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The Lord is talking about soul power vs. spirit power. Glory to God. Brother is talking about screaming preachers, and he wants to know why they have to do that. Well, they do it because screaming preachers have an audience. There are people in the church that like to hear screaming. The question is, how could there be such two opposite groups in the church, one that benefits from screaming and the other that benefits from the soft spoken word? The difference from the two groups in the church is that one group is still living out of their soul, and the second group is living out of their spirit.


Now there is no condemnation in this but, in Christ, we deal in truth and everybody that comes to the Lord starts out, well most everybody, starts out in their soul. They begin on a journey that will turn them into a spiritual man. What makes you a spiritual man is that you live out of your spirit. Because he who walks after the spirit of God is a Son of God. Amen.


He who walks after his soul is a son of whom? Is a son of the unconscious part of the carnal mind. Now we are not insulting anybody here tonight, but Jesus said the truth will set you free. I tell you the truth in the name and the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.


We must come up from our carnality. We must come up out of it, and we must enter into the life of the spirit. What do we see? We see two churches or a church within a church. We see one church for the beginners, so to speak, and we see people that are loving Jesus with their soul. The Scripture says you must worship God how? In spirit and in truth. Amen. We see a large church world out there loving Jesus and worshiping Jesus with their soul.


Now I love these people and I bless them, but if one of these tapes gets to one of you people that are worshiping Jesus with your soul, I say unto you that the hour is short, and He shall be appearing soon, and if you are worshiping Him with your soul, you shall surely not see Him.


If you are worshiping Him with your soul, you may think He is coming out of the natural sky. You may think that you will see Him on television. You may think that you will see Him sitting on a throne in natural Israel. I declare to you, you must worship the Lord out of your spirit and in the truth of His Word, and the truth of His life. He is spirit, and only spiritual eyes shall see Him.


He is coming within you. Behold, the Kingdom of God is within you, and He is not coming from out there, but from within here, because soul is as opposite from spirit as oil is from water. Glory to God.


There is nothing wrong with being soulish. Another word for it is carnal, and if you are just starting out with God, that is fine, but if you have been with the Lord fifty years or even ten years, you may want to reevaluate your walk with the Lord. You may want to get alone with God and say, "Father why am I still carnal?" There is no condemnation ever in Christ Jesus, but He wants to move you along.


Are we not the sheep of His pasture? Well, there is a shepherd with a rod that is tapping us on our backsides and saying, "Move on, move on." What is our spiritual backside? Our spiritual backside is our unconscious mind. The Kingdom of God is within you. We have a new mind. Jesus Christ is our new unconscious mind, and He is intending to, and desiring to, and intending to, pierce through our unconscious mind.


We have a great many people in the church world, very well-meaning people, and they think they are serving God. They are really serving the God of their soul which is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. That is just the truth, it is just the truth, I tell you the truth. "Flee not from me because the truth shall set you free." It is wonderful to worship Him in praise with loud banging music if you want to do it. I am not telling you that you are going to hell, I am not telling you, you are getting cursed, I am not telling you anything like that. I am telling you, you are on the wrong road. I am telling you there is a way unto the Kingdom of God, and it is not by soulish music. Neither is it by long repetitious, soulish prayers, neither is it by loud yelling, neither is it by manipulation, control, or witchcraft worked upon God's people. That is not the way.


It is the way no fowl flyeth. You see, there is a way that seems right unto man, but the way thereof leads unto destruction. There is another way, you see. Well there is one way, one way, one true way where no fowl flyeth. No ungodly thing goeth that way.


There is only one way you can get on that path, and that is to have your spirit joined to the spirit of God, because, "He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit." See, we have never been this way before. There is a road to the Kingdom of God, and it is paved with gold, but that is the spiritual gold of His deity. It is not natural gold. There is no mansion waiting for you in heaven. You are His mansion, we are the house of the Lord. "Know ye not that ye are the temple of the Holy Ghost." We are His house. He desires to inhabit us, and the problem the Lord has right now is that we are already inhabited.


We are inhabited by a usurper. The Scripture calls him a tare sometimes, or a weed, something that grew up of itself that the Lord did not plant. Where is it growing? It is growing in our mind. Jesus said, "I am the true vine." Well, if He is the true vine, there must be a false vine. There is a vine growing in us that is bringing forth thorns and thistles as was pronounced upon fallen adam when the Lord pronounced the curse upon him.


