122 - 1 Part

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Father, in the name of Jesus we rebuke witchcraft. We rebuke pride, and Jezebel. We rebuke religious spirits, we rebuke lust, and rage and revenge, and retaliation. We rebuke murder, destruction, automobile accidents, and death. We utterly condemn this attack that is coming against the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ and threatening His people that are choosing to serve Him. We condemn you and we declare you for what you are, antichrist, and we ask you Father that you be glorified in these circumstances.


We do not ask that you take them away Lord; but, we ask that you do not let one thing to come upon us other than what you have ordained. We pray for mercy, for wisdom. We ask for dominion over our tongues Lord, that we should not speak indiscriminately. We thank you Father, for giving us everything that we need to be victorious and to overcome in this trial. We bless this household, from the very top of the roof to the bottom of the basement. We condemn any spirit or family of spirits that is bringing contention and discord, and disruption, and division into this household. We rebuke your activities, we rebuke your lies, and we rebuke your rage. We know Father that you said that you come with the sword. So if the discord and the separation is of you, so be it. If it not, we flatten it under the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.


We say unto you, peace be still, in the name of Jesus. May every spirit submit to the Spirit of Christ. May every knee bow and every tongue confess that the true Jesus Christ is Lord; and not this other Jesus that is in the religious Churches today. We ask that you bless this meeting Lord and I ask you, Father, for wisdom, patience, and mercy for myself. I ask that you personally give me that victory, that I should manifest no spirit other than your spirit to anyone tonight. The pressure is high, Lord. Give us all the victory at whatever level we are at. Everything that needs to be taught, let it be taught, everything that needs to be understood, let it be understood.


Should a rebuke be necessary, anoint me to do it, in the Spirit of Christ and with compassion. We thank you, Father, and we ask that you bless this meeting, and that you anoint it, and that whatever words you have for us tonight come forth. We ask that you anoint xxxx that the music service should be glorious, and we thank you, Father, for doing all things well.


We know that these offences must come and we thank you Lord, because, this is the sign that we are in Christ. These Churches that sit on their seats, and nobody even persecutes them, what kind of witness do they have, Lord? We thank you Father for this witness, that this is you, because you said that they hated you and that they shall surly hate us. We rebuke every lie that says they love us, when they really hate us. We rebuke that religious spirit. I strip the cover off of it. I ask you, Father, that whoever comes in contact with any of us that is lying when they say they love, I ask that their lie be exposed. Expose the truth to them, Lord, because, they probably believe it themselves. Show them the hatred in their hearts and the lie in their mouths, that they might repent, Lord, and receive the mercy of God, even deliverance.


We pray for everybody concerned, Lord. We pray for their full salvation. We pray for your appearance in them and we bless them. You said every sword would be against his brother, and so it is. We glorify you and thank you that we have been found worthy to suffer for your namesake. We bless you, Lord. I ask that you strengthen everybody in this ministry, Father. I pray that you do not let one person be plucked out, that you have planted here and that you intend to stay. I ask that you keep everyone of us safe, Lord, that you guard our minds, and that you help us to abide in the truth, Father. I ask that you do not let any lie find its way into our mind, or heart and let all that must be done, be done, and let us go on. All that I can say Father, is that we look forward to the day that you catch us up to full spiritual manhood, Lord. And if these things must be, let them be. Bless the people, Father. I bless the people, because your word says, Woe unto him by whom the offence comes. Have mercy on them, Lord. Let us count it joy, that we should be persecuted for your name sake, and that we are not the vessels of dishonor, but the vessels of honor. Father, if there is any error here, let it be revealed. If there is there any need for repentance here, reveal it to us that we might repent, Father. Let us stand in righteousness, Father, in this hour of conflict. Let us be in Christ. Right now, if there is anything that is keeping us out of Christ, reveal it to us that we might repent now, that our hands should be clean at the hour of confrontation, Father.


We bless everyone that is cursing this ministry and me, that other people here do not even know about. We bless them, father. May you deal with them and may your will be done in their life. They do not know what they are doing, Lord. They do not know what they are doing. Let your will be done. Oh, dear God, I pray for full spiritual manhood. It is all that I could see, Lord. Let it come quickly, Lord Jesus. Let us deal with our fellow man in accordance with your law, as we will be dealt with, if, God forbid, we ever find ourselves on the other side of the fence. Let us deal with them in Christ, Lord. In the name of Jesus we pray. Amen. Hallelujah!




Praise the Lord, here we are again (laughter). The spiritual warfare is raging! Halloween is only a week away, plus, there is a full moon out there. Everybody is going nuts. I continue to believe deep in my heart, that the catching up of the firstfruits is very close. Did you get a witness to that?


Comment:  Well, I heard a lot of people, I heard a lot of Christians, I feel that it might be spiritual…. (inaudible)


Pastor Vitale: Yes, it starts in the natural. It says, first in the natural, and then in the spiritual. There is upheaval everywhere. There is upheaval all over the world in the natural. Nobody knows what is happening. I hear that Russia recognized Israel. Now, the peace talks in Israel, there is a lot of spiritual activity over that and I heard there is war, hostilities again in Yugoslavia, and there are just all kinds of spiritual stuff going on, even in personal lives.


Of course in this country, they say Bush says that the recession is over but I hear that unemployment is way up. This warfare that we just went through with the Supreme Court is intense. It is just a matter of time, they going to turn around that no prayer in the schoolroom. I had taped the series about Jackie Onassis, and I watched it the other night and saw that when they swore Johnson in after Kennedy was killed, they swore him in with his hands on the Bible and he had to say, So help me God. But, our children cannot say a prayer in the school; this is really sick.


Comment: Did they just start having prayer in the school and then they stopped, because I do not recall….


Pastor Vitale: They have done it for years


Comment: ….because, I do not recall they did it in my public school.


Pastor Vitale: I remember when I was in grammar school (which in my day was up to the 6th grade), we had assembly once a week and the girls had to wear a blue skirt with white shirt and the boys had to wear red ties, and one of the teachers will read a Psalm. It was not even from the New Testament, that anybody could say that it was Christian. It was Judeo-Christian, which is what this country is based upon. They read to us, almost without exception, from the Psalms, just exalting God and asking for His protection, and teaching morality. There was no religion preached, but it was preached that there is a God, that we acknowledged a God. This is outrageous what is going on in schools today that teachers can teach humanism, and they are worshipping demons and every year they exalt Halloween.


Comment: When I used to go to school, I remember them teaching on humanism and things like that and ungodly things.


Pastor Vitale: Yes, well, that is because we are little older than you here. It had already started when you were in school. They teach about demons and they exalt Halloween, and they hate God, and there is no teaching on morality. The battle of the ages is going on in the natural. It is going in the minds of men, and it is also going on in this country, which is a big source of evangelism to the world. A lot of money comes out of here. A lot of preaching comes out of here. I think that we are the largest national ministers of the Gospel in the world, and the battle is raging in the heavenlies; but God….


Comment: This is from a Christian school.


Pastor Vitale: Someone is showing me…. what is it? A Halloween basket?


Comment: Yes


Pastor: From a Christian school and they gave the kids Halloween toys. I cannot see without my glasses. What is it? It looks demonic, a skeleton head. In a Christian school! What school is that? Upper room?


Comment: No, Bay Shore Christian Assembly.


Pastor Vitale:  Bay Shore Christian Assembly. I see a skull, with very demonic eyes, and nose and teeth….


Comment: A witch….


Pastor Vitale: ….a witch, a cat, and these came from Bay Shore Christian Assembly.


Comment: ….and a monster candy and a little bag with trick-a-treat and a jack-o-lantern.


Pastor Vitale: A little bag with trick a treat and a jack-o-lantern. The world is raging, this country is raging, and the Church is raging. If you do not have spiritual eyes, it is hard to see, but we are in an all out spiritual warfare, and many of us are experiencing it in our day-to-day life. It is on every level.


