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Christ Jesus,

Man's New Mind


Praise the Lord everybody. Glory to God. We thank the Lord for His presence tonight, for His delivering power. He has given us an example tonight of deep repentance. This kind of repentance is a gift from God. We could be praying for years for the ability to repent before something like that can come forth in us.


This is the cleansing of His blood. This is the power of His spirit entering into the depth of our being and cleansing out deep hurts and other wickedness that is destroying us and buried in our heart. This is the work of Jesus Christ. It is twofold, to cleanse us of all of these stones and weeds, and then to plant the seed of His life in us so that it could grow up. It is two pronged effort, the move of His spirit that cleanses and the word of His life which implants His life in us. We must have both, and I thank God that He poured this out tonight, because I do not know many churches where you could have gotten this kind of deliverance. I do not know many churches today that are sensitive enough to the spirit to permit this. I do not know many that would permit it, even after the service.


This is the ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the cleansing, this is the sweeping of the house, and we thank Him for it, Glory to God, and He is going to have His way. He is going to appear in His people, He is going to cleanse His people, and He has already started to move in a very few small corners of the Church.


How does He cleanse us? With fire. We heard that last week. The fire of persecution takes a trial, it takes a confrontation to bring this forth. Some people would say unto you, "Jesus came to bring peace." I think I mentioned this last week. The peace is with Him, so that you can get into Him, and when you get into something like this, it is going to work for your good, because this kind of onslaught that XXXXX went through tonight. She had a confrontation with someone that she cares about, and they were cruel to her. If you enter into something like that, and you cannot hide in Christ, if you are not at peace with Jesus Christ so that you can hide in Christ, this will destroy you. A conflict, a confrontation, like she had tonight will destroy you.


With the mercy of God and in Christ, we hide in Him when we are at peace with Him. Why? Because of His sacrifice for us, there is peace between us and God. We hide in Him and He uses conflict and confrontation and fiery trials and deep hurt to cleanse us from the sin that is in our soul.


There is no painless way to go, but Jesus loves us with an everlasting love, and He is going to save us despite ourselves, despite our rebellion and despite our Jezebel, and despite our hatred, and despite every wickedness in us. He is going to cleanse us, and He is going to fully save us. The end of our faith is the salvation of our soul.


You are not saved until you stop dying. What are we saved from? We are saved from sin, which produces death. If you expect to die after the end of eighty or ninety years, you are not saved. This is a false doctrine that your body dies and your soul goes to the playground of Heaven somewhere. Your faith comes to its end and what is the end of your faith? The end of your faith is that Christ should appear in you. Glory to God.


He is our salvation. He told us He is the resurrection, and that He is the life. That means He is your resurrection, He is your life. If He is not living in you, you do not have any life. What have you got? Death, the existence of this death. Hallelujah.


The Father saw fit to send His Son in the likeness of man to do what we do not have the strength to so, to slay the enmity in His flesh, to take the victory over the powers and principalities of this world. Have you ever asked yourself, what are the powers and principalities of this world? They are the foundations of your fallen adamic soul, Adam, Eve, and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. They are the powers and principalities who rule this world system. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, the prince of the power of the air, he is the chief honcho.


Jesus did it. He was born of the seed of David, He got His body and His soul from the line of David. He was human, He was man just like you and me with one exception, He was born with the life of the Father in Him. We have that now, but we were not born that way. The life of the Father in Him took authority over the fallen adamic life that He inherited from His mother and refused to let His humanity sin.


He brought His fallen adamic soul into submission to the Spirit of Holiness. We are told in the book of Romans that the life of the Father was within Him, and He slew the enmity in His flesh. Because He slew... well, saying the enmity in your flesh, what does that mean? It means He killed that which was within Him, which had the potential for sin, and because He purified Himself by slaying His potential for sin, the Father saw fit to raise Him from the dead. Hallelujah. The Father raised Him from the dead, He ascended up to Heaven, and in this hour He is pouring out of Himself upon all flesh.


If He has rained on you, He intends to do the same thing in you as the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. God is a spirit. The Scripture says that we must worship Him in spirit and in truth. He was a spirit.... He is the spirit that is dwelling in the man Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The spirit of God did not die on the cross. The soul life of the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, died on the cross, and that spirit that was in Him that did not die, raised His soul and His body from the dead.


