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That all men should honour the Son, even as they honour the Father.  HE THAT HONOURETH NOT THE SON HONOURETH NOT THE FATHER WHICH HATH SENT HIM (Jn. 5:22-23).


That which we have seen and heard declare we unto you, that ye also may have fellowship with us: and truly OUR FELLOWSHIP IS WITH THE FATHER, AND WITH HIS SON JESUS CHRIST (1 Jn. 1:3).

Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? HE IS ANTICHRIST, THAT DENIETH THE FATHER AND THE SON. 

Whosoever denieth the Son, the same hath not the Father: (but) HE THAT ACKNOWLEDGETH THE SON HATH THE FATHER ALSO (1 Jn. 2:22-23).

Whosoever transgresseth, and abideth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. HE THAT ABIDETH IN THE DOCTRINE OF CHRIST, HE HATH BOTH THE FATHER AND THE SON    (2 Jn. 1:9).




Part # 2

Of A 10-Part Series

And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (John 8:32).

Praise the Lord everybody.  God is doing great things.  There's a lot happening.  Tonight we're going to continue with the series entitled The Secret of Life - Right Identification??? This series is answering the teaching that’s racing through the Kingdom Church today which I, personally, believe is blasphemy.  I'm not against anybody, I'm not against people, I'm not against ministries, I'm not against preachers, but I am against this doctrine, because I believe that it's stealing God’s promised life. 

You have to listen very carefully, pray a lot and receive deliverance in your mind, before you can recognize the subtle difference,  between what I'm preaching and this other doctrine. A lot of people can't distinguish between the two, but one doctrine leads to life and the other leads to death.  I hope  this series helps everyone who is truly seeking the truth.

We’ve taken the name of this series from the pamphlet that we’re answering.  I'm not putting the name of the preacher or the ministry on the message, because it's not my intention to discredit anyone, but to answer the issues presented.

There are a lot of ministries in the Church today that, on some gut spiritual level, know that this doctrine is error, but can only scream, it's error, it's error, it's error.  The people who are into deep doctrine are saying, well, where is it error?  How is it error?  What's the truth? The doctrinally immature ministries can't answer these questions, so those who believe the false doctrine are saying, I understand your panic, but I'm not going to listen to you because, although you mean well, you're just doctrinally immature. 

I perceive the doctrine which we're preaching here to be the truth and, whether or not you perceive it to be the truth, the fact is that we’re preaching a doctrine which is parallel to right identification, but as different at its root, as Christ is from the Serpent.

As far as I know, we’re the loudest voice opposing right identification with another doctrine on the same spiritual and intellect­ual level.

We're not against anybody --  God loves everyone -- but we have a responsibility to preach the truth which God has given us.  Is everybody okay? 

We're taking the name of this series, The Secret of Life - Right Identification???, right out of this pamphlet. This teaching is spreading across the world because the preacher who wrote the pamphlet, and many of the men who are preaching right identification, have international newsletters. 

Right identification says that salvation is in knowing who you are. This means that if you just know who you are, you’ll be saved. And who are we according to this teaching?  We’re a people born as gods.  Our whole problem, then, is that we don't know that we’re gods, and because we don't know that we’re gods, we've fallen prey to wrong thinking, or wrong identification, which tells us that we’re weak and powerless individuals. But we have the ability to start thinking correctly by the power of our own, fallen mind and, thus, escape from our painful experience in this visible, physical world. 

I don't know what the doctrine of right identification calls this visible, physical world which has every person who exists in it in bondage, but we call it hell, although some people are in more pain than others. 

I disagree that salvation is through right identification, which means that thinking correctly with your carnal mind will enable you to escape from the trap of this visible, physical world. My Bible says that the creation separated from  God at the time of the Fall, and that salvation is in spiritual reunion with Him, but right identification denies the Fall and  any spiritual separation from God, saying that you’re born with that spiritual union.

In Adam all died, but in Christ, all shall be made alive.  The entire creation died when our original ancestor, Adam, died. Fallen Adam can, therefore, only produce dead young, so all of the children born into this visible, physical world are spiritually dead, and begin to die physically, immediately after birth.

We’re dead because our spirit’s dead. It's impossible for your body to be preserved and your soul made alive when your spirit is dead. Death means that our spirit, our true essence, is dead because of separation from God.  Our spirit is the residue, or a piece, or a drop, of the residue of the incomplete Christ mind which died at the time of the Fall. We must all be raised from the dead -- from the inside out. 

What killed righteous Adam?  What happened to righteous Adam that caused him to die?  Objectively speaking, what happened to him that caused his death? He died from brain death. His righteous mind died. 

Righteous Adam, God's creation, was a living soul which was righteous because he had a mind that was called Christ. That mind gave him righteousness, that is, life because of right relationship with God, and that righteous mind died. How did He die? How did Christ die? He was violently murdered by the Dragon, the Serpent's criminal mind!

The Serpent birthed the Drag­on into the soul that God formed, and the Dragon murdered the living Christ mind and became the mind of the creation, and the living soul became a dead soul, because the mind in the soul was a dead mind.

So the mind of Christ was murdered, and the whole living creature which God formed died also,  and the Serpent incarnated as Leviathan, her completed flesh mind, because the creature’s righteous mind was dead.

And the creation broke down into billions and trillions of individual human beings after the Christ mind died at the time of the Fall, and a piece of that dead Christ, which is a bone of His skeleton -- Christ died and  left a skeleton -- is found in each human being who is appearing in the earth today.  But, of course, it’s a spiritual bone, and when that bone of the dead Christ is inside of a man, it takes another name. What's the name of Christ's dead bone when it’s inside of a man? What do we call it?  The human spirit.

We're waiting for the events described by the prophet Ezekiel --that Christ Jesus should prophesy unto these dead bones and say, live again. We shall become one Spirit with the Lord Jesus when our human spirit is raised from the dead into the new life which is generated by the glorified Jesus Christ,  and our dead soul shall be made alive again. But the spirit that’s in man before this resurrection, the spirit which is in man before it’s quickened by the glorified Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ, is a dead spirit.

To say, therefore, that we're born with life, and that all we have to do to be spiritually alive is to recognize, or remember, that we’re alive, can’t be, brethren, because a dead spirit can only reproduce a dead spirit. But the live Spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ can produce a live spirit. 

Our dead human spirit must be touched by the living Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ to be raised from the dead. We're born with a potential for life, brethren -- a dead potential for life -- but, nevertheless, a potential for life. And when that potential is quickened by the glorified Jesus Christ, we shall respond to Ezekiel's prophesy, and live again.

This, as I see it, is the major error of right identification, which teaches that man is god, and need only recognize his true nature in order to live. Brethren, we can’t bring forth life of ourselves.  A woman can't bring forth a manchild without a male seed.  The earth brings forth life of itself, and it's called a what?  A weed.  A weed!  When the earth brings forth life of itself without being seeded, the plant is called a weed

-- and weeds kill the cultivated plant. 

Christ Jesus is the cultivated plant which is growing in the earth of humanity.  The Father has sown Him but, as the angel said, master, there are tares in the garden.  Where did they come from seeing that no man has planted them?  Something came forth from the earth without being planted. 

When we did our series in Romans 8, we found out that the carnal mind came forth from the earth of God's creation by itself.  That which is born of the flesh -- the flesh is the earth -- that which  comes forth from the earth without the seed of the Father, is flesh, that is, that flesh mind which we know more familiarly as the carnal mind.  She’s the weed that choked and killed the mind of Christ.  But in this hour, Christ is arising again with greater strength and maturity, and in a form which the carnal mind won’t be able to kill. 

Yet, in this critical hour in which Christ Jesus is reclaiming His creation, we have a doctrine going forth in the Church denying the message of His glorious truth, saying that this mind which is born of the flesh, is God.  That's what it's saying -- the mind which is born of the flesh is God. 

The pamphlet that we're dealing with right now, however, is not saying that the mind born of the flesh is God, but that there is no creativity or strength in the mind at all, and that we must ascend to the place where we're above all mental functioning. 

So, one New Age doctrine says that the flesh mind is God, and another -- not distinguishing between  the flesh mind and the glorious mind of Christ Jesus -- declares  MIND to be valueless.  In any event, both doctrines deny the Son of God and His glorious Mind of Christ.

I'm jumping ahead of myself here.  I intended to follow this book, but I want to make  this point first. 

This is true.  The danger of right identification is that a lot of what it says is true of the Father and Christ Jesus, but not of fallen man.  It's true that in glorification we shall ascend above and beyond the mental process, and be pure Spirit.  But that's in glorification. 

