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Comment: I asked the Lord to bring up the opportunity to speak about masturbation and you just said it right now. I thought about it before in my mind and you just brought it back. I do not understand, I want to understand, how it operates. Ann Landers was saying yesterday in the newspaper that many people wrote in and said how wonderful masturbation was in the lives of people who are overseas, husband and wives that are sick and things like that. And many Christian psychologists are telling the young men to "go out and masturbate, do not go out there and rape somebody" and all that. I want to know the spiritual significance of masturbation.


Pastor Vitale: That is very interesting because someone else that I know that is in therapy had a big battle because her therapist was very pro-masturbation. Apparently, it is very common. This is the root of the spiritual objection to it. I do not know if I can give you any scripture on it, but I will give you some principles on it.


We are called to be spiritual beings. The Father just gave me the words, I know what the answer is, He just gave me the way to express it. For centuries, Christians have known, I do not know about pagan religions, but Christians have known that the more you live in the flesh the greater the potential for you to become a base person.


When you raise your children, hopefully you tell them, if you have a son, "I know you do not want a hunchback of Notre-Dame, but the woman does not have to be gorgeous and sexy. The most important thing is that she loves you, that she is kind, she is generous, she is going to be a good wife to you, she is going to be a good mother, and she is going to be faithful to you."


If we live our lives in our flesh, it can only produce disasters. This is what we see in the nation today, young men and you women taking husbands and wives because of the way they look. Wait until they get older and lose their looks. They marry them and find out that they do not like them or they have conflicts and they do not know how to resolve the conflicts. You cannot get married because of the way somebody looks. It will be a disaster.


We find masturbation amongst the activities that exist in the outer realm. Do you know what I am talking about, the outer realm? Our spiritual reality is our inward part. We are what we think, anybody have any problem with that? We are what we think, that is how the mind is being renewed. If we think with Christ, we read the bible, we are becoming Christ. If what we think about is the external gratification of this body, that is what becomes the focus of our life. We can fall to a baser and baser life style and it is happening right before our eyes.


We see the whole society is being destroyed because of the pervading spirit of what is called hedonism, which is another word for self-gratification. The whole Christian walk is based on denial. The whole Christian walk is based on resisting the flesh, overcoming the flesh, a changed mind, a changed garment and instead they become a base beast because they worship that which is outside of them.


The whole basis of Christianity is "do not yield to your flesh," either the flesh in your mind, which is your carnal mind or the flesh in your body. That you must keep it under, you must rule it. It is like the second horn of the two-horn ram. God has given us a body and it is to be used for sex in marriage. If you are not married, you are supposed to rule it. That is why they call masturbation self-abuse, they do not do it anymore, but they used to call it abuse.


Now, you see all of these psychologists telling you it is wonderful. I want to tell you brethren that they do not know what they are talking about; I am going to be very vulgar now. I am telling you if you are a man and you are pulling on yourself every five minutes, that is abuse. You say to me that I am just doing it once a week. Today you are doing it once a week, brethren, it just like pornography, it is just like every other compulsion, it will swallow you up. It will take over your mind to the point that it is all you think about. It may not happen right away, maybe it will happen in a couple years.


I want to tell you that, even if does not happen in your lifetime, when that curse comes over your children, what you are fooling with is something that can become an obsession. It can be become something that is all you think about, it is self-gratification. It can lead to the ultimate, loosing all self-discipline, becoming something that you want so badly that it could be likened to a drug addiction. It will destroy you and will bring you down to the bottom of the pit and kill you.


We are supposed to be civilized people walking after the rational mind of Christ. You cannot be yielding to that urge for the sake of "do not rape somebody, do not go out and have sex where you can get Aids, do not commit adultery, just play with yourself." That is not the answer, the answer is Christ, and the answer is to rule this body.


The answer is to have values, the answer is to have standards, the answer is to be moral, the answer is to be in control of your life, the answer is discipline, rule with your mind. You want to know something, if you are a married person you cannot have sex every time you want it, it is not likely that you are going to have sex every time that you want it. Why? Because there are two people involved. The day has got to come that you both do not want it. You cannot have everything that you want in this world.


There is so much destruction raging over this nation, Christian psychologists telling them to do this! Do you hear what I am saying, it is building up in your mind a belief that you are entitled to this kind of satisfaction, and they call it satisfaction. I call it a candy bar which is going to kill you. You have to learn to do without it. You have to learn to do without everything that is a compulsion in your life. You have got to rule your life. Your mind, your rational mind which is Christ must rule this animal pleasure or it is going to destroy you.


I hear them screaming out there. They do not know what they are doing. There is a spiritual ignorance that is over the nation. It is over the Church, and nothing but disaster can come out of it, teaching people to not resist but to yield to the lust of the flesh! For centuries, Christians have been taught to resist the flesh to be self-disciplined. You cannot do anything in this world without discipline. You know they are teaching babies to masturbate. They are teaching babies in the carriage to masturbate, to stop them from crying.


Comment: They even have pictures of a six-month-old baby girl masturbating; it is not just a male problem.


Pastor Vitale: I know. That it is a curse, it is a curse.


Comment: (Inaudible) When any kind of demonic manifestation operates, is it a door way to a stronger spirit of lust and perversion, homosexuality?


Pastor Vitale: Definitely, definitely. Let me try to put it to you this way. Brethren we are fallen, you see the problem with the world is they have forgotten that we are fallen; even the Church has forgotten. They think they are covered with the blood so they have forgotten they are fallen. We are fallen. We have a carnal mind. We all have a potential for perversion, which usually comes in the form of sexual perversion. We all have potential for it, so if you masturbate continuously, it is strengthening the whole potential. You got to take the whole package.


I have it on a couple of my tapes; I think it is the message - Ungodly soul ties. About xxxx xxxxx's wife, he forced her into trying lesbianism and she became addicted to it. We all have the potential for this and this does not seem to be understood even in the Church today. We all have the potential to be sexually reprobate. Every one of us, it may seem way off to you right now, but I am telling you, all of you, including me, under the right circumstances we all could be turned into a harlot outside of Christ. We have to believe that he is going to keep us.


I saw a movie once about the Trojan wives in those days, when the armies came and defeated the soldiers, they took their women and they made them slaves in their house. The wife of the king, her husband was dead and they killed her son the potential heir, she was being taken back to the palace of the conquering king. And she moans, I mean the acting was so good, I broke down and I cried myself, but this is what she was crying about. She loved her husband, she loved her son, she loved her country, but she knew, someone had taught her that when a man put you in his bed, as soon as he gives you pleasure, you are his. Do you know what I am saying? She was afraid that she would not stay loyal to her dead husband, her country, and her dead son because she knew, she was going into the bed of this king. She had been warned by the wise man of her nation that as soon as he starts to give her this pleasure, she would belong to him.


Sex could be like drugs, you do it and you are giving yourself this pleasure. Well, are you really giving yourself this pleasure or is it some spirit by the name of Satan giving you this pleasure inside of your head, figuring out a way to control you. Brethren, you could be controlled by sex. Do you know that you could be controlled by sex? Men in the military know that, a lot of men know that. Sex is the opportunity for spiritual control. This is nothing to fool around with; this is very serious business.


The basic of the Christian faith is discipline by the mind of Christ, total dominion, total dominion of every aspect of the carnal mind in this body. When you go around pulling on yourself, brethren, your body is ruling you, it is to your destruction. It is very serious.


