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COMMENT: I even felt like a thing, I felt that he was inconsiderate of me when he made all these dates. I said to him like the Thursday after we are going to go out, he stamped the calendar he made all these dates. He said we are going to do this, and we are going to do that and this and that. I said to him you know I would lie to have some kind of plans too. Then I was thinking about the carnal man God speaks through them. I said I cannot really come against him because maybe God is using that. He did not make the arraignment he had already made to go on Thursday to my daughters so that we would get that four days weekend. She wants to take us out for our anniversary on Friday, he has decided to go up on Thursday, and have that four day weekend there. I said you did not even ask or say anything. Coming out today I felt like I was (inaudible) I said Lord I do not know if I should take offense but you said you know I just have to Submit and not come back, and argue with him. It is very confusing. When do you stand and when do you not stand?


PASTOR VITALE: I have something to say to you on that. First of all you have to realize that your husband does go over the line in many areas, but that you have been accepting it for what it is forty years. In all fairness you have not complained in forty year. You do not come back at him and you do not fight with him, but with the power and with the grace of God he has to start understanding that you are not the little girl he married forty years ago. That even though you where putting up with this last year when you were sixty or fifty nine, that if you are not willing to put up with it anymore. What you have to communicate with him but by the grace of God you have to do it in the spirit of God. Such as You ski, and your weekend of Golf and I am not complaining, I never try to hinder you from going but I have something that I do also. Just like you said I felt like a thing when you made these plans without telling me I feel hurt I feel lost, what ever you feel. You have to tell him, and we will pray about it before you go and talk to him. That is the Godly thing, you do oppose it but you oppose it in a spirit of God. You oppose it and then you leave it with God.


COMMENT: You just make your self known and then you leave it with God.


PASTOR VITALE: You oppose it from your position of weakness. You are subject to him. When you start a fight with somebody, when you challenge them you start an argument, that is opposing your husband on his level and that is rebellion. It is possible to oppose something from the subordinate position your are in, and I think from what you have told me that is what you have not understood, if I am correct that the only why you knew was to rebel or to be abuse. You did not realize that you hade a third choice. This is one of the major things that God is doing with you right now. We could pray about this right now.


Father in the name of Jesus, we know that all things are possible in Christ, Lord Father we know that she is a new creature in Christ and we know that change is possible as long as there is life there is a possibility of change. We know that you are the Lord and savior of her life and that means that there is the probability of change because we know that you do not want her abused. We also know that you want her to serve you. We just pray Father that you move on her behalf that you quicken what I have said to her, that you enable her to communicate on this Godly level from a position of submittion and that you give her understanding of the council that has come forth and then Father we pray that you deal with him for he is subject to you whether he knows it or not the man is subject to Christ. It is our understanding that when the woman submits to the husband that Christ becomes her champion. We pray that you deal with this man and that you teach him and show him in that you make this marriage everything that you would have it to be in Christ and that you make a why for her to serve you Lord. There is not a doubt in my mind that you want her to serve you and there is indeed plenty of time but there is a lack of giving a taking on his part Lord. I do not think he is any kind of bad man and sense to a degree all these years he has just done what he has always done. We know that you an penetrate his mind Lord and he can do what ever you tell him Lord. We pray that you make a way for XXXX to walk in the fullest extent that would permit her to walk in Christ and to the fullest extent and for as long as you will permit her to walk in this ministry and serve in this ministry as long as it is your will in her life. That you deal with her natural head because there is no godly reason why she should be hindered due to the fact that their children are grown and xxxxx very much lead his own life, very much so he is not a man that sits at home waiting hold his hand. We pray we give the situation to you Lord and we know that you do all things well and we ask that you be glorified in it, and that you be magnified in it. That all of the parties and that all of the members of her family should be touched by your life Father as she comes into a godly submition to her husband because for all of these years even though she submitted it was not a godly submition because she was not expressing herself and therefore was resentful and angry and rebellious in her heart. We pray that you touch this whole family Lord and we rebuke all dysfunction in the family we speak function in Christ upon it. We just break the curses over this family and we declare into the realm of the spirit that the Lord Jesus Christ has apprehended this family and that you shall have power over them no longer but only for a season and that the Lord uses it to do His will in your lives, and we thank you Father that we can even pray this prayer I know that you are listening and we just bless you Lord and praise you. While we are praying I would just like to bless everyone families here we break the curses over everybody that is associated with us in our natural or spiritual families. We ask you when we pray the Scripture Lord for those of us that have been damaged by witchcraft recently or not so recently we ask that you provide double portion that you have promised us, Lord. Double portion Lord we ask you for it Lord we petition you on behalf of our natural and spiritual children Lord, knowing that you are working in every bodies lives. Regarding this present situation with this heavy outpouring of witchcraft Father where ever it is coming from Father we ask that you deliver us. We pray for the people that hate us and we bless those who despitefully use us and we pray for their perfect will in the life of the individual out of the ministry of the victim and the one who is victimized, and we pray for the deliverance and salvation of everyone concerned Lord. We pray for Living Epistles that you prosper it to the fullest extent that you are willing to prosper it. I pray that you help me to be the best that I could be as the overseer of this ministry. That you help me to hear your Lord and execute your instructions and if I go off I ask that you correct me before I go off too far Lord. Let us be a great source of blessing Father to everyone that you would send us too. Help us do the job you sent us to do.


COMMENT: I am really strong in staying to their congregations, saying they are not of themselves they do not live for themselves.


PASTOR VITALE: They are on the right track. To me they are preaching it without understanding and all the Scriptures talk about all the wisdom and knowledge, we have to get the wisdom because wisdom and knowledge without understanding is like a possessor of a million dollars and not know what it is because you do not have the understanding that you take a ten dollar bill and go buy food. That is how important understanding is. With the computers I think they call it the driver or the controller. You can have all the knowledge in the world but if you do not know how to use it, it is worthless to you If you are sitting in the dark if you have just come from Mars and you are sitting in the dark All you have to do it flip that switch on the wall and the whole house will fill with light but you are looking around and you do not see it we have shelves books you have tables we have dishes we have blankets. If you do not know if that little switch was to turn on the light you are going to be in the darkness all night. Someone has to give you the understanding You will just look at it and say oh what a nice button. If you can see it you know it is there but if you do not have the understanding that button is giving you light what good is having it? What good is seeing it what good is knowing that it is there if you do not know what to do with it?


