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            There is nothing wrong with street witnessing.  There is nothing wrong with anything.  I am not knocking anything.  What we are trying to get to is a spiritual place where everything that we do is ordered of the Lord.  The only things that we do for Christ is going to last.  Christians hear that and they think that includes giving out tracts and whatever we want to do.  No, it is whatever Christ in us moves us to do.  When it says it is going to last, what it means is it is going to have lasting value.  If we witness to somebody, and God never told us to do it, or even if we are calling them, and calling them and calling them, and they do not come, what we are doing is draining our own physical and spiritual and mental energies. It will never prosper because we can plant and we can water, but only Christ can bring the increase.  It just will never prosper.  You can exhaust yourself.


            A few of us were in a deliverance church where we could have stayed for four hours casting demons out of people.  We used to go home exhausted.  There are people in what they call deliverance ministry.  There is a lot of pride in deliverance ministry because the people tend to think that they have the power to cast out demons.  You will find in God, just like in the world, the Lord will let us believe things that are not really quite true because we just are not mature to handle the truth.  You have a five year old son.  There are just some things you are not going to tell him at five.  Some things that you tell him is not really quite the truth.  It is not really a lie, but you know he could never comprehend the truth.  It has been a long time since I have had a young child, so I have to give you a way out example, a non Christian example.  My parents used to tell their kids that the stork brought a baby.  I do not agree with that, but I am just trying to make a point.  If your child asked you how a baby is born, what are you going to tell him?  Maybe you are going to tell him it comes from mommy.  You are not going to give him the graphic details of birth.  He could not comprehend it.  It is just the truth.


            We are the children in the kingdom, and we start out being infants.  God lets us believe a lot of things that really are not true.  He lets us believe them knowing that as we mature, we will outgrow them.  Deliverance ministry is one of those things.  One of the pitfalls of being in deliverance ministry is that you think that you have power to cast out demons.  Now that is not true.  No human being has that power.  It is just like a little boy trying to lift up a weight, and his father is there behind him being all the strength, and the kid thinks he does it.  That is what it is.  For five years He let us believe that we could cast out demons.  When God gives a lesson, He usually gives it to a group of people at a time.  When you are in a particular grade in God, everybody in the Church is not in that grade, and there could be people in many fellowships that are in that grade, and how do you know you are in the same grade?  He starts witnessing the same thing to you.  All of a sudden, you have no power to cast demons out.  Five years of all this glory.  You went over and touched someone on the head, and they rose up and threw a chair across the room screaming and yelling.  It took six guys to hold them down.


            Now you are over there, and you are rebuking, and you are rebuking, and nothing is happening.  If you do not understand what is going on, you think you lost your power, but the truth is you never had any power.  God has given you some experiences in Christ to build your confidence to know that there is such a thing as demons, that it is real that a Christian can have a demon, and that we as children of the kingdom do have authority over demons,   He let me spend five years casting them out.  I had a lot of power.  I had a lot of power, but it was not my power.  Then one day He came to me and said, guess what, it is not your power.  I could not do a thing.  It is devastating to your ego, which is wonderful because that it exactly what He wants to do.  He wants to devastate your ego.  I remember one time I was praying for a young man, who was about 6'3", a really big guy, who was not that thin either.  I was praying for him, and he was just standing there.  I am only 5'2" and the Lord said to me, step back, he is going to get violent.


            This man was a strong believer, and he had been around for a long time.  He was not a novice.  I said to him, I am stepping back because the Lord said you are going to get violent.  The man said, oh come on, Sheila.  I said, just stand there and do not walk away.  He said alright and all of a sudden, he just went hurtling backwards and flew about six feet across the room.  He started knocking all the chairs around and about six guys came over and jumped on him, and I walked away.  When he got up off the floor, he said, what did you do?  I said, I did not do anything.  This is the next lesson.  It has been reported to me that a lot of people that were in that church experienced the same powerlessness after many years of feeling this pride.  God only knows who you are in Christ, and there is incredible pride in these ministries.  It goes with the immaturity.  Praise the Lord.


          Then you find out it was not your power, and you walk away.  I spent about two years like this.  I see a lot of ministers in this same condition where they are reluctant to pray for you.  I did not want to pray for anybody.  Why?  Because my pride was devastated.  What if I prayed for you and did not get healed?  What if I cast a demon out and it did not go?  It was just devastating to me.  For about two years I would not pray for anybody.  The Lord worked a lot of miracles through me.  He gave me a lot of confidence.  The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.  We had a seminar one night, and a woman came in from New Jersey and told me that she had just come from the doctor after taking blood tests.  She was diagnosed with a devastating blood disease.  We prayed for that, and that day the Lord had me in the Scriptures studying out the curses that are associated with shaving a woman’s head.  She was a very attractive woman.  I doubt that she was haughty.  She was about thirty.  She said, you know this is a wig.  I do not have a hair on my head.  Then I knew that was why the Lord had me study those scriptures.  She was perfectly healthy, as far as she knew, except for this blood disease.  Her hair had fallen out years before.  We broke all the curses as the Lord had showed me in that study.  I heard from her a few months later.  She went and got her blood tested, and she was completely healed and her hair grew back.  Now this is five years of glory like this and then I could not do a thing.  It was devastating.  I was crushed because I did not understand it.


            You have a benefit of my experience.  I did not understand it, and I did not want to pray for anybody.  Little by little, the Lord walked me through it.  He showed me that I had to repent of pride, because if I did not have any pride, I would pray for you and if you did not get healed, I would not be taking responsibility for it.  The fact that I was taking responsibility for someone’s failure to get healed is pride because I do not have any power to heal anybody.  It was a very hard lesson that we all are eventually going to go through.  It is a big lesson and a good lesson.  The more crushed we are, the more power Christ can flow through us.  Our soul must be in total submission to Christ to experience the glory of God.  He will not compete with us.  He will break us, and He will crush us, but at any given instant He will not compete with us.  He will go away.  He will go to somebody else.  He will get His will done, but He will go to somebody else.  The unconscious is so important, even if it is on an unconscious level.  If you are seeking your own glory, He will give you a certain amount of time to repent.  Only He knows how much time, and it is not exactly the same with everybody.  He knows your heart.  He will give you a certain amount of time to repent and overcome.  If you cannot, you are going to get left back.  He leaves people back.  I have seen Him leave people back.


            We have got to overcome our own pride.  There are very many hidden manifestations of pride.  If we are going to be doing this, on no matter how unconscious a level for our own glory, we are holding ourself back, and he is going to crush that.  He is going to rip it up out of us.  If we will not work with Him, at some point, He could make a judgment that He is going to let go and go to somebody else.  These are all the realities.  People in the Church today do not know God.  They really do not know Him.  They think that He is soft, and they think that He is easy.  He is a very loving God, but He has shown me that He is likened to a military commander.  He is tough.  He is not the way we think He is.  Maybe when we are babies, He is that way.  That is the reality of it.  He is going itchy itchy goo, but you look at the people He is going itchy itchy goo to, and they do not have much power.  If they do have power, it is the loaned power, which is going to be withdrawn from everybody that has it, at the time that the sons of God manifest.


                  Do you all know what the sons of God are?  The Scripture uses several different names for a group of people that the Lord is going to appear in, in full stature.  Full stature is full spiritual manhood.  What does that mean?  It means that He is our new mind.  He is our life.  He is our new personality, and He is going to have our adamic personality, our adamic mind, chained up and bound underneath Him.  This is Satanic being chained in the bottomless pit.  The chain is Christ.  Paul said, I wear this chain, and I am not ashamed that I am a bond servant of Christ.  When Satan is bound in the bottomless pit, he is underneath Christ.  He cannot manifest.  He cannot get you to obey him.  You could still hear him, but he cannot get you to obey him.  There are several names for this group of people that are coming into this spiritual condition.  The reason they have many names is not that the Lord wants to confuse us, but that is the way of the Lord that He gives a different name to the same group of people to describe what they are doing at that moment.


            The same group of people will be having many functions, just like you.  He is a man.  He is a husband.  He is a father.  He is a son.  He is a friend.  He is a Christian.  Now I have just named five different qualities of your life.  We will find, in the Scripture, the Lord referring to this group of people by several different names.  The difference in the name, the purpose of that difference is to indicate what function they are fulfilling at that time.  It is just like the kingdom of God is the same place as the kingdom of heaven, but the expression the kingdom of heaven describes where it is, and the expression the kingdom of God describes who is ruling in it, but it is the same place.  The sons of God are a group of people who walk after the Spirit of God, we are told in the Book of Romans.


            Eventually, it is for everyone who is living on the face of the earth in that day.  I personally think it is far away.  The Lord is starting with a small group of people and it is going to spread through the whole earth.  Your example is when Christianity first started and there are Christians all over the earth today, but they are not in full stature.  First, God is producing Christians.  Then He is going to raise them up to full stature.  At the very end of this age, every human being on the face of the earth will either enter into this condition or they will die.  What we are going to have left on the earth is a planet inhabited by human beings in whom Christ in appearing as their total mind.  The whole world will be in full submission to Christ.  There will be no sin.  It is impossible to sin when Christ is our mind.  We have approximately fifteen hundred years to go, between a thousand and fifteen hundred years to go.  I have not studied it to my satisfaction yet, but we have at least a thousand years, probably closer to fifteen hundred, to see the whole world in this condition.


            Until the whole world gets in this condition, we have a battle on our hands.  Jesus said, either you are with me or you are against me.  There is no walking the line.  Either you are following Him, and when you are follow Him, you know what you have got waiting for you.  You have got reproach.  You have got rejection.  You have got people lying about you.  You have difficulties in this world, but in the realm of the Spirit you have glory.  The hidden manna is glorious.  It is harder at the beginning because you are still very tied to this natural world.  Once He really starts pulling you out, it gets easier and easier, but you have got to really love Him.  You really have to want Him more than anything in the world, but He has got a people.  He said in His Word, He has got seven thousand that have not bowed their knee to Baal.  He will give you the strength to follow Him.  I am not scaring you, am I?


            You have to be educated, right?  For some people it is harder and for others it is easier.  I would be doing you a disservice if I told you that you were just going to go to church on Sundays and Thursdays and you were going to find yourself in this glorious condition.  You are not going to find yourself in this glorious condition.  You would be amazed at what people think about God.  You would be totally amazed at how confused their thoughts are about God.  I do not know what we were talking about that I got on this subject, but praise the Lord.  I seem to have lost my main point, Father.  I just ask that you continue with the meeting.  We will just go on.  If the Lord moves you to say something or ask a question, please go ahead.  Thank you Jesus.


            COMMENT: Do you feel there is going to be a small amount of people coming into this condition?


            PASTOR VITALE:  At the beginning and then it is going to increase.  I do not know for sure.  A lot of things that I say, a lot of opinions that I have, are based on my studies in the Scripture.  This opinion is not based on my studies in the Scripture because the Lord has not given me the time to study this subject.  I see so many people that do not want to pay the price that my personal opinion, based on what I see, is that it is going to be a very small group at the beginning, but I could be wrong.  I studied that scripture, to get into the kingdom the way is very narrow, meaning very thin.  To put it simply, only the very thin or narrow are going to get in because weight in the Scripture is associated with sin, and we are not getting in with any sin on our back at all.  We have to be stripped down.  All the excess fat has to be taken off of us to get into the kingdom.  The way is narrow.  We cannot get in with all that sin on our back.  Only the stripped down person will get in.  A lot of people use that scripture in a bad way.  They will use it to say that I am called and they are not.  


            COMMENT:  I am thinking of the scripture in Matthew that many are invited and few are chosen.  They have to be dressed for the wedding.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, you have to be prepared.  I have never done this study, but some ministers that I respect as Bible teachers have studied this word, many are.  They claim that if you study the Greek grammar, what it is really saying is, the many, and that is an expression to describe all of humanity.  The many is invited.  All of humanity is invited, but everybody is not willing to pay the price.


            Of course, Jesus talked about the different soils and how the stony ground can interfere with your walk with the Lord.  One came up with thorns and the other came up with stones.  Our soul is going to produce opposition to the Spirit of God.  Some fell on the wayside.  It did not even get on the soul, but God is not concerned.  He has got everything under control.  Once the first group stands up, it is going to go much faster.  There was thousands of years before Jesus appeared, and now it is only two thousand years since Jesus appeared, and it is going to be somewhere between a thousand and fifteen hundred years before this thing goes to the whole earth.  As far as God is concerned, He is moving very quickly.  Praise the Lord.


            COMMENT:  What is our mission now?


            PASTOR VITALE:  Our mission is to be the virgins with the oil because there is a door that is about to open into the heavenly realm.  You see there is a time and a season for everything.  Paul said, that he was born out of season.  I believe Paul was in full stature.  He said, I live, but yet not I, Christ liveth in me.  I believe Paul, at that time was in full stature, but yet his body died.  He said, I am offered up.  He did not say I am going to be crucified.  He did not say he was going to be executed.  He said, I am offered up.  I am of the opinion that they could not have killed him because he was in the condition that Jesus was in before the crucifixion, where Jesus said, no man taketh my life, I lay it down.  I think Paul said he was offered up because he could have lived.  He could have lived forever, probably, if he was in full stature, but he was offered up because he was born out of season.  It was not the time for the sons of God to manifest.


            Now a lot of people say, that when Stephen was stoned and murdered, that the 12th apostle that replaced Stephen was Paul.  I have heard that ministers have a lot of controversy over whether Paul was the 12th apostle or whether the apostle that the remaining eleven apostles chose was Matthias.  I have heard all kinds of scholarly debates over whether Mathias or Paul was actually the 12th apostle.  I cannot prove this to you, and you can try the Spirit, but I am of the opinion that Mathias was the 12th apostle, and that Paul was in stead of Christ.  Paul was in stead of Christ.  He was in full stature.  The other apostles may not have been in full stature.


            COMMENT:  In one of the epistles, Paul said, I am an apostle.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Jesus Christ was an apostle too, but that does not mean He was one of the twelve.


            The Lord has shown me that all apostles are not in full stature.  What an apostle is, is someone in whom Christ is dwelling in some measure of maturity, in whom Christ is ruling their life to some measure, you are an apostle.  Now I do not know any apostle in this hour that is in full stature.  It is not possible until we enter into the season, which we are waiting for.  It is going to happen.  It could be any day now to enter into the season.  I think that God has several people prepared.  The preparation is within.  When we enter into that season, it is going to bloom forth and they will stand up in full stature.  The only reason they are not in full stature is the day has not come yet.


            In the Book of Revelation, we talk about angels that are prepared for that particular day, month and year.  I do not know that I could show it to you in the Scripture, but there is not a doubt in my mind that He has a group of people that are inwardly prepared.  The minute we go over the line, Christ is going to manifest in them because their preparation is there.  It will be as obvious as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west.  We did a word by word translation in the little epistle in the back of I John on those scriptures.  John says, when this happens, there is going to be a public announcement, and therefore all of the believers that are in the church world that believe this, that are waiting for Christ to appear, there is not going to be a question of a doubt in anybody’s mind in whom He appeared and in whom He did not.  It is in I John, Chapter 2:28 and Chapter 3: 1-3.  John said, when this hour happens, do not be ashamed.  Do not find out that you were out there spouting deep doctrine, that this deep doctrine did not do its work in your heart, and Christ did not appear in you, when we get publicity.  When we looked up the word in the Greek, that was what it meant, when we get publicity, do not be ashamed.  Let the word do its work in your heart.  Now let the word do its work in your heart now because everyone that has this hope of His coming purifieth himself.


            That is what we are doing now.  We are doing two things.  It is a two pronged effort.  We are getting this doctrine because it is the doctrine when it engrafts into your heart that is going to start purifying you.  God might anoint someone to cast a demon out of you from the outside, but ultimately this word has got to root inside of you.  God will only anoint someone to do it from the outside in the cases where the person is new, and they need that to get started because there is so much thorns and stones in their heart that the word is not going to engraft unless they get that cleansing in their mind or the crushing of the carnal mind.  You can express it in many ways.  Once that word gets inside your heart, the cleansing shifts from someone outside of you to the Christ in your very own heart.  When the Christ in your very own heart is very young, you might still be getting help from the outside.  I still get deliverance.  I get a lot from within, but I will take anybody’s prayer.  I appreciate you for praying for me last week.  I cannot get rid of this cold.  By and large, once that word gets engrafted in your soul, it is just a matter of time until it is the Christ in you that is doing the majority of the work.


            You might need a strengthening hand from the Christ in somebody else.  Sometimes I have experienced it, that you do not have to say a word, that there is a problem with a strong believer being overcome, and another strong believer just walks into the room and the Christ in both of them link up.  I know we had a woman in the fellowship in the Brunswick hospital.  She was in a car accident, and they told her that she had a crack in her spine.  They had her lying there, and she could not move, and they were talking about paralysis.  It was very stressful.  She felt the Lord telling her to leave the hospital.  She was overcome by the doctors and the nurses and the threat of being paralyzed.  She could not take the victory.  The Lord told me to go see her in the hospital.  It was very strange.  She had her son call for prayer the night before.  I woke up in the morning and I said, well, she is coming home, so I was not going to go all the way into Brunswick from Port Jefferson.  Then the  Lord told me to go.  I did not realize that I was going to be the one to take her home.  I went all the way to Brunswick, and I walked into the room.  She looked terrible, depressed and pale.


            The second I walked into the room, I felt that the Christ in me just connected with the Christ in her.  I did not do a thing.  She just sat up in bed, and she told them she was going home.  I took her out of there, and the doctors were all in shock.  She had a male nurse who literally had murder in his eyes for me.  They would not look at me.  When we walked out, their heads were down like this.  They make you leave in a wheelchair.  When I wheeled her out, she got up and she was fine, but they were telling her she was going to be paralyzed.  I did not pray for her.  Whether she really did have the crack and God healed her, or whether there was some kind of a scam going on because I understand that hospital is known for keeping you there for long periods of time when you are not sick.  Whichever it was, I do not know, but the nurses there believed that she was in danger of paralysis.  When I walked out, there was a hush over the whole floor.  It was incredible.  (Laughter)


            COMMENT:  God does not have to have you pray.  If He wants to do something, it is not like I wish they would pray so I could do something.


            PASTOR VITALE:  That is the whole point.  He does not need us at all.  He is letting us do it because we are in training, but believe me, He does not need our words.


            COMMENT:  When you walked into the room, would that not fulfill the scripture, that one would put a thousand to flight and two would put ten thousand to flight?


            PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, and this is a very important point.  As we discussed before, spiritual things are spiritual things, whether it is the Spirit of God or whether it is not the Spirit of God.  The operation is the same, only one is negative and legal, and one is positive and illegal.  It is important for us to know that in Satan’s realm of spirits, spirits link up.  If we have a weakness in us and someone walks into the room with that same weakness, it links up.  I have seen this happen with someone that had an emotional problem.  You did not know that believers have emotional problems? (laughter) Yes, a lot of believers of emotional problems.  This person was a highly demonized person, and we ran into another highly demonized person, and the first person that I was with, and that I was ministering to, completely lost it.  The Lord revealed to us what was in that other guy.  Nothing was said.  You cannot blame the man.  He did not do anything, but the ungodliness in both of them linked up and strengthened each other.  This happens.  It is important that we know that this happens.


            COMMENT:  We learned that in deliverance, right?


            PASTOR VITALE:  I do not know about you, but as far as I am concerned, it is one thing to hear it preached and it is another thing to see it.  I find out that, as far as I am concerned, and as far as a lot of people are concerned, I could be told about it for ten days straight, and when it happens, the two do not connect.  The teaching and the reality do not connect.  I am pretty sensitive to it now, but I am going back to when God first started to train me, that you do not connect it.  A lot of people do not want to believe this.


            Let me give you another example since we are talking about spiritual things.  God has shown me this when somebody is very angry at me and they are not in a position where they can vent.  Maybe they are not in this area or they are not willing to confess their anger to me, that that anger will manifest through somebody else.  Can you hear what I am saying?  The person is not doing anything.  You see, the life of the spirit is independent of us.  We think we are very important.  We are not.  We are only important when we link up with Christ and we partake of what He is, but there is a whole spiritual world out there that does not care whether we live or die.  We are their victims.  We are their slaves.  They are using us, and they are doing things beyond our consent, but the pride of man will not let us believe it.  I am going to tell you this because you are receiving what I am saying.  I do not say this to everybody because a lot of people do not believe it.  Why do they not believe it?  Because somewhere in the depths of their being they are frightened.  Why are they frightened?  Because what I am saying is that there are things out there that we do not have any control over.