That same spirit that was in that man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, is in you. if it is in you, that same spirit that raised Jesus Christ of Nazareth shall surely quicken your mortal body and raise you from the dead. We are told in the Scripture that Jesus suffered, and most people believe that His suffering was six hours long on the cross. I declare to you this is not true. By suffering, He learned obedience. Jesus Christ suffered through His whole life. Why? Because He refused to yield to His fallen adamic impulses. The Father imparted the strength to Him to resist, and He resisted, He overcame, and He refused to sin, and there is suffering involved in that. He chained up His fallen adamic soul, He refused to let it do what was its nature to do, and He suffered. The Father said, "This is my Son, who has pleased me," and raised Him from the dead, and He is now the Savior of the human race.


That spirit that was in Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the man, is now in us. He is now a many membered man. It is the same spirit, and it is in you. He is in you, He is in you, and He is in me. Two thousand years ago, He was in one man, but in this hour He is in many men. He is a many membered spiritual man appearing in many people.


He is now the man, Christ Jesus, not Jesus Christ of Nazareth who had a form likened to ours, but He is the spiritual man, Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man. That spirit is in you, and He is your mediator that is enabling you to approach unto the Father. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


The Scripture says he who is born of God cannot sin. The man Jesus Christ cannot sin. He is waging war with your fallen adamic mind, which can sin. You have two minds. You have two souls, you are double souled, you are unstable in all your ways, but if you submit to the cleansing of the Lord, He shall surely bring you through.


The Church is filled with Pharisees today lifted up in pride and arrogance. One day they are the world's worst sinner, and twenty-four hours later they have an experience with Jesus Christ, and they think they are all cleansed from sin. This is the condition in the Church today. That is why judgment must come. Judgment must come to the Church and to the elders thereof at the beginning. Glory to God.


We are told in Ezekiel 9 that the Lord sent forth a man with the writer's inkhorn. This is the Lord Jesus Christ. He is going forth and has been going forth for 2000 years sealing those who moan and groan because of the sin in Israel. He is sealing you with the mark of God.


You hear a lot about the mark of the beast, but I declare to you the whole human race already has the mark of the beast. It is in your forehead, it is the thinking of the carnal mind. It is in your right hand, it is the behavior of the natural man, but I declare to you there is a mark of God. It is the mind of Christ and the righteousness in our behavior and in our dealings with our fellow man. If Jesus Christ is in your life, He is erasing the mark of the beast and putting His seal on you.


Pride will keep you from it, pride will keep you from moaning and groaning, and pride will keep you from deliverance like our sister had tonight. Shun pride at every turn. Hate it, it will surely destroy you. You know what is right, you know what the Scripture says, treat your brother as you would have yourself treated. There is no justification for mistreatment of another human being. There is no justification for a Christian bullying, for a Christian arguing, for a Christian threatening. No wonder the world laughs at us, because the Christians that are truly walking in this walk, they are not seen. The ones that the world sees are out there yelling their heads off, arrogant and lifted up in pride. Do not look to your left or to your right. Do not look at your brother's sin. You do not partake no matter how you are provoked. Do not participate in any offensive behavior.


The offensive must come, we will be provoked. The Scripture says not to be involved in endless disputations that you can never win the argument, depart, withdraw. Withdraw, withdraw, bless and withdraw. Turn it over to Jesus, He wants the fruit of His spirit. He wants your obedience. Jesus Christ, your God, who is in your heart, who is in your mind, He wants the Church to start to submit to Him. No one should be dominating anyone. No one should be exercising such a powerful spirit that everyone else in the area is crushed. If you see this happening, you pray silently in your mind.


Sometimes when you pray in your mind, the Lord will give you something to say, but submit it to Jesus, stop taking authority over your life. Stop taking authority in your fallen adamic mind. He is calling us to become spiritual people; we have to start practicing to be spiritual people. Practice. If you fail there is no condemnation. There is no condemnation in Christ Jesus, but repent and try again. Repent and try again. We have been experiencing body ministry here, and it has been beautiful. He wants us in submission and, as you submit, your discernment will increase, your ability to move in the spirit will increase, but I say to you that the Lord has a soft voice, and your fallen adamic soul, which is ruled by Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, has a loud voice. If you do not tell your Satanic voice to shut up, you will not hear Christ, I assure you.


You will not hear Him, He will let you walk until you hit the wall, and when you walk into the wall, and say, "Lord why did you not talk to me or why did I not hear you?" Somewhere along the line, He is going to say to you, "Because you were so busy talking you could not hear me." God talks to us continuously, He talks to us continuously, He is like a radio wave. You have to turn on the radio, and you have to get the right radio station. You have to clear up the static, and you have to tell everyone around you to shut up, because you want to hear God. Everyone around you is your own fallen adamic mind. You have to be still, He is a still small voice.


