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                And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. (John 8:32)

In my opinion, this doctrine is New Age, calling itself Christian.  What's very interesting is how many people think that I'm preaching the same thing.  They think that my message is a part of this movement, and the reason they think that is because their mind can't discern the difference.  Someone called me from California to say that I sound just like what's being preached in this movement.  They can't tell the difference.  It's widespread. 

I'm going to comment on this book, and I want to make it very clear to anyone reading this commentary that I'm not against anybody; that I bless everybody and that I'm not ripping anyone's ministry apart.  Someone has to point out the error in this seduction that's going forth across the Church, because the average Christian is having a problem with the doctrine being pre­ach­ed in this area.

There are Christians who have re­jected the Kingdom message com­pletely, and there are Christians who are into Sonship, who have rejected the Ultimate Reconciliation message. 

The teaching we're dealing with tonight comes out of Ultimate Reconciliation, and there are thousands of believers all over the world who are receiving it.

To the best of my knowledge, the only opposition to the message is a correction that comes from Christians who have never believed in Ultimate Reconciliation, and who have probably never believed in Sonship.  They are basic Christians who are coming against this doctrine without an intimate understanding of it -- they are just against it.  This will be about the third or fourth time I've spoken about this, maybe more.

I don't believe that we're coming against it but, rather, speaking to the issues -- just like two lawyers in court, or in a debating society.  There's a very fine program on tel­evision where men with opposing sides to an issue debate.  It's done in a right spirit on T.V., and that's what I propose to do here. 

I'm not against the people, I'm not against their ministry, but I am agai­nst their doctrine, and that's legitimate.  I wish them no harm.  I just seek the truth and am speaking to these issues from a position of someone whom, I believe, understands their message.

I studied under a teacher who taught Ultimate Reconciliation.  I even preach­ed it myself for about six months until the Lord showed me, not so much that it was an error, but that it wasn't exactly accurate.  There is some truth in it you see -- this is the problem.  There is truth in many doctrines.  There is some truth in Hinduism, and there is some truth in Buddhism.  The problem is to get the truth without getting the error, and that's very hard.  It's like trying to get gold out of gold ore.  It takes a lot of heat.  You have to smelt that ore. 

So, I'm going to speak to this book.  I'm not against anyone, but I'm going to debate with him, and I'm going to give you my opinion on what he says and, Lord willing, I'm going to show you how this doctrine is not Scriptural. 

And, again, the bottom line is that what's being preached across the world in this area is that you can enter into the Kingdom by what you think with your carnal mind.  You cannot think your way into the Kingdom, brethren.  Your carnal mind does not have the power to think you into the Kingdom. 

Now let me give you my Star Trek example again -- I don't know if you remember it or not, but I told you about this before -- there is a Star Trek episode where Captain Kirk and one of his men are trapped in a cage by a higher life form that lock­ed them up as a specimen. 

They were in a zoo.  Captain Kirk was mad and angry and trying to rock the bars.  He couldn't budge them, though, and was hollering let me out of here.  Finally, he got the idea that his intense emotion was strengthening the jail.  He realized that the jail was an illusion.  Now, when a higher life form has the power to create an illusion, that illusion becomes solid and takes form for the people who are lower life forms.  Let me say it in another way.  When a higher life form thinks a thought that puts a lower life form in a spiritual jail, that jail becomes a reality to the lower life form who doesn't have the power to get out.

 Let me give you a natural example.  Man thinks to make a zoo.  Because this is a world of labor, he builds a cage and he puts the iron bars in, he outwits the tiger and he puts it in the jail, and locks it, and throws the key away.  Spiritual beings accomplish things with their mind.  This concept has been seen in science fiction programs for years.  A superior being comes and he thinks a jail towards this man whose mind is no match for the alien.  And what happens?  The jail appears.  It's called illusion.  It's called the power of illusion.  The superior beings, the mind, the superior mind, thinks towards that person -- someone whose mind is weaker -- be in jail, and a jail forms around them.  Is everybody okay?  It's a power of the mind that's called illusion.  For the superior mind, it's an illusion, but for the lower life form, it's as real as this chair. 

[Member of the congregation speaks]:  Are you saying a hypnotic trance or spell?

[Sheila continues:]  More than that:  A thought that takes form.  A thought that takes form.  A physical jail forms around the person.

So Captain Kirk was in this jail, he was in a zoo and, as he raged and tried to break out of the bars, he got the revelation that his rage and his anger -- that his emotion -- was strengthening this jail; that this jail was an illusion created by the aliens, and that all that he had to do was to get his emotions under check -- because his emotions were strengthening the jail -- and refuse to believe the lie.  What was the lie?  That there was a jail around him!  So, Captain Kirk, being the Captain of the Enterprise, found within himself the power to do this.  And as soon as he got his emotions under check and refused to believe the lie, he walked out of the jail and was free.

Now, I want to tell you that there is a spiritual reality in this, but there's just one problem.  Fallen man doesn't have a mind strong enough to get out of the jail.  You see, Captain Kirk did, but that was fantasy. 

You're going to hear, as we go through this book, that this world is an illusion.  This world is an illusion.  To the guy who thought it on us, this is an illusion, but to those of us who are trapped here, it's very real.  The pain of it is real.  The restraints of it are real.  The mental pain and the physical pain are real. The bondage is real.  The hell of it is real.  Why?  Because we can't get out! 

One of the basic teachings of this movement is that we should just stop believing in the reality of this world, and we'll get out.  In my book, that's called mind control or positive thinking.  Now if you have a mind strong enough to do it, God bless you.  But, I suggest to you that there is not one fallen human being on the face of this earth, and everyone is fallen with the exception of the Lord Jesus Christ, who has a mind strong enough to do this. 

And what's the name of the man, which has caused this illusion of hell to jail us?  The Devil!  And what's the name of the Devil's mind?  The carnal mind!  He's a superior life form that's manifesting in each member of humanity and sustaining this world system by the strength of his mind.  He's holding the whole thing up.  And I want to tell you, brethren, there is only one way we're getting out.  How's that?  Another mind! 

There is another mind that has invaded this world, and the only way we're getting out is when that mind is found in us!  That's how Jesus got out.  The mind of Christ was found in Him.  It took dominion over the carnal mind that He was born with, that He received from His mother, and crushed it and killed it.  And when Christ became His only mind, He didn't believe this illusion, and He walked out. 

This isn't my opinion, brethren, I'll tell you when it's my opinion.  I'm preaching the Word of the Lord to you.  My primary disagreement with this teaching is that I don't believe that you can think yourself out of this spiritual jail that we all exist in.  You won't think your body out of this spiritual jail!  You won't do it! 

You have received a lie!  And for every minute that you receive this lie, you're not working toward the development of the mind of Christ in you.  That mind which, when He fully matures in you, has the power to get you out of this spiritual jail.  You are going in the wrong direction!  You have taken a wrong turn!  You have gone to the left and to the right, and you are lost in the desert.

I do believe Jesus used His carnal mind and was not perfect AT BIRTH, but that HE BECAME PERFECT AT HIS BAPTISM.  He overcame His carnal mind and became perfect at the time of His baptism in the Jordan.  We have no reason to believe that He was born perfect.  He was born just like we were, human beings, but He had one thing more than we did.  He had a human spirit in which Christ Jesus was being formed.  He grew, and was trained in the spiritual things of the Hebrew nation.  As He submitted to the ministry and the teaching of Christ Jesus, that mind of Christ, which was a seed when He was born, grew up unto such a strength that His Christ mind challenged the carnal mind that He was born with.  The name of this event is called the temptation.  We have a whole series on that. 

And when the Spirit caught Jesus up into the wilderness to be tempted of the Devil.  The Devil said, hey guy, who do you think you are?  I see Christ Jesus arising on your horizon, but this is my turf.  Then there was a standoff.  Thank God Christ Jesus won in the man, Jesus of Nazareth, and His victory on Calvary is now given to us in seed form.  Everything that He had --  everything who had?  Jesus of Nazareth, Who was Christ -- everything He had that enabled Him to overcome the carnal mind that He was born with, is now imparted to us in seed form.  That mind that defeated Satan in the temptation is now capable of being reproduced in you and, when it's reproduced in you, it will do the same thing that it did in the man, Jesus of Nazareth.

 There is a labor that you have to labor, brethren.  You have to confess your sins.  You have to repent, and you have to submit to the correction.  You have to submit to the crushing of your carnal mind.  It has to be broken, brethren.  The witchcraft power of the saints has to be broken.  Don't go getting mad at me.  Everybody, even the Pharisees, I'm telling you, even the ones that have gold knobs in their bathrooms and gold seats on their toilet bowls, are fallen. 

Does everybody understand what I'm saying?  I'm never against people, never.  I don't believe what he's preaching.  The last time I looked there was still free speech in this country and I have the right to say what I want to say -- and you have the right to choose.  You don't have to believe me.  But hear both sides.  Be educated brethren, don't be ignorant.  Don't be ignorant, and don't be afraid of the truth.  Just ask the lord to give you the truth.  Ask Him to sharpen up your mind so that you can see these subtle differences.  Ask Him to give you Christ Jesus. 

