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THE CHRIST is Jesus of Nazareth, who was Christ, the Son of God [Elohim], in the flesh.

THE HOLY SPIRIT is the purified WATERS (energy) of the glorified Jesus Christ, the Son of God [Elohim].

Jehovah sent Jesus' Holy Spirit (Lk. 11:13) to revive Abel (Christ in the New Testament), and to purify the human spirit (2 Cor. 7:1), of mortal humanity.

THE SPIRIT OF CHRIST is the virile waters (energy and seed) of  the glorified Jesus Christ, the WHOLE Tree of Life,  IN SEED FORM, root (seed) and branch (spirit/energy).

The Spirit of Christ, the whole tree of life, root (seed) AND branch (energy) IN SEED FORM, is greater than the Holy Spirit, the branch (energy) of that glorious Tree.

CHRIST (THE MIND OF CHRIST) is Abel (Christ in the New Testament),  Elohim's young, spiritually male mind (Gen. 4:4), and Jehovah's priest in the individual Jew (Matt. 25:35, Heb. 11:3). Abel is the dead root of the Tree of Life that Jehovah planted in Israel.

The Holy Spirit (the purified waters of the glorified Jesus Christ) revives Abel in the individual Jew (Job 14:8), who is then called Christ, or the Mind of Christ.

Christ, THE SEED of the whole Tree of Life, grafts to all mortal men, Jew and Gentile alike (James 1:21).

Christ  ascends  from  under­  the ground (ocean  bed) (Gen. 4:10) of Satan’s Spiritual Sea, and wages war against the individual carnal mind (Jn. 4:35; Matt. 9:37) until Adam (CHRIST JESUS in the New Testament) regenerates, and subjects her to the Spirit of Holiness (Rom. 1:4).

CHRIST JESUS is the regenerated Adam (Matt. 19:28), the King of Elo­him's Living Beast (Gen. 1:26), and Jehovah's high priest (Heb. 4:14)  and the only Mediator between God and man (1 Tim. 2:5).

Christ overcomes Satan, absorbs the waters of her spiritual sea, and matures into Adam (CHRIST JESUS in the New Testament), the one who dominates the carnal mind and saves the personality (soul) from Satan’s deadly tyranny.

Christ Jesus ascended into and occupying the heart center of an individual mortal man, is powerful enough to strengthen other men to war against Satan, the polluted waters in the lower window of creation.

THE WATERS OF CREATION belong to Adam (Christ Jesus), and must be returned to His visible, spiritual world above the firmament.

THE INDIVIDUAL NEW MAN is Christ Jesus (the Regenerated Adam) in the individual (Matt. 19:28), MARRIED to:

(1) The glorified Jesus Christ ABOVE the firmament (1 Tim. 2:5),


(2) The personality UNDERNEATH the firmament.

Christ Jesus in the individual married to the glorified Jesus Christ who is above, is CHRIST JESUS, the KING of the personality that he dwells in (Gen. 1:26;1 Tim. 6:15; Rev. 17:14,19:12).

The personality married to CHRIST JESUS, the KING, is preserved (Gal. 2:20; Eph. 2:15).

THE COLLECTIVE CHRIST JESUS, the KING (CHRIST JESUS, the KING, in many personalities), is Elohim’s whole new man, the creation of God (Rev.3:14), appearing as one spiritual man in the many pre­served personalities of the BODY OF CHRIST (Eph. 2:15).

The Four Aspects Of The New Man


Christ is the CONSCIOUS part of the CHRIST MIND of the individual New Man;

The Lord Jesus Christ is the UNCONSCIOUS part of the CHRIST MIND of the many personalities of the collective  New Man. The mortal personalities that are joined to the Lord Jesus Christ, are reconnected to Jehovah;

Christ Jesus, the only Mediator between God [Jehovah] and mortal man, is the SUBCONSCIOUS part of the CHRIST MIND of the­ individ­ual New Man; and

CHRIST JESUS, the KING, in many personalities, is the BODY OF CHRIST, the New Man's COLLECTIVE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND. The mortal personalities that are joined to the Body of Christ, are connected to each other through the  subconscious part of the Christ mind [the Body of Christ].

The INDIVIDUAL New Man has a conscious mind [Christ], and a subconscious mind [Christ Jesus], who are joined to, and a part of CHRIST JESUS, the KING, the collective subconscious  mind [the Body of Christ] of the New Man, and CHRIST JESUS, the KING,  is joined to the glorified Jesus Christ, the unconscious mind of the WHOLE NEW MAN, who regen­er­at­es and preserves the  personal­i­ties [souls] of all of His parts, who are now immortal because of their union with Him.

And so it is written,

For there is one God [Jehovah], one Mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus [the Collective Subconscious Mind of the New Man] (1 Tim 2:5),

And one Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, who has promised that the glory of the great God, Jehovah, should appear [in the individual human spirit to complete mortal man] (Titus 2:13),

And this is why God is inviting the human race to recognize that [Christ (who has resurrected Abel)] is a valuable mind, because He understands Jehovah's  plan, and [to recog­nize also] that CHRIST in them [their new mind] is their [ONLY REASON] to expect to be glorified (Col 1:27).

Therefore, says, the Lord Jesus Christ,

The last Adam [the Lord Jesus Christ] [shall reconcile] the human spirit of mortal humanity’s many personalities [to Jehovah  ­( Reconciliation)] and [resurrect the first Adam in each of them] (1st half of Matt. 19:30) [Justification],

And the last [Adam, the Lord Jesus Christ] and the first Adam [Christ Jesus], shall judge the Spiritual Woman [mortal man] so that she may be pronounced guilty for the purpose of perfecting her (Song 8:7) [Judgment Seat Of Christ],

And the last Adam [the Lord Jesus Christ] shall marry the first Adam [Christ Jesus] (2nd half of Matt. 19:30; Rev. 21:6-7),

And so shall we ever be with the Lord (1Thes 4:17).





Part # 3

Of A 10-Part Series

Praise the Lord everybody.  God is doing great things.  There's a lot happening.  Tonight we're dealing with the doctrine of Right Identification.

The basic problem with this abominable doctrine is that it denies Christ in you, who is the hope of glory. We shall be saved when we bear the spiritual child, whose name is Christ, the God in the midst of us. 

Now brethren, listen to me.  The Holy Spirit is good, and He’s fine, but He can’t save your soul [personality].  I can hear them screaming, what do you mean?  He’s a member of the Godhead. You’re saying God can’t save my soul! 

Brethren, there’s one Spirit, but many administrations thereof.  Now, whether you like it or not, if you want your soul [personality] saved, it must be saved by the administration of the Spirit that the Living God has ordained to save it.

If the Living God has said that the form that His Spirit will take which will have the authority to raise you up out of hell is Christ Jesus, you can’t say to the Living God, I want the Holy Ghost to save me. The Lord is not going to argue with you and He’s not going to fight with you.  But if you cleave unto that Holy Ghost only, and refuse to have Christ formed in you -- in the hour of salvation, when you see people across this world being raised up to full stature -- you will not enter in, because there will be no door in you to enter in through. There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth because your pride and your rebellion has killed you.

Does anyone not understand what I am talking about? Brethren, I'm talking about two pieces of fruit on a table -- one an apple and the other a poisonous fruit. And someone telling you that the apple will nourish you, but the other fruit will kill you, and you saying, I'm going to eat that poisonous piece of fruit because I prefer it, and the Holy Ghost within me will surely keep me alive.

I have a flash for you.  Write a will because you’re going to die.  I'm telling you the truth. The Church is filled with pride.  Filled with pride.  Listen Brethren, if you’re diabetic and the Lord hasn't cured you yet, you’re going to be in trouble with your diabetes if you  eat a piece of cheese cake, even if you pray over that cheese cake and break the sugar curses.  I've seen people do this.