The stronger you stand for Christ, the more you are being touched by this. But, glory to God, Jesus says, Look up, because your redemption draweth nigh. He said, Be afraid of nothing; but, pray always. That which He lets to come upon you, He will be in it with you, and if it is not His will that it should come upon you, it would not come upon you. Halleluiah! He is in full control.


This is the test of your faith; will you stand, or will you run? The purpose of these trials, I remind you, is to reveal what you are made out of. Are you made out of fallen adam, or are you made out of Christ? What are you going to do, when the crisis hits? That is what the trials are all about. That is why Jesus said, Do not be fearful.


Men’s hearts are going to be gripping them with fear, but you who are in Christ, do not be fearful, look up because your redemption draweth nigh. This testing must come. The Scriptures said,….so that the approved among you can be revealed.


Jesus is a legal God. He is not legalistic like the Pharisees were legalistic. He is a righteous God, and He lives by law, and He will condemn no man, except in the mouth of two witnesses. He will bring your sin to the surface, and He will expose it in front of no less than two witnesses before He judges you.


He does not judge you in secret. He does not keep your sins quiet. He blasts them from the rooftop. We see Christians everywhere saying, Do not do it here, do not do it there, the people are going to see. Jesus does it in front of the children. Did you ever have that when you were raising your kids when they were little? Do not fight in front of the children. Jesus fights in front of the children in the kingdom. I want to tell you, this is how you learn. If you do not know anything about spiritual warfare, He is going to let you experience it. Glory to God.


He is in full control. I do not care what it looks like. I do not care who is saying what. I do not care who is threatening what, stay cool. If your heart is pounding, do not get condemned. Just ask the Lord to help you to stay cool. Some of these outbursts are very frightening. Sometimes my own heart goes pitter-patter but I take authority over my heart.


Jesus said that He has overcome the world, and He has almost overcome the world in me. I hope He is going to totally overcome it real soon. Therefore when my fallen adamic heart feels fear, I do not get condemned. I just rise up in Christ and say, Be still soul, but I not going to lie that I feel fear. We have to look at ourselves, if it there, it is there. Glory to God!


He is able. He is glorious. He is faithful. He is never absent when you need him. He is never not-at-home. He is never without an answer. He is never without power. He is never without mercy. He is never without truth. He is everything that we are not. Glory to God. Halleluiah


The rapture is coming soon (laughter); the spiritual rapture is coming soon. We are about to be caught up, and there is going to be a lot of so call Christians with egg on their face.


Some of them are going to be so embarrassed that they are not going to be able to admit that they made a mistake, and because they cannot admit that they mistake, they are going to be down here, while everyone else gets raptured, up into heaven, into the life of Christ.


I like to share with you an experience that I had with the Mormons. I am still in the process of having it. I agreed to have a series of meeting with some Mormons.  I really did not know why; but I felt that is was God, after praying about it. At the time, I knew very little about the Mormons. I see their advertisements on the TV. They seem Christian, and they are beautiful. They exalt family life.


Then I heard a lot of things about them that I wanted to hear what they had to say, and I felt that it was God. I have had three meetings with them already. For the first two meetings, there were two young nineteen-year-old men, but they were sweet, sweet young men, with a beautiful spirit on them, very humble spirit. I perceive it to be genuine.


We are talking about the Mormons. I feel the Lord wants me to share with everybody the experience that He has given me with them. I have had three meetings with them already, and the first two meetings were with two nineteen-year-old young men, with a very sweet spirit on them. They were very sincere, and dedicated about what they are doing. I did not mean to give them a hard time but, I guess I asked them some questions that they just could not answer.


The spirit on me was I just wanted to understand what they believed and because of that I gave them a hard time, not that I intended to give them a hard time. I hope you know what I am talking about. So the third meeting they came back with an older man who answered a lot of my questions. Why I am telling you all of this? Because I want you to get an idea of how God works.


Sometimes God does many things in many ways, but, in this hour…. The hour is very late, and he is reaching out to everybody in this hour. The catching up is really close.


Before you walked in here, we were saying that the spiritual activity is raging out there. It was just raging as I was walking out of the door to come here tonight. I got a phone call from someone that studies with us in Florida, and she called me up, because she has just gotten a phone call. It was not someone that did not know her name. They name her and then they told her that she was going to die. The spiritual activity is raging. She was very cool, she was okay, but she just wanted prayer support. It is raging, it is merciless, without mercy, and it is without any form of morality at all. It is just desperately wicked.


In this hour God is reaching out to everybody and the truth is that the Lord has people all over the world. He has people in every religion. He has people everywhere, and he is reaching for them all. There is ministry in Christ where (if he calls you to this ministry), he will have you meeting with people that believe differently than you, not to argue with them, not to have a conflict with them, but to honestly and humbly communicate with them.


I remind you that the Scriptures say that we should submit ourselves to one another. That is not just for Christians. That is how we are supposed to relate to human beings of every persuasion. We are to relate to them in mercy, in kindness, in love, in honesty, in truth, and if that person comes to the point where they need to be rebuked, even the rebuke should be in honesty, and in mercy, and in the love of God. Our lifestyle, the way we relate to people, is our testimony.


In this hour there is a ministry in the Church where He would send a Christian to people of other groups (the Mormons call themselves Christian, but the Christian Church does not call them Christians) to meet with them and to honestly, with a humble spirit, listen to what they have to say, and ask legitimate questions with regards to what they say.


I consider it an honor that the Lord has let me do this with these three Mormons, and in particular with the older one, who really knew the Scriptures. Well, I do not know how well he knew the Scriptures but, he knows all about his religion.


In this conversation where I was honestly listening because I wanted to understand what he was saying, I asked him several legitimate questions out of an honest heart. I was not seeking to snare him, not seeking to prove him wrong, not seeking to exalt myself, but based on what God has put in my heart, I asked him legitimate questions. He walked out of my house, shaking his head and saying, I have got to look that up. I never saw that. I did not know that was there. I have got to go home and look it up.


Can you hear this? I was not out there to prove one group wrong and the other group right. I have got a flash for you. In this hour there is error everywhere. Every group has error, so if one group says, we are the chosen group (and they all are doing it, most of them are doing it to lift themselves up), I declare to you, you shall be ashamed in the day of His appearance.


Nobody has got it all and there is severe error in just about every denomination or group of people that follow Christ. They say that they follow Christ, and they call themselves Christians, and it is true; every one that follows Christ is a Christian.


Just in case anybody is ready to eat me up because of what I am saying, I believe there is a lot of error in Mormonism. I do not want to be a Mormon but I want to tell you what I found. I found three young men that are more humble than just about every Christian that I have ever met. I want to tell you that I found them sincere. I found that they had a personal relationship with  Jesus, and that they believe in prayer, between them and the Lord alone.


I heard them pray for truth. I do have some discernment, and I believe they prayed it with a humble spirit. Of course they believe they are right. You have to believe what you are teaching. How could you teach it if you do not believe it? You have to believe it, but, you can still pray from time to time, Lord I want truth. I want truth. If I am off in anyway, you show it to me. But you cannot go around being unsure of yourself continually. How could you teach? You have to have some self-confidence.


This is a ministry in Christ that not many Christians are moving in. Most of them are lifted up in pride, most of them are not open to any kind of correction at all, and most of them are incapable of sitting down for three hours and having a conversation and honestly listening to the other person’s view. They are filled with fear that their minds are going to get corrupted.


The Scripture says, do not let them in your house and do not eat with them. Do not let them into your house refers to your mind. Do not look to them as authority. Do not acknowledge that there is an authority there. Do not believe what they say carte blanche, but it does not mean that you cannot talk to them. I want to tell you that they went out of there looking up Scriptures that they never heard of before.  He was one nice young man. 


I am going to tell you briefly what they believe in, in case the Lord brings you up against a Mormon.


Comment: Inaudible


Pastor Vitale: Would you like to tell us about it?