I just had to tell you this, I saw that movie the Last Emperor (God really teaches me through movies) and it is available if you want to get it, it is about the Last Emperor. When the Japanese came into China and they went to take over the land, they went right into the royalty and they seduced the emperor's wife, the emperess. First they put her on cocaine, then they sent a lesbian into her life and she became hooked, both on the cocaine and the lesbianism. Brethren, there is authority to control you, through the giving you of pleasure. Can you hear this? It is very serious. They completely brought her down and the reason they wanted to bring her down was that she had more political brains than the emperor and she was influencing him is a positive way. That is why they wanted to bring her down. They utterly destroyed her, she could not give up the cocaine, and she could not give up the sex.


Brethren, we must be trained to resist all pleasure, if God says "well, you can have it now," that is okay. Our only dependency is to be on Christ. Brethren, if you are married, if your husband or your wife is using sex to control you, you had better stand against it. That is an ungodly use of the martial bed. If your husband or your wife wants money from you or wants you to do something that you know is morally wrong and they can influence you to do it, because of the pleasure they can give you in bed, you better stand against it, because it is a perversion of the marital bed. Men get young women and make then dependant on them and turn them out to prostitution.


Sex controls and I am going to tell you, if you become a regular masturbating person, you are giving yourself over to the dominion of the carnal mind. I want to tell you that Christ is not going to rule in your life, with any great measure, when you are not even resisting this thing. You cannot serve two masters; Christ will not rule you, when the carnal mind has you coming out of prayer pulling on yourself. This is very serious!


Brethren, I mentioned this to you recently, I shocked somebody, shocked xxxxxx, she came in just as I was talking to xxxx and I said Christ is very sexual, Christ is very, very, very much into sex, but it is not the sex of the body, it is the sex of the mind. He wants to join with you, he wants to be intimate, he wants to give you pleasure, but it is pleasure that comes from the union of the mind. Satan is an impostor. She is a counterfeiter. This is a fine line, if you cannot understand me, pray about it.


Sex is acceptable to God in marriage as long as it is not being used in some perverse way. I am not telling anyone that they have to live without sex, if God gives you a husband, enjoy yourself but Satan through her carnal mind will try to use the body to keep you under her control. I want to tell you, when Christ joins with your mind, he controls you. I heard this from a lot of people, control, control, Christ controls you. Christ is a controlling spirit, he loves you but he controls you. Why? Because you will destroy yourself without being controlled. You do not know what will destroy you; everyone that is fallen is in this condition.


We need a cover his name is Christ. He joins with your mind and he controls your mind. You may not be there yet, but there is pleasure in that union. I want to tell you I just got one big toe in there. I had to pray about this a lot because he brought me out of this physical life, but I have not really entered into the spiritual life enough yet to tell you that I have experienced pleasure that can be comparable to sexual intercourse. I am not there, but I believe that it is real, not only do I believe that it is real, but I believe that when I get to that place, it is going to be continuous, it is not going to be for five minutes, or for an half an hour and it is not going to be pleasure that comes because I am dependent on somebody else. It is not going to be subject to any of the possible abuses of sexual intercourse, people using it to control me, people using it to punish me, you all know the stories.


We have a promise from the Lord Jesus Christ, sexual intercourse of the mind. The reality is that sexual intercourse of the body is a counterfeit, it is imperfect. It is legal in marriage but you are a playing a dangerous game when you exalt sex in your life, on any level. You exalt to a point of idolatry, if you are married, and your husband, God forbids, should he die, or your wife, God forbid should she die, if is that important to you, you have a problem.


I am telling you brethren, hear what I am saying, enjoy it, and do not make it that important to you. If it becomes your idol and especially if you are a Christian, watch out, because our God would have no other God before him. I am telling you the truth, so you put masturbation right in this category. If you become so concerned with that pleasure, it is going to take your mind off of Christ. It is idolatry and its roots are going to bind you to the carnal mind, who is counterfeiting Christ, but she is not joining with your mind, she is joining with your body. She is using your body in this intercourse that is supposed to be between spirit and soul. She has brought your body into it and she is bringing you into bondage, it is bondage. This is an unpopular thing to say today. But I am telling you the truth.


Do you know that years ago, Christians lived like this? Christians knew this that even though you are married, it is not open season on sex. What are some of the dangers? You see our minds are being perverted in this society. If you think that because you are married, it is open season on sex, what are you to do when your wife gets pregnant? Well, I guess it is okay to have a girlfriend for the nine months. Your start bringing all this justification in, "well my wife went to visit her family in another country three months," that justifies getting him another mate. "I gotta have that feeling." That is what drug addicts say and we know that there are sex addicts today. I have seen them on TV.


We are to be self-disciplined in submission to Christ. There are to be no pleasures or nothing that we need so much that we will become so compulsive. It is a disease and if you think that you can masturbate, once a week or a month and leave it at that, you are mistaken. It is Satan reaching out to take control over you and you will need it more and more and more. Why, because you are feeding your body.


Sex when channeled through human love for a man or a woman, it tempers it. How does it temper it? The whole gratification is not physical, there is also gratification through expression of love. For you to misuse the body is destruction of the soul. I hear them screaming, calling me all kinds of names. I am telling you the truth; it will lead to the destruction of your soul. It is to be enjoyed within marriage; but it is to be watched over, that it does not come to a place to bring you down. Sex can bring you down, can really bring you down, it can destroy your life.


Comments: The thought crossed my mind about self worship, all those Church people. It was also brought to mind these things that they are doing now with these gigantic television screens, they actually have it in 3D. You can actually sleep with a man or woman. I understand also there are devices they have where you can actually feel them. People are calling it a savior, because of people with Aids and ungodly spiritual behavior. They are saying this is a good thing and it is brought right through your homes. It is truly is a cult, you used that word hedonism.


Pastor Vitale: It is idolatry, hedonism.


Comments: It is truly coming out (Inaudible)


Pastor Vitale: It is self-worship.


Comment: In the bible it says they called evil good and good evil.


Pastor Vitale: Yes, it is very dangerous for your soul. It will make a beast out of you.


Comment: With all the ungodly soul ties on top of it.


Pastor Vitale: Yes.


Comments: According to the eyes of God, it is idolatry.


Pastor Vitale: You know years ago, if a woman just went from man to man, she could not give up sex, they knew that this was a curse. Well, with masturbation, the nature of the curse is that you are in bondage to your body. Just to make it real simple, I will say it in an easy way to see it, it is just as if you own a horse and it is your sole means of transportation and you become the horse's servant.


We are spirit and this body is a manifestation of Satan. The image of Satan, it has called you, the answer brethren, is not to give in. The answer is to stand against it, in the righteousness of Christ. The answer is to resist it, that is an unpopular thing to say today. I am telling you the truth. They won't tell you to stop having sex (unless you are married), instead they say, use condoms, use this, use that, masturbate. No! Unless God gives you a Godly outlet for it, if you do not have a Godly outlet for it, you do not do it.


Do you know that even in the prison of war camps, soldiers that are professional, tough soldiers they know that to fall into homosexually or masturbation will bring them down? No matter how long you are in the prisoner of war camp, you live without it. As soon as you fall into it, you are have lost all of your strength to resist. You have fallen down into your flesh you have lost all your manhood. You have completely lost your spiritual manhood and you become the slave of your body. Your body is the image of Satan. You become Satan's slave and you are no longer the aggressor.


Now remember, man is to dominate and he is supposed to be the aggressor. If your body has that much control over you and every time it calls you, you run to masturbate, you are no longer the aggressor, it has made you a woman. You have come into submission to your body, can you hear what I am saying?


