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It does not matter. What I am telling you is that there is great pain, disappointment throughout the church, people stumbling, falling all over the place because they cannot lay hold of this understanding, that in this hour nobody is perfect, but some people have more dominion over their carnal mind than others.


Some believers cannot even recognize it, some believers recognize it and cannot control it. Some believers recognize it and control it some of the time. Some believers recognize it and control it most of the time. Nobody in this hour has their carnal mind on a leash 100% of the time. Did I answer your questions?


COMMENTS: What does the Scriptures mean when it says that Jesus is going to come back the very same way?


PASTOR VITALE: There is a lot of false teaching about that. If you study that in the Greek, what it is saying is the power source by which He ascended is the same power source by which He is coming back. If I tell you that I am flying to Maine, how am I getting to Maine? What is the power source? Am I taking the train? The power source that is getting me there is air travel. This very same Jesus, by the same way He ascended, He will return.


What was the authority by which He ascended? Somebody must know what the authority was?


COMMENT: The authority of the Father.


PASTOR VITALE: The authority of the Father. Well, He is coming back by the same authority. That is what it means.


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: In that Scripture, what He meant was that He was coming back to the earth. That Scripture meant that He is coming back to the earth by that authority. He has already come back on the day of Pentecost, but He came back in seed form, and He is planted in the earth of our souls. Now we are waiting for the harvest. We are waiting for the fully mature fruit to appear in people.


If you know anything about farming, the fruit does not appear all at once. You collect your tomatoes all summer long. It is not going to happen to everybody all at once. Let it just happen to somebody already. I was praying all the way here, "How much longer?" It is painful to develop the insight that I am teaching here.


To look around at yourself and at the whole world and see how far short we are fallen, it is painful to me. I got a letter today, and I found out why I have not been able to sleep for the last two weeks.


COMMENT: Are you sure that Jesus Christ is not going to be walking around the earth like He did after His resurrection?


PASTOR VITALE: You mean the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth? No.


COMMENT: I was not sure if I was hearing you correctly. It says "Know no man by the flesh." I said Jesus is not supposed to know you anymore... you returned to the Father, and we are one. I always said, "I love you Father." It never seemed right to say, "I love you Jesus."


PASTOR VITALE: They are one and the same. Now Jesus ascended, He has become one with the Father. He is the Father to you, and you are the Son. He is a many-membered Son. Jesus is our Father.


COMMENT: That makes so much sense.


PASTOR VITALE: That is funny. I remember years ago my pastor having that revelation. The way he expressed it was that Jesus was dissolved into the body of Christ. At the time I did not know, and I prayed about it, and two weeks later the Lord had not spoken to me. I assumed it was wrong. I assumed it was a false revelation. Two years later, He gave me the word. Christ that Holy thing of God was living inside a human man, just as human as you are, had a carnal mind and a human body.


What happened on the cross, the two men, the Holy thing of God, Christ, the carnal mind, and the flesh body He got from His mother Mary. Of the two, God joined them through crucifixion, and made one new man, which is a spirit man. Now He has come, and He is the Father to us. He is doing the same thing in us as He did in Jesus Christ of Nazareth. I hope it is not too much longer. We are going to be caught up in to full stature. This has been one long labor.


Lots of time, the Lord has showed me that the way we phrase some things or we can phrase something one way, and it is very offensive to some people. We can give the same thought and phrase it another way, and it is not offensive to them. That concept that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is dissolved into the body of Christ offends a lot of people, because they think that you are preaching against the literal second coming of Christ.


I cannot think of the Scripture, but the Scripture that says Christ is coming again, it does not say that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is coming again. It says Christ is coming again.


COMMENT: It says Christ is coming back as king.


PASTOR VITALE: He is coming back as king, but it says Christ is coming back as king. It does not say Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the man. It says the spiritual glorified Christ is coming back as king. Then we have the Scripture where Jesus said Himself, "Look at the man, John the Baptist. If you can receive it, that is Elijah come back." He does not look like the man or the personality of Elijah, but I am telling you that is Elijah.


Christ is coming back, and He has got not a new personality and a new body, but He has many crowns, many personalities, and many new bodies. Is there anybody that did not like what I just said? I am talking about the Scripture at the end of the book of Revelation. He has many crowns on His head. I am just going to answer this then I want to give the message that God gave me, because I would like to get as much in before people have to leave.


The Scripture that says He comes like a thief in the night is referring to the White Throne Judgment. Now, the carnal church will tell you He is coming upon all the people who have refused to enter into a relationship with Him, and He is going to judge them with horrible pestilence. Brethren, I declare to you Christ is coming as a thief in the night into His church, and He is coming to all of the believers. Can you hear me XXXX? He is coming to all of the believers who have either refused or not found the strength within themselves to look upon themselves to discern their carnal mind and to destroy it.


We have thousand if not millions, I do not know, in the church that think they have arrived. Some of them think that they cannot sin. Some of them think that they can sin and all they have to do is say they are sorry, then when they die and wake up on the other side of the veil they are going to be okay. They are not really judging their own soul. He is coming as a thief in the night, and He is going to appear to these people, and He will appear to them as an enemy. He is coming and He is coming to break the bones of their carnal mind.


Now I just want to start at the beginning. If I do not get to that just remind me, I think I will get to it.


This is the word of the Lord to you. Now brethren, I want to say a prayer before I say this to you. It is a very deep thing I am going to say to you.




Father, in the name of Jesus, I pray that you be glorified in my words, Lord, and that you be magnified in my words, that you open up everyone's ears, that you open up their hearts, that you open up their eyes and let them receive what I am going to say, if it is of you, Father. If it is of you, Father, let them hear it with Christ.


Brethren, this is what I want to say to you. We had a scene here tonight. To a man of God like this, it was very shocking to him. It was very shocking to him. In case you did not know it, I want to tell you he does not agree with the way I handled the problem. He was very shocked and hurt by it. He has not condemned me, but he does not believe that it was Christ. I prayed to the Lord, and I said, "Father, what happened here? I know that we have a different ministry, I know that he is a beautiful man of God, I love him."


Last night God said he has intertwined our ministries. I also know that he has an imputed anointing. I also know that he does not understand this doctrine. Maybe people that are coming here do not understand this doctrine. I meant that XXXXX does not understand this ministry. I do not know if you know it or not, but his message was in the best way and the most loving way he could. He was really trying to counteract what I did here tonight, thinking that I made a mistake, and he was helping me.


I said to the Lord, "Father, what was this all about?" For those of you that think that I never pray for correction listen to my next words. "Father if I made a mistake, tell me. If this is not the ministry that you have given me, I must be crazy going through this with these people. Who needs this aggravation? Who needs this, I want everybody to love me. I want thousands of people clamoring for my tapes and loving me. If you have not put me in this ministry get me out of here very fast!"