He wants us to pray about everything, everything, everything. It is just a habit. Once you start doing it, it is really easy. You just have to practice. Maybe you will do it once a week the first time, then maybe once a day, but it gets easier. He wants you to seek Him on everything. I think I was here one night when I gave a testimony about ordering stationary. I had made a mistake and I prayed to the Lord, "If I am ordering this wrong, please let me know." Did I mention that? I did not mention that here? I was placing the order, and I mailed it in. Two days later, He told me I made a mistake. I called up the next day in time to save eighty-five dollars. Well, you know what happened? They printed the stationary wrong. It was not so bad that we could not use it, but I felt, for the money that we paid, it should be right. I called them up, and they said they were going to redo the job, and we were keeping the old order. We got twice the amount of stationary for the same money, besides the eighty-five dollars we saved.


We may be very intelligent, we may be very educated, but we do not know what God knows. You cannot see the whole picture. Right now we are in this house, and we cannot see what is going on out the door. Jesus can see everything, He knows everybody, not only in the Church but in the world. If you need something, He knows where He wants to give it to you from. Many times I have sat down and said, "Well these are my options. I have ten options," and I make a carnal decision, but when I turn it over to God, He has an eleventh option. He has something that I never thought about. He has something that I never considered in my wildest dreams. He has something I could not have imagined. It is glorious to turn it over to Him, but it is hard because we have been submitting to our fallen adamic mind all of our lives. It is hard, but it is just practice. In Christ you can do all things, because He gives you the strength.


The most important thing is that you have to get a revelation of what He wants you to do. Now everybody here has been reading the Bible for a long time. You know what is right. You know what is right. If you cannot do it, ask Him to help you, or if you have a personal situation that is not clear-cut in the Bible, you ask Him how to handle that situation. He will tell you. Now, He may not answer you right away. Sometimes I get very frustrated with Him. I want an answer right away and I say, "Lord now, if you were a man sitting right in front of me, you would answer me." Sometimes I get very frustrated because sometimes He does not answer me for weeks, sometimes a month, but He always answers me.


The challenge to us as human beings is to ask and let it go. Can you ask and let it go? This is the question the Lord is putting to you tonight. Can you lay your need or desire on the altar? A year ago there were several things that I needed, and the Lord said to me "Make a list and post it on the wall." It was just about a year ago, a few things came in right away, and then the months went by and one of the items on my list was luggage, and I scratched it off. I said, "Oh, that was a vain request. I should not have put it up there," and I scratched it off. Well, God gave me luggage the other day, and I looked at the list and there are just a couple of things left.


He has provided almost everything on the list, and He is probably going to provide the whole list. It was the luggage that I was looking at ten months ago, lusting for it, asking the Lord permission to buy it and He said, "No." I did not buy it, and someone gave it to me. This is what He wants. I am not saying that I have it down 100%. Sometimes it is difficult, but this is what He is bringing us to. The whole point that I am trying to impart to you is that when we turn the smallest need over to Him, either we get something better, or we get it from a source that will be less of a burden on us.


You cannot fail by turning it over to Jesus. You simply cannot fail and this is what He wants you to do. He is a miracle worker. Our God is a miracle worker. Some people pray for years and years and years, "Help my family." When Jesus comes in, He comes in with a bang. He never comes the way you think He is going to come. He comes with an explosion. Many people say to me, "I do not want the confrontation." Jesus is confrontation, where ever He goes there is confrontation. He said, "Why are you trying to kill me?" They said, "You must have a devil, we are not trying to kill you." In the next verse you hear some Jews talking and saying "Oh, is that not Jesus, the one they are trying to kill?"


Jesus brings conflict, He brings confrontation, He brings division, He steals peace from the earth, and He steals your manmade peace from you. He exposes your compromise, He exposes your weakness that yields to tyranny. There is no peace until you are in His image. Until you are in His image, there is warfare. You pray, and you pray, and you pray, and when He comes into your life, expect warfare. It could last a very long time, but it is going to strengthen you. The end of that warfare is victory to the uttermost in Christ. Do not give up. Stand tall in Christ. He will never fail you, He will never forsake you, He will never give you more than you can bear, but you better believe He will surely push you to the wall, and you are going to find out that you have strength that you never knew you had. Do not give up, be stable, be faithful, stick by your guns. Do not say you cannot bear it. It is not true. You can bear it, you can bear it, you can do it, whatever you have to do. Nothing worthwhile comes without a fight.


