will follow me?  I am now going to call forth a prophet and those to be used for my special purpose in these last days.  Who will blow the trumpet?  Who will sound the alarm?  Who will be my voice in the earth?  Who will warn my people, the time is at hand?  I am calling forth the multitude to go into all the earth before assembly (that is churches, both large and small) to proclaim, come out of her, my people, and be separate.  Be ye not partakers of her sin.  Who will go?  Who will speak?  I am not sending the famous, the highly esteemed, the professional, the educated ministers, the well known evangelists or the popular teachers.  I choose the foolish things to confound the wise.  I will choose the young and the old, the rich and the poor, the male and the female.  I will choose young children.  My chosen vessels will go wherever I send them and speak whatever I command them without question, instantly obedient.


            They will enter large established denominational churches, small independent assemblies, home fellowships, street corners, shopping centers and office buildings.  They will go wherever I shall send them to prophesy my final words and judgments.  Their voices will thunder with the authority with which I will anoint them.  There will be no doubt that the word spoken by them is my voice.  The earth will shake and tremble when they prophesy.  People will weep and wail.  Some will collapse and give up the ghost and die.  Others will become so angry that they will scream and shout and gnash their teeth.  They will lay hands on my special ones and throw them out, but not before my words are spoken in the hearing of all.  My voice will be heard and my chosen ones will not be harmed.  So who will go for me?  Who will speak my word, my final word to all people dwelling on the face of the earth, repent, for judgment is at hand.  My prophets will speak but a short time, and after that judgment, he who would be chosen to stand forth.  End of prophesy.


            The trumpet is a message and this is the last trumpet.  You are hearing it now.  The Church is the established churches today with possibly a few exceptions.  I always generalize because I do not want anyone to snare me in my words.  I am not saying to you that it is impossible that in a corner of the other side of the world somewhere there is not a formal church that is okay.  I am not telling you that, but by and large, the Churches that become institutionalized, the preachers are not yielding to what the Lord wants them to yield to.  They are keeping the members of the congregation spiritual children.  They are not letting them grow.  They let them prophesy.  They let them speak in tongues, but they are not letting them develop spiritually.  The five fold ministry, by and large, with some exceptions that exist today, are more concerned with holding on to their own power and their own position than they are for the spiritual growth of the people.  The scripture that is so frequently quoted in Malachi about tithing is misquoted.


            First of all, I mentioned this last week, but it did not get on the tape.  That scripture in Malachi that is quoted to support tithing is not talking about tithing.  There is no tithing in the new covenant.  There is amnesty in the new covenant.  The quoted scripture in Malachi is if you tithe, I will open the windows of heaven and I will pour out a blessing upon you.  I did that scripture, by the grace of God, by looking up every word in the Hebrew.  That scripture is an indictment of pastors.  It is an indictment of the pastors of natural Israel.  It is telling them, I have given you these people to bring forth my life in them.  This is what is happening today.  Christ is suppose to be reproducing His life in us.  We are in His likeness in that we are spirit.  This is the hour to come into His image, which means that our nature must be as His.  We are unrighteous, but we must become righteous.  This is what is happening today.  It is impossible for natural man to be righteous.  His very state of being is sin.  The way we are becoming righteous is that the Son of God is bringing forth His Son in us, the second generation of Christ.  He is our righteousness.  He shall be our righteousness and that victory of His being born in us shall swallow up the death, which is in our adamic soul.  We die because our adamic soul rules in our mind.


            This scripture in Malachi is an indictment of the Hebrew pastors.  They were not bringing forth life in the people.  They are gathering them into a building, and they are taking their money.  In those days it was cattle and a tenth of everything.  They were taking everything that was coming to them as a priest, but they were not performing their obligation of the priesthood, therefore they were not entitled to what they were taking.  The Lord was saying to them, if you would just bring forth the life of my Son in your people and just do what I told you to do, I will open up the windows of heaven and pour out such a blessing upon you.  Of course, that blessing is Christ.  That scripture does not even support the tithing.  We do see tithing in the Levitical law.  The most likely reason most preachers preach that is that they know we are not under the law, so they cannot be preaching tithing and using a scripture from the Levitical law as a basis for preaching tithing.  They found the scripture in Malachi, but I want to tell you, I find the Old Testament much more difficult than the New Testament.  I would not pass an opinion on anything I read in the Old Testament without going into the Hebrew.  Very frequently, I can look at the Greek and God will quicken what it basically is saying to me.  I would never pass an opinion on a Hebrew scripture without looking up the words because it is amazing what you find when you look up the words and find out what God was really saying.


            We have an illegal pressure upon God’s people today to collect a tithe.  You have to be very careful because a lot of people hear this.  It is a form of bondage and it was done away with the Mosaic law, but a lot of people hear this and they say, oh whoopie, all the money is mine.  The difference between tithing and alms deeds is this.  Under the old covenant, if you gave your ten percent you were okay with God.  If in your heart you hated the priest, you hated your wife, you hated your whole family, but you gave that ten percent, you fulfilled the Levitical covenant with God.  That was all He was asking from you.  The covenant between God and natural Israel was a covenant in the natural.  It was what they did, their behavior.  The new covenant is a spiritual covenant.  He is concerned with bringing forth His righteousness in our hearts.  We cannot prosper spiritually by hoarding everything to ourselves.  It is a spiritual law, just like it is a natural law such as what goes up must come down.


            If there is greed in your heart, at the very least, you are saying I do not believe God can provide for me.  At the very least, it is a lack of faith.  At the very most it is greed and God cannot bless either one of those things.  You have to give, but if you give with a wrong heart, you are wasting your money.  Your money is not doing you any good.  You are giving all that money and it is not doing you any good.  As far as your spiritual development goes, you are not increasing in Christ at all.  The Lord wants to build a giving spirit in you, a righteousness in you, a mercy in you.  He wants to bring forth rivers of living water from your soul.  The only way I can think of to describe this is as energy.  I know someone is going to get me on this because it is a term that the New Age people use, but some things that they say are true.  Spirit is energy.  Antichrist is mixture and there is a lot of spiritual truth in the New Age and in the occult.  I want to tell you something, there is very little power in the Church today.  There are people out there that are hungering for something spiritual.  Most churches are not very spiritual today.  The Church is dead.


            COMMENT:  Last night I was praying about this word that you have.  The Lord gave me the whole chapter of John 12.  When I came to these two verses, it really struck me as a confirmation in my heart.  It is John 12:42; Nevertheless among the chief rulers also many believed on him, but because of the pharisees they did not confess him, lest they should be put out of the synagogue.  Verse 43: For they loved the praise of men more than the praise of God.  It really struck me because I know our pastor would not agree with the teaching.  I just decided to not be concerned about that and see what the Lord has for me.  The Lord has different things for each and everyone of us.  This really got a hold of my heart.  It was  confirmation on the word coming forth from you and how the Lord is using you.  There are many people in the Church so concerned about relationship, what people are thinking rather than seeking the Lord for themselves.  They are so concerned about other things rather than spiritual things.  They were more concerned about the praise of men than the praise of God.  This really got a hold of my heart and I just rejoice that He set me free.  I was concerned about where God wanted me to be or if this is what He wanted me to hear, is this truth and all this stuff that I was going through.


            He had me read on to chapter 13 of John.  I believe you said this on the last tape when we were together, but it was another verse.  It was another chapter in John.  This got a hold of my heart last night too.  John Chapter 13:20; Verily, verily, I say unto you, he that receiveth whosoever I send receiveth me.  He that receiveth me receiveth him that sent me.  Again, that got a hold of my heart because I know a lot of people make comments about prophesy and things like that.  It is like a controversy of how do you know that is of God.  How do you know if that is just a person getting a little whacked out in their mind and just bringing forth any crazy stuff in their head?  It is all a matter of faith.  You said we should check all things and then the Lord will confirm that in our heart.  The Lord is our teacher.  I see a lot of people so concerned about each other.  When I was fairly new in the Lord, I was in the church sanctuary and they were all talking and I got upset.  Jesus said this is a house of prayer, but everybody was just interested in talking about things like how nice their hair looked.  I felt why do we not just get down to why we are here.  Then I mellowed out a little bit.  I realize people have not seen each other and they just want to talk, but I just got this strong feeling like, can we pray?  I wanted to share that because it is like a testimony.  There was a confirmation and I was really so happy to get it.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Thank you for sharing that.  I am not here to knock anybody, but God has a people.  The truth is that they are in bondage to the Church system.  They are under the bondage of many man made laws that are not in the Scripture at all, as you just said.  The Scripture said, and the Lord shall teach you.  He will direct your paths and will show you which way to go.  To have a man making such a decision for you does not glorify God and it is idolatry.  We are not knocking anybody because most people do not even have an understanding.  I am putting this on the tape because God told me to put it on the tape to strengthen you because, eventually, you are going to be criticized.  You should know that, eventually, you are going to be criticized.  Praise the Lord.


            Anything that is troubling you or anything that I say, please come and talk to me about it.  The worst thing that you could do is not talk to me, for whatever reason, whether you think you are going to hurt my feelings, whatever your reason is, and then just disappear, because that is a big mistake.  It is not only a big mistake with regard to the teaching here, but God in this hour, is very concerned with the way we relate to other people.  He is building character in us.  We are suppose to be people of high character.  This does not glorify God to not communicate and just go away.  God wants us to communicate and to work things out, and to have the freedom to express whatever we are feeling.  If it is distress, it is distress.  Where the Spirit of God is there is liberty to express yourself, so long as it is not a spirit that is attacking.  If you are not trying to take an ungodly authority over somebody, if you are genuinely expressing a distress because something is bothering you, you have the right to do that in Christ, and you should be heard unless it gets out of hand.  You realize what I am saying.


            This was the way the Lord wanted me to start today.  That is the exhortation, I guess.  I hear a lot of teaching and a lot of writing about the Roman Catholic Church being the great Babylon.  Now the Roman Catholic Church is the great Babylon, but it is not just her alone.  The whole church system, the whole of organized religion is Babylon.  Any law of man or any rule of man or anything that tries to restrict the move of God’s Spirit is Babylon.  Any Church that says if you want to prophesy, you have to whisper it in my ear first, that is Babylon.  Any Church that says you cannot manifest the Spirit of Christ is exercising an ungodly control.  Of course we have abuses in the Church.  We have new believers that cannot tell the difference between a false prophesy and a true prophesy, but we have instruction in the Scriptures as to how to deal with that.  I cannot find it anywhere in the Scripture that you make a requirement that the person has to come up and tell you the prophesy first.  Where is that in the Scripture?  How does the Scripture deal with it?  The Scripture instructs us to deal with it by the elders in the Church openly, in front of the whole congregation, not in a spirit of condemnation, but in a spirit of truth, declaring that this was not a true prophesy and offering to pray for the person and helping them.


            God is a Spirit.  He is bringing forth His life in us.  We are suppose to be spiritual people, but most of us, the large majority of the Church, are still getting their needs met through carnal methods.  When we went through the first fourteen chapters of the Book of Revelation, we found some scriptures that said that God is bringing judgment on the Church because the unconscious mind of natural man is Satan and Jesus Christ has defeated him.  We have a new unconscious mind.  His name is the Lord Jesus Christ, but we are still doing things the way we have done them all our life, and the way our ancestors have done them all their life.  We are still getting our needs met.  We are getting our food.  We are getting our emotional needs met.  Whatever needs we have, we are getting them met by the way the natural man gets his needs met.  The Lord Jesus Christ wants us to stop doing that.


            He wants us to get our needs met by getting on our face before God, asking what His answer to our problem is, and then asking Him to help us to do whatever He wants us to do.  That is very painful.  If you have never experienced that, it is very painful.  I can tell you that.  I have been through a lot of it as He developed me for the ministry.  He stripped me of so much.  It was very painful trying to get things done by faith.  I wanted to run out and do things in my own strength.  I still want to do that, but I know that I cannot, and I resist.


            In the Book of Revelation, when we looked up all the words in the Greek, we found that the Lord was saying judgment is coming upon the Church because they are incapable of stopping from getting their needs met in a natural way and switching over to spiritual ways.  Look at mankind.  The only time they turn to God usually, with maybe some exceptions, is when they have hard times.  If God draws you, how does He do it?  He does it with some great tragedy in your life.  All of a sudden, you believe in God, and you cry out, and you find He is really there.  When everything was wonderful, you never cried out to Him.  Maybe you were an exception.  Usually, it is something lacking in your soul life that makes you turn to God.  The reason judgment is coming on the Church is not that Jehovah is a blood thirsty God.  He does not love to beat us, and He does not love to see us in pain.  He is hurting us, and that is a scriptural term, because He knows that this hurt is going to help us or give us the strength that we need to switch over to start getting our needs met by turning to God.


            COMMENT:  I just know that it is a fact that He is a jealous God.  He told me one night that He was my husband.  Basically, what He was telling me was I do not want you to count on anybody before me because I am number one, whole heartedly, in everything.  I had to learn a hard lesson.  It was really rough in my finances to trust anybody because I did not have it.  How could I trust something I do not have?  It is amazing when I think about it.  I have my child going to Christian school and I do not have the money.  It was a specific direction.  I am going to take care of it.  I have not looked anywhere else.  He has been providing the work for me.  He has provided the finances.  It is just purely faith.  I have been doing this and I do not feel uptight or crazy.  In my natural state, if I was thinking in the natural, I would go nuts worrying about how can I get the next payment.  When He tells you something, you feel it so strong in your heart that you just have to believe it.  You have to just let it go to Him.  Guess that is what He wants in every area of our life, total submission.  I have to say there are certain things in my life that still have to be worked on.  I learned that whatever we fully do give Him, that is a problem gone in a way.  I learned to ask the Lord first, and then He provides the means, and then I have to do the foot work.  I have to just give it to Him totally.


            PASTOR VITALE:  The lessons are very painful and I am going through it in a big way.  You came in a little late, but I was telling everybody that the Lord told me eight months ago that He was sending me to Nigeria.  At the time I was not too anxious to go because I was corresponding with people over there, but I did not know anybody.  He told me to go and get my passport, so I went and got my passport, and just left it with Him.  Now everything is set except the money.  I had the airline reservations, a place to live over there, two weeks of the campaign all mapped out, and no money.  I confess this publicly.  I still do not have the faith to tell everybody I am going to Nigeria.  I said I expect to go to Nigeria and I am probably going to Nigeria.  My nephew called today about Thanksgiving, and I said, I probably will not be there because I think I am going to Nigeria, and I do not have the faith.  I have gone before the Lord in all honesty and I have repented.  I think that to build this kind of faith, we really have to experience it.  I told the Lord, if I am making excuses for myself, I am sorry.  When He starts coming through with this kind of life, if this is the kind of life He is giving me, that it will be easier for me to believe it the next time that it happens.  Glory to God.


            COMMENT:  Where did you say you were going on the ninth?


            PASTOR VITALE:  (Laughter) Nigeria.  (Laughter)  Praise the Lord.  God is so good.


             We will be speaking on spiritual warfare tonight.


            I think the Lord has told me to pray over the meeting.  There was a lot of opposition.  I think a lot of people have heard about this meeting, and there is a lot of opposition coming against it right now.  I feel it pressing on me.  As you develop spiritually, you are going to start to recognize these things within your spiritual being.  We are just going to rebuke these powers.  Let me just give you an exhortation first.  I am assuming you know nothing.  If you know it, do not let me offend you.  Witchcraft is the spiritual power of the adamic mind.  Every human being is capable of and at some time in their life has practiced witchcraft when they have exerted their will, when it was not in agreement with God’s will, on another human being or against another human being.  There are certain conditions where it is acceptable.  For example, if you have charge over a young child and you assert or exert your will over his, because if you do not do that, he is going to harm himself.  That is in accordance with God’s will.  You are protecting the charge that you have.


            No human being, outside of Christ, has the authority to try to pray down a meeting or to wish evil upon people or make a judgment that a ministry should not be standing.  This is clearly seen in the Book of Acts where the Jews were rebuked for trying to tear down the Christians.  Gamaliel said, if it is not of God, it will surely disintegrate and die.  Leave it alone.  We find in the Church today, many believers that think that they are doing the right thing.  I think very few of them would continue if they knew it was wrong, but the teaching has not been adequate in the majority of churches, and I find many, many Christians praying incorrectly because they have never been taught how to pray.  They think that they have a right, in Christ, to pray down something that they have made a carnal judgment that it is not of God.  This is witchcraft.  It is charismatic witchcraft.  Sometimes, we find pastors doing it, and sometimes we find members of the congregation doing it.  It is still witchcraft, even if a pastor is doing it.