Look, there’s immaturity in the Church, brethren.  I'm not against anybody, but you have got to hear the truth.  You can't do that.  If you throw your medicine away before the Lord has healed you, you could get sick, or you could die.  Don't do it.  You've got to do it God's way.  You can't tell God when He’s going to heal you. You can't tell Him how to fix you, when to fix you, where to fix you.  You just wait until He fixes you.

If the Lord says that the way He’s going to resurrect you out of this world system is through a manifestation of His Spirit or a particular formation of His Spirit which He calls Christ Jesus, you can scream and yell all that you want, but the Holy Ghost is not going to do it.  Christ must be formed in you.  And that's the way it is. 

There’s only one way a woman can get pregnant.  Of course we have in vitro fertilization, but you still need a sperm, ladies.  You need a sperm to get pregnant.  That's the law of this world.  For a woman to conceive she needs a sperm.  Ladies, you can scream and yell all that you want for your entire lifetime, and you can command yourself to get pregnant and picket and carry on and protest, but unless that sperm gets inside of you, you’re not going to get pregnant. The church must come down out of this fantasy.

The bottom line with regard to the error of this abominable doctrine is that it denies Christ Jesus.  Now the problem is, that if you were to open up the booklet that I'm teaching from, you would see the word Christ in this booklet and say, Sheila, what are you talking about? 

I'll tell you what I am talking about.  There’s a difference between The Christ and Christ.  The Christ is the man, Jesus of Nazareth, who was the Christ.  Christ without the the in front of it is the MIND that was in that man Jesus, which mind made Him the Christ.

Now the man, Jesus, is not going to be the God in the midst of you.  The man, Jesus, is not Christ in you, the hope of glory, but His offspring, Christ Jesus, in you, is.  The glorified Spirit of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who was crucified, rose from the dead, ascended, is pouring out upon all flesh -- and His name in that form is what? The Spirit that’s pouring out upon all flesh, when He gets inside of you, is the Holy Ghost.  Jesus' name in that form is the Holy Ghost. That's what the Holy Ghost is. He is the glorified Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is now one with the Father.  He is now in a form that has the ability to pierce your heart, join with your personal human spirit and cause Christ -- that same mind that was in the man Jesus -- to be formed in you. 

Now you have the glorified Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, which is the sperm of God, the Father, and you have your human spirit, which is likened to the female egg of a woman. When the two join, Christ is formed and we no longer see the Holy Spirit, but we see a more mature, greater manifestation of the life of God.  We see a manifestation of the life of God which has the power and the authority to save your soul [personality], but the Holy Spirit, alone, does not have the authority to save your soul [personality].  He has to join with your human spirit and bring forth God in a greater, different form; God in a form that’s literally growing out of your personality.

The Holy Spirit flows over you, flows in you, flows through you. He is not a part of you. He has to engraft to you, James says. He has to join with you. And when He joins with you, His name changes, because the fruit of that joining is Christ Jesus, that Holy Thing that was in the man, Jesus of Nazareth, and  that same Holy Thing has the authority to save your soul [personality].

So Christ growing out of my personality can’t save your soul [personality].  Christ must be formed in YOU

So we see in this abominable teaching a mention of Christ.  I haven't seen it with the article before it.  I haven't read The Christ.  I just read Christ, but if you read the whole sentence critically, you'll see that when Christ is mentioned, the abominable doctrine is speaking about The Christ, the man Jesus of Nazareth. If you read this abominable doctrine critically, with a knowledge of the doctrine of Christ already in your heart, you will see that it denies Christ in you, the hope of glory.  It talks about Jesus, who was the Christ, but it denies Christ in you, the hope of glory.

The only way you can get saved is to have Christ growing out of your personality. I remind you of the Scripture which says that he who endureth to the end shall be saved.  We did a deep study on that Scripture verse, and  found that another translation of that word endureth is to overthrow. As we studied that verse in the context of this whole doctrine of Christ, we found out that what is really being said, is that salvation is Christ formed in you to a point of maturity where He’s strong enough to overthrow your carnal mind. That’s salvation.

When Christ is strong enough to overthrow your carnal mind and permanently put her underfoot, that’s the experience known as full stature, which is the resurrection IN YOU of  Christ.  And if that spirit which raised Christ from the dead dwells in you, He will also give life to your mortal personality. 

Brethren, life is imparted to your personality after Christ is raised from the dead in you.  And the raising of Christ from the dead implies that Christ Jesus will overthrow the military authority of the carnal mind.

He whose carnal mind is overthrown experiences the salvation of his soul [personality].  If you don't have Christ Jesus in you to overthrow your carnal mind, there's no way your soul [personality] could be saved.  If all you have is the Holy Ghost, which is the sperm of God, there’s no way your soul [personality] will be saved. The sperm must join with the female seed - your human spirit - so that your spiritual life can bear the manchild that we read about in Revelation 12, and Christ Jesus [your whole, new man] will save your soul [personality] when they overthrow your carnal mind. 

The Christ can’t save your soul [personality].  The Christ can’t save your soul [personality].  He’s the vessel that will produce the one in you who CAN save your soul.  The Christ can’t save your soul.  Christ Jesus can save your soul [personality].  Does anyone not understand what I am talking about? 

It sounds like I am nit picking.  It sounds like I am hair splitting, but I am, you see.  But it is not the Lord that’s splitting hairs, brethren, it is the preacher of the abominable doctrine that’s splitting hairs.  You see, if it were possible, the very elect would be deceived. 

The Scripture says that in the end times, there will be doctrines of demons. It says Satan is coming like an angel of light.  I'm telling you this abominable doctrine is so close to the real thing, it is blowing my mind. 

I tell you, when the Lord brought forth this doctrine of Christ last year, I knew it was important.  We had so much trouble with those tapes. If you get them, you can hear the message, but the quality of the tapes is poor.  You can hear what I am saying, but the quality is poor. 

I knew it was an important series, but I had no idea what He was doing.  I declare to you, that if I did not have that teaching under my belt before I was exposed to this abominable doctrine, I don't know what I would have thought.  I might have even received it myself. 

So, basically, what we see happening in this abominable doctrine, is that all of the power and authority which is in Christ to save our soul [personality], is being attributed to the Holy Ghost. 

You may recall me teaching you on other occasions that we must be very careful when we are studying the Scripture to understand which Scriptures are applying to what group of people, at which stage of their development. Or, which Scriptures are applying to what manifestation of God, under which circumstances. We must be very careful, brethren. 

People can die by picking out a Scripture and saying, if I believe to the end, God will heal me. They could die.  Maybe God is not healing you.  You see, you can only lay hold of a Scripture and say, I will die if God doesn't heal me, when the Lord comes to you with a personal word saying, I'm going to heal you, hold on, don't go to the doctor, don't have the operation, stand, because I'm going to show you the power of God.  Then you say, no matter what happens to me, if I die, He will raise me from the dead. 

You don't open the Bible, pick out a Scripture that the Lord has never said is for you at this time of your life, and use it to justify not going to a doctor.  You could die. Does anyone not know what I am talking about?

The same thing with finances.  If God says to you - and this was my experience - I'm sending you to Nigeria, then you know that you're going.  I said, Lord, I don't have a dime. He said, you’re going, get ready.

I prepared for two months, and  the night before the plane was to take off, I didn't have the money.  But He said to me, pack and be prepared to leave at 9:00 o'clock in the morning.  I did it, and by 9:00 o'clock in the morning I had $2,000 to go.  But you don't use a credit card charge the money that you need; you don't charge $2,000 to go on an overseas trip because you decided that you want to go, and figure that God is obligated to back you up by paying your bills.  You’re going to be in bankruptcy court.  You've got to get your personal word from God, or you’re flirting with disaster. 