We are in bondage, we are in jail, we are in hell, and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is not letting us go at the snap of the fingers. He is not letting us go with an "I rebuke you in the name of Jesus." He is going to rise up and try to rip your clothes off of you, but he is going to find out that you are not casting these demons out in the name of Paul. You are not casting them out in the name of Apollo, but you are casting them out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. You will not lose your clothes, and you shall not get chased down the street, but you shall be victorious in everything you put your hand to as long as you do not turn back. Be strong in the power of His might. Do not be afraid to confess your weakness to Him. He knows it is there anyway, but when He joins to you, you are stronger that any individual human being you can meet.


In Christ you have super human strength. There is not any righteous thing that you cannot do in Christ, but you may have to wait for His timing. You must yield to His instructions step-by-step. You must not make His decisions for Him. You must say, "Yes Lord, here I am, what do I do today? What do I do now? What do I do in this situation?" Do not think because you lost a battle that you lost the war. You can lose a battle, you shall never lose the war. A righteous man can be cast down seven times, but the Lord will deliver him every time. I do not care how many mistakes you make, there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus. You get your act together, you put your head up high and your shoulders back, and you go on with God. If you made a mistake, you repent, you ask God so that you do not do it again, and if you do it again you put you head up and your shoulder high, and you keep on going. You keep on repenting. God will help you, and the victory is surely yours, if you will fight. You must fight.


You are in the army. You are in the army of the Lord, and you cannot go AWOL here. There are no conscientious objectors. Everybody's turn does not come at the same time. Do not look at your brethren and say, "Why me and not them?" There are paradoxes in the Church, contradictions in the Church. The people who have the easiest walks are usually the least spiritual. The people with the hardest lives, with the most to overcome, God is calling you to great things in Christ. You must be strengthened, and you must learn many things. Jesus said, "He who is first shall be last, and he who is last shall be first." Have people looked at you and said, "What kind of Christian are you? You do not have victory in your life. You are not healed, you are not saved, you have not stopped smoking, you have not overcome your problems." Maybe in their eyes you are the least, but Jesus said, "He who is the least shall be the greatest." He said He has not called many great ones, has not called many wise, has not called many educated, but He has called the weak things of this world, that His power should be revealed through us.


He is not going to take a millionaire and give him a second million. There is no glory in that. He is not going to take a healthy person and heal them from a cold. He might, but I hope you know what I am talking about. He might do that, but that is not what He is looking for. There is no glory in that. He is not going to take someone whose family life is in perfect order and make it a notch better. He might, but that is not where He is going. Brethren, I declare to you He is going to the hurting people of the world, He is going to the physically sick, He is going to the mentally sick, He is going to the tormented, He is going to the troubled family, and He shall be glorified in them by contrasting His power into their weakness. When the Church sees you sitting up, and dressed, and in a right mind, and in right order, they shall say, "What happened to you?" At which time they will probably be entering into their trial, and you will have mercy on them, Lord willing, where they had no mercy upon you.


As Joseph's brothers came to him for food, the one they tried to murder and sell into slavery, those who have hated you, and persecuted you, and sought to kill you, they shall come to you for mercy. Lord willing, they shall receive it. Glory to God.


There is no easy way to get the love of God worked into your heart. We must be hurt. I said that to somebody once about their girlfriend, and their girlfriend heard it and she said to me, "Boy, I was mad at you when you said that." I will say it again, you have to be hurt. You have to know what it is like. You are one bone, one bone in Jesus' body, you were broken, and you have been set wrong. You have to be broken and reset. You are in the wrong order, your thinking is wrong, your emotions are wrong, your spiritual strength is too weak, and your emotions are too strong. Everything is backwards. You need to be adjusted. It just hurts for the moment and, in the morning, joy will be yours because you will see a man-child will be born in you. Joy cometh in the morning.


The whole world system is just an illusion, and it is passing away. I am not asking or suggesting that you should use mind control and say that you are not hurt. We must admit and confess our hurts and deal with them. Admit them to Jesus or a close friend. Confess them, cry if you must, and then turn to Jesus, turn to Jesus. We see some people in the Church world, they think that you should never confess that you are hurt or that you should never confess that you have a problem, or that you should not talk about it more than ninety seconds. They will time you on their watch. Brethren we have to be sensitive in Christ. There is a fine line. Everyone should have the right to express their grief, and everyone should be able to talk about their problems to a sympathetic ear.


