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PASTOR VITALE: I would like to welcome Brother XXX XXXX. Thank him for visiting us. It is a really nice surprise. Would you like to say something to the congregation?


COMMENT : I would just like to thank all of you for your prayers. I am so grateful to be here. I believe that, by all means, the Lord directed my attention this way. It is so good to be here with you. My desire is that I may get some deliverance or whatever the Lord has for me, and that is my purpose here, whatever the Lord lays upon you people's heart. I promised Sister Sheila, that I would wait and see what the Lord would do. I do not want to do anything that He does not... Let the Lord's will be done.




COMMENT : Thank you very much.


PASTOR VITALE : Amen! Take action. God is an action God. If you are blessed enough to hear Him give you an instruction, well, then you go do it. When He does not give you an instruction, you just do not just sit down and do nothing. You have to move. He meets you as you move. He meets you as you go. Stagnancy, stagnation is never of God. Just sitting on your lump and not moving.


Sitting on a lump on the log is never God. You have to take some kind of action. Get up and get out. Some people get depressed, and they could lay on a bed all day. Do something. Get up! You can lay there and say, "God help me. God help me. God help me." Get up and start walking, and He will meet you where you are. He will direct you.


I think what I would like to start talking about tonight are the" two anointings," the imputed, and the imparted anointing. I am going to try, if the Lord will help me to give me a better understanding. There two different positions that we can be standing in relationship to God. We can have a relationship with God, or we can be a son of God. Both are good. Both relationships are fine, but we desire to move on to maturity with Christ, we are going to make some changes. What a lot of people stumble over is that, they do not understand that the rules change when you cross over that line from having a relationship with Jesus to being a son of God. The rules change.


Now, when we have our first experience with the Lord, usually it is an intense experience, and we know that we met God. We start reading the Bible, and start going to Church, and understanding things. We start memorizing Scriptures. This is all wonderful, because our mind is like a computer. We have to fill in with the Word, the Letter of the Word, even if we do not understand what we reading. Just pump it into your mind, and somewhere along the line the Lord is going to meet you in that word that you have put in your mind.


To put it quite simply, when you have a relationship with Jesus, He is our friend and lets us use His things. Now, what things does He have to offer us? His Word and His Spirit. He lets us go out, He lets us witness, He lets us pray spiritual warfare, He lets us cast out demons and whatever He has is ours.


The day comes and the Scripture that supports this, "When you are young you dress yourself, but as you get older, another will dress you." As we mature in Christ, He wants us to start to lay down our own ideas about how we are going to wield the sword of the Spirit, and how we are going to pray spiritual warfare. He wants us to be His arrows. The Scripture says that in the Book of Revelation. I believe that it is in Chapter 4 or 5. "He comes carrying a bow."


We are the arrows that He wants to shoot out of His bow. Now, have you ever heard of a an arrow directing the archer and telling him where to shoot?


This is the problem, and it is the problem that is facing the whole church today. The church goes through this problem every time the Lord comes with a new move of God. The people that are imbedded or used to the ways of the current move of God, and they have been blessed by those ways, and they have been healed and delivered by those ways, they have a problem recognizing that the cloud is moving, and that it is time to make changes.


When Jesus came to Israel He was so radical. What He preached and His behavior was so radical that even if they could have comprehended that God was about to appear in a man, which I do not believe that they had that revelation, even if they had that revelation, they would never have received Him. He broke all of their laws right in their face. He healed on the Sabbath Day. He was hungry and He plucked the corn.


I remind you that when the Scripture speaks about Jesus plucking the corn on the Sabbath Day, the Scripture clearly states they did it. He and His disciples, they did it. Does anybody know why? They were hungry. They did not pluck the corn to sell it to make a profit. They did not pluck the corn out of mulishness to waste it. They did not pluck the corn to feed the birds. They were hungry.


Jesus also relates another account when David was hungry. He ate the "Shew Bread" that was only for the priests.


Brethren, God loves man. He loves us, and our human needs are very important to Him. Now, the problem some us get into is that what we think is a human need, God does not think is a human need. What are our human needs. Human needs are what we need to survive. Now, what do we need to survive? We need food, we need water, we need clothing, we need shelter, and we need a body that functions.


God never said that we needed marriage. I am telling you the truth. He said that a wife is a good thing, but He never said that you need marriage. Marriage is not a life-sustaining need. If God gives it to you, it is a gift. It is not a human need. If you think that it is a human need, you are mistaken. Why? Because you will not die without it. You may think that you will die without it. you may feel that you will die without it, but you will not die without it. You will not die without it.


I was having dinner with Brother XXXX last night, and he said something to me. He made a very simple statement about fasting. He was speaking about fasting. He was telling me that he was on a forty-day fast, he said that it was rough going at the beginning . He fasted for a few days, then all of a sudden you do not really miss the food any more. Is that not what you told me? Yes.


Well, what I want to say to you is that is true of every thing in life, except what we need to survive. Eventually, we are going to die if we do not have food, water, or shelter. Those are the basic human needs. Everything else, no matter how much you think you need it, no matter how uncomfortable you are, no matter how much pain you are in, I am telling you the truth, that if you hang in there and believe God, the day will come that you will not even miss it anymore. I am telling you the truth.


Now, I am not saying that it will be in three days, or five days, or ten days as it was with food fasting. It could be a rough going. God spoke this word to me as we were having dinner last night. This is the word that He said to me. I did not mention it to you, but God spoke to me. He Said that it was true of everything the man thinks he needs but does not really need to survive. The urge goes away if you hang in there long enough, because you are on a fast. You are on a fast.


Do you know that fasting from food is not the only fast in the Bible? Now, do not misunderstand me, if there is something that your heart desires, ask the Lord for it. Do not think that you cannot live without it. Why? Because if you think that you cannot live without it, it has become an idol to you. You are guilty of idiolatry. There is nothing wrong with desiring the things of this life. When you make it an idol, when you really believe that you cannot live without it, you have fallen into sin.


Now I want to tell you again, I know that I have told you this before. Anything that you get in this world, you can lose. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. I remind you that the safest way to pray is "Father, make of my life whatever you would make of it." He loves you. It is not His desire to hurt you. It is not His desire to cause you any form of torment, but He will use the things in our life to bring the life of Christ in us. That is the size of it.


A lot of Christians do not understand and turn against God. I remind you of the Book of Job, where Job's "friends," and I say that in quotes, came to him in his hour of torment, and they told him that he was bad. They told him that he was wicked, and that God was going to punish him forever. God did not honor their counsel. God honors the counsel of the man who speaks the truth about God's nature. The truth of God's nature is that He is our Father, that He loves us, and that everything that He does is for our good.