So I said all that to say this.  One of the major problems with this abominable doctrine, is that the power, authority and function that God has put in Christ Jesus, THE FULL GROWN MAN, is attributed to a sperm. 

Now I am in no way putting down the Holy Ghost, brethren.  I'm trying to make a point.  The Holy Ghost is God. He’s God.  He’s good.  He comes with gifts.  But He has authority and power and a specific function that has been assigned to Him by God.  And that's all He can do.

If you want something from God that’s not assigned to the Holy Ghost, you have to lay hold of the manifestation of God which has the authority to give you what you want. 

The Holy Ghost comes with gifts.  He cures you if you’re sick, He casts out demons if you have them, He lets you prophesy, He gives you spiritual experiences.  He’s the beginning of your dabbling in the spiritual life of God.  And He has the ability to engraft to your human spirit so that Christ can begin to be formed in you. But salvation is in that Christ which is being formed in you, and not in the Holy Spirit.  SALVATION IS IN THE FULL GROWN MAN AND NOT IN THE SPERM. 

So we have an abominable doctrine that denies Christ Jesus, the saviour of your soul [personality], and attributes all the power and authority and function of Christ Jesus to the Holy Ghost, who can't save you. It's like saying to a two year old child, I need to be lifted up on that high ladder so that I can get that food. There’s no way that two year old child can do it, but if you wait fifteen years, he may be strong enough to lift you up.

There’s no salvation in the Holy Ghost, but He has the ability to beget Christ, the saviour in the midst of you. Glory to God. 

I hope I have made this clear.  We have an antichrist doctrine here. We have a Jehovah only doctrine.  We see this doctrine in the Jehovah Witnesses.  They tell you they believe in Jesus, but to the best of my knowledge, they do not believe He’s saviour. 

Jehovah is the Father. The glorified Lord Jesus Christ is the Father.  In this hour they are one.  I'm sure the Jehovah Witnesses wouldn't agree with me, but as I perceive their doctrine, they have a Father only doctrine.  They are denying the Son.  And brethren, salvation is in the Son.  Life is in the Son.  He who denies the Son, denies the Father also.  There’s no salvation in the denial of the Son.

Now there’s something else that I would like to point out to you that’s not on the first two messages. As a matter of fact, the Lord just gave it to me.  For those of you who have been here for a while, you may recall that we are teaching here that there’s no trinity, that there’s only the Father and the Son.  Now how can I say that?  The Holy Ghost is the Father.  Is everybody okay?

The Holy Ghost is the Father.  Does anybody deny that? The Holy Ghost is the Father. So to have a trinity, it's like saying the Father, Son and the Father. The Father, Son and the Father. Why would you have a trinity saying the Father, Son and the Father?  Something is wrong. We have a whole teaching on that, but I can't reteach it now. 

I am suggesting to you that the Scripture, the truth of the Scripture, is the Father and the Son, and that the trinity is a Roman Catholic Doctrine. 

The Lord revealed in our series called Life, that Satan has been very seductive in the Church and has used the doctrine of the trinity to obtain worship for herself. A lot of people that pray the trinity, and the religions that pray the trinity, have to ask themselves why the name of the Father is mentioned twice, and what the name of the Father that is mentioned the second time re­pre­sents, since it makes no sense at all to say the Father, the Son and the Father.

I suggest to you that in the repetition of the name of the Father twice, somehow, Satan has sneaked in and is using the Name of the Holy Ghost to take worship unto herself.  NOW DON'T SHUT OFF THE Message.  I'm telling you that it's true, and it's manifesting in Nigeria. 

When God gave me this doctrine, I received it on faith.  Now listen to me.  I'm not saying that the Holy Ghost isn't God.  I'm saying Satan is sneaking in by way of a false doctrine which, if you listen to honestly, makes no sense. The Father, Son and the Father makes no sense.  Satan is sneaking in and using this as a way to get worship.

  I preached it in faith, went to Africa, and saw it manifesting in Nigeria.  They have whole congregations that call themselves Pentecostal, that have been seduced into the worship of the Holy Spirit alone.

Now the first time that I was in Nigeria, what I heard it with my ears disturbed my spirit, but I didn't know what it was.  I gave a gift to one of the servants in the house where I was living, and her response was, thank you, Holy Ghost, I know you heard my prayer. My brain went, click, click, click.  Thank you Holy Ghost? Why not thank you Jesus?  Even thank you Father.  I never heard anyone say, thank you Holy Ghost.  Something just didn't sit right with me. Then I started to hear it all over Lagos in Nigeria, thank you Holy GhostThank you Holy Ghost.

My Bible says to pray to the Father in the name of Jesus.  Something is wrong here. My spirit was turning over in my chest. I came back to the United States -  as a matter of fact, I think it was after my first trip that God gave me this doctrine - but I still didn't put two and two together until the Lord sent me back to Nigeria the second time.

The Lord brought to my understanding that there are whole congregations spending their whole service worshiping the Holy Ghost, prophesying witchcraft prophesy, speaking in witchcraft tongues, and completely given over to witchcraft, but believing that they are worshiping Christ. The name of Jesus is never mentioned. The name of Christ is never mentioned.  The name of the Father is never mentioned.  But the Holy Ghost is mentioned from the minute you walk in, until the minute you leave. 

Now brethren, don't shut off this message. The Holy Ghost is God.  Satan has stolen THE NAME of the Lord to obtain worship.  I'm going to say it again for all you Pharisees who are already condemning me.  Listen.  The Holy Ghost is God. The Holy Ghost is God.  But Satan has taken the name of the Holy Ghost and has deceived God's people.  How do I know that? Brethren, I have discernment of spirits. Walk into their service. It is a witchcraft service. 

But aside from that, you show me one Scripture that tells us to worship the Holy Ghost. I want to see it.  Show me one Scripture that tells you to thank the Holy Ghost for your gifts.  Show me one Scripture. 

But aside from all that, if you go into these services with discernment of spirits, you'll know that it's the wrong spirit.  They can tell me they are worshiping the Holy Ghost. They can tell me it's the Holy Ghost.  They can swear it's the Holy Ghost, but I have the Holy Ghost, and I know it's not the Holy Ghost.  I have the Spirit of God.  I have Christ Jesus.  And I'm telling you, it's not the Holy Ghost.  It may look like the Holy Ghost, it may sound like the Holy Ghost, it may walk like the Holy Ghost, but it's not the Holy Ghost.  It's another spirit that has stolen His name.  And my Bible calls her an angel of light. 

Now, I haven't seen it in this country yet.  I haven't seen this manifestation of whole congregations worshiping the Holy Ghost and going on and on with witchcraft prophesies for three hours.  I haven't seen it here yet.  But they are more spiritual in Africa. It will get here.  Give it a chance.  It will get here, and if you’re playing with the trinity, you’re opening yourself to it.  You’re opening yourself to it.  The trinity is a false doctrine, brethren.  There’s only the Father and the Son.

So we have an abominable doctrine that denies Christ and attributes Christ's power and authority to the Holy Spirit, and now the Lord is telling me that the Holy Spirit of this abominable doctrine is not our beloved Holy Spirit, but a false holy spirit, whose real name is Satan.  It gets worse, every time I preach on it, it gets worse. 

So that was the introduction.  I'm going to take a few more comments from this pamphlet and I'm going to answer them. I'm not cutting anybody to ribbons.  I'm telling you the truth that’s going to save your life. God loves men.  I believe that the people writing this abominable doctrine are deceived men. I believe most of them are deceived. I'm not against anybody.