Our author says that the entire secret of life is in the understanding of what I Am is.  Brethren, this existence isn't life.  Our present experience is death.  This isn't life.  So, the entire secret of life, how you attain to life, our author says, is in understanding what God is.  Well brethren, if you don't have Christ Jesus, all you have is your carnal mind.  I tell you that you can understand what God is, if you know what He really is, for the next 500 years and you are still dead.  You are still dead! 

I know what you have to do to have a baby, but you have to do it to get pregnant.  I understand all about it.  I saw all the charts and movies when I was 13 years old.  My understanding them didn't get me pregnant.  I know that I'm being very humorous.  This is a very serious subject and I'm taking the edge off.  So you laugh, but be aware this is a very sad day in the history of the Church.  The Lord is crying.  The Lord is crying because the only thing that could turn men in this wrong direction is pride. 

Beloved, the entire secret of life is the understanding of what I Am is.  In case anyone doesn't know, I Am is one of the names of God.  It was Moses who said, what shall I tell Pharaoh.  The Lord said, tell him I Am has sent you.  The significance of that name is that He always was, He is now, and He shall always be.  He just exists. 

Brethren, the entire secret of life is in the understanding of what I Am is, and through you consciously communing in the sense of love and oneness.  His presence will deliver you from all temporal powers existing in this world as we know it today.  And through you con­sciously communing in this sense of love and oneness, consciously communing with I Am

There is only one problem.  My Bible tells me that if I tried to commune with I Am in this fallen condition, that I'd burn up.  Why? Because I'm filled with sin.  And God's provision for my condition?  What's God's adding to me so that I can commune with I Am and not be burned up?  Christ Jesus.  Amen.  We must have Christ Jesus in us.  He will stop us from burning up.  Only our sin will burn up if Christ Jesus is present.  If Christ Jesus is in us as the Father draws near, our sin will burn up, and we shall be raised from the dead.  You must have Christ Jesus. 

Did you know there is a Spirit of Jehovah only?  You have heard of the Jesus Only Movement?  This is a Spirit of Jehovah only.  It's a Jehovah Witness' spirit.  It's the same spirit that's on the Jehovah Witnesses, and it's also present in this hour amongst the Jews -- Jehovah only. 

Brethren, Jehovah is God -- that's wonderful.  I love Jehovah, but He's not God's provision for your salvation.  God's provision for your salvation -- spirit, soul and body -- is a form of Himself that can be given to you, which will be resident in you to protect you from being destroyed as the righteousness of God draws near to you. 

So, if you have a thought in your mind of what's wrong with Jehovah, there is nothing wrong with Jehovah.  It's like saying what's wrong with eating straw?  Nothing, if you're a cow.  Jehovah is wonderful.  He can give you gifts.  He can help you, but He can't save you, spirit, soul and body.  Now, don't misunderstand me.  He's God -- He can do anything, but not in the form which is cal­led Jehovah, BECAUSE OF THE RULES THAT HE HIMSELF SET UP, He can't save you.  He has to put Himself in another form that can save you.     Brethren, if you try to feed an infant steak, that infant will starve to death.  But if you grind it up, put it through a puree machine and make it into baby food, that steak will support the life of that infant.  It's form must be changed.  God in the form of Jehovah can't save you.

You must have God in the form of Christ Jesus growing in your soul as a spiritual plant.  We're the planting of the Lord.  Well, what does that mean?  We must have Christ Jesus in us, because Christ Jesus in you is the hope of glory, the only hope of this visible, physical, world that we live in.  We shall be saved when we bear the Christ child in our own heart. 

That's why the Jews weren't saved.  They had the power of God.  They had a mighty presence of God upon their nation for years, but one of the prophets said -- I think it was Isaiah -- you brought forth wind.  You didn't bring forth the Christ child.  You are menstruous rags, God said to Israel.  You didn't conceive the Christ child.  The power was all over you.  The presence of God was all over you, but it didn't get inside of you.  It didn't start growing in you.  That mighty presence of God that was all over Israel couldn't save them because there is only one form that God takes which can save men, Christ Jesus. 

The man, Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man.  Don't tell me you don't like it.  That's the only way you are going to get saved!  If you don't believe it, do your thing, man.  What a stubborn stiff necked-people!  God isn't changing for you.  I change not, saith the Lord.  Guess who has to do the changing? 

Our author continues on to say the world isn't God's creation.  Listen to this, the world isn't God's creation, but a world of good and evil.  Living in this physic sea world of confusion will make you subject to its constitution and its beliefs which eventually brings forth death as its wages.  Now listen to this key phrase here, for the wages of sin, which is mistaken identity, is death.

Okay, this is a major teaching.  He's saying that the reason you are dying, the reason you are sick, the reason you are bound, is because you have a case of mistaken identity.  You are really God and you just don't know it.  And as soon as you figure out that you are really God, all your problems are going to go away.  Okay?  This world isn't God's creation, but a world of good and evil.  Living in this physic sea world of confusion will make you subject to its constitution and its beliefs which eventually brings forth death as its wages because the wages of sin are mistaken identity and mistaken identity produces death.

Now this world is God's creation, but it's in a perverse form.  This world that we're in is God's creation, but it has been perverted.  It has been turned inside out.  You can say that it's the Devil's world, but the Devil has formed this world out of the spiritual material which is God's creation.  It's as if to say that you could take a human being, chop him up and reform him into another person. 

Let me say it again.  This world is made out of the substance of God's creation, but it was smashed like you would smash a clay pot that you are forming, and it was reformed in the Serpent's image.  This creation is clay.  Okay?  The Dragon stole the creation from the Lord, and formed the clay in the Serpent's image.  So it's still God's creation, but it's malformed because the mind in it is criminal and corrupt.  The Lord Jesus Christ fully intends to take it back, smash it and reform it in His image.  And the way He's doing it, is one human being at a time. 

Do you feel like God is smashing you?  You are a clay pot that's formed in the Serpent's image and God is smashing you and reforming you in His image.  And when everybody is in His image, He's going to redo the whole external world.  We can't stay in this form because we're dying.  I could see where there could be a misunderstanding about whether or not this is God's creation, so let's say that it's God's creation which has been perverted.

It is a world of good and evil but, you see, there was good and evil when the creation was formed in God's image also.  The evil was just in a different place.  In it's original form, there was good and evil in God's  creation.  But where was the evil?  It was under the control of Christ.  It was there, the evil was there, but it wasn't seen because Christ was ruling over it in righteousness.  SO GOD'S CREATION IS A WORLD OF GOOD AND EVIL, WHERE THE EVIL IS CONTROLLED BY THE GOOD.

[Member of the congregation speaks:]  When I'm out in the world and a black brother meets another guy and forgets his name, he'll say, Yo God

You may recall that I experienced that recently in a Church where I was preaching.  I was severely persecuted because I wouldn't call fall­en men Jesus, or let them call me Jesus.  The instruction from the pulpit was to go out to the other members of the congregation and say, Jesus, I love you.  At first, I just sat there because I didn't want to make a scene.  God is always setting me up to expose sin but, at the moment, I didn't realize that this was one of those times.  All that I knew was that it wasn't my church, so I just sat there and crunched up in the pew hoping that no one would approach me.  The first woman who came over to me didn't just do what she was told, she didn't just say Jesus, I love you, but first took my hand and kissed it.  Then she said, Jesus, I love you.  I couldn't take it, so I jumped up, ran to the other end of the pew and said, I'm not Jesus, my name is Sheila.  Don't do that.

So, to all of you people who have this belief that you are the living Christ:  Bre­thren, I'm not Christ Jesus.  Christ Jesus is growing within me.  At this point the Word of God has been engrafted to me, but Christ Jesus is still separate from me.  At the hour of the wedding (the joining of His mind to my soul), if you want to worship me, I'll receive your worship.  Why?  Because in the hour that I'm completely joined to Christ, I'll be dead, and He'll be all that there is.  That's why Jesus received worship.  He looked like you and me, but in His mind, Christ Jesus was all that there was.  So He said, I'll receive worship.  As long as our carnal mind is manifesting on any level, we're not to receive worship, brethren.  We haven't been joined yet.  Glory to God!             

[Member of congregation speaks:]  How many beliefs are there in this area?  Different beliefs or similar ones?  

[Sheila answers:]   Well, there is one basic belief, that man in His fallen condition, is God.  It's called the New Age Movement.

[Member of the congregation speaks:]   Why is it so difficult for these educated, religious people to understand that man was created in the image of God?  

[Sheila speaks:]   Well, that's the whole point.  They think man is already created in the image of God.  That's why they think they are God.  But the truth is that it hasn't happened yet.  We're still being created.  It's so hard for them to receive this truth because they have pride operating in them.  If we're deceived, the Bible says, we're deceived by the pride of our mind.  That's what we're told. 

So, this is a major point.  Our author is saying that God's world has no evil in it, and this isn't true.  God's world has evil in it.  God said, I create evil.  Doesn't the Lord say He created the evil?   He created evil for the day of destruction.  What do they do with all these Scriptures?  You have to know the Scriptures, brethren. 