            However, in Christ, we have control over them.  I will say it to you, why are you afraid?  It was true before I told you about it, and it is true now.  You were not afraid before.  Why should you be afraid now that you know about it?  It is true.  In Christ, as the Lord permits us to enter in, we do have a weapon.  We do have resistance.  We do have defense against it.  You were in darkness before.  You were in ignorance.  What good was that doing you?  Let me give you a couple of examples since we seem to be going along this line tonight.  It is funny, but this is the truth.  I know that when I walk down the street, and two people in one day give me the finger, an obscene gesture, somebody is angry at me.  I am telling you that sometimes it happens three or four times in one day.


            Sometimes they will just scream at me and I am not doing anything.  Sometimes I am just driving and a car will go by.  I am not a slow driver.  That is not one of my virtues.  I drive too fast.  Sometimes a car will go zooming past me, and there will be four kids in it, and they will be screaming and yelling and cursing at me because I was not going fast enough for them.  Someone is angry at me with an ungodly anger.  Even if I had done something wrong, it would have been an ungodly anger.  Sometimes they have given me the finger.  Sometimes they pass me and they curse me.  When it happens the first time, I say Lord, are we having one of those days?  Father, if there is someone praying against me, if someone is angry at me, please keep me safe, and I start praying for my entire natural and spiritual family.  I start praying immediately because when they cannot get you, they go to the next one.  I am not scaring you, am I?  You have got to pray.  Pray immediately for your children and for your family.


            COMMENT:  What would you say this is an indication of?


            PASTOR VITALE:  Somebody out there, either consciously or unconsciously, they are in some kind of conflict with you for something you said to them, for something you are preaching, because they could not bring you into submission to them, because they could not control you.  For some reason, something in their heart is raging against you because you are standing in Christ and you are immovable.  The first time that happens, I am watching.  When it happens the second time, I am on my face before God in one day.  Usually it will happen three or four times and then it is usually followed by an obscene phone call.  I am not kidding.  I can predict it, that I am getting an obscene phone call.  It is going to finish the day off.  Then I start praying and the Lord reveals who and what it is.  People do not like to hear this.  People whose hearts are evil do not want to hear this.  Why?  Because they want their sins to be kept secret.  This whole society operates under a wall.  This flesh is a wall.  We can have the deepest wickedness in our heart and put a smile on our face, and you are standing next to somebody and you hate their guts.  I am not talking about you personally.  We smile and we say how are you and kiss them and they do not know.  What does the Scripture say?  In Christ we shall know all things.  The world cannot discern us.  They do not know that it is Christ in us, but we discern it now.


            We are entering into a new world.  As we penetrate into Christ and start living out of Him, we are going to know what is in people’s hearts and have discernment.  I think I mentioned it in another meeting.  I thought I was going to see little green men when God told me I was going to get discernment.  No, you do not see little green men.  You start seeing the wickedness in people’s hearts.  Sometimes, the Lord lets you experience the wickedness in their hearts.  Why?  All I can tell you is that He wants us educated in the things of the spirit.  I am telling you that when two people scream at me for no reason in one day, I know something is up, and I am not paranoid.  Have you ever found out that somebody has been angry at you?


            COMMENT:   I have not to this point.  That does not mean that they are not angry at me.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Right, you have not been aware that it could mean something like that before..


            COMMENT:  Scripture tells us that before we make our offering to God, if our brother is angry at us, go and be reconciled to him, if somebody has anything against us.    


            PASTOR VITALE: That is because anger is powerful.  The passions of the natural man are powerful.  We were talking about that tape Lust Has Power.  Lust does have power.  Lust, rage, all of the passions of the adamic man is a manifestation of witchcraft.  If you want it so bad or if you are so angry, that is flowing on witchcraft power.  Now there is no condemnation in this.  We are a fallen creation and this is the reality of our existence.


            Jesus said, I will tell you the truth and the truth will set you free.  What truth?  Did you ever ask yourself the truth about what?  The truth about us.  The truth about humanity.  The truth about what we are, and how we got this way, and what is going to happen to us.  What is the truth?  We are a fallen creation.  We are spiritual serpents.  Our heart is capable of every wickedness known to man, but we restrain ourselves because we are taught since we are a small child that we do not do that.  You do not do that, you do not do that, you do not do that.  There are people out there, either they are not taught or they are taught, for whatever reason, it does not work.  Mankind is a spiritual serpent.  We are wicked.  The heart of man is desperately wicked.  Who could know it?  As you enter into Christ, the world does not know who you are.  They do not know why they are hating you, but they hate you.  Even if they are not hating you, the world is filled with envy.  Surely you must know that the world is filled with envy, and envy is cruel as the grave.


            We have been blinded to it.  We really did not know about it, and many of us are brought up to say, oh she is a good person, and she did not mean anything by it.  This is how the natural man deals with other people’s sins towards us.  Oh they did not mean it.  It is all cover up, whitewash, they are a good person.  That is not so bad, I guess, if you are in the world, but we are in Christ and God wants us to live out of Christ.  When this starts happening to me, and it almost always ends with a final obscene phone call, almost without exception.  After I have been cursed by strangers all day, in the middle of the night, I will get an obscene phone call, almost without exception.  What is happening is that as we enter into Christ, we become spiritual people and we start perceiving the spiritual reality of the world around us.  It has been there all the time, but you did not see it.  As you start to perceive it, if you are not prepared to deal with it, it could be very distressing and very upsetting.  It happens to a lot of believers, and this is not taught in the church.  Some believers are more spiritually sensitive than others, and when it starts happening to them, there is no help for them in the churches.


            It was hard for me the first year that I was in the Lord.  I was spiritually sensitive in the world, but I did not understand.  I was totally without understanding and I was being destroyed by the spiritual forces of this world.  I was physically ill and I surely would have died if the Lord did not call me.  I am not going to go into the whole details now, but I was spiritually sensitive and I was being destroyed by the death of this world.  I had a job.  It was a three girl office.  I was a legal secretary at the time and it was a three girl office.  I thought we all got along fine and I started having dreams about serpents.  I was tossing and turning and I could not sleep.  It was terrible.  I was exhausted from not sleeping and I was exhausted from the torment that was on me all day and all night.  It was less than a year that I was with the Lord.  The first year I was not in a church.  It was less than a year that I had gone into a church, and I went before the Lord and I said, oh I must be crazy.  I am dreaming about these serpents, and I cannot catch my breath or deal with the anxiety.


            The Lord spoke to me in a dream, and He said to me, one of those two other women in the office wants your job.  I worked for the senior partner, and she worked for the junior partner.  There was another woman that did collections.  She wanted to work for the senior partner.  The woman that I had replaced, there was an opening for the senior partner and the woman who worked for the junior partner wanted to move up, but he did not let her do that because then they would have had two women that would both be new in their positions, so he did not let her do that.  He hired me.  I did not do anything to hurt her.  He hired me to work for him.  To my face she was as sweet and as loving as can be.  The Lord said to me, she is seething with the poison of envy, and she wants your job.  I said, I do not believe the Lord said that to me.  I said I do not believe it.  I said, Lord, if that is you, you are going to have to bring this out into the natural because if you do not manifest this before my eyes, I am going to believe the devil told me this.  I will not believe this about this woman.  That is what I prayed.


            Within two days, she was screaming at me like a lunatic in the lunchroom.  He did it.  She was screaming at me like a lunatic in the lunchroom, so I saw that this was the situation, but I still had no relief at night or during the day.  It was like torment.  I cannot even describe it to you.  I went into church and we had a visiting preacher.  We were Church of God at the time.  He was an overseer, and he had like five or ten churches under him.  He was a big shot in the Church of God.  He had a prayer line, and I went up on the prayer line.  I was exhausted and had not slept in days.  I was devastated, and he is standing there shaking his finger at me.  He said, now you forgive that woman.  I needed this power broken that was over me.  It was killing me.  It was not a question of not forgiving her.  I was being crushed by this spiritual power.  I do not condemn the man.  He just did not have the knowledge to help me.


            That was why I wound up in a deliverance church, because God knew that I needed a deliverance church.  For whatever reason I was spiritually sensitive, and the powers of this world were killing me because of my family line and my life and everything.  I wound up in a deliverance church to save my life.  That is how I got into this.  I would be dead today.  I almost died three times.  The Lord saved my life, at least three times, if not four times.  You are talking to a walking dead person, so I am alive in Christ.  If I turn and walk away from Him, I am finished.  There is not a doubt in my mind that it would be the end of me.  I was really bought with a price.  I am walking in his strength and nothing else.


            This is what you are coming to.  You are going to ask the question, why would the Lord let this happen to you?  Because we are becoming a spiritual person, and when we become a spiritual person in Christ, we will see the world for what it is.  As we start to enter into Christ we will see it.  Nancy said the other night, I just cannot see myself being in hell.  She cannot see the world for what it is.  Remember she asked me the question about piercing Him, that those who have pierced Him will see Him?  Remember that?  We talked about our human spirit leaving us and escaping into Christ.  We are getting a new soul or a new garment or a new mind or a new man.  For that we have to pierce His flesh.  The veil is His flesh.  It is not a piercing through that happens in five minutes.  It is a slow process that happens little by little.  We are piercing through.  It is where heaven is.  It is in Him.  As we enter in, as we withdraw from the forest of the adamic man, we are looking back and saying, wow, look at all those trees.  I never knew there were all those trees in there.  Look at all that spiritual filth.  We are getting a more and more realistic view and actual experiential understanding of the depths of the wickedness in this world.  We are getting eyes to see, this is hell right here.


            Now you have a beautiful house and family.  Everything on the surface looks lovely because there are different levels of hell.  The reality for you is still the same.  As you enter into Christ, you will see, Lord willing, that spiritually a home should be sanctified and beautiful, but out there you are going to start looking into men’s hearts.  As Christ begins to appear in you, the world will turn against you.  Jesus said, they hated me before they hated you.  Why did they hate Him?  Because Jesus Christ of Nazareth entered into this world system as a virus enters into our blood stream.  This world system put forth antibodies to kill Him.  The living soul knows that when Christ takes over, he has got to die.  He is fighting for his life.  Everybody in whom Christ is appearing, whether it comes from their unconscious mind or their conscious mind, they are strangers to this world.  Are we not told that we are strangers, just passing through this world.  We are people without a country.  We seek a better country.  We do not belong here.  We are aliens.


            I do not know where the line is.  I would say to you that when this starts happening to you in any measure, you have at least started to enter in.  Jesus said, rejoice when they persecute you.  I used to say, rejoice when they persecute me, but it is a sign that you are leaving this world.  You are deep enough into the kingdom that this world sees you as an enemy.  Where is the world?  It is in people’s minds.  I have met the nicest people that have had negative reactions to me, and are totally distressed because they cannot figure out why.  In Christ, we will come to the place where we have the grace to help them over their difficulties with us, through the love of Christ.  Comfort them.  When we first enter into this, we might find they are not comfortable around us, and no one wants to be rejected, so you just go away.


            As we continue to grow in Christ, we will be able to understand what their problem is and help them to overcome it.  I knew a young woman once who had a glass eye.  I never knew this before, but apparently people that have glass eyes commonly have a problem that people cannot look at them.  I was looking at her, and my eyes started to blink, and I was so embarrassed because she had a glass eye.  The Lord let me see that she realized my discomfort and she turned her head away.  As she talked to me, she kept turning her head away.  I knew that was some form of training that she had been given when she was talking to someone that was distressed at her condition.  The Lord showed me that the same thing happens in the spiritual.  When someone is distressed with us, because they do not even know what they do not like about us, we have the strength in Christ to pray them through, to help them through, to love them through.  As I told you when I walked in here, your husband, your son and your daughter-in-law would not meet my eyes for the first two or three weeks that I was in the house.  I called once and she interrogated me as to why I wanted to talk to you.  When I gave her a satisfactory answer, she still did not give you the message.


            COMMENT:  Is it like an angry kind of way or is it like hi and they just walk away, when they normally are really friendly and loving towards you?  All of a sudden they are like indifferent.


            PASTOR VITALE:  It could be like that too.  It does not have to be anger.  It does not have to be obscene phone calls.  It could be just indifference or coldness.  They know something is different about you, but we can pray them through in Christ.  Your husband kissed me when I came in tonight.  I said, praise the Lord.  He actually kissed me hello.  If we refuse to get rejected, and we show them the love of Christ, and take that extra step towards them, we can put them at ease.


            I am not suggesting to you that we are going to be hated every second of every day of our life.  I am not suggesting that to you at all, because God has show me that I would say, in the majority of cases, if we work at it, and if we humble ourselves in the face of their distress, which will manifest mostly as rejection, sometimes they will even say something nasty to us.  If we humble ourselves and make a concerted effort to befriend them, it will be received.  It will be received, but of course, there are some people that will not receive us.  The large majority of people, if you do not try to force your doctrine down their throat, will receive you.  If you try to force your doctrine down their throat, they will not want to be around you at all.  I do not talk about these things unless God tells me to talk about it in normal fellowship, in normal meetings.  I do not talk about it, and I find that I am usually accepted if I just stick in there and love them and be kind to them and I do not force myself on them, they will receive me.  You do not have to walk in this condition every day of your life.  This is real important, because when I tell you about this, I have to walk the fine line between scaring the people so that they do not want this ministry.  I do not want to do that, yet the Lord wants you to know about it so that when it happens you can deal with it, because these things happen.  I hope I did not overdo it.  Did I overdo it?


            Sometimes when I am talking like this, I guess it is my own carnal mind that starts attacking me and telling me things like, for example, I am scaring you away.  Then when I listen to the tape, it was not true at all.  I know that it is my own carnal mind that is trying to stop me from talking about what God wants me to talk about.  In these kind of teachings I am giving you a lot of testimonies because there is no text book about it.  It is spiritual things.  I learned all of this by trial and error.  The fact is that there was nobody there to tell me this happened to them too.  I spent hours on my face before God saying am I crazy?  Do I need deliverance?  Is there something wrong with me?  I went through all that, and He has taught me these things, and He is having me share it with you.  As I teach, I am saying a lot of I, I, I, and I have been very attacked in my mind that I sound so proud.  I prayed about it today, and the Lord said, this is what He wants me to do.  He wants me to give you my testimony.  I do not know how to give you my testimony without saying I.  (Laughter)   I am sorry.


            I give all the glory to God, and He taught me all of these things.  I have had some very exciting experiences in Christ, and He wants to give it to all of us.  He wants all of us to be spiritual.  It is a combination of the doctrine and the prayer.  Then the word has got to get grafted in your heart.  You are probably starting to have experiences already.  Praise the Lord.  The time is very short.  I was thinking about you people today.  When God first raised this ministry up, you were not even with the Lord.  This ministry is four years old, and now you are here.  Things are speeding up, and they are going much faster because the time is very short.  The door is going to open.  I think that was what I was talking about when I went off on the sons of God.  There is a door opening in heaven.  When that door opens, everyone that is prepared is going to pass through.  That is the midnight hour.


            COMMENT:  This is just a minor thing.  It was what you were referring to before.  You were talking about the sons of God or the manchild, however you were referring to it, when each one comes up in their stature.  Say there is a minority, of maybe a thousand altogether or whatever, will they be persecuted then or before they start?


            PASTOR VITALE:  I think both.  I think we will be better equipped to handle it when we are in full stature.  Praise the Lord.  You know, they killed Paul.  He was raised from the dead.  You cannot worry about it.


            COMMENT: What I was trying to bring out had nothing to do with worry.  I was talking about how each person in their time run the race, like Paul said.  Each person’s race is going to be individual, and when they reach their point, they will be manifested.  You said it is going to be glorious.  No one is going to be able to do anything.  In other words, even if they try, it would only be God allowing it.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Right.  If they kill you, He will raise us from the death.


            COMMENT:  Right, because it is going to be God all in all.


            PASTOR VITALE:  You know how I look at this, that the persecution is glorious because He is bringing us to a point that they are going to execute the ultimate persecution upon us and then He is going to raise us from the dead, and then there is going to be nothing they can do to us.  That is what happened to Jesus, and the Scripture says, had they only known that He was going to rise from the dead and reproduce Himself in millions of believers, they would have never crucified the Lord of glory.  Look at what they did.  Another thing about persecution, you cannot really see God move in power if you do not have a need.  We have to permit ourselves to come into a place where we need to be delivered, if He is going to deliver us.  We have to find ourselves in difficult situations.  He will never give us more than we could bear.  It is just very exciting.


            I was talking about the door opening.  That was what I was talking about.  There is a door in heaven that is about to open.  Jesus is the Door.  There are going to be five virgins and they are going to be filled up with His life, with oil, and they are going to enter in when He comes.  Of course, the number of ten typifies the law.  There are going to be half of the people under the law that will be ready to enter in, and the other half are not going to be ready.  I do not know whether that is a literal half or not, but we do have to make ready because the bridegroom cometh.  I was saying that I am not suggesting to you that we are going to be persecuted every day of our life.  It is something to watch for.  Why?  Because we are in training, and the Lord wants you to be aware of it.


            COMMENT: Even if we experience small scale persecution, God is in control.  He is not going to allow them to take us outside and give us a beating right away.  It is just a little mocking and stuff like that.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Oh really.  Praise the Lord.


            COMMENT:  This is what I wanted to ask you before.  When people do these obscene gestures to you while you are driving, do you bless them?


            PASTOR VITALE:  Oh, always.  Always.   Sometimes you have to rebuke, but even when you rebuke, it has to be in a spirit of righteousness.  It has to be a righteous anger. Let me say this.  There has been an occasion where I have fallen down, and when you fall down, where do you fall to?  You fall from the Spirit of God down to your adamic soul.  Now what does that mean?  What am I talking about?  It means that I am in a difficult situation, and I do not respond out of Christ.  I respond out of my adamic soul, which usually hinders what God is trying to do.  Let me give you an example.  I was ministering to a very difficult woman.  She was highly demonized.  She had been institutionalized and had shock therapy.  She was a lovely person and we were sitting in the diner having breakfast, and I had been ministering to her for several months.  She was very rebellious and very resistant to any kind of teaching.  She said something and I just lost it.  I just lost it.  I cannot remember what I said to her, but after all of this patience for six months with this person saying all these things to me that sometimes you think your head is going dong dong dong.  When you are in Christ and someone speaks to you out of their adamic heart, if God gives you an answer, you answer them, but you never strive with them.  You never go on their level.  You have got to come from the authority of Christ.  Otherwise you are going to be spinning your wheels and you are going to wind up in a fight with them.  That is not God’s purpose.


            After months of really taking a victory with this woman, I lost it in the diner over breakfast.  I said something to her that I cannot remember.  I yelled at her.  That was what I did, but it was not a righteous rebuke.  She sat there looking at me with her mouth open.  I realized that I had lost it.  The fact that I was provoked does not matter.  I am in training to be a son of God, and I lost it.  By the grace of God I immediately repented.  I went before the Lord, and I said, Lord, I lost it.  I said I am sorry.  This is my prayer, I am sorry.  Please do not let her pay the price because I lost it.  Whatever you have for her, do not let it be stolen from her because I am not perfect.  That was my prayer.  I turned around to her and I apologized to her for yelling at her.  She came around and she was watered baptized that day.  She was resisting water baptism.


            Sometimes I have lost it, and the Lord has not restored, but I believe He will restore them further down the line.  We cannot be taking an ungodly burden when we make a mistake.  My honest mistake, if I am trying my best for you, and I am not perfect yet, and I make a mistake, you cannot lose your walk with God because of me.  God has to make it right.  I cannot walk around with a burden like that.  If my heart is right, and I goofed, and I admit it, I am off the hook.  God has got it.  God uses all things for the good.


            COMMENT:  This has bothered me for an awful long time.  In Ezekiel 3:18 or 33, where it talks about the watchman and he is to go to the people and if they have been righteous and then they sinned, and you do not warn them, that their blood will be on you.  What does that really mean?


            PASTOR VITALE:  It means everything we are talking about here.  Where a lot of believers stumble is that they go in the wrong spirit.  We could discern a sin in somebody.  Let us make it really simple.  Everybody knows fornication or adultery is a sin.  Most sin is hidden deep in the heart, but we are going to take something obvious so we could deal with it.  You know somebody is in adultery or fornication.  It is a true discernment, but a lot of believers will go over to that person in their adamic spirit and start telling them that they are in adultery.  Whatever that is going to come out of their mouth must be condemnation if they are coming out of their adamic spirit.  What do we do when we condemn them?  We kill them.  This is one of the biggest problems in the church today.  Most believers do not know, and some of them know, and they have not yet gained control over themselves.  If you know, and you are trying, it is just a matter of time until you get control over yourself. 