            To pray your will, when it is not Christ praying through you, is witchcraft.  It could even be the will of the Lord.  You could have picked up a true discernment, but if you are praying before God anoints you to pray, if it is your adamic soul praying, it is still witchcraft.  Your adamic soul can pray the same thing that Christ would pray, but it is not His Spirit, it is your spirit.  If it is your spirit, why would your spirit want to be praying for God’s will?  Because it will exalt itself and it will give you an opportunity to be lifted up in pride.  It is still witchcraft.  We have to find out the will of the Lord.  Then we have to wait for His anointing.  The timing is very important.  Then we have to let Him pray through us or pray with Him.  If you do not know how to do this, the way that you start is you go before the Lord, and you say, Lord, this situation does not look right to me.  You can always pray blessings.  We are talking about negative prayers.  I bless the people.  I pray for your mercy upon them and your grace upon them, and I am not going to pray another thing until I am convinced it is you praying through me.


            The chances are, if you are willing to wait a week, you must know there are no absolutes in this kind of teaching.  You have to go with God.  There is a good chance that it is the Lord.  When you must do something right away, there is a good chance that it is your own adamic mind because he has no discipline at all.  He does not want to wait at all.  He has no temperance at all.  Of course, check your motives for condemnation.  There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus.  The people who have been in the most trouble in the Church, preachers or otherwise, the Lord wants them restored.


            His ultimate will for them is to bring them into line with His will.  He is not casting anybody down to hell.  He loves us.  He said that we are more important than many sparrows.  Why are we so important?  Because we are formed out of His very life.  The Lamb that was slain from the foundation of the world was made into us.  We are Him.  We are His flesh.  Now, as He comes forth in us, He is filling His flesh.  In the realm of the Spirit, the man dwells within the woman.  He says, behold, I do a new thing, a man shall be compassed about by a woman.  It is in Jeremiah 31:22.  Behold, I do a new thing.  A man shall be compassed about by a woman.  Well what does that mean?  The spiritual man within you is surrounded by your adamic soul and body.  The way the Lord is doing it, He has brought forth the adamic soul and body first, and He is literally injecting Himself into us.  He must be our mind, and everything that we do, especially with regard to other people.  It must be Him praying through us, thinking through us, ministering through us.  Check yourself for condemnation.  God is a righteous God, and He does execute judgment, but it is never in condemnation.  Judgments are corrective.  His purpose is to bring you into line.


            We have a lot of people in the Church today that think they have the right to pray against ministries or pray against people.  I want to tell you that I very rarely pray against anything.  They are praying against the Jehovah Witnesses, the Mormons, and they are praying against the Catholic Church.  I am telling you, people, even if what you are thinking about them may be absolutely true, but if it is not the Lord’s will that you are praying this prayer at this moment, you are praying a psychic prayer against these people.  I also want to tell you that God has everything under control.  He does not need our brains.  He needs our bodies and our souls.  He knows there is error out there.  He knows if there is error in the cults.  He knows what is going on out there.  Do you think His arm is short, that he cannot shut it down if He wanted to?  Do you think He needs your psychic prayers to shut them down?  He does not.


            The reason they are still standing is that it is not the hour yet that He has purposed to deal with them.  He is still winking at it.  If He is winking at it, He is using it.  He is using it.  You cannot understand why He is using it.  That is alright.  He does not have to explain it to us.  He is the only one whose counsel He seeks.  He seeks the counsel of His own will.  We are not to be praying against anybody to shut them down because we do not understand.  I fully believe this, that most believers do not understand this.  When we pray a prayer out of our adamic soul, it comes up against that person as death.  This is a heavy word, but I am telling you the truth.  It comes up against them as a curse of death.  If you are coming up against a person that has a weakness and a tendency towards suicide, your prayer could just push them over the line.  This prayer is no light thing.  The privilege of prayer is very serious.  We have power.  If you come up against somebody who has a lot of infirmities, you could make them very sick.  I am telling you the truth.  This is a very serious business.


            Then again, we have the business of saying, well I am going to pray my will, but I am going to end the prayer by saying, nevertheless, Lord, your will, not mine.  There is a lot of people in the Church in a lot of deception.  I am saying to you, tonight, that if in your heart you have already passed a judgment on this situation, and you pray your prayer, and then you end it with, nevertheless your will, not mine, you might just as well not say those words because they are a phony.  Your heart has prayed your will, and you tried to cover your tail, but it has not worked.  The only time you can honestly pray, nevertheless Lord, your will, not mine, is when you really have not made a judgment about that person.  I do not even pray if I see a ministry that I think is off.  Everybody is off.  Nobody is perfect in this hour.  If I see a ministry that is doing a lot of damage, in my opinion, I do not even come against them.  I will put it before the Lord, and I will say, Lord, look at what I see.  Is that what you see?  Is that what you see?  If you do see it, is there anything that you want to do about it right now?  Is there anything that you want to do about it through me?


            I want to tell you that He does not always do something about it, and He is just giving me an example for you.  Several months ago, I got a newsletter from the other side of the country somewhere.  I have a lot of ministries writing to me.  I started reading this newsletter and it really sounded good with a heavy anointing.  I just got her latest newsletter.  I am telling you, the Scripture says, if it were possible, the very elect would be deceived.  I am telling you I would have sworn that was the Spirit of God on this newsletter with a strong anointing.  The first page of the newsletter was right on.  Then you turn over the page and she is preaching that we are being made perfect on the other side of the veil, and there is communication going on between her dead son, and all the people of their congregation.  Her dead son is communicating with the congregation and he is teaching them.  He is bringing the word of the Lord to them because it is impossible to be perfect in the flesh because man is not perfect, so she is drawing the conclusion that you have to die to be made perfect.  Well that sounds a lot like you have to die to go to heaven, and she is taking it a step further.  In another newsletter, the first one that really caught my attention, she said that several times when she is in the pulpit, another voice will start coming out of her mouth.  Everybody thinks it is ungodly, but she says it is not ungodly.  She claims that it is Christ.  I claim that it is a demon.  I am telling you that Christ has spoken out of me, and my voice does not change like a demon voice.  If you have the discernment, you can tell that it is not me and it is Christ, but it is still my voice.  What changes is the Spirit.  If you have discernment, you perceive it is a different Spirit, but it is still my voice.


            COMMENT:  I thought about doing and understanding what is right and what is not.  I would think that you would have to be very learned in the Scriptures to look and see if it coincides with something awful or whatever it is, because I do not know how else to do it.  The last message we had I looked up something I was not sure about.  Thank God for that because the Lord helped me through that.  He makes me look into the Scriptures more.  I am very grateful for that, you know.  That is the only way I could discern.  Like you said, the lady was right on in the very beginning.  She even talked about the elect.  I had a few people, even before I came here tonight, telling me not to go.  I just said two things and was telling somebody about this experience here.  Do not go, they tell me.  This was my teacher and I really did not like that.  I could not talk to him because he was in a rush.  I really respect the guy.  I get a lot from him with the Scriptures.  I really feel the Holy Spirit there, but I felt that was unfair.  I have to use my own heart and my own mind with the Lord.  I do not care who is up there on the pulpit.  I had to really think about that.  I said I do not think that is fair because he is making a judgment without even hearing or listening.  All he heard was two things from me and he made a judgment.  I do not think that is right prior to an investigation.  Someone else was getting real paranoid, that I know, saying watch out, be careful.  Why is everybody so paranoid?  Because it is something that they are not used to hearing.


            PASTOR VITALE:  We were talking about this before you came in.  There is a lot of fear in the Church.


            COMMENT:   I could understand if they were there and they listened.  Still, one meeting is not going to give you an understanding.  When I first went to Church, I did not know what was going on.  I was scared.  I asked the Lord what was going on.  These people are crazy here, but if this is where you want me to be, you are going to have to answer all the questions that I have in my head that I do not have the answers to.  They were basic questions about God and what am I doing here?  I knew, at least, to go a few times.  You cannot go and just sit there, even though everybody looks crazy and make a judgment.


            PASTOR VITALE:   Sometimes they are crazy and God wants you there.  (Laughter)


          COMMENT:  I just sat there and every week I was getting an answer.  You have to give something a chance and you have to search yourself also.


            PASTOR VITALE:  You have to pray about it.  That was our exhortation at the beginning.  You missed it.  You will hear it when you listen to the tape.  That is exactly true.  That is what the Scripture says.  Jesus is our cover and Jesus is our Head and Jesus is perfectly capable of telling us to leave a ministry if it is not valid or telling us to stay if He wants us there.


            I read this and I know that two of you have been in the deliverance ministry.   I do not think you two have been in deliverance.  I was in the deliverance ministry for five years, so we picked this up immediately.  One more thing that she said was, yes the angels surround us continuously, and the way we know that they are there is that in the middle of the night they turn the vacuum cleaner on and off.  She put this in her newsletter.  She obviously believes what she is saying.  Now this is the activity of demons.  Angels do not make their presence known by turning the vacuum cleaner on and off, but this woman who has a high high degree of revelation, had mixed it with this error.  I went before the Lord and I am not lifting myself up.  You have to learn by example.  It is the only way for you to learn.  I want to tell you what I did after much that God taught me.  All the wisdom I have came from God.  I give Him all the glory, Jesus Christ.  I went before the Lord.  I said, Lord, this woman is in trouble.  She has got all this deep revelation.  I listen to what she writes.


            She sounds like she really loves you, and desires to serve you, and she has a horde of demons preaching through her.  What will you do for her?  Two weeks later, as I went before Him in prayer, He had me pray for her.  Let me interject this here.  When you start praying in the Spirit, sometimes the Spirit has you do things that may seem strange in the natural.  This is what I did as the Spirit came over me.  I was sitting at my kitchen table.  I was knocking on the table.  What are you going to do for her, Lord?  I said it several times, banging on the table.  This went on for two or three days.  That was the entire prayer He had me to pray.  Now I am not praying against this ministry.  I could really hurt her.  I interceded for her.  I believe He is going to set her free, but maybe it will be five years from now.  He has not told me what His plan is for her, but I feel that my hands are clean before the Lord.  I put her before God.  I interceded and I did what He gave me to do.  That is the end of it.  He has got it and He is going to take care of it.


          COMMENT:   There were times I did not know how to pray, so I would just say I lift them up to you, Lord and just leave it at that.  Is that sufficient?


            PASTOR VITALE:  That is fine.  If the Lord does not move upon you to pray anything else, that is a perfect prayer.  Lord, take care of it.  Just check out your motives and be very careful.


            COMMENT:  I was upstate and I had this awful feeling inside that something was happening to my son.  I just said, Lord, I do not know what to pray.  I just lift him up to you.  When I got home, my son was in a motorcycle accident.  What happened was that he had come to a full stop and a lady ran into him.  He flipped off the bike.  He hurt his back, but otherwise he was alright.  I felt that it was at that time.  Was it possible that happened particularly for him?


            PASTOR VITALE:   It is very possible.  All new babies are lifted up in pride.  Pride is just a sign of immaturity in the believer.  The believer that is lifted up in pride thinks that the words that he says are essential.  Some people believe in binding and loosing.  Some people say you have to break the curses.  There are all different formulas for praying, but I want to tell you that victory is in the Spirit of God.  If all that was on your heart was Lord, help him, that was all you needed to pray.  Now to this day, I know people that pray for hours and hours.  If God has called you to that, that is wonderful, but if He has not, you are engaged in a religious work and you are wasting your time.  I do not pray for hours and hours.  I pray as I go.  I pray constantly as I go.  Sometimes the Lord will call me aside and I will have to stop what I am doing and I will pray under the anointing, but I have no set prayer time.  I have no set time that I read the Bible.  Of course, I am not restricted by a secular job like you people are.  From the minute I wake up, I am, Lord willing, doing what God tells me as the Spirit moves me.  I preached for four years with a secular job.  It is still possible to move in the Spirit to a great measure even with a secular job.


            If God has called you to any ritualistic prayer, do not stop doing it because you have heard this word.  Just go before the Lord and say, Lord, did you really call me to that?  If He called you to it, you keep on doing it.  Do not stop.  God has not called us to bondage.  All victory is in the realm of His Spirit.  It is not the words that you say, unless He has specifically instructed you in this instance that these words must be said.  I want to remind you that spiritual is spiritual, and there is a counterfeit spiritual realm.  It is called witchcraft.  It is the spiritual realm of the natural man.  In witchcraft, what we say is important.  Now I am not recommending that you go out and study witchcraft.  I will tell you that God has given me some information on it, but apparently He felt I was strong enough to not be hurt by it.  I do not recommend that anybody start going out and studying witchcraft.


            He has given me some information about the way workers of witchcraft operate.  I am talking about people who are really into witchcraft and casting spells.  Their words are very important.  You have to read the word exactly and you have to chant it an exact number of times.  That is witchcraft to say that to get your need met you must pray like this.  There is no freedom.  It is bondage.  Repetitious prayer is the prayer of the adamic man and if God calls you into prayer for four hours, do not get up off of your knees.  Do not do it.  He has never done that to me.  That does not mean He cannot do that to you.  I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to get down on my knees.  I cannot get down on my knees.  Sometimes I sit in a chair and my prayer is communion with the Lord.  He talks to me.  We talk about certain problem situations and He puts His thoughts in my mind how He is going to deal with it and what He is going to do about it.  Then He anoints me to pray.  It is not very religious.  You can have five situations so similar that it could be amazing and He will deal with each situation totally differently.  Do not ever put God in a box because you will be left ashamed.  He is so glorious.  He is so great.  He is awesome.


            We are to yield our members unto Him so that He can do anything that He wants through us, so that He can pray through us, so that He can minister through us, so that He can execute judgment through us.  We will be executing judgments when we are ready.  Please do not go rushing into it because if you execute a judgment and you are wrong, you are going to have to reap what you have sown.  Do not go jumping into it.  Judgments are executed.  Why?  Because the Lord has ordained that His Church must be judged.  The judgment has already started with people that are not yet in full stature, but you have to be sent.  It has to be God and I cannot put Him in a box.  He will not likely send you to a particular problem unless you have overcome in that area.  He is not likely to send you to help someone stop smoking at this point.  He is not likely to do it.  Judgments are being executed in righteousness.  Why?  Because judgments bring deliverance.  Judgements bring forth repentance.  The Lord had ordained that His Church will be judged starting with the elders thereof.  It is in the Book of Revelation and it is in Ezekiel Chapter 9.  It has already started very quietly, but it is going to expand, and be obvious to the whole Church, and eventually to the whole world very soon.  He has already started to judge His elders, but they do not understand what is happening.


            We read that prophesy and spoke about it at the last meeting.  The only way I can describe it to you is that I just have a chat with the Lord.  It is like an executive conference.  He talks about business to me and He gives me all kinds of words of wisdom, sometimes prophesy.  It is usually words of wisdom and I write them down and I see them come to pass.  He gave me a dream several months ago.  I did not realize it until I checked over the file today.  In the dream was my neighbor Louise.  There was a whole set of circumstances and I could not figure out what my neighbor was doing in this dream.  After I looked at it today and read the surrounding circumstances of the dream, I said oh my, the Lord brought Louise into my life five months after I had the dream that totally fitted the circumstances of the dream.  He put my neighbor in the dream to tell me it was Louise, but at the time I did not know Louise.  He brought a Louise into my life five months later.  The dream was prophetic, but I did not know Louise at the time, so He put my neighbor in the dream because her name was Louise, but it was for the other Louise.


            I still have not prayed yet.  Lord, is there anything else you want me to say here?  We have a lot of people disapproving of these meetings.  The word has really gone out.  I think there is at least one fellowship where the elders are praying against the meetings, and there may be more.  They think this is what they are suppose to do.  We leave them to God, but we can break the power of their physic prayers.  That is what I would like to do now.


            Father, in the name of Jesus, Lord, we just come before you in humility, Father, and we submit this whole ministry to you, Lord.  We ask you that if it is not of you, that you shut it down, but in any event, Lord, that you keep us safe, Father, and from all harm.  We forgive those that are praying.  They think that what they are doing is righteous, Lord, but we are told in the Scripture that in the end time there are those who would think they were doing Jesus Christ a service by killing us.  Although they do not understand it, Lord, they are trying to kill us with their prayers.  We break the power of those ungodly prayers in the name of Jesus.  We cast down the witchcraft, and we break the power of the pride, and all psychic prayer, and all curses coming against us and our families.  We utterly cast you and your arrows down to the ground and we command that you rise not again.  Hallelujah.  Glory to God.


            I see the Lord binding up the hands.  They were just shooting arrows at us.  You see, I did not even pray.  I just cast down the arrows and He bound up the hands so that they cannot shoot anymore.  We bless them, Lord, and we pray that if it be your will, Father, that they should partake of this glorious Word of the Spirit that is coming forth, that they should partake of the letter of the word no longer, but they should be partakers of the spirit and that they should enter into glory, Father, as you have called all humanity to enter in, Father, and that you should be merciful to them, Father, and that your perfect will should be done in them and in us in accordance with your purposes, and in accordance with your time and we just send out blessings, Father, in the name of Jesus, we pray.  Thank you Lord.  Amen.  Hallelujah.