Jesus came to reveal a dimension of life which isn't subject to this world of illusion.  He's right.  This world is an illusion.  Our author says that the illusion is the belief in two powers; the belief that there is a God and a Devil who are at war with one another.  The teaching here is that the concept of good and evil -- Christ Jesus and the Devil -- and the warfare between them, is an illusion, is not true and only has effect on you if you believe it.  Okay?  That's what he's teaching, that Jesus came to reveal a dimension of life which isn't subject to this world of illusion [this is true] and that this world of illusion results from the belief in two powers [this is not true]. 

Therefore Jesus said, my Kingdom is not of this world [this, of course, is true], the Kingdom of God is not of this world.  What's the difference between this world and the Kingdom of God?  This world is an illusion which is produced by the carnal mind, and its name is hell.  But, you see, Eden is also an illusion, this one pro­duced by the mind of Christ. 

God is a Spirit.  He has no form or shape, but He is producing a world that has form and shape with His superior mind.  God's mind is so superior, that after He thinks, or imagines, what He desires, the illusion of it takes form.  God's thought comes out of His mind and it becomes hard.  My natural example is water.  When it's hot, it appears as steam or vapor, typifying the spiritual world; when it cools, it becomes water, typifying the visible, spiritual world; and as it gets cold­er it becomes ice, which is hard enough to be sculpted into a recognizable form.  You can sculpt it, there is such a thing as ice sculpture.  That's what this visible, physical world is. 

The world we live in is corrupt because it was brought forth by a corrupt mind.  When the mind of Christ is ruling completely in this world, the world will still be an illusion, but it will be an illusion formed by the mind of Christ.  Christ forms a world which expresses the image of the Spirit of God, in a hard, recognizable form.  This world is the image of the Serpent in a hard, recognizable form.  Is anybody not following me?

Brethren, listen to me.  That's what these aliens from outer space are.  They are coming out of somebody's mind.  When they pene­trate this world system, they become hard and they take form.  They have spaceships and bodies, and they talk to people.  They are not coming from outer space, they are coming from corrupt minds that exist in this world that have high witchcraft power.  They are coming out of their minds in spirit form,  and when they penetrate this world system they are taking form.  Don't be naive.  Alien abductions are generational -- mothers and daughters, fathers and sons.  Serial abductions are happening to the same people, in the same families, time and time again.  Wake up brethren!  These are demons coming out of people's minds and taking form.  

[Member of congregation speaks:]   Is it like a curse passed down?   

[Sheila continues:]   The curse is what makes the person open to such an experience.   

[Member of congregation speaks:]    As long as they receive it, it becomes a reality?   

[Sheila continues:]   Well, I don't know about as long as they receive it.  The degree of vulnerability you have is a condition of your spiritual being that makes you open to it.  Now, the only hope for you if this is happening to you, to the best of my knowledge, is to have Christ Jesus formed in you.  When I saw that TV show about alien abductions, they showed a man who sat down at the dinner table with his family and called upon the Name of Jesus to protect him, his wife and his children.  His wife got up from the table, walked down the hall and an alien took her away. 

Carnal Christianity can't protect you from a spiritual condition which opens you to spiritual molestation.  Do you know what I'm talking about?  It's not enough to say in the Name of Jesus and read the Bible.  Something has to happen to your spiritual being that's going to block off this attack upon you.  And what has to happen to you is that Christ Jesus must be formed in you!   

[Member of congregation speaks:]   So, then, pretty much until Christ Jesus is formed in you, you are susceptible to whatever your ancestors did or, whatever.   

[Sheila continues:]    Of course, everybody isn't open to alien molestation right now, but it's happening more and more and more.  As long as this country and this world receives the illusion that there are people from outer space, there is no help for anybody.  If you are looking in the wrong place, how are you going to get any help? 

[Member of congregation speaks:]    So you are saying that our carnal mind is responsible for this whole world of appearance?  So these people who see aliens have a high degree of witchcraft?   

[Sheila continues:]   Okay, first of all it's not one individual carnal mind producing this world.  Okay?  It's the corporate carnal mind, which is really the Dragon, who is expressing himself through all of the individual members of humanity.  It's something much greater than us, than any individual, that's pro­duc­ing this world.  And so far as a demon or an alien manifesting out of your mind, yes, you have to be open to the spirit world to be that vulnerable.  There has to be at least one of the three bigees, occult practice, homosexuality or deep sexual perversion on your family line, to open you to this kind of thing.  Alcoholism and drug addition come under the category of occult practice and open you to this kind of thing also.

[Member of congregation speaks:]   Even a small child?   

[Sheila continues:]   Even a small child.  It's an inherited spiritual condition and it's a curse.  I could lay hands on you.  I have some authority in Christ.  I could say, I break the curse in the Name of Jesus.  Then you have to get your spiritual condition to change. 

Take someone that's on the street, for instance, in a war torn area, such as the children that we see on TV with all their ribs sticking out and the flies buzzing around their heads.  I can go over to them and say here is $500.  Go get yourself some decent food and some clothing and a bed to sleep in.  They have to take the mon­ey, get the nutrients into them, be healed, and delivered.  They have to go through the whole process.  So when you break a curse on somebody, all you do is make healing available to them.  Then they have to go through the whole process of getting healed. 

So let me say it again.  I feel that I have to say it again.  These aliens, they are spirits, demon spirits, that come out of the minds of people who are highly demonized and, when they penetrate this world system, they become hard and take form.  In the person's mind, they are likened to water vapor.  Despite the common belief, hell is what?  Is it hot or cold?  Hell is cold.  It's not hot.  That's a lie!  Hell is cold!  When demon spirits in the mind penetrate into the hell of this visible, physical world, they become hard and take form.  Everybody okay? 

This is the same thought here.  Jesus also emphasized that in this world you would have tribulation, but be of good cheer; I have overcome this world.  Beloved, why did He say that?  Because the reason He said it was, He knew God did not create this phenomenon of duality that's good and evil, and the stru­ggle for survival called this world.  He's saying that God didn't create this world. 

It's true, God didn't create this world.  This world is a perversion that came into being because Adam sinned, and his sin resulted in the birth of the carnal mind. 

But as I read this sentence, what it says to me is that this world just really shouldn't be existing, that it's an illusion, and it's only because of your error, your silliness, that you are in this condition.  To me, this is the same doctrine that says, now look, I prayed for your cancer four times and you still have cancer, therefore you have no faith.  That's what this is saying to me.  Well don't you know that all you have to do is believe that everything is wonderful and that you have power over every torment in this world?  Well, how come you have torment?  Well, you have no faith.  You believe in duality.

That's what I read here.  You have to do it in the strength of your own mind and if you're not walking in victory, it's because of your own weakness.  But my Bible says that in my weakness Jesus Christ has made me strong.  That means Christ Jesus is perfected in my human weakness.  It's not a shame to be weak, but an opportunity for Christ Jesus to arise in me and give me all the strength of His life.

Contrary to this doctrine of do it in your own strength, Christ Jesus comes and makes us weak.  He cripples us.  Did He not cripple Jacob?  He crippled Jacob.  God cripples us.  He breaks the arm of our witchcraft power.  What's our witchcraft pow­er?  It's the power of the natural man.  When Christ Jesus comes into your life, He breaks the spiritual arm of your witchcraft power.  Why?  Because you are so used to getting your needs met by the ways of this world, that Christ Jesus can't get a toehold in your life.  So He has to break your power to get things done.  He has to break your power to get your own needs met.  He will bring you as low as He has to bring you to get you to the point where you cry out and you say, Jesus, please do it for me. 

Some people are tougher than other people.  Some people have to lose everything.  I told you about that millionaire's testimony.  This guy was a millionaire.  He lost everything, including his wife and his family.  He was living on the streets of Manhattan, but He finally came to obey the Lord.  He was giving a testimony in Times Square Church.  He said the Lord called him when he had all his money.  The Lord called him and called him and he said, not now Lord.  He continued to say, not now, Lord.  And he lost everything. The Lord said, guess what Charlie -- NowNow.  The Lord said to him, now, I said Now.

Thank God, Jesus overcame the illusion of the separated selfhood by realizing that there is only one selfhood and I Am that selfhood.  And the I Am is that selfhood.  The I Am is therefore not a Jew or a gentile or a Dutchman, but a creature created in the image and likeness of God

Well, our author says that Jesus overcame the evil illusion of separated selfhood.  I have to disagree with that.  I agree that this world is an illusion which has taken a permanent form, at least until God destroys it, but I don't believe that Jesus' separated selfhood was an illusion. 

Jesus had a carnal mind that He inherited from His mother and He had the mind of Christ that He received from His Father.  His duality was a reality for Him because that was the condition that He was in.  It wasn't an illusion to Him; that was His condition, and He overcame it.  He didn't overcome it in His mind.  He didn't overcome His condition by saying, I know you're not real.  He overcame the reality of His carnal mind which had taken form in humanity and which He had inherited from His mo­ther.  He was born -- the Son of God was born into a body and a mind that was fallen.  It had taken form -- it was real to Him.  He was living inside of His body and His carnal mind. 

