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Last Sunday, those of us who went out to dinner had a conversation along these lines and one of the sisters asked, How come these people seem to be in the same boat even though they keep getting delivered all the time? I believe that the answer is that deliverance is not enough, you have to have Christ birthed in you.


To the best of my knowledge, this is not being preached in any strictly-deliverance ministry. I do not think they would disagree, it is just that they do not have the revelation. It is not enough to cast out the demons. Christ has to be birthed in you and He has to start to grow up in you, and, little-by-little, ultimately put the Satanic realms, the unconscious part of your carnal mind, under foot.


Christ has to stop our human spirit from fornicating with Satan, the unconscious part of our carnal mind because if our human spirit keeps on fornicating, we keep birthing new demons. You can get deliverance by casting them out, but you see, deliverance is the band-aid; deliverance is the first-aid. It helps us survive, and in many cases, it saves our life, either physically or emotionally or spiritually. It saves our life and helps us to stay out of insane asylums and hospitals, and things like that.


Deliverance is the first-aid until Christ is birthed in us and grows up to the position where He is strong enough to stop our human spirit from fornicating. We have to stop birthing the demons. Praise the Lord, this is a very important message that God is giving to this ministry and this word has to get out. Deliverance is great, I believe in it, and I am all for it, but it is not the end. The end is Christ. We have a whole message on that. The end is Christ in you, the hope of glory.


Christ has to be birthed in you. The deliverance is first-aid, and then it is also a clean-up. It could be one, or it could be both. Some people cannot get this revelation without getting deliverance first. A lot of people's minds are just not in a condition where they could get this revelation without getting deliverance first.


Some people walk right into it. Some people just walk right into this revelation. I saw a lot of people at Light Of The City where they do not believe in deliverance. They just walked in and they were just soaking in deep revelation without deliverance. It all depends on how your life has been, the family line curses and what demons you have.


Everybody is different, and that is why it is so important not to go around telling people, This is how you do it, this is how you do it. God is an individualist, and He gives everybody their own profile, just like XXXX used to do in a health club. He would write up a program for you that was tailored to meet your needs. He would tell you what you had to do because you had fat over here, or so much muscle over there.


Spiritually, that is how we are, and we have to get our own program from Jesus Christ. He could do it however He wants. Yes, he can go up, down, backwards, forwards, down, up, left, right, right, left, circle, square. He does not have to follow our rules. We are back to the same thing again; we do our part. We do what the Lord has told us to do. If he tells us to give out a tape we give it, if He tells us to cast out a demon, we cast out a demon.


God has been showing XXXX and I this week that deliverance also comes forth from setting peoples' thinking straight. A lot of people have wrong thoughts, they really think that they are right, and there is no helping them so long as they think that they are right. They are really incapable of repenting because they honestly do not think that they have done anything wrong.


They have to hear the word of God so that they have a contrast. They have to have an opinion that is different than the opinion that they have believed all of these years. Then, if they still do not believe what they are hearing from someone like me, or someone sitting up here, and they say, She is nuts, and they reject it, and it does turn out that this is the word of the Lord, then judgment follows. After the judgment, they repent, they get the deliverance, and then they get the right thoughts. This is the washing with the water of the word that we talked about in the early messages.


It does not always involve casting out a demon. Sometimes it does, but it does not have to. We cannot put God in a box. We just have to be prepared to do whatever He tells us to do and to get a particular, individual, personalized word of knowledge for each person that we are trying to minister to.


This is where God is bringing us to. We have to grow up. It was great all those years. We just sat down and called out the demons, and I think there are ministries that are stilling doing that today. What we are called to is a higher calling, and we know that there are many different ways to get delivered, and we really just have to leave it to the Lord.


Sometimes, there will be demons cast out, but there is no way that they are coming out until the person's thoughts are revamped. They are just thinking wrong and they think they are right. How could you cast the demon out of them? It is impossible. It is impossible.


We had a teaching earlier that gave us insight into what demons really are. Did you know that when someone is manifesting ungodly behavior, and are in agreement with it, it is not a demon. If they are in agreement with it, if they think it is right, if they think it is okay, it is not a demon. It is part of their natural man which is desperately wicked.


When they decide that it is wrong, and they hate it, and they repent, and they want it out, God sort of scores it off, and they then become eligible for deliverance. At that point, it becomes a demon, but before that, it is you. This concept of going around saying, Sister so-and-so did not mean to cut my heart out, she had demons. Forget it. That is her. That is her if she is not repentant.


I could wound you, I could hurt your feelings, and I could lose it and say something terrible, but if I am repentant, and say, I am so sorry I manifested, I am a candidate for deliverance in that situation. Someone that goes around cursing people, and hating people, and talking about them and thinks she has a right to do it, is acting out her nature. That is not a demon. That is her, that is her.




Praise the Lord, we are in the middle of a study on the creation, in the Book of Genesis, called, A Place Teeming With Life. This is part 6, and within that study we are in the midst of a study on Behemoth in the Book of Job, Chapter 40, from Verses 15-24. The Lord is establishing for us that Behemoth is the beast of the field in Genesis 2:19. Hallelujah.


The Lord asked me to explain to you tonight where the name Behemoth came from. Behemoth is a transliteration. I would like to explain to you the difference between a translation and a transliteration.


For example, the Spanish word Senor, is Mister, in English. Mister is a translation of the word Senor. It has been translated into another language, but sometimes there is no equivalent word in that language. For example, there could be a word in the Hebrew or in the Greek for which there is no equivalent in the English.


What the translators do sometimes is they take the same word and make an English word out of it, and that happened with the word baptize. There was no English word baptize. There was a Greek word baptizo but there was no equivalent in the English. The word baptize made it a transliteration. When there is no equivalent English word, they take the Greek or the Hebrew word, and they make a new English word out of it.


What happened with the name Behemoth is that in Genesis 2, I believe it is Verse 19, where the Lord is talking about Adam forming the beasts of the field, the word beast is Strong's #929, and in the Hebrew it is spelled Behemah, and it is translated beast, a four-footed animal, and it comes from a root that means to be mute.


The whole concept of this word that we know to be cows or goats, comes from the concept of not being able to utter speech. That word Behemah is singular. It means one cow or one goat. Strong's #930 is Behemoth. It is spelled Behemoth. Only the ending changes.


The first one is Behemah, and now we have Behemoth, and the King James translators decided to make it into a proper name. They decided it was a hippopotamus, and his name was Behemoth, but in the Hebrew, Behemoth is the herd of cattle. Behemah is one cow, and Behemoth is the herd of cows.


They could not make any sense out of the Book of Job in this area, so they decided to make Behemoth, the herd of cattle, a hippopotamus. I have heard of literary license but this is really pushing it. That is how they got the name Behemoth. It means the herd of cattle, and they made it a person. They made it into a person that never was a person.


I want to give you a further example on that just to make sure you really understand it. The Hebrew word in the Old Testament that is translated Satan is Strong's #7854, and it is literally spelled S-a-t-a-n in Hebrew. There was no English word for Satan so they just carried it over.


They could not translate it because there was no English word to translate it to. They created an English word, and they spelled it the same way, S-a-t-a-n. In Hebrew it is Satan, and in English it is Satan. It is the same spelling, the same word. That is what we mean by transliteration.


On the other hand, the word Devil is translated from the Greek word Diabolos, Strong's #1228. Diabolos means Devil in English. We have an English word that means Devil. The Greek word Diablos is translated into Devil, but the Hebrew word Satan, is transliterated into Satan. Does everybody understand that? In the Book of Revelation 12:9 it says, That old Serpent called the Devil and Satan.


Praise the Lord. I did have one more example for you which is very similar. In Isaiah 14:12, it says, How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning. Those words, son of the morning is in the sense of shining. This word Lucifer that the King James translators made a proper name out of was not a proper name.


This is the same thing they did with Behemoth. The word Lucifer is Strong's #1966, heylel, which is derived, in the sense of brightness, from the Hebrew wordhalal, meaning to shine.


