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We have talked about cause and effect in these meetings. Does anybody not know what I am talking about? If somebody loves, the person will receive a blessing. If somebody hates, the person receives a curse. There is nothing that a human being can do that will not have an effect.


If someone manifests rage, there has to be an effect. Even today, like you said, you did not feel a thing. You felt joy, because you took the victory in your soul. The effect of his rage, which is not typical in your case, was joy. Every action by a human being has a reaction. Every action must have a reaction. Every action is a cause, and every reaction is an effect. Does anybody not understand what I am talking about?


COMMENT: But it does not mean always that rage would cause joy?


PASTOR VITALE: No, but it has to cause something. This is rare, this is very rare. That is only in Christ, because she has taken the victory in Christ. Rage causes destruction, but in this sister's case, the Lord took this destruction and fulfilled the Scripture that says all things will work for your good. When we are talking about Adamic man, rage causes destruction.


COMMENT: Destruction, does it mean that each person would be destructive? For me, rage would cause me to hibernate and hide. What does that mean in me?


PASTOR VITALE: It is causing destruction in your soul. It is making you withdraw, it is making you feel rejected, it has damaged your soul, it is causing self-condemnation to manifest in you, and all destruction has many, many things under it.


COMMENT: I thought it meant I would go out and become so enraged and go out and do rageful things. I escape, I hide.


PASTOR VITALE: No, rage towards someone like you is destructive to you. Maybe you will even get depressed.


COMMENT: I think I get myself busy and I forget all about it.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, but it has to be damaging your soul.


COMMENT: The rejection.


PASTOR VITALE: It has to be damaging your soul. The way a dysfunctional family or a dysfunctional relationship works is that we have a dysfunctional person, he is afraid of intimacy. This man wants to get married because it is lonely not to be married. Most people want to get married, it is typical in this society to get married. He does not want to be alone. He wants to satisfy society's commitments. Frequently he wants children, sometimes he wants sex.


People get married for all different reasons. Lots of times people get married, they think it is love, but it is not. They may be feeling good, but it is one of these. They have to have a motive for wanting to get married.


Some people get married for love, but a lot of people do not, because to get married for love, to say that you were getting married for love would be to say that you had no intention of ever getting married, you had no need to get married. You had no need for a mate, you had no need for children, you had no need for a family life, and you had no need for a sexual outlet. You had no needs. You were going through your life, and you were fine. You met this woman, and because you loved her, you decided to change your whole lifestyle and get married.


Does anybody not know what I am talking about? What we have in our society is a society. . . and marriage is a good thing, but we are into honesty here. People want to get married for many reasons which I have just named, and then they go through life, they meet people, they connect with somebody, they feel good about them, and they say, All of these things that I want, I am going to do it with her.


There is nothing wrong with this, but it is the truth. What is happening in our society today is we have a very dysfunctional society. Instead, it used to be that a man would go out, and he would say, My mother was wonderful, she was a good cook, she loved me, she gave me mercy and compassion, and I want a woman just like dear old mom. There is even a song like that.


What we have in our society today is a group of very hurt people that have been hurt by dear old mom, and hurt by their fathers, and hurt by life. They are afraid of intimacy. Does anybody not know what intimacy is? Does anybody not know what I am talking about? They are afraid of being totally undressed in front of another human being. They are afraid of having their emotions and their needs exposed in front of other human beings.


Yet, they want the family life, they want the home, they want someone to cook dinner for them, they want the sexual outlet, and they want the wife when they want the wife. They want her when they want to go on vacation, they want her when they want to have their friends over, but when they do not want her, they do not want her to be there.


This is not a healthy state of mind. It is a sign of a dysfunctional mind, and somebody who is afraid of intimacy. What this person does is, they make a compromise. They find a woman that has some qualities that are most likely like the person who hurts them, usually like their mother, or whatever their life experience was. They find a woman with qualities that they do not like, and therefore they justify their keeping her at arm's length. Does anyone not know what I am talking about?


They justify. This is not in their conscious mind. They meet the woman that has qualities of the person that they are trying to forget about or qualities that they do not like, but because their mind is dysfunctional, they get these fluttery feelings, they decide they are in love with her, and they marry her.


Then somewhere along the line they really. . . They are blinded to these qualities that they do not like. They are blinded to them, because they are in love, and somewhere after the marriage they realize that she has the same qualities that they could not stand in their mother. They use these qualities to justify not being intimate with her. It does not have to be his mother. No, it does not have to be his mother or his father. It could be an aunt, it could be anybody that raised you, anyone that had a strong influence in your upbringing.


Something has to happen to somebody to make them in a condition where they are afraid of intimacy. Then they wind up being unhappy themselves, they make the woman unhappy, because then on the other hand. . . Let me do it the other way around. I will do it backwards here.


We have a woman who has tried every way she knows how to be a good girl and, for whatever reason, she has been rejected time and time and time again. It could be for many reasons, and it is usually a combination of reasons. It could be that her parents were cruel, it could be, and it frequently is, that the parents reject the child that is just like them, that what they hate in themselves, they see in the child, and they reject the child. It is very common, very common.


This young lady has been rejected, and what I am saying here is that nobody is innocent, nobody is bad, there is no condemnation here, but everybody has to have something that is contributing to this. There is no totally innocent party. This lady, she has been rejected all of her life, and all she wants is her prince charming to love her, and take her up on his white horse and carry her away. What happens is when. . . and of course, she is afraid of intimacy too. Let us not forget that.


She has been rejected by her mother, her Father, whoever. She has been rejected by the priest, she has been rejected, she has been hurt by people that she has sought to please, and she is afraid of intimacy also. One day they go to church, or they go to a dance or wherever they go, and this fear of intimacy communicates with this fear of intimacy, and it registers in their brain as love.