What do you mean that it's an illusion?  You see, just like that space­ship vibrates out of somebody's mind in spirit form, and then takes on a rigid form in this visible, physical world -- in that same way, that spaceship, for us, is real.  Well, that body and that carnal mind -- for Jesus -- it was real.  But He also had the mind of Christ.  The mind of Christ joined the two minds, not by deciding that it was an illusion, but by what?  How did He join the two minds?  What did He do to the carnal mind?  He crucified it.  He killed the thing.  So it's true that Christ Jesus is neither a Jew nor a gentile nor a Dutchman, but a creature created in the image and likeness of God.  But that's not what it says here. 

Please note that he's talking about I AmI Am is a creature created in the image and likeness of God.  I thought I Am is Jehovah. Breth­ren, Jehovah isn't a creature.  A cow is a creature; a horse is a creature; and man is a creature.  We're in an animal body.  I Am is pure Spirit.  He's not a creature.  Neither is Christ a creature.  Christ Jesus is a spiritual man, and the mind of Christ is his mind.  Can anybody tell us what a mind is?     Christ Jesus is the product of the Father and the human spirit, and the mind of Christ is His mind.  The Devil is the product of the Serpent and the human spirit, and the carnal mind is her mind.  Our natural type is human reproduction.  The Father is male, the human spirit is female, and they have a Son.  His name is Christ Jesus, the Son of God, and He is Spirit.  His Father is Spir­it, and his mother is spirit.  And Christ Jesus is Spi­rit.  He's a mind which is Spirit. 

Now the carnal mind, brethren, isn't spirit.  That which is born of the flesh, brethren, is flesh.  The carnal mind is flesh.  The carnal mind is soul.  Okay, so I must say that I can't go along with this.  That I Am is a creature, and that I Am is created in the image and likeness of God.  I Am isn't created.  Let me read this again.  Maybe I'm  reading it wrong.  If anyone thinks I'm reading this wrong, please tell me.  It says, Thank God, Jesus overcame the illusion of the separated self­hood by realizing that there is only one selfhood and that I Am that selfhood. I'm therefore not a Jew or a gentile or a Dutchman, but a creature created in the image and likeness of God.  I don't know.  Maybe he's saying that he's the creature, maybe he's not saying that I Am is the creature.  He's saying that he's the creature because I Am is within him, that he's created in the image of God.  If any man or wo­man, therefore, is in this Christ consciousness . . . . what Christ consciousness? . . . that he's created in the image of God.  It's an awareness that he's in the image of God.  He or she is a new creation.  Old things pass away and all things become new.  However, we don't become a new creature or become one with God.  We're already,  

[Hear this:]   we don't become a new creature or one with God.  We're already what God created in the beginning.  Listen, by realizing our Son­ship in Christ causes us to be delivered out of the darkness of duality, to experience all things that have been new right from the beginning.  The secret of life is right identification. 

Does anyone not understand what duality is? Let me define duality for you, in case anyone doesn't understand it.  The teaching here is that duality is good and evil.  If you believe that there is good and evil in you; if you believe that there is Christ Jesus and the carnal mind in you, according to this teaching you have a dual nature.  Well, I do have a dual nature.  I have Chri­st Jesus and I have the carnal mind.  The teaching here is that this isn't true, and as long as you believe this lie you will remain in hell.  You will remain in duality.  You will remain in good and evil.  But you are not good and evil if you will just believe that you are not good and evil.  It confuses me too.  Is everybody alright?  Okay, it's confusing. 

So, it says here, if you abide in this Christ consciousness, you are a new creation.  Now this is the Scripture that's being quoted:  Old things pass away and all things become new.  However, he says, now that's the end of the Scripture, but now he says, however, we don't become a new creature or one with God.  We're already what God created.

Well, didn't he just contradict the Scripture?  You see, you have to read this kind of literature, brethren, if you want to go on and experience this, you have to read it analytically.  You have to think about every word that you read, because it's a very great perversion of the Scripture.  And sometimes the perversion is obvious, like right here, they quote the Scripture and then contradict the Scripture.  So you have to read critically and analytically.  We're already what God created in the beginning by realizing our Sonship in Christ causes us to be delivered out of the darkness of duality.  To experience all things that have been new right from the begin­ning.  The secret of life is right identification

Yes, it's a doctrine of the devil, definitely.  If you stop to think, and there is a lot implied here, so if you stop to think about what's being said here, the fall is being denied.  They are denying that man ever fell.  They are saying that we were created from the beginning in the image of God, and our problem is -- I don't know whether they have a teaching on how we became dual -- I don't read it in this book.  We have someone here who sat under this teaching for three years and, as far as she knows, there is no explanation of how we became dual in our mind.  They are saying that everything is new and fine, and you just have to stop believing that this hell that you are caught in is real.         Okay, so they are denying the fall, so listen, brethren, if they are denying the fall, they are denying that man sinned.  So if man never sinned, if there was no fall because of sin, then there is no sin now.  And that's part of their teaching.  They deny sin, they deny the need for confession, for repentance; they deny the existence of Satan and the demons.  It's all implied. 

Christ causes us to be delivered out of the darkness of duality -- not the darkness of sin now, the darkness of duality -- to experience all things that have been new right from the beginning.  The secret of life is in right identification.

[Member of the congregation speaks:]  Pretty much I have heard this from the ministry that I was in, and I thought they said that there was a fall, the teaching that God planned the whole thing so that we could become a many-membered man made in His image.

[Sheila continues:]  Yes, I've heard that teaching, that God planned the fall, and that He intended for us to sin.      

[Member of the congregation speaks:]  They say that because God knows all things so, of course, He knew.  That sounded real good because He does know all things.  That's the extent they take it to.

[Sheila continues:]  Also, what I have heard preached is that every evil that comes upon every human being, God ordained it.  If you have been raped, if you have been mugg­ed, if you have been tortured, God has planned it from the beginning for you.  So they are making God evil.  I don't believe that God has planned that for you. 

[Member of congregation speaks:] So, in effect, God made us to be in His image at the beginning, and even after we sinned, it's still His purpose that we be made in His image.  It's still His purpose that we be made in His image but now, instead of going the short, easy way, we're just going the long, hard way a­round.  His will is still being accomplished. 

[Sheila continues:]  Right, God intended for us to be in His image.  At the beginning we were in His image, but it was an incomplete formation of His image.  Incomplete?  What does that mean?  It means that He laid out everything on the drawing board, so to speak, but it had not been made permanent.  It's like forming a vessel of clay.  It wasn't baked in the oven yet.  And because Adam sinn­ed we took off in another direction and we've experienced sin.  We fell down to hell where we experiencing good and evil.  We're experiencing, and having many experiences, with sin because, technically, we're married to sin and have born the child, the illegitimate offspring, of sin. 

But as you said, God fully intends to restore us to righteousness.  We just had a choice of which way we were going to go.  We were to be made in the image of God, which is righteousness.  It was just a question of whether we would be formed in that image without falling, or wheth­er we [Adam] would have to fall to get there.  But we'll wind up in the righteous image of Christ Jesus one way or the other, because that's God's purpose for us, to be in the righteous image of the Lord. 

Is everybody okay?  Are you enjoying this?  Well, maybe we'll stay on this book for a few nights, because I'm only on page l. 

So stop looking for the Kingdom of God outside of you­rselves . . . Well, that's true.  Jesus clearly said the Kingdom of God is within you.  For it's not there, but instead go within your own heart, for there the whole of God's universe is

Well, we must know, brethren, that it's possible to have two hearts.  If you only have one heart, your heart is the carnal mind, the heart of man.  And God's universe isn't in that.  And if you have two hearts; if you have the heart of Christ Jesus or the mind of Christ and the carnal mind, then you need to know that if you are looking for the mystery of God's universe, you have to get inside the right mind.  You have to get inside the right heart.  It's not in the heart of man.  The ages are hid within the heart of God.  The Kingdom of God is within.  Okay?  The secrets and the mysteries of the Kingdom of God are not in the heart of man.  So we need to know that there are two hearts and this teaching is denying that.  Because to say that there are two hearts, and he talks about this a little further down, to say that there are two hearts means an  acknowledg­ment of good and evil.  And this writing is denying that it's true.  There is only one heart, they are saying, and that all of the righteousness of God's Kingdom is in that one heart.  Well, that's a lie.  Because the heart of man is desperately wicked.  It's a direct contradiction of Scripture.         

[Member of congregation speaks:]  Isn't it the same with the carnal heart, the ages of the carnal heart are within our carnal heart?  Right?  The ages of the past, the whole comes to now, from Adam to now. The ages -- as you go within to your own heart, your own carnal heart, the only thing that is there is the past ages of this sin.     

[Sheila continues:]  That's true.  Let me take this opportunity to give you my opinion on regression.  Some people are using hypnosis to regress people into what they call past life times.  I prayed about this for a while.  Other people's personalities speak out through them.  I was taught that it was demons that were giving this false information, but something about it just didn't sit right with me.  And when God gave me the revelation of what a demon is -- it's really a thought, a wicked thought coming out of your own mind -- It just didn't sit right with me.  And, finally, the Lord told me that this regression makes contact with Satan. 