COMMENT: So then the minister or preacher is lacking in the knowledge and being able to teach us. Same goes for having a relationship with the Lord it has been preached in the church to get your own relationship with the Lord.




COMMENT: It did leave me because I felt the Lord was drawing me out to get my own relationship with Him and I had to go and fid it. Again there is no teaching on it.


PASTOR VITALE: You cannot teach what you do not know. You cannot give it to somebody else. Again as I told you before the whole world is influenced with this. Where God has not imparted His understanding the false understanding is there. There is no emptiness allowed in this world system.


COMMENT: That is not His doctrine.


PASTOR VITALE: God is not filling you with the understanding and doctrine or what ever is our functional satisfaction, where God is not filling you Satan is at least trying too. That is where the false doctrine and the false understanding to come in. The current five fold ministry the temporary five fold ministry they will tell you to tell you to die to yourself they do not understand the mind of Christ had to die to itself. Satan which is their unconscious mind their carnal mind. Satan which is the keeper of their carnal mind comes in and gets his own doctrine and how to die to himself and how does the carnal man die to his self? He does religious works. The carnal man's answer to die to oneself is the death of their body.


COMMENT: Its what they want to do.


PASTOR VITALE: right the religious way. The true dying to self is to obey Christ when your true self wants to do something else. Of course if you do not have a relationship in Christ and He is not telling you to do something then there is desired die to self because there is nothing to take the place. I do not think you understand me. The true dying to self is that when you have two choices the Lord tells you to come out of church for example and your old man tells you no stay in church where there is seductive music and everything like that. To die to self would to be come out of the church into the wilderness where your soul not being satisfied that is dying to ones self. Much more than fasting from food. Now I am not against fasting from food. The true worship of God the true dying of self is to do what He tells you to do than when your self tells you to do something. Now if it is yourself telling you to fast from food. What have you done?


If it is the Lord Jesus Christ has told you to fast and your body and soul is craving food and you fast you are dying to self. I am not against fasting but I am telling you I know this is the truth probably 99 out of a 100 times a believer fast the Lord has not asked to fast from food, the Lord has not told him to fast from food, but himself has told him to fast from food. Therefore it is not dying to self. Its not bad to fast you can fast if you want to. I have been told it is good for the health of your body, it is good discipline but it is not dying to self unless Christ has told you to do it. I believe on certain occasions the Lord will tell us to fast, but my personal opinion is that is nearly as important as the church world would like to believe. I do not believe the Lord tells us to fast as a religious ritual, once a week twice a week once a month. I believe when the Lord tells us to fast it is because of a specific circumstance or situation in our life and at that moment. I have experienced this, the Lord, in all of my walk with the Lord it has happened once or twice. The Lord put me on a fast and I knew I was on a fast I could not eat if I wanted to. That is dying to self because you obey Christ instead of your carnal mind.


Most of the church world they are not dying to self they are dying to self for the carnal mind. The church needs understand and it is going to come from the sons of God. There is a measure of understanding I have heard some preachers with a lot of wisdom but a little bit here and a little bit there, but we have to get the mind of Christ. I have never heard this preached. I have heard preachers with wisdom about faith and I have heard preachers with a lot of wisdom about practical matters in life. I have heard some very good preachers mostly from Baptist preachers, some Pentecostal preachers. What we are into here is the wisdom of God I really have very much preached, this is a deep anointing.


COMMENT: I have never heard of the imputed or imparted anointing in any of the churches I have found.


PASTOR VITALE: The preachers that have heard me preach it they do not like it. They do not like to hear about it. I have heard a few manifested over it. There was something said over it. It is not 100% sure but a sign that someone is giving wisdom or council out of the imparted anointing a sign that would indicate that there is a good chance it is the imparted anointing is that what they are saying is flying in the face of the tradition, it is the direct opposite than what is being preached. Then you have to find out from God if it is false council of wisdom or is it the mind of Christ that is flying in the face of all the Pharisees.


Of course you have to know who you are hearing it from they will even know if the person is Christ. Now you know lots of times there is a possibility and you have to pray about everything there is always a possibility that they are wrong in that area and then again there is always a possibility that you can be listening to some one who has been carnal as can be for twenty five years and today the Wisdom of God is upon them. The bottom line is that you have to pray about everything. Even as we start to get pretty accurate at discerning the spirit of God I still pray about it. I will pray like this Lord I have had a lot of practice discerning the spirit of the God and I have an opinion, some people wills stay I do not know if it was a spirit of God or not. The point that I am at I do not have an opinion I will say lord I think that was a spirit of God or I do not think that was a spirit of God and therefore I am going to act upon what I heard or I am going to refuse to act upon what I have heard but I am putting it before you if my discernment is wrong please correct me. I pray about it. If I do not pray about it, it was a failure on my part that for hat ever reason I forgot to pray about it. I try to pray about everything because I am not perfect. As long as I am not perfect I can be deceived. I believe that if a believer that if the believer is willing to believe, if you are a believer and you truly put your whole life before God and honestly are willing to die to self you are willing to admit that you made a wrong discernment that you made a mistake you are willing to make that a way of life and on one occasion you forget to pray the prayer Lord I thought that was you is it safe to go forward just in case you for get to do that, it will save you from the disaster. Because if it was not that way you would be involved in a religious work. If the reality was such as this as the first sentence I say to you, I strive to pray about everything. Lord this is my opinion, it is you can I go forward can I act on this council or this advice. This was my whole way of life turned towards God. One day I forgot to ask, and the Lord let me go into disaster cause there was pressure on me confusion on me or I was sick in my body and I forgot to ask. The Lord let me go into destruction. The reality of my situation would be then that I would not be living my life by the wisdom, love and righteousness of God, but I would be living my life by my own works.


My own ability to say Lord was that you. I would be in control of my life and the Lord would be my servant. Only if I asked. Do you understand I am protecting my own life by asking. Now you may have heard me say on other tapes that it has been my experience that God only answers when I ask, and that is true. There is a very fine line here, let me try to explain there is a very fine line. If you are a Christian who never thinks to ask but really believes that you have an intense discernment that it is not necessary to clear it with God. Yes the Lord will let you go on to your negative experience so that you can learn from it.


You do have to ask. Once a conversion takes place in your heart where the Lord knows you have this revelation and your are desiring to ask His opinion, approval and permission for everything that you do, but because of your humanity on one occasion you fail to do it He is going to swoop in and save you from falling. If He would not do that you would be living by your own works, your own power. Let me go over this one more time.