I know that the Scripture says, "All things work out for our good for those who love the Lord," but I want to tell you that all things work for the good of this creation, because God loves this creation. His love is enough for those who do not even know Him. Everything that He does is to the end of the resurrection of this creation out of a condition know as hell.


Now, Paul clearly talks about fantasies and fables being preached in the Church. There are many in the church today. One of the problems is that we separate the Scripture from our life experience. Those Scriptures are not a story, they are not a fable, and they are not a dream. It is not something that is happening way off in another place. The Scripture is God's Word that He has given to man to help man in his fallen state live a Godly and satisfying life.


God does not want us to be in torment. Those Scriptures are to be applied to our everyday life. Brethren, I know a lot of people that will tell you that they know that this is hell. They have been down in the pit. They have been on the street. They have had their face in a puddle. They have been laid out on drugs, on alcohol. Terrible things have happened to them.


This concept of hell being a place of physical fire burning and devils with pitch-forks sticking you persists in their mind. No matter how difficult their life gets, or what they go through, they still think that hell is another place.


Brethren, hell is not another place. This is hell. The fires of hell are spiritual. The devil's with pitch-forks are spiritual. Spiritual life dwells in the mind of man. Their base, their home base is in our mind. From in our minds, they control the circumstances that affect us out here. All the plans of the demons of the carnal mind and of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, for our life, and all the conferences in which the plans are laid take place in the minds of man. The Spirit of Christ also.


There is a battle going on in the minds of men, and this battle takes place on varying levels. We have people in the church that are babies. There are people in the church that are young men. Even the Scripture says it: "Young men, fathers," Christians of different ages.


God is concerned with the whole human race, even with the heathen. God is dealing with the heathen today, but He is not dealing the same way with everybody. To take a Scripture and apply it in the same way to everybody is going to cause confusion, because one person's interpretation of the Scripture will work for you, but it will not work for another. It may, or it may not work for you. There is confusion in the church.


If we turned our life over to the Lord, and our life does not show signs of improvement, we have to ask the Lord if we are where He wants us to be, if we are studying what He wants us to study, if we are studying with the teacher that He wants us to study with, and if we are lining up with His will for our life.


We find many Christians, I am not criticizing anybody, but I am commenting on a condition in the church. They are walking around with an idea in their mind that everything they have to do is to people outside of them, that someday their bodies are going to die, all of a sudden they are going to fly away to heaven, and all their problems are going to be healed and gone.


I want to give you another thought tonight, I want to give you another suggestion. I do not believe that. I believe that the ministry of Christ is to us... now, of course, if there is someone walking down the block, and the Lord tells you to talk to them and minister to them, of course you do it. I do not believe that you will go to sleep one night and wake up in a foreign land.


I believe that the power of God has been imparted in this lifetime to produce changes in our life here and now, in our body, and in our souls, and in our spirit, that if we spend every waking moment looking to minister outside of us, the ministry that Christ has for us is going to fall by the wayside. The ministry is to us, to our heart, to our mind, and to our conscience. When that ministry starts to appear, it will start to affect our bodies if we have problems in our bodies.


I said all that to say this. We see in the church two elements of believers that have a relationship with Christ. The first group has a relationship with Christ. The second group, a son. I do not know about you, but I would sure like to know what the difference is. I would like to know what the difference is.


One of the biggest points of confusion in the Scripture is the believer just picking up a Scripture, out of context, not looking to see who the Lord was talking to or who was speaking in the Scripture, who that person was speaking to, and what the context of the conversation was. We see many Scriptures taken out of context. We find a Scripture that says, "He who walks after the Spirit of God, or they who walk after the Spirit of God, they are the Sons of God."


We see the overriding characteristic of Sonship is obedience. Now, brethren, you cannot obey if you do not know what obedience is. When you come over here, when you are a young Christian, and the Lord offers you a relationship with Him, He says to you: "Come sit at My feet and learn."


The Lord has been showing me over this last year how many people cannot communicate because their definitions do not agree. They fight, and they do not understand each other. The Lord is saying, "Get your definitions straight." You are allowed to disagree, but at least be talking about the same thing. He is showed me people using the same word, but those words mean one thing to one person and means something else to another person. Maybe if you got together on your definitions, you would not even have a fight.


Let us find out what is "obedience." What is obedience? What is submission? It is to the"Internalized Christ." Obedience and submission are to the "Internalized Christ." For those of you that do not l know me, ! will not criticize you. I am not criticizing you. I am telling you the truth, and it is going to set you free.


For those people, and this is not wrong, this is how you start. For those people that are living their life, waking up in the morning and saying, "Now, what am I going to do today? I am going to witness to Aunt Gertie. I am going to visit so-and-so, I am going to church, I am going to this, and I am going to do that," God will use you where you are.


Now, a lot of people get confused and they say, "What do you mean by obedience to God? I went out and I witnessed to this person on the street, and that one went to church with me. You must be mistaken." No, I am not mistaken. God will use you wherever you are. If you are out of the way, if you are totally away from where he wants you to be, in total rebellion, He will find use for you where you are, because He does not waste anything. God has an ideal purpose in your relationship with Him. That ideal purpose is for Him to make every decision of what you do, of where you go, of what will happen to your life. He wants total and complete control over your life.


The biggest hindrance between man and God, the biggest opposition to entering into the kingdom is man's self will, man's desire to control his own life.


Brethren, we enter into to the kingdom through death. Well, everybody knows that. A lot of people think that it is the death of the body. I want to give you another thought. I want to give you something to think about. I do not believe that it is the death of the body. I believe that it is the death of the soul. It is the death of the soul. We enter into the Kingdom of God, which is where? Anybody know? Where is the Kingdom of God ? It is within us.


Now if the Kingdom of God is within us, well, it really does not make much sense that our body has to die, but our soul has to die. Why? Because, besides the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of God has another name. Another name is the Mind of Christ, or the Soul-life of Christ, or the Flesh of Christ, or the Body of Christ, is inside of you.


There is also another body, soul, kingdom inside of you. That other body, soul, kingdom, whose name is the carnal mind, or the city of Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, or Babylon does not want you to enter into the Kingdom of God. James said that the doubled-minded man or the double-souled man, every one that has Christ and the carnal mind, is unstable in all their ways. We are hearing two voices. It is possible to be deceived.


I want to give you the best advice you will probably ever hear on how to avoid being deceived. Give up your own desire. Give up you own desire.


You know, I know a woman who has a beautiful young daughter. I do not mean her features are beautiful. She is just a beautiful young Christian woman. Everything about he Spirit of God is all over her. She is twenty-two years old. Both the young woman and her mother are praying every day, telling God what kind of a husband they want for this young woman. I know that is not a Godly way to pray.