Now, Satan is the unconscious mind of man and the offspring of the Dragon (Rev. 12:9; 20:2) who has been incarnating in many human vessels since the time of the fall.  The Dragon is the corporate unconscious mind of all humanity, and the superior mind which has formed, and is sustaining, the illusion of this visible, physical world.  Satan is the incarnation of the Dragon in every fallen man who has ever been, or shall be, born into this visible, physical world of death and has, therefore, experienced every human existence since the fall.  So, all that you are doing when you regress somebody -- all you hypnotists -- is that you are making contact with the unconscious mind, which is Satan, who is playing with you.  Because we know that the body this person is in never lived before and we know that the personality that's in this person has never lived before.  That which has been around for past generations is, is Satan.  He's the only one.      Christ is the dead human spirit.  The human spi­rit is now married to Satan and they are one.  She's completely taken over by him.  So, for that purpose all there  is Satan.  She's completely absorbed, completely dissolved in her husband.  So, Satan and the carnal mind is all that there is until she's set free.

[Member of congregation speaks:]  My thinking about that was that the only possibility, that I thought it was possible or needful to regress into past lifetimes, if it were true, was that...is it a possibility that Christ is trapped and needs to be delivered of that which had happened in the past life time.  But that doesn't really make sense now that I think about it.  But that was the thought that was pas­sing through my mind.  And that it was Christ that was trapped.  But, with what you say, Christ is trapp­ed but because Christ died and is married to Satan, but it's really Satan; they are still one; it's Satan, that's the one they are talking to.  So, it makes a lot of sense.          

[Member of congregation speaks:]  A definition of a demon is simply an evil thought?   

[Sheila continues:]  Well, it's more.  An evil thought that has existence.  Don't misunderstand me now.  It's an evil thought that's propelled by witchcraft power that has substance, that has existence, that has power and it vibrates forth from an evil mind and it could do great damage.  It's not a simple thought as we think of it.  Did I make that clear to you?  Okay. 

Demons are the product of accumulated evil in a person's mind.  Accumulated evil in a particular area.  It accumulates.  Let's say the person continues to commit that sin and that evil increases and increases and increases and it overflows, overflows out of their mind.  And if that evil is directed towards another per­son . . . it's an evil thought which is propelled by witchcraft power.  It can go forth and do great damage.  That's what witchcraft is, it's the mind.  It's the thought of an evil mind propelled by witchcraft pow­er.  So, if you see demons manifesting, it's coming from a mind that's empowered by witchcraft.  This book says the Kingdom of God is omnipresent and wherever God is you are, there in that eternal nowness and isness.  I'm complete and have access to all God's wealth.   Brethren, we don't have access to all God's wealth because all God's wealth is in His Spirit, and if you don't have the mind of Christ in you, all of God's wealth is now in the possession of whom?  We just said it, it's in the possession of the Devil.  The presence of God in the individual, the dead Christ, has been abducted and taken captive.  She's been stolen by the Devil and he's now joined to Satan so completely that the Scripture likens her to the dye in a garment.  Satan and the dead Christ [human spirit] are inseparable.  It's a miracle that God is setting our human spirit free.  They are so one that another type in the Scripture is the salt which  is dissolved in the sea. The salt is the human spirit dissolved in the sea of Satan's spirit.  That's how one they are. 

So we're not everywhere that God is.  God in the fallen man is completely overtaken by Satan.  We're not where God is.  God is in heaven.  We're in hell.  Think about the omnipresence of Satan.  Satan would like us to believe that he's as weak as he can convince us that he's.  And a lot of the teaching is that God is omnipresent, but Satan can only appear in one individual at a time.  Brethren, Satan is the unconscious mind of every existing human being, and he's manifesting in every single existing human being, every second, of every minute, of every day.  So don't you believe this lie that he's not omnipresent.  He's omnipresent.  He's in every existing human being.  God exists beyond the mind of man.  Jehovah, the I Am, exists in the world of eternity, which is beyond this present world.  The Lord, Jesus Christ, who is now completely joined to Jehovah, is present in this visible, physical world, as well as outside of this visible, physical world.  God, the great I Am, takes one name when we're talking about His existence out­side of this visible, physical world -- and He takes another name when we're talking about Him inside of this visible, physical world.  We've talked a lot about that, that God changes His names continuously, to give us a clue -- to tell us in advance -- that you heard me call myself by a different name because some change of function has taken place.  The name that God takes outside of the visible, physical world of time is . . . does anybody know?  It's Jehovah.  As soon as that glorified Spirit enters into the visible, physical world -- which is where?  Where is God in the visible, physical world?  He's in the minds of men.  As soon as He enters into the minds of men, His name becomes what?  The Holy Spirit.  So God is omnipresent, and more than omnipresent.  Satan is omnipresent in the minds of men also, but he's not beyond the minds of men.  Thank God.

[Member of the congregation speaks:]  So, he's present in the minds of all men, and he has formed this world in the condition that it's in right now?  So he's out here too?  If we're . . . there is a world that we can enter into here -- that like say -- sometimes he doesn't know -- like the Lord says, I want you to do something and you are obedient in the spirit -- he doesn't know about it.  Well, like say, you tap into the spirit world of what God wants you to do, sometimes Satan doesn't know about it.  You have got your own mind under submission, and the other minds of men don't know about it either.  It's possible.  And spirit travel, like for instance -- soul travel is done by Satan, but spirit travel is done by the Spirit of God.  Satan doesn't know about that?

[Sheila continues:]  Well, I honestly don't know what he knows about and what he doesn't, but I do believe that there are secrets, that there is a world -- I'll qualify that -- Satan doesn't know the end-time plan of God.  I don't believe Satan knows what we're teaching here. Okay?  Except in the instances that we're instructing the Powers and Principalities in our own minds saying, you come into submission because this is the will of the Lord.  Beyond that, I don't believe Satan has a revelation of God's end-time plan.  As you can see when you observe the revelation that's coming out of the carnal Church, the end- time revelation of God's purposes for man, the end of this whole experience that man has been experiencing -- if you read all the books that have been written -- you would have to know that there are a lot of preachers calling them­selves men of God who are receiving their revelation from Satan, because their doctrine just isn't true.  We're not going to be raptured.  I'm sorry -- we're not going to Mars to live.  I'm sorry -- we're not leaving this world.  I'm sorry -- we're are not getting a mansion.  I'm sorry -- we're not eating lasagna for dinner.  I'm sorry -- God didn't give you that revelation.  That's what Satan thinks is going to happen.  That's the Devil's carnal mind bringing forth revelation -- and I say that without condemnation, because the truth is going to set you free.  God never said that!  God never told you that!

[Member of the congregation speaks:]  So when we're being obedient to the spirit world, and we do something in the spirit that Satan doesn't know about, or when the carnal mind and the minds of other men are off of us, that we're free to do it.  We come through, you know.        

[Sheila continues:]  You know some people won't pray out loud because they are afraid Satan will hear their prayers.  You don't have to worry about praying out loud.   

[Member of congregation speaks:]  I was going to ask you.  Is that and tapping into heaven the same thing?

[Sheila continues:]  When you receive an instruction from the Lord that Satan doesn't know about?    

[Member of congregation speaks:]  You begin to be obedient and the Lord shows you -- that Satan can't find it.  He's lost.  He can't get to you.        

[Sheila continues:]  Yes, you have tapped into heaven.  Had they only known they would have never crucified the Lord of Glory.  Had they only known God's plan, they never would have done it.  But their carnal minds didn't understand.  So that's a very important point that I'd like you to consider.  If you are having trouble believing it, please pray about it.  It is very important.  It's not true that Satan only appears in one place of the world at a time.  He's in all of us.  Jesus told the Pharisees that their father was the Devil.  Okay?  Let me comment further on this book.  There is that eternal nowness and isness. I'm complete and have access to all God's wealth.

Brethren, my Bible says that all spiritual riches are where?  In Christ.  I believe the Scripture says in Christ.  But, if you check out the Interlinear text, it says either, in the Christ, which  means, the Lord Jesus Christ (See, Message # 186, The Christ), or in Christ Jesus, which is the reproduction, or the second generation, of The Lord Jesus Christ, which is appearing in this present world.  God's wealth is not in the dead Christ who is in all men -- it's in the resurrected Lord Jesus and His Son, Christ Jesus.           We don't have access to God's wealth by our human spirit, which is the female manifestation of God's Spirit that was imparted to Adam. When God breathed the breath of life into Adam, He was giving him the ability to be the wife of God, that is, to receive the male seed of God and produce that mind of Christ, which is in the man, Christ Jesus. 

Fallen, dead humanity is female.  Now I've got a flash for you.  All of the wealth is with the man.  All of the wealth is with the man, brethren.  We don't have access to anything from God until He has mercy on us and gives us His Son (1 Tim. 2:15).  All spiritual riches are in Christ Jesus.  Alleluia. 