COMMENT: Does not He make that evident to you too, when you do forget to ask and He takes you out of disaster it really strikes you and you know and you say Lord I did not even ask and you saved me through this whole situation.


PASTOR VITALE: I want to tell you that I have entered into a new realm just this past year which sort of fits in here. Not so much about asking but on occasions where God speaks to me. Sometimes I hear Him but something goes wrong in my brain and I do not act. I guess it is a measure of rebellion but it is not a conscious rebellion. I hear him but I do not sit down and say I heard God and I am not going to do it. It is not that. I hear Him and for some reason I do not act on it. I am not denying the rebellion and I am not denying that there is a lack in me but it is not a conscious rebellion. For some reason I just do not act on it. I have entered into a realm in this last year where He will come to me and tell me and tell me again. Or He will come to me and tell me through another person. What I am saying is that He will give me another chance. It is almost like when you have a small child and you are saying now Johnny clean up your room and Johnny does not do it you can go in and paddle him or you can say now Johnny either you do it or I am going to have to paddle you, give him another chance.


God will give me another chance,. To the best of my knowledge I have no recollection of Him telling me more than three times and I usually hear it the second time. I am aware in the past year that He has really saved me from some unpleasant reaping of what I have sown by coming to me and telling me again. I have been so grateful to Him because when it comes to the second time.


COMMENT: He comes and grabs you.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. I usually hear Him the second time I remember they told me the first time and I cannot explain to Him why I did not do it I have no excuse for myself. It was just human frailty. I did not do it and He knows that I am committed to living my whole life under His approval but because in my human frailty I failed, He comes in, and gives me another chance not to reap the consequences of my failure to listen to Him.


This is what is happening, this is my whole point here. This is happening because of my overall attitude towards God is that I am willingly, humbly and gratefully for the privilege place myself under His protection. I want it I desire it. I ask for it. When I am weak He is strong and he saves me. Then we have the person who calls themself a Christian who has not done this. The reality is that they are running their own life. That they are making their own decisions. Even if they pray about a situation they are still praying and going out and doing what ever they want to do. The people in that category God will let them reap what they sow.


COMMENT: Then you come to that one point in your life when you did the same thing.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes. It's a transition.


COMMENT: I feel that I have done that.


PASTOR VITALE: There is no condemnation in what I am saying to you. There is no condemnation.


COMMENT: I feel it is maturing.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes it is a maturing. There is no condemnation ever. If you have ever think I have condemned you, please talk to me about it. If I have done it at a weak moment I will apologize to you but lots of times people do not understand me. I am not condemning you. Everything I say to you is so that you can enter into this glorious place in Christ. Like I said I could have a weak moment where I slip, and I will apologize to you immediately if that is what happiness, because I am just human. Everything I tell you is that you can enter into where I am it is such a wonderful place in God. I am not satisfied I want to keep going higher.


That is what this is all about. There are two categories of Christians. The ones who is really not yet surrendered their life to Christ and is really largely making their own decisions.


COMMENT: I think that the blindness has stopped them. Like when you come to the growth that you, at the present where you are you feel that this is the end of it I just have to stay the same present time as I am.


PASTOR VITALE: it is not true.


COMMENT: No it is not true, but you think that at the time. It is blindness.


PASTOR VITALE: But it is not taught. The truth is not taught and this is the truth.


COMMENT: Now that is the same position that the ministry is in the world in America today That they have gotten to a certain point in growth and they cannot go on, so their congregation does not go on.


PASTOR VITALE: Right. Exactly. This is the truth it is going to tie into what you just said. The truth is that what I am describing to you this intense relationship or this intimacy with Christ, is in a new age, it is in the age of the Kingdom. By in large Christians are still in the church age. Most of the church thinks that to get to one age to the next you body has to die, but that is a lie. The ages have been placed in our heart. This is on a recent tape in the 78 series. The ages are in our heart. The man who has a relationship with Christ but rules his own life is in the church age. The ability to be intimate enough with Christ so that He is ruling your life is the Kingdom age. The church age is your adamic soul. Both of those ages can be in your heart. Do you understand?


The way we transfer from the church age to the Kingdom age, is by joining with Christ in our mind. Our body does not have to die to get into the Kingdom. This is the whole misunderstanding in the church today. They are waiting for their body to die, but you do not enter into the kingdom when your body dies. You enter into the kingdom when your true spiritual life in inter woven with the mind of Christ. If God has granted you permission to enter into this. It is happening to you with out the death of your body. When that interweaving is complete you will stand up in full stature with out the death of our bodies. This lack of understanding in the church world has the church world believing that the body has to die. Their carnal mind cannot comprehend transition from the church age to the kingdom age outside the death of the body. They cannot comprehend it. It is this kind of teaching coming forth from an imparted Christ. They are just going to impart the ability to believers to enter into the Kingdom without the death of their bodies.


The adamic mind that is ruling in the church today, I am sorry but Satan is running the church today. Christ will come in and the whole purpose will be that well fellas you have gone far enough. It is like having a child have their head, and the Lord will come in and say you cannot go any further I am going to intervene. By in large Satan is running the church. Satan is the natural man, and he is running the church, and what is he doing? He is rejecting the gospel Kingdom. Very frequently he is rejecting the deliverance that will and is necessary so that our minds can hear it. The Lord is permitting it for this season known as the church age. The Lords plan for dealing with it is not mans plan. The Lords plan for dealing with it is not to go to each individual and teach them. The Lord plan for dealing with it is to raise up a five-fold ministry through which He will teach His people. All though He has mercy on individuals and He is revealing Himself to a few people in the church world. I am not denying that he is not. This teaching, this kingdom teaching is going to come from the full fledged five-fold ministry. The Lord's full efforts int his hour are towards rasing up that five-fold ministry. This is the way He has decided to do it. One of the biggest problem s with mature believers in the church is that they cannot see that there is going to be a Melchizedek priesthood, a high priesthood that will be between them and God until they are absorbed up into the higher realm. They cannot see it and they are turning away from the anointed preaching that God already has in the Earth. They think they are going to get it direct from God and they do not understand that you can get everything and anything direct from God, when God says I am going to give it to you directly.


COMMENT: That is just it we have to get it through the church system and that is what the church system is teaching in that you are not to go to any outside or not to God yourself you are to get it through the ministry of the church and the church does not have it so how can they give it?