At one point, these Scriptures were translated into Latin. A lot of our modern translations are translated not from the Greek and Aramaic texts, but from the Latin texts. The Latin texts were done by the Catholic church, so one has to bear in mind that there could be some distortion of the Scripture. Of course, every time you translate it there is distortion of the Scripture. With each translation, there is distortion.


Lucifer in Latin means the light bringer. It is not the name of a person, it just means the light bringer, and it is the Latin equivalent for the Greek word phosphoros. That Greek word phosphorus is translated day star in 2 Peter 1:19. What they did was they translated Isaiah14:12, from the Hebrew to Latin, and it simply meant the light bringer.


In Latin, they use this word Lucifer. I do not have what the word is, but it is the equivalent of the Greek word phosphoros which was Lucifer and they made a proper name out of it. It was not a person, it was always the light bringer. This is exactly what happened with Behemoth.


God is merely talking about the herd of cattle, but the King James translators could not comprehend in any way, that all of the things that he is saying in Job 40:15-24 could be said to a herd of cattle. They decided it was a person, and they called him Behemoth, but the truth is that God is speaking to the herd of cattle, which, we have been suggesting over the past few weeks, is us. I am sorry brethren.


I told you it is from a root meaning to shut the mouth. Webster's definition of mute is to not be expressed in words. This does not mean if you are mute you cannot utter sound. Mute, even deaf mutes, make sounds. All it means is that you cannot form a word.


Webster's definition of dumb means destitute of the power of speech. Deaf and dumb and mute people can utter sounds, but they do not have the power of speech. I would just like to remind you that things of the spirit are all through the spoken word. Everything is the spoken word in the realm of the spirit.


When God took His son and all of us that are, and were, in him at the time, and lowered them into the realm of the earth, they came down to a low spiritual realm where they were denied spiritual power. They, therefore, lost their ability to speak. This is the spiritual significance in the Scripture of being a dumb beast.


The Lord is saying that the people that He is defining as the herd of cattle, as the beast that Adam named, have lost the power of speech. They have lost the power to speak and have the molecules respond to them and produce whatever they need. They can still make sounds, but they cannot speak into the realm of the spirit. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


We do know that the Serpent, which is the fallen man, makes a sound. His sound is a hissing sound, and if you study that back in the Scripture to its roots, we know that the root word for the Serpent is hissing, and it means witchcraft. It means to whisper, with a casting of spell.


It is illegal spiritual power that is being produced from sound (as God calls sound), as opposed to the spoken word, the spoken word being spiritual spoken words that bring forth life. When we speak in English or any language (according to this teaching), if we are not in Christ, to the Lord, it is just a sound. I know that there are many Scriptures where the Lord says, and it is the noise of the natural man. To God, what we say is just a noise.


If we are not moving in the realm of the spirit, we are just making a noise, like a cow moos. That is what it is to God. We have lost the power of speech, haven fallen to this low spiritual realm. Nevertheless, the living soul that died still wants spiritual power, and he gets it by hissing, casting spells, whispering in illegal spiritual power, spiritual power emanating from sounds, as opposed to words. Glory to God. Hallelujah. Thank you Jesus. Hallelujah.


What I am going to do is re-read the Alternate Translation of Job 40 starting with Verse 15 down to the first half of Verse 22, and then we will go on from there and finish up this study on the beast of the field.


Job 40:15-22 Alternate Translation


Behold Behemoth, which I made in the same place with you, he eateth up the dwelling places of God's creation, as an ox pulling a plow overturns a field. Lo his strength is in his ability to reproduce and his firstborn is already in the male element of his reproductive parts. He desireth his hand and foot companies, that part of him that is in the realm of appearance, to be like cedar trees; firm, incorruptible, and joined in their proper place to form the temple he desires to build in place of the temple of God.


The genetic information which is actually in the sperm in his testicles, are woven as one unit around itself, containing as in a tube, the assembled torn and cursed people of the Serpent. The beasts of burden within him, which we are, shall be delivered as the iron ax[was delivered].


For those of you who have not heard the prior tapes, the account of the iron ax is found in II Kings 6:1-7.


He is the reproductive strength and genetic material of God, even the Son of God, who is broken into many parts, so that the life of God, might appear in the earth in a many-membered body. [God], who made Behemoth, is well able to subdue him and lie with him, so that Behemoth, or the natural man, will be engraved with the nature of God. The prison, the thick fallen body [that the Son of God] lives in, will be circumcised off of his new engraved life so that the projecting spiritual power of God can bring forth the harvest of the earth, Christ in you, the hope of glory, in the very same place where the demons mock God, and thrust his creation through with their swords, or rape them at will, on a regular basis.


He is in a humble position of spiritual weakness; lying down in the darkness of the lower realms, and covered over by Satan, the one whose spiritual power purchased him. He is also covered over with the miry clay that he received in exchange for the spiritual riches he gave up when he was made into a man. The realm of darkness hovers over him and impregnates him, causing the life of the Son buried in the earth, to be tread under foot.




We are picking up now in the second half of Verse 22


Job 40:22(second half)-24 (KJV)


22 (second half), The willows of the brook compass him about.


23, Behold he drinketh up a river and hasteth not, he trusteth that he can draw up Jordan into his mouth.


24, He taketh it with his eyes, his nose pierceth through snares. KJV


The Hebrew word translated, willows, really means a dogwood tree, and gets this name from its whitish leaves. We have talked about the color white in other meetings. In the Scripture it is sometimes called pale green, and it (white, pale green), refers to that aspect of the living soul that is the realm of death.


The other aspect of the living soul that has received the life of Jesus Christ has blood in its face. Its face is red, its face is ruddy, but there is a part of the living soul that has not received the life of God, and that part is white or pale green. We have established that to be Satan.


The willows of the brook compass him about. Willows are basically used for basket weaving; they have very pliable twigs. That means that you can bend them without snapping them.


I do not know about you, but when I was in camp, we used to do basket weaving. The counselors would give us a frame of a basket, and it basically had twigs (I guess that is the best way to describe it), bent in the shape of a basket. We then would take this other store type material and weave it in and out of the strips in an opposite direction to the strips that were there for the basic form.


We are going to go on with this a little further.


The willow tree is also a symbol of grief and mourning which goes right along with the color white implying, in this context of the Scripture, lack of the life of God. It is from a root, strangely enough, that means to become surety for anyone, and surety means to co-sign a note. It also means to exchange, to mix, to interweave (we were just talking about baskets), and it also means the woof.


I do not know if any of you know about weaving fabric, but when you weave fabric, there are two parts to it. You do not just haphazardly string a thread one way and then weave through the other way. They two threads are not the same.


The threads that go one way are called the warp, and the threads that go through the other way are the woof. It is basically the same thing with the baskets. The two are not interchangeable, they are different, and they have different functions.


Webster's definition of to weave is to form cloth by interlacing strands of yarn, to make a basket by intertwining the two separate parts. Webster says the word warp is a series of yarns extended lengthwise on a loom and crossed by the woof. The warp is the foundation or the base, it is the substance. The woof is a basic or essential element or material, and it is a filling thread.


The woof is not the basis of the fabric, it is not the basis of the basket. It is that which fills in and gives form to either the fabric or the basket. When you have a basket, the warp is there. The warp bows are bent, but you can tell that it is a basket, even though there are spaces where the woof will eventually be. If you do not put the woof in, everything is going to fall out. You do not have a finished basket.


The basis of either the fabric or the basket is the warp. That is the foundation, that is the shape, that is the main thing. I know in basket making, the material that is used for the woof is not as steady or as solid, or as firm, as the warp. It is not as fine a material. We are going to pull that together in a little while.


The Hebrew word translated brook means a stream, and by implication a narrow valley in which a brook or a stream runs. It can also mean a mine shaft. You cannot have a river without having a river bed. To have a river, you need water, and you need ground underneath the water, otherwise you do not have a river. Amen? This word brook is from a Hebrew root which means to inherit, to take as a heritage, to receive as one's own possession.


We are dealing with the phrase, The willows of the brook compass him about. The word compass is the same Hebrew word that is used in Genesis 2:11, talking about the rivers that compass the living soul. You may recall that a river went out of Eden that compassed the living soul, and it broke into four heads.