Well, this is okay.  He says, however, to use the mind as a power or reason to establish health or wealth is erroneous.  Now a few people in the Church can take a lesson from this, listen,  To use the mind as a power or reason to es­tablish wealth or health is a mistake, for there is no power allotted to the mind to create when God ordained it.  Now that part I don't agree with.  Listen to this, There's no power allotted to the mind to create when God ordained it, and God does not share His power with a separate selfhood which we call today, the mind of humanity, or this world.  So they are denying the mind of Christ.  Let me read it for you again.  For there is no power allotted to the mind to create when God ordained it and God doesn't share His power with a separate selfhood

So what they are saying here is that the mind is separate from the Spirit of God.  The mind is separate from the Spirit of God.  Now, if the Spi­rit of God is all that there is, and there is no duality, then the mind is without power.  That's what they are saying.  But we know that the mind is Who?  The mind is Christ Jesus, the Son of the living God.  And Jesus said, I and my Father are one.  I and the Father are one.  The mind of Christ is God!  The Son of God is God!  The Holy Spir­it is God, also!  The Holy Spirit is the Father! The Spirit in the mind of Christ is the Spirit of Christ, and the Spirit of Christ is the Father.  It says here that there is no power allotted to the mind to create.  My Bible says that Jesus Christ made everything that was made.  God doesn't share His power with a separate selfhood.  Well, the Spirit of Christ is separate from Christ Jesus.  How do I know that?  It was the Spirit of Christ that rais­ed the man, Jesus, from the dead.  It wasn't Christ, or Christ Jesus who raised the man Jesus from the dead.  It was the Spirit of Christ, the Father. 

Let me review this for you now.  I hear some questions in your mind.  If Christ had raised the man, Jesus, from the dead, if the mind of Christ which was in the man Jesus, had raised Him from the dead, He would have raised Him in what condition?  Anybody know?  If the mind of Christ which was in the man Jesus raised the man Jesus from the dead, He would have been raised in what condition?  He would have been raised in the same condition that He was in when He was killed. 

That's what Jesus, the Christ, did for Lazarus.  Right?  Jesus could have lived in that condition forever.  So if the mind of Christ -- if wicked men kept killing the man, Jesus of Nazareth, and the mind of Christ which was resident in Him kept raising Him from the dead, He would have stay­ed in a fallen body for the rest of time.  But it wasn't the will of the Father for Him to stay in that fallen body.  It was the will of the Father for Him to continue His maturation!  He wasn't fully evolved yet!  There is an evolution of the Godhead.  It was the will of the Father that He should go up even higher to become a glorified, or spiritualized, soul.  So it wasn't the Christ Jesus, the Son, that raised Him from the dead, it was the Spirit which was in Christ.  It was the Father, which was resident in the Son.  If the Son had raised Himself from the dead, He would still have been the Son.  But when the Father raised  the Son from the dead, He glorified Him and made Him one with the Father.  The Lord Jesus Christ is now the Father.  He became the Father.    

[Member of congregation speaks:]  What does it mean when Scripture says He's sitting at the right hand of the Father, making us feel like there is two, the Father and the Son?   

[Sheila continues:]  The right hand of God is the hand of blessing.  So it's my opinion that the expression the right hand of God means that He's God's blessing to humanity.  We shall be saved from this visible, physical world of hell when we're joined to Him. 

The Christ that every fallen man is born with is dead, and that which is dead only produces more death.  Everything reproduces after its own kind.  Only that which is alive can produce life, and that's why humanity will rise out of our sleep of death only when the resurrected Christ Jesus kisses us (see, Sleeping Beauty), or joins Himself to us.

[Member of congregation speaks:]  Jesus died, but His mind was still alive?         

[Sheila continues:]  His physical body died and His soul died, but His mind couldn't be killed by the crucifixion of wicked men.         

[Member of congregation speaks:]  So where was His mind when He was lying in the tomb?

[Sheila continues:]  Where was His mind when He was lying in the tomb?  That's a very good question.  I don't have the answer.  Was it still in His body?  Is that what you want to know?  Or did it leave his body?  I never thought of it before, actually, to tell you the truth.  What's coming to me right now is that it must have left His body because Jesus said, Father, why have you forsaken me?  And when we study that Scripture in the Greek, we found out what He was really saying was, Father, now that it's done, you can forsake me.  It's okay for you to leave.  Now that what's done?  What was the Father keeping Jesus alive for?  What was done?  The crucifixion of the carnal mind.  You see, if the Father left the body of the man Jesus before the carnal mind was killed -- okay --if the Father left the body of that man and He was subject to what everyone goes through when they die, that carnal mind would have dissolved.  The soul part of it would have gone back into the lump of clay and the spirit part of it would have returned to the Fathers.  So the Father had to be in that body keeping it alive until the mind of Christ crucified the carnal mind (Eph. 2:15). 

So Jesus hung on the cross until it was done.  It took six hours to crucify His carnal mind.  I don't know why, but that's how long it took.  And He cried out and He said, Father, now that it's done, you can forsake me.  Now that man couldn't have died so long as the Father was inhabiting His body. 

[Member of congregation speaks:]  Do we have to go through what Jesus went through in order to crucify our carnal minds?  How come He went through so much pain to crucify it?  Do you know what I mean?  All the physical pain, and the mental pain, and all the sin that was laid on Him and all of it?  Is that what He had to experience to crucify His carnal mind? 

[Sheila continues:]  I don't believe that.  I believe He went through all that -- I believe there is a Scripture that says that He went through all that -- so that we should believe.  He died to His humanity so that the whole world could see that the Father raised Him from the dead, and He died the death of a criminal because that was prophesied.  It had to be a public death for everybody to believe that the Father raised Him from the dead.  If, let's say He died of a disease, nobody would have believed it.  They would have said, the resurrection was a fake -- Jesus died from a disease, and when He stood up again three days later,  they would say that He never really died.  They had to see Him hanging on that cross, dead, to believe that He really died.

[Member of congregation speaks:]  And that's what it's all about?               

[Sheila continues:]  That's what I believe.  We don't have to go through all of that.         

[Member of congregation speaks:]  That the pain instead of the pleasure just killed the carnal mind, that's what I was thinking.  The carnal mind is always wanting pleasure and comfort, and I was thinking that we had to totally die completely to pleasure and just go through that horrible ordeal in order to have our carnal mind kill­ed.

[Sheila continues:]  I don't think so, although I really don't have any information on it.  Paul had his carnal mind crucified and there is no indication that he went through anything like that.  Okay?  The crucifixion of the carnal mind, as I see it, is the denial of that carnal mind.  Some of us have experienced Christ Jesus giving us an instruction or telling us to do something that our carnal mind just doesn't want to do, but you do what Christ Jesus tells you to do.  It can be painful,  but that's the slow cruci­fixion of your carnal mind -- but there has to be more to it than that.  I guess the Lord is correcting me.  There has to be more to it than that because that's not the crucifixion of the carnal mind.  That's the forcing of the carnal mind under the authority of Christ Jesus, which is the first of three stages of resurrection, called full stature.  So, when your carnal mind is completely forced under the authority of Christ Jesus, you ascend to full stature.  Jesus was already in full stature.  His carnal mind was brain dead.  His carnal mind could talk, but there was no way He could get Jesus to sin.  I'm of the opinion right now -- you realize of course when it comes to this kind of thing, my opinion is subject to change.  I hope you all realize that. 

I'm of the opinion that once -- whoever is going into full stature -- once you get the carnal mind down under you to such a degree that you don't sin anymore -- that you obey the Father and disobey the whispers of Satan -- I didn't expect it to be as painful to disobey Satan in a condition where he still has dominion over me.  Does everyone know what I'm talking about?  Let me say it again.  To disobey Satan in the condition that we're in now, is painful.  He punishes us.  He punishes us.  Look, if Satan has a toehold on us with alcoholism, and we say we're not going to drink, well, that's torment to not go and drink.  He punishes us with pain.  He wants us to do what he's telling us to do.  And if we don't do it, he hurts us.  But once Christ Jesus ascends to a maturity where­by He puts Satan down perma­nent­ly under His feet, Satan can't hurt us anymore. 

I didn't imagine that, even though Satan can still talk, he talked to Jesus.  We know He talked to Jesus in the temptation.  And at the end of the temptation, the Scriptures say that Satan departed from Him for a season.  So we know that Satan spoke to Him.  I wouldn't think that Jesus' or our refusal to obey Satan, a Satan who is totally under our dominion, can be as painful as it is when we're first bringing him down under.  Does anyone understand what I'm talking about? 

So the question is what will we experience when we kill that guy?  If it's not painful anymore, if we're in full stature and it's not painful anymore to refuse his suggestions, what will the experience of the crucifixion of that carnal mind be to us?  Is that your question?  This is what the Lord is bringing forth right now.  If, in the cases of those people who have brought Satan under their feet -- they are in full stature -- Satan is down under -- I don't believe he will be able to cause us the pain in that condition that he causes us now when we disobey him.  So if there is no more pain for disobeying Satan when we have total dominion over him, how  will we experience the crucifixion of the carnal mind?  How will it affect us?  I don't know the answer to that question. 