            COMMENT:  We were talking about prayer the other night, discussing our prayer life and what we have learned.  I am getting a better feeling about just praying during the day.  Kneeling at night I am saying the same thing I said the day before.  I was going to ask you if when you are praying for salvation for somebody, do you need to keep praying that because I feel like that is all I do sometimes.  I forget things that might need prayer or that I am prompted to pray about.


            PASTOR VITALE:  I do not think that you have to keep on praying.  What happens is the first time you pray it, God hears you in the heavenlies, but He is not going to bring salvation to that person one second faster than He intends to.  We know from the Book of Daniel, that sometimes when we pray, it takes time for our prayer to be answered.  We see a lot of people in the Church, and I am not criticizing anybody, because the Church is young.  The truth is the truth.  Some of us are babies in the Church.  Because we are babies, we are a little naive.  You see someone praying salvation religiously every day, every day, every day.  Ten years later, the person gets saved and they believe that if they did not pray that prayer every day they would have never gotten saved.  Well, that is not true.  That was probably their time, whether they prayed it or not.  Those of us that spent some time in a deliverance church would see people breaking curses.  They would break that curse every day for five years, and after five years the curse would break.  They would say, wow, I finally made it, but all they had to pray it was the first time, and five years later the curse would have broken.


            That is a religious work, unless the Spirit of God brings you to that prayer every day, which I would be very surprised, if He did.  We give it to God and we release it to Him.  Lots of times, depending on the situation and how you pray, and what your motive is for wanting that person saved, your prayers could even be hurting them.  In other words, if it is your husband or your wife, and your life is not too happy because they are not with the Lord, and you are praying every day for God to save them because your motive is to be delivered from your unhappiness, your prayers could hurt them.  Christ does not pray a prayer like that.  That is definitely your adamic heart and it is a psychic prayer, even though the words say salvation.  What really counts is our heart.  The words are secondary.  As I mentioned before, when our mouth says one thing and our heart says something else, what our heart says counts.  It is very important that we are in touch with our motives.


            COMMENT:  I have heard people say I have fasted for a whole week and I just pray for this person every day.  Is that suppose to be more powerful or something, like dedication to God so that this person will get delivered or whatever it is?


            PASTOR VITALE:  Not really.  It is my understanding that the way fasting works is that it is a denial of the appetites of the flesh in an attempt or hopefully to make one more spiritual.  If one is more spiritual, hopefully one has more power in the realm of the Spirit.  I never fast.  God put me on a fast once in all the years that I am saved.  Unless God puts me on a fast, I do not fast.  If He puts me on it, I could not eat if I wanted to.  You see, this is the hour of switching over from religious works to a life in the Spirit.  I remind you what Jesus said when the pharisees came to Him, that when the bridegroom is with them, they do not fast.  Let me say this  before I go on, I am not against fasting.  If you or anybody wants to fast, I am not against it.  If you want to do it and it blesses you, and if you feel more spiritual, praise the Lord, but no man can put me under the bondage of fasting.  Only Jesus Christ can call me to a fast and I have only fasted once in thirteen years and He did a powerful work.  He did a miracle when I fasted.  He does miracles through me a lot and I have not fasted in a long time.  I was much more carnal then than I am now.  I do not know if He would ever call me to a fast again, but let me finish my point.  Father, please help me, my mind is wandering tonight something awful.  Glory to God.


            The pharisees came to Jesus and said why did John’s disciples fast and your disciples do not fast?  He said, when the bridegroom is with them, they do not fast, but when the bridegroom goes away, they will fast again.  Well, the bridegroom went away, but He came back.  He came back in the form of the Holy Spirit.  If Christ is being formed in you, if the Christ is being formed in you already, then you really have the bridegroom, and Jesus said, you do not fast when you have the bridegroom.  Again I am going to repeat it.  The whole purpose of fasting is to make us in a condition that we could have better contact with the spiritual realm of God, but when the very Son of God is within you, you do not have to do carnal works to get in touch with Him.  Why?  Because He is swallowing up your carnality.  He wants to talk to you more than you want to talk to Him.


            COMMENT:   That seems to relate to the scripture, when I was a child, I thought as a child, meaning like tongues and all these things, they are going to fade away, but love is going to remain.


          PASTOR VITALE:  Love is Christ.  Love is Christ.  That is the agape love.  That is the maturity that we are coming to.  It is a continuous increasing.  As He increases in us, we are more and more spiritual.


            Again, anyone who thinks they are going to go to sleep one night and wake up the next morning and have Christ, you have a rapture mentality.  Maybe you were not here when I said that.  That is a rapture mentality.  It is not happening that way.  He is increasing in us, little by little.  The more He increases in us, the more spiritual we become.  There is no way that we can force becoming spiritual.  Let me put in another comment about the word fast.  This may not be true in the Greek, but especially in the Hebrew, which is a much richer language than the Greek, the word fast really means afflict your soul.  It does not mean abstain from food.  It means deny the gratification of your soul life.  Since man needs food, the most obvious thing to deny himself is food, so to the Hebrews a fast meant to abstain from food.  I suggest to you that under the New Covenant, we are to abstain from the entire adamic life.  We are to fast from the entire adamic life and start living out of Christ.  Do you know what Jesus meant when He said, when the bridegroom is with you, that you do not have to fast?  What He meant is, when the bridegroom is with you, your every need is met.


            You see, our adamic soul is a harlot.  Christ is married to a harlot, us.  The human race, we are a harlot.  Even though we have a new husband, we are still fornicating with Satan who is the high priest of our adamic soul, so He has a wife problem.  The Lord Jesus Christ has a problem with His wife.


            COMMENT:  When the apostles were trying to get the demons out of the demon possessed man and the apostles could not do it, they said why could we not cast the demon out.  Jesus said, this kind comes out only by prayer and fasting.  What is the difference now?


            PASTOR VITALE:  Well, Jesus said two things.  He said, oh you faithless generation.  How long shall I suffer you and this kind comes out only by prayer and fasting.  I will give you the answer to the part you are interested in first.  Prayer is continuous communion with the Lord.  Fasting, as I just said, is abstinence from our adamic soul.  When we are dwelling in Christ, every miracle is going to come forth.  If we pray for a healing, if we pray for a deliverance, if we pray for food, when that prayer comes forth from Christ in us, it is going to happen.  That is the fast.  The Old Testament tithe is now the New Testament alms deed or the Old Testament fast from food is now the New Testament fast from everything adamic.


            COMMENT:  I got the impression that Christ was saying this only comes from prayer and fasting.  I do that.  That is why you here cannot get through because my life is that way.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Jesus said His disciples did not fast when He was with them.  Do you think He was fasting when His disciples did not fast?  Let me talk about the first part of what He said.  He said, oh you faithless generation, how long will I suffer you?  Now He said generation.  He did not say, oh ye faithless disciples.  You see, we have to check out every word in the Scripture.  What generation was He talking about?  We know that in the prophets, there is a scripture that says, a seed shall count for a generation.  A seed, the offspring of the Lord Jesus Christ is the new age.  They are the new generation.  There are only two generations, the generation of the old man and the generation of the new man.  He was not rebuking the disciples.  He was rebuking the fact that they were still dwelling in their old man, and He said, oh you faithless generation of the adamic man.  How long is it going to be until my Spirit swallows you up and destroys you off the face of the earth?  Then He said, this kind comes out only by continual communion with God and a total fast from your way of life.


            If you remember, He said the disciples were very excited that He gave them power over demons, and Jesus rebuked them.  He said, do not be excited that you have power over demons, but be excited that your name is written in the Book of Life.  They were adamic men who He gave authority to.  This is the condition of most of the believers today including the preachers and the pastors.  It is called an imputed anointing, and the gifts and the calling of God are without repentance.  God has said, I want to minister to my people and I have to have leaders.  I picked you and I am giving you authority.  God does heal through some pastors or some men of God, and they can cast out demons, and some of them do have wisdom, but these are gifts that were given without repentance, without a change of their heart.  They are natural adamic men that God gave authority to, but they are not the genuine article.


            We did a word by word study in Daniel 7 and we found a scripture that said, when Christ came, He was the genuine article.  He said I am the shape, the very shape of the Father, and the substitute, the paper marche model, the forebear, the shadow and they crucified Him.  This is what we see in the Church today.  This is not the genuine article out there.  We are the forefathers of the Church, or the whole five fold ministry.  They are just like the pharisees were, and they are not the genuine article.


            COMMENT:  When Jesus was telling them about fasting, He meant it had nothing to do with food?  It was the fasting of their lives to come into submission to Christ?


            PASTOR VITALE:   Every decision that we make, whether it is to go to take one route to where you are going or another route, should be offered up to Christ.  I mentioned Sunday night at the meeting, when you were not here, how important this total obedience is because our carnal mind would say, what difference does it make if we go to the left or to the right?  We may not know, that on our way to the supermarket, He has got someone waiting on the left that He wants us to minister to.  I offer up my whole life to Him, my whole day to Him.  Everything I do, I say let it be unto you.  Which way would you have me to go?  That is what He wants.  This is the true fast.  Everything in the natural is a type of a spiritual reality that He is trying to bring us into.


            Let me tell you something.  When you offer your whole life up to Christ, it is afflicting your soul.  It is painful when you cannot make your choice, especially when what He wants you to do, you would rather not do.  It is painful.  That is the spiritual fast.  Now maybe the Lord will call you to a fruit fast as part of your spiritual fast.  I do not know, but the question is, how is your heart viewing it?  You see, Jesus also said, the pharisees fast often and they make sure everybody knows how holy they are because they fast often, but the believer that sacrificed their whole life unto Christ, they do not go around telling you how holy they are.  They do not have to.  You just have to talk to them or look at them, and you see Christ in them.  Of course, we are not holy anyway.  He is our holiness.


            Check your motive out for fasting, and ask God what He wants you to do with it.  If He wants you to continue, that is fine.  Are you doing it because it puffs you up?  Are you doing it because you find that you are more spiritual when you do it?  Then I would go before the Lord and say Father, I want to become a spiritual person.  Do you want me to continue in this way or is there something else that you would rather have me do?  The one time that God put me on that fast, it was powerful.  As I said, this was nine years ago and I was not where I am today.  I do not know whether He would put me on a fast for the same spiritual condition.


            I feel He wants me to tell you why He put me on a fast.  I was in a very anointed church at the time, and there was a heavy outpouring of His Spirit at every meeting.  A false doctrine came in that a woman had to cover her head.  Everybody, including me and my daughter, who was with me at the time, we covered our heads and put little doilies on our heads.  Everybody covered their head.  One day the Lord spoke to me.  He said, get that thing off your head.  I said, what?  That could not have been the Lord.  That had to be the devil telling me that.  I went before the Lord and it was God, so I took it off my head and my daughter’s head.  All the pharisees rose up and if they could have, they would have stoned me to death.  What they did to Jesus is happening today, except that we are living in a country where they cannot kill you.  If we were not living in this country, we would really have a problem, those of us who really want to follow after Christ. 


            Those pharisees would be stoning us.  I used to prophesy a lot in that congregation.  I prophesied frequently.  They did not like it because the scripture says you cannot prophesy unless your head is covered.  Several of them went to the pastor demanding that he refuse to let me prophesy.  I thank God for him.  He did a lot of very good things.  I think he did a great job with what he had in that congregation.  Nobody is perfect.  He did a great job.  He refused to tell me to stop prophesying.  He refused to take a stand from the pulpit on whether or not a woman should cover her head.  Sometimes he showed a lot of wisdom.  He just let the factions kill each other.  He just stood in the pulpit.  He did not take a stand, but they started coming after me.  They were praying physic prayers against me.  I am telling you those things hurt.  I am telling you I have been victimized by them.  I was called rebellious.  End of Tape 1



            They were talking about me, and it was really a riot in the church.  I went on my face before God, and I thank God that He taught me this, that you go on your face before God when you are in crisis.  I said, Lord, did you really tell me to take that off my head?  When He confirmed to me that He did, they would have had to kill me to make me put it back on.  If they would have thrown me out of the church, I would have said goodbye.  It would have been nothing they could have done to make me put it back on.


            In the meantime, all of this spiritual rage was coming against me.  It is very destructive in your life.  The Lord put me on a fast.  First He gave me the scripture about Sennacherib, the Assyrian tyrant.  If I am not mistaken, I think it was the scripture where the Lord slew thousands of his men.  The angel went out at night and slew all of the men.  God put me on a fast for three days and I prayed that scripture for three days.  After it was over, I saw a vision, and the angel went into the congregation, and ripped the head coverings off of everybody’s head.  It took at least a year or two years for the last one to get the head covering off.  This is important.  Hear this.  It did not happen the next day.  It did not happen the next week and it did not happen the next month, but they all came off.  I want to tell you from a personal experience what it is like for someone that is obeying Christ in a situation with all these pharisees.  We were a deliverance church, so the congregation was allowed to pray.  We had body ministry.  We had a seminar and I was standing there praying for a woman from out of state with my hands laid on her, rebuking a demon.  This man from our congregation was so enraged that my head was not covered, he picked up a piece of paper towel and walked over and slammed it on my head while I was praying for somebody.


            This is what we are dealing with.  There is no condemnation.  The Church is immature.  I am just telling you the truth.  This happened to me.  I turned around and I rebuked him.  I was also come against for rebuking a man, but I am telling you that Christ stood up in me and rebuked him.  After this was all over, I knew the pastor was mad, and everybody said a woman rebuked a man.  I did not think about it.  It was Christ.  I was praying for this woman and he came up behind me.  It was really a wicked thing to do.  The next event with this seminar with a visiting preacher was that they had a prayer line.  If you would come up, the two pastors would lay hands on you, and whatever God had for you, you would get.  Of course, I just wanted to die.  I just wanted to go home because I was so embarrassed, and fear started raising up in my head.  I could hear them saying the word, Jezebel, Jezebel.  I could hear their minds, and I said what am I going to do?


            The Lord said to me, stand.  I knew it was God and that it had been a righteous rebuke.  I went up on that prayer line.  I said as long as God is with me, they are not going to drive me out, and they are not going to make me ashamed, and they are not going to make me hide because I am standing in Christ.  I went up on that prayer line, and of course there was a hush over the whole church.  You know, were the two pastors going to rebuke Jezebel?  Well, guess what, they did not rebuke Jezebel.  I thank God that they submitted to the Spirit of Christ.  They stood there and they looked one at the other.  Neither one had a word for me.  There was just silence because this was the pastor of the church, and it was a visiting pastor, so the Lord would never rebuke them in front of the whole congregation.  They made a mistake.  It was their house, but He did not let them rebuke me.  They prayed for me in tongues, and they pushed me out of the way.


            That is what it is like to come up against a pharisee.  That was years ago now.  Look, if they are not doing it to you, you are doing something wrong.  Christ was persecuted and condemned wherever He went.  He was reproached.  If you are looking for the love of men, you might as well walk out the door now because you are just wasting your time.  They are not going to love you.  They are going to hate you, and they are going to lie about you.  They are going to call you names, and they are going to try and take an ungodly authority over the Christ in you.  You are being ruled by an indwelling Christ, and they are going to come from the outside and try to take authority over that which is within you.  Jesus Christ is challenging you not to defend yourself.  If He rises up in you, and He rebukes, you are okay, but you cannot rebuke.  The first thing you have to do, and that you should be praying for, is an ability to discern when He is manifesting in you, and an ability to tell the difference between His manifesting and adam’s manifesting.  This is essential.  You cannot enter into this thing if you cannot tell who is manifesting in you.


            COMMENT:  When I first came to the Lord, it just came on real powerful.  It was about eight years ago, and then I had that in between backslide.  Then I came back strong, a whole long story, but the very, very beginning was so strong that I would pray for hours.  I was one of those that would pray for hours in the Spirit, just crying, and see these people that I knew in my mind.  I would be so exhausted physically just crying for them for their needs.  I would do this often and I saw miracles happen just by praying in my room.  It was so powerful and I did not know what I was doing.  I was young.  People I knew would call me to pray for their problems.  I had to write down the things that happened so I would not forget them.  All of a sudden I got a haughty spirit.  It was terrible.  I just started thinking it was me after awhile.  I knew it was the Lord, but it was like getting I was something.