I am telling you the truth. I know I am taking your romance out of your life, but I am telling you the truth. It is love, but it is a negative love. It is a love that destroys, and there is a love that gives life. It does not have to be Jesus. It can be revealed through human beings. There is a love that gives life amongst human beings, and there is a love that destroys.


These two people fall madly in love, and they get married, and however long it takes, a day, a week, a month, a year, sometimes it does not manifest until the first child is born and, all of a sudden, everything is stripped away, and there is a war going on between these two people.


What am I saying to you? You did not make him this way. You are caught in a system which is dysfunctional, and it is called your family. It is not just between you and your husband. Your children are involved, and it has filtered down to your children. We have a situation like this, the children have fear of intimacy, the children are competitive with one another, they are destructive towards one another, and the whole family is not functioning. It is dysfunctional. Why?


What is a family supposed to do? A family is supposed to provide intimacy. When a young girl is raised in a family that provides intimacy, there is no reason for her to go out and fornicate. A family is supposed to be a self-contained unit, supplying everybody's needs from all the sources, supporting one another, loving one another, building one another's ego and self confidence.


When the family self-destructs, when it goes dysfunctional, it is not neutral. It does the exact opposite, it destroys. It destroys, the individual in the family is under a curse of destruction, and it brings in everything. It brings in fornication, it brings in adultery, it brings in drugs, it brings in alcoholism and, in some instances, people could be in jail. It is the exact opposite of what it is supposed to be doing.


You did not make him this way, but you are caught in a circle of destruction, which is touching your whole family. As you start to get delivered. As you start to confess the qualities in you that may be ungodly, because everybody has some, and you start to get deliverance, you start to resist them, and you start to change, he is going to get very nervous, because you broke the rules of the contract.


Someone wrote a book once, Every Marriage Has An Unwritten Marriage Contract. It is unconscious and, just like I said, you two connected like this, and the bells were ringing, there is an unwritten marriage contract. I watched on TV not too long ago, it was Elizabeth Taylor's birthday, and they gave a couple of clips of some of the great movies that she made, and one of them was Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wolf.


Did you ever see that movie? It was about a married couple that hate each other, and nobody could understand why they do not get divorced. I think the children were grown. They just hated each other, they were constantly fighting with hatred.


There are different kinds of fighting, and drawing spiritual blood from each other, and the scene that they put on the TV was, he said something vicious to her, I am going to make it up, because I cannot remember what he said. He said something like, You are just hateful to me. She turned around, and she screamed at him, Of course I am, that is why you married me. The camera went on his face, he just sort of sighed and dropped his shoulders, because he knew it was true.


Most likely he came out of a family where his parents fought like that. It is just like alcoholism, the dysfunction, or the curse goes from generation to generation. Why? Because we do not know how to break it outside of Christ. I want to tell you something, even in Christ, you could break that spiritual circle, but if you come out of a dysfunctional family, you need a re‑education, you need somebody to show you what a healthy marriage and family life is, because you have no way of knowing.


Casting out that demon and breaking that curse is not enough. God's people need to be re‑educated in righteousness, in how to love one another, and in how to relate to one another in a Godly manner.


COMMENT: Do you think many families, Christians or otherwise, fall into this syndrome of dysfunction?


PASTOR VITALE: Oh, many. Many, many, many, and this is a large part of the problem we have in the church today, that this is going on, and the people are desperate, and they come to Christ, and in one camp, they get fed this lie, Well now, everything is over, and your life is wonderful, because Jesus has received you, and they do not even say that. They say, You have received Jesus, and they go about their merry way, and all kinds of pain, in denial, because that is what they are taught. If you still have your pain, there is something wrong with you. So they go around in denial.


Then the other camp, there is another camp that believes in Old Order deliverance which helps some people. It helped me, but it does not help everybody.


All of this wisdom that is coming through me, I had a lot of it when I first came to the Lord. I was always educated, I was always in psychology books, I knew all of this. God took what was in me and worked with breaking the curses and casting out the demons and gave me this whole new life, but the average person submits for the curses to be broken and the demons to be cast out, but they do not have this wisdom in them.


You have to come to someone else to hear it, but it is not enough to have the demons cast out and have the curses broken. So the church world is bleeding, they are walking around bleeding. Some people are getting healed, but a very, very. . . I mean full healing to the point that they enter into spiritual and emotional health and well being. A very small percentage of them get a measure of healing.


They were on drugs, and they are not on drugs anymore, they were alcoholics, they are not alcoholics anymore, they were getting divorced, they are not divorced anymore. They were homosexuals, and they are not practicing homosexuals anymore, but they have brought all of their emotional problems into their marriage. They have become a workaholic, and their wife is sitting home night after night by herself. Why? Because homosexuals have a fear of intimacy with the opposite sex. Did you have something to say?


COMMENT: I just wanted to know what the answer to this problem is?


PASTOR VITALE: I just want to get back to this, I tried to say it three times and I have gotten off on a tangent.


You have not made him like this. When you start to change, he is going to be very distressed, and one of two things can happen. He can come to the Lord and get his healing also, or he could go further away from you. I am telling you the truth, I am not going to lie to you. Of course, with Christ in the middle of your home, you have to hope for the best, but I cannot promise you anything.


I know what I was trying to say. You have made a marriage contract with them. Someone wrote a book on it once, Every Marriage Has An Unwritten Marriage Contract, and it is an unconscious one. Either you are going to love one another no matter what, or you are going to hate one another no matter what.


Some people get married because the man wants to feel big and strong, and the woman needs to feel weak and protected. It is situations like that.