Comment: Well, I never let them in.


Pastor Vitale: Look, let me tell you this. You have to be ready. A lot of things that I say, I am talking out of maturity. If you are not ready, you are not ready, but know that you are not ready. What happens in the Church very frequently is that the Lord calls the people, they get baptized with the Holy Spirit, and nobody tells them that they have a lot to learn. They are out there converting the world and they do not know what they are talking about. Their spirit is pride and they are obnoxious, and they are out there making enemies wherever they go.


If you are not ready, you are not ready. God will tell you if you are ready and if you are not ready, ask Him what you need to learn and what kind of deliverance you have to get, to get ready. This is what he has called us to. Paul said, I became all things, to all men, so that perhaps, I might save a few.


Do you know what this is about? This is about the salvation of the world. It is not to prove that you are right. It is not to prove that you know more. It is not to prove that you are chosen and they are not.


We are supposed to be dying to save the world. I do not see this in the Church today, with a few exceptions. I see condemnation, I see hatred, I see ignorance, lies, and deceit; that is what I see. So let me tell you what I learned from the horse’s mouth, so to speak.  Glory to God.


They believe in Jesus Christ, that He is the savior. They believe in the father, and the Holy Spirit, but, they do not believe that they are one. They believe that they are separate beings, which I do not believe. Just in case anyone is using this tape to try and snare my words, I do not believe that.


We see their advertisements on TV where they exalt family life. These adverts are so touching. I love their advertisements on TV. However, they carry this a step further; they believe that the family continues on in heaven. They believe that their entire immediate family will continue their life in heaven when everybody dies.  This is one of the areas where we pursued some very natural questions that came out of what he was saying.


I asked him what happens if a man is married twice. At the first meeting they said that they do not believe in polygamy. At this meeting, he said it would have to be polygamy in heaven if a woman dies and her husband marries again. In heaven, there would be polygamy. So I said to him, what happens if a woman has two husbands and one of her husbands never marries again. Will he have no family in heaven? He could not answer that question.


I am going to say it again. I was not trying to snare this man. I was not mocking him. I was having a legitimate conversation with another human being that God loves. If you think that God does not love the Mormons you better start praying about it, because you are mistaken. He loves humanity.  I want to tell you something, God loves humanity. He loves everybody.


As we followed along this conversation, he said that he had never thought about that, what if a woman has two husbands? Apparently, the question that the Sadducees asked Jesus has never come up in his mind, or he has never read about it. The Sadducees asked Jesus, If one woman was married to six different brothers, whom is she married to in heaven? He said, I do not know. I quoted a Scripture to him and the Scripture says that there is no marriage or giving in marriage in heaven; but, that we are like the angels.


Matthew 22:23-30

22.The same day came to him the Sadducees, which say that there is no resurrection, and asked him,

24.Saying, Master, Moses said, If a man die, having no children, his brother shall marry his wife, and raise up seed unto his brother.

25.Now there were with us seven brethren: and the first, when he had married a wife, deceased, and, having no issue, left his wife unto his brother:

26.Likewise the second also, and the third, unto the seventh.

27.And last of all the woman died also.

28.Therefore in the resurrection whose wife shall she be of the seven? for they all had her.

29.Jesus answered and said unto them, Ye do err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power of God.

30.For in the resurrection they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are as the angels of God in heaven. KJV


The man just sat there and looked at me, a very intelligent man.


They also do not believe that we have inherited fallen adam’s sin. I asked him about the Scripture that said the sins of the father shall be visited upon the children onto the third and forth generation.


Exodus 34:7

7. Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and that will by no means clear the guilty; visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children's children, unto the third and to the fourth generation. KJV


He did not know that it was in the Bible, so I showed it to him, and he told me that he was going to study it. I asked if there was any prohibition in his Church against free study of the Scriptures, and if they were commanded to believe certain writings. He said no, that they are totally free to pursue their own study and have a personal relationship with Jesus.


I do not think that this man will ever be the same. The first two nights the young fellows were in my house, one of them in particular just sat there and yawned and yawned. At first, I thought that maybe he is tired, but when he came in last night, as soon as he sat down he yawned.


The older fellow who was in his thirties belched at least twice; he was very embarrassed. I am telling you that God is reaching out for everyone in his hour, and they are getting delivered. In case you did not understand what I meant, these young men were getting delivered by yawning and belching.


This is what Paul did and this is what Jesus did. When the Scriptures said that Paul debated in the synagogue, it does not mean that he had warfare with them. Well, it is a form of spiritual warfare; but you know what I mean. There was no arrogance, there was no hatred, and there was no vying for power. The ministry of Christ is love. It is the love of God that shall reach out and touch all men that are truly seeking for him.


I declare to you that everyone in this hour is in some measure of error, some groups more so than others, but, everyone is in some measure of error, and He is reaching out for everyone. He knows who really loves him, and He knows who is using his name to glorify themselves. He knows those who are trying to make themselves something because they thought that they were nothing in the world.


I want to tell you that that is the promise of Christ. If you are nobody, in this world, He promises you that you are somebody in Christ, but he has to exalt you. You cannot lay hold of his name and make yourself somebody.  You have to do it His way. He loves the human race. Even when He rebukes, even when He executes judgment, He loves people, and His sole motive is to deliver them from their destruction, which is their own mind, in their thought processes.


We are where we are because of the way we think. When Jesus came to deliver Lazarus from the dead and Mary and Martha said to Him, he has died, it is too late, and He said, your brother will rise again and they said, oh we know, in the resurrection, they did not even know what he was talking about.


That is the condition of the minds of most people. We are blinded. We have scales on our eyes and plugs in our ears. That woman that was locked up in the lead ephah (you can read about it in Zechariah), that woman, she is wickedness.


Zechariah 5:6-8

6.  And I said, What is it? And he said, This is an ephah that goeth forth. He said moreover, This is their resemblance through all the earth.

7.  And, behold, there was lifted up a talent of lead: and this is a woman that sitteth in the midst of the ephah.

8. And he said, This is wickedness. And he cast it into the  midst of the ephah; and he cast the weight of lead upon the mouth thereof.


God is talking about the living soul that died, she is wicked. He locked her up, in a lead ephah, that is this body, it is lead. Do you know what the properties of lead are? The major property of lead is that you cannot see through it. It is the metal that the x-ray technicians use to protect themselves. You cannot see through it. Our spiritual life is locked up in a lead ephah. An ephah is a Hebrew measure, a bottle, that was use to measure grain or whatever else.


He locked the soul up in it and he put a lid on it. We cannot get out.  We are in prison, and that prison is in our minds, in this body. He restricted our spiritual activities, because we have fallen, because of our wickedness. He restricted our spiritual activities. The Scripture says there is no division in Christ. When Christ is living out of everybody, everybody is going to know what everybody thinks. Everybody is going to know what everybody is doing. Why can that be in Christ and not in Adam? It is because in Christ there will be no destructive thought. I can know everything that you are thinking. You are going to be thinking what I am thinking. Glory to God, Praise be unto His name. Bless my sister, bless my brother. Help everybody, love everybody; there is no destruction in that. In fallen adam the heart of man is so desperately wicked that if we could enter into everybody’s thought, it would kill us. It would drive us insane. We are each in our own grave (this body is a grave) and we are separated one from another. Because of the curse of God upon us, our thoughts are turned inward and the more heavily the curse of God rests upon us, the more we are concerned with ourselves. The more we are concerned with ourselves, the more we fall.


Some of us are more fallen than others. That is not something to lay hold of and say that you are not so bad. I say that so that you should know that there are different degrees of this condition. If you are going to look at it and say that you are not so bad, you are misusing that knowledge, because if you are comparing yourself, you should be comparing yourself to Jesus. Every time Jesus deals with somebody, His motive is restoration. His motive is restoration. Is there any way I can restore this person? Is there any way I can restore this person. How can I help them? What can I do for them? He is our merciful Savior and He is our example.  We are to show love to all men. You cannot show love if you are afraid, because fear makes you attack. Fear makes you believe lies. Fear makes you take action that you will never take if you were not afraid.


