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When God starts making a change in your life, He starts with your rational thought, and you may find, or you may already have experienced that first He changes your mind. Your emotions frequently lag behind the change in your mind. Then you find yourself in a battle. This is what you went through today. You find yourself in a battle with your mind, you are thinking in a particular area, your mind is thinking like Christ, but your emotions want to do it another way.


What are we saying? Your emotions want you to do another thing. I guess this is my entrance into the first message that the Lord has given us tonight. I am not going to refer to the Scripture too much, but my text is Daniel 8, Verse 5. I am sure I will get to preach the Daniel message, but right now I have a little exhortation, or whatever God makes out of it, on multiple personalities.


He has told me that the big problem that is raging in this country today, one of the big problems raging in the country, both in the church, and out of the church is compulsive disorder that manifests itself in many different ways. Anybody that knows anything about compulsive disorder knows that a primary characteristic of a person that has a problem with a compulsive disorder is that they are in what the world has coined the phrase, "They are in denial."


The Lord has showed me that denial is a lesser manifestation of multiple personalities. He has given me a little diagram on how it works so that the body of Christ can be edified. I am going to try to bring it forth for you. I only have a vague sketch in my mind, but sometimes He does this to me. I will see what comes out as I am teaching it. I will just read the text that He gave me for it. Oh, I am sorry, I think I gave you Daniel 8:5, but that is the wrong Scripture.


Actually, it is starting with Daniel 8:5 but the actual Scripture about the multiple personalities is Daniel 8:8. It says "Therefore the he goat waxed very great: and when he was strong, the great horn was broken; and for it came up four notable ones toward the four winds of heaven." I am going to start this teaching about a secular case of multiple personality. It is a movie. If you would like to take it out, I got it out of my library. It is a VCR tape, and it is called, "The Five of Me."


It is the case of a man, an unsaved man, who had five different personalities. He did not know it. He was tormented for years until he wound up in jail and was taken to a prison psychiatrist who diagnosed him with multiple personalities. Just to start off, I want to give you a sketch. He was a seven year old boy, and he had an abusive father. Multiple personalities, it is my understanding, almost always result from abuse in childhood to the degree that the child cannot deal with the fact that the one that has been put on the earth to protect him, raise him, nourish him, and love him is threatening him to such a point that he cannot deal with it.


Now this little boy, I am not going to use names, even though it is in the movie. I am just going to say "a seven year old." He had a crazy father who continuously threatened to castrate him. At one point, the father went after him with a razor threatening to castrate him. The little boy ran up the stairs and into the shower. He hid behind the shower, and the only way he could think of dealing with this problem was to go to sleep. He went to sleep literally and spiritually. This little seven year old boy ceased to be.


In his place rose up three personalities over a period of years. There was a child in the adult. Now, he physically matured to an adult male. The movie does not give me any more information from the time he fell asleep until he became an adult male. As an adult male, he had evolved into three personalities. One was a child in the adult male that was probably about seven years old.


Then he has a positive personality, a man that had a good job. He was educated, he was respectful, he was calm, he was meek, and he was a good citizen. Let me call him that, let me call him "the good citizen." This was the primary personality, the good citizen. Then he had a social dropout, alcoholic, the criminal, the woman beater, the total social outcast. I will call him "the social outcast."


The good citizen was the one that was manifesting most of the time. I want to emphasize that under stress one of the other personalities came out. It was always under stress. Why? Because deep in his heart, he desired to be a good citizen. Under stress, now remember when his father was chasing him up the stairs threatening to castrate him, he was under stress, and he went to sleep. He could not deal with it so he went to sleep.


He went to sleep, and he never woke up. Physically he woke up, but the seven year old child went to sleep. I remind you that Adam went to sleep in the Garden. We will get back to that in a minute. The child is in an adult male, he would black out, he would not remember, he would come home, and he would see planes, trucks, and trains all over the house. He would get very upset, because he had never heard of multiple personalities. I guess he thought he was going nuts.


Again, under stress the social outcast would come out. He was what the psychiatrist would call a social outcast, totally without conscience, hateful, trouble making, drinking, brawling, beating up on woman, a really bad person, if there is such a thing as a bad person. I think there is. A lot of people get mad at me when I say things like that, but I think that we are called by our overall personality. I do not think that anyone is all good except Jesus, of course. I do not think that anyone is all bad.


I think that if we are primarily a social outcast doing bad things, hurting people, robbing, beating up, killing people, I feel free in saying that is a bad person, in God, with the potential to be restored. If you are a bad person, you should go to jail when you do these things. I think that there are some crimes that you are bad enough to be executed. That is a dirty word today, but I dare to say it. Some people are bad.


The same thing happened to the creation. When the creation was good, its name was Christ. When the creation fell, God changed its name to Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind.


We know that Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, is the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Some people do some very good works in this society, some people dedicate their whole lives in doing good works. The overall personality of the whole living soul that died is bad. I am sorry, but in relationship to Jesus, we are bad. In Christ, we have the potential to be restored.