Our author is talking about ascending beyond all sensual experience, all feeling, all emotion, all rational thought and reasoning, into a place where there’s no conflict, but for fallen man, that  place is in Satan’s spirit.

Brethren, such a place exists in God, but you can't get there the way right identification is telling you to get there.  Glorification is the only legal way in (Jn. 10:1)!  Right identification will only get you into Satan's kingdom.  If you pursue it, you’ll  wind up in a place of no conflict which is in Satan’s world.

The Hindu religion calls this experience  Nirvana.  But brethren, there’s no eternal life in Nirvana.  I believe some Hindus and Buddhists -- those who are completely sold out -- may have touched upon it. Many of them live in caves or monasteries, where their relationships with people are severely restricted, and their whole life is given over to meditation and other spiritual pursuits.

I believe that it's possible to reach that very high state of spirituality where there’s no warfare between good and evil, by escaping from the mental facility of the conscious mind, but the spirit that you escape INTO is Satan. You see, our author is trying to avoid  the conflict between the conscience,  that is, a knowledge of what’s right, and the unconscious part of our mind that lusts for things which produce destruction in our life. 

I believe that the goal of many pagan religions to ascend above conflict, that is, into a state of mind which is beyond the struggle between good and evil, has been reached by a very few people, and is reachable, but there’s no eternal life in it. You're still going to die when your body gives out, because a human spirit which has ascended to Nirvana, is still not strong enough to keep his body alive indefinitely.

The Kingdom of God is omnipresent and, therefore, wherever God is, you are. 

First of all, the Kingdom of God is what?  It's the mind of God, and God is Spirit.

A few minutes ago we were talking about ascending to Nirvana, the spiritual place which is  higher than mind.  Pure Spirit is the place where there’s no conflict at all. 

The Kingdom of God, the mind which produces life, is born of God, and the kingdom of darkness, the mind which produces death, is born of the flesh. The carnal mind is a spiritual weed which is born of the flesh, and is not true spirit.

I haven't read this book through, but I don't perceive any understanding by this author that the Kingdom of God is another mind. 

Our author says that the Kingdom of God is omnipresent, which is to say that the Kingdom of God is everywhere, but I don't see how he can say that. 

This visible, physical world is the kingdom of darkness, so the kingdom of darkness is everywhere in this world, but the Kingdom of God is an invading force which is found only here and there in God's people.  At this time, the Kingdom of God is not omnipresent, that is,  present everywhere.

Wherever God is, you are.  Well, it's just not true that wherever God is, you are. 

The Kingdom of God is always present.  That's true.  I believe the Kingdom of God has always been present in the earth, but it’s not true that wherever the Kingdom of God is we are, because before we can be in the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of God has to be inside of us.

We’re where the mind which incarnated us is.  Fallen humanity is in hell because the carnal mind founded her, but Christ Jesus is pressuring Satan to release God’s creation, so that she can be translated into the Kingdom of God [the mind of Christ](Col. 1:13).

We shall be wherever God is when the mind of Christ Jesus is our foundation again,  that is, after the carnal mind’s actual, not promised, defeat.

The basic principle of this book is that you're born with the Kingdom of God already in you -- but you're not!  Jesus of Nazareth was the only man that I know of who was born with the Kingdom of God already in Him.  Everyone else needs to have the Kingdom of God added to him after his natural birth.  That's why Jesus said, unless you're born a second time [again] you can't see the Kingdom of Heaven.  Your human spirit has to be born a second time [again]!

This concept that we're born with the Kingdom of God isn’t true! We're born with a dead bone, or a bone of the dead Christ, in us, and we experience the second birth when that bone is raised from the dead through union with the glorified Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Kingdom of God is within you.

Who are WE?  We are our human spirit which is abiding in death because of our union with Satan and the carnal mind.

So, even if the Kingdom of God IS within you, it's not accurate to say that where the Kingdom of God is, you are, because, at this time, all of humanity is in the carnal mind. 

The Kingdom of God begins with the seed [Holy Spirit] which is deposited inside of the kingdom of darkness [Satan and carnal mind].  Our human spirit begins to break free from the kingdom of darkness [Satan and the carnal mind] after that seed sprouts, and she begins to reach into that other Kingdom.  This reaching out is an activity of the mind by which our human spirit pierces into the Kingdom of God (Rev. 1:7) which is growing inside of us.

The Kingdom of God isn’t pre­sent everywhere in this hour and, even where it exists continually, we must pierce into it. 

This is the meaning behind Jesus’ mysterious statement that, those who have pierced me shall see me.  The whole Church world, including me at one time, thinks that He means those who  crucified Him.  No! Those who pierce into His life shall see Him when they become one with Him.


It's as if to say that we swallowed a balloon that was filled with a substance which could give us eternal life but, unless we pierce into that balloon and partake of that substance, it will pass out of us, and we'll die like natural men. Didn’t the Lord say to the Hebrews, Ye are gods, but ye shall die like men.  Why?  Because they had the Word of God, but it didn't produce the nature of God in them.

Brethren, in the Lord's eyes,  possession of, and access to, the Word of God makes you a god. So if you're a god, why would you die like a man?  Because you had access to the fountain of life, but it didn’t get inside of you in a form which could benefit you. 

It's as if to say that you had a storehouse of all kinds of food in a time of famine, but couldn’t get into your warehouse because the key was lost somewhere on your body -- so you starved to death on your own doorstep.  Jesus!

There in that eternal . . . well

 . . . he says nowness and isness.  What he means is, that there’s no past, present or future.

There in that eternal nowness and isness, I am, he’s saying this about himself, I am complete and have access to all God's wealth. 

He's saying that the Kingdom of God is that high place in the Spirit, but the Lord has shown us that the Kingdom of God is our new mind, and that the high place in the Spirit is where the Lord Jesus Christ is, that is, glorification, the third stage of resurrection. 

Right now we're hoping for the first stage of resurrection, which is full stature. It’s very common that end-time doctrines miss a step and jump right to glorification, because they don't understand that there are three stages of resurrection.

In the first stage of resurrection, full stature, we experience sinlessness, that is, resurrection of our dead spirit, the impartation of life to our dead soul and preservation of our body.  The second stage of resurrection, the circumcision without hands, gives us more aggressive, warlike spiritual pow­er, and the third stage of resurrection, glorification, is deliverance from this body. 

As you can see, each stage of resurrection has different benefits, so we must be very careful to indentify which stage of resurrection we’re talking about.

The Book of Revelation tells us that there’s a first resurrection, but if you think that the first resurrection is referring to a specific group of people, you're mistaken. Each individual must experience all three stages of resurrection.  The Scripture is speaking about the first stage of resurrection, not the first group of people who are being resurrected. Brethren, there’s so much to learn, and God is pouring out these jewels here. Glory to God!

Please note that our author is saying that I am complete.  He's calling himself god. He's saying that man is god. 

I am complete, and I have access to all of God's wealth. 

Brethren, all of God's wealth is in the Kingdom of God, not your unconscious mind, which is Satan and, unless the Kingdom of God is born in you, unless your human spirit is born again, Brother, you have no access to anything of God's whatsoever. 

However, to use the mind as a power or reason to establish wealth or health is erroneous. 

He's talking about the carnal mind.  It’s my opinion after reading this pamphlet, that our author has no concept at all that the Kingdom of God is another mind.  He seems to think it's the pure, glorified Spirit.

So to use the mind as a power or reason to establish wealth or health is erroneous.  For there was no power allotted to the mind to create when God ordained it.  And God doesn’t share His power with a separate selfhood, which we call today the mind of humanity in this world.

Of course, God doesn't share His power with the carnal mind, but God DOES operate out of a mind. 

This is an antichrist spirit. God operates out of a mind.  Why?  Because His mind is the Son of God.  The Son of God is the product of the male spirit, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the female spirit, the human spirit which is a part of the soul.  These two produce an offspring when they come together, and that offspring is a mind. Christ Jesus is the Son of God, and God operates through His Son’s mind. So to say that God doesn't operate out of a mind, is an antichrist spirit teaching that Spirit is all that there is . . . you might say, a Jehovah Only spirit.  I don't know what name our author’s using for God, but the spirit he’s describing is a Jehovah Only spirit.  Can you hear what I'm saying? He's denying the Son, Christ, and God DOES share His power with His Son.

There is no power allotted to the mind to create. 

I saw Jesus, the Christ, add clay to the sockets of a man who was born without eyes, and create eyes with the mind of Christ which was within Him.  Now, the carnal mind can't create, but the mind of God creates. 

He says, the mind and the power or reason to establish wealth or health is erroneous. 