He marries a seventeen year old girl that does not know her top of her head from the bottom of her feet, and she looks at her husband like he is a god. Twenty years later, or ten years later, and six children later, she becomes a woman, she does not want to be that little girl anymore, she breaks the unwritten marriage contract, and there is an atomic explosion in the marriage.


Some people get married for sex. They are both highly sexually active, it is an unwritten marriage contract. I want to tell you, there is no guarantee of having sex in marriage. You marry for better or for worse, and you hope that God is going to give you contentment in your sexual relationship, but you do not marry with a guarantee of sex. There is no guarantee of anything.


Some people get married because they are very sexually active, and they find a woman, and they are rolling in bed five times a night, eight days a week, and it is great, and two years after their marriage, guess what? One of them is not interested anymore, and there is a big explosion in the marriage. What happened to John and Judy, they were so happy? Someone broke the unwritten marriage contract.


This is what is about to happen in your life. God is shaking His tree, He is strengthening you, and He is challenging you to face up to some ungodly qualities that you have and to overcome them. We are going to see what He is going to do in your marriage, because he is no longer going to be able to say, I do not like this about her; therefore, I am justified in pushing her out of my bedroom, because you are not going to be doing that anymore. Right, see what I am saying?


You have not made him what he is, but you have married each other in a destructive soul tie. Probably, his faults have probably brought out the worst in you, and your faults have probably brought out the worst in him, and this must be broken. It must be broken in Christ, or it is going to go on to your children, and it is already on your children, your grandchildren, and your great grandchildren. It is a curse on your marriage and on each of your lives individually.


You have no control over him, you did not make him what he is; although, he may have gotten. . . As people get older, things build up in them, but he did the same thing to you, whatever. A lot of negative qualities in you, he may have caused to increase, because of a lack of love and the rejection. You are involved in a destructive relationship.


What God is doing now, this is important, this is the point, what God is doing is He is blowing this thing apart, and the way He is blowing it apart is that He is going to you first, and He is changing you. When you change, you are breaking the unwritten contract. Do you hear what I am saying? However he is going to react to it, it is going to. . . You see, he cannot do this anymore, and we will see what God has for you in the future. He is just getting started, the Lord is just getting started. I do not know what God is going to do to him.


He has been in this pattern all of his life, this is the pattern. You do not know what goes on in the man's mind, right? He has been in this pattern and, all of a sudden, God is challenging the pattern. There is an upheaval, there is an earthquake coming in your marriage, and God is bringing it to pass by changing you. Glory to God.


The answer to your problem is that God goes to the member of the marriage that is most responsive to Him, and He says to them, I want you to change, I want you to break this ungodly contract. The average person will say, Why should I change, I am doing this, but he is doing that. That is ridiculous, so you just keep going around and around the circle for the rest of your life.


Then, other people will take an attitude, I did not do anything wrong. It is never all him, it is never all him. It is not a contest of who is worse. Is he worse or are you worse? That is not the point. The point is that you are in trouble, your whole family is in trouble, and your children, and your grandchildren, and your great grandchildren, and great, great grandchildren are in trouble.


That is the only point, that is the only thing that God is looking at, you are in trouble, and your family is in trouble, and somebody has got to start breaking this circle, because this is the way it looks. You have a family, it is sort of like a little universe.


I have to show you, I found the function on the computer that you could draw with. We have a family, it is a circle, everybody is connected, and you get some junk. We get some junk, we call it sin, and it is circulating through the whole family, everybody is polluted, and it goes round, and round, and round, and round, and this is an individual over here, and this is an individual.


One day, this individual says, I am not going to tolerate this anymore, and puts up the wall of Jesus Christ. He says, That sin is not going to get past me, that family sin that is passing through every member of our family, the buck stops here. I will not let it through. Not only do they say, I will not let it through, they start putting a new law into the family. His name is Christ.


Everybody that is on this side, they could not get past the wall, but it is still going back and forth this way, but there is something new channeling through all of these people. Because it comes through this one person, it enters into the whole family, and it starts attacking the sin. That is how God sees it. It is more than obedience, you have to change, you must change.


A lot of people think, It is more than obedience, you have to change, you have to change. What your contribution to this function is, you have to stop doing it. Not as a religious work, you have to have a spiritual cleansing. You have to change in the deepest recesses of your being. You cannot do it without Christ, you cannot do it without Christ, but it is much more than obedience. Obedience is an act. God tells you to pick up the piece of paper, and you pick up the piece of paper. That is obedience.


God says to you, I am going to reveal a sin in you, you have the sin of pride, and you say, Amen, I have the sin of pride, I repent. That is not good enough. It must be resisted, it must be denied, and it must be rooted out of you. It is much more than obedience. Repentance includes change, true repentance includes change, and it cannot be just a change in your behavior. The change in your behavior must result from the change in your spiritual being. That sin, whatever it is, must be resisted and denied until the point that it is not there anymore.


We talked about this in the car going home, I am going to put that on the board for you. This is the way God deals with sin. This is our soul, and it is filled with impurities, iniquities, and just plain old sin. I guess I should have put that down here. They are not just in there, and they are not separate from your soul. They are not separate from your soul. It is just like your heart is not separate from your body. If you put a knife in me and cut my heart out, you would kill me. Sin is a part of your soul, just like the cells of your body. This is the adamic soul.


It is desperately wicked, filled with every spiritual filth, and it is you. That is your personality. When Christ comes into your life, He attacks this particular sin, and this is your unconscious mind. He speaks to your conscious mind. He says, This is sin. First reaction we all have is, No, either it is not sin, or No, I am not doing it. You are doing it. I am in a conflict with you. No, it is not me it is you. Then Jesus keeps coming back to you, and He says, No, that is sin in your heart.