PASTOR VITALE: Right then what happens is the person who is moving on in Christ starts getting it directly from God for a season, they go so far getting it directly from God and then the Lord says alright to continue on now I have another five-fold ministry and you have to start submitting to authority again. They cannot, they cannot come under the new five-fold ministry because they are still believing they are going to get everything directly from God. They do not understand that you can only get directly from God what He agrees to give you directly. If He says from this point forward for this particular kind of teaching I am going to give it to you through a minister, if you will not submit to that minister you are not going to get it directly from God. Do you understand what I am saying?




PASTOR VITALE: We have a lot of mature believers that have come out of the church world that have been taught directly by God that now God is saying to them come under authority and they will not go. They cannot tell the difference between the true five-fold minister and the temporary five-fold ministry they are out there in the wilderness, and they are missing a lot that is coming forth in this hours because of lack of understanding. They will not submit to ministry.


COMMENT: I can give you an example of that of my own self because when I came out of the church my main reason for coming out was to get my relationship with the Lord. Over a period I guess it was two or three years I guess it was? During that time. I am out in the wilderness five years. In that five years time I have been struggling to get that relationship with the Lord but not knowing how. Other miniseries and writing ministries have given me quite a bit, to be able to try and get that relationship with the Lord. I can see why you are saying you have to be under a five-fold ministry to be able to understand how to forget that relationship. In the tape ministry that we were listening to was tremendous there was a lot of songs and a lot of ways through music to feel the presence of God and so forth, but not the actual learning. The actual learning now is coming from this tape ministry.


PASTOR VITALE: We have to be prepared to get this learning. The preparation is trough the songs. There is a place everybody has a place.


COMMENT: Do you think that was a preparation to come into this?


PASTOR VITALE: Definitely God has many facets to His program. I believe that every ministry that is anointed, and we can all discern the anointing to some measure. God has a place and a purpose for that ministry in the lives of the believers. The big failure in the believers in the ministry today that I see, is they seem to fail when it comes to following the cloud. Either they will discern the anointing on the ministry and they do not understand a ministry can be anointed in one area but not n another area. One of the biggest problems with this is not on in the ministry also in the individual believers they know they are anointed to pray, they know they pray for people and they get healed. They know they pray for people in problems are answered in their life, and they assume because they have that anointing to pray in healing and deliverance that they are anointed to council. That is a wrong assumption. You can be anointed to pray healing and deliver and to council, but one does not necessarily mean that you have the other. That is a big problem in the church, big. Big problem in the church.


COMMENT: I thought that you could have the whole five-fold at some time according to the Lords leading. At one time or another you can have the whole five-fold.


PASTOR VITALE: You can, in most instances that would be the imparted anointing, but for Gods specific purpose He could impart the whole thing to you for once specific instance. What I see all over the church world nine hundred and ninety nine out of the thousand times people with the gift of healing and deliverance but without the gift of council. They think because they have the gift of healing and deliverance they are anointed to council, and they do more damage with their wrong council than they do good with their prayer. At least one counter acts the other.


I see this all over the church world. God showed me this years ago. It is a big problem, a big misunderstanding in the church is that they do not understand that someone could be anointed for one thing and not anointed for another. They go to a minister or an individual and they perceive the anointing on them and they assume that the person is anointed for every function in the church and that is not true.


People have specific gifts that they are anointed for and if we cannot tell we have to ask the Lord what area is this person truly anointed to minister in? What should I receive from them and what should I resist. One is Christ and one is adamic. What do I reject and what do I take from them. We are all double minded, we are all double souled. What do I take and what do I reject? I do not see the people in the church asking that question. Why do they not ask it? Because they do not understand that you can be anointed in one area and not anointed in another area. They do not understand. It is painful for them to try to separate in their mind. It is like a small child trying to function as an adult it is too difficult for them.


What we have today is children leading the church and the people are not growing up to be whole spiritual beings. They are being raised by children. Soon there will be men in the Earth raising up the church. The people are going to be growing up much faster than they are, they are going to be growing up pretty fast, when God imparts spiritual men to raise them. It is tow-fold God has to impart the spiritual men to raise them and then He has to bring the church into submittion to Him. Right now I believe there are some spiritual men in the Earth, but the church cannot see them and they are killing them.


COMMENT: There is another point that I would like to talk about it too. When you say New Age, there is always a counterfeit, now there is a new age that is coming in and with what you are saying the new age is. That is going to be a tremendous deterrent for the church people when they see and hear New age


PASTOR VITALE: You never know. If they read the Bible they know the Kingdom age is coming, but God never gives us anything with out a battle. Everything is an overcoming.


COMMENT: You know it and I know it, but I do not think the church knows it.


PASTOR VITALE: They do not.


COMMENT: When they see New age I think of Shirley Mclaine on tv, she is showing all the spiritism and everything. They might associate that with what your ministry is.


PASTOR VITALE: They might and they do. That is not my problem. Like if I hear someone says that so and so thinks you might be in error. I do not care what they think I know the condition of the mind of the church world. The ministry that God has given me is that He is injecting me right in the midst of these immature. I do not mean this in any bad way I deal in truth. Immature, ignorant, uneducated people that think that they are Christians and they are coming up against the anointed of God. The spiritual man that is coming to grow them up and they are saying I think you are in error. I am supposed to care what they think? How can I serve God when I care what these and what they are, are children who are out of the way. I am not condemning them I am telling you their condition they are spiritual children they are out of the way. They are not under a true authority they are not in submittion to God's spiritual manhood and that is like your ten year old child telling you that he does not want to eat his vegetables I am supposed to care that a ten year old says to me, ma I do not think that you know anything about nutrition and I just do not want to eat my broccoli. Now what does a mother say. She says shut up and eat your broccoli. For me to hear that somebody thinks that I maybe in error, I cannot, I laugh. Do you understand what I am saying? God gave me this ministry and I know what I am up against. I am up against a church world that is childish, immature ignorant and uneducated. If I take what they say seriously I will not be able to do my job.


COMMENT: I thought to bring that point out because from what I saw on televison that with this new age and it is so. It has gotten so strong in the city they have meetings they actually speak to the dead. It just for the sake of downing your ministry the church would say it is a cult and she is of that there she goes with the new age. I just think that, that is what is going to come about.


PASTOR VITALE: It is true but here is the answer to what you are saying. What you are saying is true but this is the immature uneducated ignorant rebellious church that is saying that. Gods answer to this is not for me to strive with these people. Anyone in my position I am not saying I am the only one. It is not for us to strive with the people. It is not for us to try to convince the people to either come to the meetings or listen to the tapes or believe the Doctrine that is not our job. If you are a disciple under a ministry like this that is not your job that is the job of the Lord. They will not believe the doctrine, they will not submit themselves to the ministry they will not under any adamic authority or pressure. If you are trying to get people to do that you are wasting your time and you are probably in a spirit of a witchcraft. Probably in a spirit of charismatic witchcraft. This is not my job to do it.