Comment: How can you be delivered from that?


Pastor Vitale: From fear, is that what you saying? The answer is almost always the same. It is a two-prong process. You need to take the word of God into your mind which will strengthen Christ in you, and you need  to get deliverance from any spirit of fear that you might have (which is in fallen adam). However, fear is one of the conditions of the natural man, so it does not have to be a demon. Fear is just a condition of the natural man but, in some people it becomes an affliction. In some people it becomes so strong that it paralyzes them and it cripples them. But in the healthiest human being…. and we all know in this world, some people are mentally healthier than others.


When they chose the astronauts for the trip to space, they chose the most physically, mentally and spiritually healthy men they could find. Everybody has a point where when they cross over that line they become afraid, except Christ.  He is not afraid of anything. He is fearless. He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. I remind you of what we studied a couple of meetings ago. Jesus was not troubled in the garden as we would think. That is not what that word means. He was not begging the Father to get Him off of the cross if it was possible. That was a mistranslation.


Matthew 26:36-39

36. Then cometh Jesus with them unto a place called Gethsemane, and saith unto the disciples, Sit ye here, while I go and pray yonder.

37. And he took with him Peter and the two sons of Zebedee, and began to be sorrowful and very heavy.

38. Then saith he unto them, My soul is exceeding sorrowful, even unto death: tarry ye here, and watch with me.

39. And he went a little further, and fell on his face, and prayed, saying, O my Father, if it be possible, let this cup pass from me: nevertheless not as I will, but as thou wilt. KJV


The Greek word translated trouble means to stir up, it is the same word used in the account of the pool at Bethesda where the angel came and troubled the waters, and as a result of the troubling of the waters, there was a spiritual miracle.


John 5:4

For an angel went down at a certain season into the pool, and troubled the water: whosoever then first after the troubling of the water stepped in was made whole of whatsoever disease he had.  KJV


That is the same Greek word that says that Jesus was troubled. I declare to you that his spirit was stirred up. The Christ in this human being was stirred up. He was a human being, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, but Christ was in him. Christ in him was manifesting, and he was not afraid. We continue…. we study, we submit to spiritual ministry and we pray without ceasing for the truth, and for Him to deliver us from anything that we are in to that is not of God. We believe in Him. He is our God. He is our cover. He is our authority.  In this hour a large measure of leadership in the Church has usurped his authority. They will not turn the vineyard back to Him. He has placed His children in their hands and the fruit is coming forth (the Scriptures says that the fields are white to harvest) and by and large, with some few exceptions, the leadership will not release the people to Christ.


I declare to you that when we are growing up in Christ, we are going to bump our knees a couple of times. We are going to fall a couple of times. We are going to make a couple of mistakes. Most of us here have children. You cannot stop your child from experiencing life. You will cripple him. We must experience spiritual things, and that goes way beyond prophesying and speaking in tongues. We have to interact with people. We have to have experiences with people. We have to experience righteousness. We have to experience communication. We have to experience falling down and seeing the Lord pick us up.


Paul said that he had learnt to be content, whether he was rich or poor, no matter what he had. Why would God take us through so many extremes? It is because we must learn to trust God in whatever extreme circumstance we are in. Why does he not meet all our needs (well, He does meet all our needs, but sometimes not the way we would like Him to)? Why does he not? He is so rich; He has all the money in the world. Why are we not all rich? He is teaching us something. As we must experience life in the natural and take our lumps, so must we experience spiritual life and take our lumps, and learn from our experiences, knowing that God the Father is with us. By and large, the Church is un-teachable in many many instances. Jesus is going to be appearing very soon. He is going to establish His government in the earth and there are going to be many peoples from all nations that are going to acknowledge His authority. The miracles are about to start happening very soon. The miracles are not happening yet. When Jesus appeared the first time the signs were the miracles; the miracles witnessed to the man. The miracles have not started yet.


I checked it out in the Scriptures last night. The miracles started one year from the time Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan. It was one year later that the miracles started. It was one year later, and I believe they are going to be starting very soon. They may not be starting in America. They may be starting elsewhere, because the faith for them is really is not here, except in a few small pockets. There is a really good chance that they maybe starting overseas. I do not know, I am not sure, but, even if it does start overseas, it would get here. They move all over the whole world, Glory to God. This is the hour of His appearing and He has come for all of us. He has come for the whole human race. We are His flesh and no man has ever hated his own flesh. He loves us with a love that we cannot even comprehend. There is remission of every sin in Him. There is no mistake that you could make as you experience life in the spirit that you cannot be forgiven for. There is no mistake that you could make that you cannot be forgiven for. There is no mistake that you could make that will not be used for your good, but you must repent and you must admit that you made the mistake. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus.


I tell you, the Mormons are not condemned. The Jehovah Witnesses are not condemned. The Catholics are not condemned. The arrogant Christians are not condemned. There is no condemnation in Christ. He is saying, come unto me and be washed. I declare to you that we have so many groups that call themselves Christians. They fight about whether they are Christians or not. Jehovah Witnesses say that they are Christians; the Christians say they are not. The Mormons say they are Christians, the Christians say they are not. Who cares?! Did Jesus not say that we are to look at our self, keep our eyes on our self, and on Him? I am telling you that 99 out of a 100 Christians are in no condition to be judging anybody. If you feel that you have been hurt (which you may very well have been), you should take it to the Lord. The Scripture says that if you feel that you been wronged you go to your brother, but you go with a humble spirit. You go with a spirit that has an intention at its roots to restore. You do not go with an intention to destroy. The great restorer is about to appear.


As we have talked about many times (I do not know if I have talked to this group about it), Jesus is the lamb who was slain from the foundation of the earth. I declare to you that the crucifixion was not the foundation of the earth. The earth was founded, just before Adam was formed. What does this mean? The spiritual son was slain from the foundation of the earth. What does that mean? It means the spiritual Son of God was joined to the dust of the earth so that his life substance could be imparted to the dust and a lump of clay was formed.  We were formed out of the lump of clay. He gave his life, his spiritual life (he was not in the body at the time), so that we could be formed. He became poor, so was could become rich. We were formed out of His life but He was drained of His spiritual powers for a season. He was converted, His formed changed. He was the son God with all of the authority of God in spirit form and He permitted himself to be joined to the dust and this joining slew Him. He was slain from the foundation of the earth.


When the foundation of the earth was formed, he was slain. Why? So that it could be formed out of him.  He lost His strength for a season. He became us. He was made into a man, Adam, and Adam fell. I want to tell you another thing that the Mormons told me (and some Christians also say this), and I want you to know that I do not agree with it. They said that God always knew that Adam was going to fall because God commanded Adam to go forth and multiply and that in order to get these many bodies, man had to fall because these bodies that we are in, that Paul calls vile, is a condition of fallen man. Therefore, in order to get these many bodies, man had to fall. I have heard Christians say that and as a matter of fact, I believed it for a season myself. God told me that it is not true. God had a way for the creation to multiply had he not fallen, but because the creation was not perfect at its initial formation, iniquity was found in Adam and he fell. We are still the Son of God that was joined to the earth but we fell, and because God is so great, he came to the earth in another form to save us. The plan of salvation says that His son, His very life, shall be birth in each of us. Why are we fallen? We are fallen because we are lacking. We had a chemistry lesson in our Sunday night meeting. It was a real blessing to me. God sees each of us as an atom. We are incomplete atoms and if you know anything about chemistry (we were told by one of the brothers last week), if you are an incomplete atom, any atom floating in the atmosphere can join itself to you without your agreement.