I want to make it clear for people listening to the message that the witchcraft in Nigeria is much more dangerous than the religious witchcraft practiced in the Catholic Church for instance. They call it Pentecostal and they speak in tongues and they prophesy.  They have three hour services with people prophesying, and people are living by this prophesy. 

The danger is that prophesy gives personal and life direction.  Prophesy by an ungodly spirit whose name is Satan becomes so acceptable that it starts influencing and directing people's lives, and that’s the beginning of coming into bondage to a spirit that’s not God.

It's not just a question of even marrying the wrong person or buying the wrong house.  That's just the first misstep.  This spirit wants total control over your life.

The Lord has been revealing to us here that in the very near future mortal man will be growing up into spiritual puberty, and we are going to see human beings appearing on the earth either in full stature in Christ, or in full stature in the carnal mind.

Now let me take this opportunity to make a correction of something that I have taught you.  You've heard me tell you that in the natural man, the carnal mind is in full stature.  The Lord has told me that this is not correct. The carnal mind is not in full stature at this time.  If the carnal mind were in full stature in you, you would be 100% good, or 100% evil. The reason that the carnal mind appears to have more power, that Christ has to wound the carnal mind and get her out of the way to manifest Himself, is that the carnal mind is the queen over your personality. Remember, I saw the souls of them who were beheaded for Christ.

You have heard me teach you that the carnal mind has to be cut off so that Christ Jesus can sit on our personalities.  So even though the carnal mind is not in full stature, she’s still the mind that’s sitting, not as king, excuse me, but as queen, on our personalities. And we read about that queen in the Book of Revelation.  We read about her in the prophets in the Old Testament.  She’s totally possessing mortal man and the individual members thereof, and even our natural law says possession is 9/10's of the law. 

So the harlot of Revelation, the whore of Babylon, the queen, she’s all of these things.  She’s the carnal mind who is not in full stature, but totally possessing mortal man - except for those in Christ of course - as queen. She’s the sitting queen of mortal man.

So our carnal mind is not in full stature, but she’s a sitting queen.  She has the authority.  She has 9/10's of the law behind her.  She’s possessing us. Even though Christ is the true heir, He has to bounce her off.  He has to cut her out of our mind to sit down and become the sitting king. 

She’s called Queen of Heaven in the book Babylon, Mystery Religion. Diana of Ephesus, mentioned in the book of Acts, is another name. Jezebel in the Scripture was a natural queen, and then we also read about her in the Book of Revelation. Jesus speaks about her saying, you suffer that woman, Jezebel, to teach. He is speaking about a mortal man, that is physical man or physical woman, who is preaching the doctrine of the carnal mind. 

Jezebel preaches false doctrine. I declare to you that I have nothing against this author or the people who write these books, but this is a doctrine of demons and it is being preached by the spirit of Jezebel. 

Now, before we go on, I want to clarify what the Lord just brought forth here.  On the prior two messages I have taught you that this abominable doctrine -- no wonder the Lord is calling it an abominable doctrine, it's worse than I thought it was -- denies Christ, attributes all of His authority to a counterfeit holy ghost, and leads unwitting believers into the hidden worship of Satan who is using the trinity to steal the name of the Holy Ghost  Is everybody okay? No wonder the Lord is calling it an abominable doctrine. 

Let's continue with this pamphlet:

We are not going to understand what the nature and substance of "I" is until in our meditation . . . .

now he’s speaking about meditation,

. . . . we grasp that "I Am", which we know is the name of the Father, is the creative process which functions as my life and is the only activity in the universe beyond words and thoughts. 

It is the only activity in the universe beyond words and thoughts.  You have to read between the lines.  This doctrine is not telling you, is not stating in print that we do not believe in Christ.  You have to read; you have to interpret as you’re reading.  Now he’s saying that the creative process, which is spirit, which should be likened to the Lord Jesus Christ, but which is really talking about Satan . . .

The unconscious mind is the only activity of the universe

This abominable doctrine is denying mind.  Now Christ is a mind.  And I know that one sentence did not make it too clear, but I will read you some more statements that will show you this abominable doctrine denies that there is any power or authority in mind.  So once again, Christ, the Christ mind, is being denied. I will give you some more statements, but not right here, because they would be confusing at this point.  But, basically, what I am reading here is that this author says that if we can ascend into God, if we can ascend into that high place, we can ascend into a high place which is above conflict, where there’s no good and evil. 

Well, that's true brethren, and this will be happening to us in the glorification.  I think I do have to read you this statement. Otherwise it sounds like I'm modifying what they are saying.

The "I" [meaning the me], the "I" really is my consciousness unfolding as my life experience.

So we do not need a God to fight our battles or protect us from so called evil.  So there’s a denial of evil here.  And if you analyze what is being said; he’s saying that if you ascend into your unconscious mind, your life will unfold and everything will take care of itself and that there really is no evil; there’s no carnal mind; there’s no carnal mind that needs to be put underfoot, there’s no carnal mind that needs to be crucified.  All that you have to do is arise above the consciousness that you exist in in this world and you will be fine. 

Well brethren, there’s a truth in that.  But that ascension is in the glorification. And to get to the glorified state where there’s no more conflict -- you see there’s a state where there’s no more conflict -- where the war is over -- after Christ has put every enemy under His feet, even the last enemy which is death, He shall offer up the creation to the Father.  No more conflict. But you have to take the path that the Lord marks out to get there.  You can't step on the first rung of the ladder and sprint to the fifteenth rung.  You have to go a step at a time. That's why Christ Jesus is the only mediator between God and man.

We need a mediator because there’s no other way for us to get to this high place in which there’s no conflict.  The only way we have to get there is through Christ Jesus, Christ in you, the hope of glory, who, together with the Spirit of the Lord Jesus [Christ Jesus] has the power to crucify your carnal mind.  They are doing away with Christ.  They mention The Christ, which is Jesus.  They are doing away with Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man.  He's the only way to get there, the only way to get to the place that they’re talking about, and they are denying Him. 

This is a very important message, because it exposes that they quote the Scriptures, but then, their comment on the Scripture completely perverts the Scripture.

Some people who do not have an excellent knowledge of the New Testament will not even see that they misquote the Scripture; it sounds good, but then the comment that they use the authority of the Scripture to prove has nothing to do with the Scripture.  On the contrary, it is the exact opposite of what the Scripture says. This is an abominable doctrine.  It is death.

We must then consciously rise above the five sensual gates of perception . . . . [That means hearing, seeing, tasting] . . . . the sense gates, and begin to listen to the voice of the Shepherd.  

Well Brethren, there’s a truth in that.  But we don't arise into the place of no conflict.  We arise into Christ Jesus.  You have to go through the Mediator.  If you don't go through the mediator, the place of no conflict that you ascend to is in Satan,  because there’s no way to get to the Father, but by Christ Jesus.  So the only place you can ascend to is Satan.  I don't care what name she calls herself.

We must then rise above the five sensual gates of perception, [that's this physical world] and begin to listen to the voice of the Shepherd, which is the mystical "I AM" or transcendental consciousness.

Now what do they mean by transcendental consciousness?  This is the place which exists beyond the realm of space and time and functions beyond the realm of fear, disease and death.  It is the spiritual realm of God to which, brethren, you can’t ascend unless you go through the Mediator.  Jesus said, I am the door. Everyone that enters in any other way is a what?  A thief and a robber.  And this state of consciousness is that which the Scriptures call glorification. 

Let me point this out to you also, I'm suggesting to you that the description of this great place that’s being described in this book is Scriptural glorification.  However, the writer of this book is saying that man can attain to that place while still in the body, but I am saying to you in the name of the Lord, that to ascend to this place we must give up these bodies.