I prayed a little bit while I was sitting there, and I prayed more vocally while I was upstairs. I said "Lord, why did you bring this to pass in front of him? What happened here?"


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, He is going to answer you through my mouth, because He is living inside of flesh. He who does not confess that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is an anti-Christ. Ask God to let Christ in you hear what I am saying and to help you discern His spirit. This is what He said to me, it blew my mind. Well before I say that, I know you want to hear it but let me say this so that you can be prepared to hear what I am going to say.


Is there anyone here that does not understand that the Lord is raising up a two- witness company?


You do not know what the two-witness company is?


COMMENT: You might have mentioned it before. I do not fully understand it.


PASTOR VITALE: Very briefly, Christ is appearing in a company of men. Their purpose is to judge the church. What is the purpose of judging the church? It is to destroy the carnal mind so that Christ can appear in their minds. I will go into that a little later, but that is what their job is. By the mind of Christ, to come into confrontation and destroy the carnal mind in whoever they are confronting with.


The fruit that will convince you that you have had an encounter with the Son of God is spiritual growth. Now of course you have to give it time to see it happen. That is the sign, as strange as it may seem, my greatest witness to this ministry is XXXX, and it does not look that way now. She is the greatest witness to this ministry. You did not know her five years ago. Growth tremendous spiritual growth.


The judgment of the church has started. Why is the church under judgment? Because it is a church that is made up of carnal men that have the seed of Christ inside of them, and that seed wants to get out. He wants to be your mind. You have a carnal mind that is not letting Him be your mind, and in some extreme cases, he is convincing you that you do not even know the Lord. You hear from God, you may not know it but I know it. Your enemy is not me, your enemy is your carnal mind, and the carnal minds of other men.


This is what God told me. I am sorry to do this, but let me say one more thing. We are told, I believe it is in Isaiah, that the Pharisees stumbled over the stumbling block. Who was the stumbling block? Jesus was the stumbling block, and what was it about Him specifically that they stumbled over Him? Do you know? The flesh, His flesh.


COMMENT: They claim that He is God.


PASTOR VITALE: The Pharisees?


COMMENT: No...inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, yes, that same Scripture says they stumbled over His flesh, meaning that they could not comprehend that Christ was appearing through a man that looked just like them.


That is what caused their spiritual life to be destroyed or to be cast down to hell, if you will. Our beautiful friend was brought here tonight...no, you do not have to agree with me. Pray your prayer. If she is wrong, Lord reveal it, and if I am wrong show it to me. Remember God did not correct me about XXX XXX's revelation for two years. Do not persecute me for two years. Pray your prayer and put it on the shelf.


The lion and the plummet was put to him, and he could not discern Christ in the conflict. He was so distressed by the conflict that he could not discern the body of Christ. He talked about it in his own message. I am not in anyway cutting him up, please do not anyone misunderstand me. He was as the large part of the church today is, the condition of their mind is such, and so is his that they could only see Christ as goodness, mercy , sweetness, and light, which He is.


I remind you that He rebuked the Pharisees in the temple, and He threw over the tables. He rebuked the Pharisees in conflict continuously. He engaged them in conversation, He rebuked them, He corrected them, but it is just not preached. This is the word of the Lord to me as I humbled myself before Him. I said, "What in God's name happened here tonight?" I want to tell you, it is very hard being up here, and whether you believe it or not, I have laid down my life. I am working to break the carnal minds in every one of you. That is for you XXXX. That is what I am after, I want your carnal mind. I want it on a leash. Yours too.


Our beloved came here, and he could not discern Christ in me. Now, what does this mean? Is God going to put him on the rack and torture him? No, it is a time for rejoicing. The judgments of God are wonderful, it means the Lord called him to perfection.


COMMENT: That is what I felt, that God called him.


PASTOR VITALE: Hallelujah. Glory to God. Before God will bring you into perfection, He will put the line and plummet to you, and He will declare you one of two things. Your are Christ , 100% Christ, or you are the carnal man.


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: Amen. God puts the line and plummet to you, the line and plummet went to him tonight, and he has been pronounced in Heaven as a carnal man. He came before the White Throne Judgment of Christ, and his book was opened. The Book of Life was opened, and I am not saying that I am in full stature, but tonight you are entitled to your opinion. Tonight, Christ was manifesting in me through judgment.


He could not discern Christ, he stumbled at my flesh. He stumbled because his carnal mind could not believe that it was Christ. Now that he has been proven to be a carnal man, which God knew all the time. God is a legalist, God is being revealed through the earth, He does not need us. You think He needs this garbage flesh? This is the way He has decided to do it. If there is a man available, whatever He is going to do, He is going to do it through a man. He only goes by His free-floating spirit when there is no man around.


I know I was in the middle of a sentence, and I lost my train of thought. I think I was saying that I am not in full stature, but for this meeting, for that crisis, that encounter, Christ was upon me. He was within me, He was being revealed through me. Our friend did the best he could, he judged me to be unrighteous. Now the Father is going to go out, because it has happened in front of a whole room of witnesses, and if none of you agree with me, that is okay.


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: Well no, he will, he does not know. If none of you agree with me, that is fine. The Father and the Son, that is the two witnesses to the fact that our beloved is not in full stature. Hallelujah.


COMMENT: I saw an eggshell crack.


PASTOR VITALE: Glory to God. Now the Father is going forth to bring forth whatever judgment is necessary to bring forth the mind of Christ in him, and you got the revelation right? Do not tell me you never hear from God, you lying carnal mind you! (laughing)


You are going to have it, you are going to have it all. That was the main thing I wanted to tell you. I am very blessed at the reaction here, I do not see anyone jumping up and hitting me over the head with a baseball bat or anything.


I would just like to make a few comments on his message. I would like to remind you that it was brought forth with all the love he could muster, but it was brought forth with a carnal mind. In his way, he was correcting me with love. The major thing I would like to point out to you...please, please try not to misunderstand me. If you are thinking anything that is the slightest bit negative, please ask me.


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: He was afraid that there was. That is why I hugged and kissed him. He did not look at me once during the whole message. He could not look at me, he was afraid to look at me. I want to say something in his favor, he thought he was doing the right thing. I believe that in his mind he tries to be a righteous man. I want to tell you the truth from God's eye. Tonight, he was a Pharisee, because he judged Christ, and he judged Him unrighteous. He judged Christ to be a carnal man. You do not have to agree with me, but do you know what I am talking about?


COMMENT1: The Christ in her is the imparted Christ.