In Jesus Christ, there is deliverance from the curse of the law. He is coming as the planting of the Lord, the true vine. He said to the angels, do not rip up the tares because the wheat will come up with it. Wait, wait until the wheat is fully mature. We have two vines growing in us. On one vine is growing tares, and thorns and thistles, and carnality, and soulishness. On the other vine is growing spirituality, the fruit of Christ, the glory of God, the life of the Father and deliverance out from among death. Glory to God.


We must transfer from our soulishness into spirituality. How do you do it? How do you do it? Seek God with all you heart, and your mind, and your soul, and avoid religious rituals. Avoid long repetitious prayers that make you feel Holy. Go before your God and say, "Lord what would you have me to do? I give this day to you Lord. Where would you have me to go? Who would you send me to? When I get there, what would you have me to say to them?"


Stop making all these carnal decisions about what you think God wants you to do. Stand still and wait for the still small voice. The church has to stop running the show.


Jesus is coming back for what is His. What is His? He wants the fruit of the spirit that is growing on the vine. Well, why can He not have it? Because the fruit that was a tare is filling your mind. There is another fruit in your mind. Did not James say, "A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways?" Did He not say, "Brother, this should not be, that sweet and salt water should be coming from out of the same mouth. There is a usurper in your mind. He is stealing the use of your thoughts. He is stealing the use of your body. He is stealing what belongs to Jesus. What belonged to Jesus is you. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


That is why we have preachers that yell and scream, because there are people that like yelling and screaming. The man who is spiritual, the man who walks after the spirit of God, though he may not know it, will be drawn to other spiritual people. Whether it be spiritual praise, spiritual music, or spiritual teaching, or spiritual counseling, spirit will be drawn to spirit. What does the Scripture say? "Deep calls to deep, spirit goes to spirit, and soul goes to soul." The believer that is living out of his soul, he does not like the spiritual man. Jesus said, "They hated me before they hated you." He was not talking about the heathen. He was talking about the Pharisees. They hated Him, they lied about Him, they misunderstood Him, and they thought evil of Him. Jesus said, "I come with a sword, I come to separate."


We are told that there is a spirit of the Word and the letter of the Word. The soulish man preaches and lives out of the letter of the Word. What are we told the letter of the Word does? It kills you. The spirit of the Word gives life to your bones. What is the spirit of the Word? What does it mean? It means the words inside of you. We talked about this earlier. What the letter of the Word means are the words in your head.


What have we said so far? Carnality is a tare, is a usurper, is the fruit known as the carnal mind, it brings death. It comes from the letter of the Word, and it leads to destruction. Spirituality is Christ in you, the hope of Glory, and leads you to be joined, eventually, with the spirit of God, so that you shall be resurrected out from under the dead ones, deliverance from sin and death. The spirit of God with Christ Jesus and heaven, the Kingdom of God, is within you. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


The flesh lusteth against the spirit, and there is no reconciliation between the two. They are as opposite as night and day. One must prevail, one must rule, one must lead, and the other must submit and actually die. John the Baptist who was a soul man said, "I must decrease so the Christ may increase."


The battle is not outside of us. The battle is within us. It is our battle, it is our own personal battle, and when Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, comes for us he comes in our own mind. If you are purely in the spirit, there is no Devil out there that can touch you. There is no Satanic whisper, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, that can bring you down. It is our own weakness that brings us down. The answer to every problem we have is to be strengthened in Christ. Strengthen in Christ. Strengthen in Christ. We must stand in the strength of Christ. Hallelujah.


Our problems are within us. The Kingdom of God is within us, and the kingdom of hell is within us. If you try to clean up your outside life, you may do it briefly, but what is within you will continue to control what your life is. If there is destruction ruling in your mind and in your heart, if you are filled with bitterness, if you are filled with hatred, if you cannot forgive, if you are looking for vengeance and retaliation, you shall surely draw unto you all forms of destruction. If you cannot stop manifesting these things, you need the power of God in your life to clean yourself up.