One head surrounded the whole living soul, one head surrounded or compassed the land of Havilah, and one river surrounded the land of Ethiopia, and another one, the land of Assyria. This is the same word compass. You may recall that this word compass used in Genesis 2:11, means more than just wrapping around it. It performed a function upon it. Hallelujah.


The Hebrew word translated about simply means to belt or to bind everything together. Everything was bound together.


Let me now give you an Alternate Translation of the whole Verse 22.


Job 40:22, The shady trees cover them with their shadow, the willows of the brook compass him about. KJV


Remember this is the son of God that had been lowered into the deep recesses of the earth, utterly humiliated, and made subject to the creeping, crawling things in the earth.


Job 40:22, Alternate Translation


Satan, the spirit that rules over the lower realm, fornicates with him at will, and hovers over him continuously. That part of the inheritance which is without the life of the Son, the part of the creation used to fill or to provide bulk in the natural realm, surrounds him and holds everything together as a garment.


We have been saying here for weeks that the function of Satan is to give the creation form. I will be honest with you, until now I did not have any Scriptures for you on it, so it was a real blessing for me to find this out.


Satan is the fill in the basket. Jesus Christ is the foundation of the creation which is God's creation. Jesus Christ is the first of the creation of God. Satan is there to fill in the spaces and give the creation bulk and form in the natural realm. This understanding is a real blessing to me.


We know that throughout the Scriptures our bodies are referred to as tabernacles, and they are referred to as garments. Our soul and our spirit are living in this house, which is a garment for them. We have a study here on how the Lord formed a garment for his Son. Praise the Lord. Hallelujah.


Job 10:11 says, Thou hast clothed me with skin and flesh. KJV


The spirit man is clothed with skin and flesh. The flesh is the soul. First, the soul wraps around the spirit, and then we get the body, as we see it, with the skin. Hallelujah.


The Satanic realm, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is interwoven with the life of the Son like a basket . The ground is interwoven with that part of the earth which received the life of the Son. He is interlaced like a basket with the Satanic realm, who is fornicating with Him at will.


Remember the human spirit is likened to Euphrates, who is forced into fornication because the Son of God was overtaken when He was lowered into the Satanic realm where He lost all spiritual power.


If you recall when we did the study on the living soul, the river Euphrates, the human spirit, did not encompass any land. She was the pure spirit, a gift from God to the living soul. She was the reproductive part of the living soul given from God for the specific purpose of being fertilized by the Lord Himself. Glory to God.


We are moving on to Verse 23, Behold he drinketh up a river and hasteth not; he trusteth that he can draw up Jordan into his mouth. KJV


Behold he drinketh up a river and hasteth not. The Hebrew word translated drinketh is an interesting word. In this context, it is the only time that it is translated drinketh. Out of nine times in the Scripture that we have the word drinketh, only one time is it a translation of Strong's #6231. It means to press upon, to oppress, to defraud, to violate, to overflow.


It may not be too popular these days, but there was a time in this country that the words to violate a woman meant to rape her. That was the word that was used. She was violated, and I remind you that the living soul was being raped at will. She is being violated.


The Hebrew word translated hasteth means to flee away, with haste or fright. He says here, that he drinketh up a river but he hasteth not. He has no fear at all.


Job 40:23, The Alternate Translation


He violently presses upon and violates, or fornicates with the life of God that he has been joined to, without any alarm or fear springing up in him at all.


When he violates the life of God that he is being joined to, he violates the human spirit. I hope it never happens to you if you are a woman, but if you have been raped or if you know anything about rape, you would know that you are violated in your female parts.


I am just trying to make a point here. If you are going to be violated, you are going to be violated in your reproductive parts. When Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, violates the living soul, he is going after the reproductive parts. We are talking about spiritual fornication.


The Lord has created a creation so that He can appear in the earth. He has created the female element, the natural man, which we are. The male element , the Lord Jesus will join with us, and we shall produce an offspring, the Son of God, Christ in you, the hope of glory.


When Christ emerges forth in our reproductive parts, he does not leave our body. He remains in our body and gives us His life. We become one with Him and we receive eternal life.


The Son of God is buried in the earth, He is interwoven with the fill of the creation. He is interwoven with that part of the creation that God put there to give bulk and substance.


We know that God wants to appear, so we need bulk and substance. Amen. Spirit has no bulk, it has no physical substance so God had to add something to it to make us appear in this realm of appearance.


That is what Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind is, bulk and substance. That is his whole sole function, and the Son of God buried in the earth has lost all of his spiritual power and is interwoven with him like a basket.


The Satanic realm, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is raping him at will in his reproductive parts which is the human spirit. According to this translation, he is violently, violently raping her at will.


I know that I (and a few other people) went through a period several years ago where, I was getting dreams frequently, several times a week, that I was being raped, and it was always in church.


Once I had a dream that I was sitting in a church. I did not recognize the church, but it was a big formal church, and there were all these wooden pews there. I was sitting there, and this demon walked right up to me, and put his arm around me and just took me, and I was powerless to refuse.


At the time, I really did not understand what the dreams meant, but I now know that the Lord was telling me, was giving me this revelation, that if you have not birthed the Son, you really have almost no protection at all. The Holy Spirit, that God sends to fertilize our human spirit, is not defensive. He is not defensive, He is curative. (We put this on another message.)


When we receive the Holy Spirit, many people do receive healing in their body, and do receive healing in their mind, but they do not come to a place that Paul was in when the snake bit him, and he did not die. We do not get there the minute we start speaking in tongues.


Remember, Paul did not die. He just shook the snake off; he did not die. We do not have that when we get the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit is not defensive. There was something inside of Paul that prevented him from dying when a venomous beast bit him.


I do not know anybody who can claim that the presence of the Holy Spirit in them had this power. It certainly does not have this power over me. I have a history of infirmity. I have had many, many, many healings but the Holy Spirit has never prevented me from getting sick.


The Lord has blessed me, and I have not had to go to a doctor. I get healed, I get up on my feet, but as I have told many people that I discuss this with, I would liken the power that the Holy Spirit appears to have, to antibiotic power.


If I have an infection in my body, I pray, or someone prays for me, and an application of the power of God is made to the disease, and I heal. However, this is almost never supernaturally, never instantaneously.


It is always over a few-days period, just like if you have an infection and you take antibiotics, and it would take two or three days to heal. That is how long it would take me to heal.


The Holy Spirit and the power associated with it was healing me on the same level as antibiotics. It was not defensive. It was not defending me against the illnesses, or preventing the illnesses. I was still getting sick.


However, the Son is defensive. If you want to get to a place in Christ where you will not get sick, you have to birth the Son. Hallelujah.


I suggest to you (and there is no doubt in my mind) that Paul had birthed the Son, and that, that Son of God in the apostle Paul, had matured to a pretty high stature for a venomous beast to fasten on his wrist and for him to not be sick. This is what we are looking for.


I thank God for the Holy Spirit. He is the male element sent to fertilize us, and he comes with blessings, he comes with gifts. If you remember the story in the Book of Genesis of the servant being sent to get a wife for Isaac, he went with gifts.


The Holy Spirit comes with gifts, the gifts of the Spirit, and we are blessed by them, but we have to birth the Son. Hallelujah. Glory to God. If you want divine health, if you want eternal life, if you want all provision, you have to birth the Son. The Holy Spirit will not do it for you. Hallelujah.


It is not that God cannot do it. We have all these people in the church today, saying, Why not, why not, why not? It is not that God cannot do it, it is that God has drawn up a plan. He has said, such-and-such will occur from the thirty fold, and you will receive so many gifts when you receive the Holy Spirit, and you will receive such-and-such when you birth the Son. Hallelujah.


Of course, you know he can override that rule. You can cry out to Him, and He can have mercy, and He does it all the time. He has mercy all the time, but, by and large, this is the plan for the manifestation of the creation of God.


If you want to come to a place where you are standing outside of your truck and some plane decides to hit you, and you do not want that plane to hit you, you have to birth the Son.