We are open to every spiritual filth that can join itself to us. We are incomplete. We are negative. The Scriptures say we are complete in Christ. If we are complete in Christ, we must be incomplete without him. There is something missing from us and He has come to birth His very life in us. The Scripture says we shall be saved in child bearing. We must be bear the Christ. Christ must be born in us. Everybody knows that you must be born again, but what they think that it means, is not what that Scripture means. We must be born again of the spirit. How are you born again of the spirit?  His life must appear in you. When you receive the Holy Spirit, you receive the vehicle, the instrument, to have his life born in you. Just use your intelligence. Look around the Church world today, and you would see that there are all kinds of sin in it. Any honest person knows that. How can you say that you are born of the Spirit of Christ? You are not. You have received what you need to be born of the spirit. His life is in you in seed form and it must join with you and Christ must be formed in you. When he is formed in you he will wage war against your sin filled fallen adamic soul and swallow it up, and then you shall be born of God, and he who is born of God cannot sin. God has given us spiritual weapons, not to use against you brother or sister. He has given us spiritual weapons to use against our own adamic soul, who is our death. He is the death of us. Look in your own eye first. Treat your brother as you would have him to treat you. Love God with all your heart, your mind and your soul. The Scripture says, He who loves me, would know my doctrine.


John 7:17

If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself. KJV


Jesus speaks about the hidden manna in the Book of Revelation. The apostles asked Him why He spoke in parables. He told the apostles that it was not for everybody to know.


Mark 4:10-12

10. And when he was alone, they that were about him with the twelve asked of him the parable.

11. And he said unto them, Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables:

12. That seeing they may see, and not perceive; and hearing they may hear, and not understand; lest at any time they should be converted, and their sins should be forgiven them. KJV


Jesus quoted the Scripture from Isaiah that says so that their eye shall not see, and their ear shall not hear, so that they should sleep, so that they should not be converted. That was what Jesus said in answer to that question, and then you get someone that quotes the Scriptures to you that the gospel should be simple. That is a mis-quote of that Scripture, besides the fact that it is a mistranslation of the word.


The Gospel is never simple, it is not simple. It is very complicated. Why would the Scriptures say, study to show yourself approved, if it was that simple.


2 Timothy 2:15

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman

that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the

word of truth. KJV


Study to show yourself approved.  Also the Scripture that talks about the simplicity of the gospel, if you look it up in the Greek, it means singleness. It means look towards the gospel with a single eye.


2 Corinthians 11:3

But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled

Eve through his subtilty, so your minds should be

corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. KJV


What does that mean? It means do not look towards the Gospel with both you fallen adamic mind and your Christ mind otherwise you will be confused. Look at the scripture with your Christ mind. Is there not a letter of the word and a spirit of the word? You cannot mix oil and water. You would be confused. That Scripture in the Book of Revelation that talks about the cup of trembling, and says that the wrath of God is going to be given to all these people…. wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out into the cup of his indignation…. We have looked up every word in the Greek and it does not mean that at all. Do you know what it says? This is what it says. It says that we are in a condition where we have a fallen adamic soul and a Christ soul and the Scripture likens it to oil and water. In the natural, if you take a glass of water and pour some oil into it, the water breaks down the oil into little beads. 


In the Scriptures water typifies our satanic mind and the oil is the Holy Spirit, and in the natural the water breaks down the oil. It breaks down the oil in the natural, but in the spiritual, it is the opposite of the natural, and that Scripture that the Church world preaches as a condemnation of the world, I tell you, is not a condemnation. I looked up every word in the Greek and what it says is, that when the oil of the spirit of God mixes with the water of your soul, the spirit of God shall not break up. It shall not be diluted, but it shall swallow up the water of the living soul that died.


Comment: My ears were ringing, when you were saying this.


Pastor Vitale: Does that mean you are excited? What does that mean, that your ears were ringing?


Comment:  I felt a vibration about what you were saying.


Pastor Vitale: Praise the Lord. When the oil of this spirit flows upon your fallen adamic soul, there will be no mixture. That is the Scripture. The world is going to get the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation….


Pastor Vitale: Are you looking up the Scripture, can you read it for us? Did you find it?


Revelation 14:9

And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand….


This is every man that is going to receive the mark of the beast. We have already said that the whole world has the mark of the beast. The mark of the beast in your forehead is the fallen adamic mind, and the mark of the beast in your hand is your fallen adamic behavior. The whole world has it. If you are being judged by Christ, you are in the process of having this mark erased from you so that the mark of God can be put there. This is the promise of the Scripture.


We are in chapter 14 verse 9


9. And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, that is the whole world and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,

10. The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation;


I know we have this on a message. I did this word by word, on a message. What it means is that everyone that has the mark of the beast (which is the whole world, you already have it. It is not a tattoo, it is the condition of your mind), when Christ comes upon you, he shall not be diluted by the spirit that rules your mind. Christ shall not be diluted by Satan. He shall overtake Satan and swallow him up. He shall taste death for you. He shall swallow up Satan in your mind.


Comment: Is that the power of the overcomer?


Pastor Vitale: What is that?


Comment: When this happens, would this be making the person an overcomer?


Pastor Vitale: Christ in us makes us an overcomer.


Comment:  Would it be at that point….


Pastor Vitale: It is a process. Christ swallowing up Satan in your fallen adamic mind is the end of the process, is the final process.


The next phrase is ….And he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and that word tormented (we have discussed that before) comes from a Greek word, the root of  which means to be forced down under, to be forced down under Christ, to be forced down under the dominion of Christ.


Fallen adam would not have an existence separate and apart from Christ. He would serve Christ forever and ever, world without end, this world system. It is the life of the ages. For the life of the ages, Satan would be under the dominion of Christ.


Comment: What about the brimstone in that fire?


Pastor Vitale: Fire and brimstone? It means sulfur. We did a word by word study, and we have messages on all of this. Fire and brimstone is sulfur, the universal purifying agent. This was written when there was a heavy Grecian influence and sulfur was the universal purifying element and Christ is the brimstone of the sulfur that is going to purify Satan. He is going to keep him inactive, harmless, inert, latent, and incapable of harming us for the life of the ages.


Comment: inaudible


Pastor Vitale: That is what we were just taking about. Without mixture means that when the Spirit of God comes upon the  living soul that died….


Comment: And the smoke in verse 11


Pastor Vitale: Let me just finish verse 10. He is going to be tormented for the life of the ages, he is going to be kept in a mold. For Satan, that is torment, to not be able to do what he wants to do. Let me give you a natural example, brethren. I have been telling you that fallen adam is the natural man and  Satan is his unconscious mind.


Pastor Vitale to a member of the congregation: What do you love to do the most? What do you love to do the most? Now be nice, what do you love to do the most? (Laughter)


Comment: Work


Pastor Vitale: He loves to work the most. If I put you in chains and I said that you can never work again and you are locked in this house and you can never get out, and you have to clean the house and cook, in all honesty would that be torment to you? I declare to you that Satan shall be tormented because he shall be forced into Christ’s restrictions for him. He will not be able to do whatever he wants, he will not be able to think evil, he will not be able to destroy and he shall truly be tormented.


That is like your little son going and saying to his grandfather, My mother just beat me up and life is terrible in this household. They make me go to bed at 8 o’clock and I have to eat.


I remember what my daughter said once. We came out of Church one night and went into a Diner with a few people. At the time she thought that I was really terrible and she just said out of the clear blue sky, Do you know what my mother makes me do? Everybody at the table just sat there, they did not know what she was going to say.  One of the ladies said, What? and she said, She makes me eat broccoli and salad every night. (Laughter) This really happened.


One time she was really mad at me and she promised me that when I was old, she was going to take me out of the Old Age home and make me eat health foods. I am not kidding, she said this to me. She is laughing about it now, but that is what she said to me. When she has to take care of me, I will have to eat health food, oh, I am sorry, junk food. I made her eat health food, I was going to have to eat junk food. That was the torment that she could devise for me.