All I know is that Paul said, I'm crucified to Christ and yet I live, no not I, but He.  Okay, so Paul was crucified.  His carnal mind was crucified and unless somebody knows something I don't know, which is very possible, I can't think of any Scripture where Paul in any way gave any information about the crucifixion of his carnal mind being painful.  So I don't know what to expect.

[Member of the congregation:]  You say that the mind of Christ never died, and that's why Jesus Christ rose from the dead, and it really goes along with it due to the fact that He didn't even die on the cross with all that was done to His body, until He decided to die.      

[Sheila continues:]  If you check out that Scripture in the Greek -- that He gave up the ghost -- the Greek reveals that the man, Jesus, did not die a natural death.  That His Spirit -- the word ghost, is also the same word for spirit -- the Spirit left Jesus by an act of His own will.  He literally breathed Himself out of the man, Jesus, out of the physical man, Jesus.  

[Member of congregation speaks:]  I also thought, where was the mind?  The mind of Christ was still alive when the body of Jesus of Nazareth was dead.  It's interesting to think about, because we need a body for this mind to stay alive -- it needs a body -- but, evidently, the mind of Christ can exist without a body.

[Sheila continues:]  That's the ultimate goal.  The harvest is the separation of the fruit from the vine, and the fruit is the mind of Christ.  So the harvest, despite everything that you've heard about it from the existing five-fold ministry, is the separation of the mind of Christ from this fallen body.  And we find the man in this condition described in Daniel, Chapter 7, as the Ancient of Days,  the One who has ascended so high, that He no longer needs his body to survive.

[Member of congregation speaks:]  Do you think the mind of Christ may have been with the Father then -- at that time -- Omnipresent in the earth?

[Sheila continues:]  I don't know.  You don't want me to guess.  The only thing that I have in my heart right now was that it had to leave the body because Jesus breathed out.  That's a good question.  I pray God gives me the answer.      

[Member of congregation speaks:]  I think it left the body because He was one with the Spirit, so He left with His human spirit.  Right?         

[Sheila continues:]  I don't know.  Maybe the Lord will tell me.  I would like to know the answer to that.  That's a very good question and I would like to know the answer to it.

[Member of congregation speaks:]  You said that Satan was in every­body's subconscious mind, more or less.  Subconscious or unconscious, isn't that the same?  We use the term unconscious in our studies so that we don't confuse anybody.  Now, I can't remember where it is, I think it was in Romans where Paul said that he does things that he doesn't want to do, but that it's sin that dwells within him that brings him to that.  I don't know if that's a witness, or if its my own carnal mind.  All the teachings are just bringing everything together.  Its like a huge puzzle and you have all these little pieces that are just starting to come together.         

[Sheila continues:]  We've a whole series on Romans 5,6,7 and 8 that I recommend to everybody.  We really go into this concept.        [Member of the congregation:]  This is just a thought:  When the Father said, let us make man in our image, Jesus was like sperm in the loins of the Father, so to speak.  And it was going to be the incorporation of the two of them -- the Son who was within the Father -- the sperm, so to speak, was to bring us forth in their image.  It's just like a revelation to me.

[Sheila continues:]  The Father sent forth a part of Himself to join with humanity to bring forth the image of God in humanity.

[Member of congregation speaks:]  I have never understood what the Scripture meant that said, this day I have begotten you.  It seems to me, that Jesus was always in the Father.  I don't understand what He means by this day I have begotten you.  Is that when Christ was formed in Adam?

[Sheila continues:]  No, the begetting of Christ Jesus was His formation as the mind of a man.  The Father is talking about Jesus when the Scriptures say, this day have I begotten you.  When the Son went forth from the Father into Adam He was in seed form.  Christ Jesus was begotten when the Spirit of the Father joined with the human spirit of the man, Jesus of Nazareth, begetting the Son in a new, mature form:  The mind of man.  Technically speaking, the whole world knows that when a man has a Son, he has really reproduced himself in another form.  The whole world knows that.

[Member of congregation speaks:]  I couldn't understand when the Scriptures say that all the world was created by Jesus and nothing that was made was made without Him.         

[Sheila continues:]  Well, do you think that means that Jesus just took His two hands and made the mountain ranges, the seas and all that?  Because that's not what it means.  We have a whole series on this subject, where I looked at the Scripture in the Greek, and commented on it.  What it means is that this whole world is made out of the spiritual substance of Christ.  A gross example would be as if I took a human body, chopped it up and made something else out of it.  That's why He's the Lamb that was slain.  That Greek word translated slain, means slaughtered.  He was cut in many pieces.  He was just utterly ripped apart so that this creation could be formed.

[Member of congregation speaks:]  But Jesus didn't exist.  There just was Christ.  At the formation of the world there was Christ.  It wasn't the man Jesus.  I have such difficulty because I automatically associate in my mind the man. Jesus, when I see the word Christ, or the Lamb.

[Sheila continues:]  No, it wasn't the man, Jesus.  Jesus was a man that was born of the woman, Mary.  But the mind of Christ dwelt within Him.  It was the Lamb that was slain, and who is the Lamb?   The Lamb is Christ.  Well, we see that there are two Scriptures which say that Jesus is the Lamb:  John 1:29 and John 1:36.  John 1:36 says, and looking upon Jesus as He walked, he say­eth, behold the Lamb of God; and John 1:39 says, the next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him and sayeth, behold the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world.  Now these Scriptures are a mystery which we really have to investigate it further.  Verse 30 of John 1:29 says, this is He of whom I said, after me cometh a man which is preferred before me, for He was before me.  So we see that John the Baptist was saying that Jesus was before Him.  Well, this is a mystery because, at this point, Jesus was in full stature, and He was Jesus, the Christ.  Now, we know that the human being, Jesus of Nazareth, did not exist before His incarnation, but the Spirit of Christ which was in that man, the Spirit which made Jesus, Jesus the Christ, He existed before His incarnation as Jesus of Nazareth.        

Now I know this is confusing, but I tell you the truth and I ask you to pray about it.  We know that there is only one mediator between God and man, and that's the man, Christ Jesus; and the man, Christ Jesus, is a many-membered spiritual man;  and I suggest to you that the man that John is speaking about in John 1:30 isn't the man Jesus of Nazareth.  Now listen, he says, the next day John saw Jesus coming and he said, behold the Lamb of God.  He didn't say Jesus was the Lamb of God.  He saw the man, Jesus, coming, but I suggest to you that the Lamb of God that he saw was the mind that was in the man, Jesus.  And that's proven in verse 30, where John goes on to say, this is the one of whom I said, after me cometh a man who is preferred before me, for He was before me.           

The spiritual man, Christ Jesus, was before John the Baptist.  The natural man, Jesus, never existed before His incarnation when He was born of Mary.  The man, Jesus, did not exist before John the Baptist.  The man, Christ Jesus, did.  Jesus enraged the Pharisees by saying to them, before Abraham was, I Am.   

Okay, so a lot of people think that the man, Jesus of Nazareth, existed before Abraham, but that's not true.  What Jesus was saying when He antagonized the Pharisees like that is, my mind, the mind that gives me existence, is Christ Jesus; so, therefore, I Am [the Son of God who is equal to God].  He was not talking about His body, nor was He talking about His carnal mind that He had inherited from His mother.  Our essence, our substance, that which we're, is our mind.  We're what we think we're, because what we think, we do, and that's what we're.  He wasn't talking about the physical body that came out of the womb of Mary, nor was He talking about the carnal mind that came out of the womb of Mary.  He was saying, what I think, that's what I am.  My person, my being, is in my mind, and my mind is ChristTherefore, I'm not even looking at this body.  It was the mind of Christ speaking right through that body, saying that before Abraham was, I Am.  It wasn't the man, Jesus, it was Christ Jesus who was saying, before Abraham was, I Am.  And the reason that the pharisees became enraged was that they were carnal, and they looked at this man and said what are you talking about? You came out of the womb of that woman, Mary.  I knew her when she was a baby.  What are you talking about, that before Abraham was, I Am.  And they didn't comprehend that He was speaking about His mind.  They didn't comprehend that He was saying to them, look, this body isn't my reality

Why did they say Abraham?  Because they were always talking about Abraham being their father.  And Jesus was saying to them that I Am is greater than Abraham; that before Abraham was ever born, I Am existed.  Don't talk to me about Abraham.  Your righteousness is as filthy rags.  That's what He was saying to them.

[Member of congregation speaks:]  Tell me again.  The Spirit of Christ is the Father?   

[Sheila continues:]  Yes, the Spirit of Christ is the Father that dwells within Christ Jesus.  You see, we're not this body -- we're not this body.  People, we've to get over being carnal.  We're not this body.  Paul says we know no man after the flesh anymore.  Once you enter into Christ Jesus, you don't know anybody after the flesh.  You just know them by who their mind is.  Blood lines are being drawn.  We read about it in the book of Acts, but you don't really see it happening too often.  It's just beginning to happen that blood lines are being drawn. 