Now remember in relationship to Christ I am a woman in relationship to the people that God has sent me to for teaching I am a man. In my relationship to Christ I am a woman and it is the man who does the disciple I do not disciple unless, the only time I discipline is when Christ is manifesting through me and He wants me to say something disciplinary to that person under that specific anointing. That would only with regard to a verbal communication and so far forcing people to come to a ministry where God wants them, I have never been involved in anything like that. That is the work of Christ to bring people to the meetings or to make them listen to the tapes or to make them sit here and have a conversation like this with me. In all of my memory in the church and all the years in the church I have no recollection of ever doing anything to influence anybody to come talk to me or to sit in the meeting or to listen to the tapes. That is the work of Christ that is not our work. It is not my work and it is not any of the disciples work.


COMMENT: What about like when they say you are supposed to drop seeds.


PASTOR VITALE: Speak the words of the Lord if the Lord is talking through you, you speak it and that is the seed, but then if they do not come you must leave them alone.


COMMENT: This the Christian attitude.


PASTOR VITALE: Well it is witchcraft.


COMMENT: You know to try to get people to be born again. Try to talk them into it or they are having a tragedy to bring them to the Lord.


PASTOR VITALE: That is not the true ministry of the Lord. There is a false ministry it is coming out of the carnal mind. It is witchcraft.


COMMENT: There is a great deal of it going on.


PASTOR VITALE: Almost all of the church.


COMMENT: it is turn off a lot of people. A lot of people do not want to be bothered.


PASTOR VITALE: I do not blame then. Not only that not only do they not want to be bothered but A lot of people....


COMMENT: I know I did it myself.


PASTOR VITALE: I did it too but I do not do it now.


COMMENT: At times I feel well...


PASTOR VITALE: I just want to clarify something. When I said I have no recollection of influencing people I meant to this ministry. When I was a young Christian I did that too. I wanted them to go to the church I was going to. I did it too. The Lord has convicted me that it is witchcraft and it can come on two levels we can verbalize it you can call then up every time there is a meeting and say you have to come. Or we can stop verbalizing and just be thinking about them all day and all night. The mind answer to their problem they got to come they got to come the got to come that too is witchcraft. Verbalized and unverbalized. It is an ungodly influence over someone else's life. That is the job of Christ to bring people to where He wants them too. What confuses us as a human being is that very frequently God calls someone to a ministry and He will let them go their own way for five years before He comes down on them and forces them to go where He wants them to go. If we ever make a tape out of this conversation I am going to put it on the tape that God does force you. The church world does not believe it right now because most of the church world is not under discipline but when we come as an individual Christian comes under disciple you better believe that God forces you. If you do not go willingly He will force you and how does God force you? He forces you through painful experiences. That is how He will force you. He will get you where He wants you to be, by giving you painful experiences, by possibly having you thrown out of every church except the one He wants you in and it does not have to be the same situation in every bodies life. When you come to a place where you will not obey God and he will have to assert pressure on you to get you to do what He wants , that pressure will be unpleasant. That pressure will surely be unpleasant. It will drive you in some why tot he place He want you. That is not the job of the woman that is the job of Christ in this area I do not know any imperfect human being to my knowledge that God is doing this we can give the word, deliver the word but you can not force someone to come, you cannot do it.


COMMENT: these ministries that go on the street. Street ministries and all that do you think that is the same thing.


PASTOR VITALE: No I think that you could stand on a street corner and talk to everyone walking by and say "repent the Kingdom of God is at hand." That is not witchcraft, that is imparting information. That is ok. When you get a hold of one person and you determine in your mind that they are to do what you think is right for them, this is witchcraft. We talked about this earlier this weekend when you asked if I thought it was for ministries to ask for money. It is alright to let the people know that you have a need. It is not alright for them to insist you give them money. There is nothing wrong in saying for what ever reason making the people aware, cause lots of time people just do not realize they do not realize. They are caught up in their own problems and they look at you, you look prosperous and they are not spiritual enough to get it from God, that you nave a great need.


If God tells you to, it is legitimate to make your needs known. If that is Gods answer to your problem. If you are a minister you go before God and you say Lord I need six hundred dollars or we are going to be out of tapes. You go before the Lord and the Lord will say to you either I am going bring it in from where ever I am going to bring it in or he could say to you I want you to make an announcement to the fellowship and tell them you need six hundred dollars. God could do it either way. If God tells you to do it you make an announcement to the fellowship and you say we have a shortage in the church who ever God moves upon to contribute it would be appreciated. That is ok, but to pressure people to make them feel guilty to condemn them for not giving you your money that is witchcraft.


Also if a minister takes this tactic without first going before the Lord, if he goes tot he people without first going to the Lord then he has made his own decision as to how to meet the need of the ministry. He is out of line with God. Do not get into a religious bondage where you think that a ministry can never ask for money. It is legitimate to make your needs known if God lets you do it. There is nothing wrong with that.


Everything is a fine line. Depending on how carnal the ministry is. The more carnal the ministry is the more likely, the more carnal the minister and the more carnal the congregation the more likely God will have you make a verbalized announcement. If the minister is carnal he may not have such a relationship with the Lord that will bring the funds in without verbalizing it or maybe the congregation who really would have a willing heart, but just cannot here from the Lord. Maybe they need to hear the words. The more carnal the ministry and the people the more likely to have it verbalized the more spiritual the minister. I would put 97% of the burden on the minister because I have seen situations where the minister is really spiritual and has a real spiritual relationship with the Lord. When that minister says that there are unmet needs, I have seen the Lord speak to carnal people. They do not know God spoke to the,. They just walk in, you may have not heard from them in six months.


This happened to me before I went to Africa. Someone walked in and handed me three hundred dollars. I have not seen them in months. They said oh here is my contribution for the last six months. I forgot to give it to you. The thought of them never came to my mind. I had no thought going towards that person. All I say Lord I need money and this what I need it for, It is your ministry if you do not bring it in we would not have it. Someone that I had not seen in six month appeared on my door step.


COMMENT: When you say that if you pray directly to God like that you take that and trust Him you would not have to say anything.