I am not pulling any punches. I believe without a question of a doubt that the day is coming, that a plane could be heading right for our truck and we could prevent it from hitting us.


I am making a joke because there is somebody here whose truck was hit by a plane. This plane could be headed right for you, and the defensive anointing of the Son of God will rise up in you and deflect that plane. I declare to you that this is a reality. This is not a possibility, this is not a dream, this is real.


However, you do not tell a two-year old, Son, stand up and go chop down a tree. We have to get there in accordance with the growth process of the Lord. The first step to getting it is believing it, brethren.


I do not know if anybody here has any fear of being mugged. We are living in such a lawless age. I declare to you that when the Son in you has grown to whatever the specified stature is, if someone even comes near you, they will bounce off of you like they hit an electric socket.


I declare to you that this is the truth of the Lord God, and it is coming, because if it is coming forth publicly like this, then it is definitely going to happen. God never does anything without first telling his prophets. It is coming, brethren, it is coming. The day is coming that a virus enters into your blood stream and it drops dead, it is coming. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


Where did that come from?


We are back to Job 40, Verse 23, Behold, he drinketh up a river and he hasteth not. We found out that this means that he violently presses upon, and violates or fornicates with the life of God, which is the human spirit that he has been joined to. This is spiritual fornication, and he does it without any fear whatsoever. He is as bold as brass.


He trusteth that he can draw up Jordan into his mouth. Everybody has heard of Jordan. We have the river Jordan in the Old Testament. We have the river Jordan in the New Testament. The name Jordan is given to this river, because it is a river that descends.


The Hebrew word translated Jordan comes from a root that means to descend, to go downwards, to be cast down, to fall, as if to go down against one's will, to be sent to Hell. This is the word that is used to describe someone who is sent to hell. The type of the river Jordan in the Scripture is one of death.


We know that John was baptizing in the river Jordan, and that baptism is a type of death. Symbolically, we go down under the water, we die to the flesh and we come up, symbolically, a new creature in Christ Jesus. Then we wait for all the wonderful trials and tribulations that make it a reality. Glory to God. Why is everybody moaning and groaning? Piece of cake, people piece of cake. Hallelujah. Glory to God.


He trusteth that he can draw up Jordan into his mouth. The Hebrew word translated trusteth means to have confidence. For the Hebrew word translated draw, we, again, have a similar situation here, where with about fifty or sixty entries under the English word draw in Strong's, this is the only time the Hebrew word #1518 is translated draw.


What it really means is to issue forth from the womb, or to spring forth from a hiding place. It does not really mean to draw out. It really means to be birthed. The King James translators just could not deal with it so translated it draw. It means to be birthed. Hallelujah. Jordan, again, refers to the realm of death, the type of the river Jordan in the Scripture is one of death.


He trusteth that he can draw up Jordan... He has confidence that he can birth the realm of death....


The Hebrew word translated into is a preposition that is used of turning a direction. If you are going one way, and you turn around and you go the other way, that is the meaning of the Hebrew word into. It is Strong's #413. It does not have to mean that you are going into something. You are just going from one place to another place. It is a change of direction.


There are many translations for this Hebrew word translated mouth. I just picked out this one, and it means edge or border and it is used in the expression from one end to the other, from one edge, one end to the other. I have two Scriptures supporting that for you.


II Kings 10:21 says, And the house of Baal was full from one end to the other. KJV


That is the same word translated mouth.


II Kings 21:16 says, Moreover Manasseh shed innocent blood, very much, till he had filled Jerusalem, from one end to the other. KJV


The phrase from one end to the other, is the Hebrew word translated mouth


Job 40:23, Behold he drinketh up a river, and hasteth not; he trusteth that he can draw up Jordan into his mouth. KJV


Job 40;23, Alternate translation


He violently presses upon, and violates or fornicates with the life of God that he has been joined to, which is Euphrates, the human spirit, without any alarm or fear whatsoever. He hath confidence that he can birth the realm of death from one end of the creation to the other.




We have been saying for weeks that the human spirit reproduces whoever she copulates with. If you have a baby, it is going to look like the baby's father. It is not going look like Joe Blow down the street, right?


If the human spirit copulates with the Satanic realm, the world that we see is going to be a reflection of the Satanic realm. This is what we have today. This world is a reflection of the Satanic realm, which has been reproduced in the mind of man, the living soul that died.


If the Lord Jesus Christ emerges forth in the human spirit of men, He is going right into the same place where Satan has been fornicating with the mind of man and producing the Satanic realm. This Satanic realm, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is sustained from second to second. It is constantly being sustained by a continuous act of spiritual fornication.


This fornication continues on a regular basis to maintain this world as it is. The Lord Jesus Christ is going right into the human spirit, right into the life of the harlot. That is what He is doing. That is it, brethren. He is going right into bed with the harlot, and His Son is going to be birthed right in the midst of all of the corruption.


He cannot be perverted by the harlot. All you men could be perverted by the harlot, but Jesus Christ is not perverted by the harlot. He is going right in, and He is laying with her, and He is birthing His own life in there. That life will provide her with great spiritual power and destroy the Satanic realm, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, that is joined to the human spirit.


When this work is complete, what we know to be this world (which is pretty awful, it is pretty awful), is going to be a completely different place. We are not going to see what we see today. Hallelujah. That is something to really jump about. We do not have to get cleaned up first, brethren, He is going in right in the midst of our filth, and He is getting us out. Is that not great?


You do not have to be perfect. You do not have to be righteous. If you think that you are righteous outside of Jesus Christ, Jesus said, You say that you see, therefore your sin remaineth with you (John 9:41 KJV). If you think that you are righteous and that your righteousness proceeds forth from your ability to keep the law, Jesus Christ said that there is no deliverance for you, your sin remains with you.


Every man on the face of the earth needs the Son of God birthed in him. When I first got saved, I use to hear all this preaching, You have to get saved, you have to get saved. Then someone says, Why do I have to get saved? Why do I have to get saved?


You have to get saved because the Satanic realm is being reproduced in your soul and if it does not get you, it is going to get your children, and if it does not get your children, it is going to get your grandchildren, and if it does not get your grandchildren, it is going to get your great grandchildren.


The sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the children unto the third and the fourth generation. If you think you are okay, check yourself out for pride. Nobody is okay.


When the Son of God comes forth in the human spirit of every person on the face of the earth, it will truly be a utopia. There is no other way that this world is going to be a utopia. Men are trying, but they are going to fail.


I saw a movie the other night, Nuts. I do not know if anybody has seen it. It was excellent, but it was tragic.


I believe that all power is appointed by God; I believe in the police, and I believe in the courts, and I know that we could not survive without them. We have to have some kind of authority, but it is deficient, brethren. I would not want to get caught up in the authority system of this world. I would not want to be at the mercy of the authorities without Christ.


This is because they are just men (and when I say men, I mean, both men and women), and they are all mixed up. They are all mixed up in their heads, they do not know what is right. Their thoughts are not correct, and they get their own emotions all mixed up in it.


In the movie, they were going to put away this poor woman, possibly for sixteen years, without a trial because of the glitch in the law. Everyone wanted to do it. Her father wanted to do it, her mother wanted to do it, the prosecutor wanted to do it, and the lawyer that her father hired for her wanted to do it.


All she wanted was a trial, and she had to go through a hearing, fighting for her constitutional right for a trial. It is pretty frightening, brethren, pretty frightening. Everybody has their own ax to grind, and they almost pulled it off. Glory to God. The world would say she was lucky, but I say that someone said a prayer for her somewhere along the line, and she made it. Glory to God.


We are still in Job 40, and are now on Verse 24.


Job 40:24, He taketh it with his eyes: his nose pierceth through snares. (KJV)


There are many translations of this Hebrew word translated eyes. It is Strong's #5869, and the one that I picked out was passions. This is because we are dealing in symbols here. Amen. The Lord is speaking in parables, and we are dealing in deep spiritual truth. We not only have to translate the word, we have to find out what the symbol stands for. Hallelujah.