This whole world is a hostile environment to men, spiritual men, and physical men. When you stand in the righteousness of Christ, you become victimized by this world. That is what the homosexuals do not understand. I do not condemn any homosexual, but you are supposed to be resisting it, you cannot yield to anything that your body tells you to do. Whoever told you that you are entitled to sexual gratification in this world, they lied to you, because you are not entitled to anything, when God gives it to you it is a blessing. You are not entitled to anything. You live your life, you pray your way through and you hope for the best. There are no guarantees.


That why it is very important, I tell my daughter this all the time, to get something in your life that is an interest, develop one and become good at something. You can have more than one interest, but have a primary interest and become good at it. Find something in your life that gives you satisfaction. Brethren, there is a whole society of single people that nothing interests them so they wound up in the bars at night, it is going to kill you. Do not use your body, use your mind, use your spirit.


Comment: I saw on the television today, there are a lot of people going out and drinking blood. They had a doctor on, and she had a veil over her face so she could not be recognized by her own people that she works with. They could not recognize her. She got sexual satisfaction by drinking blood. They asked her how she did it, she said that she used a syringe to draw how much and she would take a jigger glass. There are so many people out there doing it. I guess it is a cult.


Pastor Vitale: Well, they call themselves vampires, but this is a very interesting point that you brought up and I think it fits right in with what the Lord is saying here. Sex is something, it has the potential which is in all of us, that can be used to destroy us. Do not anybody tell me that I am against sex, I am not against sex, I like sex, I am not married now. It is nice in its right context, I am not against sex, but I am telling you the truth, it has the potential to destroy you and this is the way it works.


If Satan through your carnal mind can get you to engage in sex outside of God's prescribed order, it will work to bring you down spiritually and you would reach a point, if it does not happen in your life time, it will happen in the next generation, where you will keep needing a new thrill. It is happening all over the country today, threesomes, drinking blood, some people like to get hit, there is always something else. It is a continual descent to get that kick.


It is just like drugs, you need more and you need more and you need more. It is not necessarily that you need sexual intercourse more frequently, it does not work like that, because you can only do it so often; but you need something different, you need the blood, you need the threesome, you need the homosexuality, you need the pornography. If you study this, you will see that the person starts to spiritually descend into a world where their minds in occupied with their sexuality.


Brethren, we are in the process of having our minds converted into Christ. Armageddon is the battle of the two minds, of Christ and the carnal mind. When you are feeding this desire for sexuality, it is building your carnal mind and whatever you do that builds the carnal mind, destroys Christ.


I remind you that even if you are not a born again Christian that had a born again experience, maybe you went to church once a week or whatever, if you are that kind of a person, your manifestation of Christ is the law. Whatever morality, whatever Judeo-Christian law that you were taught by your parents, that is Christ in your mind. As your mind becomes absorbed by this form of sexuality, when it becomes so important to you, you never stand still with spiritual things, either you decease or increase. As you think about it more and more, you talk about it to your friends more and more, you do it more and more and each decrease kills a little bit of Christ in you until Satan has your entire carnal mind;


I want to tell you I never understood it to the extent that I understand it now. As I see what is happening in our society, we are becoming a pagan society. People drinking blood, cannibalism, things that were unspeakable, whoever heard of cannibalism in this nation? That is a form of sexuality.


I am going to tell you about this book that I read years ago, I do not remember the name of it, even before I knew the Lord, there is a book written by a police sergeant, a sergeant of a detective, it was an anatomy of someone's spiritual fall. This man met a woman, she was utterly corrupt, and she started by offering him sex. He got into a traditional sexual relationship with her. The author of this book called it a seduction. She had a motive that he never dreamt of and when they got into the relationship, he started to want her.


Brethren, enjoy your sex if it is with your wife or husband, it is alright to want them, but the second you discern that they are using it to cause you to go out of Christ, you better stand against it. Well, all of a sudden, she introduced him to homosexuality, and he went for it. She introduced him to a threesome, he went for it, it was serious. It was a descent, he just went down, down, down, down and the ultimate, the ultimate bottom was she asks him to kill somebody. Have you ever heard there is sexual release in murder?


As I said, I read this book a long time ago; God just bought it to my memory. She brought him to a point where they did it together and it was such a sexual thrill to him, that he could not be satisfied through traditional intercourse anymore. His thrill was in murdering. Once, she made him do it alone, she waited in bed for him and he went out and killed somebody, it is a true story. The sergeant of the detective wrote the book. She would be waiting in bed for him and he would come home and tell her about the kill and that became the extent of their sexual relationship. As he wrote the book, I understood it; this was her purpose from the beginning. She had fallen to such a degree that she only entered into a traditional sexual union with him, to seduce him to the point, where he would be killing these people for her, so that she could hear about it and get the thrill that she really wanted.


Brethren, when Satan through your carnal mind gains control of your sexuality, it is a bottomless pit that would end in your total destruction. Sexuality is your opportunity to express your love for your husband or for your wife. If God has not given you a husband or a wife, and you decide to satisfy a physical urge through masturbation or any other source, you are opening that door to occultic influence. If it does not destroy you, in two or three of four generations down the line, it is going to have a very unhappy effect on your descendant.


Brethren we are fallen and a large part of the Church has forgotten that we are fallen. I remind you again, this is a hard word, Father, help whoever is hearing this tape. Brethren, sexuality is a condition of the fallen man. I am sorry, in the resurrection, there is no marriage or given in marriage. It is something that will eventually have to be given up totally. What does that mean? It means that it is not of God. It is a condition of the fallen man, is it any surprise to you that it can be used to destroy you? It is Satan.


While we are down here, God had said I know your infirmity, get married and just keep it Godly and you could do it. I am not telling you that you have to be in torment for the rest of your life. But, I am telling you, you have to do it right. If God does not give husband or a wife, brethren the answer is to strengthen yourself for union with the mind of Christ or this thing will kill you.


Do you know for centuries, people knew this? There are literatures of England and other European nations, fifty or hundred years ago, on this. This was knowledge that mature men had, I do not know about women in those days, they were so protected. Every mature man knew, and the women, they just could not go and have sex, your parents would not let you have the opportunity to have sex, if you were not married. It is the greatest potential for destruction, sexuality. It is the greatest potential for human destruction. It is one of the greatest potential for destruction your life and your soul known to man. All of these fools are out there telling our young Christians to masturbate, God help us!


Pastor Vitale speaking in tongues. Thank you Jesus. I just see a big explosion coming forth. I see a big congregation, I believe it means the whole Church. I saw a big explosion coming forth. They are doing a lot of good things but there is so much wrong in the Church today. There is going to be screaming all over the place, they think they are okay, God have mercy on their souls. Are you all okay?


Comment: (Inaudible) I believe the Holy Spirit wants you to preach something about sex during menstruation.


Pastor Vitale: Sorry say that again.


Comment: Sex during menstruation.


Pastor Vitale: Sex during menstruation, I do not really know very much about that. You thought the Lord told you to ask me that?


Comment: Inaudible


Pastor Vitale: But I do not really know very much about it. I do not know anything I can say about that, what I believe is that when the women is menstruating, she is open to damage through sexual intercourse. It is for her protection, that is all that I know about it.


It also seems to me that it is another opportunity for discipline. You just have to know that there are times it is acceptable and times when it is not. There cannot be anything in this world that you need so badly that you cannot wait for it. If you have that problem with anything, you have a compulsive problem that you have to cry out to God for deliverance. Even when we go to prophesy, the spirit is subject to the prophet.