Now I understand.  He's saying that when you ascend into this place of pure Spirit, you don't need a mind to establish wealth or health, and that’s true.  However, until we ascend into that high place, we do need help with our health and sometimes we need help getting our wealth. So, for as long as we're in this vulnerable, in between stage down here in hell, we DO have access to the mind of Christ, who meets all our needs. 

I see the same spirit operating here that I came up against when I first started preaching this message eight years ago.  Some preachers who had been in deliverance, cast out demons, saw a lot of miracles, and had a spiritual growth spurt from deliverance ministry, started preaching that people don't need deliverance, but should ascend automatically.  It never made any sense to me at all.

Right identification is denying the power of God to imperfect people who are still dependent on this visible, physical world, and need help for so long as they’re in this weakened condition.  We do need the mind of God to get health and wealth and to keep us going until full deliverance is imparted to us. 

Wherever I see this doctrine coming forth, I perceive the people teaching it to be lacking information.  That's my perception -- that if they really had the depth of information which the Lord has graced us with, it would have a very important effect on them.  I’ve reached out to one or two of these ministers, but they don't want to hear anything other than what they're preaching.

Beloved, the word of God is a living activity and like a two edged sword divides the sensual world, that’s the world of the senses from the real world. 

He’s saying that the real world is spirit -- separate soul from spirit, okay, and is a discerner of the intent of the heart and remember that nothing escapes His all seeing eye.  And God knows your need even before you ask. 

He’s speaking about the real world, without acknowledging that the real world is in Christ. Here’s that Jehovah Only spirit again, but what our author is really talking about here, is prayer.

He’s against prayer, saying that there's no need to pray. This is the same principle that we just talked about. When you attain to that high place in the Spirit, there’s no need to pray!  I don't think the glorified Jesus Christ prays, but we're not glorified, and WE need to pray. What does prayer do? Prayer accesses the mind of Christ. 

The Scripture says that the mind of Christ is given unto us, but we must access it.  The example that I use is a computer. We default to the carnal mind. We’re automatically in our carnal mind.  If we want to lay hold of the wisdom or the provision which is in Christ, we have to access it. In a computer you press a few buttons, but how do we access the mind of Christ? We pray! Father, let this mind which was in Christ Jesus be in us. Give me wisdom, Lord.  Give me understanding, Lord.  Tell me what to do Lord. That’s how you access the mind of Christ. 

It's been my experience that if you don't pray, you don't get what you need. You have not, because you ask not. The Lord has shown me time, and time, and time again, that He’s willing to let me go along my own path until I get into so much trouble that I cry out saying, Lord, what did I do wrong? And then He tells me what I did wrong. He wants me to ask because, if I don't ask, I'm going in my own strength. 

Let me clarify this. I have a few toes into the mind of Christ, but honestly don't know how deep I’m really in.  What I’m trying to say, is that you do reach a point where you ask, and you ask, and you ask and, eventually, some reactions start arising automatically.

I'm in that place in Christ right now where I frequently think and react out of His mind automatically, because I'm already plugged into Him when the problem arises. I  can't tell you how I do it, all I can say is that, under certain circumstances, I've had overcoming experiences which have resulted from my automatic reactions being out of Christ Jesus.

This is what we're striving for, then -- that, without thinking, our reactions should be Christ Jesus. We still need help in doing the right thing if we have to stop and think, because that means our gut reaction is  carnal.

We're in training right now to make our gut reaction whatever Christ Jesus’ would be.  This is the true conversion into Christ Jesus,  but it's not happening all at once.  Right now my gut reaction is still carnal in some areas, but I praise God that I can distinguish between Christ Jesus and my  carnal mind, and pray for deliverance.

Earlier this evening you witnessed a gut reaction which arose out of an ungodly soul tie. Under such circumstances, we have to humble ourselves, admit that we’ve made a mistake, and ask God to help us. Then, when we find ourselves in the same circumstances in the future, Lord willing, our gut reaction will be Christ Jesus. 

There's no law against love, so when our gut reaction is Christ Jesus, there's never any need to repent, confess our sins, or do anything over again. The testing is very severe, but the end of it is a gut reaction which is God's reaction in us. 

In emergencies we don't have time to think, so we're being trained to default to Christ Jesus --  our automatic thoughts, our automatic solution to the problem, our automatic reaction in the crisis, should be the reaction of Christ Jesus.  Eventually, there will be no correction to make to our reactions, and when that happens in every area of our life, we'll be in full stature. 

So, our author says, God knows your need even before you ask, but my Bible says, you have not because you ask not. Of course God knows our need before we ask. But this teaching, that when you get into the Kingdom of God you shouldn't pray because God knows what you need, is completely denying the needy condition we’re in AS WE ASCEND.

Every promise in the Bible isn’t for every individual at every moment of his life.  Each promise must be clearly scrutinized to determine who that promise is for, and at which point of his life it’s to be implemented. 

I'm suggesting to you that this promise that you won't need to pray is fulfilled in our glorified state. Now, if you lay hold of a promise that's for someone in a glorified state when you're not even in full stature, you're going to be disappointed. And if you're without understanding, you'll be going around saying that the Bible is a lie. 

Every promise in the Scripture isn’t for every believer at every stage of his development. Some promises are to the babies, some promises are to the elders, some promises are to the priests.  Now, if you go all the way, that is, if you experience all three stages of resurrection, all of the promises are yours, but not at every stage of your life. 

Our author goes on to talk about all the prayers which aren't answered, claiming the reason is that God doesn't answer prayer.  You see, one step in the wrong direction, and you're way out in left field.  First he's saying you don't need to pray, and then he's saying you shouldn’t pray because God doesn't answer you anyway!  I think that one of the examples he cites is that war is still being waged in the world. 

Brethren, God is an eternal God. He’s promised us peace in this world, but He never said He would bring it to pass in two years.  He never said He would do it in two hundred years, and He never said He would do it in two thousand years. But He DID say He would do it. So, if you pray for peace and there is no peace, it doesn't mean that God hasn't answered your prayers.  It just means He hasn't answered your prayers as of today. 

And why wouldn't God answer your prayers today? Because God has an overall plan for the salvation of humanity. Perhaps you have to wait five years to have your particular prayer answered. The Lord Jesus promised to heal my body when I was reconciled to Him, but I had to wait thirteen or fourteen years for the actual deliverance, because my infirmity was part of His plan to develop Christ Jesus in me.

We must determine whether or not our prayer is righteous. If we're praying a truly righteous prayer and God doesn't answer  right away, we must draw the conclusion that the delay is part of His  long range plan for our life.

God is righteous and we're not. God knows all the answers about what's best for us, and we don't. So we see a high manifestation of pride here  saying, you shouldn't pray because God doesn't answer prayer anyway.

God has answered many of my prayers, but some that I prayed years ago haven't been answered yet. 

I expect that He'll answer this one though, that I overcome the trial that I'm going through right now. He'll answer it! He'll answer it by giving me overcoming power, and I'll overcome. No matter how many times I'm cast down, I'll try, and take the victory, again and again. Why? Because I'm an over­comer. What makes me an over­comer? Christ Jesus is in me.  Glory to God! However, we don't all have this conviction. 

Before we have any notion to ask Him or command Him what to do through our prayer or petition attempting to activate God, remember this lesson.  The mind isn’t created to activate the divine will and substantiating power of Almighty God.

I don't agree with that. The mind isn’t created, but to say that the mind isn’t created for a specific, stated purpose, is to say that the mind is created for some purpose. Now, if Christ Jesus, the Son of God, is the mind of God, to say that the mind is created, is to say that Christ is created. Listen to this hidden blasphemy and tell me if it isn’t a Jehovah Only spirit.  The spirit that says the mind is created, is the same spirit that’s on the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Do you hear me?  Remember the mind of God is Christ Jesus. So, listen to the subtlety here which is saying that Christ Jesus is created. 

The mind is born, not created.  There's a difference between born and created. The Jehovah’s Witnesses say that Jesus Christ was created, but I say that the mind is born. The mind of God is that same eternal Spirit of God, born into a different form -- the mind of man. Christ Jesus, the offspring/Son of God, is an extension of God, and God always was. The Kingdom of God, then, which is the mind of Christ, is born of God. 

The carnal mind is not created either, but is born of the Serpent, who was created.   God says, I created the evil. The carnal mind, then, is born, but not of the eternal Spirit.

The mind isn’t created to activate the divine will.

I don't know about that. Jesus said, I only say and do what my Father says and does. The Scripture seems to contradict our author, saying that the mind of Christ Jesus IS born with the specific purpose of activating and manifesting the will of the Father.