This is from Gesenius, and it says many passions of the mind, such as envy, pride, pity, desire, are manifest in the eyes. That which properly belongs to the persons themselves is often applied to the eyes.


What I am suggesting to you is that when the Holy Spirit uses the word eyes, He is really saying, the passions of the Satanic realm. The phrase is, He taketh it with his eyes. What does he take, what is he taking with his eyes? He is taking the human spirit, he is taking her for his own, and he is doing it with his passions.


We know that passions are what identify the soul realm. There is no passion in the realm of the spirit. Do you remember that we had a teaching on this recently? The realm of the spirit is even. There are no mountains, and there are no valleys. The mountains and the valleys are in the realm of the soul, up and down, happy, sad, mad, calm. That is the realm of the soul, and it does not exist in the realm of spirit.


The soul realm, the Satanic realm, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is raping at will and taking for his own the living soul that died, by joining to the human spirit at will. He is doing it through his passions.


I do not know if anybody here has experienced this yet (I know one or two of you have), but as we move on in God, and as we become spiritual people, we are finding out that people's emotions can reach out and touch us. If we are not aware of what is happening, they can manipulate us.


A lot of the people in the church world today get very upset when they hear a teaching like this, but I do not think there is any problem with the people here.


For anyone hearing this message, the purpose of the Son of God is not that we should live a life of torment, die and go to heaven, or live a life of torment and get raptured. That is not it. We are becoming spiritual men, we are evolving from a soul man to a spiritual man, and this takes place in the mind.


I know that there are people here that have experienced having strong emotion directed towards them. There was a time in their life when they had no understanding, that they would just do what they were commanded to do.


Now that we are moving on in God, the Lord is teaching us to discern every thought that comes into our mind and see from whence it comes. When we discern that the thought is not of God and we resist it, we have got a battle on our hands, brethren.


The most difficult part of the whole thing is, in most instances, the people that are sending out these spiritual communications to us, trying to manipulate us, do not even know that they are doing it. They do not even know that they are doing it.


In some instances, they know that they are doing it, and they are trying to control it, and they cannot. As believers moving on in God, the day has come, the hour has come for us to stop being manipulated by the living soul that died. We have to walk in the Spirit of God, we have to walk in the Spirit of God.


If a thought comes into our mind, we have to ask God, Is that Godly? We have to ask God, Is it coming from me, or is it coming from somebody else? Why do I feel this way? Why do I not want to do that? Why do I want to do that? Is it you Lord? Are you sure? If it is not, deliver me.


It is incredible what we have been going through for some two years now. In my case and in someone else's case that I know of, it has been going on for almost three years. As we move on with this training we are becoming spiritual people and are able to discern thoughts that are not ours.


There have been people that have tried to get us to come to a particular church and they have been praying psychic prayers. It registers in our mind as, Come , let us go to so and so's church. Where did the thought come from? If it came from God, you better get up and go, say goodbye to your pastor and leave. If it did not come from God, you better not go.


We are becoming spiritual people, and we have to start knowing people, not after the flesh, but after the spirit. We have to start discerning what is happening in our own minds and taking authority over every thought that is not from God.


I used to find myself getting very angry, and I would find out that it was not even my anger. It was someone else's anger that had entered into my mind through a soul tie, and it was an ungodly anger. I had to ask the Lord for spiritual power to fight it off. Every motive, every thought has to be isolated way before the action, and put under a microscope, discerned and, if it is not of God, destroyed. That is what we are coming to, because God wants to give us power.


If He gives us power and Joe Blow down the street beams a thought into our mind, Go kill my wife because I cannot stand her anymore, are we just going to rise up and respond to it? God is not going to permit that with the power of God. He is not going to permit it. Before we can get the power that has been promised in this ministry, the power that we are all waiting for, we have to take authority over every thought in our minds. Before we can take authority over them, we have to look at them.


We can no longer just act on what comes into our heads, because God has called us to a really exciting place, brethren. We have to take authority over our minds before he gives us power, or we will be going around killing people. We have to bless our enemies. Brethren, you have to bless your enemies. If you get mad at somebody, you will cause them to die. God does not want them to die, He wants them saved. The power is not coming yet.


Right now we have the Holy Spirit, and we have the gifts. God sometimes gives us healings, but not a hundred percent of the time. I cannot say to you, Come to my church and get healed. I cannot tell you that. I can say, Come here, and I will pray for you, it may be that God will heal you. Sometimes, we can heal and sometimes we can cast out evil spirits, but the day is coming that it is not going to be sometimes. It is going to be all the time. Before that happens, our head has to get straight.


We cannot have some spirit of witchcraft hooking in there, laying hold of the power of God that God has given us and using it for some evil work. He will not tolerate it, He will not tolerate it, brethren. He will not tolerate it. The living soul is being snared by the Satanic realm by means of passions. We have to lay hold of our passions. Glory to God.


Job 40:24, He taketh it with his eyes: his nose pierceth through snares. (KJV)


The Hebrew word translated nose is the member through which one breaths and, hence, the nose. The word itself does not mean nose. It means the member through which one breaths, and, hence, it means the nose.


According to the Hebrew, it can also mean anger, because when one becomes angry, very often their nostrils flair, and they start to breathe heavily. This is in the Hebrew. This is the word that is used to describe anger. Glory to God.


Deuteronomy 32:22 says, For a fire is kindled in my anger, and shall burn into the lowest Hell. KJV


That word translated anger is the same word translated nose. It is Strong's #639, and Webster's definition of the word anger is a general term for the emotional reaction to extreme displeasure. It is an emotional reaction to extreme displeasure. We have to take our emotions captive. I cannot be walking around with the power to kill you, and get mad at you because you hit my car. No way, brethren, not a chance.


The Hebrew word translated pierceth means to puncture or to strike through. We have had teachings over the last couple of months on striking through. We have said that we are striking through the spiritual veil into the realm of the spirit. We have also found out that when the Son of God was made into a man, He struck through the spiritual veil into the realm of appearance. There is a veil that is being pierced here.


The Hebrew word translated snares means a noose through which wild beasts are caught. We know who the wild beast is. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is the wild beast, and he is supposed to be restrained. He is the fill for the creation.


He is the junk that you fill in, like the foam rubber that you stick in between the two pieces of fabric. Satan is like the foam rubber that you stick in your pillows. He is the fill and he is caught in a snare like the wild animal that he is, but he wants to get out. He wants to get out. Glory to God.


This is very interesting. This word translated snare is Strong's #4170, and Gesenius says, See #4157. I do not know where this comes from, but it is in Gesenius. I looked up #4157, and that is the Hebrew word for myrrh, the herb, myrrh. What Gesenius has to say about it is that myrrh is called so from its flowing down, it exudes from a tree.


It exudes and oozes out from a tree that grows in Arabia, after it pierces the bark. It literally pierces the bark, and it oozes out, and after it oozes out, it hardens, and it forms a bitter gum which is very valuable.


There is some liquid inside of this tree, and it oozes out through the bark. The bark is likened unto our body. The bark holds the insides of the tree in, just like our body holds in all our organs, but this gum oozes out. When it gets to the outer realms, it becomes hard.


Webster's says, A gum is a substance of plants that is jelly-like when it is moist, but it hardens on drying. It is made up of a salt of complex, organic acids. We are made up of complex organic acids. I really believe that this is the word of the Lord saying that the snare is the noose that was holding the wild beast.


He wants to pierce through or he has already done it. He pierced through into the realm of appearance, and he oozed through the restraint that God had placed around him. What was the restraint that God had placed around him? We have the Son of God propelled into the earth, buried under the earth. Then we had the imputed anointing circulating around him, encompassing the living soul.


I am suggesting to you that the Satanic realm pierced through the imputed anointing into the realm of appearance in a liquid form because he was spirit, and after he pierced through, he became hard. That is the spiritual development of these thick bodies that we have.


He pierced through the imputed anointing. The imputed anointing is not infallible. Remember, it is not defensive, it is not defensive, it is curative. It did not stop him, he penetrated the imputed anointing.