Somewhere along the line, He speaks to you by the power of His spirit, and you start getting convicted, and this sin starts moving closer and closer to the exterior of your soul. The Godly quality of Christ, the corresponding quality enters in, and attacks it, and attacks it, and pushes it to the edge.


Then when Jesus makes a judgment that you have truly hated this sin, and utterly rejected it, Jesus comes along and He separates it from the rest of your soul, and He says, It is no longer you, it is no longer you that is sinning, but now it is sin that dwelleth in you. He sends a minister or a believer along to lay hands on you, not even that is necessary, and to cast this thing out, and your soul closes up and it is gone.


COMMENT: At that point, is that when it is demonic spirits that it could be cast out, or is it still just sin?


PASTOR VITALE: That is when it becomes a demon. When it becomes eligible to be cast out, the sin becomes a demon. Actually, I am using the wrong word, it is iniquity. Does anybody not know what I am talking about?


COMMENT: What is the difference between sin and iniquity?


PASTOR VITALE: Our state of being is sin. Sin is unrighteousness, unholiness, it is impurities. Iniquity is the fruit of the sin. When we fornicate with that sin, when we agree with it, it has an offspring, and that offspring is iniquity. The sin cannot be cast out. The iniquity is cast out. The sin is your adamic soul that has to be swallowed up by Christ.


COMMENT: What do you mean by swallowed up?


PASTOR VITALE: Does anyone have anymore questions about this? Adam is sin, Adam is sin. Jesus is holiness. Adam is also death. Jesus is life. This is the state of being of Adam, and this is the state of being of Jesus. The adamic soul which is death and sin is continuously involved in adulterous communication with who? Does anybody know? Eve, yes, Eve is the mother, she is the harlot, she is the mother of all the names of blasphemy. Is that the word that is in Revelation 7?


Yes, she is the harlot, and she is fornicating both with Satan and with the carnal mind, and producing iniquity, that when it fulfills the condition I just described, when it is repented of and resisted to the point that satisfies God, not to the point that satisfies my carnal mind, but when God says, You have done it to the point that you have literally by your will, by the strength of Christ, pushed it to the brink of your very spiritual being, the Lord will come along and zap it with spiritual power, and cast it out. That is the iniquity.


The sin is adam, adam is sin. If you cast him out you die. Who will you be? What is happening in this hour is that the Lord Jesus Christ, I remind you, is now on the inside of your spiritual being, and adam is on top of Him. Christ is inside of us, adam is lying on top of Him. This is the three stages of resurrection. You think you could give me an exhibit of this? Yes, would you? This is the three stages of resurrection. This is the condition of the believer in whom Christ is being formed. It is the first stage of the resurrection.


Jesus Christ in us, or the Spirit of Christ in us, is directly involved in overcoming or ruling the adamic soul that is lying on top of Him, from his position of weakness. When someone is lying on top of you, it is sort of hard to control them, but this is what He is doing, or this is what He is in the process of doing in all of us, in whom He is being formed. From His position of weakness, He is controlling adam who is the woman who is lying on top of Him. Eventually, He will succeed. When He succeeds, He has completed the first stage of resurrection.


Obviously this is a process which starts with receiving the engrafted word, and Christ being formed in us, and many trials and tribulations, which result in Christ ruling adam as she lies on top of Him. That is a quite a feat.


The second stage of resurrection is when Christ pierces through adam, and forces her underneath Him. This happened to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. It is called the circumcision. It is called the circumcision of our stony heart, second stage of resurrection. Christ rules adam form a position over her.


Does anybody not know that Satan is the spirit the rules the adamic soul. Satan is the spirit that rules the adamic soul. The Father is the spirit that rules Christ. The Father is the spirit that rules Christ. Satan is the spirit that rules adam.


COMMENT: Still in this position with Christ being on top, adam still has the spirit of Satan?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, at this time. Third stage of resurrection, on the cross, we saw a man being crucified, but in the realm of the spirit, Christ, the spirit of Christ, which is the Father, was crucifying the adamic soul, which was underneath Him, and being ruled by him. He now has killed him. The Scripture says that He will slay the enmity in our flesh.


Brethren, the enmity in your flesh is Satan, which is the god of the adamic man, and Christ by the spirit of holiness in Him, which is the Father, on the cross of Calvary, slew his own adamic soul, including Satan the ruling spirit, and He slew them by joining them. There was no longer any separation, and of the twain, He made one New Man.


He layered over him, and He killed him, and his new name was the New Creation Man. Sin must be destroyed, iniquity is cast out. Sin must be destroyed, and it must die through being joined to the everlasting fire, which is Christ.


COMMENT: In that word where you said that Christ killed adam, would that mean swallowed up, or does it still mean killed?


PASTOR VITALE: He died when he was swallowed up. He swallowed him up, and adam died as he was swallowed up.


COMMENT: That is where it says, Death is swallowed up, right?


PASTOR VITALE: Amen, death is swallowed up in victory. Amen.


COMMENT: Is that the third and fourth stage that you just talked about?


PASTOR VITALE: Third and fourth stage, I do not see it as a fourth stage, three stages, yes. I do not know really. I have to pray about whether I should put a fourth stage in there. If I put a fourth stage in, it would really be prior to the first stage, where I would show the Word of God becoming engrafted to your soul, and Christ starting to be formed in you, because you have to go through all of that before you get to the first stage, which is Christ ruling from a position of literally being on His back.


Second stage, Christ ruling from being on top of adam, and the third stage, Christ slaying and swallowing up the adamic soul, joining them so completely that He has formed a new creation, a New Creation Man.


The creation of God is the fulfillment of the prophesy in Genesis, Let us make man in our image. Brethren, I am daring to tell you that if you think that you are in God's image, and I speak this to everybody, including myself, you are deceived. If you think God looks like your sin-filled soul or my sin-filled soul, you are very sadly mistaken. If you think God thinks with the fallen thoughts that we think with, you really have a problem with pride.