PASTOR VITALE: No that is an error to think that. I would like to believe that because money is a very sticky issue. It is very painful to me being in this position I have worked all my life I have made good salaries all my life. I have never had to ask anybody for anything. This with me it is a problem with pride, that I now find myself in a position that sometimes I need money. It is a whole learning experience. God could do anything that He wants. Putting someone in a bondage and say to them you should never have to say anything to the people. We cannot tell God what to do. For what ever God's wisdom He says to the minister I want you to verbalize this to the people.


COMMENT: It is just listening to what God has to say.


PASTOR VITALE: Listen what God says. I am hating it but He has told me to do it whether I am hating it or not. If He has told me to do it and I verbalize it to you for anyone to condemn the minister and they say look at that they asked for money, maybe God told them to verbalize it.


The bottom line is this when it comes to money the bottom line is this. Everybody has to ask God to permit them to develop a relationship with Him, that is so strong that they only give what God tells them to give. Now a lot of people that are weak in this area they will hear that there is a need and they will receive an ungodly burden, and the minister is not using witchcraft. It is there weakness that makes them feel that they have to be the one to give. Then they give it but they did not give it with a cheerful heart and they turn around and say the minister used witchcraft on them. That maybe true but it may not be true. We have to develop a relationship with Christ where we are so strong where we hear from Him That we know what ever the person is asking for that we only give what God tells them to give. We have to pray for that ability. You cannot go around calling, you cannot go around saying that minister is using witchcraft when they really are not that it is a weakness in your own soul that has made you empty out your own pocket book.


If you are sitting in the service where the preacher is saying I will not preach until six hundred or two thousand dollars comes. I have seen this. I will not preach I want two thousand dollars in this offering, I am not preaching until I get it. That is witchcraft get out of that church or at least ask the Lord if you can get out. If a minister comes before you and says the Lord has told me we have a thousand dollar need, if you would like to give us a little extra this week or how ever you want to do it, I just want you to know we have the need, what ever you do God bless you it is between you and the Lord. Then you have a driving need in your soul that you have to turn your pocket book upside down then the witchcraft is in you and you need deliverance.


We all have to be very careful before we accuse a minister of witchcraft because the problem could be in us. It could be in one or the other or it could be in both. We should all be careful before we accuse somebody that is such a touchy issue.


COMMENT: The tendency is on the part of the parishioner is to really what the Law of God is in his life. It is very hard to decide how much.


PASTOR VITALE: I will give you some guidelines. Unless you are really sure you have heard from God you do not give your rent money to the preacher. It is my personal opinion that it is only someone that is really advanced into God that the Lord might possibly say to them give away your rent money and I will take care of you. Very, very mature person into the deep things of God. To anyone listening to tape the chances that God would say this to you are very slim. Any preacher that says to you do not buy the pair of shoes you need but do not buy food do not buy your children clothing or anyone whose own mind has said to them well I just heard that the church has a need and I am not getting myself essentials I am going to deny myself food or clothing. The chances are excellent that it is not God. Except in some rare circumstances where you are very deep into God and the Lord is bringing you through this trial. Chances are 99% or 100% sure, that if you have to sacrifice necessities it is not God. I know somebody like that.


COMMENT: You mean like the poor widow a lot of ministers have really taken all of their money.


PASTOR VITALE: That is a condition of the heart. That Scripture has been refused. It is a condition of the heart. I was in a service once where the preacher preached we need is money do not get yourself that new pair of shoes put the money in the offering. I know someone who did it, who literally needs a pair of shoes and put the money in the offering. I was in that preachers house within the next two weeks and he was having a break front made to order by a carpenter. Before you give up a pair of shoes that you need to wear in the freezing cold weather or to go to work with you better really make sure. I am not saying God might not require that of you but you better make sure it is God. How do you make sure it is of God. One of the techniques I use is that I have a cooling off period. To do something like that to give your shoe money or your clothing money, the transportation money, the gas money, on the spur of the moment while you are sitting in the service the chances are excellent that you are responding to a compulsive manipulative spirit. I would not do anything like that before I prayed for three days to a week.


This is the Lords word to me when I found out that tithing was under the old covenant and it is not the new covenant under the new covenant we have almseed we are not specifically assigned a percentage but it is a matter of conscious. I was going crazy every week, praying how much money should I contribute and it was a bondage I was getting into. This is what the Lord said to me. Sheila 10% is a nice figure, the difference between tithing and almsdeeds is basically this. In tithing no matter what the condition of your heart is, the ten percent will justify you but in the new covenant you can give fifty percent and if your motive for giving it is that you want favor with God, it is not doing you any good at all. When you spend five years giving fifty percent and you are still in financial disaster and you come before the Lord and you say Lord why are the window of heaven not opening up? Which is the way they preach it, He says I am going to tell you that you did it for your own gains and all of your efforts where dung.


If your heart is right and genuinely want to do what is right with your money, He says ten percent is a good figure. You can give the minister or the ministry ten percent that is a nice fair figure between ten and twenty percent is a nice fair figure. Do not think that the religious work of giving of this money is going to give you favor in heaven because it is not. If you are giving it you know that is not giving it out of your heart, petition Him and tell him you want a right heart and He will give it to you. He said I will honor your work while you are in transition. Do you understand.


This is what he has said to me. I have found that, and we have to sow everything into the kingdom. I have found that sowing money is very important. A lot of the people who are in the Kingdom when they get this word that tithing is under the old covenant and they cut back or they do not give at all. It seems to be standard they cut back and they stop giving completely or they give very little and they do not prosper financially. They do not understand that you are out from under the bondage of tithing but God wanted it to come from within the heart. You have to give no human being can survive in this world without giving. IN the new covenant it is not just money. In the old covenant they gave of their money of their harvest or the herbs and everything that came in. Well God wants us to give of everything.


In our society money is much more important than it was in the bible days. They had barter there, they would give a goat or they would give a cow. In our society money is what most people have when it comes to physical things. We also have to give of our heart to give of our service to God. In our society the tendency is to think if you give your money you are off the hook and that is not true in Gods kingdom. We have to give of our willingness to help to help our brother to help in the ministry we have to be willing to go or to do on any time that God calls us. Money is not enough. As a matter of fact God has just recently taught me that under the new covenant everything we have is His. Let me put it this way, you see He has just taught me this the other day now He is giving me an opportunity to put it on a tape. This is how He put it to me. Under the old covenant you give ten percent you keep everything you have and you give ten percent. Under the new covenant you give everything you have and God gives you ten percent allowance to live on.