Now this doctrine is a doctrine of Satan and this body is the image of Satan.  So there’s no way that any Satanic doctrine is going to teach the doing away of this body.  Because this body is the image of Satan and she needs this body.  But the truth of the Scriptures, I declare to you, is that to ascend to this place above all conflict, where disease and death do not exist, involves the giving away or the giving up of this body. 

We ascend to this high place beyond the realm of fear, disease and death when Satan and the carnal mind die.  Yet the writer of this book is saying we can ascend to this condition while remaining in the body which is Satan's image. 

I declare unto you that this is impossible, except for the season in which some will ascend to a full stature of the Serpent. But even those who attain to this place in the Serpent will cease to exist when Christ Jesus rolls up this present world like a scroll, and her light goes out forever.

I speak unto everyone believing and teaching this abominable doctrine, and I declare unto you, that I recognize that there are workers of witchcraft in this world who have ascended to a place where they lie on a bed of nails and don't feel pain, where they burn their flesh and don't feel it.  And I even believe that there are workers of witchcraft who have extended their life by the power of witchcraft. But eventually, brethren, you must die, because the life, the eternal life of God, is in the Son, Christ Jesus. Christ in you, the hope of glory.  So even if you extend your life, no matter how long you attain to this condition, you can’t continue on indefinitely, because the life of the ages is only in Christ Jesus. Eventually, you shall surely die. 

I've been asked to define transcendental consciousness. The word transcendental means to go beyond. I believe that they are talking about a state of consciousness that’s beyond the soul realm (mind). It is beyond conflict; it is beyond fear; it is beyond pain and it is beyond disease and death.  But we know that Christ, which is a mind, is involved in conflict, and Christ Jesus is the warrior who will wage war until every enemy, even the last enemy which is death, has been defeated.  So to speak of a place beyond conflict is speaking of the place beyond Christ Jesus. 

I've been asked if there’s a ritual that’s used when these people go through this transcendental mediation or form of witchcraft.  I'm really no expert on it, but it is my understanding that they use points of contact and sometimes exercises.  They do use, to the best of my knowledge, some kind of physical ritual, but I'm no expert on it.  They sound mantras.  They use physical means.  They use physical exercise, spoken words, chantings and a form of hypnotism.  They try to propel themselves from this realm into a realm of higher consciousness by the displacement of their mind. 

Now listen to this brethren.  This is the way we get out of this world system, by the displacement of our mind.  Now those of us in Christ Jesus get out of this realm, which is hell, by jumping into another mind. That part of our carnal mind which is our true essence, which is spirit, our human spirit, by the grace of God has received an ability to leave our carnal mind and enter into Christ.  I call that a displacement of the mind.  We enter into another mind. That’s how we get out of here.

But the people adhering to this abominable doctrine don't have the mind of Christ. They don't have another mind.  So what they do is a form of self-hypnotism.  The mind that they displace is the conscious part of their only mind, which is their carnal mind. What they run into, then, is not another mind, but the unconscious part of their own carnal mind.  They run from the conscious part of their carnal mind into the unconscious part of their carnal mind, which is pure Satan.  They run into Satan. 

Someone just said that these people are talking about ascending in the flesh, but since our flesh is part of the curse that binds us to  Satan, how can something of Satan go up higher in God? We have to rid ourselves of everything of Satan before we can ascend up to God.  Am I right?  Yes.  What they are doing is that they are going from the conscious part of the carnal mind and invading the unconscious part of the carnal mind.  We have to get out of the carnal mind and completely into the Christ mind. 

They are deceived, and Satan is waiting there in the unconscious realm to receive them.  The result of it is that she’s gaining and intends to gain, a great control over them.             In this hour, the average person, except for someone like Hitler who was  really sick, all human beings are good and evil.  We are both good and evil, and the analogy, or the parable, that God has given me to help us understand this is our human children. 

When you see young children, up until the age of 10, 12, 13 years or whatever, you can tell what sex they are by looking at their physical body, but they are not living out that sex.  Children are children. They are not engaged in sexual activity.  You treat them the same.  They have to go to school.  They have to get bathed. They have to do their chores around the house.  They are just children.  They are not manifesting their femininity or their masculinity.  Is everybody following me?  So we can almost say that they are both male and female, or that they are neuter. They are not living their sexuality.

This is the condition of mortal man today, spiritually speaking.  We are neither good nor evil.  We are neither male nor female.  We are a mixture.  And we are not living out our spiritual sexuality.  But mortal man is growing up.  The Lord has been sounding this message here for over a year now.  Mortal man is ascending into spiritual puberty, and she’s about to enter into an adult spiritual sexual union with one spirit or the other.  The result of that marriage, if you will, will be the living out of, or the acting out of, of her true spiritual sexuality.

We have a human race of spiritual children who are not really sure whether they are male or female because, spiritually speaking, there’s no body to look at.  So, spiritually speaking, we don't know what is male and what is female, because the behavior of the average person in the world today is neuter, that is, both good and evil. 

But in the very near future we are going to see human beings appearing on the earth, either completely given over to good or evil, married to good or evil if you will, or completely given over to Christ Jesus, or married to righteousness, if you will. A full stature of good (Phariseeism), as well as a full stature of evil, is marriage to the Serpent. That's very profound. There’s a silence here.  That's very profound.  I believe it is the word of the Lord.  He has given it to me to preach to you and I believe it.  The average Christian, and certainly the man in the street, has no idea whatsoever of what is coming upon this earth.

Some Christians have a revelation of the manifestation of the sons of God, but I don't think there are many, except the workers of witchcraft, who might know about the daughters of the Serpent.  Those in the Church, or the man in the street, have no idea what has already begun to come to pass.  Brethren, when the sons of God stand up, they are going to be facing human beings with psychic witchcraft power, whose carnal minds are in a true full stature of pure evil.

There’s a battle that’s raging now, but it's going to go into a full manifestation of spiritual warfare when these two groups stand up.  And the prize is?  What are they fighting over?  What's the prize?  Mortal man.  Us. Now there’s going to be a first fruits company that’s going to be in full stature in Christ, and a first fruits company that’s going to be in full stature of the Serpent, and they are going to be battling for the rest of the members of humanity.

And the blood will be up to the horses bridles, if that's what it means.  But I receive that in principle. I receive that in principle, yes, spiritually speaking.  Yes, it's going to be a severe battle. But I know who is going to win. You see, we all know who is going to win.  We know that Christ Jesus is going to win, that He’s going to marry mortal man, that every human being who is not in full stature in Christ Jesus, will eventually die a natural death, and this world will eventually be inhabited only by spiritual men who are married to Christ Jesus. 

But for a season, for many years brethren -- spiritual things happen slowly -- for many years we are going to see on this earth, true Christians in full stature in Christ Jesus, modern-day Anakim in full stature in the Serpent, and people whose spiritual sex is not yet evident.   We won't know what they are, Christ Jesus, or the Serpent.

You never heard that preached before, did you?  I think that there are some witchcraft workers that know about it.  You don't hear it in the Church.  I'm telling you I've got this word from the Lord.  I'm telling you it's the truth.  And I'm also telling you that only those people who are waging this warfare against their own carnal minds by the power of Christ Jesus, stand a shadow of a chance of being in full stature in Christ Jesus.

Those of you who are sitting on the fence, and those of you who are doing nothing, and those of you who think that you’re going to ascend automatically, and all the men in the street that think that there’s nothing to worry about, and all the people that believe in the rapture -- unless you get an outstanding miracle from God, guess who you’re going to belong to?  Guess who is marrying you? The Serpent. I tell you the truth.  Why?  Because you were born with the mother of harlots already possessing you. She's queen of this world, remember? All she has to do is just arise in you, and take you over completely - at the time that you ascend into spiritual puberty.