            I was in this big church, but it was so crowded then that I could not commune with anybody.  I was by myself basically, and did not have any direction.  What happened was that I came down from it.  The Lord brought me down from it.  I was starting to get a little haughty spirit, and I do not know what happened, but I just started not going to church that much and getting down.  It was like my prayer life left me all of a sudden.  I did not know how it happened, but I guess the Lord was showing me you cannot do this.  I stayed away from church, and a lot of events happened, and I calmed down.  Then I started searching again in different churches.  As soon as the thing happened in the Middle East, it was like boom.  It woke me up, and little by little, things brought me to Christ again, but better.  I just do not pray for hours anymore with sweating, only if the need comes over me.  I know it is nothing in myself now.  Before I was thinking that I had all this power, and that it was my power.  That puffs you up.  It was a hard lesson.


            PASTOR VITALE:  The Scripture says that no one should be in the ministry unless they are a certain age or unless they have been with the Lord for so many years because your immaturity can bring reproach upon the ministry.  You really have to be called by the Lord.  I have heard that from a lot of people, that their conversion was with such strength that they could not handle it.  I do not know whether you could have handled it if you had the proper teaching or not.


            Pride is the biggest snare of the believer.  If anything is going to knock you out, it is pride.  Check yourself out and ask the Lord, are you proud.  Pride is a very subtle spirit and it manifests in many ways that you will not recognize as pride.  I have seen a lot of believers fall prey to pride, and I warned everyone, and when it happened they all went down.  All that I could say is pray a lot, and ask Him when it comes, to let you see it for what it is so that you can repent.  You cannot repent if you do not see it or recognize it for what it is.


            COMMENT:  I went into the Old Testament today.  All the words are totally different, like you say.  I guess that means that when you go into the Old Testament, you have to look up all these words and get the proper meaning of the scripture.  Is that the case?


            PASTOR VITALE:   It is exhausting and it is really a gift.  I do not know anyone else that does it.  I have spent hours and hours and hours in the Word of God.  I look up every single word, and I found out on the rare occasion that I will miss a word.  It will be a two letter word and I’ll say I do not have to look that up, and every time I do that, it is a wrong word or there is another meaning to it.  When I study like that, I look up every single word.


            COMMENT:  I mean as you read the Bible, you have to do that then.  You just cannot read the Bible.


            PASTOR VITALE: You do not have to do that.  Everybody cannot do that.  You can just read it and receive whatever God has for you by the Spirit.  Everybody cannot do that.  If it is not God in you doing it, it is bondage.  It is a gift that God gave me going back years.  I could never sit down and read.  Some people would say we read four chapters a night.  I could not read four chapters a night.  I would read one phrase and I would have to look that up.  I said what does that mean, and I would be running to my concordance.  I could never read my Bible like a book, except at the very beginning, before I really got started in Christ.  That is a gift that God has given me.  Please do not put yourself in bondage.  I have seen people do this.  They go before the Lord.  They say, oh God, am I going to have to study like that?  No.  You listen to the tapes.  I study and you listen to the tapes.  Now if you want to study like that, I am not telling you not to do it.  I am telling you that you do not have to.


            That is why God has a ministry.  One person studies like that, and as many people as He would will, can partake of that study.  That is what ministry is all about, but that does not mean that you cannot do it if you want to.  It is more than just looking up every word.  You have to have the revelation.  As I have explained, in an English dictionary there could be twenty definitions for one word.  In the Hebrew Lexicon, there are sometimes more than twenty.  Sometimes there is a whole page on one word in the Hebrew Lexicon.  I have to know what I am looking for.  God put a revelation in my heart.  He has given me a message.  Then when I look up every word, I say wow, look at that.  It is there.  You would never believe it from what the King James writers said, but there it is, a legitimate translation that fits in with the word that the Lord put in my heart.  You have to have the word in your heart, otherwise it is just words to you.


            COMMENT:  I know you said it before, but I think it would be good if you said it again or we talked about it.  What God has given you is really like the hidden manna.


            PASTOR VITALE:  I believe that.  I try not to say it because I am accused of many things.  One of the things that I am accused of is pride.  Since you brought it up I will say, in my opinion, this is the hidden manna.  It is the Spirit of the Word.  You have heard that the letter killeth and the Spirit maketh alive.  This is the Spirit of the Word.  It is the hidden manna.  You could say yea or nay and you could go before the Lord and ask Him whether it is true or not.  This is what He has given me.  If you want it, you can have it.  He has called you to it.


            I come under a lot of reproach.  Why?  Because Jesus said they hated me before they hated you.  They reproached Him, and I expect that they will reproach me.  That is the way it is.  We heard in the really good message on Sunday night the way pride works.  The Lord pointed out how the pharisees reacted to Jesus when He manifested.  With Him, they denied His deity.  I am not saying that I am deity, but I know that He has called me.  I know that I am His minister, and I know that I have a high office.  If you want to call that pride, you could call it pride, but the truth can never be pride.  Jesus said He was God.  That was not pride, that was the truth.  I am telling you that He has called me, and that He has given me this word, and that I have a very high office.  I do not wear a black dress, and my collar is not turned around, and I do not have a big building, and I do not have any of the natural signs of a high office.  My sign, my seal, is the Spirit that is on me.  You could say yea or nay.  That is your privilege.  You take it before the Lord.  That is your privilege.


            In this last hour, this is the last trump that is sounding.  A trumpet in the Scripture typifies a message.  This is the message that is going out saying, Church World, get ready.  Get ready for what?  Get ready for Christ to appear in you, because if He has decided to appear in you, He is coming whether you are welcoming Him or not.  This nonsense that the Holy Spirit is a gentleman is a man made doctrine.  I am telling you, if He has His mark on somebody, they could be running to the other side of the world.  Look at Jonah.  These man made doctrines are just unscriptural, because if He wants you, He has got you.  Sometimes, He lets you go.  That does not mean He is a gentleman.  Just let me say one more thing.  You have young children.  If they have to go to the doctor, do you say that is nice, sonny, you do not have to go because I am a gentleman Daddy.  You take him by the hand and you take him to the doctor.  Well, we are sick.  We are spiritually sick.  The whole human race is spiritually sick and our Daddy intends to take us to the doctor, Dr. Jesus.


            COMMENT:  Sheila, would you say this is what God is doing now with you?  He must have people all over the four corners of the earth because it sounds like He is sending the angels to the four corners of the earth to gather His people.  That would probably be this message.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, that is this message.  Whether or not there are other people out there, I do not know.


            COMMENT:   It could be in Nigeria.  I do not think it is Nigeria, but it could be Afghanistan.  Do not feel bad because Jesus did not have a black outfit and a big office building either.


            COMMENT:  We do not even know if His garment was white.  They always make it that it was white.


            PASTOR VITALE:  We do not know what His garment looked like.  We do not know what His face looked like.  I guess the Lord wants me to tell you this.  I do not intend to hurt your feelings, but pictures of Jesus are demonic.  Why?  Because we do not know what He looked like.  That is the face of an actor up there.  I would have never said a word to you unless God brought it forth.  This is the Lord.  He wants you to be aware of this.


            COMMENT:  I want to thank you.  The reason that is there is because I cleaned out a house in the beginning of the year for a real estate guy.  I found it on the floor in there.  I said, look at this.  It is a picture of some guy that got paid to pose for it.  It is suppose to remind you of Jesus.  I was deciding what to do with it.  I feel funny throwing it in the garbage, so it wound up on the mantle there.  It is not like there is any deep attachment or anything like that.  It is suppose to be from the shroud or something like that.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Religious spirit, I rebuke you.  I am not telling you what to do, but apparently God wanted you to get the information.  It does not glorify God, and it can be bringing


curses into your house.  You pray about taking it down and if you decide to take it down, get rid of it and break any curses that it might have brought into the house with it.  The sign of Jesus is the anointing that is on your life, and you are both very anointed.  That is the only sign that you need.


            COMMENT:   Is it a little bit like idolatry to have a picture because we do not know what He looks like?


            PASTOR VITALE:  It is more than an idolatry, it is another god, because you see, that man is just an actor.  That is not Jesus.  Sometimes we do not realize it.  You see, the adamic soul is desperately wicked.  We have to be aware of these things when we look at such a picture.  The people in the occult world would call it a point of contact.  It just catches your eye and something involuntarily from deep down inside of your soul says that is Jesus, and you have worshiped another god.  It is involuntary.  It comes from the back of your brain, back here.


            COMMENT:  We always have to see something to believe it?


            PASTOR VITALE:  It will trigger it.  Every human being has a potential for idolatry.  Every human being alive has the potential for every sin ever committed by man.  When we have the point of contact, it just comes forth, and very frequently before we can even stop it.  The Scripture says if we hear the thought in our mind, and we catch it and rebuke it and repent, it is not sin unto us.  Sometimes they come up into our mind, from our unconscious mind into our conscious mind so fast that we cannot even catch it.  The minute we think the thought, we have fornicated, and now we have sin.


            COMMENT:  I have to go home and throw all my husband’s Egyptian sculptures out.  He will kill me.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Pray about that now.  It is his property and he is not with the Lord.  You just pray about it and do not do anything rashly.  You do not want to do something that is going to turn him away from the Lord.  You wait for the Lord to do it because something like that could turn him in the wrong direction.  He could say, oh my God, she really is a religious freak.  I cannot have my wonderful statues that I have loved for years.  There is no way I am going this route.  This is another thing that religious people have a problem with.  They cannot understand that the Lord will tolerate sin for a season because His primary goal is to get to that man.  Jesus ate with sinners.  Praise the Lord.  Do not do anything unless you know it is God because you could do more damage than good.


            Jesus will live with sin.  He will permit sin for a season because He knows that He wants to reach that person, and if He does this particular thing, He could turn them away for another twenty years.  Religious people cannot stand this.  They want to come in and clean your house out.  Now there was a picture in the house that we were in on Sunday, and the Lord did not let me say anything to them.  I do not think they could have handled it.  You two could handle it.  We are filled with sin.  Our life is filled with sin.  Our life is filled with sin and He is tolerating us.  Why?  We are pointed in the right direction and we are going forward.  You cannot expect us to be Christ overnight.  It is a procedure.  It is a process.  Of course, we have to enter into the season.  Jesus describes that season. He says there is a door opening.  There is a door opening into the spiritual realm of God.  Jesus said, I am the Door.


            He is that part of us which is our true life, our human spirit, which was of Christ from the beginning, the spiritual son of God that was slain from the foundation of the earth, that we could be formed.  This body did not come out of the spiritual son of God.  This body came out of the dust, but that part of Him, that is in us, is our human spirit.  She, as a result of all these trials, is going to be released from Satan’s grip, and from the grip of the carnal mind, and she is going to flee into Christ, but she cannot get in there until He opens the door.


            COMMENT:  Something happened to me a week or so ago.  I was reading the Scriptures and all of a sudden out of nowhere I hear this “Do not put that tree up this Christmas.”


            PASTOR VITALE:  That was God.  (Laughter) Do you know about Christmas?  Do you know that it is a pagan holiday?


            COMMENT:  I was like, is it really that bad?  What am I going to do about my son?  I was having a hard time with it.  How am I going to get away with not putting that Christmas tree up?  They are going to bring it out.  What am I going to do?  I just had this strong feeling like this is a worship idol thing with the little lights on it.  Thoughts were just coming into my head and I said, I do not want to have that if that is what it is.


            PASTOR VITALE:  It is more than that.  Do you know what it symbolizes?  It symbolizes the reincarnation of the pagan god Tammuz.  He was supposedly reincarnated as a tree, you see.  This stuff is very serious, yes, right along with the Easter bunny.  It is very serious. There is a Spirit of Christmas that is a seductive spirit and it covers over this whole country.  Sometimes I just feel it.  I have not celebrated Christmas in years.  Sometimes I walk around crouched like this.  It is just pressing down on me.  If you love all these things, you are being seduced by the spirit.  You do not love it.  Why would you love it?  You love Jesus.  Your mind is being seduced by a spirit.


            COMMENT: What I did was I decorated it and put Jesus all over it, just so that when people came in, they would see that is why I am celebrating.


            PASTOR VITALE:  That is like praying the physic prayer and saying, nevertheless Lord, your will, not mine.  When we pray at the end of the meeting, I will rebuke that if you want me to.  It is a seduction.  It is a spiritual seduction that is very powerful.  It is very hard to break, but in Christ all things are possible.  If you are going to go on with God, it is necessary.  Since He spoke it to you now, I would not ignore Him.  Glory to God.


            The time is very short, I am convinced.  I am not prophesying to you, but this is my opinion, that the catching up for the first fruits is coming very, very soon.  I am not exactly sure how it is going to happen, but I think that God has a few people, wherever they are, that are going to stand up.  When they stand up in full stature, they are going to have strength.  There is going to be another layer of believers that did not quite have the strength to stand up at the first, but once we have a few that are standing in full stature, they are going to have the spiritual strength to drag the others up.  There is going to be another layer lying right beneath them.  Maybe they are not completely ready.  There is going to be a few people that are going to stand up in full stature, very soon.  I, personally, do not believe that it is going to be very many.  Once they stand up in full stature, they will have the spiritual strength to go to the next layer of believers that were almost ready, but not quite ready to come up at the beginning.  They will share their strength with them and pull them up.  There is going to be a second group coming up very soon.  That is my opinion.


            The Lord had been preaching through me, and I do not know about anyone else, but He has been preaching through me for at least a year now, that the door is opening.  It is coming forth as an announcement.  The door is opening.  He has even given me dreams and visions.  I may have mentioned this to you before.  Believers had a dream once, and it was a whole room full of people and they were walking on the ceiling like a helium balloon.  Their feet were not on the ground.  They were walking along on the ceiling and their head was touching the ceiling.  The Lord told me that those who are filled with the oil, those who are ready to go through when that door opens, they are just going to float up.  Then there is another group right behind them.  I cannot prove this to you in the Scripture.  This is my feeling.  They are going to come up very soon afterwards.


            The Lord is reaching out to a lot of people.  He is calling to you, and you have to have the Spirit and you have to have the Word.  Christ has to be formed in you, and the food that is bringing His Christ forth in you is the doctrine which is the Spirit of the letter.  That is what you are hearing here.  This doctrine, if Christ is not formed in you, it will cause you to conceive.  If Christ is formed in you, it will strengthen and increase Christ in you.  We were talking about most adamic men earlier.  God just has some people’s hearts prepared for it, like you two.  You just received it, and you seem to be doing fine, although I think you still have some reservations, but that is okay.  The average believer is frightened.  Just look through the Scriptures.  Every time Jesus appeared or an angel appeared, what is the first thing they said.  It was fear not.


            It is the very Spirit of Christ, and He does not have to be in full stature.  He does not have to be in full stature, but if He is manifesting in you, people that are not where you are, people that are on a lower realm will be strengthened.  It does not make you any better than they are, but it does make you more mature than they are.  We are not talking pride here because God is reaching out for everybody.  The Scripture says, when you have been strengthened, strengthen your brother.  If you are more mature, you just have a greater responsibility to help those that God sends to you.  Maturity equals responsibility.  Maturity does not equal self glorification or self exaltation.  It usually equals reproach and sacrifice.  This is the dying of the Lord Jesus when God sends you to a believer that He wants to hear this word.  They run out of your house because they are scared until the next time you come up against this person.


            Do you know that we, the human race, are serpents?  We are spiritual serpents.  It is easy when they run out of your house.  Then they come back and they start biting you.  That is not fun when they start biting you.  Every cell in your adamic soul is screaming for you to tell them to get out of my house, but you cannot do that.  You have to love them, and you have to minister to them, and by the grace of God, you just pray silently in your mind to break through their defenses.  Sometimes all that God has to say to them that night is one word or one sentence, but it goes in as a seed, and then the Lord prospers it.  There is a very high honor associated with this in the realm of the Spirit, but down here in hell, we are persecuted.  John said, he ate the roll and it was sweet in his mouth, but it was bitter in his belly.  This is in the Old Testament too.  This is glorious, and it is honorable before God, but it is very bitter in your belly.  Paul said, that he wrestled with beasts in Ephesus.  He meant human beasts.  I did not know that until about a year ago.  I found out that was what he meant.  Human beasts, people, were biting at him.


            COMMENT:  Do you think that Paul’s thorn in the side was a Christian beast?


            PASTOR VITALE:  I think it was the whole Church. (Laughter) I do not know.  I just said that in response to your question.  I do not know what his thorn was, except I am of the opinion that it was not a physical infirmity.  It was something spiritual.  Some people say he had trouble with his eyes, but I do not think that was what he was talking about.  I do not know what it was.  That was just a cute answer to what you said.


            God kept Paul humble.  As we continue on in Christ, do not expect all your problems to go away.  Do not assume that as you mature in Christ, you are not going to have any problems because the natural reaction of the adamic man is to exalt himself.  You know, we can purpose to never do it, but we do not have any control over it.  There will be some continuing problems in our life just to show us our powerlessness.  Each individual case is between you and God.  I try not to scare anybody, but you do not seem scared.  I do not want to chase you away before it happens to you.  The Lord said that He would not give you more than you could bear, but I remind you He will take you to the limit.  I remind you, that in direct proportion to your suffering for righteousness sake, you will be exalted in Christ.  It is in direct proportion.  There will be a balance.  The lower down you go, or the more you are afflicted, the higher you are going to rise in Christ.  All things work for the good for those who love the Lord.  He is training us and He is bringing us to a point where we could pray anything through, no matter what comes against us, that we have such a relationship with Jesus Christ, that there is not anything we cannot survive.