COMMENT2: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: For the conflict, you heard that, you knew there was a conflict here. What I am saying to you is that it was Christ in me that was waging this warfare against whoever's carnal mind was manifesting. You do not have to agree with me. That is what I am telling you. He judged me incorrectly in my ministry here, which means he denied the Christ in me.


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, that is not important, I do not want to get off the subject here. I want you to understand what happened, the detail are unimportant. What happened was that the spirit of Christ was working in me, and he could not recognize Christ. He thought it was unrighteousness in me. Do you understand what I am saying? He was strengthening you. I was sitting there saying, "Lord, how can I minister to people when you send another minister in to disagree with me, and he would not stop, I had to keep talking to him?"


After I prayed, I took the authority. Let us not get on our friend, we love him and we want to understand the spiritual root of what happened here. The spiritual root is that he came unto the White Throne Judgment, Glory to God. He has been proven to be a carnal man, and now in accordance with God's time and God's wisdom, he is called to full stature. Do you not understand? This is glorious, do you not understand what I am saying?


He has been called to full stature, and however God brings forth that judgment that is going forth that will bring full stature in him, God is going to bring it forth. His carnal mind has to be broken.


COMMENT: He is brought to full stature, I do not understand that?


PASTOR VITALE: He is not brought to, he is called to full stature.


COMMENT: How do you come to that assumption that he is called to full stature.


PASTOR VITALE: Because that is what the Lord told me when I asked Him what happened here. He came tonight to the Judgment Seat of Christ. He was tried, he was tested to find out whether he was a carnal man or whether he was Christ. God tested him to see. Let me say this, only Christ in a man can recognize Christ, Paul says that. We discern the whole world but no one discerns us.


To discern Christ even manifesting in me, you have to have Christ manifesting in you. If the carnal mind is manifesting in you, you are going to think that I am wrong, that I am wicked, does not matter what your words are. The carnal mind sees me as evil, and the carnal mind sees me as an enemy. Now, one day you can think I am wonderful, and the next day you can think I am evil. You like my preaching, and you think that it is Christ, but when we have an encounter, you do not think that it is Christ. Well that is okay, I just ask you please get it before God.


I am telling you that in these encounters you have entered into the White Throne Judgment of Christ, and I am in full fledged war with your carnal mind. Please put it before God, you are not hurting anyone but yourself. You cannot hurt yourself by asking the Lord to witness it to you if it is true.


Let me finish with XXXX, just one second. I said to the Lord "What happened here? Why would you bring a preacher in here with the imputed anointing to hinder the very difficult ministry you have given me?" The Lord said, "It was to give him the opportunity to be tested by God. To find out whether of not he could discern Christ or not." He could not discern Christ, which is not a negative thing. It is a positive thing. What it means is that when the testing comes, you are called to the process or the procedure that is going to result in full stature.


COMMENT: He is going to question all this in his own mind.


PASTOR VITALE: I do not know, he may be questioning it, but what you need to hear is that now that he has been tested and found to be carnal, the Lord is going to start to bring severe trails into his life. I am sorry, but you do not.. with much tribulation you enter into the Kingdom of God. Hold on one second. Great tribulation is about to come upon his life. Why? To destroy his carnal mind. Why? So that Christ can become his mind. Do you understand?


I have two questions, can you hold on, XXXXXX asked first. Yes XXXXXX?


COMMENT: I just wanted to know that if in the future if any incident were to happen, like any incidents or confrontations that happened here tonight, I was not here in the beginning. You manifest, when would you know...


PASTOR VITALE: When would you know if it were Christ or not? Is that what you are asking me?


COMMENT: Yes, if like for example, if an incident were to come, and how do you know it is always Christ in you and that maybe one day you maybe wrong?


PASTOR VITALE: That is a good question. All that I can tell you is that I pray continuously, and that I prayed while the confrontation was going on. Not only are you free to, it is your responsibility as a Christian entering into maturity, in a confrontation like this, even if I am when I am preaching, if you think that I am saying something wrong. Say "Father, be glorified in this confrontation." There is no time in a confrontation like that to pray, "Tell her if she is wrong," but say, "Father, you be the overall glorified one, you be glorified. Let your mind be revealed through her. I rebuke any carnal mind that may be manifesting."


Now, do not make it a psychic prayer, do not assume that it is the carnal mind, then it will come against me as a psychic prayer. You have a right, and it is your responsibility to say, "Father, be reveled to your appointed head of this ministry. You have appointed her, now may your mind come through her." Does anybody not know what I am talking about? That is how you pray or some such thing like that. Just make sure it is not a psychic prayer saying, "Carnal mind, I rebuke you." You may end up rebuking Christ, you may be wrong.


As I have said before, He has made me the head; therefore, as far as I know I am in right standing with God. I have no reason to believe that I am not in right standing with God. I want to tell you, you and other people have brought your hurts from our friend, and that is the truth. I understand it, it is like a woman getting divorced and getting married again. You have brought a lot of hurts from the past. Think about it.


Of course, I can make a mistake. He has placed me here, and He has not left me alone. He has not put me up in this very difficult place by myself. When ever there is a conflict going on, for your own sake, you should give me the benefit of the doubt. You always have the right to pray, you always have your personal relationship with Jesus. You always pray that He be glorified, that He be magnified, that He help me, because if I am manifesting my carnal mind, and you say "Father help her," if I am manifesting my carnal mind, He is going to rise up and over take my carnal mind.


Do not take over the details in case if you are wrong. Say, "Father, be her mind, Father help her, let her not speak one word that is not of you." All righteous prayers.


COMMENT: Instead of attacking you, if you were to manifest the carnal mind, we should be helping you.


PASTOR VITALE: Help me. Absolutely. It has already happened once, you were not here. It has already happened here, I was fully aware that I was manifesting the carnal mind. Christ arose in XXXX and in XXXX and helped put it down. Righteousness rose in the two of you, and if you recall my response to your righteousness it was that, "I am manifesting," if you recall what happened.


COMMENT: I know something happened, but I do not remember that it was Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: That is what happened. Righteousness arose in the two of you, and you asked me a question. My answer to you was that, "I am manifesting." I drew strength from the two of you, I manifested for another five minutes or so, and it went down, and I was okay.


To answer your question, most of the time I can tell that I am manifesting an ungodly spirit. In a situation, in a crisis like we had tonight, you should all know that I pray continuously. Every time I am not talking, I am saying " Father, if this is not you, get me out of here." You think I need this? You think that I have such, an Ego that I have to go through all this to be proven right? If you think that you are mistaken about me. Who needs this grief?


I would not let it end, because Jesus was not glorified in the end. Our beloved friend just wanted it to end. The spiritual reality of what he wanted was peace at any price. I declare to you that they will say, "peace, peace," but there is no peace, so long as there is rebellion in the minds of anyone.