Brethren, we have an antichrist spirit here which is manifesting as a Jehovah Only spirit. It's the same spirit that's on the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the natural Jew today. They're denying the one person, or the one thing, that can truly offer them salvation.  Spirit alone can't save you. How do I Know that? Did it save Israel?  The Spirit of Christ was upon Israel, but it couldn't save him. 

Salvation is in the Son, brethren. They shall be saved in childbearing. You must have the Son to be saved. So, every doctrine which denies the Son, denies salvation. 

Jesus said, if you deny me, I'll deny you before my Father.

That sure sounds like a vindictive statement. I haven’t looked it up in the Greek, but I suggest to you that Jesus is saying, that if you deny the need for the Christ to be born in you, you’ll be denied salvation, because Spirit alone can't save you. Salvation is in the form of a new mind being born out of your dead human spirit.  Only the mind of the Son born in your soul, can save you.  Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man -- that mind of God which is born in man -- can save you. The only saving access to the Father is the Son, which is the mind of God in man. You must have the Son! 

What about the renewing of your mind, you say? The Scripture speaks about the renewing of your mind.  The way the Greek is translated makes it sound like your carnal mind is going to be rebuilt, or recreated but, actually, your carnal mind is going to be reborn.

The carnal mind is made up of three parts, and the human spirit joined to Satan, is the unconscious part of it. The whole carnal mind must be broken down before the human spirit can be freed from Satan, joined to the Lord Jesus Christ and increase into Christ Jesus. It's really the spirit of our mind that’s being renewed, or reborn. That's really the truth. It would be more accurate to say the  renewal of the spirit of your mind. That's correct. Amen.

By acknowledging this truth

 . . . .

. . . . what truth?

. . . . that the mind isn’t created to activate the divine will, we at least remain in an honest heart toward the principle of the name of I Am.

Whatever that means. However, we don’t all have this conviction, but most of us have been so accustomed to judge everything by its outer appearance.

It’s true, that most of us have been misled to believe that  [everything] we see, hear, taste or touch is the creation and activity of God or I.

He's saying, I am god.  That's not the truth, but we do agree that this physical, visible world isn’t the true creation of God.

The true creation is in the Spirit. This world is an illusion which is the activity of the mortal mind.

He’s talking about a mortal mind here.  As I said, I haven't read all the way through this book, so I may have to eat crow before this series is over, but I did read a few pages ahead, and I haven't seen any acknowledgment of an immortal mind.  What he's probably saying, is that the mind is mortal and the spirit immortal. He doesn’t seem to understand that THERE ARE TWO MINDS, ONE MORTAL AND THE OTHER  IMMORTAL, NEITHER OF WHICH WOULD EXIST IF CHRIST WASN’T ONE OF THE THREE THREADS FROM WHICH A MIND IS WOVEN

That mind which is born of the spirit, you see, is spirit.  Jesus didn't make it clear.  He didn't say the mind, which is born of the spirit is spirit, and the mind, which is born of the flesh is flesh.  Jesus spoke in a parable. You have to know what He’s talking about to understand the parable. 

He says that the activity of the mortal mind is void, that means empty or without spiritual understanding, because of its conviction that there’s an evil presence called the Devil. 

Now he says, the mortal mind is convinced that there is an evil presence called the Devil, or mortal mind, functioning as an opposing power to our well being and prosperity.

Our author is calling the mortal mind the Devil, and that's true.

The activity of the mortal mind is void of spiritual understanding and, because of its conviction that there is an evil presence called the Devil, or the mortal mind functioning as  an opposing power to our well being and prosperity,  as long as there remains a belief in this illusory world of shadows, there is a constant conflict and warfare with what is believed to be opposing powers to our welfare.

He's saying that all the demonic activity, the Devil, the demons, and all that stuff, is only real if you believe it. I wish it were that simple. I remember a man who had a great fear of disease, so he decided to deny disease. Someone knocked on his door at that time, collecting for cancer care, and the man in denial said, I'm sorry, I don't believe in cancer, and closed the door. 

I agree with our author that the Devil, all of the shadows and the constant conflict and warfare of opposing powers, are down here in this mortal mind, but I also believe that the problems associated with duality will continue to plague humanity until this mortality [carnal mind] is swallowed up by the [immortal] life which is the mind of Christ Jesus.


Now brethren, if this is true, Christ Jesus can’t swallow up death until He’s born in you.  There’s no deliverance from the death of this visible, physical world  until the Deliverer is born in you!  The crucial element that’s missing from the Jehovah Only teaching, is the denial of the Saviour.

I looked a few pages ahead, and in another place our author says that spirit can’t wage war against mind. That's true.  That's why we need the mind of God to wage war against the carnal mind. The Spirit of God isn’t killing the carnal mind, but the very mind of the Son of God is. Glory to God! 

However, not until we realize that there is only God functioning as the only presence and activity, do we experience life.

Well, that's true, BUT IT’S NOT A QUESTION OF RECOGNIZING IT. True life isn’t even in full stature. The fullness of true life is in glorification, that is, full birth into the visible, spiritual world, where we don’t need this body. 

I'm sorry, Brother, but that's not true for fallen man.  You see, that's how it was at the beginning of time. The Serpent existed, but was totally dependant upon the Kingdom of God, that is, the mind of the creation, which had her bound up and in servitude. 

That mind of Christ which was formed in the living creature before the Fall put the Serpent in chains, and she was in total submission to Him when God said in parable form to the man whose mind was Christ, keep the garden.

The Hebrew word translated keep, is a military word.  Keep the garden from being infiltrated, keep it from being penetrated, protect it from that spiritual weed, the carnal mind, growing up in it! 

The Serpent was completely bound up and, for all intents and purposes, there was nothing but God. But the man fell under the power of sin, and the Serpent got out from under righteous Adam’s authority, and the Dragon killed the mind of Christ, and the single world of righteousness fell out into a dual world of good and evil. 

My Bible speaks about the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Where do they get this stuff from?  There’s a Tree of Life and there’s a Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. What do you mean, there’s only God?  It's not true! 

Once again, looking at this situation from the perspective of  someone who’s already glorified, it’s true. It’s true for the Lord Jesus Christ. There was only God in the man, Jesus, because the Evil of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, was completely subdued and under the authority of Christ Jesus, Jehovah’s completed mind, who is greater than the immature Christ mind which appeared in the garden.

The Serpent was completely swallowed up by Christ Jesus in the man Jesus of Nazareth.

It’s true that there’s only God for the man, Jesus of Nazareth, who is now glorified, but it’s not true for me. I’m not imagining what I’m going through these days.  I'm not imagining the pain in my heart, or the conflict that I’m trying to overcome. It's real for me, because I’m fallen.

Right identification is going to fallen men who are desperately in need of help, telling them, hey Buddy, it’s all in your mind. Just identify with Christ, just know who you are, and you're going to wake up from this bad dream and all your problems will be gone. 

What an abomination!  It's a denial to God's people of their heritage, the help which is in Christ Jesus. It’s wicked! It’s wicked!  Jesus! It’s like saying to a six month old baby, why aren't you working? It’s your imagination that you can't walk, it’s your imagination that you can't talk, it’s your imagination that you can't dial the telephone or get on a bus by yourself -- so, I’m not going to take care of you. 

That's what right identification is saying.  I'm telling you, it’s blasphemy.  There’s death in this message. There’s death in this pot.

I want to clarify what I just said. This doctrine is true -- if you're glorified.  What makes it a lie is that our author is taking a high spiritual truth and pulling it down into this visible, physical world, where it has no power.  Can everybody hear what I’m saying? 

The danger of right identification is that there's a thread of truth in what our author is saying, but he’s applying it to the wrong time, season, people and conditions, and that which is ordained to life,  becomes death to the people who are being fed this error. 

 Jesus warns that the Pharisees won’t enter into the Kingdom themselves, and also hinder the people from going in. They’re making disciples of hell. 

 There’s no need to confess your sins according to this message, because the condition in which you're born entitles you to enter into the Kingdom of God.  Right identification is saying that there isn’t anything to overcome, there isn’t anything to confess, there isn’t anything to repent of. It's real easy to ascend, because sin and judgment are just  the product of a spiritually immature mind. 

Now listen to this.  Only God functioning as the only presence and activity, when we recognize this, only then do we experience true life. 

What our author is saying is correct. We experience true life when God is our only reality, but we can't believe ourselves into that condition. We have to grow into it.  We don’t come out of the womb and become a full grown man overnight. We've got to get there. It’s a process. What happened to the process?  Where’s the instruction while we're growing up? Where’s the encouragement while we're growing up? Where’s the strength while we're growing up? Where’s the food while we're growing up? Where’s the milk while we're growing up? Where’s the training while we're growing up? How are we going to grow up without these things? It makes no sense at all.