Now we have four personalities, and I said this man had five. Let me put it in at this point, the treatment for multiple personalities, which the world believes in, and that God has told me several years ago, because from time to time He brings some one with multiple personalities into my life. What is going to be in the future, I do not know, but I have had several people that He has sent to me already.


The first one I utterly failed to help, because I could not comprehend the problem. I knew God told me she had multiple personalities, and she confessed that she knew, and I could not even deal with it. She left the ministry a long time ago.


Since then He has bought several people with varying degrees of multiple personalities to me. Let me say at this point, according to the psychiatrists, the diagnosis of multiple personalities, to fulfil that diagnosis, you must have separate personalities that are so separate that when one comes up the others block each other, and they do not know each other.


This man would find the trucks, and he would get upset. He did not know that he had a seven year old child living in his thirty year old body.


What we are going to be talking about in a little while is that God has been showing me that there are lesser degrees of this, that no psychiatrist would agree with me, but this is for the church. The psychiatrists would agree that it happens, but he would not call it a multiple personality. We have people that have different aspects of their personality that are so different that, for all intents and purposes, it is a minor manifestation of a multiple personality, that instead of blacking out completely and forgetting that he went into the store.


He said in the movie he was in the city. He passed a toy store, he saw all these boats and trains. The last thing he remembers was looking in the window. Then the child came up. Apparently, he went and bought all of this stuff. When he came back to being the good citizen, he had no recollection of buying this stuff. In a minor manifestation of a multiple personality which we will call denial. All these characters had different names, one was Johnny, this guy was Dana, one guy was Henry, they all had different names.


In denial we do not have different names, and we do not black out. We do not lose what we did for five hours, we know where we have been, we do not lose memory, we do not lose time. Our personality changes radically, and what is the cause? It roots back to self defense. It roots back to some point in our life that we were so threatened, so frightened... The movie did not make it clear whether this boy was ever really hurt or not. I do not think that the father ever cut him. He was just scared, he was terrified.


It dates back to a point in our life where we have been so terrified of harm being done to us that we have spiritually gone to sleep and separated out into several of the personalities. One of which is always aggressive, to deal with the problem, because we are a person that is never strong enough, or could never deal with this life-threatening situation. We raise up a personality that is going to be very aggressive to fight off that harm. That is the root of it.


COMMENT: Could this happen to a person, would you say, perhaps if they lose their father as an eight years old? Could that happen?


PASTOR VITALE: I do not see why not. The root is stress. Off hand, I would say yes. When you go to school to become a psychiatrist, you read what they call a medical... you pour through books of medical history. I do not have that to offer you today, I cannot tell you that I spent hours going through medical books reading about case histories. It certainly sounds right to me.


I am just asking the Lord... are you following me? I feel like I am all over the place today. The fifth personality...


COMMENT: Inaudible.. and the child the same?




COMMENT: I guess I have lost you. I can only see four. I mean I can only see three.


PASTOR VITALE: One personality was a seven year old in an adult body. This is a seven year old in a seven year old body. He split at seven years old, and several years later...I do not have any more information than that. We have the good citizen and two hidden personalities under the good citizen.


By the time he is old enough to be a good citizen, he is not supposed to be a child any more.


COMMENT: From what I can see, it only looks like three.


PASTOR VITALE: Please do me a favor pick up the mike.


COMMENT: I guess I only see it as three, because seven years, he is passed that. Does he still go back to that, another seven year old child?


PASTOR VITALE: This is a child in the adult body. Are you following me?


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: Are you following me?


COMMENT: You said four.


PASTOR VITALE: No, I said five. I see what is confusing you. You are thinking five at one time.




PASTOR VITALE: No, five over his lifetime. This seven year old, instead of maturing into one mature adult, broke down into three. Normally, we mature into one adult. He broke down into three. Thank you Jesus. Established medical doctrine will tell you that there is one cure for this. This is what God told me the cure for it was when I tried to minister to that first woman, and so terribly failed so many years ago.


There is only one cure, and it is called fusion. All three of these personalities must become integrated. A healthy maturation for any child is into one complete adult. What is really interesting about this is that it really goes right into what I have been teaching about the spiritual lifetime. I even have it on one tape that we are all the immaturity of Christ. In His maturity, all of us have to be integrated into His mature self.


If you are fifty years old, and you have your thirty year old person manifesting in your life, you have got a problem. Anyone that is sophisticated will tell you, especially if you have a five year old manifesting in you, it is not healthy that, that five year old has to die and yield its members to the mature you that is living now.


We are going to see that the fallen adam is a multiple personality. That is what he is, he is a multiple personality. He had some kind of shock in his childhood that caused him to fragment. The cure for multiply personality is fusion. For all intents and purposes, these three, however many personalities you break down into... what has happened, what should be normally different aspects of your personality, which is healthy, everyone has different aspects of their personality. Several aspects of your personality have become personalities in their own right. It is an abnormality in the normal differences in your personality. Everybody with me?