What is rebellion? It is a manifestation of the carnal mind that is opposing the mind of Christ. Do not take this as a personal condemnation! Oh people, you are called to glory. He wants to stand up in full stature in you. You do not have any fight with me.


COMMENT: To be honest with you I do not feel any condemnation right now. It may be different from what it was.


PASTOR VITALE: You were manifesting, that is what it was.


COMMENT: Now I know it is gone, but I do say there are times that when you do talk you do not understand what I am trying to say. It comes out like it does not even pay to talk.


PASTOR VITALE: I want you to know that every conflict that I go over with God, maybe it sounds like to you that I do not understand, but what is happening is that I am looking at it from a higher level. Because I do understand what you say, but I do not feel it is the proper way to look at it. I try...


COMMENT: But I feel that is not good.


PASTOR VITALE: I am sorry XXXX, there is just no other way. I just ask the Lord to help me be sensitive to you. I am doing the best that I can.


COMMENT: I just do not want you to feel that I am never going to get it.


PASTOR VITALE: Oh no, no, no, now listen I am saying this in front of witnesses. You are Christ, you happen to be one of those people that has a very strong carnal mind. I am saying it in front of everybody.


COMMENT: You did already, many times. (laughing)


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I am saying it again because I want you to know. Do you think that I would go through all of this with you if I think that you are never going to get up? Why would I be expending all of this effort and personal grief to myself if I thought you were never going to get up? I am dragging you up. We are coming up together. Christ is dragging me, and I am dragging you. You are going to make it.


COMMENT: I feel that I have a very strong carnal mind too. I do not know how you deal with people, I have trouble. I think you have already answered that.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, I did answer it before, I will say it again. I respond to the individual. You have never given me any reason...you have never manifested rebellion towards me. The most I have ever gotten from you... I know once I told you something that I think surprised you, and all you did was giggle at me. Well that is okay, it is like a nervous laugh. I am sure you took it before the Lord in prayer. When someone opposes me when I tell them something, well then there is a conflict. It is a conflict between the carnal mind, and the mind of Christ. It is a conflict, it is a battle.


Brethren, we are engaged in a warfare. The reason why I have violent conflicts with XXXX, XXXX, and XXXX, it is only a condition of your carnal mind.


Believe me, it is much easier for me to deal with you and XXXX. It is not that they are my favorite, or they are better than you, but I do not have to go through that. Does anyone not understand what I am talking about?


That is what you have got. It is like saying you are tall, you are short, you are skinny, or you are fat. That is what you have got. Well, we are going to bust that eggshell of a carnal mind anyway. Yes XXXX? I thought you had a question.


I want to make a few comments on what he preached, because he preached from the carnal viewpoint of the church. The Lord has told me to make a correction to you. Now, what he was saying, the primary point that I want to make to you, is that he was saying.... the solution to your problem is to identify with Christ. What he was saying was this revealing on wrong thinking in us was not necessary. He tried to say it several times from the couch,"Just go to prayer."


I declare to you that everybody in this ministry and that has passed through this ministry are people that Old Order deliverance has not worked for. They have had prayer, they have had prayer from every evangelist that came into town, they have submitted for prayer to Old Order deliverance. They have run here, and they have run there. They have gone to everybody for help, and there is still trouble in their life. Christ is not coming forth, there is a blockage there. Those are the people that He sends here.


Now, there is no condemnation in this either. I was one of those people except Old Order Deliverance worked for me, I think only because God was raising me up to do this. He gave me the ability to judge myself. I heard it from Him, I did not have to hear it from another person. I went through hell coming up. I did not go through situations that you have here, but I had a different one where I had a man over me that was my anti-Christ.


I spend hours on my face on the floor saying, "Father, is it possible that I know something that my pastor does not know? God, if this is not you, get me out of here, deliver me!" I was going crazy for three years, so you have not gone through that. I understand you may not think it, but I understand everything that you are going through. I certainly know what it is like to beat up your carnal mind. I know how hard it is.


I know how hard it is to face sin in yourself. I know how hard it is, I know how painful it is. You are coming a little different than I came. Do not think that I am here without paying the price, I am not. I paid the price.


COMMENT: That confrontation with XXXX, did you feel grieved in your spirit or what did you feel in your spirit? Just a rising up in your own emotions?


PASTOR VITALE: I did not feel either. What makes you think that I would feel either?


COMMENT: It was a response, so there must have been a reason for the response, a reaction.


PASTOR VITALE: Well, the response was to the reaction that Christ discerned that it was ungodly. That was the only response to the reaction. No grief in my spirit, no rising up of my emotions, but a discernment, an identification of a manifestation of the carnal mind, which is typified in the book of Ezekiel, where it says, "There will be men of continuous employment going through the earth, where ever they see a bone they are going to mark it until the people that are ready to deal with it come along. "


A bone is a type of spirit. That Scripture says, "Where ever they see a man's bone," where ever they see a manifestation of the carnal mind they will mark it. Now, this is a big problem with people that think carnally. Now, I am not insulting you. They perceive righteous judgment as something ungodly. Why? Because maybe they have never experienced righteous judgment, and they do not understand it when they see it.


You are being called to this. I am not saying that I am great and you are not. You are here because you are being trained to do what I do. We had a conversation about this, with XXXX. We are all being trained to recognize, identify , and analyze what is happening with the mind of Christ. Then once we learn that, He will give us the ability to deal with the problem in righteousness. You cannot deal with anything in righteousness, before you can judge righteous judgment.


COMMENT: The Lord had me do several things, I would say righteous judgment. When I did it, spoke the truth, the Lord spoke to me about the way in which I did it. The matter in which I did it, it really put me down about it. He never told me I was doing right...


PASTOR VITALE: It was how you did it. That was what had happened to XXXXX. Thank you for thinking that you had to defend me. Your original thought was correct.


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: What XXXXX.... she started out with a righteous indignation, she started out okay, but her carnal mind got in there. The way she dealt with it was the carnal mind. You had a mixture there, Christ and the carnal mind. Mixture is anti-Christ. The Lord wants to teach you and give you everything you need in the future to be able to start out with Christ and follow all the way through with Christ.


The correction is to enable you, to teach you how to do it in righteousness. That is what it is all about.


COMMENT: The Lord has to deal with me. When I got up this morning, I had such tremendous peace. I felt if I hear from the Lord, I was to talk to my son, and tell him that it was a disturbance because there was church going on.


PASTOR VITALE: So far so good.


COMMENT: That Pastor Vitale was preaching, and you have no right to disturb the church. This is a church when the meeting is on, that is what we did.