Thank God, we are not in His image, because if we were in His image the way we are now, what hope would we have? We would be without hope. The Bible says that we are not like the heathen, we are not without hope in this world. We have hope. What is our hope? Of being brought into His image. That is very profound, but it is the truth. I do not care how the church world hates it, that is the truth.


I got a letter from somebody, he was all upset, I did not talk to him exactly about this, but I must have said something along these lines, because he was literally screaming at me in the letter. He said, If what I said was true, it would mean that Jesus had a sin nature. He did, and He killed it!


All you Pharisees out there that have not shut the tape off yet, that is the best message you ever heard, because if He was total deity, was nothing of humanity in Him at all, how would He be an example for you, how would He give you hope?


How could you follow Him? Brethren He did it, and because He did it, you too shall do it. I shall do it, we shall do it, He went before us. We do not know what those Scriptures mean. He did what we are going through now. He overcame His adamic soul, ruled by Satan.


I want to tell you, if you are laying on your back, and your shoulders are pressed to the ground, and you think you do not stand a chance in getting up, I want to tell you He did it, and you will do it too, and I will do it too. That is the hope, amen. That is the whole point of Jesus becoming a man, of course He had a sin nature! God help us.


Someone called me the other day and told me they are reading a book by some famous heathen author called, Creation. She said she was amazed that there is so much of what he is saying is what I am preaching.


The heathen know it, only the church is ignorant, and the problem of this world is that Satan does not really care if this truth goes out to the heathen, because it cannot do anybody any damage until it is mixed with the spirit.


We are told in the Book of Hebrews that the Hebrew children perished in the wilderness, because their experience was not mixed with faith. They had the Word, it was not mixed with faith.


Brethren, let me tell you something. That Scripture is not talking about a carnal faith that says, Yes, I believe Jesus died for me.


Forgive me, I do not mean to be mocking, but we have to come up out of this childishness. That is not what that Scripture is talking about. They are talking about the faith of Christ. They are saying they had the Word of God, but Christ was not formed in them. Your faith is Christ, your faith is the engrafted Word that is living through you. The faith of the Son of God living through you, not the carnal faith that comes out of your carnal pea brain!


They did not make it, because Christ was not formed in them. Why was Christ not formed in them? It was not their fault, it was not the season. They were sacrificed for us.


They were sacrificed for us! They were just human beings, I am barely making it by the skin of my teeth, and Christ is being formed in me. How could they have possibly made it? Glory to God. The three stages of resurrection.


As I was saying, maybe not in this detail, but there is a lot of spiritual truth in the world, but Satan does not care, because if it is not mixed with faith it cannot hurt him. When this truth is mixed with the faith of the Son of God, the life of Christ in a man, there is going to be an atomic explosion. I want to tell you that if Christ is being formed in you, and you are hearing this word, you have Him already dwelling inside of you, and you are in the process of becoming a son,


If you know anything, if you ever watched any of these programs on TV about the sun, there are constant explosions going forth within the sun, constant explosion, minor atomic explosion continuously.


It is like a dynamo, and if God has started to work in you, if His Word is engrafted, if He is being formed in you, and He is shaking your boat, you are starting to have earthquakes, and you are starting to have explosions in your life, and I want to tell you the day is coming that you are going to have a major explosion. The heat is going to be so great that your elements shall melt, powers and principalities shall be destroyed, and out of the midst of the death and destruction shall arise in you the glory of Almighty God.


Just let me tell you now what the melting of the elements are. Do not think you are going to get this without paying the price, button down the hatches man, and I will give you some advice. I live it myself, and I will give it to you. Do not live your life by your emotions, because they will kill you. You put yourself before God, you hear from Him what He wants you to do, and you do it, no matter what your emotions are screaming at you, because your emotions are adamic.


Christ is a rational mind. It has nothing to do with your emotions, He is logical, He is rational, He is even! The adamic soul is valleys and mountains, ups and downs, ups and downs. Do not listen to it, listen to Christ, and ignore your emotions. Pray for guidance, and He will give it to you.


There are powers, principalities, rulers of darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places. I never really worked this up before, so I do not know which is which, but I will tell you what we are talking about here is Satan, I do not know which is which at this moment. Usually it is backwards. Principalities came before powers. I have it backwards here then.


We are talking here about Satan, Eve, the carnal mind, and the fruit of the carnal mind, which is demons, and I have not looked these words up in the Greek, demons or iniquity. That is what Paul is talking about, principalities, the principle parts of our spiritual being. What is the principle parts of our natural being? We need a nervous system, a heart, a skeleton. We are built spiritually in a manner similar to the way we are built physically. We are built, we have a foundation, and we are built upon. The Lord revealed this in the #32 series.


This is the four things, and they are going to be melted with great heat, and they are going to come apart. What does that mean? They are all fused together. Do you remember the teaching here, saying Eve and the carnal mind, they are all one in the realm of the spirit, Satan and Eve. When you are joined to your husband, you are one flesh, and he who is joined to Satan is one spirit, and in the flesh or the realm of your soul, you are one flesh.


We have been teaching here for a long time that in the natural realm you have a child, and it departs from you, but this realm is the opposite of the spiritual realm. In the natural realm you have a child, and it departs from you, but this realm is the opposite of the spiritual realm. In the spiritual realm you have a child, and it joins to you and makes you a threesome, and that we cannot appear in this realm of appearance without a spiritual child.


Everybody alive today has a spiritual child, everyone appearing in this world system today has born a spiritual child. Her name is the carnal mind.