The answer is fusion. This man fused, and when he fused, at the time that he fused, they had to put him in a padded cell, because he was having such a battle in his mind that he was rolling all over the floor banging his head. You could see that it was more than one person in his mind, fighting for what? Fighting for who was going to have use of this body, and his mind.


When the battle was over, there was another child here, and his name was Henry. It was the original seven year old child that woke up, and as far as he knew he was only seven years old. He had lost all the years from when he went to sleep in the bathroom until he woke up at thirty or forty years old. This child, Henry, who eventually emotionally matured and caught up to his body is the fifth personality.


He woke up as fallen adam is already waking up, and those of us who are moving on in Christ are finding out that we are not Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, that Satan was a multiple personality, that Christ was in the Garden from the beginning, that Christ was not divided. The mind of Christ was ruling through the creation, and some kind of a trauma happened. The creation split into a multiple personality, and now in this hour we are all being reconciled unto one, unto Christ. We shall be fused.


I want to tell you that there is a world full personalities that are fragments of Christ that do not want to hear this word. They are in the church, and they do not want to fuse. I want to tell you that Christ is in His people, and He is struggling with the carnal mind of every individual. I experience it. I tell you, one day I am going to fuse with Him. Everyone of you are going to fuse with Him. When He fuses with every carnal mind, we shall be one mature Christ.


We shall no longer be going our separate ways or thinking our separate thoughts, and we shall no longer have differences of opinion, but the brain of the body shall be ruling the creation as He was at the beginning of time. Glory to God. I am very excited over this. Have I made this clear to you now? The five personalities?


Lord, what do you want me to do next? He would not give me any notes on this. I want to relate this to denial. We said that there is a condition, a spiritual and emotional condition, present in the world today that is a rampant plague in our society. It is called denial. The Lord has told me that it operates on the same principals as multiple personalities only it is a lesser problem. A lot of people do not even know it is a problem, they do not have any black outs, they do not change their name. Most of the people that have this problem, their different aspects of their personality are not so radically different from the good citizen than to the asocial person. Although, some people do.


I know people who have. I know one person right now that I have witnessed this in, and I have spoken to her about it. She knows that it is true. She is a good citizen, she is an asocial citizen, and she has an eight year old child in her. She was sitting in my house doing somersaults one day, grown woman sitting in my house on day doing somersaults.


I have someone in my life like this right now. You have to deal with each personality as it is manifesting. You cannot deal with it as you see in the movie, when the asocial character was wrecking a bowling alley and causing great destruction. No body was coming up to him, and speaking kindly. The owner of the bowling alley took out a gun and called the police. He was physically and violently removed.


Then he would get this headache, and you could tell it was the good citizen coming up. The good citizen wore glasses. In the example that we have in a case of true multiple personalities or severe multiple personalities, we found, or I saw when I saw the movie, something that is obvious. You do not treat the asocial citizen that is wrecking the bowling alley the way you treat the good, meek citizen with the glasses.


The asocial character was met with violent behavior. The policemen came in and restrained him, because he was a wild, raging animal, and there was nothing else to do with him. With people that are in denial, sometimes it is not that prominent. It is hard to see, but this is how they deal with pain.


Let us say we have a woman, of course it happens to men also. We find denial very common in alcoholics. It is an inability to deal with the problem. Sometimes the problem is so great that you cannot even deal with it outside of Christ.


It can happen to a child, it could happen to an individual that is so overwhelmed with the problem. We could have a woman here, there is something so painful in her life that she just cannot deal with it. There arises out of her an aggressive personality. I would not even say that this women even disappears, now we are in a mild case of multiple personality.


The woman herself remains the good citizen, she is not lost, but there arises out of her an aggressive personality to deal with the problems that she cannot bear. The Lord has told me that this is not as obvious as everything else. This is what the Lord has told me, so you pray about it, that there is a third personality, and it usually is a child. Although, I cannot show this to you in the book of Genesis, I can show you that Adam broke down into good and evil.


The righteous Adam, who was revealing Christ, broke into good, and evil. The living soul who was 100% righteous developed into a multiple personality. Of course, he is a many- membered creation. Many of them are evil, and many of them are good, the good citizen personality in many members, and the evil personality in many members. I said to the Lord, "Where is the child in Eden?" Right now, I cannot show you the child in Eden. God has told me the child is present in our society, and we hear about her in the book of Proverbs mostly. She is called in the Bible, a fool.


A fool or a curse of immaturity. If you study a "fool" in the Bible, it sounds like a terrible word. In our society today, the word "fool" is very insulting, but in the use of the Scripture it really is a curse of immaturity, if you investigate it. It is a curse of immaturity, and it is closely associated with alcoholism, if you look it up in the book of Proverbs.