Your problem is not the other person. I cannot tell you how many people come to me and say, "This person did this and this person did that. Let us pray against it." No, let us not pray against it. Let us find out what the Lord wants us to do. When you are right with God, then you turn to the Lord about the other person.


When you are in a conflict, I am telling you how to live Godly. You can do what you want. You are in a conflict with somebody, you go before the Lord and say, "Father have I sinned? Is my thinking wrong? I do not like what happened, I am angry, I am annoyed. Should I be? Do I have a right to be? Is it a righteous anger or is it not?" Discern your own heart.


You want discernment? The first thing He is going to give you is discernment of your own heart. Because if you do not discern your own heart and you have discernment (some people do get the gift of discernment of others without seeing their own first), you are going to go to that person with condemnation. If you, yourself, have not received some measure of purification in your own heart, you will go to the other person with condemnation, I assure you. It is just human, but we are not human, or we are not supposed to be. We are supposed to be in transition from human into a saint of God.


From the day you develop a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ, the Lord calls you a saint, but we have to grow into the title. Just like a young prince is born, he is one day old, and they call him Prince Charles. He could not even take care of himself. If he was left alone he would die. We have to grow into our title, Son of God. Our whole mind has to change. We have to be stripped of everything that is carnal in us. If we do not put ourselves on the altar, when we are in conflict with somebody, and offer yourself up to God for whatever correction is necessary, and we go to that other person, you are in the flesh. The flesh brings what? Destruction. Whatever resolution to the problem that you might find, because carnal ways can bring resolution sometimes, you are just going to have the problem again tomorrow with a different person. In a different month, a different week, you are going to have the same problem.


We must learn the Lord's ways, and the Lord's ways are rooted and grounded in love. The Lord's ways are to bring glory to Him. Out of every conflict that two or more human beings can have...Men do not fight this way, natural man, and the church is filled with natural men using all the methods of natural man to get their problems resolved. Men lie. Men manipulate. Men cheat in the church. In the church. People in the church have a problem with you, and they go and say that you are to blame. Jesus does not accuse.


Now sometimes it is the other person's fault. If you have put yourself on the altar before the Lord, and you are right with God, and He sends you to that person to talk it out, you will go in a spirit that, Lord willing, will bring reconciliation.


You know most people need help. Do you know that? Most people need help? When we are weak in our heart and everybody is weak. I am not insulting anybody. Some people are more weaker in certain areas than others. Everybody is weak except Jesus. That is why we have all the problems we have. Right? When you go to somebody in weakness, if you go defending yourself, only destruction can come out of it. We are to go to bring the word of reconciliation, of restoration. If the person has a problem, we are to go knowing they need help. Jesus said, "When you are strengthened, strengthen your brother." Now it does not always work out when you go to somebody.


The Scripture says we shall take up serpents. The serpents are the human beings, if you study it out in the Greek. What that Scripture means is that we are going to take up human beings that are on a low spiritual realm, that are spiritually killing one another, and we are going to raise them up to heavenly places in Christ Jesus. You can only do that when the love of God is pouring out of you. I declare to you if you correct them or have a confrontation with them, and your motive is to prove yourself right or to justify yourself, or exalt yourself in any way, you shall surely fail. You shall surely fail. Glory to God.


"Little children love one another, and this is how you shall know you are my disciples." You shall surely love one another. Many Christians do not know what that love is. We see Christians all over the church world manifesting ungodliness, hatred, envy, accusation, witchcraft control. God is not winking anymore. Time is up. It is already up. The church does not seem to know it. Stop defending yourself.


Paul said, "Why do you not suffer the loss?" Well maybe you think you cannot afford to suffer the loss. The whole point is that maybe you do not understand what Paul meant when he said that. He did not mean let someone in here, and let them walk away with your house and all of your possessions that you need to cook your food with and survive. That is not what he meant. He meant if someone is accusing you falsely, and they are not reasonable, they will not respond to your reasonable effort to resolve the problem, just let it go. Do you have to be proven right? Or if they take something from you before you find out what is going on, must you get retribution? Let it go and let God deal with them. He does not mean that you should give your home away. He means that if someone gets the best of you, do you have to be a natural man and go back and strive with them?