As you move, now when I say this to you remember that everybody in the church is not under the new covenant it is a lie ninety nine percent of the church is still under the old covenant which means that they are carnal men the law of ordinances has been lifted and we are justified now by the blood of Jesus not by the blood of bulls and goats. The old covenant means that they are still carnal men. Therefore they are working and they are gaining the fruit of their labor their money and everything, most of the church if they are giving ten percent to the Lord. Entering into the new covenant it is a spiritual condition and those Christians or that have indeed entered into the new covenant in any measure God just gave you this teaching, everything we have and he gives us ten percent to live on.


There is nothing that we own that He cannot require of us. This is a place that He is bringing me into now. He is bringing us to a place where we will be free to give away anything in full confidence that He will not let us be ashamed He will supply the need. Most not many believers are moving in this realm.


COMMENT: its very hard You have to be able to trust that much.


PASTOR VITALE: You have to be led into it. I want to tell you He has been leading me into this for ten years He has been preparing me for it for ten years cause it would have killed me ten years ago. It is very hard and in this hour it is not for everyone. I have two examples that I can put on this tape. Kenneth Copeland I understand and it is His testimony that the Lord required Him to give away an airplane. Which could cost closet to a million dollars I am not sure.


It very expensive and God gave him another plane. I have heard a testimony from another preacher from Florida that the Lord on three separate occasion required him to sign over his home. Sign it over, with no recompense at all to another person and each time God gave him another house that was better. I want to tell you six months ago the thought of that would have killed me. I do not know that I could do it today but God is brought me to a place today where I might be able to do it. I would do it with great anxiety. I know that He is moving me in. I also know that when we enter into that place that is the place of all provision that, that is the place in God that there is nothing that you cannot give away that you will not get back two fold. To put yourself there, now we have people in the church that give away money and possessions and it is not God telling them to do it. Then they are without a home to live in, and then they say where is this principal in Christ?


It did not work it is a lie but God never told them to do it. What were their motives for doing it? Was it pride? Was is self exaltation? Was their motive that they wanted a more expensive house? What was their motive? I have had people come to me and tell me that they were in the service where the preacher promised them put in twice what you have planned to put in the offering and you will get double back within the week and then come to me and say I never got double back. Why did it not work? Because you are dealing with a faulty principle that principal in God was preached in a perverse way to you, and God never told you to do it and your motive for doing was to double your money. The kingdom of God is not a lottery.


COMMENT: But do not the oil companies do this? This is what they do. I have heard that they give because they know God's principal.


PASTOR VITALE: Let put it to you this way, depending where you are in God. If you are a carnal person or even a heathen and for years of your life you did not horde money you did not hog money and you gave to charities because you believed in good works and that is where you where in the world. God will bless it.


COMMENT: He sees your heart.


PASTOR VITALE: He sees your heart that, that is all you know how to do. You are a carnal person you go to mass on sundays and you give money to charities That is all you know how to do. The principle of this that appears in the scripture is in the book of Job. Where God says to Job he was perfect in my sights. Years ago I had a conversation with someone on the phone I said Job was not perfect. She was hysterical she was very angry. She said to me what do you mean Job was not perfect it says it right there in the book he was perfect. I said well my book said that he was lifted up in his own pride that he thought he was righteous and that God was unrighteous that he had fear that he thought his children would sin that eh thought he had the strength to make sacrifice and save his children's soul.


Well how could the bible say he was perfect and obviously show that he had sin? He was perfect in the parameters in of the Mosaic law. He kept the Mosaic law to the ultimate degree that it was possible for a human being to keep it. When God brought him out from under the Mosaic law, also in the new testament it is called the Law of ordinances, when God brought him out form under that and put him under the greater umbrella of the spiritual law of God we found out that he was imperfect. This is the same principle we have people in the world that are very carnal and all they know to do, all God has ever revealed to them all they are capable of doing is giving money.


They give that money freely God will bless it. Then one day He will move them out from under that umbrella and but them under a greater umbrella that requires something else of them. That good work will no longer hold water in God's eyes. Do you understand what I am saying?


COMMENT: Yes. They are giving in a different way rather than the money He is requiring of them to give of themselves and they cannot do it Then the old works of giving that money is null and void.


PASTOR VITALE: All of a sudden they are having financial problems and they say well I have been giving to the poor all my life why should I have financial problems now. Well maybe God has increased you spiritually. Maybe he has brought you into a new place spiritually and now He saying your motive for giving that money which was pride, which was acceptable in that year is no longer acceptable to me. Now I want you to give money to whom I say you should give money to and in the amounts I say you should, I do not want you in this year to provide a $40,000 scholarship for a young man from the ghetto that is going to make the newspapers, but I want you to give $400 to some person that there will be no publicity involved in it at all. I do not want anyone to know, it will be a secret. That is who I am telling you to give the money to. How come you do not want to do it? How come your heart is loathing me? This is a hyperthetical situation of God talking to the man. What is God doing? He is revealing that the mans motives for giving this money was pride. Which was acceptable in his old way of life but it no longer acceptable to God now that God is drawing him closer.


COMMENT: Your heart is out on the line. It is directly in line and it is going to be proven.


PASTOR VITALE: Absolutely.


COMMENT: So this is God's object.


PASTOR VITALE: Exactly. Were large numbers of the church stumble is very important as we grow in God the rules change. When you are six months old it is acceptable to wet your diaper when you are six years old it is not acceptable to wet your diaper unless you have a problem. You are expected to go into the bathroom and sit on the toilet. As we grow in God the rules change. I know very few believers that understand that. The rules change.


COMMENT: I think it is that the doctrine is so imbedded in you that you just stand on that one line and you cannot see anything else. That one path and this is what you believe is going to be acceptable.


PASTOR VITALE: We are not criticizing anyone here we are imparting knowledge that who ever should hear this tape should ask God to help them to understand what the rules of their current place in God are, because if we cannot understand the rules and if we are breaking the rules through ignorance if we have been moved into a new place but we do not understand that. We are now breaking the rules but we do not understand we are doing something wrong. There is going to be two choices given to us, God will bring you to someone who can teach you this, or He will bring this tape to you. Or either He will not or if you hear the tape and you cannot understand it or you reject what you are hearing, the next thing is judgment. Painful experiences will come upon you until the point where you call out and say God why is this happening to me?


COMMENT: Like a financial loss or something like that?