PASTOR VITALE: Apparently the carnal mind got in there. I do not want to go over the whole thing again, but I will repeat this for you. In view of the circumstances, knowing how he feels about me, it was not wisdom to mention my name. Do you understand what I am saying?


COMMENT: That is what I was afraid of.


PASTOR VITALE: You were shocked XXXX, you were shocked.


COMMENT: inaudible.. from him, judgment and I felt that you were the poor, meaning that your spirit...inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: Let me suggest something to you XXX, you pray about this, that what God was saying to you by Psalm 10 was this. He knew that the carnal mind perverted His word to you, and He was pronouncing the judgment on Cain. Not on you, but on your carnal mind. You are Christ, you are the poor that is being afflicted by your own carnal mind.


He predicted the judgment that came past tonight. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Does anyone not understand that?


Let me get this in, because I think XXXXXX is about to run. I want her to hear this. One of the major points that our beloved made. Was that there is deliverance in identification in Christ. I want to call your attention to the fact, brethren, that this is what the ultimate reconciliation church is preaching. That there is no judgment of your carnal mind, that all you have to do is identify with Christ. I am here tonight to tell you that if you think that is true, please pray about it, because it is not true. I will tell you briefly, I will remind you that Christ is in your inward parts, and laying over Him is your carnal mind, whose God is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind.


Your carnal mind, whose carnal mind is Satan, has been exercising control over you and your new conscience from the day you were born. Christ in you is in a death struggle to break this authority over the new conscience that is being formed in you. Christ is killing this carnal mind. Sometimes in most individuals, Christ in you is so overwhelmed by the carnal mind that it is necessary for Him to send somebody else, to send reinforcements, to the Christ in here.


The carnal mind is getting battered from Christ in you, and he is also getting battered from your friend who loves you enough to risk his own peace to batter your carnal mind from the outside.


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: Yes, exactly.


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: I know the Scripture you are talking about. This is the honor that has been given the saints, to break the power of kings. Now again, our beloved is in the carnal church, and they have bought a lie. Yes, they have a relationship with Christ, but they are not married to Him. How do I know that our beloved is not married to Christ? If he was married to Christ, he would know that I am in the process of being married to Christ. He would have recognized Christ in me. Jesus said to the Pharisees, "Why did you not recognize Christ in me? You have read all the Scriptures, why have not you recognized Him? Because your father is the devil." They said, "Our father is not the devil, our father is Abraham."


Brethren, if you are living your life by your carnal mind, your father is the devil.


Now do not be condemned. Join with Christ to kill him so that your Father can truly be God. The carnal church has a relationship with the Holy Spirit, which is really the Father. It is not Christ, Christ is the Son. They have a relationship with the Father, and the Father wants to join with them in a spiritual sexual union that will cause Christ to be born in them. Now you cannot marry Christ until He is born in you. The way He gets born in you is that the spirit of the Father, which is the Holy Spirit implants His seed in you.


The carnal church, yes they have a glorious relationship with Christ, and they know Him. They have experienced the anointing, they have seen many miracles. He has a miracle anointing. He talks about many miracles, but I declare to you, brethren, the hour of truth is at hand.


I keep apologizing to you, God has given me this very earthy message. It is like a man that is engaged to you. Well, let me put it a better way than that. In India they have child marriage. A man can take a wife at seven years old, and she goes and lives in his house. He does not approach her sexually until she reaches maturity, but she is married to him. She lives in his house, and whatever she does, shops, cleans, seven years old.


He waits until she is mature enough to enter into a sexual relationship with him. Let me tell you something, that man must be "chafing at the bit" by the time she goes from seven to eighteen years old. Lets face it. She is living in his house, and he is going to sleep in anther bedroom. You think he is counting sheep? I am telling you the truth. Sex is a driving force, especially in men and some women too. Well, that is how the Father is. In the realm of the spirit, the proof that you have copulated with the Father is that you bear His Son. I declare to you that for every person in the church that is not bearing the Son, they have had a friendship with the Father, they have even lived in His house, eaten at His table. Maybe they have even huddled in bed together, maybe they even had foreplay, but they did not do it!


When the Father goes to bed with you, you conceive. One time He is very virile. We have the carnal church that thinks they have arrived, and it is going to be very painful to find out that they have not arrived. Not only that they have not arrived, that they cannot even discern Christ. That was the major issue.


I want you to understand that he was trying very hard, but he said things contrary to what we are teaching here. I do not want them to strengthen in you what the Lord is in the midst of ripping out. Identification with Christ is very important. God wants that identification to be internal, not external.


Please just give me a minute, He is talking to me. Can you hold on that XXXX? Is it that important? I really feel to go on with this.


I just want to show you this. I want to show you that battle in the terms of Daniel 8. I want to show you the battle in terms of the he goat with the notable horn between his eyes, waging war against the ram. The ram typifying Christ. The he goat typifying Satan, Satan's carnal mind. They are butting heads. Listen to the Scripture. How does a ram and a goat fight? They but heads. Brethren, if you cannot see that I was butting heads with people here tonight you have to pray that your eyes get opened. You better believe it. Not only that, I do not have two horns. That is not true the Lord just corrected me.


The reason I said that I do not have two horns is that I am a fallen man. The Lord just said to me that when He is with me, when it is His spirit manifesting through me, I have two horns. Does anyone not understand that? He is the higher horn, and my soul is in submission to Him. The two horns are one horn.


Brethren, this is the warfare, this is the end of the age. I am not knocking them. They are out there, and they are singing, and they are dancing, they are marrying, they are giving in marriage, and there is a war raging in the spirit. The ram is appearing in the earth, He is not doing...well, I cannot say that not all the time. He has come as a warrior, and He is not out there singing and dancing.


I went before the Lord when I go home last night, I said, "Lord did you see..." Of course, He saw, "...did you see that anointing that fell down when he sang? I said, "Why do we not have an anointing?" Well, we have an anointing here but why do we not have an anointing like that." I was jealous, I said, "Why cannot we have an anointing like that?" You do not have to ever be jealous with God, because He is fully capable of giving you everything that the other person has, you just may have to wait a while for it, but if you do not ask, you do not get.


I said "Lord, why do we not have it. I am beat up all the time, I cannot sleep at night. I toss and I turn, people clawing at me all the time." He said to me, "It is just a different anointing. That is the blessings upon that age children, and this is the blessings upon this age children." We will go with what we have, and we will thank God for what we have. I do not know about you, maybe I am in a little deeper than you, maybe I am not, I do not know anymore.


I cannot live without this kind of preaching that is coming forth here. I cannot live without preaching it, and I cannot live without listening to my own tapes. It is nice to have prayer and prophesy, it was all beautiful last night, but if I cannot have it all, I would have to choose this kind of ministry I cannot live without it. Do you know what I am talking about?