I like minding my own business. I have enough trouble just doing what God tells me. I do not have to bring it upon myself with my own ideas. If I get persecuted because God told me to do something, then it is for righteous sake, but if I am sticking my nose in someone's business and then fighting it off, there are no brownie points in heaven for me. That is the truth, and I knew that they were praying wrong. I said, "No, I am minding my business.


The woman came to my house the other day, and the Lord spoke to me. I said, "Oh, that was not God. I am minding my own business." By the time she left, the anointing was all over me and I said, " Sister, I can no longer deny this is God. You and your daughter are praying incorrectly." This woman has been with the Lord fifteen years? Twenty years? She said, "What are you talking about?" I said that God told me to tell you that you are praying incorrectly. You are telling Him what kind of a husband your daughter wants. She just listened with her mouth opened.


The correct prayer, brethren, is, "Father, do you have a husband for my daughter? If you have a husband, reveal him. If you do not , what is your plan for her life?" She just sat there and looked at me with her mouth opened.


Do you know, Brethren, that a prayer like that...you see, ignorance is no excuse for the law. If you do something in ignorance, you will suffer the consequences. That is why the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. At least, listen. If someone has counsel for you, at least listen, at least pray about it. Let it be another thought in your mind, Do not automatically reject it. She had never heard such counsel before.


I know what I was going to tell you. Do you realize that someone, especially a believer that has a relationship with Jesus and is moving in some measure of spiritual power, when you lend that spirit to bring it to pass in your life, something that you want, and God does not want it, it is witchcraft. It is witchcraft in the mind.


What is witchcraft? Witchcraft is a source of spiritual power that is not coming from God . Now, the people of the world, they are very sophisticated They will tell you that there is black witchcraft, and that there is white witchcraft. They will say, "Well, black witchcraft is used to hurt somebody. You pay somebody, and they cast a spell and the person dies. White witchcraft, oh that is okay. I am doing good. I am praying for someone for healing. I am praying for a husband for somebody. I am praying for a wife for somebody. What is wrong with that?" Well, maybe God does not agree with your prayer.


Now, I want to tell you something. I am making light of this, because I tend to get too serious, but I am telling you the truth. If you pray along these lines, and God is not in agreement in what you are praying, do you know that you could bring that man into that woman's life? Everything she asked for, with only one problem. God did not send him.


I want to tell you, whether you are a man or whether you are a woman, a mate comes into your life, I do not care what they look like, or how good they look, if God did not send them, you have trouble. How do I know that? Because I know, even if God sent them, you have trouble. Marriage is not easy, but if God put you together, you will stand.


We must know these things. From the onset of our relationship with Christ we must begin to receive instructions. Many of us being excited with the knowledge of receiving the knowledge of God, we are running out on street corners, and witnessing to the world. That is okay if you are excited, God will use it, but young Christians must be told that you must submit to Godly instructions.


You have to know this, that you can hurt people praying in the "Name of Jesus" and putting your will into it. When what you are praying is not the will of God, or the Word of God, or the mind of God, you can hurt people. Someone has to tell you this, because I know that most Christians would not want to hurt people. Most Christians want to help people. The world says that we go around beating people over the head with a Bible.


PASTOR VITALE: What, did I hit you right on the nose? (laughing)


COMMENT: Sorry. (laughing)


PASTOR VITALE: Are you laughing or are you crying?


COMMENT: No. I am laughing.


PASTOR VITALE: Why are you laughing?


COMMENT: You spoke a truth to me, and it caused me to laugh, then I could not stop laughing. I don't know why. I had not done that in so long. I did not realize it when you just said it. I just could not believe it.


PASTOR VITALE: Hallelujah !


COMMENT: Inaudible.


PASTOR VITALE: I just bless him Father, and we forgive his sins, Father. The Scripture talks about ignorance. It is no insult. We know that if he did any harm, that he was ignorant, Lord, and we forgive his sins, and we break any curses that came upon him for it, dear God. We just bless this young man, Father, I personally pray that you give this young man, that you give him such a miracle Lord, that you give him such a miracle that the whole world will stand up and be amazed by what you have done in his life.


I just break every curse that is upon him. Every curse. I break the curse of destruction over his life, I break the curse of drug addiction, alcoholism, schizophrenia. I rebuke you. I rebuke you. I rebuke you. I break that curse of schizophrenia in the name of Jesus, in the name of Jesus (deliverance is taking place). I rebuke you.


Just lift up your hands and let them go. What would you do for this man tonight Lord? We do not want to be casting out in our own power. We want to be Sons tonight, Lord. What is your will for this man tonight? What would You do for him, Father? We ask you that bless him and give him a great miracle, but, Father, what is your plan for him tonight, Lord? What is your plan, Father?


The Lord said that He wants to adopt you. I do not know if you have no parents, or if your parents have failed you. I do not know, but do you know that Scripture which says that the Lord will plead the cause of the orphans, and that He has received you as a Son tonight, and that He wants to be your Father. Not just in word. Not just in the word. We know that you have read it in the Bible, and you believed it. He wants it to be a spiritual experience, that He is going to start living inside of your life. Not that you just believe in it up here. Tonight, He is entering into your heart. Do you understand the difference?


COMMENT: Praise the Lord!


PASTOR VITALE: Then, He has heard your cry. He said that He has heard your cry, and He is going to answer your prayers. It is not going to happen overnight. He is going to do it. The Lord loves you very much, loves you very much.


COMMENT: Thank you.


PASTOR VITALE: You are welcome.


Now, we have to be trained to come into obedience. First of all, someone has to talk to you as I am talking to you. You have to be told how to be a Christian. For some reason, there is this fantasy in the Church that all that it takes to be a Christian is... say that if I, came over to you, and I say, "Do you receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?" You say,"Yes." Now you automatically are a full-fledged, grown-up mature Christian, and you have the whole ball of wax, and you can go out to witness to people on the street.


It is not true, brethren. It is not true. It is not true, if you are believing it, and you are rejecting this word, the only one you are hurting is yourself. Why? Because the Lord is going to let you wander in the wilderness until He brings you to a place that you are willing to submit to His instructions.


We have a lot of young Christians, very well-meaning people in the Church that have an understanding of Scriptures that are not in agreement with God's mind. The Scripture says, "Let every man be a liar, but let God be true." There is no glory in it to God if any one of us has a misunderstanding of any one Scripture. God wants us to have the truth. Why? Because the truth will set us free, set this whole creation free. He wants us to tell them the truth about Him, not some fantasy that we read in a book that some man made up.


How do you get the truth? How do you find out the truth about God? Well, first of all, you have to hear it from another man. You cannot lay hold of someone else's revelation and run with it. If it is truly the truth, and it is the anointing of God, and He has called you, then it is your time. If the minister is speaking out of Christ, the words are Spirit and the words are Life, and they are going to root in your heart. The Scripture likens your heart to the fertile ground that you would plant your tomatoes plants in.