            You know He has told me some really exciting things.  I used to have a lot of fear of persecution.  I had a lot of fear when I first came to the Lord.  He showed me a magazine article about this man.  I forgot his name, but they did a TV movie on him not too long ago.  I think he was Belgian during World War II.  He got a lot of Jews out of Germany.  He literally plucked them right off the death lines.  The Lord said to me, when you belong to me, no matter where you are, I will get you out.  He showed me that He had this man getting Jews out of Nazi controlled areas and everybody could not go.  Some Jews got out.  I am going to venture to say to you that those were the ones that had a relationship with Jehovah.  Those were the ones that were really connected to their God.  That is a hard word.  People would not like to hear this tape, but I believe it.  He has told me that.  He has told me not to be afraid of anything.  He has told me that if a mugger would approach me, He would manifest in me and knock them down.  I said, yes Lord, I believe you would do it.


            You know what He told me after that experience of praying for you Sunday night?  You were on fire and in a cold sweat from the anointing that came down on you, and the Lord said to me, you know if ever this country gives up on fuel, He said I will heat you from within.  I was just as hot as he was because it was flowing through me, and I had my hand laid on him, and the two of us were like we had our fingers in an electric socket.  God said, you want to know something, if the food fails, He said I will feed you from within.  He said, I am inside of you.  That is what He said to me.  This is what the Scripture means when it says, woe be unto them that give suck in those days.  He is talking about the trouble that is coming upon the Church.  What does that mean, woe be unto them that give suck or are without child?  If you do not have the Christ child forming in you or if He is an infant in you, and He is not yet strong enough or mature enough to heat you from within or feed you from within, woe be unto you.  You have got a problem.  You had better get Him now.  At least, ask for Him now.  We cannot control how fast He comes forth in us, but we can certainly start asking for it.


            This is what He said to me.  I will meet your every need.  I will warm your body.  I will keep you alive nutritionally.  I will get you out of death camps, but He has to be born in us.  The Holy Spirit does not do that kind of thing.  The Holy Spirit speaks in tongues and prophesy.  The Holy Spirit does everything that the Bible says is passing away.  He can get a healing.  You can have a demon cast out and you can have all the fun of the gifts of the Spirit.  It is all fun.  It is all spiritual kindergarten.  When we grow up, His life is reproduced in us.  When the Son is within us, He is defensive.  The Holy Spirit is curative.  If you are sick, the Lord may let Him heal you.  As the Holy Spirit, the Lord may heal you, but He is not defensive.  You still get sick.  You can still get hit by a car and die, but when the Son is within you, there is not anything that could destroy you when He is alive and His very life is vibrating within you.


            COMMENT:  God is formed in us.  Does that bring us into Psalm 91 that we are in the shadow of the Almighty in all hours of the day?


            PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, a shadow means that He is covering over our adamic soul, and He is living through our life.  Also, kiss the Son lest He be angry.  Get real close to Christ or the judgment is going to destroy you because He is an all consuming fire.  As He comes forth in you, He is burning up all the hay and stubble in your soul.  He is your defender and your protector.  Everything is from within.  He is a Spirit.


            I hear people preach that, but most people do not know what it means.  He is a Spirit, and He is not out there.  He is in here.  There is not a doubt in my mind that the day is coming that if they cut off our hand, we will grow another hand out.  This body is just a slave.  It is a slave that reflects the spiritual life within.  As we said last Sunday, you think that your soul dies because your body died, but it is the other way around.  Your soul dies because the soul that sins must die.  That is a judgment of the Lord.  When your soul dies, your body dies.  How do I know that?  I know that because the Scripture says when Jesus is your soul, your body will never die.


            We are inside out in this realm.  We are inside out.  When we think with our carnal mind, we think backwards.  I said to the Lord, not too long ago, you do everything backwards.  He said, no I do not, you do.  That is what He said to me.  Everything is backwards out here.  He does it the right way.  We are inside out.  I heard a preacher describe it that way once.  We are like a glove that was turned inside out, and now He is going to reverse it.  He is going to turn us inside out again.  He is within.  The Kingdom of God is within you.  All provision is within.  It is hard to believe, but He is going to get it into our heads, and He is going to give us whatever experience we need.  I know somebody who testified to me that he cut his thumb off and his thumb grew back.  His wife witnessed to it.  In this man’s case, it was a gift.  The gifts and the calling of God are without repentance.  You see, everything that we are going to experience, because Christ is formed in us to full stature, is experienced throughout the Church world.  When Christ is fully born in us, we shall experience every gift you have ever heard of anybody ever having.  Everything, all of it, will be in you.  It will not be a gift.  It will be there because your soul shall have been made righteous.  It is a result of righteousness.  It will be there as a result of sinlessness, but we have gifts scattered all across the Church.  No one person has everything because we are all sinners, but God has scattered these gifts across the Church as an incentive to us to seek Him because He wants to marry us.  It is the engagement ring that He has given us.  He is promising us all these things.  He is saying, come and marry me.  We have received the spiritual gifts, but we do not understand.  Even I do not understand the fullness of what it is going to be like.


            COMMENT:  Scripture says that we see through a mirror darkly.  We  prophesy in part, and all of this is partial because we do not understand the whole thing, but when He comes, we will know all and not have any questions.  We will be part of that experience.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Right, we are going to be absorbed by Him.  He is going to live His life through us.  We shall all be, all of us, preachers, pastors, teachers, evangelists, apostles.  Christ is everything.  When Christ fills us, we shall be all of those things.  Right now, for a season, God does have a ministry because people need to be taught, but you are not to stay this way for the rest of your life.  You are suppose to be growing up.  As you grow up, God gives you spiritual authority, and it is by the Spirit.  No man appoints you.  No man can appoint you and no man can take it away from you when He gives it to you.  If you have any maturity in Christ, at all, you are already ministering to people.  I am sure everybody here ministers to people.


            God has given you authority and it is suppose to increase.  You are suppose to use what you have and get more.  Be faithful in that which He has given you.  When you know He has sent somebody to you, ask Him what He wants you to say to that person.  When God brings somebody to me, I immediately pray silently, what do you want them to hear?  Then I go into this carnal conversation.  I could talk to them for three hours.  At the end of three hours, that one sentence comes out, and I know that it was God.  Believe me, He wants you to minister.  He does not want you sitting there with your mouth shut in the congregation for the rest of your life.  He does not want it.  He wants you to minister to His people.  He is reaching out to the whole world in this hour.


            COMMENT:  How do you discern the spirits?  I keep hearing to check the spirits.  How do you check the spirits?  I know that I personally have a battle.  I have a lot of voices coming in.  Sometimes it seems like foggy.  I do not always know whether to speak it out or to keep silent and wait.  What I do is say, Lord, if it is you, just have it blurted out.  Have it like where it is choking me, where I know that it is you.  I have had words before, and I really have a battle with it, even when I am praying.  Now I am going through a dry spell, so I am not really hearing from the Lord as much as I used to.  There is so much going in that I do not know if it is my carnal mind, my imagination, telling me what I want to hear or if it is the Lord or if it is the enemy trying to enter in or a spirit of pride.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Are you talking about your public prophesy now?  Is that what you are talking about?


            COMMENT:  Well yes.  This word that I got a long time ago, I was afraid of it because I felt it was a prideful spirit.  I got real nervous.  I thought of Moses and all of these other people, who said why are you using me?  It is not that I am putting myself on that level.


            PASTOR VITALE:  If you are willing to share it with us, we will try the spirit.  That is what the Scripture says to do.  Did you know you are greater than Moses?  John was the greatest of natural men, but the least in the Kingdom of God is greater than John.


            COMMENT:  I will share it, but it really scared me.  I thought it out and I do not know if it was the Lord directing me to get it or something.  I know fear is not of God.  I do not think it was fear, but just an immaturity of understanding it.  I ask for understanding sometimes, and I do not always hear the understanding.  It is a torment in a way, because I want to glorify the Lord and not myself.  I recognized when you said the adamic nature and the Christ nature are battling back and forth.  It is like, would you have me bring this forth?  Is it just for my own edification?  Would you have me share it to touch somebody else’s heart where they would go home that night and repent or even get closer to you or whatever it is?  It is such a struggle.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, it is.  If you stick with it, if you persevere, you will break through.  Every area that you want to increase in, in Christ, is typified by Jacob’s battle with the angel.  If you just do not give up, you will pierce through to the next realm.  Adam talks a lot, and right now you are hearing both voices, but he has to be shut up.


            The Lord gave me a dream many years ago when I was first starting out in God.  I did not even have a prophesy at that time that I would teach.  There was a whole group of people and I was teaching.  Nobody could hear what I was saying.  I could not understand why nobody could hear me.  Everybody was sitting in a row.  I looked up and there was a man down at the end of the row and he was screaming at the top of his lungs.  That is Satan speaking through Adam.  I started walking towards him and he was yelling all this false doctrine, and everybody was listening to him because they could not hear me.  I grabbed him by the back of the neck and I threw him out the door and I slammed the door behind him.  Then I started to teach the people.  This is a very real conflict that you are having.  You are with the Lord two years, right?  Not even.  You are really very new.  There is a strong call on your life, but you see there are two sides of us.  The Christ in you is calling you very hard, but your adamic soul has not been put down very long.  You have got to really beat him.  Just rebuke him every time.  Do not get into any bondage now.  Every time it comes upon you, just curse him.  The Lord told me to start praying after every meeting.  If you want me to, I will lay hands on you.  Just curse that carnal mind and tell it to die, because the enmity in our flesh must be slain.  That is what it is.  It is the enmity in your flesh.


            COMMENT:  A word came forth during a prayer meeting.  It was that He wants broken-ness, and that is the only way to Him.


            PASTOR VITALE:  I think I answered you incorrectly.  That is not the broken-ness.  That is the putting down of your adamic soul or slaying the enmity in your flesh.  Broken-ness usually comes from trials.  We as human beings, just by virtue of our being human beings, we cannot have compassion on another person’s problem if we have not experienced it.  Those of us, who are the bread that is being broken to be served to the whole world, are being broken.  We are having painful experiences so that we can relate to the pain of people in the world.  When God sends someone, He does not send someone that cannot comprehend their pain.  He will bruise us, and He will let us go through many painful experiences so that we can relate to other people, because you cannot teach if you have not experienced it.  It just does not come out right.  It just does not work that way.  The broken-ness is the breaking of your soul, which does not come from resistance.  It comes from painful experiences.  I am sorry, but the glory that comes from it is worth it.  The mercy and the compassion of Christ will come forth through that broken-ness.  We are waiting to hear the word you received.


            COMMENT:  My daughter, I will make of you a great nation.  You will bring forth my word to the pathways and byways.  You will be strong and of courage.  Your family will abound in my love.  I will send you out.  You will know when to minister, to comfort the lost and afflicted.  It will take time to train you.  I am already doing this.  There will be others to show you.  You will have a deep faith in Me.  I will help others who are lost in sin and death, so I may be glorified through you.  You are my loved one.  I will guide and direct your steps.  Look to Me.  Trust in Me.  Comfort and love Randy (is what He said).  Show Randy kindness and affection.  I will provide.  It just went on that He would provide that right time with us together.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Does anybody have anything to say before I say anything?  I think that is a beautiful word from the Lord.  If you were wondering about how the Lord can say He will make a great nation out of you, if that was what made you think it might be pride, I want to suggest to you that a human being is a nation.  We are the land in which spiritual life dwells, and you are great only because He will fill your land.  I say amen.  It sounds good to me.


            COMMENT:  All this stuff going on is just so exciting to me.  There were people at the church trying to put this thing together for Christmas to get into the Mall to share the name of Jesus in secular city.  She got a word about it happening before it came about.  Now we did not get to share it with anybody until it came about.  It was just exciting to know that that was adding to our faith.  Also, you were talking about dreams.  I had a dream a while ago.  I do not know if I should go into it now.  It was weird.


            PASTOR VITALE:  You can if you want to.  If the Lord gives me an interpretation, as He frequently does, but I will not say anything unless it is of God.


            COMMENT:  It is so clear in my mind.  It was pretty short.  It was just like an ocean scene.  I do not know whether it was a massive rock, but I remember three lumps of rock and the waves.  I was standing like inside a glass concession type stand.  I do not know whether there was anybody else in there.  I remember standing there by the glass and seeing all these people, nobody that I recognized, whether they were faceless or just people that were out there.  They were playing on the beach.  The beach was like getting shorter and the waves were coming in.  I am saying to myself, these people do not see the waves coming in closer.  What is the matter?  I could not get out of the place.  I was inside saying, what am I suppose to do?  The ocean is coming in.  Why cannot you see?  Then in a swish they were all gone.  The wave took them away.  The beach was cleared and there was the rock again, a grouping of three rocks.  That was it.


            PASTOR VITALE:  The wave is Jesus.  It is the judgment of God and it is coming upon the whole earth, but apparently you were in a safe place when the judgment came.  We know the judgment has already started, and the judgment starts from the minute Christ enters into our heart.  The judgment starts when Christ is formed in us and He starts judging our adamic soul.  The judgment is coming upon the whole earth also.  It is within and without.  When the judgment came, it took all the sinners away.  Apparently you survived because you were in Christ.


            COMMENT:  It was frustrating because I could not get any of them to understand what was happening.


            PASTOR VITALE:  You learn to deal with frustration.  The Lord just dealt with me on this today.  It is a manifestation of pride because we cannot get anybody to believe anything.  Again, I will use myself as an example.  I cannot get anybody to believe anything.  I come and I serve God to the best of my ability, and what He does in your lives, He is going to do in your lives.  That is just a sign that your adamic soul was still alive.  Apparently, you were in a safe place when the judgment came.  I would say that is the dream.


            COMMENT:  That means God was trying to reveal pride in me.  That is why He had me frustrated.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, you have to minister out of Christ.  It is very exciting to minister out of Christ.  I was visiting another area a couple of months ago, and we wound up in somebody’s house.  I was there with another woman and two men were going at it, having a doctrinal battle, and I tried to say something and this guy just did not know what I was talking about.  I just got very quiet and prayed silently.  This other woman I was with kept watching me.  I could see her eyes telling me to do something.  I was thinking, just take it easy.  I was praying and I did not know what God was going to do, but I knew that God was going to be glorified in it.  After about fifteen minutes of this controversy going back and forth, all of a sudden the guy that could not understand a word that I was saying, spoke exactly what I was trying to tell him, out of his own mouth.  The anointing came down on me and I said hold it.  You just said it.  God gave him the understanding from within himself.  When I talked to him, he realized and he understood what I said.


            This takes a lot of training because we are adamic men, especially people that have been running their own lives.  I think I mentioned this before.  It is very hard on men, much more so than on women.  You are so used to being in control of your life, and then to not do anything unless God tells you to do it.  It is like going back to being a child again.  Of course, Jesus said, unless you become like little children, you will not enter into the kingdom.  Well, this is what He meant.  We cannot do anything because we need permission from our parents or from our Father.  That was what He was talking about.  Why?  Because we do not understand the spiritual realm.  We have no idea the extent of it.  We just have tiny little bits of information.  The Scripture says eye hath not seen and ear hath not heard what God has in store for us.  It is going to be glorious.


            We are going to be traveling in the spirit.  We are not going to be restricted by this body.  We are going to think it and we are going to be there.  We are going to pray for somebody and Christ is going to start coming forth in them.  We are going to rebuke the demon and it is going to come out.  We are going to walk on the water.  We are going to walk through walls.  Nothing will hinder us.  Nothing will stop us, but there is a price we have to pay, our entire soul life.  It is everything.  You do not give up everything at once because it would kill you.  As He convicts you of it, you give it up.  If you will not give it up, it is going to hinder your growth.  In some severe cases it could turn you back for several years.  It can.


            I pray all the time for the Lord to give me the strength to stay in His will because I know I cannot stay in His will if He does not give me the strength to do it.  It is impossible.  He wants everything.  He wants us to fast, alright.  He wants us to give up everything, little by little, as He requires it of us.  Beware of religious works.  They will kill you.  They will kill you.


            SONG IS SUNG: Give Him your heart.  Give Him everything, not just a part.  He gave His life for you.  What will you do with His promised call?  Give Him everything, everything, give Him your all.  