What does that mean?  Everyone who has the mind of Christ and who is living out of Christ Jesus are members of the household of God.  It's very nice that we go to Church and call each other brother and sister, but it doesn't mean a thing.  You see, when God brings forth Christ Jesus in you, and you really start walking after the mind of Christ, He will put you together with brothers and sisters in a new family wherein the ties are just as strong as blood ties, if not stronger.  If Jesus did it to you -- you can't do it yourself -- if Christ Jesus has put you in a family, and it's God who has done it, your ties are stronger than any blood that could ever tie you together with anyone else.

[Member of congregation speaks:]  When Jesus said that before Abraham was, I Am, did He have the revelation because of the mind of Christ growing in Him that He did exist before the foundations of the world?  Did the mind of Christ give Him that revelation?  Because the mind of Christ existed before Abraham, but it was dead.  So did He remembered when He was alive?

[Sheila speaks:]  At that point, there was no difference.  Jesus was the mind of Christ.  There was no more separation.

[Member of congregation speaks:]  He was alive again and He remem­bered that He existed before the fall?  Is that it?        

[Sheila speaks:]  Jesus was the Christ.        

[Member of congregation speaks:]  Before the fall?        

[Sheila speaks:]  Before the fall?  I see what you are saying.

[Member of congregation speaks:]  Because He died, remember?  So, between Adam and Abraham, He was dead.     

[Sheila speaks:]  But He also was the Father.  I'm not sure.  I'd really have to think about that.  It's a good question and I don't want to give a wrong answer.  Let me clarify the question.  The question is that when Jesus said, before Abraham was, I Am -- now, He didn't say Christ.  He said, I Am.  And here's your answer.  It just came out of the Spir­it of God.  He said, before Abraham was, I Am.  So, He was speaking as the Father.  He wasn't speaking as the Christ who died.  He was speaking as the Father.  I Am is the name of the Father.  He was saying, I Am God.  He was saying, I Am the Father.  That's why they tried to throw Him off a cliff.        

[Member of the congregation speaks:]  So He was saying that because He knew that He was the Father?  Not as if He regressed knowing He was the Christ?     

[Sheila speaks:]  No.        

[Member of the congregation speaks:]  Is there any Scripture that talks about the bride of Christ?  I thought that maybe it was a Catholic Church teaching.  I know the nuns consider that they are the bride of Christ when they take their vows.        

[Sheila speaks:]  The bride of Christ?  Yes, it's in Revelation.  It may be in other Books too.  Behold, the bridegroom cometh.  I think Jesus told a parable about it too, in the parable of the ten virgins.

[Member of congregation speaks:]  Now I'm really confused.  We're the Church, and our human spirit is marrying the Father, and the offspring is Christ.  So, how do we marry Christ?  Christ is the man­child, the baby, the product of the Father and the human spirit.  Right?

[Sheila speaks:]  Christ Jesus is the Son of God.  His conscious mind is the mind of Christ, and His unconscious mind is the Spirit of Christ.  Christ Jesus is marrying our soul.  He's marrying our soul.  Jesus said, this is a great mystery, how Jesus Christ loves the Church.  The Father is marrying our human spirit and the product of that union is marrying our soul.

[Member of congregation speaks:]  Its hard to think of marrying a mind.  It almost seems like an incestuous thing.  The Father and the Son.        

[Sheila speaks:]  It is incestuous, but when God does it, it's okay.  He's marrying our soul.  The cruci­fixion of the carnal mind is the joining, the total joining, of the mind of Christ to the carnal mind, and then the soul becomes the bride of Christ.  God is begetting His Son as our mind and, when that happens, our mind will marry our humanity and we shall inherit everything that our husband is, and we shall be God.

[Member of the congregation speaks:]  It's when He becomes a man, when He fully matures in us and then He marries our soul.  When He's a baby, He's not marrying us.  Then He's just a seed in there, and then when He's fully matured, He's marrying our soul.      

[Sheila speaks:]  He has to become a full grown man to marry us.  He has to mature in us and overcome our carnal mind.  And the sign that He's fully matured in us is that He will overcome our carnal mind. 

[Member of congregation speaks:]  When you ask young Catholic children about God, they say that Mary is the mother of Jesus and that she's also the wife of Jesus (God).  Also sand­wiched in there is the belief that the baby, Jesus (who is continually reborn at Christmas), is their baby.  They say Mary is the mother, and God is the Father, and Jesus is the Baby.  Very similar to pagan belief. 

Well, some of it is truth, but that's the perversion.  You see, they have the carnal mind. That's the perversion they have of it in their carnal mind.  It's a counterfeit of the real thing. 

[Sheila continues:]  Mary isn't the mother of God.  Mary is the mother of the man, Jesus, in whom the Son of God was begotten by the Father.  Mary isn't the mother of God.

[Member of congregation speaks:]  It was never Scriptural that Mary was the mother of God.  It was just brought about by the Catholic Church, right?

[Sheila speaks:]  Right.        

[Member of congregation speaks:]  When you come to the Lord, to Christ Jesus, and you Ask God to start breaking family line curses, how does it start to break and when does it totally break?      

[Sheila continues:]  Well, it's not the same for everybody.  It starts to break the first time an anointed person breaks it over you, and then it has to work its way out of your life.  God will bring experiences into your life that would be subject to the curse.  Let's give you an example.  Let's say there is a curse on somebody's life -- Every time a young man comes into their life it doesn't work out.  There is a curse against marriage.  And every time you have ever thought this was the man, it didn't work out.  Well, God will, in the fullness of time, bring a man into your life, and you will have all the problems that you had the other times, but this time they are overcome.  It has to work its way out of your life.        

[Member of congregation speaks:]  Is this true?  How it could start to break by the renewing of your mind, not only by getting into the Word, but once Christ Jesus is conceived in your mind, it can start to break?

[Sheila continues:]  If it's a curse, it can start to break, but it has to work its way out of your life.  You have to have experiences and, usually, another factor would be reaping what you sow.  I knew someone once who had a curse of unforgiveness on her.  Every relationship that she had -- no matter what little thing she did -- she would be involved with people that would have no forgiveness for her. They wouldn't forgive her.  They would see her heart shrivel up and die, and they wouldn't forgive her.  She was a very unforgiving person, and when this curse started to break in her life, she started to fall into relationships where the people would not forgive her.  They would -- for the simplest little thing -- reject her, and throw her out of their life.  Of course, she had done this to other people for years, and it went on for quite a long time with this harshness in the relationships that God sent to her.  But, then, even­t­ually, it started to break, because when the people mistreated her, and she reaped what she sowed, she did what God ordained, and she prayed for them, and blessed them, and forgave them, and she died for them, and eventually God started bringing people into her life that were forgiving.  So it has got to work its way out of your life.  It could be very hard.

[Member of the congregation:]  You were going back to that example with relationships with a man and a woman and you said it starts to break?  Could you repeat that again if you can.  

[Sheila continues:]  Well, lets say that there is a woman who always was very hard-hearted toward all of her relationships, and she would throw these guys away and not have any mercy on them, and go around and talk about them to everybody, and be very cruel.  Once the curse starts to break, the men that she would want would do that to her.  You have to reap what you have sown.  But when she responds with a God-ordained response, when she doesn't retaliate or take vengeance or anything like that, eventually, God would give her a Godly relationship.  How long it takes, I don't know.  It has to work its way out of your life.  I've never heard that preach­ed anywhere, but I'm telling you the truth.  These curses have to work their way out of your life.  You will experience what the curse has caused you to do, and you have to respond like Christ Jesus if you want this thing to break over you.  I tell you the truth.

[Member of the congregation speaks:]  This reaping what you are sowing, is that God's way of correction, of making us experience that which we have caused so that we won't do it again.    

[Sheila continues:]  Yes, it's God's way of changing our nature.  It is the breaking of that wickedness in us. 

[Member of the congregation:]  The world says, goes around comes around.  They say it in another way.

[Sheila continues:]  Yes, you could say that.  But it's a big mystery.  A lot of people are very wicked and this kind of reaping and sowing doesn't fall upon them until they come to Christ Jesus.  You hear a lot of people say that they were wicked, that they had done a lot of terrible things and they have never reaped what they have sown.  As soon as they repent and come to the Lord, all this trouble is coming upon them.  And you hear this because people think that once they repent and come to the Lord, that they are not going to have to go through this.  But it's an error in the teaching in the Church.  When you repent and come to Christ Jesus, that's when the judgment falls on you -- and we found it in the book of Isaiah.  We found a Scripture for it.  I've been preaching that for years, and we finally found it in the Scripture, Isaiah 33:1. 

We know that the judgment doesn't fall on the wicked frequently.  The wicked are often rich and prosperous and healthy.  Everybody knows that.  When you come to Christ Jesus, and you repent, all of your sins that you did to other people begin to be visited upon you.  You start to experience all of the wickedness that you have done to other people.  Why?  Because everyone that God receives He chastens.  If you are truly a Son, He's correcting you.     

[Member of the congregation speaks:]  Don't the curses also fall upon your children and your grandchildren?  Well, it falls upon your children and your grandchildren, but if you receive these corrections from the Lord, it starts to break the curses over them.  If you reap what you sow before you conceive, that curse won't be passed onto your child.  If you already have children and grandchildren when these curses are broken on you, your reaping what you and your ancestors have sown will weaken the curse on them.

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