We see people in denial. They cannot cope with some problem either within their family or within themselves. They break down usually into three manifestations. Good citizen, aggressive personality, and childishness. The denial comes in when there is no communication between the three aspects of the person. They are the same person, they go by the same name, the change is so slight that most people do not recognize it. They are not aware from one manifestation to another of what they are doing.


They cannot understand why sometimes people get mad at them, because in their mind all they could see is the good citizen, and they cannot recognize...there is a wall that is put up in their mind. They cannot recognize when they, for example, are acting in a childish manner or when they are acting in an aggressive manner. All they see is them selves as a good citizen. Can anyone not see the correlation between this and the multiple personality?


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, right now we are talking about multiple personalities. I want to tell you that all of these demons are in everybody. As I have told you this many times before, they can be demons but they do not have to be demons. Pride, mind control, witchcraft, all these high powers and principalities are fragments or characteristics of the carnal mind of man. Sometimes if you yield to them a lot, your carnal mind will bear fruit, which are demons.


That is why when you cast all the demons out, if you can cast all the demons out, you will still have these problems. It is the nature of the fallen man. It has to be dealt with in Christ. After you get rid of the demons, when you start moving with the Lord...you get rid of the demons which just strengthens the carnal mind, then Christ in you challenges your carnal mind and seeks to displace her as your mind.


To say that it is pride or it is this or that, it is the carnal mind. All of these characteristics are present. We see that the person in denial will put up these blinders, and these blinders can cause them a lot of pain. They do not understand why people are offended. They do not understand why people are mad, they do not think that they did something wrong, when as far as they are concerned, every effort of their being is directed at being a good citizen, and being the very best that they could be towards everybody.


The Lord has told me to tell you that as in multiple personalities, if you see yourself in this diagram, if you feel that you may be in denial, or I recommend that everybody ask the Lord if they are in denial. I think everyone is in denial to some measure. The answer to your problem is fusion. The way we start to become fused is that we recognize an aggressive side of us and a childish side of us exists.


I remind you of the movie example that I gave you. The man was in torment for years. The good citizen did not drink, the asocial guy was a rowdy drunkard. He was in torment, he would find alcohol in his house. He was almost like a Mr. Peepers, if you remember Mr. Peepers. All of a sudden, he was arrested. He spent three jail terms, and he had no recollection whatsoever of committing a crime, but it was proven he did it, and he went to jail.


He is this mild, meek man who would rise up in the middle of the office, attack his boss, get arrested, and go to jail. The beginning of his cure was the recognition that he had multiple personalities. He was going around for years saying, "I do not know what it is, they put me in jail, they are telling me I wrecked the store, and I beat up my boss. I have no memory of it at all."


Well, that is not dealing with the problem. He was brought to the psychiatrist in the jail, he had never heard of multiple personalities, that said to him, "This is what your problem is." Of course, in the secular world, he started hypnotizing him, and they discovered the other personalities. We know, in Christ, we are not going to do that. Even if we are a genuine case of multiple personalities, we are not going to use hypnosis. We have the Spirit of Christ to reveal all things to us.


He is here, ready, willing and able to reveal all things to us when we are ready to receive them. The first thing that has to happen is that these walls have to start coming down. We have to start to see what is there. Sometimes when we see what is there, it is pretty upsetting, but I remind you that there is no condemnation in Jesus. His work in our life is to make us an integrated, whole, prospering, rational, as "Christ like" as possible personality, until the full catching up of His life in us.


We see that the spiritual principle of truth shall destroy the Satanic principle of denial. The truth shall swallow up the denial. All things are possible in Christ. Do you know that we have a whole church world where there are large numbers of people still going to twelve- step groups, secular twelve-step groups. Not Christian twelve-step groups. Why are they going? Because they are not being helped in the church.


You cannot tell people not to go when they are not being helped in the church. I would tell anybody that if you are in a church where you are getting help, or you are getting ministry, deliverance is available to you. If you need counseling, you are getting counseling, most people need counseling. When we start getting into this kind of ministry, most people need counseling.


God whispered that into my ear a few months ago. I made it available to all of you, everyone in this ministry. I am willing to counsel each of you at least once a week if you want to come. If you feel that you really need it, I will see you twice. When we went to that seminar in Hempstead, was it in Hempstead? Freeport. I saw the same...I was very pleasantly surprised, but I was surprised to see that same kind of ministry in that man that God has placed in me. It was a very strong witness to me when he stood up in the pulpit, and he said that everyone that is going through this kind of deliverance that God has placed in the church comes for individual counseling.


It was a second witness to me that God had said with this kind of problem, counseling is important. Some people can walk into a church, have demons cast out, and they are better. it works for some people. Anyone who is honest, and has been in a deliverance church knows that, that kind of ministry does not help everybody. There are people that go to those churches for years and never had a demon cast out of them.