            Most believers have never been taught that we are to do these things that we just talked about, but we must do it in the Spirit of God.  Usually they are taught to not say anything, judge not lest ye be judged or judge not before the time.  That is usually what they are taught, so we have a church world that is weak and carnal and when something finally is said to somebody, it is frequently, even by the pastors, done in a spirit of condemnation.  They are thrown out of the church or something like that.  The Scripture says restore your brother.  You rebuke him in a Spirit of Christ and your sole motive must be to restore him.  What we see in the church today are believers going out there and saying, you are polluting our congregation, get out.  That is what they did under the mosaic covenant.  That is old order.  That is old covenant.  We are in the new covenant now.  Yes, it is spiritual stoning.  That is absolutely correct.


            COMMENT:  I still do not have an answer to the part if you did not tell them and the blood is on you.  What does that mean?


            PASTOR VITALE:  That means that when God tells you to tell them, you had better tell them.  Now there is another manifestation that is possible to happen to human beings moving into this realm is that God will tell you to tell somebody something and it will be so painful for a believer that they will not want to do it.  I do not know what your personal experience has been, but what I just said, the way it came out, and the way that it sounded was, well it is very easy to go tell that guy that he is in adultery, and he should stop.  Very frequently, as we move deeper into God, the more often it is going to happen that God will tell us to tell somebody something and we really will not want to do it.  Why?  We are embarrassed.  We are afraid of confrontation.  We think they are going to give us an argument.  They are a tough person.  We are afraid they are going to reject us.  Maybe it is your pastor and you will get thrown out of the church if you tell him.  There are many things that God tells us to do that we do not want to do.


            COMMENT:  I guess I am being a pest.  I still do not get the whole idea.  Normally you try to tell him.  If that man died, it goes on further to say that man dies and you did not tell him, but if you did not tell him and he dies, I will hold you guilty of his blood.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Maybe I do not understand your question.  Your question is what does it mean to say I will hold you guilty.


            COMMENT:  What does that mean as far as the Lord is concerned?  There is no heaven and hell except inside of us, so what does that mean?


            PASTOR VITALE:  Lord, what do you want me to tell her?  It means that his blood is on your hands.  You will have to repent, but there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus, so you must have an opportunity to repent.  If that person dies, we do not know whether the Lord means spiritual death or physical death.  It could mean either one.  Then again, if it happens, it happens.  Even if we repent, God will forgive us, and we will go on.  We are to know that if God sent us, we might have saved their life.  That is not a pleasant thing to live with.  Even though you know there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus, you are still living with it.


            COMMENT: My husband prevented me from witnessing to this man.  When the man died, he did not say anything, but I could see he was upset.  The next time he did not want me to witness, but he allowed me to witness, and that man died.  I did not think anything of it, but he came to me and said, I did not do anything this time, did I?  He was the one who was concerned.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Let me tell you this.  If it was the Lord telling you to witness to that man, you have to override your husband.  This is a hairy thing.  If it is God, He is the head of your husband.  Usually when a question like this comes up, the Lord answers me as we go along.  To the best of my knowledge, and I know it is not a complete answer, but what is in my heart right now is where the Lord says He will hold you answerable for that man’s blood.  It means that God is going to want to know why you did not do it.  You have got to answer God.  There is sin on your soul.  That is a pretty serious business.  Even though you can be forgiven, we know, having been in deliverance, that even though you are forgiven, sometimes it takes a long time to get a curse worked out of your life.  A lot of Christians believe you break the curse and say that is fun.  I had someone say to me once, break the curses, break the curses off.  It does not work like that.  Curses are spiritual realities, and they literally exist in your soul, and they have to be worked out of your soul.  They are not to be taken lightly.  It could take a long time to get them worked out of your soul.  It could take a long period of time and many painful trials and tribulations to get them removed from your soul.  To say, well we are just going to break the curses off, that is a naive statement.  Anyone who is saying that does not know what they are talking about.


            I had many curses on my family line.  I was dying when I came to the Lord, and there was a lot of trouble in my life.  I was dying, I was divorced, I had problems with my daughter, and I was terrified that it was going to go on my daughter.  The Lord said to me, the best thing that you could do to help your child is to submit yourself to deliverance.  Get yourself cleaned up.  That was what He told me, with none of the understanding that I have now.  I heard His word, and I just put everything I had into getting delivered.   I threw my whole self into getting delivered and submitting to God.  I was in church four, five, six, seven nights a week sometimes.  It became my whole life.  My daughter is twenty years old and she is doing pretty well.  I was taught that He was going to deliver her in her sleep, and He did not deliver her in her sleep.  She has been through some rough times for a twenty year old, and she is doing well.  She is on her way back up now, but it was not fun.  I was taught that God was going to do it in her sleep, and it did not work out that way.  She has been through some rough years, and I have been through them with her, and it has been very painful.  There is not a doubt in my mind that the family line curses over her are very much broken, and she is at least moving towards recovery and in the right direction.  They are not a hundred percent broken, but she is really doing well now.


            I am telling you from personal experience, do not take these family line curses lightly because you do not just snap your finger, I break you in the name of Jesus.  That is a very naive mentality in the church world today.  They have to be worked out of your spiritual life.  The way God works them out is through painful experiences and trials.  It is not easy.  You do not get out of here easily.  When your family line has fallen down, you do not get back up just by a snap of your finger, saying in the name of Jesus.  The Lord gave me a dream once.  I was climbing out of a deep pit.  I saw the pit.  There was a big highway with a lot of cars like the Long Island Expressway.  There was this big pit.  In the dream I just saw my hands coming up first.  I was just dragging myself by by brute strength.  Then I got on the highway.  The curses were so bad on my family line that I could have never done it without the strength of God.  With the strength of God, I just barely dragged myself up by brute force.  Then when I dragged myself up I found myself on the highway of life with everybody else that had normal problems.  I am telling you the truth.


            My daughter is still physically sick, and it breaks my heart.  The Lord has promised to heal her.  She got sick at fourteen.  The family line curse in our family is that we get sick.  I have a sister that died at 47.  Her husband died two years later, and she left three sons.  One of them was pretty established.  He was in the army, a military policeman.  He is okay, but his two younger brothers were pretty young.  They were seventeen and eighteen when they were orphaned.  That is pretty young to be on your own.  I have another sister who has been ill since her early twenties.  She has been through hell, in and out of hospitals.  I almost died several times.  I have been sick since I was eleven.  I am really doing great now.  The major family line curses are infirmity.  I was begging God that she would not get sick.  I was on my face day and night, and I was told she was going to get delivered in her sleep.  Well, she got sick, but God used it for her good, and she is doing fine.  Hopefully, by the next generation, it will not appear in her children.


            My whole point is, if you think that these family line curses are coming off because you get slain in the Spirit, you have received a lie.  I am telling you when I found out about the power of God, I threw myself into Him with all the force that a human being could.  I cannot say for sure, but I would be very surprised if there is anyone, anywhere, that threw themselves more fully into the things of God than me.  I gave Him my everything, my all, my time, my mind.  I do not think anything more was possible, except that I had to go to work.  I had to cook and clean a little bit, but I was there continuously with God.  It has taken this long to straighten out my family and me.  Do not be naive.  These things do not come off because you are slain in the Spirit.  When I look around me, I see people with heavily cursed lives.  We all know that some people have more curses than others on their lives.  We all know that, hopefully.


            By the grace of God, He gave me the strength to do what I did.  I look around me, and I do not see other people with that strength.  They are out there floundering and flopping.  They cannot stand up, and they cannot make a commitment.  They cannot do what they have to do, and they are just not making it.  We were talking about it driving over here.  The Lord has said to me, this is why God has a priesthood, because everybody cannot do it.  He is going to raise up the people in whom He has given this ability to do it, so that they can pull the others through, because everybody cannot do it.  It is hard.  I did it by the grace of God.  I do not take any credit for it at all.  That is the whole point of His plan for mankind.  It is so hard that He is pulling a first fruits group through.  Once they stand up in full strength, they will have the power to pull the others through.  That is the whole point.


            COMMENT:  We are back on to what we were talking about with the first fruits.  You said the rest of the body would just know that God has done something with the first fruit company.  Then the people will be willing to hear?


            PASTOR VITALE:  I have to correct myself.  I do not know that they will know.  What the Scripture says, is that it will be as obvious as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west.  Peter says we are going to get publicity, but whether or not they will know, I do not know, because the pharisees did not recognize Jesus.  We are going to have a church filled with pharisees.  There is going to be a lot of people in the church that are not going to recognize the sons of God.


            COMMENT:  In other words, there will only be a few coming at a time then.


            PASTOR VITALE:  I liken it to your tomato plant, if you are a gardener.  You plant your tomato plant and every morning you go out and one day you see the plant is there.  Then you see the flowers there.  Every morning you go out and one morning you see a tomato on the plant.  The next morning you go out and you see two tomatoes.  Two and one make three.  The next morning you go out and you have got five or seven tomatoes on the plant.  There is one tomato that is coming up first, and that is the first fruits company.  It is going to be in a many membered company.  Then it is going to be more and more and it is going to expand.  It is going to be continuously expanding because each person that is standing in full stature is going to be a sign to a certain amount of people.


            We are limited by our humanity.  We can only minister to so many people.  As more and more rise into full stature, each one will be going to ten more for example.  Then each of those ten will be going to ten more.  It is going to spread over the whole earth.  I think it is going to be a big revival, but it is going to be on many levels.  I think it is going to be a big revival.  I do not know exactly how it is going to happen, but it is going to touch the whole church, and it is going to touch the world and it is going to touch a lot of people.  I do not have all the details.    


            COMMENT:  It is going to be more like one on one in the beginning.  It will not be like you coming to church to preach to the whole church and they will all come.


            PASTOR VITALE:  I do not know.  I know the ministry that God has given me, and I believe the ministry He has given you, if you are studying here, is a one on one ministry.  We have to realize that the church world is in many realms.  The church world is a circle.  You can picture it as a circle, and at the center of the circle are His apostles.  Those who are standing in enough measure of His life to be called an apostle.  Only He can make that judgment.  Then there are rings around the center and each ring is further and further away from the center.  I do not know what is going to be going on in the rings that are all the way out from the center.  I do not know what is going to be going on.  I honestly do not know, but I believe it is going to touch the whole world, just like when you throw a pebble into the water and you see the rings go all the way out.  It is going to touch the whole world, but everybody is not going to be in full stature in the first year or in the third year.  It is going to take time.


            The last revival that came in 1906 was called the Latter Rain Revival. It started in a little house in California.  God laid it on the hearts of a couple of people to pray day and night until He baptized them with the Holy Spirit.  They read in the Bible that there was such a thing as the baptism with the Holy Spirit.  They prayed and prayed until they got baptized with the Holy Spirit.  I am told that that service lasted a year.  The anointing never left the church.  It was there twenty four hours a day.  God had preachers coming in, in ships, so that whoever came to be under that anointing, there was a preacher for them.  There was ministry for them.  It spread all over the world.  Now if you want the baptism with the Holy Spirit, you can go to me or anyone of us.  You can go to anybody that has the baptism with the Holy Spirit and lay hands on them and if it is the will of the Lord, they will get it.  In those days, the only place that you could get it in this general geographic area was at Azusa Street in California.  People were flying in from Europe to get baptized with the Holy Spirit.


            That cloud did not lift off of that building for a year, day and night.  I heard people walked into the building and got slain.  Nobody laid hands on them.  They walked into the building and went out flat on the floor and laid there for four hours.  It started then at the center of the move of God.  From that little center there have been circles that have been flowing outward ever since.  There are people that are still getting the baptism with the Holy Spirit today.  It is all over the world.  It is going to be something similar.  Then there were several small revivals after that.  I guess the Latter Rain Revival was the one in the 1940's.  I could be mistaken.  Different things happened with each revival, but they were more intense at the center than they were in the outer rings.  God touches many people on many levels at the same time.


            One of the manifestations of the Latter Rain Revival was that the sonship doctrine came forth.  Many people were touched by that revival, but they did not receive the sonship doctrine.  They got blessed.  They got healed.  There were miracles of healing and deliverance, but they did not necessarily receive the doctrine.  My point is that revival did not touch everybody the same way.  Some people got healed.  Some people got delivered.  Some people got healed, delivered and they got the doctrine also.  It does not touch everybody the same way.  There are many ripples.


            COMMENTS:  This is going to be the final move.  They are not going to change what the Holy Spirit has done.  They are going to keep it just as the Holy Spirit wants.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Once we get that first fruits company in full stature, they will not be able to change it.  The Church fell away when the apostles died or disappeared off of the earth, and then we went into the dark ages.  So long as there are men in full stature on the earth, this thing will not be lost.  What has happened over all these years is that natural men have had an imputed anointing, which is a loaned anointing.  It is not an anointing that is coming forth because righteousness has been built in their heart because their heart has been purified.  That is not why


they have power.  They have power because God loaned it to them without their deserving it, and their adamic soul falls away.  That is why we keep losing it.  Once the people in full stature start standing up, it will never be lost again.  That is going to increase because that is the imparted anointing.  More and more people are going to have the imparted anointing and it will never be lost again.  It is nothing that you could rush.  I see you are very anxious.  There is, I believe, an area that you operate in where it could happen to you faster or slower, but you are still within certain restrictions.  You cannot go any faster than the faster.  Do you know what I am saying?  I do not know what that is because God is a miracle worker, and if it is going to happen real soon, and He is determined that you are going to be a part of it from the very beginning, He will do it.


            COMMENT:  I want to get back to the curses.  How do you identify it?  I may have curses that I do not know about.  How do you go into locating and identifying them?


            PASTOR VITALE:  In Deuteronomy, Chapter 28, we have a listing of the curses of God.  All of these curses are curses of God.  No witch can curse unless you are first cursed of God.  Okay, let me make that a little clearer.  If we were standing in full spiritual manhood, any curse could come against us and have no strength with us.  Jesus said, the prince of this world, but he has nothing in me.  He could not hurt Him.  The only reason we could be hurt by a satanic curse is because God has first cursed us, and we are not spiritual men, we are spiritual women.  The whole human race is a race of spiritual women.  We are weak according to God’s principles.  All of you women libbers, I know you are strong, but that is what God says.  (Laughter)  These curses are from God in the first place.  If you read Deuteronomy 28, He tells you that we have a choice to obey the law or to not obey the law.  If we do not obey the law He lists all the curses.  When I first came into deliverance, I read those curses at least twice a year.  It gives you the curse and the result of the curse.  It tells you what is going to happen to you, like you will have children and you will not raise them.


            It shall come to pass if thou shalt hearken diligently unto the voice of the Lord thy God to observe and do all His commandments which I command thee this day, that the Lord thy God will set thee on high above all nations of the earth, and all these blessings shall come on thee, and overtake thee, if thou shalt hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God.  Blessed shall thou be in the city and blessed shalt thou be in the field.  Blessed shalt be the fruit of thy body (that is your children) and the fruit of thy ground and the fruit of thy cattle, the increase of thy kind.  (That is your job, if you do not have cattle.  It is your business) and the flocks of thy sheep.  Blessed shalt be thy basket and thy store.  Blessed shalt thou be when thou comest in and blessed shalt thou be when thou goest out.  The Lord shall cause thy enemies that rise up against thee to be smitten before thy face.  They shall come out against thee one way and flee before thee seven ways.


            The Lord shall command the blessing upon thee in thy storehouses (that is your savings) and in all that thou settest thy hand unto and He shall bless thee in the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.  (That is your soul.  That is spiritual and mental health) The Lord shall establish thee, a holy people unto Himself, as He has sworn unto thee.  If thou shalt keep the commandments of the Lord thy God and walk in His ways.  And all the people of the earth shall see that thou art called by the name of the Lord and they shall be afraid of thee.  And the Lord shall make thee plenteous in goods, in the fruit of thy body.  (Your children in number and in their health) in the fruit of thy cattle (that is your possessions) and in the fruit of the ground (that is your soul.  The ground is your soul) in the land which the Lord swear unto the fathers to give thee.


            The Lord shall open unto thee His good treasure (spiritual knowledge and wisdom) the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in its season (that is spiritual life.  That is Christ) and to bless all the work of thy hand and thou shalt lend unto many nations (nations are people).  It means you are going to be in a position to be helping them.  (Financially, spiritually, and emotionally).  And thou shalt not borrow.  You are not going to need help from others.  You are going to be the one that is going to have.  The Lord shall make thee the head and not the tail.  Thou shalt be above only and thou shalt not be beneath if that thou hearken unto the commandments of the Lord thy God which I command thee this day to observe and to do them and thou shalt not go aside from any of the words which I command thee this day to the right hand or to the left to go after other gods to serve them.  I just want to stop here to put this on the tape.  Does anybody know what the laws of God are today in this hour?  Love the Lord thy God with all your heart and all thy soul and all thy mind, and love thy neighbor as thyself.


            We are in Deuteronomy 28 and we are starting in verse 15 now.  But it shall come to pass if thou wilt not hearken unto the voice of the Lord thy God to observe to do all His commandments and His statues which I command thee this day that all these curses shall come upon thee and overtake thee.  Curseth shall thou be in the city and curseth shall thou be in the field (in your body and in your soul) curseth shall be thy basket and thy store.  (That is your savings and just the blessings in your household).   


             Curseth shall be the fruit of thy body.  (That is your children) When you sin, your children get cursed, and your children’s children, and your children’s children’ children and your children’s children and your children’s children unto the third and fourth generation.  The fruit of thy land (that is your own soul that will be cursed) and the increase of thy kine (that is your body) and the flocks of thy sheep (and your business).  Curseth shall thou be when thou comes in and curseth shall thou be when thou goest out.  The Lord shall send upon thee the cursing, vexation, and rebuke in all that thou settest thy hand unto to do.  Everything you try to do, you are going to be hindered. You are going to be cursed.  Did you ever hear anyone say, if only I had a break?  You are not going to get a break.  No breaks for you.



            No one is going to have mercy on you.  No one is going to help you.  You are going to be vexed.  You are going to be harassed in every way.  If you are married, it could be your wife harassing you.  If you are not married, it could be your mother or your father telling you that you cannot do it.  I always knew you could not do it.  I always knew you would be a failure.  Why are you trying again for?  Vexation and Rebuke.  You failed again.  Instead of having a wife or a family that is going to say, well you just had a bad break.  Try it again.  You failed again.  I always knew you could not do it.  This is going to be what your relationships are going to be like.  All this is going to manifest in your relationships.


            In all that thou settest thy hand unto for to do until thou be destroyed and until thou perish quickly because of the wickedness of thy doings whereby thou hast forsaken me.  All this is coming upon you because you have forsaken the Lord.  Alleluia!!!


            This is very powerful.  I am shaking with the power as I am saying it.  Can you feel it too?  Now this destruction is coming upon you.  Now in this dispensation, of course, this is arrested if you are under the blood of Jesus.  What having a relationship with Jesus Christ does for you is that it stops these curses from destroying you.  If they are on your family line, they are still going to appear in your life.  All of these curses, when you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, they do not automatically come off of your life.  The problems that you are going to have because you are under these curses do not stop coming to you, but the difference between having a relationship with Jesus and not having a relationship with Jesus is that when you do not have a relationship with Jesus, these curses are unto destruction.  We just read it.  Now they may not destroy you, but your great grandchildren might be destroyed.  One of the biggest errors in people trying to understand God is that they cannot understand that when He pronounces either a curse or a blessing upon you, it may appear four generations down the line.


            They cannot understand that, but that is the way He is.  They cannot understand it, but Jesus said to the pharisees, I know that you are the offspring of those who killed the prophets.  Why?  Because you are trying to kill me.  In God’s eyes, we are our parents.  We are our parents.  Our parents are us.  When we did those deep studies in Revelation 14, we found out that as Jesus is bringing forth this first fruits company, which we are, Lord willing, He considers us Him.  It is His life in us.  Can you understand that?  Concerning this destruction, a lot of people can break God’s law and have a very good life.  They say, oh that is just a book.  It is a fable.  Then four generations down the line, their kid is dying from drug addition, and he tries everything and he cannot get off it.  Do not be naive, people.  I have had many people say to me, why should I keep these laws?  Why should I do all these things?  Why should I study?  Why should I go to church?  The people down the block are not doing it, and they have all kinds of money and they are healthy and their kids are not on drugs, and everything is fine.  Well, talk to me a couple of generations down the road.


            I heard something a preacher say on TV once that really blessed me.  He said, you cannot tell whether or not you have been a success in life until your grandchildren are grown up.  Now that is the third generation.  When your grandchildren are grown and their life is prospering, then you know you have been a success.  It takes three generations, if not four.