Let me just see if there is anything that I forgot about. That is the major point I wanted to point out to you. It is the biggest error being preached in the church today, that you will enter into... well, he does not even believe in full stature. That you will enter into everything that God has for you through identification with Him, and it is a lie. You cannot identify with Him until your carnal mind is destroyed or at least into submission, I should not say destroyed.


The first stage of the resurrection is that you bring him into submission. From your passive position, then you get onto him, and you totally paralyze him, then you kill him.


The whole church world is denying the warfare. Oh, they will rebuke the demons. He said a few things along those lines that it is not us. It is just the enemy. Brethren, it is us. Come on, wake up, wake up. Our carnal mind is our enemy, and our carnal mind is us. Until we utterly disassociate ourselves from him and hate him with everything we can hate him with, he is us.


Do not blame people's sin on the enemy. We must take responsibility for what we do and what we think. Not condemnation, but responsibility, repenting, asking God to help you. Get that thing on a leash. There is glory waiting for us. Fight the good fight of faith, peace at any price, but here is no peace.


The ram of Christ is in the earth, and He is butting heads with people in whom the carnal mind is manifesting, and when He butts them His horns penetrate them as a sting of a scorpion.


Remember the teaching from Daniel 8, and His spiritual substance flows into them and Christ arises. The warrior the spirit of might, and He breaks the bones of you carnal mind. I want to try and give you carnal examples to help you understand.


We are human beings we have a spiritual skeleton, what ever that is. Now I am a small woman, I am five two, I have a slight frame. I am not this body, I am this personality. Father help them to understand this. The life of Christ in me is so real, just technically speaking, it is possible for the Lord to withdraw from this body. Now He is not about to do this, please understand what I am saying. Taking my whole personality and putting it inside of XXXX, or a woman the size of XXXX and the skeleton would be broken.


He could do it, He could break my physically skeleton and give me a whole new skeleton, a whole new structure. In the realm of the spirit, we are talking about minds, I do not know how to draw a mind. A mind is a personality, let me try it this way.


I do not think I put this across. We are talking about personality, and there is a man, his personality is criminal. He is a criminal, he uses these hands to kill, to steal, to destroy, to torture. God keeps the same body which is the skeleton of this criminal mind, and He changes the structure of the mind.


Did you ever hear of the movie "An Anatomy of a Murder?" There is a couple of them like that. What does a murderer look like? What does a murderer think like? How does he plan, how does he work it out? The carnal mind has a pattern. I do not know how to draw it, I am not doing too well with it. He is formed in a certain pattern. Well, maybe the Lord just gave me this idea.


Maybe we can deal with it in the form of atoms, we have talked about molecules here. Let me remind you that atoms can have any number of circles on the outside, they have electrons, varying numbers of electrons that give this atom a name. Anyone in chemistry and physics know that if an atom that has one electron, two electrons in the second ring and two electron in the third ring, that makes it an atom. Some chemistry major is going to laugh at me. That makes it an atom of copper. That is what copper looks like.


It has protons in the nucleus, and it has neutrons . It has one, two, three, four electrons in this exact configuration. That is what copper looks like. Are you all following me? This is what gold looks like. Complete. The mind of Christ is filled up. There is no more room for any more electron in it. Why? For so long as there is room in this atom for more electrons, it is possible for an electron from another atom to shoot into it and get added to it. When that happens it is no longer copper.


Let us say is it magnesium. Do you know what I am talking about? It is changeable, its alterable. Gold, I do not know if this is true about gold, but Christ is not alterable, He is all filled up. If an electron from another atom shoots across and tries to join to the atom which is Christ, it will not be received. He is like a sponge that is saturated.


The carnal mind is an incomplete atom that is capable of change. Christ is an atom that is not capable of change. This configuration is in our mind, we all have it. It is the atom of our existence, it is our personal cosmos. God is going to break its bones, going to smash it so it does not look like that anymore.


For example, since I do not know what I am doing with this chemistry here. He is going to make it look like that. He is going to change its configuration. He is going to break down its configuration. That is the breaking of the bones of the copper (atom). Do you understand what I am talking about? Do you understand at all? You do not?


Bones in the Scripture typify spirit. He is breaking down the spiritual configuration of the carnal mind. That Scripture "Not a bone of Christ will be broken," what that is saying, listen to this, it is exiting. One of the sign of Christ is that when He butts heads with the he goat, He will not be destroyed. His bones will not be broken. Let me put that another way, oh God just gave this to me, it is so exciting.


Look, when you are the ram, when Christ is manifesting through you, and you are up against somebody's carnal mind, only one person can be a victor. For example, this atom is involved in a warfare. This is the goat and this is the ram. They are butting heads. I am going to suggest to you that these guys are not playing, and the result of this confrontation is that one of these configurations are going to break down. Either the goat is going to change the ram's mind to the carnal mind, or the ram is going to change the goat's mind to the mind of Christ. Do you know what I am talking about?


The Scripture says not a bone will be broken. That means it is impossible for the goat to change the ram to the carnal mind. There is no such thing as a draw in Heaven so, therefore, the ram must change the goat to Christ. This is the two-witness company.


When this conflict comes, the substance of the goat, if you remember our teachings in Daniel 8, will enter into the mind of the ram, which is Christ. The spiritual authority of Christ will neutralize it. At the same time the substance of Christ is entering into the mind of the goat. The substance of Christ will plant Christ in the middle of the person who is, at this moment, the goat. In due season Christ will change the configuration, Christ from within will change the configuration of this man.


Christ will not be changed, His bones will not be broken. He will not be reformed in the image of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, any more. Yes?


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: Hold on one moment, I will answer you. Do you understand what I am saying here? This is a battle of the minds. God has called you to war. I want to tell you something, brethren. You better believe that as soon as you get to the place He has called you to, I have no idea how long it will take, but as soon as you get there, He is bringing the people. People need this kind of New Order deliverance. He fully intends to appear in the earth. You want to know why we are so small? I could not survive more of this.


The two-witness company is a company of spiritual men, physical men and women in whom the imparted anointing has begun to appear. They are natural men, I do not believe they are in full stature at anytime. When they enter into full stature, they are no longer in the two-witness company. They become a part of the Christ company.


COMMENT: How do you know that you have received the imparted anointing? How do you get the imparted anointing?


PASTOR VITALE: You get the imparted anointing by having intercourse with the Father and conceiving Christ. Then, He has to grow. Sometimes, He has trouble growing because of our carnality. Sometimes, it just takes time, it is the Father's timing. Just pray for it and it will come.


COMMENT: How do you tell you have it?