There is a line. When it goes over that line it is ungodly, but we must be sensitive to the spirit of God. Everybody is not the same. One of the great things about our God is that He is tailor made to every individual, and by the power of Christ we must gain the ability, because He gives it to us. That is the only way we can get it, but we can ask for it. To know whether a person really needs to talk....do you know talking could be a form of deliverance? People pay a hundred dollars an hour to a psychiatrist to talk. We must have a sympathetic ear when someone has a problem, and when the time should come that we feel they have gone over that line, and that they have started to dwell on it, and it is ungodly because it is no good for them anymore, it has become an obsession with them, ask the Lord how to deal with them gently, to say to them gently, "I think that is enough," for example.


I am not giving you a program of what you must say. I am giving you an example. "I think that is enough, you are only hurting yourself by going on this way." Compassion, tenderness, sensitivity, and sometimes the Lord lets people talk for quite a while if they needed it. It could be a form of deliverance. Everyone is an individual, and there is no reason we cannot be praying while we are communicating with somebody while they are talking. You do not have to have a big religious prayer. "Lord what should I say to this person? Lord how can I help this person? Lord how long shall I listen to this? Lord help her. Lord what can I do to help? What is your will in this conversation tonight?"


We are all weak, we all have our weakness. We are all fallen down. Some are stronger than others, but even those who appear strong have their weaknesses. There is to be healing in ministry and love in the Church. We saw an expression of the love of God here tonight, and love amongst the brethren. I thought it was beautiful where we all pulled together as this deliverance came forth. We were as one man in Christ, and that really blessed me. That really blessed me. I do not know that I have ever experienced that before, to be in a group, and we were all zeroed in, in Christ. There was not one spirit that was not with us, that was here.


There was no opposition, and there was no envy that, that one person was getting all the attention. There was no rejection that someone else was getting the attention, but Christ was manifesting in all of us, and His mercy came forth in all of us. It really blessed me. You do not see it often in the Church. Glory to God. Praise you Jesus.


He wants to manifest in us. He wants to be our God. He may be our Savior in many cases, but He is not our God. Why? Because your God, you obey, and when you are not obeying Him, you are obeying another God. We are to practice, we are to ask, and we are to seek. Talk to Him about everything. He is glorious, He is wonderful, He is God Almighty, and He loves you with a love you cannot even imagine. If there is pain in your life, it is for a reason that will ultimately work for your good, for surely it is His intention to deliver you out from death. We are all being touched by Him, it is painful, it is painful, it is painful. Do not fight it, do not push against the pricks. Just ask Him what He wants you to do, ask Him how to take the victory.


If you cannot love the one that is hurting you, tell Him that you want to. Why? Because you know that is what His word says. Love your enemies, pray for those who despitefully use you, have mercy on the people in the Church that are wicked towards you, because the life of His spirit is in them also. Are they evil towards you? Praise the Lord. Help them to overcome their own evil. The Scripture says there are those in the Church that oppose themselves. God has given them instruction, and they consistently run in the other direction. I declare to you that the Lord has called you.


You can only run so far, and he will reel you back. If someone like this is in your life, bless them and be there to help them, and if they hurt you, bless them and confess the hurt, whether it be to another person or to the Lord. Turn to God, go into the Scriptures, go into prayer. Turn to God to heal your soul. Do not turn to carnal activities. Go in. Go in. He is in the Kingdom of God. He is within you. Turn in. If you are a musician play, sing praises unto God, turn to God. He is our comfort. He is our comfort. Not food, not TV, not movies, not intellectual studies, not sexual activity.


God is our comfort. Be content with what you have, be content with where He placed you and turn in. He wants you to turn in, because He wants you to be married to Him. He wants to be your counselor, He wants to be your confidant, He wants to be your lover, He wants to be your friend, He wants to be your husband, He wants to be number one in your life. Of course, we are all believers here. I am saying, "Do not turn to a drink and of course do not turn to drugs." You know drinking and drugs are what is known as compulsive behavior. Most people in the Church do not do it, although I have seen people in the Church have a drinking problem. I do not really know about drugs. A lot of people in the Church smoke, but aside from those obvious things that most believers would stop doing if they could.


A lot of believers are involved in compulsive behavior. TV soap operas, they are addicted to them. Do you know people are addicted to them? They could spend four hours a day in front of the TV. I am not condemning anybody. I do not even know if anybody here does that or not, but all I am saying is that it is compulsive behavior. What good thing could come out of watching these programs and filling your mind with all of this filth?


If you cannot read, put on a Scripture tape or at least... I am not against watching TV if you want to watch TV from time to time, but watch something edifying. Somebody was just telling me about a movie that just won a lot of awards, Silence of the Lambs? Dances with Wolves? They told me it is about a psychiatrist who treated homicidal maniacs, and he became a monster. Not only did he kill people, but he committed abominable act upon them. The second the person told me this, I knew what happened. This is the second movie God has showed me like this. This man's mind was corrupted. He ministered to these people, and he listened to their acts and his mind was seduced. He birthed the same spirit in his mind that these mentally ill people had. He became a sadistic homicidal maniac. A Psychiatrist, a very educated man, has nothing to do with your education.