Let it go. Try to look towards people's needs, look what is behind their behavior. Pray for God to help them, but I am telling you if your prayers, if you want to pray against an ungodly behavior because that ungodly behavior is irritating you, because that ungodly behavior is giving you distress, you are praying witchcraft. This is ungodly control. You have to find out what God's will is in every situation for every individual. We should pray for their restoration, their deliverance from any ungodliness, and their placement in a righteous position with God.


If we are praying with a heart that is seeking for any kind of gain for ourselves, it is not a prayer coming from the spirit. It is coming from your soul and soulishness. James said, "It is devilish." Soulishness is devilish. It is coming from your carnality, which is ruled by Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. Do you trust God to meet your needs? Do you trust God to deliver from the evil man? Do you trust God to meet your needs supernaturally? You know, if we cannot trust God for the little things, what are we going to do when the crops fail? If we do not have faith now that God can deliver us and meet our needs, whatever that is, what are you going to do when there is no food? What are you going to do when there is no fuel to heat your house? We are supposed to be practicing now to believe God.


Before you go getting miracles, you have to get your heart right. This is the hour of judgement for one's soul. Judge yourself so that you will not be judged. Work out your salvation with fear and trembling. Humble yourself before the Lord who will never condemn you, but will have mercy on you who is pitiful, and will help you in gentleness to face what we all are, fallen creatures that need a Savior.


Salvation is a process. From the day Jesus comes into our life, we must change, we must get strong. Why? Now we have an example. We have a big brother to look to, to do the right things. If you just ask Him, He will tell you. If you cannot forgive and you confess it, He will help you forgive. This is how we go from soul man to spirit man. It is a process, and it is a result of submitting ourselves to the spirit of God and to the word of God. Glory to God. We must change because out thoughts are carnal, and His thoughts are spiritual.


Just wait with me on the Lord and see if He has anything else to say. Does anybody not understand the difference between the soulish Christian and Spiritual Christian? Hallelujah. Glory to God. The gifts and the calling of God are without repentance. We have some soulish Christians who are very gifted, but it has to get inside of you. All of those gifts, all of that anointing, everything you sat under has to get inside of you. Because when it is outside of you, only temporal, you might get a miracle here, a miracle there, when you are in church, but it has to get inside of you so that no matter where you find yourself, that miracle working power is within you.


If, God forbid, you even wind up in jail like Peter did, that angel from within you should rise up and break your chains. We have to get past the place where we run to church for a miracle. There is nothing wrong with going to church. My whole point is that it has to get inside of you when you go to church for long periods of time. Praise the Lord. I hope you are with the Lord a long time, and that anointing rains on you, and that anointing rains on you, and it rains on you. It has a purpose, and that purpose is to get inside of you. When it gets inside of you, you enter into a new stage of spiritual maturity. It will strengthen you spiritually, it will strengthen you emotionally, it will give you wisdom, and you are well on the path to the Kingdom of God which is a journey inward. It is a journey inward. Glory to God. Thank you Jesus. Hallelujah.


(Pastor Vitale praying in tongues)


The whole world is looking for Armageddon outside in the Middle East. The battle is in your mind, brethren. The battle is in your mind. Cleave onto the Lord. Open your heart for any correction He might show you. Whether it be in your own life, whether it be in doctrine, no matter what it is, be open to correction, because He comes to correct us. The Pharisees were closed to any kind of correction. It is dangerous to be closed, because when the Lord comes to you, you will never hear His voice. This is the condition of the Pharisees. We must be open to the voice and the move of the Lord at every given moment of our life. When He says, "Go left," we have to be ready to go left. When He says, "Go right," we have to be ready to go right. if we have an idea in our head which way He is telling us to go, we may not hear His voice.


The example for you is Peter. When the Lord showed him that vision of the sheep, and he said, "Lord what is this? You are showing me unclean things?" Then the Lord sent him to Cornelius' house, to the heathen. Peter went, he went to the heathen's house, and when he got there, and he saw that the Holy Ghost had fallen upon them, he said, "My eyes have seen it, so be it. Who would deny them water also?" I want to tell you there are Pharisees in the church that you can show them something right in front of their face with the power of God, and they will say, "I am sorry, it does not say that in my letter of the law, and it cannot be true," when it is happening right in front of their eyes. Is that not what happened to Jesus? The Pharisees saw the miracles, and they refused to believe it. Do not be a Pharisee.