They have repented, they have confessed their sins, they have gone up on the prayer line, they have had hands laid on them, and nothing happens. That ministry is not strong enough for certain problems. Now, we see in the church today that God is bringing counseling in with the ministry. God anointed counseling, the wisdom of Christ coming through a man.


Yes, no one is in full stature, nobody is perfect, but if God is in that counseling it is going to help you. If God is in that counseling, it will help you, and it is going to produce fruit. It is going to overcome what ever He wants to swallow up that is in your carnal mind.


People in the world go to psychiatrists, people in the church pay money to go to Christian counselors. They do not say to them, "You are not perfect," or "You are just a natural man." They know that there is help in that counseling for them. Is that not true? This is what I see them doing in the church, even in the church that I was in today, that I told you that seems to be moving into deliverance.


I had heard from some one that they are getting very heavy into counseling, that there are about four elders there, and who ever wants counseling is going for it, they are moving forth into deliverance ministry, the power of God, the laying on of hands. I want to tell you that the people in the church need counseling. Casting out the demons is not enough.


If you have lived a life where your thought process was never developed or developed improperly, you need to get another thought put in your mind, so that the power of God can present the two thoughts to you and say, "This is the right thought." You have to get that other thought put in your mind. Sometimes you do not get that thought put in your mind from preaching, and sometimes it is preached, and it does not penetrate the way it penetrates when you are sitting on a one-to-one.


This is what God is doing in this hour, deliverance coupled with counseling. He is bringing deeper measure of deliverance for people that were not helped by just the laying on of hands, and saying, "Come out witchcraft." The people that are here today, where ever He is doing it, I do not just mean here. He is in the earth today with a deeper measure of deliverance for those who are willing to submit to Him.


This is what He gave to me for you today. Let me go over this Scripture with you in case, or for who ever is listening to the tape that cannot relate this to the Scripture that I quoted to you. I want to remind you that Adam in the Garden was typified by one animal. He was a ram, and as we found out in the last message there were two spiritual authorities in this one animal, but the Scripture portrays them as one, because the two were existing under the headship of Christ. They were undivided. Even though they were two, they were functioning as one, because the lesser one was submitting to the authority of the greater one. They were one in mind.


We found out, and we will find out when we continue on in the book of Daniel, Chapter 8, that the lesser spiritual authority, the spiritual authority of the soul realm rose up against the unifying authority. Authority unifies, rebellion divides. Divide and conquer, the whole world knows that. You must have heard that. Authority unifies.


We found out in Daniel 8 that the lesser horn did not want to submit to the authority. She got out from under him, and the next thing that happened was there was no longer one ram, but there was a ram, and there was a goat. Rebellion caused division. There was one, then there were two. What is the next thing that happened? The goat got out from underneath the ram, and she turned around, and she attacked the ram.


As you go on in Daniel 8, you will find out that she destroyed the ram. What does that mean? It means, getting back to out first diagram, that seven year old child disappeared.


For all intents and purposes, that seven year old child disappeared. Let us do it this way. There was a ram, then there was, for a season, a ram and a goat. The ram died. Why? Because the goat attacked and killed it. Then we had just a goat, then the goat split into four. The living soul that died has fragmented into a many-membered multiple personality creation.


I know I have not taught these Scriptures yet, I will remind you, those of you that have heard the tapes, I think we were into it on the tape where we went into the four horses of Zechariah. You may recall in one of the chapters of Zechariah, he talks about four horses.


We did that Chapter, and we found out that what that chapter is really talking about is the unfolding of the living soul that died, which God likens so a small seedling pant that has grown up and many leaves have unfolded from it. The way the Scripture has expressed the fact that the living soul has expanded, increased, or germinated until its fullest potential of its members or human beings is to say that it was scattered to the four winds of Heaven.


The number four is referring to the fullest amount possible. I remind you that the number four is equal to the glorified man, and what is the glorified man? He is a unified man. I remind you of Ezekiel 1, there was a glorified man, he is a many-membered man, but the Scripture describes him as one man. The glorified Christ is one man, all of us unified in Him. The glorified man...now, as we found out in our study with Bible numerology, number four in the fallen man would mean first degree of division. Every number has a negative or a positive. Do you know what I am saying?


We see that a horn came up...well, let me read you the Scripture here. [Daniel 8:8] "Therefore the he goat waxed very great, and when he was strong the great horn was broken, and for it came up four notable ones to the four winds of Heaven. And out of one of them came forth a little horn, which waxed exceeding great, toward the south, and toward the east, and toward the pleasant land." Glory to God.


Out of this full manifestation of the divided creation, we find the little horn that is going forth, and attacking the tabernacle of God. I suggest to you that this scattered creation is scattered into many human members and many souls, but in regard to God they are as one man. If you follow those Scriptures down, you will go on to find that they attack Christ. I want to tell you in this hour there is a warfare that is raging, and nobody is your enemy except that carnal mind which is ruled by Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. He is as one man no matter who he is manifesting in. There is one carnal mind undivided, and he is coming against Christ, where ever Christ is appearing.