PASTOR VITALE: It is very hard to tell. I do not know anything else that is in Christ that is as obvious as the baptism with the Holy Spirit, that is evidence by the speaking in tongues. It is hard to tell. If you ask Him and you open your heart to honesty, He will tell you. You will grow, you will see growth. One of the signs is that you understand this doctrine, but it is not the only sign. Some people understand it with their intellect, and they do not really have Christ.


COMMENT: inaudible....all I could think about was Naomi talking to Ruth saying there are no other sons in my womb. It just made an impression at that time.


PASTOR VITALE: Let me make another comment about the two-witness company. There will be a group of natural men that are not in full stature. I believe that I am in the two-witness company, that Christ will be manifesting through them. They will be delivered enough, their carnal mind will be crushed enough so that Christ can manifest in them with the strength that He is manifesting through me. Their function is, as God sends them, not in their own strength, not at the instruction of our carnal mind, at the instruction of Christ, to challenge the carnal mind of people that the Lord is setting free at that moment.


At the same time they will have this confrontation with them. There always will be a verbal, nothing short of going into your prayer closet, and praying. Let me comment on that right now, because that was what was being taught to you tonight. Well, it is okay, but listen. That is how you start, but after you do it, God says "Go!' After you pray, He sends a man. Most of the time, He will send you, depending how mature you are. You cannot hide in a corner and expect God to speak to that person. That is not the way this thing is set up.


My greatest testimony and example to you is that years ago when I was living with a woman. There was four of us, we each had a child. At the time she was insisting on bringing a Christmas tree into the house. I had conceded to her and conceded to her. I made all kinds of concessions to her. I desperately wanted this thing to work. When she wanted to bring a Christmas tree into the house, I had to say no.


I went in to my bedroom, I got on my knees and said, "Dear God, talk to her!" He said, "Get up on your feet, and you go talk to her." Does anyone not hear what I an saying? You can stay in your prayer closet until God says you are strong enough or mature enough to do what has to be done.


Until that time, He will raise somebody up to help you. We all have to grow up. Prayer starts in the closet, but it winds up coming out of the mouth of men. That it the way it is. God does not hide in the closet, He wants to appear in us. He wants us to be mighty men of valor. He wants us to be able to confront issues in righteousness in the right spirit, in the right words, and He will give us the victory. With Love, and He will give us the victory.


We have to learn how to do it. There is no shame in that. I want to tell you that there are heathens in this world that were taught what you are learning here. Little children, they grew up in families where their parents knew everything I am teaching you here.


They went to Harvard and they are big shot lawyers and politicians, they know all this, but they are carnal men. We are learning this from an adult upward, and we are going to catch up to them, and we are going to go past them. We are going to be everything a human being can be in Christ.


Do you know the scientist tell us that we use a very small portion of our brain. They cannot imagine why we have such a big brain. Brethren, when Christ appears in us in full stature, every cell in your brain is going to be used. You are going to be a genius. You are going to remember everything.


At the moment, I know there were a couple of other points in this message I wanted to call to your attention, I cannot remember. Let me leave this with you, if he preached any thing and you recognize that it contradicts anything that I am preaching here, please understand that he was preaching from where he was coming from. He does not understand what is happening here at all.


Salvation is not in an intellectual identity. Salvation is in a spiritual identity which takes place when the Son of God is born in you and marries our soul. Remember there are two penetrations. The Father is penetrating us, impregnating us. The Son is growing up in us, and when He is fully grown, you see, He is in the house, but He is not old enough to marry us. When He is grown up and is old enough to marry us, He will marry us and that is the joining and of the twain.


XXXXX looks like she is about to go to sleep. I thank you for staying if you want to go do not let me keep you. I will take questions if anybody has questions. I have been preaching over an hour already. It has been a long night.


Let me just show you what is happening here. I am going to draw this very carnally for you. I am going to draw this as our world. This is our whole world and, of course, each one of us is a circle. Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, the very faithful servant of God is blowing very heavily upon our world.


There are big cracks. Like XXX saw an eggshell cracking. There are big cracks appearing in this world system and in our individual worlds. It is literally breaking up. The wind that is blowing is God. It is God in the form of His servant, His left side or His left hand which is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. The winds, I could just hear them howling. I want to remind you your safety is in Christ .


I want to encourage to you not to panic. We are clearly told in the book of Revelation that there is no where to hide. There is no place to hide, but to draw close to God. Ask Him to help you, if you feel you are losing control of your emotions. Try to resist them, rebuke them and ask God to help you. Do what you do, come here and we will pray for you. If we are not having a meeting, everybody here is anointed to pray. I just hear the winds howling, shells cracking.


This world is just an eggshell. You know what? When the eggshell cracks open there is just a yoke. He has got a name. His name is Christ. Hallelujah.


Jesus said when you hear all these things, do not be terrified, look up. Did you hear that Alexander's closed down today? Shut down Alexander's, the country is shaking. I want to tell you, brethren, I cried when God took my job. I cried when God took my bank account. I cried when God took all of my worldly wealth, but I want to tell you, now I am rejoicing. I cannot lose my job. He has promised to feed me, He has promised to clothe me. Best thing that ever happened to me. He took everything that I had except the furniture in my house.


Brethren, this wind is blowing so fast and hard, we cannot see it yet. You need spiritual eyes to see it. With all the destruction, with all the businesses that have gone out, they still do not believe it. I am telling you, brethren, judgment is upon this nation.


I heard there was rioting in Lagos, XXXX said tonight. The whole world is exploding with everyone screaming and yelling. If you cannot stay calm, get with someone that can pray for you. We are going to sit this thing out. I find it very significant that we are meeting in a basement. It is like a bomb shelter. We are really safe down here, and do not let anything terrify you.


What you are experiencing, I will explain it as best as I can. We are still carnal. No matter how much Christ I have in me, I am still a natural man.


These winds that are blowing, they are winds of destruction against the carnal minds of men. Those men that do not have Christ in them will be destroyed by the wind storm. If you have Christ in you, your carnal mind will be destroyed, and Christ will come up. Did you ever see a Garden after a big rain storm? You come out the next morning, and the plants grew four feet? The day after the rain, the plant just went right up.


Brethren, there is a storm brewing, but do to be terrified, look up, your redemption is there. It is very hard being in this place. I know what you are going through. I was crying out to God today. If you are interested in this prayer, my prayer was, "Father, how will you be glorified if I am destroyed. I know that you are not going to chasten me unto the point of death, but if you let so much come against me that it kills the Christ in me, how are you going to be glorified?"


You see, I do not really care if I die. I have nothing anyway. I mean it, the only thing I care about is that I would rather not die a long and painful death. I do not want to be tortured to death. If He takes me tomorrow, I really do not care. I am here so that He can be glorified in me. This is the truth. My purpose in life is to minister to the Sons that are coming up. That is the truth, that is the whole purpose for me being here.