PASTOR VITALE: You shall reap what you sow. The chances are that it will be a financial loss, but everyone is in God's individualized personalized program so I cannot promise you anything. The chances of it being a financial loss are great, because this is the area that God is dealing with you in. Some people are so stubborn it could take ten years before they cry out to God and say God what happened?? Then He will say remember ten years ago I sent that person to you or I sent that tape to you and you said hogwash and you threw it in the garbage. That is what happens. We have two ways to go. I pray to the best of my ability I told you this the other night I pray about everything. Every word that I hear no matter if it comes from a derelict on the street. I say Lord if I can recognize that it is addressing a situation in my life I say Lord were you talking threw that person? I have an open Felice before the Lord that I want to hear every correction that He gives me where ever it comes from. Not only because I want to avoid the painful experience but who has ten years to waste. Let us get it together now. Let us make the correction as soon as possible That is how I feel.


Money is a big issue because money is a very important thing to human beings. Why is it such an important thing to human beings, because we are not spiritual men, we are spiritual women. Which means what? We are dependant. What are we dependant on? We are dependant on this world system, we are depending on either houses or warm clothing to keep us from dying of exposure. We are dependant on food to keep our body and soul alive. We are dependant on , we have spiritual needs if we do not have God to sustain us spiritually. Were we can get into a lot of trouble, we have a need for a teaching and rules of morality to keep us from falling into destruction. We are dependant we are not capable of living in this world without help. Some people make the mistake of thinking that because they can go to work or because they are big and strong and they can go out and cut down trees and build a house, they think that they are independent but they are not.


Everyone that is living or existing in this valley of the shadow of death we are dependant on a spiritual force to provide for our needs. That spiritual force is either Christ or the carnal mind. Christ ruled by the father and the carnal mind ruled by Satan. We are spiritually dependant. Because we are spiritually dependant we are also emotionally and physically dependant it is our condition. When we stand up in full statue by the authority of Christ we shall no longer be dependant we shall be independent. What does that mean? Our every need should be met.


We will think food and the table will appear in front of us as Jesus provided the food for the five thousand he not only had the independent ability to feed himself He said I have meat you know not of. He has so much spiritual man hood that he could provide for thousands with a few little words, and He probably did not have to speak the words He could provide food, He provided money out of the fishes mouth. I am sure He could provide shelter. Jesus Christ of Nazareth was a spiritual man who was independent of this soul realm. He did not need what fallen man needs to survive all He needed, He did have a need he was dependant in relationship to the father. That was all that He needed. In this world system we have some people that God is moving into that state. I believe He is moving me into that state but it cannot be as glorious as it was with Jesus because I am not in full stature right now. What He has been teaching me and I mentioned this to you at the last meeting, He is the only one I need.


When I believe that and when I cleave unto Him He will meet all of the needs of this soul ream. He will give me shelter, He will give me food, He will give me clothes. The day is coming that He shall bring me so close to Him that I will just speak it. I do not have the authority to give it to myself now. I have never spoken and seen my table filled with food. The way my life is now is that God gives me money and I go buy food. I do not always like where the money comes from but that is tough on me. He gives me money and I go buy food. Sometimes He has people give me food. I ask for clothing people give me clothing. I have not bought clothing in a long time. He has not given me money for clothing, He has sent people to give me clothing. When it comes to food it is half and half some people give me food some people give me money. That is because I am not in full stature He is providing the needs but He is doing it through fallen people. Jesus Christ of Nazareth He was dependant on the Father for what? For His spiritual authority to speak it into existence. Do you understand the difference?


He was dependant but on a much higher spiritual authority. We are weak we are female. We are beggarly. A lot of do not know it who have had success in this world system, but ever one down here is dependant and thus female.


COMMENT: In a situation say that I am in at the present where there is a mix marriage so the contributions are given to the one side and the only means of contributions lets say me is the gift that I have been given to be able to use that for charity or ministry. There is a lot of confusion on my part as to how much and when, I pray to God I think my carnal mind thinks should I give this or should I take a portion of it, and spread it out. It is very confusing as to how much and when. The I think and then I think is that the carnal mind thinking or is it God telling me to give it. I am sure these situations are the same in a lot of families. Because there are a lot of mixed marriages and maybe they are not contributing to any ministry or and charity and there is a lot of confusion.


PASTOR VITALE: I would like to say to a lot of the people listening to the tape that when you say mixed marriage you mean your husband is of a different faith. I do not know what to tell you except that my prayer for you is that God will impart what ever you need to do what he tells you to do whether it is with understanding or without understand. I pray that you do not give one penny more than he has told you to give. That you give every penny that He has told you to give. Beyond that I honestly do not know what to tell you expect that in your condition it really would have to be an act of faith. It appears that your heart is right and that you genuinely willing to give but the only funds you have it what your husband gives you.


COMMENT: No it is not what he gives me, he does not give me anything towards ministry.


PASTOR VITALE: I mean that you have no outside source of income, no outside job. All the money you have comes from members of your family.




PASTOR VITALE: It is obvious that you would generally like to make a contribution but you have no outside source of income and what income you have is very small, your husband does not give you any spending money if I understand you correctly. I do not know what to tell you but God knows what He wants to do in your situation. God, before this situation ever came up had the plan to be glorified in your situation. I do not know what that plan is. I know that your heart appears to be right and my prayer is that.


COMMENT: Lord willing, My heart may not be right you know you have the natural man thing you want to save it for this or give a portion of it.


PASTOR VITALE: Well you are seeking His council you want His wisdom in this and you are willing to give if He tells you to give it that is what I meant. I pray that how ever He does it He make His will be known to you. I have seen you do things of God that you do not know it is God. Whether you are aware that it is him or whether you are not aware that it is him. That is my prayer that you do not give one penny of your small income more than what He wants you to give. How ever he does it He helps you to give every penny He tells you to give. Why? Because if He has told you ti give it and you are giving it you must reap what you sow. He is going to help you at the time that He makes you aware of how he did it I would really appreciate it hearing the testimony, because I have no idea what the answer is for you. I have no idea.


COMMENT: I guess all I want to say on this tape is that anybody listening to it is find them selves dead in the Lord or not finding any spirituality where they are standing at the present time in there churches or in their lives that they would seek and search, have a soul searching and get with it. You know find a ministry that is going to respond to your needs. I know I have been searching and I felt that God helped and has lead me to this ministry at present. Now whether I will stay here for a length of time it is up to the Lord to direct me.




COMMENT: I have found that he has, He is faithful. I praise God.


PASTOR VITALE: See we had church this morning. That was interesting Praise the Lord.




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