The battle is on two levels. The battle is in your own mind to who ever is going to rule your mind, the carnal mind or Christ. Then, when you get to the point where you are strong enough that Christ is being revealed through you most of the time, you have become a part of the company that is going to be afflicted by the carnal mind in whom ever and where ever he can get someone to yield their members to you.


That is what is happening in this hour. Let me see if there is anything else that the Lord wants me to talk to you about this issue of multiple personalities. Basically, I would say to you that He is challenging us to come into this revelation that He started revealing to us about a year ago, by telling us that the individual personality is not resurrected. I want to tell you right now that there are two sides being drawn. We are entering into Armageddon. We are entering into the battle of the ages, the lines are being drawn.


I want to tell you if you do not take the victory in your own mind, if you are yielding to your carnal mind in any manner, shape, or form, no matter how much you love Jesus, when the battle is raging, only one of them can be ruling through you. No matter how much you love Jesus, only one of them can be ruling through you in a particular battle.


The only way it is going to be Christ is that we have to start seeing the carnal mind in us. We have got to start praying to the Lord to let us see him. We have to look at it, we have to see him, we have to recognize him, and we have to wage war against him in our own mind.


This is the most exciting time for anybody to be alive. The battle of Armageddon is raging, and it is not raging in the Middle East. It is raging in your life. It is raging in your life, it is raging in your mind, it is raging right here in your house, in your place of business, in your family, in your ministry. It is raging, it is right here! It is an invisible enemy. We must start seeing with spiritual eyes. If we cannot see with spiritual eyes, we default to the carnal mind. I like that. God has been letting me use that lately, that is computer language.


If you are not fighting the battle in your own mind, if you are not bothering to think about it, it is not Christ in your mind. It is a warfare that results in Christ appearing in your mind. If you are just thinking, if you are not praying about every little thing, "Father, let it be your mind in me, please do not let the carnal mind deceive me." I do not want you to be a neurotic nut, but I am trying to explain to you that you have to pray these things through, because what you think without praying it through is the carnal mind, almost without exception.


I am telling you the truth, we are living in a very exciting time. What a challenge, what a challenge. It is just really exciting. Let me just finish this up here. Adam went to sleep, something traumatic happened to Adam, the righteous Adam that was revealing Christ. We know that the spiritual realm of God is the exact opposite of the soul realm. This means that our natural example is going to be opposite of the spiritual example.


What causes a multiple personality in a human being? Almost always abusive parents or some tragic shocking episode in one's life. It could be either one. What happened to the righteous Adam that caused him to split into multiple personalities? Well, something must have happened, he must have received the shock of his life. When he stopped one day and started to fantasize about how wonderful it would be if he was the God of this world. Then, all of a sudden, what he thought he had total control over rose up and killed him.


Adam thought he had the law of the soul realm under control. He thought he could not fall, he thought he was okay, but he was not okay. One day he was not looking, because he was thinking of himself as God, and that thing came out from under his authority. We will see here tonight as I go on with my next message that she smote him with a fury. It still amazes me that a large part of the church world is saying, "Well, just ignore your lower nature, and ascend."


Brethren, this "lower nature," that is their words, not mine, is that which smote the righteous Adam with a fury. She smote him so hard that he went into such a shock that he manifested into multiple personalities. He was the Tree of Life, because Christ was manifesting through him. Righteous Adam was the Tree of Life.


What did it say in Genesis? After Eve was seduced by the Serpent, they were hiding behind the trees in the Garden. Well, what does that mean? It means there was one tree, the Tree of Life and, all of a sudden, there were two trees. It was no longer the Tree of Life. It was the Tree of the Knowledge of Good (good citizen) and the Tree of the Knowledge of Evil (asocial citizen), the living soul that died broken down into a multiple personality, good and evil. Is that not what I just told you about, what the guy in the movie was about?


He broke into two personalities, good and evil. On top of that, he brought his child forward into adulthood, and knowledgeable person in the world would tell you, "You are an adult, and you have a child living through you, you have a problem, you have to get a hold of it." Ideally, he has to be integrated into your personality. As I told earlier, I could not find the child in Eden. I am sure that it is there. I could not find it for you as of this message.


The Lord told me that the child in the fallen creation is mentioned in the book of Proverbs. It is under the curse of the fool.


We see this curse spreading all over the nation. One of the characteristics of someone operating under that curse is that they do not want to care for their children. Look up the Ostrich. Look up the Scriptures on the Ostrich. She lays her eggs and will not sit on them. It is all part of the curse of the fool, it is the curse of immaturity. Either it is in the book of Genesis or the book of Daniel. It is here, and I do not know where.


The Tree of Life disappeared. In its place we have two personalities, good and evil. There is a child in there somewhere.


In this hour, Christ is in the earth. He is in the process of fusing together the many members of the living soul that died. All of the fragmented personality, all of us, each of us is a fragment of Christ.