You are supposed to be in control of your life, your body is not supposed to be in control of you, whether it is the desire of your mind or your body. The mind of Christ in you is to be in control of your life. If you give over control of your life in any area, you open yourself to Satan and she is not going to stop until you are completely hers. I said it, earlier I do not know I made it clear.


I never really realized until very recently, how blessed Christian nations are; no matter how unreligious they are, people that never had a born again experience, people that go to church once a week, if they go once a week, carnal as they can be. There is a blessing that was upon this nation, there was no cannibalism, no bloodlettings. Now, look at what is happening, you see what is happening over this land? All these years, as carnal as we were, Christ was still the God of this nation but we have large elements bringing Him down as God of this nation. They do not acknowledge Him as God of this nation. They do not acknowledge Him as the God and they putting other gods up in his place and look at the filth that is coming upon the land. I want to say it again, either it is not understood or the Lord wants it on the tape.


Christ is a staying power; he is holding back spiritual filth for people that are not walking in any real strict Christian life, just calling him God in their life. In comes a flood of demonic power flooding over the land. I want to tell you brethren, what is causing me so much grief is that, if there was any place to run, I would run. I cannot bare being in this society. I cannot bare it.


I saw on television the other day an exposé. This was a social service department for another city that cannot do the job, the family is broken down and the government cannot do job in the family. They are there taking children away from parents that they pronounce unsuitable and the kids are much worse off where they are putting them. This young mother was a drug addict and they took her baby away from her, couple of years old, two or three years old, four years old and she told them that it was written in the record. The social worker wrote it on the record, "do not send him to his grandparents," because her father remarried, and the woman abused her, when she was living there. Where do you think they sent the kid? Four years old and he was burnt, tortured, his body was ripped from sexual penetration.


A plague has got these children, incest is everywhere you look. They say it was there all along, and they just kept it quiet. I do not know that it could have been this bad and kept quiet. It is an epidemic, there are too many Christians in this nation, too many people crying out, plus I told you before, God just corrected me, this is His nation. We all know that judgment has already started, it is going to be heavier than this, I declare to you brethren, let me back up a little.


The judgment, people has to know that it is God judging them. No one is admitting that God is judging them. With Aids, they dare to put two and three-year-old children on the television and say she has not sinned. I am going to suggest to you brethren that the judgment that is going to break the yoke that is over this nation is coming through the Sons of God. I am telling you this, the very next thing to happen must be the manifestation of the Sons of God, because they would not repent, they do not recognize any of the disasters that is upon the nation as the hand of God.


The heathen, their consciousness is seared, they are reprobate in their minds, they cannot think straight, they cannot see straight, they cannot tell the difference between good and evil. In fact they are calling good evil and evil good. There is no way they can survive and the judgment is going to set them straight. Remember, what is happening in the nation right now, is Satan's judgment. Reaping what you sow, you sow homosexuality, you reap Aids and they are dying. This is not the white throne judgment of Christ. This is Satan's judgment and Satan's judgment; I remind you, is unto destruction.


The nation is being ripped apart and the judgment that is going to save us, the judgment that is going to convert us and turn us around is in Christ and that is only going through the Sons of God. It has got to be really soon, we are out of time. I was talking the other day, I think it was xxxxxx, telling her, how hard it is, to rebuild, after something has been torn down. The reason it is hard to rebuild, is that you need education. It is much easier to tear down; you just rebel against the rules. After you rebel against the rules, the rules are all forgotten. Then you wind up with a reprobate society, whose minds are just filthy. Not only do you have to cleanse their minds; but you have to teach them and re-educate them. Teach them how to relate to one another, how to respect one another, how to love one another. It is going to be a tremendous, tremendous job.


What I said to XXX was, you know, God has to promote role models because people really do not really learn so much from what you tell them, they learn from watching you, we all are copycats. If, after you have lost your mind (for all intent and purposes), if you have lost all vestige of society and how to relate to people in a godly manner, God puts you in a fellowship or in a church under a godly role model for you, you still have a job that is one hundred percent harder than growing up in a godly household, why? Because you still have your family that is reprobate.


On your right hand, you have the godly model from Christ and on the left hand, you have your reprobate family that is breaking all of God's laws plus all the curses and all the spiritual filth. It is six thousand times harder than growing up in a family that has been in submission to Christ for generations. When the spiritual filth is at a minimum, when your father loves your mother and they respect one another and they demand respect amongst the siblings in the household, it is much easier than having horrible roles model in your family and then God putting you in a church with a godly role model. It is hard; it is going to be a job that is going to be awesome.


I told you this before and I am telling you again, this is not going to be a zap with the power of God and you stand up out of your spiritual wheel chair! First the people have to be broken, remember the Daniel 12 series; the witchcraft power of the saints must be broken. It is to be brought into submission and then you have to start teaching them. I cannot even imagine in my wildest dreams, what this is going to be like. I honestly cannot even imagine, but I know that it is a job that only the Sons of God in full statute are up to. It is never going to happen when the ministry is from fallen men.


It is not going to happen because there has to be discipline in the Church but they do not listen. I have been going through this for five years, with rebellious children and I have no authority to discipline. A lot of them go away that are supposed to be here and there is nothing I can to about it. I have very minor authority to discipline through conversation. I could rebuke you, I could tell you something, if you do not receive my correction, there is nothing I can do.


People will not sit for the correction, it has got to come through the fully manifested Sons of God. The correction is going to start falling. They are not going to be able to go out there and destroy themselves anymore. Whatever God is going to do, I do not know what He is going to do. I know he killed Ananias and Sapphria. If He kills everybody, nobody is going to sit in the seats to get taught so He cannot be killing everybody. I do not know what He is going to do but I know we have a Church out there today that is largely walking after their carnal mind. They are all lifted up in pride, thinking that it is God, calling itself God, it is not God and the Lord is going to have to do something about it. Exactly how it is going to happen, I have no idea. I tell you this, it is going to be awesome, it is going to be awesome, I tell you the people's pain is going to be awesome. Everyone that is a spiritual man is going to be required not to baby these people, why, because they have to stand up in full stature too. Babying them is not going to get them up on their feet.


I cannot even tell you how many war movies God has had me watch. Not only war movies, He had me watch movies of men exercising a Godly authority. I watch many, many, many movies. It is going to require toughness, it is not going to require women's work. Your softness is going to kill them. The army knows that, the young men go in and they mourn and groan and they come out men. They come out as officers. Softness is not going to do it; the Church has been soft for two thousand years. What has it produced?


If you are here, God is giving you a choice, you can be a spiritual man, or you can be a spiritual woman. I do not even know that you have a choice. You are called to spiritual manhood, do not be a spiritual woman, you do not have a choice. To be called to spiritual manhood and to fall down into spiritual womanhood is a disgrace. If you are not called to it, it is not a disgrace, but to be called to spiritual manhood and turn it over by yielding to your carnal mind is a disgrace.


God is about to give us the ability save their lives. That is what your mind should be thinking, getting the power to save their lives. You baby them and you kill them. That is true with our natural children, you baby them and you kill them. It is a curse that can be broken but again as I said earlier tonight, with all curses God gives you the power to break the curse but the person has to go through the ordeal. It is just like kicking drugs, you have to go through. God does not go "zap" and it is all over. Although I have heard testimony of him doing that with alcohol and with drugs. I guess He has done it with sexuality too.