The more time you spend in transcendental meditation and the more time you spend communicating with the unconscious part of your own carnal mind, the quicker you’re going to enter into marriage with your carnal mind, because what you’re doing when you meditate, is piercing into Satan. And you think you’re a hot shot, but I've got a flash for you, when you pierce through, the Serpent’s waiting there for you, and you’re not going to be using her spiritual power, she’s going to be using you.

It is a deception.  All you people that think you have control over the practices of the occult, and all you people that think you’re ruling your spirit guides, and that you’re getting benefits from your communication with these demons, you’re deceived. And the example I give you is God.  Check it out brethren.

The initial experience of believers with God is faith and the Holy Ghost.  How many people do you know that have the Holy Ghost?  They think they're hot shots. They prophesy; they speak in tongues.  Oh man, sit right down here, I'm going to cast those demons out of you. They think that they have full access to God's power to use as their carnal mind desires. They think they just have it, man, but the end of the message is that they will be fully possessed by Christ Jesus through spiritual marriage.

Does anybody who is a Christian deny that?  That the Scripture says that when you’re a young man you go wherever you want, but when you’re older, the Spirit of Christ completely guides and controls your behavior. Does anyone here not know that? That's the word of the Lord.  You will come into obedience.  You will submit to Christ Jesus. He will cripple you by touching your thigh [carnal mind] if you’re not coming into submission to Him.  He wants full and total control over your mind and your behavior.  But when God has full and total control over your mind and your behavior, only good can come to you. 

Spiritual is spiritual.  Brethren, you pierce into Christ, and you will marry Christ Jesus, who will be your husband, who will completely live His life through you.  Paul said, I live, but yet not I, Christ liveth in me.  And I declare to you, that if you put all your efforts into piercing into your own unconscious, you will meet Satan, and the Serpent will marry you and live through you.  You will have consciousness, but it won't be you, the Serpent will incarnate through you.

You may think I am a fanatic, but you wait and see, because I know what I am talking about.  This isn't even me talking.  It's Christ Jesus in me and I declare to you, it's the truth of the hour. So all you people that don't think it's important to go to church, and all you people who are just biding your time and walking the line, you had better get on the stick because the time is short.

Noah preached for a hundred and twenty years and not one person listened,  so I'm not looking at the numbers.  I'm just preaching the word that God has given me to preach.  And if you don't think I'm paying a price for preaching it, you don't know what you’re talking about.  Glory to God.

And this state of consciousness, [what state of consciousness?  This state of consciousness that you ascend to when you pierce through into Satan.]  In this state of consciousness, word, thought or reason does not enter in. 

Now check this out.  Think about what they are saying.  Word, thought or reason does not enter in.  Words, thinking and reasoning -- rational thought -- is in the mind. They are skipping over Christ.  You see, what they are really saying is, we are going from the word, thought and reason of the carnal mind, and we are piercing into Satan. 

THEY ARE COMPLETELY DENYING THAT IF THEY WERE TRULY TALKING ABOUT PIERCING INTO THE SPIRITUAL REALM OF GOD, THAT THEY HAVE TO GO THROUGH A SECOND MIND, THROUGH A NEW MIND, BEFORE THEY CAN GET TO THE FATHER.  Is everybody with me?  In this state of consciousness, word, thought or reason does not enter in.  However, most people live and move in the realm of reason and are therefore totally governed by physical sense instead of consciousness

Most people live and move in the realm of reason. [Well, you can reason in the carnal mind or you can reason in the Christ mind.]  But they are totally governed by physical sense

Brethren, it's not true that most people live and move in the realm of reason and are therefore totally governed by physical sense.

Reason is spiritual.  Reason is the spiritual realm of the mind. Even if you reason in your carnal mind, it is spiritual.  So I really don't understand, maybe I don't understand what he’s saying.  Does anybody disagree with me?  I don't understand what he’s saying. To live by reason means you live in the physical senses.  You could be a physical person, thinking out of your carnal mind, and not be governed by your physical senses. So I really don't know what he’s saying, but I do know this, that those of us who live out of Christ Jesus are not only NOT controlled by the physical, but neither are we controlled by the carnal mind. 

You've heard my teaching on the pleasure-pain principle.  By the way, I forgot to make an announcement.  The Lord gave me a scripture backing up that pleasure-pain principle. It is in Gala­tians 5:24. 

Let me review the pleasure- pain principle for you.  Satan seeks to control us. The first way she seeks to control us is by offering us pleasure, alcohol, drugs, sex, money, power.  If she can get you to live a life style that will either kill Christ in you or prevent Christ Jesus from coming forth in you by giving you pleasure, that’s what she will do.  If you will choose pleasure over Christ, she will give you pleasure. But if you’re mature enough to reject pleasure if it means losing Christ, she will then try to control you with pain. 

Every time you want to go to church, you will be sick.  I'm exaggerating.  These are examples.  Every time you want to do something for the Lord, you will have a headache.  Every time you want to do something for the Lord, your husband or your wife will put pressure on you, and you will experience emotional pain.  If you go to that meeting I will be angry at you and not speak to you for the next week.  Or, if you go to that meeting I will be angry at you and be cold to you, deny you affection, and do whatever else hurts you. 

There will be a price to pay for serving God, for reading your Bible, for praying, for listening to a message, for attending a meeting.  You must resist being controlled by pleasure or pain. You must do what God has called you to do, because there’s no compromise in this battle.  If you really want to do something for God, that you feel God is calling you to do, but you don't do it to pacify a Satanic opposition from your husband or your wife [either good or evil, the promise of pleasure or the fear of pain], you’re playing a dangerous game, because he or she won't stop until Satan in your mate's unconscious mind takes enough ground to completely strip you of your spiritual life.

Just go before God if you honestly believe that what you would like to do it not unreasonable, and  do it, even though he [she]’s putting pressure on you; because if you compromise, if you do only half of what you really would like to do, it is just a matter of time until he/she gets that away from you too.  Take a stand for Christ.  If Satan is manifesting through your husband or wife, take a stand for Christ. Do not be controlled by the promise of pleasure or the fear of pain. 

So I said all that to say this.  Why did I say all that to say this?  Let me look at what I was reading.  I was talking about pleasure and pain.  I was dealing with this statement that says most people live and move in the realm of reason and are therefore totally governed by the physical sense.

Well, maybe you’re governed by the physical sense if you’re totally under the control of your carnal mind, who gives you physical pleasure or physical pain.  But brethren, Christ does not give you physical pleasure or physical pain. Christ, when you obey Him, gives you spiritual blessings.  He gives you spiritual pleasure.  And when you disobey Him and you don't do what He’s calling you to do, Christ does not give you pain.  What does Christ do when you’re disobedient?  Does anybody know?  He turns you over to the carnal mind.  The carnal mind will give you pain.  You see, if you start moving towards God, if your life as a general rule is moving towards God and the Lord tells you to do something, but you compromise and don't do it, the carnal mind will find a way to punish you. As soon as you come down out of Christ, she’s going to punish you.  The answer to your problems is to abide in Christ. Ascend, and give it everything you've got to stay up there, because all pain is in the carnal mind. 

And there’s a piercing through.  What I just said sounds like a contradiction, but it is not.  Let me try to clarify it.

When you’re a young Christian, and I'm just using church as an example, if you go to church, the carnal mind will cause you pain, either physical pain or emotional pain.  But as you go on in Christ, and Christ begins to be formed in you, there’s a piercing through where, when you get to church, when you finally get there, you’re no longer sitting there in physical torment, you’re no longer sitting there in mental torment, but there’s peace, there’s contentment there; but if you compromise and you don't go, when you don't go, you’re turned over to the carnal mind where there is no hope of finding peace. There’s only pain. Did I make that clear?  Things reverse as you mature. I know what I am talking about, but did I make it clear?  Do you know what I am talking about?