            COMMENT:  I had a recurring dream a long while ago.  I do not know if I was a new Christian yet.  I was weak at the time.  I had this dream that I was at this place.  We were all walking in two lines, the right line and the left line.  We were going straight ahead, and I was on the left line.  Both of these lines were Christian people.  I guess Christ was up ahead or something.  I am on the left line and I am hearing religiosity type stuff like judgment, judging people, and all this kind of stuff, but I love Jesus, you know.  A lot of things were coming out of their mouth that did not sound right to me.  I am listening and walking on this line, saying something is not right.  Then I am listening on the right side, saying everyone was talking about love and loving each other.  I am listening and I say I am on the wrong line.  I got off of the left line and went on the right line and I just felt so much better.  This dream happened a couple of times.  Watch out what you are saying and what people you are involved with because both lines were Christians.


            PASTOR VITALE:  On the right side they were loving everybody.  On the left side they were not hanging too well, you said.  So you got back on the right line.  The left hand of God is judgment.  The people on the left line were headed right for judgment because their heart was not right.  I am glad to hear you got back on the right side.


            Every time God judges most of the Church world, they give Satan all the credit.  They say, Satan attacked me.  Well, Satan attacked you, but God sent him.  It is really hard to come to repentance when every time the Lord whacks you on your behind, you give glory to Satan.  It is hard to repent when you think you are a victim.  The Church world has to get their mind changed around.  They are in a lot of trouble with the way they are thinking.  God is in control of everything.  This is His world.  We are His people.  Some of us are in rebellion and some of us not.  The whole human race is carved out of His very life.  He is in control of everything.  He is coming to His Church very soon and He is going to be making a lot of changes.  The large majority of the existing ministries are going to come down.  Only a very few are going to be converted to the new order ministry.


            COMMENT:  What about the Catholic Church?  Is God going to draw some of those people out of the church?


            PASTOR VITALE:  God always works from within.  As we saw in the revival in the Roman Catholic Church, several years ago, He goes to people in the church and He starts to work in them, and then He calls them out.  He goes right into the church.  You see, there are a lot of ministries that believe in really attacking the Roman Catholic Church.  I used to be into that.  That was what I was taught.


            As I went through my files the other day, I came across a lot of this.  I asked the Lord to just reconfirm or tell me if I am wrong because I cannot see it anymore.  Where God has brought me to now, I do not think that it the way.  I think the way is love.  What people do not understand is this, this is not an icky sticky love.  When you love the people, Christ will execute judgment.  There is a scripture that says in Proverbs, if you pray for someone, God will heap coals of fire upon their head.  This is the way it works.  Perhaps this criticism of the Catholic Church and other churches and other ministries, perhaps that is the way of the carnal man.  That is probably all the carnal man is capable of, because the carnal man is condemnation.  We see a whole church world out there that condemns people outside of the Church, and they condemn their own people.  You are not healed because you have no faith.  You are still drinking or smoking or fooling around because you have no faith.  They condemn the people that they are suppose to be imparting life to.  Why?  Because that is all they could do.


            When the Christ ministry comes forth, His ministry is love, but do not misunderstand the love.  Love rebukes.  Love corrects.  Love could be very stressful if you are in sin, and God comes against you with a strong hand to correct you.  It can be stressful and it can be painful, and that is the love of God.  The carnal mind says you are attacking me, and they will not recognize anyone’s right to rebuke, if it is the Spirit of Christ.  Love is kind.  Someone said this to me recently.  Love is kind.  Love never raises its voice.  That is not what the Scripture says.  The Scripture says, be angry and sin not.  There is such a thing as a righteous anger and the Lord will rebuke us.  The catch is, and I want to say it one more time because I do not know if I made my point.  When we go in the spirit of meekness and love and humility, it is the Spirit of God that moves.  We are not to attack anybody.


            I think what the Lord is laying on my heart is that these other ministries attack and have newsletters.  That is what is done in that realm.  Those of us that are entering in, and hopefully someday we will be behind the veil, we are of a different order.  We go in the love and mercy of God, and in the Spirit of God.  Right now I have an on going relationship with a Hasidic rabbi.  He just called me the other day.  He said to me, I said I would never call you again if you did not call me.  For some reason he always gets to me before I get to him.  He said it was so strong on me to call you tonight.  He had this terrible cold and he was coughing and hacking on the phone.  He said I had to get up and call you.  I asked the Lord about it because I have been meeting with him for a long time, about eight months.  I have done very little for him.  I think I was talking to you about it on the phone last night.  He does most of the talking and I do most of the listening because he does not receive from me.


            God said to me, humble yourself and be in relationship with him, and be in peaceful relationship with him.  The only way I could be in peaceful relationship with him is to let him do most of the talking.  He is a very fair man.  I really like him.  A couple of times he said, tell me what you believe.  I told him what I believe.  He almost went across the table at me.  I was sitting at his dining room table and he stood up on his feet and I thought he was coming right at me.  I am not kidding.  I sat there and said Jesus.  He is a very nice man.  He just manifested.  When he got control of himself, he apologized to me, and said, I hope you will come back again.  I said, oh I will come back again.  He just looked at me.  Jesus Christ has given me a lot of deliverance.  I am not one hundred percent, but I am cool in a lot of circumstances that a lot of other people would not be cool in.  It is all the grace of God upon me.  He did not faze me at all.  I thought he was coming across the table at me, but all I did was say Jesus.  I did not flick an eyelash.  When he said will you come back?  I said, sure I will come back, and he looked at me.


            We have to go through a lot so that we do not panic in stressful moments.  We have to manifest Christ no matter what is going on out there.  To get back to my point, he does most of the talking.  A lot of what he tells me is interesting, but a lot of what he tells me is not true.  Every once in a while, I will tell him I do not believe it.  He just smiles at me.  He is a very nice man.  I think he likes me as much as I like him.  I said to the Lord, what am I doing here?  Six or eight months with this guy, and I have not helped him at all.  He has told me he would rather die than believe Jesus Christ is Messiah.  I have gotten a big insight into the way Jews think and how they feel about Christians.  The Lord said to me, you have touched him more than you thought, but his thinking has not changed.


            This last time the Lord said to me, I have planted you in his life.  You are like a sleeper.  They did that during World War II.  Germany had “moles” that they put in the United States.  They got married and they lived their lives here, and twenty years later Germany called them to do some sabotage work in America.  God said, you are a mole, and you are just planted in his life.  When the day comes that I reach out for these people, he is going to know where to go to get his answers.  Right now, he does not believe what you say, but when I quicken him, he not only knows where to go, he has a direct contact with you.  I spend hours of my life in carnal conversations with people because that is what God has instructed me to do to establish relationships.


            I will tell you, you cannot stay in relationships with people if you are a pharisee, and you are trying to make them change over their whole life to fit your mode.  Why?  Because they are not going to stay in relationship with you.  They are not going to do it.  They are going to go away.  I ministered to a young couple a few weeks ago.  The young girl is as sweet as sugar.  Her mother is a Hindu and she has just become a Christian.  She said, I called my mother and I told her I was a Christian, and my mother said, oh that is wonderful.  I am happy for you.  Then she called her the next day, and she called her the next day, and she called her the next day, and the mother said, do not call me anymore.  She said, look at that, my mother does not want to talk to me anymore.  She was causing her mother stress constantly talking about being a Christian  That is not how Christ works.  That is not how He does it.   


            I heard a testimony from a Hindu that was in India.  He was the youngest child of many children in the family.  It was his job to take care of the idols.  He washed them with milk and water every day.  He was a Hindu in India and one day he just prayed.  The Spirit of God manifested on him and he said, which one of you is the greatest god of all?  There was a little neighbor boy there with him in the house.  The little boy said Jesus, and he was not a Christian.  The word just came out of his mouth.  That man has about ten churches in India today.  It is from the inside out.  We cannot go from the outside in.  When we go from the outside in, we kill them.  We kill them with our condemnation and our religious spirits, and we break their hearts.


            COMMENT:  That is what happened to me at the beginning.  I had a haughty spirit and I was trying to tell everybody what was not in the Bible.  The Scripture says such and such.  That was not good because it was turning people off.  That is why a lot of people sometimes will approach you today and say, oh you are one of those, and they go away.  It is because of the past where all of us had a part in it.  I realized after I went through that faze, that is not the way it is going to be.  It is going to be through love and mercy and kindness and so on, and just reaching them as people.  That got confirmed through the Jews For Jesus newsletter.  They said, when you approach a Jewish person, recognize their Jewishness.  Respect their Jewishness and be their friend.  That is the way.  It is not preaching to them.  It is not going to be that way.  You are saying exactly what I heard from these people.  They believe that is the best way also.  So many people get turned off right away when you start hitting them hard with stuff.


            PASTOR VITALE:  You really cannot blame them.  Who wants to come under an attack like that?  We have a lot of Christians out there that have been converted out of fear of going to hell.  I do not believe it is a true conversion if you were converted out of fear of going to hell.  We are converted by the love of God.  His love draws us.  That is why when Billy Graham was here, I am told ninety percent of the people that answer his altar call fall away.  They cannot walk in it.  Why?  Because despite all the preachers preaching make a decision for Christ, we cannot make a decision for Christ.  He calls us.  We do not call Him.  Man just wants to take control.  He chooses us.  We have not chosen Him.


            Glory to God.  There is a lot of error in the Church today, but everybody is out there doing the best that they can.  God can use anything.  My guideline is if the ministry is still standing, Jesus Christ has given it permission to stand, and He is using it in His own way.  We cannot comprehend His mind, so we are not to condemn any ministry.  If God is calling you up higher, you will come up higher, but everybody is not ready for this.  Condemnation is never of God.  I feel we are closing unless there are any other questions.    


            COMMENT:  This is one thing I did a little research on the other night.  It was on the rapture because I could not get it.  Something did not hit me right.  Can I just tell you?  I just wrote down some scriptures that coincide with it.  Excuse me, I have so much stuff in these papers over here.  There it is, where it says the rapture is spiritually being lifted up.  I looked it up and it just did not seem that way to me.  Yes, I agree with being lifted up spiritually.  It also seems like the physical from what I read.  This is what I read.  This is what I saw in I Thessalonians Chapter 4 verses 15 thru 17.  The Lord, Himself, will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpets of God and the dead in Christ will rise first.  Then we, who are alive and remain, shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.  Thus we shall always be with the Lord.  Therefore comfort one another with these words.  Then the same scripture in the life application says the same thing.  Then I looked in Daniel, Chapter 7 verse 13; I was watching in the night visions, and behold, one like the son of man coming with the clouds of heaven.  Another similar scripture is Acts 1, verses 9 thru 11; Now when He had spoken these things while they watched (that was Christ) He was taken up and a cloud received Him out of their sight.  While they looked steadfastly toward heaven, as He went up, behold two men stood by in white apparel who also said, men of Galilee, why do you stand gazing up from you into heaven?  This same Jesus who was taken up from you into heaven will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven.  I am sorry that this is so long.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Would you want to take one scripture at a time because I will never remember.  I can comment on each scripture if we could take one at a time.


            COMMENT:  Okay, I just wanted to show that comparison of each one of them.


            PASTOR VITALE:  If you want to go through it first, I will just ask you to repeat it again.


            COMMENT:  Then I looked in Revelation, Chapter 11 verse 12 thru 24; Then a loud voice with a shout from heaven, come up and they will rise to heaven in a cloud as their enemies watch.  Revelation 1:7; Behold, he is coming with clouds and every eye will see him and they also who pierced him and all of the tribes of the earth will mourn because of him even so.  Okay, that was it, I think.  Do you want me to go with each one now?


I Thessalonians 4:15; The Lord, himself, will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel and with the trumpet of God and the dead in Christ will rise first.  Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air and thus we shall always be with the Lord.


            PASTOR VITALE:  It says the Lord is descending.  It does not say He is coming down to the earth.  Now we know the Lord is in the highest heaven, the spiritual realm of God.  I am suggesting to you that He is coming down to the soul realm.  He is going to meet us half way.  The dead in Christ shall rise first.  Now we are dead.  We have not been resurrected from the dead yet.  We are in Christ, but we are still dead.  We shall be the ones to rise first out of the whole human race, those who are dead, but who have Christ (which is us).  We are going to be the first ones to rise.  We shall meet the Lord in the air.  There are several Greek words which are translated air.  This word means the spiritual realm.  It is not the atmosphere.  It is not the Greek word that means atmosphere.  It is the Greek word that means the realm of the Spirit.  It is very hard.  This particular teaching is not something that no one else is teaching.  There are a lot of preachers out there that are teaching us.  There are books you could get on it.  I have a tape on that particular scripture if you would like to hear it.  I would be glad to give it to you.  I understand that you never heard it before, but there are many preachers across the country that do not believe in a rapture.  You do not have to take this from me.  You can get many witnesses to that.  I have a tape on it.  I looked up every word in the Greek and I did an alternate translation on those scriptures.


            COMMENT:  I see the spiritual understanding about the dead rising in Christ and so forth, and I understand that part.  It is hard for me to understand, when it says every eye shall see Him.  Are they saying every eye is going to see him in us?  Also those who pierced him?


            PASTOR VITALE:  That scripture is every eye shall see him, also those who pierced him.   Well, to get into Christ, we have to pierce His flesh.  We are told in the Book of Hebrews that the veil is His flesh.  When we see Him, the Scripture says we are going to be like Him.  Before we can see Him, we have to get into His soul.  Remember I was talking earlier about our human spirit escaping.  To get into His soul, we have to pierce through.  Now this is all within ourselves.  We are going to get from adam into Christ by piercing through His flesh.  Those who have pierced Him, they are the ones who are going to see Him, because when we pierce Him, that is full stature and we are going to be like Him.


            COMMENT:  We are going to see Him in the natural also or not?


            PASTOR VITALE:  We are His new body.  You see, He is living in the next generation.  He gave up His life as Jesus Christ of Nazareth so that He could be broken into many pieces and He is sprinkling on all of us.  We are His new soul and His new body.  He is our mind.  He is in Spirit form inside of your mind, but He has a new body now and it is you.  He is going to be seen again, in you.  He is going to appear in you.


            COMMENT:  How come it says as he went up he is going to come back?


The apostles saw Him go up.  It is so hard to relate it to not being physical at all.


            PASTOR VITALE:  It says in the same manner.  If you look up the word saw in the Greek, it is a word that specifically refers to spiritual sight.  It says He went up because He ascended into the realm of the Spirit, but the Scripture says that He will come back in the same manner.  If you look those words up in the Greek, it means by the same power source.  He ascended by the power source of the Father.


            COMMENT:  That is heavy.  You have a lot of doctrine.


            PASTOR VITALE:  That is the letter of the law.  That is what you have.  Like I said, this is nothing that I am teaching that is radical.  There are preachers all across the country preaching it.


            COMMENT:  Not everybody is together on this.


            PASTOR VITALE:  There are many preachers that do not believe in the rapture.  I teach a lot of radical stuff, but that is not radical to me.  I understand it is radical for you, but I say it is not radical for me.  What I mean by that is that there are probably hundreds of preachers that do not believe in the rapture.  I am not considered radical in that area.  I do have a tape where I looked up every single one of those Greek words, and I put it together.  Just let me know if you want to listen to it and I will get you the tape.


            COMMENT:  I was thinking about David and Goliath.  David explains where he slew the bear and the lion.  I was told that was in the natural, but it also has a  spiritual understanding.  That is where I have a little bit of a problem.  When you read certain scriptures, you are saying this seems like it is spiritual, but was it natural too?


            PASTOR VITALE:  We do not really know.  I could say a couple of things.  First of all, that is the old covenant.  Everything in the old covenant was a natural type.  He probably did kill a lion and a bear.  We are in the new covenant and it is spiritual, especially when it is concerning Jesus because He is the new age.  That new age is spiritual.  Everything about Him is spiritual.  You have to look at your context.


            COMMENT:  When I was listening to the study, it said the bear was pride spiritually speaking.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, spiritually speaking the lion was Satan and the bear was Leviathan.      


            If you study the word, clouds, out in the Scripture, there are scriptures that talk about a cloud of witnesses.  So Jesus is coming with the clouds.  He is coming with all of us.  The cloud is typifying our soul.  What I really suggest you do is get some books on the rapture.  There are plenty of them, where they give you all the scriptures and they have everything spelled out.  Study it and then pray about it.  First of all, the word rapture is not even anywhere in the Scripture.  Actually, it is a Roman Catholic doctrine that came forth in 1850.  A Roman Catholic woman had a dream and Schofield, who wrote the Schofield Bible put it right in his teaching notes and the whole Church world picked it up.  There was no rapture anywhere in the early Church.