None of the compulsions that I ever had has been healed by God going "zap." Every problem I had, I had to overcome by the power of God. You could do anything you want, but I am going to suggest to you very strongly that for the people He is calling into sonship, into the imparted anointing, He is requiring us to overcome. There are a lot of people I know, they remain with the same personality problem. They are not drinking anymore, they are not drugging anymore, maybe they are not sexing anymore, but they still have the same personality problem. What God is doing in this hour, He is not just delivering us from our compulsion but He is delivering us from the personality problem that produced it.
I do not I think I made it clear, let me say this to you, any compulsion is a curse, intimately associated with witchcraft and rebellion. It is designed to pull the person down spiritually and if there is any relationship with Christ at all, to draw them out of Christ's hands. How? Through compulsive behavior or through pleasure, whether sexual or drug addiction, alcoholism or through something that gives them pleasure.


The Lord spoke me these last few days, I wanted to try to give this to you now, if I can bring it forth. He gave me a dream while I was sleeping during the day with this horrible fever that I had. I woke up and I knew that He had spoken to me and He said once again, the spiritual man is within and the way Satan rips up away from Christ is to draw our attention to this flesh. She either draws our attention to this flesh with pleasure or with pain. If she can get us concentrating on our sexuality that is fine and she has our mind. I am saying this again, it is really important.


I know I said it before, I am saying it again; this is the battle of the mind. If Satan can get you to be concentrating for hours a day on pleasure or self gratification, that is simultaneously destroying the Christ in you. You can only be thinking with one mind at a time, If Satan can seduce you to spend all of your thinking hours, thinking out of your carnal mind or whatever percentage of the time she can succeed into getting you to concentrate on carnal things; she is killing the Christ in you. Why? Because Christ must grow, He must grow and the way He grows is by you using Him, by you living out of him, by you thinking out of him.


There are a lot of people that are tormented with sexual desires when they try to read their bibles, when they first come to the Lord in particular. What is that, what is happening? Satan in their carnal mind is saying, "do not think about the scripture, think about your lust." It is the battle of the minds. What are you going to be thinking about, the things of God or sexual gratification? What you think upon that is who you are, if she can get you spending hours thinking about sexuality, for every second that you are thinking about sexuality, you are not Christ.


I remind you of the instruction that says the priest shall not partake of any alcoholic drink. Why? Because you never know without any warning you are going to be called upon to make a decision or take an action out of Christ. When you are drinking, your carnal mind is up and Christ is down. Well, if you are spending hours of the day thinking about sex and a crisis comes and hits you between the eyes, brethren your carnal mind is manifesting not Christ.


In case you do not know, I want to tell you that God's ultimate goal for you is that Christ should be manifesting 100% of the time. So that when the crisis hits, He is already manifested in you. Satan wants your mind disjoint from, away from Christ and she would use sexual pleasure or physical pain. She is capturing your mind and causing it to focus on your flesh so that you would not be manifesting or moving out of or thinking with the mind of Christ. Why, because Christ is not focusing on your flesh brethren. Christ is not thinking about physical sex, if you believe that, it is a lie. You have believed a lie.


There are all kinds of justification going on in the Church today. They make love while they speak in tongues, that is satanic, that what Satanist do. I am not kidding, young couples doing that, having sex and speaking in tongues, that is not God brethren.


If you are really strong in Christ and they cannot do that to you, and if every time an ungodly thought comes in your mind, you rebuke it and do not do any of that stuff, well then what are they going to do, they will cause pain to your body. Who are they? The carnal mind of the people. They bring pain to your body or to your soul and what happens? If I put my hand out and someone hits my hand with a hammer, I want to tell you it will take a work of God to keep me talking to you through this microphone. Because the human reaction is to drop the microphone and start screaming for help with regards to my hand. Do you hear what I am saying?


I was in this sleep, I slept for over an hour in the middle of the day and I woke up and I knew God had spoken to me. Pretty much the only thing Satan can get to me with these days is infirmities. Satan, through my carnal mind does not have too much control over me. She really does not have much control over me. God has really done a job of training me in this war, I am fighting her day and night. There is one area where she has really still got me, and it is with infirmity. I have been down for a whole week.


This is what the Lord said to me, He said that you have got to overcome to the point that when you get hurt, you do not go rushing to help yourself. Let me say that again, I do not think I made it clear. If a particular part of your emotions or your body causes you pain, the human tendency is to drop your bible, drop your prayer life, you rush to the area of your pain and you try to heal the pain. If there is fire on your arm, you drop your bible and put out the fire and put the burn under cold water. What I heard the Lord say to me was that this has got to be broken.


The only thing I want to tell you is that the Lord has said "resist." I do not have anymore information for you, I just know that is what He said to me. I know that it is true. I have been down for a whole week this time, I told you when you came in here tonight. Usually when Satan gets like this, I need a whole week; it gets to my mind also. All the sins I have been controlling, floods in. In the past, it has always overtaken me to the point that I believe all of this junk that flows into my mind. This is the first time that I did not believe it, I knew that it was an attack and I stood up and I rebuked it.


I believe this is what He has been telling me; it is a battle. If I continue to take the victory, at some point, it is going to break Satan's power to make me sick. It is the only hold she has over me. Even when I get hurt in my emotions, I just keep on going, I have never seen anything like it, I give all the glory to God. Her last strong hold is my physical body and infirmities. I have taken a tremendous victory; I do not know how long it is going to take, but I know I heard from my God. I made a tremendous break-through. When this physical infirmity to my body can no longer cause me to flee away from Christ and become carnal, when she cannot do that to me anymore, she is going to lose her hold over me, to hurt me by making me sick. I do not know how long it is going to take.


Comment: When a married couple get involve in sexual intercourse (it is okay to have sex when you are married), what happens when it is perverted? We talked about that before that, even when you are married, you should always keep sex clean. What happens when they start to pervert it, when the man would want the women to do something to him or (inaudible)


Pastor Vitale: You come out from under protection from the Lord. You know the scripture that says the marriage bed is undefiled. A lot of people do not know what that means. Sexual activity, which is a function, an activity of the fallen man, is cursed, except in one instance, in the marriage bed - that is blessed by God. If you start doing perverse acts in the marriage bed, you come out from under the protection of God and curses start falling.


Godly sexual activity in marriage, which is joined with affection, respect for one another, does not call down the curses from God for an activity that is not spiritual. He will not curse you for it, it is acceptable to Him. If you get into perverse acts or unacceptable acts before God, the curses on the whole planet, starts to fall because we are fallen. The curses may manifest in you or your children for example, it could lead to compulsive behavior, it could lead to physical harm.


Years ago, I think, before I had a relationship with the Lord, there was a man who performed oral sex on his wife and they were not Christians and something bizarre happened that caused her to become so ill that he had to call the ambulance. Now, I know this is a one in a million case, but when I read the book, I said "I never even knew that one could be damaged by that." He called an ambulance to take her to the hospital and at the time that this happened, there was a law in the book against that, even between husbands and wives, you could not do that. The district attorney prosecuted this man and he had thought "I am in the bedroom with my wife in my own home. Who can possibility know about this?" I guess God had other plans. Usually acts that are unacceptable to God can cause damage to the women or to the man.


Comments: Fortune tellers and psychics can see into the future. What kind of witchcraft is that?
Pastor Vitale: Well, there are different kinds of witchcraft, that is an obvious form of witchcraft; it could be on the family line. Usually for someone to be highly sexual to the point of it being a compulsion, the sin goes back a couple of generations. It could have been an outright practice of witchcraft. We also have witchcraft in the mind, which is usually revealed through domination and control.