Your education will not keep you from Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. Only Christ can keep you from Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. In this stage of development, where we are right now, we must guard our mind because our mind is a harlot. Our mind is a harlot. She will fornicate with any spirit that comes her way. We touched on it a little yesterday. Brother XXXX gave us a little lesson in chemistry? I guess you would call it chemistry. It was metallurgy, and he told us that when an atom is not complete, when it does not have its complete number of electrons, any other atom floating through the air that is compatible with that deficient atom will link with it. This is the mind of man. We are incomplete, and I know the Scripture says we are complete in Christ, but that is at the end of the process. If we were complete in Him now, we would not have the problems that we have.


We are in the process of being completed. Another word for complete is perfect. The Scripture says, "Be perfect." It means, be ye complete. Well, we are not perfect right now and neither are we complete, and when we expose our mind, which is the fertile part of our soul... Paul said, "Gird up the loins of your mind." Why? What does that mean? Wrap up the loins of your mind. Protect the loins of your mind. Why? Because your mind is sexually active, and she is a harlot. When you expose her to ungodly material long enough or strong enough, your mind will be seduced. You can birth the same perversion in your own mind. The other movie that God showed me that in was, I think it was called "Cruzin." Was there such a movie called "Cruzin?" I got the wrong name of the movie. It was a famous actor.


You have to forgive me I have a bad memory. I cannot even remember the name of the actor. Well anyway, he was an undercover policeman. He was sent undercover in a very corrupt area. They investigated him before he went and he checked out. He was mentally healthily and they sent him into this very corrupt area. After a few months of it, he went to his commanding officer and he said "I want off of this case." He said "something is happening to me, but I do not know what it is. I want out of this case." His commanding officer said, "No one backs out in this force, you made a commitment, you go through with it." He went back on the job, and it was birthed in his mind, that corruption that he entered into. He solved the case, and he came out one of them. He came out one of them. Our mind is a harlot. We do not have the strength to not fornicate under the right circumstances. Is that a shock to you? Our mind is a harlot.


Our mind is a harlot, and we do not have the strength to restrain her from fornicating. Only when we have Jesus Christ. I do not know that many.... I do not know anybody including myself that is mature enough in Christ that they do not fornicate. Why? Because when you do not fornicate at all, you will be perfect. Jesus Christ of Nazareth never fornicated with Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. He said, "Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, the prince of this world, he cometh for me, and he has nothing in me."


There was nothing in Jesus Christ of Nazareth for Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, to fornicate with. Jesus Christ of Nazareth was an atom that was complete. The prince of this world came for Him, and there was nothing to latch on to. We must guard our mind, what we watch, what we listen to, even in conversations with other people. We are being... our mind is being bombarded with all kinds of sin. As if we did not have enough trouble dealing with the sin in our own brain, we have to deal with other people who are inflicting their sins upon us, because they do not know any better. TV and radio, and work and school, and where ever you go. It is a miracle that we are maturing in Christ. Living in this pollution, living in this filth, it is a miracle that we are getting better every day. There are certain things we have more control over than others, and then some people have more control over the same thing than other people. I know I went through a period where I was watching four hours of TV a day, and I could not seem to stop.


Somebody prayed for me, and it took a year. A year later I hardly watch it. I am not telling you not to watch it, but it should not be your whole life, and watch what you do watch because your mind really does get corrupted, it really does get corrupted. As a matter of fact, the Lord just put this in my head, He wants me to tell you this. The movie that I was telling you about where the policeman was corrupted. There was a lot of sexual perversion in the movie. I took the movie out because I like the actor. One of these days I will remember his name, but within five minutes, within fifteen minutes I saw there was going to be a lot of sexual perversion in the movie. I did not shut it off. I should have shut it off, but I did not. The Lord told me somewhere about halfway through, I think I watched the whole movie. When did He tell me I cannot remember the exact details, but the Lord came to me and said, "If you do not stop."....oh I know what happened. I watched that movie, and I watched a series of movies that I should not have been watching, and the Lord came to me and said, "If you do not stop now you are going to birth a demon, and you are going to have one real problem."