Satan shall be tormented, but not the way men’s carnal minds think. If you are honest with yourself, you are going have to admit that people that have interpreted these Scriptures have drawn a lot of conclusions that are really not there. We draw conclusions in accordance with our experience, and our level of studies. It is very dangerous to draw conclusion. I try very hard not to do it anymore. I make an honest effort to not do it anymore. I do not always succeed, but I really try. I will give you another example. I taught twice a week, for almost four years whilst I worked in Manhattan. I travelled 5 hours a  day and I studied anywhere from 12 to 14 hours a week, and I held two services. It was a supernatural miracle. I do not know how I did it. I was not in good health at the time, and I was desperately begging God to provide an income so that I could stay home because I did not think that I could go on. My whole life was so intertwined with this ministry that the thought of giving up the ministry was agony to me. Talk about torment. It would have been the torment of my life to have to stop teaching, and I had to work because I needed the money to live on. Let me tell you, that is torment!


I worked the equivalent of two full time jobs for all those years and on the eve of my collapse (for those that do not know, I collapsed and I was in hospital for 3 months and 5 days, and I was sick for months before that), on the eve of my collapse I got a prophecy that God was building faith for finances in me and in 3 months I will be in full time ministry. I had drawn the conclusion that God meant three months as I thought of three months. Three months went by and I was not in full time ministry, so I rationalized it. I said, It is not three full months until we hit the first day of the fourth month. So I waited another month, and there was no money. My heart was broken, but I went on, because you have to go on. A couple of months later, I collapse and I wound up in the hospital and after three months in the hospital the Lord provided an income for me.


The prophecy said, after three months you would be in full-time ministry, but I did not get after three months of being in the hospital. I drew the conclusion because I though that I knew what God was talking about, and that was one of the last times that I ever received a prophecy without asking for an interpretation of that prophecy.


I find that people all over the Church world get a prophecy, a true anointed prophecy of God, but God does not anoint them to interpret it, and they really do a lot of damage when they interpret it themselves.  I have seen that on two levels. I have seen that on two levels. An unschooled or immature believer receives a prophecy, a true word. They discern the spirit and they perceive it to be a true word. The person who gives the prophecy unwittingly goes ahead and gives the interpretation and the immature believer is deceived. I say unwittingly because the person who interprets is out of order. Even though they do not mean to do any harm, they are out of order, because God never anointed them to interpret. The immature believer is deceived, because they discerned the anointing on the prophecy and assumed that the interpretation is of God. Another way this happens is this, I have seen it. Someone asks for prayer and that person prays under a true anointing, and then they counsel and that counsel is not under the anointing. The person never asked for the counseling and neither did God anoint them to counsel. This is all immaturely, They are things that we have to be taught, things that we have to learn, things that we have to experience, but we have to be teachable.


I seem to be all over the place tonight. I will try to answer your question about what verse 11 means.


Revelation 14:11

And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name. KJV


The smoke of their torment…. smoke refers to spirit, because spirit ascends and smoke has no form or shape. I really do not want to put something wrong on the tape, but I have it worked up, word for word, on another message. We got through to the end of Revelation Chapter 14 and I really want to get back to that kind of teaching so badly again, but I cannot do it before the Lord lets me. We are still in Basic Principles.


I do have it for you and if you do not want to spend time to listen to the tape, I could look up my notes on it and just give you the Alternate Translation. Would you like me to do that for you?


Comment: Yes.


Pastor Vitale: Okay, and as a matter of fact, we have Alternate Translations on all of these Scriptures. One of these days, I am going make it into pamphlets. All I need is the time. God has to give me the time. If there is a particular Scripture that you are curious about and you do not want to take the hour and half to study the tape, you can get the Alternate Translation.


The only thing that I ask of you, is that you come and do it yourself. I know it is a problem for you because you live so far away, but I am so overwhelmed with work here that I really do not want you to make more work for me. It is there, you can take it your self and write it down, especially if you are going to be coming out here to duplicate the tapes for me. It is there. I have it all in big binders on top of my file cabinet. There is a photocopy machine not far from here, where it is five cents a photocopy. You are welcome to all of it and one of these days we are going to start publishing. We have got the printer to start publishing. God gave us a printer, I thought it was a $1700 printer, but it is only a $1100 printer. I did not even have the nerve to pray for it, but He gave it to us, and it is beautiful. We are all set up for publishing, all I need is the time.


Do you  have any questions tonight?


Comment: No


Pastor Vitale: I do not even know how I got to this Scripture in Revelation, I do not remember what I was taking about, I was all over the place. If you have a question just interrupt me, because I am going to ramble. I recall we were saying that God loves the whole human race and that he died on the cross, so that all men can be saved.


Let me finish that point. I said that the Lord was slain, the spiritual life of Christ was slain, from the foundation of the earth, so that we could be formed. What happened to Him on the cross then? On the cross, His soul  life was crucified and that is easy to prove. Just look that up in your concordance; that is really easy to prove. If you look it up in your concordance you will see that Jesus’ soul life died on the cross. His life as Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the man, that is what died on the cross. The Spirit of God was not crucified. The spirit of man was crucified. We talked about this before, and I will put this on the message also. Again, the spiritual realm is the mirror image of what is happening over here and there is a Scripture that says that Jesus died on the cross so that men would believe.


We do not have to die on the cross, but our soul must be crucified. Why must our soul be crucified? Because the enmity in our flesh has to be slain. But how do we slay the enmity in our flesh? The Scripture said that Jesus Christ of the twain made one new man. We are two men. We are double soul. We are fallen adam and we are Christ, and of the two, he is going to make one new man. He is going to join the two of them in a form of spiritual crucifixion. Jesus the jagged rock is going to penetrate our fallen adamic soul. When you saw a man hanging on the  cross with nails in his arms and his feet, that was so that men would believe. What should they believe? That the Christ in him crucified his adamic soul which he inherited from his mother. That is what He wants you to believe.


Why does that have to happen to us also, I thought he died for all of us? We are to be crucified with him; he was not crucified instead of us. Why? Because, God only made one living soul, we are many members of the one living soul that died. There is just one body of Christ and many members in particular. There is one fallen adamic man. He has many members. When Jesus Christ of Nazareth hung on the cross and the Christ in him penetrated that fallen adamic soul and crucified it, He did it, He made a way. He supplied what was necessary for the same thing to happen in us.  For the whole living soul to be crucified to Christ, what He did in the man Jesus Christ of Nazareth, He has to do in each of us.


There is just one living soul but it is in many members. Christ is in you and He is in me and He is overcoming in us and He is crucifying our fallen adamic soul. The Scriptures said that He is slaying the enmity in our flesh. He is penetrating it. He is piercing it, it has got to die. Why does it have to die? Because it is alienating us from God in our mind. It is spiritual adultery, it is another way of thinking. What He is doing in us is so exciting. The Scripture said that he is our ransom. He died on the cross for us, but do you know what it means? Most people do not know what it means. They think that Jehovah is a blood thirsty God, and when he saw the red blood dripping down the side of Jesus, he decided not to wipe us out. That is not what it means.


When Jesus’ soul life was crucified on that cross, the Father raised Him from the dead, and He ascended, and the Scriptures says that He is now pouring out His spirit upon all of humanity. If His spiritual blood (not the red blood that fell on the ground) is sprinkled on you, it means that He got inside of you and He is going to do in you, what He did in the man Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The whole living soul that died must be crucified. There is only one fallen adam, and he is in many members. If you have a plant and you want to kill it, and you pluck off a leaf, have you killed the plant? Even if you pluck out all the leaves, you may not have killed the plant. You have got to get the root. Jesus said that I am the true vine. Did you know that there is a vine growing in your soul? Inside of you, there is a vine growing.