            COMMENT:  It would be an impossibility for it to be generation after generation, all walking like it would be good, if they were not born again.   In other words, if the parents were not born again.


            PASTOR VITALE:  I have to disagree with you because some people just lead a very moral life.  This law is rooted in morality.  Eventually, the whole human race would be destroyed without Jesus, but there are a lot of people out there that Paul says, they have the law of God written on their heart.  They just do good for other people.  They acknowledge there is a God in heaven, but Jesus never gave them a deeper revelation of Himself.  They have mercy on people.  They honor people.  They love people, and they are out there prospering.  I have met them, and they are prospering for generations.


            COMMENT: What I am trying to say is they have two mothers and fathers and then the grandparents.  Would not one of them have lived in some kind of a sin that would cause a curse to be passed on to the next generation?  It seems almost impossible for it not to be that way.


            PASTOR VITALE:  I hear what you are saying, and it has to be true because, eventually, without Jesus, the whole world would self destruct.  I maintain, and this is just my opinion, that there are a lot of people out there that have generations of prosperity on their family line.  There has to be some manifestation of the curse because we are fallen.  Maybe they will have one sick person or a black sheep of the family.  Uncle Joe drinks when nobody is looking.  He hides in the closet and he drinks.  By and large the family is okay, but that curse of God that is on the whole human race will manifest here and it will manifest there, but four out of five children will be okay.  Nine out of ten grandchildren will be okay.  Someone will get sick.  Aunt Gertie died.  Someone had a problem here or there, but by and large, the family is prospering and it is functioning.


            What is a functional family?  We hear a lot about dysfunctional families.  What is a functional family?  It is a family where the members are not in bondage, where they are free to be themselves.  There are rules that they have to obey for the good of the community, but they are not under an ungodly control where they cannot think, where they cannot have their own opinion, where they cannot express their own creativity.  When someone is in trouble, the other members rally around them and help.  In a dysfunctional family, they destroy one another.  If somebody has a failure, they are the family that is going to say I always knew you could not make it and get out of here.  You are just like your father.  I always knew you would be a drunk and I have been waiting for forty five years to see you fall into the gutter because I knew you were going to be a drunkard just like your father.  That is a dysfunctional family.  A functional family says, you had a slip, but we are going to patch you up.  We are going to stand behind you and support you, and you are going to try again, and you are going to be fine.  Functional families are constructive and dysfunctional families are destructive.  Dysfunctional families eat each other’s flesh and destroy and control and manipulate.  Functional families set free and encourage and give life.


            This destruction is on the family line.  It is not necessarily in the generation that it is pronounced.  It is rarely in the generation that it is pronounced.  When you have a relationship with Jesus, the trial and the judgments that come upon you because God has cursed you, God will use it to bring you to repentance and to teach you, and He will use them for your good.  You do not get delivered from the judgements because one day you say I receive Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and someone lays hands on you.  Now this is what I mean when I say the curse has to be worked out of your life.  The judgments continue to fall, but they are no longer unto destruction. Jesus is there with you, and they are used for your good, and they work their way out of you as you repent.  As you change your heart, and change your mind, the judgments stop falling because the judgment is against the sin that is in your mind.  As you repent and your mind changes, the judgments stop falling.  Depending on how severe the curses, it could take a long time to wipe these judgments out of your life.


            COMMENT:  Is this what happened to David?  He was serving the Lord, but the curses went on from all his generations.


            PASTOR VITALE: Yes, he lost his first son.  His first son died.  His son, Absalom, made an utter fool out of him by sleeping with his concubines on the rooftops.  Now this is some judgment.  David stole another man’s wife, and he murdered the husband.  This just popped into my mind.  What is really interesting is that when he laid eyes on Bathsheba, she was on the rooftop bathing.  A couple of generations down the line, his own son took all of his concubines, not one, but all of his concubines and he was on the rooftop with them.  Even though God is keeping His promises to us, we are still reaping the consequences of the sin that we sow.  This is a big error in the church.  I have had a lot of people say this to me, every curse on me was broken when Jesus died on the cross, and I am incapable of sin.  I have had people say this to me.  I do not need curses broken on me.  I do not need deliverance.  It is impossible for me to have a demon and I cannot sin.  I have heard all these things said to me.  The church is poorly educated.  I do not know how they justify it in their mind.  Someone just said this to me a couple of months ago.  I cannot sin.  See, we are sin.  Our state of being is sin.  If we never physically committed a sin, the sin is in our mind.  That is why we need a savior.  We need a new mind that does not sin.  When Jesus becomes our mind, we will no longer be capable of sin.  Just to say that we cannot sin is a sin.  It is pride and it is a lie.


            COMMENT:  They probably get that from the verse that he who is born of God cannot sin.


            PASTOR VITALE:  He that is born of God cannot sin.  What they do not understand is the one that is born of God is Christ, and He is in us, and He is separate from us until the joining.  He cannot sin.  We can.  This is the battle of Armageddon between Christ in us and our adamic mind.  The end of the battle of armageddon is that Christ is going to slay our carnal mind, and they are going to be joined together in that slaying, and of the twain the Lord will make one new man, the creation of God.  It is a lack of teaching.  The correct teaching in many areas is not in the church.  There is a lot of good in the church today.  You can learn about faith.  You can learn a lot of things, but if you want to move on in God, and if you have the hope of standing up in full stature, by the grace of God, you are going to have to start getting these errors straightened out in your mind because you cannot take these errors into the kingdom.  You just cannot.  Amen.


            COMMENT:  I have not heard we are without sin, but I have heard that we are under a new covenant now, and that the Old Testament does not apply anymore because now we follow what the New Testament says.  Am I right with that?


            COMMENT:  Jesus said, the greatest commandment was to love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself.  With these two all the law and the prophets hang, meaning that if you complete those two commandments, you are completing all the commandments.  You will not steal.  You will not commit adultery.  You will not do any of these things.  It boils down to two to simplify it for us.


            PASTOR VITALE:  It is the same law.  The law that we are no longer under is a big confusion in the church.  Let us talk about this.  The Scripture says that the law of ordinances known as the Mosaic law or the Levitical law was added because of the transgression.  This law was given to Israel because they had fallen into such a condition that they did not know in their heart what was right or wrong.  Therefore God had to impart the law to them.  That is the law the Scripture calls the law of ordinances, which has been revoked.  We no longer have to follow other sacrifices.  We do not have to make sacrifices.  Jesus Christ is our sacrifice, but there is a spiritual law of God, and that has not been revoked, and shall never be revoked because it is the law of righteousness.  The ten commandments have not been revoked.  They have been condensed, but there is no way that they shall ever be revoked.  It is the law of ordinances.  It is the carnal law of doing things.  You must do this.  You have to do that.  The first born male you have to bring him to repurchase him from the priest.  All of this ritual is the carnal law that has been revoked.


            COMMENT:  Is the sabbath law still the same?  Jesus said He was the sabbath.


            PASTOR VITALE:  The sabbath law as it appears in the Levitical law has been revoked.  Everything in the Levitical law was a type of something spiritual.  In this hour we observing the law in the Spirit, and the spiritual sabbath is Christ.  The sabbath is every day.  The sabbath is every day.  You shall do no work on the sabbath.  You shall not do anything out of your carnal mind.  You shall not labor. When Christ is in you, you shall not labor.  Whatever you do shall be prompted by His Spirit in you.  You shall not prepare food on the sabbath day because He is your food.  He is our food.  It means that we do not have to labor in the flesh in this word.


            You were just speaking to me the other day.  You were a little concerned about the fact that you are not reading your Bible so much anymore.  I was telling you that this is very common.  It is only for a season.  It happens to a lot of people.  What is happening to you is that the Lord is withdrawing you in a measure from the letter of the word because the Spirit of the word is now available to you.  I hear this from just about everybody, and I have been through it myself.  I was concerned about it, and I prayed about it.  You have been exposed to and have available to you the living word.  I read my Bible, but you go back and forth as He anoints you to do it for a long period of time.  Everyone that comes here goes through this where He is inundating you.  He is reigning down upon you this word.  He is bombarding your mind with this living word.  Why?  Because it has to get inside your heart.  It has got to engraft to your soul, and it is so important that, for a season, He would rather you spend your time on that than in the letter of the word.  Now anybody else hearing this, do not stop reading your Bible unless God is doing this with you.  Do what the Lord tells you.


            COMMENT:  The Lord is giving me John 3, you must be born again.


            PASTOR VITALE:  You see, we really are not born again.  This is a big deception in the church.  We are not born again and we are not saved.  We are in the process of being born again.  We are in the process of being saved.  The end of your faith is the salvation of your soul.  It is not now.  It is not now.  When we received the Lord or when the Lord received us, which is more accurate, we received the promise of salvation.  We received the beginning of a procedure or a process that is going to end in our salvation.  We receive the Holy Spirit.  Lord willing, we were baptized in the Holy Spirit.  The next thing that has to happen to us is that the engrafted word has to engraft in our heart and Christ has to be formed in us.


            When He grows up to full stature and swallows up our adamic soul, we shall be saved.  We shall be saved in child bearing, the Scripture says.  We have to bear the Christ child to be saved.  We are not fully born again.  The new birth is the birth of Christ in us.  When He is fully born in us, we shall be born again.  How do we know when He is fully born in us?  We know when we totally disappear and He takes over our life.


            COMMENT:  We have to be born again not of the flesh, but of the Spirit.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, of His Spirit.


            COMMENT:  That is full stature.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, that is full stature.  


            COMMENT:  Then that would be the day that the transformation really takes place.  That is when the son becomes the living Christ.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, when we give birth.  We have to give birth.  We are all pregnant with Christ.  We have to have a baby.  We are all pregnant.  It is hard on the men, but it is the truth.  We are all pregnant.  Until that baby is fully born, we have not experienced the new birth.  We are experiencing spiritual pregnancy right now.  Until that baby is born, He is not born.  There are benefits that we have when we are pregnant with Him, but we cannot obtain or experience the benefits of His full birth in us until He is fully born in us.


            COMMENT:  I have been listening to the tapes for quite some time now, off and on.  The Lord is leading me to get into the word again, so I am listening to the tapes and I am back in the word.  I was just off the word altogether and listened to the tapes.  I am starting to pick up the word again, but I felt like He said to me tonight that is the battle of Armageddon.  I think the explanation would be when Christ is birth in us, He begins to battle against our carnal mind.  That is the battle of armageddon.  He said to me about the word, that it is the battle of armageddon, going in there in the word and perceiving it with the carnal mind, but the Spirit of God is beginning to battle against it because the letter of the word is killing the person.                 


             PASTOR VITALE:  Get your personal word from the Lord.  If for a season, He is telling you to put the emphasis on the tapes, pray about it, and if you feel it is God, do it.  Do not get condemned, but then He will put you back in the word.  He will go back and forth.  The whole point is, He wants us to be under His total control.  He may not be doing with you what He is doing with me.  Just pray. Your covering prayer should be, Father, keep me in your perfect will.  If I am off in any way, show it to me and correct me.  Pray that as often as you think of it, so that you feel safe, if you are having any kind of anxiety.  Then just go with what you are feeling.  Continue to pray that He deliver you from any deception that you might be in.  This is very common with the people that He is calling.  He may call you out of the letter for awhile, for whatever His reason.  Glory to God.


            We are going through these curses in Deuteronomy 28.  We just finished verse 20.  At the end of verse 20 it says that we are going to be destroyed and we are going to perish quickly.  Now that confuses a lot of people because sometimes it does not happen until the third or fourth generation.  To God the third or fourth generation is quickly.  The blessings of God go on your family line for two thousand generations.


            COMMENT:  Can you be blessed and cursed at the same time?


            PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, there is a transition period.  Yes, you can be blessed.  If you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, you could be receiving of His blessings, still carrying the curses, and if it is an area in which you have not yet repented, you could be deserving those curses.  We cannot repent of everything at once.  It is impossible.  It would kill us.  We could not bear it.  We could not bear to look at the wickedness of our own soul.  Even if we could, He could not deliver us of everything at once because it is just a process.  We repent and get delivered and He increases.  That is the way it works.  Yes, that is very true.  It confuses a lot of Christians.  They cannot understand it, and the teaching is not generally available, unfortunately.  Hallelujah!


            The reason God is cursing us at the end of verse 20 is because of the wickedness of our doings, whereby we have forsaken God.  Everything that we do that we know it is wrong to do, God takes as a personal affront.  He says that we have forsaken Him.  If we know that we are suppose to treat our brother or our sister in a certain way, and we do not even try to resist, He sees that as forsaking Him.  All sin is unto God.  All sin is unto God, and must be repented of.  Glory to God.


            This is the curses now of verse 21.  The Lord shall make the pestilence cleave unto thee.  That could be both physical pestilence.  It could be sickness.  It could also be emotional sickness.  I would include drug addition under that.  There is such a thing as actual pestilence.  I have heard cases of flies or bees or mosquitoes following in groups after people.  I have seen it.  I have a friend that lived in a private house, and saw her neighbor next door going through this.  She said she never saw anything like it.  It was a little boy.  Wherever he walked, there were flies around his head.  There were no flies around anyone else’s head, but they were around his head.  Now that is pretty far advanced for that to be happening in your life.  That is a very advanced curse.  Yes, it is easily identified because it is bizarre.  Of course, if everybody in your family is sick and dying, a lot of people would say, oh well, you just had a bad break.  If you have spiritual eyes, that is a pretty heavy curse, where the whole family is being wiped out.  That is pretty serious.  Even if it is a matter of war, and you have three sons, and your three sons are killed in the army.  That is a curse that you should lose your three sons.  Yes, it definitely is like the curse on the Kennedy family.


            Verse 21.  The pestilence shall cleave unto thee until he hath consumed thee off the land, wither thou goes to possess it.  The land is your soul.  It is also your physical life, and your soulish life.  As we said in the last couple of meetings, that our soul does not die because our body dies, but our body dies because our soul dies.  How do we know that our body dies because our soul dies?  We know that because the Scripture says when Jesus becomes our soul, our body is going to live for the life of the ages, so our body is dependent upon our soul.  Most of us have believed that our soul dies after our body dies, but we have got it backwards.


            Verse 22.  The Lord shall smite thee with a consumption and with a fever and with an inflamation and with an extreme burning and with the sword and with blasting and with mildew, and they shall pursue thee until thou perish.  This is physical illness.  This is a combination.  The first few is physical illness, consumption, fever and inflamation.  We all know what that is, I hope.  Consumption is in your lungs.  With an extreme burning, that could be a physical condition that burns or it could be a burning in your soul, some kind of torment in your soul.  With the sword, we are told in other scriptures that the sword of the Lord is the wicked.  We are talking about demons here.  Spiritually it could be demons or physically, it could be warfare.  It continues with blasting.  My Bible in the margin says plant disease.  I am not sure what that means.


            With mildew, we were talking about this at other meetings, that mildew is a curse.  Mildew is a curse of God.  These things shall pursue you until you perish.  I knew somebody who had mildew all over their house.  They scraped it off, painted the walls, and two months later there was mildew all over the house.  They could not get rid of it.  Now it was a rented house.  I do not know whether the curse was on this person or the curse was on the house because it was a rented house.  I really do not know.  If you see a little piece of mildew, a little corner of mildew in your house, it does not necessarily mean that you are cursed.  If your house is overrun with mildew, and you have taken all the appropriate steps and you cannot get rid of it, you should consider petitioning the Lord about whether or not you are under a curse of mildew.  If you are, what you would want to do is say, Lord, please tell me what sin either I committed or my ancestors committed and help me to repent and get this thing off of me.  This is Deuteronomy 28 Verse 22 at the end of the verse.


            COMMENT:  Would that be the same thing if you lived in a place and your basement is under the water level, and you put a dehumidifier on in the summer time so you do not have any mildew?


            PASTOR VITALE:  I do not want anyone to get any condemnation out of what I am saying.  I am giving you my general understanding of this.  Everyone has to seek the Lord, but my opinion of this scripture is that if we were totally right with God, which none of us are at this point, none of these curses could exist in our houses even if every one of one hundred houses around us was overrun with mildew, we would not have mildew.  We have to get a revelation of the power of the spiritual realm to counteract what we consider a natural occurrence in this world system.  What you just said to me, if I understood you correctly, was this house is under the water, and there is always mildew when the house in under the water.  I declare to you that if there is no ground for this curse to be operating in your life, I do not care if your house is under the water.  There should not be any mildew there.


            COMMENT:  I have to keep asking the Lord to show me who in my generations and whatever it is that brought the curse to this house, to this family.


            PASTOR VITALE:  That is exactly right.  Find out why this curse is operating in your life.  Maybe the Lord would say to you, there is no sin, but I am just not moving in that measure of power right now to remove it.  I do not know if He would ever say it to you, but He might.  The proper thing to do if you want deliverance is what you just said.  Then wait for your personal word from the Lord because He is capable of keeping you free from mildew in the midst of intense mildew.  He is capable.


            COMMENT:  Maybe it has not gone because I did not seek Him, and it is just going to stay in my basement until I seek Him.


            PASTOR VITALE:  You petition Him on it.  Here we go again.  A lot of Christians think that all of these curses are automatically broken.  I know you do not think this.  You never knew mildew was a curse.  I know you are a faithful woman of God and I am going to be very interested to see what happens when you petition Him on this.  I am watching to find out if He delivers you of that mildew.  I really am waiting to hear what He says to you and what He does for you.  It will be very interesting.  I hope that you share that with me when you hear from Him on it.  Praise the Lord.


            We are on Verse 23 now.  Thy heaven that is over thy head shall be brass and the earth that is under thee shall be iron.  Now the heaven that is over your head is where God is.  Brass in the Scripture is the symbol of judgment.  What that means is when you turn to God and say God, I am innocent, please help me, all you are going to get back is judgment.  He will hear you, but all you are going to get from Him is judgment.  Glory to God.  The earth that is under thee shall be iron and the earth that is under you, I believe, is your satanic mind, because Satan is made out of the earth, our soul.  He is the high priest of our soul, and he is underneath us.  He is our unconscious mind, and he is going to be that iron rod that is going to judge us.  He is the officer of the Lord that is executing judgment against sin in this world system, and it is coming from within our very own mind and within our very own soul.  The judgments that have been placed upon us for sin are executed in our life by Satan.  He is God’s faithful servant.  He does a good job.  Hallelujah.


            Verse 24.  The Lord shall make the rain of thy land powder and dust.  That means drought.  That is on a natural level, that there will be drought.  If you are a farmer, or even if you are not a farmer, we need water.  It is also spiritual, that we are going to be thirsty for the Spirit of God.  That is powder and dust.  Of course, we know that Satan is made out of dust.  The rain, the spiritual life that we have, is not going to be God.  It is going to be Satan.  From heaven shall it come down upon thee until thou be destroyed.  Satan’s authority is going to become our heaven, and it is going to come down upon us and cover us until he finishes us off because that is his assignment from God.  The only thing that can interfere with it is Jesus Christ entering into our life and becoming our life.  He has to fully join with us so that we stop sinning.  As long as we sin, Satan has the right to execute judgment against us.  Jesus will use it for our good, but these judgments and these hard times are not going to stop falling on us until we stop sinning.  This is not to be done of ourself, that a man should boast, and there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus.  We do the best we can and when the right season comes along, Jesus will join with us and we shall no longer sin.  In the meantime, when we fail when those judgments fall upon us, the Lord will use them for our good, and to help improve us to become a better person and closer towards Him.


            Verse 25.  The Lord shall cause thee to be smitten before thine enemies.  No matter what kind of competition you are in, you shall be destroyed.  If it is just a local argument with your sister, you are going to lose.  If it is a competition of who gets the job, you are going to lose.  Whoever hates you, they are going to take the victory over you.  Thou shalt go out one way against them and flee seven ways before them.  You are going to be defeated in any kind of conflict on a personal level, in your marriage, in your friendships, in the work place, and as a nation you will be defeated on the battlefield.  Thou shalt be removed unto all the kingdoms of the earth.  An example of that is what happened to the ten tribes of Ephraim, known as Israel as opposed to Judah, when they were conquered by Assyria.  The Assyrians took all of Israel captive into the land of Assyria, and they took Assyrian citizens and planted them in Israel and completely destroyed their country and absorbed it into the Assyrian empire.  Now this did not happen to Judah.  When Judah was conquered by Babylon, King Nebuchadnezzar took the seed royal from Judah and brought them into captivity in Babylon, but he let Judah remain as a nation.  He left all the common people.  He took all their leaders away, but Judah survived as a nation.  Israel was totally destroyed.      