Some of us, thank God, are also pregnant with the child, with the spiritual child of the Father God, and His name is Christ. If you are in that condition you have two children, one by the bond woman, and one which is the Child of Promise, the child that is going to save you in childbearing, Christ.


We are told in John 8, where it says, The servant does not abide in the house forever. What is your house? This body is your house. Who is the servant? He is the natural man, he will not stay in this body forever, because the soul that sins, it must die. The carnal mind will not stay in this body forever. If you are existing in this world system by the carnal mind, you will surely die. It is just a matter of time.


Even if you have to wait 999 years, if you are appearing in this world system by the carnal mind, you shall surely die, because the servant does not abide in the house forever, but the Son, He abides in the house forever, Christ. Christ abides in the house forever. If you are in the process of bearing the Child of Promise when He is born in you, and you are appearing in this world system because of Him, you shall live forever.


The reason the elements are going to melt, you know when I did the research on that, I found out that, that word elements meant something very unusual, but I cannot remember what it is. I will have to look it up when I go home.


The reason these elements are going to melt, first of all, what is going to melt them, does anybody know what is going to melt them? The fire of Christ, amen. In the midst of all of this, you who have born the child of the bond woman, those of you who are bringing forth the offspring of the Father, in the midst of it, His fire is going to burn them, and in the burning of them, they shall separate. Why? Because they are all joined together. Why? They must be joined together for you to be appearing in this realm of appearance.


Just like your heart, and your liver, and your lungs, are all joined together in one body, or you would not be here. Your spiritual being is joined together in the realm of the spirit, and is sustaining your existence in this world system. Christ is going to melt them, and they are going to separate. When they separate, they are going to return to the correct moral order, because they are in the wrong moral order. I will show you that on the board.


When the Lord completed the beginning stages of the creation, this was what man looked like. The Father God was king, Christ was present, and Eve was present, and Satan was down here. He was not even really mentioned very much, he was down there. God does not even name him, he is there for structure.


If you drive along a highway, and you see them building cement walls, you will see they put iron rods in the cement walls. When the cement covers the iron rods, nobody tells you it is a cement wall with an iron rod in it. It is just a cement wall.


Satan is there to give form to the creation. At the beginning, we had the age of innocence. The Father was ruling where? In the realm of the spirit. Christ was ruling where? In the realm of the soul. Eve was there, and she was a virgin. This is the age of innocence. The name of the creation was Adam in His stage of innocence, and His righteous condition was imputed. It was not a result of Eve's joining with the Father. The Father said to Adam, Guard your spiritual parts from Satan, Adam did not do it, so the creation fell, and Adam descended into his present fallen condition.


Satan lifted himself up above the stars, made himself God, joined himself to Eve, and produced the carnal mind. This existence is called death. Satan ruled in the realm of the spirit. The carnal mind ruled in the realm of the soul. Eve, joined to Satan in an adulterous marriage, this existence is called death. One of the biggest stumbling blocks for the church today is that they think death is the death of the body.


Death is this existence. We are death, it is within us, and it is without us. Everything dies in this world system except Jesus Christ. Everything that has ever come into this world has died, human, animal, plant. Even the buildings deteriorate, they need continuous repair.


This is the Valley of the Shadow of Death. It is not the death of your body, it is your existence! What we are about to enter into is a condition of life. Jesus Christ is coming forth in the midst of our death, and He is going to separate this unholy alliance. He is going to break them up, Satan, even the carnal mind, He is going to melt them apart.


The carnal mind is going to dissolve completely, he is part Satan, and part Eve, and whatever that is in the carnal mind that is of Satan is going back to Satan, and whatever is in the carnal mind that is from Eve is going back to Eve. It's going to be dissolved.


The Father is once again going to be ruling in the realm of the spirit. Christ is going to be ruling in the realm of the soul. Eve is married to the Father, and Satan is where he is supposed to be, unnamed, giving life to the creation.


I did not really draw this exactly right, so I will just tell you this, that this condition here was imputed. Adam was capable of sin, but had not yet sinned, in the condition of innocence. The condition of life, this is imparted, which means that Christ is actually growing within the person, and keeping Satan underfoot, bruising Satan underfoot, ruling him, controlling him, forcing him to be his servant, castrating him to the point that he is harmless. In this condition, we are incapable of sin, and we can never fall back to this condition again. The three stages of creation.


COMMENT: Is that last stage, the hundred-fold?


PASTOR VITALE: The hundred-fold? No, it is more than a hundred-fold, because that is the glorified condition. Life, I guess there is more than one stage of life. The hundred-fold, as I understand it, is a condition that Jesus was in before the crucifixion, but there is a stage beyond that which is glorification. You asked me an interesting question, I never really thought of it.


There are usually three stages, so I will see if the Lord tells me the three stages of life. Perhaps the three stages of life are the same thing as the three stages of resurrection. I will see what the Lord says to me. I would say that there are three stages of life, which are the three stages of resurrection, and the third stage is the slaying of Satan, and the glorification of the soul.


Most of the people in the kingdom church, they think that this vile body is going to be made glorious. This vile body is not going to be made glorious. This vile body is a prison house, and we talk about that on tape #8.


We found a chapter in Zachariah which deals with it in detail, that the Living Soul was put in a prison house, and a lead cover was put on it. Lead is a metal that cannot be penetrated by light. The Living Soul is in total darkness, except for those of us upon whom the day had dawned.


We are locked up in here. What is going to happen to us, or what happened to Jesus, after the resurrection? His body disappeared, He did not rise with the same body. How do I know? He appeared on the road to Emmaus in another form. The Scripture tells us that the disciples did not recognize Him.


He appeared again on the shore when the disciples were on the water, and they said that He was cooking fish and bread. They knew it was the Lord, but they did not recognize Him. They knew it was Him. How did they know it was Him? Spiritual discernment. They did not recognize Him. They did recognize Him when He appeared as Jesus Christ of Nazareth and showed them the holes in His hands.