Many years ago, hearing the beginning strains of this message was difficult for me, because I respected the men who were teaching a doctrine that just didn't make any sense at all.

 I prayed, and I prayed, and I prayed, but no matter how hard I tried, it grieved my spirit. I thought there was something wrong with me, so I cried, and moaned, and groaned, but I just couldn't receive it. My heart hurt me so badly, I couldn't bear it until, finally, God told me to just let it go.

I didn't understand at that time, that God was bringing forth the truth upon which this deception is based, and that He was bringing it forth in me. 

It’s only in this condition that we experience true life without having to struggle against powers and principalities of evil, which we believe exist. 

At this stage of our spiritual development, they are a reality.

We remain to be in constant conflict with this imaginary foe called Satan, which in the final analysis is the illusionary mythological form of our own dual sense of life.

I don't believe that Satan is an illusion. I think Satan is real. I believe this world is an illusion, but the author of this world, also known as the author of confusion, is not an illusion. This world is in the image of a real being, the Serpent. 

Neither do I believe that Satan is a myth which has resulted from our own dual sense of life. I believe that this visible, physical world is an image which is being projected by Leviathan, the Serpent’s completed mind, and that  our dual life will be a reality for fallen man for so long as he is subjected to it -- however temporary that might be. 

It’s true that the Scripture teaches that our duality arose when Adam went to sleep. One might say, then, that this entire existence is a dream, a bad dream. How about a nightmare? I'll take nightmare. I'll vote for nightmare. But the catch is that it’s the nightmare of a superior being, not of a fallen individual down here in hell.

I have no problem believing that this existence is the dream world of a superior being, but the creation was on a much higher spiritual plane when Adam died than it’s on now. Humanity fell down into Adam’s dream world because of sin, and this dream world is a reality for everyone existing in it. We’re all experiencing this dream existence IN ADAM!

I’ve told you how much God has taught me from Star Trek.  I was severely persecuted for watching Star Trek in the church that I was raised up in. I was report­ed to the pastor, and became the subject of gossip and some hysteria.  Someone, who tried to deliver me without my permission,  started breaking curses over my eyes for watching the program, but I want to tell you that God taught me many spiritual principles on the bridge of the Enterprise. I would watch the episode and He would say,  that's the witchcraft aspect of it, but I’ll show you the truth. 

Illusion is one of the spiritual principles demonstrated in the Star Trek series. Have you ever seen Captain Kirk caught in an illusion which was projected by a superior mind? What comes to my memory right now, is a medieval jousting match in which, all of a sudden, a costume appears on Captain Kirk, and he’s on horseback with a long lance, armor and helmet, jousting with a knight in shining armour.

Captain Kirk didn't want to be in this illusion, but a mind greater than his put him there, and the lance was real. Captain Kirk didn’t die from this illusion, but some of his men died from the circumstances which they found themselves projected into by that same strong mind. 

Brother, I’ve been forced into this illusion, and I can be killed down here.  Don't tell me that it’s my imagination!  I agree that it’s a dual illusion, and that it’s only for a season, but this body that I’m in can feel pain down here! God help us. 

Do you know what trying to preach this message is like? It's like going to some very primitive part of the world which has no electric power or modern knowledge, and handing them dollar bills.  They would probably try to cook them. 

What’s the practical deliverance from this message?  Brethren, it’s death. 

There’s only one thing that could keep you in a message like this. Does anybody know what that is? We have one vote for deception, another vote for major bondage, another vote for fear. 

Pride is keeping you in this message, brethren, it’s the pride of your own mind which refuses to believe that you're fallen, that you sin, that you need to repent, and that you’re not god from birth.  The prophets say that if you're deceived, you're deceived by the pride of your own mind.  Jesus!

The Adamic man, in his struggle for survival, created all sorts of gods.  Adam created these images in his mind.  Now the Adamic man struggled for survival.  He created all sorts of gods. 

This is talking about primitive man and idols of wood and stone.

 That's true. 

Through creating these images in his mind, he tried to protect himself from the fear of evil forces which he thought existed in the unknown. 

That's true of primitive man.

Man, from the beginning began to offer sacrifices to these gods and especially appointed priests to do the praying for them.

Our author is getting into his anti­prayer teaching here.

All religions today seem to have the common belief that God can be prayed to, either to forgive our sin when we feel guilty, or for protection against what we think is our enemy.  

Check this out, what we think is our enemy.  My Bible says your enemy, brethren, the Devil, seeketh to destroy your soul. And he goes about like a roaring lion to see what he can steal. Brethren, read your Bible.  We have an enemy.  His name is the Devil. Our author is talking about not praying for protection, or to have our sins forgiven.

However, I believe this to be a waste of time, for our prayer to God for provision and the things we think we need in this life isn’t even heard by the Almighty.

What amazes me is that someone who listens to our messages sent me this book because he thinks we're preaching the same message.  Jesus!

Our prayers are not even heard by the Almighty.  God have mercy!

However, if we would be honest, we would recognize that all our prayer for peace has not produced one ounce of peace.

I disagree with that. My prayer for peace may not have produced peace in this world, but  it’s produced peace in my life, in my home, and in the ministry God has given me charge over. Brethren, there are all different kinds of peace.  There’s peace in your local government, and there’s peace in your national government. What do you mean by peace?  We've got to break this stuff down.

. . . . has not produced one ounce of peace.  But instead of peace and good will towards man, we have seen more and more war, destruction, poverty and famine.  Why?  The Bible teaches that if we don’t have results in prayer, we're praying amiss.  However, that revelation would be a hard pill to swallow for most religious folks. 

He’s saying that it’s hard to believe that praying for peace is praying amiss. Well, that's true.  I have a problem believing that praying for peace is praying amiss, except, when I  know in my heart that judgment from God is falling in the form of war.

Brethren, I see judgment falling all over this country and the world today, and a lot of ministries praying for deliverance, but my only prayer is, have mercy on those upon whom you choose to have mercy. 

What you don't understand in your ignorance, Brother, is that when you pray for peace, God reigns down judgment. And the end of the judgment is peace. So before you have the peace, you have to have the war. It's like saying the way up is down.  You have to understand the ways of God.  You pray for peace, God sends Jesus. You pray for peace, God is raising up the Sons of God. It’s just not happening overnight.

It's true that wars are raging, but that doesn’t mean that God isn’t answering your prayer. It just means that it’s taking longer than you can understand for Him to do it, and that you don't have the faith to wait, but have drawn the conclusion that the Living God doesn’t answer prayer.

 My Bible says, command ye me.  Now that doesn't mean you should ask for a Cadillac.  He’s not likely to answer that one, but He’ll bring deliverance in your personal life, and if your prayers are righteous, they’ll affect the world in due season. Prayers can affect individual  lives, but a glo­bal change only comes in the appointed time and season. 

It’s not my intention to offend this man, but this doctrine is just gross ignorance of the ways and  principles of God.

We all believe that our petitions for peace and well being are heard of God, but that, beloved. isn’t so.  We have, therefore, no choice.  We must not remain . . . . in our ignorance of truth, but must humble ourselves and see our folly and return to the Father's house to come in conscious union with The God and Father of our Lord Jesus, the source of all life.

Look at how they’re by-passing Jesus. 

We must come in conscious union with God the Father, that is, there’s no need for Christ Jesus, the mediator. 

They acknowledge the Father of the Lord Jesus Christ, but there’s no talk of union with Christ Jesus, the Son. 

To come in conscious union with the God and Father of our Lord Jesus.

The source of all life, health and prosperity. 

It's a Jehovah Only spirit, brethren. This is an antichrist message.

In our church life, prayer has always been a product of debate for we were never sure whether our prayers were heard by God. 

Didn't Jesus say, pray, believing that God hears your prayers? It’s called faith.



We pray never sure whether our prayers were heard by God, so we selected priests known as the clergy to do our praying for us, hoping that they would do better to fulfill our prayer requests.  But that also was to no avail. 

Our author is saying that there’s no need for a five-fold ministry, because every believer has equal access to God.  

I had intended to talk to you about this and forgot, but apparently God wants you to hear it. 

I received a newsletter in the mail a couple of days ago which made me very sad. I had a sad day. First of all I received a letter from someone who has been studying with us for awhile. God was doing great things with her, but she’s gone New Age. We had sent her some messages and enclosed a note asking her to let us know if she was still listening.  She sent back a lovely, very excited, letter telling me that she’s rarely listening to the messages anymore, but  is channeling into her higher self, and enclosed a piece of stationary describing the New Age ministry which she’s now a part of. Then this deep sadness came over me. 