There’s a piercing through. The example that I give is my own testimony, that when God first started me studying for these messages that has resulted in this doctrine that I preach, I would be in torment sitting in front of my computer. I averaged six hours of studying for each message that I preached, and I would be in emotional and spiritual torment for the whole six hours. For all those years, I thought that it was some witch's coven praying against me, so I would call for prayer between two and three times a night. I had someone who was willing to pray with me and break the curses because I couldn't do it myself in those days.  I asked for prayer two or three times during each six hour session, but eventually found out it was not any witch's coven praying against me, it was my own carnal mind torturing me, saying to me, get away from this computer, get out of those books, stop doing that study.  Go away. 

But there came a time that I pierced through, and now my greatest moments of peace and contentment are when I am studying, and now my carnal mind manifests when I don't study, and my carnal mind is hell. Now, when I'm not studying, I am abiding in the hell of my carnal mind, who knows that I have this intense relationship with Christ Jesus, and is doing everything she can, in the moments that I am not in Christ, to torment me and kill me.

She is saying, while I've got you, I'm going to kill you.  That's what she’s saying.  You’re not in Christ, you slipped down here to do some carnal pursuit, and I'm going to punish you every second I've got you, for all those times that you disobeyed me and obeyed Christ and served God. 

So the only physical pain that this author is talking about that I can see is in the carnal mind, and I declare to you that the carnal mind does govern you by pain and pleasure, but that Christ Jesus does not.

And I continue to declare to you that there’s another mind in this world system in this hour, and that that mind is the only mediator between God and mortal man, even the man Christ Jesus.  So I encourage you not to pierce through into the unconscious part of your own carnal mind, which is Satan, but to pierce into Christ Jesus, brethren, because those who pierce Him shall see Him, and when you see Him, you shall be like Him. And through Him, you shall ascend to this glorious promised place where there is no conflict. 

However most people live and move in the realm of reason and are therefore totally governed by physical sense instead of consciousness.

I think our author means instead of their unconscious mind.  Now let me point out to you that what he’s saying here is that, to be governed by consciousness is to be governed by a force that enables you to stop thinking. That's what he’s telling you.  I'll read it for you again. Listen to this.  Listen carefully. 

Most people live and move in the realm of reason.  That's the realm of thinking.  And are therefore totally governed by physical sense. 

Why?  Because when you think with your carnal mind, it either produces pain or pleasure.  So they are totally governed by physical sense instead of consciousness. So he’s saying that you should be governed by a force that does not require thinking. That's what he’s saying.  To be governed by a force that’s without thinking.

Now brethren, this is the essential difference between the relationship between Christ Jesus and mortal man, and Satan, her carnal mind and mortal man.  When you start getting into spiritual experiences, Christ Jesus wants you to think.  Christ Jesus wants you to reason.  Christ Jesus wants you to develop as a person, to learn and to develop an ability to make wise decisions.  That's the whole ministry here, to evaluate facts, to think logically, to make healthy and valuable decisions that will enable you to run your own life righteously. 

But when you enter in, when you pierce into the consciousness of Satan, she does not want you to think, brethren. She wants you to be a zombie. She wants you to do as you’re told. She wants you to obey without question. She wants you to sit there with an open, empty mind so that she can pour her abominable doctrines into your carnal mind. 

Christ Jesus wants you to read the word, to read the Scripture, to put it in your heart, to mediate on it; to say Lord, what does this mean.  Lord, this is what I think that it means. Is this what it means Lord?  If that's not what it means, teach me, show me, help me, explain it to me.  Explain this word, explain this thought to me.

But Satan says, don't think.  Just sit there.  Open up your mind. Empty yourself out and wait for me to fill your mind with the abomination of desolation. 

(June speaks) There’s a religion that teaches contemplation and that's the same as emptying your mind. 

What religion is that? 

(June) Catholic religion. 

For not until we have overcome this world of illusion and have lost all desire to use the principles of God's kingdom to improve our human life styles through the mind or the speaking of the word. Speaking of words. 

Well that's not a complete sentence, but what he’s saying is that he’s against using the principles of God's kingdom to improve our present life.  Now the man has a point there.  There’s an element of immature Christians in the Church that think they are going to lay hold of the power of God and use it for their own benefit.  But this is not God's way. And if the believers are truly seeking the Lord, they will be corrected and grow up.

However, on the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with seeking God for a healing. There’s nothing wrong with seeking God if you do not have enough money to meet your needs. There’s nothing wrong with seeking God to have a demon cast out of you, or have a curse broken on your life. But as I read this book, what I hear this author saying is that the power of God is not to be used for any kind of benefit in this world at all.  That we should abide in whatever we have, and try to pierce through to this higher realm of consciousness which just removes us from the world.  Let me say it again.  I don't think I made it clear.  The author is teaching, do not look for a correction of something painful or uncomfortable in your life in this world, but put all of your efforts into piercing through into the next world.  That's what he’s saying, but I declare unto you that this life is not black or white, here or there.

I am devoting my entire life to piercing through into the next world, but my next world is in Christ Jesus.  I'm giving it everything I have to pierce through, and it is taking me years.  It is already fifteen years and even more than that because I cried out to God when I was ten years old.  So if you want to count from then, it has taken me a very long time, and I'm still not there.

Well what about my life here?  What about my health here?  What about my needs here?  So I declare the Scripture to you, seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all of these things will be added unto you.  And he that gives up family and land for the kingdom of God's sake, you shall receive one hundred fold in this lifetime, in this world, with persecutions. 

I believe that the Scripture disagrees with a teaching that asks us to completely neglect this life while we’re piercing through -- which could take your whole lifetime. This also sounds like a religious teaching that denies comfort to the point that they say, to choose a painful life is the road into the kingdom of God. 

I perceive a spirit here that’s not of Christ.  Can you see it?  It is a spirit that says sacrifice and live a painful existence in this life, because the only thing that matters is piercing through into the higher realm. I don't believe that that’s scriptural. 

Beloved, to discern the eye of God's creation, we must go back to the beginning where you and I were ordained for there’s where it all started and where you and I were created in true holiness and righteousness. 

Now I have to disagree with him brethren, because I don't find any Scripture that says we were created in true holiness and righteousness at the beginning.  I find a Scripture that says God looked at the creation and it was good. It was good.  I believe that man was made in God's likeness, but only in this hour, is being made in His image, and the image that will be in man permanently, is what this warfare is all about.

We are in the Serpent's image right now, but the Living God is removing that nature from us and giving us His own nature, or His own image.  Anybody who believes that mortal man, that this creation, that humanity as we know it and see it, is in the image of God, is either a liar or a very spiritually immature person.  All you have to do is read the Bible, look up all the Scriptures about the Devil and Satan, and you will see that every characteristic that typifies Satan and the Devil is found in mortal man.  We are not in the image of God, nor are we holy, nor are we righteous. We are like our father, the Devil, who was a liar from the beginning.

Brethren, if we were in the image of God we would not need to be adopted by God.  We need to be adopted because our father is the Devil, and we think like she does, and we speak like she does, and we act like she does.  And if you think like a devil, and you speak like a devil and you act like a devil, guess what?  You must be a devil.  God help us. 

Now check this out. The most significant revelation I perceived in my meditations was that in the kingdom of God there are no powers.  There are no powers, but only the sustaining and abiding presence of God as I Am. 

In this ministry, we have been blessed by the Lord to have had a teaching on the kingdom of God.  Now what is the kingdom of God?  What is the kingdom of God?  It is the mind of Christ.  The kingdom of God is a mind.  So we see this author attributing the qualities of glorification to the kingdom of God which is incorrect. 