Comment: Is that also witchcraft, when we try to do things on our own that are not of God? Like being disobedient, when God tells me to do something, like pray for someone and I decide that I want to pray for something else and also do what I want to do, is that a form of witchcraft?


Pastor Vitale: That is rebellion and rebellion is a sin of witchcraft. Remember the teaching that the earth, our world here in our fallen condition, is on two levels; The physical earth, which is our body and the spiritual earth which is our mind. There is witchcraft in the physical earth which is the people that do potions and drink blood and all that. There is witchcraft of the mind, which is a different manifestation but they are both trying to control people.


Comment: What is the manifestation of witchcraft in the mind, is that control?


Pastor Vitale: Control and domination. The witchcraft of the physical earth is to try and control somebody by casting a spell and the witchcraft of the mind will come to the person and try to dominate them and bully them into doing something. I guess we could put psychic prayers in the category of physical witchcraft because it is someone sitting there and praying, they are using this body, they are using their mouth, they are using there vocal cords to try force someone to do something. Witchcraft of the mind is more or less mind to mind combat, coming right up against them and being engaged in a relationship where you are pressuring them until they do it.


Comment: If sexual intercourse is as a result of the fall, was the fall down to the animal state or is the animal state a part of the fall too? (Inaudible).


Pastor Vitale: I asked the Lord that question but I honestly cannot tell you that He answered me. I will show you the observation that He showed me and you can draw your own conclusion. When Noah loaded the ark with all the animals, at that point before the flood, they were already male and female. They went on two by two so we know that there were two of each kind. It was each male with his female so it sounds to me like the animals were already separate males and females before the flood.


It is not clear whether Noah, his sons and their wives were separate males and females. We know that eight souls were saved by water. There are no names for the wives so I am under the opinion that at that point, their wives were within them. It was Noah and his three sons, and they each had a wife within them. They did not go on two by two; it did not say that Noah, Shem, Jacob and their wives were saved. It said eight souls were saved from water. I believe that there were two souls in each being.


Comment: People say they were already in their fallen state, were they?


Pastor Vitale: I do not think so, are you talking about the fifth generation after the fall?


Comment: (Inaudible)


Pastor Vitale: Are you talking about before the fall or the days of Abraham?


Comment: I was thinking about the flood, is that not the same thing?


Pastor Vitale: Abraham came after the flood.


Comment: I am talking about Noah, the people that were living in Noah's time. Were they still one, male and female in one part?


Pastor Vitale: I believe they were, except for the descendants of Cain. They may have had both. Cain's descendants may have most likely fallen down into male and female. But Seth's descendants from the homosexuality...I want to remind you again of what I said earlier that God considers adultery with the carnal mind, homosexuality, so we are not sure what God was talking about there.


Even when Jesus said, as in the days of Noah, I want to tell you that almost every member of the Church has committed adultery and is engaging in spiritual homosexuality with their own carnal mind. There are all kinds of filthy, what God's perceives as filthy, sexual perversion. If anyone listening to this tape is in that net, I am going to tell you to read Ezekiel where God showed him what was going on in Solomon's temples and he saw all the filthy things, they worshipped the Sun and they worshipped the East and they did all those things. He saw all those filthy things going on there. That is what going on in the Church today, spiritual homosexuality.


Comment: (inaudible) was speaking about Noah's time and Lot, was that not the time when they were already born male and female?


Pastor Vitale: Yes, and at the time of Abraham.


Comment: Inaudible


Pastor Vitale: Abraham's wife Sarah was the first wife to be named in the scripture.


Comment: Okay. I used to think that, this is what was told to me, that sex is really beautiful and it is from the Lord and good, and I thought that it was probably a beautiful thing.


Pastor Vitale: It is beautiful when you are married, it is beautiful, xxxxxxx if that is where God has you, it is a beautiful thing when you are married.


Comment: Oh it is.


Pastor Vitale: It is, yes it is a beautiful thing when you are married. When you love each other, when you are both in submission to God, if that is what God called you to, you enjoy it. It is beautiful, but the day is coming that we have to come up out of it. It is just like; saying when you are ten years old and your father has given you dancing lessons and you are given your dancing shoes. It is wonderful and beautiful, but then the day comes that you have to come up higher. It is beautiful, I do not know, maybe God is going to have you there for your whole life, I do not know, it is possible. Please do not be discouraged. God put you in this ministry. I cannot hide these things from you, but do not be discourage, it is beautiful, definitely beautiful for as long as God lets you have it.


Comment: Right.


Pastor Vitale: Do not let anyone ever make it dirty to you, it is not. It is a beautiful thing. If it is time to grow up, you have to grow up.


Comment: (Inaudible)


Pastor Vitale: Well, we fell into animal bodies. What happened is that, the descendants of Seth fell into animal bodies. First, their minds fell and the descendents of Seth had an imputed Christ for their minds. Then, after the flood, Noah and his three sons were left and they were all perverted and the mind of Christ was defeated by the carnal mind which was a repetition of what happened to the two men in Daniel 8. We see that that is happening continuously that men who have the mind of Christ prevailing are being overtaken by the carnal mind. In the time of Noah and his three sons it happened to such a degree that their bodies changed.


Comment: What I mean is that I thought that God made sex to reproduce, so people can make people, is that not the truth?


Pastor Vitale: No, that was not God's first choice, He had another plan, it could have been done without a fall. I know a lot of teachers would teach you and I preached it at one time, that man had to fall because, I have this on a couple of tapes, that is how we got our bodies, through human sexuality, but God told me that it is not true. If Adam had taken the victory, God would have shown him a way to do it, without us going through this horrible experience of being fallen people. Remember what I have been saying, when God calls us, we can either come early or we can come late. There is always more than one way to get to where God wants us. His perfect will will be done in our lives, but we do have a measure of free will. We can get there early or we can get there late, we can get there one way, we can get there another way as long as we get there, God's purpose is fulfilled. He works everything together along the way. We would have got to where we going whether we fell or not but I think we took the wrong way as typified by being the wilderness for forty years.


Comment: So there was another way? God had planned another way apart from the fall where Adam could reproduce himself? Because of the fall, that is why we have (inaudible) immorality and all that?


Pastor Vitale: Right. The trick was he had to keep the dominion over Satan and to remain a spirit, if he had kept the dominion over Satan, he would have remained a spiritual creation and he would have reproduced spiritually, but when he lost control over Satan, we stopped being a spiritual creation and we became a physical creation. Now we are reproducing physically, but if the righteous Adam had remained in control, we would have been reproducing spiritually, but he lost control, so we are reproducing physically.


Comment: Why is it so important? You know, in our human nature, we have problems, we have problems with rebellion, disobedience and we are very carnal. Why is it that sexuality is the biggest problem among people, more than drugs, more than rebellion? It is like it is the biggest problem, like it is so important, it is something that really pulls you down and really drags you down more so than anything else. Why is that so?


Pastor Vitale: I mentioned earlier that is just Satan's weapon. You see, she is trying to, let me try and put this on the board for you. I have not really visualised it in my mind. This will help you. This is a man in an elongated circle. Out here is the physical world and Satan is god. Over here, is the spiritual world and the righteous Adam is Lord and master.


This is the potential for man and it is like a big suction cup, either we are going get drawn out this way and we going to have out existence in Satan's physical world or we are going to get drawn out this way and have our existence in righteous Adam's spiritual world. There is a tug of war going on, there is a tug of war. Before the fall, we were all existing in Him. Our existence was in righteous Adam's spiritual world. There was no human sexuality. Righteous Adam lost the battle and they got sucked down here into this physical world and we are literally living our existence out here on this circle way out in the physical earth.