The One who was resurrected was a glorified life form that was greater than the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. The man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, to the best of my knowledge, was confined to the body of that man that was born of Mary. We know they were trying to kill Him, and He disappeared from the midst of them, so He had some supernatural power to appear and disappear, and He walked on water.


I do not find anything in the Scripture indicating that He took another form. Does anybody know any Scripture that indicates that He took another form before the resurrection? His body was not found in the tomb so everybody assumes that it was His human body that was glorified. I declare to you that, that is not true. This human body is a prison house.


The Scripture that I am basing what I am saying on, is Daniel 7. I do not know what verse it is, off hand, but we did a word-by-word study in the #71 series, and we found out that the Ancient of Days is the glorified man that does not need a human body to survive in the soul realm.


I was really blessed by that seminar, because he said a lot of things. I have it on tape that this body is a. . . I do not know what he said. I called it a spacesuit, I have called it a deep sea diving suit. Our adamic soul cannot survive in this world system without this suit that we wear, and that is all that it is. When our soul is glorified, we will no longer need a deep sea diving suit.


Remember that we were two souls, but Satan was crucified, Christ has overridden him, and the two are one. We only have one soul, or Jesus only had one soul after the crucifixion. It was the soul of the New Creation man, Of the twain, He made one New Man.


This glorified soul has a spirit, what is the name of the spirit? The Father. His name is the Father, or another name for Him is the spirit of what? The Spirit of Christ is a manifestation of the Father that is joined to Christ. Anybody? No, that is the Spirit of Christ. The Holy Spirit is a manifestation of the Father that appears without the Christ. They are both the Father in a different form.


This is the glorified Christ, He is a spirit, He is a soul that has a spirit, but because He is glorious, He does not need to be dwelling in a prison house. The glorified Jesus Christ was a superior being, a superior soul that has the ability to appear as a man, to appear as many men, to travel simply by thinking that He wanted to be there. Did you ever wonder how He traveled in the spirit? He thought that He wanted to be someplace and He went.


Brethren, we do not have that kind of authority. We think we want to go someplace and our legs walk, if we are blessed to have legs, to a car or to some form of public transportation.


COMMENT: Could that word thought have anything to do with like. . . He said the chariots took Him. Would that be symbolic of. . .


PASTOR VITALE: What Scripture are you talking about?


COMMENT: Oh, I do not remember.


PASTOR VITALE: The chariots took who?


COMMENT: Christ, or. . .


PASTOR VITALE: I am not familiar with that Scripture. The chariots took Elijah.


COMMENT: No, I am not talking about it took Him up to heaven, but I am saying, maybe it is in the Psalms or something, that it is like the clouds. It is just like that would be, He is thinking it and He is there?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not know, but the glorified man thinks and His soul goes.


COMMENT: I am thinking of doubting Thomas, when the resurrected Christ said, Put your hands in the nail prints. That would show the same body.


PASTOR VITALE: That was just one form that He took. He had the ability to take that form again. He also had the ability to take many other forms, but before the crucifixion and the resurrection, He was restricted or confined to that one form. After the resurrection, He could take many forms. He expanded, He became greater. He became greater, He became a greater being. He ascended beyond the human flesh or the need for it.


He ascended beyond the need for human flesh, so the question is what did He do with His body? Did you have a question? What did He do with His body? The question is what did He do with his body? What He did with his body was that He forced it inward, because when we study Ezekiel 1, about God's glorified man, we are told that it looked. . . Between that Scripture and the Scripture in Revelation, we are told it looked like a great crystal, and that there was light that could be likened to what we saw in the Mount of Transfiguration.


What we saw in the Mount of Transfiguration was pretty much what He looked like. This body remained as His form, because we are told that New Creation man had the form of a man. That is what we are told in Ezekiel 1. It had the form of man, but that is all it was. Just like our human skeleton gives form to our body. This human body will become the spiritual skeleton of the glorified man, and it will give form to it. It is going to be in the background. It is not going to be outside anymore. It is going to be inside, because this whole world system is reversed.


Our spiritual life is within, and our spiritual life is without. This is a part of the curse, and the curse is reversed. That which is physical is going to be within, and that which is spiritual is going to be without.


Remember, Jesus in the first stage of the resurrection is ruling from underneath, and He gets on top, He is going outside. First, He went outside of the adamic soul, and in the next stage He went outside of the adamic body. Everything is being forced inward.


We are going to see the form of a man, but there is going to be all of this glory, and since I cannot draw, we are told it is going to look like crystal. You know what crystal looks like with the light shooting off in all different directions. If you can look deep inside of it, you are going to be able to see the form of the man, but the body will not have served the function that it serves in our lifetime. The body, to the fallen man, is life sustaining. It is a spacesuit, it is life sustaining.


To the glorified man, the body is not life sustaining. It is likened to our skeleton which will give it form. It is the spiritual skeleton of the glorified man. Otherwise, Jesus would just be a ball of light, but He is more than a ball of light. He is a soul man, a glorified soul man that does not need a prison house.


This glorified condition that He was raised to, He gave it up. He could have lived for the life of the ages in that condition, but He gave it up. He gave it up, so that He could rain on all of humanity, get inside of everybody's mind, and do the same thing in each of us that He did in the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


When He brings each of us to this condition of glorification, there will be no more need for a mediator. There will be no more need for a mediator, and the Father will be all in all. We will be pure spirit approximately 1500 years from when the first fruits stand up.


To cleanse the land, we are told in Ezekiel, that there will be a company of men that will be going across the earth and wherever they see a man's bones, they will mark it. Bones in the Scripture typify spirit, and this was a man's bone. What is the spirit of man? What is the spirit of man, anybody? Satan is the spirit of man.