Do you realize that we are entering into a time period? It is already now, where Jesus is about to appear, and when He appears, there are going to be Pharisees again. Do not be one of the Pharisees. Be one of the common people that received Him gladly. Do not think He is coming the second time exactly like the way He came the first time, because He never does anything exactly the same twice. He is much too creative. You have to discern the spirit. You cannot look at the outside. Your heart has to tell you that it is Jesus. Paul said, "No man can discerneth us, but we who are spiritual discerneth everybody. We know what spirit is in you. We know what spirit is in you."


If it is at all possible, the very elect would be deceived. Well, how could that be? Because everyone that is called, everyone that is elected has not got that anointing inside of them. I am telling you that its going to take that anointing inside of you to recognize it in somebody else. The Lord has told me that in the last days, anti-Christ is going to be in preachers. Anti-Christ is a spirit. John said, "Do you not know anti-Christ has already come into the world and, indeed, there are many anti-Christs."


That spirit is going to be in preachers, and the Lord told me they are going to look just like the real thing. They are going to be preaching the right words. They are going to be casting out demons. They are going to be healing the sick, and there is only one way you are going to be able to tell who is who, whether they are anti Christ or whether they are Christ, and that is for you to have Christ in you.


When Christ is in you, you will know whether that is your brother or not. You will know whether that is the same spirit or it is a different spirit. How do I know this? Because the Scripture says, "No man can discerneth us." Paul said that no man discerneth us. No natural man can discern Christ. Only when Christ is in you, can you discern it in someone else. Anti-Christ is not some man in the Middle East. That is much too easy to recognize, and he does not have to be a preacher. There are already many anti-Christs come into the world. Every human being that is not manifesting Christ is an anti-Christ. Well, if they are heathen, you know they are anti-Christ. Who is our problem? It is the people in the church.


If the Lord tells you to do something, and another believer comes to you and tells you not to do it, well what will you do? What will you do? Are you strong enough to stand against a strong personality in another believer?


When I first came to the Lord, I was not strong enough. I remember when I first had my baby, I was not with the Lord at the time. This really aggressive women who was eight months pregnant herself with a big belly, came over to me and grabbed my baby out of my arms and says, "Let me carry her down the steps," steep steps, and I could not tell her "No," and after it was over I was mortified that I could not tell her, no. When I came to the Lord, He started teaching me how to say no. Do you know there are believers that have Christ that cannot say no? They really cannot say no. Any strong personality can influence them.


Someone called me on the phone the other day, and a vacuum cleaner salesman got into her house. He was there for four hours and she could not get him out. I said, "Why did you not tell him to leave." She said, "I did but he would not go." I said, "Why did you not call 911?" She said, "I did not want to hurt his feelings." Look, brethren, we have to be strengthened in Christ. It is time to grow up.


Then we have lot of people in the church that are naturally aggressive, and they know how to say no. They will throw you out of their house and kick you in the pants. Well that is not OK with Christ either. We have to learn how to be strong in the righteousness of Jesus Christ, and you cannot be strong in the righteousness of Jesus Christ until you know what is righteous in a given situation. Well how do you know? You take it a situation at a time, and you learn. It is a learning process. It is a learning process. He wants us strong.


When Peter said to that man, "Gold and silver have I none, stand up and walk," the Scripture says that his ankles were strengthened and his legs stood up. Not just the natural ankles and legs, his spiritual ankles and legs stood up. It is the hour of His appearing. It is already upon us, and He wants mature believers in His church.


We go a step at a time, little by little, but if we cannot confess our sins, we are not going to go anywhere. We are going to spin our wheels. We must confess our sins, and repentance is an on-going process. There has to be specific repentance. I know many preachers say that you will repent when the Lord reveals Himself to you, and that is the end of it. I am sorry if you believe that, you have bought a lie. I am sorry, it is just not true. I do not mean to contradict anybody, but the truth is going to set you free. You have to hear this. Jesus will come to you and reveal an error in your mind, or in your behavior, and you have to say,"Yes Lord."


I pray about every criticism that is leveled against me. Even if it comes from an enemy, I say, "Lord is it true? If it is true I do not want to be that way. I want to be like you." It is the judgement of our own soul, and it begins when Jesus starts to be formed inside of you. Well, He still may be outside of you, but the judgment of your soul begins when Christ starts to appear in you as a mustard seed. It is called the White Throne Judgement.