The creation is a spiritual plant. Are we not the planting of the Lord? We are a spiritual plant. That is hard for some people to comprehend. That is what the Scripture says. We are a spiritual plant, and there are two spiritual plants in the earth. How do I know that? Well, did Jesus not say, "I am the True Vine." Did He not say that? Well, if there is a true vine, there has to be a false vine.


Brethren, the Scripture is a parable. The Scripture is not easy, and the Scripture is not clear.


Someone came to me once and said, "Boy! Your teaching is so complicated. The Scripture says, "The simplicity of the Gospel." If you look it up in the Greek, what it is talking about is the singleness of the Gospel. Now, why is Paul telling him to be single towards the Gospel? Because it is the human tendency to be double-minded towards the Gospel.


How can you be double-minded towards the Gospel? You see the first verse with your carnal mind, and you see the second verse with the Christ. What happened? Does the doctrine of the carnal mind become perverted? No! It is the Doctrine of Christ that becomes perverted. Paul said, "Be single,read the Scripture only with the mind of Christ."


Many of the commands, if not all of the commands, of the Scriptures are impossible to keep unless it is Christ in us, doing it for us. He must become our very life. He must become our mind. He must become our confidence. He must become our ability. Why? Because, if He does not become our ability, our carnal mind is our ability. Our old man is our ability. Christ is a new mind. He is a new mind, He is a new life, and He is an invading force. He is invading your existing life, which is ruled by your carnal mind, the God of which is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind.


Jesus has entered in if you are fully born, in most instances a physically mature person, and is taking away what presently belonged to Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind. It is a process. It does not happen overnight. For a season, you have two minds, two sets of emotions, two sets of thoughts, two sets of morals, and two sets of motives. Someone has to tell you this so that you can be aware of it, because a lot of young Christians hear voices in their head, or thoughts come into their head, and they think everything they hear is Christ.


I saw a woman on TV . She stood right up on TV. The woman is a prostitute. She said that Mary appeared to her and told her to be a prostitute for God. She was on the Donahue Show, I think that it was the Donahue Show. She was saying, "Mary told me to do it, I am proud of it, and all of you people are religious bigots out there."


Brethren, everything that is supernatural is not Christ. This is a hard thing, but no matter how good our work is, no matter how good our deed is, even if our deeds result in helping somebody, that does not make us a Son. We may have a relationship with Christ, but it does not make us a Son.


Do you know how many people have said to me, "Is Mother Theresa saved. I dare you to tell me that she is not saved." My answer is that I do not know wether she is saved or not. God did not tell me. It is possible that she is not saved.


In case you do not know who Mother Theresa is, let me tell you who Mother Theresa is. She is a Roman Catholic Nun, who has given her whole life to helping poor people. She had nothing of her own, her whole life. You want to hear what I just heard, "She is a saint." I just heard it in my head. "No! She is not a saint." Whatever demon said that, she is not a saint. Was somebody here thinking that she is a saint? No! She is not a saint.


First, everybody that has a relationship with Christ is a saint. What does that mean? It means that from the first day that you entered into a relationship with Christ, the Lord sees you as He expects you to be when He finishes with you. Now, none of us are saints. We all know that. We are sinners. We are the receivers of the grace of God, and when that grace is finished in us, we shall be truly saved.


God calls us saints, because He has faith. The Father does not have faith in me and He does not have faith in you. I do not mean me personally. He does not have faith in man, because we fall short every single time. When Jesus is living in our heart, He is going to do the work. The Father has faith that Jesus is going to do the work. Therefore, you are a saint. He is not going to dump you in the middle of somewhere.


No matter how good your deeds are, it does not mean that you have a relationship with Christ. If you have a relationship with Jesus Christ, it does not mean that you are a Son.


I want to tell you that coming into obedience to Christ is very difficult, because it means dying to your flesh. Oh, that is a nice phrase. All Christians talk about dying to their flesh. What does it mean? They will say, "Well, I gave up fornication. Well, I gave up stealing. Well, I gave up Alcohol. Well, I gave up drugs." I am sorry. You are not dead to your flesh. You are not dead to your flesh until you resist every thought in your mind that is not from Christ and refuse to obey it. Even then you are not dead, but you are dying. Eventually, Christ must crucify your carnal mind. He must kill it. Does the Scripture not say, "You must slay the enmity in your flesh?" You see, this is what I mean when I say these Scriptures must be made real to us. What does that mean to slay the enmity in your flesh?


There must be 1500 definitions in the Church world about what that means. I tell you that it is a reality. Our soul, our carnal mind, must die. It cannot die until Christ is in us is mature enough to sustain the life of this body, or we will die. It is not the Lord's intention to kill our body. He is changing us from the inside out.


It would be as if somebody had the authority to go inside of an egg shell. Did you ever see people do that? Sometimes they put a pinhole in the egg, and they suck the egg out. You have an empty egg shell. Well, Jesus has the authority to not only suck the egg out, but to fill it up with something completely different.


That is what He is doing to us. We are egg shells. This body is an egg shell, and the life which is within it that we were born with is perverse and corrupt. It is more perverse and corrupt in some of us than in others. It does not matter, we are all sinners. It is just that some of us are more desperate than others.


He wants to get every drop of that life out of us and fill us totally with Himself. It is not words. It is not something you believe with your mind. It has got to happen to you. You receive Christ when you accept Him as your Lord and Savior. If you receive the Holy Ghost...have you received the Holy Ghost? Do you speak in tongues?




When you receive the Holy Ghost, that is the Holy Spirit of promise. It is the beginning of the procedure. Let me liken it to be drafted into the army. Did you ever see a movie of young recruits going into boot camp, what they look like and six weeks later when they come out? They go in with no discipline at all, not knowing what to do, standing every which way. Six weeks later they come out all polished up, standing at attention, saluting when an officer walks by.


Brethren, when you receive the Holy Spirit, it is the beginning of your training. The Holy Spirit is your trainer. He is your training. He is going to start guiding you and directing you to the place where the Lord wants you to go. That is just the beginning, and His primary function...the Holy Spirit is the Father now, the Holy Spirit is the Father, and His primary function is to get inside of you and cause the Son to appear. Then, when the Son appears inside of you, the Son will stat to bring you into obedience, and it is called, "The White Throne Judgment." When you do something wrong, you are going to be corrected. Sometimes the correction is painful.


I just want to show you a little more clearly what is happening inside of you with this exchange. We are spirit, soul, and body. Most of us know that. We have a human spirit. The Book of Job says, "There is a spirit in man." Do you know that most people in the world do not know that we have a spirit? I witnessed to somebody once when I had a secular job. I witnessed to a man in the office. He was shocked. He knew a lot about the occult. He said, "A spirit? I know that we have a soul, but a Spirit?" I said, "Yes, we have a spirit too."