I declare to you, and I declare to the world, give up your individuality because you shall be absorbed into Christ whether you believe what I am telling you, or whether you do not believe what I am telling you. You are an illegal personality. You are a manifestation of the fallen, spiritually sick living soul. You are a fragment, you are not a whole. Stop lifting yourself up. Stop exhaling this life you have in this age, for you must give it up, for the hour of fusion is at hand.


Hallelujah, that was prophetic in case you did not notice it. Glory to God. Give it up. Give up your fantasy about meeting your loved ones in Heaven after your body dies. It is a fantasy! You must return into the whole Christ. You are about to wake up from your deep sleep. The child that fell asleep is going to live again, you will be a part of Him, and not an individual in your own right.


Every thought, not in line with Christ, must come down by the authority of Jesus Christ. He will do it. You can work with Him, or you can kick, scream, and yell all the way. He is going to do it. I believe that everybody here, and most of the people listening to the tapes if you have gotten this far with my tapes, you are going to live to see it. The living soul that died is fighting with everything she has got. She wants her individual life.


This movie that I was telling you about in the beginning of this tape, in one scene good citizen was walking up the steps to go to bed, and he got this terrible headache. He staggered on the steps. All of a sudden you heard a different voice coming out of him, and he was saying something about "You cannot get into me," and Johnny, the evil one, said something like this to him, "Out stupid, I want to come out!" He wanted to express his individuality through a body of asocial, acceptable good citizen.


That is what happened at the beginning of time, and Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, succeeded. We are the result of her unfortunate success.


Adam, the righteous Adam, could not cope with it, so he went to sleep. Do you know anybody that sleeps when they cannot face a problem? I have known a few in my day. The Scripture clearly states that if you are sleeping all the time, you are suffering from fear. Some people make a mistake. They think you are lazy. If you cannot get out of bed, you are sleeping, and you are sleeping, and you are sleeping, check it out in the Proverbs. You have a problem with fear, cannot face life, or a particular problem that is in your life at that time.


Glory to God, the Father has become our psychiatrist. Christ is about to be unveiled as the true personality of this many-membered, incredibly powerful nation called the living soul. We shall be fused, and we shall live again in a new form in which this is not possible that this shall ever happen again. It was a weakness in the original form of the creation. Adam let go of the reigns of his horse, she knocked him off. He fell asleep, and she took over the creation.


I want to tell you that I am very excited. This other church that I went into this morning, this man...I have not been there in a long time, the few times I have been there...I think he is a fine man of God, but I am very distressed at his end-time doctrine. He is all into Israel, the Middle East, and the rapture. I cannot sit for that, it upsets me. He stood up there today, he announced to that whole congregation that Jesus never went down into hell. He said "I am sorry, but it is not in the Bible."


I want to tell you, as soon as deliverance starts to come forth in a church truth is right on its heals. In case you do not know what I am talking about, He never did go down into hell. That Scripture in the Apostle Peter, that many scholars will tell you that is what it means, does not mean that at all. He preached to the powers and principalities, brethren. If Christ is manifesting through you, brethren, if Christ is manifesting through me as I preach to you, the powers and principalities in your mind are being taught of the kingdom of God by the church.


The Scripture says that He preached to those who were disobedient before the flood. That is us, brethren. It is the fallen living soul. The only thing that has happened is that she has killed the bodies and the souls that she has lived in, so she has taken on some new bodies, and souls. We are the same spiritual entity that existed before the flood. One man, but he has multiple personalities. That is us!


How does the Lord know that we were the disobedient that the flood came and took them away? We are still killing Christ. We are doing the same thing. The Lord said to Adam and Eve, "Who told you that you were naked?" The Lord knew that they were hiding behind the trees, that they had separated out. There was one, then there were two. Glory to God. Any question on this? That was good. Glory to God.


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: Do not use names. I do not know if I will put it on the tape. I do not know what the Lord will do.


COMMENT: The whole situation with the seven year old, I know a eight year old where the father died. He was told that being the oldest in the family he took on a tremendous responsibility, and has become aggressive in an older age. Very aggressive. I see yet a child as far as wanting all of the things of childhood that he did not get, now performing at a retirement age. It is fantastic that it is all brought out like that because you can actually see the multiple personality. Realizing that he is a good person, he feels that he has done everything right. He has taken care of his family and his mother. There was one other thing. I cannot remember what it was. I could see that, that was a prime example.


PASTOR VITALE: I guess he does not realize he is aggressive.


COMMENT: No, he does not realize that he is aggressive. He does not see that he is childish.


PASTOR VITALE: All he sees is the good personality.


COMMENT: That he is doing the right thing, the good thing. I know what I forgot. It is about caring for the children. He does everything for them, but has not really taken time to play with them. His concern is for their welfare, he always has. I think it was part of when he was growing up that he did not have a father. He felt that he was going to be a very good provider, not only for his parents but his children also, making sure that everything is done for their welfare. I guess that is about it.