Now that Christ is in our heart, we have an opportunity to come back into the spiritual world but you cannot be in both places at once. Satan is pulling on us, pulling on us, pulling on us to keep us living out here in this physical world so that we do not get into Christ. The way she is keeping us out is through two ways, it is either through giving us pleasure or giving us pain.


She has got a lot of pressure on us. There is pleasure in sexuality. There is pleasure in it, there is a feeling of self-worth. There is a feeling of power. Men want power. Look at all the good stuff. It is not just the pleasure you would get from eating a chocolate bar, it is more than that. Let me talk about this, I thought the Lord put this thought in my mind earlier, I did not get a chance to talk about it.


Sexuality is many, many things, it is pleasurable, it is more than that, to a man in particular, it is an expression of power, it is an opportunity to dominate and any dominance represents self-worth for a man. Men are supposed to dominate, not an ungodly domination. He is supposed to dominate, he is supposed to rule, he is supposed to be in charge through the wisdom and the love of Christ. Through this Godly domination, is protection for the woman and children.


Whatever authority, whether it is Church or an extended family, whatever is under him there is protection in his Godly dominance. Men are supposed to dominate and we found that in this nation today they are being stripped one by one of every Godly opportunity to dominate. They are being stripped of it. They are being affected in sexuality, not only in marital sexuality, but even in prostitution.


If you listen to what is going on the talk shows with the prostitutes, if there is any reality to it, I believe God has told me that this is what really happening out there. The men are not even paying these prostitutes to have sex anymore. Do you hear what I am saying? Sexual intercourse is an opportunity for a man to be dominant. It is an opportunity for a man to conquer, especially, you know, if he is a healthy man, he conquers by giving her pleasure. He does not conquer her by beating her into to a pulp.


It used to be in most quarters that a lot of men, especially in the Latin nation, where there is a lot of sexuality, they wanted the women, they wanted the sexual intercourse. Today men are not looking, when I say that I am generalizing, there is a trend that men are no longer interested in that conquest. What are they asking for, what are they paying for? They want to be satisfied, they want to lay there on theirs backs and have the prostitute to touch them to bring them to organism. I am telling you ladies this is a female role. It is a passive role, they want to lay there and be brought to satisfaction. Listen to the prostitute on TV, there is no penetration.


There was a twenty year old prostitute on TV today and she said, "I will not even let them touch me." There was a man in the audience, he looked like he was in his mid-fifties or early sixties. I want to tell you that people that live a straight life cannot cope with this. He was a man, he could not figure out what she was talking about. Xxxxx had to say to him, I will make it clear for you sir, she touches him. He could not imagine paying a prostitute and not being allowed to touch her. His mind could not conceive of it. There are men all over the place, in a reverse sexual role with these prostitutes, it is an epidemic in the county.


Comment: You are talking about sexuality with the men, what about the women? You are talking about how sex is important for the man, what about the women?


Pastor Vitale: Traditionally for women, sexuality is an opportunity to feel loved and cared for and have a physical place as a woman. That is traditionally, I am not taking about today's spiritual men. Traditionally, women need to be loved, to be caressed, to be cared for, it is very important, they want that closeness.


Comment: That is what makes them feel good.


Pastor Vitale: It makes them feel good, makes them feel worthwhile, builds up their self-esteem, makes them feel desired, so the way God puts it together is in marriage. Traditionally men, are more sexual, more than for actual sex, they want the domination, they want the conquest, and the women wants to be loved, that is a pretty good combination, get married and both of your needs are met. That is not what we see in our society today. We see women that are very aggressive, they want the sexual experience; they do not necessary want to be loved and feel safe and protected. They want what traditionally the men had wanted, they are moving in their spiritual male role.


Comment: They want to feel important, feel loved and secure.


Pastor Vitale: Some people are protected, appreciated. A lot of men are not very domestic, they have a lot of trouble showing their affection. For a lot of married women, most of their affections come during sex. The Lord says look up for your redemption draws near and not the way down, when you start spiraling downward like this, it takes a power source to stop it. It takes a power source to turn you around. It is going to have to be an outpouring of the Lord to destroy it, the whole country will be destroyed, if God does not do something. I believe that He is going to do something, there is not a doubt in my mind, it is going have to be really soon.


Comment: I am in contact with a lot of married women and they say between a husband and his job and things like that, their sex life is null. They do not have the strength to do what has to be done on the job and do all the other things that they have to do with children and all of this stuff.


Pastor Vitale: My personal opinion is that there is an onslaught against manhood in this nation, I could be wrong, you are free to disagree with me, but I believe that this is a psychological thing. Traditionally, men always had time to have sex with their wives. This is a psychological thing and it is all over the place, married couples, the women are suffering and the men are tried, they do not have time, or they are not interested, it is a plague upon the whole county.


Comment: It has to do with the drugs (inaudible).


Pastor Vitale: Men used to work hard, whether it was with one job or two jobs, they used to work fourteen hours a day. Men always worked hard. Somebody was telling me not too long ago, that they worked fourteen hours a day and before they went to work they got up and milked the cow. People have always worked long hours and you never heard anything like this, men are always out there looking for sex.


Comment: Intimacy used to be a problem with older males, and now it is with younger ones, cigarettes or alcohol or drugs, all of these things are bringing them down.


Pastor Vitale: It is psychological, in my opinion men have fallen down spiritually from their manhood, that is what brought them down, it is not the cigarettes, it is not the drugs, it is not the alcohol. In my opinion they have lost their spiritual manhood and the result of it is that they cannot perform. It has nothing to do with any of this kind of stuff.


Comment: There are many sex struck marriages with the fear of aids or...(inaudible).


Pastor Vitale: There is a lot of masturbation in marriage too, marriage counselors telling you to masturbate one another in marriage, it is very sick.


Comment: (Inaudible) After she got married, her husband used to go in the bathroom and masturbate and she said that it was a strain on the marriage; they were only married for two and half years.


Pastor Vitale: That is very common also and that is the result of men who are afraid of their women. They are afraid, however it manifests, they cannot approach a woman as a man and they want the gratification.


Comment: Instant gratification, plus it a way of him actually doing it.


Pastor Vitale: It is abuse, it is very common. I know a couple of women that go through this. The women are becoming very aggressive and what is really sad is that we have a whole generation of young women who are very aggressive to the point of destroying the manhood they do not know what they are doing and the men cannot function with this aggression. Men cannot function with this aggression. Men cannot function with this aggression that is destroying their manhood and they do not understand it. It is not in their conscious mind, but they are becoming sensitive, we have society of large numbers of men who are no longer interested in sex, because they cannot compete with women.


Pastor Vitale: They are up on stages, doing strip acts and getting into all the things that women do.


Comment: That is because they are women. I said that men cannot compete with the women, but these are spiritual women that are up there doing all these things. This body is just a stage that reflects the condition of our soul. In society today, you cannot tell whether someone is a man or a woman but looking at their body. You have to ask the Lord for spiritual discernment, you do not know what you are dealing with.


Comment: There is a joke nowadays, that men are dressing up like women and really pulling it off very well, but most people do not realize that the scripture forbids it, dressing in the clothing of the other sex. They have no understanding, they have no understanding, they never heard of that.


Pastor Vitale: Are you talking about Christians?


Comment: I am talking about anybody, Christians as well.


Pastor Vitale: I am not sure about what you said, I believe it is okay for a women to wear pants. It is not okay to wear the clothing of the opposite sex to pass yourself off as the opposite sex, that is.