            When Israel was released from the Assyrian bondage, nobody knows where they dispersed to.  Nobody knows where they went to, but the Lord knows where they went.  I do not think it takes any great intellect to realize that they had to assimilate into the other nations of the world.  A lot of people say that they blended into the European nations and the nations of the world.  What we see in this country today is a grouping of people from all over the world.  A lot of people think that God set up America for the re-gathering of Israel.  One of the reasons that He set up America the way He set it up, America and Australia and all of these new world countries, where people have immigrated from all over the world, is that He is regrouping Israel, but they do not know that they are Israel.  You cannot really prove it in the Scripture, but a lot of people say that the large portion of the Church today are the descendants of Israel that have been regrouped.


            COMMENT:  What you are saying is that there are some descendants in Europe, let us say, from Ephraim?


            PASTOR VITALE:   Yes.  They could be all over the world.  Some people say that they are in Europe, but I would not say that they are only in Europe, but they had to go somewhere.  There has to be some of them in Europe.  Whether they went beyond Europe to Asia or not, I do not know.  They have got to be dispersed amongst the nations of the earth, but they do not know who they are.


            COMMENT:  This is like a witness to me because the Lord had given me a scripture on Ephraim a while back.  I could not understand what He was trying to tell me.


            PASTOR VITALE:  What did He say?


            COMMENT:   I really forget.  I cannot remember, but I know that He kept bringing me back into scriptures about Ephraim.  I kept asking what it meant and I did not get any answers back.  This is like a witness because possibly this curse  may be on my family.  My father comes from Germany, so it is possible.


            PASTOR VITALE:   I think we probably have all of the curses, but some a little more and some a little less.  That is probably very true.


            COMMENT:   My son was very rebellious and very proud.


            PASTOR VITALE:   This is interesting.  The thought just popped into my mind, for the first time, that there is a lot of pride in the European nations compared to Asia.  I guess I should not say that.  There is pride all over.  It is everywhere.  Praise the Lord.


            We are in Verse 26.  Thy carcass shall be meat unto all the fowls of the air.  Now your carcass can mean your dead physical body, but it could also mean your soul because we know that when we die we get buried.  I guess there are some cases where people do not get buried and the birds or the vultures eat their flesh.  That would be terrible.  That does not happen too often, but in the realm of the spirit, there are spiritual fowls that are eating our flesh continuously if we are not living out of Christ.  That is a curse of God.  If you do not have the strength to live out of Christ, either if you do not have a relationship with Him or if you do have a relationship with Him, but you do not have the strength to live out of Him, the spiritual fowls are eating your flesh.  What does that mean?  Jesus said, you must eat my flesh and drink my blood.  Then in another place, Jesus said, if you are lukewarm, I am going to spew you out of my mouth.  What am I saying?  Jesus said, He is going to eat us and we are suppose to be eating Him, and that is the blessing.  The curse is that the fowls, which typify the satanic realm, are eating your flesh.  That means that instead of being one with Jesus, because if we eat each other’s flesh we become one, instead of being one with Jesus, you are becoming one with Satan.  That is what it means.  You are not going to have the mind of Christ in any measure, but your mind, you are going to be one with the satanic mind.  You have to be one or the other.  It is only those of us that are in Christ right now that are both because we are in transition.  James says the double minded man is unstable in all his ways, but outside of those of us who are in transition, either you have the adamic mind, the high priest of which is Satan, or you have Christ.  What this is saying is, if you do not obey God, He is going to stop eating you and you are going to stop eating Him and you are going to be joined to the mind of Satan.  That is what He is saying.  Your carnal mind is going to rule your life.  Glory to God.


            Thy carcass shall be meat unto all the fowls of the air and unto the beasts of the earth.  Those are the demons.  And no man shall chase them away.  It shall be impossible for you to get healing in your body or deliverance in your soul from the psychiatrist.  When God curses you, there is no one that could help you.  We have mental institutions right here on Long Island, filled with people that there is no hope for, so they shoot them up with drugs and they lock them away.  Why can a doctor help one person and not another?  Why can a psychiatrist help one person and not another?  It is because it depends on the measure to which God has cursed you.  Now let me put this point on the tape.  God does not go around saying I am cursing you worse than I am cursing somebody else.  It does not work like that.  God has cursed the whole human race.  Depending upon the wickedness on your family line, those curses are evident on some family lines more than on other family lines.  But God is not a vengeful monster, and He is not down here on the earth saying, I am going to get you.  It does not work like that.  That is the carnal mind of man that says that.  But if you are not fortunate enough to have been born into a family line where there has been great sin, your life might be more difficult than others.  Take heart because the Scripture says, he who is last shall be first and he who is first shall be last.  In this hour Jesus is going to the desperate in the earth.  If you are a descendant of a highly cursed family line, although it looks like a curse, it was a curse to the adamic man, it is a blessing to you in Christ because you are coming to your first.  The disciples said to Jesus about the man that was blind from birth, who sinned, him or his father?  Jesus said, no one has sinned.  This disease is unto the glory of God.  Now Jesus was not saying that this affliction was not a result of sin.  We know it was a result of sin.  What Jesus was saying is that in the new covenant it does not matter whether he or his family sinned.  God is going to be glorified in this sin and that is all that mattered.  That is what He is saying to you.  In this hour, no matter what sin is on your family line, no matter what sin is in your life, no matter what sin is destroying you, it really does not matter whether it was you or your family.  You have got the problem.  If you will just confess it and repent, He is going to be glorified in it.


            COMMENT:   The Lord gave me that scripture that you just quoted, for Rosemary.  It was not that they had sinned, but that He would be receive glory.


            PASTOR VITALE:   I am not going to get any help by denying my sins.  I repent, please deliver me, and God did miracles in my life.     


                 COMMENT:  In other words , when I had her, that night or the next morning when a girl came into my room, she had said to me, what sin could you have committed that would cause you to have that mongoloid child?  I was a Catholic at the time, and there was not anything that I could think of.  In the Catholic Church, it was either mortal sin or venial sin.  I was wondering what could I have done that was a mortal sin?


            PASTOR VITALE:  She put condemnation on you by saying that.  There is a spiritual truth in what she said.  There had to be a sin on the family line to produce that, but there is no condemnation in it in Christ Jesus.  Still there is a spiritual truth behind it.


            I would be curious, if you would not mind sharing it with me, if the Lord tells you what kind of a sin produces that.  You cannot take any ungodly burden on yourself.  I do not, personally, see God working that kind of a miracle in this hour.  Hopefully, in the near future, we are going to enter into this new revival, and He is going to be doing those kind of miracles in that season.  It does not seem to be the season for that kind of miracle, so do not take any ungodly burden on yourself.


          COMMENT: You mentioned that if you have curses that strong on your family line, a psychiatrist is not going to help you.  What is it that can begin to break these curses?  Just saying, I repent of this in Jesus name, and then praying and saying I break the curse in Jesus name?


            PASTOR VITALE:   No, you cannot just say I repent in Jesus name.  It has to be a genuine repentance that comes from your heart.  Anyone that is having a problem with that, I would recommend a prayer that would say, Lord, for whatever reason I just cannot find it within me to genuinely repent.  If this is what I need to get set free, if this word is true, and what I need is genuine repentance to get set free, please help me to do it.


            COMMENT:   I just learned in some situations, when God began delivering me, I did not have control over it.  I had manifested and gotten some deliverance, but sometimes there has not been any manifestation and no furtherance of the deliverance, it seems like.  I would be wanting this deliverance so strong, and I found myself, sometimes, impatient with it along the way.  I have a problem with the part of thinking that I am doing the best that I know how.  I say I repent and I try not to do it again or whatever.  That was what I was taught.  You repent and you try hard not to do it again.  By the grace of God, at some point you are going to overcome it.


            PASTOR VITALE:  You are all trapped in that religious bondage that you were raised in.  If you listen to what you just said, when you play the tape back, what I heard you saying was that you are going to try to not do it again.  This has to be a work of Jesus Christ.  He wants us to confess our powerlessness over this torment in our lives.  Lord, please give me the right words to say to her, Father.  You listen to the tape and you will hear it.  You were confessing that you were going to do it.  There is a scripture in the Book of Job.  I do not know it offhand.  If you want it, I will look for it for you.  Job is saying to the Lord, why are you doing this to me?  Why did you not just come to me and tell me that I sinned and I will stop sinning.  Why are you putting me through this torment?  God says to Job, you do not have the power to stop sinning.  This is what God said to Job.  That statement is a manifestation of the pride of man, because even if I would have told you, you do not have the strength to stop.  The reason I am letting all this come upon you is that I want you to understand that you need me, that you cannot do this in your own power.  You need me.  This is the condition that He is bringing us all to.  Some people just naturally have strong personalities.  You have a very strong personality.


            COMMENT:  I also have a weak one because I lose my identity when I am with the other one that I am co-dependant with.


            PASTOR VITALE:  It is a weakness, but your personality is strong.  That weakness is a disease in your soul.  When Jesus heals that disease, and He takes hold of your personality, and He takes control of your personality, you are going to be a mighty warrior for Christ.  Your basic personality is very strong, but because of whatever happened to you in your lifetime, you developed this weakness.  You started out with a strong personality.  When you are healed of this weakness, He is going to lay hold of that strength, and you are going to be strong in Christ.


            Deuteronomy 28:26; And thy carcass shall be meat unto the fowls of the air and unto the beasts of the earth and no man shall chase them away.  The disease is going to cleave unto you.  Why does one person die of cancer and five people are healed or the other way around?  It is because the curse of God has been fulfilled or not fulfilled in you.  Verse 27; The Lord will smite thee with the botch of Egypt.  That says boils.  Did you know that boils were a curse?  Most people would say, well, I just have a boil.  That is a curse, especially if they are recurring boils.  They are big ugly things that have to be drained.  And with the emerods.  They are hemorrhoids.  A lot of people would say, well, what is the big deal about hemorrhoids?  Hemorrhoids are a curse.  Every sickness that you have, every torment in your body, every torment in your soul, is a curse.  We are not suppose to have this.


            My parents are senior citizens.  My mother is 80 and my father is 86 and they are sitting there watching all their senior citizen club die.  They go to the hospital, they get sick, they are in bed, they have all kinds of infirmity and pain and operations and they die.  That is not suppose to happen to us.  When our time is up, we are suppose to go to sleep.  We are not suppose to be in the hospital for five years in torment before you die, using a walker, needing a therapist.  This is all a curse.  Glory to God.  Alleluia.


            Hemorrhoids are a curse.  And with the scab.  That simply means a scab.  Did you ever hear of psoriasis?  It is scabs all over your skin, all over your body, especially on your head.  Any disease that forms a scab or causes you discomfort on your body is a curse.  We are suppose to be the glory of God, and these bodies are vile.  Yes, aging is definitely a curse also.


            COMMENT:  There are certain things that we can correct like dry skin by just putting cream on.  That is not really a curse, is it?


            PASTOR VITALE:  I do not know, because every healing measure that we have, whether it is an over the counter measure or whether it is from a doctor, that is just the mind of man dealing with his fallen condition.


            COMMENT:  Sometimes dry skin is the result of too much soap or the wrong kind of soap, the result of doing something.


            PASTOR VITALE:  I hear what you are saying.  I do not have all the answers.  All that I know is that we are not suppose to be in any kind of discomfort.  Any kind of discomfort that we have is because we are fallen, and we are fallen because we are cursed.


            COMMENT:  So it does not make any difference because we are all in the same boat.


            PASTOR VITALE:  We are all in the same place.  It is important that we understand.  I understand what you are saying and it is logical and it is rational.  Still we have to be careful that we do not say things that take our eyes off of the knowledge of where we are.  We are fallen.  We are in this conflict because we are fallen.  It is really important that we know that.


            COMMENT:  I do not think that we are all in the same place.  I have seen people who have gotten a lot of deliverance.  I personally knew that they did.  Those people were not even aging that should have been aging.  I should not say that they should have been aging.  I have seen people who are not aging because they had lots of major deliverances.  Curses were broken and they had repented of certain of things.  They had some wrinkles, but they looked, at least, about twenty years younger than they are.   


            PASTOR VITALE:  I am going to suggest to you that is not a result of deliverance.  This soul is dying, no matter how much deliverance you have.  This soul that we live in is dying.  No matter how much deliverance we have, it is still death and it is still dying.  The healing and the long life and every such thing comes from Christ.  A lot of people make that mistake.  When we were in deliverance, I heard it said many times, you keep casting out the demons and eventually you will stop dying.  That is a lie.  You can cast every demon in your soul out of you, and break every curse, and you are still going to die if Christ is not added to you.  Life is in Christ.


            Deliverance cannot save your life.  Deliverance cannot keep you well.  Deliverance cannot save your soul.  Christ does all those things.  What deliverance does is to clean your soul out so that Christ can start appearing in you.  We have to be very careful because there is in the Church world an idolatry known as deliverance.  A lot of people get involved in deliverance.  It  is the children’s bread.  It is the mercy of God, and I thank God for it.  It saved my life.  Why?  Because it cleansed my soul to the point that Christ could enter in and do what He has done in me.  We must be very careful to give the glory to Jesus, and to His Presence in us, and into His life in us.  Be very careful that you do not idolize deliverance because #1 it is an idolatry, and #2 it is not even true.


            COMMENT:  Are you saying that these persons who get deliverance do not have Christ in them because they do not have this same word?


            PASTOR VITALE:  It does not have to be the word.  This is a big mystery.  Christ can be in you without you having this word.  I want to tell you that I met a man in another state that God has given a glorious ministry to.  The Lord has told me that he is an apostle.  Now I do not believe he is in full stature.  If he was in full stature, he would have the doctrine too.  I believe God has told me that there are apostles in the earth today that are not in full stature.  What that means is they are going to be missing one sign of apostleship.  This man is so broken and so humble.  He is so full of love, and God is all over him.  He believes in deliverance, but he stops in the advanced doctrine at that point.  He still believes in the rapture.  He has not received sonship, but Christ is all over this man.


            When he preaches the word, it comes forth under the Spirit of the Word, but he does not have the deep doctrine.  Whatever he preaches is just the life of God coming through it, whether he preaches faith, whether he preaches understanding in the Scripture, or what it means, and what God was really saying when it was written.  He is a very anointed man of God, and he does not have this doctrine.  There is not a doubt in my mind that if he had this doctrine, he would go right through the ceiling.  The reason there are apostles on the earth today, and there is always at least one aspect missing from their ministry, is that it is not yet the season for full stature.  I was in his church and a prophesy came forth, that harvest was coming in that church.  Most of the church world thinks that harvest is going out and getting people to receive Jesus.  That is not the harvest.  The harvest is Jesus standing up in full stature.


            I was not surprised to hear that prophesy because I look at this man and I see Christ.  I want to tell you that I have spoken to people that speak this doctrine, and I do not see Christ.  You have got to see Christ, so it is not the doctrine.  To get back to your question, there are many people in the earth that are under the blessings of God.  They have long life.  My mother is eighty years old.  She looks like she is sixty.  I look younger than I am.  We look youthful on our family line.  With all the curses of infirmity that we have, we have the blessing of appearing youthful.  What am I saying to you?  All of these things that you mention are just gifts.  I read a booklet by Bill Britton.  He was rebuking the Church, saying that all you people out there that are going around saying you have divine health, you do not have divine health.  He said, you just have not been sick for ten years.  The blessing of good health is on your family line.


            The test, the acid test, is what were you like before you came to the Lord?  Were you healthy all the time before you came to the Lord?  Then why are you telling me you have divine health?   I was dying when I came to the Lord, and I am healthier than I have been in years.  That is a sign that God is operating in me.  If you are the same as you were before you came to the Lord, it is just a blessing of God on your family line.  Can you hear what I am saying?


            COMMENT:  Job did not get his testing until that time when God let the boils and everything else come.  Then you can say, I know where I have been, I have gone through the testings.  Possibly this woman that you see, has not had to go through something yet, but when the time would come, praise God that she would be able to go through it and not have it destroy her.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Right.  A lot of people have ought against me, for one reason or another, when they have seen me sick.  They said, look at that, she is sick all the time.  How could she be of God?  I say unto you, that the answer is not that I am sick all the time, but that I am still alive.  I should have been dead ten years ago.  That is what you look at.  You do not look that I am sick all the time.  First of all, look at where I was when I came to the Lord.  Second of all, look at the fact that I always get up.  I always get up.  The last time, even I thought I was not getting up, and I got up.  That is what you look at.  Every time I have ever been down, I knew God was going to raise me up, except this last time.  I was so sure He was finished with me that I was praying every night to just let it be quick.  I said, let me die in my sleep.  Why do I need the pain for?  I would wake up in the morning, and I would go, I am still alive.  He had other plans for me.  That is what you look at.  You do not look at I am sick every day.  You look at I should have been dead ten or fifteen years ago for sure.  I got a whole brand new pair of lungs.  I was going to die from pneumonia.  I had pneumonia two or three times in one year.  I got delivered from a curse of death, and had my lungs healed.  Glory to God.  Alleluia!!!


            I am not really saying this to anybody here, but I just feel led to put it on the tape.  Start using your brains.  Anybody that is hearing this tape, you would not want to be guilty of saying something foolish about someone who God is blessing.  I am not rebuking anybody.  I just feel led to say it.  I do not know where these tapes are going.  Use your brains and think good towards people.  Think good towards people.  Do not think evil towards people.  I know when I almost died this last time, there were several people saying, oh boy, I always knew she was a devil.  God really shut her down this time.  Now I not only have a local group, but I am going to Nigeria and we are in the Philippines.  God more than doubled the group and we are all over the world.  I am not looking at anybody here.  Do you not feel like a fool, you who said that about me?  I had one woman call me up.  I did not preach right away when I first got out of the hospital, and I said the Lord told me I was going to have a group again by the end of the summer.  This woman said to me, you better make sure it is God.  Praise the Lord.


            Do not put yourself in a position where you are going to feel like a fool.  Even if it was true, why would you be saying that to anybody?  Why would you even be thinking that about anybody?  I know there are people in the ministry that have hurt me, and I pray for them, as God lays it on my heart, frequently.  I pray that God will just have mercy on them.  Is that not what the Scripture says?  If you really believe that I have done something so terrible to you, which I do not believe, but if you believe it, you are suppose to be praying for me.  You are suppose to be asking God to bless me.  You are not suppose to be wishing that I be destroyed.


            COMMENT:  What happens when you wish someone destruction when they have hurt you?  Does that curse reverse right on to that person?  If someone were to wish something bad to happen to me, as a child of God would the Lord reverse it to them?  What happens when you do wish destruction to someone?


            PASTOR VITALE:  Eventually, it is going to go back on you, but we never know how quickly God is going to do it.  It does not always go back on you.  You see, God is so great.  I want to tell you, and I am being perfectly honest, that I do the best I can to be perfectly honest with you.  There are areas in which I am not anywhere near thinking with the mind of Christ.  One of those areas is in executing judgment.  When I see somebody doing wickedness, I will go before the Lord and say, Lord, give me your mind.  I just bless them because I know that if you were to let me judge them, I would probably condemn them.  I do not have it.  You cannot give it out if you do not have it.  He has not put that in me yet.  That kind of wisdom and mercy as to how He deals with people.  I cannot fathom what He is going to do with someone that tries to hurt somebody else.


            My standard testimony on this is that night when I was ministering in Harlem.  There was a witch there.  He came from a place where there was a lot of witchcraft, and he was visibly casting spells in the service that night.  He grabbed my arm and cursed my lifeline.  It scared me half to death.  I cried all the way home.  I was really hysterical.  Finally, I just stopped crying, and I said, Lord, if you are going to let him kill me, I am dead.  This is ridiculous.  I have to go on with my life.  The next service that I went into, the Lord told me to make that public.  I stood up in front of the whole congregation and said, Satan, if God is going to let you kill me, you do it.  I am still here.  (Laughter) Two years later, I asked the question that you just asked to the Lord.  I said, Lord, what happened to that witch?  That man deliberately and willfully tried to kill me, and he did not even know me.  Something had been said about me by the pastor in the church that I had trained in.  I mean it was so mild.  It had to be something in the spirit that made him want to kill me.  I do not know why he picked me.  I said, Lord, what happened to him.  I really want to know.  We went on an evangelical trip to Brooklyn shortly thereafter, and there he was in the congregation with his hands raised up praising God.  I stood there and I stared at him.  I could not believe what I was seeing.  He looked at me, and you know I think he recognized me, because he just had this silly little grin on his face.  I just walked away, and I said, Lord, I cannot fathom your mind.