Wherever the Son of God sees them. . .where is He going to see them, sticking out of the ground? No, He is going to see it in your personality. Whenever the Son of God sees an adamic characteristic in your personality, He is going to reveal it, and it is going to stay marked until it is cleansed from the land, every adamic quality. Seven is the number of completion, until the job is completed, til the creation is cleansed.


COMMENT: When the sons of God are glorified, then there is 1500. . .what did you say?


PASTOR VITALE: No, when the first fruits stand up in full stature, there is going to be a big change. No. When they stand up in full stature, they are like Jesus was before the crucifixion, first stage of resurrection.


COMMENT: When you said the word prison, I saw the word prism. It came to my mind, and I was wondering the meaning of it.


PASTOR VITALE: Do you know what a prism is?


COMMENT: It is light.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, a prism is a. . .I cannot tell exactly what it looks like, but it is a device that when a scientist shines bright light through it, it breaks it up into the colors of the spectrum, rainbow. What that typifies, the bright white light typifies the Father, and when it is broken up into colors, the Father which is spirit, it typifies the soul realm, because spirit has no color. There is color in the soul realm.


When the Lord said that to you, it is the Father and the Son, at what point did He say it to you? Basically, that is what I am talking about here. It is the spirit of the Father, and there are going to be many colors which means it is going to appear, the spirit of the Father is appearing in the realm of the soul. That is what it means. That is what this is all about, the bringing of the glory of God into the soul realm where it can be seen.


We are the paper‑mache models that He has started with. Amazing, is it not? Glory to God, He is light, the Father is light. Joseph's coat of many colors indicated that he had the spirit of God covering him.


COMMENT: I understand that I really do not understand. I just heard about our blood is light, magnified or something?


PASTOR VITALE: I heard something about it, where did you hear that? I heard that years ago. I do not think the word was magnified. I do not really remember what I heard, something to do with light. It would not be magnified because it is fallen light. We are spirit, we are spirit. This is the light of the Father that is going to be revealed in the soul realm of Christ which is holy.


We are Christ, our true spiritual nature is the Son of God that was joined to the earth at the beginning of time, who lost all of His strength for a season so that we could come into being. He was rich but He became poor, so that we could become rich. He lost his spiritual strength, because we are made out of Him.


When the creation fell, the light of our spirit, I cannot remember what the detail is, but it became the blood that flows in our veins, which is a lowering of the spiritual life of God. We are Christ, we do not know who we are. You have to be careful not to go off into pride. We are Christ, but we are fallen. We are under a processing from the Lord to restore us, and we are under tutors and governors.


We are not to go off thinking that we are God. We are no more king than a five year old prince, we have the potential to be king. Glory to God. Any other questions? It is wonderful.


COMMENT: Did you say that we were reflected light?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, we studied that in the #38 series, you must have just read it, yes. We are an image. When we look at each other sitting here in this room, we are really not even real. Our bodies really are an illusion. The reason they are so real to us is that we are fallen. You know it is an illusion, and it is an illusion that is projected by a high spiritual authority that is higher than us. Because that spiritual authority, which is Satan, is higher than us, our bodies and the substance of this world system is real to us, but to the Lord it is not real. To someone that is not subject to it, it is not real.


Just like you could take a mentally ill person that has a fantasy friend or a fantasy world that they live in, to them it is very real, but we are not mentally ill. We know that it is not true, but they cannot get out of it. They are locked into that fantasy world. Why? Because they are mentally ill.


We are spiritually mentally ill, the whole creation is sick. They are spiritually and mentally sick, fallen. A man in whom the mind of Christ is appearing is not subject to this world system. Jesus Christ walked on the water. I suggest to you He did not walk on the water with His fallen body, He was out of His body. He walked on the water with His soul, with His resurrected soul. He was in the first stage of resurrection.


COMMENT: Is that why the apostles thought they saw a ghost?


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, they saw right through Him. For many years, I thought that they said they thought they saw a ghost just because whoever heard of a man walking on the water, but it was more than that. When they looked at Him, they could see right through Him. They thought He was a ghost, amen.


He was not walking with His fallen body. I used to believe He defied the law of gravity. He did not defy the law of gravity, He defied the spiritual law that said, He had to stay in this prison house of a body.


COMMENT: For that short while, while Peter was trusting in God, or was this just a story that God was putting out for us? Was he in the first stage also, that he was able to walk until he saw and fear came in? He saw that, it says that he walked and all of a sudden he realized. . .


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, it does not say that he was afraid. It says that he doubted that he could do it. That is not necessarily the same thing.


COMMENT: I must have assumed that he was walking, and all of sudden he realized he was doing it and fear came in, and he had to call Christ for help.


PASTOR VITALE: I have something about that on another tape. God had given me a revelation on it, but I do not remember what it was. I have to listen to my own tapes. When He gives me something new to bring forth, frequently I cannot remember it until I listen to the tape a couple of times, and get it into my own soul. I do not remember what He gave me on that. It is on one of the Basic Principle tapes, I think He gave it to me.


COMMENT: I was just thinking, I think Peter said, Bid my come. In other words, when we are following Christ, we will have the ability and power to do whatever we need to follow Him.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, but we still need His permission. If He grants us permission, we can go on to perfection. Peter did not even try. Check this out. Peter did not even try until he said, Lord give me permission. That is an important word. Yes, he said, Bid me come, so we cannot do anything in Christ unless He says we can come. Otherwise we are just going to fail. I am waiting for my experience to travel in the spirit. The Lord says He is going to give it to me, but it has not happened yet.


COMMENT: Some were sent, and some just went.






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