Comment: But the spirit behind it, the way they dress.


Pastor Vitale: Right. Let us pray for the country, since we are in all this trouble.


Pastor Vitale praying, Father in the name of Jesus we rebuke perversion in this nation. We rebuke role reversal. We rebuke that spirit that is killing the men. We rebuke lesbianism that is exalting the women to illlegal spiritual manhood. We curse you at your roots, in the name of Jesus and we command you to come down. We ask you Father to arise and that you be the God of this nation and cover over this spiritual filth and that you be glorified in it, in the name of Jesus.


You know another thing that I heard on the TV, I heard about that trial, that I told you about earlier, about the librarian and guidance counselor that were abusing that young woman. They were saying that the town could not cope with these two solid citizens doing this. If you remember not too long ago, it was in the newspaper that a doctor and his wife from South Hampton hospital who were the pillar of the town, went out soliciting. He was soliciting, his wife was having sex with all these men and he was watching. The people could not figure out, how these sophisticated, educated people were doing this.


This is the whole point, somewhere down the line, mankind is going have to face the fact that man is fallen. This whole humanist outlook is denying the fall of man. Man is fallen and if Christ is not influencing his nature. that fallen nature is going to blossom and flourish and it is ugly to see it come out. All of the intellectual education in the world cannot prevent somebody from manifesting this spiritual filth. They are so wise that they made themselves fools. They cannot figure it out, all you have to do is pick up the bible, it is right there, we are fallen. It is not very "in" to say we are fallen today.


We are living in a dangerous hour and that includes people in the Church. You have to ask the Lord, I ask the Lord about everybody, every new person in my life, what He would tell me about them. I do not use this to hurt them, I do not ask the Lord this to hurt them. I ask the Lord basically because I have been taken off guard with a lot of people that have done damage to me and to those that I have been responsible for. One person really hornwaggled me and ever since that incident, every time someone comes and says hi, I say Lord what should I know about them, are they from you, what is their story?


If I find out something that is ungodly about them, I say "how can I help them?" I am not doing this to blackmail them or hurt them but I do not want to be deceived by that anymore. Their hearts are desperately wicked. It is like walking into alien territory. Every human being that we meet has the potential to manifest Satan to us. We have to know that, you have to ask the Lord who they are.


In this hour, we are both Christ and the carnal mind but there has got to be an emphasis. Are they mostly Christ and are they living for Christ or totality given over to the mechanism of their carnal mind or are they living for Christ with some weaknesses? Ask the Lord who you are dealing with. Let us remember, if He answers you, that you are not there to condemn them, you are there to minister Christ to them. There are prevailing spirits of fear over the Christians, when they see sin in somebody, or they see a problem in somebody, they are ready to condemn, mostly because they are afraid of them. You do not have to be afraid of these people.


Comment: (inaudible)


Pastor Vitale: Amen, exactly and in this hour God is breaking down that denial. We have to start to see ourselves. For a long time long, the Church has been looking outward - "Get those sinners out there, stop those people, they are drinking, they are taking drugs and they are fornicating." The Church has been looking away from themselves and in this hour God is challenging belivers to look at their own house. Pretty soon, it will not be a challenge anymore, they will not have any choice, those who have refused to do it. We longer would have a choice. The way God is bringing this to pass is He is letting a lot of trouble fall on people; a lot of people in the Church are having a lot of trouble, a lot of heartaches.


Comment: I have been saying that there are so many saying that the Lord is coming back and really back in the day, I mentioned that the enemy is within or I am my own worst enemy.


Pastor Vitale: Exactly. They have got Satan, the fifth column. We are talking about a military column that is going to bring you down. It is not what is outside of you but it is the one inside of you, that is going to bring you down. That is how we started out this meeting today, talking about the carnal mind.


Your worst enemy is your wife, which is your carnal mind. The wife of the spiritual man is the carnal mind and she is going to destroy you. There is nothing anybody outside of you can to destroy you. It has got to be received by you, by your carnal mind, for you to be destroyed. It is very rare that God would send a believer to minister to another human being with the problem that they have unless that believer has taken the victory themselves.


We have the whole Church world out there with a few exceptions that have not even started to look inward yet and they are out there counseling the whole world, you are not qualified. God may send you to give someone a scripture or tell them a little thing here and there, but to get him to do the counseling; you got to be purged yourself. You got to be fully aware of what is in your own heart. If you are not purged, at least look at it and fight against it.


Comment: Men are running around raping and doing things. With the jurors in the courts, these thoughts come into their own mind and they know they are as (inaudible) as the person on trial. I believe that is the reason that they cannot judge, even though they are jurors, they are convicted in their own heart. How can they throw the stone, they know that these things are in their own hearts.


Pastor Vitale: I think the reason the court system is not functioning is that it is not under God anymore, the individual juror is not under God and the court room is not under God and the government is not under God anymore. That is why I think it is not functioning. When the court system functioned, it was the same human beings, the same imperfect judges and the same imperfect jurors and it was working, so what happened between now and fifty and hundred years ago? God is no longer in charge.


Democracy can only work, when God is ruling over the individuals and over the nation, otherwise it is not going to work. There is a need to come back to God here or they are going to lose democracy. If you do not have God, you become a violent mob and you need a military force to keep the people in line. It is hard to believe that the sons of God are really going to manifest, as much as I believe it, think that it can actually happen this year or next year, it is mind boggling, but it has got to come. The scene is completely set.


Comment: Do you think in that case, it is going to be a lot more, manifesting in this small group?


Pastor Vitale: Look at what Jesus did with one. The scriptures tell us that five can chase a hundred, and a hundred can send ten thousand to flight. We see a mathematical proportion. You have to realize that Christ manifesting without measure in one man could take on the whole world. I think that it is going to be a few, I do not know how many, I do not think it is going to be that many, I could be wrong. I do not think it is going to be that many. The question is, are they going to be ready this year? I do not see how they going be ready this year, of course, God could do anything. I could be wrong. He could be bringing a lot of people in at the twelfth hour. They could just get up and be Christ.


I find it hard to believe that He has given me all the training I have now, He has you in a program for this intense training and there are going to be others that are just going to stand up without any training. I tend to doubt it, but I could be wrong. In Connecticut, I think there is a good chance He could stand up in full stature because the nature of Christ is very much appearing in this man. He has been broken, he has been crushed, he has been challenged. I see the nature of Christ, he definitely has the imparted anointing.


When someone already has the nature of Christ appearing in them, God just has to drag them the rest of the way, but you have got to have something of Christ in you for Him to appear in you overnight. Although I could be wrong, I do not see how people that have no manifestation, no measure of the imparting at all, are going to stand up in full stature. I would be surprised. You have got to have something of Christ, then He is going to meet us in the air. We have got to meet Him, we have got to ascend to a certain point, then He is going to drag us up the rest of the way.


Pastor Vitale: Did you have a question?


Comment: Do I understand that most of the Church followers would be jealous of the manifestation of the sons of God?


Pastor Vitale: I do not think so.


Comment: Rather than being grateful that the Lord is finally bringing us up.


Pastor Vitale: They are going to do the same thing the Jews did to Jesus, most of them are going to reject us. They cannot discern, they cannot believe the sonship message, but the problem is they cannot discern Christ in a man. They look at the outer form of the man and they think that you are just a man. They are going to say, "Who do you think you are?" They cannot discern Christ.


Comment: It is my understanding that all will be raised up eventually under God.


Pastor Vitale: No, not necessarily, those who are not raised up into the sons of God will live out their lives and pass away.





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