            When I was first drawn to the Lord, I wanted to study the Bible.  I wound up in a church in Patchogue where the preacher was teaching on the Book of Revelation.  I said, oh boy, I am going to hear this.  Then he said, I am teaching on the rapture.  I said, oh boy, where are the scriptures?  He showed me the scripture in the Book of Revelation.  I think it was chapter 3 where the voice said to John, come up hither.  Now I was brand new in the Church, but stupid, I am not.  I said that is the scripture supporting the rapture?  I knew it made no sense at all, but I did not find out until several years later that it was a false doctrine.  I just assumed that I did not know what I was talking about because I was so brand new.  It is a false doctrine.


            If you really want to start moving with God, you have a lot of studying to do, if you have received all these false doctrines.  If you want the names of some books or whatever, I would be glad to give you the names of who to write to.  Preston Eby wrote on those scriptures for a year.  He has a newsletter once a month.  Did you read his excellent study on the rapture?  He picks the whole thing apart with the Greek translations and what it really means.  It is an excellent study.  The Scripture says study to show yourself approved.  You have got a lot of studying to do.


            COMMENT:  Do not feel bad because many of us have gone through that same struggle that you have, especially the doctrine about hell and those tapes that we have.  I finally realized that Jesus is that burning fire, but it took a while.  It is hard because it says there is this pit and  makes it sound like it is a place other than this earth.  Some of it sounds really weird.  Then I got this little thing in my head all of a sudden.  I looked at my husband, and I said first of all, I do not feel like I am in hell nor do I feel like I am in Paradise.  I think hell is a much worse place where I would not feel peace, but I look at some of the people around me and it looks like hell to me.  I looked at my husband’s face and he was actually going through torment.  Something hit me, and I said it reminds me of hell.  It is like a struggling torment just looking at his face.  I looked at my mother and sister upstairs and I saw them in prison, like locked up and cannot get out.  I look at these people and I saw what you were talking about.  It is spiritual torment.  I see it.  Still I feel His peace.


            PASTOR VITALE:  The Lord is really speaking to you.  He said He would make a table for us in the valley of the shadow of death.  I understand that this must be a real shock to you.  People like some of us here have been in the Church with deep teaching for a long time.  They know there is no rapture.  They know about Christmas, Easter, and casting demons out.  They received the Bill Britton teachings, which some people call sonship, so they have a solid foundation to hear what Iam preaching here.  The Lord seems to have drawn you to the meeting, so I am not going to make any judgment about what He wants to do with you.  It must be very difficult for you listening to all this when you do not even have the foundation.  From what you tell me, He is in you very powerfully and witnessing to you what I am saying.  I do not have all the answers, but what I feel is that we are very close to the catching up.  It is the midnight hour, and the Scripture says He is going to call many in, in the midnight hour, and that He is going to pay you the same wage that He is going to pay people like us that have been laboring in doctrine for years.


            He has shown me that He could do anything that He wants.  I am still carnal.  I used to be carnal, and I guess I am still carnal.  At least, He is showing me now, I do not say you cannot do it, because I see how He can do anything.  We have over two hundred tapes of deep studies.  I used to say to Him these studies are so deep here.  Lord, how are you ever going to bring in anybody that was not here from the beginning?  They will never make it.  Yet He is doing it.  He is having these basic principles classes, and He is just doing it.  He is doing it in a completely different way.  I guess there is going to be another class after you, and I doubt that it will be like this.  It will be something completely different.  I am trying to say to you that the most significant thing is this, that Christ in you is so powerful that He is witnessing this truth to you.  Trust Him.


            Just find your way clear to open your heart to Him and pray.  Maybe He does not want you to read all these books.  Maybe I should not have even suggested it to you.  Just ask Him what He wants you to do because you have a handicap compared to us.  He is the one that is capable of doing it.  Just put yourself before Him and tell Him, if it is true, you want it and you are going to submit to whatever He is going to do.  He is going to have to crush your carnal mind.  I know it has been a long meeting, but if you would like me to, we would like to pray for you to crush your carnal mind, if you will let me.  (Laughter)      


            COMMENT:  Where are the people from the last study?


            PASTOR VITALE:  Where are the people from the last study?  They are pretty much back in the world, to tell you the truth.  I do not want to discourage you, but I have to tell you the truth.  They are pretty much back in the world.  No, it is not the doctrine.  Where they stumbled was over the testing.  Doctrine is wonderful, but it has a job to do.  The job that it is suppose to do is form Christ in you.  When Christ starts being formed in you, He judges your adamic soul.  This is the testing of those who are called to sonship.  When God reveals sin in your soul, what are you going to do?  Are you going to say, yes Lord, I am guilty, I repent, purge me and cleanse me, and fill me with Christ or are you going to say, not me.  The person that He used to reveal it to you in a Godly manner, are you going to turn around and call them evil, which would be in accordance with the message from last Sunday.  What are you going to do?  This is what it is going to come to.  I am warning you.  You are going to get this word until you are filled up to here, and the day is going to come, and I have no idea how long it is going to take, because He is doing a completely different thing with you than with them.  If you stay in this word, the day is going to come that this word is going to judge your adamic soul because the Word is going to be inside of you.  He is requiring you to confess your sins and repent and get deliverance.  Why?  It is so Christ can increase in you, as the enmity in your flesh is slain, so that Christ can increase in you.  I am sorry to say, none of them made it.  I am very sad about it.  Do not think it blesses me, but the Lord has shown me that I am not responsible for it.  I was very faithful.


            At the time I was working in Manhattan, traveling five hours a day, studying twelve to fourteen hours a week, preached two services and did all the office work.  I hardly slept.  I do not know how I did it.  It was miraculous, and they all fell away, and I ministered to them personally.  I am in a personal relationship with everybody that God sends to me.  You are all free to call me at any time.


            COMMENT:  They liked their sin better than they liked the word of God.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Amen.  I remember this towards the end.  Now these people had been sitting under some very heavy teaching for a long time, and a word came forth that He wanted to deliver us from pride.  Everybody went running up.  They got hands laid on them, repented in general of pride, and within a very short period of time, the Lord revealed the word that pride was manifesting in them.  He brought it forth in them and not one of them recognized it as pride.  They followed after it and they are all back in the world except one of them.  She is still fighting, struggling, but coming along.  All of them would not take the correction.     


            Also, we have people across the country that study with us.  I honestly do not know if it is the same thing when they are so far away.  We have people across the country, aside from the people in Nigeria.  There is someone in the Phillippines studying it.  There is someone in Florida that has been with us for three years along with a couple of others.  There is also a couple of people in Maine.  It seems that when you are here and in the meetings, it is different than listening to the tapes.  The anointing is much stronger in the meeting.  God requires it of you.  The test is coming.  You can start counting down.  The test is coming.  I pray that you all take the victory.


            COMMENT:  What is it in a person who has been with the Lord a long time and studies the word of God, but insists that Paul had a proud spirit.  How could they say that?  Someone said she could prove many things from the Scriptures where Paul was in pride.


            PASTOR VITALE:  You can prove anything you want from the Scriptures.  I do not receive that word.  It is a false word.  It does not matter how many years you have studied.  It is a question of what spirit in you was studying.  Jesus even addressed Himself to that issue, that they study continuously, but they only gain knowledge without learning anything.  They study continuously, but they never learn anything.  He said something like that.


            COMMENT:  I sometimes do not sense the pure love.  It is a judgmental spirit, not a love spirit.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Of course you have to take the person’s whole personality.  Be careful.  Just ask the Lord to bless them, but I do not receive that word at all.  People say all kinds of things about Paul.  They say he is a woman hater.  I never heard anyone say he had pride, but you see, he is a big problem.  I hope you are all okay.  We are going very late tonight, but the Lord wants you to hear this.  We are nothing in our flesh.  Christ in us is everything.  When there is a powerful manifestation of Christ coming forth from a believer, Paul or anybody else that Christ is dwelling in, when there is a powerful outpouring of the Spirit of Christ, it attacks sin in adamic men.  It attacks the sin in them and they get stirred up.  Most of the time they do not know why they are upset.  It is something that the scientific or the psychological world calls projection that comes into play.  They get all upset and they decide that you are the problem.  They decide the  person in whom Christ is manifesting is the problem.  God could do anything.  If this woman is reading the Bible, maybe He is convicting her of pride right off the pages of the written word.  Instead of receiving the correction, she has made a judgment that Paul is the one who is proud.


            We talked about that in the meeting Sunday night.  This is what is going to happen to you.  I hope you do not do it, and if you do, I hope that you repent of it.  If you go on to be a minister for Christ, this is what is going to happen between you and the people.  I do not want you to get a wrong idea now.  Jesus does not send you out condemning people or saying you have this sin or you have that sin.  It does not work like that.  He puts you in relationships with people.  If you are in this relationship, you are there because Christ put you there to convict this person of sin.  You have a relationship with them and trouble arises or a conflict arises, and you cannot seem to resolve the conflict.  All of a sudden, they are accusing you of all kinds of things.  I do not want to give any example that anyone might recognize because I go through this all the time.  This goes with the doctrine.  This ministry of being in relationship with people, and having conflicts because Christ in me is revealing their sins, is a part of the ministry that you are entering into.


            I do not want to say anything that might let you know who I am talking about.  Just to give you an example, there was a woman that I was ministering to for quite a while.  She decided that she rejected the doctrine.  I said, okay, praise the Lord.  She could not believe that I said, okay, praise the Lord.  Whether you receive it or you reject it, it is not my business.  That is between you and Jesus.  Right?  Apparently, this problem is very common.  I am at peace with her.  I could continue in the relationship with her.  I have relationships with sinners.  I have a  relationship with a woman that is in adultery.  I have relationships with people in fornication.  I have a relationship with an Hasidic rabbi.  God has me in all kinds of relationships.  All I care about is that God put me there.  I do not judge you.  I could stay in the relationship with her if she does not receive this word.  It is no problem at all, but something in her was very upset.  She was finding it very difficult to be in a relationship with someone who had a different opinion than her.


            God was revealing an immaturity in her.  What does she start to do?  While I was in her life, the Lord used me to direct her to a deliverance church because she could not receive the word.  The Lord said she needed deliverance in her mind.  It was more than she could get here.  She needed a concentrated deliverance church.  She is now in a deliverance church.  I helped her to get in there.  She forgot all about how I helped her to get in there, and she starts praying psychic prayers towards me that I should start coming to this deliverance church.  I had a very rough time and I did not know what it was.  The Lord revealed that it was her.  I got angry at her and there is not a doubt in my mind that it was a righteous anger. I rebuked her because she was taking an ungodly authority over my life.  In her mind, she had taken me down from the authority God gave me and put me under another minister.  Why?  Why would anyone do this?  She could not live with the fact that I was maintaining that the doctrine was true.  She had to bring me down to where she was.


            This is a manifestation of pride and it is all unconscious.  I rebuked her, and there is not a doubt in my mind that it was Christ.  She said to me on the phone, I cannot be friends with you after this.  I recognized a spirit of manipulation, and I said, whatever you choose is fine with me.  Then she told me I did not love her because I spoke sharply to her.  Finally, she prayed and the conversation ended.  She rebuked the lying demon in me.  I am just sitting there saying she is rebuking a lying demon in me.  Now I am not knocking her.  This is what you are going to be up against.  She could not even discern one spirit from another.  The conversation ended on a good tone.  She prayed and calmed down.  She said she was alright and we said goodbye.  I got a letter from her saying hello and how are you?  I am fine and just resting in the knowledge that no prayer that I could pray, if it was not of Jesus, could hurt you.  This is aside from the fact that a couple of months before she had accused me of praying psychic prayers towards her.  She said I am resting in the knowledge that no prayer that I could pray could possibly hurt you.  She gave me some scripture that we are all going to be in heaven together even if she had rejected me.


            What am I talking about?  What happened here?  She utterly refused to take any responsibility whatsoever for what she did.  She was trying to pray me into her church, which in essence was praying against this ministry here.  She called me up on the phone and invited me to a meeting.  I said I could not go and she insisted that I go.  She was working witchcraft on me right to my face.  She utterly refused to acknowledge that she had done anything wrong, and drew the conclusion that I became angry at her and rebuked her because I felt rejected that she was not receiving this word.  This is a manifestation of pride and this is what you are up against when God sends you out in this ministry.  We talked about it on Sunday.


It is very complex.  What God requires of us in this situation is to never stop loving.  We are to stay in Christ.  If I were to slip back into adam, it probably would not have been good.  I am only telling you a fraction of it.  It was really bad what she was saying about me.  I had done nothing but bless her.  I sat with her for hours with a pencil and paper trying to explain this thing to her.


            To make herself feel good, to justify herself as scripture says, she would have to bring me down.  Does anyone not understand what I am talking about?  This is what we are called to in this ministry.  These are the serpents that we are to raise up.  We raise them up by the love of Christ.  Number one, we have to stay in Christ, no matter what they say to us.  They will say anything they can to drag you down to your adamic soul, because once they get you down, then they really have a good fight with you.  When you are standing in righteousness, they cannot budge you.  Whether it is conscious or whether it is unconscious, they know it.  It is not good enough to say I do not know what you are talking about because on an unconscious level they know what they are doing.


            Number one, we are required to stay in Christ.  Number two, never stop loving them.  Number three, our mind must be to help them.  There is no revenge.  There is no retaliation.  There is no pride of how dare you say that about me, and I am going to get you.  It has to be in our heart the whole time, that in this poor person, God went in there and stirred up their city.  God is a trouble maker.  He is a trouble maker and God did this to her.  God did it to her and He did it through me.  He put me right in the middle of it.  We are to stay in love.  We are to stay in compassion and mercy and righteousness.  If a rebuke is required, a rebuke is required.  I had to write her a four page letter because a lot of people have so much pride that when you are talking to them, their mind is so defensed in pride that they really cannot understand what you are saying.


            COMMENT:  I had gone to a recovery type group.  This was a while back.  I know the first thing that we learned was to try to be honest to ourselves because there is no sense of going on if you are not.  I just figured maybe there is so many problems because they cannot be honest with themselves.  They do not want to see themselves.  All of us have a little part of that, but we are trying to overcome.


            PASTOR VITALE:  You have to face that it is there before you can start to overcome it.  God is going to people that really love Him.  We are naive as adamic men.  Very frequently, we are on our face praying to God, help me, help me.  I need help.  I need help.  As a matter of fact, I did not realize it when I started saying it, this woman has been praying for help.  She has many emotional problems.  Help me Lord.  Help me Lord.  The way the Lord is going to help her is not the way she thinks she is going to get help.  The Lord answered her prayer and what is He doing?  He is revealing the problem in her own mind that will not even let her admit what her problems are.  He went right for the root and exposed it, but she never expected God to do that.  When you are in this ministry and God puts you in that position, the person whose sin is being revealed, sees you as an evil, hurtful, harmful person.  She could not hear a word that I was saying on the telephone.  I had to write her a four page letter so that she could read it slowly and go over it.  Then if she rejects it, it is between her and Christ.  At least, she received the word.


            It is our job to deliver the word in righteousness and in love.  Then God takes it from there.  That is the ministry that you are called to.  It is very glorious, but it can be painful in the soul realm.  In the realm of the Spirit, it is very glorious because somewhere along the way she is going to come around.  I do not know how long it will take.  It could take a couple of years, but she is going to come around.  I have to tell you, that every person that I know of, that God has put me through this, where He has literally sacrificed me and subjected me to their wrath so that He could start to move in their life, they have all come around by the power of God.  I am the vessel that He used.  I am the vessel that He put in front of their face for them to stumble over because God moves in a legal manner.  He will not judge your sin unless it has been established.  Your sin must be proven before He will judge it.  How does He prove that you have this sin?  He sends a son to you who is prepared in a particular area and He causes them to stumble.


            It is called the two witness company.  This is what we are going to be doing, but not before we are ready.  Do not go before the anointing.  Please do not go before the anointing.  You have to be prepared.  You have to be delivered.  He is not going to send you to judge someone’s pride when you have pride.  It is not that I do not have any pride, but it is very much under control.  I have had a lot of deliverance.  You have to be prepared.


            COMMENT:  I find it is very hard to talk to many people about what is being preached here.  I feel I want to be more knowledgeable so that I will be able to bring it forth under the anointing rather than cause a stumbling block for someone else.  I believe God has allowed me to speak to some, but not to many.


            PASTOR VITALE:  You cannot do anything.  It has to be God that arranges the whole thing.


            COMMENT:  I find that right now, He is not bringing me to tell anybody about this ministry.


            PASTOR VITALE:  This is for very few in this hour.  As I started to say when you came in, do not get distressed if the meetings get very small, because in this hour they are very small.  It is very few that are being invited.  A lot of carnal minded people will look at you and say that is proof that it is not of God, but it is not proof.  The Lord has always used small groups throughout the entire Scripture.  There were just twelve apostles along with Jesus.


            COMMENT:  I got Matthew and the wedding banquet while you were speaking.  Many are invited, but few are chosen.  Just because there are few does not mean it is not of God.  It is most certainly the opposite.