The world does not talk about it very much. Why? Why is it so hush-hush about the human spirit? Even if you study in the Greek or in the Hebrew, it is not clear. I have been studying for years. It is not clear. If you look up the word for spirit, soul, but not body, but all the different words translated," soul" in the Greek, they all say the whole thing. I racked my brain for years. All the definitions say the same thing, because under each word, there are ten definitions. They just move them around and change the order.


Each definition says the same thing. What does that mean? The Greek scholars do not understand the difference. It is a mystery. It is a secret. It is part of the hidden manna. It is only for those people that God sends His truth to. Why does man deny the human spirit? Who knows? Who knows? Anybody?


Well, but what is it about the human spirit? What is it about the human spirit that the world is hushing it up? The human spirit is the defender of Christ, Christ that appeared on the earth at the beginning of time. Christ in righteous Adam.


Remember, God made a creation. His name was Adam, but the egg was not inside the shell. God made a egg shell, but the egg was not inside the shell. God made a creation. Let us say it was an egg shell, and that egg shell had the potential to have Christ inside of it, which would be righteousness and the carnal mind, which would be unrighteousness. At the beginning of time, the egg shell was filled with the righteousness of God, and God called the Adam, Christ, or you could say righteous Adam.


Something happened at the beginning of time. What happened to righteous Adam? Who knows? He was castrated. How did He get castrated? The carnal mind appeared in Him, castrated Him, filled the egg shell with her life, and the carnal mind is ruled by Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind.


When Christ died His bones were buried, Brethren, everything that happens in this world is a type of spiritual things. Do we not bury people when they die? Does the flesh not disappear off their bones? What do we find in the coffin? Bones! Well, Christ that was formed at the beginning of time died, and His bones, His spiritual life was buried.


Now, they were not physical bones like we have here. They were spiritual bones. Where were they buried? Where were the spiritual bones of the dead Christ buried? Under the earth. Under what earth? Under the earth of fallen man. The human spirit is the dead bones of Christ, and she is buried underneath the earth of the carnal mind of man. Over that carnal mind is a human body.


Do you know the Scripture where Jesus says to the Pharisees...you have to forgive me, I am not a "letter man." I cannot quote this exactly. First of all, He talks about dead man's bones. He call them sepulchers, which is a tomb that is on top of the earth. There is a Scripture where He talks to them about walking over graves and nobody knowing it. Do you know that Scripture? Do you know what I am talking about. Yes. If you want it, I am sure if I look hard enough I will find it for you.


He talks about the Pharisees walking over graves. What Jesus was saying to these Pharisees is that you have the Spirit of Christ, but the bones of Christ in you have not been resurrected. This is what He says, "You have the Spirit of Christ, and it is flowing over you. It is outside of you, and it is all over you, but it has not raised Christ from the dead. It has not raised Christ in you from the dead."


Now, when you have received the Holy Ghost, brethren, and it is flowing all over you, it has a specific purpose. It is to pierce through this body, and to pierce through the carnal mind and penetrate your human spirit. The Holy Spirit wants to get in here where your human spirit is and join with it and raise Christ's dead bones from the dead. When that happens, when the Holy Spirit joins with your human spirit, Christ is raised from the dead, and now the Kingdom of God has come to be within you.


Now, it is nice to say that the Kingdom of God is within you, and you can believe by faith, but this has to happen to you. It is a spiritual experience that must happen to you. Christ has to get inside of you. Once He gets inside of you, He starts challenging the carnal mind for control over your life. He wants to be your source, He wants to be your motive, and He wants to be your driving force.


You now have two minds, the mind of Christ and the carnal mind. Who will you obey? Both of these minds are speaking to you. Well, you must have a real problem if you cannot tell the difference. If you cannot tell who is talking to you, you have got a real problem.


Now, I started to tell you this. I do not know if I finished the sentence. I am going to give you the best advice that you ever heard. Do not ask for anything for yourself unless you say and really mean it, "Only it if it is your will for me Lord. I think that I would like such a thing, but I do not want if it is not your will for my life," and mean it when you say it.


Now, when you start to pray, as an example, for a wife or for a husband, and you start hitting on it continuously and on a regular basis. "I want this kind of man. I want him to have blue eyes and blond hair, and I want him to be six foot and one half inch. I do not want him to weigh over one hundred and sixty pounds." Do you know that there are people who pray like that? Right! There are people who pray like that. Christ does not pray like that. I will tell you right now that Christ does not pray like that.


Right off the bat, you know that it is not Christ. You start praying like that regularly, and you put your will into it. Christ is not going to answer a prayer like that, brethren. Why? Why will Christ not answer a prayer like that? Because, when Christ picks a man for you He is not looking on his outer shell. When the Lord picks a mate for you, He will pick someone who you are equally yoked with in your spirit. A prayer like that is not Christ. He is not going to hear, and He is not going to honor it.


I am telling, and you do not have to believe it, but at least pray about it, He is not going to honor a prayer like that. That prayer could not be coming out of Christ. It has to be coming out of your carnal mind, and the more you pray it, the more it is shutting down the mind of Christ in you. Does the Scripture not say that it is possible to tread Christ under your feet? It is possible. It is in the Scripture. It can be done.


You know, sometimes I say things that shock people because they have never heard it expressed in that particular way. Then I will tell you the Scripture, and then you will say, "Yes it is true." You can tread Christ under feet . Someone said to me once, "How can Christ be killed?" Well, it is right in the Scripture. You tread Him under your foot. You killed Him, you stoned Him to death, and you crucified Him afresh. They just get so shocked at what I say that they do not even stop to think. If they would just say, "Lord, is it true?"


What is happening? What is happening is we are getting an emotional reaction out of the carnal mind to what I am saying. Why? Because, the carnal mind is panicking, because when the truth of the word comes forth she knows that she is about to die in the very near future.


When we are praying, when we make a judgment, we pick a judgment that we need something, it is not likely that it is Christ in us praying. Most likely it is our carnal mind. The more we use our carnal mind, the more we kill Christ, and the more we kill Christ the less likely we are to come into obedience and we, at the very least, keep ourselves in immature relationship with the Lord.


Brethren, we will not overcome when we are running our own life. Why? Because, what are we supposed to overcome? What are we supposed to be overcoming? Our carnal mind.


Well, you know, some Christians think it is simple as saying, "Well, I am supposed to be overcoming my alcoholism..." That is no small thing "...my drug addiction..." That is no small thing. Brethren, that is just the beginning. We are supposed to be overcoming every thought that is not of Christ. What does the Scripture say? "Lay hold of every imagination, and bring it into submission." What does that mean? Every thought that comes out of your carnal mind, lay hold of it, look at it. If it is not of Christ, crush it.