            Obey His law, and pray for those that hate you, and bless those that despitefully use you, and love your brother and treat him as you would like to be treated.  Even if he does do something wrong, do not be one of those people that say I always knew you were no good.  Pray a prayer asking God to restore them because the Scripture says in the Book of Acts that we are all of one blood.  We are all out of Adam, and eventually we will all be out of Christ.  If you try to destroy me, you are destroying yourself.  If I try to destroy you, I am destroying myself.  There is life in Christ and there is life in obeying His laws.  It is not just life for the other people.  It is life for yourself.  You cannot wish evil upon people and expect to prosper.  That is Jesus’ teaching.  You cannot do it.  Even if the person has really harmed you and knew what they were doing when they harmed you, Jesus is very clear in His teachings.  We cannot pray for vengeance.  Vengeance is mine saith the Lord.


            In this hour, when He is saving the souls of people, and you cry out for vengeance, you could be crying out for vengeance against somebody that is going to be a son of God.  It cannot do you any good.  It cannot.  Submit yourself to Christ, and let this unpleasantness be used to make you more Christ like.  That is His admonition to us.  That is what we have to do.  He wants us to love one another.  That does not mean that you love the people that are nice to you.  That is easy to do.  The Scripture says that even an evil man loves his own kids.  It is easy to love your own or those that are nice to you, but to love those that want to kill you, that is a sign that Christ is coming forth in you.  There is a lot in the Scripture about measuring, the line and the plummet.  What are they measuring?  They are measuring the maturity of Christ in you.  How is Jesus going to know how far pregnant you are.  He lets people come up against you and be very unkind to you, and sometimes more strong than that.  Then He looks at your reaction, and He measures you, and He determines your spiritual age.  He determines whether or not Christ is being formed in you, and to what measure He is being formed in you.  That is why the trials must come.  God is not cruel, but it must be proven that Christ is in us.


            COMMENT:  He lets those incidences come as a thief in the night when you least expect it.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Sometimes He warns you, but most of the time, He does not.  He never used to warn me at all.  I do not know whether it is because I am maturing in Christ or for whatever other reason I do not know, but lately I am getting warnings to expect it.  I do not know why, and it is not all the time, and it is not with everybody, but sometimes I get warnings.  I agree with what you say, it comes like a thief in the night because He really does not want us to have time to prepare ourselves.  He wants to see what our gut reaction is.  Why?  Because He wants to know who we are.  The adamic man looks just like the Christ man who is not in full stature.  They look exactly the same.  He puts the same trial on the two of them, and He wants to see your gut reaction.  That is how He knows who you are.  Your gut reaction under stress, your gut reaction under attack, that is how you are going to know, and that is how God is going to know whether you are His or not.


            COMMENT:  I guess it is to bring us to that place where we will be instant in season and out of season.  You will always be ready.


            PASTOR VITALE:   Amen.  We have to be able to respond in Christ no matter how surprising the attack is.  Praise the Lord.  That is going to be one of the signs that He stood up in us.  Even when they crucify us, we are just going to pray for them.  It is really glorious.  You get to the point where it is just really exciting, although it is not pleasant when it is happening.  It is just really exciting to know that He is appearing in you.


            COMMENT:  You said it is very exciting once He is appearing in you, but during that time we are in pain and moaning and groaning.  Is that what you are saying?


            PASTOR VITALE:  It is very painful, and that is when He is looking at you.  What are you going to do when you are in that pain?  That is the test.


            COMMENT:  We are to rejoice in that pain.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Rejoice why?  Because this is the proof that Christ is appearing in us.  Alleluia!


            COMMENT:  Corrie Ten Boon told a very interesting thing, about twenty years after it happened.  There was a movie made of her life and testimony called The Hiding Place.  She was in a prison camp over in Germany when the Jews were being slaughtered.  Twenty years later she met that same guard, that was used to destroy the people, coming through a gate or a doorway.  All of a sudden, the fear and this unforgiveness towards him arose.  The Lord said, you must forgive him.  She said, I cannot.  The Lord said you must forgive him.  She battled it and battled it.  When she finally forgave him, and he greeted her, she had the love of Christ for him.  Eventually, he came to the Lord because she forgave him.  I believe that is what God is trying to do in each of us.  Paul probably never would have come into the kingdom if it had not been for Stephen praying, Lord, forgive them.


            PASTOR VITALE:  That is the point of the Scripture raising up the two witness company or the sons of God, in their function of being sent to people, and being crucified by them.  That is exactly what God is doing.  He showed me exactly what you said.  When somebody attacks a son of God, and that son of God forgives them, somewhere along the line, it results in salvation.  It may take years, but it results in salvation.  That is why we must be attacked.  It is to save their lives.  That is powerful.  Now we have to have spiritual eyes because sometimes it does not happen for years, so we have to have spiritual eyes.  If they have killed us because Jesus said, if you aggravate your brother without a cause, you have killed him.  You are guilty of murder.  If we forgive them, and we pray for them, God is going to prosper them.  It may be years, but it has got to happen.  It is really exciting.


            Do you think we are going to get through Chapter 28 of Deuteronomy tonight?  We are going to try.  Verse 27.  The scab and with the itch.  It says that itching is a curse.  Whereof thou canst not be healed.  Any disease that cannot be healed is a curse of God.  The Lord shall smite thee with madness, which is mental illness, and blindness, which is physical and spiritual blindness, and astonishment of heart.  In my Bible it says panic.  A more modern word that we hear used today is to be overwhelmed.  Did you ever hear that word?  It is a psychiatric term.  If someone cannot cope with life, they are overwhelmed.  We have a lot of people who are emotional cripples that cannot function.  They just cannot cope.  We have married women that cannot clean their house, and women that just had a baby that cannot take care of their baby.  We have men that cannot go to work and people that just cannot function.  The root of it all is fear or panic or being overwhelmed.  That is what it is.  Thou shalt grope at noonday.  Noonday means the light of the day, but it also means when Christ is in the world.  Noonday, when Christ is at high noon, means that He is in full stature.  Even when Christ is in full stature in the world, you are going to be in darkness if you do not receive His mercy.  Of Course, you have to repent.


            COMMENT:  You said before that the time would come when they will all want to hear it.  What has that got to do with the noonday?  When Jesus is in full stature, that is when all God’s sons will be witnessing to the others.  It would mean that there would be a group that would be blinded and grope.


            PASTOR VITALE:   Remember what I said a little earlier, at that last hour, which is at least a thousand years from now, maybe fifteen hundred years from now, at that last hour with regard to all of the human beings on the face of the earth, either they are going to be absorbed into Christ or if they are under this curse and they will not repent, they will live out their lives and they will die.  Then we are going to come into a condition where every human being on the earth is in Christ.  They will go one way or the other.


            COMMENT:  They would go back to the clay to be reformed again.


            PASTOR VITALE:   Right.  Thou shalt grope at noonday as the blind gropeth in darkness, and thou shalt not prosper in thy ways.  That is not just financially.  It means you will not prosper as a human being.  You will not prosper in your marriage.  You will not prosper as a son or as a father, wife or as a husband.  It means you will not have any friends.  You just will not prosper.  Everything you touch is going to wither in your hands.  They make movies about it.  They make a joke out of it.  Someone, no matter what he does, he fails.  No matter who the person goes out with, they do not want them.  I have seen it on TV.  They put this poor woman on TV and she looks like she is a little jerky.  She says every guy I go out with thinks I am an umbrella stand.  Did you ever see that on TV?   That is what this is, you cannot do anything right.


            It will not prosper.  Thou shalt be only oppressed and spoiled (which means robbed) ever more and no man shall save thee.  The oppression could be physically oppressed, if you are sick.  We can be spiritually and emotionally oppressed.  We all know that.  You can be oppressed, and I think that would usually mean demons involved there.  It is an emotional condition.  It also means that Satan is ruling in your life.  And you shall be robbed evermore.  Now what are you going to be robbed of?  You can have your finances robbed, but spiritually, Satan is come to steal our soul.  That means we are going to be robbed of everything that God has for us, all of the glory of God and the kingdom of God.  Tell me something, is not this curse operating in Israel today?  They are being robbed of the glory of Christ.  The Scripture says it is because of idolatry.  What was their idolatry?  They idolized the law.  They made the law into an idol, just like the serpent that Moses lifted up in the wilderness.  I do not know if you read about it, but further on in the history books, we are told that, that serpent was made into an idol, and the people started worshiping it.  The Jews started to worship the law.  They worshiped the creature instead of the Creator.  This curse is on them right now.


            Thou shalt betroth the wife and another man shall lie with her.  You think you just have a bad break because your wife is adulteress.  That is a curse of God that you are married to an adulterous woman.  If it has happened to you, you have to repent, and ask God to remove that curse from your family, and restore your wife.  Thou shalt build a house, and thou shalt not dwell therein.  You are going to lose it in foreclosure.  There is also a spiritual significance to that.  There is a Hebrew idiom that says to build a house means to build a family.  This says you are going to build a family and you will not dwell therein.  How many men has this happened to?  This happens to men more than women.  They will build a beautiful family, and the wife will divorce them, and they will be put out.  There is their house, and there is their children, and there is their grandchildren.  Everybody is gathering for the holidays, for Thanksgiving or whatever, and they are out living in a furnished room somewhere.  They built this family.  It is their seed and they are not there.


            Thou shalt plant a vineyard, and shalt not gather the grapes thereof.  Of course, that could be in the natural, but there is a spiritual significance of the word vineyard in the Scripture.  It is referring to spiritual life.  If you do a study on it, you will find that.  Jesus has planted a vineyard, and the fruit of it is Christ.  This curse says that even if you try to enter into the spiritual life of Christ, you are not going to gather the fruit.  The fruit is Christ.  That means He is not going to be formed in you.  Do you know there are people in the Church today that are under this curse.  We talked about this a lot.  The Holy Spirit is whizzing all around them.  They may be baptized in the Holy Spirit, but the word never get ingrafted.  It just never takes.  They do not grow.  They dance and they sing, but they do not grow.  You are under this curse, whoever is listening to this tape.  I do not think it is anybody here.


            If that is you, you need to ask God if you are under a curse of God, and if you are, to help you to be aware of it, and to repent and ask Him for the engrafted word.  If the word is not engrafted in you, you are spiritually a menstruous egg, and you are going to waste away.  You are an unfertilized egg, and you are going to waste away because you are only saved in childbearing.  If you are an ovarian egg in a woman, the only time you continue to exist is when you are fertilized and you grow into a child.  If that does not happen to you, you waste away in menstruation.  It is the end of the egg in the woman’s body.  We are all spiritual eggs.  If we do not produce the child of Christ, we are going to waste away.  That is what the Scripture says.  I know you never heard it before, but that is what the Scripture says.  Glory to God.


            Verse 31; Thine ox shall be slain before thine eyes, and thou shalt not eat thereof.  I guess that means your possessions, if you are not a farmer and you do not have any oxen.  Glory to God.  It is going to be slain, and you will not even have the benefit of eating it.  You are going to lose not only your possessions, but an ox is an animal that helps you to plow your ground.  You are going to lose your ability to farm your farm, and you are not even going to eat of the animal.  That is heavy destruction on you.  Thine ass shall be violently taken away from before thy face, and shall not be restored to thee.  Now this is not just the loss of your possessions and the things that you need to function in this life.  There is a spiritual significance to this.  The law says if somebody takes away your animal or takes what belongs to you, they have to restore it fourfold.


            We just read here that it is not going to be restored to you.  That means you are not going to be defended by the law of God.  You are going to be robbed.  You are going to lose everything.  If you are under Christ, if you are in submission to Christ, the law of God says that whatever you lose has to be restored fourfold.  That is why Paul says, why do you not suffer the loss?  Why are you running to court to sue people?  Do you not believe that God is going to make things right for you?  It has got to come back.  If you are truly innocent, it has got to come back, if you put your trust in God.  You have got to put your trust in God.  There are a lot of people in the Church today that are trying to cash in on the laws of God, but if you look at their heart, if you scan their heart, the truth is they do not have faith in Christ, but they are making a religious work out of it.


            We talked about tithing last week.  They are saying, if I put so much money in every week, I have got to get it back double.  There are some preachers that preach that.  I am telling you that is a lie.  That is a lie.  God does not have to give it back to you double.  That is not what the law says.  Sometimes He does not give you your money back, but He prospers you spiritually, if you are giving in obedience to God.  If you are giving in because you want to get double back, watch out.  I have had people tell me they put their last fifty dollars in as though they were putting a bet on the horses.  People have told me this.  I am not imagining this.  They did not get it back.  They did not even get their fifty dollars back, let alone a hundred dollars.  This is terrible.  What is going on in the Church today is terrible.


            COMMENT:  I believe it is witchcraft that the Church is doing.  It is mind control.  It tries to make you feel this is what the Lord is saying.  They took the Scriptures and used it for their own benefit.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Of course, the poor desperate person that is doing this, they are going to have to receive God’s dealings in this area.  The real tragedy is that, that is what they are being taught.  It is a tragedy in the Church today.  The people will have to reap what they have sown, but God knows that they are victimized.  They still are going to reap what they have sown.  Jesus said, if you know what you are doing (which is talking to the men who call themselves pastors) they are going to have more stripes than the people that are being victimized.  They still are going to reap what they have sown.  It is idolatry.  It is just plain idolatry.  I am going to put my money on my tithe today and get it back three times.  God help us.  Glory to God.


            Verse 31.  Thy sheep shall be given unto thine enemies and thou shalt have none to rescue them.  I am sure that if I looked that up in the Hebrew, there would be a significant difference between the ox and the sheep and the ass.  Offhand, I do not know what the difference is.


            COMMENT:  Could the sheep be the pastor’s flock?


            PASTOR VITALE:  It could very well be.  I just do not like to guess.  The Lord has shown me that when He names three different kinds of animals, it is not just because He was trying to be flowery or poetic.  It means something.  If we were to look it up in the Hebrew, we would find out what it means.  When there are two, it usually means soul and spirit.  In this case, I cannot obviously see what it would mean.  Glory to God.


            Verse 32.  Thy sons and thy daughters shall be given unto another people.  This curse of losing your kids today, whether you are abusing them or whether you are on drugs, the country is being overridden with children that have been taken away from their parents.  That is a curse of God, to have children and have them given to another people.  These kids are victims of spiritual warfare.  They have been given over to another people just as truly as if another nation has invaded this country and taken the children and put them in another place.  The curses are very heavy on this country right now.  We need to repent.  Glory to God.


            Thy eye shall look.  Look to what?  Look to your kids and fail with longing for them all the day long and there shall be no might in thy hand.  You will not be strong enough to get them back.  


            This is referring to people that I have seen on TV.  They cannot afford to take care of their children, so they put them in a foster home.  They come back three months later or even a year later to get their kids back, and this sick system that we are living in says to them, you cannot have your own kids back unless each kid has his own bedroom.  Now before they put the children in foster care, they had three children in one bedroom and the kids were happy and they were clean and they were being fed.  It was not killing them to be in one bedroom, but someone got sick or lost their job, and they figured we will put our kids in foster care for a year.  We will get on our feet and we will get them back.  At the end of one year, they found out that they cannot bring their kids back to the apartment, that they lived in for the five years of their life, because social services now says that you have to have a four bedroom apartment.  Of course, they could never afford that in a million years, and they lose their kids.


            COMMENT:  I see another thing here where the parents are divorced and the children go to visit in another state, and then the children are kidnaped.  The parent leaves and goes to another country so the other parent never sees them again.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, they never see them again.  Also, we have had many cases of kidnaping, where your kids disappear and you are longing for them, and you have no strength to get back your kids.  How terrible.  How terrible to know that your kids have disappeared and you do not know what is happening to them or where they are.  I do not know how anyone could live without Jesus.


            COMMENT:  Even in many cases, the children have gone to Satan worship also.  That is another curse.


            PASTOR VITALE:  That is terrible.  What a torment to live with, thinking your child might have been tortured.  I saw something on one of these talk shows once, where a child was being raised up in Christ.  She could not have been more than seven and a child molester picked her up.  She wound up in his car, and she just kept saying Jesus.  He said, shut up kid.  She kept saying Jesus, and he got so upset he opened the door and threw her out of the car.  Our kids have to be taught, no matter what, that they should call on the name of Jesus.  There is power in that name.  He said, get out of this car.  (Laughter) Glory to God.  Alleluia!!!  He is wonderful.  That wonderful name of Jesus.


            Verse 33.  The fruit of thy land and all thy labors shall a nation, which thou knowest not, eat up.  Nations can also be people.  Sometimes, we have people that are in partnership and their partner lies about them and cheats them and just takes all of their money or you go into bankruptcy because you did not know that your partner was a crook.  He just lost everything, blackmail, or what is happening in this country today is that someone will get sick and the system will take every penny of your life’s savings.  The Lord brought me to a man once in a coffee shop.  He told me that he and his wife had worked all of their lives and they had their retirement plan.  They were not rich, but they were going to have a decent life together and do some traveling or whatever.  She got sick and they took every penny he had.  He was barely surviving.  The man had worked all his life and he had to spend his last years as someone who never worked.  He lost everything.  Something is not right.  That is a curse.  Glory to God.


            The fruit of thy land and all thy labors shall a nation, which thou knowest not, eat up, and thou shalt be only oppressed in mind, in body, in spirit, and crushed always.  Did you ever meet someone that is always defeated?  No matter what they do, they are defeated.  Someone is always hurting them.  They are always depressed.  Boyfriend or girlfriend is always leaving them.  They have been married ten times.  I am exaggerating, of course, but they are crushed.  They have been so hurt by life that they cannot function.  That is a curse of God.  Crushed, or again, the modern day word is overwhelmed by life.  So that thou shalt be mad for the sight of thine eyes which thou shalt see.  That is talking about insanity.


            What this is saying is that when all these things come upon you, you are going to realize what is happening to you.  You have lost your family, you have lost your children, you have no relationship with God, and that your life is a disaster.  God says you are going to see it and it is going to make you insane.  What you see is going to make you insane.  We have whole institutions filled with people that are off their rocker because they have seen what is going on in their family or they have understood some ungodliness that has happened to them, and they could not cope with it.  Some people have a defense mechanism.  They could look right at it.  There could be incest in the family, whatever is devastating to your soul, and they just deny it.  They live in denial, and they cope with it, but some people see it, and it makes them crazy.  Then they wind up in insane asylums because of what happened to them.  Glory to God.


            Verse 35.  The Lord shall smite thee in the knees and in the legs with a sore botch that cannot be healed, from the sole of thy foot unto the top of thy head.  Smite thee in the knees; you know I had problems with my knees.  I was sick from the time that I was eleven years old and my knees used to swell up.  They would have to put needles in my legs and shoot cortisone into my knees.  It was very painful.  A lot of these curses were on me when I first came to the Lord.  A lot of them are off already.  These are all curses, especially in the legs.  Why so much in the knees and in the legs?  Because that is a natural type of your spiritual inability to walk with God.  From the sole of your foot unto the top of your head, you are going to be filled with sickness.  Alleluia.  Glory to God.


            Verse 36.  The Lord shall bring thee and thy king which thou shalt set over thee.  Who is that?  Who is the king setting over you?   Yes, it is Satan.  If Christ is not your king, Satan is your king.  The Lord is going to bring you and thy king which you shall set over yourself (that is what it says here) unto a nation which neither thou nor thy fathers have known, and there thou shalt serve other gods, wood and stone.  It could manifest in the natural.  Surely, this has happened to the Jews.  As far as we are concerned, there are natural applications and there are spiritual applications that we are going to wind up serving false gods.  Of course, the implication of wood and stone is that our soul is made out of wood and our spirit is made out of stone.  If we are serving a false god, it means that we are worshiping our own soul and we are worshiping the spirit of the adamic soul, which is Satan, and that is idolatry.  We are worshiping the creature instead of the Creator.  To find yourself in that condition is a curse of God.  It is self worship.


            The Lord has shown me that self worship and self idolatry and selfishness is at the root of the most heinous human problems, of the worst human problems, that you could find, including insanity and severe mental illness, and every kind of perversion and wickedness and murder.  When you look in deep into that person’s   soul, they are very involved with themselves.  They are very concerned about themselves.  Selfishness will destroy you.  Jesus said it is better to give than to receive, but it is not really clear.  What He is saying is profound.  It is not just better to give than to receive.  It is absolutely necessary for your mental and your physical health.  If all you think about is yourself continuously, you are going to destroy yourself.  It is self destruction.  Glory to God.