Now remember my exhortation at the beginning of this message, that one of the problem here is that powers and authorities are being attributed to a manifestation of the Spirit of God which does not function that way. The kingdom of God is a mind. This author is attributing the power and authority which is in glorification, the power and authority which is in the Father, he’s attributing it to the Son.  And the Father is different than the Son.  Different levels of administration. 

He says there’s no power in the kingdom of God.  But the kingdom of God is the mind of Christ, and  Christ Jesus is the warrior. There most certainly is power in mind.  All power and authority has been given to the Son.  And He goes forth to make war and He does make war. This is an overt error.  This author is calling the glorified Spirit of the Father the kingdom of God, and that’s not true.  The kingdom of God is the Son of God, the mind of Christ.  The glorified Spirit of the Father is pure Spirit, and when the Spirit of the Father joins with the human spirit of man, a Son is born, and that Son is a mind, and in that mind is power and authority. 

So the kingdom of God is the mind of Christ, not the glorified realm of the Spirit of the Father.

You see, beloved, spiritual power is not a power at all, but is the presence of God unfolding as pure ordained life. 

Now if you read between the lines, what he’s saying is, you don't need any power, there’s no war to fight, stop resisting, become passive and let this spirit which is in your unconscious mind just live her life through you.  Brethren, do you hear this?  Passivity is never of God. Never. Do not yield your members up. 

When Christ Jesus totally possesses [marries] you, you will be privy to everything that He’s doing. In this hour we are not His servant.  We are His son.  We are in union with Him.  We are conferring with Him.  We are in communion with Him.  He’s having conferences with us. A conscious understanding of everything that He’s doing through us is available to us, if we can see or hear it.  Do not yield your members up to any spirit, brethren. Passivity is never of God.  Passivity is a technique or a manifestation of the spirit of Satan.  No resistance, no resistance. My Bible says, I pleaded with you with blood and pestilence. My Bible says come let us reason together. 

I know there’s a Scripture that says stand still and see the salvation of God, and be still and know that I am God. That’s true. But this stillness which is in Christ is based on the Word of God. When you stand still and you know that He’s God, you’re standing still, believing for a righteous victory in whatever your problem is. It's not the same thing as just stopping thinking and letting some spirit live her life through you.  Can anybody not see that?  Can you not see the difference between standing still and seeing the salvation of God and just emptying yourself out and letting some spirit live through you.  It's not the same thing.

The significance of this revelation is that in the kingdom of God there’s no good or evil.  Do you hear this?  In the kingdom of God there’s no good or evil activity.            Consequently, in God's kingdom there’s nothing to attain and nothing to overcome. 

Brethren, this is not scriptural.  In the kingdom of God there is no evil, but there’s good in the Kingdom of God. And there’s good activity.  What is the good activity of the Kingdom of God?  There’s healing; there’s deliverance; there’s mercy; there’s wisdom; there’s teaching; there’s counsel.

But of course, our author, is saying that the kingdom of God is the glorified realm of the spirit.  He’s not understanding that the kingdom of God is the mind of Christ, but, nevertheless, what he’s saying is wrong. 

Consequently, in God's kingdom there’s nothing to attain or nothing to overcome. 

My Bible says that he who overcometh shall inherit all things. However, in the glorified realm of God's Spirit . . . I don't even know if there’s anything to overcome in the glorified realm of God's Spirit. I don't know what's there, but I doubt if there's anything to overcome. Eye has not seen and ear has not heard what is waiting for us.

I don't know whether that is true or not, but I do know that he’s attributing the qualities of the glorified state to the mind of Christ.  I don't think he understands the difference here right now.  But at the very least, he’s ignoring the condition known as the mind of Christ.  He’s ignoring the warfare between the mind of Christ and the carnal mind. And he’s teaching and encouraging us to transcend, or to leap into the glorified state which Jesus Christ has attained to without passing through Christ Jesus, the mediator, which my Bible says is the only way to get there. 

In the metaphysical and general orthodox world, we have thought God to be a power over and against evil.  Consequently, we also believed that God was mind.  However, I have discovered that this is not truth.  For if that was the case, mind or God could be used for good and for evil. 

So he’s completely denying God expressing Himself as a mind.  Do you hear this?  He’s saying God is not mind.  But brethren, God is mind.  What is another name for God as a mind?  Christ.  And what is Christ?  He’s the Son.  God expressed as a mind is the Son.  And the Son is good.  And he’s the exact opposite of the criminal mind that is in this world, which the Scripture clearly tells us is the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The carnal mind is evil. She’s the evil one, the wicked one. She’s a mind.  We've got some false doctrine here, brethren.

Consequently, we also believed that God was mind.  However I have discovered that this is not the truth. For if that was the case, the mind of God could be used for good or evil. 

This Son is here for good.  Jesus of Nazareth went everywhere doing good.  I'm just going to go a little bit further here. 

However, God is absolute divine principle [well that's true of the Father] and is therefore not the author of evil. 

Now brethren, my Bible says God is not the author of confusion.  But it also says that He is the creator of evil. 

Neither is He the creator of sin. 

He most certainly is.  Sin is another name for the Serpent that Cain became, and God most certainly did create Cain. 

Neither is He the creator of sin, disease or any other form of calamity. 

Now the Father created Cain, but He’s not the creator of disease or calamity.  Disease or calamity is a product of uncovered sin. Calamity appeared only after Cain murdered Adam, and disease appeared only after Cain murdered Abel and became the Serpent.  

This is some exercise in logical thinking.  Do you see this?  He says that all of these problems, sins, disease and other forms of calamity are products of carnal reason.  That's true.  They are the products of the carnal mind which is sin.  He says that these things,

. . . . sins, disease and forms of calamity are products of carnal reason, which are thought processings derived from the subconscious realm of the human mind.

That's true. Our carnal mind is partially conscious and partially unconscious, and the subconscious  mind, the part of our conscious mind that is in denial but knows the truth on some level, is the mediator between our fully conscious awareness and the complete darkness of our unconscious mind, where Satan is. It is true that our unconscious mind is producing every calamity in our life.  That's correct. 

Beloved, mind is a tool of awareness not reason. 

I don't know about that.  The mind is a tool of awareness and not reason?  My mind reasons all day long. That's what we are doing tonight.  We are reasoning. We are thinking. We are being logical.  Okay now, check this out. 

Beloved, mind is a tool of awareness not reason.  However, through silent listening and communion with the I of God, the fullness of that which God has ordained for you is expressed as our individual life.

Silent listening as opposed to active vital, vibrant communication with your God.  Arguing with your God, wrestling with your God, petitioning your God, banging on His door, complaining to Him, crying with loud tears on your bed at night.  That's what my Bible says. Silent listening is how you commune with Satan. 

So in closing tonight's message, I will say to you that this abominable doctrine is appearing in various expressions and in various levels of subtlety throughout the Church world. 

Now this particular booklet, to me, is pretty obvious because it is so contradictory to the Scriptures.  Whether or not we will go on with this booklet, I don't know.  But I believe the Lord is directing me to comment on some statements from other authors who are much more subtle than this.  There’s one author that I have in mind that is very subtle.  The doctrine sounds really good.  But if you really go through it with a fine tooth comb, the lie is there.  What is the lie?  The denial of Christ in you, the hope of glory, and the denial of Christ Jesus, the only mediator between God and man - who is the double portion - Christ in you and the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Lord willing, by the next meeting I will know, or have a better idea of what the Lord wants me to do, what books He wants me to take comments out of, and how much longer He wants me to go on with this series, or how many more messages He wants me to preach.  I don't know, but as soon as He tells me, I will let you know. 

I hope this message has blessed you.  It was very powerful and very very important.  Praise God!

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