It just happened as I was preaching. Some demon said that Mother Theresa was a saint. Well, a saint is anybody that has a relationship with Christ. I honestly do not know if she does or not. It was the demon that said it meant something else.


This is the battle. Our enemy is unseen. It is with our carnal mind, and it is just like physical exercise. The more we use the mind of Christ, the stronger He is going to grow, and the weaker the carnal will become. The more we use the carnal mind, the stronger she will be, and the weaker the Christ will be. We have a definite part in this.


Oh, I know what I started out to tell you. Well, let me show you this another way. Well, you could say, "How do we have a definite part in this? Is it not just Christ against the carnal mind?" I know some preacher with an international newsletter printed that about a year ago. He said that we had nothing to do with this, that there are two great powers fighting in the heavenlies, and we are this poor woman.


Did you ever see those? They used to see it in the movies years ago, I think the 1920's, in the "silent movies," where this poor hopeless woman was sitting on the track saying, "Help me! Help me! Help me! It was the "Perils Of Pauline." Right, and the hero and the villain were fighting over her, and she was saying, "Oh no, no, no, anything but that." You know. It was like a comedy in the movie. That is not true of us. That is not true of us. That is not true of us. It is not true.


You would say to yourself, looking of this diagram, "Well, it sure looks like it is true to me. Let me try to explain to you what our part of the battle is.


Our true reality is our human spirit . We are spirit. We are what Christ became when He was slain. The Scripture says that the Lamb was slain from the foundation of the earth. What does that mean? Most people hear it preached that He was slain on the cross. Well, this is the confusion. The Scripture is there. It is in the Book Of Revelations: The Lamb was slain since from the foundation of the earth. They will tell you, "Oh well, it meant that He was ordained to hang on the cross since the foundation of the earth. Well, it is not true. It is true that He was ordained to hang on a cross from the foundation of the earth, but it means more than that.


Let me tell you what it means. When the creation was formed, the spiritual Son of God was joined to the dust of the earth. Spiritual life is typified by water. The water of the Son of God was joined to the dust, formed a ball of clay, and God made a creation out of it. When the Son of God was joined to the dust, He died. He died to His life as a pure Spirit. He was no longer a pure spirit. He was now, a ball of clay mixed up in that dust, and in that dust of the earth was Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind.


That is what happened to Him. He was rich, but He became poor, so that we could be rich. He gave up His life as a glorified Spirit so that this creation could be formed, because outside of Christ, there is no life in anything. No matter how alive that life may appear to you, without Christ, there is no life in anything. What happened? The Son of Man changed His form. He was pure Spirit, He was mixed with the earth, and He became soul.


Then Christ died, and the creation broke down into many members. We are the result of what God did with His Son at the beginning of time. The Lamb was slain at the foundation of the earth. The Lamb was slain so that the earth could be founded. The Lamb was slain.


The word,"slain" means "cut into many pieces." We are the many pieces that He was cut into. In each and every one of us is a drop of His life, and that drop of His life is our human spirit. Our soul and our body are just flesh laying on the bones. We are spirit. Our true reality is spirit. We have a carnal mind, because we are fallen.


Sheila illustrating: This will be our carnal mind. Our spirit is in here, and it is the Lord's intention to free her. He wants to separate our spirit from our carnal mind. She has to have a place to run to. The place that she is running to is the mind of Christ. She is going to run in here, our human spirit, and forever she shall be with the Lord. The way God is getting her in here is that He going to put fire under the carnal mind, and the elements are going to melt. Spirit and soul are going to separate. The soul is going to die, and the carnal mind is going to die, but that which we truly are is going to escape into Christ and be forever with the Lord. That is how He is getting us out.


When we are in submission to the thoughts and instructions of our carnal mind, we are hindering this process. The way that we are bringing this to pass is by refusing to obey our carnal mind. Before we can refuse to obey her, we must be able to recognize her. One of the points the Lord is pressing in these meetings is that now is the time.


It is very short, and we must distinguish between the thoughts and instructions of our carnal mind and Christ. Because as we enter into the last days, if the carnal mind is calling herself God in our mind and we believe it, and I want to tell you, I have had experience with believers, "The Lord told me. The Lord told me. The Lord told me. The Lord told me. The Lord led me. The Lord showed me." It was not God. It was the god of the carnal mind. Her name is Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind.


To preserve ourselves in these last days...we are out of time, we must be able to distinguish between Christ and the carnal mind. It is essential. Now, if you cannot do it, do not be condemned. I have never condemned anybody, since I have been preaching. Brethren, if you feel condemned in what I am pleaching, the Scripture says that your own heart has condemned you. I condemn you not. I am here sounding the trumpet. I am warning you.


Look at yourself. If you are not doing this? If you cannot do this? If you do not know how to do it? If you feel you are doing it partially, ask the Father. Confess your condition. If, either you cannot do it, or you do not know how, whatever, be honest. He is faithful because, this message is come into you. He wants you to be able to do it. , just confess your condition, and He will help you because the hour is very short, brethren.


What hour? What is going to happen? Most of the Church world is waiting for a Rapture where their bodies are going to fly away to heaven.


I want to give you another suggestion. I do not believe that. What is going to happen is that our spirit is going to fly to heaven, and she is going to enter into the mind of Christ, but we will stay in these bodies. We are going to stay on the earth, and the Scripture clearly states that there is a door opening in heaven, that it will be open for a season, and then it is going to close. The Scripture says it, it is very clear.


Now, what does this mean to you? Well, if you do not have any trouble in your life, it may not be important to you. If you are totally content with your life, and you have all the promises of God in your life right now, you have peace and contentment, and you are stable and nothing bothers you, and all your needs are met, you are never uncomfortable or unhappy at all, ever, then I guess you would not be interested in this spiritual rapture. I do not know about you, but I cannot wait for that door to open.


When that door opens, I am going to be the first one on line, screaming, "Lord , take me," because I have a lot of pain in this life. I think that most people do. Maybe, I have more than others. I do not know. It is not important. All I know is that I have got a revelation that there is " no thing" in this world that can give me peace. That there is "no thing," that there is no human relationship, there is nothing that can give me contentment. There is no thing that can give me temporary relief, or pleasure, or good feeling in this world that cannot be taken from me after it has been given to me.


There is only one foundation. There is only one satisfaction, Do you know that salvation, if you follow it through, I do not know that it is so obvious in the Greek, but it is in the Hebrew, do you know another word for it is satisfaction?


Do you know that every human being I have ever met, and I will dare say every human being alive, at least in one area of their life, most of them in many areas, are not satisfied. Do you know that there is emptiness in our soul and lacks in our life? Jesus satisfies. What does it mean? What does it mean? It is not just a slogan. It is a reality of being totally content, because of your union with Christ, no matter what your surrounding circumstances are, even to the extent that you are hanging on the cross.