Now, we are told when the law was imparted to Israel, that what it did was convict the world of sin. The world was utterly reprobate. They did not know what was right or what was wrong. When the law was imparted to Israel, righteousness was imparted in the earth, therefore, convicting all unrighteousness of sin. Does everybody know that?


We are told that in the Scripture. When Christ starts to be formed in you, He is the impartation of righteousness to our fallen soul, and that righteousness that is now within our mind, a new-found righteousness, will start to shine the light of that righteousness on the unrighteousness of our carnal mind. We will do it slowly because we could not bear it all at once. As He reveals sin in our carnal mind, He requires us to confess and repent. Then what happens when we confess and repent? In that area, Christ becomes our mind. Have you ever heard it said, "You are the mind of Christ?" What that means is you have the mind of Christ available to you, but you have to use it. You could be in a dark room with a light switch and not know how to use the light switch and abide in darkness.


As a matter of fact, the Lord gave me a dream not to long ago. It was a group of people, and I knew it was a ministry. They were sitting on the floor in a dark room and right behind them, just like you can see the kitchen there, and there were all forms of spiritual, well it was food but I know it meant spiritual food, and the light was shining brightly, and they could not seem to see it. They were all in the room in front of it, and there was no light, and they were sitting on the floor, huddled in darkness.


The Kingdom of God is that close to us. The mind of Christ is that close to us, and we have to start exchanging our carnality for Christ. He will come to us, and He will say, "Your thinking is wrong in this area," and when you say "Yes Lord, I repent," He will take it from you and give you His thinking in that area, and this is how we receive the mind of Christ. The wisdom that you read in the book of Proverbs has to get inside your mind. You have to believe it, it has to become a part of you, and when it gets inside your mind so that you do it automatically, it brings life unto you. Rest for the horde head. Rise for your elders, well it is nice if you want to stand. People do not do it anymore, but if you want to stand up for your elders, it is a spiritual thing to honor your elders.


There is a great blessing that come forth from that. From opening a door for somebody. Just showing respect. Nobody believes in respect anymore. Well, I should not say "nobody." It is hard to find respect anywhere today. You know, you just reap all kinds of blessing on yourself if you see an old person on the street or someone that is infirm, and you give them a hand. I will never forget, I went to vote when I used to live in the city. There was someone coming in, in a wheel chair. A young person ran in and slammed the door in their face. I could not believe it. I just stood there, I could not believe my eyes. Glory to God.


It has to become a part of you. If it is in your head, and it is not in your heart, you are going to find yourself falling into that sin, whatever it is. When you confess it, Jesus will put it inside of your heart. This is the procedure that is going to convert us form where? From darkness into what? Into light. From unrighteousness unto righteousness. You have to change. He is not taking us the way we are. You know that Scripture that says, "No fornicator, no adulterer no," what is it? Man-hater. Nothing like that is going to enter into the Kingdom of God." That is us.


We are not going to enter into the Kingdom when these things are in our mind. They have to go, and what will they be replaced with? The love of God. The love and the mercy and the compassion of God, so that when somebody hurts you, you, from your heart, can say, "Father forgive them because they are just serpents that you have sent me to raise up to a higher spiritual realm, so bless them and have mercy on them. Have the same mercy on them that you have on me" Paul said that he was the chiefest of the sinners, and God had mercy on him. Glory to God.


The Lord cannot do anything with you if you are not broken. You have to be broken. He is breaking us to send us to the nations to save the world. We are not saving the world beating them over their heads with Bibles, we are not saving them condemning them, and neither are we saving them by frightening them half to death about hell. Salvation is a conversion of the heart, and it is brought about by a revelation of the Love of God, of His forgiveness of our sins, of His desire to help us to change, of His everlasting love for us.


I am telling you that there is a whole world of people out there that will not receive Christ because of the message that they are hearing. They will not receive this message of condemnation that says, "Repent or you are going to hell." The message is that Jesus loves you, there is destruction in you life, and if you give Him half a chance, He will show it to you. He wants to deliver you out of every destruction. He wants to deliver your children. He wants to deliver your marriage. He wants to deliver you from your disease. He wants to deliver you because He loves you. The reason for all your problems is that you are in sin, and if you want this deliverance, you have to stop sinning.