I already needed deliverance because the thing was alive. I am pretty spiritual. I call myself a spiritual person, and I am telling you, something was born in my mind. It was really strong and someone cast it out of me. The Lord said to me, "if you do not stop, the next time it is not going to come out that easy." I was so scared, I just got rid of all the movies, because I know there is not a doubt in my mind that there are situations sometimes ..... that is a judgment.


Did you know that a demon birthed in your mind is a judgment? That would have been a judgment for watching these movies. The Scripture says, "Your own sin will correct you." Well, the Lord had mercy on me and let that one come out right away. It had not formed any roots yet, but there was not a doubt in my mind that if I had not listened, what would have happened I would have birthed a demon that may not have come out for years. It may have tormented me for years. That when it comes upon you as a judgment, you may have to resist it for years before it comes out. It is best to guard our mind. We see this in the world today. We see women walking down the street with skirts up to the middle of their thighs, with blouses with half of their breasts hanging out, and with all kinds of sexy mannerisms and jewelry. Now I am not against jewelry, I am saying that the whole picture is extremely seductive.


Well, I certainly am against having a skirt up to your mid thigh. I am against that and I am against clothes that are so tight. It hugs your outline in a very seductive way. I am against that, and we have women walking down the streets like this. If a man whistles at them, they are calling the policemen on them. This is not rational, this is not rational, but this is what is in the natural, and it is in the spiritual. We see it in the natural as well as in he spiritual. Some women are unfortunate enough to get raped when they dress like that. You know what the saddest part of the whole thing is? I have spoken to young women, I have spoken to young women over these last few years. Since our society has been accepting this kind of dress, it is really not much more than thirty or forty years. You could not dress like that fifty years ago, they would arrest you, and the really sad part of it is that a lot of young women today, they were not around fifty years ago, and they think this is the way it is. The cannot understand why they are having all these problems with all these weird men stopping them on the street. It is never the gentleman that stops you. It is always the guys that are a little off in the brain that stop you, or they give you a hard time.


Do you know women dress today like prostitutes used to dress fifty, sixty years ago? That is how a prostitutes dressed. If you came walking down the street, you would have been arrested. Now most, not all of them, a lot of women dress that way today. Not only do they dress that way, they dress their six year old girls like that. See, this is how Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, works, he does it little by little, because when you are the new generation, if you are a young person, you do not know what it was like fifty years ago or a hundred years ago. He corrupts a little bit with each generation, until he destroys the whole nation. If there is nobody there telling you it is wrong, and the tendency is that each generation the parents of that generation let they children go a little further. That is the way Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, works, little by little, from generation to generation, because there is no memory.


Our mind is a harlot, and she can be corrupted. Let us not dress like a harlot, let us be sedate and let us not expose ourselves to trouble. I do not believe in rape. I do not think any man has a right to rape any woman, but you hear all these stories about women inviting men into their houses at midnight and one o'clock in the morning, and then they are prosecuting them when they have been raped. No, of course no man has any right to rape a woman, but do you not think that it is pushing it a little to invite a man into your house at one o'clock in the morning for a drink? Somebody gave me..... your daughter in law gave me a very cute saying. It was out of a magazine. It says, "I was walking down a street one day, and I fell in a hole and it took me a year to get out. I went walking down that street again and I fell in the hole again. This time it took me five years to get out. I went walking down the same street and I walked around the hole, and I went for walk, and after that I did not even walk down the street." Use your brains.


Well, of course, you prosecute the guy, and maybe he will be put in jail, but you are still raped. You have been raped. The mentality that is in our world today says, "I am going to control human nature by threatening to put them in jail." You are a fool whoever says that, you are a fool. At the very least you should walk around the hole.... you should not even be walking down the street. Our whole society has gone nuts. I know people today.... praise the Lord I am not going to say that one. Glory to God.


Lord is there anything else you want me to say? I do not even know how I got on to this tonight, but I think the word of the hour is "gird up the loins of your mind." Submit to Christ every little thing, and He will work miracles in your life because He is a miracle working God, and He wants to work miracles for you.


He wants you to acknowledge Him. He wants you to acknowledge His Lordship, and His authority, and His power and His grace. You know, my mother was healed from leukemia and the doctors said right in front of me, before she was healed. He said it to her and he said it to me. I was in the hospital. "The chemotherapy is not working for your mother." Then the Lord healed her from leukemia. A year or maybe two years later she needed a statement from him for another medical procedure. They wanted to know her condition because she still goes for check ups. Because she is not with the Lord, she does not have the faith to not got to the doctor, but there is no leukemia for a couple of years, two or three years now. The doctor wrote on the letter that she was healed by chemotherapy.