Can you hear this? I want the satisfaction that no man can take from me, that when Jesus gives it to you, no man can take it. I want the satisfaction that comes from a Husband that will never leave you, either through death or through physical illness, or through betrayal, whatever. I want permanency in my life, I want stability in my life. I do not want things that are passing away.


When that door opens ,if you are in my way, I am going to trample over you, I promise you. Get out of my way, because Jesus is the only one. He is the only thing. He is a new foundation that is being raised in our mind. Has your mind failed you? Has your mind failed to give you good advice? Has your mind failed to strengthen you? Has you mind failed you in your will power? Have your friends failed you? Have your parents failed you? Has your mate failed you? Have your children failed you? Have you failed yourself?


Brethren, fallen men must fail. Some people have better lives than others, but everybody has got something. I do not know about you, but I want out of this cycle of birth and death, and I want to live for the life of the ages with the one true God, who will be my everything, who has promised to satisfied my every need. The one true God who has set me free through the truth that anything that exists in this world that I think is going to satisfy me is an idol to me.


He is the only one. He never goes away. He is never busy, and He never fails. His counsel is perfect. He has an answer to every problem if you will just give Him a chance, because your biggest problem is your flesh and the lusts thereof. Yes, I am talking about sex, but not only sex. Your biggest problem is your flesh and the lusts thereof. What He has for you is greater than anything that you could achieve for yourself, or that even He could give you in answer to your prayer in this world.


Therefore, I say unto you, brethren, "Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness." Then, if He chooses to give you a husband, God bless you. If He chooses to give you a wife, children, God bless you. Do not tell Him what you need. Because, when you tell Him what you need, sometimes He may give it to you. If you did not say, He may have given you something better.


Sometimes He will not give it to you, but Satan, the unconscious part of the carnal mind, will give it to you and tell you it is God. Do not tell God what you need. This is among the best advice that anyone has ever given you. Tell Him what your problem is. Tell Him that you hurt. Tell Him that you are afraid. Tell Him that you feel bad, but don't tell Him how to answer your problems, because that is a spirit of Jezebel.


You go to your Father. You go to your Husband and say, "Lord, look at me." Well, if you are calling Him Lord, do you not think He is smart enough to know what the answer to your problem is? Most of us do not think so. We say "Lord, look at my problem and this is what I need" I mean, if you could laugh at yourself... it is true, we are funny. Are we not funny. We are funny. "This is the answer to my problem Lord." Do not pray like that. You are cutting yourself short. You are doing yourself an injustice to pray like that. Talk to your Farther. Tell Him how bad you feel. Tell Him how lonely you are. Tell Him how much you hurt. Tell Him you want His answer to your problem.


He is going to get you through anything, any trail, any tribulation. Go in. The Kingdom of God is within you. Cleave unto Christ, and you will survive.




"Believe that your deliverance is in the outer realm, and you shall surely die."


Now, I am going to show you one last thing, and I am going to let you go. The Lord told me to make it short tonight. That is hard for me, but I just want to review this point. Some of you have heard this and some of you have not. We are spirit, and there is a world out here that is not real. It is an illusion, and it is going to pass away. The things are going to pass away. Our spirit will never pass away. Our spirit is eternal, and it will endure forever. It may change form, but it will endure forever.


Now, because we are fallen for a season all our needs are being met out here. Our need for food, clothing, our need for affection. Maybe I did not make mention of that at the beginning of the evening. If Christ is not in your life, you do need fellowship and affection, unless Christ has called you to such a consecration that you do not need Him. That is a human need too. Everything that we need, our food, our clothing, our affection, our family ties, everything that we need to survive is out here in the world. Our life, but this is not life, this is death. This is the existence of death out here.


Ever since Adam died, our whole world is called death. Christ is saying to us, "Let go of everything out there and turn around, I have now given you permission, come back unto the realm of the Spirit where there is life eternal, where you will have full satisfaction, and you will never die."


That happened two thousand years ago. Jesus said, "I give you permission, come back in." Man has not been able to do it. Why? Because we are bound out here. That is why. We are bound out here. We think we need the things of this world, and it is a lie. We need Christ. We need Christ as He comes to us. We cannot do this on our own. He has to come to us with His personal plan for us. Whenever He comes to us and says to give something up, then it is time to give it up. Now, do not give it up on your own. It is a religious work. It will cause you pain, and it will not do you any good at all.


When Jesus says, "Come on, it is time to come back in," it is time to return. Now, let go of this and let go of that, and let go of that. Most of us cannot do it. We are literally trapped down here in this world. It does not have to be alcohol or drugs, but anything that is an idolatry to us. Anything that we think that we cannot live without. Is it your husband? Is it your wife? Is it your daughter? Is it your dog? There are people, out there, that say they can' live without their dogs. Is it your job? Is it your profession? Is it your career?


What is it out in this world that you need, that you think you need to survive? You have to let go of it to go from death unto life. Most of us cannot do it.


The Lord wants you to know that this is what is happening, because He is about to fall upon us. He is about come upon us like a thief in the night, and He is going to sever things from us. Why? Because, we cannot let go. We do not have the strength to let go. He is going to come with a ruler and smack our hand. As soon as we let go, we are going to spring right into the spirit world and eternal life with Christ Jesus. This is what the tribulation is. He is coming to make us let go. It is painful for a moment. The Scripture likens it to child-birth. It is painful for a moment, but when you see the Man-child in the morning, you will have joy and have life evermore.


Someone has to tell you that you have to let go. Brethren, get your eyes out of the outer realm. The hour is at hand. Christ is about to appear very soon, very soon. I just want to say it one more time. I am not trying to tell you to stop living. I am counseling you, with all of my heart to stop telling God what you need. Stop telling God what you need. Tell Him how you feel and ask for His solution to your problem. If His solution to your problem makes you uncomfortable and causes you some pain, tell Him. He will help you.


We are all going through a spiritual operation which will raise us from the dead. If someone told you, if you were a crippled, and some told that if you had surgery, that you could walk, but there would be some months of pain, I am sure that you would go through the surgery. We have to grow up, and steel our self, and grit out teeth, and deal with the discomfort. How do we deal with the discomfort? Crying out to God, and turning to the things of His Spirit.


Do not tell Him what you need. He knows what you need. You would probably disagree, but He Knows. He is right, and you are wrong. If the Lord does not agree with what you think you need, He is right and you are wrong. I will tell you right to your face, you are wrong if God doesn't agree with you. He loves you, He is not punishing you, and He is not condemning you.