If you do not want this deliverance, but it is your time, He will make you want it. He does not have to threaten to burn you in hell forever. He is God. He has the ability to change your mind. He has the ability to reveal Himself to you in power. He does not have to roast you in hell forever. He is God


What have we made out of Him? We talk about the Catholic Church putting Him up in a woman's arms, making Him an infant. The Christian church is not much better. We have made Him into a God who is too weak to change reprobate human beings who curses Him. We have made Him so weak that all He could do to a reprobate, pitiful, confused human being that curses Him, that all He has the power to do is roast him in hell forever. This is the God that said, "Forgive your neighbor," that said, "Forgive your brother, forgive your enemy, pray for those who despitefully use you." This is the God that we have made into someone who will burn you in hell forever. This is the God that said, "The meek shall inherit the earth." You are telling me this God is burning you in hell forever because you are so diseased in your mind that you cannot recognize His goodness, because you are so fallen in your mental state, that all you can think of is vengeance and retaliation. This is the God that said to the adulteress woman, "Go and sin no more."


This is the God that spoke to the woman by the well, and look at what we are saying about Him. I want to tell you we are doing the same thing the Catholic Church is doing. Only they put it up like a stature. They make Him a baby in a women's arms. We do it spiritually. We have castrated our God. We have changed His form and made Him into something He is not, and the church must repent. Glory to God.


I tell you if you do not repent, when He appears, you shall surely not see Him. You see, on the heathen, He has pity. He sent Jonah to the heathen. They did not know any better. There was all kinds of idolatry and reprobateness, but when they heard the Word preached, they repented. They fasted, and they moaned and groaned, and asked God to forgive them. The Pharisee, you see, fasts often, he tithes, he prays long loud prayers so people can see how Holy he is, and he condemns the innocent, and he condemns the victims of this world. He tells them they are not healed because they have no faith. He tells us about the God that he says he serves.


The hour has now come that we are very soon to see a revelation of our God, our Lord and our Savior, and I declare to you that He shall be nothing at all like the church world has portrayed Him. He is glorious, and He is mighty, and He is powerful, and righteous and merciful, and He has come to save the human race. There is nothing that can stay His hand, because all power in heaven and earth has been given unto Him in the heavenlies, and He is about to appear in the earth, and He will take His righteous position, the position that His Father has given Him, and He shall rule men in mercy and in righteousness. The Lion shall lie down with the lamb. Your carnal mind shall lie down, or will go along with, or no longer strive against the Christ that is coming forth in you.


Repent and receive the word of the Lord. Your carnal mind is sin, it is destroying you. Stop serving it. Stop worshiping it. Resist it and cleave unto the Lord for He loves you with an everlasting love. You must come unto Him, and that is not kneeling at an altar. You must kneel at the altar that is in your heart. Jesus Christ is our altar. Does the Scripture not say this? He is our altar. Our carnal mind must kneel before the altar of Christ in our own heart. Submit yourself to Him, open yourself to Him if you are idolizing any type of elder, your pastor whatever you want to call him, if you are idolizing any man in any...repent and turn to the living God, and ask Him to help you transfer from being a soul man to a spirit man. Tell Him that when He appears you want to see Him. He will answer your prayer.


One thing that is going to keep you out is the pride of the Pharisee. The desperate are going in. You see, you cannot ever tell by looking at someone who Jesus is going to receive. The most reprobate person, whatever that means to you, someone that has been involved in spiritual filth of all kinds, He will receive with open arms because they have seen their filth, and they have recognized their Savior. You take someone who really has not done anything spiritually filthy in their life, they think they are fine. As I said before, they fast often, they tithe, they pray long repetitious prayers, they are in Church eight nights a week, they run the music ministry, they run the recording ministry, they have their place in the church, and Jesus us going to come to them and say, "Repent," and they are not going to see Him. They are going to call Him a devil. They are going to cut off heaven from themselves and from everyone that is under them.