That same day I received a newsletter from an international Kingdom  writer whom I've always had a lot of respect for. I was very sad to read this newsletter because it was in agreement with the deception that’s been in the Church for a while now, which says that every believer has equal access to the Father and, there is, therefore, no need for live teachers, preachers, prophets, apostles and evangelists.

Brethren, this isn’t true. Everyone isn’t at the same stage of maturity. My Bible says that when you’ve been strengthened, you should lift up your brother. When you’ve been converted, you should help those who are lost. Let the elder help the younger, let the strong help the weak. 

We’re all growing up from seed, but this teaching says, stay home and read my  newsletter which leaves you at a safe distance from any human minister. Just read my newsletter and listen to my messages, and get everything you need from some spirit. 

Brethren, he who confesses not that Christ has come in the flesh is antichrist. Christ is in the flesh. Now, of course, you have your own relationship with the Lord, your prayer life and His instruction, but 100% of your education doesn’t come from Christ in you.

Christ has a ministry. There are some things you need to be taught. There are some things you need to have explained to you.  There are some things you need to have pointed out to you. That's how God has set up the Church.  It's not true that you're getting everything directly from God, so stay home, get messages and newsletters by mail, and have no contact with any form of eldership or group whereby you might have to overcome a conflict with a brother or sister. Just stay hidden in your house. Experience no trouble or pain, and you’ll still automatically ascend. It's a lie which is widespread in the Church.

I corrected a woman for disorderly conduct about a month ago.  She was offended and left the meeting saying, it's just me and God. Many saints today believe that ministers have no authority to correct their behavior or point out error in their thinking. They believe, that unless there’s a man in full stature,  Christ in them is their only authority. 

This is not true, brethren. Christ is not equally mature in all believers, neither is He doing the same thing, at the same time, in all believers, and He does have a five-fold ministry called the Two-Witness Company, which is appointed to show the Church their sins. A lot of people have told me, it's just me and God. They’ll find out how  mistaken they are when Christ Jesus appears in full stature and exposes their rebellion and pride.

Brethren, God is in the flesh of the body of Christ. He’s in the flesh of the five-fold ministry.  You have to be able to get along with the other saints. I don't care how rotten they are. You have to learn how to deal with them in Christ. I know that the body of Christ is filled with sin. None of us is perfect, but we must learn to deal with people's problems in Christ, because God uses other believers to expose our own problems. 

We need elders to help us see the ungodly behavior and incorrect  thinking that we’re blinded to.  If you don't need an elder, then you won't have one because you'll be an elder. I don't believe anyone is sitting on their duff in God's Kingdom. Either you're an elder and you have people under you, or you're under somebody, because if you're so mature that you don't need an elder over you, you're very valuable in the Kingdom.  There are people who need you.  There are baby Christians who need you. There are teenage Christians who need you. So, if you're just sitting home reading books and listening to messages, something’s wrong in your life.  

This teaching has been going through the Church for years now, but I never heard it from this writer before. I was very sad to read it. 

There were about two pages out of a ten page newsletter saying that some ministries are valid, but the rest of the newsletter spoke against the local fellowship. He specifically came against people changing their geographical location.

Now, brethren, everybody doesn't have the same measure of the Spirit of Revelation, and some people don't understand what God is revealing to them. Brethren, there are teachers in the body of Christ. If you're moving into the deep things of God, and the Lord tells you to move -- now God has to tell you to do it -- you move. If He tells you to do it, and makes a way for you to move so that you can partake of a fellowship which is moving on into Christ, what’s wrong with that? No, just stay home by yourself, and read my newsletter, and listen to messages and don't get involved. Don't have any human experience.

Brethren, there’s no overcoming experience in sitting home on your duff and reading and listening to messages, because everything we have to overcome is in the mind.  I don't have to overcome this table.  I don't have to overcome your shoes. We all have to overcome our own carnal mind and the evil in other carnal minds, by responding to every manifestation with the  mind of Christ. There’s no growth in isolation, brethren. It’s death.

I was very sad to read this newsletter. I do believe, brethren, that  existing ministries which have done great works for the Kingdom of God are either moving into the new anointing, or are spiraling backwards. It’s happening before our very eyes. And how do you spiral backwards? Someone just said you go into New Age. How do you spiral backwards? You  don't necessarily lose your newsletter, you lose the anointing. 

I’m not saying this man has lost the anointing, I’m not saying that at all. I'm off of him now, and talking in general principle.  How do you spiral backwards? You lose the anointing. We have churches all over this country, all over this world, beautiful physical buildings, that are tombs.  They’re filled with death. There isn’t anything of God in them, but every Sunday they fill up with people who put all kinds of money into the offering. 

The fact that you still have a following doesn’t mean that you still have the anointing. Why? Because most Christians can't tell when the anointing departs. The average Christian can’t tell. They just keep going straight. What does that mean? It means that they’re under the law. I was just talking about that to someone tonight. 

You follow a rule until, one day, a circumstance arises which opposes that rule, and then you realize that it’s time to grow up and decide whether you're going to remain under the law, or start to follow Christ Jesus. 

There was a man who had a very anointed Church. Five years after the Spirit of God left it someone said to me, he’s the prophet called to Long Island.  I said to them, what are you talking about? He was the prophet that God called to Long Island fifteen years ago, but the anointing left his Church.  He wouldn't do what God told him to do, so God raised up a new prophet on Long Island. I don't doubt for a second that God told you he was the prophet called to Long Island, but are you going to follow that man right into the ditch because of what God told you fifteen years ago?

The law will kill you, brethren, if  Christ isn’t  a thinking,  reasoning, manifestation of God in your mind and heart. There’s death in the law. God is a river that takes a lot of turns. If God zigs and you zag, you're going to be shipwrecked, and the only time you're going to zig when He zigs and zag when He zags, is when Christ Jesus is the God in the midst of you.

You're going into the ditch when Christ Jesus is the God in the midst of me, and you're going into the ditch when He’s the God that’s in the midst of your pastor.  He has to be God in the midst of you. Follow me as I follow Christ Jesus. They’re falling like flies, brethren. They’re falling like flies.

This whole exhortation which just came out, that I was supposed to give at the beginning of the meeting but didn't, was to point out to you that there are some people with heavier anointings than others. You have to pray this thing through. If your own anointing isn’t mature enough to satisfy your need, your prayer will lead you to someone who is mature enough to pray for the miracle that God wants you to have. Everybody doesn’t have the same anointing. 

A whole church prayed for six months for someone who’s attending our meetings, and he wound up here. Some believers don't understand that when they pray for someone and that person leaves the church, it doesn’t mean their prayers weren’t answered. That person might have needed something that was in another church. The intercessors’ good intentions literally prayed that man right out of their own church.

Every Church doesn't have everything. The balance is across the body of Christ, brethren. When you pray for someone with an honest heart, they might be taken out of your life, out of your church, out of your job, or out of the state.  If you're truly praying for God's will in their life, they could wind up anywhere. 

Let's get back to this book. Our author is speaking sarcastically about priests. You don't have to be a member of the five-fold ministry to pray powerful prayers. There are some very anointed people who are not formal ministers, but have either a gift of healing or deliverance, or some other expression of Christ Jesus manifesting through them.  They just don't have a formal ministry yet. 

It’s a lie that everybody’s  the same. There are intercessors and believers with spiritual strengths that others don't have. You need to know the way God works, because it’s possible that He’s answering your prayers by sending you to another believer. If you have so much pride that you think that you don't need anyone else to pray for you -- that your own prayers are all you need -- your prayer may not be answered.

You can’t manipulate God. If He makes a judgment that your anointing isn't strong enough to produce the miracle that you need, and you refuse to go to the person He sends you to, you’re not likely to get your miracle. God will let you lose your miracle, if you’re too proud to get it from the person He’s assigned you to. In that event, some ignorant people go around blaspheming God, saying, He didn't answer my prayer.

By the way, the man who wrote this newsletter did accurately quote some ungodly situations. There’s a lot of witchcraft in the Church, brethren, but you have to go somewhere. Lord willing, if the prayer in your heart is honest, you’ll find a God-called ministry and the Lord will deal with the errors.

Nothing is perfect in this hour, but God will use the imperfections in the Church to mold and mature you.  You should be looking for overall growth in a church, brethren. Are you growing? Have you learned anything? Have you matured? 