            PASTOR VITALE:  There were just twelve apostles and they turned the whole world upside down.  I understand what you feel, but Jesus is your cover.  Jesus Christ is your cover.  Just get on your face before God and keep the matter before Him.  Do not go to a man with this because you are going to get the wrong counsel.  You all look pretty strong.  Praise the Lord.


            COMMENT:  I have problems with certain people.  I guess that comes with maturity.  The Lord allowed me to talk to a priest the last time.  That was hard.  I did not think I would ever do that, since I come from the Catholic Church.  It was his doing.  It had nothing to do with me.  Thank God for that.  I have trouble sometimes with people.  I have a friend that I really like, but this guy is into God is universal, Buddha, all gods or whatever.  It is hard to deal with.  I will talk, but it seems like it is going to get into an argument.  I just have to not talk about it, but then you feel you want to talk about it, but you cannot because simple things cannot be received.


            PASTOR VITALE:  A lot of people rebuke me because I do not “witness”the way they think that I should witness.  God has shown me to be all things to all men.  I will meet with a lot of people and not say a word until I believe it is Christ.  I was in the hospital a year ago for three months.  God brought a lot of people to me and they did not even know I was a Christian.  I was rebuked by people who knew I was a Christian.  Oh run into that room and pray for that one.  Go in there and pray for that one.  I would only go to those whom the Lord sent me.  He did send me, but I had to wait for it.  I had a highly demonized woman in the next bed to me, so one of the aides there who was a Christian was laying hands on her, and I was praying from the next bed, and we were casting demons out of her. (Laughter)  We had revival in the hospital, but only when the Lord said speak.  I agree with people to the fullest extent that I can without compromising myself.  First of all, you have to make sure God wants you in the conversation with the person.  Then I look for a common denominator.  I look for something that I can agree with them on.


            I have been in some horrible conversations and I prayed, Lord, will you please be glorified in this conversation and the whole conversation changes.  He will honor your prayers if your heart is to minister to this person and to minister to Christ in this ministry.  He will answer your prayers, but it is practice.  I did this for long periods of time before I got to the point where I could have the presence of mind to pray silently in the midst of this thing.  The most important thing is you cannot be manifesting yourself.  You are manifesting yourself if you are all upset that you cannot talk about it.  Nothing is to be taken personal.  Of course, we all have to get that carnality swept out of us so that our responses are not carnal.  Men will hate you for it.  They will expect your response to be carnal.


            Do you want me to pray for your son now with his sleeping problem?  You know I used to have a German Shepherd by your name.  There was also a little boy next door by that same name and every time I called my dog, he used to say what are you bothering me for?  Do you want me to lay hands on your little boy now?


            I used to wake up every morning at two o’clock.  I told the Lord it was weird.  I would wake up at two o’clock in the morning with this grief all over me.  The Lord showed me that it was morning in the Arabic countries and they were all praying their prayers against this country.  Then it stopped and it just started again.  I really think that he is spiritually sensitive and he is receiving some kind of psychic prayer.  You said it is several times a night sometimes and he wakes in terror.  When I prayed for you, it came out under the anointing that there was a lot of envy coming against your marriage.  Did you relate to that at all?


            COMMENT:  We had discussed that, but could not pinpoint where it was coming from for sure.  Maybe this body building stuff is something I am envious of.  The only thing we could think of is that there are people that are envious of us for being restored and seeking the Lord.  Some are Hindu.  You said, this is a perfect example of psychic prayers, if this is true.  Our son has had this problem since he was an infant, but it really is getting worse.


            PASTOR VITALE:  We will pray and see if anything comes out under the anointing.  Father, in the name of Jesus, we just break every curse on this little boy’s head and break the power of psychic prayers, break the power of fear and terror by night.  We rebuke everything that would steal him of peaceful sleep in the name of Jesus.  (Tongues) We just break the power of Hari Krishna over him.  We break any ungodly soul tie that he might have with his brothers.  We break that spirit of envy that is attacking the whole household that is coming against you.  We just break you and send you back, wherever you are coming from.  Go back and be exposed in the name of Jesus.  (Tongues) We just break any family line curses that might be operating in him.  We break curses of adultery and fornication.  Lord, I just ask you to insulate him from the anguish and memories that have terrified him and made him insecure in his young mind.  Give him peace, Lord.


            He got deliverance.  Let us call it an acts 19 service.  Once I was in a tent revival in Harlem and my girlfriend brought her mother there.  She was a religious Catholic who went to mass every day.  It was a ten day campaign.  She just walked in one day and did not know it was an Acts 19 service.  There were all these crucifixes and statues all over.  She got all upset and went up to talk to the preacher and said, I will take them home with me.  Do not destroy them.  What are you going to do with them?  He said, I am going to burn them.


            COMMENT:  The Lord sent my wife into the attic one time.  She was not even sure what she was looking for, but there was a rosary up there and a crucifix from her father-in-law or something like that.  We threw some other stuff out too.


            PASTOR VITALE:  I would think He expected you to know better.  You really have to repent for taking him there.  You made a mistake.  There is a seducing spirit on him.


            COMMENT:  I did not realize.  I cleaned the house and I did not know what to do with these things.  I should have thrown it in the dumps instead of bringing it home.  It is all these attachments to idols.  What do I do in reference to my husband?  He has all these crucifixes in the house.


            PASTOR VITALE:  It is his house.  You cannot force him to throw them out.  All you can do is tell the Lord that you do not want it there and the Lord has to deal with him.  When you have an unsaved loved one, you are very restricted as to what you could do.  If your husband insists on having a Christmas tree, all you can say is, Lord, I am willing to not have it, but you have to deal with him on this.


            COMMENT:  I have the same problem with my husband.  I just told him if you want it, you are going to have to do it yourself.  They did it for one year and then they did not like taking it down and going through all the trouble involved.


            Deliverance is now taking place.  Father, in the name of Jesus, we just crush this carnal mind.  We command you to come into submission to Christ and command all false doctrine to come down.  Whatever that seducing spirit is that had him bring that picture into this house, we curse you at your root and we continue to break the power of the Roman Catholic Church over his mind.  We break the power of infant baptism, over the Pope, over the holy eucharist and communion, if you received it.  We break the power of the rosary.  We break the power of Mary and the scapular, and all those holy pictures, cards, candles, incantations, and all those statues and pictures of another Jesus.  We condemn you and we slay you and command you to die.  In the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, we burn you in the spirit.  Any spirit of Christmas or Easter that is in there, any group in him that could cause him to be seduced back to observing these rituals again, we curse you and burn you and command you to go.


            We break all these ungodly soul ties with the Roman Catholic Church and any ungodly soul ties rooted in Catholicism with any other human being, including parents or godparents, in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Loose his mind and let him go.  I command this carnal mind to start breaking up.  He is called by the Lord and you will not keep him from coming.  Break up, break up and die and be destroyed.  Father, over this next coming week, I ask that you reveal to him whatever in your judgment is a false doctrine or a false understanding.  I pray that you bring it to his mind and convict him of its error, that he might repent, Father, and get deliverance from it.  There is no room for any false doctrine in this hour because nothing of the lie is entering into the kingdom.  We cannot take it in with us.  I just ask that you bless him, Father, from the top of his head to the bottom of his toes.  He really wants you to make it.


            Continued deliverance prayer goes on as people are being delivered.  I just crush that carnal mind and I rebuke it and I break it into pieces and I command it to dissolve and be torn down.  I just bless this marriage, Lord.  I bless it from the highest heaven and I rebuke every enemy of this marriage and every power coming against this marriage, either from within them or from without them.  I just pray for heavenly strength to come down, Lord, and cover them and that they be bound together with cords of the love of Jesus Christ.  I pray they both come to a place where they will be willing to die for one another, that they might become one in your Spirit.  I pray that you come forth in them and that you increase in them and that you be glorified in them and in their son, Lord.  May this whole marriage, and this whole family, and this whole household be unto your glory, Lord.  I ask that you go forth as a man and woman to defeat every enemy that would seek to hinder this prayer from coming to pass.  In the name of Jesus, we pray it.  Amen.


            Satan, we cut your tongue out and all that chatter.  You will stop talking to her.  You will be silent until the hour that the Lord casts you out.  You will not tell her that you are god.  You will not give her instructions.  You will not confuse her.  You will not make her afraid, but you will leave her mind and you will bend your knee to Christ, in the name of Jesus.  I pray the same prayer for her that I prayed for him, that over this next week, that you convict her of anything that you consider false doctrine in her mind.  Bring it to her memory so that she could repent and give her the equivalent true doctrine.  Fill her mind with true doctrine and let Christ be formed in her, Father, and be glorified in her in the name of Jesus.  Enter in.  Glory to God.


            All of that yawning is deliverance.  I really was not bored with your company at the beginning of the message.  I was getting deliverance myself.  Do not be embarrassed.  Some people do not realize that it is deliverance, and say how could I be yawning in this meeting, and they try to cover it up, but it is just deliverance.  That is all it is.


            COMMENT:  Could you just pray with me?  I do not know for what, just for whatever blessing I have need of, for everything.  (Laughter)


            PASTOR VITALE:  Father, in the name of Jesus, I just curse this carnal mind.  I crush it at its root and I command it to dissolve and deflate and come down and continuously to descend and never rise again.  I ask you, Father, that you defeat every enemy in her mind and every false doctrine in accordance with your determination.  Show it to her.  Show her the error and convict her and give her the truth, in the name of Jesus.  The power of God just fell on you and you will never be the same.  Glory to God.  Alleluia.  Thank you Jesus.  Please stand behind her.  She is going down.


            Tongues came forth from .  I will do it, saith the Lord.  Fear not, for I am capable.  I can deal with your carnal mind and I can deal with your lack of education.  I have called you from before the foundation of the earth, saith the Lord.  I shall prosper that which I have purposed, saith the Lord.


            Deliverance continues.  I curse every false doctrine that she has heard in accordance with the judgment of the Lord.  I command you to shrivel up and wither and die.  May the truth of the Lord be rooted in her mind and may it grow and become a big tree and may no spiritual force be able to uproot it.  May she be everything that she has been called to be in Christ.  May she defeat every enemy.  May she overcome every hindrance and may nothing stand against the maturation of Christ in her.  Glory to God.  I just break the power of Rome over her.  I break the power of the Papacy, the Roman Catholic baptism, the crucifix, another Jesus, scapular, candles, false doctrine, Mariolatry, and idolatry.  We curse you at your root.  Antichrist, loose her and let her go.  Are you okay?


            In the name of Jesus, I curse your blood line and I crush it and I rip it out at its root.  I rebuke bitterness and unforgiveness and rebellion against her husband.  Any Jezebel that is in there, we curse you.  Everything that is in her mind that is preventing her from going on with God because of wrong attitudes towards her husband, I condemn you and I ask you Father, that you give her a love for her husband.  I ask that you give her compassion and understanding and sympathy and that you rip out at its root all unforgiveness, every memory of every time that he has hurt her, every memory of every time that he has abused her and mistreated her and broken her heart.  Lord, I ask that you grant her forgiveness for him.  Heal her soul, Lord God, and give her the victory in the midst of the fire.  We know your ways, Lord.  We are not going to change him, but you will change her.  Give her a new heart towards him, Lord.  Jesus.  Jesus.  Jesus.


            The Lord says you have been emotionally abused by him.  I just break the power of this abuse over her mind.  Heal her, Lord.  Heal her, Lord.  You have to cry.  Let it go.  It is not self pity.  You have been abused.  That is false discernment.  Please get some paper towels for her.  God bless you. He is ripping all that out.  It has been hindering you from understanding the word, but He is going to get you through.  All this is junk.  It is all mixed up together.  It is rebellion, unforgiveness, bitterness, but He is ripping it out.  He started Sunday night.  When it all comes out, you are going to be able to understand the word.  He is going to fill up all the area that He ripped all this junk out of.  Praise the Lord.


            You know you have a right to feel bad.  It does not have to be self pity if you have been abused.  That is not self pity to say I have been abused and it hurts.  You just confessed that you feel these things towards him and you repented.  Just ask the Lord to give you a love for him.  It is going.  Try to love him.  I do not really know the circumstances of what is going on here.  If you feel that rebellion rise up in your heart, if he says something to you, rebuke it.  The Scripture says you should submit to your husband.  Then God deals with your husband.  No matter how abusive the man is, God wants you in order.  When you are in order, he may get saved.  The Lord is really going to go after him.  I mean I am not promising you that.  Right now I know that God wants you in proper submission in your heart, not just in your behavior.  I know your behavior is very submissive to him, but He wants your heart to be submissive to him.  Then He is going to really move on your family.  Anything could happen.  Praise God.


            I am asking for prayer for the Lord to do whatever He has to do in me and my husband for him to come to the Lord.  In the name of Jesus, I crush this carnal mind.  I curse it at its root and I chop it to pieces and command you to go down under the Christ in her and never rise again.  You are rebuked.  Get down.  Wow, you have a powerful carnal mind.  It is strong.  All those Roman Catholic spirits in there, I curse you.  All that Roman Catholic heritage, the Pope, Mary, the crucifix, candles, infant baptism, antichrist, we just rebuke you.  Submission to the priests, desire to be a nun, I burn that convent that is in her soul.  Come down out of her mind.  You submit to Christ.  (Tongues)


            All religious spirits, we utterly condemn you, everything that is a religious work.  Her salvation is not in works.  It is by grace, that no man should boast.  You get out of there all those religious works.  Get off of her mind in the name of Jesus.  Burn up, burn up.  Father, I ask you if there is anything that she could do that would cause her husband to get saved, that you would reveal it to her.  We know, Father, that the decision is in your hands and it may or may not be something she could do.  If there is something, I ask that you reveal it to her, Father.  We pray for his salvation and we bless that man and we rebuke the bondages over him.  We rebuke his hard heart and we ask that you circumcise his heart.  Give him a new heart.  If it is at all possible, within your plan for him, that you bring him to salvation, in the name of Jesus.


            We curse that sciatica pain at its root.  Dry up and disappear.  We break the curse that gives this sciatica legal authority to manifest.  In the name of Jesus, we curse this cancer at its root.  We curse those roots and command them to wither and to dry up and to die.  We break the curse that is giving this cancer life and we command it to disappear from her body in the name of Jesus.  We also ask for healing on her mind for all of the torment this cancer caused her.  Any faith that was lost because of it, may it be restored to her now.  Give her double for her shame, Lord.  Lord, she has been fighting valiantly.  She wants this doctrine.  I pray that you look upon her faith and upon her perseverance and upon her efforts, Father.  I pray that everything in it that is of God that you give it to her, Lord.  Fill her up with it, Father, from the top of her head to the bottom of her toes.  Give her understanding, and let it do its work in her.  I pray, Father, when the hour of her testing comes, that she prevail as Jacob prevailed.  Let her look upon her sin and confess it, Lord, and be delivered that you may increase in her and that she might go forth and be a partaker of His glorious ministry of this glorious high calling.


            I thank you for her and I bless her and her entire household and her entire family.  May she have double for all of the shame and persecution she has borne at the hand of her entire family.  She has been serving a long time, Lord.  I ask that she reap what she has sown, that she reap mercy and compassion and honor and faithfulness and all of the good things of God.  I am going to pray a prayer that you did not ask for, but I know it is really burning on your heart.  If she should die, we do not know.  Maybe she is going to live forever, but if she should die and her husband, that you raise up someone to take her daughter.  May it be someone who is going to love her and bless her and honor her just like you and your husband have.  Give her a peace about it, Lord, that you will take care of this for them, so that she will not have to go into an institution.  Thank you Jesus.  I know He is going to answer that prayer.


            Prayer:  Father, give her strength.  Give her that vitality and strength to endure each day.  Let her night’s sleep be as many hours more than it actually was because you said you give your beloved rest.  Father, I know she is your beloved.  She is serving you and feeding us your word and trying to grow us up, Father God.  We ask that you take care of her.  She has been faithful and we thank you that her faith is going to be made strong through her experiences.  I believe that you are doing a new thing in each of us and you are using this vessel.  Strengthen us while she is gone and when she returns may she find us in one accord, Father.  We ask that this thing that you are doing in her, that you unite her with her family in a way that only you can do.  We thank you, Father, that you sent her into our path.  We ask you to bless her and multiply the blessings upon her, Father.  She has been so faithful for all these years.  We praise you, Father, and thank you.  We ask all this in the name of Jesus.


            Continue to grant her health, Lord.  Continue to anoint her and manifest your love upon her as she brings the word forth to those you have called to these meetings.  Bless her on this trip and all you have in store for her.  Bless her for her obedience, with much knowledge and wisdom.  We give you all the glory, Lord.  We break all hexes, vexes, spells, psychic powers of witchcraft that come against her as she goes and as she comes.  Put a hedge of angels around her, oh God.      



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