PASTOR VITALE: Thank you, that is a good example. The man is a fine upright citizen. It is an exact example of what we had on the board. All he sees is the good person, and he is in denial of the other two sides. The aggressive side is hurting his wife. I am sure the good citizen, the man that married her, if he had his choice he would never hurt you. He loves you, he would never hurt you, but he is blind to what he is doing to you. Glory to God. Hallelujah.


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: I forgot to put that on the tape. That one of the personalities, the aggressive personality was in the war. I think he was in the second world war, that is where this aggressive personality developed. The good citizen was timid, and he was captured, and sent to a concentration camp. It was so stressful to him, that is when the evil personality took form. It stayed manifest for the whole three years he was a prisoner of the war.


On the plane back, the evil one went down, and the good citizen came back. The evil side, Johnny had a limp, and no glasses. The good citizen did not limp and wore glasses. The change in the personality affected the body. I have mentioned this to you before, I do not know if you remember it or not, but I have seen documentation on this.


I have seen movies of psychiatrists showing you a person with many personalities. When one personality came up they would take a blood test, and the person had diabetes. Through hypnosis they would make it go down, and another personality would come up. They took a blood test, and there was no diabetes.


I continue to remind you that any disease that you have is rooted in your personality. Now, I do not want anybody to take my words to condemn anybody. We do not necessarily have the power to change our personalities right away. First, God reveals the truth, then we need the power of God to change. It never happens over night. The truth, the spiritual truth about infirmity, if you are sick, there is something wrong in your mind. There is something wrong with the way you are thinking.


You have to petition the Lord, not only to get healed, but to help you change your thinking. Because if you get healed, and you do not change your thinking, you will get something else. Someone just told me that other day that their cousin was desperately ill. I think it was from an asthma type disease. They could not breathe. She had them call this guy in Long Island that is well known for the gift of healing. She said she called him from Florida. She said she heard a pop, and she was completely healed. Now it is a year later, it is back again, and she is on cortisone.


The woman said to me, "How did this happen?" This is how it happened. The man had the gift of healing, the disease went, but the woman did not embark on a program that would cleanse her, of asking the Lord to cleanse her soul. There is heavy witchcraft on the family line, and great selfishness, and great pride. I do not know what else is there, what more do you need than that?


I want to tell you, you will continue to get sick until your thinking is changed, until the ungodliness in your soul is dealt with. That is not usually done over night. That is the story of it. Lots of people get healed in the church. Either it comes back, or they get something else. I know a woman that was healed of cancer twice, then she got diabetes over a period of years. She was not healed of the diabetes.


You know, if you do not understand you get mad at God. I am tired of people blaspheming God. If you are sick, it is because there is sin in your life, and sin on your family line, and it has not been worked out yet. You all know that I still suffer from infirmity, and I am not blaming God for it. I have been laboring for fifteen years in the vineyard of the Lord. If it was not for His mercy, I would be dead, but I am not dead. I am getting better all the time. After fifteen years, I am not completely healed. It does not happen over night. Well, that depends on your condition when you start.


I came out of a background with very heavy witchcraft, and very much pride on the family line for God only knows how many generations. It fell on me. It fell on our whole generation. All three sisters were ill, one already died prematurely. I would have been the second. You do not come out of that because someone lays hands on you, and says, "Be healed in the name of Jesus." I just extend the greatest mercy for the people who are in this condition, and who are condemned by the preaching that they hear.


Nobody is perfect, no minister is perfect, and I just use people as examples so you can hear it and learn. I am not against anybody. Again, this church that I was in this morning just blessed me. One thing I could not go along with, and the Spirit of God was there, we are not perfect. You can say a whole meeting, and say one thing that is not of Christ. The message was excellent, I cannot remember exactly what he said but he said, "It is in your power."


It is not in your power. I am telling you as some one who has been desperately seeking God to get healed for fifteen years. I pray continuously, I have done everything I know to do. It is coming this slowly. I thank God that I am alive. It is not in your power, you give your life over to God, and as He reveals your sins to you, you confess them.


He does not show you everything at once. Your mind could not bear it. We are all filthy next to Him, and you just continue until what ever your problem is, if it is infirmity, if it is emotional distress, whatever your problem is you just hang in there, because there is no standing still in Christ. Either you are going through with Him, or you are going to go back into the world, and be overcome by your problem what ever it was.


You have to keep pressing in. I just pray for all of the preachers that do not have this revelation. I ask that the Lord help them to receive it. There are people out there that are not getting helped, and there is such a heavy condemnation on them. They have done everything they know how to do, and they are not healed, they are not emotionally healed. My heart goes out to them, because this error is present in the church.


We are entering into the hour where all this is going to be put away. Truth is coming forth in congregations all over Long island, and I am sure all over the world. This revelation is already underway. It is going to blossom into the most exciting manifestations, and I think it is not going to be much longer. It is already happening, Glory to God.






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