Jesus is coming, and He is coming with recompense because His people are in bondage in this hour. They are in bondage many times to the people they call their elders. There are many people that would be set free if they were not in bondage to what they believe is their elder, and even taught to respond to man and not the spirit of God. Now I am not against order in the church. You should respect your elders in the church, but you better try the spirit on the elders. If you are going to a man before you go to the spirit of Christ, you have a problem.


Disagreeing with the elder is not disrespecting the elder. I think you should respect your elders in the church, but if the Lord tells you something different then they are telling you, and you have prayed it through, and you are convinced that it is God, you better follow what the spirit of God is telling you, not what the man is telling you, because if you choose the man over the spirit of God, you are guilty of idolatry. You are not a baby, you are not in kindergarten, you have to get this thing for yourself.


Now maybe you will seek the Lord, and you will not hear from Him right away, but you have to press in. Tell Him you want to hear from Him. Sometimes He will speak to you through an elder, but you want to know that when that elder is speaking, that it is Him. You want to be able to tell when it is Him and when it is not. If an elder says something to you, and it is not God, well you still respect the man. You do not stop respecting him, but you do not do it. If it is not God, you do not do it.


You do not owe allegiance to a church. You owe allegiance to Christ. You owe not allegiance to a man. You owe allegiance to Christ. If the Lord tells you to leave a church, you go. You do not owe allegiance to that man. You owe allegiance to Christ. You always respect, we are supposed to respect one another, not just elders. We are supposed to respect everybody and do everything the best way we can so that people do not get hurt, but you obey God who is going to save your life in the hour of famine. Is it this man or is it the spirit of God? Wake up church, wake up. Serve the one and true God. Serve the one and true God. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Thank you, Jesus.


(Pastor Vitale praying in tongues)


As we cleave unto Him, we become everything that He is. If you turn to a man you become everything He is. Now if you are following a man that is cleaving unto Christ, that is OK for a season. It is OK for a season. Make sure that person is cleaving unto Christ, but know that the day must come where you must stand by yourself, stand by yourself with Christ, I mean. You could cleave unto a man of God for a season until you are strengthened. While you are being strengthened, while you are being taught, that is OK, but you are supposed to be growing stronger everyday. You are not supposed to be made dependant on a person. That person that you are cleaving unto is supposed to be setting you free. That person is supposed to be telling you, "I am not going to make your decisions for you, this is my opinion, this is how I see it, these are your choices, chose what you are going to do."


They are not supposed to be making you dependent on them. They are supposed to be strengthening you and growing you up in Christ so that if you find yourself alone in a cave one day, you know how to lay hold of God and get some answers. Now as you grow up in Christ, it does not mean you stop respecting the elders in the church.


If you do not know how to do both, tell Jesus, He will teach you. He will teach you how to disagree with them while still respecting them. We all have a lot to learn, but I am telling you, you can do it. You do not have to believe everything you hear preached. You do not have to believe it. Do not be afraid of it. Do not be afraid of it. Do not be afraid of someone who preaches strongly. Just pray about it. Say, "Lord what should I believe. What should I not believe." Ask for a second witness. I rebuke fear. All of this fear that is in the church, I rebuke it. You are strong, all of you, you are strong in the power of His might. It is His wisdom in His Life. You are strong. Do not yield to this fear. Do not yield to it. Do not yield to it. He wants to strengthen your ankles. He wants to strengthen your legs. He wants you to walk.


Do not stay around someone that is making you weak. Do not stay around someone who will not let you prophecy unless you whisper it in their ears first, and they pass judgment on it. Read the Bible, find out what it says. That is not Scriptural that you have to whisper your prophecy in someone's ear, and if they say it is OK, you can bring it forth. The Scripture says that you bring it forth, and the spirits of the prophets are subject the prophets when you bring it forth. If you are doing that, get ready that if it is not God, you may be rebuked.


Get with Jesus. He is your God. He has servants. He has preachers. It is OK to get close, but you should be getting stronger everyday. You should be getting deliverance. You should be learning. You should be growing. Cleave unto the Lord, for He shall deliver you with a mighty deliverance. He is coming with Fuller's soap, we are told in Malachi. Who can abide the day of His coming? Why? Because the day of His coming, we are going to be cleansed from our sins, and it is painful, and the Lord likens it to childbirth. The next morning when a man-child is born, Glory to God, we will have joy in the morning, when the man-child is born. Glory to God.






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