I will give you an Alternate Translation on that.


Job 40: 24, He taketh it with his eyes, his nose pierceth through snares. KJV


Job 40: 24, Alternate Translation


He takes the reproductive parts of the creation for himself with his passions. His anger strikes through that which restrains him, and he breaks forth into the realm of appearance and hardens into a solid covering for the living soul.


He is a wild beast filled with rage, and anger, and passion. He pierced through the veil into the natural realm and became hard. I draw your attention to an earlier tape where we studied Zechariah, Chapter 5, Verses 7-8. I would like to read that for you, again.


Zechariah 5:7-8


And behold there was lifted up a talent of lead: and this is a woman that sitteth in the midst of the ephah. And he said, This is wickedness. And he cast it into the midst of the ephah; and he cast the weight of lead upon the mouth thereof. KJV


In this study, God showed us that this was the living soul locked inside a body of lead, a base metal, through which light cannot penetrate. We are told in Isaiah that The darkness covered the earth, and gross darkness the people.


The living soul, locked inside these thick bodies, is in total darkness. There is darkness within us, and darkness without us, until the Holy Spirit comes and penetrates our heart. That is our condition, and God has just revealed to us how this happened. Glory to God.


As we close it out for you tonight, I just want to remind you that this study in Job is to establish that the beast of the field from Genesis 2 is the collective herd or the collective body of mankind. God just created one living soul and broke it down into many members or many parts which we see across the face of the earth today, and it is His intention to live in all of us. The word tree is used very frequently in the Scripture to describe man. If you just look around at the trees during the day or if you get to an area where there are a lot of trees, clumps of trees, there is a definite and distinct separation at the trunk, but if you look up into the tree tops, the leaves touch. If you are in a forest, if you are in a place where there is a heavy population of trees, you cannot tell where one tree starts and another tree lets off.


My point to you is that we are joined in the realm of the spirit. We are individual members, we are separate bodies in the natural. We have our own bodies, but in the realm of the soul, we are one, and in the realm of the spirit, we are one. We are the trees. We are rooted in the earth individually, but spiritually we are one. God created one living soul, he will marry that living soul, and He is doing it a piece at a time. This is His plan. Gory to God.


I know a lot of believers stumble at the fact that the Lord created one living soul. I have seen a lot of people stumble. They have a problem with that. They look at all the individuals and they say, How could you say that? Just give them the example of the body of Christ, it is the same thing. We are a many-membered body of Christ, and we are a many-membered living soul, separate in the natural, and one in the spirit. That is the way God set it up. I do not know why, but that is the way it is. Glory to God. Do you have a question?


COMMENT: Did you say that the willow tree is the same as a dogwood tree?


PASTOR VITALE: That is what Gesenius said. It said that a willow tree is a dogwood tree, and that the twigs from this tree are pliable and are used for basket weaving. That is what Gesenius said.


Sometimes trees have more than one name. XXXX and I use a lot of herbs for healing and someone told her once to use a particular herb. She was running all over looking for the herb, and she could not find it. She later found out that the particular herb had more than one name and she had it in the house all the time. That is very common.


COMMENT: Not audible.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, We know that Jesus Christ is our surety. Is He not? If I were to co-sign a note for you, technically what I have done is stand in for you. If I sign an automobile note for you, and you decide not to make the payments, do you know that they will not go after you, they would come after me? When I co-sign a note for you, there is an exchange of the obligation.


You can have an excellent job, with ten thousand dollars in the bank, and owe five thousand dollars on a car loan, and they will not go after you if you default on your payments. I could have nothing in the bank, and have a measly job, they are going to come after me and garnish my salary. That is the way it works. When I co-sign a note for you, there is an exchange of the obligation. Even though you are making the payments, I am on the hook. That is the way it works.


This word willow, Strong's #6155 is from the root word Strong's #6148, arab and one of the meanings is to be security, as a kind of exchange and also to intermix, braid or to weave through. What it suggested to me was that the Son of God left the high realms of the spirit, and he became the base or the foundation for the basket.


He permitted himself to have the whitish fill that God created for the specific purpose of giving bulk to the creation, to be joined to Him. He permitted it to be literally interwoven with his spiritual being. Can you imagine the humiliation, can you just imagine this? I cannot even imagine it. Indeed there was an exchange, there was an exchange. He literally gave his authority to the Satanic realms, the unconscious part of the carnal mind.


I believe God knew what was going to happen. I do not believe God was surprised. There was an exchange. He gave his authority to the Satanic realm, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, for a season, because God wanted the living soul to multiply, and He wanted the fill to do a real good job. Some of us have more fill than others have.


I believe that God knew it was going to happen. I believe that He was not surprised at all. He also knew that when he announced to fallen adam that it was time to give up his dominion because Christ wants to rule in the Garden, that fallen adam would fight. God knew the whole thing. Hallelujah. Did I answer your question? Is there anybody else?


COMMENT: Not audible.


PASTOR VITALE: That was on last week's message, on Sunday morning's message, and one of the Scripture references was in the book of Revelation where they are talking about the four horsemen.


Revelation 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. KJV


The fourth horseman is death and he rode on a pale horse, and hell followed after him. That word pale in the Greek is really pale green.


It is pale green, and there is another reference in Zechariah, where Zechariah talks about the horses. It is a similar Scripture, it is the same thing. One of the colors of the horses in the Hebrew language also means pale green. We are told in the book of Revelation that he who rode on the horse was Death. Did that answer your question?


COMMENT: Not audible.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, I believe that when the Son of God was made into a man and lost all spiritual power, he became the Serpent. I believe that while this happened, his Father remained in the heavenlies in full spiritual authority.


What happened was the Father broke a piece of himself off which was the Son, and buried him in the earth. He lost all spiritual authority and the creeping, crawling thing that was in the earth, that was interwoven with him, overtook him because he did not have his spiritual authority, and he became the Serpent. Man is the Serpent. Hallelujah.


COMMENT: Not audible.


PASTOR VITALE: I do not believe eating unclean foods causes demons to come into you. You could take what the Scriptures say about unclean animals on two levels, natural and spiritual. There is natural food that is unclean, and there is spiritual food that is unclean.


I believe that everything in the Old Testament is there so that we can understand spiritual things, and I believe that unclean animals are a type of unclean spiritual food. I know this in no uncertain terms. I do watch movies, I am not religious, I do watch movies, but I am very careful about what I watch because I have experienced demons being birthed in my mind from watching ungodly movies.


I went through a period where I was watching a lot of movies, and the Lord gave me a dream and He told me that I was about to be violated if I did not stop. I had to go for deliverance. If I did not get deliverance right then, real damage would have been done to me.


We have spiritual food, and our spiritual food is taken in through our eyes and through our ears. If we observe or speak about unclean things, I believe it can birth evil spirits in us. We have talked about this before. That means, I am fornicating with it. If I am fornicating with an unclean thought, I am going to birth the spirit. Demons do not come into you from flying in the sky.


As far as eating unclean food is concerned, God showed me something very interesting about that. I do not know exactly how it works. I have two answers for that. I believe that we are physical people, and I do the best I can to stay away from pork, because I do not believe it is good for you. The doctors of this world, and the nutritionist of this world tell you that it is not good for you.


However, I do not get religious about it. I do not think I am going to lose my salvation if I eat it. Between you and me, I love bacon, I really do, and do eat it from time to time, but I know that it is not good for me; I believe that there is a truth there. If I had all the discipline that I would love to have, I would not eat it, but it tastes so good.


God showed me something about it that was very interesting. Did you ever hear the expression, You are what you eat? I really think there is a truth to it, and the Lord had shown me that nations that eat a lot of pork are very aggressive nations. I never knew this, but pigs are very aggressive animals.


Do you remember when that fellow's pig ate that turkey whole? Do you know who I am talking about? He had a farm, and he had a couple of pigs there, and the turkeys broke through the stall, and this pig swallowed down that bird whole. That was the end of their thanksgiving dinner. He went gulp and that was it. Pigs eat flesh, they are aggressive animals.