Jesus said that we are spiritual plants, we are the planting of the Lord. What does that mean?  It mean that His life in you is a plant. There is a planting of the Lord, and there is a planting of the tares. There is a true planting and there is a false planting. Jesus said that He is the true vine; that means there must be a false vine. There is a false plant in you, and he is a usurper. He is not supposed to be here. Jesus is about to throw him out. Jesus said that the prince of this world is judged. It is happening right now. Glory to God, it is so exciting


Comment: I would like to ask a question. Before the foundation of the world, why did Jesus have the darkness there? Why was the darkness a part of him also?


Pastor Vitale: There is no darkness in Jesus, but he was joined to the dust of the earth to make a lump of clay. The reason for it is that he wanted to be revealed and he is revealing himself by contrast. He is light, and the Scriptures says that he is wrapping himself in a dark cloud, so that he could be seen in the flesh. The flesh is revealing him. We talked about the invisible man wearing bandages around his face, and putting on a hat and a coat, in order to be seen. In our personality, the unrighteousness of our fallen adamic mind is revealing him by contrast. How would we know unrighteousness, if we cannot see righteousness? That is why the law was imparted, so that the human race should be convicted of its sins. That is why the law was given. There is no deliverance in the law; the law was to reveal sin. Why? So that men should repent. Why? So that Jesus can save them. We must be convicted of our sins, we must know right from wrong. We see what it is happening in this country today because there is no absolute, there is no acknowledged right or wrong in many areas of government and in many households, and the nation is crumbling, spiritually crumbling before our eyes. They call it situation ethics. Did you know that? Did you ever hear of situation ethics? When I was growing up, they said that you do not have sex before marriage. Now they say it depends on the situation. If the situation is right, it is okay. You can even commit adultery, if the situation is right. Situational ethics. It is okay if a man has a wife and she is locked up in an institution and you think she is not going to get out, it is all right to commit adultery.


They say there is no more black and white; we are much too sophisticated for that, there are gray areas. They do not understand that this behavior has spiritual ramifications. That is what they do not understand. It has spiritual consequences. Even if your wife, God forbid, is locked up and she is not going to get out, or she is in a coma and she is never going to get out, committing adultery has its consequences. God forbid that it should happen to anybody, but if that does happen to you and you commit adultery it has spiritual results that is going on your family line. That is what people do not understand. We have become so intellectual in this county today, that we are destroying ourselves with our intellectuality.


Comment: What is spiritual divorce?


Pastor Vitale: Divorce is separation, but where did you get that from? What is the context of that phrase?


Comment. I heard you talking about spiritual adultery and what it means, so what does spiritual divorce mean?


Pastor Vitale: Divorce is separation. The human race is married to Satan and we are getting divorced from Satan. A separation is taking place. We are going to get a new husband, we are getting married.


I do not think I finished my point. I am all over the place tonight. There is a vine growing in us and it is a false vine. Satan is the lie. Jesus has started growing his true vine in us before he has destroyed the false vine. The reason he has done that, is that if He rips out the false vine before His vine is fully rooted in us to the extent that he could keep this body alive, if he rips Satan out of us before that, this body would die. Jesus enters into us in a form of a mustard seed. I declare to you that when he is inside of you as a mustard seed, he can not keep your body alive. He has to grow up and be a full tree. He has to grow up to be a fully grow up vine, and that is why the wheat and tares are growing together. He said that if you try to uproot the tares, you would destroy the wheat also. If you destroy both, the body dies.


Why would the wheat die if you uproot the tares? Because the tares is what is sustaining our life in this world system. If you uproot the tares and the body dies, then the wheat dies too. Jesus is the wheat. If he is too immature to sustain the life of our body and we rip Satan and cast him out, the body dies, and the body is the womb that Christ is growing in. If the body dies, Christ dies.


Comment: What does it mean then, when in Mathew 13, it says leave them (the tares) alone, let them stay and in the end, the angels would gather them up to be burned. What does that part means?


Matthew 13:36-43

36.Then Jesus sent the multitude away, and went into the house: and his disciples came unto him, saying, Declare unto us the parable of the tares of the field.

37.He answered and said unto them, He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man;

38.The field is the world; the good seed are the children of the kingdom; but the tares are the children of the wicked one;

39.The enemy that sowed them is the devil; the harvest is the end of the world; and the reapers are the angels.

40.As therefore the tares are gathered and burned in the fire; so shall it be in the end of this world.

41.The Son of man shall send forth his angels, and they shall gather out of his kingdom all things that offend, and them which do iniquity;

42.And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

43.Then shall the righteous shine forth as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Who hath ears to hear, let him hear. KJV 


Pastor Vitale: The angels are Christ in us; the angels are Christ in us. When Christ in you is mature enough to keep your body alive, it is going to gather up your fallen adamic soul and burn it with the fire of Christ. That is it.


I just want to make some more comment about angels because I heard a few people manifest over this. This is my opinion. You do not have to agree with me if you do not want to. I believe that the promise of God is that we are to have a connection with him whereby we can ascend to heaven and come down to the earth, freely. We do not need a passport to do it. This appears in one instance in Jacob’s ladder, which we read about in Genesis.


I maintain that angels are our spiritual man and that… I am just trying to figure out how to phrase this. I am trying to do it the short way and every time I try to do it the short way, I cannot. I said this to you before, I am going to say it again. Spiritual life must be rooted in a mind. All spiritual life (both God’s life and demonic spiritual life), is likened to a plant and it is rooted in our mind. When it wants to do something, it has the power to vibrate forth, because it has no legs. It moves like a light ray, like a light wave or radio waves. It vibrates and it penetrates our minds. There is no time or space in the realm of the spirit, it can go anywhere and do anything.


Christ is in us, and Christ is a spirit. If some one in Alaska cries out to Jesus and says, I am in trouble, send an angel, I maintain that our God has the strength to manifest himself in any number of human beings that he wants to on the other side of the world and go to that person’s aid.  Does anybody not know what I am talking about? We would talk about it again.


Comment: I have heard things like this happening. Somebody was in the mission field and he was run over. As he was crying out to God for help, back in the states, somebody was praying and God gave him his name. He started praying for him and he was raised up.


Pastor Vitale: I believe with all my heart that the angels are not separate from us. The Scripture that I use to support it largely, is in Acts of the Apostles, when the saints were praying for Peter when he was in jail. They were praying and praying and praying, and he finally got out and appeared at the door and the lady that answered the door, could not believe that it was him. She said that it cannot be him, it must be his angel. I am suggesting that the early Church had a revelation that we have a spiritual man that can leave the body, and that looks similar to our natural body, and that this is what an angel is.


Comment:  You were talking about Jesus Christ coming down to be like us? Is that what it means when the Scriptures say that Christ was made a little lower than the angels.


Pastor Vitale:  That is an interesting point. I am not sure what you mean, but I will say it in my words, and you tell me if that is what you are talking about. I believe that that Scripture means that Christ was made lower than a spiritual man. What does that mean? It means that he was made into a fallen adamic man. Is that what you are saying?


Comment: Yes.


Pastor Vitale: Amen. Definitely, until he be raised up. Thank you. That is a very good Scripture to put on the tape, thank you very much. You do not have to believe it if you do not want to. I believe with every fiber of my being that it is true. I believe that our mind is being woven together with the mind of Christ and that we should have access both to this world and to the spiritual world. As we are immature in Christ, we may or may not even be aware of Christ in us rising from us to help another believer. it. I am lusting to have an out of body experience in Christ. The Lord had told me that I will experience it. I have not yet, but I have heard testimonies of people who have experienced it.


One that is coming to my mind right now is about a man who was backslidden, and was in a bar getting drunk, and a waiter came over to him and said just what he needed to hear to get him straight. After he sobered up, he went looking for the waiter. He wanted to say thank you, and nobody ever heard of this man. They never saw him and they never heard of him. They did not know anything about him. The natural man is likely to say that he was an angel, and he went back to heaven. I am telling you that that was a believer that the Lord God had given the gift of traveling through time and space to go and give that word to that person.