If he is going to let me be destroyed, how is that going to glorify him? I really expect Him to keep me alive at least until you are all born. Paul said that he just as soon go to the Father, but for your sake I stay here. I have nothing of this natural life. That is what I am telling you. Everything that I have is the life is Christ, the ministry. I have nothing in this world that I want. I do not know if you can believe that, but it is true. There is nothing here that I want.


COMMENT: You keep talking about winds, what comes to mind is that David had a vision and God showed him about the wind. Do you remember that one? It is going to have an earthquake of big velocity. That is how strong it is going to be. As if you has a cardboard house that is just going to blow away. He said that first wind is called, It escapes me know. Then there will be a second wind, and all those that escaped the first wind, He said just go right into the eye of the storm in the first one. The second wind and all those people that did not want the first wind are going to want the second wind. They are going to be blown away because He said the second wind is having His righteousness.


PASTOR VITALE: That is having the former rain and the latter rain.




PASTOR VITALE: The former rain is the church as you see it today, and the latter rain is coming. We talked about this recently. The latter rain is the anointing that comes forth in the mind of Christ through the men in whom He is in full stature. I just want to say this, and then we will pray. Then if you want to stay you can, but I feel that XXXX really wants to go. I do not doubt that this wind and this storm is going to appear in the natural. I do not doubt it for a second.


Brethren, the real wind is in the spirit. For those that have ears to hear and eyes to see, the real wind is in the spirit. I am sorry for people that will die in some sort of physical disaster, but the real wind that is blowing in the church is going to reveal carnal Christians for what they are. They are going to be screaming.


I got that letter today from a man that was so upset with me. I think I sent him Galatians, that tape in which I suggest that there are carnal people in the church. He was so offended by that, I guess he is one of the carnal people in the church. There are carnal people in the church.


COMMENT: It is not a good thing to say.


PASTOR VITALE: I do not think it is a good thing because I know I get so many dreams and so many words of knowledge. I am very spiritual. I know that it is very common for God to tell people that they are going to get married, and He means a spiritual marriage. I know I got a prophesy like that, and for years I was waiting for this man to manifest.


COMMENT: If it was prophesy, that means she is going to marry Christ.


PASTOR VITALE: The prophesy is true.


COMMENT: She is thinking that, well it could be, but she is focusing more on that, like she cannot wait. I know how she feels


PASTOR VITALE: I do not think that it is wise to tell young people this, it seems no matter how much you tell them it may be spiritual, they think it is natural. It stirs up their lust for that marriage, it is not a good thing. It hurt you, did it not?


COMMENT: No, I never thought natural marriage.


PASTOR VITALE: It did hurt you right? I am going to say this and as soon as XXXX comes down, we are going to pray. The problem, one of the abuses of prophesy, is that the gift of prophesy, not the true prophesy, the prophesy that comes through a mind of a believer without their understanding or knowledge, is very frequently interpreted by the person that brings it forth.


They will say to you, "Thus saith the Lord, you are getting married." That is all He said to them, then the person, the believer that brought this forth says, "Yes, and you are getting married in three years, and I am sure he is a wonderful man." They have interpreted the prophesy that God has given them. They are anointed to prophesy, but they are not anointed to interpret.


This is an abuse of Pentecost. I have heard of people selling their houses, their businesses and going into disaster from a prophesy that has come forth and been misinterpreted. Not necessarily a false prophesy, but a misinterpretation of it, either by the deliverer of the word, or by their own minds. They are not seeking counsel.


Every minister is not equally gifted in every area. If you want to find out what a prophesy or a dream means please go to someone that is anointed in that area. I happened to be very versatile, because it is Christ coming forth in me.


In Christ is the whole ministry. We have the whole five-fold ministry here. I am a prophet, I am an apostle, I am an evangelist, I am a teacher and I am a pastor. We have the whole five-fold ministry here.


If ever you have reason that you need a counsel that you feel I cannot give you, that God has spoken to you and He has said, "Pastor Vitale is not anointed to counsel you in this area," please go to the person God sends you to. Just pray it through. The way is fraught with danger. Prophesy and dreams in the hand of carnally-minded people can be used a snare for the Sons of God.


There is great abuse in Pentecost. The Baptist preach against Pentecost all the time. Everything they say is valid. There is great abuse in Pentecost. This is what the Baptist say, "There is a lack of character, they tend to rely on these spiritual gifts that they have no control over," which is very similar to having an evil spirit channeling his mind through you.


The way the occult works is that they have people channeling, and they go into a meditation, and an evil spirit speaks through their mouth. That is that same way the Holy Spirit works in the gift of prophesy, except and evil spirit is a sin, and when it is the Holy spirit speaking through you it is not sin, and it will not hurt you. The manifestation of the spirit will not hurt you. If it is an evil spirit there will be curses coming upon you.


That is that same gift but different spirit. Now the Scripture talks about the same spirit, different administrations. Different spirits. one legal and one illegal. To the untrained mind it looks like the same thing. It is an immature manifestation of Christ. The imputed anointing is an immature manifestation of Christ that is not fully mixed in our mind. In Christ in the imparted anointing, the mind of Christ mixes with my consciousness and comes forth as great wisdom. This is not pride. I am telling you the truth.


There is incredible wisdom in this ministry. Can anybody not say amen to that? There is incredible wisdom here. It is not coming through my mouth as if I were a puppet saying, "Thus saith the Lord, the notable horn in Daniel 8." That is what they do in the occult.


There is someone who has written a whole series of books called The Seth Series that were dictated by a demon or by their own carnal mind. With Christ, that is just an immature stage where He channels through us without our understanding.


He wants to give you the understanding, He wants to speak through you, though union with your own soul, with your understanding. Did you want to say something?


COMMENT: How did the Baptist perceive the Pentecost?


PASTOR VITALE: I am just going to answer this, I want XXXX to be a part of this prayer, she looks like she is about to leave. They see the abuses in the Pentecost, I am not expert. Primarily the abuse of the gifts, what they call "kitchen prophesy." Getting people on the side saying, "I had a dream or this or that," and that is why in any responsible church you are not encouraged, and they will rebuke you for calling someone up on the telephone and saying, "I had a dream."


I know in XXXXX church, in front of a thousand people, he says come in and tell your dream in front of the congregation. The people of God say yea or nay.


XXXXX, one of the speakers had a word of wisdom from a man that he just saw across the room. He called it out in front of the whole meeting. He said from the pulpit "I could have approached you privately and told you that, but I believe in honoring the head of this church." He spoke it out of the pulpit.






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