You can say, yea or nay, but I believe that God told me that. Do a study on the war-mongering nations, and you would find that usually they eat a lot of pork. I believe there is something to that, but you just do the best you can. None of us have full control over our flesh. I wish I did, but I do not, and bacon is so good. I have not had a pork chop in a long time, but bacon, that really gets me.


I want to give you another witness to what I said to you about man being the Serpent. One of the witnesses is in Isaiah. We are told about the Seraphim. Are you familiar with the Seraphim? They are angels that surround the throne of God that have wings, and they are fiery, flying serpents.


It is the same word that is translated Serpent when Moses lifted up the Serpent in the wilderness. It is the same word. He lifted up a Serpent in the wilderness, and the translation is fiery, flying Serpent. If you do the whole study back to its root, you will find out that it is glorified man. It is man who was the Serpent, and who has been elevated back up into the heavenlies.


He has received wings, which is the sign that he is flying in the heavenlies again, and he is serving God. He is surrounding the throne of God because God is going to dwell in us. We are the temple of the Holy Ghost, and we are going to surround God. We are the Serpent, but we are going to be the fiery, flying Serpent. Glory to God. Hallelujah.


COMMENT: Not audible.


PASTOR VITALE: Brethren, I believe that the human spirit returns, I believe it returns, the human spirit returns. Please listen to what I am saying. I do not believe in reincarnation. Reincarnation is demonic. Reincarnation is the doctrine of the perfection of the soul. By good works Reincarnation says that if someone should die, that person will be born again in another body, and that one can meet them and recognize them. I do not believe that.


COMMENT: Not audible.


PASTOR VITALE: No, that is transmigration. I do not believe that, and it is a tremendous perversion. Reincarnation is a tremendous perversion. It is based on the theory of karma which is a doctrine of works. It says that what you do in this lifetime determines what you will be in the next lifetime, and that you keep coming back until you get it right.


I do not believe any of this. O God, I just hope no one twists my words. I do not believe in it, do you hear me? I do not believe in it. I believe that the human spirit does return, and it returns under the full authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is bringing it to perfection, to a mature spiritual man. There is no way of recognizing the human spirit that has returned, or meeting people who had lived previously. There is none of that junk, none of that junk.


I do believe that the Lord Jesus Christ is being perfected. He is the one in the earth that is being perfected, and the perfection takes place in the flesh, and these bodies wear out. They wear out. He needs a new body, and he is being perfected in the many parts which we are. It is not even a question of the body wearing out. We have to have many different experiences.


COMMENT: Not audible.


PASTOR VITALE: This man is right up to the line. I read in several of his books that he believes the processing continues after death. Did you read his books where he said that? He says it, he says it, and if you do not believe me, write to him. He says it, he says it in several of his books, that he believes that the processing continues after death.


His greatest example is Moses appearing on the Mount of Transfiguration. He says, Moses was refused entrance into the promised land, so how did he get to be in glory on the Mount of Transfiguration? He draws the conclusion that, apparently, the processing continued after death.


Then I have also read in his books where he says that we have to have all kinds of experiences to come into perfection. You have to experience being a man, and you have to experience being a woman. How could you be a man and be a woman if you only have one lifetime in the flesh. He apparently has rationalized this by believing that all of this continues after you die.


I suggest to you that all processing is in the flesh, and I do not really have any word on what I am about to say, so do not take this too seriously. I have not heard from God on this at all, but I believe when the body dies, if you are not saved, the soul goes back to the dust, because the soul that sinneth must die. When the body dies, the soul dies, but the spirit belongs to the Lord, and the spirit goes back to the Father.


The spirit goes back to the Father, and it just waits there until God gives it another opportunity for its next learning experience. This is a spark of life. If you study the Hebrew mystics (maybe mystics is not a good choice of a word), the ancient Jews that were spiritual (that is a better choice of words), they believed in the spark of life that goes from life to life. They believe in it.


If you read the Zohar or if you study the ancient Hebrew books, they have this revelation, but please do not misunderstand me. It is not reincarnation, there is no reincarnation of the personality, there is certainly no karma. God will send you to experience this, and then he will send you to experience that.








Today I understand that karma is a Hindu name for Jehovah's Righteous Sowing & Reaping Judgment. I also understand that the Sowing & Reaping Judgment is manifested from generation to generation.


Deut 5:9


9 Thou shalt not bow down thyself unto them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me, KJV


Message Continued


Let us look at our natural example, let us look at our children. Our children grow up, they are infants, they are toddlers, they are school age children, they are teenagers, they are young married adults, they are parents, they are grandparents. All of these are really almost separate lifetimes, separate aspects of their life. When you put them all together you have a spiritual lifetime.


I am suggesting to you, that this is an example for us to understand what happens in the spirit. In the spirit, God lets us have many experiences, and He puts them all together. When we get to the end of the journey, we are a spiritual man, we are a spiritual man. Do you know what I am talking about?


We are going to be a spiritual man in the earth, glorified like Jesus Christ at the end of the whole processing, and we have to have all of these experiences. Do you really think that we could experience everything that we have to experience to be like Jesus Christ, in one lifetime?


Try to put aside all of the fears that have been imparted to you from the church world, that would make you terrified of any conversation like this. It does not even make any sense. I have a few examples for this, but my best example is, the Mount of Transfiguration. I studied this very carefully, and I really believe that Moses and Elijah were incarnations of Jesus Christ.


If you study the account of what happened on the Mount of Transfiguration and you study with an Interlinear text, what it is really saying is that Jesus took Peter, James, and John to a secret place, and He glistened. His spiritual substance emanated forth from him. What happened? He showed them the truth of His spiritual life.


He stripped away the flesh, or He went beyond the flesh. We have talked about how the mountains, the spiritual life, can go beyond the flesh. He stripped away the hiding place that He was hidden in, in His body, and showed Peter, James, and John the truth of His spiritual life.


I believe that He lived as Elijah who had no beginning and no end. Elijah had no beginning and no end. There is no mother and no father. We do not know anything about Elijah. He did not even die, he just went up in a whirlwind.


COMMENT: Not audible.


PASTOR VITALE: I am sorry, what did you say? Enoch too? Right, but in this particular account, it was Elijah, and Moses that appeared.


I believe that He was saying to these three apostles or disciples, It is a spiritual lifetime; I was Elijah and I was Moses and this is the end of My journey. I am going to the cross and My body is going to be crucified, and I am going to be glorified. The Scripture says that they could not keep their eyes open, they could not keep their eyes open. I suggest to you that the Holy Ghost was not talking about natural sleep. Paul says, You cannot understand because you are still sleeping. Are you familiar with those Scriptures?


Paul says, You cannot understand because you are still sleeping. Awake to righteousness. Everybody in the natural realm is sleeping. God put Adam to sleep, and we are just beginning to be awakened now. When the Scripture says that Peter, James, and John could not keep their eyes open, it means that they could not comprehend what he was saying to them.


They became very frightened. It has been my experience that a lot of people that I tell this to (and I do not tell many people) have gotten very upset with me. They get frightened. Everyone here seems okay. There is nothing to be afraid of. If I am wrong, God is going to deliver you.


I will pray for you right now in your seat; you pray for yourself also. There is no reason to be afraid. If I am wrong, God will show me I am wrong. Do not be afraid, pray about it.



Father, if this is not true, do not let them be hurt by it. Tell them the truth because the truth is going to set them free. Amen.




Also in the account of the Mount of Transfiguration, the Father said to the disciples, This is my beloved Son, believe ye Him. Believe what? If you are reading this Scripture carnally, Jesus turned white and glistening, and Moses appeared and Elijah appeared. The disciples could not deal with it, and one of them wanted to build tabernacles. They did not know what to do. Man always wants to do something. Just sit still and let God do it.


They did not believe Him, they were frightened, so the Father appeared. Where did the Father come from? Did he come flying like a big bird out of the sky? Where was the Father, where was the Father? Jesus said, I and the Father are one. The Father said, This is my beloved Son, hear him. Where did He come from, outer space?