            Verse 37.  Thou shalt become an astonishment, a proverb and a byword among all nations where the Lord shall lead you.  Now that surely has happened to the Jews.  It happens to individuals too.  Their life is so terrible that people talk about you.  Do you believe what happened to so and so?  I cannot believe it.  I have seen people with four different diseases; cancer, liver disease, heart disease, and diabetes.  My God!  They are an astonishment and a byword.  People are talking about them.  Can you believe this?  That is what that means; devastation.


            Verse 38.  Thou shalt carry much seed out into the field and shalt gather but little in, for the locusts shall consume it.  The Scripture says we can plant and water, but only Jesus can give the increase.  That could mean a natural application, if you are a farmer.  If you are not a farmer, it could mean that no matter how hard you work, you cannot get ahead.  No matter how hard you work, something happens.  The Book of Haggai says that you can have a bag with a hole in it.  You can work fifty hours a week, sixty, seventy hours a week, and your money will go out.  Either there will be sickness or there will be debts or your car will keep breaking.  There was somebody here whose brand new car continuously broke.  Every week it was another hundred dollars to fix her car.  This is a curse of God.  No matter how hard you work, you cannot get ahead.  You will get robbed.  The money keeps falling out of your bag.  Glory to God.


            Verse 39.  Thou shalt plant vineyards and dress them, but thou shalt neither drink of the wine nor gather the grapes for the worms shall eat them.  Vineyards could be in the natural, but as we mentioned earlier, that refers to spiritual things.  Jesus said He is planting a vineyard in us.  That says we are going to plant it.  We are going to enter into the things of God.  This is the spiritual application.  We are going to study the Bible.  We are going to go to church, but we are not going to drink of the wine or gather the grapes.  Christ is not going to be formed in us.  You cannot have Christ formed in you because of your works.  You cannot.


            This is a thing that a pastor once preached and I never forgot it.  In those days there was an incredible anointing pouring out four and five times a week in that church.  It was incredible.  I have never seen anything like it since.  He said, do not think that you could sit yourself here for every service and secure yourself that you are going to get what God is pouring out here because you could sit here for five years and if God does not want to give it to you, you have not got it.  This is not the natural world, where because you are there, because you study, because you do, you get.  You cannot get this thing unless God wants you to have it.  There is nothing you could do to get it.  You could sit yourself right in the midst of it and there is nothing you could do to get it unless God decides that you are going to have it.  It says here that the worms will eat it.  We found out through many studies in the Scriptures that the worms typify the natural man.  We are the worms.  We are red worms.  That is in the #31 series.  We did that research and we found out that God sees us as red worms.


            COMMENT:  When the Bible talks about the worms eating you up, it is not really talking about worms is it?


            PASTOR VITALE:  It is talking about eating our souls.


            COMMENT:  I know some lady was reading something like that in the Scripture about the worms.  I do not know if she looked into the word study of worms, but I guess she took it as the worms are natural worms or something.  I said no, I feel like it has a spiritual meaning.               


            PASTOR VITALE:  No, we are told in the New Testament that the people cheered Herod, and immediately the Lord slew him, and he was eaten of worms.  What that means is that his adamic man rose up and destroyed his spiritual man.  That is what it means.  We have to get spiritual or this Bible gets gory.  (Laughter)


Alleluia.  Glory to God.


            Verse 40.  Thou shalt have olive trees throughout all thy coasts, but thou shalt not anoint thyself with the oil, for thine olive shall cast his fruit.  Now the olive tree typifies Christ.  That is the oil of God.  It says even though you have got the olive tree, it is going to cast its fruit.  We have talked somewhat here that it is possible for Christ to be aborted.  Anyone that is getting upset, do not shut off the tape please.  I know Christ is a Spirit and He is God and He cannot die, but the second generation of Christ is being born in us.  He shall be fully born in humanity, but it is possible for Him to abort in individual members of humanity.  If you follow this through in the Scripture, you will find out that this expression is used for a woman aborting.  I am sure you all know that the fruit of the womb is referring to the fetus of a pregnant woman.  The pregnant woman loses her fruit is the expression that the Scripture uses in the Levitical law.  If you do mischief, the Levitical law says the woman cast her fruit, you have to pay a recompense to her husband.  That is the same expression.  Lord willing, we are pregnant with Christ.  You are not home free until He is fully born in you.  We can abort.  Paul said, lest that I should preach this gospel and I should not enter in.  That is not the exact words, but that is what he said.  Paul said it was possible for him to not enter in.


            COMMENT:  In other words, to think otherwise, that I am going to make it in is presumptuous.


            PASTOR VITALE:  You better believe it.  It is presumptuous and it is pride.  It is idolatry and the Lord will sharply rebuke you for it because you cannot enter into the kingdom with that attitude.


            COMMENT:  You cannot be walking around saying once saved, always saved.  I am saved and I cannot mess up.


            PASTOR VITALE:  What could you say.  It is sad.  It is sad because if these people were sitting under proper teaching, and then they still believed that, well then it is really pride, and they will have to answer to God.  This is a tragedy because they have been taught incorrectly.  That is what they have been taught.  Sometimes, I think about it and I want to cry.  The Lord just reminds me that He has everything under control, and His answer to this problem is to bring forth the Melchisedec priesthood, which is going to be the true pastors, which is going to be Christ manifesting through a group of people.  The true teaching will be made available and all of this false teaching is going to be cast out.  It is going to come to an end.  Once the sons of God manifest, it will not be able to exist any longer.  The Lord is going to shut it down.  How long it is going to take Him to shut it down, I really do not know.  We have to stay spiritual.  I do not know about you, but I find it very difficult waiting for spiritual things to manifest.  Sometimes, it just seems to take forever.  It just takes a long time.  I guess, sometimes, it can happen faster, but most of the time it takes a long time.  What am I saying?  I do not know, but I am saying that it is possible when the first fruits company manifests that for maybe twenty, fifty or even a hundred years, if not more, we could have both the sons of God and the false church existing in the world together.


            Paul said he preached his gospel.  He called it my gospel.  No one else preached what Paul preached at the beginning.  He called it my gospel, and the Scripture says that nobody received his word for fourteen years.  He preached for fourteen years before the word was accepted.  It was fourteen years.  I have another ten years to go.  Now of course, there were a few people here and there that received it.  When I say nobody received it or when the Scripture says nobody received it, he means the people he was preaching to was not accepting it.  God always has got a couple of people here or there that believe.  He always has His remnant.


            Verse 41.  Thou shalt beget sons and daughters and thou shalt not enjoy them for they shall go into captivity.  Now that could happen in the natural.  We have some young women going into white slavery.  It is very sad, but it happens.  We know somebody that was there, being held in prostitution against their will.  It can be somebody in emotional captivity.  We know that too.  Then of course, there is physical disease, which is also a form of captivity.  Then of course, your daughter could wind up married to a man that is beating her and keeping her chained up, and she does not want to leave him.  There are all kinds of captivity. That is heart breaking to a parent to see your daughter in that condition.  Glory to God.  Of course, it says here sons and daughters.  I guess that would include all kinds of sin including homosexuality, fornication, adultery and any kind of sin.


            Verse 42.  All thy trees and fruit of thy land shall the locusts consume.  Again, that could be natural and again could be spiritual.  Everything Godly in your life is going to be consumed.  Did you ever hear of somebody dying and people saying he died a heart broken man.  He lost everything.  He died of a broken heart, an utter failure in life.  The stranger that is within thee (that is Satan) shall get up above thee very high.  He is going to be your ruler.  Thou shalt come down very low.  We talked a lot about Satan ruling us, and the fact that Christ has to put Satan underfoot.  This says Satan is going to be up very high, and we, our human spirit, is going to be down under him.  That is the condition of the human race today.  When Christ comes to us, He joins with our human spirit and begins t reverse that position.


            COMMENT:  Do you think that if someone came into all of this, not just a part of this, they would be like Romans 1, a reprobate?  It almost seems hopeless for them.


            PASTOR VITALE:  I do not know anybody that comes into all of this.  We mentioned that happened to the Jews in a few of these verses.  The majority of Jews that I know, at least those that are practicing, they are pretty healthy.  I do not see this.  Most of them are healthy physically and in their minds.  They certainly have been cast out of their land and have been persecuted and hounded.  I do not see them, as a people, dying from infirmity.  I do not know anybody that everything here has happened to them, because you cannot survive this.  I think that the fullness of these curses is what is going to appear at the end of the age.  However, we do see people like this.  I see people like this, but there are exceptions, and they usually are institutionalized.


            I was in the hospital for three months.  It is like another whole world for the desperate people that are in there.  I had an education in there for three months.  Nobody knows they are in there.  They are just existing.  It is not even being alive.   Their hearts are broken, and their children do not come to see them.  There was a woman there named Helen.  She was about 60 or 70 years old.  She had diabetes and had lost a leg, and she was blind from diabetes.  Apparently she did not know braille.  She sat there in darkness all day.  All she could do was listen to the radio blast or to the TV.  I assumed she did not know braille because she never read or did anything constructive.  She screamed day and night, help me, help me.  You would wake up at 2:00 A.M. and you would hear her yelling, help me, help me.


            When I got well enough to get out of bed, I started going into her room.  I said to her one day, what do you want?  She said, I want to walk again.  Everybody thought she was crazy.  She was not crazy.  That woman was in absolute torment.  Can you imagine having an active mind.  She could not get out of bed herself.  She could not walk.  For whatever reason, she did not have a false leg.  She could not get around.  She had to go on a bed pan.  She was totally dependent.  They had to feed her because she was blind, and she had nothing stimulating her mind.  She was in agony.  I started stopping in there towards the end of my stay.  I was walking around the last few weeks.  I would stop in and talk to her, and I would pray for her.  A couple of times I just stood by her bed.  The Holy Spirit was all over me.  I am crying thinking about it.  I just stood by her bed, and she was yelling, help me, help me.  I was yelling, help her, help her.  The tears were just pouring out of my face.


            Every time a believer came up to visit me, I took them in there, and we prayed for her.  We laid hands on her.  I will even give you a light note here and tell you a funny story.  These two young people came in that were newly touched by the Lord.  One of them got hit very hard with the anointing, and she found out about casting out demons.  She was all lifted up in pride, and she said we are going to go in there and cast that demon out of her.  I sat there in the hospital room, feeling weak, and I sat there and manifested pride.  I said, dear God, if she goes in there and casts that demon out, I am going to be mortified.  (Laughter) I have been going in there and praying for that woman for days.  Then I said, Lord, I repent of pride.  I pray for the best for Helen.  If you want this young woman to cast that demon out, just help Helen.  We went in there, and God did not let her cast the demon out, but it was a trial for me.


            This went on for weeks.  People went in there praying for her.  Then I went home from the hospital, and I asked her if she would like a tape recorder with some Bible scriptures, and she told me yes.  I came back to visit her after I went home.  I walked on the floor and I did not hear anything.  I walked into her room, and she was laying in bed and her whole face was lit up.  There was an aide taking care of her.  I asked what happened to Helen?  Oh, she is feeling much better.  I said, what happened to her?  She said, well I think maybe they changed her medication.  I said, they changed her medication?  She said she is really doing well.  We talk, have conversations, and she is rational.  Helen’s whole face was glowing.


            Maybe it was the medication, but what made these doctors change the medication?  I do not know that it was the medication.  It may not have been the medication, but if it was the medication, why did they not change it three months ago?  It was God.  No one can tell me it was not God.  Her whole face was glowing.  All those times that we went in there, all those people that prayed for her, God did something.  I knew God was doing something, but we could not see it.  I was so glad I went back to see that victory.  I could just see her face now.  It was glowing like an angel.  I really should go back and see her again.


            Verse 44.  He shall lend to thee and thou shalt not lend to him.  He shall be the head and thou shalt be the tail.  That word, lending, does not only mean money.  We touched on this earlier.  It means that he is going to be the one that is full.  He is going to be the one that is equipped to meet needs, and we are going to be the ones that need help continuously, if we are under this curse.  If we are under this curse, we will continuously need help, not only financial help, in every area.  This is talking about dependency and independency.  It means that if you are under this curse, you are going to be dependent and you are always going to be needing from somebody else.


            Verse 45.  Moreover, all these curses shall come upon thee and shall pursue thee and overtake thee till thou be destroyed because thou hearkenest not unto the voice of the Lord thy God to keep His commandments and His statues which He commanded thee.  They shall be upon thee for a sign and a wonder.  This is why God is going to do this to you, that you should be a sign and a wonder.  And upon your seed, upon your children, forever, because thou servest not the Lord thy God with joyfulness and with gladness of heart for the abundance of all that He has given you.  Therefore, shalt thou serve thine enemies which the Lord shall send against thee, and hunger.  You are going to be hungry.  And in thirst.  You are going to be thirsty.  And in nakedness, not only of your body, but of your soul.  You are not going to have the cover of God, and you are going to be in want of all things, and He shall put a yoke of iron around your neck.  That means Satan is going to be ruling over you in tyranny through other men.  You are going to be under tyranny until he hath destroyed thee.  The Lord shall bring a nation against thee from far, from the end of the earth.  That is in the natural.  As swift as an eagle flieth, a nation whose tongue thou shalt not understand.


            Now the spiritual significance of this is the sons of God.  In the natural, this happened to Israel.  Babylon came upon them and destroyed them.  As we get into verse 49 it says whose tongue thou shalt not understand.  Already the spiritual application here is the sons of God.  If you are under this curse, the spiritual application is that God is sending the sons of God to you or the two witness company to you.  They are a nation of fierce countenance in the spirit, which shall not regard the person of the old nor show favor to the young.  Now this is in the natural.  If it happens to you in the natural, it brings destruction because it is the letter.  If it happens to you in the spiritual, the end result of it is that you are going to repent and receive Christ.  Does anybody not understand that?  They shall not regard the person of the old nor show favor to the young, and he shall eat the fruit of thy cattle and the fruit of thy land.  Christ is going to eat up all of your sin until thou be destroyed.  Your adamic soul must die, which also shall not leave thee either corn, wine or oil or the increase of thy kine or flocks or of thy sheep until He has destroyed you.  If you are blessed, this is what is going to happen to you in Christ.  He is going to destroy everything of your adamic soul.  He shall besiege thee in all thy gates until thy high and fenced walls come down.


            The spiritual application of this is that you are going to be very defensed in pride.  As I said earlier, the Lord has shown me that the more reprobate and the more cursed a person is, the greater the problem they have with pride.  The Lord has shown me that the greater your problem, the more pride you have, whether it be physical illness or emotional illness, the more troubled you are, the stronger your pride.  Pride enters in originally as the defense of the natural man.  If you are a person that is always being overtaken as in these curses, people are always exercising authority over to you to your hurt.  Most likely, or it is possible for you to build up defenses of pride.  You do that to defend yourself against your being physically attacked, but the end result of it is that when Christ comes to help you, you raise up those walls against Christ.  It is very very hard for you to yield to Christ because you have been defending yourself all of these years.  That is what the Lord is talking about here.


            COMMENT:  Do you think this could be the case in that place where we usually go?


            PASTOR VITALE:  Pride is always there.  I do not want to get into individual cases.  For anyone that is severely cursed, there is more than one thing.  It is never just one thing.  It is complicated to have those kinds of problems in your family.  It is complicated, and that is why when we submit ourselves for deliverance, people that have very troubled lives or conditions, when they submit themselves for deliverance, it is almost fruitless to start calling out names.  Pride, come out.  Rejection, come out.  This or that, come out.  It is almost fruitless, because unless we get knowledge from the Lord as to where to start knocking that thing down, it will never come down.


            The Lord is giving me an example for you.  When we see a demonized situation where that thing is strong, that is likened to a statue in the person, for example, Nebuchadnezzar’s statue in the Book of Daniel.  If God does not give us spiritual knowledge as to where to attack that statue, we are just spinning our wheels, wasting our time, and wasting our strength.  It is not at all likely, unless it is God moving on me, to rebuke anything in particular when I come against something like that.  I might come against something obvious if I know there is a physical illness.  I think what I am trying to say, and I was not doing too good a job of expressing my thought, the first time or the first few times, or the first many times that I pray for someone like that, I would generally bless them, rebuke the devourer, break the curses over them, break family line curses, but I do not go after any one thing because I am waiting for God to show me where the weak spot is.  I am waiting for God to show me that we are going to start tearing down this statue here.  If I do anything else, I am just spinning my wheels.  If I exhaust myself, I do not have energy left for the next person.  If I do not exhaust myself, I have more energy for the next person.


            Not only that, when I minister in Christ, when the knowledge of the spiritual power comes from Christ, I do not get that tired.  I do the best I can not to do anything out of the flesh.  You watch anyone that is really experienced in deliverance ministry.  Even in the church we used to go to, I used to watch the pastor and ministering pastors.  We had a lot of people out of mental institutions coming to that church because they heard that there was some power there.  They never prayed anything special for them.  They prayed in tongues and general prayers.  When it is that defensed, where I am today, and where any minister that I know of is today, we do not have the strength to knock that thing down.  I was in that church for five years.  My whole personality changed.  God saved my life, did miracles, but I never saw one person come in from a mental institution that was healed.  There are other people that would agree with me that were there for five years and are still there.  I do not see that kind of power in the church today.  That does not mean that God is not doing it, one here or one there, but as a general rule, He is not setting these kind of problems free today.  I am getting way off track, and forgetting what I was saying.


            We were talking about pride.  We were saying that pride is the foundation for all ungodly personalities.  Let me say this.  When somebody has a personality problem, it might be a situation where you could cast one demon out or a series or a family of demons that help them.  When a person is severely troubled, the foundation of their personality is pride.  We are not dealing with a demon.  Neither are we dealing with a family of demons, but we are dealing with a whole personality that is rooted and grounded in pride.  If we do not go in with the power of God, under the specific instructions of God, as a general will instruct his army, we will never bring that thing down in the strength that we are in today.  If we were in greater strength, we would still be leaning on God for His instruction.  This is not a demon or a family of demons.  It is a whole personality rooted and grounded and held together and heavily defensed, and the high priest and the high general is pride.  That person needs a miracle.  That is the size of it.  It is a whole personality.  You never know where God is going to start chipping.  That is how it comes down, chip, chip, chip.  Glory to God.


            Verse 53.  Thou shalt eat the fruit of thine own body.  Now that actually came to pass in the history books of the Bible.  When Israel was under siege, there are accounts right here in the Bible that the women were boiling their own children and eating them.  Of course, there is a spiritual application of that.  We see the spiritual application today where the Scripture says to eat one’s flesh.  It means to spiritually consume them.  We see that in child abuse.  There is physical child abuse, sexual abuse, and there is emotional abuse.  You see a lot of children being abused.  The parents do not touch them, but they are always condemning them.  They grow up being degraded and put down by their parents.  That is emotional abuse.  Praise the Lord.  Glory to God.  Thank you Jesus.


            Pastor Vitale is now praying for a woman in the congregation concerning abuse.  We just bless this woman, oh God.  Thank you for your Spirit, dear God.  We thank you that you touch this demon side of her.  We just repent of all abuse on the family line, Lord.  We forgive those who did it.  We know that it is very common when it is done to us that we do it to others.  We just know that she is repenting if she, too, had done it.  All forgiveness is coming forth.  We ask you, Father, that you break this curse on the family line back unto the tenth generation, Lord, and for all generations in the future.  We pray that you take it off of her sons, and that that curse be broken.  Be glorified in this sin, Lord Jesus, and make it a reality to her that there is no longer any condemnation in Christ Jesus, but that all things work for the good for those that love the Lord.  We thank you, Father, for your mercy and for your grace, and that we have the permission to enter into your throne room and partake of your glory.


            Now if there is any demon in there that needs to come out, we rebuke you, and we curse you at your roots, and we command you to start coming out in the name of Jesus.  All of this deep hurt, come up from the depths of her soul.  (Tongues)  Sobbing taking place from woman.  Pastor Vitale continues praying and commanding the demons to come out.  Come on out, deep hurt, self condemnation, self hatred, unforgiveness for her own weaknesses.  Come on out, all that self condemnation over her son.  Come out of there, you wickedness.  You cannot condemn her.  She is a son of God.  Come on out.  Come up from the depths of her soul.  (Tongues) Sobbing continues.  We break every ungodly soul tie, if it is there, we break it.  We break every ungodly soul tie with our parents, brothers or sisters if they exist.  Come out of her soul.  He is going to straighten everything out in due season.  He is going to take care of everything.