If the answer is yes, when you see something that isn’t right, or that you think isn’t right, put it before the Lord, acknowledging that you may be wrong, and be open to correction wherever He deems it necessary. 

Put  your petition before Him, and leave it there, because lots of times He won’t correct the problem right away. Why? There are two potential reasons. He may be dealing with the minister in a way that you can’t understand -- if the problem is the minister. Perhaps the minister has already confessed  his sin, but hasn’t been delivered yet. God isn’t going to rain down judgment on someone who’s confessing their sins and repenting, but will support that person, because he’s working on the problem. 

We must suffer long with each other, brethren, because long suffering supports those who know there’s a problem, but haven't overcome yet.

God knows the true condition of a minister’s heart, but you don’t. So, if you're a disciple in the congregation, and you've made a mistake, the Lord may not correct you the next day. He might take two years. Why? Because He wants to torture you? No, because, you might not be mature enough to fully understand the problem at the time that you make the complaint.

It’s my personal experience that, under such circumstances, the Lord has never said to me, Sheila, you're not mature enough to understand, but  when you grow up, you'll understand. He just doesn't answer. Then, two or three years later, as I mature, I have experiences which bring my prayer back to memory, and He explains everything that I didn't understand earlier.

So, what am I saying to you?  Make your petition unto the Lord with a heart that’s open for correction wherever it’s necessary -- not pre-judging yourself right and the other wrong -- but humbly acknowledging that you perceive a problem, and then letting it go. 

Put it in God's hands, and live your life practicing the principles of God, loving one another, submitting to one another, forgiving one another, suffering long with one another, and openly and honestly communicating with one another. 

The Scriptures say, if you have a problem, go to your brother. So try believing that God, who doeth all things well, will bring a righteous solution to the problem in due season.

Our author goes on to say,

The futile attempts by priests to exercise mind power through the rituals that the modern Church calls prayer today, is a hoax.  Through this false idea we try to influence God and form the belief in the world that we could pray to God to overcome the evil forces we encounter.  Through this false idea, we try to influence God to help us to overcome evil. 

My Bible says, don't be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good. Influence God?  No! Invoke God?  Yes!

It’s really important that we understand the English language, especially when we're dealing with an issue like this. Look up the word influence in your dictionary. What does the word influence mean? Can we influence God? The word influence suggests that God isn’t interested in doing anything, but is persuaded, despite His annoyance, when we become insistent.

 No, brethren, we can’t influence God, but we may be able to invoke His Spirit.

What does invoke mean?  Invoke means to call down the power of. God is righteous, holy, and the defender of the widow and the orphan. He’s the God who says, if you rob a widow and she cries out to me, the judgment is death. Abuse of a widow is taking the food out the mouths of orphans.

In some societies where as much as 99% of the material wealth is in the hands of the men,  the lack of a father labels you an orphan, even if you have a mother. So the Scripture says, invoke the power of a righteous holy God, whose law is written in the heavens. If you abuse an orphan or a widow [and she cries out to Him], the judgment is death. 

Do you remember what I said earlier? We default to the carnal mind. We have access to the mind of Christ, but to lay hold of it, to get the benefits out of it, we must access it. How do we access the mind of Christ? We cry out to God, and He executes the law which was written from the founding of the world. Does anyone not understand the difference between influence and invoke?

There’s a world of difference. We don’t influence God. Jesus!  Hopefully, we’ll stir Him up, or invoke him, to do what’s already written. The word influence implies making somebody do something that they really didn't particularly think of before you came along and gave them the idea.

Even though this conviction became the subconscious norm of worship in most churches, it did not bring results.  By thinking that words or thoughts of prayer could influence God, we prayed amiss.  For this belief, beloved, is still proof that the Church as a whole is still in gross ignorance of God and His nature.

He’s saying that, thinking that words or thoughts of prayer could influence God, we prayed amiss.

This belief, beloved, is still proof that the Church as a whole is in ignorance of God and His nature.  The image of a rewarding or punishing God was formed in the mind so strongly that it became a universal acceptance and it is still believed in the modern Church that God would fight our battles providing we would pray and sacrifice.

He’s saying that God doesn't fight our battles. God fights our battles, brethren, but He fights  with righteous thinking and by granting us favor with powerful, influential people, in the spirit world which is in the mind. We have to start thinking, talking, and doing because, if we stand passively by like infants, we’re hindering the warfare He’s waging through us.

The Christian God is, therefore, like the Hebrew God who they believed would favor the Hebrew people and defeat the enemies they encountered.  However, these blessings of provision and protection were all subject to what they did in their worship.  Even Abraham believed that God required the sacrifice of his son, Isaac.

That sounds terrible. Abraham believed that God required the sacrifice of his son, Isaac.  That God, beloved, isn’t the God of Jesus, but a belief in a God of reward and punishment.

Brethren, Abraham thought that God wanted him to sacrifice his son, Isaac, because he had a revelation that God's Son would be sacrificed and raised from the dead. His carnal mind made the mistake of thinking that Isaac was that son, but the Lord wouldn’t receive Abraham’s erroneous sacrifice, and spared Isaac’s life.

 A belief in a God of reward and punishment. 

The Lord Jesus Christ is a God of reward and punishment, but the discipline is always designed to bring you to a higher place in the Spirit. Punishment is necessarily corrective, because  every problem in our life arises out of sin which comes from wrong thinking. He’s a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him, and the reward that He gives is Himself and His sinless mind. Jesus!

 We must first of all realize that God isn’t mind, but Spirit.  And Spirit is not a power over evil.

Do you hear this? Spirit is not a power over evil. Now, brethren, check this out. Do you remember my teaching about the Holy Spirit versus Christ? The Holy Spirit is curative, not defensive. What our author is saying is true. The Holy Spirit is Spirit, and  not -- let me use his exact words here -- not a power over evil. You get the disease and the Holy Spirit cures you. You get the demon and He casts it out. You lose your job and He gets you another one. You get hurt and He heals you. He’s curative, but not a power over evil.

But what about Christ Jesus? The mind of Christ Jesus has  power over evil. Our author is completely denying the Son. 

Is anybody not following me?

We must first of all realize that God isn’t mind.

Neither Jehovah nor the Lord Jesus Christ is a mind. The two are one Spirit which is appearing in the earth today as the Holy Spirit, and Spirit’s not a power over evil.

 What does that mean? Spirit fights spirit, brethren, and flesh fights flesh. Evil is in the flesh and Spirit will not fight flesh, but mind, which is the offspring of spirit and flesh, fights flesh.  Christ Jesus is the only mediator between God and man, because His Father is God and His mother is the human spirit which is a part of the soul (Gen. 3:20).  The mind of Christ Jesus which is being born again in the human spirits of fallen men which have been penetrated by the Holy Spirit, fights flesh. 

Who’s our enemy brethren? Our enemy is the carnal mind, but the Holy Spirit doesn’t fight the carnal mind. The Holy Spirit fights our enemies passively, by giving us favor with men or stirring up someone to help us, but the mind of Christ Jesus fights the carnal mind.

Believers who have only the Holy Spirit don’t go under judgment, because all judgment is given over to the Son, whose mind is fully equipped to fight their carnal minds.  Jesus, help us!

We must first of all realize that God isn’t mind, but Spirit, and Spirit is not a power over evil.

That's true.

Spirit will not fight our enemies.

I think that’s largely true.  For God or I . . . . He’s saying, I am god, isn’t conscious of evil.  I don't know about that.

God says that He created evil.  He isn’t conscious of evil. I'm not sure what he means by that. 

Neither can God behold iniquity and is, therefore, totally unaware of what is going on in Adam's dream world.

I don't believe that God isn’t conscious of evil. God is aware of everything, because everything exists within Him..

Neither can God behold or look at iniquity, which is the carnal mind.

That's not true either. He certainly does behold iniquity, because His eyes travel all over the earth. God sees him very clearly. 

And is therefore totally unaware of what is going on in Adam's dream world? 

My Bible says, if you ascend up into heaven, I’m there. If you go down into hell, I’m there -- and hell is Adam's dream world.

What kind of a message is this? 

So then, the object of our search and goal is to find the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, meaning to be rightly related to the I Am. 

He’s saying that the Holy Spirit won't fight our enemies, and neither does he acknowledge Christ Jesus as the Warrior.

And He’s unaware of what is going on down here in Adam's dream world of hell.

God help us!  What a lie!        So then the object of our search and goal is to find the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, meaning to be rightly related to the I Am.

He’s saying, that since God isn't going to help us or defend us, we’d better get rightly related to Him, because our only help and safety, will come from clinging to His coat tails. 