It says that there was a cloud that overshadowed them, a voice came out of the cloud. It came from within Jesus. The Father spoke it out of Jesus. He said, Believe ye my son. If you had spiritual discernment and you knew the anointing was manifesting in Jesus, you knew it was the Father speaking.


Believe what? Is it to believe that Jesus was going to the cross? No, no, no, no. Believe that the lifetime of the Son of God that we know as Jesus Christ of Nazareth, was the end of a long journey. That personality, the soul life, of Jesus Christ of Nazareth was the end of a long journey.


Believe that the Son of God had made it through the earth, and the journey was going to end in His glorification -- when His body was glorified, and He ascended to the Father, and was poured out by His Holy Spirit upon the earth; and that the Father was doing the same thing in us that He did in Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


I cannot promise you brethren, but it really looks like those of us that are called to a ministry like this are at the end of the line. God does not do it unless He tells you about it, and He does not tell you about it and give you understanding if He is not about to do it.


It has to come to the end of the line sooner or later, so why not now? Maybe this is the end of our line, and that this is the lifetime in which we are going to be glorified. I am just telling you it is a possibility that we are at the end of the age.


COMMENT: Not audible.


PASTOR VITALE: It is just our spirit. Do you understand what I said? Please do not go home and say that Pastor Vitale believes in reincarnation. As I said that, God quickened it to me in a way that I would like to share with you that should help everyone understand.


What is being perfected is the Son of God. Jesus Christ is being perfected. He has broken Himself into many parts and placed His life in our personality and our vessel, so that He could be perfected. It is not us. It is Him. He is being perfected. He is learning how to live in the realm of appearance.


Remember the recent teaching that He is being injected into the earth to subdue the earth? Our soul is the earth. There were occasions in His spiritual lifetime when the soul rose up and consumed the Son of God. When this happened, God destroyed the bodies, and He destroyed the soul. This happened just before the flood.


He said, Come home children, you did not make it. You were out there doing homosexuality and every other kind of garbage. Get out of those bodies and come home. Remember, Jesus is building a creation. Jesus said, I am the salt of the earth. He has the spark of life. That is, His spirit. The next step is to wrap the soul around it, and then the body.


The reason the soul dies in an unsaved person is that the spark of life of the spirit of God has not subdued the soul and prevented it from sinning, and the soul that sins must die (Ez. 18:20).


As the spark of life, which is Jesus Christ, begins to subdue the earth, He is preserving the earth. He is obviously subduing the earth in us, He is moving along, and has a lot of victory in people in this kind of a ministry. If we should die before perfection, the Spirit of God, as the salt of the earth, is preserving the earth....


I do not have the exact answer as to what happens to those of us here. We are moving on in God, but we are not perfected yet. I cannot tell you exactly what happens; I do not know how it works. Maybe a piece of the soul goes with it.


When Jesus died on the cross, and the thief said to him, Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom, Jesus said to him, Today shalt thou be with me in paradise (Lk. 23:43).


I know Bill Britton has a book on this that says that Jesus Christ was up there with two men; the one that did not repent typified Satan, and the one that did repent typified Adam or the soul. Bill Britton has a book on this.


Jesus said to the one that repented, This day you will be with me in paradise. Why? Because Jesus Christ who overcame was taking his soul with him to the spiritual realm of God. At that point, He had just done it for one member of His body. He is going to do it for every last one of us. He is going to be the salt of our earth, and He is going to bring us back into the spiritual realm of God.


Do you remember that before the original creation fell, God imputed His anointing to it, and it was fastened and secured. It was fastened securely in the spiritual realm of God where there was all provision. Do you remember that teaching? Then God told us that witchcraft loosened us from the spiritual realm of God, and we fell down to the earth.


We are going back up there again, our soul is going back up there again. Our soul is going to be back in the Garden of Eden which is the spiritual realm of God, fastened securely by the Christ who had been birthed in us. This time it is going to be permanent. It is going to be the imparted anointing. Our souls are going with Him.


For someone in our position, I cannot tell you, I really do not know whether the soul goes with the spirit in layers or what. I really do not know. I have asked Him, He has not told me yet. Glory to God.


COMMENT: Not audible.


PASTOR VITALE: The Lord just gave me something on that recently, the Sons of God. If you study that in the Hebrew, the word is really not sons. It really means offspring. That Scripture means, The offspring of God was fornicating with the daughters of men (Gen. 6:2). I really believe it was something spiritual.


This is just off the cuff. I think it probably meant this. The living soul is the Son of God. Satan, is also a part of the living soul, so what is taking place.i is spiritual fornication. You see, no one was supposed to fertilize the living soul except God.


Adam was supposed to be protecting the reproductive part and saving it for God, but the sons, the children of God, which was the spiritual realm in the living soul, was fertilizing the living soul illegally. I believe that is what it was. The living soul itself rose up and fornicated within itself, and this is spiritual incest.


This was a good night. Glory to God. Anybody else?


COMMENT: Not audible.


PASTOR VITALE: It is in your mind. Remember, we had this teaching that hell is a place that is hidden. It is a place that is hidden, and the spirit that God is perfecting is hidden inside of you.


The torment is everything that we all go through. The spark of God that is in you is hidden in your soul and in your body, and He is in torment because the soul realm has authority over him. Do you remember we said that to be in the soul realm is to be in a place of spiritual weakness? The Son of God that is buried in your soul, which is in your body, is in hell, because I do not think you are perfected yet. Are you perfected yet? No, I do not think so.


Your soul realm has a lot of authority, and when you suffer, it is because your spiritual man has failed to take the victory in that area. If you are envious, your spirit man has failed to destroy the envy rising up in you. It has failed to rise up and say, Envy is sin, I rebuke you, get down underfoot. Your spirit man is not strong enough to do that, and that is a manifestation of hell. Spiritual weakness is hell.


We are going to stand up in spiritual power, and our spiritual power is in the emerging Christ. He is going to be birthed in us and grow up in us and become one with us. When He stands up in spiritual power, we stand up with Him. That means that no matter what our soul says or does, it cannot hurt us, because we are able to take authority over it.


That is how small the life on the realm of the soul is, to an erect, spiritual man. It cannot hurt him. The only reason that we are hurting, brethren, is because we have lost our spiritual authority, and we are weak. That is the only reason that we have problems. The soul realm is the soul realm, it is not going to change. A child is a child. You cannot say to a little child, I want you to stop hitting your sister. He is not going to stop, he is going to thumb his nose at you.


He is not going to stop, so his mother paddles him and he stops for that day. He wakes up the next morning, and he has his oatmeal and goes out, and he punches his sister again. Brethren, the demons are not going to stop. What is going to happen is they are going to come under the authority of that paddle that is coming forth in you. That is what is going to happen. They are not going to change.


That is their character, that is their nature, evil. That is the substance that they are made of, evil. They have gotten out of hand because there was no man to till the Garden, but Jesus is coming to do that.


That is why He does not hate man, no matter what we do. He hates the sin, but He does not hate us. He knows we are weak, and He is coming into us to make us strong. You take a kid, and you get him by the back of the neck, and you swat him. You do not let him burn you at the stake. Glory to God. That is the size of it.


I know God has birthed this in me, and it has been such a blessing to me. No matter what somebody does to me, I have seen them as spiritually immature. It is a gift He has given me. They just do not know what they are doing. It is so easy to pray for them when you get this revelation.


They just do not know what they are doing, and they respond to your love, they really do, but you cannot love them when you are down there in the mud with them. You have to be on your way up.


Let me just tell you, in closing, what God told me this afternoon. I have mentioned that sitting up in a bed is a half-way risen position. The Lord told me that when you are sitting up in a bed, your reproductive parts are still laying down, so you are still fornicating, you are still fornicating.


Is there anybody else? I just bless you. This was a real blessing. I had such a crazy day today, I was so exhausted when I walked in here. I did not know what was going to happen at this meeting, but God is very faithful.




I thank you and bless you all. May all of this be quickened to you. If it is error, may you be saved from it, and if it is the truth, may it be engrafted into your soul. May Jesus Christ be glorified in all of you, and may His life proceed forth from you. Glory to God.



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