If you are having some discomfort in your life, it is because He is forcing spiritual growth in you. We are the planting of the Lord. He has to prune off our carnal mind and cut us off from some of the things that are binding us unto this world in order for His light to mushroom forth in us. There is a purpose for it, that is for your good. If He is letting you suffer, it is for your good. It is going to bring forth the Man-child, and He is giving you eternal life.


He wants the world and the Church to know that He is a good God. He is a merciful God, and His rewards are plentiful and bountiful. There is a season of discomfort. Do not turn against Him. If ever you are in a conflict with Him, you are wrong, and He is right. Praise the Lord.


I will take a few questions, if anybody has a question.


COMMENT: Define how Christ is going to return.


PASTOR VITALE: That is a tough question. How is Christ going to return? First of all the Scripture never said, I challenge you to show me Scripture that says the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Is going to return. It does not say that. It says Christ is going to return. It says Christ is going to return. Christ is the mind of Christ that was in the man, Jesus of Nazareth. It is just like saying you have a heart and you have lungs, It is just like saying...I am having trouble with this.


The Scripture does not say the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth is coming back. The man was crucified. He was raised from the dead. He was Glorified, and He is now a Spirit. He is a glorified Spirit that spoke to Paul as a ball of light. He is now a ball of light. That is what He is. That man that was raised from the dead had His body swallowed up into this Glorified Spirit that is now in your mind. He is in our mind. That Glorified Spirit is pouring out of His flesh on all people, and He is in our mind. He could not do that if He was a human man.


That is why He gave up His life, and He chose to die so that He could be glorified, so that He could enter into all of our minds. Because, if He was still a single man, He could not do it.


Now, why would He want to enter into everybody's mind? Because, He wants to do in every body's mind what He did in the man, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He wants to crush your carnal mind, He wants to deliver you from sin. He wants to purify your carnal mind, He wants to restore you to righteousness and to right standing with God, not in some by-and-by, but right here and now.


He wants to give you victory over sin and death. He wants to deliver you out of the bondages that have tormented you, and ripped your soul and your body and destroyed your life. That is why He gave up His life. He did not have to die. The Scripture clearly said the He did not have to die.


Well, why did He die? Because, He said, "If a corn of wheat fall into the ground that it will bring a good harvest." He was the Seed. He died. His soul life died. He was glorified, and now He is pouring out upon all flesh, and He is bringing forth a great harvest of Sons. He is going to appear in many human beings. He is going to do the same thing that He did in the man, Jesus of Nazareth, in millions of human beings, starting with a small company.


I would like to give you one more Scriptural witness to that. You do not have to agree with it. I just ask you to pray about it. Give it to God. Jesus said that, "If you can receive it, that this is the Spirit of Elijah in John, the Baptist." What was He talking about? Our only true reality is spirit. The spirit that was in Elijah was appearing again, but he had a different soul and a different body. What did Jesus mean? He said, "If you can believe it, that is the spirit of Elijah."


The body and the soul, the soul that sins, it dies. The soul that sins, it dies. The spirit returns to Christ. Jesus' soul died. Of course, His soul was not sinful, but He sacrificed it and became a Glorified Spirit, and He is appearing today in the same way that Elijah was appearing in John the Baptist.


The Glorified Christ is appearing again in the earth today. If He speaks through you, if you prophecy, if you speak in tongues, the Glorified Christ, if you can believe it, is appearing in you, just as the spirit was appearing in John the Baptist. New soul, new body. That is how He is going to appear in the earth.


COMMENT : If our spirit is going to be raptured into the mind of Christ, and our bodies are going to remain here on the earth, then what is going to happen with our bodies here on earth, if our spirit is already with Christ. How is our soul, and our mind that we have now, our carnal mind affected?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, Christ is inside of you. The Kingdom of God is within you. It is all happening within you. If I understood you correctly, you were thinking that our spirit was going to be outside of us, and what was going to happen to our body. Is that you were saying?


COMMENT : Yes. That is what you said.


PASTOR VITALE: The Kingdom of God is within you. The mind of Christ is within you. Just let me show you. I changed the board. Christ is not outside of us. Christ is in His people. Christ is living inside of men just like He was in the man, Jesus of Nazareth. Christ is living inside of men. Let me draw it another way for you. Well, I will just have to draw it this way.


This is our carnal mind that is inside of your head, and this is Christ and He is inside the man, xxxxx. You have two minds. Your human spirit starts out in your carnal mind, and she is attached to the carnal mind. This is all xxxxx's mind. You have two minds. Christ starts waging war against the carnal mind. The weapon of Christ is fire, and He starts burning this carnal mind. Peter says the elements are going to melt. What that means is the human spirit is going to separate.


Now, this is all going on in your mind. Your spirit is going to separate from your carnal mind. He is going to get free. Right now she is in bondage, and she is going to come out, and she is going to move over here. Then, after she moves...now, this is all in your mind. It is not in heaven. It is not there. It is all in your mind. Then after she gets over, Christ is going to burn this up with fire completely. He is going to slay it, and it is going to die. This carnal mind is sin.


It is the source of all your problems. Our carnal minds are the source of all of our problems. The reason that Jesus does not come and kill it right out, is because our human spirit is trapped in there. He does not want to kill her. He lets the fiery trial come upon her, He separates them, our human spirit goes into Christ, and she is forever with the Lord.


That is in your mind, it is all happening in your mind. You are getting a new mind. Does the Scripture not say, "Renew your mind." Yes, eventually. It is going to come in stages. The first stage is in your mind. Remember, Jesus first was walking in a human body. Then after that the glorification, He became a spirit. It was in two stages. Did you understand what I said?


COMMENT : Yes, but you still believe, that in a twinkling of an eye, this body is going to be caught right up with the Lord and be transformed into a glorious body, and we will forever be with the Lord, and have the wedding supper with Jesus Christ, then return with ten thousand, thousands of His saints to reign a thousand years?


PASTOR VITALE: Well, first of all it does not say it is our body. It says that we are going to be caught up. It does not say it is our body. It says, "Ye shall be caught up." I am saying it is not your body, but our human spirit that is going to be caught up from the carnal to Christ. It is not our body coming off the earth. It is our human spirit being caught up from our carnal mind to Christ.


Comment: What happens to the body? Will it die?


PASTOR VITALE: No, it is not going to die, but it is going to be healed. Any illnesses that you have are going to be healed. Any weaknesses in your mind are going to healed. and you are going to be indestructible. If someone stabs you, you will not die, because when Christ is your mind you will not die.


COMMENT: I had a dream that all of a sudden, I felt like I was glorified. I do not know if this was in heaven or if this was on earth. I think it was on earth. I was going to pray over other people, and there was war going, and then I was shot, and when I did not die, I was like, "Praise God." You know, because I was actually shot by a machine gun by these people. (End of Tape)






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