There’s a truth in that. We should want to cling to God's coat tails, but what our author is really saying, is that we have to get inside of Him because there’s no help outside of Him, and that's not true.

Our ultimate help is to get inside of Christ, because He is the eye of the storm, the place where there is perfect peace while destruction rages all around. So, ultimately, our goal is to find  that total peace, contentment and separation from the turmoil of this world, which is in the eye of the storm, but while we're still out here, there IS help for us from God. 

What a horrible thought, that  there’s no help from God out here in the midst of the storm.

My Bible says that He’s a covert from the storm, and our ready help in time of trouble. The Lord is my help, and my salvation. What have they done with the Bible? 

So, our author says, when we get rightly related to the I Am, then all other things which we have need of will be added unto us.

My Bible says seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you -- and the Kingdom of God is the mind of Christ.  The revelation that the Kingdom of God is the mind of Christ, seems to be lacking here.

For all wisdom, power, health and supply is already abiding within the consciousness of I which, in the final analysis, is the substance of all living form.

Do you hear this? Let me give this to you again. 

For all wisdom, power, health and supply is already abiding within the consciousness of I.

He’s saying that all these things are within the dead human spirit, but my Bible says that Christ is made unto us wisdom.  Is everybody with me? Let's take the second half of this. 

All of this is within the consciousness of I, that is, the dead human spirit, according to this man. I say it’s in the man, Christ Jesus, who is the increase of the Lord Jesus Christ and the human spirit.

So, in the final analysis, our author is saying that the dead human spirit is the substance of all living form.

Let me remind you that it’s difficult to recognize the human spirit in this hour, because she’s so intimately and completely joined to Satan and the carnal mind that he’s  the only one we can see -- and they can’t be separated. Our natural type is a dyed garment, you can't separate the dye from the garment.

That is to say, she’s so completely joined to Satan and his carnal mind that, for all intents and purposes, the human spirit in fallen man is Satan (Matt. 23:33;Jn. 8:44).

Therefore, to say that the dead human spirit is the substance of all living form, brethren, is to say that Satan is the substance of all living form.

The human spirit, which is the dead Christ, doesn’t appear as Christ, until he separates from Satan and the carnal mind, joins with the Lord Jesus Christ and increases into Christ Jesus.

The doctrine of right identi­fication, then, is a hidden way of saying that the substance of all living form is Satan.

Now, brethren, the substance of all living form is God, and the only reason that Satan has any substance at all is because the Serpent stole God's wife.

Check it out brethren. All this talk about the environment, the Earth and Mother Earth, is Satanic. Who is the Earth? Does anyone know who the Earth is? The Serpent is the Earth. Review the creation series. The Serpent is the Earth and God is the Breath.

The Serpent is called Satan when she’s joined to the human spirit, so Satan wouldn’t even exist if the Serpent hadn’t illegally joined herself to Jehovah’s seed.

All of this false doctrine is Satan worship, and he’s coming in all forms of subtlety to receive it. Satan’s greatest triumph is to receive worship from believers who have gone astray because of the pride of their own mind. 

However, brethren, in all fairness to our author, I could never have rightly divided this word without the Doctrine of Christ which has arisen here. You can't see the error unless you know the truth. 

So, as I said at the beginning of the message, we have a Church world out there which, on a gut level, knows that the doctrine of right identification can't be true, and is sounding the trumpet as best they can. But for heavy thinkers who desire spiritual truth, the doctrinally immature Church's rejection of this message is just not good enough. The deep thinkers believe that the doctrinally immature Church is just young and doesn't know what she’s talking about.

Christ Jesus has brought forth a large measure of truth here. I'm not claiming that we have the whole truth, but right now I have a big enough lump of it to almost choke on. As a matter of fact, there’s so much truth coming forth here, that a lot of people are choking on it, and some of them are even vomiting. I thank God for it, though, because it’s the answer to this false doctrine which has taken over a large portion of the Kingdom Church. I praise God and thank Him for what He’s brought forth here, and for what He’s taught us -- so that we can read this message and say, we love you, Brother, but you're wrong, and this is  why and where you're wrong. You're without understanding Brother. Ye do err, not knowing the Scriptures, nor the power of God. 


In Part 1 of this message, I was asked whether the Lamb of God was Jesus of Nazareth, and I said, no, the Lamb of God  is  the spiritual man Christ Jesus,  not the human being, Jesus of Nazareth.  I don't think my answer was clear, so we’re going to go over it again.

There are two Scriptures, both in John, Chapter 1, verses 29 and 36, which sound like the Scripture is saying that Jesus is the Lamb of God. I'd like to show you how I can read these Scriptures and say that Christ, the mind, and not Jesus, the man, is the Lamb of God.

John, Chapter 1:29.  The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him and saith, behold the Lamb of God which taketh away the sin of the world.

When you read that, you're probably thinking, what are you talking about, Sheila?

John saw Jesus coming and said, behold the Lamb of God.

Let's say, just for argument’s sake, that Christ is the Lamb of God. Where was Christ when John saw Jesus coming? Christ is the mind which was in the man Jesus.

The Lamb was slain when the world was founded, but Jesus didn't exist when the world was founded. Christ, the mind of God, existed when the world was founded. The man, Jesus of Nazareth, wasn't born of the woman, Mary, until 2,000 years ago. This is the exact principle which enraged the Pharisees when Jesus said to them, before Abraham was, I Am. What are you talking about? We know you from birth. We saw you born of the woman Mary. What are you talking about?

Jesus was saying, I'm not this body that was born of the woman, Mary, nor am I this personality known as Jesus of Nazareth, but I Am Spirit.  The Christ mind in me is so mature and highly developed that He’s totally ruling out of this human vessel to the extent that this flesh is insignificant. So, when I say that before Abraham was, I Am, I'm not talking about this body, nor am I talking about this personality, but I'm talking about the MIND which is expressing itself through this body and through this soul. Can you hear that?

The second Scripture is verse 36.  And looking upon Jesus as He walked, John says, behold the Lamb of God. 

The same principle is operating here. There's a difference between the human being born of a woman, and the mind of Christ which is expressing itself through that human being. 

This is where the Catholic Church gets into trouble. We’re clearly told that Jesus, the man, was born of the woman, Mary, but the Catholic Church says, Mary, the mother of God. No, no, no, Mary is the mother of the baby boy, Jesus, inside of which God's Son, the spiritual man, Christ Jesus, was conceived.  Can you hear this? Mary's physical womb contained the baby who had received His Father’s glorious mind, as well as His mother’s carnal mind. Jesus was the Son of God because the spiritual man, Christ Jesus, was His mind.  CHRIST IS A MIND.

Jesus of Nazareth’s Christ mind so completely consumed His whole personality, including the carnal mind that He inherited from Mary, that He could call Himself Jesus, the Christ. 

You may recall that when we did our series on the Christ, we had to look at the Greek text of each Scripture, to determine whether it was talking about the man, Jesus, who was Christ, or the spiritual man, Christ Jesus, who was Jesus of Nazareth's mind. The Scripture says Christ, alone, when it speaks about the Mind of Christ. It doesn't say the Christ. Christ is the mind, The Christ is the man, Jesus, who was so completely possessed of that mind, that He was called The Christ. 

Jesus, the man, isn’t the Lamb. The spiritual man, Christ Jesus, who was inside of Jesus, the human being, is the Lamb. 

Jesus, the human being, and His new man, Christ Jesus, became one whole, new man (Eph. 2:15), when Jehovah raised Jesus from the dead.

Jehovah breathed Christ, into the creation before time began, but He was in an incomplete form which had the potential to mature through overcoming experiences. The Lamb of God is the man Christ Jesus­.

The ram, a full grown male sheep, signifies the anointing that was upon Israel, which anointing did not grow up from seed, nor was Israel possessed of it because of overcoming experiences.

The Church is experiencing a lesser measure of victory than Israel did because, at this present time, the anointing in the Church is less mature than the anointing that was upon Israel, who engaged in continuous warfare without one man being wounded or killed.

How could this be? The anoint­ing upon the Church is in seed form, with the potential to mature into an even greater anointing than Israel had through overcoming experiences, that is, the Spirit without measure, as demonstrated by Jesus, the Christ.

The servant anointing that was upon Israel was given in its maturity, without repentance. But they stumbled over that very gift, refusing to confess that they had a sin nature, and to war against it, as John exhorted them to do, which would have matured the man­child within them through over­com­ing experiences, but chose, rather, to believe that they were saved by their own ability to keep the law.

And, so, they fell in the wilderness of their carnal minds, when they refused to acknowledge that their spiritual power arose from Christ Jesus, the manchild within them, and not their own works.

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