            Woman speaks out.  I am told I am angry all the time, but I do not see that.  I do not know if that is a part of this, but my mother was like that too, and my father.  They were always angry at something.  Pastor Vitale says we are going to break that.  With that kind of anger, it is usually rooted in witchcraft.  Are you aware of witchcraft on your family line?  Is it okay if I pray against it in case it is there?  Father, in the name of Jesus, we just break curses of anger and witchcraft on the family line.  We confess it as sin, Lord.  We ask that you remove it from her and that you soften her heart, Lord, and that you give her a spirit of love.


            Verse 53.  Thou shalt eat the fruit of thine own body, and the flesh of thy sons and of thy daughters, which the Lord thy God hath given thee in the siege and in the straightness wherewith thy enemies shall distress thee.  We talked about that, and again that could be physical or spiritual.  Again that could be natural.  Israel was under a siege and we know that women were eating their children, but you could be under spiritual siege and in spiritual straightness and your enemies or the demons or Satan shall distress you.  The man that is tender among you and very delicate, his eyes shall be evil towards his brother and toward the wife of his bosom.  That says the man among you is a nice man, but towards you, his eye is going to be evil, towards you his brother.


            He is going to not like you.  He is going to hate you, and not only are you not going to know why, he is not going to know why.  The man that has a kind heart is going to dislike you and towards the wife of his bosom.  He is going to be harsh to his wife.  If you are a woman, I guess this is towards your husband.  This is another curse right here.  We were just dealing with that.  Toward the remnant of his children which he shall leave, so that he will not give to any of them of the flesh of his children whom he shall eat because he hath nothing left him in the siege and in the straightness wherewith thy enemies shall distress thee in all thy gates.  The tender and delicate woman among you, which would not adventure to set the sole of her foot upon the ground for delicateness and tenderness, her eye shall be evil toward the husband of her bosom and toward her son and toward her daughter.


            Well, it is discord.  It is a general harshness.  It is just an evil heart within the family and it destroys the whole family.  It tears down everything.  Toward the young one that cometh out from between her feet and toward her children which she shall bear, for she shall eat them for want of all things secretly in the siege and the straightness wherewith thy enemies shall distress thee in the gates.  Now of course, this happened in natural Israel, but the Lord has shown me that women and men can be spiritually under siege if they are addicted to drugs or alcoholism or any kind of problem.  We have families today under siege.  I even think I saw a TV program entitled that once, Families Under Siege.  They are under spiritual siege.  Their gates are barred up, and they are in denial.


            Now what happens when you are under siege?  You cannot get food.  You cannot get supplies.  Well, in the spirit, you cannot get what you need to make you a functioning and prosperous human being.  What you need is something spiritual.  What you need is the love of God.  Usually when people have these problems, they are desperate to be loved.  Because there are curses on them, they engage in certain behavior that makes it very difficult for somebody to love them.  Someone could be offering them love, and this thing wells up from within them.  They have no control over it, and this thing pushes that love away, and crushes that love in the other person.  It is a curse that is designed to destroy you because on the one hand you are dying for love.  You are craving for love and it pushes every possibility to bring love into your life away from you.  It destroys every possibility for love in your life.  That is a terrible curse.  That is a pretty serious curse.  That is pretty severe.  Glory to God.


            Verse 58.  If thou wilt not observe to do all the words of this law that are written in this book, that thou mayest fear this glorious and fearful name, the Lord thy God, then the Lord will make thy plagues wonderful.  My margin says tremendous, very great.  The plagues of thy seed; that is your children.  That is terrible.  God have mercy on us all.  The plagues of thy seed, even great plagues and of long continuous and sore sicknesses and of the long continuance.  Moreover, he will bring upon thee all the diseases of Egypt, which thou was afraid of and they shall cleave unto thee.  Also every sickness and every plague, which is not written in the book of this law, then will the Lord bring upon thee, until thou be destroyed, and ye shall be left few in number, whereas ye were as the stars of heaven for multitude because thou wouldest not obey the voice of the Lord thy God.  It shall come to pass that as the Lord rejoiced over you to do good, and to multiply you, so the Lord will rejoice over you to destroy you and to bring you to nought, and ye shall be plucked from off the land whither thou goest to possess it


            That, of course, is not only your country, but it is the land of your soul.  And the Lord shall scatter thee amongst all people.  We know that happened to Israel.  Is not the family being scattered today in general?  Look at the families in this country.  They are being scattered.  They shall scatter you among all people from the one end of the earth even unto the other.  We see in this country today, families being broken up.  One brother going to California, the other going to Oregon, the third brother going to Nebraska, and the mother is here in New York and nobody sees anybody.  It is terrible.  Do you know how many senior citizens there are right here on Long Island that have raised children and they are living here alone.  That is a terrible curse.  Whatever it is, it is the family life in this country that is being destroyed.  There is no value to the family, it is just the money and the things it could buy.  Glory to God.


            It came to pass that as the Lord rejoiced over you to do good, and to multiply.  So the Lord will rejoice over you to destroy you and to bring you to nought and ye shall be plucked from off the land whither thou goest to possess it.  And the Lord shall scatter thee among all people from the one end of the earth even unto the other and there thou shalt serve other gods which neither thou or thy fathers have known, even wood and stone.  We see occultism rising up all over the land today.  They are worshiping all kinds of gods and witchcraft and all kinds of idolatry, foreign gods, Hindu gods, Buddhist.  Everything is coming to people out of Christian families.  Among these nations shall thou find no ease, neither shall the soul of thy foot have rest.  You are going to be restless continuously and no peace in your heart.  But the Lord shall give thee there a trembling heart and failing of eyes and sorrow of mind.  That is fear.  That is fear and depression.  My margin says pining away of the soul.  That is referring to the deaf and dumb spirit that Jesus cast out of the boy.  It is where you pine away and spend your whole life desiring something or lusting for something that is unattainable, and then you die of a broken heart because you never attained it.  That is a terrible curse, a very wicked curse.  It means wicked in your life.  God is not wicked for putting it on you.  God is righteous.


            Thy life shall hang in doubt before thee.  You do not know whether you are going to live or die.  Thou shalt fear day and night.  Fear is a sign of ungodliness.  It is a sign of separation from God and it is a curse from God.  Thou shalt have none assurance of thy life.  You are not going to have any reason to believe that you are going to be alive tomorrow.  In the morning thou shalt say, would God it were even.  At even thou shalt say, would God it were morning, for the fear of thine heart wherewith thou shalt fear, and for the sight of thine eyes which thou shalt see.  And the Lord shall bring thee into Egypt again.  Now Egypt typifies the world.  It is going back into the world. The Lord shall bring thee back into the world with ships by the way whereof I spake unto thee.  Thou shalt see it no more again and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you.  That means you are going to be spiritual servants.  Again, you will be the borrower.  You will always need help from other people, if not in every area of your life, in many areas of your life, and no man is going to want you.  No one is going to want you.  You are going to be in a hopeless situation and you are going to be a worthless person in society.  Glory to God. 


            I just want to break all of these curses over everybody here tonight.  I am assuming we are all repentant in these areas if they are true in our life.  We are just going to ask the Lord to remove all these curses from us, and to heal and to restore, and to bless our families, and to let us begin to enter into a life free from these things in the name of Jesus.  We thank you, Lord, for this deep work that you have done tonight.  Glory to God.


            The Lord has been recommending that we pray to crush our carnal minds.  Can I pray to crush your carnal mind?  Father, in the name of Jesus, we just bless this woman from the top of her head to the bottom of her toes, dear God.  We pray that these broken curses become a reality in her life.  We rebuke torment and restlessness and sadness and hopelessness, and any form of depression or oppression.  In the name of Jesus, we rebuke lust and craving for anything that is not what God has for her at this time.  We rebuke any lust that is tormenting her.  We just cast you down in the name of Jesus.  We call you sin and we ask that Christ in you arise and take authority over you, and that you be destroyed and uprooted and ripped out, and that you never return to her again.  We smite the carnal mind.  We crush it and speak destruction upon it, dear God.  If she has not received the engrafted word, we pray that this word be grafted in her heart, Lord, and that you start to grow it, and that you prosper it, Father, and that you do not stop, Lord, until it fills her entire soul with the large tree of your God.


            We just rebuke any weaknesses in her soul, any rejection or fear, everything that is not of God.  We break the power of divorce over her life.  We break all curses of witchcraft.  In the name of Jesus, we just cast down those strongholds of witchcraft, and we ask you, Father, that you just translate her into your kingdom and bring her forth as fine gold, dear God.  Do not let up on her, Father, until you finally penetrate. We thank you, Lord, for the very best for this young life, Lord.  We pray whatever your best for her is, that you bring it to pass, and that you do not let anything interfere, you do not let anything steal it from her, oh God, and that you be glorified in her, in her life, in her home.  I rebuke the powers of idolatry and witchcraft over her home.


            We pray, Father, that if this be the time, if you would agree, Father, in your perfect timing that you tear it down, Lord, and we pray for the salvation of her grandparents, Father, and we just leave it to you, Father, to do it as you will and in your timing.  We thank you, Lord, and we remind you, Father, that your own word says that the firstfruits sanctifieth the lump, and your Son is in her, and she is in this house, Lord, and there is idolatry in this house.  Now we have told you that, Lord, and we wait upon you to see what you will do in the name of Jesus.  Broken heart, I just rebuke you, broken heart.  I command you to heal.  There is no sadness in Christ Jesus.


            Rejection or shame or humiliation and all forms of embarrassment, we curse you at your root.  There is no more any condemnation in Christ Jesus.  You will not condemn this woman.  Evil memory recall, I command you to shrivel and die.  I keep breaking those ungodly soul ties with anybody in the name of Jesus.  Rejection from her father, we just cast you down to the ground.  Father, we pray for that man, Lord God.  We pray for his salvation, but we ask that you do not let him hurt her, Father.  In the darkness of his mind, Father, have mercy on him, we pray in the name of Jesus.  Just rip those arrows out of her heart.  We pull all those arrows out of her heart and we speak healing in the name of Jesus.  Amen.  Glory to God.


            Pastor Vitale begins to pray for a brother who requested prayer.  Aside from crushing your carnal mind, what are we doing tonight?  (Laughter) I would just like the Lord to reveal anything that I really need to repent of, anything that I do not recognize besides things that I do recognize.  Father, you heard it, Lord.  I just pray that you grant his prayer, Lord.  Show it to him, Father, grant him the grace to repent and bring forth this cleansing.  I know he is all excited with this promise that you have brought to his ears, Lord.  I pray that you bring it forth in him, Lord, and that you fully equip him, that you do not let him go into battle without his weapons, Lord, but that you do the job, that you purify his soul, Father.  We continue to pray crushing on his carnal mind.  In the name of Jesus, bring your ministry forth in him, oh God.  Let him be a glory to you, Father.  Let him be a son in whom you are well pleased.  Fill his soul, Father, with the fullness of the tree of life, oh God.  May it swallow up the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, Father.  Let no man take from him the crown that you have given him, Lord.  In the name of Jesus, carnal mind die.  (Tongues)   Thank you Jesus.


            Were you afraid of your father when you were a little boy?  I guess I was a little bit, I guess.  I do not really remember to tell you the truth.  Well Father, if that is a true discernment, we just pray that you bring it to his memory so that he can forgive his father, Lord, and that ungodly soul tie can be broken.  Thank you Jesus.


(Tongues) Were you raised in the Catholic Church?  Yes, I was an altar boy.  I was just going to say, did you come from a religious background?  (Laughter) Praise the Lord.  You loved God from a very young age.  Yes, I had an altar when I was real little in my room.  I just saw a vision of you kneeling down in your room, but I did not see an altar.  I had a cross and I used to dress up in my altar boy outfit.  I thought I was going to be a priest or something.  Well, you are.  You are going to be a higher priest.  Glory to God.  Of course, you have repented of all those rituals.  We just burn that altar and all of that Catholicism of his childhood, Lord.  We pray that you give him the real thing, Lord.  We destroy the counterfeit.  Give him the real altar.  Lord Jesus is our altar.  Set yourself up in his mind, Father, and give him the grace to bow down to you, oh God, in spirit and in truth.  We thank you, Father, and we glorify your name.  Hallelujah.


            Do you identify that altar with your teddy bear?  I keep seeing you with a teddy bear.  No, I never had one by the altar.  I just break the curse of the sign of the cross and all those curses for being an altar boy.  We break all the ungodly soul ties with the priests and the candles and the singing, and the whole thing.  (Yawning and sighing taking place) Were you an only child?  No, I was the baby.  Well, we just break any curses of loneliness that are upon you or any resentments that are hidden in his heart for being the youngest or not having a brother close to his age to play with.  You had some of the experiences of an only child although there were other children in the family.  Thank you, Jesus.  Selfishness.  I think you have to forgive your parents.  I think you held some resentments towards them because you were lonely from time to time.  You have a beautiful spirit on you.  The Lord really loves you.  He has really received you.  Do a quick work.


            You were a curious little boy.  I see you walking around with your teddy bear.  (Laughter) Did you see me walking around in my altar boy outfit?  No, I just saw you leaning down in your room and you had this teddy bear and you were all alone.  Yes, I spent a lot of time alone.  You are doubly blessed.  It is not that common that God calls a couple.  Usually it is one and not the other and there is all kinds of tension.  Yes, it is amazing.  We will talk about that when we have time.


            A sister has asked for prayer for true repentance and whatever the Lord lays on Pastor Vitale’s heart.  She says she feels so empty.  Father, I honor her prayer and ask for a true repentance to come forth from her heart, a true genuine repentance.  Thank you Jesus.  (Tongues) He says you are going to be crying a lot over the next few days, but to remember that as long as your sorrowing is unto repentance, it is okay.  There is no condemnation in it.  It is a form of deliverance, so just let it come and do not worry about it.  You are going to be crying a lot.  Father, I thank you for what you are doing in them and in their son.  I continue to pray that you be glorified in them.  I rebuke the devourer over their life and I smite every enemy and command them to leave this house, for this house is truly the house of the Lord.            


                Pastor Vitale speaking.  I have been having a lot of problems with witchcraft in my life.  I have not had this much trouble with witchcraft in years.  I do not know what it is from, but I have bites all over my body, and I have not had this in five or six years.  They look like bites, but it is witchcraft.  I was delivered from this six years ago, and I am really distressed that it is happening again.  The only thing that I can think of is when I had those people in the house, but I went before the Lord with it and I woke up this morning and I rebuked everything.  This is what the Lord told me to do.  This happened once before.  I think that I had those people in the house, but what the Lord told me to do because I am the priest in that house, and even if I bring someone with heavy witchcraft in the house, my cover is suppose to keep it out of the house.  There is a leak in my cover somewhere, I guess.  I asked the Lord if I had sinned or if there is anything I have to repent of.  If that is true, He has not told me, but I am all bitten up.


            When I came home from your house, I fell asleep in front of the TV, so I slept all night on my couch.  When I woke up, my whole back was bitten up and on my side, my leg and my arm.  It is bite marks, but it is spiritual.  Remember I gave my testimony a few years ago that I called all the exterminators in the neighborhood and they had me on a blackball list as a crazy lady, not to answer any of my calls.  They never found anything in my couch.  Finally, I realized from the Lord that it was not anything natural.  The only one that got bit was me and my daughter.  Anyone else could walk in the house and sit down on the couch and they did not get bit.  


            COMMENT:  I am amazed at this.  I listened to a program a number of years ago on a Sunday morning.  It was a girl who was a prisoner in the Philippines in a cell by herself.  Every morning when someone went in there, she was completely bit where she could not have bitten herself.  Her bites were human bites.


            PASTOR VITALE:  Mine were like mosquito bites.  They were not human bites.  These bites come from within.  I am not going to let myself get upset over this, but I was delivered five years ago from this.  It was so bad in my house that I would not go to sleep without rebuking the demons.  If I rebuked it every night, and prayed over the couch, we could sit on the couch and nothing would happen.  If I missed a night and we sat on it, my daughter and I were both bit up.  This went on for years.  Finally, God brought the deliverance about six years ago.  I am not happy to see it back again.


            I had a girlfriend sleeping in the bedroom with me and a guy who was sleeping on the couch who needed a lot of deliverance.  He woke up one morning and said to me, I was having a dream that there were bugs all over me, and they were talking to me.  They were flies and they were quoting scriptures to him in the dream.  He had a bite on his leg, but it was just one bite.  I said to myself, it is summertime, so it must be a mosquito bite and it is just one bite.  It is just a few weeks since they are gone and I fell asleep on the couch and I woke up and I am all bitten up again.


            COMMENT:  That did not happen to me when I slept on the couch.


            PASTOR VITALE:  It is not you.  It is just me.  I am telling you that people walked in my house for five years and no one got bit but me and my daughter.  What is distressing me is that I do not understand.  God told me to bring these people in the house.  I do not understand why this is happening to me, but I would like it to go away.


            I prayed over the couch this morning.  This happened to me once before, about two years ago.  Somebody was staying with me.  I have a lot of people staying with me.  They are all messed up and I help them.  I have a love seat in my bedroom that opens to a full bed.  There was a cockroach crawling across the wall.  Cockroaches are usually in the kitchen or the bathroom.  I killed that and then I found them in the kitchen.  We called the exterminator and emptied out all the closets.  It was so much work.  They sprayed and we put everything back, and still there were more cockroaches.  At that point, I went before the Lord and that was when He told me it is because this person that you have taken in has all this witchcraft.  You speak into the heavenlies and you tell them that you are the high priest and that you are covering her and they cannot stay here.  I did that and that was the last of the cockroaches.


            COMMENT:  Did you do that again now, this past week?


            PASTOR VITALE:  Yes, but it has been building.  I found a cockroach in the bathroom a couple of months ago.  I had contacted this man who was into occult stuff, thinking it was God.  The same day I saw the cockroach I got his stuff in the mail, and I felt God told me that I had made a mistake.  I ripped up the material and threw the tape out.  I never saw another cockroach until two months later, when I opened my spice cabinet.  This was just before these two people came.  There was a cockroach in the spice cabinet, but I rebuked it again, and it was gone.  While these people were in my house, right in the middle of the week, I got attacked with those flying ants.  They were all over my curtains by the storm door.  Then I prayed that through, and I got rid of the flying ants.  That was in the natural and now it has turned spiritual, so I am all bit up.  I prayed over the couch today.  I have had a lot of people in the house, more people in the house than I have ever had in this period of time.  I was sure that God told me to invite everybody that I invited.  I am waiting to hear from Him what happened, but in the meantime I would like prayer against witchcraft.  (Laughter)


            A brother in the Lord begins praying for Sheila.  Heavenly Father, we break those curses of witchcraft and whatever it is that is causing this, Lord God.  We just ask that you would take care of it, break these curses, in the name of Jesus.  Deliver her, Lord God, and reveal if it is a person or whatever it is.  Set her free and heal the wounds that have been inflicted, and give her relief in this area.  Bless her for her efforts, and sustain her in your word, and keep her obedient to what you have commanded her, Lord God.  Reveal whatever it is that is causing this.  If it is witchcraft, we just break the curses in Jesus name.


            We curse you at the root and command you to leave.  Leave this house.  In the name of Jesus, we rebuke you and command you to leave and to cease your activities.  She is God’s child and she does not want to have anything to do with you.  Father, if there is anything, whatsoever, that Sheila has given a reason for it, reveal it to her so that she can just rebuke it.  (Tongues)  Father, I come against any anxiety that Sheila is going through, desiring these things to be gone.  Give her a peace and a rest.  Release your peace right now, Father God, and a knowing that you will take care of it in your time.  Even this night, dear God, I ask that you give Sheila a beautiful rest, and beautiful sleep.  Give each and everyone present here, Father God, a sleep and a rest like they spent many hours more in this period of sleep tonight.  Awake them with a rest and a comfort of knowing that you have done it, Father.  We give you all the honor and all the glory, and all the praise, Father, in the name of Jesus.


            Father God, we lose now onto Sheila, new health, new vitality, new strength, and a new vigor, that she would be able to do all that you would ask her to do.  Let her not be weary in well doing, Father.  (Tongues)  Father, bless her financially for her efforts in the work.  Give her strength, and make the way clear for her.  Father God, we ask that you open up the understanding of all those people in Nigeria.  When the message comes forth, let them be able to receive it with joy.  Open up their understanding and let their carnal minds be bound, and let the new man stand up in them.  Let them be able to receive all that you would bring to them, Father God.  Thank you for your wisdom and understanding, Lord God.  Give them a hunger and a thirst for your righteousness so that they would want to serve you, Father.  Increase them daily.  Give her traveling mercies and protect her from the attacks of the enemy.  We ask that you be able to grow within us all, for you to become greater and we lesser.     


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