My mother said to me, "Gee, that is not what he told me. I wonder why he did that?" I said, "Ma, he did that because he cannot figure out what happened to you, he does not know why you do not have leukemia." He wants the glory, He wants the glory. He wants you to submit every thought, word and deed. Bring every thought into captivity, every high imagination into captivity unto His Lordship and He will do tricks for you. He will deliver you out of every destruction. He will do great exploits for you.


He is a wonderful, marvelous, glorious God and your pain is just for a season. Take heart, He loves you, and He shall deliver you. Your redemption is sooner than you think. "It is even at the door, saith the Lord." I just want to see if there is anything else the Lord wants to say.


Thank you Father, glory to God. Hallelujah. Thank you Lord.




I see sorrow in your heart, saith the Lord, and it is because your hour has come, saith God. But in the morning your joy comes, saith the Lord, that a man child is born into the world, take heart for indeed I have loved you from the foundation of the earth, and I shall never leave you, and I shall never forsake you, and you shall surely be mine, and I shall be thine, and we shall be together, and we shall dwell with the Father, and I shall bless you, and I shall not curse you. I shall be with you in the place that I have prepared for you in my kingdom, saith the Lord. Hallelujah.


Did you have a question? Do you remember the question?




PASTOR VITALE: Just do me a favor and talk into the mike.


COMMENT: When you kept saying about gird up your mind. The Scripture that kept coming to me was, be careful what you take into you ear, what you hear with your ears.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, definitely. Your ears and your eyes. Definitely. Praise you Jesus. The easiest way to get polluted is through what you hear and what you see, but it is also possible to be polluted just hanging around with people that have wicked spirits on them. Very possible, people, very ungodly people. You have to be around them really constantly for something to jump from them to you.


Now demons do not jump from one person to another. You cannot catch somebody else's demon, but what happens is that because our mind is a harlot, and she fornicates so easily, if you hang around a very demonized person, your mind can be seduced. A spirit from that very reprobate person can seduce your mind.


That same demon can be born in you. I do not want anyone to get any fear out of what I am saying, there is nothing to be afraid of, Jesus is with you, but you should not be exposing yourself to any reprobateness. It is pretty much an established fact that a policeman for example, a large percentage of them, I do not know where this tape is going, but I an sorry it is true. A large percent of policeman are corrupt.


I do not mean they are taking graft. I mean they are corrupt morally. A lot of them, and this is a know fact, there has been psychiatric studies on it, I believe that you cannot spend so many hours hanging around people that are morally corrupt without Christ and have it not touch you. It will touch you. It will defiantly touch you. without Christ, and I also know that many people that work in mental institutions, in Kings Park, Pilgrims State, before it closed down. It was not at all uncommon for people working there for twenty years, for them to need to be institutionalized themselves. Without Christ, to expose yourself to this, it is very dangerous. Also men and women who are guards in the prison and around prisoners all the time, very frequently they are corrupted without Christ. First of all, get Christ, and second of all keep yourself clean, and if you are hearing this tape, and you are a policeman, or a prison guard, or you work in a mental institution, do not be afraid, but know that Christ in you will be a blessing to the others.


You have to have Christ. If you have fear there is something wrong, you need deliverance. Anybody here afraid? You should not be afraid. Christ is stronger than anything else. If you should somehow pick up something, there is always deliverance, there is always deliverance. Go for help immediately, if you feel a thought, an ungodly thought is manifesting in your mind, and you cannot seem to crush it yourself, do go for deliverance immediately. Especially if you know it has come because you have exposed yourself to somebody. I know that it is at all uncommon for me. See I lead a cloistered life. I am alone a lot of the time. I spend hours and hours in the things of God. Most people cannot do that, just spend hours and hours in the things of God, and sometimes I will go out to a carnal gathering, and I come home and I feel absolutely polluted.


Sometimes I have to go because of my family where they are drinking, and it is not just that they are drinking, it is the whole spirit that is hanging over the whole place. The conversation, the worldliness, and I come home and I feel filthy. I go running into the house, and I take a spiritual shower. I put on a tape immediately, and I just lay there and let it run over my mind. I have to cleanse my mind.


Over what I have experienced, and the more separated you become in Christ, the more separated you become from the world in your own mind. When you come in contact with the world it becomes very painful. I find it painful.


Until we are complete in Christ, and I am not complete in Christ, (He has not filled in all of my electrons yet) we can be corrupted. We have to protect ourselves, and if you are polluted, you cleanse your mind by either reading the Bible or listening to an anointed tape. That is how you deal with it. If necessary, call someone for deliverance. Glory to God. Anyone else have another question?



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