Comment:  This was about two and half years ago. I had an uncle. I am not sure if he was a minister but he was to come to visit me and my family, and he had brought his family and a pastor with him. He got lost, he was not exactly sure how to get to where we lived. I think he just asked the Lord and prayed that he would get some help. I think he went into a Seven Eleven store, and saw this man and my uncle had asked him if he knew where this address was. This man said to him, oh yes, just follow me, I know exactly where it is. It was a man with a beard and he had a coat on. When I found this out, I just felt something. I felt some kind of…. I was a little bit frightened. I wondered if that could be an angel.


Pastor Vitale: I have had that experience. I was coming off from Mystic, Connecticut with my daughter, several years ago and I just could not find my way to the ferry. I am a good driver, you might not believe that. When I talked to you on the phone last week, I did not sound like I knew where I was going, but I am pretty much a good driver and when people give me directions, I can usually follow them.


Anyway, I could not find the way to the ferry and we were going to miss the ferry, so I cried out to God. We were on this lonely road. There was nobody on the road, nobody going in either direction. Something made me just pull off the road. As I pulled off the road, I looked in my rear view mirror and saw a car coming from all the way down. I said to my daughter, Here is our help. She always used to think that she had a nutty mother, but I said to her, Here is our help and I watched the car in the rear mirror. It slowed down, and pulled in right behind us. The man got out and walked over to our window and asked us what the problem was. He gave me directions, and I asked him if he lived around here. He said, no, not really, and walked away. He got in his car and drove away, and I was able to follow his directions. I do not think many people in the Church world would dispute that he was an angel. What they might dispute is that that was the spiritual man of a believer that had left his body. They might dispute that but, I know God has told me that and I believe it with all my heart.


Some people I know have had dreams and in their dreams they been to certain places. We used to go and minister in Harlem, and one woman told me that she had a dream that she was ministering to these people that she had already ministered to in Harlem. In the dream, she went right into their house. She could describe the house. She described the house to me. She said that she heard the mother calling out to her, my baby is sick again and she entered into the house in the dream, and laid hands on the little girl and rebuked the disease. I believe, unless God tells me otherwise (this was years ago, and he has not told me otherwise), that she did have a spiritual experience and that somehow she entered into the realm of the spirit, and that baby was healed, I am sure.  I do not know if these other people saw her or not. I know someone else who has these experiences a lot. They are similar experiences and I would not go into them right now, but I believe that they are true. They are for mature believers and there are not too many mature believers around today. However, there is going to be a lot of mature believers around here very soon, because the hour of our maturing is at hand. You cannot grow up any faster that the season of your maturity permits you to grow. We have so many exciting things waiting for us. I been all over the place tonight. Lord, is there anything else that you want me to say? Glory to God


Another time, the Pastor of the Church that I was trained up in said that another minister had been holding a meeting (he never told us who it was, but I have a feeling it was XXXX, I do not know why, but he never said who it was). He was having a meeting, then all of a sudden something drew his attention towards an empty seat and he just stared at the seat and a man materialized, literally materialized in front of him, in the seat. He was an Englishman, he had an English accent. He came all the way from England and it turned out that he said that he fell of his bike, or he thought he fell off his bike, and he wound up in their meeting. He told us at the time that there was a reason for it. God does not do these things frivolously. If God gives you an experience like this, it is because he wants you to help somebody. He said that there was a reason for his being there, but he never told us what the reason was. God does not do anything frivolously.


Of course there is the  famous experience of John Lake. He was in a prayer group with several people. He was down on his knees praying intently for someone that had been declared hopelessly insane and locked up in a padded cell for life. He was in America and he lifted out of his body and said that he was traveling to Canada. This is in a book; you can buy the book if you want to. He could see cites beneath him and he landed right in the padded cell and he rebuked the spirit of insanity. He said that when he went back, it was not like he was flying, it was in a second, zip! and he was back. The next day, the family got a phone call that she had woken up completely sane in the morning, and they were releasing her from the hospital.


Comment: A number of years back I was driving my daughter-in-law, my daughter and another girl to Patchogue. She was going to pawn her ring because she needed the money. On the way in (I think it was near Veterans, I am not sure, but on Sunrise, I know it was where it was a three-lane road), we came up to a light and I was back, maybe eight cars. I was already in one position, and my daughter-in- law was sitting in the back and she saw what was happening just as I saw it. Our whole car was literally moved up, into the car in the next lane and she was ready to say, Mum, how did you do that, when a green truck came right into the spot where I was.


Pastor Vitale: Wow! It would have knocked you down.


Comment: It would have killed us.


Pastor Vitale: Wow!


Comment: I could hardly see out of my whole mirror, it was so black. That is how close he was to my car. I felt that it was angels moving us. Who would that be?


Pastor Vitale: It could have been the Christ from within you, or if the Christ in you was not mature enough to do it, He may have called upon the Christ from any number of believers to come forth and give him spiritual strength, and the person may or may not be aware of it. For example, maybe somebody was in prayer at that moment and He laid you on their heart, and they did not even know who you were, and as they prayed, Lord have mercy and save her life, His spirit went right from their words to the place where you are. We have to get spiritual.


Comment: It was supernatural; it was awesome.


Pastor Vitale: Yes, I do not know exactly how it works, because I am being educated about spiritual things too. You see, we have a new home. Most Christians say, yes, we are going to make our home in heaven, but they do not understand what it is. Our new home is in the realm of the spirit. We have to learn about the realm of the spirit, just like a small child learns about his natural world. To be honest with you, I do not know the answer to your question. I would like to know. I hope the Lord would answer me. I tend to think that a thought that six angels came with hands and moved your car over is a bit carnal. I would be inclined to think that is a bit carnal.


Comment: Remember XXXX saying that he delivered this man that was a Marine. Do you remember that testimony?


Pastor Vitale:  Tell me more about it, I do not remember.


Comment: He was delivering him from a karate spirit that threw him thirteen feet in the air.


Pastor Vitale: Oh yes, I remember that.


Comment: He went up in the air and he came down just before the stage.


Pastor Vitale: Oh yes and they had just caught him.


Comment: Then the demon said it took thirteen people to carry him or something like this.


Pastor Vitale: Yes.


Comment: So was that an angel or not?


Pastor Vitale: I do not know. I really do not know, but I do know this, it was the power of God, and I would not restrict the power of God to manifesting only in angels. If the Lord wants to manifest through angels, he can manifests through angels. If he wants to manifests as a spiritual force, He could manifest as a spiritual force. It is all the power of God. Even if is angels, it is all the power of God, it is all Christ.  He wants to do it that way. We have to grow up. I am so excited. He has got so much to show us, wonderful things. Praise the Lord.


Pastor Vitale: Are you leaving?


Comment:  Yes, I have to go.


Pastor Vitale:  Would you like prayer before you go, you look a little drawn around your eyes.


Comment: I am just tired.


Pastor Vitale: Yes, okay, are you sure you do not want prayer? Let me pray, only if you want it though.




Strengthen him oh God. Do not let any man steal the crown that you have for him. Bless him Lord, bless his wife, and bless his household. Restore, Oh God. Be glorified, be magnified, and be merciful. May your perfect will be done. Strengthen him, Lord. Keep him, Lord. You are the one who is able to keep us, Father. Keep his mind in Christ, Lord. Keep his eyes on you Lord. I just thank you for the miracle that you have given him, Lord. I did not think I would see him here.




Yeah, saith the Lord. I have seen you from a small child, saith God. I have heard you cry out to me, saith the Lord. I have seen your heart and I have seen your heartbreak. I have seen your travail. I have seen your weakness and I have seen your strength. And I have laid hold of you, saith God and no man shall break my grip, saith the Lord, for I have received you, saith God and I shall be with you, lo, even to the end of the world, saith the Lord. And thou shall dwell with me, in the high realm of the spirit. And I shall be thy God, and you shall be my son, and I shall restore all things saith the Lord. Fear not, for I am able to do all things well.


Pastor Vitale: Keep him going Lord,





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